All Over Again...




A/N: Okay so I thought I'd share the first piece I have ever written since I'm buried under my textbooks and won't be able to update HAVEN for awhile… It's a bit immature, So I apologize in advance… The style is a bit unrefined, but it was the first piece I ever finished. So I was really proud of the concept overall. Hope it's worth reading… It was a at the point of my life where butterflies and rainbows were pretty. So it's pretty fluffy…I think, I'm not sure… That's what other people said (Shrugs) .

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Warning: This story depicts a consensual loving and sexual relationship between two women above the legal age of consent which is seventeen. If you are underage or this is illegal where you live please find another form of entertainment…

Violence/Sex: yes there is a consensual sexual relationship between two high school students. There's no violence though. No wait I lie, two people, a wall and a car do get punched.

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Cameron West sat quietly in the back of her acting class, her legs crossed at the ankles, her shoulders slumped. Running her fingers through the brunette hair that draped her shoulders, she watched intently as some of her peers on stage performed a sketch about a happy couple going on vacation to the Amazon jungle. Okay, so the Amazon jungle wasn't the most ideal holiday destination. But this was Art Academy, everything was weird and unusual including the students. She rolled her blue eyes at the characters' glee roles the play revolved around. Especially her…

Of course she was picked as the lead, yet again. What was new? Ever since the blonde had enrolled in Art Academy she had soared with her extra ordinary talents beating anyone and everyone at anything she tried. In a simple word, she was a natural. Haley Scott was the next prodigy to come out of Art Academy. But no, that was not where the story ended. Of course Haley was also the most likable person in the school. She was friendly, kind and beautiful. God was she beautiful… Her smile alone could melt any ice witch. Even her, Cam thought with her natural scowl.

Cam was not the type of person to give a damn about anyone besides herself. That too was when she felt like caring about herself. She was the typical bad girl that people tend to fear and avoid. Always remote with only a selected few which had the privilege of entertaining a conversation with her. As Haley was drawn to the light, she was drawn to the dark, her Goth black clothing evident of that. So it was almost expected that she and Haley were destined to be enemies.

No one seemed to bring out her mean streak as much as the annoyingly kind blonde. At first she couldn't understand it but as time went on it became clearer. Haley Scott was everything she was not. So carrying on bad girl traditions, she went out of her way to try and make the blonde miserable. But Haley being Haley always seemed to hold her own not cringing in the least. Or worse she dismissed the brunette's behavior, which pissed her off at a greater length. Cam rolled her eyes. How could anyone be so perfect, she wondered. Then she felt the gradual ghost of a smile touch her lips. Haley was almost perfect… Almost…

Switching the channel back to the play at hand, Cam watched the ending of the sketch with a bored expression plastered on her face. Yet, her clear blue eyes taking in everything and everyone. She watched her best friend and –ex, Ryan Tatum, wrap his arms around the blonde and stare wistfully into her green eyes. For some reason she felt a pang of jealous spike before she clammed it down with sheer logic. Of course Ryan had to hold Haley in an intimate embrace since they were playing opposite numbers. He briefly looked at Cam, giving her a hint of an impish smile before leaning down and gently capturing soft lips in what seemed like a classic romantic kiss. She couldn't help her own smirk as she observed. The rest of the class seemed to either be cheering or staring at the Goth with fear in their eyes as if they were waiting for her to murder someone. She relaxed her stance when the kiss gradually came to an end as did the play. Haley wiped her mouth with her sleeve and shot a daring glance at the Goth.

“Let's give them a hand.” The acting teacher, Adrian applauded along with the rest of the class apart from Cam whose arms were crossed over her chest, stiffly. “That was great you guys.”

“Well, it was a fantastically written piece…” Haley admitted with a beaming smile, most of the class nodding in agreement. Cam simply rolled her eyes. Of course the blonde would give credit elsewhere. Thankfully, the bell rang for lunch.

“Don't forget your assignments for Friday.” Adrian yelled as the class started to disperse. Cam barely caught that as she swung her knapsack over her shoulder almost running out of class. Her strides were fast and determined as she burst into the bathroom. Most of the occupants fleeing at her entrance. Being the bad girl did have its benefits. Stepping into one of the cubicles, she quickly relieved herself. After flushing, she stepped out towards the sinks. Lathering her hands in liquid soap from the wall dispenser, she stared at her reflection. Her brunette hair flowing down her shoulders a bit wildly giving her a sexy undercurrent. Her blue eyes the only light color on her person, bringing them out more. Just as she opened the tap, the bathroom door flung open. She didn't even bother to turn her head, knowing exactly who it was due to the vanilla perfume wafting through. After washing her hands, she lifted her head again seeing those green eyes smiling back at her through the mirror.

“Cam…” An amused smirk played on the side of Haley's luscious mouth.

“Scott…” Cam said evenly as she strode passed the blonde towards the door. Reaching the door, she halted with a frown. Deciding she would never get another chance like this, she turned the lock.

Hearing the clicking sound echo through the room, Haley's head jerked towards the brunette. “What are you doing?”

A dry smirk crawled onto the side of the Goth's mouth. “What do you think I'm doing, Scott?”

“I don't know. Why do you think I asked?” The blonde rolled her eyes, arms crossed over her chest in a defensive move. She had never been afraid of the brunette and she wasn't about to start now.

“Well, I'm thinking you and I need to talk about Adrian's class.” The Goth leaned against the door, eyes never leaving the blonde.

“What? Is this what it's about? The kiss?” Haley gave the Goth an exasperated look, dropping her arms loosely. “It couldn't be helped, it was part of the play.”

“Doesn't mean I have to like it…”

“Then why did you write it?” Haley challenged with a light chuckle washing her hands. “You had to know Ryan would get the lead…”

Cam straightened, her eyes slowly scrutinizing the blonde from her beautifully tanned legs up her skirt that grazed high on her thighs. Her eyes drifting along the white top that hung loosely on her shoulders. “It was a good piece.”

Haley turned her head and smiled. “Brilliant.” She agreed turning back to the mirror, straightening her hair.

Cam scowled strutting into the blonde's personal space. Haley stiffened when she felt the Goth's intimidating presence hover over her. She turned only to be trapped on either side by two long arms leaning on the counter behind her. She held her breath as those stoic blue eyes searched her face. “But I also knew that you would get the lead.”

The blonde blew out the breath, her brows drawing. “So then you set yourself up for that.” She rebuked their gaze never faltering. At the brunette's lengthily silence, she let out a sigh, dropping her eyes to the floor. “But if it would make you feel any better, I've had better…”

“Oh, yeah?” Cam couldn't help the small chuckle that bubbled out of her. "And you are comparing him to whom exactly?”

“No one.” The blonde shook her head, resigning with a smirk. Staring back up into crystal blue eyes, she snaked her arms around the brunette's neck. “There's no comparison…”

“Good answer.” Cam grinned just before she crushed her lips against the blonde in a ravishing kiss. Her hand reaching down to grip her hips, pulling her closer.

Haley felt her breath stolen like she had felt every time they kissed. Her hands falling into thick brunette hair, keeping her in place as she increased the tempo. God she needed this, she needed her. Being an actress meant you had to kiss many people, and she didn't mind but she never really considered them real. Real was Cameron West who had the sublime ability to sinter your entire body in an inferno that melted between your legs. She moaned feeling those wonderful hands slide down her skirt, daring to dip under and glide over her panties and rest on her butt. “Baby…” The blonde panted against the Goth's lips. Cam swallowed the whimper Haley let out as she squeezed that shapely rear, lifting her onto the counter to put them near the same height. The blonde wrapped her legs around the Goth, needing her closer, their mouths never relenting, their tongues tangling hotly. Somewhere in between devouring each other, they both heard banging on the door.

“Ignore them…” Cam said in between kisses.

“We can't…” Haley pulled back remembering where they were, gasping for air. She cupped the brunette's face pressing their foreheads together. Both their eyes were sealed, as their chest heaved from the intense make out session. “We can't, it's a public bathroom…” She managed.

Cam's eyes burst open in annoyance to meet green. “God, Scott why do you have to be so nice?”

“Why do you have to be so bad?” Haley asked with amusement.

“You like me bad.” Cam's bottom lip dropped in a pout.

“Yes… On my own time.” Haley's smile grew at her adorable annoyed girlfriend. She pulled the brunette in for one last smoldering kiss. “Right now, people need to use the facilities. Which reminds me…” She jumped down off the counter and disappeared into a stall leaving Cam to shake her head. “Baby, open the door…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” The Goth mumbled, dragging her feet to the door. Flicking the latch, the door was opened, a bunch of students suddenly burst into the lavatory. Cam sighed as she went to wait outside in the less crowded hallway. Leaning against her locker, she plugged in her earphones drowning out the irritating sounds of chitchat with some rock. Her eyes drooping closed as she waited for her girlfriend. Yes, her girlfriend… Haley Scott might have been Art Academy's Miss Sunshine but she was also involved with the fiery brunette for over six months. The only flaw the blonde had was Cam, the Goth thought back to her theory of almost perfect. One she embraced openly. She was either stupid or brave. Either way, somehow they made it work.

A small content smile played on her face as her mind flew over the details for the past year and half when the blonde first joined Art Academy. Her earlier thoughts of sworn enemies coming to mind. But of course all the animosity between them turned out to be sexual tension. Given the right fuel resulted in combustion and somehow she found herself here. Why? God, she wished she could explain it to the point where it would make sense. She didn't even understand it. All, she knew was that she never needed anyone until she met the blonde. That the one thing that made sense in her pathetic life was Haley. Being with her was as natural as breathing, despite what anyone thought. Not that that they had the guts to say anything to Cam's face.

Feeling a gentle hand slowly stroke her arm, Cam's sapphire eyes opened to see Haley smiling up at her.

“Ready to go?”

“What? I can't hear you…”

Cam grinned deviously when the blonde rolled her eyes and tugged off her earphones. “I said ready to go?”

“No, I'm waiting for another hot blonde to walk out the bathroom.”

“Shut up.” Haley smacked her on the arm before grabbing her hand making their way towards the building's exit.

“Ow.” The Goth muttered, rubbing her arm with her free hand.

“You're just lucky, you called me hot or it would have been harder.” Haley stuck out a tongue.

Cam's eyes narrowed. “You're sure you want to tempt me like that in a crowded hallway?”

The blonde slowly retracted her tongue knowing the brunette would make good on her threat. Plus she was really hungry. “So where do you want to eat lunch?”

“Where ever.” Cam shrugged digging in her knapsack for her Aviators, the sun's rays a bit too harsh.


They settled under one of the larger oak trees on the grounds. Haley's back resting against the trunk with Cam's head resting on her lap sprawled out on the grass, eyes closed behind her sunglasses. The blonde chewed on her sandwich as she simply stared at her beautiful high strung girlfriend with soft green eyes.

“Stop that, it's distracting.”

Haley stopped in mid-bite. “Oh, I'm sorry, were you doing something important?” She asked dryly, taking in the lazed out Goth.

Cam removed her Aviators, her blue eyes smiling up at green. “You forget, I'm always doing something important.”

The blonde rolled her eyes as she polished off the last bite of her sandwich. “Oh right, what were you doing this time?”

“Thinking…” Cam turned her head to stare out the other students prancing around.

Haley merely smiled, her fingers running through that thick mane of brunette hair. “What about?”

“Oh, you know…” Cam felt a soft hand cup her cheek. She leaned into it until she faced the blonde again. “About how you turned me gay.” She grinned.

“What! No, you turned me gay…” Haley jolted and shook her head.

Cam sat up and raised a brow. “No, this was all you, Scott…”

“No way! I never even think about girls until I met you. So you are definitely to blame…”

“What? When I met you, I had a boyfriend!” Cam stared at the blonde disbelievingly.

“So, you were in denial.” Haley waved a hand.


“Okay, look, said boyfriend is heading this way.” Haley pointed towards Ryan who strolled towards them with his hands tucked in his back pockets. “We will just ask him.”

“Fine.” Cam scowled and shrugged.

Ryan ran a hand through his dark blonde hair, his boyish smirk lighting up when he saw the look in their eyes. Clearly they were having another argument. “Hey guys, what's up?” He sat down, stretching his legs in a v shape, leaning back on his elbows.

Cam turned towards her best friend. “Ryan, just tell Scott here, she was the one that turned me gay.”

“Uh…” Ryan tried but was interrupted.

“What! Don't listen to her, Ryan. I had many promising boyfriends before her, remember?” Haley groused.

“Well…” He tried again.

“What?” Cam chuckled. “Where are these promising boyfriends now?”

“You scared them away, remember…”

“Oh, right.” Cam frowned. “But still, it was so your fault.”

“No way!”

Ryan shot both of them a nervous glance. He usually didn't mind when they argued. It was quite entertaining. What he didn't find entertaining though was when he was caught in the middle. He did that once and let's just say it didn't end up pretty on his end. He rubbed the faint scar on his chin before he caught a glance of the ginger girl heading their way. “Oh, look there's Cat! Let me go help her, that book looks mighty heavy.” He practically jumped up and quickened his strides.

Both Haley and Cam turned to see Cat skipping their way with a paperback novel in her hands. “Coward!” They both yelled in unison.

Ryan flinched and shot them a sly grin over his shoulder. “Damn straight!” He shouted back making them both chuckle.

Haley took a deep breath, the heat seemed to dissipate between them. “Does it really matter who was at fault?”

“Yes!” Cam sighed and leaned against the base of the tree next to the blonde. “Okay no… because I really wouldn't change anything.”

“Nothing?” Haley raised a brow.

“Okay, maybe I'd make you more submissive so I can win more arguments.” Cam smirked.

Haley chuckled and had that glint in her eyes that Cam loved. The blonde then suddenly swung a leg over the brunette's thighs, straddling her lap. Her arms wrapping around the Goth's neck. “Is this submissive enough for you?”

Cam grinned, her hands resting on either side of the blonde's hips. “Only if you kiss me?”

Haley tilted her head playfully, her hands teasing the back of Cam's neck. “Now, why would I do that?”

“Because you really want to.” Cam's blue eyes burned through hers with hunger.

“I do?”

“Definitely, it's all you think about.” The Goth shot back with a confident smirk.

“Can't argue with logic like that.” Haley mumbled before her hot mouth covered Cams. The kiss was slow and teasing, with a few nips she knew the Goth loved. They both moaned into the kiss when their tongues met sensuously.

“Hi guys!” Cat beamed down at them.

Their kiss broke slowly as Cam looked up at the ginger girl, who smiled innocently at them. “Hi Cat, bye Cat…” She pulled Haley back to her lips.

Haley pushed on Cam's shoulders finding it really hard to stop what they were doing. “Later…” She muffled against the Goth's lips before drawing back completely and hopping off her lap. She wiped her lips smiling at Cat. “Hi Cat. How are you?”

Cam grimaced. Of course she wouldn't have a clue, things just flew past the little ginger girl. She was one of those innocent oblivious type girls that everyone couldn't help fall their adorableness. She was also a bit airy and weird, the Goth thought. But then again who wasn't in this school? Especially in their precarious bunch of friends.

“I'm great! I have a new umbrella!” Cat sat down and folded her legs under her shorts.

“Okay…” Haley raised a brow, looking up into the clear sky, not a cloud in sight. “Hmmm that's nice.”

“Yup.” She nodded her head vigorously. “So what are you guys doing?”

“Nothing…” Cam glowered, resting her hands behind her head.

“Me too!” Cat gave them a beaming smile.

“Cool… Do you mind doing that somewhere else?” Cam winced when she was elbowed in the ribs, her girlfriend giving her dark glare. She mouthed ‘what' and Haley simply turned her attention back to the ginger girl.

“Cat, have you seen Cole? We were supposed to practice that new song he composed after lunch.”

The ginger girl nodded and pointed behind them. “Yup, he is kissing that girl over there… I think.” She scrunched her face, tilting her head a bit.

Both Cam and Haley adjusted following Cat's gaze. They also tilted their heads trying to figure out what their African American friend was doing with that redhead. “It kinda looks like she is swallowing him whole.” Haley commented.

“Hey guys! Did you hear?” A curly brunette boy rushed up to them.

All heads turned to face him. “Hey Josh, hear what?” Haley asked.

“That they are looking for students to audition for a local production. A real movie!” Josh squealed in delight. “It also involves some vocals. They just started putting up posters all over.”

Cat frowned at him, tapping her bottom lip with her index finger. “I heard they only want girls.”

“What?” Josh's excitement died down. He smacked his head. “Oh man, that would explain why the auditioning song was I like you, boy.

Another shorter curly brunette chuckled up behind him. “Don't worry bro, I don't think they will know the difference in your case. Just wear that ball gown you wore for Halloween last year.”

Josh laughed awkwardly scratching the back of his head. “He is lying…” He jerked an elbow into his younger brother's side. “Joey! You promised!”

“Yeah yeah, whatever…” Joey nodded at the couple on the ground with a dirty look in his eyes. “So did you guys make out yet? Cause please don't let us stop you.” He grinned darkly.

Cam tensed about to jump up and pound the little turd into dust when she was tugged on the arm. Turning her head, she saw Haley shake her head, sighing. “Fuck off, turd!” She sat back down and flipped him off.

Joey burst out laughing. “Oh man, West, whipped looks so good on you.” Then his laughing gradually seized when the blonde let go of the arm she was restraining.

Cam simply rose with a smirk. He flew out of sight before she could even dust off her jeans. “Asshole…” She muttered, despising Josh's younger brother. He was an arrogant, womanizing bastard always trying to hang around them. When the bell rang for the end of break, she held out a hand for the blonde. Haley smiled and took the hand, being pulled up to her feet. They all made their way towards the building, Haley glancing at the movie posters on the way. “So are you going to audition?” Cam nudged her girlfriend gently with her shoulder.

“I think so. It will be a good experience.” Haley smiled, linking their fingers. “What about you?”

“Nah…” The Goth shook her head.

“Why not?” The blonde arched a brow. “You're a brilliant actress.”

“I know. I just think it's not for me anymore, you know.” Cam shrugged. “I don't know. I guess I just like writing and directing more. I think perhaps I'll make that my focus.”

“I always figured you would go that route.”

“Yeah?” Haley nodded with a grin. “Why?”

“Because…” The blonde stopped them and smiled softly into blue eyes. “You have such a strong, beautiful and creative mind. Even when you do things unconsciously it always comes out incredible. I mean seriously, watch out world, writer Cameron West is going to be taking you by storm.” She cupped Cam's face pulling her down to place a small peck on her forehead.

Cam leaned back, her eyes glazed over in awe. No one had ever had such confidence in her before. No one had ever loved her as much as she felt Haley did. She shrugged, ducking her head shyly. “You think?”

