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Part 7 - Town trouble

On a very cold day in February, a car pulled up to the inn's circular driveway. A tall slim man got out of the car.

“I'm looking for a Miss Karen Larsen or a Miss Adriana Marcos?”

“I'm Karen Larsen. How may I help you?”

“I have this document for you. Would you, please sign that you have received it?”

Karen looked at the document. She knew exactly what it was, but why? She signed to acknowledge receipt.

The man bid farewell and left.

Karen began to read the document. “Shit.”

The document was a Cease and Desist Order from the local court ordering them to cease on their intention to open an inn in the town of Altee . The order was issued by the court at the request of Mrs. Sarah Foster, the proprietor of the Carriage House Inn, the small town inn.

Apparently, the local town inn was feeling the pressure of possible competition and was preempting any of it. Karen felt as if she had been kicked in the gut. How would she break this news to Addy who was so pumped up with opening the inn? She had to go home. She was torn between feeling like a little girl wanting to run home for comfort and the apprehension of having to bring bad news to Addy. She thought for a moment and tried to calm down. She was resolved to be strong and provide comfort because she knew Addy would be heartbroken.

Karen arrived at the cottage. All was quiet. Addy was nowhere to be found. Karen panicked, for unknown reasons. She yelled at the top of her lungs. “ADDY!”

Addy came running. She was upstairs putting away their laundry.

“What is it, babe? You scared me! What is it?”

Karen was shaking she wasn't sure what to do now. She didn't know why she was so frightened. Not seeing Addy immediately when she got in the house raced her heart. Why? Also the bad news she had to give Addy had unsettled her. What is going on with me?

It wasn't simply that her heart was aching. No, it was the mere thought that she would break Addy's heart with this news. On the way home, she thought about not telling Addy just yet. She thought about calling their law firm office in London to deal with the matter and to do whatever needed to be done, at whatever cost to end the matter and allow them to open the inn. She couldn't allow that their new life be taken from them just like that! Above all she couldn't allow anyone to make Addy unhappy.

It was too late now, Addy had already seen her anguished look and the fact she had arrived home screaming didn't help. Addy already knew that something was wrong. The truth was that Karen could never hide anything from her. Even before they lived together, Addy had a sixth sense and could always see right through her. So, Karen had decided a long time ago that it was just better to come clean than to have Addy poking until the inevitable happened. She knew she would eventually just end up blurting it all out meaninglessly. At least, this way, she could make some sense of it all.

Addy looked unsettled herself. Karen was normally very calm and paused and to see her all of a sudden so agitated was unnerving. She came close and caressed her arms gently. “What's wrong? Why are you so upset?” There it was. She already knew.

“Addy, we have problems.” Karen could hardly speak. She handed the papers over for her to read, and turned away to hide her emotions. She was trying to hold back tears. This was a very low blow. After they had invested so much time and money in the project, now they couldn't finish it.

Addy took the papers and scrutinized them, but before she even looked at the papers, she noticed that Karen had turned away. Addy knew that Karen was trying to hide her feelings. She read the papers and was thoughtful for a minute. In that short minute, she realized that more important than the inn was the sight in front of her.

Karen was so affected by the bad news that she couldn't bear to face her. Addy was devastated with the news about the inn also, but somehow looking at Karen nothing else seemed to matter. Looking at Karen she felt the strength to overcome anything on earth. She felt strong and unbeatable, she had the love of this wonderful woman and that was all that mattered.

She walked closer to Karen and stood behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist and resting her chin on her shoulder. She spoke in a very calm tone. Almost in a whisper. “So, what are we going to do about these sonofabitches?” Karen turned around, looking somewhat surprised and invigorated by Addy's words. Karen looked at her straight in the eyes. Addy held her gaze. The energy between them was intense. Addy could almost feel the change in Karen's demeanor immediately. Karen was glowing again. Her eyes like ping pong balls moving back and forth as if wanting to reach inside her mind. Karen was breathing fast, invigorated with energy. Addy smiled satisfied of her small achievement. She added a punch line. “I say we fight them to death!” Karen's grin was breathtaking. It was as if the clouds had disappeared and the sun shone again. She hardly knew where to begin to speak.

“I was afraid you'd be heartbroken.”

“I am Ker, but we are not rolling over to allow them to step all over us! I was waiting for you too. I didn't know myself how I was going to tell you this, but look what came in the mail today.” She handed over a letter from the town's Chamber of Commerce.

The letter stated that the local inn raised a claim under a town regulation which did not allow the opening of a similar establishment within the perimeters of the town. Although the Chamber had initially approved the permit, it was now revoking it. The letter noted that they had overlooked a town regulation concerning how many establishments of the same category could be within a certain area of the town. The head of the Chamber of Commerce was Mrs. Laura McKenzie who happened to be Mrs. Sarah Foster's best friend. Sarah was the owner of the Carriage House Inn.

“Who do these people think they are? This is no way to do business! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” Karen was pacing up and down waving the letter in the air. She was fuming, she was livid, threatening to sue the town, the Chamber of Commerce and the Carriage House Inn and to take the shirts off their back, and to pulverize them if she could! Addy watched, with raised eyebrows and pursed lips, as Karen paced and vented. When she finished ranting she looked at Addy. Addy was sitting in the sofa grinning. Karen pursed her lips. When Karen quieted down, Addy came over and kissed her.

