Synopsis : The book centres around two characters called Casey Alder and Jodie Flynn. Casey is a mid-twenties cycle courier in London and lives in the area of Finsbury Park which is in the North end of London. She rents a first floor flat from an older lady, who lives in the ground floor of the house. The lady insists that Casey calls her Aunt Essie and she treats her like another grand-daughter. Casey is known as a player though out the gay scene, and is happy with that. That way it is easier to be safe. A childhood in care can make you uneasy of relationships.

Aunt Essie, though feels that Casey could do with being in a relationship, and would love for her to meet her grand-daughter Jodie. This proves harder than she thought and the two girls keep missing each other. Then Casey is shot and sees another person killed as she does a late night pick up for her job.

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Part 1


A Parcel of Trust

By Kerry McNair


Three weeks later Jodie pulled up in the van outside her Aunt's house just in time to see a police car leaving. 'I wonder what news they have' she thought as she made her way to the house.
Calling out Casey's name as she dumped her work gear in the hall she was surprised to hear her Aunt call her to the bedroom. “Hey what's up I just saw the police leave?” Jodie said as she stepped into the room. Looking at the bed she saw Casey sat against the headboard with her knees pulled up to her chest and a face as white as a ghost, her aunt trying to get her to hold her hand and look at her, both of which she was failing at. “Aunt Essie, what's wrong?”
“The police have caught one of the people who shot Casey and killed that man” Essie looked at Jodie with eyes wide with fear.
“Ok I thought that would be a good thing, why are the both of you looking like death warmed up?' Jodie asked. By this point she was getting really worried as it looked like Casey wasn't even breathing. 'Aunt Essie talk to me please' she pleaded..
Aunt Essie gave up trying to get hold of one of Casey's hands and turned to fully look at Jodie. “The person they have arrested is Michael Dempsey, and they want Casey to give evidence when it comes to court”
“Shit you are kidding me right? Michael Dempsey, and they expect Casey to go to court? No way, no way are they putting her at risk, they can't. I won't let them” Jodie yelled at Essie. “That's what I feel, but what can we do, the police say she has to do it.” Essie looked at Casey who still wasn't moving. Jodie caught her Aunts eye and motioned her to leave the room, giving her a kiss on the cheek as she passed she said “ I'll look after her I promise” Spying a blanket on the chair by the window, Jodie grabbed it on the way to the bed. Settling herself beside Casey, she pulled the blanket over the both of them and put her arm around her and pulled her close. She rubbed Casey on her side until she sensed her settle a bit more beside her. “Look. An arrest is good, but Casey did you have to go and get yourself shot by one of London's biggest criminal families?” Without any conscious thought she pulled her closer and kissed her on the head. At that point Casey started to shake and Jodie realised she was crying, holding her tight being careful to avoid the wound on her shoulder, Jodie murmured words of comfort to her.

Casey couldn't help the tears. She was scared. She was scared that she managed to get herself shot by the Dempsey's and she was scared that Jodie was promising to look after her, but not really meaning it. She so wanted to be looked after by Jodie, not just now, but for as long as she could. It felt right being in her arms, she felt she was safe and loved, and she didn't want that to end and this feeling scared her. Looking up into Jodie's eyes, she lost herself and her control as she looked at Jodie's lips then back up to her eyes. Moving closer not sure what she was reading in them, she touched her lips to Jodie's and slowly kissed her.

Jodie looked at Casey as she moved towards her. Panic hit her, but she couldn't move she felt pinned down by the emotion in Casey's face. 'Oh god she is going to kiss me, she… is…going… to… kiss… me!! What do I do, I'm not even sure I remember how to kiss right'. All coherent thoughts left both of their heads as they slowly kissed each other. Casey moved her lips across Jodie's face and down to her neck, this feels so right, please don't let her stop me, she smiled as Jodie arched her neck backwards giving Casey more room. Moving her lips apart she let her tongue run up and down her neck and hearing Jodie moan she quickly moved back and captured her mouth, feeling Jodie's tongue enter her mouth, Casey tried to pull her even closer, she wanted her so bad.