“I know…” Haley smiled when they started towards their class again. “But you're coming to the audition with me though, for moral support, right?”

“Aw, do I have to?” Cam groaned playfully.

“Yes!” Haley huffed incredulously as they entered the classroom…







"Would you quit that, Scott?"

Haley movement came to a complete halt. She shot a glare at the Goth spread across her bed that was consumed in the realms of her cellphone. "I can't, I'm too anxious and when I'm anxious, I pace."

Cam briefly glanced at her then resumed playing with her phone. The blonde shook her head as continued. Left and right. Left and right. With half her attention stuck on her girlfriend's constant motion, the brunette couldn't concentrate on her game. On the fifth attempt on the same level, she dropped her phone on the bed. "Haley!" She grabbed the blonde by the arm and pulled her into her lap. Haley acted swiftly and circled her arms around Cam's neck to stop her momentum. Cam encircled her arms around Haley's waist. They just stared at each other. "Okay tell me what's wrong."

"Do you really want to know?"

"Not really, but tell me anyway." Haley just knitted her eyebrow refusing to say a word. Cam sighed. "Okay, okay, I really want to know. So would you tell me so I could get back to winning my game?"

Haley knew that was the best she was going to get out of the brunette. "Well, it's the audition. I don't think I'm going to get the part otherwise they would have called by now."

"Is that it?" Cam had a blank expression on her face. "Really Scott, really?" The blonde pouted and laid her head against her neck in defeat. Cam let out a heavy sigh, never witnessing her girlfriend so bummed out before. "Listen Haley, you were amazing! There was no way that other girl with the crooked nose got the part. She couldn't touch you."

Haley lifted and stared at Cam dumbstruck. "But –but you said, that you could hear me off tune from the hallway."

Cam laughed. "And you listened to me? I just said it because old habits die hard.” She grinned sheepishly. “I thought you'd feel deprived if I didn't say it.” Haley just rolled her eyes and looked away. It was really hard to keep up with Cam. Sometimes she wondered why she ever got involved with this moody psychopath. For six months nevertheless. It was true, she had to be a masochist. Cam gripped her chin to face her again. Those blue sapphires penetrating through her. She could never quite get use to the brilliance of them. "You were great, truly." The Goth whispered. Ah, that's why , Haley smiled in thought. She got to see a side others didn't, let alone knew existed. With that, Haley leaned closer and placed her lips on her girlfriends. It was a soft yet very potent kiss. "What was that for?" Cam asked when she got her breath back.

Haley just smiled. "Just because for some odd reasons that are beyond me, I love you." The blonde kissed her again, her fingers getting tangled in Cam's hair puling her closer to deepen the kiss. Lips parting, tongues meeting in perfect harmony. It was a sensation that felt new every time. It was always overwhelming, it gave her a sense of belonging. Something Cam never felt with her parents, with Ryan.

They released, foreheads leaning together. "I love you too, Scott." Cam smirked seeing the smile reach Haley's eyes. Then initiated the next kiss. Slowly building up the pace, her hands tracing up Haley's back feeling the texture of the blonde's tank between her fingers.

This time Haley pulled back, smiled. "You're not just saying all this to distract me, right?"

"Of course not." Cam humored and then shut her girlfriend up the only way she knew how.

Cam scowled as Haley pulled out once again. A sly smirk crept onto Haley's face. "You're not just saying this to get in my pants, right?"

Cam chuckled, "Hmmm... Maybe."

Haley laughed as she pushed Cam down and pinned her against the mattress. Her lips started on Cam's before trailing across her jaw. The Goth closed her eyes taking in the feeling of the soft wetness of the blonde's lips against her. She couldn't help but let out a moan when the softness turned into grazing teeth at that sensitive spot behind her ear. How Haley made her feel so vulnerable and weak with her mouth alone was something she could never comprehend. She tried not to think about it so hard. That's if she could think at all. Wait, wasn't she the one who supposed to be distracting Haley? God, she couldn't remember.

Haley leaned in and captured the brunette's mouth again as she started on the buttons of Cam's black shirt. Cam's hands crept under the blonde's tank craving the feel of her smooth skin against her fingers. Haley moaned as she felt the cold lengths trailing up her feverish body, gasping when they cupped her bra- clad breasts. “God… Cam.”

Cam let out a low sexy chuckle against her mouth, gently kneading the prizes between her hands. She loved the feel of Haley's hard nipples against her palms and by the blondes reaction she was certain she enjoyed it too. The blonde threw her head back, feeling a thumb flick over her painfully hard bud. This gave the Goth enough space to push up and let her unbuttoned shirt slide off revealing a black lace bra. Cam planted hot wet kisses against the planes of the blonde's neck, her hands sliding around to her smooth back. Her fingers twisting in the material of the tank before yanking it over Haley's head to even the playing field. Pushing back her eyes slowly dropped to Haley's magenta bra that filled out nicely. She loved the soft but firmness of the blonde's sun-kissed skin. Haley didn't let her linger long pulling her up to her lips. Their lips meeting faster as Cam slipped her tongue through her girlfriend's lips getting a series of whimpers out of her. Their hands gliding, feeling and memorizing every inch of naked skin they could manage. Until Haley pushed the brunette back down, straddling her hips forcefully. Cam smirked, her breathing ragged as they both took each other in for a moment. She licked her lips, catching that sexy glint in Haley's gorgeous green eyes when her hands wound around her back about to undo the catches on her bra.

Suddenly they both jolted when the door burst open and another darker blonde stormed in. "Haley, we need to talk!"

Haley jerked around swiftly, her arms dropping to her sides. "What the hell, Cassie! Don't you knock?"

Cassie just ignored the comment and continued pacing around the room. "It's an emergency! I really need your advice!” She briefly spared her sister and her girlfriend a glance, not caring about the compromising position they were in. “I'm your sister, you're supposed to help." She whined.

"Yeah you're my sister, unfortunately." Haley buried her face into her hands and muttered under her breath.

Cam just rolled her eyes flopping back on the bed. It was not the first time they had been interrupted by the older annoying Scott sister. Cassie had just the perfect timing. It was as if she waited for moments like these to make an appearance. And what was with all the pacing? Maybe it was Scott thing. She held Haley in place and pulled her down to whisper in her ears. "If we ignore her, what are the chances she will return to the hole in the ground, she was spat up from?"

Haley sighed leaning her head against her shoulder. "Close to none, I'm afraid."

Cam nodded as both of them pushed off the bed. "Yeah, just what I thought." She grunted just as she was about to leave the room. No way was she going to sit here and listen to some sob story that Cassie had up her sleeve. Maybe she'd go watch the grass grow or play with matches or something. God, Anything.

"Hey, where are you going?" Haley asked with a frown.

"Um, just going to raid your fridge for a soda, want anything?"

The younger blonde shook her head. "No thanks, but I think you might want to put your shirt back on." She tossed the shirt at the Goth. Cam shrugged, slipped on her shirt again and button it up.

"Since you going down, do you mind getting me a bottle of water? Thanks." Cassie bravely interjected.

Cam didn't even spare her a glare as she walked away. Haley just rolled her eyes as she pulled her own tank back over her head. "Okay, Cassie I know I'm going to regret this but what's wrong?" She was half expecting Cassie to say she broke a nail or that her hair seemed thinner this morning. Those were the type of superficial problems Cassie considered to be an emergency.

Cassie took a deep breath trying to control her breathing. All exaggerated, her speech seemed to be impaired. "Well, well…Well-"

"Spit it out, Cassie!" Haley groaned, feeling the frustration overwhelm her.

Cassie startled at the harsh tone emitting from her sister. "Ryan asked me out!"

Haley's eyes grew wide, like Cassie was speaking in a foreign language she didn't quite understand. "What?"

"I said Ryan asked me out!" The older blonde shouted.

"No, I heard you… I was just making sure I heard right. Are you sure?"

"Am I sure about what?" Cassie frowned.

"That he asked YOU out?" Haley still feeling like she woke up in a parallel world.

"Yes! I happened to be there when he said, 'Cassie want to go out Friday night'." Cassie said sarcasm dripping in her tone.

"Well, was he feeling alright?" Haley asked trying to make sense of the situation.

Cassie thought about it. "Yeah, he looked fine to me." Then realization hit her. "Wait! Hey what's that supposed to mean?"

"Um, nothing…” Haley stuck her tongue in her cheek. “Well are you going?"

"What do I look crazy? Of course I am."

The younger blonde arched a brow. "So then what's the emergency?" Besides Ryan totally losing his mind .

Cassie finally sighed, her gaze dropping to the floor. "I don't know which dress to wear."

Great… That was just great. Haley blinked twice as her sister never failed to amaze her. Why couldn't she have a brother? She bet he'd knock before he entered her room. At least feel a little embarrassed seeing his sister and her girlfriend getting it on. Ah, if only.

"So are you going to help me?" Cassie pleaded.

Haley rolled her eyes letting out a resigned sigh. "The blue one is nice. Wear that."

Cassie's eyes lit up as she smiled. "That's exactly the one I was thinking about. Thanks." Well at least she said thanks this time, Haley thought.

Cassie was about to leave when she stopped at the door. "Hmm… I think Cam forgot about my water. Oh well." She beamed and scurried of to her room.

Haley smiled impishly. "No, no… I don't think she forgot." She treaded down the stairs to see her girlfriend laid back on the sofa, her feet kicked up on the coffee table like she owned the place. That was Cam for you. Maybe she should tell her about Ryan and Cassie. "Hey babe?"

Cam turned slightly, sipping her Cola and sparing Haley a glance. "Hmm?"

The blonde grinned, waiting for Cam to take a bigger sip. "Ryan asked Cassie out this Friday."

"What!" The Goth barely managed to say choking on her soda and spitting it out. Haley chuckled and went to sit next to her girlfriend, tapping her on the back. Cam drew her eyebrows, running her sleeve across her mouth. "You're kidding me, right?"

"Nope." Haley shook her head.

"Seriously?" Cam's eyes widened.

"That's what Cassie claims."

The Goth rolled her eyes. "And we believe her because?"

"Well, she seemed genuine about it and I can usually tell when she lies. She wasn't."

"Hmm… Well, I knew I broke Ryan's heart but I had no idea it would drive him crazy."

"Just for the record we will all blame you for his insanity." Haley smirked.

"Yeah, I thought as much. Maybe I should get back together with him to help him regain some of it back." Cam suggested as her lips quirked into a sly smirk.

"Maybe you should…" Haley retorted in a nonchalant tone.

"But then what will I do with the likes of you. Hmm, I could always keep you as a pet." Cam teased.

The blonde glared at her. "I'll kick your ass, I'm no animal." Cam chuckled, she was definitely rubbing off on her girlfriend.

“Well, you could have fooled me a couple of times."

This time Haley smiled recalling those 'couple of times'. "Hmmm… maybe." She stared into those beautiful blue eyes and wondered why it was she could never get enough of the complicated Goth. She leaned over closing their distance and placed her lips on Cam's, soft and welcoming. She traced Cam's bottom lip with her tongue before slipping it into her mouth briefly. The kiss held for a moment then they released. "About the whole Ryan issue?" Haley spoke after a moment.

"Ryan who?" Cam asked still trying to grasp which way is up and which ways down. Haley smiled slowly, satisfied.

"Um, never mind." Haley leaned against Cam's shoulder as the Goth wrapped an arm around her. "Gross, you're sticky!"

"Well, it's your fault. You ambushed me and this is payback…" Cam kept her grip in place and snickered evilly. Haley grimaced when her attempts to squirm out of her girlfriends grasp proved to be futile. It was no use, Cam was too strong so she just settled against the stickiness. Just as she was about to get comfortable her cellphone started ringing. They both sat up and stared at the little device vibrating on the coffee table.

"Well answer it! It could be the casting director!" Cam yelled witnessing the apprehension in Haley's green eyes.

The blonde nodded and swallowed as she picked up the phone…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .



Cam leaned against the couch in front of the TV. Her favourite reality show was on, something about freak accident deaths. At the moment there was a reenactment on how some guy died by swallowing a bunny rabbit whole. It would have intrigued her if her eyes weren't fixed on the glass doors leading into the Scott's garden. There stood Haley with her back towards her and her cell phone glued to her ear. She had been on the phone for ten minutes with the casting director. It felt like forever. Why couldn't people just call, say 'hi you got the part', then hang up. She would never understand their reasons for elaborating you got the part in ten different ways. Finally, Haley hung up but continued to stand there soaking up the last of dying sun. Cam got up, unsure what to think? Did Haley get the part? She couldn't tell. So she just walked into the garden up behind Haley sliding her arms around her waist and pulling the blonde against her. Haley smiled, eyes closed as she leaned back into the Goth girl placing her hands on top of Cam's at her waist. Cam nuzzled into Haley's long blonde hair taking in the scent that drove her over the edge. She loved Haley's vanilla scented perfume but she would never admit it to her. But the blonde probably already had inkling since she wore it every day. Probably just to torture her, the brunette thought with a faint smirk. They just stood there for a few minutes in silence enjoying the contact.

Then Cam lifted her head, staring out at the garden. "You're going to make me to ask you, aren't you?" She spoke, her voice low.

Haley just smiled. "Yup."

Cam rolled her eyes. "Well, it's not going to work because I'm not going to."

"So you don't want to know?"

"No." The Goth said stubbornly.

"Okay…" Haley dragged out and smiled. She mentally started a countdown in her head. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two…

"Scott!" Cam swiftly turned Haley to face her, their eyes held. A pure green meeting misty blue.

The blonde laughed at how well she knew her girlfriend. She lifted her hand to brush the loose strands of brunette hair off Cam's pale face. "Cam?"

Cam shivered at the feel of cold fingers grazing her skin. "Tell me!"

Haley arched her brow. "That didn't sound like asking to me." Cam just glared at her as she giggled. "Okay, okay, enough torture, for now."

"Haley?" Cam pinched the arch of her nose.

"I got it." The blonde whispered.

"See, I told you, you'd get it. You worry for nothing." The Goth waved her off.

Haley smiled thoroughly amused. Who was worried a minute ago? She probably shouldn't mention it if she wanted to live to see her eighteenth birthday. "Uh…huh. But I think I should mention something?"

Cam's eyebrows drew."Which would be?"

"I got the part. But I'm not sure if I'm going to take it." Cam just stared at her, then let out a low chuckle.

"Yeah sure." With Haley's face remained sober, The Goth straightened. "You're serious?" The blonde nodded. "Why?"

"Well, apparently the producers increased the budget today so the movie will be shot over a course of six months."

Cam stared impassively at the beautiful blonde in front of her. She thought she was the demented one in the relationship. Since when is more money into a production bad? Six months in a studio didn't seem that bad. "I'm still failing to see why you would want to reject a leading role in a movie, Scott?"

Haley turned around and let out a shaky breath. "It's in New Zealand."

The brunette's eyes widened as she stared into Haley's back. "What?"

"Their new budget allows them to change their location from local studio space to freaken New Zealand!" The blonde exasperated waving her hands.

Cam fell silent, unsure what to say. Six months in New Zealand? That was a different issue all together. Her heart felt like it was jammed in her throat. It was an amazing opportunity for Haley, she knew that but…

Haley turned back staring into detached blue eyes unable to decipher them. "Say something…” She pleaded desperate to know what the Goth was thinking. “Anything!"

The Goth took a deep breath knowing exactly what she wanted to say. But that's not what came out of her mouth. "You should take it." She murmured her eyes and voice disconnected.

Something squeezed Haley's heart hard. She looked away. Wrong answer Cam. "What?"

"It's a great opportunity." Cam glanced at the floor incapable of holding Haley's gaze for another second.

"That's it, I should take it. It's a great opportunity?" Haley stared at her unable to fight the disappointment and hurt crawling into her. Was it really that easy for Cam to let go? Sure they had only been together for six months but they had loved each other for twice that long. Hadn't they? "Huh… Unbelievable."

"What the hell do you want from me, Scott?" Cam's eyes darkened.

"Honestly, I don't know. I don't think I ever did." Fighting tears, Haley attempted to push past the Goth towards the door. She reached it, turned the handle and it opened slightly until Cam shut it firmly again. The brunette kept her hand against the door trapping Haley's body against her own. Frustration overbearing the blonde, she shut her eyes tightly feeling her rage bubble within her. "Let go!"

"No." Cam said softly against Haley's neck. The blonde tensed at the tingling sensation of Cam's breath against her.

She turned around to face Cam. Still enraged she asked. "Why?"

Cam shook her head, trying to withhold all the emotions only the blonde brought out in her. "I can't..." She admitted as she crushed her lips against Haley's. The blonde felt all the raw emotions trapped in that kiss. Their mouths fused together like always. It was so familiar yet so different. The aggressiveness of the kiss subsided slowly until it was just considered a gentle meeting of lips. Cam has never been so gentle with her. It seemed sort of eerie and yet she loved it thoroughly. The Goth pulled back and watched Haley carefully open her eyes. Then softly brushed her lips together again, briefly. "I love you, Haley." Their foreheads pressed together.

Haley eyes glistened. "Then tell me to stay?"

Cam thought she actually heard her own heart crack. She shook her head. "No."

"Well, too bad because I am!" Haley yelled as she forced the door open and entered her house.

Cam followed, her own anger rising. "Tell me why…Why!"

"Because my school is here, my friends and because you're here. There will be other movies."

"You are staying because of me, Scott." Cam said simply.

"What if I am? So what!" Haley turned to face her and challenged.

"I won't have it." I won't have you hate me , Cam thought unable to say it.

Haley froze, her eyebrows narrowing dangerously. She let out a half laugh and repeated the audacious comment. "You won't have it?" Then she shook her head. "Well, I don't give a shit what you'll have, Cam. You are not my mother!"

"No, that would be me." Both girls turned to face Abby Scott who settled a grocery bag on the kitchen counter. "You girls fighting again?"

"No!" They both shouted in unison. Then they looked at each other knowing that this would have to continue later. They buried it for now.

Abby smiled, amused. "Of course, I forgot you girls just have aggressive conversations."

Haley smiled, walked up to her mother and kissed her cheek. "Hey mom."

"Hi Haley, Cam." She stared at her daughter's girlfriend leaning against the sofa.

Cam nodded. "Mrs. Scott."

"How are your parents?" She asked as she was packing away the groceries.

"Alive, last time I checked." Cam shrugged.

"Well that's nice." Haley's mother was quite use to Cam's unorthodox responses by now. She just went along with them.

"Hmm, that's debatable." The Goth went to sit at the counter next to Haley.

