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Passion’s Fool

by Kim Pritekel


The church was set up, and it was time to go. Sarah looked into the mirror, looking into green eyes that did not reflect the happiness of a bride-to-be. Quite the opposite. Today she was to marry a man she had never met, and all for the happiness of her father. He stood to gain a great deal from this union, except his daughter’s favor. But then, when had he ever cared about that?

Sarah was a woman. Of no consequence to him. Only Oliver was. First born, first boy.

"Bloody hell." She sighed, looking at the dress that her handmaiden had made for her. It was beautiful, and she hoped that her husband-to-be liked it. She knew his name was Fallon of Aragon, but that was all. He was from a prominent family with lots of land and wealth, all of which would be added to the Everston family’s fortune by the joining.

With a final sigh of resignation, she turned to her handmaiden, Mary, who had been with her since her birth seventeen years ago.

"Are you ready, milady?" Mary asked, her face sad for her mistress, but happy that she’d at least be able to join her in their new home at Camden Castle.

"No. But what choice have I?" Sarah placed the veil on her head, Mary straightening it, and making sure she looked her best. She was a lovely girl; long blonde hair, reaching to near her waist, and bright green eyes. Mary had always marveled at the color. Much like the sea – always changing.

She was beautiful, and the handmaiden just hoped that this Fallon person could appreciate it and treat her well. In 1540s England, this was not usually the case.


Fallon of Aragon also stood in front of the mirror. Blue eyes scanned the carefully tailored armor, made for just the ceremony. A decorative sword hung at her side, the leather armor in place. Dark hair, cut at the shoulder, made an enticing figure. She was dashing, having acted as a man since she was a small girl.

Fallon’s real brother had been killed by the Celts before she had even been born. So, she had been made to take on his identity so the family did not seem weak. And now to complete the life-long ruse, she was to marry an unsuspecting woman.

She did not mind this marriage, truth be told. She would like to have the companionship of the lady Sarah. She had heard of her beauty and wisdom.

Fallon looked down at the slight bulge in her trousers, a small smile forming in the corners of her mouth. She would be expected to take her new bride to the bridal chamber, and her father had made sure to outfit her in a way that would make this possible. She was nervous about that. Never having so much as kissed a woman, she was expected to make love to one.

"At least she is beautiful," she said quietly, placing the ceremonial band around her head. She was ready.

Sighing her last nerves out, she headed toward the door that would lead her toward the church.


Sarah took a deep breath, waiting to see what this man she’s supposed to marry looked like. But more than that, she just prayed that he would treat her well. She knew that she had little purpose other than to help join their lands, and have his children.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah saw her father waiting for her. He would lead her down the aisle, and to her destiny.

"How are you my love?" he asked quietly in her ear.

"I want to turn back, father. I’m scared," the blonde admitted, keeping a perfect smile pasted to her face as they entered the main sanctuary of the huge, ancient cathedral.

"No need to be, my darling. It’s time for you to be a woman, my love. Fallon is a fine match. His people are kind and generous." Her father tried to assure his daughter, praying that what he said was indeed true. His daughter had very few choices, but he did want her to be happy all the same.

He knew that her future husband was exceedingly handsome, and Sarah would be grateful for that. He saw the strapping young lad waiting near the priest at the altar.

Fallon waited, none too patiently, for her bride to make her way up to her. She could feel the heaviness of her dress sword at her side, and the stiffness of her new leather breeches. She tried to not readjust the foreign bump at her groin, and could hear the quiet squeaking of her knee-high boots as the leather soles met the smooth, polished marble of the cathedral’s floor.

She studied her bride as she got closer on the arm of her father. The girl was beautiful. She had her long blonde hair back in a braid that reached her lower back. Her eyes were lowered, so Fallon had no idea of their color or depth. She noted the slight rosy tint to her cheeks, and wondered how much was from nervousness. The tall brunette hoped that her young wife was as nervous as she.

Frankly, the warrior felt sick.

Though it seemed to take hours for Sarah and her father to reach the altar, finally Sarah’s smaller hand was being taken from the safety of her father’s familiar forearm, and placed on the muscular one of her husband.

Shy green eyes looked up, a small gasp escaping her lips when she saw the beautiful, intense blue looking down at her. She took in the face, the sharp cheek bones, full lips, naturally red and inviting, the strong jaw, dark hair.

Fallon gave her bride a small smile, looking down into the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen. They were the color of the sea, a beautiful and unusual blue/green in color, though mostly green. She was beautiful.

Fallon couldn’t help but notice the small stature of the girl, and her beautiful body. She knew that she’d be seeing at least a little of that body later that night. More of her conversation with her father returned to her:

"Do not be rough with her, Fallon. She is young, and will be pure. You can hurt her, so be gentle. She should dress in a proper dressing gown. You only need lay her on her back, and raise the gown just enough so that her womanhood is visible. Be sure to use your fingers, daughter. Get her ready for you. To do this, stroke her womanhood until you feel that she is properly wet. This wetness is only for lubrication purposes. Once she is properly lubricated, you climb atop her, and guide your ‘manhood’ inside her."

The tall brunette shook her head to shake these images from her mind. She had much to do before the wedding night. She so hoped that she could be friends with her wife.

The priest said his blessings from God in Latin, and the bride and groom listened and answered in the proper language and tones, each well educated and versed in such ceremonies.

They took their communion, each taking in their share of the Holy Spirit, and then said their vows of eternal devotion and faithfulness.

Sarah took her husband’s hands in hers, feeling the calluses from his fighting days. They were large, but warm and gentle with hers. She hoped that extended to other husbandly pursuits as well.

She looked up into his eyes, noting that a ring of dark blue was around the sky blue irises. He was handsome, and almost could be called beautiful.

He gave her a small smile of encouragement, which she returned.

"You may now kiss your bride," the priest instructed, and Fallon complied with a small nod. She bent her head down and lightly brushed her lips across those of her new bride.

Sarah released a small gasp at the touch of her husband’s lips. A warmth spread through her, and she was anxious for the kiss to end. However, when Fallon stepped back, she felt a loss. She knew as a wife she was not to show such things as desire. That was seen as wanton, and unlady-like. A strumpet she was not.

The couple turned to view the audience before them, who clapped their approval. Both smiled and joined hands held high above their heads in a token of their union.

A carriage driven by four massive horses awaited the couple. Fallon helped his bride into the back, then climbed in after. The coachmen secured the door, and then climbed up into the driver’s seat. The carriage was in motion and Fallon fought her nausea. She had no idea what to do with a wife. She knew how to protect her. Her sword had been her best friend forever. Now, she had to actually interact with this poor, unsuspecting woman.

Turning, she saw that Sarah was looking straight ahead, hands carefully clasped in her lap. The girl looked terrified. Fallon felt her heart drop. She didn’t want this girl to be frightened of her.

"You look beautiful, milady," she said softly. Green eyes met her own, and Fallon saw all of her own fears reflected back at her. The brunette tried to give the blonde the most reassuring smile she could. Sarah matched it.

"Thank you, sir. And you look handsome."

"Thank you." Fallon smiled wider. "So, what do you like to do, milady? I’d like to make your stay at Camden Castle as enjoyable as possible. If I can even send ahead for your pleasure . . ."

"No need, sir." Sarah placed a hand on her husband’s arm. "I am at your disposal, sir. What you wish for me, my lord, is what I enjoy."

Fallon looking at this beautiful creature who sat next to her, her eyes wide with surprise. Would she give herself up so freely? Give up her own pursuits? The brunette would not hear of it. Sarah was her own person, and Fallon wished for her to remain so.

"No, milady." She shook her head. "I wish for you to be happy doing what it is that makes you happy. I’ll make myself happy."

Sarah looked at the man sitting next to her in absolute shock. This is not what she had been taught by her mother to be a good wife. She did not know how to deal with this, or what to do. Or say. Was it a trap? Did her husband intend to be so cruel as to get her hopes up for a joyous union, and then take the rug out from under her feet? She would play it safe.

"For now my lord, if you wouldn’t mind, may I just look around the manor?" Hopeful green eyes met blue. Fallon could hear the mistrust in Sarah’s soft voice, and could understand it. She knew that she would definitely be an unusual husband to say the least.

She nodded her approval. When Sarah felt she could trust her, she hoped the blonde would take it upon herself to pursue her own interests.

The carriage continued on toward their new home.


Sarah was shown to her rooms by Fallon’s manservant. The rooms were beautiful, and she hoped to be happy in them. Her handmaiden made herself comfortable in the smaller adjoining room, then returned to help her mistress unpack.

"What do you think, milady?" Mary asked, hanging up her mistress’ dresses in the wardrobe, where she found some beautiful gowns already hanging. She noted their fine quality and measurements, and had to wonder of her mistress’ new husband’s taste in clothing. It seemed as fine as that of his home. It was carefully landscaped, lush greens and colors all around. A virtual feast for the optical senses.

"I don’t know," Sarah said, running her fingers over the beautiful tapestry that was hanging upon the stone wall. The scene showed a lady of some means and her lover dancing. Their outfits were colorful and elegant. She smiled at the picture. "He seems to be gracious and kind. But I’m afraid to think this then find ’tis not true. I think I shall withhold judgment for now."

"Wise, milady. I hope he is as kind as he is handsome." Mary sat upon the window seat, hands clasped to her chest. She looked out the window with a most wistful smile upon her face.

"Aye, that. He is handsome, isn’t he?" Sarah said, joining her old friend.

"Should make fine looking children between the two of you," Mary commented, looking slyly up at her mistress, who had flushed a deep red.

"Mary! You shouldn’t talk of our marriage bed that way." Though she was scolding, she could not keep the small smile from her lips. That part she was not looking forward to. She remembered what her mother had told her:

"Just lie still, my child. If you do, it will be over sooner. I will not lie to you; ’tis not a pleasurable venture for a woman. But you are strong, and can clear your mind to fill it with thoughts of a more pleasant nature. Most men do not need much time to complete their duty. Do not fight him, but allow him to complete his task, and then leave you alone once more."

She remembered asking if she should have to be naked during these couplings, and had been overwhelmed by her relief. Her mother told her that the man would only lift her gown as far as was needed, and not another glimpse of her would be needed for him.

"I dread this," she breathed.


Fallon had a wonderful dinner prepared for her new wife. She wanted to make Sarah happy, and feel comfortable in her new home and new role as the Lady of Aragon.

The warrior changed into softer, broken in leather pants, and a soft, flowing white shirt. Her boots tucked up over her calves, and a dagger belt was in place. She tied her hair back, tired of it hanging in her face. It was unusual for her to have it down for the morning’s festivities, and she was ever grateful to get it out of her eyes. She had learned that the hard way. Having the stinging in the eyes during a fight – not smart.

Lady Sarah arrived after the invitation had been extended. She had also changed from her wedding finery to a beautiful velvet and silk gown of green. It played to her body well, her mother having it made for her just for such an occasion. Sarah knew she had to interest her husband, and though uncomfortable in revealing her curves, knew it was what she was to do.

She saw her husband speaking with some staff, and took the unobserved opportunity to take in his long, lean body. He was tall and trim. She knew him to be a warrior, and saw his dagger at his side. Two swords hung with a coat of arms over the massive fireplace in the great dining hall. A fire roared its warmth throughout the stone-enshrouded room, bouncing shadows off every object that did not move, including the dark hair of her husband. She noted that it was pulled away from his face.

"Milady," Fallon said softly, feeling her presence even as she talked with the serving party. She smiled at the start her words gave, and took in the beauty that stood not ten feet away. "You look lovely," she said, walking over to Sarah, and taking small, cool hands in her own.

"Thank you, my lord. And you handsome as ever." Sarah smiled, knowing it would earn her one in return.

"Thank you. Come. Let’s dine."

Dinner was carried out mainly in silence, both husband and wife glancing at the other under the pretense of asking for salt or butter. Both were equally nervous and unsure. This made Sarah feel better. She would have hated for her husband to be experienced, or throw his expectations at her. Fallon did none of this. He seemed as unsure as she.

Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.


Sarah paced around her bedchambers, wondering when her husband would come to claim his right of their wedding night. Her body was buzzing with nerves. She tried to relax, following some of the exercises Mary had given her to try and be calm. They worked for but a moment before her mind would begin to conjure up all sorts of pictures.

Her sleeping gown flowed behind her as it swept across the hard, cold floor that was covered by large, beautiful rugs. She had a fire blazing in her fireplace, trying to stay warm. The sweat that crept up her back and ran between her breasts was cold, giving her a chill.

Finally when she was about to douse the flames and climb into the massive bed, she heard a soft knock on her chamber door. Swallowing hard, she called out.


The large, heavy door slowly opened and Fallon stood, bathed in the golden hue of the fire. He wore the same outfit as earlier, though now the laces of the shirt were partially open. He held a single rose in a hand.

"Milady." His voice was so soft as he entered the chamber, closing the door behind him.

