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One Little Bit




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Part 4

The first month of pregnancy passed inadvertently. Karen appeared and felt like her usual self. It was the next two months that nearly drove her up the walls. Although, physically she was not showing any sign of pregnancy, the morning sickness began on the second month and did not subside until well into the third.

The first time she got sick was right after the second visit to the obstetrician. They had stopped for lunch at a local deli. They decided not to go to the Thai restaurant they so much enjoyed the previous time because they had to stop by the distillery on some business matters. This was fortunate considering what happened. While at the deli, Karen ordered what she thought was a healthy turkey sandwich. However, eating of the sandwich coincided with the time that the first signs of pregnancy became evident. So, it was just the turkeys of the world who were blamed for the events that followed, and how the nation of Thailand was saved from Karen's wrath.

Of course, initially she did not blame the turkey sandwich for her ailment. She simply thought that something was terribly wrong with her and that she would surely die. In her mind, she was certain that this was the end for her.

Karen had always been a very healthy person and was totally unaccustomed to her body not responding in the usual manner. Because of her consistent good health and physical condition, the most minimal health issue was always aggravated to the point of it being conceived as some sort of unknown disease. In short, she was a bit of a hypochondriac. She just could not accept, much less understand, that sometimes human bodies do not function at 100%.

She had always been like that, even before the pregnancy. Simply put, Karen was a pain when she was sick. She'd make more of things than they actually were, and she thought the worse would happen and, of course, there was always an endless flow of lamentations. An upset stomach was immediately attributed to a virus, a sore throat was for sure strep bacterial infection, a headache was none other than a sinus infection. Karen's reaction to any bodily discomfort was to lay on the sofa or bed and to relinquish herself to a sure death. Although in truth, she didn't get sick much, it didn't take much to have a bed ridden Karen. Her recovery from the arm wound when Addy had her accident lingered for months. Aggravating her already exaggerated perception was the fact that Addy played into it by pampering her to extremes. As Addy recovered from the accident, Karen got worse. Addy thought it was cute. She thought Karen looked like a little girl when she was sick and loved to take care of her.

Shortly after arriving home, Karen felt ill. This was when her stomach and the turkey sandwich began the wrestling match and she began to throw up.


Addy ran when she heard the panic call. “What?”

“Addy, I think I'm sick. I'm …..” She immediately threw up, hardly making it to the bathroom. “Oh God! I think I'm dying! I must have some kind of virus. Call Tiffany and ask her what to do. The baby may be at risk!”

Addy brought her a napkin to wipe off her mouth, and held her steady in front of the toilet. She knew too well that the not fun moments of the pregnancy had begun. Again and again, Karen threw up until she had nothing left in her stomach. She was hanging on to the bathroom sink and to Addy who was holding her from the back. “I don't think I have anything else to throw up and yet I can't stop! I need to sit or lie down. I think that turkey must have had salmonella. This cannot be a virus! This has got to be some sort of food poisoning. Dam sandwich! Dam turkey! Maybe we should go to the emergency room, in addition to calling Tiffany. Did you call her already?”

“No, I haven't. I've been here holding you all the time.”

“Go call her. But please, first, help me to the sofa.”

Karen had gone from a preliminary self-diagnosis of a virus to a second diagnosis of food poisoning in the span of the ten minutes that had passed since she had first thrown up. She had also escalated the medical assistance from a call to Tiffany to already going to the emergency room.

Addy helped her to the sofa and brought her the waste basket from the bathroom where she could continue to throw up, if she need to, while comfortably sitting on the sofa. Addy also brought the box of tissues with her, and helped her clean herself up. Karen looked worn out and teary, holding on to Addy. After she had nothing else to vomit, the gagging began. “Addyyyy, what's happening? What is this?”

“Baby, I'm afraid it's morning sickness. I think your stomach was too empty because you were fasting for the blood tests and all of a sudden you ate too much. The thing here is not to eat too much but also not to have your stomach empty. We are going to keep saltine crackers and clear sodas available so that you can munch and drink them and that will help your stomach settle.”

“Addy! I'm throwing up! I can't eat now! And it's not even morning! It's the afternoon, how could this be morning sickness?”

