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One Little Bit




Part 2

The first thing they needed to do was to find the best doctor available in the field of insemination. They contacted Gerri as an initial step for guidance. After some consultations with colleagues, Gerri referred them to Dr. Helena Reiken, a doctor in Sweden . She was a well-known specialist in inseminations of older women. Karen was already in her early 40s and they wanted to go with the very best to minimize any risks. As it turned out, Dr. Reiken was the daughter of a very good friend of Gertrude and Charlotte and she was also a lesbian.

They arranged a visit and flew to Stockholm three days before the appointment. They had already been to Stockholm in their extended tour around the world during the past two years, so they knew the city. The reason for arriving three days before the appointment was because they wanted to have time to relax and settle in.

Addy wanted everything to be perfect and had planned out everything to the smallest detail. She was resolved to have this be a pleasant and enjoyable experience, and most importantly, she didn't want Karen to be in stress under any circumstance. The plan was to be there not only for the insemination, but for a few weeks after to make sure than everything had gone well.

Rather than staying in a hotel, Addy arranged to rent an apartment with all the comforts of home. Nothing would be spared. It was necessary that they felt relaxed and at home. The rental was arranged through a local realtor who had taken down all of Addy's specifications. Addy had requested a furnished, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment close to the medical facilities where the doctor was located, provided that the location was in a good neighborhood and that pharmacies, supermarkets and restaurants be nearby. They also used the realtor to hire a cleaning service for the apartment.

What they got for an apartment was like out of a sci-fi movie. Of course, it cost an arm and a leg, but seeing Karen's face when she was looking around, was worth every penny of it. Also, the time that would be spent there was too important and Addy wanted the best for the mom to be.

“My God, Addy, this place is spectacular! Look at this terrace and this hot tub! I wonder if I can soak in here while this baby is being planted on me. I think I can stay here forever!” Karen referred to the baby as a seed and to herself as the pot. She thought that she was a mere receptacle where this seed was going to be dropped for 9 months, after which her job would be done and then it would be up to Addy to do something with the kid. Every time Addy heard her talk like this she laughed. She knew too well that when that little one began to move inside of her, things were going to change a lot. She was sure that Karen would fall in love with her child.

“Geez! I'm more amazed by the size of this terrace and all this vegetation. I wonder how much deforestation some jungle went through to give the tropical look to this place, and look you can almost rollerblade here!”

“Addy, come and take a look at the gym! I think I'm definitely staying here, forget Scotland , we are moving…I'm never leaving this place.”

“Wow, no excuse for not working out. This is really going to make me feel guilty.” Addy replied. “What about this kitchen? It's so pro.”

Addy chuckled. “Does it come with the chef?”

“It should! Look at that stove. It's got to be industrial size. I always heard that winters here are cold, maybe people stay inside all the time and all they do is cook, eat and soak in their hot tubs?”

Karen headed for the bedroom. “Let's check out the master bedroom.” When she opened the door she gasped. Addy came running to see what made Karen gasp. They were both looking at the bed with their mouths opened. The bed was humongous, beyond king size. “Holy cow! That is the most gigantic bed I've ever seen!”

Addy was amazed as well. “Maybe we should have told them that a queen size was enough for us. This is like the size of a playground! My God, how are we to get out of it? Crawling to the edge? I might even get lost not knowing which side to get off from!”

Karen grinned. “Don't worry about that, I'll find you, and besides, maybe the idea is not to get out of bed.” She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned. As they walked closer to it, they saw it. Their jaws dropped as they both began to laugh in unison.

“If it was humanly and biologically possible, I'm certain this would be the place where you could definitely get me pregnant.” Karen crawled on the bed followed by Addy they laid there looking up to the ceiling. Hanging from the ceiling, over the bed, was a mirror as gigantic as the bed. They looked at each other with a look of mischief and laughed. “I don't think I would ever want to get off this bed if you were naked here with me. Ever! Do you think this is somebody's bachelor's pad?” Karen chuckled as she looked at the two of them in the mirror. She could not believe this place! Neither could stop grinning.

“Well, it's no church confessionary for sure!” Addy replied.

Addy chuckled turning towards Karen who was still staring at the mirror and bed with a humongous grin on her face. “Larsen, whatever idea this mirror is giving you, you better get it out of your system before the insemination because we haven't asked if sex is allowed after the procedure is done and I don't want to jeopardize our odds for a baby over a sex maniac's idea of putting a mirror over this monstrosity of a bed!”

“Well, we have three whole days, sweetie pie.” She turned over and pinned Addy down on the bed. “Which I plan to spend on this playground of a bed looking at our naked asses on that mirror and doing all sorts of fun things!” She again wiggled her eyebrows. “So, babypooh… we have no time to waste. Let's go sign that lease, go the hotel, pack our bags and move in here asap! I'm sold! This mirror is worth every penny we are paying for this place! By the way, we are also eating in. Not wasting one minute of these glorious three days.” Karen was practically running to the door tugging Addy along, as Addy laughed.