Addy knew very well how to deal with Karen. She would wait until Karen yelled and screamed and got all ‘her poison' out of her system and then when she was again her usual calm self, Addy would speak. All her life, Karen had done her venting in private. No one had ever seen her in this mode, except for Addy now.

Addy loved it when she cursed. She thought she sounded cute in her Scottish accent. That's why whenever Karen vented Addy was smiling. When Karen was done, she also knew what the smile was about, and had no alternative but to smile at the adorable face looking at her. Sometime she was also a little embarrassed to have shown that ugly side of her, but since Addy had told her that she even loved that side of her too, it didn't matter anymore. She was loved all around, no matter what! What a feeling!

“That's more like it! Now that we are done venting and cursing, we plan. By the way, can you say ‘fuck' for me one more time?” Addy bit her lower lip smiling and raised he eyebrows.

Karen made a face, unable to wipe the grin of her face. She kept nodding as she smiled. Karen pulled her close and kissed her. “With you by my side, I can plan anything, we are not rolling over for this ‘fucking' people!”

Addy smiled, kissed her and grabbed her hand. “That's my girl! Come on, let's fix ourselves a glass of wine and calm down and plan our strategy of attack. These people don't know who they are messing with!” Once they got their wine, they walked over to the breakfast nook area.

Karen started the conversation. “I was thinking of calling Phillip in London and let him handle the matter. We are too vested in this and we don't see clear. I think we need a clear head. What do you think?”

“Agreed. When are we going to call him?”

“This evening. We need to get the wheels moving quick. I don't want to stop the construction. It's already slow enough. We are opening as planned and that's that!”

“Okay, so it will be. See? You already had a plan. I knew it, Ker. You don't take defeat easily. Neither do I. We battle and we battle hard! We fight to win!”

Karen was pleased that Addy had accepted all her suggestions and that she appeared upbeat.

That evening they talked to Phillip Tidwell. He was a senior partner at Sparrow and Finch office in London and a good friend from their many business dealings. He knew them both well and knew the caliber of individuals they were. He did not hesitate for a second to take the matter into his very own hands. He would have some information to them as soon as possible as well as a course of action to follow.

They thanked him and were satisfied to have done everything possible for time being.

“Let's make some dinner and watch a movie, baby.” Watching the movie, they had forgotten about all their troubles. There was not much they could do right now. After the movie, they went upstairs showered and got in bed.

“It's cold today! Brrrr. I don't know why sometimes it feels colder when the house is at the same temperature.” Addy was getting in bed.

“I think it has to do with the humidity. Do you want to raise the thermostat?”

“No, Ker, my throat dries up when the temperature is too high and then I feel sick.”

“Then, come here, let me keep you warm.”

“I'll never understand how you can sleep nude when it's so cold, Ker.” Addy thought that come winter, Karen might wear some pajamas. This was their first winter together.

“It's warm once you are under the covers and if you get close the body heat is great. It's like having your own personal blankie! Come here, let me show you.” She took Addy's t-shirt off and Addy cuddle into her. Karen was smiling. “Ker…I'm so cold!!!” “Give it a few minutes….you'll see. Here let me rub your back.” Addy snuggled into her. As Karen rubbed her back vigorously.

After a few minutes of silence and shivering, Addy spoke. “Ker?”


“I think you can stop the back rubbing thing….I think I'm getting too warm now, if you know what I mean!”

Karen smiled in the dark. “Yes, I can feel your warmth. I kind of like it.”

“You were right, about body heat.”

Karen held her contently. There was a bit of silence before Addy began to talk. They always talked in bed.

“Ker, would you do something for me?”

Karen smiled. “Should I increase the body heat? Are we getting creative? How may I pleasure you tonight, Ms. Addy?”

Addy smirked. “I'm not talking about that!” She pinched Karen's butt.


“Get serious for a minute here. Look at me. I want you to stop thinking, remove everything from your mind and just look at me.” They looked at each other in the dim light.

Karen was sort of serious now, or at least, she was trying considering the circumstances under which this ‘serious' talk was being conducted. “What is it?”

“Ker, no matter what happens with the inn, we'll make it through. “We have each other and that is the only thing that matters. Everything else, we'll fight together.” Karen looked down and smiled. Karen cuddled into her. “We are all that matters, Ker.”


“What, baby?”

“This is the best moment of my day. When I get in bed with you and hug you…..even if you are wearing clothes and all.”

Addy chuckled.

“By the way, it's okay if you want to keep your jammies on in the winter. I don't want you to be cold.”

“Nope, I'm not cold anymore. The blankie thing works both ways!”


Two days later Phillip Tidwell called.

“Hi Phillip.”

“Hello Karen.”

Phillip, I'm putting you on the speaker phone, Addy is right here with me.

“Hi Phillip”

“Hi Addy. Listen, I've done some preliminaries. You were right, it's the local town inn who wants you out of the picture. The woman has an attorney and if you authorized me, I will be in touch with him to see if we can settle this matter. As far as her wanting to stop the competition, she is going by town ordinances and that is why the court acquiesced and made the Chamber of Commerce and the Historical Society back out of the project. So inasmuch as that, it looks like she has the upper hand. However, Karen, the truth is that you are really the one who has the winning cards. One word from you and the whole town can go broke. You do know about your right to claim rent for the use of land, don't you?”

