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Part 5

Addy got to the office early in the morning hoping to catch Karen first thing and debrief her about the hot date.  To her great surprised, Karen was not in her office.  “Where’s Karen?” She asked, Maggie, Karen’s administrative assistant.

“She called in sick.”  The woman replied. 

“That’s strange.” 

“Yeah, I was surprised too, she’s never sick.” Maggie replied.  Addy immediately went to her office pressing Karen’s speed dial key on her cell phone.  There was no reply.  She called Karen’s apartment and there was no reply either.  Addy was worried. 

It was not like Karen first to be sick and not have called her, and second not to pick up her cell!  Nope, there was something really wrong.  She kept calling every ten minutes with no different result.  Finally, she could not take it anymore and in a moment of desperation, took her purse and coat and went out the door. 

“I’ll be back soon or I’ll call you back.” She said to her administrative assistant as she was leaving.

She arrived at Karen’s building, parked and entered the building.  The doormen let her in because, having been there innumerable times, he knew her.  She took the elevator and went up to Karen’s floor.  She rang the doorbell several times, after a few minutes that seemed like hours, a slender tall woman with short, black hair opened the door.  The woman looked surprised and unsure as to what to do.  

“You are Addy, aren’t you?”

Addy was stunned.  How come she knows who I am? 

“Yes, but I don’t think I can extend you the same courtesy.  Who are you?” 

“I’m Melanie, Karen’s friend.” 

“Yeah, I’ve heard about you, you are the psychiatrist, right?” 


“Where’s Karen?”  Addy looked inside and saw that the apartment was a total mess.  “Dios mio, que ha pasasdo aqui?!!  When Addy got into her Spanish rambling it meant that she was either mad or nervous.  Addy walked in and saw that the apartment was in total chaos.  There was furniture thrown everywhere, broken glass on the floor, books tossed around, everything was in total disarray.  Addy was alarmed and couldn’t keep her coolness sensing that something major had happened there.  Melanie didn’t have to know Spanish to figure out Addy’s questions.   She obviously wanted to know what had happened there. 

“Where is Karen?  Is she okay? What the hell happen here?  What are you doing here?!” 

“Calm down Addy, Karen’s fine.  She’s in her room resting.” 

“Resting?!  From what?  What’s wrong with her?” Addy turned around ready to go barge into the room.  Melanie rushed and stepped in front of her. 

Melanie didn’t know what to say, she tried to keep calm, but she didn’t look calm.  She was unable to say anything. 

Addy was beyond concerned.  She was also mad.  She cared too much for Karen not to be concerned.  Nothing was going to stop her.  She narrowed her eyes.  She had an angry look on her face.  “Please, get out of my way, I’m going in there.” 

Melanie closed her eyes and stepped aside. 

Karen was seating on the bed, hugging a pillow, with tears running down her cheeks.  Addy looked at her from the door and immediately noticed the bruises the red blotches on her neck.  

“What’s going on here, Karen?  What happen to you?”  As she got closer, she realized Karen had scratches all over her neck.  

“What happened?  Quien te hizo esto? Who did this to you?”  She was looking at Karen, but also looking at Melanie desperately looking for answers.  As she got closer, Karen ran away from her towards the other side of the room.  As Karen ran, Addy grabbed her, accidentally opening a few bottoms of her shirt.  Addy looked at her and to her astonishment saw innumerable scratches on Karen’s upper chest. 

Instinctively, as if it she had the right to do what she was about to do, she unbuttoned Karen’s shirt and exposed her chest.  There were marks of teeth and bloody scratches along her neck and shoulders and reddish marks and bruises very close to her breasts, her beautiful breasts.  Her nipples so pink and beautiful were surrounded by the most horrifying discoloration and scratches. 

Karen was crying, sobbing, and hiccupping.  She was a mess.  Addy brought her hands forward and didn’t know what to do.  She looked at both women still searching for answers. 

“Who did this?”  Addy’s eyes were swollen with anger, with agony, as she embraced Karen very gently trying not to inflict more pain. 

