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One Little Bit




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Part 10

Most of the time, Alex slept through the night, but whenever the little one cried during the middle of the night, the two women jumped and ran to her side. Seeing how exhausted and anguished Karen was, Addy proposed an arrangement. They settled that she was going to be the one getting up at night, and that Karen was going to stay in bed and have the rest she needed. It had only been two months since the surgery and Karen still needed to regain more of her strength. The problem was that Karen couldn't help waking up and she always waited for Addy to come back and give a full report of events.

One night, Alex wouldn't stop crying. They did everything they knew to do and nothing worked. They called Jenna. Jenna's conclusion based on the information provided was that Alex had a stomach ache since she apparently was a bit constipated from what they told her. “Do you have any baby glycerin suppositories?” Both women looked at each other. “No, Jenna, we don't. We didn't think to purchase anything like that.” Karen replied. In that case you might want to use the rectal thermometer with a bit of petroleum jelly to gently stimulate her. Just use it as if you were taking her rectal temperature. That ought to do it. If she continues to be fuzzy give me a call again.”

As soon as Addy hung up the phone, Karen made her proclamation. “I'm not doing it! I'd be afraid to hurt her, and you are the expert in the constipation field, anyway.” Addy looked at her and narrowed her eyes and gave her a menacing, yet endearing, stare. Karen was referring to a time during Karen's pregnancy, when she had suffered some of the side effects of constipation and Addy had to ‘assist' with the insertion of a certain medication because Karen couldn't figure where a certain part of her body was.

“Oh, for God's sake, Karen, you heard what Jenna said. Let me have the thermometer, we need to sterilize it first and then put on it the petroleum jelly.” Addy barely inserted the thermometer when a torrent of poop poured out towards her and all over her.

“Oh, my God!! Addy!”

“No wonder the poor kid was crying so much! She was all clogged up! We are going to have to talk to Jenna about what to do to prevent this constipation business.”

Karen chuckled. “Here, go change. You are full of it.” Karen couldn't help laughing. “I'll take care of her.” Once again, Addy gave her ‘the look'. Karen continued to laugh.

From the bathroom Addy yelled. “Ker, I'm going to have to take a shower, this is major.”

Still laughing, Karen replied. “Okay.”

A while later, when Addy came back, Karen was talking to a now quiet, happy and wide-eyed Alex. “Alexandra, you sure are making it hard on Mommy Addy. Vomiting and crapping on her is not going to get you many brownie points. Hum, now that I say that, I wonder what kind of reward you'd be getting with your brownie points, I'm sure nothing like what I get! Oh! No!”

Addy chuckled when she overheard the conversation. “What?” What now? Did she poop again?”

“Yeap, fortunately this time I was prepared. This one is not going to catch me by surprise anymore!” Karen had her in a diaper, which was still unfastened to check for new developments. “I was laughing because I swear she smiled when I told her she was making it hard on you with all the crap and vomit!”

Addy chuckled. “Ha, ha….Mommy is having fun at my expense, are you too little bitty?” She asked Alex, who was very lively and happy now that she had emptied herself out. “Another pair of green eyes abusing me!” Addy was bent over talking to Alex, who was lying on the dressing table. Karen went for Addy's neck and sucked it. She then let go. “If you are going to complain, do it with a reason!” She smiled very seductively.

Addy chuckled and turned around to leave. Karen fastened the diaper, dressed her and held the little one in her arms. The little one was very lively in her mom's arms.

“Get her to sleep and then come and give me more reasons to complain.” She left for the bedroom, leaving a very wanting Karen with a very awake baby in her arms. On her way out she turned the nursery lamp off and all that remained on was the night lite.

The baby monitor was on and Addy could hear the conversation between mother and daughter. “Okay, Alexandra, you have five minutes to go to sleep. No! This is no time for playing, not for you anyways, you are actually infringing on my play time. I don't know what you are going to do with your brownie points, but I do and I need to go cash them in.”

Addy was lying in bed smiling. Not going to happen! The little bit was too awake and wound up.

Soon, she could hear Karen talking to the baby. “Oh, I give up! I guess you want me too! For being so little you sure make a lot of fuss! Mommy Addy is all crazy about you, you know? I want you to know that you are very privileged. It's not like I would allow just anyone to come and roll on my turf! So, you are very lucky that I'm willing to share her with you.” Karen knew the monitor was on, so she smiled and kept talking pretending she was unaware that she was being heard. “You have no idea how lucky you are to have that woman love you. We are both very lucky.” Karen was thoughtful and quiet for a while. “Sometimes I wonder what she sees in me? Oh! She'll tell you how beautiful you are, of course, in your case that would be true. You are cute.” Karen chuckled when she saw the little one looking at her with her huge green eyes as she sucked on her huge pacifier. Karen totally forgot about the baby monitor now. “She'll say you have my eyes, and how she loves them. She does love them and you do have my eyes…oh Lord! How did this happen? Little Bit how is it possible that I have come to love you so much?”