"My lord," Sarah near whispered, her heart in her throat. She wanted so badly to run, to not have to deal with her duties.

"For you," he said, handing his bride the gift. She took it in her trembling fingers. "Do not fear, wife," Fallon whispered. "I shall not hurt you."

Sarah swallowed again, pleased by the comforting words, but scared all the same.

"Would you like to talk first?" Fallon asked. She watched as the blonde brought the rose to her nose and inhaled the strong, perfumed fragrance. Green eyes met hers.

"If it’s all the same, my lord, I’d like to just get on with it."

Fallon smiled softly and nodded. She had hoped Sarah would take her up on her offer so she, too, could build her courage. The smaller woman walked over to the bed and threw back the heavy covers. Climbing in, she laid down, waiting.

Fallon took a deep breath and followed. Once at the bedside, she unlaced her pants and kicked the boots off. She could feel the end of the ‘manhood’ that touched her, pushing into her. She withheld a groan as it sent warmth throughout her body.

She took in Sarah’s posture, body stick straight, eyes facing the underside of her decorated canopy. Pushing the covers aside, Fallon climbed onto the bed, her weight being absorbed by the extra amount of straw she had had put into Sarah’s mattress.

Scooting over to her wife, she reached out a hand and gently took hold of the hem of the sleeping gown. Sarah’s breathing increased and her eyes closed for a moment as she tried to get herself under control.

Fallon felt the warmth of Sarah’s thigh on her hand, and moved the hand up further. She was not surprised to find no undergarments, though it excited her on some level.

Sarah swallowed again when she felt the warm hand touch the wiry hair between her legs. She wondered what Fallon was doing. Her husband laid next to her, his hand roaming over the landscape that made her a woman. She hadn’t expected him to take so much time. She just wanted to be alone again.

Suddenly those thoughts were cut off when she felt that hand ease through the soft skin of her sex, a finger trailing over her expanse. She released a little gasp, her eyes popping open. She looked at Fallon and saw him looking down at her exposed skin, and to Sarah’s horror, she felt a wave of heat shoot through her. She did not want to feel anything. Was not supposed to feel anything.

Fallon marveled at the feel of Sarah’s velvety skin against her calloused fingertips. She ran her fingers through the soft skin, feeling a slow build of moisture begin to gather. She was absolutely amazed, and almost wanted to just stroke the younger woman to see what would happen. She could hear Sarah’s breathing increase, though the little blonde did nothing to indicate she was either in pain or enjoying what was being done to her.

Knowing she had a duty to perform, Fallon kept stroking, feeling for the source of the wetness. This would be where she would need to enter. Running her fingers down, feeling Sarah’s body jerk slightly at a certain time, she ran her finger straight down, following the natural curve of Sarah’s sex until the tip of her finger disappeared into soft warmth.

Sarah made the softest of noises when she felt that finger enter just the barest little bit. She closed her eyes, angry at herself for responding. She didn’t want Fallon to think she was depraved.

The brunette slowed her movements, enjoying the feel of the smooth wetness against her fingers. It turned the skin impossibly soft. Moving, she gently eased Sarah’s legs open with the hand that was already between the blonde’s legs and positioned her body between them.

Sarah’s breath caught as she realized what was about to happen. She felt her legs opened further, and then nudged, indicative of Fallon wanting her to raise her knees. She did, feeling the cool night air whisper against her sex. She felt so vulnerable. In a small way, she almost wished that Fallon had his pants off as well. Perhaps she’d feel a little more at ease.

Fallon moved herself over her wife, holding herself up with a hand placed next to Sarah’s shoulders, and reached down with the other to between their bodies.

She could feel an immense heat radiating between their bodies in the small space between Sarah’s thighs. She reached inside her pants, immediately feeling the ‘manhood.’ She grabbed it, lightly tugging until it came loose from the confines of her leather pants. Once it was free, she guided it toward the hot, wet spot between the blonde’s thighs.

"Are you ready, milady?" she asked, her voice just slightly breathy. She saw the nod, and she gently eased the head of the phallus just inside Sarah’s opening. She watched carefully, looking for any signs of discomfort or pain.

Sarah closed her eyes as she felt her husband’s penis touch her sex, her hands at her sides, fists clenching the sheet beneath her. The warmth that Fallon had created in her with his fingers flared to life once again as her sex was touched once more.

She felt the slightest bit of discomfort as Fallon pushed in a little more, spreading her inexperienced walls a bit more with his width. She held her breath as he pushed in more, feeling him stop when he reached the barrier of her maidenhood.

Fallon closed her eyes, amazed that even though the phallus strapped to her hips was not truly a part of her, she still was able to feel. The sensation of entering into Sarah’s body was incredible, and she had to hold her breath to try and keep her breathing under control.

She stopped when she heard the small noise Sarah made when she felt something, some sort of barrier. Realizing what it was, she opened her eyes and looked down at the face of her wife.

"Are you alright, milady?" she asked, her voice even more breathless and husky than it had been before.

"Yes, my lord," Sarah said, her own voice breathless, though more from fear than desire.

"I have to break through, my wife," Fallon said, her hips begging her to move again. Sarah nodded, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth. She braced herself as she felt Fallon begin to move again. He moved his hips, pulling himself out, slow and steady, only to push back in. He was getting her used to the feel of him inside her. Pushing in a little more with each slow thrust until he was at the barrier again, this time he did not stop.

"Oh," Sarah breathed, eyes squeezing shut as she felt the brief sting, then the strange sensation of being completely filled. Fallon, totally inside, held still. She held herself up on her arms and looked down into the beautiful face of her wife. Sarah breathed slow and easy for a moment, a small wrinkle forming between her brows as she concentrated on what was happening to her body. Finally the green eyes opened, and she looked up into the intense blue that were looking down at her.

Sarah was getting used to the feeling of her husband inside her, and though foreign, she could not say it was completely unpleasant.

Seeing that the blonde was alright, Fallon began to move her hips again. Slowly pulling out to the tip of the head, she thrust back in, though she kept her stroke smooth and slow. Sarah released a soft sigh upon re-entry, and Fallon felt it down to her core. The end of the phallus pushed against her own sex with every movement, and she looked down at Sarah with lust-glazed eyes.

She adjusted her hands against the mattress, spreading her weight more equally upon her arms, and continued to move slowly within her wife.

Sarah closed her eyes again, but this time it was out of a faint pleasure that she could detect. She still had fear, but had the distinct feeling that perhaps giving Fallon his duty would not be as bad as she had worried.

Instinctively her knees raised, and her lips opened slightly in a soundless sigh as she felt Fallon go deeper within her body. She wanted to bring her hands up and touch her husband, but wasn’t sure if that was allowed. She did not know what he liked, or would let her do.

Fallon groaned when she felt Sarah open up to her more, the blonde’s legs opening wider, her knees lifting to allow her to thrust even deeper. Her movements were getting a little faster as she felt a burning low in her stomach, a burning that begged for more.

Sarah felt the need to move her hips a bit, wanting more, but what that more was, she had no idea. Just wanted.

Soon the large room was filled with the sound of snapping embers and skin slapping skin. The occasional wet sound of the phallus sliding in and out of Sarah’s depths sent Fallon into a spin. She gripped the sheet beneath her hands with clenched fingers, the muscles in her arms and back tensing as she thrust faster and faster, the phallus moving quickly, slicing through the continual wetness.

Fallon raised her head, eyes closed, mouth open as her orgasm began. Her skin slapped ruthlessly against Sarah’s as her body took over. She could not keep the panting under control, nor the groan that was building in her throat.

Sarah spread her legs wider as the thrusts got faster, needing more contact. She felt as though pleasure were just out of reach, when suddenly it began to gain, increasing her breaths, making her feel lightheaded. Fallon yelled out, his hips jerking a few times, his manhood slamming into her. Sarah bit her bottom lip as she felt an immense wave of pleasure rip through her, though she was determined not to make a sound.

Fallon felt the hot breath of her young bride on her, and she looked down, still trying to recuperate from her intense experience. She was pleased to see the look of flushed pleasure on Sarah’s face, though the woman made not one sound.

The brunette stayed put for a moment, not sure she could do anything else. Any move she made put more pressure on her sex, which was overtaken with pulsing pleasure.

Finally, after a moment to recover, she slowly pulled out, bringing a slight gasp from the blonde.

"Are you alright, milady?" Fallon asked once she’d gotten her voice back. Sarah, still unable to make a sound, merely nodded. Fallon climbed off her and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked down at the phallus, which stood erect from the opening in her pants. It glistened with Sarah’s wetness. "I should go," she said softly, standing and rearranging herself. Lacing up her pants, she heard nothing from the small blonde, so she looked at her over her shoulder.

Sarah had gathered the blankets up around herself, her eyes slightly open. She was looking at her husband.

"Good night, wife," Fallon said.

"Good night, my lord," Sarah whispered. She took a deep breath as she heard the man leave her alone. Her body was still trembling from the sensations that she had just felt, still able to feel her husband inside her. It was almost like a phantom lover still hovered.

She sighed, long and deep, and turned to her side, staring at the burning out embers of the fire. The room was mostly thrust into darkness. She closed her eyes and prayed for a quick sleep.

Though she had felt some discomfort, some pain and pleasure, she could not help but feel invaded. She had not wanted this marriage, yet it was thrust upon her. She had not wished to copulate with Fallon, yet they had no choice.

A single tear made a lazy trail down her cheek, only to disappear into the material of her pillow.


Fallon made her way to her chambers, her heart still thundering in her chest.

"My god," she breathed, closing the door behind her and leaning against it. She was glad she had thought to tell her manservant to retire before she had headed to Sarah’s room. She had no desire to see him right now.

Her body was trembling and tingling, her own wetness making her slightly uncomfortable in her leather pants. Pushing away from the door, she was grateful for the fire Charles had started before leaving to his own rooms. She stood before it, unlacing her pants and peeling them down her legs. She looked at the ‘manhood’ that hung between her legs, still seeing the remnants of Sarah’s juices on it.

Quickly she unbuckled the harness that held it in place and tossed it aside. Her own dark curls were wet and sticky from her passion. She had no idea it would feel good to her. God. No wonder men chased women so much. She understood now.

Stripping completely, careful to hide the phallus and harness away, Fallon climbed into her own bed, twice the size which Sarah used. She was exhausted.

Her last thoughts were of how wonderful it had been to be inside the young blonde.


"Mistress, are you alright?" Mary asked as she entered the young bride’s room. By the smell of things, the blonde had been visited by her new husband. She knew that Sarah had been terrified about the ordeal of her wifely duties.

A blonde head barely poked out from underneath the blankets, as Sarah had buried herself all night, finding comfort and safety in the covers. A green eye peeked out.

"I’m fine, Mary," she said, her voice quiet.

"Are you sure?" The older woman sat on the edge of the bed, and took the hand that had squeezed through the cocoon. "Was he here?""

Sarah nodded.

"And?" Mary’s brows were drawn, worry etching the lines of her face.

"And it’s over. He was gentle." Sarah pulled herself out from the cave of blankets, and sat up. She ran a hand through her hair. As she moved, she felt the slight discomfort of her sex. It wasn’t really painful, she could just still feel the unfamiliar stretch of her muscles. "You may take the bedding down for the nobles to inspect."

"Yes, miss Sarah, and I’m glad. I would have been surprised had he hurt you. He seemed far too gentle for that."

"Yes, well. Perhaps I’ll be with child now and won’t have to do it again."

Mary raised her brows, but said nothing.

"Well, milady. Are you ready for a bath now?"

Recalling the sticky feel between her legs, Sarah quickly nodded.


Fallon bathed and dressed, ready to face her day. Today she would start the routine of Camden Castle. She was feeling fresh, and a bit spry on her feet.

She greeted her staff with a smile and a kind word. Eating a quick breakfast of fruit, she was off to the stables to survey her lands.

Meanwhile, Lady of Aragon bathed, thoroughly, and dressed in shades of green and yellow, then too had breakfast. She explored the immediate grounds of the manor, enjoying the rose garden immensely. She inhaled the scent of the roses that surrounded her, and couldn’t help but wonder if this was where the rose had come from that Fallon had brought her the night before. The night before.

She sighed, and slid her hands down her body, starting at her breasts, and running them down over her flat tummy. She wondered if there was a baby in there now. There was a part of her that felt she’d know when there was, and did not feel it. She did, however, still feel that strange sensation. Her body was different, and she knew it.

She wondered when her husband would want her again.


Fallon pulled her sword, holding steady as she faced her opponent. He looked into her eyes, brows drawn in concentration, upper lip slightly pulled.

The tall brunette could feel beads of sweat on her upper lip. She watched his eyes, trying to read his next move.

"Ahh!" He attacked, raising his blade high, bringing it down to a sharp clink as he struck her blade.