"Ah, well." That was the best response Abby could think of. Then she looked at her daughter. "Haley, where's your sister?"

"She's getting ready for her date?" Haley shrugged.

Abby raised her eyebrow. "Date?"

"Yeah, with Ryan." Haley said as she went to fish a bottle of water out of the fridge. She handed one to Cam.

Abby's eyes widened and pointed at Cam. "Your Ryan?" Cam nodded and sipped on her water. She definitely needed to sit down. She could never keep up with these teenagers.

Then all of a sudden they heard a biting scream coming from upstairs. Haley and her mother jumped out of their seats and sprinted towards the source. Cam just shrugged unsure if she should go too. Well it wasn't as if she anything better to do at the moment. So she strolled up, her bottle of water in her hand.

Haley and her mother reached Cassie's door out of breath and panting "What happened?" Abby asked when she saw Cassie who was in her underwear and a white face mask, running and screaming frantically.

"It burns! It burns!" Cassie screeched as she indicated to her face.

"God, Cassie, where do you get these products!" Haley shouted over Cassie's shrieks.

Cam walked into the room and arched a brow. "What's up?" She asked in a nonchalant tone.

"It's still burning! Mommy help!" Cassie continued to scream.

Haley rolled her eyes pointing at her sister. "New face product."

Cam nodded and watched Cassie scream for a moment. She was uncertain if she enjoyed it or it was getting annoying. The annoying factor was definitely surpassing the enjoying one. So Cam walked up to Cassie, twisted the cap off her bottle and let it fly straight into Cassie's face. The burning sensation was gradually fading and Cassie stopped, spitting water out of her mouth. Her face and her underwear were soaked. The wetness making it almost transparent.

Cam looked her over once. "There… Problem solved." Cassie glared at the Goth. Then Cam raised a cocky brow smirking. "But you might want to change those." She pointed to Cassie's Bra. The older Scott sibling dropped her gaze, blushed and used her arms to cover herself.

The brunette rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, I've seen better." She left the room with Haley and Abby hot on her trail.

Abby shook her head in confusion. "You know what I don't understand?"

Haley looked at her mother. "What mom?"

"You are the gay daughter in the family, yet I still consider you the normal one."

They all laughed. "Well, it's not that hard when Cassie's my only competition." The blonde quipped when they reached the bottom of the stairs.

Abby turned towards Cam. "Are you staying for dinner, Cam?"

"No, I should get going now anyway." Cam responded checking her watch.

"I'll give you a lift." Haley offered.

"No, I'd rather walk." Cam shrugged. She really needed the thinking time.

"It's ten blocks."

"I could use the exercise. Anyway, see you later Scott. Mrs. Scott." Before Haley could retort the Goth left closing the door behind her.

Haley just sighed as she went to sit at the counter while her mother started preparing their dinner. She laid her head down on the surface. Today was an emotionally draining day. She felt so conflicted. What was she supposed to do? Take it, become a movie star? Don't take it, be content with her life, with Cam? It was six bloody months! A lot could change in that long. She sighed again.

Abby stared at her daughter. "You want to talk about what went on here before I arrived?"

"Maybe… ” The blonde lifted her head. “I got the part by the way."

Her mother smiled. "I never doubted that for a minute. You are just too talented."

Haley smiled ruefully. "But now the movie got an increase in the budget and is going to be filmed in New Zealand."

"Haley that's amazing!” Abby beamed. “It's a great opportunity."

"For six months." Haley revealed in a sigh.

"Oh." Her mother's eyes widened. “What about school?”

“They are organizing everything with the school. I'll get to do my assignments abroad.” She mumbled.

“Oh, wow. That is great honey. I'm so proud of you.” Seeing the conflicted look on her daughters face her grin slipped. "Well, now I can certainly understand why Cam was so upset then. Six months is a long time so it's obvious she wouldn't want you to go."

Haley let out a shaky laugh. "Yeah, you'd think."

Her mother frowned. "I don't understand."

"Well, she wants me to go. It is I that's against it."The younger blonde pouted and lifted a finger in the air.

"Well, why is it you don't want to go? It is a magnificent opportunity, Haley."

"I know that but…" Haley's eyes were about to fill. "It is six months, mom."

Her mother nodded knowingly. "You are staying because of Cam."

"Not completely." Haley shook her head and denied halfheartedly.

"Well, if Cam wasn't in the picture, would you stay?"

"I, I … I don't know." The blonde stared at her mother. She couldn't imagine Cam not being in her life. She wouldn't even dare think it.

Her mother just smiled as she started marinating the chicken. "You know Haley, I never quite understood your whole relationship with Cam.” She looked up at her daughter with a soft smile. “I accepted it because I love you. But I never understood it… Part of that is because she is a girl. But mostly because Cam's weird." Abby let out a small chuckle then continued. "But from what I see I know one thing is true.”


“She really loves you, honey.” Haley's eyes widened at the simple statement. “It shows every time she looks at you. And from where she stands on this issue, it is very evident.” Her mother absently opened the oven and deposited the chicken in. “She wants what's best for you, Haley. Not many people I know could be so unselfish." Her mother's gaze returned to her own. "Put yourself in her place, Haley. What if she was the one with the life changing opportunity? Would you ask her to stay? Would you want you to be the reason she never got the experience? Personally, I want you to go because you worked so hard for it. I know that. Cam knows that. But what we want is irrelevant so whatever you decide, we will stand behind you. No matter what…"

Haley took in every word her mother said. Damn it! Her mother was right. She had been such an idiot. She stood up suddenly, reached for her jacket and slipped it on. Her mother smiled and threw the car keys at her. She ran and grabbed her mother in a bone crushing hug. "Thanks mom."

"Anytime." Abby smiled as she stared after her daughter who raced out the door.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Cam was strolling on the pavement, her hands stuffed in her jacket pocket, taking in the sounds of dogs barking. The noise was sort of comforting. She tried to think about what happened back at the Scott house. She couldn't understand why Haley was being so stubborn. Usually she loved that trait about the blonde but not when it was about her. Cam kicked a rock at some near trash cans. She just couldn't deal with all this tonight maybe she would get some sleep and think clearer in the morning. Maybe Scott too.

Then a car pulled up behind her. She glanced back and saw Haley step out of the vehicle. She continued walking. Haley walked up behind her. "Cam?"

"Go home, Scott."

"I need to talk to you."

"I'm not in the mood." Cam's stony tone dismissed her as she picked up her stride.

Haley halted. Okay that was it, she had no other choice. Cam heard the footsteps behind her relent then slowed her own pace. The next thing the Goth knew, she was tackled from behind onto someone's lawn and was pinned onto the grass.

"What the hell! Have you lost your fucking mind! What's wrong with you!" Cam shouted as she tried to squirm out of Haley's hold. But she couldn't budge. When did Haley get so strong?

Haley radiated just as much as Cam. "You want to know what's wrong with me! I'm in love with a psychopath, that's what! So I guess you could say that I have lost my fucking mind!" Cam couldn't help the grin that was tugging on the side of her mouth. She loved it when she got Haley to cuss. The blonde felt Cam relax beneath her, then softened her tone. "And she won't even let me apologize to her." The Goth met her eyes. "I'm sorry Cam and I want you to know that I will take the part but only on one condition."

Cam's brows drew suspiciously. "Which is?"

"If you promise to love me in six months as much as you do now."

Cam let out a low chuckle, slightly amused. She brushed a loose strand of blonde hair with the back of her hand."Well, you seem to have forgotten how we got in this situation, Scott."

Haley frowned leaning into her touch. "How?"

"I couldn't stop loving you in the first place even when I tried. What makes you think I'll stop in six months?"

Haley let out a small laugh, her heart feeling full. Then she placed her lips on Cam's welcoming ones. Cam shifted a little allowing Haley's mouth more room to fit perfectly onto hers. The blonde ran her fingers through brunette hair as she increased the intensity of the kiss. Cam's hands settled on the blonde's small waist. They just took each other in, savoring. Then Haley pulled back smiling at her girlfriend.

Cam returned the smile when she got her breath back. "I love you too, you nut. Now will you get off me? I think there's a pervert in that house spying on us."

Haley laughed and set a sly smirk on her face. "Since when has that stopped us before?"

"Good point." Cam matched her smirk as she switched places with Haley in one swift move. They both grinned at each other before Cam crushed down on Haley's lips…







The light streamed in from a tiny gap in the window. It journeyed across the wooden floor, slowly ascended the bed covers and settled on Haley's face. She stirred and shifted her back towards it. Her eyes remained closed yet her sleep had broken instantly as the brilliance of the sun had reached her eyes. She was afraid to open them, her heart pounding against her chest. If she did it would be official. Today was the day she would leave her home, her family, her friends, let alone this continent and Cam for six months. Her groan was stifled against her pillow.

She regretted the day she decided to audition for this movie. But how was she supposed to know that a simple low budget local production would turn into a full-blown movie. Jet setting not only across the world but her career as well. Was she even old enough, allowed to have a career? Sure a lot of actors and singers started out as kids, she thought ruefully. But that didn't mean she was ready. She sighed, she probably sounded ungrateful. Her parents and friends always supported her. She didn't want to disappoint them. Most people would die at the opportunity. God Haley, you wanted this ever since you could remember, what changed? Stupid question, you know what. Cameron West … The high-strung Goth girl who made her fall so deeply and desperately in love with her. Six months without the eye rolls, witty comments and the disinterested looks, how will she ever live? If she thought back to when she first met Cam, she remembered how her aim in life was to make Haley miserable with her presence alone. Haley shook her head, looks like much hasn't changed because Cam was going to make her miserable again. Except this time with her absence. She squeezed the softness of her bed covers against her hoping for a little comfort.

Then she heard small knocks on her bedroom window. She was forced to open her eyes and stared at the clock with a frown. It was just a bit after seven. The knocks continued as she pushed her covers aside. She strode to her window rubbing her arms, the morning was sort of nippy. She peeled back the curtains to see a dark hooded figure with blue flannel pajama pants on the lawn below. A smile instantly spread across her face as tiny pebbles bounced off her window. When she came into view of the figure the pebbles stopped.

Haley opened the window to a fresh breeze that entered her room. "Yes, can I help you?" She stuck her tongue in her cheek.

Cam simply rolled her eyes. "Just get your ass down here, Scott."

"You know, I would but I'm a little afraid."

Cam's brows drew. "Oh and why is that?"

"Because my girlfriend doesn't usually make a romantic gesture like this. I can't be sure you're really her?" Haley said with her eyes playful.

Cam snorted at the word 'romantic'. "What romantic gesture? There was this giant bug on your window I was trying to kill. If it happened to wake you up in the process, it couldn't be helped." Cam shrugged.

Haley just laughed. God was it any wonder she loved this woman. "I'm sure… I'll be down in a minute." She left Cam staring at the empty window with a smirk tugging on the side of her mouth.

Haley pulled a giant sweatshirt over her head. She settled for her sneakers over her slippers thinking perhaps there was dew on the grass. She rushed into the bathroom and brushed her teeth in record time. She looked up at the mirror and frowned. Damn bed hair. She tied her hair up and splashed a little water on her face. She looked back at the mirror, it was not perfect but it would do. She jogged down the stairs about to open the door.

"Haley?" The blonde halted on the door handle. She turned to face her mother who was sipping on her coffee in the kitchen.


Her mother continued to stare at her suspiciously. "Where are you off to so early?"

"Um, out." Haley gave her a sweet smile.

Her mother returned her smile. "Okay, tell Cam I said hi."

Haley just shook her head, like she could ever hide anything from her mother. "I will."

She closed the door behind her and ran around the back to see Cam waiting with open arms. She leaped into them, squeezing the Goth with a deathly grip. Cam holding her with the same amount of force. They stayed in the embrace savoring the feel of each other.

"That's your idea of a minute?" Cam whispered against Haley's hair.

Haley chuckled into her neck. "Don't ruin the moment, Cam."

Cam smiled and pulled back slightly to meet Haley's incredible, smiling green eyes. "Okay, but first things first." She leaned down and pressed her lips against Haley's soft compliant ones. Her arms pulling Haley's body closer to mold with her own, kissing each other sweetly. Cam pulled out early staring at Haley's eyes which went dark with desire. The Goth grinned. "Still think I'm not your girlfriend?"

Haley smirked, cupping Cam's face between her hands. "I can't tell, yet." She said before she pulled the brunette's mouth back to hers. The kiss deepening until they were both out of breath, panting. With their foreheads leaning together, Haley spoke, her voice husky. "Okay, I think I'm convinced now." Cam let out something that resembled a chuckle. They both smiled and leaned again.

"Gosh it is so freaking early in the morning! Can't you two just get a room?" They stopped just before their lips met again. They shared an eye roll and looked up to stare at the older Scott sister through her bedroom window.

"You know we would but somehow you always manage to turn up unannounced." Haley retorted.

Cam smirked. "Personally, I think she enjoys the show, since she doesn't get any action of her own."

Cassie turned a funny shade of red glaring at them. "Well, I…" She let out unable to think of a comeback. So she flipped them off and slammed her window shut. They both let out a snickering laugh. God, Haley was going to miss this. Their combined effort at pissing off her sister. Now Cam would have the luxury all to herself for six months.

Her smile slowly faded. Cam looked over at her, smiled and pulled Haley into her. She placed a kiss on the pouter's forehead. "C'mon, let's go." She laced their fingers together as they started to walk.

"Where are we going?" Haley asked frowning.

"For a walk."Cam told her as she led Haley away from the Scott house.

"But Cam we're practically in our pajamas." The blonde looked around to see if any of the neighbors were awake watching them.

"So? It's not like we looking for hot guys to date." Cam rolled her eyes.

"Good point." Haley let out a half laugh as she relaxed. They continued walking around in silence. She let the Goth lead her aimlessly. "My mom said hi by the way." Cam nodded then let out a slow yawn. "Why did you come so early it's only about half past seven?"

"Because I know you, Scott. As soon as you would have woken up, you would have started panicking, thinking about a million reasons why you should change your mind." Cam explained leaving out the main reason. The fact that she, herself never get any sleep the entire night dreading this day. So it was pointless for her to remain in bed, she might as well ease Haley's torment. Haley stared at the Goth in awe. It surprised her how much they actually knew about each other. Cam continued. "Plus you know after that, you would have started pacing and the thought of that would have weirded me out."

Haley chuckled as she shook her head. "This coming from the girl who laughs at someone's intestines being ripped out of their stomach. But people pacing weird's you out?"

"What?” Cam just glared at her. “The motion is sickening."

Haley continued laughing, leaning her head on Cam's shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, you are so weird." She brought their joined hands to her lips. "God Cam, I just love you."

Cam smiled and kissed Haley's forehead. Then they stopped in front of a small creek. "We're here."

"Where?" Haley asked as she looked over the scenery. Her breath caught and her heart softened as she took in the pure beauty of it. The water appeared to sparkle with the sun's reflection engraved into it. The grass was long and different shades of a dark green encircling the water, with what seemed like butterflies floating over it. How did they manage to get here? Her eyes lit up as she turned to face her companion. "God Cam, it's beautiful. Where are we?"

The Goth stared at her with a smug look on her face. "Well, I happened to stumble across this little area when I was a kid. I came here every time my parents fought. It's my own personal haven. I thought you might like it." She shrugged.

Haley grazed the back of her fingers gently across Cam's cheek, feeling touched that the Goth would share it with her. "I love it. It's enchanting, really." Cam smiled and dragged her towards the biggest oak tree she had ever seen. They both sat down against the trunk, Haley sinking into the brunette with Cam's arm around her. The beautiful sight facing them. She wondered if Cam actually knew how romantic she really was. She doubted it, she thought with a small chuckle.

"What you laughing at?" Cam wondered her voice soft.

"Hmmm… You know, I was wondering what a kid version Cam would do all the way out here." Haley smiled softly.

"Ah well, she used to capture frogs for dissecting." Cam grinned when she saw the blonde pale marginally.

"Why do I have a feeling you're not joking?" Haley let out a nervous laugh. Cam shrugged and laughed too. They sat there together easy in conversation about their separate childhood adventures. Haley completely distracted from her earlier worries. The day seemed to get warmer. They were both so consumed in each other, they forgot about the outside world altogether.

Then Cam's phone started to ring. She reached into her hoody pocket and answered. "Yeah?" Cam listened then rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She stood up and held a hand out to Haley. "We've got to go, your mom's looking for you."

Haley gripped Cam's hand and pulled herself up. "Okay but what time is it?"

Cam checked the time on her phone. "It's 11.45 am."

"11.45 am? You mean, we have been out here for close to four hours." It couldn't be, time just flew. In a few hours she'd be gone. Her heart rate started to increase.

"Yeah it seems so." Cam saw the look in Haley's eyes. She reached for her hand. "C'mon Scott, snap out of it. Don't think about it." Haley stared at Cam then smiled weakly. "Let's go." They walked retracing their steps back to the Scott house.

They stopped outside the Scott property when Cam spoke. "You know Scott, it won't be so bad."

"Deep down, I know that, but..." Haley replied her voice soft.

"No buts, six months will fly then you'll be back, famous to say the least." Cam interrupted with forced enthusiasm. Her heart hurt every time she tried to put a brave front on for the blonde. Truth was she was terrified. Her life had finally found some kind of stability over the last six months. This beautiful blonde in front of her seemed to impact her in ways no one else could with her annoying kindness. It was only half a year she kept telling herself.

Haley nodded and returned a smile. Then she opened the door and stepped inside the Scott home.

"Surprise!" was blasted into Haley's ears as she jumped into Cam's arms, clinging for dear life. Cam chuckled as she nodded towards their friends and Haley's family that were spread around her house. The blonde let go slowly and a smile spread wide across her face. She saw the farewell/good luck banner.

She couldn't help but laugh and clutched her shirt just above her heart. "You guys almost gave me a heart attack. You know I hate surprises."

Everyone chuckled and turned to point at Cam. "It was her idea!" They shouted in unison. Haley turned to face Cam and raised an eyebrow. Cam shrugged with a mischievous smirk crawling its way onto her face as she went to get a soda.

"Plus we weren't going to send you away without a farewell party, anyway." Cole said as he stepped up and crushed her in a bear hug. He was one of the first friends she had in Art Academy. They performed a lot of duets together with many songs he had composed on his own. "Ain't that right, Catherina?" He said as Cat came up to them.

"Yes! We are going to miss you so much Hale!" Cat shrieked in her usual chipper voice.

Haley hugged her. "I'm going to miss you guys too, Cat." Then she looked up to see Josh and Joey grinning at her.

"Well, tell her how you really feel, you idiot." Joey exclaimed looking at Josh.

