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Inevitable Destiny 20



Inevitable Destiny 21 - New Hope

By Ken Rogers


Angela checked herself in the little mirror again, frustrated by the yellow bruising and her still too short hair where it had been shaved away from her injuries. Today was the day she would see Samantha for the first time since their rescue. She was still confined to her room and bed, only allowed family visitors, plus Tanya and Phyllis of course, but Samantha was to be allowed out of her room today and the thought brought hopeful anxiety but a deep sense of dread at the same time.

It had been more than two weeks since their rescue, a time of surgeries and recovery for both of them. Angela was still recovering from pneumonia but she had been awake enough for visitors this morning, though she was still very weak and confused about what had been going on. She remembered only brief snippets of the last week and a few weeks. She still had no recollection of her rescue or the hours leading up to it, her last clear recollection that of Samantha making her comfortable before setting off to discover the source of the running water in hopes of finding a way out.

Her parents and sister had been in for a short time. Juliana had looked as though she wanted to come closer and do something to help her but had been at a loss. They had all been teary eyed and a little stiff, avoiding her questions about what had been happening to her and to Samantha. She knew then that things had been pretty serious and perhaps still were. The fear that she would be forever bed ridden was very real and hiding just below the surface of her conscious thoughts, haunting and terrorizing her. She resolutely denied it to herself but it was still there, a very real possibility.

Her parents now knew about Luca and what he had done to both Angela and Juliana. They were in shock, unable to believe that their son had been responsible for so much misery, so much corruption. They had known of the bitterness between Angela and Luca, but had had no idea that Angela had battled him so fiercely or why. She was embarrassed when she saw the pride of her actions in her parent's faces and heard it in their voices, which also contained more than a little awe at her bravery in the face of her brother's ruthlessness.

After her parents left, against her will she slept for several fitful hours, even the short visit tiring her, but not before badgering the nurses about Samantha. All they would tell her was that the blonde was doing well and might even come to see her later, if she got a good rest. They would tell her nothing about her own condition saying only that she was doing fine and the doctor would give her more information in good time, increasing her worry.

Tanya and Phyllis stopped by for a short visit. She wanted to ask them about Samantha, but was afraid to, afraid of what the blonde had talked to them about. They had brought her up to date on how things were going. Luca had disappeared again, but his empire had collapsed. He was no longer in charge of anything; the vacuum he left behind already being hotly contested by a dozen others.

Her father's business was doing well, no taint of Luca's activities marring his efforts.

Now it was late afternoon and still Samantha had not appeared. Worry gnawed at her. Now that they were out of the tomb, they had been in, would Samantha revert to her old attitude? Would she again shut her out? The thought tied her in knots because she knew she could not stand to have that happen again.

Time dragged slowly on but still no Samantha. The nurses were non-committal, saying only that Samantha was allowed out of her bed and room for short periods.

Dinner came and went, untouched by the brunette even with the nurse's determined efforts. The more time passed the more certain Angela became that Samantha was going to shut her out again. She could not stop the tears brought on by her renewed fears.

Suddenly she was there, in the entrance to the room, her face hidden in the shadow just inside the entrance, the bright hallway lights serving to hide her features quite well. Angela felt a heavy weight lift, but not depart, as she waited to see what she had to say, unable to say anything herself.

Samantha was in a wheelchair, her left leg straight out in a heavy cast. She had a heavy white robe on and looked adorable to Angela as she slowly wheeled into the room, her bruises hardly noticeable. She waited, barely breathing, for her to say something, anything.

"Can I come in?" Her voice was subdued, uncertain.

"Of course." Her own voice sounded harsh in her ears and she wanted to apologize but her voice remained silent.

Samantha wheeled the rest of the way into the room, turning alongside Angela's bed, then looking up at her. There seemed to be· fear in her eyes, and Angela felt her heart sink. Samantha was afraid of her. The ache in her stomach grew into a knot that threatened to try to curl her into a ball. She wanted so badly to speak, but her tongue seemed frozen. All she could think of was that Samantha had come to say goodbye, because she was afraid of her.

After a brief look into her eyes, Samantha looked down, seeming to wilt.

