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Part 5 The Inn

Life was good. Every week they came up with some kind of weekend trip to discover a new part of Scotland . They often went to Edinburgh to shop, go to the theater, have dinner, or just to sight see. Addy was fascinated with the history of the city and loved visiting all the tourist attractions from the Edinburgh Castle to the Rosslyn Chapel, the University of Edinburgh , the museums and the shopping.

Addy was enchanted by the city and Karen was delighted to show her around. It was like taking a child to Disney World. Addy found something wonderful in any situation or any rock they picked up along the way! They also visited Glasgow , Aberdeen and Dundee with just about the same type of result. When they were looking for a quieter time they would travel to the countryside, which Addy also found charming.

Summer and fall were spent exploring Scotland . Fall was absolutely beautiful. The turning of the leaves, the crisp air, the smell of firewood burning in fireplaces, the beginnings of wearing long pants and light jackets, and the long walks holding hands walking over leaves of innumerable colors while looking at he deep blue ocean in the horizon was absolutely enchanting. They were both thrilled with the change of season.

Although Karen had walked these paths before in her life, she had never seen the beauty of her homeland as she was seeing it now, through Addy's eyes. They walked hand in hand for miles every evening just taking pleasure in the sites and in each other's company. Addy pointed out every single thing she found amusing. Karen would just look at her wondering how someone could make so much of small things. Sometimes they would stop and Karen would take the opportunity to put her arms around her and just hold her close. Addy loved the way Karen was with her, so attentive to details, so gentle, so sweet. They were having a great time together.

When the weather got colder the trips were less often since the roads were often in no condition to drive. It rained a lot and together with any fog, the visibility was nearly impossible. It was about the end of October when Addy began to press regarding some previous musings. Her ever active mind could not be still even when in total rest.

“Ker, we are going to be here three years! With nothing to do! You and I are used to being busy, we are going to be at each other's throat if we don't look for some distraction!...And although we are very good at finding distractions….baby, we are going to have to fill 24 hours of the day, for 365 days a year!...and frankly… you are going to have to agree with me…. that even our favorite distraction is not sustainable at a rate of 24/365!”

Karen looked at her with a very amused face, grinning from ear to ear. They were still in that eternal honeymoon mood.

“Karen, get serious! It's going to lose its specialty if it becomes the only thing!!”

Karen continued to grin. “Don't think so!”


“Okay, Addy, let's look into the possibility…BUT don't get too excited because we are not going to pawn our kidneys for this project!”

“Yes!!! I'm so happy!” Karen could not believe this was happening. She was reluctant to get Addy so excited because she knew this would not be cheap and although she was willing to do anything to keep Addy happy, somebody had to be the reasonable one and put a foot down as to how much money was going to be spent on this…..craziness!

Living with Adriana Marcos was like a rollercoaster ride, not because of the ups and downs, but simply because you never knew when the next turn was coming or where you would end up. In the end, all that matter to Karen was that Addy would be there for her to hang on to, and take all the turns as they came.

Karen was also noticing a degree of uneasiness in Addy. Thanksgiving was around the corner and the kids had already said they couldn't come because four days was too short for such a long trip and they didn't have much time to take off from work or school. They, instead, were making plans to spend Christmas week in DC, but Thanksgiving was going to be just the two of them. So, Karen was kind of anxious about the whole event and thought that if Addy had her mind busy with something else she would better handle the whole Thanksgiving situation.


Addy spoke. “Alright business woman, let's have some ideas.” She sat on the patio chair and put her feet on the table with a notepad on her hands. “I guess the first thing we need is to translate the vision to paper. What do we want?”

Karen grinned looking at her. “You tell me, it's your vision!”

On a few occasions, while exploring Scotland , they had talked about turning the main house into an inn or maybe opening it as a historical home site. The Manor house in the property definitely showed signs of having a history and Addy was of the opinion that such a magnificent property had to be shown off for the new generations to admire the glory of their past. Karen would just roll her eyes, as she drove.

The Manor's architecture was exquisite and certainly indicative of a certain era and life style. The place had uniqueness, grandeur, a magnificence to it that simply pointed to the glory of yester years. Addy thought that it was a pity to just let it rut. Karen found the topic amusing. She knew the history of the place and was surprised that Addy, without knowing the details, had picked up on the origins of the house. Karen thought that Addy had a sixth sense for picking up the extraordinary.

