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Part 4 of Loose Change Series - The Addy and Karen series.
(01) Turning on a Dime
(02) New Quarters
(03) One Little Bit
(04) Joint Venture


Joint Venture




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Part 1

The phone rang and it was Addy. Karen picked up immediately.

“Hey baby, I'm on my way to the Manor. Do you have some time to talk now, or are you too busy?”

“I'm never busy for you. What's going on?” Karen replied.

“I'll tell you in a minute. I'm already here.”

Karen looked out the window, and there she was pulling up the driveway. Karen immediately smiled. She watched Addy come out of the car and as she began to walk towards the house. She loved to watch her spunk. She also looked adorable with her orange turtle neck sweater and brown pants and her gold loop earrings. Her brown hair shone in the afternoon sun as she approached the house.

Addy came in and greeted everyone.

“Hi Rose, hi Phil.” Rose, the receptionist was always happy to see her and Phil immediately directed his attention to her. He always found it delightful to talk to Addy.

“Addy what brings you here?” He asked.

“I need to see my attorney. And here she is!”

Karen was coming out of her office as Addy was making her entrance, but without even stopping, Addy grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back into her office. “Excuse us, please.”

As she walked Karen back into her office she spoke. “I think we are going to need a lawyer.” She smirked. Definitely implying that she needed Karen's input and that trouble was lurking. Addy closed the door behind them.

“Oh no! What happened now?” Karen couldn't help smiling.

“Do you remember when you said that having an ‘ex' in town could only mean trouble?”

“Yeeees. What's going on?” She was staring at Addy as seriously as she could, but had trouble containing her grin as she mentally prepared for another ride in the Addy driven roller coaster. The fact that her adorable brunette was also grinning didn't help. According to Karen, Addy's smile could easily melt Iceland .

“Well, looks like we are going to have ourselves some local lesbian drama.”

“Oh no! Who? What? Tell me!” She sat on the arm of the chair in her office.

“Marshal, just came to talk to me. She was all shook up, apologizing, with one black eye and a bunch of bruises and scratches all over her.”

“What happened to her?”

“Well, you know how she and Carol have become quite ‘acquainted'?”

Karen chuckled at Addy's choice of words. Addy grinned also. Ever since Marshal arrived in town to start working for Addy and Karen managing the stables, she had kept her eyes on Carol. Carol at the time was unattached. Marshal arrived in town shortly after Mary and Carol had split up on account of Mary's extracurricular activities with Sarah, the town's inn keeper. Mary ended up moving in with Sarah. And it was not long before Marshal and Carol became friends, began dating and established some visiting arrangements.

“It seems that they have established a visiting routine. On Fridays, Marshal spends the night at Carol's, on Saturdays, Carol spends the night at Marshal's, this arrangement has to do with the rush hour thing, but that's another story.”

“Rush hour? In Altee?” Karen chuckled. “Can't wait to hear that one! Please, continue.”

“Yeah, yeah, you'll die laughing when you hear it! Anyway, yesterday, since it was Friday Marshal was at Carol's and guess who showed up?


“Yessss. She apparently had been at the pub and had a few beers in her, this is all according to Marshal, of course. When Carol saw who was knocking at the door from the upstairs window, she was reluctant to open the door. Apparently, Mary has attempted to see Carol in two other previous occasions and had gotten a bit frisky. Marshal was aware of the situation and wanting to put an end to it, she was the one who opened the door.” Addy paused to catch her breath. It seemed as if her stories were never short.

“Oh no!” Karen exclaimed and continued to smile and listen attentively.

“When Mary saw Marshal at the door, she demanded to see Carol. The conversation got heated and it deteriorated to yelling and screaming. When Carol heard the yelling and screaming, she came down from the bedroom. Both Marshal and Carol were apparently dressed in lounging clothes and when Mary became aware that they were not playing Chinese checkers upstairs, she was furious and tried to claim Carol as ‘her woman'.”