“Yes, Phillip, I know. Can you use that card as leverage for a settlement?”

“Most certainly. The problem is what if they don't agree to settle. You'll have to follow through with the threat. Are you prepared to do it? If they are hit heavily with fees they cannot pay, you can evict and they lose their property.”

Addy was not following. She was missing some information that apparently Karen had.

“Phillip, use the card to negotiate. Let me think about the subsequent move. I do want our inn to open, that's for sure. I will play the last ugly card if they force me, but that would be a measure of last resort. Make sure her attorney understands that and that he explains it to her.”

“Will do. Karen, Addy have a good day.”

“Thank you.”

“Ker? What's going on here? I'm missing some information. What don't I know that you do?”

“Sit down.” Addy did as instructed.

“This property was in the custody of Aunt Charlotte as the eldest in line in the family. The truth is that this property belongs to me by birth right. I am the only child of the rightful heir. Sounds kind of phony, but it's the truth. We are talking real old English law here, okay? The land where this estate sits was land granted to my mother's family from, believe it or not, the King of England. He granted the land to one of my ancestors, and declared that this property should always belong to the eldest daughter of the rightful heir. That's me now.

So, the town of Altee , grew around this estate. That means that the town of Altee is on my property. All those little town assessments they've been paying just to suffice the need to maintain roads and other community needs were imposed by themselves to serve their purpose. However, I, as the owner of the land can charge rent for their businesses and properties on my land. If they don't pay or are unable to pay, I have their right to evict and confiscate their property.”

“Oh my God!”

“That's how it was in the old days, and how it will be now if those sons of bitches don't remove their cease and desist order! I will show them nasty, if that's what they want!”

“Ker, can we think about this? Usually two wrongs don't make a right.”

“Addy, if it comes down to our inn or sucking them dry with rent charges, the choice is clear to me!” Karen seemed mad and determined to make them pay with their last drop of blood for their audacity of trying to stop them from building the inn.

“Yeah, Ker, but let's think about this. I don't want people to step all over us, but I certainly don't want them to hate us! There's got to be a middle ground.”

“Hopefully, Phillip will make them find that middle ground!”

Addy was worried, this is not what she envisioned when all this popped up in her mind. This was Karen's home town. She didn't want people there hating her. Maybe we should abandon the whole idea of the inn, for Karen's sake.


At around 3 am the phone rang, both women were startled. Karen picked it up. Addy listened “Who is it?” “Mr. Kimbell.” “What!?” Karen signaled a wait sign with her hand.

“For what? Her kid? Oh God! Mr. Kimbell, if you want to borrow the car, you are welcome to it. Yes, it is. You can't…and you want me to …Well let me see, can I call you back?” Karen hung up.

Addy asked “What's going on?”

Karen sat down. “You are not going to believe this….” “What?”

“The town doctor diagnosed Sarah's kid with appendicitis. They need to take him to the hospital in Edinburgh for surgery, but they can't because of the snow that's fallen and because no one in this shitty town has an adequate car to drive in the snow. So, because we have a Range Rover, they are asking us, of all people, to come to their rescue. To the rescue of that bitch who is closing us down …to take her kid to the hospital! Unbelievable!”

“Oh Ker, we must help. A child's life is at stake. Forget the Inn and the quarrel. Who's coming to get the car?”

“Nobody Addy. That's the worst part! There isn't a fucking person in this town who drives a stick shift! If we help we are going to have to take the kid in ourselves.”

“Oh, shit! I don't drive in the snow, and I'm not going to ask you to, if you don't want to.”

“I'll do it. It's the right thing to do. No matter the bitch! I'm going to have a word with her afterwards though!”

“I'm coming with you!”

“No you are not! It's dangerous out there and I'm not putting you at risk!” The minute she said this, she knew it was the wrong thing to say and knew that she was in trouble.

Addy gave her the look. Karen was petrified. “I don't think I need to open my mouth to let you know what I'm thinking right now, Larsen, but if you are the smart woman that I think you are, you are going to take advantage of this opportunity and you are going to call Mr. Kimbell and tell him that we will be on our way shortly and you will go out there and get the car ready while I pick up a few things and join you in the garage. I'm going and that's that! I'm not leaving you alone on this one or ever for that matter! Remember in good times and bad times! Larsen, this is another one you lose!”

Karen, a little contrite, tried to gain some sympathy. “Gosh, it seems like I never win anymore!”

Addy looked at her narrowing her eyes. “You win all the time and you know it! Go! I'm going to get some supplies, just in case. Get the car ready.”

Karen really wasn't sure about whether she actually won all the time, as Addy had just said, but she remembered having said some time ago that when it came to Addy, the fun was not a matter of winning or losing, but in playing the game. So she resigned herself to her fate and once again followed the instructions given. She went to the garage to get the Rover ready. Still, she was concerned about going out under such bad weather conditions. She didn't want to put Addy at risk. But who would stop this stubborn woman? Obviously not her!