When Addy raised the idea originally, and every time she talked about it, Karen just listened. Karen didn't think she should open her mouth to say anything about the Manor or the property as a whole, especially now when Addy was so pumped up about the newness of everything. In time, she would tell her everything there was to know about the true origins of the property. So, when the idea originally surfaced, Karen just let Addy run her imagination and enjoy her musings. However, now she realized that Addy had not only been dreaming, but had been planning and plotting all along.

“One day…one day… I'm going to make you remember those words, when we are all rich from the profits of this inn. Ker? How about it if we call it ‘The Inn of Scotland'?”

Karen couldn't help laughing out loud. “Addy, I'm sorry for laughing, baby, but that is the most plain name ever! It's so, how should I put it …..common?”

“Go ahead, laugh. You are right. It's so common people will remember it! In fact, if I were to have more than one and start a chain of inns in Europe I would call them the ‘Inns of Europe,' a very common name for a very familiar brand of very special comfort anywhere in Europe .”

Karen came close to her. “Baby, I adore you!”

“Adore me, I will take you where no one has, you'll see!”

Karen kissed her on the lips. “You already have, baby, you already have!”

“Ha, ha, real funny.” Addy began to describe the place with Karen watching adoringly. Karen put her elbow on the table and rested her face on her hand just staring and smiling as Addy talked away imagining this glorious place. She loved to watch her go into her musings. The woman was a fairy tale in the flesh. She could talk forever about all sorts of things, real or imaginary.

“So, confess, partner, would you stay in such a place?”

“Yes, I would. But only if you were my personal chamber maid?” Addy looked up, placing the pencil to her mouth.

“Hum, that could be arranged! I will consider it.”

“Tell me, my dear, where are you planning to find the money for this business venture, for this dream of yours?” Karen was a financial expert and always worried about the financial aspects of any deal.

“Anha! Money, is the second item in the agenda. I will go to talk to Mr. Kimbell tomorrow to see what he thinks and if he has any ideas. I will also…..” Addy continued on, and on. She was like an endless barrel of ideas.

Karen continued to smile, but after a while, she got up and left. Addy noticed that she had been left alone, and that she had been talking to herself. A few minutes later, she walked into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Karen was messing with pots and pans and cutting an onion and already making a big mess in the kitchen.

“I'm going to make dinner.”

“And what will that be?”

Karen grinned. “I don't know yet. It will be a surprise, I guess!” Karen was normally a disaster in the kitchen, but in the end she would come up with some edible creation.

“See, my point, you need a pastime, when you take to the kitchen, is not always good. Cooking is not your thing, sweetie. I think that point has been proven before. You can have your little entertainment tonight in the kitchen, but find something else to keep you busy because your one soldier troop here will be up in arms if your edible creation turns out to be of the poisonous type!” Karen bit her lip not to laugh. She knew Addy was right.

Addy had been standing by the kitchen door, she came in filled her glass of wine, turned around and walked out to the patio. She perched her feet on the table again and continued to muse and write on her pad tapping her head with the pencil as if to try to pop things out of her head.

Karen chuckled in the kitchen. She loved this woman, as crazy as she was! Unable to resist the adorable sight outside the window, she came out to bring cutlets of cheese and olives while holding a glass of wine in her hand. She set the offerings on the table and came around from behind and kissed her on the cheek. Addy smiled.

“Let me have that paper pad, go make us some good food, woman!”

Addy got up, and gave her a real wet kiss and ran inside to cook. Karen came inside got her computer and began to draft a business plan. Addy was delighted as she busied herself in the kitchen.

After a little while, Addy announced that dinner was ready.

“Umm. This food is great!”

Addy smiled as she watched Karen eat. One thing she always liked about Karen was that Karen liked to eat well. Unlike most thin women who are always worried about their weight, Karen liked to eat full meals. She liked to have desert, enjoyed chocolate milk and ice cream, and enjoy any good food. She would not eat large amounts and she would definitely work out, but she could eat with gusto! Addy liked that because she was the same way, so for them a meal was something to be enjoyed with a good wine and to have a conversation over. A small desert and coffee always followed.


