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Part 14 - Friends and Foes
(Second summer)

A few days later, Addy received a call from her friend Tania announcing that she was coming to visit. Addy was really excited with the news of the visit, but Karen was not. Tania was Addy's oldest friend and had always been very influential in her life. Karen was concerned that Tania might find out about their relationship and not approve. She even feared that Tania might try to influence Addy to go back to Virginia . Karen was nervous about the visit.

The best part about the decision to come to Scotland had been that they had distanced themselves from everyone and this had allowed them to concentrate on each other without any outside influences. Karen still couldn't help feeling insecure about their relationship. After all, Addy had always considered herself a straight woman and until recently she had been married to a man. Addy still didn't see herself as a lesbian, but rather as having “a Karen thing,” as she often proclaimed.

Every time Addy made such a proclamation she thought she was reinforcing her relationship with Karen. However, this only unsettled Karen even more. Karen thought that if it was true that Addy had never been attracted to another woman, then Addy was really not a lesbian, and that thought was disconcerting because she was unable to explain Addy's feelings for her. This uncertainty about Addy's sexuality, in addition to any exterior influences from people in Addy's past, made Karen panic any time they had to face any unforeseen situation or interact with any of those people. Karen recognized that it was selfish of her to want to keep Addy to herself. But that is exactly what she wanted. Things were prefect as they were.

Addy woke up around three am and found herself alone in bed. She got up, went to the bathroom and then found Karen sitting in front of the computer in the office room. The office room doubled as a bedroom. Although it was pretty obvious that the room was not used as a bedroom, it gave the appearance that it was a second bedroom intended to be for one of them. They still thought that they had to keep appearances just in case. The lack of use of the room as a bedroom was even more apparent by the many amenities and comforts of the master room, which was obviously the real bedroom.

The guest/office room had a full size bed tucked to the side which had only been used when Melanie stayed with them. At times Addy thought that the fact that not everyone knew about their relationship was not a good thing. Addy thought that such an ambivalent situation added to Karen's uncertainty and thus the fear that those people could affect their relationship. On the other hand, they both understood that some people would never accept them and therefore it was better for them not to know in so many words and to let time deliver the message. When Addy found Karen, she stood by the door.

“What's wrong?” Karen looked up. “Nothing, couldn't sleep.” Addy came closer and held. Karen nestled her face against Addy's breasts taking a deep breath to take in her scent. “Umm, you smell so good!”

“I know you are nervous.”

“Can't help it. She's your best friend and I'm afraid that she'll find out. I'm afraid that she will judge us and try to change your mind to go back home. Yeah, I guess I'm fucking nervous.” Karen was also edgy.

“Ker, I can't give you any assurances about how Tania will react if she found out about us, but I can assure you that her opinion is not going to make a difference to me. I love you, baby, and nothing or anyone will come between us. Nothing is ever going to change that. And, I'm home already. How many times do I need to say that? By the way, my expectation is that if she were to find out, she will be shocked. I think it would be a normal reaction. Don't you think so? So, anyways, she'll have to live with it and accept it, that is if she wants to keep my friendship. Come back to bed, Ker, I can't sleep knowing that you are here all upset, and I need my blankie.” Karen turned the computer off and followed Addy back to their bedroom. “Don't worry, baby, everything will be okay. She's really nice. Please don't worry.”

“Addy, would you really sacrifice your friendship with her for me?”

Addy stopped in the middle of the hallway. “Karen Larsen! I can't believe that you are asking me this?! If such a thing was to happen, it wouldn't be me sacrificing the friendship, it would be her. It would be her choice. Mine has already been made, over two years ago. I haven't regretted a moment of it, and will not give up my life and our happiness for anything in the world! To be honest, I wouldn't even do it for my children!” She continued to walk into their bedroom leaving a very astonished Karen behind.

Karen followed her in. “You mean to tell me that if Laurie or Joey had raised hell about us that wouldn't have mattered to you?”

“Oh, Ker, it would have mattered! They are my children and their acceptance is priceless to me, but I am not going to let their choices affect mine. I am entitled to have my life as well as they are entitled to have theirs.”

They were both sitting on their bed now. “I told you some time ago, that you are my life. You are the one who makes me happy, and cares and loves me every single day! Karen, I've told you a million times and I will tell you another million times, if necessary, until it is engraved in your heart, in your soul and in that thick head of yours…. you are my life and I'm not giving you up or going anywhere, so just get in here and get some rest, would you, please?” Karen got under the covers, but remained pensive.

With this very casual monologue, Addy had reiterated, without any ulterior thought the same sentiments she had communicated two years ago when she told Karen that she was staying in Scotland with her. These were the true feelings of her heart, unchanged and as strong. Could it be possible, oh God, that this woman loves me in such a way that nothing else matters?

The next day, Tania was due to arrive. She and Addy had grown up together and had been best friends all their lives. On and off they had drifted because of their different lives, but had always stayed in touch and had visited each other every where they've been. Their parents had grown up together, so their friendship was deeply rooted.

Still, even with all of Addy's reaffirmations, Karen was beyond terrified. When it came to her relationship with Addy anything that threatened it, panicked her. Addy knew it, and had been trying to figure out a way that would make Karen feel more secure about their relationship. She was working on an idea, but had not been able to carry it out yet. After Tania's visit it was the first thing on her agenda, but for now they were going to have to deal with this impromptu visit from her friend.

Tania had been married and after 30 years, she and her husband split up. She had three daughters. She came because she wanted to find out what Addy was doing so far away from home in Scotland .

Tania and Karen occasionally met at Addy's house. The women liked each other, but there was some sort of tension. It was all in Karen's head. She was a bit jealous seeing how well Addy got along with Tania. Karen had even wondered if Tania was not secretly in love with Addy and had never been able to let her feelings show because of the family history and their upbringing.

Karen was jealous. She had admitted that much to Addy once. Addy laughed. “Baby, I love her. She's my life time friend, but what I feel for you I don't feel for her. It's different.” Karen chuckled, understanding the difference, but still she wanted Addy for herself only.

“What did she mean when she said she was coming to see what you were doing here?”

“I don't know, babe, but pleeeeaase, cut her some slack? Do it for me, please. She'll be gone in a week. We'll put her up at the Inn and take her out and entertain her there and we can plan some outings to show her around and before you know it, she'll be gone.”

Karen was silent. She had to be civil about this, after all this was Addy's best friend. But she was very uneasy about the whole thing. They went back to sleep. In the middle of the night, Addy felt Karen's hand caressing her back. A very sleepy Addy turned around. “What is it?” Karen increased her affection. “I need you.”

