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Part 4 of Loose Change Series - The Addy and Karen series.
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Joint Venture




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Part 15 & Epilogue

After traveling during the summer months, through Europe , the time came to report to school. As all parents do, the women packed all the boxes and bags and other ‘junk' as Karen called it in the car and headed for St. Andrews .

The school required that all first year students live on the grounds. When they arrived on campus there was the usual commotion of the move-in days. There were parents and kids hauling stuff up and down the stairs, and student volunteers everywhere taking stuff from parents' hands, and sometimes being too helpful.

Although two of her good friends were also accepted at the prestigious university, the three of them decided not to room together seeking to expand their circle of friends. So, Alex did not select a roommate and the university paired her up with another student.

Thirty minutes after their arrival, Alex's roommate showed up. Nan was a petite and thin oriental girl who seemed very friendly, but quiet. She brought her things into the room and soon everything was aligned in their respective sides.

The room was large. It was a suite type arrangement where there were five rooms, two people per room and one huge shared bathroom with several shower and toilet stalls. There were also set ups of three and four people per room, and there were also the typical double rooms with a hallway communal bathroom, and of course, there were the private rooms with their own bathroom.

Alex was gregarious, but she liked her privacy, so the suite type arrangement gave privacy when she needed it and the camaraderie of having a roommate, and the suite had the added benefit of other suite mates when she wanted to be gregarious. Having grown up alone, she was looking forward to sharing adventures with others.

The moms helped to accommodate things. Karen made the bed while Addy insisted that everything had to be sanitized and disinfected. She brought from home an arsenal of cleaning products.

“She's always like that.” Alex tried to explain her mom to Nan . Who merely smiled in awe as she looked at the women's doings. Nan 's parents had dropped her off and left immediately. Addy and Karen had spoken to Nan trying to get a feel for the kind of roommate she would be. She seemed pleasant and both women liked her. Nan sat quietly on her bed and didn't seem in any rush to do anything.

They had arranged the rental of a small fridge, a microwave, and bought a one-cup coffee maker. Alex had all sorts of supplies in plastic drawer-type containers. Some of the supplies were needed, some would never be used. There were pharmacy products in case she got from a headache to a stomachache, heartburn, a rash, or food poisoning. And, of course, there were also bandages of all sizes and antiseptic ointment. There was nothing that was overlooked.

All of the pharmaceutical acquisitions were handled by Karen, while Addy made sure that, Alex would never starve to death if she got hungry in the middle of the night, if it rained, or snowed for more than a week, or maybe even if the world came to an end because there were several cans of Spam in the basket of provisions. When Alex saw the Spam, she said nothing, looked at Karen, rolled her eyes and they both chuckled. Karen always kidded Addy that she was the number one buyer and never consumed cans of Spam. The joke was that since no one ever ate them, the can would expire and Addy would throw them away and replace them with new ones. “I don't think Spam will ever suffer the fate of those other cake things. Addy alone, will keep the company afloat.”

“Laugh on! Have another one on me.”

Addy thought that it was imperative for Alex to have supplies. First years were not allowed to have a car on campus, so it was important to have anything needed. It did not matter that there was a pharmacy and a small grocery store across the street from campus, or that the university had an excellent and free transportation system that took the students anywhere around town, and even to the nearby shopping areas. Addy still insisted that Alex have all she might need in case of an “emergency.” When all was said and done, it came the time to leave.

Alex looked at them. Especially at Addy. She knew that Addy was the emotional one and, on the surface, the hardest hit with the separation. “We are only two hours away, M'Addy. You can come and visit me whenever you want to.” She said it in a soft tone, trying to make things easy for Addy. “I know, baby, and I know that you will be fine and do well. You are very ready for this. I'm not going to say that we will miss you because I don't even want you to think of us when we leave, but we will be thinking of you. And you know that until I get used to this, we are going to have to be texting a lot.”

