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Part 12 - December – Second year

“JP, can I talk to Addy?”

“She's not here, sweetie. What's going on?”

“I thought she was there. She went to Edinburgh and said she'd be by the Inn before getting home. I've called her but she's not answering her cell phone and that's unusual, you know she always has it on and answers real quick.”

“Yeah, well give her a few minutes and call her back.”

“Okay, I'll talk to you later.” Karen's heart was pumping mad. Something was wrong and she knew it . Oh God! Addy, where are you?

“Let me know when she gets home, now you have me worried too.”

“Okay.” Karen didn't know what to do. I need to calm down. I need to keep my cool! I need to keep my head and think! Why didn't I install that tracking system in her car? Dam! Karen had thought about it, but never did because Addy didn't think it was necessary. “I get nervous when I don't know where you are!” “Why? I always tell you where I'm going, I always have my phone on, and I always pick up when you call me. There's no need to spend money in something that has no use.” So, Karen never had it installed.

Karen called again. No answer. She was really worried, the weather had taken a turn for the worse and it wouldn't be long before it was dark.

She called JP again. “JP, I'm going to go out there and see if she's stuck on the road or something.” Her heart was racing.

“Honey, the weather is not good and going to get worse!”

“I know JP but I can't sit here and do nothing.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” He was hoping she'd say no, but he had to offer. They were best friends.

“Thanks, JP, no need to put yourself at risk also. I'll call you as soon as I find her.”

Karen left. Her face was somber. Her heart was heavy. She felt lost. She was frightened.

She took her jacket and threw it on the passenger seat of the Range Rover and took off. Thank God, they had already bought the second car. After the experience with the cow and Sarah's son, they had decided on another Range Rover. It was raining, drizzling, and foggy. It was around 3:45 in the afternoon but this particular time of the year in these latitudes, it got dark early. The roads were empty of cars as the weather had made the roads nearly impassable.

The Range Rover wipers were going full blast. Karen was almost hypnotized looking at the road, hoping to find her on the side, thinking that maybe that something had gone wrong with the car, or that she was frightened to drive in the bad weather. She was really worried. She continued to call Addy on her phone without an answer. “Oh God! Keep her safe is all I ask of you, please God, please! Let me find her, please! God where is she, please lead me to her!”

All of a sudden, there were lots of red lights ahead, Karen stopped to find out what was going on. “What happened?” “A car skidded of the road. A deer jumped in front of it, there were two cars involved one crashed against a tree, the man died instantly. The other car went into the loch. They think there's a woman trapped in the car in the loch.” Karen ran to the lake. “Oh, God!” It was their Range Rover, it was Addy. Karen went mad. The rescuers were doing all sort of preparations but no one was going in. The water current was strong. It wouldn't be long before the car would be totally washed away. There was a lot of activity in preparation of initiating the rescues but no one was actually doing any rescuing.

It all happen in two seconds, Karen did not think twice, she took off her jacket and sweater and jumped in the freezing lake. Everyone saw her jump in. There was an immediate commotion amongst the rescuers some trying to speed up things, others looking out for the woman who had just jumped in. It was already dark so all the lights were pointing towards the lake, the spot light specifically on Karen and the Range Rover. Karen swam to the car. She could see Addy inside. Addy appeared to be unconscious. The car was filling up with water.

Karen knew that it would be impossible to get her out with the car half full because the force of the water wouldn't allow her to open the door. She tried to open it even a little but couldn't. The door also had the lock on. Karen saw a rock nearby swam to it, got it and brought it back. Using the rock and all the strength she could muster, she broke the window.

Just as she broke the window, the water came rushing in from the creek and continued to submerge the car. As the car went down, Karen went down with it. The car was filling up with water quickly. Karen knew she wouldn't have much time. Once the car was under the water completely, she got her arm through the hole in the window. She reached the door handle and pulled it open. Once the car had been filled with water, the door didn't offer much resistance. She unbuckled Addy's seat belt, grabbed her and pulled her out. The minute Karen got her out the car, the car slid into the depth of the loch. Karen swam back and out with Addy in tow.

As she was coming back the rescuers came to her aid. They took Addy from her and they took her to another ambulance. Karen wasn't even aware she had injured herself rescuing Addy and was bleeding badly. She kept calling her name. “Addy, Addy!! Her name is Adriana Marcos.” She said to one of the rescuers, as she passed out.

The next thing she remembered was waking up at the hospital. JP got the call from the hospital early the next day. He came immediately with James. When JP inquired about Karen, he was told that she had been admitted suffering from hypothermia and multiple cuts and lacerations. She had been given a sedative and was resting. When he learned about Addy he started to cry. “Oh God! James!” James embraced him. Addy was in a comma.

They were both keeping watch between Karen's and Addy's room. Addy was in intensive care. Both went over to see Karen as soon as she was awake. “Honey!” Karen broke down and began to cry the minute she saw them. Unable to speak, she just hugged them. The three hugged. “They say she is in a comma, JP. Please find out more, I need to know more. They are not telling me much! Why? Why aren't they telling me more? What's wrong with my Addy, Please find out! Please!” The nurses came and gave her a shot to sedate her. Karen looked like a truck ran over her. Her right arm was bandaged from the shoulder to her hand.

When she broke the window glass, the hole was too narrow so she removed what she could with her hands but ended up sticking her arm in to unlock the door. As a result, she had a massive cut. She had more that 150 stitches up the length of her arm and several others in other parts of her body. She didn't really care, though. She hadn't even realized how close she had been to dying herself. All her concerns were for Addy. All she cared about was that Addy had not come out of her comma.

Besides being comatose, Addy had many cuts and bruises and a bump on the head. The doctors said that the comatose condition was a reaction to the trauma suffered. The doctors could only tell her that being a comma was not uncommon for the trauma that she had sustained and the length of time she was in the cold water. Their concern was how severe the head injury might be.

Hours later when Karen woke up, they told Karen what they knew regarding Addy's condition. Her condition was still delicate but she was stable. That thought was somewhat comforting. Both of them stayed at the hospital going back and forth between Addy's and Karen's room. James went to the cafeteria to get some coffee. There he came across one of the EMTs.

“I saw you going into Karen's room earlier. Do you know Addy and Karen?”

“Yes, we are their friends from the Inn.”

“That was some rescue! I'm getting ready to recruit her for the department! If anybody jumped in the lake like that for me, I'd be mad about her!”

“Did you see it happen?” The rescue?”

“Yeah, I was right there. My name is Mary Salter, I'm the manager of the hardware store in town, but I also volunteer with the fire department's rescue team. We were called because someone saw a car plunge into the loch. We were getting ready to go in, and then Karen showed up.” Mary took a sip of her soda and continued with the story.

