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Winning Touch
Kim Pritekel


Part 9 – conclusion


When Wyatt entered Christina's classroom two days later, she was erasing her dry-erase board, ready to write notes for the incoming class, which would arrive in twelve minutes. He looked her up and down with a critical eye.

“Soooo, when you spent time with Sam, she told you to dress like an old school marm?”

Christina didn't need to look down at herself to know she was dressed in head to toe black, very little skin revealed whatsoever. “No, she didn't,” was her quip.

“Okay, what the hell happened?” Wyatt finally had lost his ability to be silent out of respect and friendship. The day after “the dinner” she'd asked him to ask no questions. No questions, no death, had been her bargain. He and Jeff had talked about it at length, never coming up with any sort of scenario for what may have happened. He was officially at the end of his rope. “I know you asked me not to ask, but damnit girl, I have to.” He seated himself at one of the desks in the front row, waiting like a good student.

Christina sighed, setting the eraser in the long tray that ran the length of the board, then plucked the green dry-erase marker out of the same try and began to write. “Nothing happened, Wyatt. She asked me to leave her condo. End of story.”

“Wait, how did you end up at her condo? I thought you guys had dinner?”

“We did. I drove her home because she'd had a bit too much to drink with dinner. She gave me a tour, asked me to leave, and here we are.” She continued to write notes on the board, not once sparring a glance to her concerned friend.

“Why did she ask you to leave?” Wyatt pushed out of the desk and walked over to her, wanting to see her face. When she allowed it, Christina had the most expressive eyes of anyone he'd ever known. When his friend gave him a simple shrug at his question, he gently turned her towards him. “Hey. Talk to me. Why did she ask you to leave?”

Christina let out a long breath, capping the marker and setting it aside. “I really don't know, Wyatt. That's the truth. We were standing in her bedroom, and I'm telling you: the tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. She looked at me like nobody has ever looked at me.” She gave him a small smile. “I really thoughts she was going to pounce. It scared the hell out of me, to be honest. But, then it all went away. She turned away from me and asked me to leave.”

“Just like that? No explanation, she just asked you to leave?”

“Well, she said it was late, long day, yadda yadda, but it was just an excuse. We both knew it was.” She looked down at fidgeting hands and shrugged once more. “I don't want to talk anymore about it, Wyatt.” She looked at him with pleading eyes. “Please?”

“Why is she playing with your head?” he asked, feeling his anger rising. No matter how strong Christina Simms might appear to the average Joe, the truth was, she had the softest core of anyone he'd ever known. She was kind, loving and eternally loyal. If only given the chance.

“I don't know, but just leave it alone. I'm fine, it just wasn't meant to be.” She took his hands in hers. “Okay?”

Wyatt nodded, giving his friend a hearty hug, then leaving her to get ready for her class. Besides, he had plans of his own.


Farren hung up the phone, exasperated and irritable. She had been trying to get grants for the past few months, and was beginning to realize she was getting the run around by several organizations in town. She was not thrilled. Come to think of it, she'd been irritable all week.

Grabbing her keys from the desk, Farren pushed up from her chair and was headed to the closed door of her office when she was met with a knock from the other side. Rolling her eyes, as she knew this – whatever it was – would likely keep her stuck in the office longer, she reached for the knob and pulled the door open. Imagine her shock when Wyatt What's-His-Name stood on the other side.

“Wyatt,” she said, the surprise evident in her voice.

“Hello, Farren. We need to talk.” Wyatt was not pleased with the beautiful brunette, and did nothing to hide it in his voice.

Farren felt her heart drop. Crap . Just when she'd been good, and had tried to do the right thing, she's still in trouble! “Alright. Come into my office.”

Wyatt entered, Farren shutting the door behind them. She stood waiting for the man to say his piece. She watched – amused – as he decided which chair he wanted to use in front of her desk, then waited until he got settled. “Is Christina okay?”

Wyatt shook his head. “No, as a matter of fact, she's not. What kind of game are you playing with her?”

“Game? I have no idea what you're talking about, but I assure you, I've tried to do what's right by her.”