Addy's eyes welled up. She put her hand over her mouth to contain her emotions.

“You are beautiful. You are like a little doll. Who would have thought that I'd be playing with dolls at my age, or at any age!?” Karen chuckled. “What that woman has done to me is beyond belief! You are here because of her, you know and yet look at me…loving you. What am I going to do with you? I love you little one.” And then she started to sing. “Twinkle, twinkle little star….”

Addy couldn't hold her tears back.

Later when Karen finally came to bed, Addy held her from the back and spooned her. Karen tucked herself into the warm loving arms she knew so well. Addy then whispered in her ear. “This is your constipation expert…..” Karen laughed out loud and squirmed in Addy's arms as Addy merciless tickled her. “You are terrible. Don't embarrass me!” She turned around and snuggled into her.

“I didn't know such a thing was possible.”

Karen nodded and rubbed her face into Addy's neck. If she could have found a way to be closer to Addy's body she would have.

“I love this, and I love all you do and don't do.”

Addy chuckled. “I do too.”


All the medical checkups had been fine. Alex was growing perfectly well and was a totally healthy baby. At about three months it was time for Alex to have her first solid food.

“Okay, we need to put her in the high chair.” Karen came and sat her and buckled her with the seat belt. Alex was not used to being in a sitting position so she began to rapidly lean to one side. It didn't take very long for Alex to be all slouched to one side of the chair. “Umm, it's going to be difficult for you to chew and for us to feed you in that position.” Karen always tried to rationalize everything. Addy was biting her lips not to laugh. She was resolved to let Karen handle this, since she had already had her turn at it with her own kids, this was Karen's time for her experience. “No, this is not going to work.” She went upstairs to the linen closet and brought two medium size towels rolled them up and set them on both sides of Alex. Alex now sat perfectly straight but with a not so happy look anymore as she was propped up and probably feeling tight in her spot.

Addy continued to pretend that she was busy in the kitchen while observing the whole scene. “What do you think, Addy?”

“Don't know Karen, but she doesn't look all that happy to me.” Sure enough, within the next minute Alex got all fussy and began to cry. Karen had to dismantle the whole arrangement and get her out of the chair to calm her down. After a while Alex calmed down and Karen sat her back again, this time she only put the towel on the side that Alex was leaning towards and that left more room, so Alex was happier. She had a huge bib on that was resting on the high chair's table. She kept grabbing it with her little hands and getting restless. Karen came with the baby food and the little rubber spoon and placed it in front of her mouth. Nothing happened. Neither Alex nor Karen knew what to do. Alex however, continued fussing with her little hands and hit the spoon, the baby food fell on the bib. “Oh crap! This is not a good start!” Karen cleaned the food before it would get messier. Again, she put the spoon in front of Alex' mouth and nothing happened.

Addy was almost choking with laughter seeing the scene. Karen's back was to Addy so she couldn't see Addy's face. “Addy, this is not working. How do I get her to open her mouth so that I can get the spoon inside?”

“Maybe if you brought the spoon to her lips so that she can taste the food, she might open her lips.”

Karen did as instructed. When Alex felt the food on her lips, she shivered and made all sorts of funny faces. Karen laughed. Addy chuckled. “Addy, look at her face!” When Alex realized that she was the center of attention, she got real happy waved her arms in the air and banged them against the high chair tray, when she did that she hit Karen's hand and the spoon flew off into the air and landed on the floor. “Oh shit!” Karen leaned down to get the spoon to wash it, but before she did that she placed the plate with the baby food on the high chair tray. The minute Addy saw it, she was coming forward to get it, but it was already too late. Little happy arms waved in the air and little happy hands dumped the bowl of baby food which happened to land on Karen's head as she was coming up from picking up the spoon.

Addy thought she was going to have a heart attack laughing. The little one was all smiles and joy sitting on her throne and waving her little hands in the air not knowing the havoc she had caused. The little hands were covered with baby food which immediately went to her hair and face, not to mention the bib, and the high chair's tray. Of course half the bowl was on Karen's hair! Karen tried to contain her grin as she went to the kitchen to grab some paper towels to clean herself and to start cleaning the mess on the chair. Addy wiped Alex off with a baby wipes and removed her bib.