Karen placed her hand over her mouth to contain her grin, as Addy chuckled and continued with the story.

“Don't laugh! You'll make me laugh and I have to tell you the story!”

“Okay, Okay! I'll try not to. Go on.”

“It appears that angry words were exchanged between Mary and Carol and things went up a notch. Marshal again intervened and demanded that Mary leave the premises because she was not welcomed there. Mary then got rough with Marshal claiming that she had no business there either and that she should get out as well. At this point all of them were yelling and screaming, and then there was pushing and shoving and then it got really ugly when things escalated. It all culminated in a fist fight between Mary and Marshal with Carol trying to separate them. According to Marshal, Mary came out in worse shape than she did. It appears that Mary had to go to Dr. Naylor's clinic to have some stitches to her eyebrow.” Addy pause to chuckle and to wait for Karen to stop laughing. She loved to see her laugh.

“Oh God! I knew there would be trouble, I just knew it!” Karen commented.

“I'm not finished.”

“There's more?”

“Yes. Now, Mary is threatening to sue Marshal and us as her employer. That's it.” Addy finished her story and was now quiet.

Karen continued to chuckle, still sitting on the arm of the chair. Addy came close and placed her arms over Karen's shoulder and brushed a strand of Karen's hair back.

Karen kissed her arms and looked up at her and asked. “Are Marshal and Carol okay?”

“Yes. Apparently with all the pushing and shoving things were broken in the house, but thankfully, Carol was not harmed and Marshal seemed to have walked out of it better than Mary. I say thankfully, because if Carol had gotten hurt, Marshal would have probably killed Mary.” Addy chuckled.

“Well, if you are worried about Mary suing us, don't. She has no claim against us. This is clearly a domestic situation. Marshal was not acting in her capacity as our employee, and the incident did not occur on our property. I'm worried about them, though. That Mary is something else! I knew she was trouble all along. Although I have to say that I don't blame her.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don't know how I would react if I saw you with another woman.”

Addy rolled her eyes. “Well, luckily for you, you don't have to worry about that. There's never been, and there will never be another woman.”

Karen always liked when Addy made that statement.

“I, on the other hand, would make sure to tear her heart out if I ever found you with another woman!”

Karen chuckled. “Well, luckily for you, you don't have to worry about that either. I'm a woman possessed, or blinded by love. I have never looked at another woman since the day I saw you.”

“Well, since that is settled, let us focus on the local and very active lesbian drama. The situation is not one for recrimination, but one for some corrective action.”

It was the way she spoke that made Karen laugh. “What kind of ‘corrective action' do you have in mind, Ms. Lightning bolt?”

Addy made a face. “Well, I was thinking of talking to Mary to see if we can calm her down. I don't know if Sarah knows about all of this, but what do you suppose Mary told her when she arrived home all smashed up?”

Karen couldn't help laughing. She was still sitting on the arm of her chair and Addy was standing between her legs. Karen leaned her forehead against Addy's chin. Then she pulled out far enough to look at Addy's smiley face. “I don't know, but Sarah is no saint in my book either. She knew Mary was with Carol and she allowed Mary in her pants, so she doesn't have my sympathy! And, if you don't mind, I would like be the one to talk to Mary.”

“I don't think you should get involved, Ker. You have your professional reputation to uphold. This could be ugly and there may even be another fist fight.” Addy chuckled.

“Precisely because of that, I should be the one talking to her.”

“Why? You think you can fight better than I can? Are you forgetting the blow I gave Charles that time in court?” Addy was referring to Karen's uncle Charles and how she had knee him in his privates when he attempted to lay a hand on Karen after they won the trial over the MgGuill estate.

Karen grinned, she loved Addy's feistiness, and the memory of that particular happening was forever engraved in her memory as one of Addy's most glorious moments. “No, I assure you that I will never forget that one.” She brushed her cheek over Addy's arms, which were still over her shoulders, then took Addy's hands in hers and kissed them several times.