Addy smiled. “C'mere.” They cuddled. They had an agreement that whenever they ‘needed' each other they would just come out and say it. They had agreed from the start that their relationship was going to be a completely open one. Tonight, Karen needed the comfort and reassurance of her love and Addy was delighted to acquiesce. “Umm, I love holding you, blondie.” Karen cuddled to her and kissed her. Karen continued to nuzzle her neck and caress her with her face, as Addy continued her reassurances. “You are so soft, and warm. Ummm.” The gentle caressing heated up and Addy's reassurances turned into activities that provided a lot of comfort and relaxation to Karen.

Addy smiled as she looked at the woman under her. “So, are you better now?”

“Much better.”

“Do you think you might need more reassurances tonight?”

Karen chuckled. “One can't ever have enough reassurances, you know.”

“In that case, let me..” Addy slowly moved down on her paying homage to every inch of the beautiful woman aching for her touch. “Oh God! Addy”

“Sssh woman.” Addy was whispering very sensually. “Let me show you what I do for you exclusively. Just remember this whenever you get paranoid again.”

In the morning, the bed sheets were rumpled up on the corners on the bed, the pillows were on the floor and they both woke up all rolled up in the comforter.

Karen opened one eye and found a lovely, face with a radiant smile looking at her “Rough night, blondie?”

Karen grinned, as Addy kissed her neck. “The best rough night ever!”

“Do I get brownie points?”

Karen placed her hand on the back of Addy's neck and pulled her down towards her, then turned her around and position herself on top right between Addy's legs. “I don't know if the girls and boys scouts combined have all the brownie points you deserve, but I can think of a very special way to reward an outstanding scout.”

Addy was trying to fight her off under the covers while laughing, as Karen held her down and tickled her. “Ker! We can't. We have things to do.”

“Oh yeah! Lots!”

“Kerrrr! Ummm… Oh! Kerrrrrrrrrrr, yes, Oh God!....right there!”


When they finally got up and showered, Karen was all fired up. She was in the kitchen when Addy came down. “Someone's very happy.”

Karen grinned. “I sure am! I've got breakfast ready and all.” Karen's mastery in the kitchen was breakfast. Addy was all smiles as she came around and kissed the woman with the apron. “Don't I look domestic in this apron? Sexy?”

“You better not get any ideas. I'm still sore from this morning's not so domestic activities!”

Karen was all smiles. “Ah…poor baby, do you want me to kiss your booboos?”

“NO! My booboos need to be left alone for a while! Just feed me.” They sat down to eat, both with a grin on their faces.

“What's on tab for today?

“We need some groceries and I have to stop by the Inn for a while. Tania's plane arrives at 6:30. We can pick her up and have dinner in town or at the Inn , what would you prefer? Are you going to be okay?”

“I'll survive and I promise to be charming. Let me think about dinner ideas.”

Addy smiled. “Just remember what you need to think about when you get all paranoid!”

Karen smiled as Addy started to clear the table.


On the way to pick her up at the airport, Karen was not happy. Addy noticed and placed her hand on Karen's thigh. “Lighten up, babe!” Karen sort of smiled.

“This is beautiful.” Tania said when they arrived at the Inn . “No wonder you two dropped everything to come here! Wow! How many rooms does it have?”

“Twenty two. Wait until you see the whole thing tomorrow. It's a magnificent place.” Addy was just going on and on about the place. Karen just followed the pair interjecting an answer here or there when asked. They agreed to let Tania freshen up a bit and pick her up around 7 pm to go down to the restaurant to eat. Karen had talked to Rene and he was expecting them.

As Addy was still showing the Inn to Tania, Karen disappeared for a while. “Where did you go?”

“I was making some food arrangements. I thought Tania might be hungry. If we go out on the pool area, they'll bring out some appetizers.” Addy winked at her in approval. Karen smiled.

“Okay, let's go, if you brought your swimming suit you can go in, we also have a very nice hot tub in the spa area. Also you should call in for a spa treatment. You'll love it.” The friends were sitting outside enjoying their wines and appetizers. Later, they had dinner served out on the patio. “Tomorrow, when you get up, call us and we'll give you the grand tour of the property. We can also go horse back riding or bicycle riding, or paddle boating on the lake. Whatever you want to do, we'll do!” The appetizers were brought from the restaurant.

“I want to do everything there's to do, but, please not all in one day, Addy! I know you and I know you can run me ragged. This food is delicious, by the way, thanks Karen. And you didn't have to put me up at the Inn ! I could have stayed with you guys.”

Addy immediately replied, to Karen's relief. “The cottage is very small, you'll see. Having this great Inn there is no reason why you should have to sleep on a sofa bed.”

The first two days were spent enjoying the amenities at the Inn and visiting the town in the evenings. The following two days they went sightseeing. There were a lot of historical sites and the countryside was very picturesque. On the fifth day, Tania was planning to come to the cottage and just spend a relaxing day with them. The night before, Addy mentioned to Karen that she was thinking of telling Tania about them.

“What! Are you nuts! Why? Is it necessary? Hell is going to break lose! You just don't know the kind of commotion this causes. People tend to be uncomfortable. She'll think the worst, you will be upset and…. ”

“Ker, she's been my best friend forever, I fully trust her.”

“I don't know, Addy, I don't see any reason to let her know or anyone else for that matter! I'm afraid it's only going to mean trouble and unhappiness. You really have no idea how prejudiced people are. You've sort of been insulated here, but it's real and it's bad.”

“Ker, people have to accept. We've been together for a while now. This is not something new or temporary. I want people to see us as the couple we are.”

“Addy, we've been pretty private about our relationship. You are not aware of how judgmental people can be. I am. I've lived facing people's prejudices all my life, even from my own family, who to this day hates me for who I am! You have no idea what you are doing! However, if you feel you have to do it, I will be right behind you 100%.” Karen paused for effect. “I just don't want to lose you, Addy.”

“Ker, for God's sake! How many times do we have to go over this?! That is not going to happen! Get it through your head!” Addy pointed to her skull in a somewhat energetic way.

Karen nodded and went upstairs. She stayed at her computer for a while and then came to bed. They kissed good night, but Addy knew Karen was concerned. Karen knew this was an unstoppable train wreck. When Addy got something in her head, there was no way to dissuade her. She had already resolved to tell Tania and expected Tania to be totally unaffected and actually be accepting of them. This is going to be a total disaster and I have no way to stop it!

