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Part 2 Scotland

Once in Scotland , they rented a car and headed for Altee.

“You drive. I don't know if I will ever get use to driving on the other side of the road. It scares me.”

“You have to do it. Once you lose the fear, you'll be fine. Little by little you'll get use to it. We'll have to practice.”

“Okay. I'm not saying I won't, but all in due time. Not right now, plus I want to appreciate the scenery.”

“Excuses, cheap excuses!”

Addy stuck out her tongue from her side of the car. She looked funny and made Karen smile.

The city was big and exciting. Addy was like a little kid in Disney World. She found everything amazing.

“The city seems very vibrant.” Addy commented.

“Yes, it is.”

Once they were out in the countryside, she was marveled by the views. “I love how green everything is!”

Karen smiled. “You say that now because everything is nice and warm. Wait till you spend a winter here. I almost feel like we shouldn't unpack completely. And wait until the midges come out in the summer.” Karen chuckled.

“Ker don't predispose me! Let me make my own call. So far I like it. It's a beautiful country. Oh, look! What a nice church, and look at what a quaint little town, and look at those cows over there. I bet we can get real fresh milk out here. What are midges?”

“Yeah, straight from the cow! Want to get a couple of cows and learn to milk them also? “Maybe some chickens for fresh eggs and every morning we can get up and sing “Old MacDonald had a farm…! Midges are like small flies that bite. They come out in the spring and summer.”

“Oh God that's gross! Ker, you do have to change that attitude. It's not working with me.”

Karen smiled. It was getting dark outside and Addy noticed how the sunset reflected on Karen's face, as she drove. Her face glowed as the reddish sunlight reflected in her golden hair. Addy was mesmerized looking at her to the point that her heart began to beat faster. Karen sensed the attention she was getting. She could see Addy from the corner of her eye. Karen's eyes were always on Addy directly or indirectly. She liked to be the object of her attention. She was elated. Her sunshine was shining on her and it was burning her.

“If you want to we can stop on the side of the road and I can take care of what ever is it that you've got on your mind!” She couldn't help but gleam.

Addy realizing that she had been caught looking, and looked away shyly. “You might have to Ms. Larsen, if you don't stop the nonsense.” Karen took her hand and kissed it. Rubbing it against her face, then she placed it on her own thigh and rubbed it. Addy smiled mischievously. Catching Addy's look, Karen placed her hand on Addy's crotch. “Ker! I don't think you should be driving and doing this!” Karen smiled, as she continued to drive.

“Should I stop?”

“You wouldn't?!”

Karen looked at her with a very naughty look as she pulled off to the side of the road. There were no cars, houses or anything visible all around. Karen made sure before pulling up. Addy was in total disbelief. Her mouth wide open in expectation of what the hell Karen was pulling off here. However, she couldn't wipe the grin from her face.

“Karen Larsen, I cannot believe you are trying to pull something like this!”

“Come here.” She unfastened her seat belt and Addy's and pulled Addy towards her kissing her fiercely. Addy didn't protest the assault.

In the midst of the passionate kissing, Karen turned her around and leaning Addy's back onto her, she unzipped Addy's pants, thinking to herself how glad she was they hadn't chosen a vehicle with bucket seats. Addy was already on the edge, having been already aroused from her longing for Karen and now this whole wild thing had really turned her on. Karen held her tight to her with her right hand, as she slipped her left hand inside Addy's pants to reach her warmth. It took only moments for her hand to reach the right spot.

Addy held on to the hand giving her the comfort she needed. Karen placed gentle kisses along Addy's neck as she provided the satisfying touch. It didn't take long before Addy had her release. “Oh God!” Karen smiled when she felt Addy's spasms slow, as she went limp in her arms. A very smiley Karen kissed her repeatedly and held her in her arms squeezing het tight wanting to draw this wonderful woman to her very inside if she could. “I love you, baby, I love you. Are you better now?”

“Um huh….wow…Ker!”

“Your pleasure is my pleasure, ma'am!”

Addy was now trying to seat up, zip up and buckle up.