“Addy, we are going to need estimates in order to come up with accurate numbers. We are going to need to talk to someone who knows the business.”

“Ker, we don't know anyone. Why don't we go to town and check to see what resources we have locally?”

“Good idea. This food is really good, baby.”

“Thanks. Are we going to town today?

“Why don't we leave it for tomorrow? I was hoping to chill at home.”

Addy stopped her with a kiss. “Let's try the new hot tub. We still don't know if it works well.”

Karen grinned. “Can we skinny dip?”

Addy rolled her eyes. “Yes, just make sure all the blinds are down. I'm not providing a free show for anyone!”

Karen locked all the doors and pulled down all the blinds, took the cover off the hot tub and turned on the water jets. “Are you coming in with me?”

Addy turned to look at her. “Will I get a massage?”

Karen replied. “A full body one, with all the trimmings!”

“Those trimmings have me spoiled!”

Karen grinned.

“I'll go upstairs to get the towels and our robes.” Karen ran upstairs. When she came back she caught Addy's naked back as she was going into the water. She stopped flat, as her heart skipped a bit. Karen grinned. No matter how many times she had seen this picture, it always had the same effect on her. Simply put, Addy took her breath away.

Karen said. “I like what I see!”

“You better! It's kind of too late to return the merchandise.”

Addy watched as Karen undressed. Once in the water, they came close to each other. “Who said anything about returning the merchandise? I'm very satisfied with it.” Karen came closer sliding in behind her and started to nibble her neck. “Um huh.” Addy chuckled as Karen was beginning her massage. She ran her fingers up and down Addy's back.

“Is this a good place to begin the massage?” Addy moaned when Karen ran her hands all the way down her back to her rear.

“Uummm! A very good place!”

Karen grinned as she leaned in and kissed Addy on her shoulder. “You are so soft, and beautiful.” Karen's hands began working the usual magic while the hot tub jets were busy working on both of their bodies. Karen continued to massage Addy's shoulders, slowly dropping down to her front, then to her abdomen, continuing downward to her thighs and up her back and finally returning to the front.

“I love Scottish massages.”

“Which ones, the aquatic or the land ones?”

“Tough decision, I think I like both.”

“Well, you are lucky then, they are both included in the package.” Karen chuckled burying her head into Addy's neck. She continued the massage, lingering as she traveled back down the front. She could tell that Addy was enjoying it. She continued down to Addy's thighs, first on the outside and finally coming back up the inside. She didn't stop this time as her hands reached where no other woman had reached before.

“Ummm….I love the aquatic ones for sure. Oh God!”

Karen smiled to herself knowing the hot tub was money well spent and she and Addy would certainly enjoy it over the next few years.

Karen combed Addy's hair back with her fingers. “You know, that day in my apartment when you discovered I was in love with you? After you left, I was devastated, I was crying and Jean Paul was trying to calm me down. He said ‘you know, Karen, life can turn on a dime, who knows what will happen!' Look at us now! Never in my wildest dream would I have dreamed this.”

“Me either, Ker.” They both smiled. Addy was mesmerized looking into the emerald green eyes adoring her. Karen kissed her and hugged her.

“Green eyes, you take my breath away.” They kissed tenderly.

“Ready for your Latin massage?”

Karen smirked. “Always!”

Addy slid around behind her pulling Karen close. “Come here.” Addy kneaded Karen's lower back as she placed small kisses on her shoulders. The warm water had a relaxing effect. Addy's hands slowly traveled all the way down to Karen's thighs and buttocks. She kissed her neck and ever so slowly, brushed Karen's shoulders with her lips making sure that Karen could feel her breath barely tickling her already sensitive skin.

Karen moaned. “Oh God!”

“I learned well, didn't I?”

“I think the student has surpassed the teacher!”

“That good, huh?”

“Uh huh!” Karen was lost in the feeling of euphoria and was totally relaxed. She was enjoying the sensual touch of those hands, expecting the touch, wanting it. Addy slowly caressed every centimeter of the gorgeous woman she loved. She was gentle, loving, sweet as she whispered seductive words in Karen's ear. Karen smiled charmed by the sweet talk. When Karen climaxed, Addy held her adoringly while kissing her. “You can't resist me, woman, confess!”

