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Turning on a Dime




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Part 13—

Addy was driving as they got on the interstate heading home. Both women were quiet. After a while, Addy placed her hand on Karen's thigh.

“Are you okay? Should we pull over for a break?”

“Yeah, that's a good idea. Stop at the next rest area.” Addy didn't remove her hand from Karen's thigh. She began to make circles on Karen's leg with her fingers and to caress her. Karen was nervous. Addy's hand was driving her crazy. Her thigh felt as if it was burning. She felt like jumping on her lap and kissing her. She couldn't handle it anymore, so she placed her hand on top of Addy's, at least, to stop the motion. Addy hadn't realized what she was doing. It felt so natural, so good. She had this uncontrollable urge to touch the gorgeous woman next to her.

Addy smiled when Karen placed her hand over hers unaware of the effect her hand was having. After a while they stopped at a rest area to take care of their biological functions. “Let's go over to the gift shop, I need to stretch my legs.” They were both browsing around the store. Addy came behind Karen and stood very close to her placing her hand in Karen's lower back. Karen liked her touch. They were admiring glass figurines.

“Addy, look how cute this one is.” Addy looked at her.

“Yeah, beautiful.” In her peripheral vision she could see Addy looking at her.

Karen turned and looked at her. Addy smiled. “Let's look around some more. I can't seat in the car just yet, my butt is still numb!” Karen walked away to another section of the store. Addy came over immediately to examine what had caught Karen's attention. Karen was pretending to look at a display of Swiss army knives. She got very close to Karen, their bodies were touching. This is good. She remembered Melanie saying. ‘Don't force things, give her time, she has to want you.' Does she? Does she want me? Just to test the situation, Karen walked away, again. Addy followed. She again got very close to Karen, and placed her hand on Karen's back. Karen closed her eyes and smiled. Oh that touch, and that inebriating scent! So close!

“God, you smell so good, Addy. Addy caught Karen's image reflected on a silver center piece on the shelf. She saw Karen with her eyes closed inhaling. “You know, I thought I was weird until I met you! I don't understand what is this thing you have with the way I smell? I'm not wearing any perfume, Ker. It can't be me you smell.”

“Yeah, it's you. It's not your perfume. It's you, it's the chemical reaction of your body odor and whatever you wear, soap, perfume, detergent, anything! You just exert pleasant fumes! Karen smiled.

Addy shook her head. “Let's go. You are scaring me!”

They got in the car and got on the road again. “Where are we?” “I think in Delaware .” “We still have a couple of more hours to go.” They were quiet again. Karen noticed that Addy had reduced her speed. This was strange because she knew Addy liked to drive fast. Until that moment, they had been doing 75-80 mph, now they were barely doing 55-60 mph.

“What's wrong? Why are we going so slowly? Are you tired? Do you want me to drive?”


“Then what?”

“Ker? I don't want to go home.”

Karen looked at her. “Pull over. We need to talk.” They pulled over and entered a Wal Mart parking lot.

“Drive over there and park.” Karen signaled to the far end of the lot where there were no cars parked.

“What is it?” “I can't go back. I'm not sure what I want, but I can't go back to that house.”

“You are not. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. You are staying with me, and that's that!”

“Ker, I'm not sure about that either.”


“I don't want you to think that if I stay with you is because I'm ready for certain things…..I don't know what I'm doing. I need time. When I'm with you I feel great, but I don't know how….what you want….if I can be, or give you what you want!”

“Addy, what I want is to be with you like we are now, sharing things, doing things together. I would never touch a hair on your head unless you wanted me to! Haven't I said that a million times!” She held Addy's hand.

“Yeah, Ker, but…”

“No, but. Look, tonight for all anyone knows we could still be in NY. No one knows we are coming back. So we are going to my place. If he calls, you are still in NY. We can relax at home and talk some more about all this. Come on stay with me!” She pouted.

Addy couldn't resist those eyes! When she pointed those guns at her, she was lost. Karen came forward and kissed her. It was a sweet loving kiss. Karen broke the kiss quickly. Leaving Addy wanting more, she could sense the other woman. This was amazing. How she could feel what Addy was feeling.

Addy was nervous. “Okay.”

“Do you want me to drive?”

“No, I can do it. Just no more kissing.” Karen smiled. Oh, yeah, I think she's coming around!

When they got to Karen's apartment they agreed to take a shower. Addy went to the guest room bathroom. After, the shower, they met in the living room. They were both wearing t-shirts and shorts. Addy noticed, Karen's nipples showing through her white
t-shirt. Karen had worn that t-shirt on purpose. Addy looked away, but Karen caught her looking.

“Hungry?” Karen smiled.

“Not really.” Addy looked away, not sure if Karen was referring to food or what?

Karen broke the ice. “Okay, let's talk.”

“About what?”

“You, us. What's on your mind? What else is going on?”

“What do you mean?”

“Addy, do you think I don't know you? Do you think I can't pick up things about you? Do you forget that you are talking to the woman who can pick up your scent like a dammed hound dog from a mile away?”

Addy smiled at the hound dog metaphor. She looked down embarrassed, and came out clean. “Ker, I just have this need to touch you. I don't know why! Do you think that means something?”