Josh blushed slightly and spoke in a hushed tone. "What! Do you want Cam to beat me up?"

"Well duh! Something has to liven up this party."

Josh eyes widened and put his hand over Joey's mouth to muffle out other embarrassing comments. "Haha don't mind him Haley, mom said I had to bring him. I hope you enjoy New Zealand."

Haley just smiled and briefly hugged him. "Thanks Josh."

Josh blushed and stumbled away. He released his hand from Joey's mouth. "She hugged me." He sighed.

"You are such a dork." Joey rolled his eyes.

Ryan shook his head as he walked past the brothers' shenanigans towards the blonde. "Hey, don't I get a hug?" His smile was warm and deep.

Haley returned his smile. "That depends are you going to look after Cam for me while I'm gone."

"She is my best friend. Do you doubt it?" He smirked.

"No, but no funny business Mr.!" She poked his chest and teased.

He simply chuckled. "I do recall it was you kissing my ex- girlfriend when we were still dating."

The blonde cringed, guiltily. "You never going to let me get over that one, are you?"

He smiled and pulled her into an embrace. "Never." She chuckled into his chest.

Then they released smiling at each other. "But seriously, I'm counting on you to watch over her." Ryan nodded. Then she turned to face Cole as he returned. "And I'm counting on you to watch him. Make sure he doesn't try anything." She grinned.

"Like a hawk." Cole said indicating at Ryan with two fingers. Ryan chuckled. Haley was going to miss this bunch of friends she made over two years. It was a sudden friendship but something she could say was true. She couldn't remember what life was before them, actually she refused to. This crazy bunch made her days entertaining in the least.

Cam treaded down the stairs to see Haley and their friends settled in the lounge. Cam was just thankful that Ryan had brought her the change of clothes she had requested. He was the simply the most reliable, most understanding best friend ever. She didn't deserve him, really. There were a lot of things she thought she didn't deserve but she was grateful she had them anyway. She made her way to the couch that her two favourite people shared. She plopped her head on Haley's lap and her feet on Ryan's as she lay across the length of the couch. Haley's fingers instinctively ran through Cam's raven hair as they smiled at each other.

Then Cam lifted her head to face Ryan. "How about a foot massage there?"

Ryan's lips quirked into a wicked smirk. "Trade you."

Cam raised her brow, her expression just as puckish. "For?"

"Oh you know, the usual thing I trade you for." He said in a nonchalant tone.

"You mean sexual favors?" Cam asked, Haley rolling her eyes.

He grinned. "Exactly."

"Well, what did you have in mind?" Haley simply smacked Cam on the arm. "Ow." Cam moaned as she and Ryan started laughing. "Don't worry we will talk about it when she's gone." She whispered.

"Har-har, you guys are a riot." Haley grumped.

"You're just too easy, babe." Cam and Ryan resumed laughing.

"Yeah, I hate you guys." Haley scowled at them.

"No, you don't, you love us." Cam smiled.

"Yeah, yeah." Haley smiled as she leaned down and briefly placed her lips on Cam's. "But I'm not kissing him." She pointed at Ryan.

"Aww…" He pouted, playfully.

"Get your own girlfriend, Ryan." Cam told him.

"I can't, I'm too afraid."

"Why?" Cam's eyebrows drew.

He indicated at Haley with a smirk. "She stole my last one."

Cam let out a chuckle. "I know she's sneaky like that."

"Hey!" Haley shouted and the two chuckled again. Then Haley couldn't help herself and joined in the laughter. She doubted she would miss being the butt of their jokes but she would definitely miss them.

Cam merely closed her eyes reveling in her final moments with Haley as part of the group dynamic. She listened to Ryan discuss his horrible date with Cassie to Haley. Wow Ryan, she could have told him that Cam thought with a smirk. Who in their right mind would date that irritating Scott? Cam simply let her thoughts wander with their conversations.

She felt soft lips against her own. Her eyes still closed as she opened her mouth slightly, invitingly. Then to her joy the visitor accepted, a tongue slipping into her mouth to duel gently with her own. "Scott." She murmured against the supple lips. She felt the lips curl before it retreated. She frowned as she opened her eyes to see Haley smiling down at her. Then she turned to face the empty room. "Whoa, where did everyone go?"


"I fell asleep, didn't I?" Cam covered her face with hands.

"Yup." Haley smiled and placed a small kiss into brunette hair.

"Well ,then why didn't you wake me up?" Cam asked in a grumpy tone.

"Because you didn't get any sleep last night, did you?" Cam stared at Haley knowing it was more a statement than a question. She shrugged.

"Ryan told you." Haley nodded as Cam got up. She would have to remember to Kill Ryan, when she saw him next. "What time is it?"

"Time to go to the airport." Haley sighed heavily.

Cam's eyes widened. "Already?" The blonde nodded.

The car ride over was quiet, no one saying a word. Even the usual Scott family car conversations were muted. Perhaps no one knew the right things to say. The Airport was huge and full of people scurrying along. It was seemingly crowded. Cam usually felt uneasy in crowds but that feeling was obscured by the one digging a hole in her chest. She watched as Haley checked in the last of her bags. Then have a family moment. Her mother smiling and kissing Haley's forehead. Her father mimicking the mother's actions bursting with the same amount of pride and sorrow in his eyes. Even Cassie seemed a little sad at the prospect of not seeing her sister for six months. The Scott's left to give those two a little time. They stood across from each other.

"So I guess this is it." Haley said her eyes full, ready to over flow.

Cam smiled weakly her own tears threatening. "Only for six months. I'll be waiting right here for you when you get back."

Haley couldn't bare the small distance between them so she stepped into Cam's arms which enfolded her tightly. Haley's tears started to flow freely now. "I love you Cameron West."

Cam trying desperately to hold in her own tears. She wouldn't let Haley see them. She placed a rough kiss against blonde hair. "I love you too, Haley Scott." Then she leaned back and smiled. "Now, get your ass on that plane Scott so you can come back faster, okay."

Haley let out a watery laugh and nodded. Cam crossed her arms as she watched her girlfriend depart. Her emotions stirring violently within her. She watched the plane take off minutes later and then turned around.

"I told the Scott's I'll give you a lift home." Cam looked up to see Ryan standing there with open arms. She shook her head as she went into them. He held her tight and smiled. "It's okay to let go now, Cam." Her tears ran freely staining the sleeve of his shirt…







Cam's eyes flew open to sounds of two familiar voices yelling at each other. She drew a pillow over her head to try muffling them out. But the ranting and raving increased in volume by the minute. Resigned, she dragged herself out of bed. You'd think after seventeen years of this rollercoaster she called her family, she would get used to it. She reached for her cell phone on her dresser, browsed it over and sighed. There were five messages but none from Haley today. She was probably out or asleep, they were like nineteen hours ahead. Was it really only two months since Haley left? Why did it feel like a year? They kept in contact through texts and email at least every second day. Sometimes she would get lucky and get a phone call. Just the sound of Scott's rich voice eased some of the emptiness. But Haley was sort of enjoying the work and surprisingly to her that was all that mattered. When did she stop being so selfish, Cam thought repentantly? Old Cam would have not thought twice about telling her to stay. Stupid Scott had to go and change her. Worse, make her a better person, she shook her head with a scowl.

She regretted that today was not a weekday because there was no school. At least she would have had something to keep her mind preoccupied with. Instead, no it had to be Saturday and she had no real plans. Not that she couldn't have any if she wanted to. Cat had asked her to go shopping with her. Ryan had persistently offered to take her to the beach today. Her friends being the considerate people they were but she had rejected them. Why? She didn't know why. Maybe she was starting to be considerate as well. She was in a rotten mood and didn't want bring them down as well. Plus it was the fifteenth of the month. She couldn't believe it was already 8 months. She just felt like being alone today. Not actually, she felt like being with Haley so bad. She would just have to settle for herself. Hell Cam, you sound so pathetic.

The racket didn't seem like it would subside anytime soon. But it was not like she would stay in this hell hole for more than the time it took her to take a shower. She would even skip breakfast today. She strode into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She undressed. Naked she stepped under the hot sprays. With her head underwater she drowned out the rest of the world. Her thoughts wandering over to the one person that gave her a little peace.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Haley stumbled into her hotel room absolutely exhausted. She reached her bed and plopped face down. They had been shooting one scene for like six hours straight. She had given a flawless performance but her co-star Michael Travis, she could only describe him in one way. Idiot, where did they find this guy? Sure, he was super hot. But it should matter that he knows how to act, shouldn't it? He couldn't remember half his lines and something that should have taken them three hours to film, took freaken six hours. Maybe they should have spent more of the budget on decent actors instead of the set location. She sighed and grabbed her phone on the small table beside her bed. What time was it back in LA, she thought to herself? She was just too tired to think. So she just went through her phone and then began to type a message. She was about to hit send when there was a knock on the door.

Haley felt too lazy to get up so she yelled from her bed. "Who is it?"

"Haley are you in there? It's Rachel." A silk voice behind the door asked.

"Yes!" Haley mumbled into her pillow. It was Rachel, what was she doing here? She never visited. She was one of the supporting actresses on the cast. But she had an air about herself that one would assume she was the leading actress. She didn't like Haley much from what she gathered. But that was okay because the blonde wasn't much of a fan herself.

"Well, would you open the door?"

Okay this wasn't working Haley thought with a frown. The door wasn't going to open itself. She dragged herself up to the door, unlatched it and pulled it open. There was this redhead woman in her early twenties standing in front of her, her beauty seemed flawless. Her eyes were a hypnotizing ocean blue. Haley just watched as the woman strode right past her into her room.

The blonde shook her head in annoyance. "Yeah sure why don't you come in, make yourself at home." She mumbled under her breath.

"Oh I will." Rachel looked over the room admiring it for first time. "My room has a bigger bed." She proclaimed with a hint of smugness in her tone.

Haley rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm in no need of a bigger bed. It's just me." The redhead was always trying to better her at something.

Rachel chuckled as she settled on the softness of the bed. "And when you have company?"

"I don't plan to." The blonde stated evenly getting thoroughly annoyed.

The redhead's smirk grew gradually. "I see, does that mean you involved with someone back in LA?"

"As a matter of fact, yes."

"Oh, that's too bad because I heard Travis is interested in you." She lingered on her Co-stars name, enticingly.

"Really? Too bad he is an idiot." Haley mumbled wryly.

Rachel chuckled, her voice silky. "Even so, he is easy on the eyes and most girls can't resist his charm. You must really love your boyfriend, Haley."

"Girlfriend." Haley corrected and couldn't help but smile. "And yes, I really do."

Rachel straightened and then gawked at the blonde in front of her. Girlfriend? Hmmm… This could be interesting. She wouldn't have imagined the exotic blonde to be queer. But anything was accepted in the twenty –first century. She set a slow sly smirk on her face. "You're a dyke? I certainly didn't expect it." Rachel saying in her prim and proper tone.

Haley winced at the term. She didn't like it, not one bit. But she retained her composure. "Yes, I'm happily gay, if that is not too redundant. So what are doing here Rachel? I doubt it was to gather information on my sexuality, or sex life, or admire my room." She said her patience running thin.

"Oh right, some of the cast members are going to the Preston Club, would you consider joining us this time?" Rachel offered her join them at one of the most expensive, most elite clubs in the country. They had offered her before countless times but she was rarely in a party mood.

Haley's eyebrows drew. She wasn't really expecting the offer to come from Rachel. Frankly she was just too tired and miserable anyway. "Thank you for the offer but no thanks."

Rachel rose. "Okay I tried." She said a little too quickly. The blonde shook her head realizing the cast probably sent her. The redhead strode to the door but turned back. "Are you sure? I do not want the cast members to assume I never try hard enough."

Haley let out a small chuckle. "I'm sure. I've got an important phone call to make."

Rachel grinned. "To that girlfriend of yours?"

"Goodbye Rachel." Haley rolled her eyes as she shut the door. She returned to her bed and collapsed. Her thoughts wandering over to a certain blue eyed girl that seemed to haunt her dreams and thoughts. God, she missed Cam. If Cam were here she would have probably punched Rachel out for just speaking in that silky voice. It was as if everything she said had a seductive notion towards it. She practically purred everything. She would take Cassie any day, she thought ruefully. No, enough wasting energy on that redhead. She closed her eyes and changed the channel to the Goth that made her forget all.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Cam stepped out of the therapeutic shower and froze. She listened. Nothing? She smiled and strode into her bedroom with simply a towel around her. Maybe they finally did it, killed each other. She could only hope. She dressed into her skinny black jeans and pulled a simple blue and black t-shirt over her head. As she grabbed for her favourite hooded jacket the yelling resumed. She sighed, then picked up her wallet and her cell phone and stuffed both in her pockets. Okay now let's bust out of this hell, she thought to herself. She dashed down the stairs and turned the corner for the door.

"Cameron." Cam haltered at the sound of her name and cursed herself for not being faster. She turned to face both her parents at the kitchen counter. Her mother looking at her with a tear stained face and her father with his head in his hands. He was probably drunk again. But with a wife like Stacy West, sometimes she didn't blame him.

She raised her eyebrow and gave them her signature disinterested look. "What?"

Stacy spoke up again. "We would like to talk to you, Cameron."

"Can't it wait, I have plans." Cam lied but if push came to shove she'd make plans. Hell, she'd rather clean out the school dumpsters than be here right now.

"No, it can't." Her mother said firmly. "Now, come and sit down."

The brunette strode over to the table taking her own sweet time. Oh goodie, family conversations. What did she do deserve this? She sat down, staring into space waiting to be addressed. Let me guess, you guys are getting a divorce again, she thought ruefully to herself.

"Cameron, your father and I are getting a divorce." Her mother announced with tears gathered in her eyes.

Cam seriously wanted to laugh instead she settle for sarcasm. "Really?" Her eyes brightened. "You not just teasing me again, are you?"

Her father looked at her, disapprovingly. "Cameron don't be like that, we are serious."

"Just like the other fifty times." Cam countered giving him back the same disapproving glare. He was definitely drunk, his eyes coaxed with red and the piss rotting scent coming off of him. God, where was the man she remembered when she was five. The John West who cared about his family. The man she used to play hooky with and go to the carnival? Dissolving all those memories she brought herself to the present of where her parents thought of no one but themselves.

Her mother snapped, her anger rising. "We reconciled all those times for your sake. However, it has come to the point where we cannot tolerate each other anymore."

Cam snorted. Like hell, you two are so involved in your own sadistic worlds, when do you ever fucking spare me a thought. I'm just the excuse so you can keep running back to each other and make each other miserable. She was not going to give them the satisfaction of sharing her thoughts with them. So she rose and looked at them. "Well, I'm glad you came to a reasonable solution. Now may I go?"

Both parents glared at her, blown. John then pinched the bridge of his nose. "Cameron, I know how this might impact you."

This time, she did chuckle. "No dad, I don't think you do." She wanted them to get a divorce. Then maybe they would stop making her miserable as well.

"You think this is a joke. We are really getting a divorce!" Her mother radiated fiercely.

The Goth's patience finally cracked. "Well, then, what the hell do you want me to do about it? Throw you a fucking party!" She shouted back. Her mother turned around and backhanded her clear across the face. All of them froze dumbstruck. Cam simply nodded and headed for the door.

"Where are you going? We are not finished." Stacy yelled.

"Well, I am." Cam shouted over her shoulder.

"You are going to see that Scott girl." Her mother volunteered with a hint of disgust.

That was the last straw. Cam whirled around, fury burning in her darkened blue eyes. Only she was allowed to call her Scott. "Her name is Haley and if you took any interest in my life, you would know she is in fucking New Zealand." She returned freely, not caring at this point.

"Ah, good well, then maybe you could get back together with that Ryan, he was a nice boy." Her mother simply stated disregarding Haley completely.

Cam chuckled but it was mostly hysterics. God, was she really created by such a bitch? She looked her mother in the eye. "Mom, I'm gay! Get over it!" She yelled as she slammed the front door behind her. She leaned back against the door, trying to regain her breath.

She could hear the fighting starting up again, inside. "You see how your daughter speaks to me."

"Oh so she's my daughter when she acts like that?" She heard her father retort and shook her head. That was enough drama for one day. She pulled her car keys out of her pocket and then stuffed them back in. Nah, she would just take a walk, clear her head.

Treading along the pavement, her hands stuffed in her pocket, she looked up the clear blue sky. What a beautiful day this would have been. No instead its beauty was lost to unfortunate events that her parents bored into her head.

She stopped in front of Riley's the bookstore run by old Mrs. Riley. She may have been old but her content was always up to date. As the Goth stepped inside, a small bell rang. The shop was never busy at this time of the day. She went to browse over at the magazine racks. She smiled when she found what she was looking for. There was one magazine with a small picture of Haley and her idiot Co-star, she heard Haley complain about so often. It was a small article on the progress of the movie. She read it and grinned to herself. Damn, Haley would just love them describing her as one of the best talents of their generation. The only thing they said about her Co-star was that he was super hot, she couldn't help but laugh to herself. They conveniently left out airhead. She read the article once more and then went up to the counter to ring it up.

Old Mrs. Riley smiled at Cam, her glasses riding low on her nose. "You again?"

Cam chuckled. "Yes, me again."

"Not that I'm complaining about your business but shouldn't a pretty girl such as yourself, be out with her friends enjoying their Saturday?"

Cam smiled, amused. "Who says I'm not enjoying my Saturday?"

Mrs. Riley gave Cam a sympathetic smile. "You smile down here." The old woman pointed to Cam's mouth, then at her misty blue eyes. "But it doesn't reach here."

Cam felt bare to the old woman in front of her. She glanced down, unable to say anything. Then the old lady put her finger under the Goth's chin lifting her head up. "Plus you know old people, if they are good at anything it's figuring out how people really feel. Years of experience and wisdom, I say. Though you know I think Melvin, the postman is the exception. Thick as a brick, he is." Cam couldn't help but laugh. "Ah, see there was a genuine smile." Mrs. Riley grinned.

The Goth simply smiled at Mrs. Riley as she scanned the item. Then she flipped through the pages to the article Cam just read. She smiled and pointed at Haley. "This girl here, goes to that fancy pants art school around the block from here, am I right?"

"We both do." The brunette informed her. "She's just in New Zealand shooting a movie at the moment."

"So the article says." The old woman winked. Cam shook her head feeling dumb, of course she can read, she's senile, not uneducated. Plus she owns a damn bookstore.

The old woman pushed the rim of her glasses up. "You've practically bought everything in this store that featured her over the last two months." Wow, she noticed, Cam thought suddenly feeling a little shy. Then Mrs. Riley arched a brow. "You obsessed with her, aren't you?"

