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Winning Touch


Kim Pritekel


Wyatt stared at his friend, unable to take his eyes off her.  Christina had walked into his classroom dressed to kill.  He truly had no idea she had such a great body! 

“What?” the blonde asked, feeling somewhat self-conscious. 

“I didn’t know you owned such tight pants, lady,” he said, grinning.

Christina rolled her eyes.  “They’re not tight, Wyatt.  They just actually fit.”

He looked her up and down, raising a challenging brow.  He slapped her ass, which fit snugly in her jeans.  “Really?” he drawled, amused as his friend looked away, her cheeks beginning to flame.  He decided to let her off the hook and not pursue it further, though left the conversation with one last comment, which he hoped his friend would take to heart.  “You still have a wonderful body, Christina,” he said softly.  “You really should show it more often.”

The blonde smiled, secretly very pleased.  By time she turned back to her friend, the smile had vanished, an expressionless face left in it’s wake.  “They’re just jeans, Wyatt.” 

“Okay,” he said with a placating smile, not wanting the woman to suffer more than she obviously already was.  “We wanted to invite you to join us for dinner tonight.  Are you free?” 

Christina leaned against the wall, arms crossing over her tight, knit shirt.  “I can’t, Wyatt, I’m sorry.  I’m actually going to head to the community center after I leave here.”  She saw the look of surprise in her friend’s eyes.  She was afraid he’d pick up on her intentions.  “What?”  she asked, once again feeling defensive.  “I’ve been asked to for months now, but kept declining.”  She shrugged, picking at imaginary lint on her shirt.  “I feel obligated.” 

“Okay.  Well, if you change your mind, we’ll be at Jeff’s place.” 

Christina left the school, her stomach doing nervous flips as she made her way across town to the center.  She and Farren had shared a table at the bagel shop two weeks ago, and she hadn’t heard from nor seen the brunette since.  Even so, Farren hadn’t been far from her thoughts.  Christine had actually wanted to head to the center long before now, but just hadn’t been able to find the courage.  Why?  What was she afraid of?  She honestly wasn’t sure, and for some reason, didn’t want to talk to Wyatt about it. 

Christina pulled into a space at the center and looked at the brick building, watching as a small group of kids laughed their way inside.  She chewed on her bottom lip, feeling shy and uncertain.  “What am I doing?” she asked the empty car.

Tapping the steering wheel, she tried to decide what to do.  Yes, she loved the idea of being able to help out at the center, but the lion’s share of the truth was, she wanted to see Farren.  She’d had the brunette on her mind all last night, and then when she woke up this morning.  

Christina looked down at her jeans, dug out from the bottom of a drawer.  She hadn’t worn them in a long time – no real reason to.  She knew they hugged her firm ass and strong thighs well, and showed off a lifetime of physical strength and power through dedicated training. 

“Okay.  You came here for a reason, so go.”  Silence followed Christina’s declaration.  “Chicken shit,” she muttered, after a moment of nothing,  She took a deep breath, then finally stepped out of her car, standing next to it’s safety for a moment before finally making her way to the building.    

The lobby was mass-chaos, as a group of kids talking, laughed and screamed.  Christina’s first thought was to turn right back around and flee, her sanity in tact.  Seeing the receptionist – who looked like she was about to lose her own sanity – made eye contact with Christina, silently pleading for rescue. 

“Damn.”  Caught, Christina knew her choice was no longer negotiable.  She would stay and help.

Together, Christina and the poor girl at the counter managed to get all the kids signed in and settled, a daunting task considering Christina had no idea of the procedures of the community center.  But, eventually it was done, and she and the girl – who she found out was named Cindy – managed to get it all done. 

Christina plopped down on one of the stools behind the desk, blowing out a long breath.  She glanced at her young co-worker.  “Do you always enlist the help of people who walk in off the streets?”

Cindy grinned, shaking her head.  “I recognized you from all the pictures around this place,” she said, indicating the clippings and photos in the trophy case.  “Plus, I’ve heard Farren talk about you.  She’s been trying to get you in here for awhile, now.  When you finally come, she’s not even here.”  She had no idea the deep disappointment her words elicited.  “She’ll be mad she missed you.”  

“Where is she?” Christina asked, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.  

“She left the state for a few days.  Not sure where she went – never asked – but she’ll be back by Tuesday.” 

“Okay.  Well, listen, I’m going to take a self-guided tour of the place, if that’s okay?” she asked, wanting to get out of the building while she still could. 

“Yeah, sure!  From what Farren says, this place is kinda like yours, too, anyway.  So, knock yourself out!”