Karen chuckled. “It probably does, but let me tell you something if you touch any part of me, I'm not going to complaint, or ask you to take your hands off me! So, if you get any touchy feelings….feel free!”

Addy smiled. “Thanks! You are such a perv! Kiss me!”

“Look who's talking…the woman asking for …..” Addy came forward and silenced her with a kiss her. Karen pulled away a bit, her face centimeters away from Addy's. The most wonderful thing about their relationship was their ability to be playful and relax about things.

“Want to check me out? I promise I will stay in control and let you roam.” Addy smirked. She was trying not to look, but Addy couldn't help looking at Karen's nipples. Karen caught her looking again. “You can touch me if you want to!” She was teasing Addy. She knew Addy wouldn't.

Addy was embarrassed. She buried her face into Karen's hair and shoulder.

Karen hugged her. “I'm sorry, baby, I love to tease you. It's not that I'm so brave, I just know you too well, that's why I dare say what I say.”

Addy pulled away and looked at her. “Well, you are not showing much confidence if you think I won't!”

Karen opened her eyes. “Addy, if you did, I would freak out.”


“Because, this is too important. Because I'd like to be sure and make sure that everything is right.”

“Ker, you are making me nervous. Can we not talk about this?” Karen brought her closer and hugged her. They kissed.

“Ker? I also need to do something about Luke. I need to end that somehow. Not that there is anything, but I need to end it.”


Karen was quiet. “All I'm going to say about that is that I love you and I that I stand behind you 150%. But I would like for you to have something clear before you do anything.  If you leave him, do it for you, don't do it because of me.  I'll take you as you are. I just need to know that this is something you want for you and not because of me.”  Addy looked at her.  “I'm clear on that.” Addy smiled and came close to kiss her on the cheek.


“Let's watch some TV.” She turned the set on and grabbed Addy's hand and kissed it. They cuddled holding hands. Addy couldn't keep her eyes off Karen's nipples.


After they came back from NY. Karen took a few days off from work to recover from the stress of the accident and to have her arm checked. They also had to prepare for the trip to Japan . Addy asked Karen several times if she wanted to postpone the trip in view of the recent bad experience. But Karen didn't want to delay the trip because the trip meant she would have Addy all to herself for two whole weeks. It was too good to be true, and she was not going to pass up that opportunity. She was also hoping that something would happen between them while there. They were on the phone making last minute plans for the trip. In fact, it was looking forward to the trip to Japan that helped Karen get over the recent accident. She wanted to move on.

“Don't forget to pack that dress you wore the other night.” Addy smiled.

“You really liked it, huh?”

“Well, the dress was nice, but it was more its content what kept me up that night.”

“It kept you up at night?”

Karen grinned. “More than one night, actually.”


They y got to Japan on a Wednesday. They were meeting Yamamoto's team preliminarily on Friday. They were going to do some sight seeing over the weekend and then get into work matters on Monday. They had allowed themselves time to unwind from the jet lag. Travel to Japan was a huge time difference and they knew their bodies needed to adjust.

Yamamoto's people had people meeting them at the airport to take them to the hotel. The hotel was fabulous. They had a beautiful suite with well appointed rooms. In the living room area of the suite was a gorgeous Jacuzzi tub.

The first couple of days were pretty much dedicated to relax and get over the jet lag. It was a long trip to Japan . They had taken sufficient time to allow for decompression time, as they called it.

On their second night there, Karen thought to use the hot tub. “Want to get in?”

“I didn't bring a swim suit, Ker, I need t get one.”

“I didn't either do you mind if I skinny …?”

“No, go ahead, I won't look.”

Karen went into the bedroom and came back wearing a robe. Addy was looking at her computer screen.

She saw when Karen came back and when she took off her robe. Addy looked. She liked what she saw. Little devil! She knew that Karen was teasing her. Karen knew Addy would see her, she didn't care. Addy just smiled and played along, as she continued to look at her computer screen.

“People get arrested for doing that you know?”

Karen smiled. “What?”

“Indecent exposure.”

Karen smiled. She knew Addy had seen her. She had done it on purpose to get Addy's juices going.

“Sure you don't want to come in?”

“Ker, you are naked in there I'm not going in!” However, she couldn't keep her eyes away from the direction of the hot tub.

Karen could see her occasional disguised glance.

“I know you are looking!” Karen continued her teasing.

“No, I'm not!” Addy was smiling.

“Are you going to look when I get out?” Karen was all smiles.


Fifteen minutes later Karen was thinking of getting out. “Okay, coming out!”

Addy looked to her computer, still smiling. Karen chuckled as she put on her robe. She came towards Addy and kissed her and nuzzled her neck. Addy felt it in her groin.

“Silly. There's nothing here you haven't seen before, you know!” She went into her bedroom. Addy closed her eyes. She couldn't work anymore, so she closed her laptop and went into her bedroom.

“Good night!” There was no reply from Addy.

A little while later, Karen came into Addy's room and laid down on the bed next to her. She didn't ask Addy if she could lie down next to her or not, she just did it. Addy felt Karen's body on the bed and smiled. A husky voice whispered.