“She was talking to a man and when she finished talking to him she walked towards the loch. I was going to talk to her, but her eyes were fixated on the car in the lake. She didn't see me at all. It was amazing. That car was taken by the current faster than I ever saw. Don't know what happened. We were all getting ready to go in, but we weren't fast enough for the current today. Normally, what we do works perfectly. I guess last night there was more water or the currents were different, I don't know. If it hadn't been for Karen, I think she would have died. Nothing that ever goes to the depth of the lock has ever come back. Addy was unconscious. She wouldn't have made it.” Mary nodded and took another sip from her drink.

“Karen didn't hesitate for a second. She took off her jacket and walked into the freezing water like she was going into her bathtub. She didn't stop to think, or nothing. It was as if she knew she could do it and didn't care if she was coming back.”

James was pensive. “I don't think she cared, Mary. I think she was resolved not to come back if it wasn't with Addy.”

“I guess you know them well.”

“Yes, we have been friends for years.”

When James came back upstairs Karen had fallen asleep again. They had given her more medication to keep her calm because she insisted on getting up to go see Addy. James told JP the story as Mary had told him.

JP gasped as he put his hand over his mouth. “James, you are right. She wouldn't have come back without Addy. Oh Lord!”

James nodded. “Let's hope Addy pulls through. Karen will….”

“Don't even go there, J, Addy will make it. I know her! She will not leave Karen alone. I know that!” He was pouting and about to start crying when he took refuge in James' shoulder.

They were both outside Addy's room, just waiting. Karen had asked them to park themselves there and report back to her. They were going back and forth from one room to the other checking on both of them. Karen was desperate. She wanted to go see Addy, but they wouldn't let her. Finally James spoke to the doctor, explained the situation and the doctor allowed the visit. When Karen saw her, she began to cry inconsolably and they had to take her away and give her another sedative.

Two days later, Karen was released. She refused to go home. Addy was moved to another room still in the intensive care area.

The head nurse spoke to them. “Go home. I will call you the minute she wakes up.”

“Ker, honey, you heard the nurse, let's go home, you need to get some rest. Addy would want you to rest.” Karen was transfixed. Her eyes were looking to the floor, to the wall, to the emptiness in her life.

She looked at JP and James. “I'm not leaving here until I take her with me.” The nurse overheard the conversation. Two days had passed since the accident and Karen still looked like hell. Her arms were all wrapped up in bandages. She had cuts and bruises everywhere and her eyes looked as if someone had punched her in the face. She had never cried so much in her life. Her hair was in total disarray and she looked exhausted.

“Dear, we can put a recliner in the room so you can be more comfortable. You need to get your rest.” She then talked to JP and James. “You two can go. I'll keep an eye on her. Come back in the morning.”

“James, JP, go home, I'll be fine.”

“Ker, call us if you need anything. We'll be back in the morning.”

“Okay, thanks.”

The nurse brought her something to eat and brought her pain pills. She also brought in the recliner. Of course, Karen never reclined it at all. She spent the night either sitting up or pacing the room. It was the longest most awful night of her life. She had run out of tears already. She couldn't even think of calling Laurie or anyone. She was going through what could have only been compared to a slow death, a tortured death, long and lonely. Hell couldn't be worse that this!

She had not prayed in years, but she was praying now. She promised all sorts of things, made all sorts of trades with God and all the heavenly beings. She wished she could give a chunk of her own body to have her Addy back. Her head hurt. She ached all over. But above all it was the sadness, the despair the anguish the loneliness that hurt the most. She looked at the lovely face on the bed and it was as if her heart had petrified. It wouldn't work again until she could hear her talk, until she came back to her. She was sitting next to Addy's bed. Exhausted. Unable to hold her head up anymore, she reclined it on the bed, holding Addy's hand on her own. Her lips were resting on the hand that linked her to life.

“Addy, please come back, baby, please! Please, God, please! I've never asked you for anything…just grant me this! For any good I've ever done or will ever do, please grant me this!” It was then when what she called a miracle happened. She felt fingers caressing her hair. “Blondie….?”

“OH GOD, ADDY!” She got up and held her face and kissed her over and over until her tears soaked both of them. “NURSE, NURSE!!!” She could no longer see, blinded by her tears. Addy smiled slightly soaked in Karen's tears. The nurse caught the happening in the monitors in the nurse's station before she even heard Karen's screams, and came running in with a bunch of other nurses, technicians and doctors. One of the nurses took Karen away, she was visibly shaken to the point she was almost bent over and barely able to move from the shock and exhaustion.

The nurses and doctors were checking Addy as Karen sobbed in the arms of one of the nurse. “She's going to be fine, sweetie, she will be fine.” Another nurse brought a pill for Karen. “Here, dear, take this, it will help you.” “No I can't I need to be awake, I need to make sure she is alright.” The nurse took her to the sofa and sat there with her trying to calm her down.

Karen stared at the multitude of nurses, technicians and doctors who had gathered around Addy. She felt faint, she couldn't move, she was drained of energy, she felt dead inside, so helpless, as if her life was hanging from a string, waiting, just waiting to hear what the doctors had to say. After what seemed like an eternity, one of the doctors came over to where Karen was still sitting with the nurse. “Ms. Larsen, she is responsive and it appears that she is doing well. We are going to be running some more tests, but everything indicates that she is fine.”

Karen was visually shaking, and started to cry. “Ms. Larsen, I'm going to prescribe some medication for you. This is not a sleeping pill, I understand that you don't want to sleep, but this pill will calm you down. I need you to take it. Do you understand?” She nodded in the affirmative. He reassured her that Addy was fine and she took the pill, at the nurse's insistence. She leaned back in the sofa as she put her love one in the hands of God realizing that she could not do anything to help, she just watched as nurses and technicians tended to Addy and performed all the required tests. Exhausted as she was, she unwillingly dozed off.

Addy was awake now. She was tired and sleepy but totally enchanted by the vision across from her. There she was, the woman she adored and the one who adored her back, the most wonderful, beautiful woman in the world.

The nurses told Addy the whole story of the rescue and how everyone in the hospital thought that Karen was a hero and some sort of wonder woman. She might be a hero or wonder woman to others, but to Addy she was a miracle, the very essence of her life, and the true love of her life.

“She hasn't gone home at all.” The nurse continued to talk. “She requested a private room and she's camped out here the whole time. At least we've had a good chance to take care of her arm.”

“What about her arm? What happened to her arm?”

The nurse realized that Addy hadn't seen Karen's arm and didn't know about it.

“Oh nothing, honey, don't worry about it. It's all okay.”