Christina wandered the halls of the community center, hearing the echoes of excited voices from the skating rink and basketballs court.  She felt a bit of pride as she made her way down the halls.  She was proud of Farren for what she had done.  Something so seemingly against Farren’s personality.  Well, that which Christina had been introduced to during their brief coach/skater relationship. 

One thing Christina had definitely noticed about the beautiful skater was that, when she’d been at her old palatial estate, fighting with her daily to train, there had been a fire in Farren’s blue eyes.  A fire for life, a feistiness that no one, nor anything could possibly make go out.  Now, though Farren was as beautiful as ever, that fire seemed to have dimmed.  If not gone out.  Christina wondered why. 

She found herself in the cold air of the ice skating rink, the sounds of laughter and voices echoing off the walls and ice.  A group of young kids – maybe seven – were gathered around their “teacher”, listening to her explain the basics of how breaks work on ice skates.  Christina smiled, the sight bringing back many memories.  The biggest memory of all, however, was huge, and on the wall directly across from where she stood. 

A giant image of Christina in one of her signature leaps was painted on the wall above the opposite stands.  All she could do was stare.  She actually knew exactly which competition that shot had been taken from.  It was close to the end of her career on the ice, before she damaged her leg.

“I remember that performance.”

The woman’s voice startled Christina from her reverie.  She looked over to see that a woman – close to her own age – had stepped up beside her.  They smiled at each other. 

“I used to follow your career,” the woman continued.  She nodded towards the mural.  “I think you were what, all of sixteen when you did that move?”

Impressed, Christina smiled.  “Yeah, that was in a competition in Versailles,” Christine remembered with a soft sigh.  “I had such a great time there.”

“I should say so!” the woman laughed.  “You won that one, leaving everyone in your dust.  Including Farren Hankins.”

The former skater’s smile broadened.  “Yes, she wasn’t happy with me.  I remember that pretty well.” 

“Were the two of you as cut-throat competitors as the media made you out to be?” The woman’s eyes were bright with excitement.  “Or was that all just propaganda?”

Christina shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest.  “Unfortunately it was pretty accurate.  We started out as friends.”  She indicated the young skaters below.  “We both got our starts at that age with Cheryl Duval.  Along the way as we got older – and better – everyone thought it best if we hated each other.”  She sighed.  “Pretty sad, I think.”

“Well, you two obviously don’t hate each other anymore.  I mean, what you and Farren have done here, it’s amazing.” 

“Oh, no this is all Farren.”  Christina shook her head.  “I can’t take any credit for this.”

“Well, considering this rink is named after your mom, I’d say you had something to do with it.”  They were interrupted by the sudden cry of a child, the woman’s head immediately snapping towards the sound.  “Oop, that’s for me.  It wonderful to talk to you, Christina!” the woman hurried onto the rink and to her fallen daughter. 

Getting back to her perusal of the rink, Christina’s breath was taken away when she saw a big, beautifully carved sign above the scoreboard: WELCOME TO THE PAM SIMMS ICE ARENA!  She felt the sting of tears behind her eyes, and a lump fill her throat.  “Oh, Mama,” she whispered.  “You’d love this.” 

As she watched the kids, she was whisked back to a similar rink, so many years before.  Nearly thirty years before, to be exact.  She could still feel that initial panic, when her tiny feet had been set down on the ice that first time.  Then, she remembered the exhilaration of finding something that she was good at, that none of the other kids were.  They were so much bigger and stronger than her frail state.  On the ice she had found a home, a niche. 

For the first time in recent memory, Christina wished she were still on that ice, still performing.  If she listened hard enough, she could still hear the cheers and clapping, could still hear the music blaring as she whirled across the ice.  Could still feel the adrenalin pounding through her body…

She was pulled violently from her memories as a crush of excited children pushed past her, nearly throwing her into the plexi-glass wall.   She regained her surround her surroundings, then decided it was tie to leave.  Enough skating down memory lane for one day. 


Farren once again checked the hand-drawn map the helpful girl at the student desk had supplied.  The campus was confusing and large, even though it was just a community college, not meant to be the size of a university. 

“Aha,” she whispered victoriously, finding the right building.  Now she had to find the right room.  A quick run down of Christina’s schedule told Farren that the teacher was about to start her office hours.  It was perfect timing, she had to admit. 

Two days ago, when Farren had returned to the community center, she had been devastated to find out Christina had been there the week before to give a bit of her time.  So, today she’d decided to drop by and personally thank her for her generosity. 