Going out, Karen was already planning. “If we like it, we have to have one installed at home.”

“Well, if a mirror is going to make you this happy….”

Karen stopped flat on her tracks, leaving Addy moving ahead. When Addy noticed that she was walking alone, she looked back.

“Can we? Really?”

Addy didn't reply, she rolled her eyes and laughed.

Karen loved to hear her laugh. She walked next to her and smiled. The question went unanswered, but there was no need for one. This was one that Karen knew she could win, but it was unnecessary to pursue it now. She kept her thoughts to herself. She knew Addy too well and thought that a no answer was a possible ‘yes' if it was a sure ‘no' Addy would have raised hell immediately. The silence opened up possibilities and sometimes that was just enough. Karen smiled as she looked at Addy and the sway of her hips. “Ummm! Soooo looking forward to see that in the mirror!” Addy nodded and continued to laugh.

As Karen planned, they spent that night in the apartment. They also ate in. Although the mirror was fascinating, they soon found that they didn't need that kind of incentive to have a ‘hot' night. The mirror, for sure, added an element of eroticism to the night, but the truth was that there were enough sparks between them to light forest fires. They really didn't need outside help to get the flames going. They each knew very well how to ignite each other's passion.

Later that night, after their appreciation of each other subsided, they talked. “I'm glad you like the place, I wanted it to be perfect. I want you to feel at home and to be happy about all this. I almost feel that you are more excited about the place than about the reason for being here. Certainly about the mirror!” Addy chuckled.


Karen looked down. “I'm just frightened, Addy. I'm sorry, I can't help it I'm afraid. For me, for you, for both of us, and for the baby too. What if it's not normal? What if it comes with a problem?”

“Ker, the baby is going to be closely monitored. Everything will be okay with it, you will be closely monitored as well and will also be okay and everything between us will be fine also. All your fears are normal. We all have fears. Tough decisions may need to be made. We have faced difficult situations together and have handled them successfully. We will make it through, as we always do.”

Karen didn't seemed too convinced, but settled into Addy's arms.

“Wanna do the mirror thing again?” Addy asked.

Karen came on top of her. “Only if you confess that you like it also!”

“I confess!” She kept laughing and squirming because Karen was tickling her.

“What? I don't think I heard you….”

“Oh God, Ker, please stop! I like it. Please stop!”

Karen stopped, but at that very moment she thought she was going to explode. She thought Addy never looked so beautiful, so joyful, so true, so sincere. It was as if she was seeing a picture of all that was good in her life and she loved it. She loved the moment and the woman who made this moment special. She couldn't help how her eyes misted.

“What?” Addy asked, still panting from all the wrestling.

“Nothing. It's just that you fill my heart in ways even I can't comprehend. You are the best of my life, Addy.”

Addy caressed her face. “If we only have three days to spend naked on this bed, I think you are wasting precious time, lover girl!” Addy's words were the equivalent of lifting the gates of the Hoover Dam. “Addy!” She said no more. Anyone who knew Karen would describe her as a cool, level headed, calm, and calculative person, but no one ever saw the side of Karen that Addy saw. Addy was the exception to Karen's otherwise subdued persona. When making love to Addy, Karen became wild, frantic, and passionate. Addy cherished the intimacy of those moments when Karen was totally unguarded and vulnerable.

Before meeting Addy, Karen's sexual life had been guarded. She had limits as to what was to be done or not. Her actions were almost mechanical, just looking for that needed release. With Addy it was as if the walls of Jericho had come down, as the waters of the Niagara river flowing down Niagara Falls , as an stampede of wild horses. It had been like that since the first time. It was total loss of self. There was no her, there was no Addy. There was just them, lost within each other totally, completely, endlessly. Sometime in her climax she'd cry unable to control the intensity of her feelings. Even after all the time they've been together, it was always the same. She shivered, trembled, smiled, laughed, and cried, sometimes all at once. Addy was her heaven and she had no control when she was with her loved one. Every single time they made love, as she surrendered to her exhaustion, she'd look adoringly to the woman in her arms and thank God for her.

For the next three days, which they did spend on the playground-bed, they exhausted each other. Addy sat on the bed, as she reached out to take a look at the clock. “Ker, I don't think we've ever had so much sex in such short period of time!”

Karen was lying on her back exhausted, but grinning. “Well, how about that time in Thailand when we were caught in that monsoon weather and the river crested and we couldn't get out of our room for an entire week? How about that other time when there was that avalanche in the Swiss Alps and we were unable to leave the ski resort until they opened the roads and that took how long? Was it about nine days? What about that time in Cancun when that hurricane hit and we couldn't leave the hotel because there was no way to get to the airport, didn't that take about a week to clear also? Hum, how about that time when…”

“Oh Lord! Stop!!!!! We are sex maniacs! That's what we are!” Addy chuckled and leaned forward pretending to be embarrassed.

Karen laughed and pulled her on top of her. “Addypooh, come here! Do you want me to continue to refresh your memory?” Addy kept laughing and nodding as Karen tickled and caressed her.