Cam laughed softly. "Something like that."

Mrs. Riley returned her grin. "You're one of those lesbian type girls, aren't you? You know those types that like other woman." She almost whispered as if she discovered a deep dark secret that intrigued her.

Cam simply chuckled again, this old woman was too charming. She didn't feel the need to lie. "Yeah, that's my girlfriend there." She pointed at the picture with pride.

The old woman smiled at the picture and then at Cam. "That does explain a lot. She is really beautiful."

The Goth smiled and nodded. If only her mother could be as accepting as this stranger. "She is."

Mrs. Riley placed the book in a bag and handed it to Cam. "Well, what are your plans for the rest of the day?"

Cam shrugged uneasily. "Um, nothing really."

"Well, then how would you like a job?" The old woman asked with a bright glint in her eyes.


"Girl, I'm the only old deaf person here, I know you heard me."

Cam laughed and raised a brow. "No, I heard you. But a job?"

"Well, you did say you have nothing planned, so I'm guessing nothing better to do. You're practically in this shop most days and I could use the help, since Melvin's son ran off. I swear the apple doesn't fall far from that tree." The old woman complained shaking her head leaving the brunette thoroughly amused.

"But you don't know me and you're offering me a job. Aren't there some old people laws against stuff like that?" Cam stared at the woman doubtfully.

Mrs. Riley just chuckled in a deep voice. "No, I don't know you but I think I like you." Cam smiled, the shyness returning. "So what do you say? You do get paid." She winked at the Goth.

Cam didn't know what to say. A Job? At a bookstore? Well, hell, she could be doing worse. Maybe it would keep her preoccupied and she seemed to like the woman. It couldn't be all that bad. "I don't know."

"Well, why don't you try it out for today, see if you comfortable with the idea. Then you can let me know if you want to continue." The old woman patted Cam's cheek.

The Goth smiled and nodded. "That seems reasonable."

"Great, let me show you around." Mrs. Riley beamed at her.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam walked out of Riley's with her magazine and a wallet full of the money that Mrs. Riley had paid her for hard day's work. It wasn't so bad. In fact she actually enjoyed it. She shook her head with a light chuckle. Imagine that, Cam West enjoyed working in a bookstore. Plus, Mrs. Riley was really cool for an old person. Perhaps she would go back. She had nothing better to keep herself occupied with. It would get her out of the house and her mind of Haley at times. She strode down the street relishing in the cool breeze of the night. It was still pretty early and she wasn't sure she was ready to go home and face the music just yet. She let her legs direct her to the one sanctuary she had. Reaching the little creek, she couldn't help the serene smile that broke out. She must remember to bring Scott here at night. If she appreciated it during the day, it would blow her mind at night. The moon seemed to take the sun's place in the water. The crystal like water was surrounded by fireflies and other intriguing creatures. The sounds that filled the area made it seem like a fairytale.

Cam settled down by the old oak tree and dug in her pockets. She pulled out her car keys that had one of those utility knives on it. She smiled at the small object in her hand. Haley had given it to her for her birthday, saying it was time to get rid of the pocket knife she used to keep in her back pocket. So she did reluctantly, mostly to humor the blonde. Selecting one of the sharp knives, she started carving into the tree. Her phone started ringing as she beginning to dig deeper into the wood. With her free hand she reached into her back pocket and retrieved it. When she glanced at the caller I.D her face practically lit up.

"Hey, I was just thinking about you." Cam answered the call but continued carving.

Haley smiled from ear to ear leaning against her soft luscious pillow. "Hey baby, you say that all the time."

"Is it my fault that I think about you all the time?" Cam grinned.

"No, I guess not. That honor belongs solely on my incredible sexy self." Haley grinned anticipating the sarcastic response that would follow.

Cam rolled her eyes but couldn't help the grin that didn't want to disappear. "Watch it Scott, I doubt you would be able to fit through airport security at this rate with that big head of yours."

Ah, there it is, Haley sighed. She missed them. She arched a brow. "It's not that big. Plus, if it's any consolation, I can never get your unbelievably sexy butt out of my mind either. You make my work very difficult, staying in character."

"I'm glad." The Goth smirked.

"Yeah, I thought you would be. You just love making my life difficult." Haley rolled her eyes.

"Every chance I get." Cam purred in a sexy voice.

Haley laughed. "God, I miss you Cam, so much."

"I miss you too, Scott. So what did you do today? "

Haley let out a small chuckle as she ran a hand through her blonde hair. "Well, let's see. I was working today on one scene for six hours straight."

Cams eyes widened. "Six hours!"

"Yup." Haley sighed, stifling a yawn.

"Let me guess, that idiot Travis."

"Again, Yup."

"Man, where do they find these guys?" Cam shook her head incredulously.

"That's what I thought. But anyway after that Rachel offered me to join them at the Preston club." Haley added squarely.

"Oh, well how was that?" The brunette asked curiously.

"I don't know I never go."

Cam simply rolled her eyes. "What did we say about that?"

"But Cam…" The blonde whined into the phone.

"No buts', Haley. Didn't we agree that next time they offered, you would go out, make friends?" Cam adopted a motherly tone.

"Yes, we did but I was tired. Six hours." Haley sulked.

"Fine, you're off the hook this time. But next time…"

"Yeah yeah, next time, got it." The blonde mumbled then added with a frown. "I don't like Rachel."

Cam laughed. "I know."

"No, I mean I think I hate her." She contemplated.


"Well, firstly when she speaks, she always got this irritating seductive undertone in her voice. It's like she is trying to woo you constantly even by offering you a glass of water. It's freaking annoying!" Haley rolled her eyes as Cam laughed.


"Secondly, she called me a dyke." She pouted. This time Cam laughed harder as the blonde glared into the phone. "What's so funny?"

Cam bit her tongue to control her laughter. Boy, she wished she could see Haley's face. She was probably wore those sexy pouty lips that the Goth itched to kiss. Just four more months… "Well, Scott you are kind of a dyke, you know."

"I know, but I don't like that word." Haley sighed, her voice sulky.

"Do you want me to beat her up?" Cam offered, shaking her head.

"Oh would you?" Haley's eyes brightened.

"I'll see what I can do." Cam shrugged.

"Thanks baby, you're the best."

"I know, I know..." Cam smiled.

"Sorry, I called so late. I was going to call earlier but I sort of fell asleep for a few hours."

"No, it's cool, I was kind of working, anyway."

Haley's eyebrows drew. "Working on what?"

"Well, I met this lady." Cam started.

"Already! Cam, it's only been two months." Haley huffed teasingly.

Cam shook her head, grinning. "Not like that, you nut. She's really old. Like a hundred and ten."


Cam thought about it, then settled. "Okay, maybe seventy."

"Sounds a bit more reasonable but I still think the age gap is quite substantial." Haley stuck a tongue in her cheek.

"Shut up, Scott." Cam rolled her eyes.

"Okay, okay sorry, continue."

"Anyway, she gave me a job in her bookstore." Cam let hang.

Haley sat up in her bed. "You work in a bookstore now?"

Cam nodded. "I do, it's not so bad."

"Well, I think it's great. You love books and writing. It seems fitting for a part time job.”


“Oh, yeah. Plus don't think I don't know about the chest in your closet filled with all Shakespeare's work." Haley grinned mischievously.

Cam winced and glared at the phone. "You know about that, how?"

"Well, girlfriends tend to snoop." Haley let out a giggle.

"You're so dead, when you get back, Scott!"

"I know, I know… So when did you meet this old lady."

"Well after…" Cam stopped herself, thinking about what went down at home earlier. Her heart felt that familiar stab she always got whenever she thought about her parents. Some dark feeling that she was never able to get over. She sighed.

Haley straightened in her bed knowing something was not right. "Baby, what happened?"

Great, Scott already sensed something was up, Cam thought with regret. She couldn't lie even though she didn't want to cause any alarm for the blonde. "Well, my parents are getting divorced again?"

Haley rolled her eyes. "Just like the other fifty times?"

Cam smiled weakly at that. "That's what I said. Well anyway they created this big scene this morning."

The blonde nodded, still a bit unconvinced. Cam always tended to play down things. "I know, there's more you not telling me, Cam."

The Goth leaned her head against the trunk of the tree. Why did Haley have to know her so well? She took in a breath and let go."Well, my mother sort of backhanded me for saying my piece."

Haley shot out of bed, infuriated. "That's it, next time I see that woman I'm kicking her ass!"

Cam grinned slightly amused. "Whoa there tiger, relax, she hits like a girl anyway."

The blonde pinched the bridge of her nose trying to release some of the tension building up. "That's not the point, Cam. They can't keep doing this to you." She grunted.

"I know, let's just hope they get the divorce this time."

Haley desperately wished she was with Cam right now more than ever. She just wanted to gather her up. It stung that she wasn't able to. "Okay…"

Cam turned her attention and smirked at her creation on the trunk that she subconsciously carved into the tree. "There done." She murmured.

"Done with what?"

"Hold on, Scott."Cam said as she selected the camera application on her phone. Then took a picture of the artwork and sent it to Haley. "Did you get it?"

"Okay let me check, one second." Haley browsed through her messages and selected the one sent by Cam. When it opened, her breath caught, a wide smile spreading across her face. How was it after eight months together that the Goth was still able to make her heart melt? There was this heart carved into a tree that had the initials CW + HS in the center of it. But of course it wasn't a simple heart. No, simple just wasn't Cam's style. There was flames consuming it and chains surrounding it, professionally done.

"Scott, you there?" Cam waited a moment. "Haley!"

Haley snapped out of it. "Cam it's beautiful. Which tree did you carve it on?"

"The big one at the creek."

"Your creek?"

"Our creek." Cam simply stated and Haley's heart melted yet again. "But I just want you to know that I'm not saying that to try be sappy or anything. But because you are the only other person who knows about its existence. So I might as well share its title deed. "She shrugged ducking shyly as if she could sense the blonde giving her that goofy smile.

Haley couldn't help the smirk that graced her face. "Of course baby." She said in a humoring tone. "I love you, Cam."

"I love you too, Haley." Cam smiled. "Okay, now since we got all the I LOVE YOU's out of the way. Onto the more important stuff."

"Such as?"

Cam tucked her tongue in her cheek, twirling a loose strand of her hair between her fingers. "So…" She paused briefly. "What are you wearing?"

She could hear the sweet sound of Haley laughing on the other end and grinned, her heart feeling somewhat pacified for now…








"No." Haley shook her head sternly, her arms crossed.

"But Haley…" The director sat behind his desk squeezing the bridge of his nose, thinking of a way to convince the stubborn blonde.

She glared at him. "I don't care Phil. You cannot expect me to go through with that." She shuddered at the thought.

"Go through with what? I'm not exactly asking you to go to war for me, Haley." His eyes followed her as she started to pace around his office.

"No, no, Phil. If you asked me to go to war for you, I would happily be on the front line." She said ruefully, waving her hands. Then she stopped, look at him again. "But this…" Haley shook her head. "You can't be so cruel."

He had to hand it to the blonde, she was a drama queen which made her an exceptional actress. "It would be good publicity for the movie." Phil pleaded with her. The movie already had a few mishaps on the news radar. He really needed her to agree to this.

"So? I'm an actress Phil, not a publicist." She muttered dead set against the whole notion. Now way in freaken hell!

"That's just what this is, Haley. It is just acting, nothing more." He tried a different approach in a soothing voice.

But she was having none of it. "Like hell it is. Its torture is what it is! I swear I'd rather be subjected to nudity scenes than what you are asking of me." She crossed her arms again, her chin tilted defiantly.

Phil shook his head. "Haley, he is not that bad."

"Then you pretend to date him, Phil. I'm sure the publicity would skyrocket!" She rolled her eyes.

Phil chuckled as he rose, he put his arm around Haley's shoulders. "I'm sure it would, but that's not what the public wants. The public wants two of Hollywood's young aspiring gorgeous actors to become the next 'it' couple. But in this case it would be pretend just until the premier."

Haley frowned. "He is an idiot, Phil. Its bad enough I have to be subjected to him during filming hours. But now on my own free time. No, no way." She shook her head.

"But Travis has already agreed to it."

"Of course he did, as I've clearly stated a million times, he is an imbecile . Doesn't anyone ever listen to me?" She let out exasperated.

"Of course we do, Haley, we just can't do anything about it. He is the executive producer's son." Phil rolled his eyes as he too hated Travis, both father and son. They walked towards his door.

"Yeah, yeah I know. But I still don't want to do this."

"Just think of it as acting, Haley, it will be over before you know it." Phil smiled weakly. He knew he almost had her.

"But I'm gay. I have a girlfriend, you know."

"I know that but the public doesn't. I'm sure she will understand if you explain it to her." He urged her on. "Don't you want this movie to make it big?"

"You know, I do." She sighed. It was the only reason she stuck with it. It had the potential of being a real blockbuster.

"Well then, great." Phil pushed her through his door.

She turned to face him. "Hey wait, I didn't say I agreed to this."

He grinned. "Of course you did Haley, be ready at eight." He winked and shut his door in her face before she retaliated. She stood there with a blank look on her face. He just bulldozed her into this, she knocked her head on the door in defeat. "I definitely don't get paid enough for this."

"Rough day?"

Haley stiffened at the seductive silky voice behind her. She turned around and glared at the redhead who offered her a bottle of water. She seemed a bit too smug for her own good. "Oh, as if you don't know." Haley groaned as she swiped the bottle from her and took a sip.

"Know what?" Rachel asked obliviously, her sculptured brow raised.

"You're the reason I'm in this damn mess." Haley grunted as she replaced the cap on the bottle.

"What mess?" The redhead asked again trying to hide a smirk. Haley's tolerance was on the brink of breaking. God, someone hold her back before she knocked that clueless look off the dumb redhead's face in a minute.

Calm yourself, Scott, she's trying to provoke you . Haley took a deep breath in and let it out. "I know that you were the one who suggested that Travis and I start dating to up the hype for the movie."

A lazy smirked travelled its way onto the redhead's face. "Oh right, that."

"Yes that. Why are you trying to ruin my life?"

Rachel let out a small chuckle. "I don't know what you're talking about there, Haley, but as for dating Travis, it was purely a political move. Movies do it all the time. Co-stars date. Media hype increases, as simple as that. "

"Why am I not convinced?" Haley rolled her eyes. "Let's be frank Rachel. You don't like me, I don't like you. So what the hell is you ulterior motive?"

Rachel giggled again, in her annoying seductive tone. Haley restrained every instinct to reach over and simply strangle her. "Ah, that's what I like about you Haley, straight to the point." The redhead's dark brows drew. "Well, let's see…" Rachel purred. "I find New Zealand quite boring. What better ways to entertain myself than by watching you make a fool of yourself? You know, the simple pleasures in life." She smiled, an evil glint in her eyes.

The blonde stared at her quite amazed. "You're such a bitch."

Rachel smirked arrogantly. "I know, but now you do too." She strutted away leaving the blonde staring after her. "Don't forget to be ready at eight." She shouted over her shoulders and chuckled softly.

What on earth had possessed the gods to create such an obnoxious person? That woman just made Haley vibrate with rage. "Gaaaah!" She screamed as she squeezed the bottle in her hand and tossed it over her head.

"Ow!" Haley winced, looked behind her and saw Matt vigorously rubbing his head.

"Um, sorry Matt." She gave him an apologetic smile then stormed off towards the exit.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam had her headphones on as she meshed along with some Metallica, stacking books on the shelves. It was past closing time but she still had like ten minutes on the clock. This was the only time Mrs. Riley allowed her to use her headphones while working. So she milked the ten minutes for all it was worth. Mrs. Riley was busy manning the till, counting today's profits. The Goth was so consumed in her music and her task, she didn't hear the entrance bell jingle as someone stepped inside.

Mrs. Riley looked up, smiled. "Sorry handsome, we're closed."

"That's okay I'm here for her." Ryan gave her a smirk and jerked a thumb towards Cam who was yet to see him.

Mrs. Riley looked him up and down. He wore faded denim jeans and a black shirt concealed by his denim jacket. Her eyes settled on his flat chest and she raised a grey brow. "I'm almost certain you are not her type."

Ryan chuckled and ran a hand through his luxurious blonde hair. "Yeah, that's what she told me when she dumped me for a girl. I'm actually the best friend." He winked.

The old woman chuckled. "Ah well, then maybe you could get her out of the shop for me. It seems like she never wants to leave and there are only so many hours I can afford to pay her for."

He shook his head and laughed. "Yes ma'am, I'll see what I can do." He walked up behind the Goth, a mischievous grin plastered on his face. Still nodding to her music, Cam finished store the last book away. His arms crept around her waist as he lifted her up.

She gasped and pulled her headphones off, twisting around to try grasp a glance of her capturer. "You idiot, put me down."

Ryan chuckled as he started to walk towards the exit. "No. Goodbye Mrs. Riley." He nodded at Mrs. Riley who grinned. "Say goodbye, Cam."

She squirmed but it was no use. "Put me down, Ryan! Now! Before I hurt you!" She threatened but he seemed immune to her tantrum.

"I think I'll take my chances." He said as they left the store into the night. When he started walking down the street she stopped fussing to draw less attention to them.

This was ridiculous, she thought her pale cheeks gaining more color than usual. People were staring at them. Worse, was he didn't seem bothered about it. Damn actors had no problem acting like an idiot in public. "Please let go." She said through gritted teeth.

Ryan smirked. "Since, you did say please." He released her and she whirled around on him.

"Are you crazy?" She glared at him.

"You have to ask?" He glared back at her, playfully. She couldn't help but a shake her head and smile. Idiot. "So are you ready to go?"

"Go where?" Cam asked.

He shook his head giving her a disappointed look. "You know, I had a feeling you would conveniently forget. We were supposed to go catch the new horror movie, anything sound familiar?"

"That was tonight?"

"Yes Cam, that was tonight." He confirmed with a nod. Before she could speak again he interrupted. "And don't think you can get out of it. You have been avoiding me for way too long." He gave her a solemn expression. "We never hung out in so long, Cam. I miss you." There he thought, smirking on the inside, that would definitely do it.

She stared at him, guilt creeping into her. Shit. Damn Ryan, he just knew that would just get to her. She sighed in defeat. "Fine, let's go."

"Great." He grinned and put his arm around her slumped shoulders as they strolled on the sidewalk. "So how's Haley?" He asked hoping to cheer her up.

A smirk ghosted around Cam's lips. "She was freaking out the last time I checked."

"Oh, why?" He arched a brow.

"Well, something about raising the publicity of the movie." Cam shrugged

"Why is she freaking out? She's not the publicist." He stated matter of factly.

