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Inevitable Destiny 08


Inevitable Destiny 9 - Discoveries

By Ken Rogers


She really didnít remember waking or even when she realized she was awake. She was alive, an unexpected surprise. She remembered being shot and thinking she was dying. She remembered her last conscious thought and a very pleasant warmth spread through her. I love you. How strange that her last thought would be for a woman she really didnít know, yet felt as if she has known forever; a woman that hated her, hated the sight of her. The thought, at first surprised her; that she would think that as her last living memory, but the more she thought about it the more she felt it was true. She loved Samantha, she was sure of it, but how could she? She didnít even know her and each time they met they seemed to cause each other nothing but pain. It didnít matter. It was true and she knew it had been true from the instant she had laid eyes on her as the blonde approached the sheriff in that bar so long ago. Something deep inside her had justÖ come alive when they met.

She began to realize that she must be in a hospital. She could hear machines familiar to anyone that had ever visited an ICU or watched a medical show on television and because of Julianaís accident she had done both. She had spent uncountable days in an ICU at Julianaís bedside. Days watching her lying there with tubes and needles in her, expecting her to die any second but hoping and praying she would live. She wasnít even particularly religious but she had prayed, long and hard, only to wish later that she had not. Poor Juliana was intelligent enough to realize that she had sustained more than physical injury in that accident and that she probably would never lead a completely normal life. She had caught Juliana weeping over her situation more than once, sat with her and tried to comfort her.

She felt adrift, floating, and a long dormant memory helped her decide she was heavily drugged, probably morphine. Thatís what they used on Juliana.

Awareness was creeping up on her. She began to be aware of tubes and needles. She began to be aware of pain, pain in her back, and pain throughout her bodyÖ butÖ but she felt nothing below her hips. Nothing.

She remembered. Corporal Jeffrey had nearly beaten her to death, and enjoyed it. She remembered waking to find she was being released, because Samantha had gotten her free. Then sheíd been shotÖ and she had died; only she hadnít. For the briefest of instants a tiny smile tried to twitch the corners of her mouth, but then she was drifting in a pleasant drug induced haze, a smiling face with green eyes, surrounded by golden blonde hair, her guide into pleasant dreams.


* * *


"That was a waste," Audra said as the dark Cadillac took them to their next destination and she munched on a sandwich provided by Mikey.

"What was, sweetling?"

The whole thing. All I got out of it was insults and drooling stares," she answered.

Tanya laughed. "Baby, thatís what youíre supposed to get. Youíre my secret weapon."

"I donít understand."

"Youíre not supposed to understand. Youíre a two brain-celled sex-machine, baby; eye candy for the masses. While theyíre drooling over your body and checking out your chest, or your hot little red panties, theyíre distracted. I like my marks distracted."

"Well it didnít gain anything except, you chased off a slime, and someone else chased us. Iím sure glad you had some people there to protect you."

Tanya smiled tolerantly. "Just because I told you to play a dumb ass doesnít mean you canít think, as long as you donít show it. Think about it. Put your suspicious little lawyer mind to work. Someone has an army out listening for anyone snooping around the Stephanos deal. That guy that chased us had already scared a couple pounds of fat off Tony, enough that he tried to deflect us into thinking the Stephanos chick was just trying to muscle in on someone elseís territory and got burned. Someone with a lot of power and muscle is a little scared. Someone doesnít want anyone poking around in the Stephanos deal. That tells us for sure why there is a hit out on you and why your brunette babe was nailed. It also tells us she wasnít blowing smoke up your ass. As for my people, they werenít there for me; they were there to protect you. You have been, are, and will be, covered; since we first met after you called Betty."

"Oh." She thought about it for a moment then sighed. "I guess my brain did go to sleep."

Tanya chuckled. "Well put it back to sleep, sugar, and get ready for round two. Let me give you a word of warning though; this place is pretty much wide open. Sort of a trade fair and strip club. Itís pretty raw and pretty rough. The guy that runs it is a class ĎAí bastard that Iíve been after for a while now. Heís also my prime suspect for the paper hung on you and your brunette. You stick tight to me and do exactly what I say, when I say, no matter what. Remember things arenít what they seem a lot of the time, so if I decide to dicker with some bozo over your sweet ass, play along. Do the ĎI wanna stay with youí thing, but go if I sell. Iíll have my reasons and youíll be covered."