The heels of her boots clicked lightly on the polished tile floor, the reflection from the window at the end of the hall a strange, watery image on the surface.  In the distance, voices could be heard talking quietly, then a short burst of laughter before a door was closed, and all was silent once more. 

Farren glanced down at the room number written on the page, and matched it with that on the door she stood in front of.  A small placard read: CHRISTINA SIMMS – ENGLISH DEPARTMENT.  The frosted-glass and wood door was partially open, a bit of buttery light spilling out into the hall from within.  A male voice could be heard. 

“I do think it’s time.” 

“I just want you to be sure, Wyatt.  This is a huge step.  Especially for you,” Christina said softly. 

“I know.  But I really feel we’re ready, Tina.  I want this, and I want you to be part of it.” 

There was a pause, then finally the blonde answered.  “Alright.  I’ll do this with you.”

There was silence again before the door was pulled open, Farren suddenly face to face with Christina’s boyfriend. 

“Whoa!” he said, taking a startled step back.  “Hi.  Farren, right?” he asked with a bright smile, recovering from his surprise. 

“Yes.  Hello.”  Farren extended her hand, figuring she should probably play nice with this guy if she planned to be in Christina’s life. 

“I’m Wyatt Townsend.” 

“Nice to meet you.”  She gave him a polite smile, then stepped aside to let him pass, which he did in a wave of pleasant-smelling cologne.  He gave her an interesting smile as he did so, then began to whistle as he made his way down the hallway  Farren watched him for a moment until she felt someone standing in front of her.  She turned to see Christina looking at her, surprise in her green eyes. 

“Well, hello there,” Christina said, indeed surprised. 


“Come in.”  Christina stood aside, allowing Farren to pass by her, before closing the office door and making her way through the cramped space, an obstacle course of stacked text books on the floor.  “I’ve been asked to join the review board for next semester’s books,” she explained, slightly embarrassed for Farren to see her office so messy.  It was typically spotless. 

“Oh, that’s fine,” Farren waved away Christina’s apology, actually finding the piles of academia quite sexy.  She sat in a uncomfortable wooden chair across the piled desk from Christina. 

“What brings you back to school?” the blonde asked, a slight grin on her lips. 

“I’m looking for a good teacher,” Farren said, realizing a bit too late that it certainly sounded as though she were flirting.  Hell with it, she was flirting!  She popped herself in the head mentally.  Stop that!  Behave

“Oh?” Christina said, her surprise at the subtle flirtation showing.  A tingle skittered its way down her body at the tone of Farren’s voice.  “I can certainly direct you to one.” 

Farren burst into laughter at the unexpected joke.  Her laughter was contagious, as Christina also broke into a wide grin, the ice officially broken.  “I heard you came to the center the other day.  You certainly saved Cindy’s butt.”

“Oh, that poor girl!  She was completely overwhelmed.” 

“I came to give you my personal gratitude.   It meant a lot to me that you gave some of your time.  Thank you, Christina.”

“It was my pleasure.  I was glad to do it.” 

“Then I’m wondering , what is the likelihood I can snag you to come back?  We could certainly use your organizational skills.”

Christina gawked at her.  “Organizational skills?  Have you not looked closely at my office?”

Farren was amused.  “Yes, but I’ve also seen your abilities at getting stubborn, rock-headed people to do what you need them to do.” 

Christina sat back in her chair, amused.  “Okay…”

“And, I know for a fact that many of my staff need that kind of kick in the ass, from time to time.  Cindy, included.”

“She did a great job,” Christina defended.

“That may be, but if she had done the filing of many of the forms she needs for her job  when I asked her to weeks ago, that night would have been much easier and smoother. “ 

“I see.  And, you don’t feel comfortable bringing out the whip?” Christina challenged.  She was amused as the brunette looked away, clearly uncomfortable. 

“I’m not good bossing people around,” Farren eventually said.

“And I am?  Honestly, Farren, you’re not helping your cause any, here.” 

“Okay.”  Farren sat forward in her seat, ready to be blunt.  “I suck at delegation.  I know that, and the only reason this center has taken off at all is because of a few folks that were with me in the beginning.  Some of left, others can’t devote as much time as they used to.  I really need your help, Christina.  I like how you work, and your dedication to what you do.”  

Christina studied Farren for a moment, moved by just how honest and genuine her words were.  She weighed her options, and reasons.  Yes, she certainly had time.  She had little to no social life to speak of, other than hanging out with Wyatt.  Now that her mom was gone, much of that time was simply wasted on television or working out.

