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Kim Pritekel

Part 26- conclusion

Becca stood on the front stoop, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of chocolate milk in one hand, a package of Suzie-Q's in the other. She used her knuckles to press the doorbell. Within moments she heard footfalls on the other side, and the door was pulled open to reveal a much older version of Margot.

"Becca!" she exclaimed, eyes lighting up when she saw all the filled the taller woman's hands.

"Hello, Margot. It's wonderful to see you. Here, these are for you." She handed her the flowers, mentally patting herself on the back for a job well done when Margot nearly melted on the spot. "A symbol of my happiness that you made it in one piece." She leaned down and gave the surprised older woman a kiss on the cheek. "Welcome home."

"Oh, Becca. Thank you." Margot quickly hugged the beautiful woman, careful not to smash her flowers. "Gosh, I don't remember the last time someone brought me flowers," she said wistfully.

"Well, I'm sorry it couldn't be a young hunk."

"Oh!" Margot laughed, stepping back to allow Becca inside the house, which smelled wonderful. She could hear a child's chatter deeper inside, punctuated by Braxton's appropriate ooh and aah and really? "Braxton, our guest is here," Margot called out as she led the way toward the kitchen.

Immediately little feet pounded through the swinging door and to Becca, surprising the tall woman as Grace flung herself at her legs. Barely keeping herself from falling back, Becca leaned down and hugged the girl. "Well, hello there."

Grace looked up, all grins. "What did you bring me?"

Becca chuckled, amazed at how children always seemed to smell a gift. "Here." She handed her the big bottle of chocolate milk - which Alec often brought for Grace during the get-togethers - and squealed in delight.

"Mommy! Look!" she ran to Braxton, who was just coming out of the kitchen wiping her hands, shoving the bottle in her face.

"That's great, honey!" Braxton said with far more enthusiasm than simple chocolate milk really deserved. It pleased Grace, so Braxton was happy to do it. Her daughter ran by her and toward the kitchen as the blonde headed over to Becca. She eyed the flowers in her mother's hands and grinned. "Aren't you just Mrs. Claus tonight."

"That's Miss Claus, and here you go, little girl." She presented the Suzie-Qs. "I know you used to love these god awful creations, so hopefully you still do."

Braxton's eyes widened as she snatched the sweet treat from Becca's hand. "Oh, I love these."

"I know. A fact I've been pondering for eight years."

Amused green eyes met Becca's. "Really? Hmm. I'd say we need to get you something more interesting to think about then." With those words, she turned and headed back into the kitchen, leaving Becca to think about all the other things she'd rather be pondering at that moment.

Margot was amused as Grace and Becca ganged up on Braxton, who was taking it all in stride. She'd watched the three as the night wore on, and noticed a comfort level between them that made her wonder if Becca had ever truly been out of Margot's daughter's life. It was obvious Grace adored the tall, beautiful woman, and as Margot watched Braxton she couldn't exactly say she didn't see the same thing shining in her green eyes.

During Margot's time behind bars, she'd learned about love between women, and what it looked like, and what it meant. Though she, herself had never participated in such a relationship, her closest friends inside all belonged to not only a "girlfriend", but also an entire family. There was a hierarchy in female prison families. There were the "grandparents", "aunts" and "uncles", all the down to "cousins" and siblings. Margot had been an "aunt" for five of her eight years, and loved her prison family very much, but wouldn't give up her real family, nor freedom for any of them.

Watching Braxton and Becca now, she saw those same ties between them. She knew the two women always had a close bond that seemed to form rather quickly originally, and it appeared it was still in tact. It was beautiful.

Later Becca and Braxton worked on the dishes as Margot and Grace played in the living room. One thing Braxton knew was that she'd never have to get a babysitter again. Her mother had absolutely fallen in love with her daughter. And Margot was trying to make up for lost time. Grace had immediately taken to her grandmother, as though they had never been apart.

Becca poured herself and Braxton another cup of coffee as the blonde scrubbed diligently at a pan. She could see a soft smile curving Braxton's features, that she didn't even think the petit woman was aware she sported.