"I· I just stopped by to see how you were doing."

"Better." She needed to say so much more but her mind and voice seemed frozen.

"I'm glad." The silence thickened. "I· I should probably go· let you rest." She backed away, turned to the door, and was almost out the door before Angela found her voice. In a voice suddenly choked up with her fear she managed to say, "Please· don't go."

Samantha stopped but she didn't turn. "You·" she released a sobbing sigh. "You sure?"

"Yes· please· if· if you leave, I think I'll die."

The chair turned slowly and Angela saw her own tears mirrored on the face that haunted her days and nights.

The words came all in a rush, in fear that she would never get another chance.

"I'm so, so sorry, Sam. I never wanted to hurt you, but I was afraid· I couldn't· he would have·"

Samantha was suddenly beside her reaching to take her hand.

"I know, Angel, it· you were afraid of Luca."

"Not of Luca, but of what he would do to you, Sam. He· he would have used you against me and then he would have killed you. I couldn't let him know· I couldn't let him hurt you." Her words were broken with suddenly uncontrollable sobs. Samantha lifted herself out of her chair and pulled Angela against her chest, rocking her slightly, ignoring her own sobs.

"It's all right, Angel. It's all right. Please don't cry."

"I can't· I can't stop· I· I hurt you so· much· please forgive me. I'm so· so sorry."

"Shush now," she crooned. "It's okay, Angel. I understand now, and I forgive you. I'm so sorry for the way I treated you, Angel." She gently brushed Angel's hair away from her tear stained face. "I· I was so angry; I never took time to try to figure out why you would do that. I didn't realize what you had gone through until we were in that hellhole and· and you were so sick I· I though I was going to lose you again. I treated you so badly and I'm sorry. Please forgive me, Angel, I'm so sorry." Her own tears clouded her vision as she spoke, the realization of the pain that she had caused Angel tormenting her.

Angela straightened and looked into the green eyes that had refused to leave her in peace for so very long, seeing her own fears and doubts mirrored there.

"I love you, Sam," she said without realizing she was going to say it.

Samantha smiled, coloring a little. "I've loved you since the first instant I saw you, Angel. I've tried so very hard to deny that to myself but it's true. The moment you turned away from the door and I caught a glimpse of you, something inside me came alive like it had never done before or since. When you rode away, that something died, and my life seemed to end. It was a long time before I could function again and even then that something remained the empty spot it became when you left me."

"I've been the same way, Sam. Leaving you behind was the hardest thing I've ever done and I never got over it."

Samantha brushed her fingers tenderly over Angela's cheek. "And I was terrified that I had turned you away from me because I've treated you so badly. I· it took me all day to work up the courage to come here, and when you didn't say anything I just knew I'd lost you."

"When I saw you, I saw your fear and thought you were afraid of me. That's why I couldn't speak. I thought you had come to say goodbye."

"My goodness! Samantha, please get back in your wheelchair!" The nurse bustled in and took hold of her, nearly unbalancing her. "You'll injure yourself. Now, I think you've been in here quite long enough. Angela needs her rest."

"Lesha!" Samantha shouted.

The large woman loomed in the doorway. "Yeah?"

"I need five minutes with Angel."

"You got it." It was amazing how fast the woman could move but before the nurse could form a protest, Lesha had the petite woman tucked securely under her arm and was headed out the door.

Samantha turned back to a grinning Angela. "What?"

"Can I get one of those?"

Samantha chuckled as she stood again. "Sorry, I think Lesha is one of a kind, but I'll be happy to share. Never mind that right now."

Samantha took her face gently in soft warm hands then leaned down and tenderly kissed her. It was a feather soft, gentle kiss with a world of promise in it, a flood of overwhelming love. Finally, she pulled back, opening her eyes to look at Angela. Her eyes were closed, her face looking serene.

"Angel?" She didn't respond so Sam shook her. "Angela?" She patted her cheek lightly. "Angela? Hello? Well·." The tears came unexpectedly. "Oh, Angel, what a perfectly wonderful thing to do."


* * *



When he groaned she slapped him, hard.

His eyes snapped open then widened as he recognized her.

"It's about time you came around, Luca. I'm on a schedule here."