Just getting to town from the cottage was an awful trip. In truth, the road was not all that great even under good conditions, but the ice and the snow covering it were not helping. Also there was that bridge over the creek which was the first thing that iced every time the weather was half as bad as it was today. “Let's just go slow about it, Ker. Take it easy. We'll make it.” Karen looked at her with incredulous eyes. Addy was a number one cheer leader for sure!

The Range Rover had snow tires, but knowing that it was going to be really bad, Karen put the chains on the tires also. Thank God she knew how to do this kind of thing. Sometimes Addy marveled at all the stuff Karen could do. She was extremely resourceful. Where had she learned all these stuff? One thing that Addy always appreciated about Karen was that she was very thorough. Karen never left anything to chance. She always felt safe with Karen.

It was fortunate that Karen put the chains on the tires because the roads weren't just bad, they were terrible. In the rural areas there was no snow removal, so everyone had to fend for themselves. If you didn't have the equipment to dig yourself out, you were snowbound until it melted. Karen knew how the situation could be, she was more than prepared.

Addy brought water bottles, and food, just in case they got stuck somewhere. They were both wearing their snow boots and had with them their heaviest winter gear and extra blankets.

It took twice as long to get to town. The Range Rover kept sliding forcing Karen to go very slow. One sudden stepping on the breaks would have surely send them to the ditch, so it was all a matter of driving very slow, not steering the wheel in any direction but straight and remaining focused on the road ahead. Karen was a good driver and she had experienced driving in the snow.

When they got to the Carriage House Inn they found both the doctor and Mr. Kimbell there. Karen spoke to the doctor. “Sorry for taking so long, the roads are very bad. Dr. Naylor, in a worst case scenario, are you prepared to do whatever needs to be done?” When Addy heard the question, she opened her eyes and looked a Karen and then at the doctor with worried expectation. In her haste to help, Addy had not though this through. She had not thought of the different negative scenarios as Karen had. Karen, on the other hand, thought about the outcomes and knew that this situation was no piece of cake for anyone.

“Ms. Larsen what needs to be done has to be done in an operating room. There's no way it can be done on the side of the road.” In truth, the boy was in a very serious condition and if they couldn't get him to the hospital on time, he could die if the appendix ruptured and infection spread.

Karen had a very preoccupied look on her face. She looked at Addy pursing her lips. Addy could see how Karen's jaw clenched. Addy gave her the best comforting smile she could, considering the circumstances, and squeezed her hand. Sarah and the doctor brought the child and got on the back seat of the car.

The road had gone from terrible to treacherous. The icy mixture kept falling. It took three times the amount of time that it would normally take to get to the city. The car got stuck a couple of times. They had to get out to push it. Addy and the doctor got to push as Karen tried to steer the car out of the snow embankment, but still the car wouldn't move. The situation was desperate. Karen came around and opened the door. “Sarah, I'm sorry, we are going to need your help too.”

Sarah protested. “I can't leave my son alone!”

“Sarah, if you don't get out and push, the car is not moving and your kid is going to die here! So what is it going to be?” Karen had a stern look on her face. Addy froze when she heard Karen speak. She had told nothing but the truth. Sarah came out of the car to push. She started to cry.

“Sarah! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.” Karen was really troubled. She was so serious. Addy had never seen her like that. “Sarah, I want to get your son to the hospital. I need your help with the car.” Karen's face showed true concern and desperation.

“Let's do it, then.” Sarah grabbed the shovel from Karen's hand and began to remove snow from under the tires. Karen pursed her lips and looked at Addy. Karen was going to say something but Addy stopped her. “Come on, babe, let's push.” Addy knew that Karen was very focused and that if she had spoken so sternly it was because the job called for it. The most important thing was to get that kid to the hospital and Karen was resolved to do it.

“Addy, get in the driver's seat and accelerate.” Addy looked at her, she was wondering why her, why didn't Karen do it and let her push. Addy suspected that Karen wanted her in the car, it was bitterly cold, and she didn't want Addy doing so much pushing, it was not good for her. “Go!” Addy didn't protest. She got in and did as told.

They had to shovel some snow from underneath the car and around the tires so they could push the car out of the snow. Fortunately, Karen had brought several shovels, since she knew this could happen. Once they were out, everyone got back in the car. Addy scooted over to the passenger seat and Karen settled in the driver's seat. Her gloves were soaked. Addy took hers off and gave them to Karen. “Don't say a word! Just wear them.” Karen took the gloves and threw her wet ones on the floor. Once they started to move, the car constantly slid. Every time it happened, gasps or calls to God and several saints were heard.

Addy kept looking at Karen as if trying to transmit energy to her. Karen's eyes were focused on the road, her pupils barely moving. Addy was captivated by the look on Karen's face. God, she loved this woman beyond believe! No matter the circumstances, Karen was always in control. It was so comforting to be with someone like her. So secure, so in control. Addy knew they would make it! She knew! Karen would get them there one way or another.

Karen continued to drive, slow but steady. The freezing rain continued to fall. It was terribly cold. About three hours later, they finally arrived at the hospital. All passengers disembarked in the ER area and the boy was taken in immediately. Sarah and the doctor went into the ER area. Addy and Karen went to park the car. When they went inside the hospital they were told that the others had already been moved to the ER area. There was nothing else for them to do now, but wait. Addy noticed that Karen was worn out. She looked exhausted.