The next morning, Karen got up early. She had barely slept with so many terrifying ideas going through her head. She got ready to head out to an appointment she had made regarding some horses they were going to buy from a neighboring farm. This was good. She needed to get away and find some distraction or she would go mad. She feared the worse upon her return. Maybe Tania would be gone and Addy would be broken hearted. God only knew what would happen. All she knew was that she had to get away to clear her head.

When Addy woke up, she worried when she saw that Karen was gone. Karen never left the house without telling her that she was leaving. This had never happened before. Addy felt heartbroken, but in the end she thought that maybe Karen would think twice and understand her need to talk to Tania. Nevertheless, sad as she was, Addy got ready to meet Tania and bring her over to the cottage to spend the day as they had agreed. At Around 9 am, Addy drove to the Inn . Tania was ready and waiting. They drove back to the cottage. Addy prepared a really nice breakfast, spinach quiche, prosciutto ham, croissants and Bellinis to drink. The women ate out on the patio. “Umm, thanks for breakfast. It was great. And I love the cottage. It's like taken out of a movie. And this view! I could sit here forever! No wonder you stayed here. This place is beautiful.”

“Tania, there's something I need to tell you as my best friend, but I need you to keep this in strict confidence. Please, don't even tell your sister. When the time comes and she comes to visit I will tell her also. It's not just because of this place that I'm here.”

“Addy, I think I already know what you are going to tell me. She is too awesome.” Addy looked at her and took a deep sigh. She also felt a bit shy.

“How did it happen? How long has it been?”

Addy's eyes welled up but she smiled. She felt relieved. “I'm sorry for getting emotional on you here, Tania. I was really concerned about your reaction. I'm glad that you are not running out of here.”

“Addy, you know me better than that! I won't say that I'm not surprised or shocked, but love you and love to see that you are happy. I want to know how this happen, why? You have to admit that it's kind of out of the blue, no?”

“Yes, you are right. It is. Karen and I have known each other for a long time. You saw her at my house many times. We became good friends, and for a couple of years we had a great friendship. The kids were home and life was different then. Remember when we talked about how things had changed with Luke? Well, when the kids were gone, everything was different. That's when things changed with Karen too. I would go out with her, and you see how she is! I love everything about her. Then I would come home and find…. you know exactly what. I couldn't take it anymore. That's when I asked him for the divorce. Tania he brought about what happened.”

“I know. Just like me and Pete. Look how we ended up.” She had recently divorced after thirty years of marriage. They picked up the stuff from the patio table and went inside.

“I was lucky to find Karen. She fills my life, Tania, in ways he never did. She's 100%, he was barely a 20% to give him any credit, really! I'm happy. I've been happier than ever.” At that point, the pot on the stove began to make some sounds and Addy turned to look at it. Tania was sitting in the dining room, away from the main view.

At that very same moment Karen walked in unaware that Tania was in the room across from the kitchen. She had been feeling bad all morning about the previous night's conversation and her early departure without stopping to tell Addy that she was heading out. She concluded that she acted childish and that her fears were unfounded. She knew Addy loved her and that no matter what Tania thought, it would not change how Addy felt about her. The treatment for her paranoia had apparently worked! She was resolved to make peace the moment she walked in the house. She had to. She couldn't bear the thought of Addy and her being in disagreement over something.

When Karen came in, she saw Addy standing in front of the stove. She approached her from the back. “Hi, baby, listen I'm sorry about last night and about leaving early this morning. I went to see those horses they want to sell us. I didn't like them.” As she spoke, she stepped close to Addy caressed her thigh, hugged her from the back and gave her a long heart felt kiss and on the cheek. Karen noticed that Addy stiffened. “What's wrong sweetie?” Addy turned around biting her lip and looked towards Tania. Karen followed her eyes and when she saw Tania she was petrified. “Shit!”

Addy put an arm around her for support. “It's alright, babe, she knows. I just told her.” Karen's eyes opened wide looking at Addy. She didn't dare to look in Tania's direction.

“Ker, she's okay. At least she hasn't run yet. She's kind of quiet, though!” That was a hint for Tania to say something. Tania obviously was aware of Karen's embarrassment, but what could she say?

“I sort of don't know what to say, but obviously not running and I would like to know more.” Karen looked at Addy and closed her eyes. Addy pulled her over and hugged her.

“Tania, this lovely woman here, is shaking to the bone right now.” Karen kept her eyes closed and buried her head in Addy's hair. Addy had her arms around her. Karen was speechless. Addy could feel the tension in Karen's body.

“She fears that you will not accept us. Not everyone knows. We don't know how people are going to react and we decided to let things take their own course. I'm happy Tania, the happiest I've ever been.” She caressed Karen's back as she spoke. “This is the real thing, anything before wasn't. I have my kids to be thankful for, but I was not in love then. I am now.” She pulled Karen out when she spoke her last words. Karen grinned, her fears were slowly dissipating. She began to realize that Addy would stand for their relationship to anyone.

Addy continued to talk. “You are my best friend and I wanted you to know. I don't know what you think, but this is how things are. I hope that you can understand, and although you may not approve, I hope that you accept my choice.”

Tania looked at them. “I really don't understand how or why this has come about but you are a grown women and what you do with your life is your business. I'm happy that you are happy. Shit! I wish I could find someone who would make me happy!”

Karen was still shaky, but she looked up.

Tania continued. “I've never seen you so happy in years. Whatever you guys have going on, is working. I'm glad to see that you are happy, Addy. So who the hell am I to say anything about anything? What would I say? I don't understand it, but I'm certainly not going to judge you.”

“Thanks, it means a lot to us.” Karen was very sincere in her comment.

“So, can I stay here at the cottage with you now that I know?”

“Fine with me.” Addy said looking at Karen who still looked somewhat uneasy. However, Karen wanting to be cordial agreed. “No problem here.” Addy smiled at Karen knowing how she truly felt.

“When did this all happen? How long ago? Does anyone else know?”

“Laurie and Joey know. Nobody else. We've had feelings for each other since we met practically. We started as friends, but it developed. We've been together since the divorce.”

Tania asked. “Does he know?”

“The kids said they wouldn't tell him and I haven't. Tania, I was going to leave him. I didn't leave him because of Karen. Well, maybe I did.” She looked at Karen. “I couldn't have stayed with him knowing how I felt about Karen. Knowing that with her I would have the love I wanted. There had been nothing between him and me for years. We just grew apart and there was nothing there. We weren't happy. I was just going to do, what I ended up doing, moving in with Karen and pretend to be apartment mates. Then this Scotland thing presented itself and we agreed to do it, and here we are! And very glad we did.”