Karen had to recover somewhat too. This was also all new to her. She started the car, grinning from ear to ear.

“I can't believe we just did that!” Addy proclaimed cracking up in laughter.

“Me either!” Karen joined in the laughter. “Addy, I've never done anything like that in my life! I just need to make that clear to you. You make me do crazy things!”

“We are behaving like a pair of teenagers, Ker!”

“I love being a teenager with you.”

“Me too. Do you think we can continue misbehaving like teen agers when we get home? I sort of need a little more play time, how about you?”

“Your wish is my command and I definitely could use some play time also.”

“Just some? I was going for a lot.”

Karen grinned. “All yours, you know that! Let's just hurry up!”

They were both looking up the road with huge smiles on their faces. Addy came over and leaned against Karen's arm. She kissed her shoulder. Karen caressed her face and kissed her head as she continued to drive.


When they got to the cottage, they stood in front of it. Addy looked at the very distressed face next to her. She chuckled. “Where's your smile, sugar pie? I see home and happiness written all over this place!”

Karen smiled and chuckled. Who wouldn't smile at the vibrant creature standing next to her? She craved this woman to the bone. It was fascinating. The attraction was irrational. It was as if she was drawn to her, or possessed by some strange force. Maybe the force of destiny. There was no point in explaining the unexplainable. She would sometimes wonder what she would do without Addy. She would go mad for sure. She was no longer complete without her. With her, she could take on the world. She felt whole, good, at peace, happy and totally in love.

Karen hugged her from the back and squeezed her. “I have never met a more optimistic person than you, Adriana. You can see gold where most people see straw!”

Addy smiled. “Why do you sometimes call me Adriana?”

“Because I love your name, because it fills my mouth when I say it, and because I can't say it enough and believe that I get to say it. I love you Adriana!” It was unusual to see Karen so euphoric. She was normally calm and quiet. She had very good control of her emotions. The only exception was when she was alone with Addy. Then it was as if a hurricane had been let out of a bottle, as if a tsunami had risen from the depth of the ocean. Karen was a different person with Addy. She was totally herself.

Addy was all choked up. She tried to compose herself. “I love the way it sounds rolling from your voice and in that accent! You take my breath away, Ker.”

“Addy, how come you always know what to say while I can barely mumble when I need to tell you things?”

“Maybe it's because you don't need to talk to tell me what you want to say.” Addy had dropped her bags on the ground. She brought her right had to Karen's cheek and slid it all the way to the back of her neck and brought her forward to kiss her.

“Addy, lets go inside. If we continue with this here, it's going to draw some attention, especially when I start to tear your clothes off! The neighbors might get the wrong impression, if you know what I mean!?”

Addy smiled. “Alright. But only because I like this blouse!”

Karen was relieved. She put her hand on her forehead, she was already beginning to sweat!

Addy was walking ahead of her towards the door of the cottage. “As to the seeing gold comment, I don't always see it. But here……” She opened her arms and threw them forward towards the cottage. “….I see life, love and a future, our future. I know I'm right. I just know it. I can feel it! Come on farmer Jones, we've got work to do!” Karen followed mumbling, nodding and smiling.

“What were you saying?”

“Nothing. I was just talking to myself.” She continued to mumble. I've already lost my head and we just got here!

The place didn't just need work. It needed a lot of work. For starters, the lawn and all the shrubbery were over grown. The part of the cottage not covered with ivy was dilapidated. It needed paint, caulking and some of the stones needed regrouting. The white picket fence barely had traces of white, the door of the fence was tilted, a part of the lock missing, and it had to be pulled and pushed in order for it to open. The bricks on the walkway were uneven and some were missing.

The cottage didn't look so wonderful today. The place was falling apart when viewed up close. Karen sighed as she stood in front of it. I have to be crazy to have agreed to this!

Addy also stopped. “We need a ‘to do' list.”

“Addy, I don't think we have enough paper for that list! It looks like we need a bulldozer to make it through the weeds in the front yard for starters! Lord, I don't even want to see the back! We can always turn around and leave, you know. We are still can change our mind.”