"You're really happy, aren't you?" she said, setting Braxton's mug on the window seal above the sink.

Braxton was surprised by the non-sequitur, and blinked at Becca. "Why do you say that?"

"You're smiling. You have this happy glow about you, in your eyes." Becca leaned her hip against the counter, arms crossed over her chest as she waited for the pan to be washed so she could rinse it and put it away.

Braxton thought about that for a moment as she made one more pass of the sponge across the outside of the pan before setting it in the warm rinse water. "I guess I am. I feel content. The most important people in my life are around me." She spared a quick glance over at the taller woman who was eyeing her speculatively. She returned her attention to the dishes, her stomach beginning to grow warm. "You still owe me the finished tour of your warehouse," she said absently.

"That I do." Becca dried the pan and set it aside with the small stack of others. "What are you doing in say," she glanced at her wrist watch, "fifteen minutes?"


The warehouse was always a bit creepy at night, Becca thought as she flicked on the bright, overhead lights. When she gave voice to that thought, Braxton said, "Come here late often, do you?"

Becca smiled at the playful tone in her voice. "Sometimes. If I couldn't sleep, needed time to myself, or had too much work for the next day, I'd come here. Or stay here."

Braxton walked across the main floor to where the large items were parked. She ran her fingers over the shiny chrome of a motorcycle that had no wheels. "So, does this one fly?" she teased, nodding toward where the front wheel would be.

"Not exactly," Becca explained. "This bike would be used in front of a green screen, the bike mounted on a fun little contraption that would make them look like they were dodging all sorts of fun stuff for close up shots while the stunt guys did the real riding."

"Very cool." Braxton moved on to a row of cars, followed closely by her taller companion. Something was crackling in the air, and both were filled with a sort of nervous energy that seemed to leap back and forth between them. "What's your favorite thing in this place?" she asked, leaning back against a bright pink Volkswagon Bug.

"Oh, that's easy." Becca held out her hand, which Braxton took, and led her toward an elevator. She punched the button for the fourth floor, which Braxton hadn't even been aware the warehouse had. "Very few get to see this, except me," she said, a twinkle in her eye.

"Why not?"

"Because it's not used very much. I actually love to come up here to get away sometimes. Eat my lunch, whatever. Slept here one night, too."

Intrigued, Braxton gladly followed Becca down a long, dark hall from the elevator doors, which slid silently closed behind them Before them were what were obviously the backsides of huge flats, two of which were connected by a huge, extremely realistic-looking wooden chamber door. Becca felt around the left flat, flicking a near invisible switch, then pushed the door open.

Braxton gasped as she walked into the bedroom of a castle. The "walls" were made of "stone", torches all around fluttering to life from the propane that pumped from a hidden tank to send eerie shadows dancing across the space. The furniture, which was set up to look exactly like a lady's bedchamber, was made of sturdy, heavy dark wood. The bed had a massive silk canopy, the mattress bare, awaiting fine linens to complete the look. A vanity stood in one corner, a massive fireplace in another, made from the same foam blocks that had been attached to the wood flats and painted.

"Oh, Becca," Braxton breathed, turning in a slow circle. "This is so amazing." Finally her eyes landed on the brunette's. "Why is this here?"

"You'd be surprised how costly it can be to create an entire set like this for such a large room on a soundstage. The construction will eat you out of house and home, as well as the labor. Folks with a smaller budget can get the entire room, including all the furniture, for a third of the cost."

"How can you rent it so cheap?"

Becca grinned. "Pure profit. All of this was donated to us. I keep it set up, not only for my own personal enjoyment, but also so a client can see what they'd be getting."

Braxton walked along the perimeter of the large space, taking in the wonderful detail. Reaching out a finger, she poked at one of the stone bricks, amazed to feel the material give ever so slightly.

"Looks real, doesn't it?" Becca said softly from behind her.

Braxton nodded, a warm wave flowing through her. She swallowed it down. "Yes. I bet it looks fantastic on camera."

"It does. Can't tell the difference from the real thing."