“Stop it, Ker! Stop, please….oh my God I'm yelling! What are the neighbors going to think?”

“Are you forgetting this is somebody's love pad? They must be used to hearing all sorts of noises and things happening here.”

“Ker! We need to behave!”

“Really? Since when? I have an idea…”

“No, no more ideas!” Addy flipped her over now and Karen was the one with her back to the bed. “Now you listen to me…”

Karen was trying to contain her smile as she was looking at Addy's butt on the mirror. “You behave now or, am I going to have to make you cry?”

The green eyes never looked more gorgeous as they looked at the image on the ceiling. “I can see you are misbehaving, Ms. Larsen. You leave me no alternative!”

When all was done and the green eyes had shed tears of joy all that was left was said.

“I love you Addy.”

“I love you too, love.”


The day of the interview, they not only met Dr. Reiken, but she also introduced them to her staff and gave them a tour of the clinic. Dr. Reiken was delighted to welcome them to her practice giving them all kinds of special treatments and reassurances. Dr. Reiken insisted on being called Helena on account of their family history. On that day also, they filled out all the necessary paperwork. Among the many things they had to do was to specify the physical characteristics they wanted in the child. To the extent possible, they would try to match all specifications.

Helena , with all her explanation and kind manners was able to put them at ease over the whole process and by the time they left the clinic, they were very much reassured about having done the right thing by coming to her. Helena had the best credentials in the field and most importantly seemed very confident and reassuring. She was also very easy going.

Although Addy was very supportive in trying to dispel Karen's fears, she secretly had fears of her own. How could she not? This was risky no matter how she looked at it. However, the end result was necessary and good enough to do whatever needed to be done. Other than God himself, no one would take away the total fear from Addy. She was terrified, thinking of all the possible things that could go wrong. More so, because this had been her idea and she would feel very guilty if anything bad happened. On the other hand, she had to be strong to calm Karen down. The day of the interview, Karen was a nervous wreck. She tried not to let on, and did what she could to hide her fear, but Addy could tell, she could even feel it. She knew Karen too well not feel her anxiety.

Karen also knew. “Addy, I know that you know that I'm frightened, but I want you to be at ease in the sense that I agreed to do this, just in case something unexpected happens.”

“Ker, stop that! Nothing is going to go wrong. I have a very good feeling about this! It will be fine and we are going to have ourselves a baby and that's that!” Women get pregnant everyday…you are neither the first nor the last!”

Karen looked at her with a worried face. “Addy but I'm a little old and what if….”

“Says who? Look at the Bible? The most famous people of the Bible were born to older women!”

Karen was not too convinced that this was an applicable analogy, even though it was true that the Bible spoke of such happenings. This was her happening and it didn't look very holy. The clinic personnel as well as Helena had explained the process as well as all the science behind the whole procedure, how the sperm donors were screened and selected and how the sperm was screened and guaranteed to be safe and of the best quality.

Before the procedure, Karen had to go through a battery of tests to make sure that she was healthy for the procedure. The testing lasted an entire day. After all the testing was completed, they went home to relax and to get ready for the next day. The next day they were going to receive instructions to follow in preparation for the procedure.

Prior to have even come for the appointment, actually a few months earlier, they had received by email instructions on how to take and record Karen's basal temperature every day. The basal temperature would indicate, by a slight body temperature change, the time of Karen's ovulation every month. This temperature was to be taken first thing in the morning in total rest with a basal thermometer, which had a temperature range from 96 to 100 degrees. The person had to be in total rest and the temperature was to be taken first thing in the morning. Determining the ovulation time frame was important because this would be the time of the month when Karen would be most fertile. Of course, all this would be corroborated the day of the procedure.

Addy was in charge of this operation. She took on this duty because she didn't want Karen to move at all before taking the temperature, and also because she wanted to show Karen that she was committed to the pregnancy even before the start. At first, she would forewarn Karen, “don't move, baby, open your mouth.” Addy would put the thermometer in her mouth and wait the required time before removing it. Afterwards they would record the temperature in a chart provided by the doctor's office. As this became a routine, sometimes Addy took Karen's temperature even before Karen opened her eyes in the morning.

A few times Karen woke up startled thinking that they had forgotten to take the temperature. “We forgot to take the temperature!” But she always found a very smiley Addy. “Been there, done that.”


“I already took your temperature. You looked so cute all sleepy, I didn't want to wake you.”

“You are sneaky! How come I didn't feel it?”

Addy smiled. “Worried that I can do things to you in your sleep?”

“Noooo. I'm sure that if you did any of those things you are thinking about, I would wake up. Besides, you wouldn't because it's more fun when I'm awake!” Having said that, Karen jumped off the bed grinning, kissed Addy and headed for the bathroom, leaving a very smiley Addy on the bed.

When the time came for the appointment, they already had all the charts and could specifically determine Karen's ovulation time of the month. Karen was very regular and this was extremely helpful.

