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Unwrap Me
Kim Pritekel

Brooke Barrens wheeled her carefully packed suitcase into the room, blowing out a long, tired breath as she tossed the room keycard to the polished surface of the dresser and heaved the luggage up onto the folding luggage rack that had been leaning against the wall. She walked over to the window, looking down at the courtyard, fifteen floors below.

Glad to finally be off the plane and ready to settle in for the night before a long week’s worth of meetings, she shrugged out of her suit jacket and kicked off her heels. Damn her boss. If she hadn’t had to attend a meeting back home before her flight left at ten-thirty that morning, she could have traveled far more comfortably in jeans and tennies.

Brooke walked into the bathroom, splashing her face with water and running a hand through short, blonde hair. She leaned over the vanity counter, looking into bloodshot green eyes. It had been a long day, and she looked forward to ordering some room service and relaxing. Her job was demanding back home, let alone being on the road and stuck in meetings all day every day for six days.

“This is going to suck,” Brooke blew out, heading back out into the bedroom area of the room. She glanced over at the bed where she’d left her jacket, sighing in resignation. She knew she had to call home. Digging her cell out of the pocket of her suit jacket, she dialed the ten numbers from memory.

“Hi, you’ve reached the cell phone of Kelsey Richards. I can’t answer my phone right now, but if you’ll leave a message I’ll call you back as soon as I can. Bye.”

Brooke rolled her eyes at the voicemail of her partner of seven years. “Can’t answer your phone my ass,” she muttered, waiting for the beep to signify she could leave a message. “Hey,” she said, her voice expressionless. “I’m here, the plane landed alright. Um,” she wasn’t sure what to say, “I hope you have a good night. Um, guess I’ll try to call you sometime tomorrow or the day after. Bye.”

She slapped her phone shut and tossed it to the bed. She and Kelsey had met seven years ago while both had been in college. It was love at first sight, unlike anything Brooke had ever known. She’d had a boyfriend at the time, in fact, and she had quickly left Scott to pursue Kelsey, two years older. Within three months they had pulled the clichéd lesbian experience, and had moved in together. They’d been together ever since.

Brooke flopped down on the bed, leaning back against the headboard and grabbing the TV’s remote off the bedside table. As she absently flipped through channels, her mind returned back to her partner. Their relationship had been so solid for about the first five years. In fact, theirs had been the envy of all their friends and family. They were so compatible, and had such fun together. Kelsey was her best friend and the love of her life.

Until about two years ago. Things had started to become strained, and eventually downright uncomfortable. They’d begun to fight, something they’d never done in all their time together. The fights had been over simple things, all hiding the true cause, which had eluded Brooke for a long time.

She still loved Kelsey deeply, and felt that Kelsey still loved her, but something in Kelsey had changed. Shifted, almost. Not that Brooke was trying to put all the blame on her partner by any stretch. But, the blonde felt as though Kelsey were restless. She knew for sure that Kelsey was restless in her job, but was she restless in her relationship, too? Sometimes Brooke even wondered if her partner were having an affair.

Brooke quickly threw that thought out of her mind and heart. The thought made her feel nauseous. There was no way she could ever cheat on Kelsey, and she had to believe that Kelsey could never cheat on her.

Deciding on a comedy that was n HBO, Brooke swung her legs off the bed and padded into the bathroom, shedding her clothing as she went. She was craving a nice long, hot shower. That was the great thing about hotels: they seemed to have an unlimited supply of hot water.

The water pounded over Brooke’s head and body, helping to ease some of the stress between her shoulders. She raised her face to the spray, allowing the water to flow over her. Suddenly she had a memory.

Brooke was running her fingers through her hair, making sure all the shampoo had been rinses out. She was about to grab her shaver when she felt a sudden burst of cold air enter the shower cubicle, then a pair of warm hands slid along her side and up, covering Brooke’s breasts. She leaned back into the body behind hers, groaning in appreciation at the feel of Kelsey’s naked breasts against her back.

“I want you,” her partner whispered into her ear, pressing her front to Brooke’s back. “I want to be inside you right now.”