“Yes, M' Addy we've already gone through all the rules to keep you sane and for you not to send the Scotland Yard in my search.”

Karen was smiling. “Mom, take her away and keep her busy tonight, would you? I will be fine.”

“I will try. By the way, we are going to be in town for a couple of days, so if you need anything give us a call and we'll drop by. We are staying at the Chapel Hill Inn for a couple of nights.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “Okay, go now I promise to call you later.”

Her friends Kara and Mandy came over, and when the moms left the inseparable group was together. The only one not there was Brook. But Brook never hung out with these three. Brook was Alex's friend, but she and Alex hung out separate from the other two. Kara and Mandy were friends with Brook but the friendship was not as close. Brook also decided to go to Edinburgh University rather than St. Andrews . She was looking for a new set of friends and the beginning of a new life.

Over the years they had developed a great friendship, and even after graduation, they remained in contact. Alex, Addy and Karen had played a great role in her life. Addy and Karen became Brook's role models and Brook absolutely loved them.

The women got in the car and waved goodbye to their Little Bit. The car all of the sudden became very quiet. Karen noticed and took Addy's hands. “She will do great. You know that! She's very mature and responsible.”

“I know. It's not she who worries me. It's the people she will encounter that I'm afraid of.”

Karen was silent. “Yes, Addy, but having experiences in life is how we learn and wasn't it you who told me years ago, on account of the bicycle matter, that we couldn't keep her locked up in her room?”

“Yes, I did and you are right.”

“She will need to have her hurts and her disappointments. And we will be there to help her every time she falls.”

Addy chuckled. “Ms. Larsen how things have turned, no? You are now the expert on kids. You've put Dr. Spock to shame.”

“No, it's more that we have been together for a long time, and I have paid attention to what you do.”

Addy smiled. “Don't patronize me, woman!”

Karen chuckled. “Come on fiery Latin woman, save your talk for later. I have plans for a long night.”

“Oh, yeah?” Addy was again looking back towards the dorm where they had just left Alex.

“Don't worry, she'll be fine. And, don't forget that I have to follow Alex's order and keep you busy. I'm thinking a warm shower, and a nice massage, for starters.”

Karen gave her the devilish look and Addy smiled. They made it to the Inn . Karen came around to Addy's side of the car and waited for her to get out, and then together they walked into the Inn .

Once in the room, Addy started to undress as she walked into the bathroom leaving the door half opened. Karen was also undressing in the bedroom. Addy turned the shower on, continued to undress and when the temperature was right, she got in the shower. A couple of minutes later, she heard the door close and the shower curtain move. Karen got in the shower and brushed her left hand finger nails down Addy's back. Addy immediately reacted to her touch, and she stiffened. Karen wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her behind her ears. “Hand me the soap. I'll lather you up.” The shower was long and sensual. They dried each other up and went to bed. In bed, they cuddled and resumed the activities previously begun in the shower.

“Am I keeping you busy enough?” Karen whispered in her ear.

Addy's pleasured look said it all. “Umhu, but I'm going to need more distraction.”

“Good because distracting you gives me great pleasure.” Karen snuggled to her, kissed her and continued her extended ministrations.


After Karen and Addy left, Alex went to dinner with Kara and Mandy. After dinner the friends hung out for a while at Kara's dorm and later each parted to their respective dorms. When Alex entered her room she saw, to her great surprise that all of her roommate's things were gone. She was wondering what happened and what to do. While trying to figure out what to do, she heard her name being called.

“Alexandra Larsen?”

“Yes?” She turned to look.

An athletic woman with brown hair in a pony-tail stood in the threshold of her door. The woman was wearing a white T-shirt and long athletic sweats. She had the appearance of someone who had been involved in some kind of physical workout or running. She looked tired. “I'm Mikaela Schwin, your RA. I'm a third year student in charge of the residential floor. Everybody calls me Mick.”

“I'm sorry, RA?”