Addy gave her the look. “Look at this as a challenge, Ker. When it's all nice and pretty, you will be proud and glad we took on the project. Come on woman, open the door. It looks like it's going to rain.”

“Hopefully the roof won't leak!”

Karen followed her orders and went for the door. I guess I'm too late to complain now! Karen tried to open the door, as she spoke. “By the time we are done with this project we'll be ready to collect social security! This darn door is stuck. How come it opened up so well the other day for Mr. Kimbell?”

“Maybe there's a trick to it and he knew it. Maybe you need to give it a little push, babe.” Karen was tall and thin but she worked out and had strong muscular arms and legs. Addy always thought that she looked very sexy in shorts and sleeveless shirts. What the heck, she thought Karen looked good in anything she wore! The woman was sexy even if she had a potato sack over her! Addy knew she could push the door open.

“Yeah, I think we were tricked into staying here, alright! Hold back I'm going to have to push it in.” She pushed the door and it gave in, thrusting her inside door and all.

Addy went to her rescue dropping everything in her hands. “Oh my God, Ker, are you okay?”

“Yeah, nothing seems to be broken, and I see no blood anywhere. However something has to be done about that door.” Addy laughed. Karen was a total hypochondriac sometimes.

“No booboo to kiss?”

Karen looked at her. She knew Addy was making fun of her. “Ha, ha! I'm saving my booboo for you to kiss tonight!”

Addy grinned and bit her lip to control her laughter. “Come on, big baby. Let's see what we got ourselves into here! Item number one on the list: fix the door, two.. mow the grass, three… trim the bushes, four…... ” Addy was going on and on. No one was taking notes.


Addy looked back at her. “Okay, I'll slow down! I need to find paper to make notes. Actually, I'm going to have to start another list. That would be the list of tools we need. So we'll have the list of tools and the ‘to do' list. Then we'll sit down and split it. You'll do what you're good at and I'll do what I'm good at.”

Karen could hold her laughter no more. She sat in the dusty sofa and cracked up laughing.

“What? What's so funny?”

Karen couldn't contain her laughter. You just had to love this woman and all her energy! Karen leaned back on the dusty sofa, still grinning. “Addy what exactly are we good at when it comes to handyman work? Neither one of us has ever put a nail or a screw in anything!”

Addy opened her eyes and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, we'll contract people for the big stuff and we'll take care of the little things. We'll figure them out like we've figure out other things.” She gave her the sweet smile and raised her eyebrows.

Karen smiled back. “I can't wait to hear what you think I'm good at, or for that matter what is it that you are good at Ms Addy…and I'm talking handyman things, not those other things we both now we are very good at!” Addy was grinning from ear to ear by now. So was Karen.

Addy knew she was being mocked. Karen knew to prepare for the blast that was coming at her. Surprisingly, Addy sat next to her and started to laugh. Karen looked at her in amazement.

“So, what's the joke now?”

“Us. Do you see how much fun we are already having? And we haven't even started!”

Karen was still smiling as she looked towards Addy, part of her face was leaning against the dusty sofa. Karen's eyes were like two ping pong balls searching the smiling face in front of her.

“Just tell me you adore me, Karen Larsen, get it out of your system!”

Karen laughed quietly “I adore you, Adriana Marcos.”

“And I you, gorgeousness!” She leaned over and kissed her. “Come on, let's see what other destruction lies ahead.” She got up and pulled Karen up from the sofa.

“About the lists, why don't I prepare the list of what I think you are good at and you prepare mine, then we can test it tonight?” Addy moved her head in question mode and raising her eyebrows gave her one of those killer smiles. Karen's grin was gone, again, the air sucked out of her lungs with a kiss.

“Come on, Ker, there's a lot to do! Move it!”

Karen snapped out of it with the order to move. “This place is a dump. I don't remember it being so small.” She was contemplating the surroundings.