“Tried to do right by her?” Wyatt said, springing up from the chair. “You call flirting with her one minute, then turning your back and asking her to leave the next, doing right by her?” Wyatt waited, but when there was no comment forthcoming, he continued. “Farren, she has done everything in her power to get your attention, and then just when she has it, you turn her away. Don't you know that this is a huge step for her? Something she's never done before?”

“Look, Wyatt, I don't know what kind of game you two are trying to play with me, but I want no part of it.” She laughed out loud, finding the entire situation ludicrous as she ran a hand through her hair. “What is this? Are you guys looking for a third? I'm sorry, but that's not for me.”

Wyatt was utterly baffled. “Wait. What? A third? What are you talking about?”

Now Farren was just as baffled. “What do you mean, what am I talking about? What are you talking about?”

Wyatt's confusion turned to enlightenment, a slow smile spreading across his face as laughter bubbled to the surface. Finally, he was in full-out near hysterics, leaving Farren even ore baffled. “Oh my god!” he cried, wiping at his eyes. “You two really need to work on your communication.”

Farren was getting pissed now. “Listen, Wyatt, I'd like to go home, it's been a long week, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me in on what's so goddamn funny.”

Getting himself under control, Wyatt nodded, wiping more tears of laughter from his eyes. “You think Christina and I are a couple, don't you?”

“Well, aren't you?”

Wyatt burst into more laughter, this time somewhat catching Farren in it's wave. “Farren, I'm marrying Jeff Biggs in two months!” he exclaimed, hands wide in emphasis.

“What?” Farren asked, shocked. “You're gay?”

“Yes! Christina is my best friend, but that's it. Oh my god how did you two make it to adulthood?”

Farren fell into the chair next to Wyatt's, suddenly very tired. “Shit.” She looked at the good-looking man sitting next to her, a hand to her forehead. “What do I do?”

“I'll tell you, but first, there are a few things about Christina you need to know.”


Christina pulled up to the center, cursing softly under her breath, as Farren's was the only car in the parking lot. She'd come late, hoping the brunette wouldn't be there, and now it seemed she was the only person there. She tried to decide what to do. No, she didn't want to see the brunette, but she had given her word that she'd be there every Thursday.

She tapped the steering wheel with fidgety fingers, chewing on her lower lip. Finally, with a heavy sigh, she stepped out of her car and locked it. The walk up to the front door didn't take as long as she wished. She even made a deal with herself that if the front door was locked, she'd turn around, get back into her car and go home. Only if it was unlocked – which of course it was – would she stay.

The lobby was dark, Cindy nowhere in sight. It was almost eerie as Christina made her way deeper into the building. Every true crime show she'd ever seen came back to her, and she couldn't help but feel like a knife-wielding maniac would be at every turn.

She saw the light was on in Farren's office, and was both soothed and riled by it. She went towards it, knocking softly on the doorframe to get the brunette's attention. “Hey,” she said.

“Hi.” Farren looked up from the reports she'd been working on. Her heart beat a bit faster at the sight of the blonde. ‘Come on in.”

Christina was reassured by the soft, friendly tone of Farren's voice. “Where is everyone?”

“I closed the center at noon . Getting the ice re-done and the courts polished for the party this weekend.”

“Oh. Right, the party. Okay. Well, uh, do you need me to stay? I guess this might be a great time to get any cleaning done or anything.”

“Yeah. Absolutely.” Farren studied the blonde for a moment, sensing her uncertainty and the insecurity was very much back. It broke her heart to know she'd put it here.

“Great. Where do you want me to start? I can start in the locker rooms, if you want. I know they're in pretty bad shape.” Christina's voice faltered a bit as Farren got up from her desk and made her way around it, stopping mere feet in front of her. Her palms began to sweat, a mixture of nerves, desire and residual humiliation rushing through her. “I mean, I can-“

“Christy, stop,” Farren said softly, pressing a single finger gently against the blonde's lips. “You know, a good friend of yours recommended we communicate more, and I have to say, truer words were never spoken.”

Christina looked at her, confused, slightly frightened of all the feelings racing through her. “What are you talking about?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

“See, I found out that I had it all wrong.” Farren removed her finger from Christina's lips, gently brushing the backs of her fingers against the softness of her cheek. “I thought you and Wyatt were a couple.”