Addy knew they were hiding something form her and she made a mental note to ask Karen the minute she saw her.

A little after, Karen woke up. She saw Addy looking at her and immediately smiled. Her eyes misted as she saw that adorable face looking at her.

Addy smiled. “Hi gorgeous!”

Karen jumped up from the sofa and came running. She was barely able to call her name. “Addy!” Karen's face was a mixture of happiness and anguished nervousness.

“It's so good to see you sexy thing.” She had just come back to the world of the living and she was already joking. She knew Karen was dead worried and was trying to relax Karen. She could fill the running engine and stiffness of Karen's body when they embraced.

They kissed. “Ker, Ker..”

“Thank God, Addy, thank God!”

“Baby, what happened to your arm? Why is it all bandaged up?”

“Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. It's nothing. How are you feeling baby? My baby…” Karen continued to caress and kiss her.

“I'm okay, but what about your arm? Please tell me.”

I have some minor cuts. Nothing to worry about.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Just a little. Don't worry about it. I'm fine.”

Addy beckoned her. “Come here, I need to hug you.”

Karen leaned on the bed and placed her face into Addy's. They could feel each other's breath. Karen caressed her face with her own as Addy closed her eyes. A tear ran down her cheek. Karen took in Addy's tear with her lips and kissed her where the tear had fallen. She ran her lips through the teary face, taking in, drinking everyone of them as she began to shed her own. Addy could feel Karen's body trembling.

Addy was still connected to a lot of equipment and couldn't hug her very well, but with her free hand she held on to Karen's right hand. When they kissed, Karen's emotions broke lose. She brought Addy's free hand to her mouth caressing it with her cheek and her lips, the tears bathing it. She was shaking. “I thought I'd lost you. I will never forget that feeling in my life. I was desperate, it was awful! Addy if anything ever happened to you, I would die, I know I would.”

Then the situation became amusing, when Karen took advantage of the opportunity to exercise authority. “And you are never going up in a hot air balloon, or bungee jumping, if I can prevent it, and I really don't give a dam if you get mad at me for stopping you!” She broke down in tears and buried her face in Addy's chest. Addy brought her free hand and caressed her head, and her hair.

“Ker, come up here, baby, I need to kiss you.” Karen did as requested. Addy was crying also. “Hey, I don't want you to cry anymore, baby, please. Look at me. I'm fine and I'm not going anywhere. And, no I'm not going in any hot air balloon, or bungee jumping ever, and you can stop me from doing any silly thing like that any time you want to…I will never be mad at you…shit! I don't think I've ever been mad at you for more than 5 minutes! Karen smiled amidst her tears as rested her head on Addy's chest.

“I love you.”

“Come to bed with me.”

“Addy, they are going to throw me out.”

“Then they'll have to throw both of us out! And then we'll sue them for patient mistreatment!” Addy chuckled. “Oh God! I'm beginning to sound like Isabella laughing at my own jokes!”

Karen chucked also. “ God, I love you so much, Addy!”

It was hard to believe that as bad as things had looked this woman was already joking. Oh! How she loved all of this and what would she ever do without it was totally unthinkable!

Addy scooted over to the side and Karen got in the bed with her. It was so good to be lying next to Addy. It was the best place in the world. “Try to relax and get some rest, baby, be careful with your arm there. Ker, tell me what happened to your arm.”

Karen told her. Karen didn't notice the tears, until she heard the sobs. “Addy what's wrong, why are you crying?”

“Your arm, is it going to be alright?”

“Yes, I will be fine.”

“How many stitches?”

Karen grinned. She knew! How did she know the woman just woke up from a comma! “A bunch.”

“How many?”

Karen wouldn't answer.


“A bunch, but it's fine now.” Still Karen wouldn't tell her. There was no need to upset her more.

When Addy later found out how many stitches Karen had, she Addy gasped. “Oh, Lord! Ker, what do the doctors say?”

“It's fine, Addy. It's nothing really. It's a small price to pay for having you.”

Addy was in anguish thinking of the pain and the hurt.

Addy hugged her. “Oh! God Ker, I…..” She kissed her. She was soaked in tears.

“Ssshh, calm down, it's okay. Addy, I would have cut off my arm, if only for this moment.” Addy knew this was true and that is why she couldn't stop crying.

Karen held her face in her hands. “Ssssh, please don't cry any more. Let's be happy that we are here, that we still have each other, please!”

Addy nodded. Their foreheads were touching, their eyes closed, as they gently began to caress each other's faces with their own and to tenderly kissed each other appreciating every second of that moment and thanking God for it. Later they just held each other. Addy kissed her on her forehead and on the top of her head. “God, you smell good!”

Karen chuckled. “I'll have to ask the hospital what shampoo they use if you like it so much.”

Addy smiled at her. “It's not the scent of your hair that I was talking about, although that is also good. I was talking about…..you, your scent.” Karen smiled as she covered Addy's mouth with a kiss.

“Ker, if you do that again, we may be in very serious trouble.”

Karen chuckled. “I'll say! With all the stuff you are hooked to, and my arm, we would definitely be in some kind of tangle here!” Karen held her tight as they both chuckled.

“Ker, you know that thing I've never done when we make love?”

Karen looked up. Her green eyes were searching Addy's face. Karen knew exactly what Addy was talking about. She whispered. “Yes?”

“I want to.”

Karen smiled. Her eyes were tender as they searched Addy's face.

She joked. “Now?”

Addy smiled. “No! Silly. When we are home. When we are back to normal and feeling up to it. Look at me! Do you think I can even move from this bed?”

Karen chuckled somewhat relaxed that this was not an imminent happening.

Addy noticed. “You don't want to? I know how you feel about it, but I thought that you wanted to try it with me?”

“I do. I want to, but I thought you were talking about now and here!”

“Ker! I might have had a blow to the head, but I'm not crazy! So, it's a yes?” Addy was smiling suggestively.

Karen adored the mischievous look. “Yes.”


“Double wow for me! Sometimes I have trouble believing that I'm talking to the same woman who didn't even want to see me naked in New York!”

“That's because you are not. That was half the woman I am now. That woman now knows what real love is and cannot think of not sharing all of it with the one she adores.”

Karen melted. The green eyes seemed to float in pools of water. This time it was Addy's lips engulfing Karen's. When they broke apart, Karen held Addy's face. “God. I love you woman, with all my heart and soul.” They kissed again. Two minutes later, she was contently resting asleep on Addy's shoulder. It was the first night she had actually slept the whole night in the last two weeks.