He shook his head groggily, squinting at the single harsh light shining in his eyes from over her shoulder.

Memory returned in a rush and the little blonde took on much more significance. Instinct caused him to lash out at her, but his hands were pulled cruelly tight behind him. He realized he was tied to a cold cement pillar and his clothes were gone. He looked around seeing only darkness beyond the bright light, several square pillars barely discernible in the distance.

She struck him again, hard, slamming his head against the pillar. "Pay attention when I talk to you."

When he looked back at her she saw real fear, but there was no sympathy in her obsidian eyes.

"You can't do this, T, please," he begged.

"Sure I can, Luca. You did it to Samantha and Angela."

"I'll pay you anything, T, everything I have, just let me go."

She smiled and his dread grew, the smile sending shivers of intense fear down his back.

"Anything you had, worth having, I already possess, or it's been confiscated by the law. You don't have anything except your worthless life, Luca, and that's not worth spit today."

"Please, T," he begged.

"Sorry tough guy. See the problem is, both your sister and Samantha have had to have therapy to get past what you did to them. The good part is that its helping them deal with what you've done. The bad news is that I know, in excruciating detail, exactly what you put them through, because they insisted I be there to comfort them with a friendly face while they suffered through the telling, you bastard."

He seemed to pull himself together a little. "They'll never forgive you if you kill me, T, especially Angela. I'm her brother."

Tanya grinned again and patted him on the cheek. "Who said I'm going to kill you, asshole?" She struck him in the stomach, driving the air from his lungs. "After all, you didn't kill your sister, or Samantha, tough guy. No, you left them to starve, if they weren't killed by the collapsing building or eaten alive by rats. I figure that's the least I can do for you."

"You're making a mistake, T. I can be a big asset to you, make you millions."

"Don't want your kind of filthy money, Luca. You'll be glad to know that most of your money has gone to help correct some of the wrongs you were doing." She chuckled. "Yeah, I gave it away, big guy, and enjoyed every minute of it."

"Please, T, I'll change. I'll do anything you ask. Please don't leave me here."

She looked down at his bare crotch, then back up at his frightened eyes. "Looks like your balls are just for show, Luca. They sure aren't helping you now, when you really need them." She glanced at her watch. "Well, I have to go." She turned away, then turned back looking him in the eyes. "Seems like I'm forgetting something, something you said to Angela just before you beat her unconscious. Uhm, oh, yea, bet you never thought you'd be eaten alive by rats, big guy." She turned away and disappeared into the gloom, leaving him shivering in fear.

The light went out and total darkness and ominous silence crushed him into a tiny ball of pure fear.



* * *


Angela watched the road silently, enjoying the scenery. After being in the hospital for so long, then a virtual prisoner in her parent's home, just to get out and see some greenery was a great feeling. She even managed to forget the ever-present lead and chase cars.


"Hum?" She turned to the blonde driving the SUV.

"Are you okay?"

"Uh huh, just enjoying the ride. It's so beautiful here."

"I thought you'd like it."

"Where are you taking me?"

"Away from it all. I'm kidnapping you."

"Oooo, sounds interesting. Where to?"

"You'll see. Not much further now."

They had turned off on a narrow two-lane that wound through the tree covered hills. The dapple sunlight through the branches giving the road an enchanted air.

"Oh, look, a deer!" Angel watched the doe in fascination. She seemed unafraid of the vehicle.

"There are quite a few of them out here."

"Where's here?"

"There." She pointed ahead and slightly off to the right. Angela turned to look where she was pointing and could make out part of a large home nearly hidden by beautiful foliage. As she watched, they emerged from the trees onto a slightly curved drive that passed through manicured gardens. The house was a large white two-story structure surrounded by well cared for shrubs.

"Oh, Sam, it's gorgeous!"

"Glad you like it, Angel."

"Who owns it?"

"We do."

"What?" She couldn't believe her ears.

"I talked to your parents and they said I could keep you as long as I took care of you. This is where I plan to do just that· forever."

"Oh, Sam."

"Hey, no crying. This is supposed to be a happy day."

"It is. I couldn't be happier."

