Synopsis: This short story centres round two late twenties women. Set partly within an SM club that is part run by one of the women. By the end of the night both women are definitely switched up by each other. This story contains sex and strong language between two females, if this offends you, then don't read, simples.

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Switch it up

By Kerry McNair


Mia had had the day from hell. It was the last day of her shift as a firefighter in Boston and she was more than glad. From start to finish of the shift she hadn't stopped. What with bogus calls from bored teenagers to a horrific multi car crash on the Zakim Bridge. Grabbing a quick shower at the station she threw on a pair of sweatpants and a tight forming t-shirt that let everyone know that she was part of Engine 32 and Ladder 9. Stopping by the pretty much useless mirror in the changing room, she ran her fingers through her shaggy light red hair and crinkled her green eyes at seeing how tired she looked. Looking at her watch she realised she was running late for a meeting with her business partner at the female only SM club.

“Shit and fuck why am I always late and why can I never find a dam parking space” Mia muttered as she jumped from her truck and set off at a jog to the club.

“Late again I See Mia” laughed the bouncer on the door.

Mia growled at the bouncer who only laughed louder and then kissed her on the cheek.

“Go on she is over at the back with Tiernan and Ashley.

Adjusting her eyes to the sudden darkness of the club, Mia stood a few minutes checking out who was in tonight. Looked like most of the usual suspects, some just in town for a couple of days tourists who thought they knew what they wanted but in reality would be too scared to do anything about it, so would sit nursing a beer that is slowly growing warmer as they don't want to leave the comfort of their safe haven chair. By the end of the night they would go back to their hotel none the wiser as to what they really wanted. Waving at the bar staff she made her way to one of the back booths that offered a bit more privacy and comfort.

“Hey boss” she said as she kissed Tiernan.

“I didn't think you and Ash where back till tomorrow?” Mia kissed both Ashley and her business partner Zoe on the cheek as she clambered over them all so she could sit where she could see all in front of her.

Sighs and groans erupted from the others as she staked her claim.

“Bloody hell Mia, you must be one of the most clumsy people I know, how you manage to stay on two feet while at work I will never know” exclaimed Tiernan.

“Oh be quiet if you had moved when I wanted too you would be fine, now why are you both back a day early? What's wrong?” Mia asked again.

Tiernan and Ash looked at each other and laughed,

“Nothing is wrong, just that we didn't fancy catching the red eye tomorrow morning, so moved the flight up to today. Nice and relaxed mid-morning flight. Also fancied a night out here, not been in too much. Anyway how are you I heard about the crash, you look tired hun.”

Mia by this point had relaxed into Zoe, who wasn't only her business partner but the woman who had been there for her over the years, more like a mum than her mum had ever been.

“Horrible just horrible, I hate it when there are kids involved, luckily they only had minor injuries, but still. Sorry I'm late Zoe, but I thought you would appreciate it if I at least showered”

Zoe slowly closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Why didn't you just ring to cancel? Nothing was that important that you couldn't have just gone home and collapsed. So I am going to cancel it now and you can have a nice relaxed evening with the two girls”

Zoe gave her a long hug, got up and tussled her hair then laughing as Mia attempted to get it back to looking just the right side of shaggy.

“Very funny” she muttered. Turning to her friends. “So you playing tonight or just watching? Or playing and me watching she grinned.

Ashley turned and looked seriously at Mia. “You know one of these days your big mouth will end up with you tied to a chair at the bottom of our bed, watching everything we do with no chance of escape, oh what fun T and I could have” Ash raised an eyebrow, “So are you serious or just teasing Mia?”

Mia shifted in the booth and sat herself upright and looked everywhere but Ashley who was now smirking at her. “Ahh… well.. oh.. “ Mia stuttered now chancing a look at Ash who sat back with her arms crossed against her chest and raised both eyebrows in question.7

“Shit Ash, you know that.. OMG what is she doing in here on her own?”Mia turned to look at Tiernan and Ashley who both shrugged. They all turned to look at the newcomer who was stood with her back to them and downing a full pint of beer, while trying to avoid the club's resident hard butch, who didn't seem to be taking no for an answer.

“Fucking hell she has no idea what she is dealing with there” Mia muttered. She stood up and clambered over Tia and Ashley in her rush to get over to the bar to try and stop anything happening.