“Adriana! Is there anything you want to tell me? Or something you want to do? Like attempting to feed the little monster? Look at all these? And she hasn't even opened her mouth yet! I don't think she gets it! I think we are going to need help for this! We need to read some books on baby feeding.” The intellectual Karen thought that the solution to everything was written up somewhere. As she cleaned herself, she licked some baby food on her finger. “ Oh my God! This food tastes like crap! No wonder she won't open her mouth! Maybe we should fix something good for her to eat.”

“Like what? A hamburger?” Addy was all smiles.

Karen made a funny face. “No, but maybe she'd go for some mash potatoes or maybe real mashed carrots? God knows what that is!”

“Give me that!” She took the bowl from Karen's hands. “You can't even get her to open her mouth and you are talking about preparing food for her! I don' think so, missy! We are trusting Gerber for now, I don't want to risk diarrhea or more constipation or God knows what else.”

Karen grinned. She liked it when Addy got all worked up.

Addy sat in front of Alex, bowl in hand. She took a little bit of baby food and with the tip of the spoon, she pried open Alex's lips. Addy didn't give her any time. The minute Alex parted her lips, the spoon was inside Alex's mouth. Alex made all sorts of faces again and not knowing what to do, pushed the food out of her mouth. Addy scooped it up and did the same thing until Alex finally caught on and took some of the food in. Karen was watching the whole demonstration.

“Okay, Okay, show off! I get it. Let me try it now.” Although she had been unsuccessful, she was having fun feeding the adorable little thing sitting on the high chair. Karen began her feeding. It was all going well and she was very happy.

“That's it. What a smart girl you are! You got it, baby, you've got it!” She was excitedly talking to Alex, and Alex liked the attention she was getting.

“I think she finally got it Addy, look she's doing just fine now.” What Karen didn't realize was that taking the food in her mouth did not mean that she was swallowing it. Karen was so thrilled with the fact that Alex was accepting her food that she didn't realize what was happening. Alex's mouth was so full she didn't know what to do with the food, so the obvious happened. She spat it all out, totally spraying Karen's face.

“Oh my God! What the f…!” Karen jumped back, startled by the sudden and unexpected blow of food on her face. Karen's startled reaction also scared Alex, who all of a sudden began to cry, humongous tears practically jumping out of the humongous green eyes.

Addy, who was having another laughter attack, came and took Alex out of the high chair and tried to soothe her as she continued to laugh. “It's okay, baby, it's okay.” When she turned around, she found Karen wiping the baby food off her face and crying also. “I'm a mess, this is a total disaster! Why can't I get anything right with this kid? I'm never going to get this mother thing right! I knew I was not going to be good at this!”

“Awwww! Come here baby, it's okay. This kind of thing always happens the first time. She doesn't know how to eat. It'll take some time until she catches on. And the same for us, we have to work at reading her better and we need to be patient.” Addy held Alex in one arm and Karen on the other.

“God, I'm so lucky!”

Karen looked up to her. “What? What are you talking about? How can you say that? Look at this kitchen! It's a mess, there's baby food everywhere….except in someone's stomach! ”

Addy continued to laugh. “How could I not be lucky, look I have two gorgeous blondes in my arms?”

Karen smiled and slapped her on the arm. “Go upstairs and shower, honeybunch. I'll bathe this one and feed her a bottle. Then we can clean the kitchen.” After all that commotion, a nice warm bath and her bottle Alex finally went to sleep.


It was also about this time that Alex began to drool a lot. “I think she might be teething. Let me see if I can take a look in her mouth.” Addy tried to open it, but the little one held it tight and wouldn't allow it. She made all sorts of faces and fussed with her hands and even gave signs of annoyance and of starting to cry. So Addy gave up. “Okay, never mind! I won't look. You are a stubborn little thing, aren't you?” Alex was all smiles now, as if she knew that she'd won that round. Addy looked at her seriously wondering if that child actually understood. Alex was moving her arms and legs and seemed very happy on the floor. Addy laughed. “I think we are underestimating you.”

“I'm going to check in the closet in the rec room. I think in the tons of presents we got, I saw teething rings. Going to that room, is like going to Toys R Us. We have just about every baby item there is in there.” When Karen came back, she had teething rings in her hands, she washed them and place one on a plate in the refrigerator to cool as the instructions indicated. The other one she brought with her to where Addy and Alex were sitting in the living room. Addy had set a small baby comforter on the area rug and was playing with Alex there.