“The reason why I want to be the one talking to Mary is because I don't want to risk her laying a finger on you, because if she did . . . I'd have to kill her.” She paused and looked at Addy who was now smiling. Karen smiled also. “If Marshal didn't kill her last night, I certainly will, if she were to touch a hair on your head. So, because I don't want to kill anyone, or go to jail for killing anyone, I will be the one talking to her.”

“Are you in your protective streak again?”

Karen grinned. “Yes, very much so. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go on overdrive on this one. I don't like Mary. There's something about her that I can't put my finger on, but just in case, I don't want you to go near her. And Ms. Adriana, I'm pulling that card you gave me many years ago, after the accident. Remember? My right to put my foot down in the face of imminent danger?” After the accident, when Karen risked her life to save her from the freezing waters of the lake, Addy gave her the green light in many aspects. For Addy to oppose Karen on something it had to be a major thing.

Addy pouted and then pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose in her typical way. “Oh! Alright, but you better not get home all smashed up, because I could very well kill her myself, and you know I'm not kidding!” Addy started to walk towards the door to leave.

“Addy, you have to promise me, you are not…..”

She stopped before opening the door. “I'm not! You've exercised your privilege, don't rub it in now! Bye, I have to pick up Alex.”

“Wait!” She was already opening the door, but closed it again when she heard Karen.

Karen walked over to her, held her hand, brought her close to her and kissed her. “I love you, Ms. Marcos, and I don't want anyone touching you.”

Addy twisted her mouth in a weird, stoic, kind of grin. “I know.” She searched Karen's face and grinned. Karen smiled knowing that Addy was cooking up something in her head. “Rest assured, Ms. Larsen.” She straightened Karen's blouse collar and looked at her straight in the eyes. “You are the only one touching me.”

Karen grinned and remained speechless. Her eyes slowly turned that peculiar color of green and her breathing became ragged. Addy knew perfectly well the color of those eyes and she knew that her message had caused the desired effect. “Pay back is a bitch!” She winked, bit her lower lip and then quickly kissed her and walked away. “Ta ta!” Karen remained smiling looking at her. Phil caught Karen's smile and how she followed Addy with her eyes as she exited the building. Karen always like the way her rear filled her pants. Phil noticed how Karen was looking at her. He smiled and came over to talk to Karen.

“I'm old fashion and all, but truth be told. You are the only couple I know who after so many years still have, what do they call it? The ‘hots' for each other?”

Karen said nothing but smiled in pure delight.

“What is Ms. Addy up to now?” Phil asked.

“Phil, you really don't want to know about this one.”

“Okay. Can we then talk about our new case?”


When Phillip left her office, she was about to pick up the phone to call Sarah in search for Mary. But she stopped to look out the window almost visualizing the former image of Addy getting off the car and entering the office a couple of hours earlier.

Phil was right. She was totally and blindly in love even after so many years. She took a moment to bask in the pleasure of the moment. Addy shook her world from day one and then turned it upside down, gave it several spins and somehow made it all settle back to be beautiful and happy. It was true what she had said, she had never looked at another woman since meeting her. Addy occupied every second of her life, night and day and made life beautiful, however complicated things had been at times. Then she remembered she had to make the call, and she had to do it before Addy intervened.

As agreed, Karen picked up the phone to call Sarah's inn to schedule a face to face meeting with Mary. She did not know of any other place where to reach Mary, so she figured Sarah would know. Mary still worked at the hardware store although she was no longer the manager.

After Isabella Ludwig sold the winery to Addy, she moved to London near her son and he became her administrator since she decided she was too old to handle business affairs. Shortly after she moved, Isabella's son sold the hardware store because he lived too far away and didn't think he could effectively look after the store. The new owner and Mary did not get along and she was demoted from manager to employee. She remained working there because she had limited skills and at least she knew her way around the store and had ties to the local volunteer fire department, a task she enjoyed.

“Hi, Sarah, this is Karen Larsen, would it be possible to speak to Mary?”