"Good. Come on, I'll give you the nickel tour." She opened her door and got out. By the time she got around to the other side, Angel had opened the door and managed to get out, standing a bit unsteadily, waiting for her.

"Well, look at you!"

Angel beamed. "I wanted to surprise you."

"That's great, Angel! I can't believe you got out on your own!"

"It's still a struggle, but I've been working like a dog."

"Now we really have something to celebrate!"

Angela shrugged. "I still can't walk without loads of help. I just wanted you to know that I'm really trying."

Samantha wrapped her right arm around her; the cane in her left hand helped her support Angela while she stared up into the gorgeous blue eyes.

"I know you are, Angel, but don't overdo."

"I won't."

Samantha heard the unpowered whine as the electric chair was pushed up behind her and without turning said, "Angel, meet Debbie. She's going to be here to help you when I can't."

"Sam, I don't need anyone, but you." Angela's sparkling blue eyes showed anxiety and Samantha reached to touch her cheek as she spoke softly, reassuringly.

"I know, sweetie, but I won't take the chance of you overdoing while I'm not here and hurting yourself. Debbie is a trained professional. Trust me, she won't mother you but she will make sure you take care of yourself. Please, don't argue with me on this."

Angela looked down into the pleading green orbs and sighed. "You're incorrigible."

Samantha grinned. "Say hi to Debbie."

Angela finally looked up and smiled. "Hi, Debbie." She was about two inches shorter than Angela with a trim figure. Her complexion was light brown, suggesting a Hispanic lineage. Her eyes and hair were brown, the hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"Good afternoon Ms. Stephanos."

"Ah, ah, ah. Ms. Stephanos is my sister. I'm Angela. I hate all that. If you're going to go all stuffy on me I won't play nice."

Debbie grinned. "Thanks, Angela. I hate the stuffy stuff, too. I think we'll get along just fine."

Samantha felt Angela lean more on her for support and knew she was tiring already.

"Okay, hot shot, enough showing off. Into your carriage."

"You'll get no argument from me."

Debbie immediately stepped forward and took the brunt of Angela's weight off of Samantha, helping her the two steps to the chair and getting her comfortable.

"Okay, sport. You're on your own. This buggy has all the bells and whistles."

"So I see. Nice. No offence but I hope it's gathering dust in a corner soon."

"So do I, right next to this damned cane, now come on, I'll show you the grounds then we'll check out your new digs." Samantha took her hand. "Try not to run over me too often, huh?"

"I'll try."

"Good girl. Now if you will head for that walkway that goes around the side of the house, I'll try to keep up. Just keep it on the ground and to a reasonable speed. I'm not exactly the fastest with this damned cane."

They spent a leisurely hour touring the grounds and Angela fell in love with the place. She noted the ever present guards, even spotting Lesha at one point, but they stayed on the periphery of their stroll, close enough to respond to any threat but far enough away to give them privacy.

Besides the beautiful grounds, there was a good-sized covered and glass enclosed pool in the back that Samantha assured her was Olympic size and would do nicely for her water therapy. Between the pool and the house there was a large patio, also covered, except for a nice little area to either side, with quite a few benches and chairs among well manicured plants that offered partial seclusion from either the house or the pool. French doors led into the house. Just inside was a very comfortable room with an inviting couch in front of a large fireplace and several other chairs and associated tables.

As they toured Samantha did not bother to mention that virtually all of the glass in the house and pool enclosure had been replaced with bulletproof glass, or that most of the outer facade of the home had been reinforced to withstand anything smaller than a fifty-caliber machine gun. This was not the time that Angela needed to know that they were still under threat, though the threat to Sam had mitigated somewhat with the removal of Luca's bounty on her.

Sam took her around the ground floor, showing her the kitchen, where an older woman and a young helper were busy, a large dining room, and a more formal living room than the family room near the French doors. Finally they came to the foyer where Angela eyed the wide curved staircase with more than a little trepidation.

Samantha saw her concern and laughed. "No stairs for you, my love. Come on." She led her behind the stairs where, to her surprise, she found a small elevator.

"How on earth did you find a house with an elevator, Sam."