Ashley and Tiernan, waited until Mia was walking away till they started to

laugh and high fived each other. “This is going to be so much fun, Kasey sure knows how to switch things up “

Mia made it to the bar in record time, she got hold off the woman's top arm to get her attention. Which ended with the woman turning and slapping her right across the face. “ I told you I wasn't interested can't you take the …. Bollocks Mia I am so sorry I thought it was Joey, shit are you ok?” Kasey paled slightly as Mia slowly raised her head took a deep breath and looked Kasey in the eye. Stepping closer to Kasey, Mia was aware that most of the club had stopped and was following her every action. Tipping her head to one side she looked Kasey up and down, who visibly shuddered, taking one more step she got hold of both Kasey's arms and pinned them to her side and pushed her back against the bar behind her. Moving so her whole body was firmly pressed into every available inch of Kasey's. She cocked her head to the side again when she felt something that she really shouldn't be feeling on Kasey. Wetting her lips she bent her head and whispered in her captive's ear. “What in hell do you think you are doing sweetheart? Because at the moment you are minutes away from being in a world of very sweet pain.” Moving her upper body up and slightly off Kasey's Mia looked at her intently. Interesting she thought, although she could tell that Kasey was scared she could also see a resolve in her. Kasey then motioned her closer again, which she wiling did to find out what excuse she was going to come up with.

Kasey took a deep breath and whispered in Mia's ear. “I know what you want deep down and I am the only one who can give it to you, I want to top you like you have never known, as I am aware no-one has ever topped you, and I would like to, no scrap that I am going to do it and I am going to do it tonight” She then let her tongue slip into Mia's ear and run down its outside. Mia kept her head where it was and went very still, at least a minute passed before she moved again. And that was to slam her hand down on the bar top and ask for keys. She raised her head as she felt the keys hit her hand, to see the bar keeper raise four fingers to indicate which room she had the keys for. Mia then turned without looking at Kasey, grabbed her hand and dragged her through the now not so small crowd who had been following the drama, so focused was she in getting to the room that she didn't notice Ashley and Tiernan giving Kasey the thumbs up and a big smile.

Mia stopped outside room four, unlocked it, turned and pushed Kasey in, before Kasey could say anything to her, Mia put a finger on her lips “Be quiet Kasey I am not ready to hear anything else just yet!” Kasey for her part closed her eyes and took steady breaths. Taking stock of the room and its various instruments, she decided on the main frame in the middle of the room, taking Kasey and positioning her in the middle of it, she then tied both her wrists and ankles to it, so she was in a tight star shape, Mia stood back, still not fully satisfied; she moved to the frame and on either side loosened the bolts to bring the top part of the frame forward. Kasey was now held up like she was lying across a table. Now happy with how things where she walked around Kasey's body trailing her left hand over whatever part of body happened to be free. Then just as quickly she raised her right hand and brought it down solidly on Kasey's backside. Pleased to hear no cry just a very simple “one miss” Kasey. “Ah I see you would still seem to know your place little one, continue” With that Mia in quick succession brought her hand down ten times on each side of Kasey's bottom. Smiling, that Kasey kept up with her. Kneeling at her side she pulled Kasey's face round to her as she moved her other hand down her chest and straight to her crotch, when she got there she stopped, looked at Kasey with a quizzical look then pushed in and grabbed what was hidden within the jeans. Smiling as she saw then felt the jolt from Kasey she nodded her head that Kasey could now speak, explain what she was doing.

Kasey looked Mia straight in the eye. “I want to take you back to yours, when we get there I want to tease you, I want to fuck you till you are screaming my name, I want to hold back your orgasm, so you can watch mine, and if you as much as think about coming before I say so, I will make you suffer even more. By the end of the night it will be you begging for mercy.”

Mia fell back on her own backside while still looking right into Kasey's eyes. Seeing strength there she hadn't seen before in this type of situation, she looked to the ceiling and the door as if they would give her answer to what Kasey had asked of her, getting no help she looked back at her want to be top. Standing up she brought the frame back to an upright position, untied her all the time not saying a word. Taking hold of Kasey's hand she pulled her behind as, as they exited the room and walked right through the club without acknowledging another soul. Opening the trucks passenger door she got Kasey in and then jumped in the driver's side and made it home in record time.