With actions that were quick and precise, his sword was kicked from his hand, and the warrior found himself on the ground, a boot on his chest, and a blade tip at his throat. He looked up into blue eyes and put his hands up.

"I surrender, Fallon." The soldier was panting from the exertion and surprise of such a complete defeat.

The brunette took her blade away and took a step back, a satisfied grin on her face.

"Nice work, Miklo. Keep at it." She reached down and helped her man up, brushing him off. "Go eat. You need the energy."

Fallon turned back to the manor from the practice field, sheathing her own sword. Her gaze was caught by a figure up along the bridge who quickly turned away when seen.

A small smile on her face, she hurried inside.


The days passed with Sarah and Fallon rarely seeing each other. Fallon had no idea if she was supposed to visit her wife as a husband again. The nobles had seen the sheets the morning after their wedding, and were more than satisfied that the marriage had been consummated. So, was her job done?

She didn’t want it to be so. She had enjoyed her role, and had enjoyed being with Sarah.

As the brunette headed for the staircase that would take her to her chambers, she saw Sarah just ahead of her. The blonde was hurrying up the stairs, holding her skirts just above her ankles to avoid tripping. Once she reached the landing, she stopped, almost as if she knew she were being followed. Looking over her shoulder, green met blue.

"Milady," Fallon said, slowly advancing on her wife.

"My lord," Sarah said, her voice near breathless as a sudden surge of nerves clutched at her heart.

"How are you?" The brunette caught up to Sarah.

"I am fine, my lord." Green eyes ducked in deference to her husband. Long, strong fingers gently clasped her chin and brought Sarah’s face up to look at her own.

"Are you really? Is there anything you need, Lady Sarah? Anything to make you happy?"

Sarah looked into the unbelievably handsome face of her husband, and the kindness of his eyes. So intense and blue. Stunning.

"No, my lord. I, I . . ." She stopped, swallowing hard. "I am fine, sir."

"Call me Fallon," the brunette asked, bowing slightly. Sarah smiled.

"And will you call me Sarah, my lord?"

"Aye." Fallon gave her a brilliant smile. "Sarah."

Green eyes twinkled.

"Aye, Fallon."

"Good night, Sarah." Fallon took Sarah’s hand, and placed a light kiss on the back.

"Good night, Fallon." Sarah gave her a small curtsey, and she hurried to her chambers, her heart beating double time.

Fallon watched her go, her own heart pounding.

She sighed, then headed to her own chambers.


Sarah sat in front of her fireplace, trying to stay put. She felt antsy and restless, and had no idea why. It had been nearly a month since Fallon had come to her, and for some reason, she felt as though she were failing in her role as a wife. Granted, it was for the husband to decide, but still.

She grabbed the long braid that fell down her back, pulling it over her shoulder, and carefully began to pull the golden strands free. She had started watching Fallon as he practiced with his soldiers. He was an amazing fighter and his strength and ability was more than evident.

She sighed again, then started when she heard a soft knock at her door.

Turning, she called out. "Come in."

The door slowly opened, and Fallon poked her head in. She saw her wife sitting in front of the fire, pulling her braid free. The long strands draped over her shoulder, and the light from the fire made it appear as though she had a golden halo around her head.

"Hello, Lady Sarah," she said, stepping into the room. She felt so unsure, as though she were doing something wrong. Taking advantage, but was drawn all the same.

"Hello, sir Fallon." She stood, clasping her hands to her chest, almost as if she were trying to keep her pounding heart behind her breast.

"I bring you this." Fallon walked over to her wife and handed her a red rose. Sarah took the gift, and once again brought it to her nose. She eyed her husband, remembering the first night. She wondered if the rose was to be the symbol of his wants and desires.

"’Tis beautiful, my lord," she said softly.

"As are you." Fallon said, a small smile tipping her lips. She had come to this room out of curiosity, just to see what would happen and if Sarah would bite. The bait was the rose, and though she felt manipulative, wanted to know if she would be welcome.

Sarah blushed lightly at the compliment, then looked up at Fallon.

"Did you need something, my lord?" she asked quietly, twisting the rose in her fingers. Blue eyes scanned over the small blonde and a smile formed.

"I wish to be with you again, Sarah," she said, her voice low and husky, sending a surprising chill down the blonde’s spine.

"Of course, Fallon. You need not ask." She laid the rose down upon the chair she’d just abandoned, and walked over to the bed. She felt nervous excitement racing through her blood. After watching her husband for the past two fortnights, she was glad that she was still found desirable.

Fallon watched the small blonde, noting how she could still see the gentle sway of her hips even through the thick, flowing material of her sleeping gown.

The brunette had been listening to her men when they talked about their wives or lovers. Many of them had mentioned kissing. Fallon knew of kissing from the small kisses on the cheek she’d get from her mother, but knew nothing of a sexual kind. The men said the kisses were on the lips, and often the best kind was when the wench would use her tongue.

This was a strange concept to her, but after referencing it with her manservant, who spoke very highly of the virtues of the kiss, she decided to perhaps try this. It had been said that it proved highly pleasurable for the woman as well.

The warrior walked over to the bed, unlacing her pants as she went. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she pulled off her boots, and then turned to her wife. Sarah lay on her back, tucked under the blankets up to just under her breasts. Green eyes were on her, watching her every move.

With her back still to Sarah, Fallon asked, "Sarah, did you enjoy what we did last time?" She spared a glance at her wife, but quickly looked away, not wanting to see rejection n her face, no matter what her words might be. "And the truth. Not what you think I might like to hear."

Sarah’s heart raced, trying to decide what might be the best answer, when she decided to just be honest. Besides, it wasn’t like the answer was bad.

"Yes, my lord. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I might," she said softly. "You were gentle and kind, Fallon."

The warrior turned to look at the lady, her expression guarded. "Really?"

"Yes, my lord. Come." Sarah pulled the blankets back, inviting her husband to join her. "And you, sir?" she asked, dropping her eyes. She knew it was an entirely inappropriate question, but really wanted to know.

"Yes, Sarah," Fallon said, making her way over to the smaller woman, slipping beneath the covers and scooting her long body until she could feel the heat of Sarah’s. "I enjoyed it very much, and I am very happy to hear that you did as well. I would never hurt you, my wife. I’m very pleased that I did not."

"My mother warned me." Sarah smiled shyly. "She told me it would hurt."

"And my father tutored me on the best way to cause the smallest amount of discomfort or pain."

"You did well, my lord." Sarah looked at the face of her husband. There had always been something there that seemed different. She was amazed how he could seem so strong and capable, yet possess a vulnerability that she more sensed than saw evidence of.

"Thank you.." Fallon brought the covers down a bit, exposing Sarah’s clad body. She saw the girl’s breasts rising and falling with every breath and suddenly wished to see them uncovered. This was inappropriate to the ways of coupling, so she would leave them be But she was still curious. Instead, her hand roamed down to the hem of Sarah’s sleeping gown, and using her fingers, slowly brought it up until she felt the warm skin of the blonde’s thigh.

"Very beautiful," she whispered, looking into Sarah’s face. She was pleased to see that her wife held not the fear that she had the first time. She looked a bit trepidatious, but not afraid.

"Thank you, my lord," Sarah whispered back. She could feel her breathing already begin to hitch in anticipation and slight anxiety. She knew in her bones that Fallon would never hurt her, but she wanted to make sure she did things right. Perhaps she had done wrong the first time, and that is why he stayed away for so long?

"You are very soft."

Sarah was surprised at how much talking her husband was engaging in tonight. He said so very little on their wedding night. Her fingers itched to touch her lord, but she was still unsure if this was allowed.

A small sigh escaped her as she felt that strong hand caress up her thigh, pushing the material of her gown further up, then gentle fingers slip into the hair and finally into the folds of her sex.

To Fallon’s surprise, Sarah was already a bit wet as she ran her fingers along the unbelievably soft skin. She heard a soft moan from her wife as she ran two fingers along the natural curve of Sarah’s sex. She smiled, liking that sound. She felt it all the way down.

"You like to be touched, don’t you?" she asked, her voice husky and raw. The blonde looked at her.

"I’m sorry, my lord." Sarah immediately stopped any noise or movement.

"No, no, Sarah. Please do not stop. I like your enthusiasm. I wish for you to enjoy this as much as I do." Surprised green eyes took her in.

"Do you mean it, my lord?"

"Yes." Fallon smiled again, leaning in to press her lips lightly to Sarah’s slightly flushed cheek. Sarah closed her eyes, allowing the sensations to course through her body. She felt those fingers begin to dip just inside her opening, causing more of the thick fluid to pour out.

Fallon could feel her fingers becoming quickly covered, and decided that Sarah was ready. It had taken only a few moments this night. She moved over the blonde, and again, bracing herself on one hand, she reached down to further spread Sarah’s legs and guide the head of the phallus inside. This time Sarah was looking into her eyes, and suddenly Fallon felt an incredible connection to this woman. It was a connection of their bodies, but more than that as she gently, slowly slid inside.

Sarah’s lids grew heavy as she fought to close them when her body was being entered by her husband, but she wanted to see Fallon’s eyes as he slid inside.

"Touch me," Fallon whispered as she held herself above the blonde, her hips slowly moving the phallus out then back in again.

Sarah was surprised at the request, but immediately obeyed. She brought her hands up, placing them on Fallon’s broad, strong shoulders. She could feel the muscles under her hands as the body on top of hers worked, his hips slowly moving. Sarah closed her eyes as she felt herself being completely filled, her knees raising to accommodate even more of Fallon’s length.

The brunette groaned. She felt the brief touch of one of Sarah’s heels against her leather-clad butt, which made her realize again that she was between those beautiful thighs, thrusting inside Sarah’s sex, making the young blonde moan quietly beneath her. She looked down at her wife and saw Sarah’s eyes barely open, her lips slightly parted as soft, warm air hit the warrior’s face in puffs as Sarah silently panted.

She lowered her head, placing a gentle kiss on Sarah’s forehead. The blonde started, eyes opening to look up at her husband. What was he doing?

Fallon went back down, this time her lips laying gently atop Sarah’s.

"Wha, what are you doing, my lord?" she asked, her voice breathy and low.

"Kissing you," Fallon husked, her hips trying to hold a slow, steady pace, but they were beginning to move faster of their own accord.


The brunette leaned down again, and this time the blonde did not flinch beneath them. Sarah had never heard of such a thing during coupling, but would not fight it. She figured her husband had experience that she did not, and knew what he was doing.

At first her lips stayed stiff and still, but upon his third pass, she pursed hers, meeting his. This sent a fiery jolt through both of them, causing Fallon’s hips to jerk. Sarah grimaced slightly at the unexpected thrust. The blonde’s still inexperienced sex was not accustomed to such treatment.

"I’m sorry," Fallon whispered against Sarah’s lips. She stopped her thrusts and began to rotate her hips, moving the phallus in a circular motion inside Sarah’s core. The blonde moaned, arching her head back as her fingers grasped the shirt that covered Fallon’s arms, earlier discomfort forgotten. Fallon saw the expanse of Sarah’s throat, and brought her lips to it. She inhaled the smell of the lady; herbs and her own natural scent.

Sighing in pleasure, she began to move her hips again, moving the ‘manhood’ in and out. Both of their breathing picked up as her rhythm did, again, the sounds of skin slapping skin and wetness filled the air. Sarah’s hands clutched rhythmically at Fallon as she thrust, her hips moving the bed as she filled the woman beneath her again and again until she felt that slow burn in her lower belly turn into a roaring fire.

Sarah felt her own impending orgasm begin, and raised her knees even higher, silently begging Fallon to move faster and deeper, needing that final thrust that would throw her over the edge and into the abyss of pleasure that began to fill her.

The blonde’s panting drove Fallon on, raising onto her hands again as she used all the power she had to give her wife the pleasure she could hear in Sarah’s rising moans and breathy pleas.

"Yes, Sarah," Fallon panted, eyes closing tightly as she threw her head back, the pleasure tearing through her at unbelievable speeds and heights.

The blonde tried to bite her lip as she felt the need to cry out, but the cry got out around the block, filling Fallon’s heart and ears with joy. The blonde grasped the taller woman almost painfully as she released.

They remained still, both panting as they tried to get themselves back under control. Fallon fell to her forearms again, her forehead resting on the pillow next to Sarah’s. She felt a soft hand resting on her bicep and another on her shoulder. Sarah’s legs relaxed, her heels coming into contact with the mattress beneath them, then flopped over, opening her legs fully. She was too spent to hold them up any longer.

"My lord," Sarah breathed, trying to get herself back under control. Fallon raised her head to look at the blonde. "Was that alright?" Hopeful green eyes looked up into blue. Fallon could see the sweat that had gathered in the hollow of Sarah’s throat, shimmering each time the blonde took a breath.

"Yes, milady," the brunette husked, leaning down again to place a light kiss on Sarah’s parted lips. "It was wonderful."