“I couldn't check her teeth. She wouldn't open her mouth.”

“Oh for God's sake, Addy you are too nice here, I just washed my hands, let me check.”

Addy had turned to pick up a toy and heard Karen, but when she turned it was too late. Karen inserted her finger into Alex's mouth attempting to feel for any teeth. Addy opened her eyes and brought her hand to her mouth in horror. “‘NO!” She said, to no avail. It was too late.

Karen felt the little teeth in the flesh. She yelled as she tried to yank her fingers from Alex's mouth. Alex wouldn't let go. Her mouth was shut tight. Addy had to pinch her cheeks so that she would let go of Karen. Alex immediately began to cry as she felt the pressure of Addy's fingers in her cheeks.

Karen was cursing and almost crying as well. “Fuck! She almost bit my finger off!! Fuck! I'm bleeding! I never thought she'd have such a strong jaw. She's like a little shark….I'm going to call her Jaws!”

Addy chuckled as she calmed the little one down. Addy's finger left two red spots on her cheeks. In turn, Alex left two deep teeth marks on Karen's finger.

“I guess she does have teeth.” Addy announced still grinning. “Are you okay, Mommy? Let me see?”

Karen grimaced. “Two shark teeth! Geez! I'm glad I didn't breast feed her!”

Addy chuckled. “Shut up! Go put a band aid on it.”

“Little girl, we are going to have a talk about biting. What do you think you are doing? Are you in some kind of all-out war against your mommies?” By now, Alex was all happy with all the attention she was getting.

“Yes, she's got her war paint on, as far as I'm concerned! And I think she knows she's winning, by the way!” Karen was still hurting. It was a deep bite. “I hope she doesn't get into the habit of biting, because if she does I'm going to the pet store and I'll get a muzzle!”

“Mommy Karen, how could you do that to this beautiful face? Come here, mommy, let us kiss your booboo.”

“I'll let you kiss whatever you want, but not her!” She pointed to Alex. “She might finish the job and rip off my finger!” Alex eyes sparkled. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew it had to do with her and she loved to be the center of attention. She had an adorable smile and her two lower teeth were now showing prominently as all the drool fell from her mouth. “Oh Ker! Look at her! Isn't she beautiful?”

“Yeah, yeah, that smile is a winner for sure. But she's not going to fool me anymore!” Alex was on Addy's lap. Addy was bouncing her up and down as Karen made loving funny faces to her. Alex liked it and even chuckled a few times.


There were many happenings as Alex was growing up. Karen was inexperienced and almost afraid to deal with her. Every time she did anything other than play with her, it ended in some sort of disastrous situation. Even Addy, with all her experience, had her own unique happenings with Alex. Indeed, Alex had proven to be quite a challenge. For example, the first couple of months, giving a bath to Alex had been an easy task. It was a matter of setting her in her little tub with the reclining giant sponge to hold her and just soaping and rinsing her. Except for an occasional cry when water fell in her eyes, bath time had been pleasant and uneventful. As a matter of fact it was an activity that Karen loved because the little one loved the warm water and was always smiling and happy. She enjoyed bathing her daughter.

Things began to change when Alex was able to sit upright and they thought that it was no longer safe to set the tub on the countertop. The tub was then moved inside the bigger bathtub in the bathroom, and later they gave up on the little tub and just sat her on a bathing-ring which was affixed to the bottom of the tub. This tub had never been used and was decided that it would be for Alex's exclusive use, so it was sanitized every single day. The women went through a lot of trouble to make everything perfect for their adorable doll. By this time, Alex was already able to sit and since she loved the water, she soon realized that if she hit it with her little hands the water would splash. The little one was strong and soon discovered that the harder she hit the water the more it would splatter. She loved to make the water splash even when the water got in her eyes. She was a menace. Since Alex discovered how fun playing with water was, bathing her began to be challenging. By the time Alex's bath ended, Karen was usually soaked from head to toe to the point that it was hard to tell who had actually taken the bath. When Addy saw her the first time after the splashing discovery, she nearly died laughing. “What happened?”

“This kid is a brat! That's what happened! The more I told her to stop the more she did it. She splattered everywhere. Here hold your daughter! I have to go in that bathroom and mop the floor before we slip and fall.”

Addy had been folding Alex's laundry and was getting ready to take Alex from Karen's arms. Alex little naked body was wrapped in her baby towel. She looked lovely all wrapped up in her pink towel with the little hood over her head. Before she could hand her over to Addy, there was yet another mishap.