“Resident Assistant. I'm your liaison with university housing. Anything related to your room, or any problems with roommates, you have to bring to my attention.”

“I see. Well, in that case you, you couldn't have chosen a better time to drop in. Maybe you can tell me what happened to my roommate. I had one when I left, and it appears that she's gone now. Or at least, her things aren't here.”

“Yeah, that's what I came to see you about. May I come in and sit down.”

“Yes, sure.” Alex thought that the woman was very polite.

“Nan Yung asked for a reassignment.” Mick ran her fingers over her hair to tuck it back behind her ears.

“Why?” Alex noticed that Mick was uneasy.

“Can I go straight to the point?”

“Don't see why not. Say what you have to say. She didn't like me or something?”

Mick grinned at the total frankness. Then she looked at Alex straight in the eyes as to not miss any reaction. “She said she didn't want a gay roommate. I took care of it. I arranged it and she's in another dorm. No one knows, or will know unless you are out. I don't know how she found out. Did you say something to her? By the way, I don't care. I'm family too, so I'm cool.” She shrugged, still feeling uneasy about having delivered bad news and bad about maybe having outed Alex.

Alex smiled. Alex was used to this type of thing happening and, she didn't make a big deal of it. Mick was surprised to see her smile. She immediately thought that if Alex was out, there would be immediate chaos in the small knit lesbian community on campus. Alex was too gorgeous, nice and single. Everyone would be interested. Including herself. She already liked the way Alex was responding to the situation.

Alex held her gaze and remained smiling. Her smile was hard to resist, and it didn't take long for Mick to smile as well. “Thanks, Mick.” She pursed her lips. Already imagining what Mick was thinking. “How can I put this? We are family in a way, but not like you think. Nan got it wrong.” Alex continued to smile. She was so used to this type of thing, it was just too normal.

“It's okay if you are not out. I understand it's hard sometimes. We all have a story. I won't tell. I promise.”

“Yes, that is true. We all have a story. Let me tell you mine real quick and you will see my predicament.”

“Hey, you don't have to come out to me. I mean it, really!”

Alex sat against the cushions on her bed and chuckled. “I'm not coming out. Mick. I don't have to. Nan got it all wrong, she saw my moms when they brought me, and she assumed I am like them. My moms are lesbians. I'm not.”

“Shit!” Mick's expression was between disappointment and upset. “What?!”

Alex chuckled. Mick's reaction was funny. “It's okay. I'm used to it. I can handle it. This is not extraordinary for me. It's happened before, and will happen again. And by the way, I have no problem being friends with my family's family, so that you know.”

Mick chuckled, again tucking her hair behind her ear. “I'm sorry. This is a first for me. I've met lesbian couples with children, but the children were little ones. I've never met, until now, a grown child of a lesbian couple.” Mick got up to leave, but turned when she got to the door.

“I guess is bad enough to live with rejection for who you are, to also have to live with rejection for who you are not.”

Alex looked at her very seriously and then smiled. “At least I have a good RA.”

Mick chuckled. She liked Alex already. “I'll get you a roommate. It's a big campus. Nan is of no consequence.”

“Certainly not to me! People can believe whatever they want.”

“You are cool, Larsen. I think we can adopt you.” She lightly hit the door and left.


Mick chuckled and walked out of the room. She was talking to herself once outside “Damn! So cute and straight, my damn luck!”

Alex felt a sudden sadness thinking that people were so prejudiced, that they deprived themselves the opportunity to grow. Nevertheless, she thought that Nam was not worth a minute of her time. She didn't want people like that around her. Narrow minded people who failed to see the beauty in others because of their prejudices. Besides this meant that she had the room all to herself, at least until Mick found her another roommate.

She then started to organize her stuff, took a shower and later got on the internet to chat with her friends. She told no one what happened. Certainly not the moms. She didn't want them thinking that she was sad or alone. In fact she wasn't. She had learned through life to mind her own business and to deal with all sorts of people, and she was perfectly well on her own.