“Maybe I'll keep this thermometer handy, ovulation time is the equivalent of being ‘in heat' this way I'd be able to tell the days when you are really ‘hot' and we can have wild sex.”

“Really? And just how would I measure you since you don't ovulate anymore?” Karen had that naughty girl look.

“Honey, you don't have to worry about that, I'm hot for you every day of the month.” Addy made a sound with her tongue and with her mouth open she wiggled her tongue from side to side.

Karen's jaw dropped. “You are such a perv!”

Addy laughed. “A perv, huh? I'll have to remember that tonight, when you are all sweaty and throbbing with your favorite perv.”

“You leave me speechless sometimes. What can I say to that?”

Addy smiled. “Nothing. Just be glad that you have such a ‘hotty' in bed with you every night.”

Karen chuckled. “Hey! I don't think you've heard me complain about that, have you? And for the record, if wild sex is what you want, I don't have to be ovulating to provide it!”

Addy beamed. “I know.” She came close to Karen and whispered in her ear, “but not wildness for me, you know that I like it sloooow and looong!” Addy smacked her with a kiss and hugged her from the back. Karen grinned to the point that it hurt, and moved her head sideways. A silent Karen was a beat Karen. Addy knew it. There was nothing to do, but enjoy the glory of the moment.

“Come on, woman let's get ready to get you pregnant!”


The day of the procedure they were nervous. Helena reassured them that this was a very common procedure and that everything would go well. They had been told that sometimes there had to be several attempts before the insemination actually was successful. This was another reason why they had decided on a prolonged stay and had made sure they had the right accommodations. Helena invited both of them into the room were the procedure would be conducted.

Two nurses began to prepare Karen. Karen had that look of near panic, so Addy came close and held her hand. Addy was dressed in sterile attire. Helena was very patient and explained every detail of the procedure as it was taking place. She was familiar with Karen's situation and concerns, and she laughed her heart out every time, Karen made any remarks or cursed. Yes, she cursed. She had apologized to Helena beforehand, just in case, one of her seldom used expletives happened, as it sometimes happened when she was nervous or upset. Helena chuckled. She was having a great time in the company of these two ladies.

Addy asked about whether she could do the insemination herself. However Helena was not too keen on Addy performing the medical procedure. She was very professional and left nothing to chance for the thrill of one parent saying that they had actually done it. Helena had explained to them that where her professionalism was at stake she allowed no room for error.

Both Karen and Addy agreed that this was a serious matter and that ultimately, the success of the procedure was the only thing that really matter. So while Helena was doing her medical thing, Addy held Karen's hand and came as close to her as she could. They even leaned their foreheads together. Karen closed her eyes. “Shit, Adriana Marcos, I can't believe that I'm doing this!”

Then she addressed Helena . “Hey, I don't want to feel anything. If you need to give me some drug, I'll take it and, also make sure I don't see anything because I might just get up and go! Remember that I'm not too convinced about being here!” They had talked about Karen's apprehension to the process and to the pregnancy at her age.

She saw some medical tools being moved closer to Helena on a tray.


“Are you going to start cursing now?” Addy asked.

Karen pulled her closer. “Don't get funny now, I'm scared shitless! This is very serious. Look at me! For God's sake!” Karen was beginning to get a bit edgy.

Addy smiled. “Ssssh, I love you, baby.”

“Fuck! You'd better! That's the least you can do!”

“Karen! Ssssh! Baby, we are not alone!”

“Who cares? Adriana, I can't believe for the life of me that I'm doing this! Oh God! I want this to be so over!!! I hope this thing sticks wherever it has to stick because I don't know if you are going to get me in this position again!” Karen was wearing a gown and was nude from the waist down. She was lying on a gurney and her legs were propped up on high stirrups as Helena performed the procedure. A surgical lamp was over her bottom. A nurse was assisting Helena .

Addy chuckled and peeked over the divider that had been placed over Karen's belly to prevent her from seeing the action taking place on the other side. Helena was absorbed on her task but smiled hearing the women's talk. “Karen, this is not going to hurt at all, and it will be quick. You are not going to feel a thing.” Addy was thankful when Helena started to talk and stopped Karen from continuing with her nervous chatter.

“Addy, are you sure you want to get this woman pregnant? You still have time to rethink your options, you know…why look at her! She might be a force to be reckoned with during nine months of pregnancy!” Helena chuckled.

Addy chuckled as well.

“Is this supposed to be funny? Because if I'm supposed to laugh, I would like to be in some other type of less revealing position!” Even the nurse was smiling now. “You are all heartless. Just be quick and finish up! I need to get this over with and go on with my life.”

“I don't know Addy, this may prove to be a bigger challenge than you bargained for.”

Addy laughed. “Don't worry Helena , I can tame this tiger. Didn't you hear her? I'm heartless. Have you ever heard anyone call her partner heartless, or is this your first obnoxious patient?”