Brooke took one of the hands that was on her breasts and slid it down the front of her body, over a flat stomach and finally to her neatly trimmed patch of blonde curls. She widened her stance, giving Kelsey plenty of room to maneuver. “Ohhhh,” she sighed as long fingers dipped into her most sensitive place. “Yes, baby. Yesssss…”

A sob tore from Brooke’s throat, surprising her. She buried her face in her hands, allowing the tears to come. Her slender shoulders shook with the power of her grief. She feared that her relationship was over, and her heart was breaking.

Brooke stepped out of the shower, drying her body and face with one of the soft, white provided by the classy hotel, then threw on one of the two terry cloth robes provided. Wrapped in warmth, her hair still slicked back from her face, Brooked headed into the bedroom portion of the room, feeling tired and emotionally wrought. She reached up and took her grandmother’s cross – which she never took off – into her hand.

“If you’re up there, Grandma, help me,” she whispered. “Give me at least enough peace to sleep tonight.” She kissed the gold pendent then sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the room service menu placed by the phone.

Brooke made herself comfortable as she waited for her dinner, sitting cross-legged on the bed as she flipped through the packet her boss had given her, which covered the meetings she’d be attending for the rest of the week. She thought it was strange that she’d been asked to go, considering she hadn’t traveled for her company in more than a year. She had taken the promotion for just that reason.

She was about to pick up her cell and call her boss with a question about the week when there was a knock on the hotel room door. Dark blonde brows drew.

“Jeez, that was fast.”

She slid off the bed and made sure her robe was closed as she grabbed her wallet from her suit jacket, pulling out some cash to tip the room service guy. She pulled open the hotel room door and saw a cart filled with covered dishes and a woman wearing a tuxedo with a nametag reading STEPHANIE.

Brooke looked at the woman, tall with long, dark hair, pinned up on top of her head. Her sky blue eyes were intense and burned into Brooke. “You called for room service?” she asked, her voice low and filled with a sensual edge.

All Brooke could do was stare in shock. “Yes,” she said, backing into the room as the woman pushed the cart into the room, closing the door behind her.

“Where would you like it?” the woman asked, looking Brooke up and down.

“Um, over there,” the blonde pointed at the table in the corner of the room.

Stephanie pushed the cart to where Brooke pointed, then turned to the blonde, a sexy grin spreading across her face. She leaned back against the dresser, watching Brooke, who was baffled. “Someone told me that you’ve had some problems, lately,” the woman said softly. “Tsk, tsk. I can’t have that.” She reached up and pulled the bindings in her hair, shaking her head as long, black hair flowed all around her, down to her breasts.

Brooke watched, unsure what to say. What was this woman doing? What was she supposed to do? Her eyes widened as the woman’s hands moved to the jacket of her tux, slowly unbuttoning the black buttons.

“What are you doing?” Brooke asked, her voice wavering as shock warred with arousal. The woman with the nametag that said STEPHANIE looked gorgeous.

“I’m going to make you feel better,” the woman said, shrugging out of the jacket to reveal a white button-up shirt tucked into black slacks. With an unwavering gaze, she tugged at one end of the black bowtie, the knot releasing as she slowly tugged the tie out from under the wing-collar. “I’m here to be your absolute fantasy, Brooke,” she said, never taking her eyes off the struck blonde. “Everything you want, everything you desire, you will get tonight.”

Brooke could hardly breathe, her heart beating a million miles an hour. How had this happened? Her earlier tears and heartache were forgotten as she watched the stunning woman continue to disrobe. What should she do? Should she stop this? Leave the room? Call security? She couldn’t move as the woman unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a lacy black bra underneath.

Stephanie finished with her shirt, letting the slide from her shoulders. She tugged it out of the waistband of her slacks, letting it fall to the floor as she walked over to the beautiful blonde. “You are gorgeous,” she whispered, taking Brooke by the hands and pulling her away from the bed, where she’d been almost trying to hide. “Don’t be afraid, baby,” she murmured, leading Brooke out to the center of the room. “I want you to enjoy this.” She grinned, making Brooke’s blood boil and nether regions grow moist. “I’m your Christmas present, baby.”


“It doesn’t matter,” Stephanie interrupted, brining Brooke’s hands to the fly of her slacks. “Unzip me, Brooke,” the woman whispered.

Brooke’s hands were shaking as she did as asked, the woman’s black pants falling down her shapely legs and pooling on the floor, revealing a black thong, which matched her bra. The woman bent down, stepping out of her shoes and removing her socks, then kicking the pants aside. Now, dressed in only the thong and bra, she was like a goddess come to life.