“Ker, I saw a hotel next door, let's go check ourselves in. We can't drive back tonight, not with those roads as they are. We need to spend the night here.” Karen said nothing. Addy could see and feel the tension in Karen's body. Addy knew that Karen had reached a point of extreme stress when she wouldn't talk, even when spoken to. When Karen was in a type of situation needing her full attention, she would block everything and everyone out. She was almost unresponsive now.

Addy took control of the situation. She held Karen by the arm and they walked out of the hospital towards the hotel. Karen was like a zombie walking next to her. When they got to the hotel, Karen collapsed in one of the chairs in the lobby as Addy walked up to the front desk.

“We are going to need a room for the night, please.”

“I'm afraid we are totally booked with the snow storm and all, there are a lort of people stranded in town.”

“Is there another hotel in the area?”

“Yes, but I'm afraid to tell you that you are going to find the same thing everywhere. The other hotels have been sending people over”

“Damm! Opening an inn in Altee and we can't find a dam room here!”

“Are you from Altee?”


“I've been meaning to go there and check it out. Did you say you are opening an inn there?”

Addy smiled. “Yes, in the spring.”

“Don't tell me that it is the Inn of Scotland featured in the Scotsman?”

Addy smiled. She didn't want to go into the details that it may not happen after all, but simply replied. “Yes, it is.”

“Oh! What brings you here in this weather?

Addy told them about the emergency and the trip to the hospital and about how Karen had driven and how tired she was.”

“You know, Ms. Marcos, I'm almost embarrassed to offer this to you. With you being a future innkeeper and all. But there is a very small room up in the attic section of the hotel. We never rent it out because it's so small, is almost embarrassing to offer it to anyone, but in view that there's absolutely nothing else, maybe you'd want it. I would not charge you anything. It has a double bed and the bathroom is just a mere shower stall. It doesn't even have a television, or phone service. It's more of a service type room. I know it's clean, because the maids clean it. I can send fresh towels and blankets and.”

“Mr. Morton, we'll take it. We just need a place to rest for the night. The drive here was a killer.”

“Come on. I will take you up there myself. That way I can see the condition of the room and I can set you up well.”

Addy walked over to where Karen was sitting. She touched her face gently and held her hand. “Baby, come with me. We have a room. Come on.” Karen didn't say a thing. She just got up and followed Addy. Addy laced her arm through Karen's and they walked together following Mr. Morton's lead.

Mr. Morton turned out to be the manager. The room was exactly as he described it. It was very small, but had certain coziness to it. It was in the attic and there was no elevator to that floor. Once they reached the fourth floor, they had to go up a flight of stairs. A maid brought fresh sheets and towels, a down comforter and two clean cotton robes.

“I m afraid the restaurant is closed, but I'll see about sending whatever food they might have there.”

“Mr. Morton, you are too kind for putting us up. I would like to reciprocate in kind when you come to Altee, we would like you to stay with us.”

“Oh, Ms. Marcos, please, it's my pleasure to be of assistance, and yes, I might take you up on your offer when you open for business.” Mr. Morton looked as if he had won a million dollars when he left the room. Addy was so relieved to have found a place to stay.

Karen had collapsed on the bed as soon as the maid's left. Addy locked the door, looked out the window, and came back to the bed to check on Karen.

Karen had her eyes closed, but she opened them when she felt Addy's touch. Addy was taking off her boots. “Baby, what are you doing? You don't have to do that.”

“I know, but I want to. Come on, let me. You had a pretty tense drive over here and you need to relax. Let me take care of you.” What beautiful words, she wants to take care of me! Karen totally relaxed and allowed Addy to do as she wished. Addy finished removing the boots and socks and proceeded to remove her clothes. Karen lay there just moving enough to help Addy undress her. She was exhausted.

“How about a nice hot shower, Ker? That will relax you. Come on, I'll help you.”

Before going to the bathroom she finished undressing Karen and later she undressed herself. When Karen turned around and saw Addy naked going in the shower with her, her heart skipped a beat. She was tired, but certainly not dead! She smiled.

Addy smiled. “Take that grin of your face, Larsen, this is just a shower. Let me soap you. Come on.” Karen continued to grin.

Addy thoroughly soaped her, kneading the muscles on her back and neck. She occasionally placed a kiss here or there. Karen moaned as Addy massaged the tender muscles and as she felt caressing and kisses on her skin.

“Aaah, that feels so good! You make me feel like no one can. You know just what to do. I feel so tired, Addy.”

“I know, baby, just relax.”

“I don't remember getting such a thorough scrub, massage or any kisses that time in NY when you helped me in the shower.”

“Well, you can't remember anything because you were all medicated then, but you were very well scrubbed. Remember you had all that stuff on you that they said could be a carcinogen, so I was not going to risk you to anything! So yes, honeybunch, you were thoroughly scrubbed! The only different thing now are the kisses, not that I didn't feel like kissing you then, but I was able to keep mind over matter. I was terrified that you'd wake up and realize what was going on.” She chuckled.