Addy kept speaking. “Unbelievable, huh? Tania, love is an amazing thing. I didn't know what it was until now. This is the real thing. I'm in love with this person.” She put her arm around Karen's shoulder. She didn't want to get carried away showing too much emotion in front of Tania, but she couldn't help showing affection for the woman she adored. Karen blushed.

Tania smiled and nodded. “Like I said, Addy, you are a grown woman. You can do whatever you want. I'm really glad that you are happy, but I will also tell you that not everyone will be happy about this. You know how people are.”

“I really don't care about what people think, Tania. At the end of the day, this is my life and I'm happy. We are just thrilled that Laurie and Joey accepted us. The kids love Karen and they want me to be happy. So, that is all that matters.”

“Now, can I ask, what's going on with the horses?”

Karen welcomed the change of subject and took over the conversation to explain the deal with the horses. “Actually, would you like to see the stables?”

“Sure, let's go.”

“Ker, do you want to eat something?”

“Yeah, I'll just take a slice of quiche on a napkin and if you can poor some Bellini on a paper cup we can walk to the stables. Umm! This quiche tastes great!”

As they walked to the stables, Karen explained everything about the stables and why she didn't buy the new horses.

As they were walking back to the Inn, Tania asked them a few questions about the town and the Inn . “What happens after the three years is up? Now that the Inn doing so well and all?”

“I don't know, Tania. We have been so busy with the present that we have forgotten about the future. I think time has gone by too quickly. It seems as if it was just yesterday that we got here. It feels as if the present and the future were one and the same. It's just weird. We've been so happy with the present, I guess I've never really thought about the future!”

Tania then asked Karen. “What about you, Karen, have you thought about what you are going to be doing after the three years are over?”

Karen smiled when she heard Addy's reply. She's happy! It was true. They had never talked about what would happen after the three year term was over. They had stopped talking about selling the place a long time ago. “No. Not really. I have to agree with Addy. Time has flown by quick. I feel like we are living our lives so fully that I've never stopped to think of the future. I guess I just expect the future to reveal itself as we go. Who thinks about the future when you are actually living your dream in the present?” Karen didn't realize how revealing her comment was. Even Addy was taken back.

Both women looked at her. Addy adoringly. Tania in complete amazement. Addy laced her arm through Karen's and kissed her on the cheek. Neither one of them liked public displays of affection but Addy couldn't help herself. Karen blushed. She looked adorable.

“You two are incredible, I am so envious! If there is a friend you might want to introduce me to, I would consider it seriously!” They all laughed.

Addy was not going to discuss with Tania matters, such as their future, a matter that they had not discussed between themselves. So she spoke the truth. Karen remained thoughtful. Addy noticed the silence immediately. Karen could sense the chocolate eyes burning her face, so she returned the look with her laser greens and the chocolate browns melted immediately smiling and quickly looking away. Karen put her arm around Addy's waist and brought her closer to her. She could feel the weight of Addy's body reclining on hers for support. Karen knew too well that look on Addy's face. They needed time alone, but that wouldn't be possible until later in the night when they were in their bedroom.

The fact was that they had initially talked about going back to the States after the three years, but it was not until they finished the cottage and later the Inn that they realized that they were truly happy in Scotland . Now, neither ever mentioned going back anymore.

Maybe it was one of those things they didn't need to talk about yet because it was a bridge they would cross when they got to it. At some point in time it had seemed far in the future and thus, unimportant. But suddenly the future and the present had become one and the bridge would soon have to be crossed.

That evening the thought was still on Karen's mind. She wanted to bring it up to get some sort of reaction from Addy, but was frightened with the possible answers. She wished they could stay there forever, happy as they were. She didn't bring it up, she was too afraid to know. It was better not to know for now.

After dinner the trio settled to watch a movie. Tania sat in one of the recliners, Addy sat on the sofa as Karen was fidgeting with the DVD player. When she sat on the sofa, she noticed that Addy was gone. “Where are you, I'm going to start the movie….! She always does this, disappears when everything is finally ready.”

“Well you take so long getting the thing ready that I thought I could go pee now and not have to interrupt later. What are we watching, anyways?”

“Secretariat, you said you wanted to watch it, so I ordered it.”

“Nice, play it.” Karen started the DVD and sat back on the sofa next to Addy. A little while later, Tania noticed how the two were cuddled up in the sofa. Addy's head was resting against Karen's collarbone and her hand was on Karen's leg. Karen had her arm over Addy. They looked cute and loving together. Tania couldn't understand it, but she was glad to see her friend happy. Karen was really a fantastic person and Tania thought that, in truth, Addy was fortunate to have someone so loving and caring in her life. Man or woman. Tania stayed with them for a couple of nights at the cottage before she left.


The night Tania left, in the quiet of their bedroom, Addy talked to Karen. “Are you relaxed now? Told you everything would be fine. I don't know what got into that head of yours to make you think otherwise. Nothing will ever come between us, baby. I love you too much.” She smacked Karen with a kiss.

Karen grinned. “Can't help it! It's like trying to take a floatie from a kid at the pool, I guess.”

“You are so silly, sometimes! Ker, you know, something Tania asked today got me thinking.”

Oh shit, here it comes….

“Have you given any thought at all to what you want to do when, well when Mr. Kimbell tells you that you have title to the property?”

“Not really, Addy, time has certainly flown by quick.”

“Yeah, and the Inn is doing super well. But, baby, it's your place and we'll do whatever you want to do.”

“Addy, it's our place and we'll both decide what we are going to do come the day.” Addy noticed that Karen got a bit edgy.

“I just want to say, for what ever is worth, that I have been very happy and actually love it here. So, if we decide to stay it's fine by me.” Karen looked up a bit surprised at the comment, she felt strangely satisfied. She likes it here, she wants to stay?

“You wouldn't mind staying?”


Karen just looked at her, unable even to formulate a single thought. “We'll see, Addy, no need to discuss that now.”

Addy came and hugged her. “I love everything from Scotland .” She planted a kiss on Karen's cheek. “Everything!” Karen grinned.

Karen knew Addy was happy, but was it fair to keep her so far away from her family any more than they had to? And for what? She'd have to think about that. They weren't getting any younger and family was, after all, the only thing that really mattered. Karen didn't have one, but Addy did. Above all, Karen wanted to make her happy. So, she thought that in the end, just as Laurie had predicted, Addy would have the last word.



