By K. Lee


I really am a perky person. J


Standing here, perched upon a large sturdy rock, that was itself sitting snugly above a large cliff, I gaze poignantly out towards the surprisingly calm ocean. The sea wind whirring around my ears, is quite the contrast to the silence that has settled inside my head, barring the tiny voice that constantly resides in their. Jump. It’s telling me. You’ve got nothing to live for. It’s right, and I’m almost there. Just a little more encouragement.

Beneath me is a sheer drop of one hundred meters onto a rocky outcrop surrounded by sparkling water that was unusually calm. On any given day the jagged edges are being pounded buy the force of the ocean, the waves constantly beating down upon them as though they are being punished for an action they have committed. Thinking about this, I have to laugh a little, isn’t that how I’m being treated everyday?

A snowballing of events had led me to this very spot, at this very moment. I could have leant forward and plunged to my death, and it wouldn’t have bothered me, or anybody else for that matter, at all. My lover left me, it was because of my relationship with her I lost my family. Due to this happening my work slipped and I was fired from my five hundred grand a year job.

All that was anything in my world had been unceremoniously taken from me. With it went my ego and my self-esteem. With each event, my heart was squeezed, ripped and trodden on. By the time my job was taken away, my once enormous heart, and propensity for life was all but gone.

So here I am, holding on to the tiny string of hope that I have left, and with the little voice urging me on, I can feel the thread start to slip from my fingers. Unlike the rocks that are standing firm, I’m about to succumb.

Taking a deep breath, I lean forward, inching forward. With each centimeter, a little bit more of the cliff is revealed. Any second thoughts I have are racing through my now active brain. The little voice is just sitting back laughing, waiting for me to leap, waiting for me to be free of all hurt.

I lean forward, somewhat now, my decision is made. Taking my last look at the ocean, my soon to be grave, I close my eyes and relax. Ready to take the last movement.

"Lovely day isn’t it?"

Huh? My eyes shoot open and I turn around in shock, this action causing me to loose my balance and fall backwards…….But I don’t fall. The cheery female voice that issued the warm greeting, the first I’ve heard in a long time, reaches out just in time to catch me from plunging onto the waiting surface below.

The adrenaline rush is amazing. I’ve never felt my blood flowing through my veins as fast as it just did. Making sure that we’re both steady on our feet, She slowly walks backwards with me, still in her arms, away from the edge. My eyes are still closed, unable to comprehend what was going on, I let this stranger pull me away from, what was only a few moments ago, my destiny.

Away from the edge the cliff is laden with lush green grass, she sits us down and it’s then I finally open my eyes. Now I thought the ocean was breathtaking, but it had nothing on the sight I saw in front of me.

When she noticed my eyes were open and looking at her, she smiled. My breath quickened, just as I’d gotten it under control. She had the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. I’d say her eyes were sky blue, but it wouldn’t be enough praise for how blue they were. When she smiled, they appeared to twinkle, like they possessed tiny stars. Her hair was incredibly soft, and was a dark brown. Blowing back off her face, as if the wind was helping me see her clearly. I feel like immersing myself in the fragrance and softness of it all.

I had got as far as her eyes, when she spoke again. "Are you Ok?" The concern on her face was unmistakable, as she searched my own eyes for any indication.

It was weird to hear someone ask me if I was alright, since I’d always been the one to ask. I’d always been the shoulder to cry on, I’d always been the tower of strength.

Numbly I nodded, looking away from her gaze. Unable to withstand the intenseness of it all.

She expelled a deep breath and ran her hand through the hair I was only moments ago losing myself in. I felt before I saw, her move to settle in next to me, drawing her knees up to wrap her arms around them.

"Thanks." I softly mumbled.

She didn’t answer at first, only put a comforting hand on my arm, "I was just passing by and saw you standing there. You looked so sad, I thought I’d just say ‘Hello.’"

I didn’t know how to tell her just how sad I was, so I just nodded.

"Yes it is." I said, turning to look at her after a while.

"Pardon me?" She looked confused.

I smiled at her, leaned back on my hands and stretched my legs out in front of me, turning back to the ocean, "Yes it is a lovely day."

I heard her chuckle as she joined me in just watching.

It may seem simple, but her small gesture of kindness, saved my life and gave me a glimmer of hope, that there are indeed nice people out there, willing to give a little of themselves to you and allow you to give some of yourself to them. I’d become so disillusioned by all the selfishness that existed around me I nearly succumbed to it. If you’re told you’re not worthy of much, constantly, you start to believe it’s true.

I’m not saying, I’m cured and that I’ll live happily ever after. Who knows, I may be in the exact same spot tomorrow, only with no one there but the rocks to catch me from falling, but today I was saved, today I was given another chance to live and today brings a renewed hope from a stranger who just took the time to say hello.

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