“Hi, Karen.” Sarah did not sound totally okay. “I'm afraid, she's not here, Karen.” Sarah began to cry. “I threw her out. She's a two-timing bitch! Oh! I'm sorry Karen. I should not speak like that to you.”

“It's okay, Sarah. What is wrong? Can we help? Is there something we can do for you?” Karen always found it safer to speak in plural when it came to matters like this.

“No, Karen, I suppose you know what happened with Marshal.”

“Yes, that is why I need to talk to her.”

Sarah told her what she knew. “So that is how I found out the truth … from third parties! She might be staying at the hardware store. They have a store room in the back. I really don't know and don't care anymore!”

Karen said her goodbyes and called the hardware store.

“No, she's not here, Ms. Larsen. The boss fired her this morning.”

Karen was astonished. Not knowing what else to do, she turned off her computer and locked the office. She told Rose that she was leaving early and that she would be home if needed.

She walked in the house and went straight to the kitchen where she knew she would find Addy making the delicacy of the day. Alex was sprawled on the floor of the living room which was adjacent to the kitchen. She was coloring and had several books around her on the floor.

“Don't we have tables and chairs in this house for people to sit and color?” Alex turned around, still lying on the floor, and looked up at her mom.

“Hi, Mommy! How waz your day?”

Alex was really cute on the floor with her golden hair all over the carpet. Karen couldn't resist how cute she looked and knelt down bending over the little one and tickling her. She then rolled, on the floor with her, pretending to have been pulled down and beat to the ground. All the action culminated in a lot of tickling, screaming, laughter and kisses. When the commotion died down she replied. “My day was good, but apparently, not as good as yours! What are you doing, little girl?”

“I'm coloring. Look Mommy. Look!”

“Wow! Those are really beautiful colors. Karen began to get up and headed to the kitchen to find the source of her happiness.

While mother and daughter had been wrestling on the floor, Addy had been watching with delight as she usually did when the pair interacted. It was her dream come true, and she would stop the world to watch.

“Hi my gorgeousness.” She kissed Addy behind her ear and tapped her left buttock.

“Hi, baby. You are early today.” Addy turned to kiss her and immediately asked. “Did you talk to Mary?”

“Couldn't. I can't find the woman anywhere. I called the Inn and the hardware store. By the way, Sarah kicked her out and she also got fired from the hardware store.”

“Oh no! That is not good! She could be more disgruntled now!”

“Yes, apparently, when she got to the Inn Friday night, she told Sarah that she had an accident at the hardware store and that things had fallen on her and that was why she was hurt, end of discussion. However, on Saturday, Sarah had to take her son to Dr. Naylor for allergy shots and there she found out that Mary had been there for the stitches. As it turns out, Carol's neighbor was there also and told Sarah everything.”

“Oh God!”

“So Sarah went home and threw her out. Later at the store, she apparently took her anger out on a customer and the owner overheard her and immediately fired her. You know, he didn't like her much already. So, I don't know where she is or where to find her.”

“The firehouse. You know she volunteers there and they have places for them to sleep and if she doesn't have anywhere to stay, she's probably there.”

“Do you think I should I call her now? I don't want her coming here, and I don't really want to go there now. Maybe I'll call her and ask her to meet tomorrow at the office. I think it's safer for all to be surrounded by people.”

“I agree. Call her now and make the appointment for tomorrow.”

“So what's the deal with the rush hour arrangement thing?” Karen had been attempting to taste the food on the stove and Addy was slapping her hand away. Karen nevertheless, always managed to grab a piece of meat. “Yum, this is good!” Alex had been watching and was smiling.

“According to Marshal, it's easier for her to get into town on Fridays because she is going towards town when everybody is coming out of town.”

“For God's sake! How many commuters are there in this town? Five?”

“I don't know sweetie, but however many, it's their thing and they can do whatever they want.”

Karen chuckled. “So, are they an item for sure?”