Finally she came to a decision, and nodded.  “Alright.  Thursday and Fridays are my best days, as I’ve gotten most of the homework done by then, and I can grade tests over the weekend.”

Farren felt her excitement grow with each word, but tried to hold it in check.  She wanted to be understand, too though.  “Listen, I understand if you have anything at home that you have to stay for – “

Christina rolled her eyes.  “Nothing important.”

Farren was surprised at that response, a flicker of the handsome guy named Wyatt passing before her mind.  “Okay.  Well, then I’d love to have you at the center Thursday and Fridays.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Excellent!”  Excited, Farren pushed out of her chair, deciding it was time to go before she wore out her welcome.  One thing she’d always found unsettling with the gorgeous blonde, was rarely being able to tell what she was feeling or thinking.  Christina hid her emotions and feelings well.  One minute you might think you’d gotten on her nerves, and Christina was about to explode, when in reality she was simply focusing on something internally.  The next minute, you thought everything was peachy keen, and she exploded because you’d trampled too far in her personal space.  Farren had always wondered what had made the former skater so secretive about herself.  The brunette would love nothing more than to bring her out of her shell.

“Are you heading out?” Christina asked, also standing.  She made her way around the desk as Farren made her way towards the door.  She felt a deep stab of disappointment, which surprised her to act on. 

Farren turned to face the younger woman, amused as her mental calculations on Christina had just been blown wide open.  As she’d looked into the green eyes, she’d seen a very open disappointment.  IT was now, however gone, replaced with indifference.  But, replaced too late.  Farren now knew that Christina wanted her to stay.  Even so, she felt in her gut it was time to go. 

“Yeah, I’ve got some things to do at home.” 

“Okay.”  They stood there for a moment, both unsure what to say.  Christina shoved her hands in her back pockets to keep them from fidgeting.  She really, really didn’t want Farren to leave, but wasn’t sure what to do about it.  She couldn’t force her.

Farren could feel a strange tension in the air, and wasn’t sure what it was.  It was so damn hard to read Christina, that she couldn’t tell if it was coming from the blonde, or from herself.  “I guess I’ll see you in a couple days, then.”  She gave a mega-watt smile, then finally left the office.  It was only once she was in the hall that she could breathe.  She took several deep breaths, then headed out. 

Christina stood where she was, deeply affected by what had just happened.  It had seemed the closer she physically got to Farren, when they were both standing by the door, the thinner the air in the office had gotten.  She’d never felt anything like it, and certainly could find no point of reference in her life to compare it to.

“Are you okay?” Wyatt asked, suddenly standing in the open doorway.  “Jesus, you’re as white as a ghost!” 

“Huh?  Yeah.”  Christina shook herself out of whatever fog she was in.  “I’m fine.”  I think.  She plopped down in one of the guest chair, not even making it around her desk to her own chair.  Wyatt sat in the second chair, their knees nearly touching. 

“What’s the matter?  I realized I’d forgotten my notes in here, but didn’t want to interrupt you and Farren Hankins.”  He looked concerned.  “Did something happen?”  

It took a moment for the words and inference to register.  Christina shook her head vehemently.  “No!  No, nothing at all.  She came to thank me for helping at the center, and managed to get me to agree to a couple days a week.”  

Wyatt knew he was being told the truth, but there was more to it.  In the years he and Christina had been best friends, he’d never seen this kind of reaction from her.  He took one of her hands, realizing it was trembling.  “Jeez, girl.  What happened?”  

Wyatt’s concern startled Christina, and she did her best to completely shake herself free of what she was feeling.  Whatever that was.  She’d have to set it aside for now, and bring it out later when she had time to really dissect it.  “Nothing.  I’m fine.  I don’t know.  I just… don’t know.”  She gave him a smile and squeezed his hand. 


Farren sat behind the steering wheel of her car, staring out at the beautiful day.  She had realized that her own hands were shaking.  She looked down at them, her heart still pounding in her chest.  She had always been attracted to Christina on some level, but this wasn’t the usual sexual attraction bit.  She knew that the charge in that office had been sexual tension, but there was so much more to it than that.  She felt as if her very soul were crying out for Christina. 

Farren ran a hand through her hair, brushing the strands from her face.  “What the hell do I do?” she asked herself.  This was a new experience for her, by far.  Beverly Michaels had been the only significant love Farren had ever had, but she’d been so young, so impressionable during the early stages of their relationship.  Now, looking back, Farren had come to realize that she had likely mistaken respect and admiration for actual romantic love.  Anyone after Beverly had simply been play. 

But this.  This was very different.  Very, very different. 


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