When Mick left Alex's room she went to the nearby dining hall to meet with other friends.

“What took you so long, Mick?” One of the women asked.

“We didn't think you were coming. We thought that pretty blonde in your floor would keep you busy. Were you helping her organize her things?” One of the girls in the group asked. Everyone had spotted the cute blonde on Mick's floor.

Mick smiled. “Nope, I had RA duties to tend to.” She was taking a seat at the table.

One of the women pushed her in jest. “Seriously! I was.” Mick replied, and did not mention Alex's circumstances. She felt it was a private matter, revealed in confidence. The group of women was small. Their close relationship stemmed from the fact that they were out and often singled out.

The group changed the subject and the conversation flowed along other topics, but Mick still had Alex on her mind. She was too cute, honest and nice to easily forget.



While Alex was on her first year at St. Andrews , Addy and Karen remained home most of the time and visited her frequently. Every time they visited they left with the sense that Alex was happy and doing well. This gave them peace of mind.

Alex was in fact doing very well both academically and socially. She made lots of friends, including the small of group of family members. Being the easy going, pleasant person that she was, she soon became very popular. She joined a sorority and was always active. She even dated a few times, but found nothing peculiar in the individuals to dedicate time to them, and instead she focused in her studies. She was still not sure of what she'd end up doing, but being a lawyer like the moms and defending the poor and the oppressed always appealed to her, so she had that pretty much in mind.

During the second semester of the first year, Addy and Karen began to travel locally. They toured England up and down and east to west. During Alex's second year, the women expanded their horizons more and went a little further, this time the trips took longer time. They spent the first semester touring Spain and Portugal and during the second semester, the three of them toured and spent part of the Christmas holidays in Ibiza and sailed to the other Balearic Islands . In January, they took Alex back to school and in February they left for Italy . They remained there until May, where Alex joined them for a brief summer holiday. They rented a car and drove up the western coast of Italy and the south of France . Then, they came back home before Alex had to report back to school.

A while back, during Alex's senior year in high school, Addy began to have lots of free time because she no longer needed to be driving Alex around since Alex already drove. Karen was usually at the office until around 4 PM. She had already begun to cut her work days back in preparation for retirement. Therefore, the house was really quiet in the afternoons.

Whenever Alex got home she'd always yell from the door. ”Mommaá I'm home! What are you doing?” She'd yelled so loud sometimes that even Karen could hear her in her office at the other end of the house.  Several times she had asked her to keep the yelling a notch down.

Addy would always reply from the study downstairs. “I'm writing a book!” Alex always thought that Addy's reply was funny and that she was joking, until a few years later when Alex was already in her second year in college, which was when Addy made her announcement.

“Ladies I have an announcement to make.”

Mother and daughter braced themselves. They knew her. “Oh no!” Karen exclaimed.

“What now?” Alex chuckled.

“I'm going to be published!”

Karen looked up grinning. Brown eyes were focused on the green ones. Each holding each other's gaze as if unbelieving the news.

“What?!” Alex was the one who seemed to be shocked. “I didn't even know you were writing a book!”

“All of these years, you've asked me what I've been doing, and I've been telling you that I was writing a book, how can you say that?”

“I know, but I thought you were kidding!  I thought you were mocking me!”

“Well, I wasn't.”

“Did you know about this mom?”

Addy replied outraged. “Of course, your mother knows!  You should know by now that your mom and I don't keep secrets. As a matter of fact, your mom is my beta reader and editor.”

“How come I haven't read these books?”

“They are lesbian romance stories not suited for your eyes.”

Alex chuckled. “Juicy stuff, huh?”

Karen had a sudden cough attack.

“Actually, they are one single story. Perhaps one day you should read it and learn what true love is all about.”

Karen couldn't seem to recuperate from her cough attack.