She changed her tone, trying to use different methods to get some answers.  “Sweetheart, please, tell me….what happened?  Who hurt you?” “Is there more I need to know and she pulled away from Karen to continue the search down her body.  She held Karen again.  Karen cried in her shoulder, grabbing on to her as if she was the only thing left on earth to grab on to.  She was, she was all she had, all she loved, she was Karen’s everything and she needed her now more than ever. 

Melanie came forward. “No, there is no more. She was not raped.”  Karen continued to sob in Addy’s arms.

Addy was shaking.  “I think we need to take you to a hospital and report this to the police.” 

“No!  Melanie is a doctor and she has already taken care of doing what needs to be done.” 

Addy looked at Melanie.  “Is that true? Does she need to be checked more thoroughly?” 

“No, she’ll be fine.”  Karen, pull her blouse together and leaned against Addy then looked down her eyes all teary. 

“I want who ever did this caught!  Look at what he did to you?!  How dare he?!  Who does he think he is?  Who is he?  Why are you so afraid of him?  He’s not going to hurt you again!  You are coming with me…He won’t be able to touch you again!”  

Addy got up, she looked like a cage lion pacing and gesturing with her hands.  “Dios mio, Dios mio, que’ hago?!!” She was furious.  She paced back and forth wondering why the hell they weren’t doing anything about it.  She looked at Melanie for answers.  Melanie just bowed her head. 

“What have you to say, you are a psychiatrist!  What is the procedure?  What do we do here?  Melanie looked at Addy, but said nothing. 

“Addy, why don’t we seat down, lets talk.”  Addy looked at Melanie in disbelief. “Melanie, I understand your ‘keep calm’ attitude!  But, clearly, something needs to be done here!  Please, take a look at what’s happened!  You can’t seriously ask me not to be angry and not to do anything!  Someone hurt Karen pretty bad and I’m really pissed off!”  

I want that guy caught!

“Oh God! Addy, please just leave it at this, don’t complicate matters more, please!”  Karen pleaded.

“Como quieres que no haga nada?”  “Look at what this beast did to you? You need to speak up and bring him to justice!”  If you don’t give me a name, I’m asking the building concierge.”  Karen’s face turned white as paper to the point that Addy though she was going to faint.  Addy dropped to the floor in front of Karen and grabbed her hands.

“What?  Tell me, babe, who did this to you, I need to do something?  I’m not going to let anyone hurt you!  Please trust me!!” 

Melanie spoke.  “Karen, you are going to have to tell her, she needs to know.”  Addy looked at Melanie wondering what the hell was going on. 

“Que’? What do I need to know?  What is it?!”  Addy was exasperated by so much silence and mystery.

Karen covered her face with her hands and leaned forward to cry.  She managed to control the crying a bit.  “It was not a he, it was a she.”  She then continued to sob like child.  Addy’s was speechless, stun, she started to breath with difficulty as if unable to grasp enough air.  She looked at Melanie with bewildered eyes. Melanie was in near tears. 

She looked at the angelical face of the woman seating in front of her, someone for whom she cared deeply, not knowing what to do, or what to say she slowly got up and ran her hands through her short hair, in desperation.  She laced her fingers behind her neck her elbows up in the air bringing her hands to her face and mouth.  Melanie kept looking at her.  Addy looked at Melanie as she took a step towards the door.  There was complete silence.  Addy’s mind was racing.  All the different thoughts and scenarios running through it. 

Addy was facing Melanie, her back towards Karen.  Karen looked up at Addy with an anguish face, tears still running down her cheeks.  “I wouldn’t do what she wanted it.”  Addy leaned against the door framed and closed her eyes momentarily.  Nervous and barely audible, she addressed Melanie.  “Are you sure she is physically okay, has she told you all that really happened?” 

“Yes” Melanie replied.    