“You didn't say good night.” She felt Karen's hand under her t-shirt as it caressed her back very gently up and down. Addy closed her eyes enjoying the touch. Very slowly the hand made its way to one of Addy's breasts. Addy stiffened. Karen pressed her body to Addy's back. She cupped Addy's breast and felt her hardened nipple. All these happened in a matter of seconds. As all these happened, Karen whispered in her ear. “Come to my room ….please.”

Then, she got up and walked away, her naked form was visible in the semi dark room.

“What? Why your room?” Karen didn't answer. Addy sat up on her bed and wondered what had just happened and why she needed to go to her room and what she should do. She knew that is she went to Karen's room it would happen!

Karen wanted her to come to her as a signal that it was okay for them to be together. Addy got up and went to the bathroom. She didn't know what to do. She was undecided, she walked back and forth. She was a nervous wreck. The truth was that she wanted to go. She remembered the night in New York and slowly made her way to Karen's room wearing only her t-shirt and underwear. Oh God, Oh God, this is crazy! What am I doing? I'm getting in very deep water for sure!

The door was cracked. The room was semi-dark. The only light came from the city outside and the night light in the bathroom.

“Ker?” It had taken Addy about five long minutes to show up. Melanie had specifically told Karen that Addy had to come to her, that she shouldn't impose herself on Addy. Karen later explained this to Addy.

She never thought Addy would show up. So, when she heard her name, she was startled and she gasped unable to talk.

“Ker?” Addy heard strange noises. “Is everything okay?” All of a sudden she realized that Karen was crying, sobbing almost. “What's wrong?” When Addy touched her shoulder, she felt Karen's body trembling. Karen was a pack of nerves.

“Oh Addy, I can't do this. I'm a piece of chicken shit! So much time wanting it, only to realize that I can't do it. This is not going to happen, just go back to your room.”

“What's not going to happen?”

“Us! I've got to be the stupidest dyke on earth! Here I am all freaked out for what I just did! I barely had the nerve to go to your room and nearly passed out on your bed and now you find me here crying like the stupid idiot that I am!” She was sobbing like a child. “I'm pathetic!”

Addy realized that Karen was terribly nervous. This was too important, too much for her also. Addy remembered what Karen had mentioned about the stress of wanting everything to be perfect. Addy found the situation so endearing and Karen so cutely caught on her predicament that all she could do was smile and hug her. Addy sat on the bed next to her. Addy could feel the vibrations of Karen's body. Addy cupped her face and gently kissed her lips. A stun Karen pulled back from the embrace. “Are you smiling?”

Addy found the whole situation too cute. “How can you tell? It's dark in here.”

“I just know what you do when you do certain things.” Addy kissed a very astonished Karen again. Addy was nervous, but Karen looked so cute caught in her situation, Addy couldn't resist comforting her. She hugged her tighter.

“Addy, I don't want to freak you out, but I need to tell you that I'm naked.”

“I know, baby, I can feel you.” She kissed her.

Karen was surprised by Addy's response. Addy seemed calm, she was not panicking as Karen expected. She reached out and timidly kissed Addy on her lips. Addy's lips parted on the contact. Karen hesitated, but finding Addy's response positive, she pressed the kiss bringing her tongue forward meeting Addy's half way. Addy opened her mouth. She wanted to signal Karen that it was okay, that she was welcome. Karen caught the message and deepened the kiss. “Hold me, Ker.” Karen held her tight, lovingly, caressing every bit of her. Carried away by her passion, she placed her hands under Addy's shirt and caressed her back, instinctively bringing her hand to Addy's breasts. She massaged them and rubbed her nipples. Karen's hands went back and under the waist line of her panties, unconsciously, she slipped her hands under her panties grabbing Addy's bear buttocks. Somehow Addy's panties fell to the floor. Karen continued to kiss her, she couldn't let go of her. She felt so darn good!

Addy felt like she would fall. She leaned towards Karen, who was seating on the bed. Still embracing and kissing her, Addy straddled Karen's thigh. Karen couldn't believe what was happening. When Karen felt Addy's center on her thigh her heart nearly stopped. Addy whispered. “Hold me!” Karen was loosing her balance. Karen brought Addy down to the bed seeking support. Addy's legs were pressing against Karen's thigh. Karen felt the thrusting and the pressure against her. Karen's hands were on Addy's bear buttocks, their bodies pressed together. Karen didn't know which part of her to grab, wanting to envelop this woman in her arms. As the kiss and the hugging intensified, Addy started to tremble. “Addy, you are trembling…what…?” Addy continued to tremble, harder now. The more Addy trembled the harder Karen held her, and the harder Addy clutched Kaken's thigh between her legs. “Addy, Addy! What?” “Addy trembled and convulsed. “Oh, God!” Karen thought she was….not it couldn't be possible!

Karen kissed her hair, her forehead, her cheeks, her lips, anything she could find. When Addy slowly relaxed, her head was buried, resting, on Karen's hair and neck. Karen was so astonished, she could barely speak. “Addy, was that… did you just ….?” Addy nodded, still holding on to Karen, her legs still pressing against Karen's thigh. Karen could feel Addy's wetness on her leg. Karen was ecstatic. She was glad they were lying down because she felt faint. This was incredible! All of a sudden Karen realized that this woman, this gorgeous woman whom she loved to the bone, wanted her also. She was no longer nervous, she was euphoric! “Addy!” Karen kissed her a million times on her face. “Oh my God!” Karen was ecstatic!