Several moments went by in silence and Tanya could see that she was troubled again.



"Do they really sell people?"

"Yeah, they really do, sweetling, all the time."

"Thatís horrible."

"Yeah, it is, baby."

"You donítÖ." she couldnít finish the thought.

Tanya gently lifted her chin. "Baby, listen to me carefully. Itís an asshole world out there and Iíve been fighting for survival in this slime pit called the Big Apple since I was seven. I stuck a knife in the first guy that tried to rape me when I was nine. I was raped when I was twelve, but he didnít live long after that, so he didnít get to brag about it long. By the time I was fifteen I had been raped three times, but it hasnít happened since and none of them will ever rape anyone again. Iíve seen and done things you couldnít even imagine, but I will swear to you that Iíve never quite stooped that low. Iíve never sold anyone, except to nail someone elseís ass, and in that case, I was usually the one being sold, though no one knew it." She smiled. "Hell I even sold Lesha once, and Mikey, right Mikey?"

"Damned right. Got six k for my cute little ass."

Tanya smiled at the pride in his voice then turned back to Samantha.

"Iím a bad girl, honey, as well as a bad ass, but I found out a long time ago that I get more kick out of dropping mountains on the really bad asses than I ever would boosting cars, running whores, or ruining peoples lives with drugs. Not everything I do is legit, as youíve probably figured out, but most of what I do is on the way to erasing some above the law son of a bitch that is killing us little people to get rich. The law, if they knew, would call me another crook and maybe even a vigilante, though I manage to trip most of my marks into the legal system at least once, only to watch them get off. Well maybe I am a crook, just like the rest, maybe I am a vigilante, but Iím thinking when I finally get to knock on those pearly gates, they might actually open them for me so I wonít have to kick them down."

Samantha smiled and kissed her on the cheek, then looked at her seriously, thanking her. "Do me a favor?"

"If I can, you know I will." Tanya answered.

"If you ever need a lawyer, please call me. I defend people and Iím good."

"One of the best, I hear."

"Damn sight better than your drunken wino."

Your people wonít go for that, sweetie," Tanya replied. "But thanks for the offer."

"If the company doesnít like it, Iíll quit, and defend you anyway."

Tanya didnít know what to say. She finally leaned over and gently kissed her cheek. "My Paladin," she whispered. "Thank you."

"Just one thing."

"Whatís that?"

"I really would rather not know if youíre guilty, Tanya. It would make my job easier and probably more believable if I didnít know."

"Denial? At your age?" she joked, half seriously.

"Oh no, honey. I know youíre a bad girl, but I have to convince your peers youíre a good girl."

"Tanya smiled. "Thanks. Iíll do my best to keep you in the dark." She kissed her cheek again. "Okay, enough of the serious stuff, turn that brain back down to two active cells and lets go show your ass to some more marks. I have high hopes this will be our last stop. This guy is a major slime. If I can work him right we might get enough information to call it a night."

"Good. Then you can buy me breakfast."

"Breakfast? This late at night?"

"Yeah. You never did feed me and breakfast is best late at night."

"What was that sandwich you just inhaled?"


Tanya smiled affectionately at the grinning blonde. "You got a deal."


There was a long line to get into the place, the music loud even in the street. Tanya bypassed the line with surprisingly little protest though the limo and the show Audra was putting on probably helped with the people that didnít know her. The bouncers, scanning the crowd for trouble, waved them through but otherwise did not acknowledge Tanya. The atmosphere was much different in this club. Stepping through the door was like stepping inside an overheated storm, the sound mind numbing, the heat nearly oppressive. It was overcrowded and almost painfully noisy, music pulsing like a living thing, the crowd talking in nearly screaming voices, cheering, and yelling at the women on stage, coaxing them closer with money held out. Smoke hazed the room making everything surreal in the flickering strobe lights. The long bar was three deep, four women actually standing on the bar in spike heels, postage stamp g-strings, and tops, grinding to the music and letting guys slip money into the g-string at their hips. Behind the bar four other well-endowed women in only slightly less revealing bikinis were tending bar.

Centered in the room was a raised stage with tables all the way around it. It was similar to a boxing ring but without the ropes. There were six poles on the stage, three with topless women in g-strings dancing around the poles, using them in their act. Another woman had just opened a flimsy robe to reveal that she had nothing on underneath except her heels, earrings, and a smile, closing it again to coax more money from the crowd.