“Yeah, I knew what I had to do, but knowing that you were not fully aware of the situation scared me. I was also worried that you would think something else of my bathing not really understanding the circumstances under which I was operating. I was terrified, just doing what I thought I had to do for you. I was also glad to be the one doing it. I kept thinking that if I hadn't been there, who would have helped you showered? Janine? The horrifying thought was enough to keep me going. I thought that no one would take care of you better than me, and in the most respectful way…. considering your nakedness! The worst part was that I kept thinking how gorgeously beautiful you were. And then when I happened to catch a glimpse of blondie, my heart skipped several beats! I thought I was not going to be able to accomplish the task. But I did, it had to be done.”

Addy kissed her on her shoulder as she gently soaped and massaged her lower back, again and again. Then she rested her cheek on Karen's shoulder blade.

Karen turned around and hugged her. “Thanks for always being there for me. How come you never mentioned all these before?”

“I don't know. That night was really an awakening for me. I will never forget a single second of it.”

Karen pulled away enough to look at her. She brought her had to Addy's face and gently caressed it. “Because you realized that I turned you on?”

Addy smiled. “Yes. Especially when we were in bed and I felt blondie on my thigh. You were so wet. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

“You didn't mind?”

“I was frightened, but no, I actually enjoyed it. You were asleep and I felt bad when I grabbed your butt because you weren't aware of it and I felt I was taking advantage, but I held on to you because I didn't know what else to do, and I wanted to hug you so bad!”

Karen found her lips and kissed her gently, she continued to nibble her ear. Addy nuzzled her neck and kissed her collarbone. Things were getting a bit out of control.

“Ker, I don't think either one of us has the strength right now to….it's also kind of slippery here, I think we should get out and get some rest, we need to cool off, and relax. We are both exhausted, you more than me. I'm going to get out now and dry myself, when I'm done, I want you coming out so that I can dry you.”

“I can dry myself you go on to bed and rest.”

“No, I'm drying you.” She got out and left Karen smiling in the shower.

“Okay. Come out now, your turn for the drying cycle.” Karen just stood there and allowed Addy to do her thing. Karen smiled enjoying the thorough care she was receiving. She would let Addy do anything she wanted. Addy could put her upside down and she could care less!

After Karen was thoroughly dried, Addy tapped her on the butt. “Go to bed, now.” Karen smiled and did as instructed. Sometimes she could hardly recognize herself. This was the woman who had always been in control during all of her sexual encounters, and now, here she was, being told where to lie. Oh heaven! Addy had already removed the bed covers, so Karen climbed on the bed belly down.

Addy came on the bed, she was not wearing any clothes either because the only extra clothes they brought along were heavy winter clothes in case they got stuck. Not exactly ideal for sleeping. However, Karen was so tired she didn't notice. She merely collapsed on the bed again.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Addy put on her robe and opened the door. It was the maid bringing the promised food. Addy thanked her and placed it on the small table near the window. There was chicken noodle soup some toasts with jelly and tea. Addy took the soup and brought it over to Karen. “Ker, baby, here have some soup.” Karen opened her eyes and sat on the bed. Addy spoon fed her. “Have you noticed that you are always feeding me?” Addy smirked.

“Don't want any more, baby, I want to sleep.”

“No toast or tea?” Karen nodded in the negative and went back to bed.

Addy ate a toast, drank some tea and headed for the bed. She went around to the other side of the bed and turned off the light. She then realized that Karen was already asleep. Karen looked adorable, so peaceful, so angelical in her sleep. Addy smiled and got under the covers. As she was tucking her in, Karen instinctively snuggled into her. Addy was tired too, but she took a minute to rejoice in the warmth and the comfort of the loving woman in her arms. Across the room she could see the snow falling. Her eyes began to close. The whole world could have fallen apart and she could have cared less. She was perfectly content in bed with her love in her arms.

Later, in the middle of the night Karen woke up. Her body still felt tense. She was still exhausted and felt confused not recognizing her surroundings. She woke up startled, frightened. “Addy, Addy! Where are you? Where are we?”

Addy was also startled by Karen's abrupt awakening. She held Karen. “I'm here, baby, I'm here. We are okay. We are in Edinburgh , in a hotel across from the hospital. Remember we brought Sarah's kid?”

Karen relaxed a bit when she felt Addy holding her. Addy ran her hand along her back to soothe her. “Yeah, I just didn't know..I was lost there for a minute, this is not our bed and the room didn't look familiar. I'm sorry I woke you up. Did I startle you? Are you okay?” She hugged her tightly and kissed her on the head. Addy could still hear Karen's heart pounding. Why? Why was Karen always so frightened whenever she couldn't find her?

“Yes, I'm okay. Come here, turn around, lay on your belly. Let me give you a massage. Come on, turn for me.”

Karen did as requested. She loved the feel of Addy's hands on her. Also Addy's voice and her gentleness gave her peace. Karen was barely on her side, her face against the pillow when she felt Addy's hand already caressing her back. Addy followed her and lay down next to her. Karen could feel her hands gently going back and forth first tickling and caressing then kneading her shoulders and lower back muscles. Her hands slowly dropped down to her buttocks and later to her outer thighs.