“Are you asleep?”

“Nope, what is it?” How could I possibly sleep with so much on my mind!

“I want to make changes in the office room?”

Karen who had been facing the other way, turned back to look at her. “What kind of changes?”

“I want to get rid of the double bed and get a day bed and make it look like a sofa. We never use the double bed and it takes too much room. A day bed would serve as a bed if we ever need to put up someone for the night and we can use it as a sofa to sit or lay down to read. I would also take up less room. Besides, I see no point in pretending that is another bedroom when it's clear it's not.”

“Well, we only had it for appearances.”

“I don't want to keep appearances anymore. I don't think we need to. I think that anyone who comes to our house knows us well enough. We don't need to pretend to be what we are not. We are a couple, and whoever doesn't like it, can't stop visiting us.”

Karen smiled in the dark. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, very sure.”

Karen couldn't help the feeling of satisfaction this conversation brought. It clearly meant that Addy was throwing out the last vestige of what would have given the appearance that they were anything other than a couple. It was an official declaration, albeit small, that it didn't matter what people thought. The world was just going to have to accept their relationship for what it was. This was Addy's new rule, and so it was written!

Karen cuddle into her and held her tight. “I love you, Addypooh.”

Addy chuckled as she held her tight and kissed her on her head. “I know.” Addy knew the effect of her words. Karen was all that mattered. She was the one who made her happy every single day of her life. She needed to remove from their lives any sign of ambivalence, and so the pretend bedroom and the bed were out the window, for starters, more was to come. Addy had a master plan.


In the fall, Addy went to Edinburgh to make purchases for the Inn . She went with one of the employees. Karen stayed with JP and James fixing stuff at the Inn . Addy was glad to go alone because she was looking into certain matters and she didn't want Karen to find out just yet. Addy had been looking at wedding bands on the internet and had come across a pair of rings she liked. She ordered them through a jeweler in Edinburgh . The rings were also going to be engraved.

When she came back, she found Karen under the Inn 's kitchen sink. “Anything good under there?”

“Nope, I can think of a better hood to look under!” Karen was getting up as she spoke.

Karen's comment regarding ‘looking under the hood' and her knowing look caught Addy's attention. She immediately had her own ideas of which “hood” she'd like Karen to look under. Karen was wearing faded jeans, an old burgundy lumberjack flannel shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and her hiking boots. Her hair was fastened in a high ponytail. The woman looked incredibly sexy. Addy had concluded, a long time ago, that Karen would look sexy no matter what she wore, but this outfit was a total turn on.

“Oooooh! The butch look! You look hot!” Addy came over and kissed her on the lips. Karen just smiled.

Addy whispered in her ear. “You know, I have just been reminded that something requires attention at the cottage.” Addy gave her the look.

Karen opened her eyes in question and smiled. “Now?”

Opening her eyes as well, Addy said “immediately.”

“Come on, before you have to pick me up from the floor!”

As they were walking out, JP saw them. “Are you done?”

“Nope, I'll be back. Taking a break.” JP smiled, knowing too well about those breaks!

The break took over two hours. The butch look always worked for Karen. In the after glow, Karen grinned as she combed Addy's soaked hair back. Karen was on top of her, her body between Addy's legs. “I think I'm sexually addicted to you! I think I need help.”

Addy smiled. “Is this a request, blondie?” She didn't finish her sentence, Karen kissed her. Addy turned her over as she started her attack. “Blondie, surrender….your mine!”



Winter came with a roar that year. As soon as the weather got bad, Karen exercised the powers given to her the previous winter after the accident. It was a rainy, drizzly morning. She came close to Addy and made her commanding pronouncement. “Adriana Marcos, I'm putting my foot down. No more trips to Edinburgh , unless the weather is good and I go with you. From now on to town and the Inn only, is that very clear!?”

Addy looked at her smiling. “Yes, ma'am, very clear.”

“Addy, I'm serious!”

“I know! Me too. I promise!”

Karen felt good and authoritative, although somewhat preoccupied. Addy smiled.

Karen came around. “I didn't mean to be all that bossy, I just…”

“Ker, it's alright. Yes, you meant to be bossy and you have a reason. I get it. You can say it. I don't mind.” Addy kissed her.


“Sssssh, baby, I love you…you are not being bossy! Well you are, but I know it's because you care and….” She couldn't finish her sentence. Karen engulfed her with a kiss. Addy smiled shyly and tucked her head to Karen's shoulder. She was like a little kid sometimes.

“I find it hard to believe that you are not making a big deal about all these like the time I objected to your going on that hot air balloon ride.”

“Didn't I tell you once that I would let you win when you were right?”

Karen smiled while she still held her.

Addy was adjusting the collar of Karen's sweater as she spoke. “Well, this is your win, Ms. Larsen. I know better than to fight when I have the losing hand. You are not the only smartass around here, you know?”

“Oh don't I know that! But isn't it you who is always saying that there's no losing or winning with us? We both win, baby, we both win. You rule my heart and you know it.” Karen was trying to make Addy feel good.

Addy hugged her and whispered in her ear. “Don't patronize me, woman, you are getting you treat tonight anyway.” She kissed her on the cheek and on her mouth. Karen returned the kiss fiercely.

“Do we need to wait until tonight?


One of the nice things that happened that winter before the weather got really bad was they received a visit from Ms. Gertrude, or Gerri, as she liked to be called. When she announced her visit, they put her up at the Inn . They almost never had anyone stay at the cottage. Only Tania and Melanie had. The cottage guest room was very small, and since it doubled up as an office, the bed was merely a day bed. They didn't know Gerri very well and they preferred to provide her with one of the very well appointed rooms at the Inn . She insisted that next time she came to visit she would much rather stay with them than occupy one of the very expensive rooms at the Inn which she was, of course, getting for free. They promised to do so.

They did have her over for dinner. Addy prepared one of her specialties and they had a great time. “I feel awful that she had to go without anyone of the family being there. I still don't know why she didn't call me. I would have come.”

“Yes, Karen. She knew you would have come, but for how long? She couldn't keep you away from your job! Don't worry. She was not alone. I was there all the time. She adored you, you know. She always knew that somehow, someday you would find your way in life and find true love, and I believe she even hoped that someday you would be back to all this!”

“Gerri, in true honesty, it was finding true love what brought me here. Addy has been the driving force in my coming back. She is the one who pushed for it. We were just starting our lives together and I thought that this would give us a good beginning. I mean coming here and all. Then Addy came up with the idea of the Inn and look at us now!”