“You did?” Christina asked, basking in the attention and gentle affection. Her smile matched that of Farren.


Christina's eyes slid shut as she reached up, taking Farren's hand in her own, bringing the palm to her lips and placing a soft kiss there. “No,” she whispered, her eyes opening to meet Farren's gaze. “He's my best friend. Nothing more.”

“I should have asked. Could have saved us a lot of problems, huh?” Farren wrapped her fingers around Christina's, holding her hand almost possessively within her own. “I'm sorry for that. I never meant to make you feel I was playing with you, or toying.” She kissed the backs of Christina's fingers. “I don't do that anymore, Christina, and certainly not with you.”

Christina nodded, believing Farren's words. She studied their joined hands, her heart pounding furiously. “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

The blonde finally made herself meet Farren's intense gaze. “What exactly is it that you want from me, Farren?”

Farren took her in time in answering, wanting to make sure she could answer with complete honesty. “Christina, we've come in and out of each others lives our entire lives. Somehow, I don't think that was by accident. I think there's supposed to be more to you and I than just simply competitors or even …”

“Friends?” Christina supplied, feeling exactly where Farren was coming from.

Te brunette nodded. “Yeah. More than friends. I want more than friends. With you. I want more than lovers.”

The word sent a thrill through Christian's body, making her shiver a bit. She nodded in understanding and agreement. “But, you do want that, right? Lovers?”

Farren nodded. “Yes,” she whispered, unable to speak any louder. She wanted it more than anything she could ever think of.

Christina looked away again, hating herself for the path she'd had before Farren. She felt like a failure a child. “I-“ her voice failed. She cleared her throat to try again. “I've never-“

“I know.” Farren used two fingers to raise Christina's face until their gazes met again. She smiled with encouragement. “I know.”

“Wyatt, huh?”

Farren nodded. “He loves you a whole lot.”

Somewhere, a boost of confidence filled Christina, and she leaned up, placing a soft kiss on Farren's startled lips. She pulled back just enough to be able to look into Farren's face. The soft smile she saw there made her melt.

Farren cupped Christina's face and leaned in, her kiss just as soft, but filled with a bit more purpose and intent. She didn't get far before Christina wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling her in closer. Their lips parted, allowing the kiss to deepen, Christina's tongue tentative as it caressed Farren's bottom lip, causing Farren to sigh into the kiss. She pulled Christina's body closer to her own, reveling in the soft curves and body heat.

Christina was losing herself in the kiss and the feel of Farren. Never in her life had she experienced anything like it. It felt so right, so utterly right. She felt like she'd been waiting for Farren her entire life: always there, right in front of her. Her body was on fire, her heart swelling to triple its normal size, ready to explode.

The kiss broke, leaving them both needing breath. Farren wasn't sure where to take it, not wanting to scare Christina, but no longer wanting to wait for what she knew was her destiny. She looked at the blonde, brushing a few stray strands out of green eyes. Christina saved her the trouble of deciding what to do next.

“I really want you to come home with me,” the blonde said softly. “Please?”

Farren nodded. Nothing more need to be said.

The drive to Christina's house was quiet, Farren following closely behind, and parking in Christina's driveway. Together they walked to the front door, Christina amazingly calm as she managed to get the right key, and the door unlocked and opened. She felt a certain calmness over her, borne out of the fact that she knew this was right and that it was absolutely what she wanted. She now realized that all the other times when she couldn't go through with it, it was because it was wrong, with the wrong person. Somewhere inside, her soul Farren there, and wasn't going to let Christina settle for anything less than it ever did.

Farren followed the blonde through the house, up the stairs and finally into Christina's bedroom. She didn't even bother to take in the décor; it didn't matter. They stood beside the queen-sized bed, facing each other and slowly, yet methodically, removing their own clothing. She couldn't take her eyes off Christina's unbelievably beautiful body as ore of it was revealed.

“You are so beautiful, Farren,” Christina said, almost as if reading the brunette's mind. In bra and unzipped jeans, she covered the short distance to Farren and stopped Farren's movements by covering her hands with her own. “Let me.”