Interspersed in the crowd were women serving the tables in very alluring skimpy attire, and heels, that would do a lap-dance for you, if the price were right. Most of the customers were men, but there was a generous sprinkling of women, just as enthusiastic in their cheering, some of them not wearing much more than the waitresses.

Audra was staring and Tanya slapped her butt lightly causing her to snap out of the trance she was in. She took hold of the choker chain and dragged her along. The people she passed looked Audra up and down hungrily but after seeing who had hold of the chain, they left her alone. Tanyaís reputation was much bigger than she was.

They passed the bar and were in a much less crowded space. Several very large men were obviously guarding the entrance to a glassed in room to keep the patrons out. The class was one way mirrored so no one could see in. They nodded to Tanya and let her through, eyeing the stunning woman she had by a chain. Tanya closed the door and it was almost shockingly quieter than in the main room. Tanya opened a second door and pulled her into a spacious well appointed room. Perhaps a dozen men sat around a long table, with a few others standing around. The leader was obvious because he was on the other side of the table, in the center with space to either side of him. His view out the mirrored window was excellent and the men outside made sure his view stayed that way. Several women were taking care of the food and drinks for the table. The man behind the table nodded to Tanya, then at one of the men near the closest end. The man immediately got up and took his drink with him, fading into the back. The talk around the table had gone quiet at their entry, all of the men staring at Audra. Tanya took the vacant chair leaving Audra standing beside her.

Audra was beginning to feel like the main course at a cannibal convention and she leaned close to her protector. Placing her hand on Tanyaís shoulder.

One of the women appeared next to Tanya, waiting for her order. Tanya tossed a ten on the tray. "We canít stay Liz, but thanks."

Audra jumped. A little squeak escaping her as a hand worked its way up her leg from behind her knee.

Tanya looked around her to the man in the next chair. "You touch my lady again, sport, and youíll need a bag to carry that hand home in."

He snorted, "Fuck you, bitch."

"Youíre new," Tanya stated as she climbed back to her feet, pushing Audra out of the way.

He stood with her, towering over her, looking down at her in contempt. "Old enough to know a piece of shit when I see it."

Audra noted that everyone was watching but no one was interfering in something that was about to get really ugly.

Tanya smiled. It was not a friendly smile. "Since youíre new, Iíll let you live."

He flicked a wicked looking knife open, holding it up where everyone could see it. "IíllÖ.aaaaagh!"

Tanya moved in a blur, her hand sinking into his crotch. She grabbed a handful, squeezed, and pulled, hard. She let go as he dropped to his knees, his voice a high pitched squeal. Tanya brought her knee up under his chin snapping his head back. He fell hard.

No one moved to stop her or to help him. Tanya turned back to the table.

"What the hell are you hiring, Lance?"

The name struck Audra as odd, though she couldnít think why. She had never seen him before. He was tall, slender with thinning black hair and dark, hard eyes. He gave the impression of looking down his long straight nose at her as his thin lips widened in a cruel smile. "Nothing you canít handle, apparently."

"What was that about?" she growled.

Lance shrugged negligently. "He thought he could take you, T. He was wrong."

"Donít play games with me, Lance. I donít like it."

"I donít really care what you like, T. Weíre business associates, not bed mates." He pointed a negligent hand at Audra changing the subject. You selling or just showing off?"

"Depends. I like her, but Iím open."

"Bring her here."

Tanya grabbed her chain and tugged her towards Lance. Lance turned away from the table. Tanya led her right up to his chair. He ran his eyes appreciatively over her then circled his hand. Tanya turned her around then slowly back to face him. Audra felt her skin crawling as he studied her like a side of beef.

"Show me her teeth."

"Smile big for the man, sweetie."

She smiled.

Lance looked over to Tanya, dismissing her as property.


"No, sheís clean."

I donít suppose sheís a virgin."

Tanya snorted. "Virgins are a myth, Lance. Right up there with Unicorns."

"She house broke?"


"She even trained?"

"No, sheís new."

"Well that lowers her value to me. If sheís not house broke how do I know sheíll even turn tricks, T."

"Sheíll do what I tell her to do, Lance. I break my ladies in right."

"Nah, I canít take that chance. Best I could do would be four."