“Oh my God! She just peed on me! This kid cannot remain clean for one second! She's like that cartoon boy who always had the little cloud of dust around him! Look at me! She peed on me!”

Addy was again laughing. “Aaaawww, Mommy Karen!! How could you possibly say that? Here, let me have my little cloud of dust and you go change and mop the bathroom.”

Addy chuckled and took Alex. Karen turned around still mumbling something about needing an army of people to keep up with the little one. Addy started a conversation with Alex regarding splashing the water and getting Mommy Karen wet. Alex was always in the happiest of moods smiling and moving her legs and arms frantically as a show of her happiness.

“Come here Little Bit. Let's go get you all clean up again and dressed. Who ever said that you are not a sweet little girl? You certainly are, aaren't you? You are my sweet little bitty, yes you are!!!”

Addy took her away into the nursery and laid her on the dressing table. She already had her in a diaper, so any other possible disaster in that department was averted, when she turned for a second to grab a baby jammie, one of the many that she had just folded. In half a second, Alex grabbed the bottle of baby powder and created her very own Christmas scene. When Addy saw her, she tried to take the bottle of powder from her hand, but Alex continued to move her hands quickly thinking that Addy was still playing with her. The result was that there was baby powder everywhere.

Karen stepped in the nursery at that precise moment. “Okay, the bathroom is dried. Oh Lord! What happened here?”

Alex and Addy looked like ghosts with baby powder all over them. Karen brought her hand to her mouth to contain the laughter.

“I take it back, she is a brat! And a quick one too. I turned for a second and voila! We are going to have to be extra careful with this one! I think we should talk about strategy to anticipate her movements. We need to have all the bases covered. She's tricky and fast!” Alex was smiling and seemed really happy even though she had baby powder everywhere. Karen went to the bathroom and brought the damp bathing towel and began to wipe baby powder from Alex's face and hands first and then her head and the rest of her. “Good grief, she even has it in her ears. I feel like giving her another bath.”

“No! We don't want to risk another flood. Just be careful nothing falls in her eyes or she'll be crying until tomorrow.” Somehow they managed to clean her up and after she was fed, since she was clean, fresh and full, she fell asleep. Once in her crib, both women looked at her adoringly.

“I think we are going to have our hands very full here, Mommy Addy.”

“I think so.” They both smiled.

“Come on, let's take a well-deserved break. That child is running us ragged and she still doesn't crawl or walk!”


That spring was delightful.  The weather was wonderful and the women loved to take their little one out for a stroll.  Alex was always wearing a different sweater, a hoodie or hat on her head, a blankie around her legs, and socks and baby shoes which were always falling off.

She apparently didn't like anything on her head and continuously pulled off anything on it unless it was tied.  Also if it was tied too close to her skin, she'd fuss over and cry resulting in the immediate loosening of the item. She also, either didn't like shoes, or moved her feet too much, but the shoes were always off. Most of the time she was only wearing one. Also one sock. “Little one! You have to keep your feet warm!” Her feet were always going at 80 miles per hour. She smiled when Karen tried to put them back on, and if Karen got too close she'd pull her hair to play with it. “I think she likes your hair, Ker.”

“Yes, Addy, that must be the reason, she tries to pull it off every time I give her a chance.” Addy smiled lovingly every time Karen complained about her mishaps. She had already accepted her fate and almost began to enjoy her predicament. Especially because she was always rewarded by endless love from her partner, and a beautiful smile form the little rascal, who definitely loved her attention.

Alex was adorable and as they strolled around town with their bundle of joy. Everyone had something to say or do with her.  Some people in town even suggested a modeling career because she was just such a beautiful looking child.

At three months old, Alex was bald. The little hair on her head was invisible because it was so blonde it was almost white. Addy began to call her ‘the little Viking.'  Her head was beautifully shaped and her little mouth and nose were perfect.  However, her most remarkable feature were her eyes.  No doubt about it, she had her mother's eyes. And if those were beautiful, the enormity of that beauty was magnified by the fact that those eyes were in such a small face.  Alex's eyes were almost unrealistically beautiful.   She was also a good size strong baby, neither chubby nor thin.  Her legs, arms, hands and feet were proportionate to her shape and she was just all around adorable. Alex was like the doll every girl dreamed having.  Both women were fascinated with the little rascal.