“Jesus, you are beautiful,” Brooke breathed, taking in all of the woman standing before her.

“I’m yours tonight, baby,” the woman said, gently nudging Brooke back towards the bed. “Whatever you desire, you’ll have. In fact,” she walked over to the trap, taking the silver cover off one of the platters to reveal a purse-sized bag. “I brought some fun with me, too. Whatever you want, baby,” she reiterated, walking over to Brooke with the bag, which she tossed on the bed. She looked at Brooke, still dressed in her hotel robe. “You are far overdressed,” she announced.

Brooke watched as gentle hands tugged at the tie of her robe, the terry cloth falling open to reveal her nakedness. She felt vulnerable and terribly raw as the woman’s blue eyes scanned the perfection, which was her body.

“Oh, yes. I’m very much going to enjoy myself tonight,” the woman said, a rakish grin curling her lips. Without warning, she pushed Brooke back onto the bed, the blonde bouncing softly before settling.

Stephanie stood at the end of the bed, reaching behind herself as she captured Brooke’s gaze, and unclasped the lacy bra. The sexy garment slid from her shoulders and down her arms, revealing beautiful, firm breasts, a bit larger than a handful. Brooke’s mouth watered at the sight, her inner thighs already becoming slick with thoughts of the woman who seemed to be determined to make her every fantasy come true.

Stephanie slid the thong down her long thighs, then crawled up from the end of the bed until she was hovering over Brooke’s body. She met the blonde’s gaze, studying her face. “Where do you want to start, baby?” she asked, her voice a sultry whisper.

Brooke licked her lips, her emerald gaze sliding down to full lips before meeting the blue eyes once more. She decided to give in to it, to her. She needed this desperately. “Kiss me,” she whispered.

Stephanie slowly lowered her body until their naked skin was in full contact. Brooke’s mouth was wet and hot, and the response to her kiss sent a flood of heat and want throughout her body.

Brooke wrapped her arms around the woman’s neck, pulling her further into the kiss. She moaned into it as their bodies were pressed together. She hadn’t felt such passion in far too long. She gasped as the woman insinuated one of her legs between Brooke’s, pressing against her need.

Stephanie pressed against Brooke, liking the way the blonde’s eyes slid closed, her bruised lips slightly open, as she gently rocked against Brooke’s sex. She looked down at her, marveling at just how beautiful she was. “I don’t know who has you so sad, baby,” she whispered, “but I’m going to fix that.” She began to ply Brooke’s neck with wet kisses and nips with straight, white teeth. “Tonight you’re mine,” she continued down, running her tongue along prominent collar bones. “I’m going to make you feel sooooo good.”

Brooke moaned at the sensation, as well as at the words. She was losing herself in an erotic haze, which was so welcomed.

“I’m going to make you come so hard, Brooke,” the woman whispered, licking a trail down between the blonde’s breasts. “I’m going to fuck your pussy, and then lick it.” She raised her head, pinning Brooke with an intense gaze. “You believe me?”

All Brooke could do was nod, helpless to do anything else, as her breath had been swept away. She prayed for the woman to make her words a reality. She needed it so badly; her body and heart had been neglected for far too long. The tenderness, yet almost overwhelming passion the woman showed nearly brought her to tears. “Please,” she finally managed.

The woman returned her attention to Brooke’s flesh, moving to a breast and running her tongue all around the straining nipple, finally taking the hardened flesh into a scorching mouth. Brooke whimpered softly, holding the woman’s head to her, urging her to suckle her.

“God, yes,” she moaned, her slickness now spilling out and onto the comforter below her. She couldn’t believe she was allowing this to happen. Part of her wondered if maybe this wasn’t actually happening, but actually she was asleep, and would wake up in the hotel room alone, or she’d wake up at home. Alone. Maybe Kelsey had gone off for her Wednesday night “bowling” with the girls, and Brooke had fallen asleep in front of the TV again, and her desperate imagination had drummed up this crazy dream.

“Are you with me, baby?” the woman asked, lifting her head from the breast when the blonde had gone stock still. She looked into the beautiful face, her heart breaking when she saw the glimmer of tears in green eyes. She brought a hand up, gently caressing the soft face. “Shhhh. Don’t cry, baby,” she whispered, kissing away the tears. “I’m going to make you feel better, I promise.”