Loving smiling eyes looked at her. “Baby, you've grown as a person and see everything different now. Back then this was everything you knew and it was perfect. Now you've seen more and want more. It's normal. You were also a child then. Things look different to children, although, some people never really grow up and turn out to be big babies…” She was silenced by a humongous kiss.

“Got anything else to say, Ms. Addy?”

Addy was breathless. “Not now, maybe later tonight I will have an extended response prepared.” She winked. “Come on, let's get dirty here.”

Karen grinned. “Umm, getting dirty means getting clean afterwards. Then there is that extended response. Um, um, um, can't wait!”

“Karen Larsen get serious.” Addy looked around the place. “I think the cottage is cozy. If what you say about winters here being very cold, maybe small is better in order to keep it warm. About the old part, well, that gives us an opportunity to redesign it however we want it.”

Karen immediately made her request. “I want a hot tub. I think we are going to need it! I may spend winter there!”

“Wouldn't you get all prunny, though?” Addy laughed, as Karen smirked.

“A hot tub is a great idea, but what about having it indoors? I don't want to go out into the cold to get in. We could build a small green house or gazebo off the kitchen back here. What do you think?”

“I like that idea, but I think that bringing this place to our standards is going to costs us an arm and a leg! That's what I think. Maybe even a kidney!”

“Yeah, Ker, but we need to be happy here for the next three years, and don't forget the return on investment!”

“That is yet to be seen. I don't know who'd want to buy this place.”

“Ker, don't say that. This place has great potential. You'll see how great it will turn out to be. It will be a model home, a showcase in the shire! People will come from far to see such a dwelling!” You'll see, baby!”

“You are the silliest person ever!!”

“Well, for your information, someone loves me in spite of all these silliness!” Addy kissed her on the head.

Karen nodded. “I'm going to check all the windows and doors. If this place is not safe, we cannot stay here. We'll have to go to a hotel until it is.”

Addy rolled her eyes. Karen had this thing about windows and doors and safety. She found it interesting, because she had always been the one worrying about that when her kids were younger. Now, Karen was assuming that role and she was delighted. As Karen made her rounds, Addy went upstairs.

“Aaaahhggg!” Addy screamed from upstairs.

Karen ran like a mad woman up the stairs. She was panting when she got there. “What? What happened? What's wrong?”

“There are two chickens in the small bedroom.”

Karen looked at her. “Chickens?!!”

“Um huh. Two big ones.”

“Addy you are going to kill me!” Karen went to the bedroom, saw the chickens, opened the window, grabbed the chickens and threw them out of the second floor window. Addy ran to the window to see if the chickens made it.

“Did you know they could fly, or was that some kind of death wish for the chickens?

“Addy, they are birds! Birds fly!”

Addy smirked. “I knew that, I was just wondering if you did.”

“Are you going to be okay now?”

Addy was smiling. She came closer, put her arms around her and kissed her. “My hero!”

Karen was smiling. Enchanted at the things this woman did and how she made her feel. Karen kissed her. “I'll bring our bags up.”

“Wait don't leave yet! Let's see if there are more chickens. How did they ever get here anyways?”

Karen smiled. “It would be nice if we could find some fresh eggs for tomorrow's breakfast!”

“You think there are some?” Karen chuckled, Addy was so naïve sometimes. She loved it! “Come here my little chickadee!” She pulled her close and kissed her.

They were looking around the room and under everything.

All of a sudden Karen yelled. “Chicken!” and ran out of the closet and pretended she was throwing out something towards Addy.

Addy screamed and ran. “Aaaahhh!”

Karen started to laugh. She was choking with laughter.

Addy smirked. “Very funny, Ms. Larsen.”


No more chickens were found, no eggs either. “Ker, we should go to town before it gets dark to get some cleaning supplies and some food. Maybe we can stop to eat somewhere, that way we don't have to worry about making dinner. I don't dare to turn on the stove at this hour. God knows what could happen. We also don't have much food. We have to get groceries.”

“Okay, but let me haul our bags up here.” Karen went downstairs to get their bags. “In the meantime, I'm going to check if there is hot water.” When Addy opened the faucet the water started to run but it was brown. “Oh God!”