Jodie realising what Casey was trying to do, pulled back out of her arms and hearing the cry of frustration from Casey she smiled as she felt that same frustration, “What do you think you were trying to do? Have you forgot your shoulder?. Watching as Casey fell back onto the bed she said “We can't do this Casey, I can't hurt you even more, I was only meant to be comforting you, not helping you to seduce me what was I thinking!”

Casey led on her back for a few seconds, then looked over at Jodie, who had flushed cheeks and a mouth that was crying out to be kissed again and yet again it felt like she had no control. What is it with this woman she thought as she got herself upright and then moved her right leg over Jodie till she was sat astride her hips loving the look of surprise on Jodie's face she asked “Why can't we do this Jodie?” Getting no answer she put her weight on her left arm and whispered in her ear “Why not? Give me an answer and I'll move I promise” Hearing nothing but their combined heavy breathing, she trailed her mouth from Jodie's ear to her mouth and claimed her firmly, letting her tongue enter her mouth she felt like she had died and gone to heaven. Jodie had no answer to Casey's question, none at all. All brain functions had ended. All that mattered was the feel of Casey's body against hers, the way her tongue was duelling with hers and the way her body was so inflamed with trying to get closer to Casey. Opening her legs she pulled Casey between them, feeling herself getting wetter with each second they were connected. She grabbed hold of Casey's hips and pushed herself up into them. Casey groaned “Jodie you are killing me here, help me out, take some clothes off, I seem to be having problems with that” Jodie laughed and gently rolled herself so she was sitting on top of Casey. What was it you wanted? my top off?” Jodie teased Casey by slowly moving the top up a bit then dropping it again.
“Casey's mouth was going dry, “Please she pleaded, anything, take anything off!”
Jodie taking pity on Casey, took her top off, looked down and felt the heat rising of Casey's body. Looking into her eyes she reached behind her to remove her bra.

At that moment the door opened and Aunt Essie walked in. “How's everything? is Casey a bit better now?” Everyone froze, and both Casey and Jodie looked over at Aunt Essie in horror. Aunt Essie was the first to recover, “Well it looks like Casey is a lot better, so I will leave you both to it, I shall be downstairs for the foreseeable future” Smiling at them both she left the room and shut the door. Jodie recovered first and bolted of the bed grabbing her t-shirt she put it on, looked at Casey, who was lying on the bed looking very vulnerable, panicked and ran from the bedroom and the flat.
As she started the van she looked up to the flats window and saw Casey stood there, she knew she did what she always did when she got close to someone, she ran. Shaking, she put the van in gear and sped off.

Sat in Nicky's kitchen, she asked her again if she could stay with her for a few nights as Sean

and the kids were at hers while they were getting the electrics done at theirs.

“And yet again I will ask why you need to stay at mine when you have a perfectly good room at Casey's who incidentally you are meant to be looking after?”
“Nicky can't I just stay here and not have a reason. Can you not just be my friend and ask no questions.” Jodie asked.

“Ok I can do that agreed Nicky, on the condition that you answer why your phone has not stop ringing since you got here and that it is always Casey name on the screen, and also why is your t-shirt inside out?”

Jodie looked down and cringed, lifting her eyebrows at Nicky “ I was kinda without a t-shirt sat on top of Casey on her bed when Aunt Essie came into the room”

Nicky looked at Jodie in disbelief, “ You were about to have sex with Casey!!” She shouted.
Yes and then Aunt Essie ..' Jodie started to say.

“ I don't care about Aunt Essie, I care about the fact that you. yes you. were about to have sex. How long has it been? Oh my god this is the biggest news ever, Was it good, where had you got to?? Come on let your best friend know it all” grinned Nicky.
“I hate you, do you know that Nicky, realising that she had to talk this out, she lifted part of her lip in small smile and said 'It wasn't good. It was great and then I freaked, ran and just left her there, How crap am I?

“At this moment and if I were Casey I'd say you were pretty crap, and mean. You left the poor girl high and dry Jodie, that's not good! Nicky looked at her with a stern look. 'In fact it can be quite painful'.