“ Charlotte would have been enormously proud of what you have accomplished here and she would have loved, or more so, adored you.” She paused to look at Addy. “For bringing her loving child back home, and for loving her the way you do. You are a wonderful person, full of energy and love. I can see how you love Karen. In truth, Karen, and pardon my frankness, as Charlotte and I discussed many times, the rest of your family is worthless.”

Karen chuckled. Addy grinned.

Addy wanted to hear her story. “Gerri, tell us about Aunt Charlotte and you.”

“We were lovers, if that's what you want to know. After her husband died, she remained alone for many years. She got involved in a lot of civic activities and volunteer work and that is how we met. I lived in another town, and my practice was there. She couldn't leave here or else the hyenas in the family would have prayed over the property as they tried to do with you. So, what we did was spend as much time as we could with each other. It was easier for her to come see me, so that is what we did. When I retired, I came and spent a lot of time with her.”

Karen then asked, “What about after her passing, what did you do?”

Gerri got very sad. “I was torn to pieces. She and I were together for a long time. I didn't have a life without her, so I came out of retirement and went back to work. That is what I do now. Just work.”

Addy had to cheer up the situation. She could already see Karen falling into the abyss of ‘what would my life be without you' that she had seen when the accident happened. “Well, now you have Karen and I and you can come to visit or we'll come see you and we can do all sorts of stuff together.” Addy's comment brightened the mood. However, she could still sense Karen looking at her.

As the conversation developed, they found out that Gerri had broken ties with her family. Her family was extremely conservative and traditional and had never accepted her. She had lived alone most of her life until she had met Aunt Charlotte. They had been together for about fifteen years. The only relative with whom she had any contact was her niece. Jenna, who was a pediatrician in Edinburgh .

After the weekend was over, they promised to get together again. However, Karen explained that after the accident they didn't like to drive far and that if the weather got bad, it wouldn't be until the conditions were better that they would see each other. This was Karen again indirectly telling Addy ‘don't plan it, we are not going anywhere!' Thereafter, the weather got really bad and they didn't see each other again until the spring. However, they did talk frequently.


As predicted some time before, Carol did come to see them. It was on a cold Sunday morning when they saw the car pull up in front of the house. They were having breakfast. “Oh, shit, here comes drama!” Karen remarked.

Addy opened the door.

“Hi Carol.”

“Hi, Addy, Karen. I'm sorry to pop up unannounced like this, but I came to say good-bye for a little while.”

“What's going on?” Addy was the one doing all the talking, as expected. Karen remained seated at the breakfast table.

“I'm going to Glasgow to stay with my sister Jane. I came to tell you because you guys have been so nice. I will not be able to make the pastries for the Inn anymore. I apologize for the short notice and leaving you hanging like this, but this is something I need to do. I'm leaving Mary. She's got something going on the side with someone else in town, don't know who, but I cannot tolerate it anymore. We got into a big argument last night and I decided to that this was the best thing for me.”

“Oh, God, Carol, I'm so sorry to hear this. Are you going to be okay at your sister's?

“Yes, my sister has been telling me to leave Mary for a long time. This is not the first time this has happened. Mary has problems with commitment. I've had enough. I have other options and I think I'm going to give myself a chance somewhere else. I've closed down the pastry shop. I don't own the building so once the lease is over, I have no other responsibilities there.”

“What about the hardware store? Is that just Mary's?”

“No, I have nothing to do with that. It's not even Mary's. It belongs to the Ludwig family. She just manages it.”

“Oh, I didn't know that, you mean Isabella Ludwig from the winery?”

“Yes. Mary says she owns it because Isabella let's her run it. But she doesn't really own it. She makes a fixed salary. That was a big help when I started the coffee shop. Now the coffee shop is making more money than what she makes there, but it's too late for us. I can't take it anymore. I don't know if she sees someone from town or from out of town, but she's been coming home later than usual, always has an excuse and she smells like someone else's perfume. I know she's cheating on me. I don't have to take it anymore.” Carol started to get ready to go.

“Well, Carol, give us a call and let us know what you are doing, okay?”

She hugged Addy. “Sure. Bye Karen, take care of your loved one here. You guys have something great going, don't let anything get on its way.”

Karen came over and bid her farewell also.


They looked at each other. “Good job, Ms. Addy.”

“There was really nothing to be said. I'm glad she's doing what she's doing. At least she has alternatives. Do you think Mary will go after her?”

“Probably! She was getting a double bonus from Carol, income and sex! She'll end up missing both unless her latest conquest is capable of providing them. Usually what happens is that without the extra income, she might not be able to provide for her latest lover and she will get dumped and go running back to Carol. I hope Carol stays firm. If Mary is a habitual cheater, she'll always do the same. Some people just get a kick out of it. I've known people like that.”

A few hours later, Mary called. After she had gotten such a cold reception from Karen there last time, she apparently didn't dare to just show up.

“No Mary, she's not here. No we don't know where she is. Okay, fine. Yes, sure. Good-bye.”

Karen smiled. Addy pursed her lips. “I was not going to tell her where Carol went. I definitely don't want to get involved.


Christmas was around the corner. This year things had gotten complicated. Both Laurie and Joey had commitments with their other side of the family and things didn't work out for a family get-together. Addy was sad, but she knew that everyone had obligations and that she couldn't be selfish and monopolize the kids all the time. Joey was married and his wife was from Seattle so they were going to spend the holidays with his wife's family. Laurie was traveling to Montana to meet her fiancé's family.

Karen was worried that Addy would be depressed and had come up with all sorts of ideas and places and things to do. Addy would just smile, she knew that Karen was going out of her way to make her happy and keep her mind from the absent family. “How about southern Spain ? It's always warmer there.”

“Okay, so be it!” They sat at the computer and made all the arrangements. The day they left for the Edinburg airport it was very cold, in fact the weather forecasters were calling for snow. Just about the time they got to the airport, their flight was cancelled. The weather conditions were severe. The airline arranged for all first class passengers accommodations. They were booked at a five star hotel in the airport. The airline was to call them as soon as things returned to normal. It was Christmas Eve and they were trapped in a hotel room in Edinburgh . As they entered the room, Karen had a miserable look on her face. “I'm sorry, babe. We should have spent tonight in Malaga .”

Addy smiled. She could tell that Karen was upset. She had envisioned this fabulous trip to a warmer climate and here they were trapped in freezing temperatures in Edinburgh . “Let's turn on the fireplace and order in.” Addy was trying to lighten the mood.