Here we go! Addy knew that this was the beginning of the rough first months, when your stomach feels like it's been twisted from the inside. Addy went to the kitchen to get a clear soda. “You have to, at least, drink some of this. It's worse when your stomach is empty.” Reluctantly, Karen took a sip of the soda and was surprised when she felt better. Her eyes were still watery.

“I can't eat anything right now! And I cannot possibly be eating every half hour! God! Addy, if I do that I'm going to end up looking like a cow when all this is over!”

“No, you won't. You'll see.” Karen was sprawled on the sofa, one leg stretched on the sofa, the other hanging down on the floor. This is how she liked to lay on the sofa. To add to the drama, she had one arm draped over her forehead, the other over her belly. Addy came over, lifted her leg from the sofa, sat and placed it on her lap and began massaging it. Karen liked the pampering and brought her other leg up so that Addy could rub it also. Addy smiled at her spoiled child.

“Let's call Tiffany, please.”

They had just come from seeing Tiffany, but here they were again.

“Yes, hello, this is Adriana Marcos….”

Karen took the phone. “This is Karen Larsen, Tiffany just saw me. I'm pregnant and I'm throwing up and I need to talk to her.”

Tiffany did not normally take calls from patients. Everything was handled through her very expert nurses. “No, I do not want to speak to a nurse! I want to speak to the doctor. I think I'm paying to see a doctor here and not a nurse! Please, save ourselves the trouble and just go get her!” Addy rolled her eyes and thought how she would have to apologize to the nurse the next time they were in.

Tiffany took the call when they told her who it was. “Hi Karen, what's going on? What's all this commotion that you are causing with my nurses?”

“I'm sorry, Tiffany, but this is a very serious matter. I am very sick here. I'm throwing up and would like to be seen.”

Tiffany held back her laughter. “Karen, I just saw you about two hours ago and all was fine with you.”

“Tiffany, I'm throwing up and I have nothing else to throw up and I still have this gagging I can't get rid of. Do you think this has to do with the baby or do you think I might have a virus or food poisoning or something?”

Tiffany talked to her for some time and explained more or less what Addy had mentioned. “Now, may I talk to Addy?”

Karen looked very contrite. “Yeah, here she is.”

Addy smiled at her. Karen, who was still lying on the sofa, turned around and faced the sofa's back.

“Hi Tiffany.”

The first thing that Tiffany said to Addy was “Agree with everything I say. We need to boost morale here.”

“Yes, sure.”

Tiffany continued. “I'm sure you know this is morning sickness.”


“Keep her stomach full with crackers and soda. If she gets worse, bring her in, but you know how this is! It's not going to go away for a while, so she's going to have to deal with it the best she can. If you need my help, don't hesitate to call. I'll tell the nurses to pass your calls and yes don't say it, I understand and so do the nurses here. Our job is to deal with women with agitated hormones.” Tiffany laughed.

“Okay, thank you, Tiffany, I understand. Have a good afternoon.

Karen was pretending to be asleep on the sofa. Addy covered her with a throw they kept on the sofa and bent down to kiss her. “Everything will be fine.”

The minute Addy finished talking, Karen began to cry. Karen's hormones were already all over, totally out of control. Even the passing of a fly would make her cry. “Awwww, Ker! Come here, baby.” Karen came to her safe haven and laid her head on Addy's shoulder. Addy hugged her.

“Addy, I don't think I'm going to make it….I don't think I'm cut out for this!”

“You'll do fine. I will be right here with you.”

“Oh, God! Addy! Hurry, get me the bucket, here I go again!”

Addy handed the bucket over to her. She didn't throw up. It was just that awful feeling, and the gagging. Addy continued to hold her. A teary Karen asked. “How long does this last?”

“Not long. It will be over soon and you'll feel great after.” Karen continued with her whimpering. “I'm sorry I'm such a bother. I feel awful. I hate throwing up.” Yes, I'm sure the rest of the world loves it!

“Baby it's not you. These are your hormones trying to adjust. If it makes you feel any better you can start blaming me for your predicament.” Addy knew that the pregnant party always blamed the other party for creating the pregnancy so she was already prepared to take all the blame Karen threw at her.