Tanya took Audraís chain and moved towards the end of the table.

"Hey, come back here, bitch. We were doing a deal."

"No we werenít. You were playing with yourself."

"Fourís a legit price, T."

"Not for this piece, Lance. Sheís uptown stuff. I can probably get forty or fifty for her uptown and theyíll be turning a profit in less than a month."

"Youíre full of shit, T. Sheís black. Sheís worth maybe six, tops."

"Thought you knew your shit, Lance. Black stuff this fine is worth five times most of your white trash today."

"Not to me."

"Guess Iíll have to keep her for myself then."

"I donít like to be jerked around, T."

"Neither do I, Lance. I came by to do you a favor and you sick Donnie dumb ass on me then try to steel my sweet thing for pocket change. I think Iíll forget the favor and watch your house fall down. See ya, prick."

Again she picked up Audraís chain and turned away.

"Wait a minute, T."

"Got to hell, Lance."

"Aw hell, T, Letís start over. Sorry about the jerk. He was being an asshole and we knew youíd take him down a peg."

"Bull shit, Lance," she remarked, but she did turn back to the table. "How much did you bet? Iíll bet little sweetness here you all had bets on the deal."

Lance laughed.

"I hope you lost your ass, Lance," she growled.

"Hell no, I made a killing. Iím no fool, T."

"Could have fooled me, Lance."

"Come on now. We can deal. Tell me what you got."

"What you got, big man?"

Lance frowned, his dark eyes narrowing. "Letís not play games, T."

"You started the games, big man. Iím just upping the ante. Your little games are gonna cost you now."

"How much?"

"A familiar number." She watched him for a moment. "Four."

"Youíre crazy."


"Wait. If itís good, three."


She waited but he just glared at her. She took Audraís arm.

"All right, but it better be damned good!"

"Itís worth ten, but since you and I are buddies, Lance."

"Fuck you, bitch. Just spill it."

"I donít see my money."

"If this is bullshit, Iíll waste you right here," he growled.

"Youíll try. Last thing youíll ever try."

"Pay her, Jim," he said glowering at her.

The man to Lances right took out a wad of bills and counted out five thousand.

Tanya scooped it up, holding it out.

"You know that Stephanos chick you wasted?"

"Who says I wasted her?"

"Just looked like your style, Lance, in the back, you know? Anyway she had this kick ass lawyer."

Lance grinned. "Yeah, we watched her ass fry on live TV, T. You miss it?"

"Funny, I donít remember tying them together."

He shrugged. "A good guess."

"Think you sewed that one up pretty good huh?"

Lance held his hands up. "Canít blame that one on us. Someone else torched her."

"Yeah? Then you were almost a lucky bastard."

"What do you mean almost, T? Come on cut the crap."

"While youíre all sitting here celebrating your good fortune and while she was doing the fry baby thing, her team was busy burying your ass, Lance."

He went white. "What the hell are you talking about?"

She shrugged. "While youíre all in here kissing each other, the dead blondeís team has already been to the DAís office with some great tales and a few papers to back them up. I hear tell of a ship sitting in port that they have taken a real interest in. I hear tell theyíre getting up warrants for some massive raids. I even heard a nasty rumor that one of the warrants is for some prick named Lance Delacroix."

"Youíre a fuckiní liar, T."

"Yeah? Then how come you lost your tan, man?" She shrugged. "You donít have to believe it, but you know damned well my sources are better than yours. Have a nice evening, boys."

Tanya turned and walked away, stuffing the money into a pocket and hustling Audra ahead of her, through the two doors and towards the entrance. They were half way down the long bar when Audra slowed for an obnoxious jerk that stepped in her way, but Tanya pushed her ahead, right in to the jerk, knocking him down then pulled her along by the arm.

"Move, girl, now!" she shoved her rapidly ahead. Suddenly Russell was in front of her plowing a way. Two women flanked them, one of them she recognized as Lesha.

They were outside and Mikey was waiting behind the wheel, the car door already open. Tanya shoved her through the door and dove after her. Russell slammed the door and Mikey took off.

Samantha finally righted herself after the third fast turn.

"What the hell was that, T! You put Phyllis and my teams in danger!"

"Relax, Sam."

"Relax, hell!"

Tanya grabbed her and slammed her back against the seat.

"I said, relax. Your friends arenít in danger."

"Sounded like they are to me."