Brooke felt like an idiot, crying in front of this woman of all people. Why was she allowing this? She should throw the woman off of her and out of the room! But somehow, she couldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop her, her body crying for this, begging for it. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, brining the woman down for a heated kiss. “I’m okay.”

“Are you sure?” Stephanie asked, raining kisses all over Brooke’s face, tasting the salt of her tears on her lips.

Brooke nodded, her hands running a path down from the woman’s shoulders down a strong back, her thumbs trickling down her spine, making the brunette shiver in response. “I’m sure. And I don’t want you to stop. Ever.”

A grin that spelled pure sex covered the gorgeous woman’s lips. “Good, ‘cause I don’t plan to.” Her mouth found Brooke’s neck again. “I plan to fuck you all night long, baby. I’m going to have you screaming my name and forgetting all your problems when I’m finished with you.” She raised her head, looking into Brooke’s lust-glazed eyes. “You believe me?”

“Yes. I want all those things. I want to be fucked like I’ve never been fucked before.”

“Your wish is my command,” Stephanie murmured against a hard nipple, which she immediately took into her mouth, Brooke moaned, arching her back to offer herself completely. “God, you taste good.”

Brooke pushed all her emotions to the back of her mind to deal with at another time. For right now she had to take what was happening to her for what it was: an amazing moment with a beautiful woman. The rest could be sorted out later.

Stephanie situated her body between Brooke’s legs, her stomach absorbing the intense heat coming from the blonde’s pussy. She could feel her own skin becoming saturated with Brooke’s need. She gave both breasts ample attention, using one of her hands to feel the wonderfully smooth beauty that was Brooke’s body. She ran her palm up and down along a strong thigh, over a hip and sharp hip bone, then massaged the breast she wasn’t suckling on. She was glad when she felt Brooke’s hips beginning to move beneath her, the blonde’s need apparent not only in her movement and wetness, but also in the wonderful little sounds of desire she was making.

“I love when you mewl like that,” she murmured, licking a trail down the center line of Brooke’s body, the flat of her stomach so inviting. It was like a flat plane for her tongue to play on. She left a wet, fiery trail around her belly button before moving down to the neatly trimmed patch between Brooke’s legs. She placed a kiss on the extended clit, then raised herself just enough to bring a breast up. Cupping herself, she traced her own hardened nipple over Brooke’s clit, eliciting a wonderful groan from the blonde. Grinning, she did it again, a sharp pleasure shooting from her own nipple to her groin.

“You like that, don’t you?” she whispered, meeting green eyes before Brooke’s eyes slid closed again, pleasure coursing through her. “Mmm. Good, ‘cause I love to do it.”

Releasing herself, Stephanie lowered her mouth back down to Brooke’s pussy, the hot smell making her mouth water. Brooke was so aroused, the mere thought making Stephanie want to come. Instead, she ran her tongue from Brooke’s clit down to her entrance and back up again, only to return to her opening. She began to slowly fuck her with it, Brooke’s moans getting louder. Two hands buried themselves in long, dark hair, trying to keep Stephanie’s mouth exactly where it was.

Brooke let her legs fall open, sensation assaulting her on a level she’d never known. She raised her hips, bucking gently against the woman’s face, needing to find release. She cried out when that tongue returned to her clit, flicking the hardened bundle rapidly, bringing her closer and closer to that release.

“Yes, oh yes, don’t stop… “

Stephanie continued her licking, finding all the wonderful spots that made the blonde cry out. She quickened her tongue’s pace, wanting Brooke to come, because she had a whole lot more planned for her than just to be eaten out.

Brooke was on overload, that talented tongue giving her all she asked for and then some. Finally unable to take anymore, Brooke’s body exploded as she cried out, her climax hard, fast and very wet. “Fuck!” she cried, holding Stephanie’s mouth to her, rubbing her clit against her to milk every last drop of pleasure from it.

Stephanie finally pulled away, to the disappointment of the sexy blonde lying on the bed. She grinned, wiping her mouth and chin. “Oh, don’t worry, baby. There is so much more where that came from.”

Brooke tried to compose herself, her forearm laying across her eyes as her breathing began to become more controlled, even as her pussy still pulsed in time with her beating heart. She could hear Stephanie doing something over by the food cart, and then she felt her weight on the bed as she climbed on.