“And just how would that help me feel better? I can only blame myself for having agreed to this crazy idea. I told you I was not suited for this. This is my body telling me that it doesn't want what's happening. Maybe I'm not supposed to be a mother! Probably because I will be bad one! Ha! What if this child turns out to be an annoying little devil? What if it makes our lives a nightmare? After all I've gone through!”

Karen continued with her whining and pessimistic outlook on the whole pregnancy. “Maybe he or she will hate me! I don't even know what I'm going to do with it when it comes out! I never thought about this before! I should have planned this better, read more, prepared better. I've never gotten myself into anything that I couldn't come out successful, and frankly not only do I not see me coming out of this successfully, I may not even survive it! I think I'm going to crawl under the covers and remain there for the next nine months until it's all over!”

“Karen, your body is doing what the body of any pregnant woman does when she first gets pregnant. Your body is not telling you anything special. Every woman who has ever had a child has experienced this discomfort. This this is not unique to your situation. Also you will be a great mother and our little one will be adorable and you will love him or her to the bone. Believe me, this will be worth your every effort, the reward will outdo all that you are going through.” Addy smiled thinking that they had only just began and Karen was already thinking that she was going through a lot. Oh God!

At this particular point, Addy's mind flashed scenes of things to come Lamaze, Karen's uncomfortably enlarged breasts, weight gain, inability to bend and reach down, difficulty moving and then the dreaded, and in Karen's case, terrifying moment of birth. Addy tried to put all those images aside and told herself to take one day at a time. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe Karen would be enchanted with her pregnancy . Dream on! She also thought that Karen was not a candidate for a drug-free birth. Drugs would be needed for sure, lots of them!

Karen had no end to her whining tonight. “Addy, I never planned to be a mother. I'm not prepared for this. I panic thinking how this kid is going to come out! I feel like the woman in that Sigourney Weaver movie, what was it called? The Alien! That's it. Like I have something inside of me and it's going to be moving inside of me and…I don't know if this is going to turn out well.” Karen went on and on as she continued to gag and gag, and occasionally cry as she continued to feel miserable.

Addy listened, held her, caressed her and smiled. Karen might not have planned the course of action here, but Addy had. She had told herself that no matter what the situation turned out to be, she would be patient, understanding, caring, supportive and loving under any and all circumstances.

Addy kissed her on the head. “All will be fine, you'll see. Let's go upstairs to sleep.” Slowly, the soothing reassurances and Karen's exhaustion put her to sleep. Addy was relieved. She was drained also. She covered Karen with the blanket and went to the bathroom to shower. After her shower, she also got in bed. When Karen felt Addy's warm body behind hers, she snuggled into her and held her hand to her heart and kept it there. Addy buried her face into the soft blonde hair and kissed her good night.


The throwing up and the gagging continued well into the second month getting worse before it got better. Eating and drinking sips of soda helped as Addy predicted, so eventually, Karen learned to control her malady. During that second month, Addy was literally tending to Karen the whole time. She just could not find more ways to comfort Karen in whatever way possible. Karen was so upset by her condition that she didn't want to go anywhere. “Addy, I'm sorry I'm not much fun lately. I just don't want to go anywhere feeling this crappy.” Then she'd start crying feeling guilty for not being fun.

“Oh, sweetie, I understand. Don't worry. I know how you feel. I don't want to go anywhere if you are not feeling well. I'm perfectly happy right here with you. I don't need to go anywhere as long as I'm with you.” Addy would smile lovingly. Karen looked at her with a knowing face. “Adriana, I know I'm being unbearable, you are earning lots of brownie points for this.”

Addy grinned. “Good, because I intend to cash in my jackpot come the day!” She got up from the sofa, but not before smacking her partner a ‘wet one' as she called her kisses. Karen grinned in total contentment.

Addy went to the kitchen to check on dinner. Does she really think that any of this bothers me? She's adorable! Addy looked at her from the kitchen and when she came back, she couldn't resist. She sat on the sofa and hugged Karen from the back and kissed her neck. “What does my baby want?” Karen turned her head sideways to meet her face. Only to be kissed on her lips. “Do you want me to rub your back?”

Karen pouted and smiled shyly. “Yeah, I'd like that.”

“Anything for you, sweetie.” Addy hugged her tight and kissed her behind the ear.

