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Lost And Found


Kim Pritekel



Part 6


Claire ran her hands along the surface of her creation, her hand feeling the curves that were so beautiful in life. She couldn't help but admire what she'd been working so hard on for the past week. Taking a step back, she studied it with a critical eye, walking around the entire sculpture, which wasn't quite finished yet, amazing at just how much she'd gotten done in such a short amount of time. Though, in retrospect, she shouldn't have been amazed at all: she'd never been so inspired in all her creative life.

Taking several steps back, Claire studied her creation from a but further away when an idea struck her. She walked over to the wall and bank of light switches. Switching off the overhead lights, she left on the single can light that sent a powerful beam of light down over her sculpture, almost seeming to make it come to life.

"God, you're beautiful," she whispered, then with a heavy sigh, decided she should head upstairs and to bed. She was tired, as it had been a long day.

Sam flipped her towel to a shoulder as she headed out her door, intending to get a good workout in, even though it was late. She was about to turn the corner to approach the door of the room Claire had made into the gym when she stopped, seeing through the window in the door as Claire stepped into the gym area from the door that was on the opposite wall of the gym space. She watched as Claire made her way across the gym, headed right towards her.

Deciding to keep it casual, she pulled open the door and entered the gym, giving Claire a quick smile of acknowledgement before moving on towards the equipment.

Claire returned the smile then headed out of the room, two passing ships in the night.

Left alone, Sam allowed much of her built up energy to come out in an aggressive workout with the impressive assortment of machines and free weights Claire had brought in to build her home gym. As she worked out, she glanced from time to time over at the door Claire had left from, curious of what was behind it. She'd not explored much of the second floor, as it was mostly unfinished territory and not very interesting.

She turned her focus back to what she was doing, watching herself in the wall mirror as she curled the thirty pound dumbbell, watching as her bicep raised to the challenge. Her muscles were screaming at her, but it felt wonderful. In her opinion, a hard workout was the best way to deal with emotional situations. It had been an escape for her her entire life.

After hours of torturing her body, finishing with a five mile run on the treadmill, she stopped the machine and stepped off, her legs feeling like wet noodles and her hair and shirt plastered to her body with sweat. She grabbed the bottle of water she'd brought with her and guzzled it down then wiped her face with her towel.

About to leave the gym after wiping the treadmill free of her sweaty prints, she glanced back towards the door that had held her attention during her entire workout. Glancing over her shoulder to make sure she was still alone, she crept over to it, trying to see what was in the room beyond through the small glass window in the heavy door. All the lights were off, so all she could really see was the reflection of the room behind her in the glass.

She grabbed the metal doorknob, pausing for a moment as she tried to decide what to do. She was curious to see what lay beyond, but knew in her heart that it was a form of trespassing. Deciding that didn't matter, she turned the knob, surprised to see that it turned easily in her hand.

She pushed it open and stepped inside the dark space, her nose immediately met with the smell of art supplies: clay, paint, turpentine and other products she had no idea what they were for. She felt around until her fingers brushed against a bank of light switches, which she flicked the first one she came to. Suddenly, a bright beam of light shone down on a life-size sculpture of her, carved in dense foam.

Sam was stunned as she stepped further into the room, unable to take her eyes off the beautiful and eerily lifelike work of art. The sculpted version of herself was nude with realistically carved fabric draped across her breasts and around her hips. Sam's gaze scanned over her likeness, feeling like she was looking into some sort of warped mirror. Her features were all represented to perfection, but it seemed the greatest amount of loving care had been devoted to her body.

"My god," she whispered, running a hand down one of the powerful legs. She certainly didn't see herself the way she had been represented in foam, and was surprised to see that that was how Claire obviously saw her.

As much as she wanted to stay, she knew on a deep level that she was stepping into Claire's private world and that she had no right to be there. She took more look at the sculpture and then a cursory glance around the art studio, then turned and quickly left, turning out the light as she went.