Karen had just arrived back in the room. “What?” As she came closer she saw the brown water. “Let it run for a while, it might clear. Is it hot?”

“No. It isn't.”

“Let me go see if I can find the hot water heater downstairs to check it out.”

“Ker, be careful and don't mess around with anything, especially if there's risk involved. We don't know where the nearest doctor is. Please!” Addy, knew that Karen liked to fiddle with things and try to fix them.

“I found it!” She yelled from the basement. She ran upstairs. She was panting from having run up the steps all the way from the basement. “I found the hot water heater. It looks like the first one ever made! I think if we can get any hot water from it, it's going to be very little. It's very small. I think we should shower together to make the best use of it.”

Addy looked at her incredulously, one eye brow raised. “Are you sure you are not just tricking me into showering with you?”

Karen smiled as she spoke. “Addy, I swear it's really old and small.”

“Then let's get those cleaning supplies, we need to clean this shower. It's rather small for two people so we need to make sure those walls are spic and span!”

Karen grinned. Somehow, as of lately, there was a lot of grinning going on. “Yes, Ma'am, right behind you, getting the full picture.”

Addy continued to walk, nodding her head and smiling, she knew exactly what the full picture was! “You know, I'm beginning to see a side of you I hadn't seen?”

“Oh! I thought you had seen all my sides by now!”

“See what I mean! You are sort of …..fresh with me now!”

“I thought you liked it when I loosened up, you are the one always telling me that I'm too uptight, that I have to relax and let the real me come out. I thought that's what I was doing.”

Addy turned around, they were in the kitchen. “I said I had never seen this side of you, I didn't say I didn't like it.” Karen was smiling. Addy hugged her. “I still have not found one thing I don't like about you, baby. Are you sure you are not putting up an act for me and that one of these days you are going to turn into a hideous Mr. Hyde?”

“Never! If I am ever truly myself, it's with you, sweetie pie.”

Noticing that the subject was turning again to that which usually delayed every other activity in their agenda, Addy mentioned, “hey, I just remember, let's take a look at the appliances.”

Karen immediately went to check the items. She always had to take the lead on Addy's suggestions. Addy smiled at her little achievement in deflecting attention to other matters. They examined the stove, the refrigerator, the dishwasher and the washer and dryer. However, it was always Addy who had the wise remarks. “Everything looks like it came over on Noah's Ark ! Oh God, the refrigerator smells! Hancock, I think the budget requires a new line for appliances. This is too important not to replace.”

“Agreed. We will do some shopping.”

“We are also going to need a living room set and dining table and chairs.”



They were tired from all the cleaning they had done and from fixing up the bedroom a bit in order to spend the night there. They did shower together. Surprisingly, the hot water heater provided enough water for a not so short shower.

As they were going to bed, Karen looked at the mattress. “Sweetie, if it weren't because you are going to be on that mattress with me, I would take it to the back and set it on fire!”

Addy laughed. “In that case, the firemen of Altee will have to thank me for not having to come out and put out a fire, and for controlling the town's pyromaniac!”

“They can send you a thank you note for your fire prevention deed. I, on the other hand, will personally take care for putting any fires out on this property! You can give me a thank you card later!”

“What property are we referring to here?”

Karen pretended she didn't hear. She thought that maybe Addy had interpreted that she was her property and she knew how Addy hated when Luke though of her as his property. Karen knew too well Addy's reply. “Who does he think he is? I'm no one's property, I belong to me!” So, Karen pretended she didn't hear. She didn't want to go there tonight. Addy knew very well what the property remark was about. Somehow Karen needed to know that they belonged to each other. The truth was that for as much as Addy hated Luke's possessive remarks, she found Karen's remark tonight endearing. She liked it that Karen thought of her as her property. She smiled at the thought . Isn't life just incredible? It was all a matter of who your possessor was that made the difference!

Addy chuckled as she watched Karen trying to get into bed. Karen was trying to be very careful. She didn't want to squash Addy. The mattress was shaped in such a way that the minute you got on it, it took you right to the middle. Addy was cracking up laughing when Karen practically landed on her.