Braxton glanced over at the bed, and again, the warmth spread through her. "Did you ever bring Jae up here?" she asked softly, turning to face Becca.

Becca shook her head, not entirely surprised by the question. "No one."

"No one?" Braxton asked, a brow raised in doubt.

"Cross my heart." And Becca did just that. She met Braxton's gaze, which was dead on and intense.

"Why not?"

Becca tucked her hands in her back pockets, nerves beginning fire within her blood. Her body heat had begun to rise, and she felt restless and fidgety. "Because I knew she wouldn't be able to appreciate this like you can."

"But she was an artist, too, right? Makeup artist?"

Becca nodded. "But very different from you."

Braxton wasn't sure what to say as she looked up into Becca's face, her gaze landing briefly on her lips. She felt a jolt stab through her lower belly, filled with something she hadn't felt in years: desire. She caught her breath at the realization, wanting to take a step back from Becca, but unable to move.

Becca could see the pulse in Braxton's throat begin to pound, and wondered what was the cause. She looked into the blonde's face, amazed all over again at just beautiful she really was. She was surprised to see a hand come into her view, then shocked that it was her own. She couldn't bring it down as her fingertips brushed against Braxton's temple, touching the soft hair, golden in the torchlight. "God, you're gorgeous," she whispered, filled with awe.

Braxton wanted to cry at the soft words and gentleness in Becca's touch. It was so alien to her, and her eyes slipped closed as she leaned into the touch. "Don't be so nice to me," she begged, her head falling. Two fingers lifted her chin.

"Why?" Becca asked gently. She was surprised to see the glistening of tears in Braxton's eyes.

Braxton laughed nervously. "I'm not real used to it, Becca. I've been alone for a really long time."

Understanding dawned on Becca as she saw the fear in the green eyes, yet an intense longing was also there. She cupped Braxton's cheek, moving a bit closer. "You deserve someone to be nice to you, Braxton, and so much more."

Braxton sighed heavily, feeling as though nearly a decade of loneliness was melting away. She was afraid, but needed Becca so much in that moment. Before she could stop herself, she threaded her arms up around Becca's neck and took the taller woman's mouth in a soft, but needy kiss. Becca's response was immediate as she pulled Braxton to her, deepening the kiss. It didn't take long before their breathing quickened, filling the space around them.

Braxton broke the kiss, her chest heaving as she tried to get herself under control. She slid her hands down until they rested on Becca's arms, her face buried in the taller woman's neck. She felt so alive, her blood buzzing through her veins. She could hear Becca's heart pounding, and knew her own was matching it.

"Oh, Braxton," Becca murmured into the soft, blonde hair, holding the petit woman against her. She sighed, her eyes squeezing shut as soft lips began to trail over her neck. "Braxton..."

Braxton could no longer think, instinct taking over. All she knew in that moment was that she wanted Becca, she needed her with such an intensity that she felt she'd die if she didn't have her.

Becca was taken aback by the sudden passion that filled Braxton. She moaned as her lips were again taken, confident hands tugging her shirt out from the waistband of her pants then deftly slipping underneath. She gasped at the warm touch, the kiss growing in intensity.

Braxton felt like a woman possessed as she tugged Becca's shirt off, the taller woman shaking her hair free before moaning as the long column of her neck was trailed with wet fire. Braxton's hands blindly reached behind Becca, fumbling until she got her bra unclasped, the garment falling from her shoulders.

Becca pulled away just enough to get Braxton's attention. "Wait. Wait, baby." When Braxton stopped and looked at her curiously, Becca was able to catch her breath, and started to work on the blonde's clothing.

"I don't look like I used to," Braxton moaned, her head falling back as Becca laid a trail of kisses down her throat while her hands massaged Braxton's breasts beneath her shirt.

"What do you mean?" Becca whispered, making her way back to Becca's mouth. "You're beautiful."

"I'm not a twenty year old kid anymore, Becca. I've had a baby."

"I know," Becca smiled, placing a soft kiss to Braxton's lips. "And I think it's the most beautiful thing in the world. Just like you."