The warrior was surprised when she felt the hand that had been on her arm make a tentative journey up to her upper back. The fingers twined themselves in the loose material of Fallon’s shirt.

"Good," Sarah whispered. "I’m pleased, my lord."

"And you? Did you enjoy it?" Fallon asked, slowly lowering her body to lie against that beneath her, though she still held the majority of her weight upon her forearms. She could feel Sarah’s breasts against her own and fought to hold back a soft moan.

Sarah sucked in a breath as she felt the warm, strong body over her relax into her. The hand on Fallon’s back began to roam slightly, her fingers gently kneading the material of the rough shirt.

"Yes, husband. Very much so." Her voice was soft as her body thrummed with the left over feelings of their coupling. Fallon was still inside of her, and every time he moved, a pleasant little sensation washed through her body.

"I should go," Fallon whispered, slowly, carefully removing herself from Sarah and sitting up. She was tired and content.

"Yes, my lord." Sarah felt a small shadow of disappointment, but at the same time she was anxious to be alone and sleep. She was exhausted.

Fallon stood, careful to give her back to Sarah as she relaxed her pants. She was beginning to hate the ruse, and knew not how to be honest with her wife. If Sarah were to go to her family, the alliance would be finished.

She took a deep breath and turned to look at the blonde who lay on her side, looking up at her. Once again, she had the blankets pulled up to her chin.

"Good night, Sarah."

"And you, Fallon. Sleep well."

Fallon made her way out of the large chamber.

Sarah rolled over onto her back, staring up into the darkness that was her ceiling. She sighed, running a hand through her hair, still slightly sticky from sweat. This coupling had been amazing, and she closed her eyes as she could still feel sensations prickling her skin. Inside and out.

She brought a hand up to her lips, still feeling those of her husband. The kisses, though brief, had brought an intimacy to the act that had been unexpected. Was that why he’d done it?

She did not understand.


Fallon collapsed into her bed, clothing thrown around the floor. She thought of her young wife, and a smile slowly spread over her lips. She could still feel the blonde’s juices on her skin and inhaled. The smell was fresh and potent and sent shivers down her spine, ending between her legs.

Perhaps she’d take Sarah for a ride the following day. She saw very little of the small blonde during the day. This only being the second time she’d visited her during the night, she knew nothing about the woman, only what her family had supplied Fallon’s father to make Sarah seem good marriage material for their alliance.

She wanted to get to know the blonde. She would start tomorrow.


Sarah rose early, a smile on her lips and song in the air. Mary helped her to dress, watching the girl carefully. Her young mistress was happy this morning, and she wondered if her dashing husband had anything to do with it.

"Visited last night, were you?" she asked, a small smile on her lips and twinkle in her blue eyes. Sarah looked at her through the mirror. The older woman stood behind her, braiding her long hair with bits of green ribbon.

"Why do you say this?" Sarah handed her long-time friend and servant the brush that Mary was reaching for.

"You are glowing, young Sarah." Mary smoothed back some of the golden hair. Sarah blushed deeply, staring into her own face. She felt older somehow. The eyes that stared back at her were different than those of the frightened young girl who had married Fallon of Aragon little more than a moon ago.

"Yes. That I am, and that he did," she whispered, seeing her husband’s blue eyes before her face. So handsome. Yet beautiful at the same time. She sighed, content.

There was a soft knock on the door.

"Come," Sarah called out. The large, wooden door opened and Henry, the house servant, popped his head inside.

"Milady, Lord Fallon wishes for your company at the morning meal," he announced.

"Thank you, Henry. Tell Lord Fallon I’ll be there shortly."

The door closed, and Mary smiled. She was happy to see her mistress happy.


Sarah was accompanied to the dining hall by Henry and seated to her lord’s right. Fallon rose when the blonde entered, and waited until she was properly seated before she sat again.

"Good morning, milady." Fallon smiled, welcoming her bride to her table. Sarah smiled in turn.

"Morning, my lord. Did you sleep well?" The servants placed food in the center of the end of the table the couple used. Goblets of gold were filled with water, and food was placed on the plates before Fallon and Sarah.

"I did. And you?" Fallon grabbed her three-pronged fork, much like a tiny pitch fork, and began to stab a bit of venison.

"Indeed, my lord." Sarah smiled, full and bright.

"I thought perhaps we could take a walk today. Or perhaps a ride. Do you ride, Sarah?" the brunette asked.

"Oh, yes, my lord!" Sarah exclaimed, shining at the idea. "I quite enjoy riding. I would be very pleased to join you, husband." She smiled again, her spirit soaring. She so wanted to get to know her husband. He seemed like a gentle soul. And the fact that he wanted to spend time with her, other than that of trying to get an heir, meant so much to her. Almost as if he were trying to court her. She did not understand this. They were already married, after all.

The couple quickly ate, then changed into proper riding clothes. Fallon, in her tight breeches, and Sarah into a dress that was a bit looser, allowing her to mount.

Fallon assisted the blonde to her mount, a gentle gelding named Athena, then mounted her own beast of a horse, Thor.

Combining the two culture’s gods, and two households, Fallon led Sarah out into the pastures and fields around the manor. She pointed out different aspects of the land that she had discovered through her various adventures and explorations. She knew some of the history of the estate and shared her knowledge.

"You are very familiar with your estates, my lord," Sarah enthused. Her cheeks were rosy from the chill in the air and the excitement of being out with her husband. She had not strayed from the keep or the gardens since she’d arrived at Camden Castle.

"I try to know where I am, Sarah." Fallon smiled. She brought her horse to a stop, dismounting, and grabbing the reins of Athena. She met the questioning green eyes of her bride. "Care to walk, milady?" she asked, indicating the lake off to their left. The blonde nodded and allowed herself to be lifted from her gelding and placed on the green grass below her feet. Fingers grasping Fallon’s arms for balance, she looked up into the blue eyes of the incredibly handsome man before her.

"Thank you, Fallon," she said, her voice quiet, feeling she should speak in a hush. Those eyes quieted the voice and quickened the heart. The brunette smiled and extended her arm in invitation. Sarah wrapped her smaller hand around it, and they walked after tethering the horses to a tree.

They walked along the shores of Lake Camden. Sarah told Fallon of the birds that flew overhead, surprising the brunette. Her wife also held great knowledge, which she found most welcome.

"My lord?" Sarah asked, glancing up into the face of her husband. "May I speak plain?"

"Of course, Lady Sarah. You are my equal." Fallon smiled down at the surprised blonde, bringing the small woman’s hand further onto her arm.

"Equal? Indeed?"

"Yes, milady. I want not a slave. Please. Speak." Fallon directed them over to a large log, fallen many seasons before.

"Why do you wish to spend time with me?" Sarah asked. She straightened her skirts around her as she sat, sure to be proper.

"I wish to know you, milady."

Green eyes looked up in confusion. This sort of declaration was unheard of in her world. Certainly had she been no man’s equal. Most men would have beat her for the mere thought. She tried to sense treachery, but found none.

"What do you wish to know?" Sarah asked softly. She looked out over the lake, watching as birds swooped down to catch fish in their curved, sharp talons.

"What do you wish for, Sarah?" Fallon asked, readjusted the sword that hung at her side.

"In what way?"

"Well, in the way of our marriage. What do you wish from me?" Fallon turned slightly on the log to face the young woman next to her. She studied her face and the way the sun shone through her golden hair. Beautiful.

"I wish to be treated well, my lord," Sarah said simply.

"That is all? Do you not wish for happiness?"

"That would make me happy, Fallon. The rest I can find on my own." The two looked at each other, trying to read what the other was thinking.

"Alright. I will not press the issue. Will you dine with me later this eve?" Fallon asked, changing the subject.

The setting sun brought the couple into the castle, hungry and tired. But happy.

After a full day in the company of her husband, Sarah could only hope to end the day with a nighttime visit from Fallon. She felt so close to him and wished to spend more time with him. This was all to her surprise. Generally she was a person who needed her time alone. She craved it, watching the birds and sewing.

She smiled as she thought that perhaps she’d sew something for him.


Fallon sighed deeply, sated from a wonderful meal of roast duck and fresh vegetables and bread. Sarah had sat to her right, the firelight of the torches around the dining hall accentuating her fine features.

Lady of Aragon had gone to bed nearly an entire candle mark ago, and the brunette sat in her own chambers, drinking wine and staring into the flames in the fireplace. Her manservant, Charles, added wood to the fire as she watched, sending warmth spreading throughout the large room.

She thought back to the day they had shared. Sarah had been sweet and amusing. The blonde told her stories of her childhood and some of the antics she used to play. Youngest of four surviving children, she was often favored by adoring parents. Parents who had felt the match with Fallon of Aragon would be the most beneficial for their lands, but would also make their daughter the happiest.

Sarah told Fallon how she was pleased with the match herself. She was intrigued by the tall, dark-haired man who walked at her side, and wanted to know more of him. She had seen his efforts on the practice field with his men, and enjoyed watching his prowess with bladed weapons.

They had spent many hours walking, talking, and amazingly, laughing.

Fallon smiled at the memory when she heard soft knocking at her doors. She dismissed Charles as she got to her feet, and opened one side of the double doors. Sarah stood at the stoop of her raised rooms, shyly smiling up at the brunette.

"My lord," she said softly.

"Milady. Are you alright?" Fallon leaned against the frame of the door, studying the young woman.

"Oh yes, for certain," Sarah quickly assured. "I just wanted to thank you for a most wonderful day." She smiled. "It was immensely enjoyable."

Fallon smiled and took a step back, inviting her wife inside. "Please, join me." The blonde stepped inside, looking around. She had never been in her husband’s rooms before, and was curious.

She noted the door that probably led to her manservant’s quarters, and another that opened up to Fallon’s dressing chambers. There was also a short hall that led to the bathing chambers. The sitting room was large, nearly as large as Sarah’s entire chamber, and was furnished with beautiful, lavish furnishings. The large fireplace was ablaze.

"Sit, milady." Fallon indicated one of the two chairs that sat in front of the fireplace. The blonde did, arranging her skirts around her. "Care for some wine?" Fallon tapped the pottery jug that held the warm beverage.

"No thank you, my lord, if it’s all the same."

"Suit yourself." Fallon sat in her abandoned chair, sipping from her goblet. She pondered what her wife had said of their day and smiled. "I’m pleased that you enjoyed your day so, Sarah. I also enjoyed my time with you." She smiled, raising her glass in toast to her young bride. "You made the day special."

Sarah blushed at such words, not sure what to do with them. "Oh. Thank you, Fallon." She near whispered, feeling shy, her face burning with her blush. "I dare say ’twas you." She smiled, her look slightly coy as she studied her husband. Fallon could feel her loins beginning to stir once more. She noted the way the flames’ shadows licked Sarah’s face and body, even if it was buried in the plentiful material of her dress.

"You charm me," the brunette said, a coy smile of her own. She set the wine goblet down, looking back into the flames. She heard the rustle of material as Sarah stood from her seat and came to stand before her lord. Fallon looked up into her face, obscured by shadow as the flames were at her back.

"My lord?" she said, her voice low and soft. She reached down and placed a hand gently on the shoulder of her husband. "I wish to tell you that you are a most welcome husband."

Fallon heard the soft words and wondered just what was meant by them.

"I do not understand," she said, bringing a hand of her own up to gently trace the delicate pattern on Sarah’s dress.

"I mean . . ." The blonde could feel her heart pounding. "I mean that if it pleases you, you may have me." She looked down, feeling foolish. Fallon smiled, bringing her hand up to cup the blonde’s flushed cheek. "I’m sorry, my lord," Sarah whispered. "That was inappropriate."

In answer, the brunette took Sarah’s hand and tugged gently. The smaller woman looked into blue eyes, not understanding. She let out a gasp of surprise when she was pulled down to sit cross-wise on Fallon’s lap.

"My lord!" she exclaimed, her hands resting upon his shoulders to steady herself. The brunette grinned, wrapping an arm around her wife’s back, the other stroking her cheek.

"Yes, milady?" she asked, teasing in her voice.

"I . . ." Sarah’s words were lost as she stared at the handsome face before her.

Fallon leaned in, pressing her lips to Sarah’s. The blonde closed her eyes and pursed her lips. She felt the hand on her back move until it was stroking warm circles over her corset and the material of her dress.

Soft lips slid neatly against their match, eliciting a small sigh from Sarah. Fallon found that she enjoyed this kissing immensely, and began to move her lips. She had been listening even closer to the soldier’s stories of kissing and love making. She tilted her head slightly, using the hand against Sarah’s cheek to gently nudge her to follow suit. She did, and their lips were a perfect fit.

Sarah could feel her body begin to boil. She hoped that Fallon was willing to participate in coupling this night. She knew it wouldn’t take long for her to be ready. She remembered Fallon’s encouragement for her to touch him, so she brought her hands up from his shoulders, resting one against the side of a warm, smooth neck. She had no idea that a man’s skin could be so soft. Her father’s cheeks had always been rough and covered with hair.