When the night shift nurse came in and saw the bedding arrangement, she was not happy. Before the nurse could even open her mouth, Addy spoke. “Nurse, she hasn't slept in days. Please don't say anything, and let her stay here.”

“Alright, but if anyone asks, I didn't see anything.”


In the morning, Addy woke up first. She was delighted to see her love sleeping so peacefully on her shoulder. She examined Karen's face and as she saw all the cuts and bruises, she began to plant small kisses on her. Karen woke up.

Karen smiled. “I like little kisses.”

“I know you do. I want to kiss all of your booboos.”

Karen laughed. “All of them? I think there are too many. I must look like hell! I don't know when was the last time I combed my hair or looked in a mirror.”

“Look at me.” Karen did.

“You look beautiful, and yes I will kiss every single one of them, as many as there are.”

Karen chuckled. “I guess I don't need a mirror then. If that's what you think, it's all that matters.” She kissed her.


JP and James came to visit that evening. They were all happy and very relieved everything had turned out so well.

“Ker, why don't you go home with the guys? I'll be fine and you need your rest, baby, you need to sleep on a comfortable bed.”

“No, not going anywhere. I'm staying right here.”

James interrupted. “At least why don't you come downstairs with me and have a meal, come on!”

“Go, Ker, I'll stay here with Addy.”

Addy smiled. “Go! Bring me some chocolate ice cream, the real stuff, no imitations!”

Karen and James got in the elevator. James smiled at her. “James, home is no home without her there, I can't leave. I won't. I can't be there by myself.”

“I know, honey, I know.” He put his arm around her and brought her close to him.


In the hospital room, Addy talked to JP. “JP, I'm worried.”

“Why sweetie?”

“JP, what would happen to Karen if I was not around? Is something was ever to happen to me?” She was really serious.

“I don't know Addy, I think if she doesn't die herself, her soul would. You are her everything.”

Addy was deep in thought and didn't say any more. She was just thinking. JP wondered what was going through her head.

He was worried too. To actually see JP serious was a very rare thing.

“What are you thinking about?” He had to ask. Her look was really worrisome.

She looked at him. “The fragility of life. How we take life for granted. How we think tomorrow is guaranteed, when is not. It does take very little to have it all go, and then what? What do you have? There's got to be something left behind. A piece of you for posterity. Oh my God!”

“What?” JP asked wondering what could she possibly had realized at that very moment to make that exclamation.

“Nothing, JP, nothing. I need to think. I need to develop an idea, for which I may need divine intervention, but who knows? My life has been one full of surprises. Did I ever tell you I believe in miracles?” She was trying to change the subject. It worked.

“Well, honey, if I didn't believe in them after what you two have gone through the last few days…I would have to be angostic or an atheist!”

“Agnostic, JP, agnostic.”

“Whatever! You know what I mean!”

Karen and James came back. Karen had the chocolate ice cream. James brought some for JP also.

“Here, and I called the doctor, it's okay for you to eat it.”

“You called the doctor just to ask him if I could eat ice cream?”

“Chocolate ice cream, yes, you didn't think I was just going to feed you something and you get sick from eating it or something like that, did you?”

Addy gave her a look and nodded. “I wonder what that doctor thought!”

“I don't care if he thought it was silly. We are not just paying for intelligent questions here, you know? The silly ones are also included…that's probably why he charges accordingly! However, if you don't want it…..” Addy took the ice cream from her and began to devour it.

JP commented on his ice cream. “This caramel and pralines is gre….” All of a sudden he drop the ice cream and opened his eyes real big, he was waving his hands in the air and jumping and making all sorts of weird noises, walking backward and twirling. He knocked down a tray, and crashed into a nurse who was coming in upon hearing all the commotion. Everyone was moving around trying to figure out what was happening.

Addy was the one who yelled. “I think he's choking!” James grabbed his arm and Karen came from behind to perform the Heimlich maneuver. When she grabbed JP from the back, she gave him several abdominal thrusts. Nothing. On the fifth time, what ever was choking him shot out like a projectile and hit the nurse, who was standing in front of him, in the eye. The nurse fell back and ended up on her back on the sofa. She was yelling and screaming. So was JP. Security was called, doctors and nurses came. All together there were more than 20 people in the room.

“Oh my God! I thought I was going to die, baby.” He was holding on to James. “I think I must have a broken rib also! Oh God!” Karen was trying to hold him also, as he complained and wailed.

The nurse on the sofa was crying. “Oh, my eye, my eye, I think I've lost my eye! I'm blind, I'm blind!” The doctors checked her and assured her that she was fine, and she had not lost her eye. They took them both away to be thoroughly checked in a more appropriate location.

As everyone left, Karen turned around only to find Addy with the most humongous grin on her face. Karen beamed as she came closer.

“You know, we are going to hear about this incident forever, right? Hopefully you didn't break his rib!”

“Oh, God, I hope not! He would never forgive me! I'd be paying back all my life.”

“Well, remind him that you saved his life. Maybe that will compensate for a rib!”

They both laughed. “Do you think our lives will ever be normal?” Addy asked grinning.

Karen sat on the bed and held her hand. She couldn't wipe the smile of her face. “No, I don't. I think I've given up on that! As a matter of fact, I've sort of gotten used to a totally abnormal life!” She chuckled.

“Come here, green eyes, point your lasers at me and fill me with you!” Green eyes came close and kissed her.

“These lasers, as you call them, are fixed on you and they want to fill you up for all eternity!” Karen kissed her again. Addy closed her eyes and they embraced. Karen again lay down on the bed with her and held her. Neither spoke. There was just that peace, that pleasure of being in total contentment, in total happiness. And in the quiet, and in the silence of that peaceful loving moment, they each thanked God for the gift of each other and for the gift of their lives.


In the morning, the nurses came in. With the noise Karen woke up. Addy had been awake for a while, she had just been looking at Karen. Karen opened her eyes and saw Addy looking at her. She felt as if there was really no need for the sun, as long as she had those eyes looking at her like that. She jumped from the sofa, after grimacing from all her aches and pains, and came close to Addy to kiss her.

“Ker, you are hurting! Aren't you supposed to be taking some medicine?”

The nurse spoke. The nurse had gotten to like the duo. “She is supposed to but hasn't because she wants to be awake and allegedly thinking clear! I'm going to bring them now and maybe you can get her to take them. She has to be in pain.”

“I want you to take them, okay? You need to be okay for me.”

Karen nodded in the affirmative.

The nurse came back with Karen's medication. “Make sure you pick up the prescription before you leave the hospital. You are going to have to stop at the pharmacy to get some stuff for Addy also. The doctor will be in shortly and I think he's going to let you go.” Both women were ecstatic. They couldn't wait to be back home. They did get the medicine from the pharmacy.