“M'Addy, for that, I have you and Mom. I could never find a better example.”

Karen was turning red now.

“I better get your mom some water before she chokes.”

“So, I guess once they are published, I can read them.”

Karen didn't seem to be recuperating even with the water. Addy smiled at the green eyes in distress.

“Sure, of course, you must remember they are a work of fiction.”

“Yeah, yeah!” Alex said no more and took off to her room.

“Are you out of your mind, woman?” Telling her that she can read the stories?” Karen came around in her usual whisper tone whenever she didn't want Alex to hear something.

“Why not? They will be sold to the public. And we have never kept anything from her. Plus remember, the names have been changed.”

“But, Addy, she of all people in the world would know it's us in the stories.”

“Yes, but she won't know what's true or false.”

“I hope that I don't die of embarrassment!”

Addy looked at her smiling. “I thought you always said you'd die in some other way, very well described in the stories?”

Karen rolled her eyes and looked away. There was no end to Addy's mockery.

Karen had been for the past few years reading and editing the stories.  She knew perfectly well what was in them. Addy had asked her about how she felt if she were to publish them. After all it was their story and some eyebrows would be raised.

Usually the disclaimer that the characters are fictional, works with people who don't know the real characters, but for those who know the characters, well it was too obvious.

“You know what? What the hell! Do it, Addy. It's us and the story of our beautiful love. Nothing to be ashamed of.” Except for the many times she blushed reading the stories.

“Well the thing is that it's not just one, they want to publish all three of them.”

“You've written three books!?” Alex was just coming down the stairs and making her entrance again to the family room and could hardly believe what she had just heard.

Karen was in shock too. “Are you serious?”

“Yeap, apparently they think the stories are great.”

“Oh, M'Addy! That's fantastic! Imagine, what if you become a famous author? I wouldn't be surprised if you win an award and all!”

“Na! The stories are cute, but they are not so great. They are just fun to read.”

“Not everyone can write funny, M'Addy. So when can I read them?”

“Oh Lord!” Karen exclaimed. Suddenly becoming aware that once again, the unexpected could happen. She thought of all the amazing things that had always happened to Addy throughout their lives. She could just see the progression, First how she started to write for the simple pleasure of writing, then people liking her stories and now someone wanting to publish them. If it was not for the fact that Karen thought that the lesbian romance market was a small market in the book-world, Karen could already see that Alex's imaginative proposal that Addy could become famous could be a reality.


Before Addy sent the initial manuscripts to the publisher, she consulted with Karen whether she'd mind her trying to publish the stories. Karen had read and actually proofed all the stories and she thought they were great. She was also not surprised when Addy started to get emails from readers who loved the stories when she published them on a free-access lesbian fiction web site.

However, Karen thought that although the stories were very good, it was a far-fetched possibility that amongst the tons of authors and manuscripts available in the publishing world anyone would be interested in publishing the work of an unknown author.  And even in the event that some small company would publish them, the stories, although true were so unbelievable that no one in their right mind would think them as true.

In the course of the years, Addy wrote more than three books about their remarkable life. To their surprise, more to Karen than Addy of course, the books became instant best-sellers. Everyone liked the fictional ups and downs in the life of the characters, but little did the readers know that what they were reading was the life of real people. Their very fabulous, wonderful, and loving life.

As it turned out, the stories were picked up by one of the major lesbian fiction publishing companies and the books sold left and right in all forms and versions to the point that they couldn't print them fast enough. Even in hard copy, because, people not only wanted to read them, they wanted to re-read them claiming that the stories made them happy and gave them hope. The stories became collectors' items proudly displayed in the houses of ‘any good lesbian' as the publisher claimed. The ebook-sales skyrocketed, and Addy soon found herself being everyone's favorite author. And as Alex predicted, she even won awards for the series.

Karen lived in total amazement of the things she could pull. “Never a dull moment with you, Addypooh.” Karen looked at her mesmerized.