"Thatís because youíre running on two brain cells again. Look, Lance is my prime suspect. Heís a major asshole. Iíve been trying for him for years, but heís too slick, too careful. Tonight I tossed a couple matches in a little gasoline to see if we couldnít light a fire under his ass and get him to screw up. I really do think heís the one that hit, your brunette, just wish I knew why. He wonít bother your teams. One, he could take a chance on killing but not a whole team. The guyís got a reason to worry that his cover will be blown now."

Samantha felt like Tanya had hit her in the stomach with a sledgehammer. She gasped.

"What?" Tanya asked, seeing the shocked look on her face.

"Thatís it!" she gasped.

"Whatís it?"

"He is it, T." she said excitedly. "Lance is it, only he isnít Lance."

"Would you try making sense, Sam. You can quit thinking like Audra for a minute."

Sam bounced up onto her knees, taking Tanya by the shoulders.

"Have you ever seen pictures of the Stephanos family?"

"No, not yet. Been too busy trying to keep your assorted parts all together."

"Neither have I," she said excitedly and Tanya had this overpowering urge to cross her eyes.

"Oh, god help me, sheís gone completely stupid," she lamented.

"No! Donít you see? Thatís why it took me so long!"

"You want to throw me a life line here, Samantha? What took you so long? What the hell are you ranting about?"

"Lance isnít Lance!"

"He isnít?"



"Heís Luca Stephanos!"


"If youíd seen Angela youíd see it too! If you put long black hair on him and change his eyes to blue he could be a male version of Angela!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Well, as sure as I can be until I see pictures."

"And where the hell do we get pictures at midnight?"

"Phyllis. Sheíll have some on her desk, or in the team room."


"Already on my way, boss."


* * *


"Phyllis... Phyllis, calm down, Iím okay." Samantha rolled her eyes and Tanya chuckled. "Yes, Iím fine. Really. Calm down now. I know. No, Iím okay. Stop worrying. Take a pill, and let me talk for a minute. Thank you. Iím glad you stayed in the office. Weíll be up in a minute. Yes she is. I know she makes you nervous, Phil, but believe me I feel much safer with her along, and she wonít hurt you. No she wonít. Trust me, sheís really nice when you get to know her."

It was Tanyaís turn to roll her eyes. Samantha grinned, shaking her head.

"Will you listen for a minute, Phil? Okay. Do you have the Stephanos file there? Good. Pictures? Excellent. We need to see them. What? Maybe five minutes. Thatís okay. Iíve seen your robe before. Phil, listenÖ. Donít worry about the robe or your hair. Just listen. Yeah. No, you wonít recognize me. No. No, not even close. No. Phyllis, just wait. Iíll be the girl with Tanya. Yes. No. All right, youíve got maybe three minutes. See you then. I love you too, Phil. Bye."

Samantha closed the phone and returned it to Tanya shaking her head. "I could hardly get a word in edgewise."

"Sheís just relieved that youíre okay."

"I figured that out."

"Diego says the place is quiet boss." Mikey said. He was wearing an earpiece/mike and in contact with several of Tanyaís extended Ďfamily.í

"Thanks, Mikey, drop us but stick close."

"You got it," he answered as he pulled into the parking garage. He stopped right in front of the elevator. "End of the line, ladies."

They rode up in silence both of them tired and lost in their thoughts. Eleven was quiet and they stopped at the third door on the right. Samantha started to go first and Tanya stopped her, pulling her back. Her pistol appeared as she cautiously opened the outer door and checked out the waiting room then moved to the inner door. She pushed Samantha to one side of the door and took the other, then cautiously knocked.

When Phyllis opened the door she was staring down the barrel of a wicked little automatic. She didnít even have time to react. Tanya went around her and checked out the entire apartment.

Samantha stepped in front of Phyllis and smiled, and in her cheery little whiny voice said, "Hi! Iím Audra."

Phyllisís eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted. Samantha caught her.


"What?" Tanya came racing into the room and saw Samantha trying to hold Phyllis up. "Aw, crap, what happened?" she asked as she made her way over and lifted the woman into her arms, gently laying her on the couch.

"I think she was shocked to see me," she answered, giggling a little. "Iíll get you some water."

Tanya gently patted the woman on the cheek and called her name softly.

"Hereís the water, gotta run." She chuckled as she headed for the bathroom. "Poor Phil."