They took every opportunity they could to rest when Alex was asleep. Addy had just put her down for the night. When she came downstairs, she found Karen sprawled on the sofa, one leg down, her favorite way to lie on the sofa. Addy came on to her placing her knee on the sofa and straddling the toned leg on the sofa, careful not to lay over, her still recovering, pelvic area, she lay herself next to her. Karen brought her other leg up and placed it over Addy's trapping her in. Addy's chin rested on Karen's shoulder blade. “Umm. I'm always comfy in my favorite spot. ”

“I'm always comfy holding you.” Karen smiled. “She drains us, doesn't she?”

Addy chuckled. “Yes, but, she is adorable and worth every bit.”

Karen chuckled. “Yes, she is.”

“She's just like you, you know. You must have been a beautiful baby.”

“You are the only person I've ever want to be beautiful for.”

“You are.” Addy came up and placed her lips over the ones craving hers, while Karen made gentle loving circles with her hands on Addy's back.


One quiet afternoon, while Addy was fixing food in the kitchen, Karen started talking about a vacation.

“Hey, baby, I was thinking. We haven't planned a vacation yet, with the baby and all. Do you want to go anywhere? Do anything special?”

“Why don't we rent a place on some quiet beach and have ourselves a few weeks of total rest and abandonment? Just some nice quiet beach the sun and us?”

“Alright, that sounds perfect to me. Do we want to do the Mediterranean or the Caribbean ? I think we can find us some nice quiet place in the Caribbean . Maybe Lorie and Joey can join us there for part of the time. We can rent a place in the Virgin Islands ? How about that?” Karen was always trying to draw Laurie and Joey to them. Karen loved Laurie and Joey and was very much aware of their importance in Addy's life. So she always included them as part of their plan. She also knew that it made Addy happy to have them around and Karen's life was all about making Addy happy.

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“Alright, I'll start the search on the internet. I'll take care of it. You just check on the eenzie binzie one if she wakes up, and I'll make the arrangements.”



So they picked the month of September and rented a four bedroom house on the beach on the island of Culebra for an entire month. Culebra is close to Puerto Rico and very close to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Ker, I'm okay with Culebra, but why did you pick that place specifically?”

“Well Culebra has beautiful beaches, one of them, Flamenco Beach , is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Also, the island is mainly residential, and it doesn't have that ‘touristy' feeling. Also, I'd like Alex to learn to speak Spanish, so if you teach her and we like it and visits frequently she'll pick it up quicker. I just want to check out the place and maybe take a serious look at real estate there. We can go to other islands from there and explore. Also Puerto Rico is very close. I think this is a good opportunity to start researching the Caribbean .”

“The Caribbean has the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can't go wrong with anything there.” They had once talked about buying a place there but had never decided where. This gave them the perfect opportunity to start their exploration.


Karen had resumed doing small jobs for Phillip on an as-needed basis. Normally she'd work when Alex was asleep, or when Addy was watching Alex and her help was not needed. Normally the afternoon was a good time to work when it was Alex's nap time. Addy would normally take her to the bedroom. Sometimes, when the weather was nice, they'd sit out on the patio. Alex liked the outdoors. In one of her breaks, Karen came down and not finding anyone inside, she stepped out to the patio. There she found the perfect picture of serenity. The view was endearing.

The summer afternoon was perfect. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm and the cool breeze from the ocean was refreshing. Alex was asleep in her playpen, sucking rhythmically on her pacifier. She looked adorable. The playpen was under one of the trees covered with a net to prevent ‘bugs and things,' as Addy called them, from bothering Alex. Addy was reclined with her eyes closed in one of the Adirondack teak chairs.  She looked relaxed, content, and beautiful.

Karen approached them quietly. She didn't want to wake them. She contentedly sat across from Addy and looked at her loved ones. I could look at them forever and never get enough!

Moments like this had become common in her life and yet, she would always cherish them as if each was a first.  She sometimes wondered about how she could have ever lived without all of this before. Until she met Addy, her life seemed to have been just a series of meaningless events. But now, life was full, there was so much to do and to live for!  This was her life, her home, and her family. Right there in front of her was the very essence of her happiness. How she adored this woman was still incomprehensible to her. Nothing of what happened in her life would have happened without Addy propelling it. Even the little one, that little miracle that was now an integral part of their lives and their happiness, even that was Addy's doing. She had a daughter of her own flesh and blood all because of Addy. As if feeling observed, Addy opened her eyes and found the green fixed ones on her. She smiled.

“Are you ever going to get tired of looking at me?”

“Never.” Karen got up and kissed her on the lips. A kiss so tender, but at the same time so forceful that made Addy tremble.