Cam let out a small chuckle. "That's the thing, she has to pretend to date that Travis character. You know, increase the hype."

Ryan grinned, understanding."No, shit."

"Yeah and she is so not cool with it." Cam shook her head recalling the interesting phone call Haley paid her earlier. The blonde was so frustrated and venting about what an ass Travis was. But mostly, Scott got pissed off at the fact that Cam was so understanding about the situation. The Goth let out a half laugh, how was she supposed to win in that situation? Tell her she was against the fake relationship, be a bitch? Tell her it was okay, she understood it was for the better of the movie, then she didn't care enough? The Goth just played it up to being that time of the month again. Eventually she just told the blonde she loved her and hung up.

"Cam?" Ryan brought her out of her head.


"Well, are you okay with it?" He asked curiously.

Cam smiled, slowly. "Yes, I am."

"Well, why?"

"Why what?" Her brows drew.

"Why are you okay with it? I know how jealous you get." He smirked nudging her with his shoulders.

Cam just chuckled. "Well, because I know she can handle herself. If he tried something the next headline would read: Idiot kicked in the balls for being a prick ."

He let out a half laugh, rubbing his chin. "Don't I know it? I still have the scar from the time she punched me out."

The Goth laughed harder and glanced up at the little healed knick on his chin. "It was just a scratch big baby. Plus, I think gives your pretty face a little more character." She patted his cheek. Then her blue sapphires softened and she let out a sigh. "You know that was it for me."

"What do you mean?" Ryan met those blue pools with his own green, lit up.

"That was the moment I was cursing myself for. Something that I had been fighting for months had finally conquered me. It was like just plop, you can't deny it anymore Cam, you're in love with her. That realization, it just creates this storm inside you. This feeling you're not really sure you know what to do with. A feeling I never wanted but she slammed it down my throat anyway. Damn Scott." She spoke in a daze, shaking her head. Then she turned her face to the ground. "She changed me…"

Ryan put a finger under her chin and lifted it, so their eyes met. He smiled. "For the better." Then he kissed her forehead, she smiled as they continued to walk in silence. Her mind travelling through her memories of that night, her heart experiencing the hurt, the wonder and the completeness, fresh again.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam stared out of her bedroom window, the moon full, brilliantly surrounded by constellations of blue burning light. She usually appreciated the vast contrast of the night and its inhibitors. But tonight she was feeling sick. No, she had been feeling sick for a couple months now. And no she wasn't pregnant. But sometimes she wished she was, it would be better than this. Her heart felt like it was grinding against her chest constantly. That's if she had a heart. Sometimes she wasn't so sure. What was she sure about? Certainly not her own sexuality. She leaned her forehead against the glass. It had been evident for a while now. The reaction her body gives off when Haley Scott simply brushed past her, or looked at her with those intense green stares. She had to be bisexual if not gay. All she knew was she had a sick need inside her to be with a woman. Not just any woman, Scott. But it wasn't only a physical need, that's what made it crazy. What made it worse was the need was reciprocated. She felt it, when their needs took over a couple times. Cam traced her lips with her finger, she could still feel Haley's lips ghosting over it. She squeezed her eyes shut, biting her bottom lip. No, Cam you have a boyfriend. You're normal. You have a normal life. A normal messed up life. But it was normal nevertheless.

She flinched when she heard the horn of Ryan's car. Then she smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. She dashed downstairs and reached his car. When she got in he leaned over and placed his lips on hers. She didn't react but didn't push him away either. When he leaned back, she smiled hoping he wouldn't notice. "Hey."

"Hey ready to go?" He returned her smile, but he knew something was off for a few months now. But it wasn't just with her. He cared about her. Hell, he loved her. But he wasn't sure he was in love with her, anymore. They both had been treading around each other. But what hurt the most was they couldn't be honest with each other.

"I'm in the car, aren't I?" She rolled her eyes.

He chuckled. "Right… Off to Cat's party then."

They arrived at the Logan property. Ryan and her walked in hand in hand. The party was already in full swing. She had to hand it Cat, she sure did know how to throw a party. The music was audible all over the house and down to the main pool area. Ryan started a conversation with some people she wasn't familiar with. They mingled for a while. She indicated that she would be outside, he nodded in agreement and got back to his conversation. She stepped out into the welcoming breeze, watching drunken people try not to drown in the pool. Her blue eyes wandered the area and settled on a certain blonde at the bar. As if Haley sensed Cam's eyes on her, she turned back. Cams stomach clenched as blue met intense green. Haley dropped their gaze first. Then knocked back the shot that was placed on the counter in front of her with the rest of her friends. Something within Cam started to increase. It felt like anger. But what did she have to be angry for. This was exactly what she wanted. Scott to ignore her, to allow her to be normal. Haley stood up excusing herself and was about to head towards the house.

Cam was about to follow her when her arm was grabbed. She whipped around to see a drunken Ryan grinning at her. She shook her head. "You're drunk."

"Yeah, so I was thinking we should talk about some stuff." His speech slurred a bit.

"No, not when you drunk, you don't have to listen to the crap that comes out of your mouth."

He squeezed her arm, shouting, drawing attention she really didn't need right now. "It's important Cam."

"Then it can wait until you're sober." She tried jerking her arm free from his grip, but it was solid. "Ryan you're hurting me, let go."

"No." He shook his head, continuing to apply pressure to her arm.

"She said let go Ryan." Haley's eyes were dark, her voice low but firm. At the sound of her voice Cam turned to realize that the blonde was standing next to her.

"Stay out of this, Haley." He swayed a bit.

Haley turned to face Cam who was grinding her teeth from the slight pain. Then she turned and punched Ryan in the jaw, the impact small, but enough for him to trip on his own feet and end up in the pool. Cam stood there flabbergasted as Haley turned on her heel and entered the house. That was the first time she had witnessed the blonde so angry enough to lose her composure. The music died down and a few people jumped in the pool to fish Ryan out of it. Cam turned to the entrance of the house, then to Ryan that was being dragged out of the pool. She couldn't explain the feeling in her gut. She just followed it towards the house. Then she ran up the stairs searching for the blonde. The rage bubbling up but she was uncertain who it was directed at. Haley? Ryan? Herself?

She almost walked past the bathroom when she heard mumbling. "Fuck! Next time you decide to punch someone Haley, make sure they don't have such a hard head." Haley hissed as she ran her hand under cold water. Cam suppressed the instant grin that always wanted to break out whenever Haley cussed. She entered the bathroom and locked the door behind them. Her anger seemed to unexplainably subside for the moment.

"What the hell was that Scott?" Cam leaned back against the door, spoke calmly.

Haley didn't even bother to turn back. "Why the hell do you care?" She continued to hiss in pain.

"You just punched Ryan into the pool. He is drunk, he could have drowned." Cam stated, noticing Haley flinch a little.

"I'm sure someone pulled him out of the pool." Haley said between gritted teeth as she flexed her fingers slowly. Well at least she hoped. Ryan was a great guy despite the performance downstairs. He was also one of her friends. Which made what she and Cam were doing much worse. But she couldn't help herself. You ever feel like your whole life suddenly felt dependent on one thing that you couldn't control? To her that was Cameron West and she couldn't stop. She tried convincing the brunette to tell Ryan on many the many occasions they got tangled with each other. But at the Goth's refusal she played down to her only feeling the way she did, which made her feel like a horrible person. She drowned her flaming hand again.

"Even so, what was that?" Cam stared at the blondes' back.

Haley emitted a mixed sensation of distress, hurt and anger combined. "I swear, Cam, if you telling me you don't know, I've got a free hand, I'll take a swing at you too." She yelled staring at the purple bruising on her knuckles.

The Goth frowned, knowing the answer. She just wanted the blonde to give her another one. She just wanted to think that maybe it wasn't true. She just wanted another feeling consuming her body right now. She just wanted Haley and couldn't help it.

This time Haley did turn around. Their eyes met, hers filled with hurt. "It doesn't explain why you're here and not there."

Cam couldn't stand the pained look in Haley's eyes so she dropped their gaze and walked towards her. "No it doesn't."

She reached Haley and placed her hand on the blonde's bruised one. Cam ran her fingers gently on the knuckles. The blonde closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip to suppress the moan. "They are not broken, but they could be sprained." She murmured against Haley's golden hair, her breathing coming out labored. She had this urge that she couldn't control so she lightly brought the purple knuckles to her lips.

Haley stiffened slightly feeling the Goth's ice soft lips on her inflamed hand. Her green eyes gently opened as she was consumed by the blue pools that had made her question herself so many times. All she had to do was reach up and take like she had done on previous occasions. But not this time, this time the Goth would have to make the first move. Haley watched as awareness traveled through those pure blues. She witnessed the mixture of fear, hate and love create a storm within them. The last glance she had was a hint of courage before Cam's lips were on hers. The fast meeting that they both couldn't seem to control. Cam's arms instinctively reaching down to posses Haley's hips. While Haley's working hand moving to the back of Cam's head, pulling her deeper. Their lips expressing what their ears craved to hear. They pulled out breathing heavily, leaning their foreheads together, both of them eyes shut tightly. Haley looked up, ran a hand through Cam's black hair. When the Goth opened her eyes, Haley pulled her down for one last smoldering kiss. Then she broke their contact stepping back out of reach. The Goth looking at her with bafflement.

Haley smiled weakly. "I love you Cam." She watched as Cam stiffened. Then Haley's smile grew slightly. "But I understand. Well sort of." She let out a small chuckle. "No, actually I don't. But I'll try to." She unlocked the door desperately wanting the Goth to stop her. Cam voice caught in her chest, Haley loved her. What the hell is wrong with you Cam, stop her. But she couldn't move, couldn't speak. Haley turned back, their eyes held once last time. "Would you rather be happy or normal, Cam? Just something to think about." Haley left pulling the door behind her. Cam stared at the door for a second before busting out.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


"Cam?" Ryan pushed her on the arm, snapping her out of her memories. She looked at him. He smiled. "You were thinking about that night weren't you?"

She returned his smiled. "Yeah." Especially the last words Haley had left her with that night. 'Would you rather be happy or normal, Cam?' She smirked knowing the option she chose could never be altered.

Ryan shook his head and frowned. "I still can't believe what a jerk I was that night, not that I remember it much with the alcohol and the jab to my jaw. I swear haven't touched the stuff since."

Cam laughed. "Good. But it's okay Ryan, if Haley hadn't punched you, I probably wouldn't have fallen in love with her."

"Well, I'm glad my face could be of some assistance." He grinned ruefully.

"I'm eternally grateful to it." She kissed him lightly on the chin.

"I'll settle for you buying the popcorn." He smirked.

"Deal." He was always too easy she thought. But then her smile faded slightly. She might have chosen happiness but her happiness was continents away.

As if sensing her dismay, Ryan winked at her. "Only two more months, Cam. Only two more." She smiled and nodded.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam, dressed in her usual dark attire, walked down the sidewalk. She preferred walking than driving to school. She smirked, thinking about how scared Ryan got last night while watching that horror movie. He was almost sweating but he would never admit it. The movie itself was mediocre. The blood scenes weren't as gruesome as she would have preferred but she hadn't had this much fun in a really long time. It was a goodnight thanks to her best friends squirming and biting his lip through the whole movie. Priceless, she grinned. She stepped into Riley's and the annoying little bell went off. She wasn't working until after school but she liked to stop here before school and check out the new releases. Plus it was on the way so she indulged herself. As she stepped towards magazine rack she froze…








The previous night: New Zealand

With an annoyed expression on her face, Haley looked in the mirror one final time. She raised her brow as she scrutinized her appearance in one swift glance. She looked amazing in her raven evening dress that accentuated her body curves perfectly. Her luscious blonde hair falling freely down her shoulders. Her frowning green eyes highlighted by a hint of mascara. As she grabbed for her evening bag there was a knock on the door. She groaned. "Here we go."

She opened the door to her six foot date with his onyx tailored suit. Michael Travis stood there, feet apart with an arrogant look in his crystal clear blue eyes. His medium length bleached hair was perfectly styled, probably by his personal stylist, she thought with a mental eye roll. There was nothing truly genuine about the man in front of her. She watched as his eyes slowly, deliberately trailed its way down her body then back up, settling on her the slight cleavage the number had revealed. She clicked her fingers in front of him and he snapped out of it. "Eyes up here, pal." She pointed to her face.

He gave her a toothy grin, a glint in his eyes. "Whoa, you look so hot."

Her eyes narrowed. This was probably only line he ever said to her that didn't involve himself, or a script and take a minimum of fifteen minutes to execute. She didn't know how to respond so politeness took over. "Um, thanks."

"Yeah, you're almost as hot as me. Which is of the highest compliment, I mean have you looked at me?" He grinned as he did a slow spin so she would get a glance at his so called perfection. Okay maybe she takes it back. "You know, I knew you'd change your mind eventually, after all no one can resist the Travis charm." He winked all too smugly. Ah, ladies and gentleman there was the Travis she knew and hated.

Haley closed her eyes dramatically picturing a bus hitting her. When she opened it again she sighed, okay so she couldn't will herself dead. He stood there with a bemused look on his face obviously waiting for her to respond. "Travis, this is a fake date." She reminded him with an eye roll.

"Right fake, but we both know you secretly want me, babe." He chuckled and took her petit soft hand in his own manicured one as they walked towards the elevator. Even Cam's hands were rougher than his, she mentally noted. She missed those hands. She missed the whole person. And to think she acted childish earlier on the phone but the Goth had just brushed it off pacifying her. Sigh, she would have to remember to apologize when she returned from this nightmare. If she returned, she thought as the elevator closed behind them. "Hey want to make out?" He asked completely serious leaning towards her.

"No thanks, I'm good." Her eyes widened as she side stepped towards the other wall of the elevator, keeping a huge distance between them. God, please help her.

The night went on as she expected it would. As dreadful as ever. She sat at the table, her head in her hands, listening to him go on either about his hair or the little red Ferrari his dad bought him. What the hell was horse power? And when would she ever need to use it? God! She switched off about ten minutes into his ramblings. As far as she was concerned, she pitched up, photos were snapped so she did what was required of her. She didn't have to actually listen to him or watch him try and flirt with the waitress. Even the pretty redhead waitress didn't seem to enjoy his obnoxious charisma as she dropped a little water on his trousers. Haley and the waitress had shared a smirk when Travis had gone ballistic wanting the poor woman to be fired. But Haley had claimed it was an accident and the manager's wrath had subsided. Finally an appropriate amount of time had passed and she wanted nothing but her bed. Oh and Cam. Maybe both at the same time she grinned at the sinful thought. She took in a deep breath and let it out. Only two more months.

They arrived back at the hotel, outside her room. She turned towards him, smiling mostly because the night was finally over. Obviously he was waiting for her to say something. But what was she supposed to say? It was fun, interesting? It was neither. "Um, thank you for the evening."

"It was great, right? Well, that's what you get when you travel in Travis class." He said trying to sound clever.

"Sure…" Haley let out an awkward smile. She slid her key card in the slot and opened her door. "Goodnight."

"Wait, aren't you forgetting something."

Haley frowned at her handbag then at him. "No, don't think I am."

"But we are supposed to kiss." He stated.

Haley laughed at the hilarity of the statement. His brows drew. "No, I don't think we do." She turned refusing to humor him anymore.

"But that's what she said." That stopped Haley.


"Rachel." He shrugged.

"Rachel." Haley repeated low and hard with venom. She should have known. "Travis, look we not SUPPOSED to kiss and frankly unless it's under the directors commands you can forget the whole notion, so if you'd excuse me, I'm beat and heading to bed."

He frowned as he watched her shut the door in his face. He shrugged and headed towards the elevator. There were other woman who wanted to kiss him, he thought boosting his own ego.

"Where the hell are you going?"

Travis turned and raised a brow at Rachel. "To the bar."

"You were supposed to kiss her." The redhead yelled at him.

"But she said we not supposed to." He looked at the redhead with puzzlement.

Rachel rolled my eyes. "Oh my god, you are an idiot. You were just supposed to plant one on her, moron. Damn, people can be so incompetent."

Travis raised his brow feeling somewhat insulted. "I don't know what's your game Rach, but I do know I don't have stand here and listen to this, I'm Michael Travis, I've got plenty other woman to bed, later bitch." He entered the elevator.

"No wait…" Rachel tried to stop him but the doors closed. "Shit."

"Listen lady, you promised me the first picture of Haley and Michael kissing." An impatient photographer tapped his feet.

Rachel turned back. "I know, I know, give me a moment, you'll get your kiss." All she had to do was get Haley to meet Travis downstairs then work her conniving magic. Rachel walked up to Haley's door. She banged on it. Forget it, plan B.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Haley shouted from behind the door. The door opened. "Listen Travis, I'm not going to ki-" She was cut off by Rachel's lips forced down on hers. The redhead pulled the blonde's face into her harder deepening the kiss, forcing her tongue swiftly into Haley's mouth. The blonde finally grasped what was happening and pushed the redhead off her. "What the fuck!" Haley said wiping her mouth.

"Did you get that?" Rachel looked back at the astonished photographer who nodded slowly.

Haley's eyes narrowed as she glanced at the photographer, then her heated glare turned onto the bitch. As Rachel turned back to look at the blonde, her face was met with a fist straight into her nose. All that could be heard was a cracking noise and the slamming of Haley's door.

Haley leaned back against the door, her eyes closed, feeling sort of dirty. She played right into the bitch. Now the tabloids would be filled with her picture, she was sure of it. She could hear Rachel whining through door and walked away from it not trusting herself from going out there for round two...

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Present: LA

The bell had rung to signal the end of the Adrian class. The students had dispersed in an ordinary fashion. Ryan was the last to leave as Adrian had requested some of his time. He reached Cat and Cole who gathered around his locker.

He stuffed his books in his locker. "Have you guys seen, Cam?"

Cat looked at him with concern. "No, we were kind of hoping you would know. She never misses Adrian class."

"Yeah, I'm kind of worried. She call any of you?" He reached into his own pocket to check his phone. He tried calling her like five times this morning but it went onto voicemail. Nothing. Damn it, where are you Cam?

"If she didn't call you, what makes you think she'd call us, man?" Cole simply stated.

"Just check man."

"Alright, alright." Cole frowned at his phone. "Nothing."

Cat looked up solemnly. "Nothing."

"Okay well, I think I know where she might be. I'll keep you guys posted." Ryan told them as he strode towards the janitors closet. Usually if the Goth felt like bunking a few classes she would be there. If she wasn't there then she had to be at Riley's. She wouldn't be at home that much he knew. He held in a breath as he opened the door and stepped into the tiny claustrophobic room. He released his breath in relief. "You idiot."