“Here you go, baby. I want you to have some control.”

Brooke glanced over at the brunette, surprised to see what was in her hand. Fantasy took over as she grabbed the toy, getting up to strap it on. Kelsey never let her use it at home. She had to admit, she felt silly with the dildo bouncing around with every move she made, but she pushed that aside. She intended to take what she wanted. A bottle of lube had been set on the nightstand, which she grabbed, flicking open the top with her thumb. Stephanie watched intensely as the blonde spread the lube over the cyberskin, a sexy sight she had to admit. It almost looked as though the sexy woman were jerking her cock off.

Unaware of the brunettes thoughts, Brooke gave her a simply demand. “Turn around and grab the headboard.”

The brunette did as told, her pussy still pulsing with anticipation, completely turned on from what she’d just done to Brooke. She got on her knees, hands holding tightly to the wooden headboard of the king-sized bed. She felt completely vulnerable, waiting for Brooke’s next move. On purpose she didn’t turn to look, wanting that vulnerability to add to the excitement of the moment.

Brooke took a moment to take in the beauty before her. The brunette’s body was unbelievably gorgeous, her skin smooth and so soft. Her dark hair was splayed out over her back, some of it falling over one shoulder to tease her breast. She got on her knees behind the woman, running her hands up and down the strong back, curving around her sides and cupping the hanging breasts.

Stephanie’s eyes closed, a moan escaping her lips as her nipples were pinched and gently tugged. She could feel herself getting even more wet as the blonde leaned over her, rubbing her own breasts across her back. The cock was pushed between her legs, a slow rhythm teasing her pussy.

“Yes, baby,” she whimpered, so ready she felt like she’d explode any minute. “God, yes. Fuck me.”

The words made Brooke tremble in anticipation and need. She reached down between their bodies, taking hold of the shaft of the dildo, guiding it to the brunette’s entrance. “You wanna feel me inside you, baby?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly with her own need.

“Yes. I want to feel your cock inside me,” Stephanie moaned, thrusting her ass back towards the blonde, a not-too-subtle invitation.

Brooke grinned, placing the head just inside the hot entrance, then using her hips to slide it home. They both groaned at the feeling. “Jesus, that feels good,” Brooke whispered, holding still for a moment. The cock was somewhat large, and she wanted to make sure Stephanie was okay with it. She didn’t have to wait long, as the brunette’s ass once again pressed back into her, letting her know she was ready.

Stephanie held on tighter to the headboard, her eyes closed as Brooke began to move her hips, gliding the cock slowly back out of her pussy, then back in again. The feeling nearly took her breath away. “Oh, baby,” she whimpered, almost wishing Brooke was taking her from the front. At least that way she could touch her. But, this was about the blonde, and what she wanted, she got.

Brooke rested her hands on Stephanie’s hips, slowly rocking her own, watching as her cock disappeared inside the woman’s body, only to reappear again, more slick and wet than the last time it had appeared. Her body was on fire, her own juices seeping out from underneath the harness. She had never been so aroused in her life. The thought spurned her own, making her hips move a bit faster until she had a modest pace set. Her skin was lightly slapping against the brunette’s ass, both breathing hard.

If this was to Brooke’s fantasy, she was going to play it to the hilt. Going against her normally gentle nature, she began to increase her thrusts, fucking the brunette hard, slapping a hand down on her ass. “Gonna fuck you good,” she panted, deciding that even though this was a fantasy, she didn’t like the red mark her palm had left on creamy flesh. She didn’t slow her thrusts, though, the bed knocking against the wall.

Stephanie was left breathless by the passion the other woman was exhibiting. All she could do was hang on and enjoy the ride, which she was. Immensely She knew she wasn’t going to last much longer, her body flushing from her toes to her scalp as pleasure built in the pit of her belly, expanding outward. The thrusts got harder, almost to the point of painful, but she knew Brooke needed to get out her aggression.

As if reading the brunette’s mind, Brooke gritted her teeth, allowing her anger of the past year to flow out into the other woman’s body. She lost herself in that emotion, slapping hard against the brunette, as if she had something to prove. She could feel her own orgasm building swiftly, and knew from how wet Stephanie was, she was, too.