"I didn't. This little jewel has caused more problems. My builder wants to kill me, but he finally did it the way I wanted it."

"You mean you had this put in· for me?" Her voice ended on a breathless whisper as her eyes clouded up again.

Samantha smiled as she wiped away a tear. "Absolutely. I would have had you out here several weeks ago if it weren't for this elevator and the mess they made getting it installed."

"Oh, Sam." She pulled the blonde down and gave her a kiss. "Thank you so much. You really shouldn't have. I'll bet it cost you a fortune."

"Money's no good if I can't spend it on my best girl."

A dark eyebrow arched. "Best girl. Hum, that implies there are others."

Samantha smiled impishly. "Dozens, but only one has my heart. Follow me." She led her into a large office tastefully done with a nautical theme. "This is your office, Angel." She smiled at the sparkle in Angela's eyes. "You father wasn't going to let me keep you until I convinced him that you could continue to run the business from here. Besides the phone system, I've had a computer system installed here and at the new offices in the big warehouse that updates that ancient fossil your father was so proud of. You should actually have better control and efficiency with the new system."

Samantha took her behind the desk showing her the large comfortable leather chair and the computer system and phone system close up. Angela was too choked up to say anything but the tight hold on Samantha's hand and the brightness of Angela's eyes, as tears threatened, let her know that Angela was overwhelmed.

You'll be happy to know that Tanya contracted to have this system designed for the business and she assures me that not even the government has tighter security in their secret programs. No one will be breaking into this system, Angel, so you needn't worry about anyone hacking into your link to the office.

Angela sniffled and looked up at her. "You· I· thank you." Her voice was soft and full of emotion.

"You don't need to thank me, Angel." She grinned. "It's the only way I could keep you."

Angela laughed and wiped at her eyes. "Do you have an office here too?"

"Absolutely. No way was Tanya going to let me commute every day. Come on, it's the next stop. I just couldn't wait to show you yours."

She took her out into the hall and turned to the end room.

"Angel!" The excited squeal came from behind them. Juliana came flying down the corridor from a room on the other end and gave Angela an excited hug. Angela noted that she was dressed in a tennis skirt and top, before she was nearly overwhelmed by her exuberant sister. "I'm so glad you're here, finally! It's taken like forever to get this place ready for you!" She hugged her again then stepped back with a huge smile on her face. "I won't keep you, Angel, but I'll definitely see you later! Enjoy the tour!" She was off, practically running down the stairs giving both women a moments worry before she flew out the front door.

Angela chuckled. "Julie seems to be adapting to the change."

Samantha laughed as well. "Oh, yeah. She has really begun to blossom here. I'll tell you about some of her antics later, but lets press on." She opened the door to the end room and ushered Angela in.

"Oh, Sam, it's perfect."

"Glad you like it. There's a connecting door between our offices but I wanted you to get the full nickel tour and do the grand entrance."

This office was smaller, cozier, with a lot more bookcases filled with law books. Angela slowly took it all in, from the leather furniture grouped around a large coffee table to the much more modern but sedate desk already cluttered with stacks of paper. The immediate impression of the office was lawyer, expensive lawyer, but it also felt like an extension of the petite blonde standing next to her. It fit her like an expensive kid glove.

"This is nice, very nice."

The blonde smiled happily. "I think so. I really like it here."

"I'm surprised they let you do this."

Sam chuckled. "Lester had a conniption. He harangued me for nearly an hour, threatening everything from loss of my executive washroom key to multimillion dollar lawsuits."

"How did you convince him?"

She shrugged. "It was this, or I quit and take my clients with me. He decided this was a great opportunity for the firm."

Angela was silent for a moment looking into dancing green eyes.

"Would you have?"

"What? Quit?"


"In a heartbeat, Angel. You are where I want to be. Everything else is secondary."

"But· Sam, your career is important, and· and, what about this place. If you had quit, what then."

Sam leaned against the edge of a bookcase and crossed her arms, looking into Angela's startlingly blue eyes, smiling slightly.

"Angel. Nothing matters to me more than you do. I'd live in a tent in the desert, if that was where you were. We can afford this place, but if we couldn't, it wouldn't matter. I like my job, but if I had to give it up, to be with you, there's no contest. Besides there are other jobs and other houses, but there is only one of you and, nothing will keep me from your side. I love you, Angel. You're all that matters."