Cam was seated on the floor with a pocket knife in her hand and a black bin being carved into in front of her. She didn't even spare him a glance. "Yeah, you too."

He sighed and leaned against the door. They remained silent for a moment. "You're going to tell me what happened?"


"Well, does that really help?" He pointed at the bin or at least what used to be bin.

"It used to. Now it just seems pointless." She let out her voice barely audible. She stared at the sharp object in her hands. You can't go back, Cam. Her heart still burned and for what, she was uncertain. She shouldn't feel like this. It was meaningless to be angry. She actually wished she was angry. Anger she could deal with, she could vent. But this sort of unknown hurt over something so minor. It was just a stupid kiss. Stop being childish about it. She didn't even know what happened. She just needed to get out of her own head, the dark mind that plagued her with sadistic thoughts. She grabbed the knapsack besides her, stood up and tried to walk past her best friend.

But Ryan blocked the exit. "Don't even think about it."

"You do know I have a sharp object in my hand." She gave him a warning glance.

"Do your best, sweetheart." He winked at her not flinching in the least.

They had a standoff and when she realized he wasn't going to budge, she groaned. "Why do you have to be so unreasonable?"

"Because I love you. And I hate to see that look in your eyes." He lifted her chin so that his concerned eyes met hers which seemed darker than the pure magnificent blue they usually were. "What happened, Cam?"

Defeated she let out a sigh, reached into her bag and shoved the magazine into his chest. "There can I go?"

He glared at the magazine cover seeing Haley locking lips with some redhead woman that was foreign to him. "What the fuck is this?" He asked still barricading the exit. "Who's the slut?"

"That, I'm assuming is Rachel." She said in a nonchalant tone. But he knew better than that. Beneath that her words were soaked in acid. "Now may I go?"

"No, we are talking about this."


"Because you're upset. And you tend to do stupid things when that happens. I say, we avoid that phase of the situation." He shrugged still staring at the magazine then he rolled it up and tucked it into his back pocket. "What did Haley say when she called to explain?"

He caught the swift change in her eyes. She crossed her arms as he held out his hand. "Cam, hand over your phone?"

"No." She shook her head defiantly.

"Now, I'm not joking." He said firmly. Cam reached into her back pocket and hesitantly let it go into his palm.

He browsed through her phone, his eyes widened. "Mother of god, fifty-four missed calls! And you never answer one of them?" She glanced at his feet and shook her head. He lifted her chin once more and could see the hurt seeped into her. He sighed and pulled her into a hug. She held on and he whispered against her hair. "Fifty-four missed calls Cam, clearly there's an explanation."

She leaned back and shook her head. "I know but maybe I don't want to hear one, yet."

"It's the tabloids, Cam. You knew something like this could happen. Almost ninety-five percent of the time it is never true. It was just a stupid kiss."

"It isn't about the kiss, Ryan. It's about who it's with. I doubt I would have any problem if it was that idiot Travis. But this snake, it just makes me sick." Cam let out in a huff before she even knew what she was saying, revealing to him something she was afraid to reveal to herself.

Ryan sympathized knowing that she needed some logical response. "I understand but Cam this is Haley. She loves you more than anything. You have to know that she wouldn't do anything to hurt you deliberately."

"I know, I know, fuck I know. God!" Cam ran a hand through her raven hair. "It's just I'm afraid! I've never been so scared in my fucking life." She looked at Ryan. "I'm afraid there is something to explain for. I'm afraid she will tell me more than I am willing to hear. That makes me cowardly, I know. But I can't answer the phone and maybe that makes me unreasonable and idiotic but…" Her eyes started to fill. "I just can't."

Ryan nodded in understanding. "It's okay, Cam. You are hurt and-"

She cut him off. "It's not about being hurt. I keep fabricating scenarios in my head that have no business being there. You know, it's that insecurity I tend to bury because she never lets me feel it when she's around. But it's there lurking, taunting me. You are not worth it, Cam. I've been fucking up since day one of my life, just ask my parents." She spat out bitterly. Ryan was about to interrupt but she continued. "The only thing I did right for myself was accepting her, accepting love. God, that sounded so gay!" She let out a weak laugh. "See that's what she does to me. I'm just not emotionally stable enough to listen to her voice right now, you know."

He simply smiled at her knowingly and pulled her into another embrace. "But you know Cam, I don't agree with you on one point." He pulled back so he looked into her blue liquid sapphire eyes. "Your parents have been fucking up since day one. Not you. You hear me Cameron West. And you are so worth it. Haley knows that, how else do you explain Fifty-four missed calls. That's desperate if you ask me." Cam let out a small chuckle. He grinned at her. "As for the second line, it totally sounded gay." She smiled and smacked him on the arm. "OW!" He squeezed her one more time. "Just give yourself the time to think about it, Cam. You know how you tend to over think things but you'll feel better for it. Oh and answer the phone next time, will you, you know you want to." He smiled and opened the door behind them. "So are you ready to get out of this crawl space?"

"Yeah, how do you always make me feel better about being an idiot?"

He stuck his tongue in his cheek. "It's a gift because I must say idiocrasy has many levels in your case and to break down to the core-"

"If you want me to hit you again, finish that sentence, I dare you." She interrupted with a dangerous glare.

He chuckled. "Up for some ice-cream?" He suggested hoping he could take her mind off it for a couple hours.

"I'm game." She shrugged and sighed. Sure she was being stupid but love makes you stupid, right? Maybe she would answer her phone next time. She did miss the blonde and maybe by then she would trust herself enough not to say and do anything stupid. She only hoped.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam turned the volume of her iPod to the maximum while she lay in her bed. But it was no use, her parents' voice still emitted through. It was just one of those nights. Where hurtful notions and glass vases were thrown around the house. Those nights where she was guaranteed no sleep or peace. Of course their divorce prospect was torn again when the heat of the moment died down. They reconciled within a day the last time. And now they were at it again. Could she survive in this broken home for yet another year before she went off to college? Could she even call it a home if she felt like she didn't belong? She was unsure. The only thing she was sure absolutely certain about was that she needed to get out of this house right this minute. She refused to listen to the same shit fly around all the time. She got out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans over her boxers. Once she was done tying her laces she grabbed her hooded jacket and headed for her window. She used the tree as an aid to get her safely on the ground.

Then with her hood covering her face, her shoulders slumped, she stuffed her hands in her pockets as she strolled down the dark street. Her feet directing her aimlessly. The racket from her house fading as she got further and further away. She took in the fresh chill of the air letting her mind wander. Haley hadn't called again, maybe that's what was eating her the most. But did she blame her? Fifty-four missed calls, surely the blonde must have been hurt that she couldn't at least answer one. You fucked up, Cam . The least you could have done was allow her to explain. But she had also tried contacting Haley when she built up the courage but it went directly to voicemail. Yeah, the fates are definitely against you, she let out a weak wry laugh.

Looking up, she halted dead. It must have been habit or something but she ended up at the Scott property. All the lights were out. Usually on these types of nights she would sneak into the Scott's home, into Haley's bed. Then get the most peaceful night's sleep, when they did finally fall asleep, she thought with a hollow smile. She slowly walked towards the door and stood there for a minute. She didn't know why but she rang the doorbell once. Then turned around back towards the path. Are you crazy, Cam, they are sleeping. Why did she even do that? Stupid!

"Cam?" The Goth stopped in her tracks at the sound of her name.

Cam turned around to see a sleep messed Abby Scott at the door wearing a robe. Shit . "Yeah, I'm sorry I should go." Cam cursed herself as she turned again.

"Wait!" The brunette halted again but didn't turn back. Her girlfriend's mother spoke again, softly. "I was just about to make myself some hot cocoa, would you like to come in and join me?"

Cam considered her options. Then turned around and shrugged. "Sure."

Abby smiled and led her daughter's girlfriend inside. Cam's eyes wandered the house that she knew like the back of hand. She missed it over the last four months. This was as close to a home as she was going to get. They always made her feel welcome even when she felt undeserving of it. Abby got to work on the hot cocoa as Cam joined her at the counter feeling slightly awkward. She should have just declined but that would mean going home sooner. She kept her gaze on her palms.

"How are you, Cam?" Abby asked in a comforting tone.

Cam looked up at Abby as if she spoke in a foreign tongue. Then composed herself. "Okay."

Abby let out a small chuckle. "I forgot, you are of few words. Or maybe that's just towards me."

The Goth turned her gaze back to hands feeling sort of embarrassed. "I'm sorry, how are you?"

Abby grinned as she set the hot drink in front of Cam. "I'm fine." They both sat at the counter sipping on their hot cocoa in silence for awhile. Then Abby spoke while blowing on hers. "You know, sometimes it helps to talk about what's bothering you instead of letting it tinker away in your head, would you like to try it?" Cam looked at her and then shook her head. "Well, that's okay too." Abby smiled and continued to enjoy her beverage.

"I'm sure you saw the magazine." Cam finally spoke up.

Abby didn't look at Cam yet. "No, I heard of it from the source. I got a distress call you could say. But it had nothing to do with the picture and everything to do with you."

The Goth nodded knowingly and solemnly. "I'm sorry."

This time Abby turned to face the Goth with a baffled look. "Why?"

Cam returned her baffled look with one of her own. "Why what?"

"Why are you sorry?"

Cam stared at the older woman in front of her unknowing how to respond. "Well, it was childish of me not to answer her calls. I don't know, I wasn't thinking. I never even give her a chance to explain."

Abby smiled slowly. "Ah, well you don't have to be sorry Cam. It hurt you. You are allowed to act a little human from time to time. Even if it is over stupid things and when you speak to her you will realize how stupid it is."

"Great…" Cam mumbled with irony laced in her tone. Then she turned to the older woman. "Why are you so nice to me?"

Abby laughed at the blunt question. "You say that as if you don't feel you deserve it." Cam just shrugged. "Hmmm, well let's just say that I like you. You make Haley happy even though you do fight sometimes. But you fight because you love each other not because it's lacking." She deliberately differentiated thinking about the Goth's parents. "So I approve if it matters."

Cam turned her gaze away. "Well, my mother doesn't."

"Then that's her loss isn't it?" Abby retorted as she got up and put the empty mugs in the sink. The Goth got up taking that as her cue.

"I should go, thank you for well, everything." Cam let out a small smile.

Abby shook her head. "No, you not going anywhere, it is already past midnight. Haley's bed is vacant I'm sure you will be comfortable." She winked.

"But…but." Cam felt uneasy about the generous offer.

"No buts, I won't have to worry about you getting home safely. Plus I'm pretty sure Haley would kill me if I let anything happen to you."

Cam just stared at her, not sure what to do. She knew if she did go home she probably wouldn't get any sleep. Shuffling her feet, she dropped her gaze to the floor. "Um, thank you."

"No problem, do you want to call your parents?" Abby offered with a smile. Cam shook her head. "Well, I'm sure you know where the bedroom is. I'll be up after I wash these dishes." The Goth nodded and headed up.

Reaching the familiar door, she put her hand on the knob knowing if she turned it this time, the blonde wouldn't be behind it. Her face wouldn't posses that instant welcoming smile or the sexy pout when she was upset. Cam's heart ached as she turned the knob to an empty room. She never thought herself capable of missing someone so much that every breath felt like she was spitting up blood. Trust her to come up with such a gruesome notion, Cam thought ruefully. She walked into the room noticing everything was just as Haley had left it before she left. She trailed her hand slowly over the books on the shelf before stripping off her jacket. Next her jeans revealing her boxers. She folded both of them neatly and placed them on the chair before turning down the sheets. She slipped in and gently laid her head against the pillow. Her senses going insane as they picked up Haley's scent on the pillow. She took it in the vanilla scent as she closed her eyes. Then fell instantly asleep.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Abby had just finished washing the two mugs. She thought about the Goth girl and how morbid she perceived to be. Her parents were probably fighting again, she thought with a hint of sympathy. Just as she was about to climb the stairs, the doorbell rang again. She frowned at the door wondering who it could be at this time. Perhaps it was Cam's parents looking for her. She reached the door peeked behind curtain to see a familiar face. The door practically rattled at the hinges when she yanked open. "Haley!"

Haley jumped into her mother's arms. "Mom!" They held each other for a moment. Then her mother leaned back, grinning.

"What are you doing here? How did you get here?" Her mother asked as she led Haley inside and locked the door behind her.

"Well, they gave me two days off after the whole scandal thing so I can sort it out. Secondly, Phil lent me his private jet. I swear it's a mission to park that thing." Haley grinned at her mother.

"Har-har very funny. Well, I'm so glad you are home. Your father and sister are going to be so excited." Her mother beamed crushing her in a hug again. She was extremely proud of her daughter but having her youngest home was like a dream come true.

"Don't wake them, its late you can tell them in the morning." The blonde mumbled into the hug, squeezing tightly. Her mother sensed the desperation in the hug, smiling.

"Alright, well do you want some hot cocoa?" Her mother offered, knowing someone else also need what she liked to call hot cocoa therapy .

"Please!" Haley gave her a puppy dog look. Her mother laughed as she went to work on the second set of hot beverages of the night. She set them on the counter knowing Haley liked extra marshmallows in hers.

Then she turned towards her daughter, smiled knowingly. "How you holding up?"

"I don't know."Haley let out a weak smile as she sipped on hers.

"Ah, I see…" Her mother cradled her mug between her palms letting the warmth sink in.

"Cam called…" The blonde let out with a heavy breath.


"Yeah, but I missed it because I was on the plane." She sighed sadly, her mother nodding. Then drank the last sip of her cocoa. She placed both empty mugs in the sink about to wash them.

"Don't worry about that. Let's just get to bed, you seem tired, baby." Her mother pulled her away from the sink.

She nodded and they both headed for the stairs. “I guess I am.” More emotional, she supposed. "Does it make it wrong for me to be a little hurt that she wouldn't let me explain?” Her voice was low and somber.

Abby stopped her daughter and turned her to face her outside her bedroom door. "Of course not honey, it's perfectly alright that you feel hurt. You didn't do anything wrong."

"Yeah, but she doesn't know that…"

"Oh, but I think she does." Her mother smiled at her when she opened her door to reveal the Goth girl deep in slumber. Haley's breath caught in her chest.

She turned to face her mother her intense green eyes full of worry. "What is she doing here? Did something happen?" She whispered.

"I just think her parents were fighting again. But I think you should ask her in the morning. Just get to bed. Goodnight." Haley nodded. Her mother pecked her on the forehead and left towards her own bedroom.

Haley stepped into her room, everything feeling new yet familiar. She locked the door behind her and stepped towards her wardrobe. She couldn't keep her eyes off Cam who looked so peaceful. So beautiful. She stripped down and pulled on a huge t-shirt. Then she gently slipped in behind the Goth. Her senses heightening to the familiar person beside her. She couldn't help herself as she slipped her arm around Cam's waist and molded their bodies. She smiled as she placed a tiny kiss against the brunette's neck. Cam stirred slightly as she unconsciously linked their fingers together at her waist and pulled Haley closer. Then she mumbled something in her sleep. "Scott, your feet are cold."

The blonde had to stifle her laugh into the pillow. "I'm sorry, baby. Shshsh, get some sleep." Cam was out like a light. Haley buried her face into the brunette hair and was soon out too…








Her eyes settled on a certain darkened bedroom window. She stared at it knowing that behind it lay her peace, her heart. The only thing that could bring her out of the blackened void bestowed upon her by her parents. Her creators on one hand and her destroyers in the other. The lifelong conflict between actually living and just merely existing. God, Cam you should really write these concepts down she thought repentantly. It would be heartfelt to use in the play piece she was busy with. That's why she was really good at writing because she constantly felt the emotions she was writing about. But right now she was drained physically and emotionally standing on the Scott's lawn. The night drowning her as she climbed the huge tree and shimmied across the thick branch that led to the youngest Scott's bedroom window. She eased it open carefully, making as little noise as possible. She stealthily crossed the room to the bed where a small figure resided. Cam took a moment to watch Haley's soft breathing, the movement of her chest, slowly up and down. She smiled as she toed off her sneakers and slipped into bed behind the blonde. She closed her eyes as she nuzzled into the blonde's hair taking in the satisfying scent. She wound her arms around Haley's warm body bringing it closer to her colder one. The blonde smiled, her eyes still shut and then she turned in the Cam's arms to face her. Haley's eyes fluttered open to meet intense blue ones smiling at her.

Cam raised a brow. "How many times do I have to keep telling you to lock your bedroom window?"

" How many times do I have to keep saying no?" Haley murmured back, searching those hurt blue eyes knowing that the Goth wouldn't want to talk about it now. She smiled brushing a strand of stray brunette hair off Cam's pale face.

" Next time it won't be me crawling through your window." The brunette warned seriously.

" Then I'll be seriously disappointed and have to demonstrate my yellow belt skills." The blonde teasingly whispered into Cam's ear before giving it a quick lick.

Cam closed her eyes and shook her head. "Scott?"

" Cam?" Haley slid her arms around the Goths body, slipping her hands under Cam's shirt feeling goose-bumps beneath her palms. Their legs tangled together.

The Goth shivered. "God Scott, why are your feet always so cold. I'm the one who's been outside."

" I don't know. I think it's genetic. My dad constantly complains about my mother's cold feet."

" You mean, I have to live with it for the rest of my life?" Cam rolled her eyes.

The blonde smiled, slowly. "That depends… Do you plan on staying with me for the rest of your life?"

" Hmmm… Good question." Cam considered, looking up at the dark ceiling, then turned back to Haley's sleep messed face. How can someone be so beautiful even with bed hair? She let out a taunting smile. "Naaah!"

Haley giggled softly. "Shut up!"

" Shut me up." The Goth challenged with a smirk, her hands moving lower molding Haley's butt pulling her closer.

" Gladly…" The blonde finished with her lips capturing the Goth's while pushing her onto her back. She maneuvered her body straddling Cam not parting their lips. Cam's hands roaming up beneath Haley's shirt taking in the feel of ribs and then reveling in the firmness of her breasts. The blonde breaking the kiss letting out a gasp into the crook of her neck.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Cam's body was on the fritz, she stirred out of sleep, her eyes remaining closed. She swore she could actually smell Haley's shampoo, could feel the blonde's weight against her. The breathing soft into the crook of her neck. That dream memory was really affecting her senses because everything felt so real, she thought with a faint smirk drawing on the edge of her mouth. Even the breast beneath her palm felt exactly like she remembered. The feel of it being kneaded between her fingers was one she would never forget in a million years. She heard a small moan escape and felt the slight shifting of the weight against her. Her brows drew in a frown when she felt the stir again. Her eyes flew open to see the smaller figure wrapped up against her, blonde hair covering her features.