Sam could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she hurried towards her apartment. She wasn't sure what to think and had not one clue why Claire would be creating a sculpture of her, posed nearly nude! She closed her door and leaned back against it, eyes closing as she tried to get her bearings. Was it just Claire experimenting with a new technique, and decided to use Samantha as an unwitting model? No way, she discarded the thought. The detail was far too great for that.

"And the fact that I'm essentially nude," she murmured, a troubling shiver running down her spine, causing a small whimper to escape her lips.



Sam woke up with a cry of pleasure, her sex convulsing as the orgasm ripped through her body, her fists clenching the sheet covering her naked body. Chest heaving, she opened her eyes and looked around her darkened apartment, not another soul around. She sat up, gasping as the movement put more pressure on her center, which hadn't calmed yet.

"Jesus," she gasped, a hand going to her pounding heart. The last thing she remembered seeing was Claire's face hovering over her own, their bodies pressed together, seemingly in a reversal of their real life encounter on the couch.

After a moment, Sam crawled out of bed and padded into the bathroom, flicking on the light as she looked at her flushed reflection in the mirror. She ran the cold tap and splashed her heated cheeks then ran her hands through her hair. She wrinkled her nose in discomfort as she felt the slickness of her release cold on the insides of her thighs.

"Nasty," she muttered, grabbing some toilet paper and cleaning herself up. She let out a shaky breath then padded back to her bed, her adrenaline fizzling as her exhaustion seeped back in.

Sam grunted under the weight of the four foot in diameter glass globe that she and Claire were setting into place. She could see Claire's somewhat distorted image through the glass, her boss' face just as red from exertion as her own. Through the glass, Claire met Sam's gaze, and Sam quickly looked away, her dream coming back to her every time she looked at the brunette.

"We almost got it," Claire grunted. They had to be super careful, as this was the only globe they had. If it was broken, they were screwed, as Sam would be leaving the following day to drive it to the client.

"A little more this way," Sam muttered, looking down between her hands to see how close the edge of the globe was. "A little more¡K Got it!"

They were both relieved as the lipped edge clicked into place in the fiberglass base. Sam dropped down where she was standing, leaning back on her hands as she looked up at the magnificent work of art.

"What do you think?" Claire asked, sitting a few feet away.

Sam nodded. "I think it came out amazing. I love the sculpture you did of the family inside. Really beautiful, Claire." Sam glanced over at her boss, the sculpture of her own body coming to mind, which she quickly pushed away, turning her attention back to the snow globe.

"Thank you. I'm happy with it, too."

Sam got to her feet. "I'm glad you had the foresight to put it on the pallet before we put the globe on there. It'll be a hell of a lot easier to load onto the forklift and then into the truck."

"Let's get it loaded now so we can get those pallets of supplies back in here before it rains. That sky didn't look too hot," Claire said, also getting to her feet.

They had moved pallets out to make room for Sam to back the truck into the bay, which she walked over to now. She hopped up on the back bumper and tugged the sliding door up, revealing the inside of the sixteen foot U-Haul-type trailer. She stopped when distant rolls of thunder rumbled through the day. She met Claire's worried gaze with one of her own.

"We'd better hurry," Claire muttered.

Sam jumped down from the truck, hurrying over to the small forklift that was used for such tasks. Working on construction sites for so many years had taught her how to use a number of small building and demolishing equipment, so she was able to drive the piece of machinery with finesse.

Claire watched as the forks of the vehicle slid gracefully into the two channels of the pallet, holding her breath as the snow globe was lifted, Sam's careful eye on the piece. She was able to breathe as the pallet was rested on the metal floor of the truck trailer. She hopped up into it, moving quickly to tie the pallet and snow globe down with straps made of sturdy nylon as Sam backed the forklift up, the loud reverse beeping echoing through the space.

The thunder was getting closer and louder as Sam hopped down from the machinery once it was stowed in its place. "Shit, we really gotta hurry!" she exclaimed, running out of the open bay into the overcast day as Claire jumped into the truck and started the engine.

Sam looked up into the sky, a big fat raindrop landing right between her eyes. She wiped it away with her forearm then began to move armfuls of boxed and unboxed supplies back into the workshop, growling in her throat as the rain began to come down in earnest.