Relief washing through her, she latched onto Becca's mouth, rewarding her with a short, but passionate kiss. When it broke, she looked up into Becca's eyes and saw all that she needed to see. She took her by the hand and led her over to the bed, stopping them just beside the high mattresses. She allowed her gaze to wander all along Becca's chest, the fullness of her breasts, so inviting. Placing her hands on Becca's shoulders, she pushed until the brunette was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Becca spread her legs, pulling Braxton to her with a finger hooked into the front of her jeans. Their mouths met, though it was soft, stirring the growing passion. As the kiss continued, she unbuttoned Braxton's pants, pushing them down her legs, followed by her panties. Next came her bra.

Naked, Braxton suddenly felt shy and vulnerable. She combed her fingers through Becca's hair, watching her reactions carefully. Blue eyes scanned her naked breasts, itchy fingers beginning to run along the smooth skin that covered Braxton's stomach. To Becca, Braxton was still the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen. She looked up into Braxton's eyes and smiled.

"I crave you, Braxton," she said softly. "Everywhere. Inside and out."

All of Braxton's insecurities dissolved with that simple, sweet admission. She leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Becca's lips. "Lie back," she murmured. As Becca did, Braxton made quick work of the buttons of her jeans, then tugged them off. Now clad in only her panties, Braxton took in Becca's incredible beauty. She slid the panties off, tossing them to the floor.

As she crawled up Becca's body, she smiled. "I feel like some sort of princess finding and making love to her knight in shining armor."

Becca grinned. "Mmm, I like the sound of that." She kissed her thoroughly, both groaning as Braxton lowered her body completely, their naked breasts pressing together as Becca spread her legs, her body cradling Braxton's hips. Their kiss deepened as Becca's hands ran up and down Braxton's back, her nails dragging across her spine.

Braxton broke the kiss and held herself up on her hands, looking down into Becca's flushed face. "You know this is crazy, don't you?"

Becca nodded, cupping Braxton's breasts, lovingly massaging them. "Yes."

"You want to know what's even crazier?" she whispered, eyes slipping closed as her nipples were rubbed and pinched. "Oh, god that feels good..." She pressed her hips into Becca before getting her thoughts back in order. "What's crazier than us doing this right now, right here, after so long is that from the moment I saw you, I knew you'd be instrumental in my life. You'd be a force for good."

Becca was truly touched, her heart swelling. "I can top that- the crazy stuff. I think I've been in love with you my whole life. I was just waiting for you, waiting for the right time." Becca responded to the kiss that earned her, her hands drifting down until they pressed into Braxton's ass, holding them closer together.

Braxton felt nearly overwhelmed with sensation and emotion. She was stunned when she found their positions changed, her back coming to rest on the bare mattress. She looked up at Becca, who hovered over her.

"I'm going to do what I wanted to do eight years ago, Braxton," she murmured, placing tiny kisses along Braxton's jaw and throat.

"What?" Braxton barely managed, sensation surging through her.

"Make love to you slowly." She licked a trail down along Braxton's collarbones. "Kiss you." Between her breasts. "Taste you."

Braxton gasped as one of her nipples was sucked into a hot mouth, the tongue batting at the rigid tip. "Oh god, Becca." She buried her fingers in the brunette's hair and pressed her closer. "Oh, don't stop..."

Becca moaned as she sucked harder, a hand running down the flat planes of Braxton's stomach until her fingertips reached the wet heat between strong thighs. Since the first time she'd kissed Braxton, Becca had dreamed of tasting her, taking her to the heights of passion.

Braxton cried out softly as two fingers began to slowly massage her clit as Becca's kisses trailed lower, nipping playfully at her flesh before she settled her shoulders between Braxton's legs. She held her breath, waiting. No one had ever tasted her before, and her heart pounded at the thought.

Becca loved the huge size of the old bed as it gave her long body plenty of room to settle in. She took Braxton's already-moving hips in her hands, then lowered her face to the bounty before her. At her first taste she moaned, running her tongue from Braxton's opening all the way up the seam of her sex and back down, dipping her tongue inside.