Helena was really having a good time with the twosome. She spent most of the procedure smiling or laughing. Addy's teasing was delightful, and although Karen appeared to be outraged, Helena could tell that both women were used to the sweet bantering.

Karen again grimaced and gave Addy a menacing look. But she kept holding her hand close to her heart.

Addy came close and caressed Karen's face with her own face and kissed her. “Close your eyes.” Karen did as requested. “I'm right here with you, baby, all the way.”

“Addy, I want to go home. I want this to be over” Karen was beginning to sound shaky when they heard Helena speak.

“Well, we are done here. Nothing else to do but wait and see if this little seed is going to absorb her juice and blossom.”

They had been so into the conversation that time passed, the procedure was completed and fortunately for all other than the inconvenience and exposed positioning, Karen didn't feel a thing. They had done a great job distracting her. Somehow both Helena and Addy had previously agreed on forms of taking Karen's mind of the procedure to avoid her apprehension. Helena was an expert on her field and had advised Addy what to do and talk about during the entire process. “Addy, don't worry about her being nervous. We are going to be chatting in there as if we were sitting in someone's living room. Just pick up on the conversation.” And that was just how it happened.

“Wow, that was quick! You see Ker, it was easy.”

Another killer look from Karen, as Addy smiled and kissed her tenderly. “I love you.” Karen's eyes got misty, but Addy continued to kiss her very reassuringly.

“You two are going to be great parents. This will be one lucky kid. The nurses are going to finish up here and they are going to move you to a recovery area and if everything is fine in a couple of hours, you can go home. Everything went well and I expect good results. You did great Addy. You are a great coach.”

“Hey! What about me? Don't I get any credit? No kudos for me? I was the one here with my legs up in the air exposing myself to this nonsense!”

Helena laughed. “You did great Karen!” She left the room still laughing.

While recovering, Karen fell asleep. This gave Addy some time to relax as well. Helena passed by and saw the serene scene, and she waved for Addy to come with her. “ Helena , if she wakes up and I'm not there, she's going to freak out.”

“Addy, Karen is not the only one who needs to calm down, you know?”

Addy smiled sheepishly. “I can't fail her, Helena . I promised to be there 100%. I have to live up to all her expectations, and my promise.”

“And you will, Addy. You are not going to fail. You are the best partner any woman can have and she knows it. Don't overdue yourself. You don't have to. She knows that you are there 100%. This is why I talk to my patients a lot before the procedure. I like to get to know them and assess whether they are really ready for what they are getting into. I don't just inseminate anyone who wants to be a parent. I have a responsibility to fulfill, to the couple and to the unborn child. If I consider that a couple is not fit, I don't do it. Parenting is a great undertaking and not everyone is prepared for. Karen knows that you are there for her. There's no need for you to stress out. In fact, I can tell you that she knows that you are over stressing.”

“Yeah, she knows me too well. I try to relax, but I want everything to be perfect for her. I told you that this was initially my idea, so…”

“So, nothing, Addy. You are both in it together. This is not just for you to carry on your shoulders. She agreed to this because she knows that the two of you can do it. You are her partner and that's just what she expects -- that you share with her this time of her life.” Addy got all teary. “She's doing this for me, Helena. She wouldn't have done it otherwise. She's told me that she wouldn't go through anything like this with just anyone.”

“Oh, I know that, Addy. You are a very special person. Karen's made a choice she wouldn't have made with anyone else. She knows you. You don't have to outdo yourself. She wants you for who and what you are and nothing more. Be yourself and enjoy handling her as you always do. Even, now, not being pregnant yet, you have to recognize that Karen is a person with a strong character. And yet, you have her wrapped around your finger. Yes, you can certainly handle her, she likes the way you handle her. Don't you see it? She adores you, Addy. That is very evident. And you are doing great. Just relax and be yourself that is all you need to do.”

“Okay, I'll try. Thanks, Helena .” Helena felt better now. She thought that Addy needed a pep talk as well. She had seen Addy's apprehension, and her attempt to conceal it from Karen. In fact, it was Karen who asked Helena to talk to Addy. “She needs to relax. I know she's nervous and that she's putting up a show for me. I know her too well.”

Helena chuckled. “I am so glad, I'm not going to be in that delivery room when this child decides to come out! You should plan on recording the scene. It could make for a good movie.”

“Are you kidding me? If I come so much as to insinuate a camera in there, she'd eat me alive!”

Helena was now laughing. “You see? You know her damn well. Come on, get over there before the tiger wakes up and chews up one of my nurses.”

As Addy reentered the room, Karen's eye lids were beginning to open up. “Where am I, Addy?!”

“I'm right here, baby, and all is fine. Relax.”

“I don't feel too good. Is this over? I want to go home.”

Helena smiled from outside the door. Addy saw the smile, but immediately came back to the anguished face on the bed.

“Everything went well and you are doing fine. You are probably feeling the effects of having been in that awful position for so long. But don't worry, we are staying here for a little while until you feel better and then we can go home and relax.”

Karen looked pathetic, resigned to her fate.