“Uummmm! That feels good…” Addy then began her sensual talk, barely whispering in her ear. This was an incredible turn on for Karen. “You are so soft, your back is so sexy and your butt is so cute!”

“Ummm! I thought this was just a massage.” Karen moaned, already realizing with pleasure that this was turning into something else.

Addy smiled. “Baby, you should know by now that once I touch you I can't stop. You know that our massages are always very special. They come with kisses and many extras.” Addy was whispering in her ear and blowing around it, giving her a tickle that she knew too well. As she spoke she brought her hand to Karen's breast finding her hardened nipple. Karen gasped.

“Addy, I don't know if am in any shape to return…..”

“Sssh, relax, baby, I'm doing all the work tonight! I just need you to relax and facilitate access, so that I can give you what you need.” Access was immediately facilitated as Karen surrendered to Addy's ministrations.

Addy kissed her shoulders. Then, gently and smoothly, her lips began to explore every inch of Karen's back, sometimes barely brushing her skin, sometimes leaving a trail of small kisses, and yet other times placing little bites, especially on her buttocks. Karen was delighted, squirming and moaning.

Addy came back up and lay partially on top of her, placing one of her legs in between Karen's. Karen was immediately aroused when she felt Addy's soft curls on her thigh. “Lord have mercy!” Addy smiled, as enjoyed how Karen responded to her doings. She moved down pressing her center against Karen's thigh and leg, leaving a wet trail, making sure that Karen was very aware of the effect she was causing. She continued to kiss Karen's shoulder and back. She was now kneeling on the bed as she massaged Karen's buttocks. She came back up, and straddled Karen's right thigh while caressing the left one with her hand. She wanted to let Karen know how aroused she was. “Do you feel what you do to me?”

Karen nodded unable to speak. She wanted to turn around and ravish her, but she didn't think she would have the strength tonight. She wanted to surrender to her goddess and be ravished over and over and over by her.

Addy smiled when she noticed how Karen instinctively spread her legs. “That's it baby, spread for me. Let me pleasure you tonight.” She kissed her on the cheek, as she continued with the sensual caressing. Karen was in heaven enjoying every bit of what Addy was doing to her. How this woman, in such short a time had mastered all these skills was beyond explanation.

“You must have been a masseuse in another life, Oh, God! That feels so good!”

“I think this massage is more than a regular masseuse would give, baby. I think there are extra charges for being in bed nude with the client.”

Karen chuckled and was going to turn around to look, but Addy wouldn't let her. She held her down to the pillow. “Addy, you are driving me mad!

“Really? Let me tell you what I want to do now…” She continued her sensual whispers, telling Karen where her hands were going and what they were about to do.

“Oh God!”

“Then I'm going to…” She went on and on as Karen squirmed and moaned.

“Addy, I can't wait any longer…. touch me, please!”

“Not yet, there is more.”

“More? Oh God! You are going to kill me! Will there be an additional charge for the special treatments?” Karen moaned.

“I will run your bill later, sweetie, I will also explain the terms of payment. Addy continued to move her hands, this time on the inside of Karen's thighs, working her hands deep into Karen's muscular legs reaching almost but not quite getting to where Karen wanted her.

Karen was more that grinning with the comment about the terms of payment. She would pay that kind of bill in whatever terms asked!

“So is blondie, ready for me?”

“Oh, God, Addy…. Oh God! Yessss! Blondie is ready…I think I'm already coming!”

“Let me see.” Addy slowly brought her hand up the inner thigh and finally arrived at the location of Karen's desire. Blondie was very receptive. Finally getting the attention wanted.

“Right there, baby, right there! Ooh!”

There were no more words. Addy continued, focusing preliminarily on what she called the first rule of any good massage, the need for proper lubrication. Addy was always coming up with rules for everything, on an as needed basis. Karen lived by the rules without ever questioning them. For some reason or other she was always the beneficiary of all of them.

Karen called for the assistance of all heavenly beings, as the massage was administrated to the fullest satisfaction of the client. Karen was moaning left and right.

“Sssh, baby, we are not home, you are going to have to be quiet here. I don't know how thick these walls are. Just put your face down in the pillow to muffle the sounds.”

Karen did. Strange sounds were heard, “uuung, aaaghh, ufff” Addy was loving it. She could hardly keep from laughing. Karen was making the funniest sounds. Addy continued her slow gentle stroking as the muffled sounds continued. When Karen climaxed, she thought she'd left a hole in the pillow and torn the sheets. Addy collapsed on top of her.

“Did you like it? Are you okay?” Addy kissed her tenderly on her shoulders and back. Karen was soaked, limp, breathless, and barely able to move.

Addy knew Karen was spent, but she still teased her. She whispered in her ear, in a very playful tone. “Do you want more? Turn around, let me massage your front now.”

Karen could barely turn, or believe that more could be coming.

Addy saw the happy, unbelieving, exhausted look. “You okay?”

“Uh huh.”

When Karen turned around and opened her eyes, she saw smiling, loving brown eyes. Karen managed to raise a hand and caressed her face. She brought her closer and tenderly kissed her. “God, I love you!” Addy smiled lovingly. “Sweetie!” She gave her a million little kisses everywhere she could reach as she ran her finger nails up and down Karen's still panting body. Her hand finally resting on a very damp blondie. “Do you want more or do you want to rest?” She raised her right eyebrow in a questioning mode.