Braxton's head rolled to the side, her hips arching as she was filled with Becca's tongue, then two fingers. She moaned loudly, her body threatening to betray and orgasm. She did what she could to hold it back, but she was losing the battle.

Becca could tell Braxton was close, though she'd just begun to love her. She contemplated pulling back just enough to get the blonde's body to settle, but the desperate moans coming from above told her Braxton needed release. She added a third finger on her next thrust in, using just the very tip of her tongue to tantalize Braxton's clit. The body beneath her was unstoppable, hips bucking, stomach and thigh muscles tightening and standing in relief as Braxton's body convulsed with a loud, guttural cry.

Becca held on, clenching her sex to keep her own orgasm from overtaking her. When Braxton's body had settled, she crawled back up her body, immediately finding her mouth. The kiss was bruising and deep, Becca trembling with her need to come.

"Let me help you, baby," Braxton murmured into the kiss. "Turn over."

Becca rolled to her back, moaning deeply as Braxton rolled on top of her. She found Becca's breasts. She suckled one nipple as her fingers massaged the other.

"I need you, baby," Becca gasped, her need nearly overwhelming her. She was nearly in tears as she was entered by two fingers.

Braxton worked between Becca's spread legs, her mouth feasting across her breasts, chest, and finally to her mouth. Becca kissed her back until she was breathing too hard and had to break it off. She clutched rhythmically at Braxton's shoulders, her hips moving in time with the thrusts inside her engorged sex. "Ah, shit," she ground out through gritted teeth, her release exploding violently through her body.

"I've got you," Braxton cooed, removing her fingers only to bring them to Becca's clit, where she pressed down hard, ripping another orgasm through her lover.

Becca grabbed Braxton and pulled her against her, hugging her as her heart continued to race. Braxton settled in, nearly on top of the taller woman. "You feel so amazing," she whispered.

"What do we do now?" Becca asked, kissing the top of Braxton's head.

"What we just did?" Braxton asked hopefully.

Becca grinned, but it faded quickly. "Seriously. I have to admit I'm a little... unsure, after our past."

Hearing the sadness in Becca's voice, Braxton pushed herself up to her elbow so she could look down into her face. "We were very different people eight years ago, Becca. I know I sure was." She brushed a few strands of dark hair off Becca's forehead. She gazed down at her, unable to hide all that she felt. "I'm so drawn to you. I always was. I felt it again the moment I saw you on that stage."

"I did, too. That's why I ran."

Braxton smiled. "You really need to stop doing that." They shared a soft kiss. "Let's see where this goes, okay? I really want you in my life. In Grace's life."

"I want to be there, too." Becca returned the smile. For the first time in her life she felt whole and complete. "Let's see where this goes."


Braxton pushed the door closed, trying to stay quiet as she locked up. The house was dark, Grace long in bed, and likely Margot as well. Braxton had just been dropped off by Becca, both figuring it best she didn't spend the night until Braxton had time to talk to her mother about the new dimension of their relationship.

Her body was tingling pleasantly, sore in areas she hadn't been sore in years. Sighing happily, she ran her hand along the railing as she headed upstairs. At the top of the landing she saw Margot just outside her bedroom, frail body wrapped in a robe.

"Hey, Mom. Why are you still up?" Braxton whispered, giving her mother a tight hug, always so grateful to see her.

"I was worried. Wanted to make sure you got home okay," Margot said. She stepped back, looking at Braxton. She saw a light in her eyes that she'd never seen before. A soft smile brushed her lips. "You found love tonight, didn't you?"

Braxton's flush was deep, and suddenly she felt very self-conscious. Could her mother smell sex on her? "Mom..."

Margot chuckled. "Are you happy, honey?"

Braxton's smile was immediate. She nodded. "Yes. Very."

Margot leaned over and kissed her daughter soundly on the cheek. "That's all I can ask for, Braxton." She grabbed her daughter's hand, squeezing it briefly before letting it go. "Let's go to bed. You can tell me about her tomorrow."

The End

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