Addy went out to the living and looked out the window.  She stared at the horizon with her hand on her mouth in an attempt to contain her nerves.  She was visibly shaking.  Karen remained in her room in what now appeared to be a state of shock and in endless tears and sobs.  Everything was ruined.  For sure, Addy wouldn’t want anything to do with her now.  Her secret was out in the worst of ways.  How awful, how embarrassing!   

Melanie stood by the door looking down to the floor waiting to see what Addy’s reaction would be.  Melanie knew that Addy was Karen’s whole world and that Addy’s reaction was crucial to Karen’s mental state.  Addy’s reaction to this situation would determine Karen’s emotional state, probably for the rest of her life. 

If Addy cared enough for her friend, she would have to know that this would be the moment to show love, compassion friendship.  This would be the moment to stand by her and not judge her.

Addy walked towards Melanie, her eyes were teary and her breath was erratic, she was trying to control her nerves.  She took a deep breath, and walked right by Melanie and into the bedroom.  As she did, Melanie gave her a faint smile of approval, she tried to retain her psychiatrist cool, but couldn’t because Addy’s eyes and demeanor deserved a bow and a standing ovation.  Melanie didn’t know this woman, but at this very moment she realized why Karen loved her. 

Addy was a gentle heart, a loving, understanding, forgiving person smart enough to know when to switch her gears.  The caged lion had now turned into Ghandi, Mother Theresa or maybe the Virgin Mary herself!  She knelt in front of her friend and held Karen’s tear bathed hands.  She placed her head on Karen’s hands and lap.  She caught her breath and raised her head slowly looking at those beautiful eyes she adored.  With tears in her eyes and trembling voice she spoke.  “You are my friend, and I love you.”  Karen started to sob like a child.  She brought her forehead to touch Addy’s.  Karen sobbed uncontrollably, as Addy gently held her.  Melanie breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God for this woman.  God, even I love her!

After holding each other for a while Karen spoke.  “Addy, I need to tell you something, but I’m afraid that you are going to freak out even more.”  

“You need to tell me lots of things, but not now.  We need to calm down.  ” 

“If I don’t tell you now, I may not find the courage later.”  

“Okay.  Go ahead then, if you must.”  Addy was unsure if she could take any more emotional beat at this point, but what else could she say?  Karen was the one hurting here.  She had to be supportive of whatever!  Addy was shaking as much as Karen. 

“I’ve been so afraid to tell you.  I’ve been afraid that you wouldn’t want to be my friend after you know.” 

“Karen, I think I know what you are going to tell me.”

Karen was looking at her, with sadness in her face and expecting the worse reaction.“Addy, I’m gay.”   Silence. 

Addy nodded.  “I know.  I’ve suspected for a while.  “Ker, it does not make a difference.  You are you.  You are a wonderful person and nothing will change the way I feel about you.”  In such a way, that it scares the hell out of me! 

As she said this she pulled away from Karen and noticing that Karen’s blouse was still open she began to button it.  It felt good to take care of her.  As she did this, she couldn’t help seeing Karen’s breasts and thinking how beautiful they were.  Karen sat still unaware of Addy’s eyes on her chest.  She sat still and allowed Addy to finish her task. 

Red rimmed green eyes looked at her in surprise.  “Why didn’t you say anything?” 

“Ker, we all have our secrets.  We hurt no one by having them.  What is the point of stirring things when they don’t make a difference?” 

“I thought you wouldn’t want my friendship once you knew.”  What? We all have our secrets? You have a secret?!

“Well, now you know better.”

“I can’t believe that you are taking this so well!  You have no idea how much I’ve obsessed about you finding out!”  “God, if I had known, my life would have been so much easier!”  

Addy took a long deep sigh, smiled and looked at her. 

“You know what I regret?”  


“That it took you so long and this incident to tell me.  I understand that it’s a difficult thing to convey, but Ker, did you really think it would impact our friendship?” 

“Addy, you really never know how people are going to react.  Most of the times the reaction is pretty negative.  I’m really surprised about how you have reacted.  Although I was hoping, and praying that you’d take it well, if you ever found out.” 