“Come on. Let's go upstairs so that you can get comfy in bed for your back rub.”


To distract Karen, Addy began to invite JP and James over for dinner, dessert or for a night cap. Friday night became a usual dinner get-together. She told Karen that she thought this might help JP and James work things out between themselves. Karen thought it was a good idea. After dinner they'd sit in the living room and talk, or watch a movie, or play trivia.

When they came over, other than the initial questioning as to how she was feeling, any talk about the pregnancy was forbidden. This was Addy's rule. Talking about Karen's pregnant condition was not an option. This was also what Karen wanted. She wanted the pregnancy to pass as unnoticed as possible. Unfortunately, it wasn't happening.

After a while the get-togethers had to be stopped. Having JP over, was no help. Instead, his comments added to the already overcharged negative mood. JP was hysterical seeing Karen go through her gagging and vomiting. When they were all together and Karen had to run the bathroom to throw up, or she started to gag, there was total commotion. JP would get all worked up and nervous.

On one night when the four of them were together JP had his own meltdown. “Oh my God! Here, she goes again! Poor thing, this cannot be normal! Have you talked to the doctor? This just doesn't get any better week after week. I cannot believe that women go through all of these!” James glanced at him with a killer look trying to shut him up, but once JP got on a roll, there was no way to stop him. His comments only made it worse for Karen who on top of already feeling miserable, was now being reassured by JP that there was something wrong.

“JP, it's okay. This is normal.” Addy was already thinking that unless JP got on board the cheering wagon, maybe it was better for him not to come, at least, until this stage of the pregnancy was over.

JP continued. “Addy I don't know much about this but look at her, she looks drained. Look at her eyes! For God's sake in all the years I've known Karen I've never seen her sick!! I think we should call the paramedics, or go to the hospital or something. There must be something they can do, something she can take.” James realized that JP was not contributing to the cause and as soon as he could he suggested leaving.

All that talk upset Karen even more. Addy felt like choking JP. She could not wait for them to leave. She already had more than she could take from JP. So when James announced their departure, Addy was practically opening the door for them. “Thanks for coming guys.”

James replied. “Sorry for the drama, Addy. I'm afraid we weren't much help.”

“Don't worry, James, I'll survive.”

James smiled. “I'm sure you will. Hang in there, sweetie.”

Addy chuckled. “Good night James. Thanks for coming. ”

Addy closed the door and looked for Karen. She was already gone. Addy immediately headed upstairs and found her crying on the bed.

“Aaawww, baby! What's going on now?”

“Maybe JP is right and there is something wrong. I think we should go see Tiffany.”

“JP can be a little over bearing sometimes.”

Karen looked at her and chuckled, still with teary eyes. “So am I, aren't I?”

Addy smiled. “Yes, but I happen to adore you. JP is a nut case. Fortunately, I don't have to deal with him! I'll call Tiffany tomorrow and make an appointment. If seeing her will reassure you, we'll go see her.”

Karen smile. “Thanks. Can we go to sleep now?”

“Come on.” They both got under the covers and Karen snuggled into Addy's arms, and as usual they began to talk.

“Hey, Ker, did you notice a bit of tension between James and JP?”

“Yes, I meant to ask you. But with all the vomiting and all, I forgot. Yeah, I don't think all is okay with those two. There is something going on, but I don't really want to ask. Please, don't ask them! Let them be the ones to tell us, if they want to.” Karen was trying to preempt any ‘good intention' action from Addy.

“No. Don't worry. I'm not going to. They are a couple and whatever is happening is a private matter, none of our business.”

Karen could not be happier that Addy had taken this position. This was serious and she feared the worst.



“Do you think it has to do with JP's indiscretion?”

Karen chuckled. “Addy, you can be so diplomatic sometimes! You mean with his ‘fucking around?'”

Addy chuckled. “Yes, but that kind of language sounds so much better coming from you.”

Karen grimaced. “You know? I feel better when you hold me. I always do.”

Addy smiled. “If holding you is going to be the cure to your sickness, I'll glue myself to you! You are soft, and uuuumh, smell so good, and you are sexy too!” Addy's hands were on Karen's buttocks by now. “I love to grab on to these ones!”

Karen chuckled. “I don't know why. There isn't much there to grab on to.”