Karen was smiling and enjoying the moment, as Karen recovered. Addy continued to hold her while enjoying the warm water. All of a sudden, Karen turned causing a big splash. “Ker! What?!...” Karen grinned wildly as Addy felt strong hands grab her from below the water. Karen lifted her to one of the seats on the far end of the tub. Addy wasn't quite sure what to make of Karen's sudden move or show of strength. Holding on to the hands lifting her and wrapping her legs around Karen's waist. Karen buried her face in Addy's breasts, caressing them with her face, kissing an nibbling them.

Addy held Karen's head fiercely to her breasts, pushing her into them while she continued to tighten her grip around Karen's waist with her legs. Desire and want overtook them both. It was intense, it was overpowering, it was wonderful. When Addy reached the edge, her orgasm was deep and overwhelming. Her entire body shivered and convulsed, she was limp, unable to even hold herself upright.

Karen brought her down from the seat to hold her better. She embraced her. “Baby, are you okay?” “Hold me, I might drown!” Karen chuckled kissing her passionately while embracing her entire body in her arms. “Addy…. “ Addy was limp, completely spent. Karen continued to smile, loving the moment as she continued to kiss her a million times. She caressed her face and her hair. Addy's eyes were closed. Karen continued to hold her for a little while. Addy was barely able to stand. Karen managed to help out of the hot tub and dried her some with the towel on the rack. “Come on, baby. Let me take you upstairs.”

“Addy, I don't know if I can but…” Karen lifted her up and all of a sudden was carrying her upstairs. “Ker, don't…I'm too heavy, you are going to hurt yourself!” Karen didn't know where she got the strength to carry Addy up the stairs. Addy was not heavy, but she was no feather weight! The woman had flesh in those bones. Very sexy flesh!

All Karen could think of, as they went upstairs, was that in her entire life she had never experienced the degree of satisfaction that she was feeling right at the at very moment. It was not the fact they were nude, or that they had just made love. It was simply that she was bringing to bed in her arms the woman she adored.

Looking at Addy as she carried her upstairs, she thought it was the most erotic moment she'd ever experienced. Nothing could ever compare, nothing ever imagined could even come close to this moment, to this love, to this irresistible passion she felt, to this woman in her arms. It was maddening, it was beautiful. As she placed Addy on the bed, she collapsed beside her. Unable to hold back her emotions, she began to cry as she brushed Addy's hair back, kissing her and nuzzling her face with the gentlest touch. “Addy, Addy, baby, are you okay?”

“Yeah, …Why are you crying? …Are you hurt? You carried me, I can't believe…What is it? Why are you crying?” Addy was whispering. She was barely audible.

“I don't know…I'm too happy…. I'm crying because I'm an idiot and I love you, and I can't believe I just brought you up here!” Then she started to laugh. Addy didn't know what to make of the laughing- crying Karen, as Karen kissed her a million times. Addy was smiling, overwhelmed with emotions herself. She just caressed and kissed Karen's face. Enjoying the love the gentleness and the passion reflected in Karen's whole demeanor. Karen caressed her up and down her body as if not knowing where to begin, where to end, or even what to do! The moment was intimate, unique, and totally romantic. Neither believing the intensity of their feelings. “Sometimes…..I'm afraid you'd get tired of me, of all this love! That I might suffocate you with it! It's almost embarrassing how I love you….!”

Addy buried her face into Karen's body. “No, it's not embarrassing, don't be, please! I like it, I love you, Ker. I love you like this and I will never have enough of it, of you! I don't ever want you to stop being like this, you make me feel so alive!” They held on to each other as they slowly dozed into sleep, fully content and satisfied.


The following morning Karen got up and made breakfast. When Addy came down all was ready. Karen smiled. She could hardly find words to say. Addy, was also smiling, but she immediately came over and hugged and kissed her. Karen returned the hug and grinned in total pleasure. She felt good. She was satisfying her loved one!

“Are you going to be grinning all day, lover girl?” Addy asked.

A very smiling Karen replied. “Can't help it.”

Addy said nothing. She had the sweetest smile on her face.