“Ker, you make me feel like, I can't even explain it!”

“Oh, baby, but I only kissed you, how could this be possible?

“That's all it takes apparently.”

“Oh my God!” Karen continued to place gentle kisses on her face. “Addy, I love you! I've never loved anyone in my life like I love you! You've got to believe me!”

“I do, Ker, I do.” Karen thought she was going to faint of happiness.

Karen pressed her lips against Addy's. Addy welcomed the kiss. Karen's hands were again roaming free on Addy's back. “Addy, tell me what happened in NY. I know something happened that changed you. All I remember is waking up naked, but I know we slept together. Did I make love to you? Is that what happened? Karen was eager, the nervousness gone, her confidence regained. Addy nodded in the negative. Karen was a bit disappointed.

“Not exactly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you smiling?” “Yes, how do you know?”

“It works both ways. I know you too well!”

“Tell me, what happened in NY!” She grabbed Addy and pulled her to the center of the bed tickling her. Karen was trying to relax her.

“I know, I know. I surrender!”

Karen kissed her. Karen felt good, confident energized. “Spill. Now!”

“Okay, but just so that you know, although you might get the impression that I'm okay retelling this story, I'm not . . . .” She could finish, Karen kissed her passionately again.

“I know baby, I know nothing's going to happen that you don't want, please rest assured.”

“Somehow in the situation I find myself in, I don't feel very reassured!”

Karen laughed. “Come here, let's cuddle, you like this.”

“You are naked.”

Karen smiled. “Yeap!” And so are you… almost!

“I'm nervous, Ker, I don't know where to put my hands!”

Karen joked. “How about my butt?”


“Oh, come on! You know you want to! Just grab me! I'm nervous too, baby. Here feel my heart!” Karen took Addy's hand and placed it between her breasts. It was pretty dark, but Addy could see, and definitely feel the surrounding territory. Karen's heart was pounding as hard as Addy's for sure! “Plus you wouldn't be doing anything I'm not doing. Look where I have my hands!” Her hands were on Addy's buttocks. Karen was grinning from ear to ear.

Addy smiled. “Ker. But you know I'm shy!”

Karen smiled. “I'll make it my challenge to help you overcome your shyness. How's that? Let's just relax for now, okay?” Karen was trying to contain herself. She was trying by all means to relax her, to let her set the pace.

Karen kissed her gently under her ear and then on her neck. Her wet kisses made Addy stir. “I thought we were going to relax!”

Karen chuckled. “Talk to me!”

Addy chuckled. “Ker, if I talk, there will not relaxation!”

“You'd be surprised what relaxes people!”

“Oh, God!

Karen chuckled. Karen decided to pick up the conversation. “I still can't believe that you just had an orgasm! I think you are putting me on? I've never heard of someone coming on just a kiss!!”

“Well, if we are going down on the Guinness book of records just for that, I'm afraid of what could happen if things were to . . . wait a minute! That was not just any kiss, it was an awesome kiss!”

Karen was all smiles. “It was an awesome kiss. I admit it, but you have to admit it that I turn you on!”

Addy was smiling also. She combed Karen's hair back, and tenderly brushed her fingers along Karen's jaw. “You do.”

“Oh God, you are too easy! You are going to kill me? I think my blood pressure just went off the roof! I don't think I'm going to make it through tonight!”

Addy smiled. She looked relaxed. “Let's see, where did I hear the phrase ‘I'm a slut when it comes to you'? Hummm! If you don't make it through tonight, we would never make the Guinness book….” Karen didn't let her finish. She kissed her. She was loosing control fast! She drew back a bit and very seductively whispered in Addy's ear. “You are driving me crazy, Addy!”

“Put your hand in my back.” Addy chuckled and nuzzled Karen's neck with her face when she felt Karen's bear hand under her t-shit.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” Karen was very sensitive to Addy's feelings. She wanted everything to be perfect. Addy had to feel at ease, or nothing would happen.

“Nope, just thought that a stupid dyke wouldn't have put her hand under my shirt and most certainly not on my butt!” Addy was trying to reassure Karen.

Karen chuckled. “Okay, maybe I'm not that stupid. Can we continue with the story?” She smiled and kissed Addy on the pulse point.

Addy felt how Karen buried her head deeper into her shoulder and nodded her head in a frenzy and kissed her near her collarbone. Addy smiled, as she held her. “Okay, you brought your hand to just about where you just kissed me.”

Karen made the move to the front. Her hand spread out gently brushing, tickling the general area. Addy swallowed. “Oh, God, Ker…” “Then what?” She was whispering as she kissed Addy on the neck. “You brought your hand to …..” Karen suspected what was coming, and in anticipation, in a very seductive voice said. “Here?” Karen knew where her hand would have gone being so very near of that spot. “Ye..yeah….” Addy said in an almost an inaudible tone.