The kiss steadily deepened, earning Sarah a soft moan from Fallon. She felt her body slowly being turned until she was urged to bring a leg across the brunette’s lap. Now facing her husband, she looked into his eyes, seeing the desire for her reflected there. She brought both hands up to either side of his face, and brought her lips to his again.

Fallon was lost in a haze of desire as she placed her hands on Sarah’s hips. Feeling their lips move against each other – the softness and sweetness – was driving her crazy. The feel of the blonde’s warm body on her lap didn’t help things, either. She knew with the way things were progressing that she would be hard pressed to get Sarah all the way to her bedroom chamber and on the bed before she devoured her.

Sarah could feel her sex responding to the kisses and close proximity. She shifted slightly on Fallon’s lap, feeling the wetness already begin to gather. It was one time in her life when she wished she didn’t have all the layers under her dress. Normally it kept her warm, but tonight it was smothering the fire.

Fallon was having the same problem. She wanted so badly for all the layers to be gone. Once more kissing Sarah, she reached her hands down the blonde’s sides, spreading her fingers out to feel as much as possible. Her touch meandered down to the full skirts, pulling them up, layer after layer.

"Sarah, take these off," she panted against Sarah’s lips. Her wife nodded, breaking the kiss only to stand. She quickly pulled off the extra layers, leaving only her corset and outer dress on. She stepped out of the pile of billowy material, and returned to Fallon’s lap.

"How’s that, my lord?" she asked into Fallon’s mouth. In response, the warrior reached down until she felt the warm skin of Sarah’s lower thigh.

"Wonderful," she whispered, liking the smile she felt at her answer.

Sarah could feel the hardness of her husband’s excitement, and it flooded her with warmth and fluids. She felt the hardness pressing urgently against her swollen sex, only separated by the leather of Fallon’s breeches. Her hips began to move of their own accord as the kisses deepened. She gasped when she felt the warm wetness of Fallon’s tongue brush against her own. She responded by caressing it, causing the fire to rage near out of control.

Fallon could feel Sarah rubbing herself against the phallus, and this was almost her undoing. She quickly reached down and unlaced her breeches, feeling for the ‘manhood.’ Once it was in hand, she brought it out, guiding it until she found Sarah’s entrance. Using her hips, she thrust up, filling her in one swift motion.

Sarah threw her head back, eyes closed as she moaned, her hips instantly moving against the invasion. She found her head forced down and a hot mouth taking control of hers. She moaned into the kiss, moving her body so the phallus moved quickly in and out of her. She was so close, the kisses driving her wild.

Fallon for her part was panting like crazy. With every move of Sarah’s body down, the phallus was pushed into her own sex and driving her closer to climax.

Their breath mingled together as they were loath to break the kiss though it was becoming harder and harder to breathe. Finally the waves of pleasure made their decision for them. Sarah’s head fell back as her release took her by surprise, her throat arched gracefully back as she called out. Fallon wasn’t far behind. She thrust up twice more and was taken over.

They held onto each other, breathing heavily, Fallon’s head being pulled against Sarah’s chest, the blonde’s fingers dug into her hair. The brunette could hear Sarah’s heart beating rapidly, and she nuzzled into her neck.

Sarah kissed the top of Fallon’s head, feeling thoroughly sated.

"My wife," Fallon whispered against the skin that was so close to her lips.

"Yes, my husband." Sarah said, beginning to gently run her fingers through the dark locks underneath her hands.

Fallon sighed, inhaling her scent, closing her eyes at the smoothness. Like silk. She recalled the velvety feel of Sarah’s sex.

"How is it that every part of you feels like the finest of materials?" She trailed a line of kisses from Sarah’s chin to the hollow of her throat, dipping her tongue in the small valley. Sarah’s head instinctively arched back, allowing Fallon all the access he desired.

"I know not, my lord," she breathed, her fingers gently pushing the black hair back from her husband’s face, giving him more room to maneuver. She gasped at the feel of a hot tongue dipping lower, dangerously close to the top of Sarah’s dress. She started when she felt the small buttons being released. Looking down, she saw that Fallon’s mouth followed along the line of newly exposed skin.

Blue eyes lifted to meet hers. "May I?" the brunette asked. With the nod she received, she continued. The skin was marvelous. Smooth and warm, growing hotter by the moment. Fallon sighed when she saw the rise of Sarah’s breasts, pushed up slightly from the corset banded with whale bone. She brought her face down, inhaling the creamy skin.

Sarah was stunned as she felt more skin being revealed, then a tongue dip in her cleavage. She yelped, startled. Fallon looked up at her with concerned eyes.

"Did I hurt you, Sarah?" he asked quietly. She shook her head vigorously, not wanting him to stop.

She sighed, wrapping her arms around the brunette’s head when she felt his mouth on her again. More buttons were released and the fabric parted to reveal the soft pink corset. Not sure what to do, she lowered her head and rubbed her face against the course material. She saw the way Sarah’s cleavage spilled over the top of the garment and felt her mouth water.

Bringing her hands up, she ran them up the sides of Sarah’s body, ending when they reached those swells. Sarah moaned softly, waiting to see what Fallon would do. The brunette brushed the material of the dress off the blonde’s shoulders, allowing it to fall to the smaller woman’s waist. Suddenly she felt the desire to see those swells of flesh unclad.

Reaching around the small body sitting atop hers, she took the laces that held the corset together and began to pull.

Sarah’s heart began to race again, her breathing jagged. She could feel Fallon’s hips beginning to move again, and she began to move with it, feeling his manhood inside her begin to gently slide.

Peeling the corset down, then tossing it aside, Fallon took in the incredible sight of Sarah’s full breasts before her. She sighed, bringing her hands up. Never had she seen anything so beautiful.

Sarah cried out softly when she felt those large hands cup her, her nipples hard against the palms. Fallon kneaded the soft flesh, never before experiencing such an amazing feeling.

The blonde’s hips began to move even faster as intense sensations coursed through her body. Hands resting on Fallon’s shoulders, she lifted herself slightly, only to lower herself again, needing to feel Fallon moving inside and out of her heated core.

Fallon brought her mouth to Sarah’s neck, licking and tasting the skin as her hands continued to play with the blonde’s breasts, fingers taking the nipples and gently pulling and twisting. She was shocked at Sarah’s reaction, but immensely pleased. She began to move with the girl, meanwhile continuing to nibble and suckle Sarah’s neck, moving up to her mouth.

Sarah’s breathing was coming faster and faster, and she began to pant into Fallon’s mouth as their pace increased. Finally the blonde broke the kiss, her head falling back as she felt wave after wave of pleasure crashing through her body once again, her body pounding into her husband’s.

Fallon moaned against Sarah’s skin, clutching the blonde to her as she was thrown into an abyss of pleasure.

Trembling slightly, Sarah held Fallon close, feeling the naked skin of her breasts pressed against the soft material of his shirt.

"I should go, my lord," she said softly, her breath finally returning.

"Okay," Fallon breathed, laying a final kiss between Sarah’s breasts and pulling back. She helped the smaller woman back into her corset and dress, then they parted with a soft. kiss. "Good night, Sarah."

"Good night, Fallon." Sarah gave her a small smile, and was gone.

Fallon sighed, running her fingers through her hair as she headed toward her sleeping chamber. Her pants were still unlaced, and she could feel the immense amount of wetness chilling her skin. She looked down at the phallus that stood at attention, remembering the feel of Sarah’s body sliding against it. She shivered.

She could still see Sarah’s breasts and feel them in her hands. As she pulled her shirt over her head and unbound her own breasts, she cupped them, feeling the weight and comparing. So badly she wanted the blonde to see her for what she was – a woman. It was not to be.

Fallon pulled her clothing off, hid the phallus and slipped into bed. She was grateful for the warming stone Charles had placed in it earlier. The coolness of the sheets against her overheated skin brought Sarah to her again. She had wanted to ask her wife to stay with her that night, but knew there was no way. There was so much she had to keep from the beautiful blonde, and she was beginning to feel guilty, hating the ruse.


Sarah could not spend enough time with her new husband. He was kind and courteous and handsome as ever. She no longer feared or dreaded their coupling. She rather enjoyed and anticipated it. He came to her nearly every night, and those he didn’t, she went to him.

As she walked through the halls of Camden Castle, she smiled, closing her eyes at the memory of his hands and mouth on her breasts the night before. Just the thought sent shivers up and down her spine, and a tingle to her erect nipples.

Her thoughts then turned to all the time Fallon spent with her. He took her for walks and rides around the manor, and even through the nearby villages. He’d send for beautiful dresses for her, and buy her pendants and broaches. She wore one such pinned to her dress now as she walked.

Sighing happily, and pressed her hands to her breast, marveling at how fortunate she had been. She knew that many of her friends had been married off to tyrants and cruel men. Men only interested in a baby machine and nothing more. Fallon seemed to genuinely care about his young bride, and was so gentle with her.

Sarah sighed again. She was the luckiest woman in the world. However, there had been something plaguing her. She and Fallon had been married for nearly four moons, and still there was no pregnancy. Her husband had said nothing, but she knew that he would want an heir. What man didn’t? And it was her job, after all. She smiled at the thought of how handsome Fallon’s child would be. Sarah wanted to bear it for him. Yet, nothing. Certainly not for lack of trying.

A girlish giggle escaped as these thought returned to her.

"Milady blushes."

Sarah jumped at the soft voice in her ear. Turning she saw Fallon grinning down at her. He was in his practice armor, and smelly.

"You need a bath, my lord," she teased, receiving a raised brow in response. "Might I bathe you?"

Fallon panicked for just a moment before she realized she didn’t have to take Sarah up on her offer, no matter how much she may want to. She smiled.

"Milady, you are bold."

Sarah saw the twinkle in those blue eyes, and know well enough now that she could be as such with him.

"I just wish to help my husband as is my duty, my lord," she retorted, a twinkle of her own accompanying her words.

"You do help me." Fallon leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Sarah’s lips. "Meet me in the rose garden in a candle mark."

"Yes, my lord."


Fallon entered the bathing chamber, leaving a trail of clothing and armor as she neared the natural hot spring that bubbled and churned. Steam filled the room, the spaced ventilating holes in the ceiling helping to make it not only bearable, but extremely pleasant. The spring floor had been lined with marble, as well as around it. Benches had been placed inside to allow the bather to relax. The circulating water was rushed out to drain the old, the tub filled with the new constantly.

The brunette let out a long, contented sigh as she closed her eyes and laid her head back against a folded cloth behind her head. Pure bliss.

As she felt her aching muscles relax under the heat, her thoughts turned to Sarah. The night before had been their most passionate yet. Kissing was now normal for them, and indeed a must. She loved the taste and feel of the blonde’s lips against hers. She also loved the taste and feel of Sarah’s breasts and nipples in her mouth. Her wife went crazy with that sort of stimulation, and who was she to deny her?

She grinned at that last thought. Hell, the brunette craved the taste of Sarah’s skin. She loved being inside the smaller woman, but wanted something more, though wasn’t sure what. She had seen Sarah naked from the waist up, but the young blonde still insisted she keep her night shift or dresses to cover her lower regions. Fallon didn’t argue. She relished and enjoyed what was offered.


Sarah walked the halls of the castle, a near permanent smile affixed to her beautiful face as thoughts of Fallon paraded through her mind. She saw how beautifully handsome he was, and felt the chill rush through her body that usually accompanied such thoughts.

He was out with his men today, leaving her to find something to keep her busy. She had worked on quilting earlier in the day, but had grown tired of it, her neck aching from sitting in one position for so long. The little blonde missed her husband. He spent at least a little time with her daily, whether it was a ride through the lands or reading poetry to his young wife.

Deciding to do some reading, Sarah headed to the immense library. She loved to read, and had found out that Fallon had it filled with endless titles just for her perusal.

Pushing the large, double doors open, Sarah entered the chilly room, calling for a servant to get a fire going. She read through the titles, searching out a good story to keep her busy until Fallon joined her for dinner.

As her fingertips grazed over the leather spines, she heard the doors softly open and the hair at the nape of her neck stood on end. She closed her eyes, a soft smile brushing her lips as she knew in her heart who it was.

Hearing booted footfalls approach her from behind, Sarah leaned back into the warm body that pressed up against her. Warm breath tickled the short hairs at her exposed neck, followed by soft lips and a wet tongue. She released a sigh as large hands covered her breasts. Her nipples were hardening as demanding fingers brushed across them, the sensation strong even through all the material of her dress and corset.

"Beautiful," was whispered in her ear, making her tremble. Those same fingers began to unfasten the dozens of tiny pearl buttons that ran down the front of Sarah’s green dress. The blonde’s body was already on fire, and Fallon had yet to touch any bare skin with those skilled hands.