“I guess the ride to hell and back has been good, huh?”

“Excellent, don't have a single regret.”

The money from the books was never great, because there was no money to be made in such a small niche or readership. However, since Addy never really wrote for the money, that didn't matter to her.  

Addy wrote because she loved her life with Karen, and because writing about it enabled her to relive all those wonderful moments. And in addition, she loved to see Karen smile when she read her manuscripts and also relived their wonderful moments together. There had been many nights when they would talk about the story and in reminiscing had ended up enthralled reliving the same passionate love described in that section of the story. They loved the ‘live reenactments' as they called them.

"We owe it to all the young lesbians of the world to publish our story to let them know that true love exists, and that if we found it, so can they."

Karen would just roll her eyes in her usual way. "I don't know Addy. I think our relationship is very special. Not sure that everyone has what we have. I thank God every day for what we have."

"I do too. I always told you that I would write our story, didn't I?”

Karen smiled because it was true. “Yes you did. I just never thought you'd go through with it. I'm glad you did. I also hope it helps other people find love.”

So, in the world of lesbian fiction, Addy became an acclaimed author and was invited to book signings and tours. People were often shocked when they saw them together.

"Oh My God! You guys are real!" Was the usual comment.

And then there would be the usual question. "Are the stories real?"  To which Addy would always mischievously smile, neither admitting or denying, and leaving the reader to wonder and speculate. But seeing Karen by her side was a sort of reaffirmation that, at least, the characters were very real and acted just as they did in the stories.

Addy was not only a great writer, but a great sales person. The publisher loved it when she accepted a tour, or a signing engagement because that only meant that the shelves would be empty at the end of the night. People adored her stories, but adored her as well. She became a hero and a staple for lesbian women.

Karen stood by her side and enjoyed the entire happenings. Who would have thought! Sometimes she was a bit embarrassed by some of the questions, but she always stood by Addy.

“Someone's got to be there to protect her from the fans and from herself! This woman is too hot to be left alone!”  She'd joke, but Addy knew that Karen was not totally kidding. Karen had always been very protective of her and she had no reason to change now.



During the four years that Addy served as Mayor, there were many achievements, but there were many sad moments as well.

Shortly after the hospital project was approved, their beloved Gerry passed away. This was a terribly sad moment for them. Most especially for Karen for whom Gerry was the last connection to her beloved Aunt Charlotte. After a thankfully brief diagnosis with cancer, she passed away at home like she wanted. The nurses informed Karen and they rushed to her side. Her only joy in life was to spend time with Karen, Addy and Alex who had turned out to be her real family. Karen at least had the consolation of having seen her one more time.

The following year, Mr. Kimbell also passed away. That was another hard blow for them. However, because he was already quite old and since eventually people come to terms with the fact that people don't last forever, they were more accepting of the dreadful happening.

He was a distinguished citizen of Altee and an instrumental life-long friend. He had been with them from the very beginning establishing and arranging Karen's inheritance from Aunt Charlotte, drafting the paperwork of joint ownership of the property, helping them get the loans for the Inn, preparing the documents for their civil partnership and finally arranging Alex's adoption papers.  Not to mention his blessed intervention in the custody trial against Karen's family. They had forever been grateful to him for coming to their rescue and bringing the entire town with him. Mr. Kimball's loss was personal.  Addy declared a day of mourning in Altee, and the entire town closed down so that people could attend the services and the funeral.

Mel and Vic continued together. Eventually Mel retired to the quiet country living of Scotland . Vic continued to see animals as long as they were brought to her. She would no longer drive miles to see horses or cows. They often joined Addy and Karen in their travels. Together they had many adventures. Joey and Laurie continued to prosper in the US with their respective families and every other year or two, Addy and Karen would drop in on them in addition to still hold, the traditional Christmas or Thanksgiving and summer gatherings. They would often rent a huge house somewhere and invite everyone to come. Whoever was available came and a good time were had by all. Alex always came. Marshal and Carol continued in the care of Alejandro for years and much later came back to manage the MgGuill stables again.