Karen was limp on the bed with the biggest smile on her face. “We rest. Can we continue tomorrow at home?” Addy chuckled, knowing that she had exhausted her partner. She combed Karen's hair back and kissed her. Karen continued to smile, hoping that Addy had gotten the message.

“Okay. We rest.” She gave Addy a knowing smile and closed her eyes, as she felt Addy's kisses on her face.


The next day they had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Karen was much relaxed. All through breakfast she kept smiling at Addy. Addy knew too well what all the smiling was about.

“Wipe that grin of your face, Larsen. We already checked out of the hotel, you know! Do you recall contractual language of ‘impossibility of performance?” Karen chuckled. She just couldn't remove the grin from her face. Addy loved the way Karen always smiled after Addy had been the provider of the previous night's fireworks. It made her blush sometimes, but she knew Karen liked that too.

“That has never stopped us before!” Karen had he naughty girl look on her face, which Addy loved. “There's always the car!”

Addy grimaced. “And a temperature of about 4 degrees!”

“Well, we have talked about body heat before and if there's one thing that generates heat is…..”

“Karen! …… we are in a public place…..we can be overheard?”

Karen looked around and smiled. “Okay, but I still want that second part of the massage, may I remind you….”

“I have not forgotten, but we wait until we get home!”


Addy blushed.


When they finished, they went over to the hospital where they met Dr. Naylor.

“How's the boy?”

“He is fine now. His appendix ruptured but they caught it in time and now with a due dosage of antibiotics he'll be fine. Ms. Larsen, if you had not driven him here last night, he would have died.”

Karen was very serious. Addy looked at her and smiled. She grabbed on to her arm as they were making their way out. “You are a hero, Ms. Larsen. And this time, not just my hero.” Karen looked at her and nodded. “So are you.”

“Let's go home, baby.”


As they were leaving, Mrs. Sarah Fosters, the town's inn owner approached them.

“Ms. Larsen, Ms. Marco, I would like to thank you for what you did for us.”

Karen spoke first. “I'm glad to hear that your son is doing fine. We need to head home now.”

Addy interjected. “Is there anything that you might need from town?”

“No. Thank you. My mother and sister are on their way here. I….would like to see if we can work something out regarding the inn. You need to understand that it is my way of making a living. I have a child, and …..”

“Mrs. Foster, I believe our lawyers will be speaking. We need to go now. Good bye.”


The return trip was a quiet one. Karen was focused on the road which was still treacherous. Addy was pensive.

Karen spoke first, it was very unusual that Addy would be so quiet.

“What's on your mind master masseuse?”

Addy pursed her lips and smiled slightly. “Ker, what if Phillip is not able to settle the matter?”

“I have the feeling that it will be resolved. I really don't want to give it any further thought until we know exactly where we stand. It may not be worth our trouble, babe.”

For now I'm just glad we were able to bring the boy to the hospital.”

“Yeah, that was good.”

“And may I hope that you have not forgotten the second part of my massage?”

Addy smiled. “I'm going to require immediate payment. Are you feeling up tpo the task?”

“Baby, I'll be paying in cash!” Karen accelerated the car.

They were both grinning.


Three days later, Phillip called.

“Karen, I didn't have to pull the final card. Mrs. Foster removed her complaint. The Chamber of Commerce reissued the permit, which you should be getting soon in the mail. I've requested that the Cease and Desist Order be dismissed. You can continue with the plans for the inn.”

“She withdrew the complaint?”

“Yes, just like that. I don't know what happened. I hadn't even talked to her lawyer yet.”

“Well, thank you for whatever you did. Please send us your bill when you have a chance.”

“No, I won't. What I'll have you do is put me up for a weekend at that famous inn when it's all done.”

“You got it! Just let us know when.”


Addy commented. “Wow, I can't believe she withdrew everything.”

“She must have felt grateful for us having taken her son to the hospital.”



Two weeks later, both of them went to see Mrs. Foster. “Hello, Sarah, may we come in?”

“Yes, certainly.”

“How's your son?” Karen asked.

“Much better, thank you. What can I do for you?” The woman seemed a bit nervous.

“Sarah, we've come to see you because we would like to share a concern with you.” Addy spoke.

“As much as we have made plans and projections, we really don't know for certain what impact our inn will have on yours. We think that our Inn is designed to cater to high end guests looking for luxury, and that you will be able to maintain your local clientele. However, Sarah, we would like for you to let us know if you see a negative impact and perhaps we can do something that will keep both inns successful. We don't know what, but please know that we will not let you go under.”

“Thank you Addy, Ms. Larsen. This is very kind of you. I'm sure we can figure something out.”

The women left satisfied with their attempt to reach out. “She called you Addy and she called me Ms. Larsen, why do you think she did that?”

Addy smiled. “Elementary, my dear Watson…..it is obvious that she sees me as the friendly one….you on the other hand….” She didn't finish, Karen grabbed her from behind and lifted her from the ground.

“Ms. Larsen, weren't you the one who said that these public displays of affection were going to get us kicked out of town!?”

“They can't! I own the town, remember?” Karen gave her a smug smile.

To be continued in Part 8


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