“It's not even a real fireplace, Addy, it's a gas one.”

“Hey, gorgeous, come here.”


“Smile for me, would you?”

Karen smiled sheepishly.

“Ker, I really don't care where we are, or whether the fire place is gas or wood, or whether is 30 or 80 degrees outside. I'm here with you and that is all that matters to me.”

She pulled Karen closer to her and ran her hands up and down Karen back. “Order something nice to eat and some wine.” While Karen looked at the menu and plced the order, Addy sort unpacked the necessary things for the night and fiddle with the sound system looking for some nice soothing music. After their meal, Addy went into the bathroom and changed. “Change into something comfy, baby and lets sit and have dessert.” When Karen came out of the bathroom she smiled. The lights were low, the room smelled of perfume, the soft music played in the background and the dessert and the wine sat on the dinner table perfectly arranged. Addy came closer to her and extended her hand. “Ma'am, I was wondering if you'd care to dance?” Karen grinned. She loved Addy's romanticism.

Karen immediately accepted and they started to dance. They did for a while in total silence. After the third song, things started to heat up. Karen couldn't resist Addy's sensuality. More so, when Addy's hands were roaming all over her, provoking all the desired responses. “Ma'am, if you continue to touch me like that, this is going to be our last dance.”

Addy grinned. She kissed Karen on the neck. “That would be very fortunate because maybe I don't want to dance anymore.” Addy nibbled her neck. Karen grinned as she drowned in the brown eyes smiling at her. Addy smiled knowingly. Karen came close to her and whispered in her ear. “I don't think I do either.”

Her hands were under the back of Karen's sweater reaching for the clasp of her bra. With a single movement Addy removed all the garments from Karen's body. Her hands then caressed Karen's back. Karen moaned. “Umm!” Addy's lips were on hers and ever so slowly descended to her neck and collar bone. Addy was looking for some footing as she felt her legs a little shaky. Karen pushed her towards the bed so that Addy could sit. Addy's tongue trailed between Karen's breasts. She rested her head there, taking in her scent and placing smalls kisses under the base of her breasts. Karen pressed her to her stomach as she gently caressed her hair. When Addy looked up, she found the look of total desire in Karen's face. Addy pulled her down to the bed as Karen moan in pleasure.

Karen was again fighting the internal battle of taking control or surrendering to the woman she loved. She loved her and wanted to be loved by her. She wanted her touch, she craved for it. How could this possibly be so? Karen knew she was lost once again to the infinity of pleasures provided by the only woman she had ever surrender to, the only one who had worked the miracle, the one she could lose herself to with total abandonment. Addy knew how significant this was for Karen and she cherished every second of these moments. Karen was allowing her what she allowed no one to do.

As if the excitement of her thoughts was not enough to arouse her, there was the soft, beautiful body and the eyes that drove her to insanity to add to the crescendo of the moment. There was no part of Karen left untouched, caressed or kissed. Addy's love was overwhelming and heavenly. The woman was unable to contain her passion. It was a torrent of sensations of never ending caressing and touching. Karen was enveloped in a blanket of love that burned through every nerve in her body. There was no way that she could not surrender to the force upon her. This was nature itself telling her that this was it, this was the right person, the one and only she could not humanly stop. She was enthralled in the heat of their passion to a point of no return. In their passion, they moaned, whimpered, called their names and proclaimed their love time after time, as they ravished each other. As the sun rose in the horizon, a happy, smiling Karen looked at the sleeping woman in her arms. Yes, Addy was right. It didn't really matter if the fire place was gas or wood, or whether there were 30 or 80 degrees outside. All that mattered was that they were together.

Addy opened one eyes and found the laser greens looking at her. “Hi precious.” Addy smiled and hid her face in the crook of Karen's arm. Karen turned and kissed her, cuddling into her. Addy moaned. “Ummm. You are always so warm.” Karen closed her eyes and smiled, kissing her again. It was early, there was still some time to get some sleep.


New Year's Eve was spent at a big celebration at the Inn . It had become a ritual. The gathering was always well attended and the Inn was developing a reputation for its bash. Everyone was wearing party favors, big hats, ribbons around their necks and horns were blowing everywhere. Right about midnight, as the small band played and the big screen TV displayed the ball dropping in Times Square , Addy felt someone pulling her from one of the doors leading to the pool deck. It was Karen. “Happy New Year, love.” Karen smiled as she pulled Addy towards her to provide an intense passionate kiss. Addy eased into the kiss returning and extending it to savor the intensity of the moment. She pulled out only to speak. “Happy New Year, baby.” She looked at her loved one mesmerized and still unbelieving her happiness. “I love you, green eyes.”

Karen grinned. “I love you more, sunshine.”

And so the New Year began.


After the Holidays were over, then Inn began to prepare for their next big event: St. Valentines. This year, however, Addy had plans of her own, and the plan was not to stay at the Inn . She suggested, as their mutual gift, taking a few days off and flying to Paris . Addy suggested Paris because she had always heard that Paris was the most romantic city in the world. They were both looking forward to their romantic getaway.

Addy thought that the most romantic city in the world and specifically the top of the Eiffel tower was the most appropriate place to spend St. Valentines, celebrate their soon to come second anniversary, and do what she was going to do. ( No, she was not going to bungee jump!)

For the longest time Addy had an idea that she wanted to carry out, but it had taken some time to plan. The trip was the culmination of the idea. The idea came about as a plan to put an end to Karen's insecurities about their relationship.

Addy wanted to let Karen know, once and for all, that their relationship was very permanent. Karen needed to see something tangible and she was going to provide it. Taking the opportunity that Karen was really busy at the Inn , she had gone to town to talk to Mr. Kimbell. Mr. Kimbell had become quite fond of them and was very helpful. Addy explained the situation and everything was arranged.

Once in Paris , they went to the Eiffel tower, as planned. “Oh Ker, it's beautiful! It is romantic, isn't it?” Karen was delighted watching Addy's face. Addy looked like a little kid. Paris at night from the tower was quite a view. Breathtaking. But, all Karen could see was Addy. She was mesmerized. No matter how long they had been together already, she felt the same way she felt the day they met. Totally in love. “Yes, it's beautiful, alright. Addy realized that Karen was talking about her. “Ker! You are making me blush!” This was supposed to be Addy's romantic present to Karen and yet here was Karen romancing her!

“Well, you know how I like that.” They held each other and kissed.

Addy couldn't hold back anymore. She was too nervous to postpone it. She looked down and in a whisper tone said “I have something for you.”