Claire got the truck parked in the small courtyard outside the bay door and climbed out, scurrying to where Sam was moving supplies in as quickly as she could. The blonde was already half-soaked as torrential rains fell, the sky alive with deep, menacing thunder.

"Shit!" she exclaimed, noting that some foam supplies seemed to be ruined.

Within five minutes, both women had managed to get everything moved inside and
Sam was standing at the bay door trying desperately to tug on the nylon pull
strap, but the door wouldn't budge. The wind was pushing the rain inside the

"What's the matter?" Claire yelled above the rain.

"It won't close!" Sam called back.

Claire moved up behind Sam, feeling the rain ¡V which was at least warm ¡V pelting her from all sides, Sam standing in front of her taking the brunt. She could feel the warmth of Sam's body, which she was nearly pressed to as she grabbed the strap over their heads. Together they tugged, the stubborn door finally groaning as it began to slide then rambled shut with a loud crash.

Sam could feel Claire behind her, her heart beginning to pound as they were left in the darkened bay, both drenched from the storm. She could feel Claire's shallow breathing on her neck, Sam's eyes squeezing shut for a moment as she tried to get her heart rate under control.

Everything inside Claire was screaming at her to move away from Sam, but she couldn't do it, instead her body was drawn to Sam's warmth like a moth to flame. She lowered her head, eyes closing as she inhaled Sam's scent, a few wet strands of Sam's hair tickling her nose. Sam's nearness was igniting a fire within her, leaving her nearly breathless.

Sam wanted so much to lean back into the body behind her, but she just couldn't. She flinched when she felt Claire's hands rest on her hips, bolting away from Claire and turning on her. She almost wanted to cry from the turmoil that swarmed her.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her voice low and shaky as she tried to remain in control.

Claire said nothing, only stood there looking at Sam with an intensity that nearly seared Sam to the spot. Claire was gorgeous, her hair plastered to her head, eyes a bright, vivid blue and filled with desire and need. Her clothing was essentially a second skin, her cold-hardened nipples pushing against the saturated material of her bra and shirt.

"I don't understand you!" Sam exclaimed, her own eyes on fire. "You treat me like shit then we start to become friends. We fuck on your couch then you treat me like shit again! Now, you're standing there looking at me like you want to eat me for dinner. What do you want from me?!"

Before Sam could say another word, Claire was in front of her, hands grabbing Sam's face as she brought their mouths together in a fierce kiss. She could feel Sam trying to push her away, but she wouldn't allow her to, eventually feeling Sam's protests dying and her own hands burying themselves in the wet strands of Claire's hair. Claire moaned into the kiss, feeling the warmth of Sam's body and mouth filling her so completely, she could cry.

After a long moment, Claire pulled away, but just enough to murmur against Sam's lips. "Be with me tonight, Sam. You make me feel, and god I need to feel. I don't know what'll happen tomorrow, but please just be with me now." Claire held Sam's face in her hands, her eyes seeking understanding in Sam's gaze.

Sam looked into Claire's eyes, seeing the desperation in them, understanding flowing through her. She knew what she should do, but she also knew what she wanted to do. Never the ¡¥tween shall meet. All the same, she nodded, whispering, "Alright."

Sam cupped Claire's face, placing a soft kiss on her lips before she stepped back, grabbing one of Claire's hands in her own and leading her to the stairs, where they climbed to the second floor and into Sam's apartment. Sam's heart was pounding as she stopped them next to her bed, dropping Claire's hand and turning to face her. Claire looked terrified, her face pale and chest heaving with every breath she took.

"It's okay," Sam whispered, reaching a hand out and cupping Claire's cheek.

"I'm nervous," Claire admitted, covering Sam's hand with her own then turning her face to kiss the palm.

"I'm nervous, too," Sam admitted, squeezing Claire's hand. "We'll ride this out together, okay?"

Claire nodded, leaning in to capture Sam's lips. As the kiss deepened, she felt her nerves slowly replaced by a deep need and renewed desire. She sighed into the kiss, luxuriating in the feeling of Sam's tongue gently brushing against hers. The kiss was passionate, but slow and meant to calm, even as it ignited.

