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A Merrier Christmas

(Christmas 2012)




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“Aaaagh! Your daughter is calling you.” A very sleepy Karen mumbled.

“No. She's calling you. She's your daughter, you go.” A sleepy Addy replied.

“No. She's yours. You were the one who wanted her.” It was a cold, snowy morning and neither woman wanted to get up.

Addy finally got up. “Ker, this type of conversation has to stop, you know! This child is growing fast and she is very smart and I don't want her listening to this kind of talk.”

“Okay, okay, go!” Addy got up and went to see the little one.

The minute Alex saw her, she started to jump up and down in her crib. “Hi precious how are you this morning?” Alex loved Addy's animated greetings. She was all smiles standing inside her crib with her little hands holding on to the railing. Alex was teething and was drooling a lot. Even with her tiny two lower teeth showing and all the drooling, when she smiled she looked absolutely adorable. As Addy approached the crib, the little one raised her arms calling for her mom to hold her.

“Look at you! You're so happy and beautiful!” Addy immediately picked her up, hugged and kissed her. “And so wet! Alexandra! You are soaked!  You are worse than your mother! What happened to you? Did you fall in a puddle?” Addy could hear Karen laughing in their bedroom. Karen was listening through the baby intercom. Of course, Alex was delighted getting all that attention from her mom.

Then she heard Karen. “I thought we weren't going to use that kind of talk around the baby anymore? She's growing up fast and she's very smart and I thought we don't want her listening to that kind of talk”

Addy smirked and narrowed her eyes in a funny way which only made Alex laugh and squirm in her arms even more. For the little one all was play.

“No wonder you're so smart, little one, you have a ‘smart aleck' for a mother!

Karen smiled in the other room. “Sticks and stones will break my bones…”

“Isn't she awful, insy bitsy? I don't even know why I love her!”

“I dooooo!” Karen yelled from the other room, and Addy grinned.

Alex continued to bounce and smile as Addy looked for another jammie and other things she needed to change her. The more Addy spoke, the more animated Alex became. She was making all sorts of sounds pretending to talk. “What are you trying to tell me, little one? Are you trying to defend your mother? Yes? Is that so? Or is it that you want to get out of that wet jammie and that soaked diaper? Is that it? Na! You really don't care about that, do you?” Alex continued to do her pretend talk.

“Mamama tata mamm mamaaa zzzmama”

“Here, let me take off those awful pajamas and maybe give you a warm bath.” Karen bought Grinch pajamas for Alex the last time she was in town shopping for Christmas presents and Addy thought they were the ugliest thing on earth. “I don't want you to get a rash from all that saliva and pee. I suppose we need to look into another type of diaper that holds more liquid because these aren't doing it. Did you make a note of that mamamama?” Addy spoke closer to the intercom.

“There you go. Let's go to the bathroom now and get you all cleaned up. Look at you! You are definitely your mom's daughter! You seem happier with no clothes on!”

Karen laughed. “Smart girl! And I will look into the diaper deal. I wonder if Consumer Reports would have something about which diapers are more absorbent? ”

Addy rolled her eyes. “That woman! She has to research everything!”

“I can hear you!”

“Oh, I know!”

If it were up to Addy, she'd go to the store, buy all the brands, and then report back to Consumer Reports! But Karen was very rational about everything. The truth was that anything Karen bought after conducting her research was always a very successful buy and Addy knew it. That is why she would put her in charge of matters that required exploration.

Twenty minutes later, they came into the bedroom where Karen was still sprawled on the bed semi covered, but nude.

“Oh! Little one, I think we should head downstairs. I don't think you are old enough for this view.”


“Don't worry. She'll be joining us in a minute. Ker! Get up. It's Alex's first Christmas and we are not going downstairs until you are here.”

“Okay, give me a sec to put on my robe.” She was out of the bedroom in two seconds. She found the twosome sitting at the top of the staircase. Alex got excited and jumped to her, the minute she saw her mom. “Umm! You smell so good, baby girl!” She kissed her daughter and then Addy. “Come on sexy, let's see what she does when she sees her presents.”

“Ker! The language!”

“She has to live in the real world, you know! And there's nothing wrong with me calling you sexy.” Karen talked as they went into the living room. Once there, Karen put Alex down to see what she would do.

When Alex saw all the toys she made a quick move, crawling at top speed. She could find high gear in a matter of seconds. Alex didn't know where to go first. Her little hands were all over everything. She was overjoyed. Laughing and touching and making all sorts of sounds and looking at everything. She was sometimes surprised by the sounds coming from all the different toys she touched. Some of them startled her, but none enough to make her cry. She was a tough cookie. She liked the sound of the little piano and the zillion other toys spread everywhere. Every time something moved or made a sound she'd look at Addy or Karen, as if for confirmation that it was okay. Then she'd smile and giggle when she saw her moms' pleasant reactions.

“I think we over did it, Addy.” I don't think she even knows what all this is about.

“But look at her! She loves them! She's adorable, Ker! She is so happy!”