"Mmm," she moaned in return, her own hands reaching back to glide against the leather of his pants. She pushed her behind into him, hearing his sharp intake of breath. "Ready for me, are you love?" she whispered, feeling him already hard.

"Always," he breathed, taking her lobe between his lips. She moaned quietly, feeling the ends of her dress being gently pushed aside. Hands cupped her, the corset the only barrier.

Fallon could feel the surge of fire rushing through her body as she touched the blonde. Trying to keep herself from trembling, she concentrated on what she was doing to Sarah, whose breathing had increased. The brunette nearly moaned when the overspill of Sarah’s breasts over the top of the corset touched her hands. The flesh so soft and warm. She wanted this woman, and she wanted her now.

She used her size over Sarah to move her toward a chair, setting the small blonde’s hands on its back.

"What are you doing, Fallon?" Sarah panted, then flushed deeply as she felt her skirts being lifted. She helped as best she could, but felt a strong hand at the center of her back, and she grabbed the chair again. Her sex was already pulsing in anticipation. Hearing Fallon unlace his pants, she moaned deeply as she felt the head of his manhood run against her saturated skin.

Fallon felt the silkiness of Sarah’s engorged sex and groaned. She was ready. Sliding in completely, she laid her hands over Sarah’s exposed hips, then ran a hand across the taut material of Sarah’s dress that stretched over her back. The brunette wasn’t in the mood for gentle, and she hoped Sarah wouldn’t mind. She’d be mindful of the blonde’s movements.

Sarah closed her eyes, her mouth open as she felt her husband pound into her. She met his every thrust, excited by this new position, and almost feeling shameful for it. This added a bit more intensity to the experience. She was panting in time with the thrusts, knowing that her body would not last long, and holding onto the back of the chair for dear life. She could also hear Fallon’s breathing, and knew he was close to release.

Fallon reached one hand around the slender form of her wife, and cupped a breast. She could feel the nipple hard against her palm. Sarah cried out at the extra stimulation as she continued to thrust.

Sarah nearly felt faint as her blood raced to parts south, the warm coil beginning to expand in her lower belly.

"Fallon!" she cried as her nipple was pinched, and her body filled. The pleasure shot throughout her entire being, making her cry out again.

The warrior followed suit, pounding into the smaller woman, harder and harder, increasing the speed until she could take no more, and with bared teeth, crashed into oblivion. She collapsed against Sarah’s back, their bodies still joined. Panting heavily, Sarah came back to reality, grabbing the hand that still cupped her breast, and entwining her fingers with it.

"Sarah?" Fallon whispered into the blonde’s ear.

"Yes, my lord?" she panted back.

"I wish to see you." Her kissed the side of her neck. "All of you."

Sarah felt her heart leap from her chest and begin to beat in a nervous race. "Oh, Fallon. What if you don’t like what you see?" she asked, gently pushing her husband away from herself and turning to face him. The brunette quickly made sure that the ruse was covered, and was grateful for the long shirt she wore.

"Oh, dear, dear Sarah." She smiled, bringing up a hand to stroke the flushed cheek of her wife. "I do not worry about that, and nor should you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

Sarah lightly kissed the hand that cupped her face, eyeing her husband. Seeing nothing but truth in those amazing blue eyes, she walked over to the double doors and placed the bolt in place, securing their privacy. Walking toward the fireplace, she stood before it, and shrugged out of her dress, letting it slide to the floor at her feet.

Fallon watched, eyes dark with desire not sated.

"Help me, my lord?" Sarah asked, running a finger over the bust of her corset. Without a heartbeat, Fallon’s fingers were on the laces of the fine garment and tugging gently. The laces came free, as did the corset. The brunette gasped as it slid down Sarah’s body, so firm and beautiful.

As each inch of skin became exposed, Fallon’s eyes grew wider. When she saw the patch of dark blonde hair between Sarah’s thighs, she fell to her knees.

"Beautiful lady," she whispered. Sarah watched, holding her breath. She was so afraid that Fallon would not find her desirable. She felt soft fingers tracing patterns on her thighs, and her breath hitched. "So beautiful."

Fallon brought her lips to the softness that was Sarah’s naked hip, and placed a kiss there. She looked up to see green eyes looking down at her, and she smiled, wanting the blonde to know just how amazing she thought she was. She placed soft kisses up the smooth, firm stomach, nudging the bottom of Sarah’s breasts with her nose, then gently suckling a nipple into the warm cavern of her mouth.

"Oh," Sarah breathed, her fingers running through the dark locks of her husband. Finally Fallon’s mouth met the blonde’s and they kissed, deep and passionate. Sarah could feel her tongue being sucked into the warrior’s mouth and moaned into the kiss. Her hands traveled down Fallon’s chest, headed toward the hem of the untucked shirt before being caught up in larger hands.

"Tsk, tsk, milady," Fallon whispered, narrowly avoiding disaster. ‘I wish to explore you right now." She gently tugged on Sarah’s hand, leading her to the rug in front of the fire. The blonde laid on her back, her eyes always on Fallon, still worried despite her husband’s words of beauty.

Fallon scanned over the smaller woman’s body, nearly feeling herself drool in anticipation of that exploration she promised. She also felt something different, though not entirely unwelcome. Her emotions were rising to the surface, heart beating rapidly at the gift that was literally laid out before her. She cared for this woman deeply, more so every day. Could Sarah ever care for her? Especially if she knew the truth?

Shaking those morose thoughts from her mind, Fallon concentrated fully on Sarah’s beautiful body. She ran her hand over the expanse of skin, the golden hair still glistening from their earlier activity.

"So lovely, dear Sarah," she said, brushing her lips once again over the blonde’s stomach, which quivered slightly under the brunette’s touch. "So lovely." The warrior brought her mouth to Sarah’s breasts, the nipples erect and taut, ready for her mouth. She flicked her tongue over one of them, feeling fingers immediately in her hair.

Sarah closed her eyes, her nervousness being swiftly upstaged by the desire she saw in Fallon’s blue eyes, turned nearly silver in the firelight.

"How is it that such a brave man as yourself can look . . . beautiful, at times?" Sarah asked, bringing a hand to rest against Fallon’s heated skin. The warrior looked at the blonde, nearly panicking for a moment, but managed to calm herself.

"None are as beautiful as you, milady," she whispered, bringing her lips to Sarah’s. As the kiss deepened, the large hand made a slow trek down the blonde’s warm skin, finding the wiry hair between her opening legs and slipping inside. It was unbelievably wet, the heat nearly burning Fallon’s fingers. "So ready," she breathed against Sarah’s lips. Moving slowly down to a breast, she sucked a nipple in, tonguing it lightly, Sarah’s body beginning to move beneath her. Fallon marveled at the texture of Sarah’s skin. The taste was salty yet sweet at the same time. Addictive.

Fallon wanted more. She gave both breasts equal treatment, then moved on. She licked a scorching path down Sarah’s stomach, and could smell the musky aroma of the blonde’s arousal as she neared where her fingers played.

Sarah arched her head back, hands running over the warrior’s clad shoulders as she felt hot breath moving to tickle the tiny hairs across her upper thighs, followed by soft lips and kisses. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt long fingers sliding into her. So wet. So ready.

The brunette kissed up to Sarah’s hip, tonguing the sharp bones, and moving toward just below her belly button. Blue eyes studied her fingers movements, and suddenly she felt compelled to join them with her tongue.

Locks of dark hair tickled the inside of Sarah’s thighs, making the blonde shiver a bit. Fallon brought her lips to the amazingly soft skin just past the bend of the leg, the muskiness of Sarah’s excitement nearly driving the warrior crazy.

The moisture was increasing with each withdrawal of her fingers, more and more pouring out with each stroke. She kissed her way to the wiry patch, inhaling the heated smell, then watching the play of her fingers. She was amazed as they disappeared inside the beautiful woman’s body, only to reappear, and go in again.

Fallon felt her body thrumming at the unbelievably erotic dance, and bowed her head.

Sarah cried out, part in surprise, part in pleasure, as she felt a tongue plow through her wetness. She looked down her body to see Fallon settled between her legs, dark head bent to her sex.

"My lord," she panted, "Fallon, what are you doing?" Blue eyes met her own half-hooded green, a mischievous gleam making the blue that much more electric.

"I seem to be tasting you, milady," Fallon said quietly, Sarah’s taste still on her tongue. With that she leaned down and swiped again. She smiled with satisfaction as she heard the thud of Sarah’s head back on the rug beneath them. She brought her fingers out of Sarah’s core and opened the silky folds of the blonde’s sex. She studied her, seeing all the differing parts and colors and textures. She saw the engorged bundle of nerves peeking out from under the hood, and closed her eyes as she ran her tongue over it.

"Fallon!" Sarah called out, bringing her hands down to painfully grasp Fallon’s hair. She spread her legs wider to accommodate the warrior’s bulk, opening herself up to that probing tongue and making an offering.

"Yes, sweet Sarah," the brunette whispered, almost in awe as she continued to swirl her tongue through the thick juices of her wife’s desire. She could tell by the blonde’s breathing that she was getting very close, and so pushed on, flicking her tongue again and again over Sarah’s clit, her fingers beginning to work their way back inside, pumping with each lick of her tongue.

Sarah bared her teeth, feeling the most intense waves of passion flow through her, nearly making her light headed with the impact. The wave of ecstasy felt as though it would wash her into darkness.

Fallon held on as the blonde’s body arched off the floor, her pubic bone nearly hitting the warrior in the face. She held on to Sarah’s thighs, trying to calm her once the blonde had fully climaxed.

Trembling, Sarah felt tears stinging her eyes. Fallon quickly climbed up her body, and held her close, murmuring soft words into her ear and petting her hair.

Sarah clung to her husband, small aftershocks still pulsing through her.

"I’m sorry, Fallon," she said quietly, swiping at a tear. "I was just so overwhelmed."

"No need apologize, dear Sarah." Fallon murmured, moving to lie beside the still trembling woman, pulling her naked body to her, and rubbing gentle circles over her back. "It means I did well, yes?"

"Oh, yes, my lord." Sarah took a deep, shuddering breath, burying her face into the warrior’s warm neck. "Very good. I have never experienced anything quite like it before. ’Twas, ’twas truly amazing."

Fallon smiled, kissing the top of the blonde head. "Good," she whispered.

"I should like to return the favor, husband." Sarah pulled lightly away from Fallon and reached for the hem of her shirt again. A large hand stopped it.

"No need, Sarah. I am fine." Fallon tried to play it off as she was tired, but could see the raw determination and desire in those green eyes.

"Oh, but I wish to." Sarah tried again, nearly reaching into Fallon’s still unlaced pants. The warrior jumped to her feet, hands laid protectively over herself. Sarah looked up at her, stunned. "My lord?"

"I said I’m fine, Sarah," Fallon said, far more harsh than she had intended to. She could see the hurt flash across the blonde’s face. The lady grabbed her crumpled dress, and pulled it in front of her naked torso like a shield.

"I am sorry, my lord." She bowed her head, long blonde hair like a curtain to cover her blushing face.

"I, it’s . . ." Fallon swallowed, feeling like an ass. "I’ll see you at dinner." She hurriedly tucked in her shirt and laced the leather trousers, and nearly ran from the room.

Sarah felt the first tear fall.


Fallon slammed into her chambers, almost ripping the billowy shirt from her body, crumpling it into a ball and throwing it across the large room. Next came the boots and pants. She then removed the phallus and harness, looking at it, Sarah’s scent still very recognizable.

She groaned and tossed the contraption on the bed.

"I hate this!" she yelled, slamming her fist into her thigh like a child. She hated the ruse, hated her father for putting her in the position to have to lie, and hated herself for going along with it. She knew that it was a necessary evil, but that was cold comfort. She was lying to everyone around her, including a beautiful young woman whom she was growing to care about more and more every day. A woman who was so sweet and trusting and so hopeful that maybe she had been lucky to find real happiness.

Happiness in a lie.

Fallon turned to the full length looking glass and took in the reflection that stared back at her with hatred and contempt. She took in her body, hard from years of practicing on the battle and practice fields, and hours of daily rigorous exorcise. Her skin was bronze from so much exposure to the sun, coupled with her natural coloring. The eyes, blue, and what Sarah called beautiful and riveting. Fallon called them cold and calculating.

"You are a fraud," she whispered vehemently to herself.


Sarah sat at her vanity table, brush in hand, though hair forgotten. She stared vacantly at the mottle of jars and beautifying ointments massed across the table. Mary stood behind her, watching the girl through the mirror.

The young blonde had been quiet all evening, even during dinner. She had been withdrawn and barely had picked at her food. And as she thought of this, the servant realized that Lord Fallon had been the same. The husband and wife had not spoken during dinner, and in fact it had all been a rather somber affair.

"Miss Sarah?" Mary said quietly, taking the brush from the loose hand of her mistress.