Karen came over and stood behind her and kissed her. Karen put her nose into Addy's hair. “Um! You smell so good!”

Addy continued to eat, smiling. She could sense Karen still behind her.

Addy leaned back and rested her head on Karen's chest. Karen caressed her face and throat, leaning in to kiss her neck. Addy smiled enjoying the attention.

“Eat, your food is getting cold.”


That night, after dinner, they decided to go to town and spend some time getting to know the locals.

“I'll clean up the kitchen, you go get ready.”

“Okay, I won't be long.” Addy loved when Karen offered to pick up or clean up.

Karen was exactly the opposite of what Luke had been. There was never a need to request help, Karen would always anticipate any happening and just take on whatever needed to be done, laundry, dishes, cleaning. She was a delight! For that matter, Addy also loved to do things for her.

One issue had been laundry. Addy didn't think Karen needed to do her laundry. However, she wanted to do Karen's laundry.

“Laundry is laundry and anyone can do it.” Karen declared. “Why can't I do your laundry? It can't be because you don't want me to see your panties! I've seen them and been all over them, so I get to wash them if I want to!”

Karen was putting the laundry in the washing machine. Addy leaned on the threshold of the door with her arms crossed and watched. “Do you hear yourself speak? Do you realize how ridiculous this conversation is? You want to do my laundry? Then do it! Have a blast, knock yourself out!” After that one time, they decided to have a common hamper and when it was full, either one of them would take on the job. Most of the time they would share the folding, and then they would both put it away.

“I like it like this! This is a true partnership!” Karen just basked in the happiness.


They went to the local pub, order drinks and some food and started to talk to the folks there. Addy could talk to a wall and it would reply. They soon gathered a crowd around them. The fact that they were two gorgeous looking women helped a lot, but the conversation was very animated. They gathered some interesting data about the town and about who had what skills and how were they were acquired. Of course, they never mentioned anything about opening an inn.

Everyone must have thought that as newcomers were looking for people to do things for their place. Then there was all the added town gossip, of course. For example, they found out that Mrs. Molly had been the head of household to the Ackerman family until the last of them died. She was in charge of a household with ten maids, gardeners and drivers. They also found out that the chef of the new restaurant about twenty miles from town had a degree from a very famous French culinary school, and that Mr. Nelson was thinking of getting rid of his horses because they were costing too much and he wasn't doing anything with them now that he couldn't take care of the farm anymore because of his health.

Addy head was filled with tons of ideas. Karen had gotten into a beer drinking contest with some of the guys at the bar that she knew from years past. Addy saw her having so much fun, she didn't say anything. She always thought that Karen needed to unwind, and this was a very unusual happening. She liked to see her so relaxed with other people. Normally Karen would only be relaxed with her, JP and James. It was as if she had a private and a public persona and the private was very private. She had various sublevels. Only Addy got to see the real Karen and most of the time it was within the confines of their bedroom when Karen was really transparent.

Addy thought that Karen's adolescent years, the many years of living alone and being mistreated by people, made her very reserved, very uptight. She just didn't trust people and thought the worst of them. One of the character traits Karen loved most about Addy was that she was so trusting, so out there for people. This was so because Karen was exactly the opposite. On the other hand it scared her that Addy was so trusting because she thought she could easily be taken advantage of and hurt. This is why Karen sometimes had a tendency to be overprotective with her. Addy, of course, insisted that she didn't need protection against the world, because she had lived a whole life and no one had hurt her. However, Karen always kept a watchful eye. Nobody was ever going to hurt this precious creature, not on her watch.

Apparently, once Karen decided to leave her adventurous life behind, she became extremely responsible and goal oriented. Addy met her in this other stage of her life, the responsible one, the professional woman. Addy claimed that she was always stressing out over everything, and that she had to find ways to unwind. Of course, Addy had found ways to unwind her completely, but there had to be other ways that she could unwind while still in a vertical position!

There were about four fellows around the table who knew Karen from the old days when she came to visit Aunt Charlotte. “Hey Karen, do you remember when we ran down to the old man Jethro's mill and stopped it, and he came running out to see who had done it?”

Karen was cracking up laughing. She kept banging the table with her hand and her eyes were filled with tears of laughter. “Yeah!!!! He never found out! Oh boy! We had fun that night!”