“I would say they are, after all you wouldn't punch people or be punched for someone you didn't care about, would you? Plus the dating looks pretty regular and they were in the bedroom when Mary got there—.”

Karen came around and held her by the waist bending over to kiss her on the neck. “Nope. I would only punch someone for you or for Alex.”

Addy grinned. “Larsen, behave! We are not alone!”

Alex had a huge smile on her face. She loved to watch her moms ‘play' as she called it. “Mommy Karen, can you help me with my homework later?”

“Sure, baby, but I need to make a phone call first. Go get your books and let's meet in the rec room in a few minutes? Okay?”

“Okay, Mommy.”

Karen dialed the number for the firehouse and sure enough Mary was there. “Hi Mary, this is Karen Larsen. Do you have a few minutes to talk?” Karen chuckled, thinking of her question. Would she be interrupting Mary from putting out a fire somewhere?

“Yes, Karen, anything for you.” Is she flirting me with me? Unbelievable! Karen raised her left eyebrow and looked at Addy who was lovingly looking at her from her seat across the kitchen island. Addy winked and smiled wickedly. She knew Karen too well, and knew all her mannerisms and gestures. She suspected what was happening at the other end of the line and had to cover her mouth to laugh. From Karen's looks, she suspected that Mary was coming on to her. Karen rolled her eyes. “Listen, the reason I'm calling is because I heard what happened with Marshal and Carol and I was wondering if we could talk about it.”

Mary was silent for a while. “Yeah, yeah, that Marshal woman is a trouble maker. Do you want us to meet at the pub tonight? Maybe we can have a drink while we talk.”

Karen again looked at Addy and opened her eyes simulating shock. Addy chuckled. She loved Karen's reaction. Karen had forgotten all about Mary's crush on her. The reason why she didn't want Karen talking to her was because she wanted to spare Karen the aggravation of dealing with Mary. She knew that Karen hated Mary's ‘come ons' to her.

“Well, Mary, I'm kind if busy right now, got to help my daughter with her homework, but what if you come over to my office tomorrow morning at around 10? Then we can talk.”

Karen thought of a few words she would tell this woman, if the circumstances were different and she didn't have a family or was not a respectable member of a community. She'd tell her a few things and put her in her place once and for all. But now she was one of Altee's most respectful citizens and a mother and she had Addy to safeguard as well. She couldn't bring herself to Mary's level. She had to maintain a sense of decorum. The only reason she'd make it a one-on-one with Mary was if Mary came on to Addy. That's where she drew the line. But Mary was too smart. She knew that Addy was out of reach for her and that Karen stood well-grounded between them, so she would never dare to go there.

Addy grinned thinking that the daughter line was a good one.

“Sure, I'll come to your office or anywhere you want me. I'm still going to the pub tonight, just in case you want to drop by and have some drinks.”

“Thanks again, but I can't. I'll see you tomorrow.”

When she hung up, Karen was furious. “That woman has some nerve!”

“Do you have a date?”

Karen grinned. “As a matter of fact I do.” She pulled Addy between her legs and placed her arms around her waist resting her hands on Addy's rear. Karen was sitting on one of the kitchen stools. “I happen to be craving this gorgeous brunette, with a very sexy butt who dropped by my office this afternoon. It was the thought of that cute butt filling those brown pants that brought me home early today and not Mary, for your information. So, what do you say to that?”

“Nice ass? Huh?”

Karen grinned. “Gorgeous.” She kissed her.

“As long as we are comparing notes…. I also happen to have a date with a very sexy blonde, who happens to be craving for me, and who drives me nuts wanting to exercise all sorts of rights and privileges on me.”

Karen continued grinning. “She does, huh?”

“Yes. She is very persuasive.”

“So, are you letting her exercise all those rights and privileges?”

“Each and everyone.”

“Adriana Marcos, you have a way to excite me that —.”

Addy kissed her and Karen was immediately enthralled in a passionate kiss.

“Blondie, you've got me going too, but you have to help your child with homework.”