Phil, who was already high in years, decided to retire to the south of France , where he and his wife kept a summer home. Karen found herself running the firm alone with a couple of clerks. It suddenly became too much work for one person, and she finally decided to retire and dissolved the firm. These all coincided with the end of Addy's second term as mayor, after which, and much to Karen's relief, she retired from politics.


Alex spent four years at St. Andrews and again graduated with honors. She continued her education in Harvard where she attained a Master's degree in business, and later completed a law degree in Oxford . Brook, Alex's high school friend, stayed in Edinburgh University . She later completed Master's degree in Women Studies at Oxford and was now an associate professor at Edinburgh University .

During the many years that Alex attended college, Addy and Karen traveled extensively around the world. They also spent quite a bit of time in Boston , while Alex was there. They continued their practice of heading to warmer climates for winters, where Alex would join them for her winter break, and for cooler climates in the summer where Alex would also join them.

Addy continued to write amidst their travels, and Karen continued to edit her work. Before they knew it, they found themselves back home just about the time that Alex graduated from Oxford and returned home to Edinburgh to work in a law firm.

After Alex returned home, she settled in the apartment they still owned in Edinburgh . This was the apartment Addy bought when Karen was pregnant. They had rented it all of those years. The once regular working class neighborhood had now become quite affluent and the value of the apartment multiplied to absurd amounts. The apartment was near the hospital and in the middle of a very popular area in the city. Now Alex had the privilege to live in a much sought out location and what once had been her first home.

During the years, abroad, Addy wrote about their many travels. However, because they were busy living, she never got around to really carefully compiling the many events that would ultimately make for a recount of all those years. There were so many tales to tell! She felt an obligation to tell her readers what happened in the course of all those years, and also what had become of the lives of the many friends whose lives had touched theirs in so many ways through the years.

She felt their story would not be complete without a recount of all that happened from the time Alex left for St Andrews to the present day. So now that she was back home in Scotland , she was resolved to edit the chronicles of all those years and complete the story of their fabulous life and their God-blessed love.

“Maybe I should write a story about Alex's life after she left home.”

“First, how are you planning to write about her life on her own when you weren't there and even if you sat her down to tell you about her doings, something which I find you very capable of doing, how would you know for a fact that she would like you to write about her and make her life public as well?”

Addy pouted in thought, as if trying to come up with an idea already.

“Why don't you continue with our lives? After all, our lives have already been so exposed that I'm sure no one would care if I ran out to the street naked. I feel they've already imagined me naked anyways!”

Addy laughed. “Honey, whatever anyone has imagined, cannot possibly compare to the vision I see every night. Only I know what my gorgeous, green-eyed blonde looks like in her birthday suit.”

Karen chuckled. “Are you blind woman? Do you think anyone would care to see my wrinkles, or sagging boobs?”

“I resent those comments about you. I think you look gorgeous.”

“Bless your heart! But you are definitely blind!”

“I suppose that if you think that way about you, you must think that my boobs and ass are sagging as well. Are you?”

“Are you kidding? Why do you think I continue to go out with you to your book-signing engagements? I don't want anybody to get any ideas about you!”

Addy continued to laugh. “You are the most ridiculous woman ever! You have never gotten through that head of yours that I've never had eyes for anyone else.”

“Hi mom! Hi M'Addy! I'm home! Where are you?”

“Oh My! This is a surprise. I didn't know she was coming.” Addy commented.

“Neither did I. I wonder if anything is wrong?”

“We are back here, baby in the family room trying to put some sense into your mother.” Addy yelled.