“Oh, shit, Addy I'm sorry, baby.” Addy could hardly speak from the laughter. She kissed Karen to compensate for her feelings of guilt. “Ker, if anything had to land on me, I'm glad it was this gorgeousness of a woman!”

Now it was Karen smiling. “Oh, yeah? Fortunately, I have a very soft landing strip right here which made my landing very enjoyable.”

“I can see that! Somebody is sure feeling quite at home already!”

“Uumm, just about…as soon as I can get my hands around here…and kiss around there and…..”

Addy moaned with pleasure. “Ker! Oh, God this mattress will not survive the night!”

“I don't see why not, it did once before, and if my memory does not fail me, and I remember it very vividly …it took quite a beating that night!”

Addy was laughing. “It sure did.”

“Even if we end up on the floor, Addypooh, we are taking care of business tonight!”

Addy laughed at the ‘Addypooh' name. It was always she who called Karen all sorts of names, but Addy could already see Karen getting into the name calling thing. “You bet we are! You are not leaving me naked and wanting!” Karen chuckled into Addy's shoulder. She knew Addy made that remark because those were the same words Karen had used to describe the way she left JP's friend in NY.

“Addy, if I ever left you naked and wanting, please check me, because that means I'm dead!”

“You better not die on me Larsen, I've got a lot of stuff I want to do with you and to you!”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” Karen cupped Addy's face and kissed her. “I'm all yours Ms. Adriana, for whatever you want! I couldn't possible imagine not being all yours.” Addy smiled at the possessive remarks again. Addy thought that Karen probably felt she was fixing things by giving herself away to her, so as to be on equal terms, just in case. Addy thought it was so cute, but said nothing.

“Larsen, just because you're on top, I'm going to give you one more minute for the lead, if you take longer than that I'm flipping you and I don't care what happens with the mattress!” In the midst of a laughter attack, it took less than two seconds for Karen to get busy. After Karen completed her business, the mattress did not go down when Addy flipped her. As a matter of fact, the mattress turned out to be of better quality than expected, considering the extended night's activities!


Early in the morning, when Karen opened her eyes, she had Addy on top of her. I think I want to keep this mattress . Karen was delighted with the load on her belly. She combed Addy's hair back. Addy woke up slowly.

“Oh Ker, I'm squashing you, I'm sorry…I”

“Hey, hey…am I complaining?”

Addy smiled shyly still trying to open her eyes.

“In fact, I was thinking about keeping the mattress if it guarantees me this beautiful load on my belly every morning.”

Addy buried her face in Karen's shoulder. “What am I going to do with you? You are terrible!”

Karen tickled and kissed her madly, as Addy tried to get up. “Am I?”

“You are going to make me pee my pants if you don't let go of me!”

“What pants?”

“Oh, God!” Addy ran for the bathroom.


Later that morning, after breakfast, they went to see Mr. Kimbell and asked him about the terms of the inheritance and to make sure that everything was in order. They also wanted to make sure he recorded the date of their arrival to establish the beginning of the three year term. Under the terms of the agreement, Karen could travel within Scotland , but she could only be outside Scotland for two consecutives weeks each year. They also got the name of some contractors to do repairs at the cottage.

The women left Mr. Kimbell's office making shopping plans. The item at the top of the list was a new bed and a new mattress. However, before heading out they placed a few calls to try and scheduled appointments for the contractors during the week. They called three landscaping services for estimates, and three remodeling contractors. They made all the calls while driving to Edinburgh . They were going shopping for a bedroom set and mattress. After going to every possible furniture store they could find they agreed on a bedroom set and a queen size mattress. Selecting the mattress was the hardest part. They wanted a good one. “Winter's up here are long, you know, people spend a lot of time inside.” Addy chuckled at the innuendo.

When they were told that the mattress couldn't be delivered for two days, Karen grinned. “Bummer we're going to have to sleep on that mattress two more nights!”

Addy was smiling and nodding as they left the furniture store. On the way back, they stopped for dinner.