When they arrived at Mia's house they both sat in the truck for quite a few moments before Kasey seeming to wake up to the reality of the situation, reached over and took the keys out, jumped out walked to the front door and waited. Mia still in a state of shock and also not sure if she could go through with what Kasey wanted to do, still sat in the truck. She looked in the rear mirror and saw that Kasey was now leaning against the front porch post, arms crossed, when she saw that Mia was watching, she nodded her head to the front door all the time never taking her eyes off of her. As if in slow motion, Mia go out of the truck and made her way to the house. Hearing Kasey lock the car made her jump slightly , “God she thought if a bloody beeping car can shock me, what on earth will my body do when the little un gets hold of it?” Kasey by this point had now unlocked the front door and was waiting for Mia to walk through it. Which with an apprehensive look at Kasey is exactly what she did? As soon as they were both in the hallway, Kasey got hold of Mia and pushed her up against the side of the stairs.

“From now on what I say goes, you speak only when I say so, you move only when I say you and you most definitely can only come when I say so, do you understand Mia?” Mia frowned unsure if she could actually answer, how could she forget the rules of a game that she had been playing for a long time. Kasey smiled and ran her fingers through her short red hair, “You can answer Mia”

Mia tried to remember the question then quickly said “I understand” this statement got her turned round and quickly slapped on her bottom and slapped hard. She was then swung round to face Kasey again. “You understand” are you missing a word there Mia. Oh fuck, do I really have to say it Mia thought, looking at Kasey's stern face, she realised that yes she did have to say it. “I understand mistress” looking back at her now mistress's face she was relived to find it looked a lot happier.

“Now we need a safe word, how about baseball? You can answer” kasey said.

Mia, nodded “That is fine mistress!. “Ah so good to see you are slowly learning” Kasey smiled. Then turning Mia around and moved her to the foot of the stairs she then nudged her upwards, moving in so she was stuck like glue to her back she ran her hands down to her breasts and took hold off what where actually very hard nipples, stopping her halfway up, she murmured into her ear “ I think you are liking this more than you thought you would” She then pulled the sweatpants away from her body and let her free hand trail down and cup Mia's crotch on the outside of the boxers, holding her firmly she chuckled as she felt Mia's wetness soaking through onto her fingers. “Oh yes you are loving this, but remember no coming just yet” tickling her hands over and around the crotch area, she chuckled even more when she heard Mia groan out loud. Giving her a push they continued their path up to the top of the stairs, looking at the open door to the main bedroom she let go of Mia and walked into the room, looked around then beckoned for Mia to follow her into the room. Mia felt like her feet were stuck to the carpet, but somehow managed to stumble herself forward and into the room.