“I feel sad because I feel you might have never told me, had it not been for this incident.  I value my friends and respect their choices.  Anyways, what’s done is done.”  



As she exited the room, she found Melanie who had heard the entire exchange.  Melanie was somewhat astonished herself.  Psychiatrist and all, people never ceased to amaze her.  This was all so rare, and getting stranger by the minute. …Is there something else going on here?  Melanie had also expected the normal reaction of disapproval or disgust from Addy, yet surprise, surprise!

“Of course, you knew about all these?”

“Yes, I’ve known Karen for a long time, Addy.” 

“Are you two….” 

“No.  I’m also gay, but we are just friends.  Always have been just friends.”  Melanie wanted to clear the air from any doubts. 

“Melanie, do you have time to help me fix this place up a bit?” 

Melanie smiled.  “I have patients to meet later this afternoon, but I can stay for about another hour.”  Both women began to pick up and clean.  Karen came out of the room sat on the sofa and watched her friends.  She actually couldn’t keep her eyes of Addy, who also kept looking at her from time to time.

When the cleaning was done, Melanie announced that she had to go.  However, before, she left she told Karen that she had to put take care of her scratches and that she should put some peroxide water on a couple of the ones that were still oozing a bit.  As Melanie was leaving, Addy told her that she was going to stay over for the night because she didn’t want to leave her alone. 

“You are a good friend, Addy, and for what is worth I’m very impressed with how well you took Karen’s news.” 

“I’m still digesting it, Melanie, this is all new to me, but be sure that I still feel the same way about her.”  Melanie smiled and said good-bye.  When Melanie left Addy called the office and said that she was taking the rest of the afternoon off. 

She looked at Karen.  “What am I going to do with you?”  Karen looked at her not knowing what to say. 

“We need to eat something, let’s order Chinese?”  After they ate, they sat next to each other in the sofa. 

“Feel like talking?”

“About what?” 

“Whatever happened here, how did this come about?”

Karen began to tell her about the woman. “We met I New York on a day I was getting ready to return home.  We didn’t have time to get to know each other there but I gave her my number and suggested that she call if she ever came down to DC.  She was here visiting and called me.  We went out to dinner and one thing let to another and we ended up here.  I was a bit taken back, because this is not something that I would normally do.  I never bring people to my place, but Addy I’m 35 and I still don’t have anyone in my life, so….I guess I took a chance.  A stupid chance!” 

“I suppose she must have been a heck of a woman!  You are no pushover!”  Karen looked at her in disbelief. 

“Do you want to know about her?  

“No, not really.”  I want to know, but apparently, I can’t handle it! 

“Well, we had some drinks and then she came on to me pretty strong, which is not the usual for me because I like to be the one initiating any action, that way I make sure that I’m in control of the situation.”  Addy rolled her eyes.  So, she likes to control the situation?  

Anyways, things progressed some more and I could tell from the way she was behaving that things were getting a bit out of hand.  At this point I knew that this was not going to work out and I wanted out.  When I sort of backed out, she was too much into it and started accusing me of being a tease and well, she wouldn’t back off.  She got rough, I said I didn’t like it that way and that upset her even more.  She accused me of a bunch of things and started to get all over me.  I defended myself as I could, things were tossed around and the rest you know.” 

“How did you get rid of her?” “I got to the door opened it and stood in the hallway I told her I was going to scream at the top of my lungs if she didn’t leave.  I guess she didn’t want a public scene and left.”  

“I need to ask you this again and I want the truth, is there more damage than the visible?” 

“No, she didn’t touch me inside. No one has for a long time.  Addy didn’t know how to react to this information, not knowing exactly what sex was like with a woman!  So, she blushed and looked away, a bit uncomfortable. 

Karen noticed her discomfort.  “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.  All of these has probably been too much for you already.” 


“Ker, I’m going to call Luke and tell him that you are sick and that I’m staying here with you.” 