Karen looked at Addy and smiled. It was always fun to see Addy happy. “Come here silly woman, she is always happy. She is the happiest child on earth!” Karen pulled Addy to her lap and hugged and kissed her.

Not two seconds passed and Addy had to spring into action again. “Oh no! Baby, that does not go in your mouth.” Addy ran to stop her from putting a Christmas ornament in her mouth.

“There you go! I rest my case! She has an entire toy store in the living room and she goes for a Christmas ornament.”

“Ker, she's teething and her gums bother her. She puts everything in her mouth to alleviate her discomfort. We have to keep an eye on her all of the time. Let me get her one of her teething rings.”

Karen came close to the Christmas tree. There were wrapped present there for them also.

“Can I open my presents? Or should I chew on a Christmas ornament to alleviate my waiting for you?”

“Ha, ha!” Addy called from the kitchen as she approached the living room. She gave the teething ring to Alex and went back to the kitchen. “I'm going to make coffee.”

“Aren't we going to open presents today?” Karen was like a big kid. She wanted her presents.

“I need coffee first.”

Karen pouted and just then, the little one came to her.

Karen picked her up. “What is it snickerdoodle? What do you have there for me?”

Alex gave her one of the toys and attempted to climb on her as Karen lifted her to her lap. Alex threw her arms around her mom immediately and snuggled to her. The scene was beautiful and Addy was enjoying it from the kitchen. She saw how Karen closed her eyes and smiled when the little one hugged her. Addy loved it. Outside the snow continued to fall in a perfect winter scene.

“Oh no! Addy, she slobbered all over me! Aaaagh!”

Alex thought she was funny and laughed and jumped on her lap. “Mamamama.”

“Aaww! Mommy, it's clean, pure drool. Isn't she gorgeous?” Addy smiled, and Karen gave her a funny look.

Then Karen looked at the little one and again, the little one snuggled to her and Karen couldn't resist kissing her. “Umm! You smell so good, Little Bit! You and your mom have me all crazy with your scents!”

Addy smiled from the kitchen still enjoying the precious moment. She came from the kitchen with Alex's milk bottle under her arm and two cups of coffee in her hands.

“Here let me help you with that.” Karen offered.

“Take the bottle of milk and give it to Alex.”

Alex was hungry, but had been distracted with all the toys, however, when she saw her bottle she came to it immediately. She dropped to the floor and was about to lay down when Karen ran and placed a cushion under her head. Alex brought the bottle to her mouth and began to drink her milk. Karen looked for one of the throws on the sofa and wrapped it around her. Alex was the picture of wholesomeness, comfort and happiness drinking her milk and playing with the hair of a little doll Addy insisted on getting her.

Addy sat on the sofa and leaned against Karen. “Ker, she's so beautiful!”

Karen put her arm around her and pulled her close. “Yes she is. Here have one of your presents.” She handed Addy a box.

“What do you have that you are so eager for me to see, woman?

Addy opened the box. “Aah! I love it Ker!” It was a beautiful blue cashmere sweater.

“Here open one of yours.”

Karen opened it and screamed. “AaaaaH! You got it for me!” Karen was super excited when she saw her brand new tablet with all the bells and whistles.

Then there was a small box. “Here, this is my special gift to you this year.” They always had something special for each other. Addy opened it and it was a beautifully crafted tennis bracelet. “Oh God! Ker, it's beautiful. Oh my God, Ker! You sure do know what I like!”

“Diamonds and gold! Here, let me put it on you.” Karen grinned.

“Ker, this is amazing! It's beautiful.” Even Alex came to look at it. “Little girl I can see you have excellent taste, but forget about this one! This is for Mommy Addy and she's not lending it to any drooling midget!”

Addy laughed.

”Here, Ker. Here is my special one for you.”

Karen opened the small box to find a beautiful set of pearl earrings. She looked at Addy and grinned. Karen never liked to wear earrings because she hated having to change them according to what she wore, and always said that she'd wear ones if she could ever find the type that she could always leave on.

“I had them made for you. They are salt water, cultured Akoya pearls and are mounted on 18k gold studs. I wanted to get you that pair of earrings you can wear all the time, never have to take off and always look good and classy.”

“Addy, they are beautiful!” She immediately put one on.

“Here let me help you.” Addy helped her with the other.

“I'll wear them all the time.”

Addy smiled. They pearls looked great on Karen. Alex tried to grab them too, but Karen also stopped her. “Nope! You don't get to wear these either. I'll be wearing them to my death bed, after that you can have them.”

Addy rolled her eyes. “Ker!”

“It's true! I'll never change earrings again. What a relief! One less thing to worry about in life! I suppose I can even shower with them since they grew in the water, right?”

Addy laughed because Karen really sounded relieved.

After they opened all their presents, Addy went back for more coffee for both of them. “I will say, though, that my best Christmas present just finished her bottle of milk.” Alex was back playing with all the toys.

Karen smiled, but seemed a bit disappointed also. “She is definitely the most wonderful gift on earth.” Karen added. “You know, she's my gift from you also. She wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. Addy?”