“Addy, how about that place over there?”

“Looks good to me, and look there's coffee shop next door. We can stop to get an espresso before we leave. Tomorrow we should check for appliances.”

“Yes, Addy, but I think we need to have the contractors give us an idea of what to do with the kitchen first. Then we'll have to take the measurements and don't forget the budget!”

“Table for two, please.”

As they waited for their table, they smiled at each other.

When they were seated, they looked at the menu, Addy grinned. The menu prices were a bit steep. “Let's see Ms. Secretary of the Treasury, what can we afford to eat? Any suggestions?” They weren't really hurting for money, but Addy was mocking Karen beyond the reasonable. She loved to make fun of her.

Karen suggested a drink. “Let me see, how about a Martini with three olives?”

“Would that be our cocktail or our dinner?”

Karen chuckled. “You are impossible!”

Addy laughed. “And you are too easy, baby!”

Karen made a funny face, but ended up smiling when Addy ordered a Martini and French Onion soup with bread on the side.

“Same for me.”

Addy stuck out her tongue and made a face as she smiled. “I'm not really all that hungry, plus, I plan to get my coffee and a muffin next door for your info.”

After dinner, they were waiting for the check. Karen placed her elbow on the table and leaned her face on her hand looking at Addy adoringly. Addy held her gaze. It was the most penetrating, satisfying look ever. The world could have collapsed and they wouldn't have noticed.

When the bill came, they paid it and got up to leave.

“Addy, about that coffee, how bad do you want it?”

Addy turned around before exiting the restaurant to get a good look at Karen's face.

She saw what Addy called the ‘the look' in Karen's eyes. This look meant ‘I want you baby, and I want you now!' “Not as bad as you want something else!”

Karen grinned. “You know me too well. Let's prioritize and go for that something else. I'll make you the coffee when we get home.”

Addy smiled all the way to the cottage as Karen drove as fast as the speed limit allowed. Fortunately it was not very far.

When they got home there were calls from a few contractors. The calls would have to wait until the next day. Urgent matters needed immediate attention in the bedroom. Resolving those matters to mutual satisfaction took most of the night.

A very sweaty Addy commented, as she brushed Karen's hair from her face. “JP was right, you know, it's good there is no chance for pregnancy here!” Karen was chuckling on her shoulder. Needless to say, the coffee was never made.


The next morning both women got up, had breakfast, put on shorts and t-shirts and began to work on lists and on clearing whatever they could.

“Addy, I'm going to the hardware store in town to get some of the tools we need, want to come?”

“No, babe, I think I'm going to stay and call the contractors to set up appointments for them to come and give us estimates. By the way, when do we need to return the car? Did you see the pick up truck in the back? Does it belong to us?”

“We return the car on Saturday. We need to plan a trip to Edinburgh . Maybe we can stay there over night and do something fun. Since you are going to be here, why don't you make reservations in a hotel there? We should also get a car. Why don't you do some research on that also. I think that pick up truck belongs to the property but did you see its condition? I wonder if it works at all.”

“I'm going to cal Mr. Kimbell to see if he can recommend a local mechanic to come look at it. I don't think we should even turn it on without knowing its condition. God only knows when it was driven last. I wonder how your Aunt Charlotte got around? Do you think she drove the truck?”

“Don't know, huh! I wonder too. Well I'd better go. I want to be back soon. Do you have your cell on?”

“Yes, baby, and I will have it on me all the time, in case you want to check in. How about yours? Is it on?”

“As if you didn't know! Bye!” Karen left for the hardware store.


Addy knew. Karen could not be away from Addy without knowing that she could reach her. Addy felt that way too, but with Karen it was more like an obsession. Karen had an over protective streak when it came to Addy. Addy was her whole world and she needed to know that she was fine and well cared for. She had waited so long, and wished so much for what they now had that the thought of losing it panicked her. In the intimacy of their bed, she had confessed her fears to Addy. This was the place where they talked best.