Addy's heart was pounding, Karen could feel it, so was Karen's. Karen's hand was resting on Addy's breast and feeling her nipple. “The…Then your hand went down my side. Up and down.” “Like this?” “Yeah.” Karen's hand replayed that night's motions. Addy began to twitch and squirm at the feel of the gentle strokes going up and down her ribs, her hip and the outside of her thigh and buttocks. Her breathing was getting ragged. She tightened her grip around Karen. Addy's buttocks tensed. Karen felt it and it excited her. Addy's thighs and buttocks felt firm. “Am I doing ok?” Addy closed her eyes enjoying the feel of Karen's smooth, gentle touch. “Very much okay.” Karen smiled and kissed her neck.

Karen repeated the motions several times. She could have stayed doing this all night, but Addy continued with her directions barely inaudible. “Then yo …you came back up to where you started.” “Like this?' Her hand very slowly, barely brushing, retracing the steps this time making a prolonged stop at her breast. Addy gasped. “Ker!” A husky voice said “you like?” She kissed her neck. “um hum.” Karen's hand never went back to where it started.

“Addy, we can stop, if ….” Addy pulled her down and kissed her fiercely on her lips, then on her neck. Karen got the message loud and clear. Karen pulled off Addy's t-shirt, as they kissed, Addy helped. Once the garment was removed, Karen's hands came down to her breast and caressed them, her lips soon followed.

Karen placed small kisses here and there. Addy felt Karen trembling. “Baby, what's wrong?” Karen's eyes were welled with in tears. “I'm nervous. I want to do everything right, I want it all to be perfect for you. I love you, Addy. I…” “Baby, relax, I don't think there's a single thing you can do wrong. Ker, I love you. You are perfect!”

Karen looked as her in complete awe. Two tear drops ran down her cheeks. Was there ever a most beautiful thing a human being could tell another at the very moment when all that mattered was at stake? I love you. You are perfect! Karen looked at her in wonderment, in total love. Here, in her arms was the love she wanted, the love she looked for all her life, the love she thought impossible, the very essence of all that mattered in life, her miracle, the love of her life, her beautiful, gorgeous, loving Addy. She loves me, she wants me. She thinks I'm perfect!

“It's okay, Ker, I'm okay, I want this too.” Addy kissed her gently trying to soothe Karen's nerves. Addy moved her hands up and down Karen's bear back and buttocks to reassure her that she wanted her. Karen responded. She caressed Addy's face, neck and back as they kissed.

Karen continued to caress Addy, barely bringing her hand and brushing Addy's center. Addy gasped. Karen was aroused beyond belief when she felt inside Addy's thighs. Karen placed her leg over Addy's. Addy could feel the wetness of Karen's arousal smeared all over her thigh as the woman pressed her center to her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of the moment as she felt Karen press into her.

“Addy!” Karen had waited so long for this moment, for this glorious moment, Oh God in heaven! Addy felt every single one of Karen's emotions, as she held on to her with the same desire and want. She could feel her heart beat, her sobs, and the passion with which she was thrusting herself into her body. She held on to her, wanting to perpetuate the intensity of this moment forever.

Addy felt Karen tremble. She was overwhelmed seeing, feeling and enjoying how this gorgeous woman climaxed in her arms. “I got you baby, I got you! Relax! It's okay.” She reassured Karen, as the convulsions subsided and she returned to a calmer breathing rhythm. She turned and allowed Karen to rest on the bed. Addy came partially onto her and gently brushed Karen's hair from her face.

Karen was in tears, overwhelmed with emotions, she couldn't speak. She had never felt so vulnerable or so emotionally exposed in her life. She couldn't believe she had come so quickly. This woman made her feel like no one ever had, she shook to the core of her being. “Addy, I have never…..ever…this has never happened to me like this before! I wanted to give you pleasure, but I couldn't control myself! Please say something! Oh God! What you do to me is….just incredible!” She felt that she was the one who was supposed to have given Addy pleasure and instead she blew it because of her lack of self control!

Addy kissed her, still brushing the hair off her face still and enjoying the beautiful woman under her. “Ssssh, baby it's okay. I like to see you like this. I like knowing that I can make you feel like this.” She kissed her repeatedly.

“You do? You are not freaked out?” Karen was about to cry of happiness.

Addy was smiling. “No, baby. I love you. I already had my freaked out moment in NY.”

“What? Why? Did I come that night too?”

“Nope, but, I almost did! That's when I knew I wanted this too”

“Oh God! No wonder you wouldn't tell me!”

“Forever engraved in my memory, sweetie pie.” She trailed off a bit, her finger going around Karen's mouth, “as one of the most, if not the most wonderful night of my life.”

“Addy?” She held Addy's face in her hands. “What?” Karen nervously swallowed and then kissed her eyes, her nose, her cheeks everywhere in her face and then she found her soft, moist lips. “Addy, I love you. You are everything to me.”

“I know, baby, I know!” Karen kissed her. The kiss became more passionate, exhilarating, devouring. Thoughts went out the window, words were nonexistent. There was just the gentle warmth and pleasure of their bodies finally coming together. Caressing each other, touching everywhere, everything.