“Aaaah! I don't know how I'm going to get my mind into that when it is so immerse somewhere very soft and….”

“Ssshhh! Go! Get it over with! Save the sweet talk for later!”

“What sweet talk? Me? I can barely put two words together on my dates with you!” Karen kissed her, got up and went to meet Alex.

Addy remained smiling. It was true. All Karen ever said when they made love was Addy's name in different tones and pitches.


The next day at 10 o'clock, Mary came in to see her. In person she was more reserved, or Karen thought that perhaps it was because at 10 o'clock, it was still too early for the first beer!

“Hi Karen.”

“Oh! Hi Mary, please, come in.”

Mary sat down and looked around. “Nice office. Good taste.”

“Thanks. Mary, I wanted to talk about what is going on. As you know, Marshal manages our stables, so when this matter happened, we immediately became concerned.”

“She was at Carol's. She was acting as if Carol belonged there. You know, Carol and I were together for over four years. We were intimate.” Mary smiled.

Oh, Lord! Do I need to know this? “Yes, but you are no longer together.”

“No. She left me. I sort of got a bit involved with Sarah and she found out and….”

“So, since you are with Sarah and she is no longer with you, what is the problem with her seeing Marshal?”

“I'm no longer with Sarah. She kicked me out when she found out about the fight with Marshal.”

“Oh!” Karen pretended she didn't know this part of the story.

“I had too much to drink the other night. When I saw Marshal there, I got jealous and flipped. Carol was my girl and I don't want her with anyone.”

“Well, Mary, Carol has a right to choose who she wants to be with, just like you did when you started seeing Sarah.”

Mary was a bit contrite. “I may still have feelings for her and want her back.”

“Well, but it appears that now she and Marshal are friends.”

“I think they are more than friends. I think that Marshal already got in her pants!”

“I don't know about that Mary, that's really none of my business.”

“That bitch! But it's my business! Carol is my woman!”

“Mary, she was. You left her for Sarah.” Karen had to set the record straight for Carol and Marshal's sake.

“Sarah was a mistake. She was just a fling.”

“Mary I don't know what to say to that. Is there a way that Addy and I can help you?

“Nah! I was just joking when I said I'd sue you. I won't. You are nice people. I just need to find me a job. I took out my anger on a customer at the hardware store and they fired me. I don't even have a place to live. I'm staying at the firehouse. I'd be in your debt if you know of any job and refer me.”

Karen was thoughtful. “Let me see what I can do.”

“Thanks, Karen. You and Addy are good people, and she's a gorgeous woman. I'm sure you are getting more than you need there!”

Karen opted to ignore that last remark and continued focus on her task. “Listen, if I help you find a job, do you promise to leave Carol alone?”

“I don't know Karen, I want her. She's a very gifted woman.” Karen wasn't sure if Mary was referring to Carol's ability to bake or to other gifts, but Karen was not going to go off on a tangent and she kept it professional.

“Carol is a very nice lady and she deserves to be happy. She is also a grown woman and can make her own choices. You have to accept her choice.”

“What would you do if you were me?” Karen didn't know what to answer because her first thought was that she would never cheat on Addy.

“I really don't know Mary, we are all different people.” This was true! Thankfully!

“Well, you think about that! I want her back. I miss her. I have needs.”

Oh God! I don't want to hear this! Karen was already in fast mode trying to cut the conversation short.

“Well, let me see what I can do about finding you a job. You are a hard working person and deserve a good chance. What about Sarah? Why don't you go back to her?”

“She's all about her son. I didn't have kids because I don't like them.”

“But you knew she had a son when you moved in with her.”

“Well, I wasn't thinking about the son at the moment. If you know what I mean!” She snorted laughing. “Then it became clear that he was very much there all the time. I couldn't even walk around in my underwear, or sleep naked because the brat would come into the bedroom every morning!”