Addy was listening, but felt that they needed to leave. Addy made the decision. Karen was definitely in no condition to decide anything.

“Everybody, we've had a very pleasant evening, but I think it's best if we go now. Good night everyone!” The folks were disappointed and insisted on them staying, but Addy was resolved. She needed to get Karen out of there.

Karen looked at her wondering why it was necessary to leave just now. She however, didn't question Addy's initiative and followed her out. In truth, Addy sort of took her out. Addy had gently grabbed her by the arm and pushed her out of the booth and towards the door of the pub. She helped her with her jacket and led her to the car. Karen realized that she was being taken to the passenger seat.

“What? You are going to drive? On the other side of the road and all?”

“Yes, Ms. Larsen, I'm afraid you've had one too many beers with your old buddies in there! Be a good girl and get in. Come on!” Karen pouted, not too happy about being decommissioned and receiving instructions. She knew better than to cross Addy, though, so she followed her marching orders. Addy helped her get in the car. The Range Rover was a little high and Karen had some trouble getting in. Addy had to help her get her foot up. She also made sure that she was buckled up. Karen kept looking at her, as Addy got close to her to buckle her up.

“God! You are beautiful!” Karen kissed her. “I like it when you take care of me.”

“I like it too.” Addy smiled and kissed her back. Karen looked very satisfied with the response and smiled quietly. Addy said nothing more. Karen really looked like she couldn't register much at the moment.

Even though she was not very comfortable with driving on the other side of the road. She knew she could manage. She knew she could do it but would rather have Karen drive. Karen liked to feel in command anyways, so Addy gave her those little pleasures. She looked at Karen who was leaning on the seat dozing. The truth was that Addy thought that the ultimate form of control was to let the other person ‘think' they were in control. She chuckled. If that's what she likes to do, why not let her do it? She loved Karen and would let her get away with whatever, as long as she was okay with it, of course.

Tonight, Karen was in no condition to drive, for sure. Karen kept mumbling. She thought that a terrified driver was better than a drunk driver. She drove slowly and carefully. The cottage was not far from town and the road was pretty good, so she really had no problems. Also there weren't many people on the road late at night in a small town. Addy drove smiling as she listen to Karen's mumbling. “You are definitely the most beautiful woman in the world!” Karen also started to sing. “You are so beautiful….to me….!” Addy had to bite her lip to stop from laughing.

Once at home, Addy helped Karen out of the car. She was enjoying seeing Karen drunk. When Karen got inside, she immediately headed for the sofa. Addy found her sprawled on the sofa, one leg hanging down to the floor. As Addy came close, Karen grinned.

“I think I'm going to get you drunk more often. I like to see you so relaxed!” She knelt next to the sofa and kissed her, brushing her hair back.

Karen looked at her with hooded eyes. “Have I ever told you that you are the most beautiful woman in the world?”

Addy smiled. “Yes, you have, quite often, especially tonight.”

“I love you. I'm very much in love with you. I can't stop looking at you, you are so beautiful!” Karen was really drunk. Addy was really enjoying it.

Addy chuckled. “Lover girl, I think you need to sleep this off. Although I have to confess I like all the sweet talk!”

“You like it when I talk sweet to you, huh? I have a few ideas about what we can do while I sweet talk you, wanna know what?”

Addy chuckled. “I think I have a pretty good idea, but what I think we need to do now is to get my little drunk, lover-girl upstairs and to bed.”

“To bed, huh? Exactly! That's where we should be! You planning to take advantage of me?”


Karen grinned. “Got to hurry then….” She fell off the sofa as she was getting up.

“Ooops! Where did the sofa go?”

“Oh, Ker, come here, let me help you!”

“Oh, here it is, don't worry I found it, it didn't go anywhere.”

“I like when you make love to me. No one makes love like you do! Have I told you that? I don't know if I'd ever said that. You are so gorgeous and beautiful and cute, you are …..” Karen turned around and found gorgeous brown eyes staring at her with a very amused look on her face. “Perfect, that's what you are!.....Perfect! My wish come true! Puff! Just like that! Sometimes I think you are not even real! Are you for real? Is this a dream? I love youuuuuu, baby! I love the way you do things, slow and ummmm the way you touch me…. and you kiss me, and… ”

Addy could hardly hold her laughter. She stopped her from talking with a kiss. “You are my dream come true also, and I super love you. Come on, missy, let me help you go upstairs. Just how much did you drink tonight woman? I'm counting your drinks from now on!”