Sam's fingers were itching to touch Claire. She had to fight with herself to not just throw her down onto the bed and ravish her. She knew she had to take it slow and easy, as for Claire, sex wasn't fun and certainly wasn't a toy. She didn't want to frighten or traumatize her more than she already had been. She broke from the kiss, her mouth moving to a long, graceful neck as her hands smoothed down along Claire's sides. She could feel the hot skin nearly making the water saturating Claire's shirt boil.

"You are so beautiful, Claire," Sam murmured, running her tongue along the underside of Claire's jaw.

Claire's eyes slid closed as her head fell back, giving Sam all the access she wanted. She felt Sam's hands on her and it felt wonderful. She, too was itching to touch Sam. She ran her hands along strong shoulders and then defined biceps, squeezing the firmness under her hands. "Your body is so exquisite," she murmured.

"Thank you," Sam whispered, leaving a searing trail with her tongue down the side of Claire's neck, her fingers tugging down on the neckline of her shirt and continuing the trail.

Claire gasped softly when that tongue toyed with the swell of one breast. She was trembling, part from cold, part from excitement and part from a bit of fear that niggled at the edges of her consciousness. She pushed that aside, allowing herself to feel what was happening, and knowing that it was her that made the decision, that she wanted this, wanted Sam.

"Yes," she hissed when one of Sam's hands slid up over her stomach and palmed one of her breasts, which felt swollen and heavy from need.

"You taste good," Sam murmured, finding Claire's mouth again as both her hands found the hem of Claire's t-shirt and inched their way up under the wet material. She and Claire both groaned into the kiss when her warm hands cupped Claire's cold breasts, still encased in her bra.

"Oh, Sam," Claire whimpered, her legs beginning to feel weak as her excitement grew.

"I'm here, baby."

Sam took Claire's rock-hard nipples between her fingers, gently manipulating them, causing wonderfully sensual sounds out of Claire. She'd never gone this far with a woman before, but had to admit she was more excited and turned on than she ever had been before. That being said, in truth she wasn't sure if it was a woman thing or a Claire thing.

"I want you," she whispered into Claire's mouth.

Claire whimpered at the words which sent a jolt through her entire body, landing squarely between her legs. Wanting desperately to feel Sam against her, she tugged ruthlessly at the blonde's tank top, though surprised, Sam quickly caught on and helped, flinging the garment to the floor. Standing there in shorts and bra, she looked into Claire's eyes, wondering what the brunette was thinking and feeling.

Claire's gaze traveled the length of Sam's torso, taking in the flat, muscled stomach, beautiful collarbones and beautiful cleavage revealed by the bra. "You're body is such a work of art, Samantha," she said softly, no clue Sam already knew of her sculpture in progress.

She brought up tentative hands, again running over Sam's shoulders, but this time rather than running down her arms, she breezed her fingertips across the collarbones she admired and finally along the rounded sides of Sam's breasts. She touched Sam like she was touching the most priceless marble masterpiece in a museum somewhere.

"Breathtaking," she whispered, smiling as Sam's stomach muscles worked under her questing touch.

Sam literally felt like she was being worshipped by Claire's gaze and hands. She'd never felt anything like it, and it made her heart swell with emotion and feeling. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, allowing the garment to slide down her arms and to the floor. She took Claire's hands in her own and placed them on her breasts, running her hands back up Claire's arms, over her shoulders and burying themselves in long dark hair as Sam brought their mouths together. With her kiss she tried worshipped Claire's mouth as Claire worshipped her flesh. It was one of the most beautiful and poignant moments of her life.

Claire allowed her fingers to do the seeing for her as their kiss continued. She almost felt like a blind person, exploring the human body for the first time. Her artist-sensitive fingertips felt the smooth roundness of Sam's perfect breasts, the skin so soft and pliant, yet firm at the same time. Next, her fingers found the rigid nipples, the pads of her fingers brushing across the peaks, eliciting a soft moan from Sam. She liked the feel and sound of that, so opened up her hands and ran her palms over the nipples, which were growing even harder.