I feel like I took advantage of her, she had just got some bad news and I sat beside her on the bed to give her a hug to reassure her it would be ok, and the next thing I know I am sitting on top of her wanting her so much! Shit! The bad news, I can't believe I forgot about it, and just left!' Jodie groaned.

Nicky looked at the look of pain on Jodie's face and asked “What bad news, Casey is ok isn't she?”

'What you mean apart from me leaving her high and dry?? At the moment yes, she's ok, but we just found out today that the police have arrested a certain Michael Dempsey for the shooting of Casey and the other guy, and they want her to give evidence in court. That is why I was on the bed comforting her in the first place” Jodie and Nicky sat across from each other at the table both lost in thought when Jodie's phone pinged again.
Jodie please at least listen to the voice mail that she has left, because if you don't I will throw that phone out the window” Nicky growled.

. “Ok ok, pass it over,” Jodie dialled the number for her voicemail and walked over to the window to listen to the message. She smiled as she heard Casey's voice. “Hey you, it's a bit lonely without you here, I've ordered a Chinese even got your favourites, so if you want to it would be nice if you came home for dinner. If you're not ready yet I understand, but Jodie please come home tonight, even if it is to sleep in the other room, just come home We can talk when you feel like it.”

.” Jodie crossed the room to lean against the kitchen table beside Nicky, “That was Casey,' hitting Nicky on the head when she rolled her eyes at her. “She's ordered a Chinese and wants me to come home” Nicky looked long and hard at Jodie “and what do you want?” Jodie sighed and said “I want to go home”
“ok and which home is that? Yours or…
“Casey's home, I think we need to do some talking before the action that we seem to both want so much, and also I am starving and you, yet again, have no food in the house', laughing as Nicky chased her down the hall. Jodie felt lighter and happier than she had in years. “Later you, I have got some unfinished business to attend to”

Casey was slowly getting the plates down from the cupboard when she felt someone at her back. Before she could stop herself she leant back into the front of the person. A hand appeared on her shoulder and a mouth moved close to her ear, Casey felt herself shiver and she held her breath.

“Since when did I say it was ok to be stretching like this? Jodie gave Casey a quick kiss on the ear then moved her to one side to get the plates. Move go on, get in the sitting room and do what it is intended for sitting now! Jodie growled at Casey.

. Casey couldn't help the smile on her face, holding her ear where Jodie had just kissed her, she said “You came home” Jodie growled again and grabbed the takeaway bag with the plates and shoved Casey gently to the sitting room. “I was hungry and you said you had my favourite Chinese dishes. You do have my favs don't you, cause if not there will be trouble!”
Casey laughed and gingerly sat herself down on the sofa, “yes I have them, so is that the only reason you came home?

Opening the containers and groaning at the lovely smells, she looked over at Casey, knowing it was now or never. Taking a deep breath knowing that this was the moment that would change her life 'I came home for you” Jodie looked at Casey to see her reaction what?? Why are you crying?? Is this not good? Casey speak to me”
“Sorry' Casey choked through her tears, 'I'm just happy. We'll take it slow and I promise to behave myself as much as I can around you, and I won't take risks, and I'm not as bad as everyone makes out” she finished with a grimace.

. Jodie came over and sat beside her, taking her hand “Ok I admit I believed the rumours about you. I thought you were a player', and holding her other hand up to silence Casey and continued, 'and maybe you were, but it didn't give me the right to judge you, I didn't know you and that was wrong. Aunt Essie told me not to believe everything and it would seem she was right. How many of the people you go clubbing with know that you love musicals, support Spurs and help out at the local animal shelter by walking dogs?”
Casey sighed and said “None of them. They wouldn't be interested in stuff like that. They just care about pulling the next willing girl and having a good time while they are at it. It was easy for me to hide with them, while I did that, I didn't have to think about the big picture. About how it was only Aunt Essie that really cared, who for some reason found something in me that she felt needed to be looked out for”
Jodie asked “What about your family, surely they must care?”