“I hope you know that when I say all those things about the little one, or call her midget, or other names and complain about the drooling and all that stuff, I'm just kidding. I love her too. I know she's my daughter, but I think I need to know that you think of her as your daughter too and maybe that's why I keep saying that.”

Addy smiled, and brought her hand to Karen's cheek. “Ker, I know you love her. You don't have to tell me that. And you can also rest assured that I consider her as much mine as yours. Alex is my daughter because I wanted her, and because I was there every step of the way as she was developing inside you. But most importantly, because I was there with you in body and soul when she was born. I love her with all my heart because of who she is and on top of that I love her because of you. She is your gift to me and nothing in this world could ever match the value of such a gift. Nothing! Just because my blood does not run through her veins, does not diminish my love for her, au contraire! Ker, she is the gift of our love! And I have no words to express what that means to me!”

The green eyes were very watery at this point and a tear drop fell, first from one eye and then the other. Addy smiled, held Karen's face in her hands and with her thumbs brushed away the tears from her face. “You may like our scents, but I love my wet blondes!”

Karen smiled, and the green eyes sparkled again. “I love her and I love you too.”

“Good! And she's the only other woman you get to love, so enjoy her while she's little because they grow up really fast! Green eyes, I also think you are a little jealous because you have to share me!” Addy opened her eyes and nodded.

Karen smiled. “That's silly, Addy. I'm not jealous of the slobbering midget! ”

Addy grinned. “Good because there is no reason.”

Addy suspected that the bit of disappointment she had seen on Karen's face earlier had to do with her not having acknowledged last night's gift. She thought to herself, how can I make this right?

“Although Alex is great, and I love her with all my heart, last night's treat was amazing. And that I only get from you!”

Karen's eyes lit up again as she grinned. Addy grinned also. “Green eyes. You are awesome! Everything you do makes me happy.” She kissed her on the lips.

“Perhaps I should also give you a Christmas day treat.”

“I thought last night was my Christmas treat.”

“Nope. That was the Christmas Eve treat. Now I'm talking about a Christmas day one.”

Addy came close, kissed her, and whispered in her ear. “And tomorrow what will it be?”

Karen smiled. “An after-Christmas-day treat? And you bet you are only going to get that kind of treat from me!”

Just then the phone rang. It was Laurie and the girls. Addy was smiling when she went to pick it up. Then it was Joey and the boys, then her brother and then Tania and Tania's sister. Karen went back to play with the little one, while Addy was on the phone talking to what seemed like half the world. JP and James also called and several people from town inviting them to stop over later in the day or in the evening. Karen sat on the floor and spent the rest of the morning and a great part of the afternoon playing with Alex. Alex loved playing with her because Karen would literally lie on the floor and let the little one do to her whatever she wanted. As always Addy was delighted to watch their playing.

In the afternoon, the little one had worn herself out and Addy took her up for a nap. She fell asleep immediately and Addy came back down stairs and found Karen trying to program her new tablet.

“Is she asleep already?”

“Yes, I think she was tired from so much playing.”

“And have you already talked to everyone on our phone contact's list?”

Addy grinned. She could tell Karen needed attention. “Yes, all the PR has been completed. I just have one more thing to do.”

Karen looked up. Addy was standing in front of her.

“I have one more present I want to give you, but you have to come up to see it.”

Karen grinned. “Oh, yeah?”

Addy pulled her from the sofa and Karen followed with a big smile. She suspected what this present was about. When they got to the bedroom she was sure she knew. Addy smiled at a grinning Karen.

“You did all the giving last night. I didn't get to give you anything.” She said in a very sensual voice which always paralyzed Karen. Karen thought she'd choke from the lump in her throat. When Addy dropped her robe to the floor, she thought her heart stopped. Even after all the years together, Addy always stopped her heart.

Karen could hardly speak as she caressed Addy's cheek. “But you did. Pleasing you is my treat.”

“Yes, but I want to please you also.” She opened Karen's robe, and wrapped her arms around Karen's waist.

“Addy what you do to me, is—.”

Addy came close and kissed her neck and collarbone, as she slid her hands down her back. “Is what? What do I do to you?” Addy's voice had that erotic tone Karen loved.

“Ad….Addy?” Karen had goose bumps and her legs were feeling weak.

“Come here. Let me show you what I want to do to you.”


When Alex woke from her nap, she called for them.

Addy spoke. “I'll go. I don't think you can move yet.”

Karen chuckled. “Thanks. Not moving.” Karen couldn't even speak.

Addy turned and placed her leg between Karen's and brought her face close to hers. The brown eyes looked stormy again. Karen wanted to put her arm around her, but was barely able to reach her thigh. The green eyes were still unable to focus. “Addy—.”

Addy smiled. “Rest. Let me see if I can get her to stay in bed for a while. Then I'll be back to make your Christmas merrier. Stay in bed and wait for me.” She got up, put on her robe and left the room.

“I'll be here, waiting.” Karen lay back and smiled looking at the ceiling. “Merrier?” She chuckled. “Is that even possible?”

A few hours later, a very happy and exhausted Karen had her answer.

The End.


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