"Oh, Claire," Sam moaned, breaking the kiss as she rested her forehead against Claire's shoulder. "God, that feels amazing."

Claire's breathing was increasing as her excitement level did. She wanted more. She used her hands to steer Sam to the bed and gently pushed her back to lie down. Once Sam was lying down, she climbed on top of her, against taking her mouth in a heated kiss.

Sam gasped as the cold material of Claire's wet shirt made contact with her naked torso. Claire chuckled into the kiss and pushed herself up to her knees, only hesitating a moment before she whipped her own shirt off, leaving her in jeans and bra. Sam sat up, maneuvering Claire's body until the brunette was straddling her and Sam had her hands on the clasp of her bra.

Claire ran her hands through Sam's drying hair, leaning down to place a kiss on it. She let out a loud gasp as one of her nipples was taken into Sam's mouth. "Oh god," she whimpered, her back arching as she offered herself up to Sam.

Sam tracked her fingernails down Claire's naked back, feeling a shiver pass through her. She reached around with one hand, palming the breast that wasn't in her mouth. She'd always found breasts beautiful and somewhat intriguing, but never thought licking and sucking one could be so thrilling. She couldn't get enough of Claire's breasts, her mouth feasting on one then turning to the other only to start all over again. She now understood why men were constantly gawking at her own, slightly large breasts as they were cradled in the tight shirts she wore.

She realized, however that she wanted more. She gently nudged Claire to lie on her back then climbed up on her knees, looking down at the gorgeous woman who lay in her bed. Without a word, she removed Claire's shoes and socks then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, tugging them down over her hips and legs, followed by satin panties. Her gaze trailed up the glorious body, resting when she saw Claire's heaving chest and saw her erratic pulse.

"Are you okay?" she asked softly, running her hand up Claire's side, more to calm than entice.

Claire nodded with a small smile. "Just nervous. No one has seen me naked in a very, very long time."

"Then you are a selfish woman," Sam said, leaning over and placing a soft kiss on full lips. She smiled at Claire's confused look. "You're gorgeous and
shouldn't hide it, baby."

Claire sighed happily, pulling Sam to her for a deeper kiss. "Can these come off?" she murmured against Sam's lips, tugging at her shorts.

"You got it."

Sam pulled away and quickly shed the rest of her clothing, moving to lay beside Claire on the bed. Both women studied the other's body in all its naked glory, Sam bringing up a hand and resting it on Claire's hip as she moved a bit closer, her full front coming into contact with Claire's side.

"I want to feel you against me, Sam," Claire said softly, grabbing the hand that rested on her hip and tugging gently.

Sam moved her body to lie atop Claire's, both moaning at the full contact of hot, naked skin. "This feels incredible," Sam moaned, nuzzling Claire's neck
before leaving a trail of kisses there. "So different from a guy."

Claire nodded, her eyes sliding closed as her hands ran down Sam's strong back until they rested on firm buttocks and squeezed, the flesh flexing in response. Claire had no idea where to go from here, and just prayed Sam would have the knowledge that she so sorely lacked. Even if Sam had been a man, she would have had no better clue. Sex had always been taken from her, never freely given.

Sensing the darkness that entered Claire's mind, Sam raised her head, resting it on an upraised palm as she held the majority of her weight on her elbow and forearm. "Hey," she said softly, bringing her free hand up to trace across a dark arched brow. "You okay?"

Claire met her gaze, her own hands on the move as she allowed herself the tactile bliss that she'd thought, wondered and dreamed about for weeks. "I feel a little inadequate right now. I have no idea what I'm doing," she admitted, her voice a bit shaky with unshed emotion.

"It's okay, baby," Sam said with a soft smile. "Half the fun is figuring things out." She insinuated one of her thighs between Claire's, pressing slightly against the copious wetness she found there. "We already know this feels good," she whispered, her own voice shaky as her excitement grew. "Right?"