“I don't know why I agreed to all these! This is not going to work. This is a fucking mistake! I don't know if ….Oh God! I don't think I was meant to have children. I should have been firm. I give up to easily to you. This is going to be a nightmare, hell!”

“No, it won't. You are just getting cold feet. If you had gotten knocked up, you wouldn't feel like you do now. It would have been unplanned and you would have had to deal with it.”

“No, it wouldn't have been like that at all! I would have used all possible preventive devices! Face it, this is only happening because of you. You knocked me up! You are getting me pregnant!”

“Alright, I take full credit for that! I knocked you up and you are having my baby. Guilty as charged. Happy now?”

Karen didn't have a comeback for that reply so she just assumed her pathetic look.

“Did you at least ask Helena whether I can get in the hot tub?” Then she pulled Addy closer and whispered. “And about sex?”

Addy nodded and chuckled, thinking that Karen must be under the effect of some drug. “No I haven't asked yet, but I will talk to Helena before we leave.” Addy wasn't sure how she would dare to ask Helena about this, but apparently there was no way out of it.

Before Karen was released, Addy did have that chat with Helena . “Yes, Addy the sex question is a common one, but the hot tub, well that's a new one for me!” She got all the answers she needed from Helena and they left the clinic. They picked up some dinner on their way home. Once there they ate.

“I wasn't all that hungry. I just feel very tired.”

“Ker, why don't you go rest then? I'll clean up the kitchen.”

“Okay.” Karen got up and walked to the bedroom. A little while later when Addy entered the room, she found Karen sound asleep. Addy smiled relieved that there would be no hot tub or mirror-sex tonight. She was exhausted. Although it was Karen who was undergoing all the medical procedures and testing, Addy had been in total stress the whole time. She had endured her own dose of quiet suffering.

She was worried about all of this as much as Karen, but in addition she had to put on a smiley face and support and give assurances in spite of all her fears. She was mentally and emotionally drained. Addy went to the bathroom, came back out turned off the lights and got under the covers. She got close to Karen, spooning her with her body. Placing her left hand around Karen's waist and snuggling into her. When Karen felt the warm body behind her, she squirmed and pushed back onto Addy's body. She laced her fingers over Addy's, while moaning.

“Good night, love.” Addy kissed her on her bare shoulder and neck.

Karen squirmed and sort of mumbled good night.


The following morning the phone rang and it was JP. He knew that the procedure had taken place and was calling to check on Karen. “So how is she doing?”

“She did well. Everything went well. We came home and rested. It was a long day.”

“Yeah, I thought it would be, that's why I didn't call. James was really worried.”

JP always made it seem as if James was the generator of a lot of ideas, which were really his. Everyone knew how he always dumped everything on poor James. In Addy's and Karen's mind, James was a man that, assuming he was a practicing Catholic, would be very close to sainthood for putting up with JP. They had concluded that James, who was pretty much a subdued fellow, either loved JP beyond the imaginable or the sex was outrageously good. The women would always laugh when making these comments. All and all they were two fantastic guys and the bests of friends.

“Here, let me put him on.”

“Hi, Addy.”

“Hi, James. I hear that you are very worried.”

“Yes, Addy, drinking soothing tea to stay calm.”

“With Scotch?”

James chuckled. “You know me, always so worried.”

Addy chuckled. She knew he was talking about JP.

“Here, let me give the phone back to JP since he is the calm one and I have to leave for the distillery. Take care.”

“I get it! I know you guys are mocking me. Now, can I please talk to my dearest and friend in her moment of insanity?” Insanity?

“Sure, JP, here she is.” Karen chuckled. She was sitting next to Addy and had heard the entire conversation.

Karen grabbed the phone. “Hi, love.”

“Oh! Don't call me that! You are going to make that woman of yours jealous and she's going to rip my eyes off!”

Karen laughed. Addy smiled too. “I heard that JP! Be careful! I'm watching your every move! Be good to my girl!”

They were all laughing now. “How are you sweetie, have they treated you right over there? Has it all been very intrusive? Do you need a friend to share your moments of anguish?”

“It all went pretty well, JP. The doctor is great and she entertained us during the whole event and frankly, I felt nothing. It was more my nerves than anything.”

“Well, that's good. Frankly, girl, I'm still surprised you went ahead with it. Never in my wildest dream did I ever see you in this scenario.”

“Well, JP, what can I say? Love makes us do crazy things, I guess. I really have no other explanation, but here I am. So, how are things up there?” She looked at Addy as she made her comment. Addy was busy with her Sudoku booklet, but she was sitting next to Karen and could see her very well out of her peripheral vision. She smiled knowing that she was being observed and indirectly spoken to. It was obvious that Karen was not letting JP in on her true feelings about the pregnancy. If she had, they would have never heard the end of it.

“All is fine, but are you ready for some town gossip?”

Karen smiled. This reminded her of the old JP with news about love conquests and possible prospects for her. It had been JP who found out that Addy was married back when they first met. JP always managed to find out things about people. He was some sort or relationship investigator. “Sure, what could possibly be happening in Altee?”