Addy smiled, she knew Karen was looking for attention. “That is a matter of opinions. I think there is plenty to hold on to in this department. They are a handful and I absolutely love them. They are firm but smooth. I'm totally content with the merchandise.” She kissed Karen several times on the soft skin of her neck, but kept her hands on the firm smooth spot where she had them.

Karen was enjoying her massage and all the complimentary treats, soon realizing that this was going a certain direction.



“I asked Tiffany about sex.”

Addy chuckled. “So did I!”

Karen chuckled. “What did she say to you?” Karen was curious.

“She said that as long as you felt like it, it was okay. She also said that towards the end, your sex drive may not be there, but that it was normal.”

“Yeah, she said the same thing to me. Isn't that awful? Did you ever think that such a thing could happen to me? What are we going to do when that happens?”

Addy laughed. “No, in truth, I never thought that such a thing could ever happen to you, but we were never under these circumstances. And you have to keep in mind that it's a temporary happening, so I don't want you to go all hormonal on me and start crying about that now! We'll live through it like everyone else.” Addy replied.

“Yeah, right. It's going to be worse for you, though. I mean, if I don't feel like it, well I won't want it. But what about you?”

“I'll survive. It's part of the whole thing, Ker. Adjustments will need to be made and that's that! Don't worry about me, okay?”

“Tiffany also said that it might be difficult towards the end with me getting bigger and all. Although, as long as we want to, I'm sure we can get creative.”

Addy chuckled. “Creative?”

“Yeah. I've been thinking about it already.”

Addy continued to chuckle. “Amazing! I think that I will count the days that you don't feel in the mood, if that ever happens!”

“I'd offer to share some of my creative thoughts right now, but putting up with JP tonight left me drained. He was bitchy tonight, wasn't he? I'll share tomorrow.” Then very seductively, she came close to Addy's ear. “Promise.”

“Oh, Lord! Sleep now.” Both women smiled in the dark. This pregnancy may not be so bad after all! It may actually be fun to explore creative avenues. Some times their thoughts were very much in tune.

There was silence for a while and Addy thought that Karen was already asleep.



“Let's not have JP and James over for a while. At least until all this throwing up is over.”



It was not until the end of the second month that Karen began to feel better. By then, the morning sickness had decreased considerably. To celebrate feeling better, Addy invited JP and James over for dinner. Addy cooked one of her finger licking meals, as Karen called them. Addy loved to cook and was a star chef. When she got into one of her creative modes, she could prepare very gourmet food. She'd pair the food and wine like the most knowledgeable sommelier and would prepare the perfect dessert to go with it. Of course, Karen couldn't drink, but that did not mean that the others could not enjoy their favorite alcoholic drink. Addy would make sure to have iced tea or lemonade for Karen. She always prepared hers in a tall glass, with a lemon wedge and any cute little thing she could find just to give the impression that Karen was also having a special drink.

“Don't mind me, drink up fellows. I get to enjoy my own special drink here also. Plus, when all this is over, Addy and I are going to have an open bar party at the Manor and I'm going to have all the Martinis I can put down!”

Addy smiled. She knew this was the product of wanting something you could not have, but that in the end it would probably not happen at all, so she just fed the wish. Karen had never had more than two consecutive Martinis, at least during the time she had been with Addy. “We will have gin and vodka from everywhere and we are going to have a tasting contest.”

“Well, I don't want to rain on your parade, but where is the baby going to be while the mothers' are partying and wasting themselves?”

Addy and Karen looked at each other and smiled. Karen was the one to respond. “I guess we are going to have to get us an overnight sitter because, really, we are not going to be in shape to deal with any little brat.”

Addy smiled. “Sure.” She knew this was not going to happen either. Of all the people she had ever known, she had never known anyone as responsible and committed as Karen. In her mind she knew that Karen would never leave her child with a stranger to go out and drink. Karen might not have been aware of what she was saying, but Addy was.

JP sighted. “I don't know, Karen sometimes I wonder what kind of mother you'll be!”

“You will make a great mother.” James interjected, preempting any more of JP's negative comments.

After dinner they sat in the living room to talk over coffee. “Listen girls, we have something we need to talk to you about.”