Claire let out a long moan, bringing the leg that wasn't between Sam's legs up as she opened her legs a bit more. "Yes," she whispered back, her hands returning to Sam's behind, pushing their hips together for deeper contact. "Oh, yes¡K"

Sam moved her hips slowly, unlike the frenetic pace of the first time on the couch. She wanted to explore this new world with Claire and find out what made the beautiful woman beneath her feel good. She lifted her upper body on her hands then slowly lowered herself just enough so that their breasts grazed each other, the sensation making them both sigh in pleasure. Claire wrapped one of her hands around the back of Sam's neck, pulling her down for a slow, leisurely kiss, just like Sam's movements.

Sam lowered herself a bit more, wanting to feel as much of Claire against her as she could without laying her full bodyweight on her. She could feel her body's excitement level rise with every slow thrust, both of their wetness increasing, making soft sloshing noises with each pass. She rested on her elbows, using her hands to gently cup Claire's face, brushing the backs of her fingers against the soft skin of her face as their kissing continued, though it was getting a bit harder as the pleasure built.

Claire ran her hands up and down Sam's body, luxuriating in the feel of the soft skin and hard muscle beneath: such a complete oxymoron, she mused - a soft hardbody. She was utterly amazed at how wonderful it felt to feel Sam against her, to share something so foreign, yet special with another person. She broke away from the kiss as it was getting hard to breathe as the slow fire Sam had ignited began to gain momentum and strength.

Sam could tell she was getting close and by the look on Claire's face, she was too. Sam raised herself to her hands again, increasing her thrusts, adding a bit of a grind with each one, making them both gasp. Sam began to moan almost constantly now, joined by Claire's whimpers, which were becoming closer together and high pitched.

"Jesus," Sam cried out, her body exploding as her hips jerked, another spasm rocketing through her as Claire grabbed her behind again, holding Sam to her as she, too climaxed.

Sam collapsed on top of Claire, both breathing hard as Claire held Sam close. She rubbed soothing circles on Sam's naked back, her hand ending up in soft blonde hair. They were silent for a moment as both tried to get their bearings back.

Never in her life - since Tanner had been taken away ¡V had Claire been affectionate with another human being. It didn't come naturally to her, except seemingly with Sam. She didn't have long to contemplate that as she felt soft kisses peppered along where her shoulder met her neck, on up her neck and finally her mouth. She pulled Sam close as she returned the kiss, which quickly deepened. She couldn't believe as her sex still pulsed from her release, her body was already warming with renewed need.

Sam left Claire's mouth and began to explore her neck once more, slowly moving and tasting her way down to succulent breasts, massaging with her hand before she took the rigid tip into her mouth, glazing it with her tongue. She could hear Claire's heart rate picking up, a comforting beat in her chest. After a leisurely feast on both breasts, she moved her way further down, licking a fiery trail down the center line of Claire's torso, her nose picking up the hot smell of Claire's arousal.

Claire lifted her head, surprised to see where Sam was headed. She had a few concerns with that particular act, but as Sam's hot tongue swiped through the middle of her sex, her head fell back onto the pillow, a low guttural moan escaping her lips. She settled in, widening her thighs to give Sam more room as one of her hands buried itself into Sam's hair.

Sam had never done this before in her life, but she felt the need to explore every aspect to Claire that she could. At one time the mere thought of going down on a woman had grossed her out immensely, but now, as she felt Claire's desire on her face and mouth and could hear Claire's moans of pleasure, there was nowhere else she wanted to be. As her feast continued, she realized she actually very much enjoying what she was doing.

Sam wrapped her arms around Claire's thighs, holding her open for her exploring tongue, which ran up and down the seam of her sex, marveling at the wetness and softness she found there. Her tongue dipped down into Claire's opening, lapping lightly at her entrance, which made Claire's hips jerk, a soft cry following. Figuring this was a sensitive spot, Sam continued to lap before stiffening her tongue and pushing inside.

Claire's mind was blank, her entire body becoming one giant nerve ending. She felt the pleasure building, her breaths becoming shallow, tiny whimpers intermixed. "Sam," she breathed, her hands both buried in blonde hair. She threw her head back and cried out, her entire body trembling with the power of her orgasm.