“Addy, you don’t have to….I don’t want to inconvenience you…”  Addy looked at her with that look that Karen knew was of total determination.  She immediately gave up and reclined on the sofa. 

“I’ll make us an omelet and the rest of the Chinese food from this morning and we’ll talk some more.  I want to know more about this gay thing.” 

Karen was still in awe at this woman’s response.  They talked about Karen’s sexual preference and about why she had never felt a need to ‘come out.’  When it was time to go to sleep Addy asked Karen if she could borrow a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.  Karen brought the items and also a toothbrush. 

”Do you need anything else?  I’m going to put some peroxide water on the scratches now.”  

“Do you need any help?”  Karen looked at her a bit surprised.

“If you don’t mind, maybe with the ones on my back.” 

“Why do you look surprise?  Just because I now know that you are gay that doesn’t mean that you have become someone else.  I care for you just the same.  As a matter of fact, I’m more worried about you now than ever before.  It must be lonely living like you do, hiding your feelings and your life.  Ker…”   She trailed off.   Karen’s eyes got all watery again.  “Oh come on, let me have that peroxide bottle…..you know what I mean!” 

Karen smiled and said “You are just too good to be true!  Sometimes I don’t think you are real.”  Unfortunately, most of the time you are!

“So, how are we going to do this?”  Karen asked. 

“Take off you t-shirt and cover your front with a towel and I’ll take care of the back.”  Karen did as she was told.  Addy ached when she saw the scratches on Karen’s back.  As she prepared the cotton balls she asked.  “Is this the first time you’ve had something like this happen to you?” 

“I had one other bad experience many years ago, that’s why I’m always very careful.  I still can’t believe that I made this mistake!” 

“Would you do me a favor?  Next time there’s a prospective date in the picture will you tell me, so that I can say my two bits?” 

Karen raised her eyebrows and chuckled. “Are you sure you want to know?” 

“Karen, I want to make sure that nothing like this ever happens to you again….EVER!  Is that clear?  I don’t want anyone hurting you.  You are too good, and deserve better and somebody should be looking out for you, and that someone, my friend, will be me!” 


“Shut up and hold tight, I’m afraid this is going to hurt.” 

“Ouch!”  Addy slightly padded the scratches with the cotton ball.  When she was finished with the ones in her back she started with the ones on her neck and shoulders, she push the towel down a bit exposing the upper part of Karen’s chest and with a clean cotton ball she softly went over all the scratches in that area.  Addy did not leave a scratch untouched, even the ones who didn’t appear to need it.  She felt that Karen needed this kind of attention and care from her.  Addy felt so bad, it hurt to cause Karen more pain.

Karen closed her eyes not so much because she was in pain, but because she was so embarrassed that Addy had seen her like this and that she had found out about things this way.  She remained quiet, her head down.  She just winced and tensed every time a tender scratch was touched.  Addy realized that Karen could not do this herself and very gently, pushed the towel a bit further unwillingly exposing the top of her breasts and a bit of her nipples.  Addy gently padded the scratch near her left nipple.  Oh God, she is so beautiful!  Addy swallowed hard trying to focus on her task. 

“Addy, say what’s on your mind. I need to know what you are thinking, please.” 

“Karen, I’m not thinking much.” 

“Please, I won’t comment.  I just want to know what you are thinking.” 

“I think that you don’t deserve this, that you are too wonderful to subject yourself to this type of shit.  Look at you! For God sake!  You are a wonderful person, intelligent, sweet and beautiful.  How could you just go at it with a total stranger?  Whatever happened to dating?  To….. getting to know people?  Why rush into things?  Is it just for sex?  Can’t you just take care of yourself?  Please, don’t answer that one!”  Karen was sobbing again. 

“What hurts me most is that you’ve seen me like this!  That you found out like this!”  She was a stream of tears almost bent over on the bed.  “I’m so embarrassed….I think things will never be the same between us….!”