Karen kept repeating Addy's name as if she had gone mad, kissing the woman in her arms all over. Addy loved Karen's touch. Addy squirmed as Karen intensified her kissing. Addy held on to Karen with passion with want, with desire. Karen loved it.

When Karen brought her lips to Addy's nipple, she gasped and arched and ran her fingers through Karen's hair encouraging the woman to continue. “Oh, God, Ker!” Karen looked up, a husky voice saying “you like?” When Karen heard Addy reply “I like” between moans of pleasure, that was all she needed. There was no return after this point for either woman. Karen got her green light.

Karen kissed every inch of her Addy's body. She brushed her nipples with her lips purposely avoiding them until Addy ached for her. When Addy felt Karen's tongue bathing her nipples she felt like she was about to burst. It didn't take much longer. Addy was on the edge, her arousal had peaked, she desperate for Karen's touch. She wanted Karen inside of her. Karen didn't wan to rush things. She thought she needed to slow down. I want her to like it, to love it! She was slow, careful, gentle as she touched her. “Addy, is this okay? Do you want…?” God! What this woman was doing to her was unbelievable! “Yes. Ker, I want you..inside!”

Karen thought she was going to have a heart attack. She was totally unprepared for any of the reactions she had experienced this evening either from her or from Addy. This was a dream, totally unreal. Amidst her nerves and own degree of arousal, Karen was trying to keep her cool to give Addy the pleasure she wanted. She wanted everything to be perfect. It had to be! She wanted this now, and again and again and again! Addy had to love it. Karen was gentle, tender, and loving as she descended into the depth of her fantasies at Addy's insistent command. Karen took her time, enjoying every single second of the pleasure reflected in Addy's face. On the ecstasy of total pleasure, Addy grabbed on to her, and from the depth of her soul called Karen's name as she climaxed. “Kerrrr!” “Oh God, Addy, my Addy, I love you. I love you! You are beautiful, you are...” She kissed her fiercely.

Addy slowly relaxed as Karen kissed her and said all possible loving reassuring words she could think of. Then she heard Karen's sobs. Addy joined her. The two women soaked in their own tears held each other for what seemed like an eternity. Neither said a word. They knew this was something special. They were both basking in this love that permeated every cell in their bodies, their souls and their heart. “I love you, Addy. I love you. Are you okay, baby?” Karen was concerned. She had to make sure that Addy was okay. “I love you too, baby, yeah, I'm okay. Was it good for you?”

Karen chuckled still in tears. “I think that's supposed to be my line!”

“Oh, but…still was it?

“Addy, how can you ask that question? I think I'm either in heaven or having the best dream of my life! How do you feel?” Addy hugged her.

“Ker, no one's ever made me feel this good ever!” Karen buried her face in Addy's shoulder.


“Really. You know after NY, I couldn't keep my hands off you…I think I wanted this as mush as you! Can I tell you something else? Something very private and personal?”

“Addy, I think we've past private and personal already…what is it, baby?”

“I think I want more.” Karen grinned from ear to ear, as she started to nibble all over her again and the love making began again.


On an interlude that night, Karen remembered JP's words that day at the gym when they first met, when he talked about Addy's stamina and people thinking she would be as good in the sack. He had no clue of how true that had turned out to be! She was a dynamo!

Karen was already at the point of believing just about anything about her, so unbelievable had been the turn of events! If someone told her that Addy could get her pregnant, she would have believed it at this point. She later joked about it. She had once told Addy that maybe they should be using condoms.

“Whatever for?”

“Because anything can happen with you!”

“Karen Larsen, if I ever wanted to get you pregnant, you'll know and will cooperate!”

“Huh! May I live to see that day!”


Several orgasms later, Addy spoke softly. “What about you?” Karen's eyes opened wide, “It's okay, baby, I'm okay. I understand this is all new to you, I can wait. ” Addy raised her head and pushed Karen on her back as she came on top of her. Karen was startled by Addy's sudden move. Also amazed about how this person had become someone else once all the barriers had been removed. She definitely thought that none of this was really happening, that it was all in her head. What was happening in her life was unheard of and totally unreal. She thought God, or someone up there most love her very much!

“No, you can't! You've waited long enough. Plus we both know you need this. I love you, Ker, and I would never hurt you.” Karen's face reflected panic. Why was she saying this?

Addy was not surprised, she had thought about the possibility of this moment. That night in New York while still under the effect of the sedatives, and after their rendez vous in bed, Karen told her about a terrible experience she had with a woman many years ago and how after that she had been very careful where she would allow things to go beyond a certain point. As safe as she always had played the love game, she had been hurt twice. The first time had been even worse. Karen had been around the corner as Addy would say, but she had not been lucky in all of her adventures.

A woman had tried to force her way on her. The woman wanted fast and quick. Karen was able to stop her before she could hurt her, but having been younger, she was traumatized by the experience. She had been with women, but she had to be the one always in control.

Karen didn't want to refuse Addy, God knew she didn't want to refuse this woman anything, but her fear was irrational. She tried to calm down by telling herself that Addy would not hurt her, she knew that, but she also knew that Addy was new at this and that she may be too eager to please her and that maybe things wouldn't work out at first…. Addy was calm. In a very soft voice she said “Ker, I know, I know how you feel about this, let me…”

“You know?! What?”