Inwardly, Karen sympathized, but she had to cut this short. The conversation was going in the wrong direction. “Okay, Mary. I'll let you know if I know about any jobs.”

“Thanks, Karen. And call me if you ever want to go out for a beer and some fun.”

Karen couldn't end the conversation fast enough the minute Mary mentioned the walking around in her underwear and the sleeping naked part.


“So did you talk to her?”

“Yes, she wants me to help her look for a job.  Maybe we can find something for her in Glasgow .”

“Karen she's not going to leave here. She likes to volunteer at the fire house and she's not going to leave that, and besides she still has the Carol thing and who knows if Sarah will take her back!”

“You are right. Her life is here. Do you think they might want to hire her as a first responder permanently? On the other hand I don't know if I would want her rescuing me if I needed rescuing!”

“What? And miss your chance to get mouth-to-mouth?” Addy laughed.

Karen made a mocking face. “Very funny, missy! You wouldn't say that if she was pretty!”

“Of course not!  I wouldn't have even let you talk to her!”

Karen laughed she loved to see Addy in her possessive mode.

“We need to get her far away from here, so that she'll leave Carol alone. Maybe if she meets someone someplace else, she'll forget about Carol. After all, she said she has ‘needs.'”

“What? Don't tell me that she told you that?” Addy laughed.

So did Karen. “Yes, she did. She also said Carol was a gifted woman, and no! I didn't ask! I was not particularly interested in knowing which gifts she was talking about!” Addy was cracking up.

“I also know that Sarah didn't allow her to walk around in her underwear, or sleep naked because of her son and that she was thinking of other things and not the son when she got together with Sarah!”

“Oh my God! She told you of all that?”

“Yes, the woman has no shame and she invited me to the pub again, so there. Now you know it all. I spent half the time avoiding certain subjects. That woman is terrible!”

“Oh! The nerve! Trying to roll on my turf!”

Karen smiled and said nothing. She knew Addy was kidding.

“I'm going to talk to James. He might know of something with one of our distributors and we might just be able to send her away somewhere.”

“That's a good idea, Ker.”


Karen called James immediately. While she waited for James to pick up she talked to Addy. “I'm moving on this quickly. I want that woman out of here. She's trouble.”

“Hey James, how is it going?”

“Listen, do you know of anyone who might have mentioned they were looking for help or labor of any type?”

“No nothing managerial. Ah! That sounds better.”

Addy was listening.

“Mary Salter. Yes, her. Because we need to get her far away from here. No!”

Addy chuckled. She could hear James at the other end asking Karen if she had tried to come on to her or to Addy.

“There are issues between her and Marshal because of Carol. Yes, it appears they are together. Okay, I'll send her over and you can give her the details.”

“Well?” Addy asked, not even letting her hang up the phone.

“James knows a distributor who was looking for a driver. The distributor owes James a favor because he hired that new woman to help JP with the hospitality events. Mary might like that. She might find more women if she expands her radius of operation.”



A few minutes later, the phone rang and Karen picked up. “Hi JP.” Karen's tone was a bit moody.

“Well! I'm happy to hear from you too! I don't know if I want to talk to you at all now!”

“Is that why you called me? To tell me you don't know if you want to talk to me?”

“Very funny! I think I would rather speak to your better half . . . who always treats me nicely.”

“Let me get her.” She gave the phone to Addy. “He wants you.”

“Oh my God! What did I do to that woman to get this kind of treatment? If it weren't because I know the two of you, I'd say she's not getting any! She's lucky to have you. Anyone would have kicked her butt a long time ago. She can really be moody!”

“Hi JP, you can say whatever you want to about her, you know those green eyes have me under a spell. So not having any is not an issue here. What's up?”

JP laughed. He always liked Addy's frankness.

Karen on the other hand was rolling her eyes and mumbling something about there being no privacy in this house.

“I heard about the cat fight and wanted to know more from you.”

“JP you have to keep this to yourself. Marshal and Carol are family.”

“Honey, for that matter, Mary is also, isn't she?”