Addy smiled all sleepy.  “Umm, a kiss like that may require more attention.”

Karen knelt between her legs and ran her hands over her jeans up and down her thighs. “Tell me what kind of attention you want, I can provide it right here, right now, if you'd like.”

Addy looked around, as if checking if it would be okay. Karen grinned. She loved the way Addy catered to her mischief. She raised her left eye brow and lowered the right one, and in a very specific and pronounced manner spoke. “The need is growing by the second, but since we have daughter and a reputation to uphold, maybe we should take the discussion of my many needs inside so that you can take care of all of them.” She stressed the plurality of her needs making Karen grin even more, and her heart beat go faster. Karen could feel the skin on her face stretching, among many other feelings that were all of a sudden creating some needs of her own.

“Addypooh, you are putting so many wrinkles on this face, sometimes I think I will be looking like a prune when I'm seventy!”

Addy chuckled. “Then, we'll be two raisins in the sun! Hey, Little Bit might wake up if we move her.”

“We are going to have to risk it, can't leave her out here! I also have some needs that require attention. Come on. I'll get her. If you do it she might be more inclined to wake up. You are the one always rattling her up.”

Addy opened her mouth as if to complain.

“Sssh! Don't talk!”

Karen picked up the little one from the playpen without saying a word and walked towards the house. Addy followed and once inside, she secured the doors.

Karen headed upstairs and successfully placed the little one in her crib without the baby waking up. She then headed to the bedroom. As soon as Addy stepped in the bedroom, Karen grabbed her by the waist. “So, what kind of attention is it that you require?”

Addy smiled, she was not able to open her mouth to speak because Karen covered it with her own. “I'm going to give you different samples to see what suits you better.” She nuzzled her neck as she began to undress her. Addy was already moaning.

“You've gotten quite skillful at undressing me.”

“My favorite pas-time….Ummm!”


Karen ran her hand down Addy's body. “Is this the kind of attention you were looking for?

“Yes, this is good, but I have many needs.” Addy smiled.

Karen came back up and looking at her ran her hand up and down Addy's abdomen creating anticipation for when her hand finally brushed her center and settled where it was very welcomed.

“Umm, that's more like it!”

Karen chuckled and kissed behind her ear as she ran her hand in the inside of her thighs. “Umm, don't worry, I'm going to take care of every single one of your needs.”

“Umm, yes…Ker!” Addy closed her eyes.

Karen took her time. Pleasuring Addy was the most satisfying thing of her life. Sometimes, Addy was so aroused that it didn't take very long.

“Ker, I'm…”

The intense moments that followed were led by mutual insatiable passion. She held on to Karen clasping her finger nails into her.

“I got you, baby, I got you.” Karen kissed her frantically. “God, I love making love to you.”

Addy chuckled. “Shit, Ker, I need to trim my finger-nails. I think I hurt you again.”

“Don't worry about that, baby. That kind of hurt I wear like a badge of honor.” They kissed tenderly, as Addy rolled her eyes. “I love you crazy woman!”

Just about then, they heard movement through the baby monitor and soon after the hungry cry. They smiled satisfied.

“So much for our play time! Maybe tonight I can take care of your needs, Ms. Larsen.”

“I'll be looking forward to it, ma'am.”


Alex soon began to show her personality. She was smart and vivacious, definitely a handful.  By August, when she was five months old, she was already very mobile. She crawled in the most unusual manner. It seemed as if she was in a sitting position. Her buttocks were always near the ground and she would lift them only when she propelled herself with her left foot and push with the right. It was real funny to watch her. What was not funny was how fast she was and how the women had to be on their toes to first not lose track of her and second to catch her whenever she took off. She could easily develop a speed from zero to 80 in one second.  She was also smart. She waited for the moment the moms weren't looking to take off.

It was fortunate that everything was child proof in the cottage because even with that they had trouble.

One night, they were in the family room watching TV when the phone rang. It was Phillip with some questions about a case Karen had worked on.  Karen went upstairs to look at the data Phillip needed. The former office, which was briefly the baby's room, had reverted to being an office again, once the addition to the cottage was made.

Addy stayed downstairs with Alex, but got busy picking up some toys that were scattered around in the living room.  In a fraction of a second Alex disappeared and Addy became frantic looking for her.  When Karen heard Addy calling for Alex and the general commotion that Alex's momentary disappearance ensued, she came downstairs. She found Addy frantic in tears looking for Alex. Karen joined the search for the tiny one. They could not find her anywhere.  They knew she had not gone out because the doors were locked. Then they heard a noise coming from the kitchen.  They followed the noise and found her. Alex figured out how to remove the child-proof latch from the cabinet in the kitchen, she took all the plastics out and got inside the cabinet.  The noise they heard was the little one banging on a big plastic container inside the cabinet.