Angela listened to Samantha's soft words with tears streaming down her face. She reached out and Samantha took her hand and was tugged gently into a tight hug. "I love you too, Sam. I don't need all this either, as long as I have you."

Samantha kissed her cheek and wiped away her tears. "Looks like we're stuck with each other then," she answered, smiling tenderly."

Angela nodded. "I'm so glad."

Samantha stood back up, holding her hand. Come on. "I can't wait to show you your room."

"My room. But·."

"Don't fret, sweetie. Let me show you the layout and why I did it this way before you get upset. I promise it'll be okay."

The bedroom was immediately Angela's favorite room. It was done in soothing mauves and cream colors. Thick light gray carpet padded the floor and a restful floral print with a mauve design covered the walls. The furniture was soft, inviting, making up a small sitting area with a writing desk and two chairs. A love seat sat invitingly near the large windows with a small coffee table in front of it. All this was secondary to the king sized bed that dominated the room.

"Oh, my god. Sam, this is huge. I'll get lost in here."

"Don't you like it?" Her voice was suddenly nervous, unsure."

"Oh, Sam, I love it, It's gorgeous, but it's too much, really."

"You think this is too much, wait till you see the bathroom," she said happily leading the way.

True to her word, the bathroom, just past a large walk in closet, was huge. The vanity had two sinks and two cabinets. There was a Jacuzzi but there was also a shower with a generous opening. Even the toilet was placed with ample room. Angela would have no trouble getting around in here.

"Let me guess. Your builder hates you for this room too."

"Oh, yeah, big time."

"What's that door for?"

"That's my room."

"Oh." Samantha saw her shoulders slump and heard the disappointment in her voice.

"Oh, no, Angel, please let me explain. You're stuck with me and I will gladly spend every night I can with you, but you may need time alone while you are in therapy. Some of your therapy will take place right in your room and in here. My room is for when you need to have freedom to work with Debbie in here and I, unfortunate slave laborer that I am, must get a little sleep." Samantha pulled the teary-eyed brunette against her, tangling her hands in her silky hair. "Trust me on this one, Angel. I want to be with you every moment I can be, but there will be times when one or both of us need a separate room. I'm thinking of you, sweetie. Please don't cry." She brushed away a tear.

"Sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me today."

"Well, one thing that will help is a nap."

"I don't·."

"Ah, ah, ah. Don't make me get tough. I happen to have a very strict schedule for you that includes mandatory naps."

Angela groaned.

"Come on. I'll help you get ready."

A few moments later Angela sat on the edge of the bed and slipped the nightshirt Samantha handed her on over her head then Sam helped her get comfortable. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at her, her love radiating from her sparkling green eyes.

"You look so cute."

"Sam, I'm a lot of things, but cute isn't one of them."

"You are to me, sweetie." She leaned down and kissed her. "You get some sleep, okay? I made everyone promise to leave us alone tonight, but there will be a real crowd here tomorrow night. After your nap we'll have a nice dinner and maybe sit out on the patio and stare at the stars."

"I'd like that."

"Good, now to sleep with you wench."

"I'd sleep better if you'd stay with me."



She smiled and caressed a soft cheek. "All right. I can see I'm gonna have a tough time winning a battle with you." She got up and went into the bathroom. A few minutes later she returned in a soft cotton gown similar to Angela's, sat on the far side of the bed and picked up the phone.

"Hi, Ruth. Listen, Angela wants me to stay with her. Can you wake us at four? That'd be great." She hung up the phone then slid under the covers. Angel lifted her arm and Samantha slid over and put her head on her shoulder, feeling a strong arm wrap her in a snug embrace. She rested her arm on Angela's tummy and sighed. "I've wanted to lay here like this since I first met you."

"So have I. I'm sorry we've lost so much time, Samantha." She kissed the top of the golden head.

"Well, I for one plan to make up for it."

Angela kissed the top of her head again. "I can hardly wait."

They molded to each other, almost becoming one. Dual sighs softly disturbed the silence and they were both blissfully asleep.