JP and James brought them home from the hospital. “Don't worry about cooking or anything. Andre said he would send you lunch and dinner and we stocked the refrigerator with already made breakfast stuff, so all you need to do is heat them. We also got juice, milk and snacks and yes, chocolate ice cream.

“That reminds me JP, how's the rib?”

“Bruised, not broken, girl you bruised me! I've forgiven you on account of you saving my life, but baby you are a tough chick! Wouldn't want to mess with you! Maybe I should start a rumor about you so that Mary and Alana would think twice before messing with you! I can make them think that you are some sort of blonde Xena!”

Karen raised her left eyebrow.

“Oh oh! Let's go James, we've overstayed our welcome!”

James smiled. “Call us if you need anything, sweetie.”

“Thanks, James. Just take him with you! Before I take a crack at another rib!” She pointed to JP.

Addy was sitting on the sofa chuckling.

Karen grinned. She sat next to Addy. The whole ordeal had been so draining that all she wanted to do was just sit next to Addy and hold her.

“Do you need anything, baby?”

“Nope, I have everything I need right here. How's the arm?” Addy leaned against Karen's shoulder. Karen wrapped her arm around her and they just sat there in total silence.

“It's fine. Hey, do you want to go upstairs and watch a movie?”

“Okay, we can watch it in bed, once I take those pills, they'll knock me out.” Karen got up. “Come on, let's check the doors and go up.”

“I'm going to jump in the shower before going to bed.” Karen said.

When Karen was in the shower, she heard the bathroom door and then the shower door open to reveal a very naked Addy. Karen smiled. “I thought you might need some help, with the arm and all.”

Karen was still smiling and speechless, her eyes even misted. This was happening very often lately. Every time she thought she almost lost her it shook her to the bone. Karen was unable to take her eyes off the beautiful woman in front of her. She nodded. “Come here.” Karen had a permanent grin on her face. Addy grabbed the soap and the scrungie and came close and caressed Karen's face with her hand. She was also grinning.

Being in the shower together was always wonderful. Karen knew that this was very special. Addy told her that she never showered with Luke. She didn't like it. She would always lock the door to the bathroom so that he wouldn't come in. She told him that the bathroom was a place which required privacy to relax. Now with Karen it was totally different. A shower with her was the most relaxing thing in the world. Karen always found ways to relax her by gently soaping and caressing her, the soft touches, the little kisses here and there, the tenderness, the running of her fingers through her hair, the tickles, the warmth of her body next to her, a hand around her waist, the nibble on her ear lob. It was so many adoring little things.

“Put your arm on my shoulder while I soap you.”

Karen looked as Addy gently soaped every inch of her, slowly and more than once.

Karen closed her eyes relishing every second. She was enchanted to the point of almost feeling faint.

“Addy, I think you are going to have to pay some attention to a certain spot.”

“Yes, I can sort of sense it. I was headed there now.” Addy chuckled. She could tell when Karen was aroused by the look on her face.

She did. Right there and then. Karen leaned against the acrylic wall of the shower. Her arm was still on Addy's shoulder away from the water. Addy leaned against her and provided the much needed comfort. The attention given was more than welcomed. “Oh God, Addy!”

“Tell me what you want baby, tell me what you need. You are getting it all tonight.” Karen came immediately. She crashed right into Addy's arms. All of a sudden realizing the enormous significance of this moment facing the thought that she had almost lost this glorious creature. Karen was crying when she came and Addy knew exactly why.

Addy kissed her a million times. “Baby, my baby. I so hope God gives me enough life to love you like I want to love you and to let me enjoy your love.” They held each other. Addy shut the water off and pulled Karen out of the stall. She grabbed a towel and began to dry her love. Again, inch by inch, not leaving a single spot untouched. When she got to her face, she kissed her, she kissed her as if there was no tomorrow. Knowing that there almost wasn't. “Addy!” Karen sobbed like a child.

After a little bit, Addy led her out of the bathroom. “Come on baby, lay down.” Addy came down next to her, she was very careful with Karen's arm. Addy might have been the one in a comma, but coming out of the hospital she looked a lot better than Karen. Karen looked literally as if a truck ran her over. She had gone through the worst ordeal of her life. This had been worse than the loss of her mother, or the plane crash.

“Addy with my arm like this, is difficult for me to function well.”

“Ssssh, baby, just relax and let's just cuddle.” She did. Karen was in a cloud. She couldn't remember ever in her life feeling so relax and so at peace. It was as if by magic her life was an endless dream. She had everything she ever wanted. She was happy. Addy adored the look on Karen's face. They were both raveling in their love and in the joy they brought to each other. There was no one else in the world who could make either one of them feel what they were feeling at that very moment.

They didn't really need to make love. Sharing these intimate moments was enough. Addy got up to get their medications. “Where are you going?” “I'm going to get your medicine.” She came back one minute later. “Here baby, take your pills with some milk.”

“Are you okay?” Addy smiled as she combed Karen's hair away from her face.

A tired but smiling Karen kissed her on the forehead. “Yeah, baby, I love what you do to me.”

Addy kissed her back. “Glad to be of service.” She smiled mischievously. Two minutes later Addy was already asleep. It took Karen a little longer because she wanted to take in the view of her love right there in her arms. She did, until her eyes could no longer remain open and she slumbered away while still smiling.


James came to pick them up every time they needed to go for a follow up and when Karen's stitches were removed.

For Addy recuperating from the accident was more of an emotional than physical thing. She had terrible nightmares. It took a while for them to go away.

“What is it, babe, what is it?”

“The water was coming in from everywhere, I couldn't breath!” Addy was agitated, and sweating.

“It's fine, you are okay. It was just a nightmare. Come here let me hug you and go back to sleep.”

Eventually during the next few months they subsided until they stopped all together. For Karen it was more physical. She had a scar that ran up her right arm from the top of her wrist to right below her shoulder. When Addy saw the scar she cried endlessly. Karen reassured her that it was nothing, really, a very small price to pay for the joy of having her around. Still every time they made love, Addy would kiss every centimeter of her scar. She always did. She'd say that for as many kisses as she would give it, it would never make up for what she did, and that the kisses were meant to alleviate her pain. Karen loved it. “I think that my “booboo' has been more than alleviated.”

“Nope, don't think so, it never will.” Addy continued with her ritual, as Karen enjoyed every minute of it.

Other than that time in the bathroom the day they returned home, intimacy was a bit cut back. There were too many bruises and cuts, and Karen's wound was serious. Sure, they had petted and cuddled and been together, but physical impossibilities were difficult to overcome, especially when they had so many pains and aches.