“Honey, during the day nothing, as boring as ever! But at night…. is when all the rats come out. Okay, here it is. I know who Mary is shacking with!”

“Oh God! Do tell! That remains an unsolved mystery.”

“No more! The other woman is Sarah.”

“What? Sarah, from the Inn ? The one with the kid?”


“Well, I'll be dammed! Never would have guessed it.” Karen was genuinely surprised.

“That Mary is a smart bitch. With Sarah she has room and board, and sex! Let's not forget the sex!”

Addy, who was still sitting next to Karen looked at her, first enjoying how animated she was in the conversation with their friend, and then somewhat startled when she heard the word ‘sex.' Now she was intrigued.

Karen looked at her and bit her lip to contain her smile. “JP, I have Addy in full attention mode now, I'm going to have to pause to update her.”

“Oh go ahead.”

“By the way, how did you happen to see her?”

“Sweetie, didn't I tell you that the rats come out to play at night? I ran into her. She was coming out of the Inn at 3 AM.”

All of a sudden Karen was serious. “Hum. What were you doing out there at that hour? And where was James?”

“Ssssh, Addy is going to hear you! I was doing some research. He is in London meeting with the marketing people.”

Doing ‘research' was a term they'd use when checking someone out before ‘taking them down' to bed. Those were the days when they were living it up in New York .

Karen was a bit quiet now. All of a sudden she could care less about Mary or Sarah. She looked at Addy. Karen thought about whether to say what she was about to say now or in private. There had never been secrets between her and Addy and this was not the moment to start. So she spoke her mind.

“JP I hope you are thinking with your head and not with your dick! Make sure you don't fuck up your life.” Karen had a menacing tone.

Addy immediately looked at her. She was astounded when she heard her talk in that tone to JP. She moved her eyes away not daring to meet Karen's. She suspected something big was going on. She wasn't sure she wanted to hear more and got up wanting to give Karen some privacy. This had to be very serious. Karen grabbed her hand and pulled her back down to the sofa. They laced their fingers together. Addy sat and listened, looking worried and nervous.

“Karen! Hush! Addy is going to hear you!”

“Sweetie, I don't keep secrets. What I know, Addy knows. It's the way we operate. I'm very serious when I say this to you, as serious as I have ever been. If I find out that you are screwing around behind James' back, we are done. Did you hear me clearly?”

“Yes. Oh, my God, Karen, please, don't tell Addy!” It was all JP could say.

“She already knows. She's right here with me. Grow up! You are not a kid anymore! Your screwing around days are over! You should be glad you didn't get AIDS from all the fucking you did. So, count your many blessings, and play by the rules because I'm writing you off like a bad check if you don't! Is that clear? I'm as serious as hell here. You show some decency and respect or you are out of our lives. We are getting ready to have a kid in the house and we want the best for the kid, so get your act together or you don't get to see the kid!”

“Sweetie, I don't know if you should get so agitated in your present almost to be condition.”

“Don't you sweetie me! Just clean your act, immediately!”

“Okay, okay! I will.”

“I have to go now. Don't want to talk to you anymore. You've upset me.” She said goodbye and hung up.

Addy looked at her in disbelief. “What happened?”

“JP seems to think that Mary's lover is Sarah from the Inn .”

Addy's jaw dropped. “What? And, the other part? How did he find out? Was he at the Inn with someone? I hope not! If he did, everyone in Altee will know.”

“Geez, I didn't think of that! I hope he was not so stupid to have gone to the Inn ! Apparently, he saw her coming out of Sarah's Inn at a very late hour of the night.” Addy was now serious. Before Addy could say anything, Karen spoke. “I don't know what JP was doing in town at 3 AM. I'm afraid that he may be playing around and that is the part that upset me. I don't give a dam about Mary or Sarah.”

“Oh boy!”

“Addy, JP is a great friend, but the truth is that he likes the game. He was always a player. When we were living carefree in New York , it was fun to hang out with him. And later, what the heck, getting together with him always led to some action. He liked to operate that way. For me, it was a way to let off steam from my studies and life. For him it was a way of life. I still don't know how he and James ended up together, or how they've been together all these years. I think it might have been us and the inn that kept them tight. God only knows what's happened between those two and he's never told us about it.”

Addy was a bit sad. “I hope they stay together.”

“Listen, let's not think about that now. I think that he'll be okay now that I've straightened him out.”

Addy remained sad. “I guess nothing is for sure really. I mean even when people seem to be in love, look what happens.”

“Addy, JP has issues you don't know about. He confided in me many years ago, over some tequila shots, of course. I'll tell you, but don't let him know that I told you.”

Addy nodded. “His father took off with a woman and left him and his mother. They lived in Vegas. His mother was a singer, you know a bar singer. Going from bar to bar. She met a man and married him. He'd hit his mother and he also abused him.”

“Oh, God!”