Addy and Karen looked at each other. They sensed that something ugly was coming.

James continued. “We were waiting to make sure you were feeling better, Karen, to tell you this. JP and I have decided to take some time off from each other.”

The silence was such that you could hear a pin drop. Both women were stunned.

Addy was the first one to speak. “Why? What happened now? I thought everything was fine with you guys!”

Karen kept looking at JP who in turn kept his eyes lowered to avoid hers. He felt guilty. He was, he knew and so did she.

“No Addy. All is not fine.” James continued. “I will only be taking two weeks off Karen. I'm going back home to San Francisco . I've arranged everything at the distillery so all will be fine until I come back. I will be leaving next Saturday. JP is going back to New York , I think. I will come back after two weeks. You have placed your trust in me and I will not leave you at this moment when you are going to need all the time in the world to care for your little one. Plus, I love what I do and would like to continue to work here.”

Addy spoke again. “Is this separation just to get some time away from each other or does this mean that you are going to be seeing other people, assuming the opportunity presents itself?”

James continued to reply to all of Addy's questions. “Addy, we will be free to do whatever we want. Unlike you and Karen, we have never entered into any legal arrangement. We have always functioned pretty much independently. So, we are pretty much free to do what we want. Even our finances have been kept separate all these years so, nothing holds us together.”


It was Addy who dared to raise all the questions. “After all this time together, guys, are you sure you don't want to rethink this?”

Addy looked at everyone, especially at Karen who was very somber and quiet.

James responded. “Addy, in life you cannot force people to do what they don't want to do. When people are in a relationship, the only thing that keeps them together is the fact that they both want to be there. You cannot hold people in a situation they don't want to be because then no one is going to be happy. The best thing to do is to separate and decide where is it that we want to be.”

“What if one wants to be in the relationship and not the other one?” After she asked the question she realized how stupid it was. “I'm sorry guys. I guess I'm not thinking well. I really don't know what to say! I thought you guys had something nice going.”

Karen, who had remained quiet and totally drained of any emotion, finally spoke. “Whose idea is this?”

“It's mine Karen.” It was James who replied.

“JP may I speak to you in private?”

“Karen, nothing you say will stop this. It has been decided.” James was firm in his decision.

“Still, may I speak to JP in private?”

“Sure.” JP responded as he prepared himself for the onslaught that was coming to him.

“Let's go outside.”

James and Addy stayed and talked about this being a good alternative and how things would work out if they were meant to happen. They also talked about Karen's improved condition just to change the subject.

Addy also let James know what a fine job he had done with the distillery. Yes the Scotch had done great. Right after the winery was converted into a distillery, James assumed its management. He had already finished his Master's in business administration and was really into making the business work. He succeeded. He promoted the brand and went allover to promote it. He was the reason for their success. James was almost in tears as he heard Addy speak. “However, it's not just your business skills that we appreciate, James. Karen and I have the highest opinion of you. I can't begin to tell you what you mean to us. I think JP does not deserve you if he can't appreciate you.”

“Addy, you are going to make me cry if you don't stop. To make matters worse, all this is happening now of all times when you guys should be focused on the baby and all should be happiness. I envy you. Karen adores you. I know you know that, but I just have to say it. I didn't know her from before like JP does, but in all my life I have never seen anyone love someone like she loves you. I remember when you were at the hospital after the accident. She didn't want to go back to the cottage by herself. She told me she wouldn't go back without you because it wasn't home without you there. Addy she's amazing.”

“I know, James, I know. She's my life too.”

They hugged in a warm dear and friendly embrace.


Outside, Karen didn't really know where to begin. This was extremely painful.

“I can't believe how you fucked this up!” JP remained quiet and looked down.

“I thought you had matured and grown away from all your bad habits. All it took was one dick and you are out to fuck around again! I really don't understand what you see in such an empty way of life. I'm not going to say much, but I really want you to weigh all the factors when you are out and about satisfying your lower brain! You are going to end up alone one day and regret all the good you left behind. Think and think hard, because you are about to lose the best thing in your miserable and stinking life.”