“I am? Am I your dream too?” Her eyes welled up.

Addy came close. “You are. Don't ever doubt it for a second.”

Karen kissed her. Addy could taste the beer on her breath.

“You know Ms. Larsen if you ever doubt that I love you, let me assure you that tonight should be enough proof! You smell like a keg of beer!”

Karen grinned. “I didn't know I liked beer so much! I'm kind of getting to like beer! They didn't have a frozen glass for you, though. We are going to have to find us another place where they have frozen glasses for your beer. I'm not going there anymore if they don't have a frozen glass for you and that's that!”

Addy continued to chuckle. “It's okay, honey, the beer was pretty cold. Come on, let's get you to bed.”

“Well, Ms. Addy, who would have thought?!”

Upstairs, Addy undressed her and tucked her in bed. When Addy came out of the bathroom she found Karen on her belly, she had pulled back the covers exposing her entire naked back. She was spectacular. Absolutely beautiful. Addy lay next to her and kissed her shoulders and ran a finger down her back, sensually tickling her. She couldn't resist touching her. Karen moaned when she felt the tickle of her fingers. She turned around exposing all her front attributes. Addy smiled taking in the magnificent vision.

She kissed her and gently caressed one of her breasts “Gorgeous, if you don't cover up, I'm very tempted to take advantage of you, even in your intoxicated condition.”

Karen grinned. “Umm! Is that's a threat or an invitation? Either way I'm all for it! Take me! I'm yours.” She opened her arms wide.

Addy chuckled, as she came down to kiss her and caress her face. “I know you are all mine and I definitely like what I see, however, I think you need to sleep off all that beer…...”

Karen pouted. “You don't want me?”

“Oh Baby, I want you, I always do. You are my beautiful love, but you need to sleep now. Good night, sweetie. Tomorrow I'll touch you like you like it. Come here, let me hold you.”

Addy closed her eyes and grinned as she covered her and kissed her good night. A couple of seconds later, Karen cuddled to her. Addy had trouble settling down to sleep. It was unbelievable how Karen could arouse her. Sober or drunk! Soon after, she felt Karen's slow breathing rhythm. She had fallen asleep. She caressed Karen's back in small circles enjoying the softness of the nude body in her arms. “I love you, baby.” She kissed her gently.


“G'morning, dear!” Addy was busy in the kitchen making breakfast.


Addy smirked. “Something wrong?”

“I need coffee. My head is going to explode.”

“I thought you might want some beer?”

“Ha, ha!”

Karen got her coffee and sat on the sofa.

Addy continued making breakfast. After a while, she came over to the sofa with a plate in her hands. “Open your mouth. I'm going to feed you.”

“I can do it.”

“I know but I want to do it, come on, be a good girl and open big.”

Karen grinned but obeyed.

Karen spoke with her mouth full. “You are spoiling me.”

“I like spoiling you, plus you'd do the same for me. So, no talking. Chew. You need to get something in that stomach to stabilize the beer. I'll bring you more coffee and two ibuprofens when we are done here.”

Karen just chewed and smiled. This was too adorable. This was not the first time Addy had insisted on feeding her. “You must think I'm a little kid with all these feeding me thing you got going here.”

Addy said nothing as she continued to feed her.

After the feeding, Karen reclined on the sofa. She wondered what the hell she did that would give Addy the impression that she was just like a little kid. She had one leg on the sofa the other on the floor. She liked that position. Addy came back from the kitchen and brought her some coffee and the ibuprofen. Karen straightened up to drink the coffee. “Are you going to be like this with me twenty years from today?”


God she didn't even know what she was doing! It was just natural for her to be nurturing and caring.

“Taking care of me like this? As if I was a little kid.”

Addy smiled. “What's with you and the little kid thing? Ker, I do what I want to do. What my heart feels like doing. If you want me to always treat you like this, just make sure I still want to do it twenty years from today. Nothing should ever be taken for granted.”