“Addy, you said we weren't going to get each other anything, that the trip was going to be our St. Valentines gift to each other! I didn't get you anything, and if you got me something I'm going to feel bad.”

Addy smiled. “Ker, I said I was going to get something for the two of us, not that I was not going to get anything!”

“Yeah, and I thought you meant the trip.”

“Would you just shut up and open our gift?” Addy handed her a rectangular box. Karen looked at it and looked back at her with an inquisitive look. When Karen removed the gold paper and the manicured bow around it, she found a velvet black box. She looked at Addy anxiously, her voice reflected her excitement. “Addy! What is this?”

“Open it.” Karen's hands were shaking. She was smart and began to suspect the minute she saw the box. When Karen opened the box she gasped, she brought her hand to her mouth and looked at Addy. Her eyes were pools of tears. “Oh, Addy!” Karen was speechless and shaking.

In the box lay two beautiful gold bands, each with embedded diamonds. Karen's eyes were so full of tears that she could hardly see the rings anymore. The tears began to drop as she lay her forehead on Addy's shoulder. She was trembling. Addy held her in her arms. It wa almost impossible to tell who was more shaken by the moment.

“Here let me get the rings out of the box?” Addy took one of the rings and put it on Karen's finger, it fit perfectly. She took the other and put it on hers. Karen was still overwhelmed with emotions, tears bathing her face as she looked between the ring on her finger and Addy.

“Do you like them?”

“Addy… Addy…I.. don't know what to say?”

“How about yes?”

“Yes, I like it, them.”

“Good! Now I'm going to need another yes to an even more important matter.”

“What? What could be more important than this?” She was rubbing the sparkling ring on her finger.

“This.” Addy handed her an envelope.

Karen looked up in total wonderment. She was blank. Never having imagined what was in the envelope.

Karen's hands were shaking. “Every time you've given me papers to read they've been bad news about the Inn ! Is this bad news? Is this the right moment to give this to me? Can't this wait?”

“No, it is not bad news, and yes this is the best and most appropriate moment to give you this, and no, it cannot wait. And by the way, it's not good until you sign it.”

Karen smiled. She always liked the way Addy had an answer for each and everything. Karen couldn't possibly understand what was so important about this paper which would make it worthy if interrupting the most romantic moment of their relationship! Karen slowly and reluctantly opened the envelope and unfolded the paper. When she read the heading she brought her hand to her mouth, gasped and started to sob. She couldn't speak. Her eyes again were pools of tears when she looked at Addy. Karen hugged her so tight Addy could hardly breathe. “Oh MY GOD, Addy, I…” The heading read: “Civil Partnership of Karen Larsen and Adriana Marcos.” Karen was in total disbelief. Kissing and caressing Addy almost uncontrollably.

“Are you sure? I always wanted to ask you, but never dared because I ……”

“I know, baby, I know …. that's why I'm asking you. I knew you'd never asked because of what I had said in the past about never marrying again, but Ker, I'm in love. I'm in love with you. I want this from the bottom of my heart. I never wanted forever until now. Look inside the ring.”

Engrave in beautiful letters was ‘Always and Forever.' “Oh, God Addy! My God!” Karen could hardly contain her emotions, she felt weak to the point that she had to lean against Addy. “Hold me, I think I'm dizzy.”

Addy chuckled. “Ker, you are beginning to sound like JP.” This made Karen chuckled also.

“Please don't tell him.”

“Never, baby, this is our moment! I love you, blondie. I'd ask you to be mine, but you already are, so…” She was not able to finish. Karen's lips covered hers in a searing kiss that left her lips burning.

“Addy ….I love you. I've never wanted anything in my life like I want you, like I want us! I….don't know what to say!”

“So it's a yes?”

“I can't believe that you even have to ask! I also can't believe that you are the one proposing!!!…You are amazing! Adriana Marcos, it's my privilege, my honor, my luck, my blessing totally, absolutely without any reservation to enter into a civil partnership with you. Where do I sign?”

“Here.” Addy also provided a pen. “There are about three hundred other pages waiting for you at Mr. Kimbell's office, but this is the most important one.” Addy spoke as Karen signed the document. The beautiful ring sparkled under the lights as she signed. Tears were still running down her cheeks.

After signing, Karen caressed Addy's face gently, rubbing her thumb against Addy's lips, parting her lips and taking them in a passionate open mouth kiss. “We need to go.”

“Where? What's the rush? What about the romantic moment you were just talking about?”

“Oh, we are having that romantic moment, but somewhere else!” Karen pulled Addy towards the elevators.


“Room. The romantic moment I'm thinking about requires privacy.”

Addy chuckled. “Let's go then!”

They took the elevator down. They were alone. Karen stood behind Addy and wrapped her arms around her waist. She nuzzled and kissed her neck from the back. Addy leaned against her, exposing her neck and closing her eyes. They remained like this until the elevator hit the ground floor. They took a taxi and five minutes later they were in the hotel.

As soon as they closed the bedroom door behind them, they practically tore the clothes off each other, falling breathless on the bed. “Oh God, I will never have enough of you! I don't think this is ever going to end with us!”

“I hope not!”

Karen chuckled as they devoured each other. “I have one question.”


“What exactly are my marital rights?”

Addy laughed. “Ker, I can't imagine any marital right we have not already exercised!”

“Humm, we may need to get creative then, I'm only just starting with you!” Karen wiggled her eyebrows very suggestively and engulfed the woman below with her arms.

“Kerrrrr!….Oh God!”

The night was deliciously long. In the interludes of recovery from their love making, they shared intimate thoughts.

“Why did you change your mind on the idea of marriage?”

Addy pulled back to look at her and to caress her face with the back of her hand. “I'm in love. With you.” She tapped Karen's nose. “I never knew feelings like this before. I'm lucky to have found you, Ker. I can't possibly think what my life would have been like if you hadn't walked right into it. I can't think of life without you anymore….that's why.”

Karen took Addy's face in her hands and placed small kisses in every centimeter of it. “I can't love you more. I wish I knew how! I wish I was some goddess that could enchant you with some kind of magical love…..”

Addy chuckled. “You already have, Ker. You are my goddess, and you have already enchanted me. This is all the love I need and want. It's plenty and it's magical.”

“Oh, God, woman, do you ever realize what you say and what it does to me?” Karen embraced her completely. Her hands were everywhere sensually caressing the precious gift in her arms. Addy surrender to the endless passion as the moment heated to the boiling point, again and again, until the city lights went off and the sun rose in the horizon.


To be continued in Part 15


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