He looked at her. “Yeah, I know your story well. You never had anyone but your mother to love you and even she let you down. Now you've found a fine man, a very fine man, the very best you'll ever find and you are blowing it off. If there are any brains in that head of yours, you are going to come back over here in two weeks and you are going to beg for forgiveness and pray that that man is man enough to take you back. Not because you don't have a better offer, but because he is your best shot at happiness. And may I remind you of two things just to end this sad conversation. One, you are not getting any younger and pardon my frankness, but you do look your age. Two, James is three times the man you are and you are never, ever going to find such a gentle, caring man, who by the way in this humble lesbian's opinion, happens to be a hunk! I'm sure that if he made himself available, he'd have plenty of takers. I have no more to say to you.” Once done. She walked back inside. JP followed her.

Once inside, she referred to the two of them. “Guys, not to be rude or anything like that, but I would like to turn in, and I know Addy's had a long day preparing the fabulous meal she prepared for us.”

“Sure, Karen, we'll be on our way. Addy thanks for the feast. I'll call you tomorrow.”

“Good night James, JP”

“Good night, Addy.”


When they left, Addy went to the kitchen, while Karen locked up the cottage. When she looked for Addy, she found her nonstop in the kitchen cleaning up. She knew that making herself busy was Addy's defense mechanism when she was nervous and didn't know what to do with herself.

Karen, who was a bit taller than Addy, came from the back and wrapped her arms and body around her. She could feel the tension in Addy's body. “Stop.”

Addy stopped. She put her hand to her mouth, and immediately succumbed to the strong arms around her. When she felt the warmth of Karen's body, she began to tremble and to cry. She leaned back on Karen's shoulder, feeling vulnerable and needing her comfort. She always felt safe in Karen's arms. Karen buried her face into Addy's shoulder and breathed in her scent. As always, unable to comprehend the effect of the inebriating scent on her. She whispered the name she loved. “Addy….” Inhaling her scent filled her, as if taking in the very essence of life. Addy caressed her with her face, as Karen nibbled her exposed neck. Addy then turned and buried her face on Karen's shoulder and sobbed.

Karen embraced and kissed her. She wanted to provide the needed comfort. After a while, Addy spoke, her face still buried in Karen's pulse point. “I never thought this could happen, Ker. JP and James, I thought they'd be together….like us…they are our best friends! How could this happen? Why?” Addy continued to cry with her face still buried in Karen's shoulder and chest.

Karen gently caressed her back and kissed her on the head wanting to say that everything would be okay, that maybe they'd patch things up, and things would be as they were, but this was way out of her hands. She was quiet, while gently embracing her. “Addy, this kind of thing happens. You've always seen them from our perspective. You thought they were like us. Not all relationships are like ours. Most people hook up for a while and then they move on. A lot of relationships don't last. I don't know why that happens. Maybe what they had was not what they wanted. Maybe they didn't love each other enough. I really don't know. I really thought they would last. They've been together for a while now, but I guess….I don't know!” She paused not really knowing what else to say.

She wanted to comfort Addy, but words failed her. “Everything in a relationship depends on how each person feels about the other and what they value in life. We have to live our lives and let them live theirs. They might get back together. I still hope JP comes to his senses.”

“What makes us different, Ker? Could something like that ever happen to us?”

“Well you are the one who doesn't believe in ‘evers' and ‘forevers.' I on the other hand believe in forever, but only because of you.”

“Why do you believe in forever?”

“Because I want forever, and I know you do too. Because the way I love you, I know is the forever kind of love. I wanted to find someone to love like I love you. I found you, Adriana Marcos, you are what I always wanted and I cherish you and will dedicate my life to keep you, to make you happy because I need you and because I want you in my life. That is why I believe in forever. You are my forever.”

“Oh Ker! I love you so much and yet sometimes I don't know if I love you enough, God how can you love me like this? How can I love you so much? It scares me sometimes. I cannot imagine life without you!”

“Nor do I, my love, nor do I.” Karen again pressed her tight against her body.

“According to what James said, it's pretty clear that we both want to be in this relationship, and that we are fully committed to it. Unlike them, we are not independent of each other. We said to each other a long time ago that we were going to be one and the same. And that is just what we are. There's no me without you, and you always say that I'm your life. So, I think we've looked at our relationship very differently from the start. Look at us, Addy. We are having a baby! We are so sure about ourselves that we've agreed to bring someone into this world and care for it together. Addy, we have the real thing. If we didn't have the bond we have, I would have never agreed to such commitment and responsibility. You are my reason for this.” She pointed to her belly. Addy's eyes were pools of tears.