Addy sat next to her on the bed.  “Ker, I’m not like that….I confess that I find myself at a loss here.  I don’t know what the right thing to say or do is, but you are very important in my life and I don’t want any of these to come between us.  She carefully put her arm around Karen and brought her closer to her. 

“I love you, Ker.  I care for you.  I guess that’s the only thing I’m certain off.”  She then hugged her. Karen hugged her back.  In the midst of the long embrace, Addy kissed her on the head several times, closing her eyes as she did.  As she slowly pulled away from Karen, she wondered what had compelled her to kiss her.  Even thinking about this, she again kissed Karen on her forehead, it was as if she couldn’t draw herself from the woman in her arms.  Holding her felt right, felt good.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go to sleep now?   Karen laid down on the bed.  Her torso still covered by the towel.  Addy covered her with the comforter, turned off the light and gently kissed her on the forehead again.  Karen was speechless.  She could have said a million things, but all she could manage to say in a very low sweet voice was “Thanks, Addy.” “You are welcome, baby.”  Karen smiled and drifted into sleep.

Addy went back to the living room and sat on the sofa.  Her mind was blank. 


After this incident, Karen took a few days off.  Addy went by her place everyday after work to check on her and to reassure her that everything was fine.  Addy checked the scratches and went through the same routine with the cotton ball and peroxide water on the second day also.  By the third day everything was dried and healing. 

Melanie called Karen the following night.  “How are you doing?”


“Is Addy gone?”


“What do you think about how she took this whole thing?  She took it pretty well, didn’t she?”

  “Remarkably.  Not the normal reaction.”

“What do you make of that?  She said that she sort of suspected it.  Why would she have suspected?  Maybe when I told her that it was a she and not a he, she realized what was going on.” 

“I don’t know, Karen.  If she suspected from before then I can understand her reaction better, because she probably had time to think about what she would say or do if you ever told her.  But if it was a spur of the moment reaction, it was pretty remarkable.  Karen, on another note, I hate to bring this up, babe, but you do realize that you are in love with her, don’t you?”  Silence.  “It’s awful, Mel, I know.” 

“This is not good.  She’s got a life, she’s not gay and she’s not available, sweetie, you have to move on. This is the classical fall out for the straight girl, in this case even worse because she’s married.” 

“Mel, can we not talk about this now? Please?”

“Okay, but you are in denial here.  I will pick up this subject again.”


Karen came back to work the following week.  They had agreed to tell everyone that she had a stomach virus.  She had been able to work from home so her worked had not piled up. 

On her first day back, she was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and cream colored pants.  The turtleneck’s black color strikingly accentuated the color of her hair and her eyes.  She looked stunning.  The turtleneck concealed any remaining marks on her neck. Everyone greeted and complemented her on how great she looked despite of having been so sick.  She popped her head into Addy’s office briefly just to say good morning.  When Addy looked up and saw the gorgeous face she smiled. 


“Hello there.” Addy replied. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just wanted to say hello.  I’m just walking in.  I’ll talk to you later.” 


Does she know how great she looks? My God! No wonder that woman ….Oh God!  What am I thinking? 

The following weeks went by without much happening.  They were both swamped with work and were working late hours.  Both women would see each other at the office, chat, and traded e-mails, but for the most part, both had conscientiously avoided each other. 

Karen was still embarrassed from what had happened and how Addy had seen her, not to mention the revelation of her sexual orientation.  Her other worst fear was that Addy would find out how she felt about her.  That would certainly raise a wall between them now that Addy knew about her sexual preference.  She had to keep some distance and keep it cool between them.  This was not going to be easy.

Karen panicked at the thought that she would give herself away with the wrong look.  She loved everything about Addy and could hardly keep her eyes away from her when the woman was in the same room with her.  Addy was like a magnet for her.  She just adored everything about her.  From her character to the way she talked, how she walked, how her hips swayed and that fabulous butt!   She was just too afraid to give it all away with the wrong look.  What would she do? 