“Not that kind of family! I mean real family. We care for Marshal and Carol. We don't care for Mary.”

“Okay, so do tell!”

Karen rolled her eyes as she passed Addy on her way to the rec room with Alex, both carrying toys and other games.

“So that's what happened.” Addy ended her story.

“My God! That woman has some nerve just going there and demanding her woman! Who does she think she is?” He laughed.

“Hey do you want to go shopping tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, are you picking me up?”

“Oh dear, I was going to ask you if you could drive. Lately my sciatic nerve is hurting and I can't press the pedal without hurting.”

Addy smiled. “Okay, JP. I'll drive. I'll pick you up at 11AM. We can have lunch at the shopping center.”

“Okay. Thanks dear. Ta, ta!”

Addy came back to the rec room. “Well, the usual happened. He invited me to the mall and I end up driving.”

Karen chuckled. “You'll end up paying too!”

“If it wasn't because I have so much fun with him!”

Karen just continued to play with Alex.

Alex seemed to be engrossed in her computer game and Karen took advantage of her distraction to talk to Addy. “Addy, why do you tell JP those things? I don't know that I like it.”


“About whether I'm getting any or not.”

“Ker, I only say it in jest. Did it bother you? I just think that because JP is how he is, if I didn't go along with his play, he would really think that something is wrong. Or God knows what he might think! So I sort of tell him what he wants to hear or already imagines.”

“It's just that I got on his case once because he was talking lightly about our relationship , remember?”

“Yes, you did get on his case.”

“I don't think our private affairs are any of his business. You know, before you entered the picture he and I used to joke about many things, but things changed the minute you walked into my life and he ought to know better than to continue with those games. Our relationship is out of bounds for him and he should know better. If you don't help me keep him in line he's going to continue with it and one day he's not going to find me in the right mood and it's not going to be pretty!”

“Ker, I didn't know you felt that way.”

Karen didn't reply. “I don't know exactly how I feel, but I don't like you putting out there what we do or don't do. Sorry.”

Addy looked contrite. “I'm sorry, baby. I guess I didn't think enough about it. I won't joke with him like that anymore. In fact I will emphasize more respect from him.”

“Good luck! He is hopeless as far as I'm concerned. I don't know how James puts up with him.”

Addy smiled and looked at Karen. “Because he gets plenty?” Then she laughed.

“You are just as bad as he is!” Karen added.

“Yeah! But I'm only bad with you and you like it!”

Karen grinned and went back to the floor to play with Alex. Addy nudged her with her foot.

“Stop it, woman!” Karen continued to grin.

Alex noticed the nudge and smiled. “Is M'Addy tickling you, Mommy?”

“Yeah! Why don't you defend me?”

“I will!” Alex got up and launched herself on Addy.”

“Oh no! I'm being attacked! . . . Again!” Addy laughed and fell on her side onto the sofa unable to contain a very strong and determined Alex.”

Karen had to get up and pull Alex by the waist to remove her from Addy. Karen lifted her up in the air and Alex pretended to still be trying to grab on to Addy who was still bent on her side on the sofa laughing.

“Come on savage girl. Let me take you to your bed.”

Alex was laughing also. “But I'm winning, Mommy!”

“Leave Mommy Addy alone.” She looked at Addy who was regaining her sitting position again, her hair was all ruffled up and her cheeks were red from laughing. “Are you okay, babe?”

“Yes, take that thing away from me!” She was referring to Alex who once Karen put her down came over and kissed her.

“Good night, M'Addy. I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie.”

“Come on! Upstairs! Now!” As they went upstairs Karen asked. “What are we reading tonight?”

“Zinderella!” Alex knew that Karen hated girly stories.

“Na! How about if we read Adam's Smith, The Wealth of Nations?”


“I guess that's a no. Then how about Economic Principles for Dummies?”


“Okay, Winnie the Pooh, it is.”

Addy was downstairs laughing.


To be continued in Part 2.


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