So, after they both recuperated, their first intimate moment was quite memorable. They were both eager and wanting. For Karen, Addy's near death experience had been such an agonizing ordeal that she cherished every bit of the woman in her arms even more now, if such a thing was possible. Karen wanted her beyond reason. Addy was already in bed when Karen came in. She knew Addy was waiting for her. The minute Karen got into bed, Addy cuddled with her.

“Are you sure you are up to it? We can wait, baby. I would wait forever for you, you know that, right?”

“Speak for yourself, Larsen, I can't!” Addy pulled her down. Karen grinned as they kissed. “Ummm…I can't wait either! I lied! I was just trying to give you a break.”

Addy chuckled as Karen went full throttle.

Normally, Addy would have said something like “easy baby, slow down,” or “baby what's the rush?” or “slow baby, like you know I like it.” With Karen's immediate reaction being the requested slow down. “I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean to, it's just that sometimes I can't control myself, you have no idea what you do to me!” And Addy would give an Addy type reply. “Yes, I do, but you have all night to do what you want to do, so let me have it just like you know I like it.” After which Karen would have turned to mush.

Tonight was different. They both wanted each other. They were hungry, they wanted to devour and ravish each other. Addy knew about Karen's control issue, so she let her have the lead. She also preferred to take her time and not feel rushed. She liked to make love slowly. So she never minded Karen going first, if she wanted to. Karen could tell that Addy was eager and that she was more than ready. It didn't take very long. It had been some time and she needed her release. She climaxed just a few minutes later. Addy was panting still as Karen kissed her insatiably.

“I'm sorry, baby. I couldn't help coming so quick. It's been so long and I so wanted you.” Addy smiled, she was panting and she still had that look of sexual desire.

Karen smiled. “I know, baby, I know. Don't apologize. We have all night. We can have seconds and thirds and as much as you want. I want to give you all you want, all you need.” She did. Karen resumed her ministrations. She was incredibly aroused. For anyone else they time of their recuperation wouldn't have been that long to go without making love, but for them it seemed like an eternity. Several orgasms later, Addy decided that it was time for her “turn at bat.” as she would call it.

“Ms. Larsen, I think it's my turn to show my appreciation….” Karen opened her eyes still grinning. “Sure, Ms. Ad….” Karen gasped unable to finish her sentence. Addy slid her hand below reaching Karen's center immediately.

“Oh God!!” “No play?”

“I don't think you need any playing tonight from the feel of the turf, plus the rules are the same, you get all you want here tonight, baby, ‘cause I sure want to give it to you!” Karen had been so aroused making love to Addy that she was very ready when Addy touched her. It didn't take Karen that long either. Especially after Addy whispered in her ear. “You're mine.” Afterwards, they hugged for a while. Longer than usual. Karen began to worry. “What's wrong?” Karen pulled out of the embrace enough to look at Addy's face.

Addy looked at her intensely, she traced her face with her finger and whispered. “Nothing's wrong. Everything is perfect. You are perfect.”

Karen was overwhelmed with the words, the tone and the look on Addy's face. Her heart raced. Addy slowly began to kiss her, bringing her index finger down from her face and following it with her eyes on a southbound path. Karen observed, wondering. “Wha…”

Addy then followed the same path with her lips and her tongue, closing her eyes, and stopping here and there to place small kisses. Karen's heart was pounding. After reaching below her belly, Addy took in Karen's scent. Addy smiled and looked at gorgeous anxious green eyes. Still looking at the green eyes, Addy began to kiss Karen's abdomen. She slowly descended to Blondie's perimeter, her curls and thighs. Karen was petrified in total awe by Addy's doings. She felt anxious, her heart beat was irregular, but she felt an exhalation she had never felt before. She almost felt faint. Addy gently caressed Karen's thighs with her cheeks and Karen instinctively spread her legs. Addy was kissing her and rubbing her cheeks against her thighs. A very seductive voice whispered. “Remember what we talked about at the hospital?” Karen nodded. “Mind if I take a look under the hood?”

Until now, Addy had ventured very superficially in the lower areas. This was the first time in all the time they'd been together that she felt comfortable doing what she called ‘more advance techniques.' Karen always loved her unique terminology, southern hemisphere, advance techniques, under the hood, etc.

Karen could hardly breathe. She opened her eyes wide in amazement. Her heart was racing. “Are you sure? I didn't think you were serious.”

“I was and I am. But if you don't want to, it's okay. I'm new at this also and I can understand if you….”

“No! I want to, I want it to be you. I want to Addy, I just never…” Addy could see that Karen was nervous. She was breathing fast.

“Ker, relax. It's me, baby.”

“I know.”

“Then let me. Let me take you where you've taken me. Relax, let me adore you.”

Karen relaxed on the bed, smiling and throbbing for this woman who excited every nerve ending in her body. She wanted her so much!

“Addy, you don't have to, baby. It's okay if you don't want to. There's no need….” Karen was concerned that Addy might be doing this just to please her and not really wanting to herself.

“I want to. Don't be afraid. Relax.” Addy knew that this was very difficult for Karen. She knew how Karen felt. This was a first time for both. Karen's past experiences had never completely let her surrender to anyone like this. She sensed Karen's apprehension and came back up to kiss her.

“Ker, this is what I like most about us, we tell each other everything. We stop to talk in the middle of something like this.”

“Hopefully not for long!” Karen was apprehensive but grinning. Addy was trying to lighten the mood and apparently succeeded.

Addy whispered and combed her hair as she kissed her. “Sssssssh, trust me, baby, I'm going by the book.”

This comment caught Karen's attention. “What book? What are we talking about here?”

Addy blushed and smiled. Karen was smiling too. “Addyyyy?”

“Okay. I've read, okay? It's not like I ever embark on something important without doing my research. You ought to know that by now. This is very important, so I've read a lot!”

Karen chuckled as she smiled still unbelieving her ears. She hardly knew what to say. “You researched?”

“Yes. So, just relax and let me. I know what I'm doing!” Addy sounded very authoritative.

Karen was transfixed looking at the lovely face in front of her and at that gorgeous smile. She was still concerned, and nervous, but at the same time she couldn't believe the turn of events. Just to see Addy attempting to do the unthinkable was like being in some alternate universe. And she had researched and all! Oh God! The whole situation was so endearing, it was just wonderful! In the end Karen didn't think this was going to happen. She thought that Addy would find a way to back out of it. She really didn't care. Just being in that situation was more than she could ever hope for. Would she really? She won't!