Casey turned and kissed Jodie gently on the lips “I will tell you my past, just not now Let's just say I wish I had had your Aunt Essie growing up. Now let's eat I am famished”

The next two weeks passed in a blur for Jodie, if she wasn't at work she was helping Casey move a bit more each day, and at night Jodie thought who would have guessed that that could be so good. The police had been round a couple of times to keep them up to date with the trial.

.  Casey was worried but wanted it over and done with, so they could all get on with their lives. The only thing that made her want it to last a bit longer, was that the longer the investigation took, the longer Jodie stayed and that was good. She liked it when she heard Jodie come home at night, when Jodie kissed her in the morning. Who was she kidding? She loved it when Jodie kissed her. She knew that each day she was falling a little bit more in love with her.

Jodie peeked through the bedroom door when she arrived home that Friday night. Casey was curled up under the covers, smiling to herself. Jodie went into the kitchen, looking into the fridge she hooked herself a beer and stood by the fridge sighing as the cold beer hit the spot. Just then a hand came from behind and hooked the beer from her, Jodie tried to turn, but Casey kept her pinned to the fridge door.

Taking a drink Casey said “You're early. I didn't expect you till around seven” Jodie smiled enjoying the feel of Casey behind her. “Job wasn't as bad as we first thought, so I told Nicky to finish as I had unfinished business to attend to at home. Kinda felt bad that I fell asleep last night and left you a bit frustrated I think”
Casey put her mouth to Jodie's ear and lightly bit it “A bit frustrated? You think you left me a bit frustrated? Let's rethink that statement shall we?”
Jodie groaned “Ok. A lot frustrated?? Is that any better?” Just as Jodie had finished speaking Casey hooked one of Jodie's legs and pulled them apart, Jodie lost her balance slightly and leant into the fridge for support. Casey reached up and put the bottle on top of the fridge. With that hand now free, she snaked it up and under the front of Jodie's top and placed it flat on her tummy and stepping between Jodie's legs she pressed herself firmly against her. Jodie gasped and pushed her bottom harder into Casey, “Oh God Casey, I don't know what you have between your legs but I sure as hell want to find out!” Again she tried to turn, But Casey reached her good hand down and began to push down the jogging bottoms that Jodie had on. Moving a leg up she managed to get them to the floor and got Jodie to kick them off, then letting her move the top of her body she pulled the sweatshirt and t-shirt off in one. “Well it would seem you need to lose the bra as well.” Casey laughed and did just that. Pushing Jodie into the fridge door again, she grinned when she heard her gasp with the coldness. Casey brought her hand up the front of Jodie and cupped her breasts playing with the hardening nipples that grew even bigger when Casey rolled them between her fingers. “Oh nice and hard, I bet they are red and swollen wanting me to bite them” said Casey as she nipped at Jodie's neck. Jodie's answer to that was to push harder into Casey rubbing herself in circular motions. Casey stopped her in her tracks by tickling her hand down her stomach to cup her pussy. “What do you think you are doing, did I tell you you could move? Pushing a finger into Jodie's pussy she raked it across her clit and then pushed it long and hard into her. Jodie threw her head back onto Casey's shoulder and let out a shuddering moan, “More, please!” Casey took her at her word and slowly pressed another finger into her, pumping in and out as she rubbed her thumb firmly over her clit. “What would you do if I stopped now?” she asked Jodie, stilling her hand. Jodie whimpered “You can't stop now Casey, you can feel me. God I think I'm dripping down your arm as we speak. Just fuck me now. Come on I know you want to. You're hard for me. Underneath that cock you're as hard and as wet as I am” Casey began to fuck her hard with her fingers loving the sounds that Jodie was making. She began to rub her free hand from one breast to the other, pinching and rolling each nipple as hard as she could, knowing that Jodie liked it a bit rough. Hearing Jodie coming close to coming, she pushed deeper and longer into her, loving how Jodie gripped her fingers with each thrust. Jodie let her arms drop and reached behind her to cup Casey's bum in closer and at that moment Casey bit down on Jodie's neck and held hard onto her clit and that was all it took for Jodie to scream out that she was coming, Casey rubbed both sides of her clit the way Jodie loved and then waves of orgasm crashed over Jodie and she was left hanging in Casey's arms as Casey continued to use her fingers to tickle Jodie deep inside. Jodie groaned “Enough, Oh god I think you nearly killed me” Casey, taking pity on her, moved her fingers out letting them trail across Jodie's clit. . She grinned as she felt more spasms take over her body. Turning Jodie's head towards her, she let her watch as she licked each finger clean, then took claim of Jodie's mouth. “Welcome home baby” she whispered at Jodie's mouth. Turning Jodie around she pinned her arms above her head and stepped between her legs so she could really feel what she had on beneath her clothes. Jodie opened her legs wider for her. “Ahh I think you like this baby” moaned Casey as she enjoyed the pressure she was feeling right the way to her clit. At that moment Jodie got her hands free and pushed Casey back, smiling as she hit against the kitchen table with a grunt. She took her time moving towards her, loving the look on Casey's face as she watched her. Stopping just short of touching her, she looked at the glazed look on her face. “I think we need to sort you out sweetie, you look to be in a bit of pain? If your shoulder is hurting we can stop and you can have a lie down” Casey's answer to that was to grab Jodie's hand and bring it down onto the cock in her jeans, “The only pain I have she growled is this one and it's been waiting to be fixed since last night” She ran Jodie's hand up and down the length of her.