It started back in New York , when Karen's plane crashed and Addy showed up to claim her at the accident triage area. It later happened in Japan , when Addy found Karen sobbing in her bedroom in total fear of approaching her intimately. This began it all. This quiet time, when it was just the two of them in their bare skins, was when they had their most intimate conversations. This was the best moment of their day.

It was those long conversations in the dark, in the middle of the night, when they talked just about anything and everything and when they told each other their most innermost secrets, wishes and fears. Those were the moments that defined their relationship. The moments they cherished and loved, when they cracked themselves open for each other to share their deepest thoughts. It was these moments when they really became one in heart and soul. The love making that usually followed was more like the final seal to long moments of intimate talks. Maybe that's why it was so absolutely good. It went beyond love. It was more like losing themselves to the other to the point of exhaustion, to the point of giving it all and still wonder if there was more to give.

It was a night in New York that they both remembered so clearly. Addy held her tight as Karen nuzzled her face into her neck and finally rested on Addy chest. “Addy?”

Their voices were always like murmurs in the night. Even the sensuality of their voices was alluring. “Yes, baby.” Addy caressed her back drawing gentle circles on it.

“No one has ever loved me like you do.”

Addy was quiet. Karen was wondering about the silence, so unlike Addy. Oh no! Karen freaked her out. She can't probably say the same thing to me and she's probably trying to figure out what to say, oh God, I shouldn't have said that! All of a sudden Karen felt it. Addy was sobbing.

Karen moved her head up from Addy's chest. “What is it, baby? Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?”

“No. Ker, it's just that sometimes I wondered if I will be able to meet all your expectations, if it will be good enough.”


“My love”

“What? You think your love is not good enough?!”

Addy nodded, unable to speak, her face buried between Karen's and the pillow.

“Oh my God, Addy. Why would you think such a thing? Your love is more than I ever wished for!” Karen was kissing her frantically and combing her hair back from her forehead. Her short hair was in total disarray. Karen loved to mess it up. “Baby, your love fills me to the rim, I can't begin to tell you how loved I feel. Addy, I'm living my dream. I have it all with you, baby. All!”

Addy could barely speak. “I have it all with you too.” They hugged and kissed each other, as one would think there was no tomorrow. Amidst the kisses and gentle caressing of their bodies they, contently, fell asleep.


When Karen left for the hardware store, Addy began her tasks at home.

At the hardware store, Karen gathered most of the stuff she needed, there were a couple of thing she couldn't find, but they weren't that important.

When she was getting ready to leave a heavy woman approached her.

“Are you Ms. Larsen from the cottage?”

“Yes, I am.”

The woman offered her hand for a hand shake. Karen extended hers. “Mary Salter. I own the place.” Mary Salter was a woman in her late forties. She looked like a tree trunk. She was huge and very strong. She had dark brown eyes with short dark blondish hair. Her handshake left Karen's hand hurting. Karen was thin, but she was not weak. She worked out and had plenty of, very feminine, well defined muscle tone.

“Please to meet you. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other, the cottage is in great need of repairs.”

“Just let me know anything you need, Carol and I can drop it off.”


The guy at the register was checking her items out, as Mary left. “Be careful with her she's the town's dyke, she and her woman. I can tell she's already eyeing you.”

Karen looked at him in disbelief. “Isn't she your boss?”

He remained quiet when he saw Mary and Carol coming down the isle.

“Ms. Larsen, this is my partner Carol.”

Carol extended her hand, for a not so strong handshake. Carol didn't seem too happy at the introduction and answered politely. Carol was much smaller than Mary, reaching up to about Mary's shoulder and a bit less fit. Her hair was reddish and short, her eyes were dark blue. She was also probably in her late forties. She was kind of quiet.

“Very pleased to meet you. I'm sorry for running on you. I have a million things to do at the cottage. Maybe we can talk some other time. Have a good evening.” What the hell was all that about? Karen was a little shocked at having found another lesbian couple in town. This was something she didn't expect in Altee. Were all these people always here and she never saw them? What about the homophobic clerk! She just wanted to run home to safe ground.

To be continued in Part 3


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