Even this preamble appeared to be surreal. As Karen's thoughts were taking her away to another height, Addy again kissed her way down to Karen's thighs. Karen lay back closing her eyes, putting herself in the hands of the God that had brought about this sublime moment, and in the hands of the woman who loved her. Addy saw the look on Karen's face and smiled. She thinks I won't!

She placed her head between Karen's thighs, kissing and caressing them. She felt Karen's blond curls. “Umm Blondie, you are so soft!”

Karen chuckled at the remark. She couldn't bring herself to look at Addy. Karen's eyes were anxiously looking around the room in what felt to her like a scene from the twilight zone.

“Ker, if I do anything wrong tell me.” Karen continued to smile. Amidst her nerves, Karen was totally charmed by Addy's comments and doings, her fears were gone, she was amazed at how much she was actually enjoying the moment she had so much feared ever happening. Of course, this was Addy. The woman who could do no wrong! There was something very special here, something unique. She was enthralled, bewitched, longing for whatever Addy would do.

“You are doing fine, Addy.”

“I'm going to be slow.”

Karen chuckled. “Slow is good.”

Addy knew the effect of her words. She was easing Karen's nerves by providing some humor. “This is all new territory to me. I mean from this end.”

Karen chuckled. “Yes, I know. Take your time.” Karen continued to smile, as Addy informed all of her actions step by step. Karen thought that if she had been at the gynecologist, she wouldn't have been so informed!

Karen was biting her lower lip trying to contain her grin. Addy was so cute. She laid her head on Karen's abdomen taking in her scent, as she held on to her hips. Karen loved the tender gesture, and she caressed Addy's head with her hands. She loved it. Addy was also taking her time to calm herself. All of a sudden, they were both relaxed. So relaxed and quiet that Karen thought Addy had fallen asleep on her stomach. She smiled because she thought that Addy was probably thinking how to back out. A quiet Addy was unusual. She didn't want to look for fear of ruining the moment, or make Addy think that she was doing something wrong. But the silence was too much. “Addy?”

“Ssssh! I'm busy here. Relax woman, I'm enjoying you.” Karen chuckled. She could hardly contain her grin, even biting her lips. She lay back turning her head back surrendering to the moment, wondering if this was ever going to happen at all, or if Addy had already changed her mind. It was okay, as far as she was concerned. She was happy with things as they were. Karen looked relaxed.

Addy was suspecting what was going through Karen's mind. She was enjoying making Karen wait and wonder. “Blondie? Do you know how soft and beautiful you are?” Karen smiled as Addy was having a full conversation with Blondie.

Addy was careful, she wanted to do this well. Karen was holding her breath. She was waiting for Addy's words backing out. Addy looked at her and smiled. She continued her gentle caressing. Karen was easing into the moment, she seemed relaxed, of course she didn't think it was happening. She even facilitated more access. She wanted to see Addy blush. Instead, Addy kissed her thighs and then brushed her center with her cheeks. When Karen felt Addy's fingers opening her, she stopped breathing. When she felt Addy's touch she jumped. “Relax, baby, it's me.” Karen closed her eyes. Oh God! She's going to do it! Karen was breathless. “Blondie, you are gorgeous!” She kissed her thighs and gently brushed the tip of her tongue through the wet folds.

When Karen felt the tip of Addy's tongue, she made a guttural sound of pleasure that resonated in Addy's soul. It was indescribable. It was as if she had waited for this moment all her life and in one instant the miracle of her dream was true. It was happening. The woman of her dreams, of all the love in her heart was making love to her in the most intimate way she would ever experience. She arched back. Addy looked up a bit frightened, but when she saw the pleasure in Karen's face and heard her moans, she was not able to hold back. She wanted to please this woman more than anything else on earth, and apparently her first move was a darn good one!

Exhilarated by Karen's reaction, Addy continued, her research still fresh in her mind, she knew just what to do. At some point, the research and the book went right out the window when her instincts and desire took over and she lost herself into Karen. She couldn't get enough of Karen's essence. She could feel Karen's body react. Karen called her name and God's name as she pulled the bed sheets, tearing them from the bed. Addy could have never imagined Karen's reaction. Neither did Karen, for that matter.

“Addy!!! Pleaseeeeeee! God!!!! Addy!!!!!!!” Karen begged as she twisted and turned and arched driving her center more and more into Addy.

When Karen climaxed, she screamed her name, and God's repeatedly, Addy held her hands to the side and Karen surrender to the feeling of ecstasy she had never felt in her life. She was panting and sobbing as she tried to regain normality. Addy came up, her fingers still inside Karen. She could feel the contraction of her muscles. “I got you, baby, I got you!….come for me!” Karen held her hand over Addy's. “Don't take it out, don't!”

“I won't, I won't.” Both women were enthralled in their passion. Addy could feel her own orgasm coming also. This was beyond believe. Karen could see her face, she knew it too well. “Come with me, baby, come!”

“Oh God! I am!” She did. They both came together. Addy collapsed onto Karen as Karen embraced her very lightly. She barely had any strength in her.

Addy was panting also, but she was concerned about Karen's feelings. “Was it too much?” Karen kept shaking her head in the negative unable to voice her thoughts “A…Addy, Addy, you…Oh God, I've never…I can't move, I can't…! She was trembling, crying, holding Addy. Addy kissed her a million times. Addy was preoccupied, not knowing if Karen was happy or if she had done something wrong. “Are you okay, my baby, are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

Karen realized Addy's concern and replied. “No, not hurt! I loved it!” Addy was overjoyed seeing Karen so happy. “Ssssh, I've got you, I've got you.”

Karen sobbed in her arms. She had never surrender like this to anyone. Unbelievable as it was, it had been with her Addy. No one else! Addy caressed and kissed her.

“I love you, Ker. Even if I say it a million times, I could never show what I feel when I have you in my arms like this….” Karen kissed her. “Addy, I….” Karen was crying ...I”

“Sssssh, relax, rest. Don't cry, baby, don't be silly!” Addy lay in bed holding and lovingly looking at the limp body in her arms. She smiled and brushed the disheveled hairs from her face. “My gorgeousness. I love you.” She kissed her and drifted into sleep feeling good, very good!


The love making had gone well into the night and they were both exhausted. It was Addy who woke up first. This was unusual. Normally it was Karen who was up first. Addy looked at the women in bed next to her. Karen looked like an angel. She pushed the hair from her face and kissed her tenderly, unbelieving the previous night's happenings herself. She adored Karen and even now as she looked at her, she couldn't resist not touching her. Karen stirred in bed, but didn't wake up. Addy smiled thinking that she had exhausted her partner. This is great ! She got up went to the bathroom washed her teeth. She could still smell Karen's scent on her. She couldn't help grinning. She tip toed out of the room, went downstairs and made coffee. She heard footsteps upstairs and knew Karen was up.