* * *


She came too slowly, the thunder in her head momentarily her only connection with life. She began to be aware, aware of pain, aware of a coppery taste, and the frigid air on her bare skin. She opened her eyes or at least tried. Her left eye would barely open showing her a red blur. Her right was only slightly better, but at least she could see, except there wasn't much to see. She was in a bare metal room, swinging slightly from the ceiling, the motion slow but constant. She managed to look up and saw metal shackles cutting cruelly into her wrists. She looked down and confirmed that she was naked, her large breasts swaying slightly with the movement, her nipples standing out hard against the cold, dark bruises and streaks of blood covered her chest. The room was barren save for a single light above a metal door.

"Hello!" Her voice was raspy, faint, and unrecognizable. She tried again, with no better results.

Surprisingly, the door creaked open and a petite little blonde entered. When the blonde looked up she shuddered. She had the deadliest eyes she had ever seen. With the sight, frightening memories returned.

"Wh· who are you?"

The blonde smiled, but her eyes tied her guts in a knot.

"My name doesn't really matter, Kristin." She held up a glass. "Here, drink this so I can understand you."

She drank the cold water gratefully though it made her shiver more.

"Thank you?"

"Don't thank me, Kristin. I'm the reason you're here."

"Who are you? What have I ever done to you?"

"Who am I? I'm your worst nightmare, Kristin. What have you done to me? You beat a good friend of mine nearly to death."

Her dread grew, those deadly eyes chilling her to the bone. "I don't know what you're talking about. I never hurt anyone."

The blond moved and Kristen screamed as something struck her in the ribs.

"I despise liars, Kristin. Don't lie to me." She had a police baton in her right hand. "Surely you remember Angela? You put her in solitaire, then you beat her with one of these." She held up the baton.

"I didn't·." She gasped and groaned, unable to scream as the blonde's fist buried deep in her stomach.

"Please·. Don't·." The breath left her again as another blow landed.

"I believe that was one of the things Angela said, Kristen and I believe you just laughed and struck her again." The baton struck her again and again and again.

She realized she was still conscious and the beating had stopped. Every inch of her body seemed to hurt. She opened her one good eye. A man was standing beside the blonde eyeing her spectulatively.

"Jesus, Tan, you really fucked her up."

"Nah, she'll heal. I made sure I didn't break anything."

"She's awake."

"Yeah, I see. Kristen, this is your new owner. You and your buddies nearly killed my friend and she will be in therapy for a long time. I want you to remember that. I could just beat you to death, but that's not nearly enough punishment for what you did. Much too easy on you. So I sold you to this guy. You're his property, but I made him promise not to kill you. Whatever else he wants to do with you is his problem· and yours. I want you to remember that you caused this you sadistic sick bitch. I hope you have a miserable life." She turned to the door.

"Hey, Tan."


"How long do I keep her for?"

"How about a year."

"Want me to kill her then?"

"Nah. Let's give her one more chance. I promised my sweetie I'd give her another chance. Port her back in the US."

"You got it."

"Hey, Kristen."

She looked to the little blonde. "I ever hear of you so much as teasing a kitten, you'll think this past few days and the next year was a taste of heaven, you got me? No matter where you try to hide, I'll find you, and I'll hurt you more than you can possibly imagine. Then I'll find you another owner, one that won't be as nice as Jonas here, and I'll let him have you for at least five years. My advice to you; become a model citizen." She turned and left.


She turned her one good eye to her owner; her fear of him overshadowed by her fear of the little blonde.

"I'm gonna let you finish out the week here. Get you down tomorrow. Then the fun begins."

"What· what are you going to do to me?"

He grinned. "You heard Tan. Anything I damned well want, short of killing you. See, as soon as my little friend goes ashore, we're setting sail. This is a merchant ship and I'm the captain. Now, a captain at sea, well he's just shy of god himself for power. My crew, and me, we sure could use a cook and someone to clean and of course we always need entertainment. He laughed as he turned and left the room closing the door behind himself. A moment later the light went out and she was left in utter darkness, only the sounds of a ship getting underway and the sounds of her own frightened sobs to keep her company.

The end.

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