Sam grinned as she kissed her way back up Claire's body, tremendously proud of herself for making Claire come so hard. She reached her mouth and took her in a fiercely passionate kiss, her own body on fire again, just from what she'd done to Claire. Her sex desperately needed some attention.

"What do you want me to do?" Claire asked into the kiss.

Sam broke the kiss, moving up to straddle Claire's hips. She needed pressure on her sex and fast. Grabbing Claire's hand, she pressed the long fingers against her wet center, sighing with closed eyes as the small amount of relief.

Claire groaned at the feel of Sam's wetness on her fingers. She was immediately turned on yet again as she looked up at the gorgeous woman who straddled her, her glorious body taut with her need. When Sam's fingers moved away, Claire allowed her own to run through the volcanic saturation between Sam's powerful thighs. She found Sam's clit, which at this point was a rock-hard slick nub, which almost seemed to grow larger and harder under her fingertips.

"Oh fuck," Sam whimpered, moving her hips against Claire's hand, her hands resting on Claire's stomach for balance.

As Claire felt her way through Sam's slick folds, one of her fingers slipped inside, causing a surprised gasp out of both of them. She looked up into Sam's flushed face, noting the increased pleasure.

"Yes, baby," Sam moaned, reaching down and encouraging Claire to push another finger inside of her. "I want you inside me, mmmm¡K"

Claire's eyes saucered as she watched her fingers disappear inside Sam's body only to reappear moments later then to disappear again. She had to admit, it was the most erotically beautiful thing she'd ever seen. "Yes, baby," she whispered, using her other hand to reach up and cup one of Sam's breasts, her thumb rubbing across the hard nipple.

With all the sensations rushing through her body with her level of arousal, Sam knew she wouldn't last long. She opened her eyes and looked down at Claire, who's own eyes were heavily hooded, enjoying this as much as Sam was. Sam grabbed the hand that was on her breast and tugged, pulling Claire to a sitting position. She took Claire in a quick but passionate kiss, her breathing too hard for anything more.

"Stay with me, baby," she murmured, her panting mingling with Claire's. "Stay with me as I come," Sam's last word was cut off as she felt a powerful orgasm sweep through her body, taking her voice and breath with it. She leaned her forehead against Claire's as she cried out, impaling herself a few more times on the long fingers inside her to milk the most pleasure out of it before she was done, her body a mass of quaking jelly.

Claire gently pulled her fingers out of Sam's body and wrapped her arms around the blonde, both out of breath and a bit emotional as nervous laughter filled the air. Claire pulled back just enough to look into Sam's still-flushed face. She placed a soft kiss to her lips then smiled, Sam returning it.

Sam lay on her back, Clair curled up against her asleep. She stared up at the dark ceiling, listening to the sound of the rain outside the brick walls. She had fallen asleep with Claire initially, both wiped out from their unexpected encounter, but Sam had awoken twenty minutes before. Physically she'd never felt so content in all her life. The feeling of Claire against her, head resting on her breast, was incredible and incredibly satisfying. Her mind, however, was a whole different story.

Running her fingers absently over the expanse of Claire's naked back, Sam thought back to the nightmare that had been the past couple weeks, since the couch incident in Claire's apartment. She knew Claire had some serious emotional problems, and wasn't sure what their afternoon of lovemaking would do to that. The couch incident had been spontaneous and essentially Sam's doing, but today, all Claire. They'd made love for hours on end, taking a few breaks for water and for Claire to bring Lily down to Sam's apartment with food and water. Not long after, they'd begun again, Claire's face buried between Sam's thighs.

Sam's eyes fell closed at the memory, her body coming alive. Admittedly, Claire had made her feel ways she'd never felt before, making her body explode in ways never thought possible, and Sam had done the same for Claire, once even making Claire's blue eyes teary from the intensity of it all.

All that was great, but the one question that had haunted her since the moment in the workshop found its way back to Sam's mind: what now? What she wanted and what could be were two entirely different things, she feared. Even as she pulled Claire a bit closer to her ¡V the brunette moaning softly in her sleep as she held Sam a little tighter ¡V she knew that tomorrow would bring a very different day than yesterday had been.