“I know. It's sad. He didn't have a normal upbringing. James on the other hand, was Catholic school boy, off to college. Nice family. A balanced life. I'm not trying to excuse JP. Don't get me wrong. I just think that his background affects the way he is. I always think that people have options and can chose if they want to rise above their level and procure a better life. Up until now, I thought JP had taken the high road and done just that. But I'm beginning to believe what my father used to say: goats always head for the mountain.”

Addy had a somber look. Her sadness was evident.

Karen was concerned now. Was Addy thinking that this could happen to them as well? After all, Karen had done her running around with JP.

Karen came over and hugged her. “Addy, I hung out with JP in New York and I love him dearly, but I'm not like him. I'm all here. I have what I want here. You are my life. Just take a look at me…getting pregnant and all. God, Addy, I hope you're not t thinking that I can be like him. I would never do that. I can see that this thing with them now makes you wonder, but I hope that ….if what we have is not enough to say all that needs to be said about me and you, I don't have a fucking idea of what is! For God's sake I'm having your baby! That's not only a miracle, but a fucking impossibility!”

Addy got very close to her. Karen could sense the warmth of her body. She could feel the ache between her legs from just that gentle touch. “I lose myself to you Addy. I…”

Karen didn't finish her statement, her knees buckled when she heard Addy's voice. “Can you say ‘fuck' for me once again?”

Karen smiled, she was trying to put some words together. Once again, the Addy effect had left her breathless. “I can do better than that…..come, let me show you how.” Karen got up from the sofa and pulled her towards the bedroom. She stopped. “But wait!! I don't want you to mention the insemination, or the baby, or being careful and all that! Helena said it was okay, and I swear, even if I have to go through the whole ‘FUCKING' humiliating process again, I'd do it just to be with you tonight.” She super emphasized the ‘fucking' since she knew how much Addy liked the way she said it.

Addy grinned, her eyes reflecting that look of desire that Karen knew so well. “Ker…” Karen had already begun to undressed her. Pulling up her sweater and immediately unclasping her bra. She then began to tear her own clothes off. Addy was about to pull off her pants when Karen stopped her. “Let me.” Addy lay on the bed as Karen pull her pants and panties off. She then removed her own and they both lay back on the bed.

Karen pressed her body against Addy's and turning her on her side held her face. “I'm a marked woman, Adriana Marcos. I could never love anyone else not only because I don't want to but because I can't. I want you, only you, day and night. Even after all these time, I dream of you, and every morning I wake up and look for you. I cannot think of a life without you. I don't even know who I am without you. I plan to love you until the day I die.”

Addy was near tears. She took Karen's face in her hands. “I know. I love you too, baby.”

“Good.” Karen kissed her fiercely and the kiss was returned with equal passion. Hands were everywhere, neither one able to resist their want. Karen kissed her down her neck trailing down, not leaving an inch of her body untouched, caressed or kissed.

Addy moaned, fully aroused. “Ker, I'm going to come if you continue to do that.” Karen came up and grasped her neck to caress it. “You know what I say about that…come whenever you want to. I'll make you come again and again until you beg me to stop.”

“Ker!” She came. It was unbelievable how her body reacted to Karen. She had told Karen that sometimes she could come by just looking at her. Karen loved that comment. It was so true. Knowing that she had that effect on her filled her heart. Karen's sole purpose when making love was to please her. Satisfying Addy was the most important thing in her life. It was as if the more she gave the more Addy wanted and the more she wanted to give.

Even after all the time they've been together, Karen was as madly in love with her as that day in the gym when they met for the first time. They kissed again as Karen's hands continued to massage every bit of her. Addy moaned grasping on to her, and finally, unable to resist her body's demand, she came again. Karen held her, riding the orgasm with her. “Don't, don't move Ker, leave your hand there.” Addy requested. “Okay, I like it there.” Karen could keep her hand there forever.

A bit later, Karen again began her gentle stroking. Then she kissed her lips, her breasts, her abdomen and everywhere south of the equator, as Addy would say. Karen reached her center and immersed herself into it

“Oh! Sweet mother of God! Ker!…”

It didn't take very long for Karen to lose herself as well. There was something about loving this woman that drove her to the edge. The way Addy reacted to her touch, the way she whispered in her ears sensual words, her moans of pleasure, and her scent were like an addictive aphrodisiac that drove her to insanity. As Addy arched, Karen was mesmerized adoring what she thought as God's most extraordinary creation. What beauty, what remarkable beauty!

Addy moaned and grasped the sheets making all sorts of sounds as she came. Karen came as well, overwhelmed by her own desires. She took a minute to recover and came up and lay herself on Addy and held her to soothe and ease her back from her orgasm.


“Oh God, Addy, you …..take my breath away!” At this point, Karen was in tears.

“Oh, are you going to start crying again? God, I love you.”

“I can't help it, Addy. I can't describe what you do to me, how you make me feel! It's like an epiphany.”

Addy laughed. “That great? ”

They kissed.



To be continued in Part 3


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