That was more than Jodie could take she quickly got hold of the jeans and undid them, letting them fall to just below Casey's hips. She reached into her boxers and pulled out a hard thick cock, holding it in her left hand. She tapped Casey on the shoulder to get her to watch what she was doing. Casey followed Jodie's hand as it went between her legs and gasped as Jodie's fingers went deep in herself and watched as her fingers then came out and wrapped themselves around Casey's cock and slowly rubbed up and down the length of her. “You like that? Jodie asked as she saw Casey's legs begin to tremble. Not being sure how long Casey could actually stand, she got a firm grip on the cock in her hand and tugged Casey to the bedroom.  Once in the room she pushed her onto the bed, then dragged her jeans and boxers off. Kneeling over her, she pushed Casey's t-shirt over her head. Casey tried to get her mouth around one of Jodie's nipples that was tantalizing close to her. Jodie laughed and pushed her head back down, “Easy tiger, I want a bit of you first. Reaching behind her she continued to rub at Casey's cock, then taking a nipple in her mouth she held onto it with her teeth and whipped her tongue over it at speed. Casey could do nothing but groan, unable to put her thoughts into words. She got hold of Jodie's hips and began to direct her onto her cock. Jodie taking the hint, sat herself back and let it slip into her inch by inch. Now that felt good, picking up the rhythm of Casey's hips she pushed down hard as she fucked her. Taking Casey's hands she placed them on her breasts “Work them hard Casey'. Casey didn't need telling twice, twisting them between her fingers she watched as Jodie began fucking her in earnest. Shit this isn't going to take long she thought, just look at her, does she have any idea how hot she looks, fucking me, with my hands working her breasts. “Jodie I don't think I can last much longer she managed to spit out. Jodie didn't break her stride as she told Casey she could come when she was ready to come again. Gripping harder onto Jodie's nipples, and pushing herself as deep into Jodie as was possible, she cried out 'Jodie I'm going to come!'. Jodie feeling the tension in Casey's body, took a hold of Casey's good arm and placed it at her clit, 'Rub it Casey, let me come with you, can you feel how hard and wet you have me?' That was all it took. Casey did one last push and was over the edge. 'Jodie come with me now, I want to feel you come on me'. At that moment Jodie came hard again and collapsed onto Casey's chest. Casey continued to fuck her slowly, circling her hips until neither of them could take any more. Slipping off Casey, Jodie settled herself in the crook of her arm. Smiling she said “you can welcome me home like that any-time baby, any-time'.


To be continued in Part 5


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