Alex rolled her eyes and came in the room gesticulating with her hands. “Mom, I don't want to hear any of your nonsense arguments about you having to watch her from other women, or M'Addy any of your complaints about the green-eyed monster you happen to adore! I don't want to hear nothing of the sort. Just knock it off right now because every time is the same thing, you put me through all the nonsense and then two minutes later you are all cuddly and kissy-kissy, so I don't want to hear your ramblings. I have issues to resolve and I need advice.” Of course, Alex spoke in jest. She knew exactly how to deal with them and knew that it was always the same bantering between them.

The women looked at each other. “Do you hear that? Our daughter needs advice. Sit there and listen to her.” Addy commanded and Karen immediately sat down.

“Do tell, honey, what's going on?”

Alex then spoke to them.

After the conversation was over, the women remained in the living room talking, or at least Addy did.

“I see plenty of room for a story here.”

Karen pointed a finger at her. “If you write anything I want to see it and she gets to see it also.” Addy knew too well when the menacing green eyes meant business.

“I wouldn't have it any other way, baby. I've always been an open book to you.”

“As of lately, you are getting to sound like JP!”

Addy gasped. “Oh no! I've hit bottom.”

Karen had to laugh. “By the way, where are those two now?”

“In JP‘s own words, ‘sipping Malbec's and Shiraz's in Buenos Aires.'”

At that moment Alex crossed the room to go to the kitchen. “Honey, to calm your mother down, I need to ask you if you'd have any problem if I continue to write about you in my stories?”

“No, M'Addy. You've always written about me in your stories, why would I mind now?”

Karen was about to open her mouth, when Addy gave her ‘the look' and it kept her from uttering a word.

Because Alex's life was taking an interesting turn, Addy thought it would be worthwhile writing about it. Addy was then faced with the decision of which story to write first, the story of their traveling years, as she called it, or Alex's developing story.

She thought that because Alex had been the fruit of their love, she deserved her own story. So she decided to take on the Alex project as an interlude of the major project of the travelling years, making herself the promise that she would not leave a void for her readers, and that as soon as she could she would come back to cover those years and their friends. Regarding Alex's story, she thought that taking into consideration Karen's points, she would not send it for publication. Instead, she thought of giving it to Alex to read and to let Alex decide what she wanted to do with it.


That night in the privacy of their bedroom the women talked, as usual. “You are a very sneaky woman! You didn't tell Alex what your writing will be about. I'm going to hold you to your word that I get to see what you write before you send it to the publisher and please, be very careful with what you write about her. She's young and I think once again, we are entering unchartered territory with our Alex. She's entitled to her privacy.”

“I promise, baby. I decided that even after writing it, I will not send it for publication. I will give it to her and let her decide what to do with it. How's that?”

“You never cease to amaze me, woman. That is a remarkable thing. I applaud your decision.”

“Since I'm so remarkable, tell me what you think about this?” Addy slowly and gently kissed her way down Karen's body.

“Mother of God! Woman, you are going to kill me in one of your southern hemisphere explorations!”

Addy chuckled and came up, burying her face into Karen's shoulder. “You've ruined the mood with your dreadful comment.”

Karen chuckled, and pushed her down on the bed. She smiled and looked at her. “In that case, let me do the exploring, since nothing ever kills my mood.” Karen kissed her and took her earlobe in her mouth.

“Umm! You are perfect green-eyes.”

“You take my breath away, Adriana. Always have and always will.”


“Looks like I'm the one doing all the talking now.” Karen had that look in her eyes that Addy loved.

Addy remained silent and nodded, as Karen kissed her. She wrapped her legs around Karen's as they held each other in another of their sensual nights.

“My love, my beautiful love.” Addy whispered in her ear.

“Always, Adriana, always.”

To be continued in the next story.


Note to the readers – Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the story. I'm working on the next and final one already. Lots of interesting things will happen, so make sure not to miss the final twists and turns!

I cannot thank enough those who helped me edit the story. I am ever so fortunate to now also have editors from England and New Zealand checking my writing. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

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