Finally Stephanie lost it, crying out as her body exploded, the shockwave so intense she lost her grip on the headboard and collapsed to her stomach, Brooke following, sweat gluing their skin together as both tried to catch their breaths. Brooke’s anger had not subsided, and as she pushed away from the brunette, the dildo popping out of her with a wet sound, her anger turned to tears.

“Why did you let me do that?” she demanded, climbing off the bed and unbuckling herself from the rig. “You’ve never let me do that before!” She threw the harness and dildo angrily across the room.

The brunette pushed herself up to all fours and climbed off the bed. It was time to face the music, and try and fix things. “I’m sorry, Brooke,” she said, her voice trembling with her own unshed emotion. “For so many things.”

“Damn it, Kelsey!” Brooke raged, months of pent up frustration boiling to the surface. “What is all this?” she asked, indicating the bag of toys, the cart of covered dishes, and Kelsey, herself. “You show up here, dressed as some hotel clerk, like some hooker.”

Kelsey walked over to her partner, careful to keep distance between them. She knew what a temper her little blonde could have, if pushed too far. “I wanted to surprise you,” she explained softly. “Everything that has happened in the past year or two has been all about me, and I wanted this to be all about you.” She laughed ruefully. “You have no meetings this week, baby. I got together with Roger and arranged it all.”

Brooke stared at her, not sure how to feel or what to think. “What?”

Kelsey bridged the distance between them, placing a hand on the side of her face, hoping she wouldn’t be pushed away. “I needed to do something to really get your attention. I wanted to get us out of that house, which has so many bad memories. I have been so lost, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know whether I wanted to stay or go.”

“Why have you been so unhappy?” Brooke whispered, tears running down her cheeks. “What have I done so wrong?”

“Oh, baby, nothing.” Kelsey’s own tears fell. “Nothing!” She took the blonde in a tight embrace, both breaking into all out sobs. “God, nothing.” She kissed the top of her head, still holding her close, relieved when Brooke clung to her. “I’ve been going through something that I had to work through, and before you say it, you couldn’t help me with it.” She pulled back just far enough to look down into the beautiful face that had first struck her seven years before. “My Wednesday night outings?” She smiled. “I know what you’ve been thinking – that I’m fucking around on you.” She shook her head. “Well, I have been seeing someone. A man.”

Brooke tried to pull away, but was held tight, a finger placed over her lips.

“His name is Dr. Leo Strauss. He’s a counselor, honey. We’ve been working on everything for the past nine months. I’m trying to work through everything, all that shit with my mom, with Davis, all of it.”

Blonde brows drew. “What does your ex-husband have to do with it?” She felt her heart begin to calm, stunned at all the events that had happened in the past couple hours.

Kelsey shrugged. “Just unfinished business in my own head. All he put me through, all that I hadn’t dealt with.” She took Brooke’s hand and led her to the bed, sitting them both down. Brooke sat cross-legged, facing her partner, ready to listen. Thrilled to listen. “I didn’t tell you because at first I wasn’t sure why I was going. I mean, I knew it was for me, obviously, but I didn’t know if I wanted there to be an us or not.”

Brooke looked away, her heart hurting at those words. She knew Kelsey was being honest, and for that she couldn’t be angry. She’d always told Kelsey – who in the first years of their relationship, had a hard time communicating her true feelings and emotions – that no matter what she had to say, no matter how much it might hurt, she could never be angry as long as it was the honest truth. She was getting what she’d wanted.

“As time went on, and Dr. Strauss really broke through a lot of issues, I realized just how much I love you. Need you. Want you.” She placed a soft kiss on softer lips. “You’re the love of my life, Brooke, and I almost threw that away.” Fresh tears began to brim in blue eyes. “I can’t believe I did that. I’m so sorry. So, so sorry.”

Brooke accepted the hug, which felt as though it were giving her new life. The feel of Kelsey in her arms again, her body against her own, was more precious and beautiful to her than anything she could ever buy, see or imagine. “I love you so much, Kelsey,” she whispered.

“I love you, too, baby. With all my heart.” Kelsey felt as though a million pounds had been lifted from her shoulders as she held the woman of her dreams. She pulled away from the hug and kissed the blonde, slow and filled with every ounce of love she had for her. “We do have the room for the week, by the way,” she murmured against soft lips.

Brooke grinned. “Oh, I like that – Stephanie.”


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