“Yes, baby, you told me, in New York that night.”

“Oh God, what didn't I do that night?!”

Addy smile. “Ker, let me. I' won't do anything you don't want me to, and I'll be gentle and slow.” Karen couldn't believe that Addy was the one saying these words to her! For that matter neither did Addy! Another surreal moment. But there was great love and trust between them.

“Trust me, baby, like I trusted you.” Addy kissed her tenderly.

Karen relaxed her grip. “Addy…” As she felt Karen relax she began to lovingly kiss the woman below her. The gentleness, the care, the tentative, slow probing was unbelievable. Karen leaned back and allowed Addy access to her. Addy kissed every where. She kneaded Karen's muscles and ran her hands gently up and down Karen's body. Nothing was left untouched, brushed, kissed, and caressed. Karen thought she had died and gone to heaven. Karen moaned in pleasure. Addy smiled, loving every second of pleasure she was giving Karen.

Addy then began what Karen thought was the most arousing thing she had ever experience in her life. Addy whispered seductively in her ear things she had never heard before, things she had never imagined Addy would ever say, this woman was enchanting her, seducing her, taking the time to take her where no one had ever taken her before. Karen was slipping into an abyss of pleasure, of no return. How does she do this? What is she doing to me?

“Hu?! Ad…”

“I love this…” Addy's kisses came down to Karen's breasts. Karen's voice was inaudible.

“You do?…” Karen was shocked at this revelation.

“Yeah,…they are so beautiful… ever since I saw them for the first time in your apartment that time, I've not forgotten them.”

“Oh God!” was all Karen could say. Karen's eyes opened in disbelief, she was almost faint. “Addy…!”

“Sssh, easy, easy…let me baby, let me love you!” She continued. “You like?”

Karen could hardly talk. “Um huh.” Her eyes were glazed. She was in an alternate universe for sure. This couldn't be real! The woman knew exactly what to say, what to do, where to touch, and how to touch! It was as if Addy had the perfect instructions to turn on every single spot in her body.

“I like it too.” Karen was speechless in a daze unbelieving what was going on. Addy kissed her on the lips, while touching and caressing her breasts and nipples.

“Is this okay?”

“um huh….”

“I love you, baby…” Karen though she would pass out for sure at this very moment. She could care less, from this moment on, about anything Addy wanted to do to her. This woman could have folded her in three and bounce her against the walls and she wouldn't have cared! Addy noticed the change. Karen had relaxed. So, I need to sweet talk you…..! This is how you like it! I can do this!

Karen arched and wriggled as she ached for Addy's touch. Addy was pretty much doing what Karen had done to her, hoping to have the same effect that Karen had on her. It was working. Addy was encouraged by the pleasure she was seeing in Karen's face. She brought her hand down. Karen stiffened a bit. Addy came close to her ear and whispered. “Easy baby, it's me, your Addy, I love you, I want you, let me.” By now, Karen was relaxed, inviting, welcoming, wanting Addy's touch. Addy's hand was gentle caressing and probing. This has to go well.

Despite her nervousness Addy kept her cool. She was doing this for Karen, to please the woman she loved, and it had to be just right. She also loved how she was making Karen feel, no question about that! She would take all the time in the world for her Karen, until Karen asked her to touch her inside, she had to want her. “I need to know that you want me, is this okay, sweetheart?”

“Yeeesss, Addy…Oh, God, …Addy!” She clutched to Addy's back. For Addy it was surreal, an unforgettable moment. Karen was breathing heavily, clutching Addy with her arms. Addy's heart was pumping, but Addy kept her cool. Addy's touch was gentle, soft, unhurried, tender. Karen's eyes were dazed, she was enjoying it. Addy smiled, as she let her mind wonder and convey every single thing she felt. Karen cold not believe the erotic words coming form Addy's mouth. Karen felt as if she had passed out and was coming back and forth from another world.

“Ker, you okay?” She pulled up a bit to find Karen's lips, the woman could hardly speak. She was in a visible state of ecstasy. Addy kissed her. “Baby, I love you.” “Addddy!” Karen held on to her with such passion, Addy thought she would be crushed! She didn't care, because at that very moment she knew that she had delivered. “Addy, I …I'm…I'm coming! “Come baby, let me see you come, show me! I love to see you like this, to make you feel like this! ” “Don't let go of me!” She begged. As Karen climaxed she made a guttural sound that reached Addy's soul. She grabbed on to Addy with such force that Addy thought that for a few seconds she didn't breathe. Addy was overjoyed. She smiled at the awesome sight below her. “It's okay, baby, it's okay! You okay?” Karen then began to laugh and cry at the same time. Addy kissed her a million times. Karen held her tight. “Addy, you can't be for real! You can't be!”

Addy grinned. Oh, Yeah! I did good!

“I am, baby, I'm very real! Was it that good?

Karen chuckled as she held her tight unable to speak sobbing in the arms of the woman she adored. “Addy, you can't be real, this is not really happening!”


In the early morning, Karen woke up and realized that Addy was still in her arms, naked. What an awesome sight! Karen wrapped both arms around her and pulled her closer, what a great feeling to have Addy in her arms, like this! They had spent all night making love. For both women the experience was beyond the imaginable.