Addy was hysterical. “Tomorrow I'm having all these latches replaced.  What kind of safety do these things provide when a 5 month old can open them?!” She was mad and in tears. This happened whenever she got real nervous.

Karen kept her cool and was trying to calm her. “It's okay, baby. She's fine. We are going to have to put this one on a leash! We may not have a regular 5 month old here.” Both women looked at each other. Of course, Karen was kidding with the leash comment, but they were very much aware that their little one was going to make their lives very interesting. “Ker, we are going to have to be on our toes with this one and anticipate her every move.”

Alex was all giggles.  “Girl, who are you?” Addy joked with the little one who immediately held her arms out and almost flew from Karen's arms to hers.

“Ooops! Come here, you devilish girl!”

“There, go with your favorite one. I tell you! You secrete something that attracts women like flies! Karen handed the bundle of joy to Addy who kissed the little one a million times.

“It's love, baby. I'm all love! Come here, Little Bit!”

Karen smiled as she picked up all the plastic containers scattered everywhere on the kitchen floor. “Thank God we have all the cleaning stuff in the upper shelf in the pantry. We are going to have to go through a whole house safety check.  In fact I'm going to do that right now. Can't risk anything with this Tasmanian devil around!”

Addy laughed in the living room. “Okay little one, we are going to have to talk about your doings around here.  You are developing quite a reputation and since it's not a good one, we need to talk about it.”

Karen looked up from her near ground position in the kitchen unbelieving the way Addy was talking to Alex.  She always did that. Amazingly, the little one was very serious and paying attention to Addy's chat. She looked at Addy mesmerized. Karen sometimes wondered if Alex was really registering all those chats.

Karen was almost expecting Alex to reply.  Alex crawled up on Addy and put her little arms around her neck. Addy kissed the little one a million times. “Umm!  I love you little bitty!”

“So, let's see, as things are the kitchen is off limits for you and the stairs and the bathrooms and the patio, of course. Let's see what else, Ah! The exercise room, we need to lock that too. Yeah, we are going to have to put high latches in there and on the doors going out. So, are we clear, little one?” Addy look preoccupied. “It seems that most of the house is off limits for you, doesn't it? How could that be? You the most expected and wanted person we've ever had, hum! This doesn't seem right. Maybe we ought to get a big play yard for you. That's it!! What a great idea! We are going to find us the biggest play yard ever. In fact, there's even a better idea….why don't we convert the new rec room into an indoor play yard for you? What do you say about that beautiful one?”

Karen looked up from the floor, she was still putting away plastics in the kitchen cabinet. “Oh Lord! She's taken over your mind! That child would lead you to the fire and you'd walk right into it for her!”

“I think Mommy Karen is jealous, Little Bit.  I'm going to have to save some kisses for her.” Alex was jumping in full force up and down on Addy's lap.

“It's 8 o'clock, you keep playing with her like that and nobody is going to sleep in this house tonight!”

“Yep, she's jealous Little Bit, let's go upstairs and get you to bed. I have more than one person I need to take to bed tonight!” On her way up, Addy grabbed a baby bottle warmed it and headed upstairs with Alex. She passed by Karen and coming close to her audibly inhaled, and seductively, whispered in her ear. “You smell good, blondie. Give me twenty minutes and I'll be naked in bed with you.”

Karen smiled, having to close her eyes and lean against the kitchen island to stabilize herself from the uncontrollable urge to grab her and make love to her right there on the kitchen floor. How does she do this to me? Karen could feel the dampness between her legs. The woman is maddening! She has us all under her spell!

Addy was always good on her word. Alex was asleep, fed and changed half an hour later. When she walked in the bedroom, Karen was in bed waiting for her.

Addy smiled, and began to undress. She dimmed the lights and was slow and provocative. She took her blouse and shorts off, very slowly. Then, her bra. Karen's heart was racing and she had the look of a thoroughbred at the derby gate. Every time Addy attempted the strip tease show, it never worked. The act was never completed. Addy sensually whispered in her ear. “Ms. Larsen, you can't resist me.”

Barely audible, Karen admitted defeat. “You are my soft spot, baby. You drive me to the edge and I fall. I love falling into you.”



To be continued in Part 11



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