Farren let her hands fall to her sides, watching as Christina finished unbuttoning her shirt, the material sliding off her shoulders and down her arms, where it pooled at her feet. Like Christina, she now was in her bra and unzipped pants.

Christina's eyes feasted off the bared flesh, begging for more. With tentative fingers, she traced the lines of prominent collarbones, then over the lines of Farren's throat and then down to tease just above the white, satin cups of her bra.

“Farren?” she said softly.

“Yes?” Farren's response was breathy, Christina's touch taking her breath away.

“Do you think I've always been… gay?”

The look on the blonde's face told Farren she was serious, and needed a serious response. “I don't think it's a ‘gay' thing, Christina. I think you just weren't ready before.”

“Weren't ready for what? Sex?”

Farren shook her head. “Weren't ready to love, or be loved. You had to wait until it was right.”

Christina considered that for a moment. “It is right now, isn't?”

Farren nodded. “Oh yes. It is very right.”

Christina succumbed easily to the kiss, sighing as their naked stomachs came into contact. Farren's skin was so warm against hers, sending thrills all through her body. As the kiss continued, deepening to a level of passion that burned them both, she felt Farren reach around her, deft fingers unclasping her bra. A chill rushed through her as the straps slid down her arms.

The kiss broke, but Farren's mouth continued on a path down her jaw line to her neck. “Does this still feel right to you?” she whispered against the hot skin.

Christina's eyes were closed, her head arched to the side to offer more to the questing lips and tongue. “My god, yes,” she breathed.

Farren chuckled lightly, reaching behind herself to unclasp her own bra, which easily fell to the floor. “Then you'll love this.”

Christina gasped at the feel of Farren's soft breasts pressing against her own. She looked down, marveling at the sight. “So beautiful,” she whispered, in awe.

She felt soft hands push into the open waistband of her jeans, shoving the denim down, which she stepped out of, after shoving off her shoes. She removed her own socks and panties as Farren removed the rest of her own clothing, leaving them to stare at the other.

“My god, Christina. I knew you had an incredible body, but wow…” She had no words for the perfection that stood before her. Little did she know, Christina felt the same way.

Instead of voicing her thoughts, Christina moved over to the bed, tossing throw pillows to the floor and pulling the comforter down to bare maroon sheets. She climbed on the bed, her nerves returning as she lay on her back. She watched as Farren crawled over to her, gently easing Christina's legs apart and settling hips between them.

Christina's eyes slid closed at the feeling, even more wetness gathering between her legs than already had. She ran her hands down Farren's back, loving the smooth flesh beneath her fingertips, following all the curves and valleys that was her lower back and backside. She responded as Farren's mouth found hers again, the kiss deep and passionate as Farren's hips moved ever so slowly, just enough to stimulate both their bodies.

Farren moved her mouth back to Christina's neck, gently sucking and licking her way down the column of throat, dipping her tongue into the hollow. She could feel Christina's body responding nicely to hers, her hips slowly gyrating in time with hers, their juices mixing and making skin slick.

“You taste so amazing,” Farren whispered, licking a trail up to an earlobe. She heard the small gasp as she took it between her teeth, running her tongue over it, in a very similar fashion to what she'd be doing to the first nipple she came across in a matter of moments. “You taste amazing, you feel amazing.”

Christina had no logical thought processes left, and couldn't think of a single thing to say. All she could do was feel and experience. A soft moan escaped her lips as Farren kissed along her collarbones and down between her breasts.

Farren smiled when she felt fingers begin to play in her hair as she got closer to Christina's breasts. As sensitive as the blonde seemed to be with just her neck, she knew she was very much going to enjoy her reactions to her breasts. She moved her body further down between Christina's legs, feeling the slickness on her stomach as she brought her mouth to Christina's left breast.

Christina gasped loudly as her nipple was suddenly surrounded by warmth, the tip batted by a firm tongue She'd never felt anything like it, and it was almost as though a cord connected her nipple and clit, both pulsing in tandem with each touch of Farren's tongue. She cupped the back of the brunette's head, holding her in place, her hips beginning to try and find purchase on something to get some relief.