"Hey, red. Come on, no sleeping," Tanya said softly. She brushed her slightly disheveled hair off her face. Phyllisís eyes fluttered open. "Hey, do you always pass out when you meet a friend?" She smiled down at the woman as she pushed another strand of hair out of her face.

Phyllis was momentarily confused. She looked up into Tanyaís pretty face, her dark eyes full of compassion, and wondered why she had been afraid of her before. She decided she had a very pleasant smile. Then what had happened came back to her and she snorted. "First you stick a gun in my face, then this total stranger, whoís supposed to be my best friend, shocked me senseless. I think that qualifies for a little down time." She tentatively returned the smile.

Tanyaís smile widened showing even white teeth. "I think we can make allowances." She reached for the water and held it out to her. "This should help a little."

Somehow Phyllis had thought her teeth would be dark and maybe a little sinister looking, to fit her earlier image of Tanya. She placed her hand over Tanyaís and brought the glass to her lips, keeping her eyes on her. "Thanks. I think I can manage now."

"Hey sleepyhead."

Her eyes automatically tracked over Tanyaís shoulder to the woman that had stopped behind her, again startled. From the voice, sheíd automatically expected Sam to be there, but the exotically gorgeous stranger stood there again.


She smiled. "Yeah, itís me, Phil. Iím sorry I startled you so much." Phyllis stared at her, only now she was looking at her costume. Her eyes kept getting wider and wider.

"What the devil are you dressed for?" she asked in amazement. Sam had never been very demonstrative, always rather demure.

Sam smiled and stood back as Phyllis moved to a sitting position, with a little assistance from Tanya that she did not refuse. Sam modeled for her. "You like it? Itís the latest thing for high priced whores."

"What? YouÖ uhmÖ."

Samantha laughed. "Relax, Phil. Iím not selling, just advertising, though Tan was talking fifty big ones to sell me," she beamed.

"Sell you? Samantha, people donít sell people! Not for over a hundred years!" she said, looking to Tanya for confirmation.

"No, actually they do, Phil," Sam said sitting back down next to her. "The creep that wanted to buy me from Tan was only offering four thousand because I was part black and not house broke. Tanya told him a sexy black chick like me was worth a lot more than his plain old white chicks were worth."

Phyllis looked from her to Tanya, twice.

"She is pulling my leg, right?"


She looked to Samantha and back to Tanya again.

"I think I need a drink."


* * *


"She been awake yet?"

"No, doctor. Well not with her eyes open. I suspect she has drifted in and out of consciousness a couple of times because she was moving around a little, but she hasnít opened her eyes yet."

"The movementís a good sign. She should be coming around at any time. The monitors say sheís probably awake now, though she still may not be aware of her surroundings. Any sign on movement in her legs?"

"No, nothing. I've been noting monitoring them pretty closely, but nothing."

"Whenís she scheduled to move?"

"Iím waiting on transport now, doctor."

She heard some writing.

"Okay, nurse. Sheís making good progress. Tell them to be very careful moving her. Iím not happy with the move but understand the reasons for it. I want a nurse with her at all times."

"Understood doctor."

She heard the door open and close.

The nurse was hard to follow, her soft soled shoes not making much sound, but after grumbling over one of the machines, she came over to the bed, checking several things including her pulse, making notes on a pad.

The door opened again.

"Itís about timeÖ."


The sudden, angry sound filled her with dread.

"Oh," the nurse sighed, startled.

The bed shook and she heard the nurse hit the floor with a sickening crunch.

"That was easy," said a deep grating voice."

"Shut up. Help me figure this out." said a higher slightly nasal voice.

"Well, lookie who just ran out of options. Hi, gorgeous. You do know youíre dead, right?" deep voice said from close up then chuckled.

"I think this is the one."

"Yeah, thatís it, crank it up."

She immediately felt the world fading away.

Help me!

Someone came to the head of the bed. She could hear his breathing and smell his rancid breath. It was the one with the deep voice again.

"Hey, Roy, I still think you should just let me cut her heart out right here. Lot less trouble."

"I agree, but we donít make the decisions. We just bag Ďem and tag Ďem. I think the boss wants to personally cut her heart out."

"Well letís get to it."

"Right. Do we unplug all this shit orÖ."

Help me!


* * *

Inevitable Destiny10



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