Karen was convinced that their being together finally was some sort of miracle. She dreamed, but she never thought that this would happen! The woman of her dreams, in her arms, returning her love. She still couldn't believe it as she laid next to her watching her sleep. Karen kissed her, tears began to run down her cheeks. Addy woke up with Karen's sobs.

Addy chuckled. “What? Silly woman, are you still crying!” They kissed tenderly.

“I love you, baby, I always have.” Addy was so tired, she could hardly keep her eyes open and drifted back to sleep, as she snuggled into Karen's loving arms.

For Addy it had been a revelation. She had never felt the degree of arousal she felt last night. She had never lost herself in what seem like a never ending orgasm. She never thought that what happened last night was possible. Sex with Karen was indescribable. God, if she had only known before! She felt adored in every sense of the word.

She didn't know what would happen in the morning, where would all these go, how would Karen feel. Had it been good for her also? Would she want more? What would Karen want? Maybe now that they had been together she would loose interest. Oh no, God, don't let that happen! All she could think of, though, was how great it had all been. Their night of lovemaking had been intense both physically and emotionally and it had definitely been the best experience of her life.


In the morning they were so exhausted neither could get up and slept until well past noon. Addy stirred trying to disentangle herself from Karen's arms.

In her slumber Karen asked. “Where are you going?”

“I need to pipi, close your eyes. I don't want you to see me naked.”

Karen chuckled with a grin from ear to ear. “Okay my eyes are closed you can get up.” She heard the door of the bathroom close.

A few minutes later, Addy spoke again “Close your eyes, I'm coming out, and promise me you are not going to look!”

Karen grinned. “Okay, I promise, I won't look.” She heard the door open and the bed move as Addy came back into her arms avoiding looking at Karen's face.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah, the pregnancy test was negative.” Karen chuckled. She couldn't erase the grin from her face.

“Addy, I have a confession to make.” Addy pulled away a little bit, Karen tucked her back into her body. “I closed my eyes because you asked me to, but this morning when I woke up…..I thought this all might have been a dream and I……peeked under the covers!”

Addy gasped. “YOU DIDN'T!” Addy pulled back and looked at her only to find those gorgeous eyes and that radiant ear to ear grin. Addy bit her lower lip, blushing in genuine embarrassment and snuggling into Karen's body trying to hide her face under the covers.

“Addy, I can't believe that after last night….you are blushing?” She heard a voice from under the covers. “I'm shy!”

Karen chuckled. “In that case, we are going to have to work on that!” She got her head under the covers and kissed her way to Addy's nipple. “Oh!” That was the last word said. As they began the morning round of exploration.


There was very little site seeing that weekend. They barely left the room the entire weekend. They couldn't have enough of each other. “Addy, are you okay.”

“Yes, why?”

“I just need to know if you are sore and want to take a break.”

“No need for a break. Do you need one?”

Karen chuckled and hugged her. “Nope. I'm in heaven Addy. I could be here forever!”

Addy chuckled. “Me too. Ker?”

Karen grinned. “More?”

“Um huh.”

Things heated up again. After a while, they did take a break. They had to prepare for their meetings on Monday.


The next day, they got up late. They had to rush. They each went to shower in their separate bathrooms. There was no time for fooling around. They met in the living room and were getting ready to go out. Karen stopped Addy before leaving the suite. “You okay?”

“Yes. Why?” Karen smiled and kissed her. Addy never seized to amaze her. Karen was all smiles. “Are we okay for tonight?” She wanted to make sure that Addy was not having regrets.

Addy smiled. She knew what was troubling Karen. “Ms. Larsen, when I jump in a pool, I'm ready to swim. Yes, I'm okay for tonight.” She arched her eyebrow suggestively. “You?” Karen's jaw dropped, as she felt her pulse rise, she smiled and nodded, speechless. Good Lord, thank you so very much!

Addy grinned. “Good.” She bit her lower lip. “I'm kind of looking forward to it!” She winked.

Karen thought she'd come right there and then. She had to take a few minutes to follow Addy to the elevator. “Are you coming?” In more that one way! Karen continued to look at her adoringly while in the elevator.

“Ker, if you continue to look at me that way, or keep that grin on your face at the meeting, I'm afraid we are not going to be able to focus on work.”

Karen looked away, still grinning. “I'll try not to look at you.”

They met with Yamamoto's team and everything was working out fine. They avoided looking at each other. Occasionally they would, though, and a small contained smile would show briefly. Karen later confessed that she had a lot of trouble controlling herself because whenever she brought her hand near her face, she could still smell Addy's scent on her fingers and she just loved it. Addy slapped her in the shoulder. “Oh, God, Ker, you are incorrigible!” Karen smiled mischievously.

The duo spent two weeks in Japan in total bliss, notwithstanding the work required. They did go site seeing, but most of the time was spent on indoor explorations. Neither could have enough of the other. It had been long awaited and it was just too good. Towards the end of the second week, reality hit when they realized that they soon would be going back.

“How are we going to deal with this when we go back, Addy?” “I don't know, Ker, we are going to need to work things out.”


To be continued in Part 14

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