“I believe we will always be together. I also believe that we will raise this baby and that he or she will be a fabulous human being simply because he or she will be our child. I cannot imagine anything coming from our love not being great! This is why we are having our baby, because we love each other. I am positively 100 % sure that we are going to be great parents and that we are going to have the time of our lives raising this little one.”

Addy was in tears and almost in shock hearing Karen talk about the baby this way. This was a real change in attitude and frame of mind. It was in fact a second miracle. She didn't know what to say, or even if she should say anything! In fact, she couldn't because at that precise moment Karen kissed her on the lips. When she pulled away from the kiss, she pressed her lips together and smiled at Addy's teary eyes. “And for the record, I don't intend to get drunk and leave our child with a stranger!”

Addy dried her tears and chuckled at the same time. “I know. You don't have to tell me that.”

“Come on, baby. Let's turn in. I wasn't joking when I said that I was tired. This baby makes me sleepy.”

“Yeah, Come on. I'll rub your back again tonight.”

Karen chuckled. “Umm, I'm really getting to like all this back rubbing thing! But Addy… so that you know, I'm really tired.”

Addy smiled. “I know woman, I just want to rub your back. If I wanted something else I'd say so. You know I don't beat around the bush! You really have to stop thinking of everything as a sexual innuendo, and that I'm some sort of sex machine! I'm tired too. My feet are killing me. I spent too much time in that kitchen.”

Karen rolled her eyes. Drama! “Sex machine, huh?”

“Don't even think about it! We are both tired and need to rest.”

When they reached the bedroom, Karen pulled Addy's arm and when Addy turned, Karen kissed her. “Is this the behavior of a tired pregnant woman?” She asked raising her eyebrows in a wondering look.

Karen had that knowing grin. “No. It's the behavior of a woman madly in love. And, by the way, it's not that everything has a sexual connotation, you know. It's just that I can't resist you even under normal circumstances. So, when you even suggest touching me in the most ordinary way, like a massage, all of me craves you. I guess I'm obsessed with you, and I'm not sorry, by the way.”

Addy smiled. “I'm not sorry either. I love being the object of your obsession.”

A tired looking Karen grinned “Oh, yeah?”

“Oh shut up! Stop your nonsense. Just get over here and let me rub your back. Let's see where that obsession takes us.”

Karen got in bed first lying on her side. “Do you think I can lie on my belly?”

“Why not? When you get bigger maybe you won't be able to, but I don't see why you can't now if you are comfortable.” Addy got on the bed and came close to her.

“Come on, turn around.”

“I don't want to risk it. I'll cushion myself with a pillow and lay on my side. Do you think you can massage me from that angle?”

When Karen turned Addy smiled and tapped her buttocks. “Honey, I can massage you from any angle. Plus, I like the view from back here!”

Karen chuckled.

Addy began the gentle caressing and massaging and as Karen buried her face in the pillow and moaned. “The lower back, baby, that's where it hurts the most.”

Addy extended her strokes to Karen's lower back and eventually reached her buttocks. Karen continued to moan. “Here?” Addy was massaging her buttocks. Karen chuckled. “Honey, that's not my back. That has another name. I need the massage a bit higher. Ummm.”

Addy grinned. She came close to her ear and whispered. “Babe, if you keep moaning like that, you are risking igniting the sex machine!”

Karen chuckled. “I think I would like to ignite the sex machine, but I need more rubbing now.”

“No worries. You will get all the rubbing you need tonight.”

“Do you want me to turn around?”

“Nope, remember, I can work from any angle. Just relax and facilitate.”

Karen chuckled. “That I can do. Ummm.”

After the extended session ended, Addy spooned Karen who was still on her side, relaxed, fully massaged and very satisfied in more than one way. Addy kissed her and whispered in her ear. “Is my blondie happy?

“Ummm. Blondie is in love with her masseuse.”

Addy grinned. “Goodnight, love.” She kissed Karen tenderly on her neck and shoulder.


To be continued in Part 5

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