Addy for her part was not sure how she felt now that things were out in the open.  It was not that she felt that Karen was going to come on to her or anything like that, after all they had been friends for some time and that hadn’t happened, but it was this uneasy feeling that she had whenever Karen was around. 

It also bothered her that she found Karen so attractive.  She began to wonder if that was normal and was almost afraid that the other woman might find out that she felt that way and might misinterpret her interest.  On the other hand, she had already complemented Karen many times before on how well she looked, and how stunning she was.  The truth was that it was hard for anyone not to look at Karen.  Deep down, she was troubled about her own feelings for Karen.  She had admitted that much to herself.  She also had trouble not looking at Karen when they were in the same room.  She couldn’t understand the crazy attraction.

There was another bigger truth, for both, and that was that they were great friends and they missed each other terribly. 

Addy came to the realization that she was the one who had to break the ice because she understood that Karen would probably be embarrassed from the whole occurrence.  So, on Friday evening she popped into Karen’s office. 

“Hey, can I come in?” Karen froze.  Oh, oh.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, really. Are you doing anything tomorrow?” Karen remained frozen not knowing where this was headed.

“No, why?” “Do you want to come shopping to Tysons with me and Laurie?”  Karen’s lips twitched into a slight smile, but she held it.

“Are you sure?”

“Why wouldn’t I be sure?”

“You don’t think I may be a bad influence on Laurie?” 

Addy had been right all along Karen had been reluctant to approach her, she needed reassurances regarding their friendship.  Addy couldn’t help smiling at those expectant green eyes desperately searching her face. 

Addy pouted a bit. “Nope, do you think you are?”

Karen’s eyes misted a bit.  “No, never.”

“So, be at my house at noon. We can have lunch there. I’ll drive. Does that work for you?” Karen nodded, her eyes wide open still incredulous of Addy’s bold approach.

“Addy, are you going to tell Laurie about me?”

“I wasn’t planning.  Do you want to? Do you think it’s necessary?”

“No, I don’t.  I just wanted to know what you wanted to do about that.”

“Ker, can we forget about that and just go on with our lives?  I really don’t care who you choose to sleep with!”

Karen didn’t very much like that aloof response, but it was better than if she banned her from her life. “I’ll be at your house at noon.”

Addy perceived that her comment was not very subtle, she noticed its impact on Karen’s face.  “I’m sorry, Ker, I can’t help being so blunt sometimes.  I just want us to move on pass whatever.”

“Don’t worry, Addy, I’m good.”

Yeah, but I’m not.  I don’t know why I’m hurting!  As she got up to leave, she winked at Karen. 

“Don’t work too late!”  That wink! Why does she do that?  Karen looked into the dark night outside her window, speechless, loving this adorable woman who filled her in so many ways.   


Shopping was fun, Laurie loved to shop and she liked Karen’s fashion sense, above all they both loved making fun of Addy and her ‘weird’ sense of taste.  “I will not be caught dead on that dress for sure! You’ve got to make sure that I’m dressed like I usually dress when I’m in my coffin!”  They had lunch at Coastal Flats, and had a great afternoon in general. 

Back at home, Karen didn’t come inside the house, she didn’t like dealing with Luke.  She didn’t like him.  She had never mentioned that to Addy, but Addy sort of suspected because Karen would only come over when he was not around or when there was some sort of party.  Today, Luke was home.

 “Are you sure you don’t want to come in?”  Laurie had gone inside already. 

“Yeah, I’m good, plus I have laundry to do.”

“Gee that’s a compliment …laundry coming first than me!” 

“You know that’s not true, Addy, that’s not like it is. I just need to go.”  Addy looked at her very seriously.  Somehow they both knew what the unspoken reason was but neither would dare bring it up.  Addy couldn’t hold her gaze and looked down.  Karen felt like hugging her, so she turned around and got in her car. Addy put both hands on the door of the car, as if wanting to hold, at least, something of hers.  She really wished she could have hugged her and kissed her?!  Oh God!

“Bye, Ker.” “Bye.”    

To be continued in Part 6

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