"Hmm?" Sarah said absently, clasping her fingers together in her lap.

"Are you alright, milady?" Mary began to gently take the long, blonde strands out of the elaborate braid held at the back of the girl’s head, slowly removing the green ribbon that had been entwined with the hair.

"Yes," Sarah lied, then thought better of it. "Mary, am I appealing to look at?" she asked quietly, her voice just barely above a whisper.

"Milady?" Mary wasn’t sure she’d heard the question correctly.

"Tell me, Mary. Am I hideous?"

The handmaiden met the pained green eyes in the mirror and shook her head.

"No, miss Sarah. Far from it. You are a most beautiful woman." She smiled. "Most sweet."

"Thank you, Mary." Sarah reached back, laying her hand on that that rested on her shoulder.

"Is there trouble?" The maid resumed her brushing.

"I do not know." She looked down, again feeling the pain of Fallon’s rejection from earlier that night. She did not know what she had done wrong, or if she had simply been too ugly for the warrior to share himself with. A single tear dropped to land on her folded hands.

"Oh, dear Sarah. What is it?" Mary knelt beside her young friend’s chair, taking her hands in her own. "Perhaps I can help."

Green eyes, vibrant from the upset, met the concerned blue.

"I do not know if my husband finds me desirable. I wonder if it is because I have not given him an heir as of yet. We have tried, Mary!" she cried, finally letting her pain and confusion come. "I have done my best as his wife, to grant him such. It has not happened, and I fear he is so disappointed in me."

"Miss Sarah, I am so sorry." Mary gathered the trembling woman into her arms and tried to soothe the child. "You have done all you can. ’Tis up to God to decide who is blessed and who is not. Perhaps the problem is not yours." Mary didn’t fully understand the scope of Sarah’s pain, but tried to be there as best she could, to comfort the girl she had come to see as her own daughter. So sweet was young Sarah. She felt anger build at the thought of that man hurting her so.

Sarah pulled away after a bit, wanting to be alone.

"Please help me finish, Mary. I am so tired."

Mary left not a candle mark later, and the blonde quickly climbed into bed. She felt so alone and empty, not understanding. She knew it wasn’t really a huge deal, and as her husband, Fallon had the right to resist or reject her as he so chose. But it just felt wrong to her, somehow. He was so kind and gentle, and then there was the incredible pleasure he had incited in her that day.

She shivered at the thought. Was it a sin to feel such immense ecstasy? She wondered. Curling up within herself, Sarah tried to fall asleep.


For the next few weeks the couple kept their distance. Sarah was stung and unsure, and Fallon was simply playing the fool’s chicken. She did not want to have to see that kind of hurt in her wife’s eyes again. She was angry and disgusted at herself, and knew that the topic would come up again.

How to fight off the beautiful woman without hurting her further, or giving up her secret.

She sighed as she walked the grounds after her practice with her men. Deciding to take a nice, hot bath and think, she headed into the castle.



Sarah thanked the stable master as she handed over the reigns to Athena, and pulled off her riding gloves as she headed toward the castle. She had very much enjoyed her ride around the property, guards following her, of course. They were sure to keep her safe so as not to have to face the wrath of their master should any harm come to the young lady.

It was a beautiful day, warm and bright. This was good, as the blonde’s heart felt cold and dark. She had not seen much of Fallon in nearly a moon. She wished to speak with her husband, but had no idea if she had the right. He had not come to her, which was very telling in itself.

She felt miserable.

Even more so now that she was dusty and dirty from her ride. She wanted some time alone to think, and the baths were the perfect place to do just that.


The warrior piled her clothes neatly in the corner, ready to be picked up by a servant later. Her fresh clothes sat folded and ready to don once she finished her bath.

Stepping toward the edge of the hot spring, she sampled the temperature with a toe. Finding it to her liking, she placed a hand on the top of the statue that was placed near the steps for just that reason. The angel smiled forever as he waited to assist souls into the cleansing depths of the spring.

About to take a step, Fallon barely had time to register that the door had opened that led into the general hall. She had forgotten to lock it in her haste to relax.

The soft gasp made her turn her head, seeing Sarah standing at the door, hand covering her mouth, wide eyes taking in her very naked, and very female body.

"Sarah?" Fallon said, her mind finally registering the catastrophe at hand.

The blonde’s eyes rose to meet her own, the younger woman’s face pale with shock and surprise. She turned and promptly ran from the chamber.

"Damn thee!" Fallon yelled, raising her face to the ceiling. She knew she’d have no time to get dressed and then find the panicked blonde. Sitting down at the side of the spring, she buried her face in her hands.


Sarah, nearly blinded by her tears, ran from the castle, ignoring the concerned words from the servants as she passed. She ran out into the mid-day sun, careless of where she went; she just needed to escape.

She nearly tripped, and decided to stop, collapsing against a large oak. She could not get the vision out of her mind. There in the bathing chamber stood her husband. He was naked, but had breasts! Sarah had seen them, and had nearly passed out from shock. Thinking perhaps it was a trick of nature, her gaze had traveled down to see no penis. Only a dark patch of hair, so much like her own.

A woman!

What sort of trickery was this? What part was Sarah to play in this game of emotions and deceit?

She swiped angrily at her eyes, but more moisture continued to fall, making the greens of the grass and blue of the sky blend and become confused.

Could this be why Fallon was so insistent on not showing himself to Sarah? Could it have been this secret? But why was he hiding this? Why was he doing this?

"Can he even be called a he anymore?" she cried, letting the tears fall into her lap, making dark spots on her yellow dress. It was so absurd, and she felt a pang of hurt and fear strike through her heart. Was their marriage even legal? Certainly not in the eyes of the Church, let alone the law.

"He made love to me," she whispered, now realizing all that went with this charade. "How?" She remembered specifically seeing that Fallon was most definitely a woman. In every meaning of the word.


Fallon rode her horse, his hooves pounding into the ground, soft after the rains from the previous night. She rode him hard, wanting to try and lose herself in him. Wanting to forget about the fact that her life was falling apart at her feet.

All because of one stupid lie.

The warrior could feel the tears beginning to sting behind her lids. She let them fall, needing to release her pain and anguish. All her life she wanted to be happy and fulfilled. Deep down in parts she was loath to admit to, she knew that Sarah could make her happy. She also knew she could have made Sarah happy.

Oh, if only given the chance.

Fallon had no doubt she’d be hung for this. Sarah would run to the church, or her father, and it would certainly end in the brunette’s own death, as well as that of her father. The alliance wouldn’t be necessary after all. The house of Aragon would be no more.

The warrior dismounted, her horse panting and in need of water. She led him to the small lake to drink, and for her to think.

The thought of dying was fine with her. She felt she was worth nothing else anyway.

Finding a log, she sat on the ground with her lower back against it. Picking up a wild flower, she twisted it in her fingers, watching how the brightly colored petals shone in the sun. It almost seemed to mock her with its beauty.

Setting it aside, she closed her eyes and raised her face to the warming rays of the sun.

Soft footfalls made their way across the grassy field, long skirts swishing against the long blades. Blue eyes opened to see the image of beauty herself walking toward her. Sarah’s long hair was down, free about her shoulders and back. Green eyes were staring out over the calm waters as she got closer.

"Hello, Fallon," she said once she reached the warrior. There was no malice in her soft voice, though no love in it, either. She seemed calm and determined.

"Milady." The brunette bowed her head in respect for the lady in her presence. Without being obvious, Fallon drank in the visage before her. She had not seen Sarah in days, and had missed her greatly. She’d missed her beauty, the calmness that the small blonde instilled within her breast. Her aura.

"I’ve come to ask you a question." Sarah stood a few paces away, hands clutching her kerchief in front of her like a shield.

"Alright. I will answer." Fallon stood, motioning toward the log for Sarah to sit, which she did. The brunette leaned against the trunk of a nearby tree. "Please, ask away."

Sarah arranged her skirts and her thoughts, then cleared her throat. She garnered the courage to meet Fallon’s gaze.

"Why did you do it?"

"Our houses needed the alliance. I have no brothers of marrying age, so this was the best way," the warrior answered, clear and simple.

"For whom?"

"For the people of our lands. Your father needed an ally, as did my own. My father thought this the best way." Fallon ran a nervous hand through her hair, brushing it back away from her face. As Sarah looked up into that face, she realized what had been so different about her husband. Though he was undoubtedly strong, he had a bit of softness about him. A beauty that she had not seen in neither male or female. A truly unique person.

"And what of the things we’ve done?" Sarah looked down at her fidgeting hands, feeling ashamed and bashful.

"Milady, our marriage had to be consummated for it to be valid. You know how the nobles are. They’d try and find any such way to say it’s not so."

Sarah’s eyes flashed angrily up at the warrior.

"And is it consummated, Fallon? A marriage is between a man and a woman! Love is made between a man and a woman. I see no man here!"

Fallon flinched at the truth in those words. She felt her emotions coming to the surface again for the pain she heard in the young woman’s voice.

"I am sorry, Sarah." She met the tortured gaze with one of her own. "I never meant to hurt you."

Sarah opened her mouth to release a scathing remark, but snapped it shut instead. She had no desire to hurt this gentle . . . woman, before her who had shown her nothing but kindness.

"And what of the other times?" was nearly whispered, unable to look at the woman before her.

Fallon sighed, thinking indeed, what of the other times. She sighed again, stripping a bit of bark off the tree she leaned against and turning it around and around in her fingers.

"I have grown to care about you deeply, Sarah. I have felt drawn to you."

"But you knew I was a woman." Sarah searched those amazing blue eyes, trying to find some sort of ground to grab onto in them. As of that moment, she felt utterly lost and alone.

"Yes," Fallon admitted, finally able to meet the demanding gaze of her wife. "But you made me feel, Sarah. I felt something I had never felt. Even that first night," she whispered.

Sarah looked at her, absorbing what she was being told. She felt those words were true in her own heart, but was still so confused as to know what to do.

"You know, all this time I had not become with child and thought it was me." Sarah laughed ruefully. "I thought I was failing you as a wife."

"Far from it, milady. You are everything a husband could want. Please do not take this burden upon yourself."

"What am I to do, Fallon?" she asked. "I am spoiled, no good to a husband now. And our marriage is not valid."

"I’ve thought of this. We shall fake my death, Sarah. I die, and you inherit all the lands and have a home. From there," Fallon looked down, the last part painful, "you can go on to find love with a man."

Sarah looked at the warrior, stunned at her generosity. "Fallon, you are kind, and have a big heart to suggest such. I do not know if I could ruin your life so. You will no longer have an identity. Where would you go?"

"I do not know, and it doesn’t matter. I wish for you to be happy, Sarah. That is all. And if it means this for me, then so be it." She pushed off the tree, tossing her mutilated piece of bark to the shore. "I only want you to know I never meant to hurt you. This is very important for me."

"I understand, and believe you, Fallon. That is your real name, is it not?"

"Yes." Fallon smiled just a bit, then looked down again.

"Hmm. Well," Sarah stood, wiping the back of her skirts. "I must go. Thank you for your honesty."

"Yes, milady." Fallon bowed deep, never seeing the little blonde take her leave.


Sarah roamed the halls of the castle that she had come to know so very well. Like a phantom, her shadow passed across the walls and floor. Her footfalls could not be heard, nor the breaking of her heart.

She had spoken to Fallon a week ago, and had used the time between to think. She was comfortable at Camden Castle, and certainly with the staff and the master of the house.


The blonde thought of the darker woman. A woman. She better understood Fallon’s motives, and believed there was no malicious intent, but merely what had become necessary. Though her parents had kept their daughter out of news of current events surrounding her family’s lands, Sarah still knew of the hardships about, and what sort of small wars were being created to ease that hardship.

The common people felt they had no protection, and those who were greedy allowed that greed to overthrow their judgment. They took that which was not theirs, and the guards of both houses were overwhelmed with trying to keep peace and order. A combined house, now that was wise. Double the money and double the power to keep the lands at peace.

Sarah sighed. Why must so much rest upon her head?

Then she thought of the time she’d been with Fallon. Nearly half a season. They had spent a good deal of time together. They had taken walks and talked about themselves and their dreams. Fallon listened to what the blonde had to say. She wanted to know all of Sarah’s wants and desires, and often did what she could to provide those.

She had enjoyed every moment spent with the dashing Fallon. Every one. The dinners, the talks, the good-natured horse racing, and yes, making love. This brought her thoughts to the last time, in the library. Sarah closed her eyes, her hands clenching over her chest. How gentle the warrior had been. The amazing sensations she had sent through the smaller woman’s body.

"Oh, Fallon," she breathed, suddenly very sad. Then she thought of the day she had accidentally walked in on the brunette when she was about to bathe. The expanse of skin, so bronze from hours in the sun. The skin tight and firm over muscles created by years of heavy training and combat. Fallon of Aragon was truly stunning.

"What do I do?" she asked the empty space.