Such an Addy response ! Karen should have known better than to ask! She just chuckled and slid down on the sofa again, back into the same position. Except this time, Addy grabbed the leg she had hanging on the floor and placed it on the sofa. She took one of the throws they used when the watched movies and wrapped her legs with it. Then she came up and kissed her. “This is how I take care of my baby.” She patted her head and went to the kitchen. Karen remained in the sofa contently smiling. God I feel like a baby! The bad part is that I like it!

Karen looked at her from the sofa. The woman couldn't sit still for a minute.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“Come here, on the sofa.”

Addy smiled. “What?”

“Lay down here with me.” She patted the sofa.

“What about the kitchen? I need to clear it.”

“It can wait. I think you should take a break here with me. Come on.” Sometimes, Karen made her do this type of thing. It was the only way the woman would relax. Two minutes after she lay down on the sofa next to Karen she was asleep. Karen chuckled. Who's the real baby here? She kissed her tenderly on her forehead and held her.

They woke up around noon. Karen was much recuperated. Of course, when Addy woke up, it was as if the world had ended and she had missed it.

“Oh, crap, Ker, we've slept the whole morning! How could I have fallen asleep just like that! I didn't even clear the kitchen from breakfast yet, Oh God!”

Karen smiled. “Maybe you were tired and needed to rest. Addy, things can wait. They don't have to be done immediately.”

“I know, baby. But you know how I am! I appreciate that you make me pace myself, though.”

A little later they started to talk about the acquired information and what the next steps would be.


That afternoon, they went to see Mr. Kimbell. He appeared to be very interested in their plan.

“Hum! That would be a great way to rebuild the estate, Ms. Larsen. For example, the Shire's Historical Society may have an interest in the preservation of the property. Also, the Chamber of Commerce may consider investing if the Historical Society approves the project. As you know Ms. Larsen the manor house was….”

“Yes, Mr. Kimbell, I know. Listen could you, please, make all those inquiries for us? We are definitely interested in following through with the plan. I'm preparing a business plan and as soon as I have the estimates that I need, I can forward them to you so that you may present it for us to the Society and Chamber of Commerce. I think an inn of the category we are proposing is sure to bring a lot of high end tourism to the area and would no doubt benefit the town. Other local establishments like restaurants, shops and coffee shops may benefit from the business of overnight guests.”

“May I ask, Ms. Larsen, how do you plan to attract the guests over to this area?”

“Mr. Kimbell, the minute we initiate this project, I will be contacting a public relations firm in London and retain them to take care of contacting the right people to bring business to the inn. The business plan will provide detailed information of all these matters.”

“Well, Ms. Larsen, I will be happy to do my share and present the idea and plan. Please, let me know the minute you have something ready.”

“I will. Thank you very much for all your help.”

“As always, it is my pleasure. It was good to see you too, Ms. Marcos.”

“Same here, Mr. Kimbell.”

When they left Mr. Kimbell's office, Addy looked at Karen.

“Baby, you really come through when you have to! Wow! Even I was impressed and I know what you are capable of!”

Karen smiled. “You ‘ ain't' seen nothing yet, sweetie pie! You shall have your wish come true.” Karen looked at her with a smug look.

Addy smiled. “My heroe!” She kissed her right in the middle of the street.

“Addy, what are you doing?”

“I think it's about time this town joined the 21 st century!”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Yeah, that or we will be kicked out of town!”

Addy stopped completely. “Not with the kind of counsel I have on my side!”

They continued walking, Addy holding onto Karen's arm. Karen just continued smiling. God! How does she do that? She always makes me feel so good!


Mr. Kimbell presented the project to the Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce and when Karen submitted her business plan everyone was astonished. The inn's impact on the town's business, as projected by Karen, showed that everyone was to benefit form the inn. All the permits were approved and the Historical society approved a loan. The Chamber of Commerce and local banks followed as every expert consulted confirm Karen's projections. The lady was a financial wiz. After all, not everyone had a Harvard grad working at the kitchen table drafting business plans just for mere kisses! This is how Addy referred to Karen's compensation for her input on her project.

Once the money was approved and was on hand it was a matter of finding who to do whatever was needed within a budget. This was Addy's expertise. People.

To be continued in Part 6


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