Kasey sat on the bottom of the bed and waited till Mia was stood in front of her. She then dropped her sweatpants to the floor indicating for her to step out of them, then to take off her t-shirt. This left Mia feeling very exposed as all she had left on were her boxer shorts, never needing any use for a bra, she fought hard to keep her hands at her sides. Kasey smiled at the very fit and toned body stood in front of her then trailed her fingers up and down over her breasts then round to cup the small bottom, looking up she could see Mia biting her lip and staring straight ahead. Wanting to up the ante she quickly put her hands onto both of the painfully erect nipples and pulled, twisted and rubbed till Mia groaned even louder and dropped to her knees. As soon as that happened she pulled her up and pushed her up and onto the bed and led her felt down. Pulling off the now soaking boxers, she threw them onto Mia's face as she took her ankles and tied each of them to the bottom bedposts, then moving up her body so she could feel the rough denim scrap across all off Mia's sensitive parts, she reached up and tied her hands to the bedposts as well. Climbing of the bed, she took the boxers and inhaled them deeply then going to the centre of the end of the bed, she waited till she had the captive woman's attention. As soon as that happened, she began to slowly strip, loving the shallow breathing and the red blush that was all over Mia's chest and cheeks. All that was left to take off where the fitted boy shorts, and they both by now knew what they contained. Taking an edge of each side she quickly pulled them down, letting the strap on bounce up and hit her on her stomach. Mia was now shaking and moaning all over the place. “Oh darling if it only takes this for you to be in this state, I am not sure how long you will last” Kasey smirked as she climbed back onto the bed and sat her bottom on the bed with her back pressed against the small bed post, when she was absolutely sure she had Mia's attention, she ran her fingers over her plump breasts stopping to tickle and pull on her own nipples, she kept one hand up there and let her other hand drop down to the strap on, Mia's eyes kept darting from Kasey's breast to the strap on, not sure where she should be watching. In the end she seemed to settle on the lower hand, and gasped when it went under and started to play with the clit and pussy underneath, then it was pulled out and Kasey put her fingers in her mouth and licked each one clean. Then straight back in where she moved it quicker and harder bringing herself close to orgasm, as she neared, she moved her right foot up and pushed it in to Mia's pussy and rubbed her toes over her clit. Mia screamed “No, please no, Oh my god, please don't I'm going to come, oh shit…. Please Kas….Mistress stop. Kasey didn't stop she increased both her hand and her foots action, to see who would break first. It didn't take long, with an unbelievably loud groan and shaking Mia came long and hard. Kasey stopped and jumped fully onto the bed and knelt over the spent body of Mia. “I thought I told you not to come, but this looks like you disobeyed me and came very hard”. Mia could only shake her head, words were failing her and she knew she was in trouble, big trouble if the look on Kasey's face was anything to go by. Kasey reached up and untied her left arm then turned and did the same with her left leg, moving of the bed she pushed Mia onto her right side. Then she re tied her arm and leg to the right post, unable to move forwards or back Mia went still as she waited for what was surely going to be her punishment, she didn't have to wait long until she felt the first stinging smack to her backside, she was that shocked at the pain that she forgot what should have been easy enough to remember, to count. “For forgetting to start the count, you will get an extra five smarting slaps to that much clenched arse, sweetheart, Now start counting”.

Mia quickly shouted out one mistress, and continued up to twenty by this point both of them were sweating and breathing very hard, after the count by Mia, Kasey took her nails and scratched them all over the now red and hot arse. “God you have a beautiful arse Mia, and seeing it look like this is beyond sexy” She then reached over and found Mia to be dripping wet, putting her fingers into Mia's open mouth, she knelt close to her and watched as Mia happily sucked on her fingers. Then she softly said, “Now let's get ready to make sure you are well and truly fucked my sweetheart”. Untying both arms and legs she positioned herself above Mia, “I am trusting you not to move too much Mia, are you ready?” Seeing the slight nod of the head, she lowered herself down and got settled on top of her, taking her hand she slowly very slowly ran the tip of the strap on over and around the hard and hot clit, Kasey then took a deep breath and pushed hard and deep into the wet accepting pussy. Crying out with joy Kasey pulled nearly all the way out and then back in. Oh god I am so doing this she thought, I am fucking Mia and making her feel every part of it. Bracing her hands on either side of Mia's head she continued to fuck her with an increasing pace, they were both uttering random words and groans, as she got close Kasey let her body drop fully onto Mia's and moaned out for her to hold her. Mia did not hesitate she wrapped her arms around her and pulled her legs up to push into Kasey's bottom, they kept a fast, hard beat going till they both screamed they were coming. After what seemed like ages, Kasey untangled herself and flopped onto her back, she reached down and undid the strap on and let it fall to the floor. Moving her hand she reached down and held onto Mia's hand, letting out a breath she was relived to feel Mia holding onto her tight.

Mia turned onto her side and smiled at Kasey. “You… you, how did you manage to do this?” Kasey laughed “I don't know I just had a feeling you might occasionally enjoy switching things up baby, and it would seem I was right, though don't get used to it, because I am a ninety percent bottom to my wonderful beautiful top”. Mia pulled Kasey close and settled her into her side, “Oh don't worry little one, you will be suitably punished for your actions, as I do believe you may have enlisted the help of a certain twosome for some hints on how to pull this off”. Kasey smiled, well just a little bit” Mia groaned “Kill me now, I am never going to live this down, Ashley and Tiernan are going to make my life hell! Oh and what have you done with the kids? I hope in a safe place” Mia reached down and pulled the covers up and over them, “They are both with mum and dad as are the puppies. I told them I fancied switching things up tonight and do something a bit different with you tonight” She laughed as she heard Mia, mutter “oh my god, I won't be able to look them in the eye” Kasey snuggled closer to her wife and fell to sleep with a content look on her face.



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