Fallon sat in one of the chairs in front of the fire in her sitting room. She stared into the flames, a near untouched glass of brandy in her hand. She sighed heavily, then leaned up in her chair, intent to get up and douse the fire. She was tired. Exhausted, really. Mainly in her heart.

As she was about to stand, she heard a soft knock at the door. Standing, she faced it.

"Come," she called. Expecting Charles to be checking in for the night, she sipped from her goblet.

The door opened and Fallon saw the flutter of soft, white material, then a bare foot, and finally the entire body of Sarah. The blonde stood in a flowing gown, her hair brushed to a shine around her shoulders and back.

"Milady?" the warrior said, suddenly concerned. Sarah said nothing, just gently shut the door behind her and leaned against it.

"My lord," she said softly.

Confused, Fallon put her goblet down on a table. "Are you alright, Sarah? Do you need something?"

"Yes." Sarah pushed away from the door and walked halfway across the room, her eyes never leaving the warrior’s. Fallon’s heart skipped a beat, wanting and uncertainty plaguing her.

Sarah stopped and extended her hand, waiting for it to be taken. Fallon placed her much larger one in it, waiting. Blue met green, and a silent conversation was played out. Fallon swallowed, hard.

"Fallon?" Sarah whispered, looking up into the brunette’s face.

"Yes?" Fallon whispered back, her knees feeling like jelly.

"Make love to me, my husband." She leaned up and placed a very soft kiss upon Fallon’s trembling lips. Fallon moved to speak, but Sarah placed her fingers over the soft lips. "Do not speak. You make me feel happy, safe, wanted and loved," she explained. "To the world you are Fallon of Aragon, Lord of Camden Castle. To me you are Fallon, the man I married and the woman I love."

A long sigh of relief fell from Fallon’s lips and she gathered the smaller woman into her arms, holding her close, needing to know this was real.

"Oh, Sarah," she breathed. "You are all those things, my love," she said into the golden hair, then brought her fingers up under Sarah’s chin, raising her face to meet her own. She met the loving gaze and returned it. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. I came to realize that like you, no one had ever made me feel these things. I’d be a fool to let you go."

Fallon leaned in, brushing her lips lightly against Sarah’s, causing a wave of delight to pass through them both. The kiss deepened, each slowly caressing the other with lips, tongue and teeth.

Sarah released a soft moan, her arms wrapping around Fallon’s waist, fingers grasping the material of her shirt, craving the heat that lay just beneath.

"I wish to see you, Fallon," Sarah murmured against the warrior’s lips. Fallon nodded, pulling away and taking Sarah by the hand. Together they walked toward her bedchamber where Sarah was gently nudged to sit on the edge of the bed. Fallon stood before her. She was nervous, but she saw only love and desire reflected back in those green eyes.

Bringing her hands up, she pulled the laces to her shirt and leather pants. She tugged the shirt until it came free from the breeches, then pulled if over her head. Sarah watched wide-eyed, hungry. She saw the expanse of Fallon’s muscled stomach, the skin looking so soft and smooth. Her fingers itched to touch it.

Fallon reached behind her and released the strip of material that kept her breasts bound. The swath began to loosen and she pulled it off, unwinding it from around her torso. She sighed with relief once she was released. Wide green eyes took in the full breasts, the skin slightly red from the material chaffing them.

"Ohhh," she breathed. She thought Fallon must be just about the most beautiful thing in the world.

The warrior began to take her boots off, but was stopped by a soft hand on her arm.

"Let me." Sarah knelt down, putting Fallon’s foot on her knee. She pulled and the leather came loose, falling to the ground, followed by its mate. Sarah stood, running her hands up the sides of Fallon’s thighs and side as she did. When her fingers came into contact with the unbelievably soft skin of the brunette’s sides, she whimpered. Her eyes were riveted by the swell of her breasts. So round and perfect. "Beautiful," she sighed.

Fallon watched, nearly holding her breath, as the blonde leaned down, placing a soft kiss at the juncture of her shoulder and neck. She felt so vulnerable standing there in a way that no one had ever seen her before. Eyes closing, she relished the feel of Sarah’s lips and tongue on her skin.

Sarah brought a hand up, fingers running just along the underside of a beautifully rounded breast. "So soft," she murmured, her lips making a trail along Fallon’s collar bone.

Fallon brought her hands to Sarah’s gown, gathering the material up with her fingers, gradually exposing Sarah’s body. She nearly lost control when she realized the blonde was completely naked underneath it.

Sarah raised her arms so the gown could be lifted over her head. Shaking her long hair free, she returned her attention back to Fallon’s body. The warrior closed her eyes as she felt hot breath nearing her right nipple, gentle fingers running along the underside of the breast. Her hands roamed over Sarah’s bare shoulders and neck, then down her arms and back up again.

Soft kisses turned to wet licks, and Fallon gasped when a shot of pleasure started at her suckled nipple all the way down to her core. She buried her fingers into the thick blonde hair as she listened to the contented moaning as Sarah licked and teased her. As her mouth worked, Sarah’s hands moved down to the leather pants, bringing her hands just inside and pushing, the tight pants making slow progress down the long, gorgeous thighs.

Fallon stepped out of the pants, leaving her totally naked. The blonde relinquished the nipple and looked at what was exposed. She saw the patch of dark hair, so much like her own, save for color. Curious, she reached down, using her palm to gently run over the wiry hairs, nearly tickling her palm.

The warrior’s heart rate began to do double time.

"I can’t stand, Sarah," she panted. Sarah took her by the hand and brought them the few steps to the high canopy. She climbed on, and tugged for Fallon to follow. Once on, Fallon gently pushed Sarah back, laying her body on top of hers. Both moaned in unison as their full bodies touched for the first time. The feeling of skin on skin was amazing, and nearly the undoing of them both.

Fallon immediately found Sarah’s mouth, kissing her with every bit of passion for the smaller woman she had. The blonde was left breathless as she reached her hands down to scour the warrior’s back, nails grazing across the smooth surface. She had never felt anything nearly this wonderful.

There had been a time when she’d wondered just how two women made love since they seemed to be missing a certain part of the anatomy. But now, now she wasn’t so worried.

She pushed Fallon onto her back and straddled the long, lean body beneath her. Looking down into the darkened blue eyes, Sarah felt a pulse start at her core and work its way out. Fallon reached up, cupping Sarah’s breasts in needy hands. The blonde moaned, eyes closing as she arched her head back in pleasure. She felt her most sensitive area come to life as it rested against Fallon’s stomach. Moving slightly, she realized that it felt wonderful.

Fallon sat up, bringing her mouth to where her hands played. She took one of Sarah’s nipples into her mouth, licking the hard nub until she heard Sarah’s breathing turn to panting. Sarah’s hips had begun to rock, and the warrior could feel the wetness being spread across her stomach. Lying down again, she continued the torture with her hands, but hardened the muscles in her stomach to give the blonde even more purchase.

Sarah moaned loudly, eyes closing as a jolt of pleasure shot through her. She felt hands on her hips, guiding her to begin rocking, and she did. She put her hands on Fallon’s shoulders for balance, and rubbed herself against the brunette’s skin.

The movements became more needy, desperate even. Fallon was panting right along with Sarah as she saw the waves of pleasure wash over the beautiful woman’s face. Sarah cried out, her body jerking as she released.

Fallon was amazed. She had never seen the blonde so aroused before, and her scent was driving her wild. She gently pushed Sarah to the bed and captured her lips again. Sarah was too happy to oblige.

They were a tumble of legs and arms as they rolled over, Sarah on top again. She kissed Fallon with everything she had. She reached her hand down the smooth surface of the heated skin, feeling the warrior’s dark hair between her legs. She combed her fingers through it, making Fallon’s breathing hitch.

"I want to make you feel as good as you make me," she whispered into the brunette’s mouth.

Her fingers slipped into the wet silkiness of Fallon’s sex. She was absolutely saturated, and so ready. Sarah felt the hard nub that she had come to realize was where a woman’s pleasure was hidden. Fallon cried out as her clit was stroked, her fingers balling the sheet into her fist.

Sarah roamed over Fallon’s body with her mouth, finding every little sensitive area, tasting the heated skin. Her fingers ran through the slick folds, gathering so much moisture as they went. She felt Fallon’s hips moving with her, trying to find release. The blonde found her way to a breast again, licking and suckling as her fingers continued to explore.

"Please," Fallon whimpered, desperate for Sarah’s touch. Sarah’s fingers returned to the hard nub, and began to rub in quick circles, trying to listen to Fallon’s body to see what she needed. Fallon cried out, her body arching off the bed as her desire rushed out to coat Sarah’s fingers.

Sarah held the warrior close as she tried to get herself under control. The orgasm had hit her with such unbelievable force, she felt as though she’d shudder to pieces. Sarah cooed encouraging words to the trembling woman. Once she was under control again, Sarah looked into her eyes.


"Yes, love?" Fallon looked at Sarah with so much love, the blonde wanted to cry in her happiness. She had indeed made the right decision.

"When I thought you were a man, and we made love, how did you do it?"

The brunette smiled a little shy, burying her face in Sarah’s neck.

"I had help," she finally said.

"Can I see?"

Disentangling herself from Sarah’s warm body, she walked over to the chest where she hid the phallus and harness, taking it out. She held it up to show Sarah, who was standing right behind her.

"Put it on me." There was no room for discussion in the blonde’s voice, so Fallon merely nodded and helped her wife into the harness. She adjusted it to fit the smaller frame, and added the final touch. "Lie down."

Fallon was nervous as she made her way back over to the bed. She did as she was told, laying on her back and watching as Sarah climbed over her. She felt her heart pounding, not sure what to expect, but she knew that Sarah would never hurt her. She also thought this would make her belong to Sarah all the more.

Sarah, not sure what to do, only going from what Fallon had done to her, placed herself between Fallon’s spread legs. She ran her hand down the long thigh, the skin so smooth under her hand.

"Beautiful," she whispered against the warrior’s lips. The brunette moaned in return, feeling her desire rekindled with the blonde’s soft, seductive voice. Sarah reached down and wrapped her hand around the leather phallus, looking down to make sure she was in the right place. She guided the head to the opening of Fallon’s sex, pausing. She looked into the hazy blue eyes beneath her.

"I love you, Sarah," Fallon whispered. The blonde nearly melted. She leaned down and kissed the warrior.

"I love you, too," she breathed, gently nudging the phallus further inside. Fallon’s eyes closed as she concentrated on her body taking in the foreign object. "This might sting just a bit," Sarah said against the skin of Fallon’s neck. She nibbled on the muscle there, licking up to an earlobe. Fallon moaned, arching her head to the side.

She had no barrier to break anymore from being so active, but she was still tight, the muscles of her sex unused and inexperienced. Her inner walls expanded slightly uncomfortably as Sarah gently slid inside. Once completely in, she stopped, resting on her elbows.

"Are you okay, love?"

Fallon nodded. "Yes. You fill me."

"Yes. I’m making you mine." Sarah kissed her passionately, possessive. She began to move her hips just a bit, allowing the warrior to get used to the feeling. The blonde closed her eyes, amazed at how wonderful it felt to take Fallon like this. Now she understood why Fallon had been unable to resist more than just her consummating duty. It overjoyed her to know their bodies were joined in such an intimate way.

Fallon began to move her hips slightly, her body letting her know she was ready. Sarah took the cue and raised herself onto her hands, breasts dangling over the warrior’s. She moved her hips, moving the phallus out and then smoothly back in. Fallon was so wet and ready. She spread her legs further, raising her knees and hooking her ankles behind Sarah’s lower back. The blonde moaned at this, sparking her own desires threefold.

Fallon’s body relaxed, and she allowed herself to enjoy the feel of being penetrated, and knowing that her Sarah was behind it. She laid her head to the side, eyes closed as the pleasure washed over her, her hands reaching down to lie on Sarah’s butt, pushing her further inside.

Sarah began to lick and kiss the exposed side of the brunette’s throat as she continued to thrust. She could feel the pressure building inside herself as the end of the phallus against her body pushed into her, eliciting the most wonderful sensations with each pass. Fallon’s breathing was starting to come faster and faster, her body moving in perfect sync with Sarah’s, until finally the blonde was pounding into her love, head thrown back, long blonde hair spread out across her back. The bed was creaking with every thrust.

Both women were panting, Fallon’s teeth bared as she felt the release build, ready to burst forth from her in a rainbow of color and sound. She yelled out, her voice echoing off the stone walls of her chamber, followed quickly by Sarah’s melodic voice.

Sarah collapsed on top of Fallon, who wrapped her up in strong arms. The warrior buried her face into Sarah’s hair, trying to get her heartbeat back under control.

"My Sarah," she panted. She felt the blonde nod.

"Yes. Yours, Fallon." Green eyes met blue. "I love you, and want to be with you."

"Always." Fallon agreed with a smile. "I love you, too."


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