Not willing to chance Christina coming too soon, Farren repositioned her body, ignoring the whimper from the woman beneath her. She moved to the other breast with her mouth, one of her hands trailing down along a flat stomach and over a prominent hip bone, and finally to a muscular thigh, which she gently pulled on, pulling Christina's bent leg up a bit higher against Farren's side.

Any bit of thought – or ability to think – had definitely left Christina as she lost herself in the sensations of what Farren was doing to her. She knew what was coming as the other woman kissed and licked a fiery trail down the center line of Christina's body. Her clit was pulsing in time with her heartbeat, which in itself was nearly driving her over the edge. It wouldn't take much. The wonderful thing about this feeing was, her nerves had also gone with her ability to think. She'd basically been turned into one giant nerve ending.

Farren could smell Christina's need as she neared her hips. Finally, she reached her goal, lifting the strong legs so they were both over her shoulders, giving Farren a front row seat to bliss.

A long, languid moan escaped Christina's lips at the warm stroke of Farren's tongue. Her head fell to the side, eyes closed as all senses disappeared one by one, save for touch. Her hand once again found Farren's head, fingers lazily running through silky strands, matching the rhythm of the tongue against her flesh.

Farren was taking her time, allowing herself to absorb the tastes and smells, and wanting to prolong Christina's pleasure as much as possible. Even so, she could tell the blonde was close. As the moans turned to whimpers, which grew more desperate, she decided to let her go.

Christina cried out, her body convulsing as she crashed into oblivion, holding Farren's head to her, half wanting her to stop, half begging her to never stop. Finally, it became too much, and she pushed Farren away from her, needing a break.

Farren kissed her way back up Christina's body, nearly purring in satisfaction of a job well done. When she reached Christina's mouth, the kiss was intense and filled with molten passion.

Though tired, at the first feel of Farren's lips, Christina was on fire. She wanted to touch her, to bestow the same gift that she'd received moments before. She broke away from the kiss, looking up into Farren's face. “Tell me what to do,” she said quietly, pushing Farren to her back, and rolling on top of her.

“It's not gonna take much,” Farren assured, taking one of Christina's hands and bringing between her thighs. She groaned at the touch. “God, yessssss.”

Christina's mouth immediately found Farren's breast as her fingers played in the copious wetness. “Did I do all this?” she asked against a firm nipple, her fingers wiggling in the sodden flesh.

“Yes. God, yes,” Farren whimpered, her legs opening wider in invitation. “Inside, baby. Please go inside.”

Christina sucked the nipple into her mouth as she found Farren's opening, easily sliding two fingers inside, a wet sound following. She was amazed at the feeling of being inside Farren. She could stay there forever. She pulled her fingers back out, only to slide them back in a moment later, her tongue attacking the nipple with increasing vigor.

“Baby yes. Oh yes, Christy…” Farren was losing herself in the sensations that were coursing through her.

Christina moved to the other breast, sucking harder as her thrusts increased, the bed squeaking slightly from the rhythm. Farren's breathing was getting faster, her hips moving in time with her thrusts.

“Come here,” Farren begged, pulling Christina's mouth to her own. The kiss was intense, desperate and sloppy. Farren needed that intimate connection with Christina as she came, which she did a moment later, crying out her pleasure into Christina's mouth.

Christina's movements stilled, Farren's inner muscles clenching around her fingers, holding them captive. She stayed put, awed as she watched Farren's climax cross through her features. It was one of the most beautiful tings she'd ever seen.

As Farren's body began to relax, Christina removed her fingers and brushed some damp hair from the brunette's face, comforting her with gentle caresses. “That was so beautiful, Farren,” she whispered, raining tiny kisses all over her face.

Farren smiled, eyes still closed as she enjoyed the touches and kisses. “Yes it was.” She opened her eyes, falling into the green gaze mere inches from her own. “More than friends?”

Christina grinned, nodding. “Much, much more.” She placed a kiss on Farren's lips. “Lucky me, huh?”

“Eh, what can I say? You've got that winning touch.”

Christina laughed, leaning in for a long, exploratory kiss, which led to much, much more exploring.

The End.


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