A few minutes later, she felt loving arms around her. Karen engulfed her in her arms. “I adore you woman. You've made me feel things I've never felt in my life before, and as God is my witness, I will love you until the day I die, and if there's an after-life, I will find you again!” She kissed her and held her tenderly. Karen's hugs were deliciously good.

Addy had been sitting by the counter sipping her coffee. She turned around and put her arms around Karen's waist. Karen stood between her legs. Her arms were around Addy's neck.

Karen continued. “I don't know what books you read, but I want them. I want to read them also. If I had known you were sooooo darn good at this, I would have begged for it a long time ago!” Addy grinned from ear to ear, biting her lower lip and burying her face in Karen's breasts.

“I guess good things come to those who wait!”

Karen was nuzzling her neck. “It was worth every bit of the wait. My God, I still can't believe it!”

“That good, huh?”

“Good doesn't begin to describe it. I want more.”

Addy smiled. “Wow, that good?”

“So, good….I'm willing to beg!” Karen came around and planted her face in front of hers.

Addy looked down in embarrassment but still grinning. Karen couldn't believe the look as Addy looked up.

“Well if those green eyes keep looking at me like that….”

“I think these green eyes will do whatever they have to do to get your attention, Ms. Addy.”

Addy was mesmerized by the look of pure desire in Karen's eyes. They kissed passionately, unable to control their longing of each other.

“By the way, you don't need the books, baby. You know very well what to do and you are very good at it.”

“That's because you drive me insane! I don't ever want to stop making love to you. I'm addicted to you and can't get enough. I love you.”

“I love you too, my baby. I feel the same way. Good God, we are never going to get out of here if we don't both do something about it!” Addy pulled from the embrace, leaving a pouting Karen behind. Karen watched her go. She smiled. Addy smiled, as she went up the stairs. Then Karen took off after her. Addy ran, made it to the bathroom and locked the door. “Stay away from me, woman! You are a menace!”

Karen laughed and went to the other bathroom to shower. When Addy came downstairs, she found Karen ready to go. Karen couldn't erase the smile from her face. Addy blushed when she came down.

“Stop it, don't look at me that way…you are making me blush!” “I like to make you blush. You look cute when you blush.” Getting close to her she added “And very sexy.”

Addy stepped away. “Don't even touch me Larsen. Stay away if you want to get anything done today.”

“Oh, …I want plenty done today! I'm kind of looking forward to it!”

As they drove to town Karen had that satisfying grin on her face. Addy was smiling too.

“Are you going to be smiling like that all day?”

“Yep! Can't help it. I'm still tingling inside!”

Addy smiled. “Was it really that good?

“Let me put it this way, I could be smiling for days just on the memory!”

“Ker!” Addy was grinning. Karen laughed.

They were already well into the second year in Scotland . The Inn had been up and running for the last year and half rendering great profit. Addy was totally dedicated to making the Inn work. Karen worked at the Inn , but mostly part time or on an as needed basis. She mainly had continued to perform her financial work for the firm which also provided them with substantial income. Both also continued to receive the dividends and royalties from their investments. So, financially they were in very good shape and the loans were paying themselves off with the income generated by the Inn .

Sitting in the cottage office, Karen was busy working. “Shit! Who do these people think they are? How can they make these claims and expect anyone to support them?!” Karen dialed a number. “Jason, I need you to fax me the quarterly reports and the tax records on this fucking company. No! I can't wait! What the fuck do you guys take me for? If you want this done, I cannot wait! I need them now!” She hung up. Addy was in the kitchen and overheard the yelling and the cursing. Karen came down to get a drink. Addy looked at her but said nothing.

“What? Is not my fault, these people make me mad! They want a job done but don't provide all the necessary information. If they don't like my tone, it is their own fault for not doing their jobs!”

“Do you want to eat at home tonight or ….?”

“Addy, I don't have time for eating out tonight. I need to finish this crap I'm working on!” She went upstairs.

Addy went out to the patio and sat on the wooden swing. She was looking out at the ocean. A few minutes later, she closed her eyes when she sensed Karen standing behind her. Addy had been expecting her. “What took you so long? I'm okay. Go on and finish. I love you, even when you yell. I know you are not yelling at me. Go!”

Karen came around and sat down next to her. She hadn't said a word yet. “Sorry.” She kissed her.

Addy returned the kiss. “I know, baby. Go on, get it over with. I'll make dinner. I'll call you when it's done.”

Karen went back to the office. She came down for dinner. They ate quietly. When they finished Karen kissed her on the neck and went back upstairs to resume her work. She worked all night.

At around midnight, Addy showed up in the office. Karen was surprised to see her up so late. She leaned against the threshold of the door. “I don't want you to do this anymore.” Karen looked surprised. She didn't expect this comment of all things. Karen didn't speak, she just looked at Addy.

“We don't need the income. You are over working and upsetting yourself, and for what? Why? This makes you grouchy. I don't like it when you are grouchy. Think Ker. What is the purpose of life? Life itself or this?” She signaled to all the papers in front of her.

She went back to the bedroom. Karen remained looking at the empty hallway. She then turned her attention to her work. At around 3 AM she was finished. She came to bed, removed her robe and got under the covers. No sooner had she gotten under the covers, Addy turned and cuddle with her. “I missed you.” Karen felt good to be in Addy's arms.

“I didn't think you were awake.”

“I'm not.”

Karen chuckled. Whenever Addy mentioned that she was not awake, it meant that there was no going to be any fooling around because she was tired and she didn't want to say in so many words. It was a direct response. There had been a ton of times when either one had been asleep and awakened by the others needs and wants in the middle of the night. But when there was specific reference to being asleep it meant that the shop was closed for the night. “I'll tell you about it tomorrow again, since you are so sound asleep now, but I sent the report to Henry along with my resignation.”

Addy pulled back from Karen's embrace. “I thought you were going to give me some lip

about the whole thing.”

“Nope, not this time. My priorities are very clear. You are my priority. I don't want to be grouchy. I want you to like me.”

Addy smiled. “I like you.” She sounded like a little girl in the playground.

“I want to keep it that way! Karen hugged and tenderly kissed her.

Addy snuggled into her. “Uumm”

Karen held her, as she caressed her back in little circles. Addy's hand dropped to Karen's buttocks and thighs. She smiled, inhaled and breathed in her ear, barely touching it with the tip of her tongue. Karen squirmed at the touch and whispered. “I thought you were asleep.”

“Not anymore…..I also know my priorities!”

Nothing else was said. Once the priorities were established, there was very little sleep that night.


To be continued in Part 13

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