Sam's attention was grabbed as Lily climbed up from where she'd been asleep at the foot of the bed, and plopped down on Sam's pillow, next to her head. She smiled, bringing a hand up to caress the tiny body as the kitten sighed in contentment, falling quickly asleep. Sam was touched and utterly charmed. She couldn't help but feel she was surrounded by a small family, what with Lily asleep next to her head and Claire asleep with her head on Sam's breast.

Letting out a long sigh, Sam cleared her mind and tried to fall back to sleep. She had a long drive ahead of her later that morning and really needed to be awake and ready for it. Besides, she was tired of thinking.



Claire came to a slow, peaceful consciousness, opening her eyes only to see Sam staring back at her. The blonde was dressed, her hair still damp from her shower. She lay atop the covers on her side, holding her head up with an upturned palm.

"Good morning,' Sam said softly.

"'Morning," Claire responded, realizing she smelled breakfast smells: coffee, bacon and eggs. "God, that smells amazing."

"Well, I figured you'd be hungry." Sam rolled to her back and pushed up and off the bed. She walked over to the kitchen, turning the bacon to assure it didn't burn. "I wasn't sure what kind of a breakfast person you were, so I took a chance."

Claire felt utterly vulnerable in her naked state, so quickly sought out her clothing, tugging her t-shirt down over full breasts and tugging her shorts up over naked hips. "Right now I could eat a horse, so anything you made I think will do just fine."

"Excellent," Sam said, moving over to the coffee maker, pouring Claire a cup of coffee and handing it to her. "Sugar and cream are available, should you want it."

Claire prepared her coffee as she liked it, glancing over at Sam, who was concerning herself with breakfast. She couldn't help but feel a bit of distance coming from the blonde, and honestly, couldn't blame her. She hadn't forgotten the events of the previous afternoon and night anymore than Sam had. She was no closer to figuring out what to say than Sam was.

"What time are you planning to head out?" she finally asked, sipping from her coffee, more for something to do with her hands rather than because she really wanted the coffee, though it did feel good rushing through her system.

"I figured as soon as we were finished here," Sam said, glancing over at Claire before returning her attention back to the bacon. "Do you like your bacon done well or¡K"

"Done well is fine. Not much of a grease monkey," Claire said, sitting herself down at the small kitchen table.

Sam smiled, her back to Claire. "A woman after my own heart. Well done it

After Sam finished cooking the breakfast, she plated it and sat one down in front of Claire, sitting across from her at the table. They were both quiet as they prepared their dishes just the way they liked it and began to eat.

Sam glanced across the small space at Claire, glad to be able to offer something the "morning after". She felt her appetite slipping away as her nerves rose. Finally, she pushed her half-eaten plate away from her and sat back in her seat, sipping her coffee for something to do, so she wouldn't look quite so obvious. "What are your plans for today?" she asked finally.

Claire glanced up at her, finishing her toast. She too sat back in her chair. "I'm not sure. Probably continue work on our Christmas project. I'm just glad to get that snow globe done and out."

More silence.

"This was really nice of you to do, Sam," Claire said softly, indicating the dishes before them both. "Very nice."

"Thank you." Sam stared down at the coffee cup she cradled in both hands. What was she supposed to say? Do? Last night had been one of the most amazing nights of her life, but the morning was one of the most uncomfortable and confusing.

"Well," Claire finally said, pushing away from the table and gathering their dishes. "Let me help you clean this up and I'll get out of your hair so you can get on the road."

"Great, thanks," Sam said, her smile completely forced.

Sam walked Claire to the door, Claire stopped before she left the apartment, Lily tucked in one arm. She looked at Sam, bringing a hand up and gently caressing the side of Sam's face. This was the only remote mentioning of what they'd shared since both had awakened that morning.

"Be safe," Claire said softly, referring to Sam's trip to deliver the snow globe.

Sam smiled with a nod. "I will, thank you."

"Thank you for breakfast. I'll make you a good steak dinner when you return."

Sam smiled, noncommittal to the offer, closing the door as Claire walked away, leaning her forehead against it with a heavy sigh.

To be continued


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