"Oh crap!" Cam pulled her hand from the material covering the figure's breast and untangled out of the embrace so swiftly she tripped off the edge of the bed onto the floor. As she tried to lift herself off the floor she hit her head against the side table with a soundly bang. "Fuck…" She hissed when she lay back down. It was still a bit too dark to see. The pain was radiating through her skull. God Cam, you probably deserved it. What if you sleepwalked into Cassie's bed last night?

Haley woke up to the sound off the bang, leaning over onto the now vacant side of the bed. "God Cam, are you okay?"

Cam who was sprawled across the floor looked straight up at her. She tried to focus her vision that was doubling on her at the moment. She squinted her eyes in disbelief, this was definitely not Cassie. There were two Haley's hovering above her. She wasn't so concerned the fact that there were two of them but because it was Haley. "Man, I must have hit my head so hard, I think I'm seeing Haley." She thought out loud.

"No baby, it's really me." Haley jumped off the bed and hovered over her with concern in those green eyes of hers, brushing the raven hair off Cam's face. The Goth eyes widened at the clear sound of the blonde's rich voice. The sight of the Haley could be explained by the oncoming concussion but how did that explain how she could hear her and feel her. She was going nuts, wasn't she?

"No, you're supposed to be in New Zealand." Cam shot up in a quick motion which she probably shouldn't have done if she was harboring a concussion. She swayed on her feet a bit trying to get her bearings. She must be crazy since she was responding to the voice.

"Are you mad? Lay back down! You could have a concussion." Haley yelled at her. She was just glad her parent's bedroom was on the other side of the house.

There was the voice again. But the Goth was having none of it. "You're not here! You can't tell me what to do!" She ran a hand through her hair cringing in pain when she discovered the bump. "Shit!"

Haley sighed and shook her head. It was obvious that Cam was freaking out and the probable concussion wasn't helping. She would have to think of another way to calm the Goth down.

Cam's double vision started subsiding, yet the person didn't completely disappear. Her eyes locked on the familiar person in front of her. Realization hit her hard. "What the hell are you doing here, Scott?" Her tone coming off more biting than she would have liked.

Haley raised a brow, her own anger seeping through. "You know why I'm here."

"I know no such thing." Cam countered.

"Well, you would have known if you answered your goddamn phone!" Haley let out exasperated.

“What?” The Goth groused staring at her girlfriend disbelievingly. “Why are you angry at me? I wasn't the one caught kissing some dumb redhead slut."

Haley winced, the dirty feeling coming back. The hurt of the notion dug in. She raised her eyes to meet the brilliant blue ones. “You know Cam, sometimes you're an asshole." Her tone firm and low. "God, I never kissed her. She kissed me!”

Cam glanced at the floor unable to hold the pained look in Haley's eyes. She hadn't meant to say that. "I know…"

The blonde's eyes widened. "You know?"

"Yes, I know…" She nodded slowly, her head slightly pounding.

"Which part? That you're an asshole? Or that I didn't kiss Rachel?"

"Maybe both…" The brunette let out small smile. Then looked up seeing that beautiful smile slide its way onto Haley's beautiful face. It still felt overwhelming. Haley was here and she wasn't a figment of her imagination that she usually thought she was. She was feeling restless, uneasy.

Haley's eyes widened as she followed Cam's movement. "Um, Cam, you're pacing…"

Cam halted for a second remembering how much she hated pacing. "Crap! I hit my head, don't judge me." She said feeling a little woozy. Dammit. She glared at the blonde who was trying to conceal an amused smile.

Haley walked towards Cam, an amused look on her face. She had never seen Cam quite on edge before. "Just let me see, Cam. It could be bad, we might need to go to the hospital."

"No." Cam paled, her own eyes widening at the prospect and dodge out of the way and headed towards the door. "No hospitals, it's not that bad." It wasn't as if she generally hated hospitals, she just hated the thought of her in hospital.

Haley rolled her eyes remembering what a baby her girlfriend was when you mentioned hospitals to her. "Then let me see?"

"No." She shook her head. She turned the knob. Crap, it's locked. She leaned back against it, defeated.

"Big baby…" The blonde teased.

"Damn straight!" Cam said while eyeing out the window.

Haley obstructed Cam's view, giving her a 'don't even think about it' glare. "Why do you have to be so goddamn stubborn! What do I have to do for you just to listen to me? Strip down naked?" She rolled her eyes and then a slow smirk crawled its way onto her face. Okay, different tactic. With a teasing glint in her green eyes, she pulled off her huge shirt and dropped it to pool in front of her.

Cam's eyes glanced down at the shirt, swallowing the clump that suddenly got stuck in her throat. Her blue eyes burning as she started to guide it up the blonde's sun-kissed naked body. Trailing those endless beautifully toned legs, over the flat stomach and finally reaching the swells of her breasts. It lingered there for a moment, while her memories unlocked the feel of them, the taste of them. Her mouth slightly agape as her eyes journeyed further over the small shoulders and the planes of her sensitive neck. Then her blue eyes penetrating through Haley's green eyes, held there. She didn't know if it was months of not being able to touch Haley or just simply her exquisiteness, but she could feel her insides turn into jelly. Her earlier incoherent thoughts draining out her ears until her mind went blank.

"You know, I love it when you give me that look." Haley's smug smirk grew.

"Wha…What look?" Cam stuttered, her throat suddenly feeling dry.

"That one. It's full with so much fear, so much desire… It makes me feel so powerful." She sauntered over to the Goth who was straining against the door unable to move or take her eyes of the breathtaking sight. Her own body betraying her. She simply stood there as the blonde wound her arms around her neck and pressed her naked body into her. Cam's head tilted slightly as her eyes rolled back while her mind was registering the sensation's spiking through her own body. Haley slowly pulled Cam's head forward parting the Goths hair searching for the injured area. Cam could do nothing but comply, her body feeling like lax. "It's not that bad, so no hospitals. But you will be sporting a bump there." She leaned back and placed a kiss on Cam's forehead.

Then their foreheads were leaning together. Cam's eyes closed, her breathing thick. "You don't play fair, Scott."

Haley chuckled. "Did I ever?" Cam turned her gaze back to Haley whose mouth was a whisper away from hers, now. "Imagine, the great Cameron West is so easily conquered by naked women."

"Now, aren't you getting ahead of yourself?" Cam murmured back her eyes trailing down to Haley's mouth which lay inviting, lingering, and then back to the darkened green eyes. “It's not naked women that get to me…”

Haley let out a sexy chuckle brushing Cam's cheek with the back of her hand. “No?”

“No.” Cam shook her head, gazing deep into the green dark pools, her heart searching. "It's you…" She breathed against soft lips so close to her own.

"Cam…" Haley trailed off when she witnessed the dangerous shift in the Goth's eyes.

As if her longing and questions were answered by the simple way her name slipped off the blonde's tongue, Cam closed the small distance between them, their lips meeting like they have done hundreds of times. Cam letting her body, her instincts draw out her feelings, her emotions over the last four months. At the first taste, she wanted more, she wanted it all. Her heart bursting with the familiar sensation running through her veins. The warm flavor that stirred her blood and aroused her mind. The scent of Haley, subtle, familiar that the next indrawn breath thickened her pulse. Some of it was pent up lust, most of it was undeniable love. The kiss sinking deeper until Haley's moans echoed into her ears. Cam's arms encircling the blonde's bare waist, her own body yielding and fitting perfectly. If this was one of those dreams inside of a dream thing, she hoped she never woke up now. God please, no.

Haley placing her hand on the back of Cam's neck pulling her closer, opening her mouth, invitingly. Cam's tongue accepting, tangling hotly with hers. Maybe it was the time apart or the yearning over the last few months. But they hadn't kissed quite like this before. She was unknown to the pressures, Cam's mouth against hers could create, millions of dangerous aches in a million different places. Her body straining against the Goth's feeling the movement of her fingers glide against the small of her back, reaching lower and lower… Until Cam felt the smooth roundness of Haley's bare ass between her palms, squeezing getting a moan and a slight thrusting of her hips out of the blonde. “Shit…” Haley pulled out gasping, looking into dark blue eyes. “Cam, we have to talk…” She tried to push back but the feel of Cam against her had her closing her eyes.

“Later.” Cam pulled her in for a drugging kiss. She pulled out dropping her forehead on Haley's shoulder, her eyes squeezed tight. “I need you, Haley. God, I need you so much.” Haley bit her lip when she felt the wet kiss where her neck and shoulder met. Placing her hands on the hem of Cam's t-shirt leading her backwards towards her bed.

When they reached the edge Haley dragged the shirt, yanking it off and tossing it on the floor to join her own. Her need to see and feel the Goth taking precedence. Then hooking her fingers in the waist band of Cam's boxers guiding it down to pool at her feet. The brunette stepping out of it, desire burning in her eyes as she kissed Haley on the lips. Haley slid her hands up the sides of Cam's body cupping her breasts. The Goth moaning into the kiss as Haley's arms slid further around Cam's neck. The blonde pulled her down as she slowly fell back onto the sheets. Reveling in the feel of Cam's weight pinning her onto the mattress, the feel of their breasts pressed together. “God, I forgot how good this feels.” Haley panted.

Cam's arms caging her in above her head, one knee resting between her slick thighs. “Let me remind you…” The Goth growled into the kiss, their lips meeting incessantly. Haley lifting her thigh to rub against Cam's center, feeling the wetness painted against her.

“Jesus.” Cam's hip jerked at the contact, a tiny moan escaping from her. She moved her body knowing even at the slightest contact would set her off. No, she didn't want that. She wanted to torture them for as long as four months of sexual frustration would allow.

Haley arched her neck closing her eyes taking in the feeling of soft wetness of Cam's lips against her. That magnificent mouth revealing teeth grazing the planes of her neck. Her hands running up the Goth's back taking pleasure from the feel firm pale skin. Cam caught the lobe of the blonde's ear between her teeth and bit. "Oh, God."

Cam's mouth may have been hotter, more impatient but it didn't stop her from being thorough. With a skim and glide of her fingers, the blonde fought for breath, for balance as Cam's mouth teased over her nipple and closed hot and hungrily over her breast. The pressure building up layer by layer, Cam did tormenting things to the blonde with her tongue. Haley quivered beneath the brunette, it seemed as if she knew every nerve in her body and would send each one trembling, one at a time. The blonde's body trembled, her heart raced, the ache between her thighs unbearable, unreasonable. Her movements beneath Cam's were restless to soothe it but only deepened the throb. It was as if Cam's knowing touch ran over the blonde sinking deeper down her body, the heat increasing the lower she went.

“Jesus!” Haley whimpered, her hips bucking as a finger swiped through her drenched folds.

“God, Haley you're so wet…” Cam latched onto her neck, at the feeling between her fingers. She almost came from that feeling alone. She had never felt her girlfriend so taken over with need before.

Haley unable to take it anymore closed her eye tightly craving the release, pleading for it. "Cam." She whimpered as the Goth's fingers leisurely ran through her sex, not adding the much needed pressure. "Please, Cam."

The Goth raised her head a triumphant smirk residing on her face, waiting… torturing. Now, who doesn't play fair? Then as Haley's intense green eyes opened again and met her blue eyed lover, she had to muffle her screams as Cam's clever, unmerciful fingers drove into blonde. Haley's hips pumping against the hand thrusting into her. Helplessly Haley matched the pace, her breath hitching and tearing when Cam increased the tempo.

Cam watched as the blonde was close, her own stomach tightened with need that devoured her. It didn't take long, the blonde bringing Cam's mouth back to hers. She could do nothing but surrender to it. Cam absorbed the cry of shock, release and savored it as her blood burned for more.

Haley's body convulsed under Cam's, rocked by wave and wave of molten pleasure. She buried her face in brunette hair fighting to catch her breath. "Oh God, Cam." She breathed when she was able.

She forced Cam on her back, straddling her. Then with a hungry glare she returned her lips to Cam's, feasting…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam didn't know if she was sleeping or merely slipped into a coma. She was going to need more than a minute. Perhaps a day or two before she could move again. Her eyes closed and her breathing heavy. Haley was sprawled over her, her head resting between Cam's breasts. The Goth shifted slightly, at least she wasn't paralyzed.

"Oh thank God, I thought you were dead and your heartbeat was actually my ears ringing." Haley managed to say in between strained breaths.

"Yeah, well I almost didn't make it." Cam, grinned lazily, sated. She shifted faintly again.

"Don't worry, I'll get off you as soon as I feel my legs, my arms, my body. Maybe in the next ten years." Haley's lips curved as she brushed them over the side of Cam's breast.

Cam let out a chuckle. "It's okay, it's not like I'm going anywhere or possibly could." She opened her eyes and looked down into Haley's hazily green eyes. They smiled at each other. "You know, I keep thinking that this is a dream and I'm going to wake up any moment."

Haley leaned up and gently brushed her lips against Cam's. "Well, it's not, I'm really here."

"I'm sure the whole of North America knows you're back on the continent now." Cam grinned.

Haley raised a brow "Oh, why?"

"Oh you know, it's the way you moaned my name when you came over and over again. It is always so distinct and LOUD ." Cam let out a teasing chuckle.

"Was not!" Haley frowned.

"Oh but it was, your poor dad is probably going to be so awkward during breakfast."

Haley giggled and backhanded Cam playfully in the stomach. "Shut up!"

"Shut me up..."

"Always my favourite thing to do." Haley murmured as she pulled Cam into a passionate kiss…








Cam lay in bed staring at the ceiling with a naked Haley snuggling into her. Her face buried into her neck and her arms wrapped around her waist. She could hear the blonde's soft breathing full up the room. She couldn't help but smile to herself thinking about the last four months. Actually that's exactly what she wasn't thinking about. She couldn't seem to remember any of the events that occurred in the interim of when the blonde had left and returned. It seemed so meaningless, and her smile slowly faded. In a day or so her life would return to its meaningless state yet again. But only for the remaining two months left on Haley's contract. She could deal with that, she already proved it to herself. The few hours that the blonde had been here felt like she never left. Cam smiled at that, it was as if they slipped back into their normal routine of love, sarcasm, fighting and sex. Oh yeah the sex, damn.

She shifted slightly grabbing her phone off the side table to check the time. It was about 8.30am… Riley's would open in about an hour, she sighed. The thought of blowing work today and spending the rest of her time with the blonde until she had to depart again came to mind. She doubted Mrs. Riley wouldn't have minded. However, the old woman had become very ill over the past two weeks. Yet, she insisted to come into the store every day. Her persistence was relentless, that woman definitely cherished her bookstore. Almost more than she cherished her own life, the Goth thought to her own dismay. The old woman had claimed it but a simple flu, but it had scared the Goth. A woman that old had no business being that sick and still getting up to work. The old woman had become a vital part of her life. A sort of coping mechanism, and if she let herself admit, she cared deeply for the woman. Damn, Cameron West you have become so soft. She leaned her head down, staring at her sleeping girlfriend and smiled.

"This is all your fault, you know." She whispered, mostly to herself, placing the tiniest of kisses on Haley's forehead.

The blonde stirred gently, a small smile appearing on the edge of her mouth. "Well, whatever it is for, I'm glad…" She opened her heavy lids to see the Goth smiling back at her.

"Hey, I thought you were sleeping."

"Drifting in and out…" Haley ran a hand through Cam's raven hair, wanting to see the beautiful pale face, those brilliant blue eyes. Her dreams never really did them justice. "Or would you prefer talking to yourself?"

"Actually, I think, I'd prefer not talking at all." Cam grinned, leaned down and brushed her lips against Haley's for a moment. Then settled on her pillow, to stare back at the ceiling, contentment truly hers. "I have to go to work, but I'm sure I may be able to convince Mrs. Riley to close half day." She let hang.

"It is okay, baby, I understand. How is she feeling?"

"Slightly better I suppose. You can spend the morning with your folks and meet me around one at Riley's."


Haley frowned and began tracing the Goth's collar bone with the tips of her fingers. The room filled with silence. "Okay, what's wrong?"

Haley stopped and sighed. "Nothing."

"That nothing sounds like something."

"It's nothing…"

"Okay…" The Goth rolled her eyes.

"Just okay?" Haley glared up at the Goth's features obviously expecting more.

"Yeah, I believe you." Cam reaffirmed with a hidden smirk. There was definitely something eating at the blonde.

"Maybe that's the problem." Haley sighed again and sat up against her headboard. She pulled her legs up and hugged her knees.

"Okay Scott, what am I failing to understand?" Cam sat up too and stared at the blonde, confusion setting into her blue eyes.

"It's okay, never mind."

"No, it's obvious something is bothering you."

"Well…" Haley said trying to figure out how to phrase what she wanted to say.

"Well?" The Goth drawled.

"I just don't understand why it was so easy." The blonde finally said breaking their gaze and staring at her toes.

"What was easy?" This was becoming too perplexed for the Goth. She seriously didn't have a clue onto where the blonde was headed with this conversation.

"Well, I came home expecting to be at war with you, trying to convince you that nothing happened between Rachel and me. I certainly didn't expect to end up in bed with you after like two seconds of discussing that."

Cam let out a half laugh. "Are you complaining?"

Haley slipped out of bed retrieve her shirt and pulled it over her head. "No…Maybe." She turned back to face the Goth. "Yes?"

The Goth simply shook her head as she jumped off the bed to put her own clothes back on. "So let me get this straight you would rather have had me angry and jealous, thinking you some two-timing bitch like the redhead, for longer than two seconds?"

Haley winced and let out a low humorless chuckle. "Perhaps, something a bit less harsh? But pretty much yeah. I mean, c'mon Cam, you didn't answer any of my phone calls. What did you expect me think? Then imagine my surprise when I find you in my bed. It made no sense. It still doesn't." She ran a hand through her blonde hair. "I didn't even explain and you tell me you believe me, that didn't sit well with me."

Cam stared at the blonde with wonder in her eyes, trying to make out the bullshit rambling that was coming out of her mouth. Whoa, she had no inkling, she thought she was the insecure one. She couldn't help but chuckle when realization dawned. "Seriously, we're fighting because we're not fighting?"

"Well, it sounds stupid when you say it like that." Haley frowned.

"You think?" Cam sighed and walked up towards the blonde, wounding her arms around her. Haley laying her head in the pale nape of Cam's neck. "God, Haley what do you want from me? To be scornful some other redhead bitch and you locked lips. You think I'm not? I can't stand the thought."She pulled back and searched deep into beautiful green eyes. "But through it all, I guess, I trust you. I trust us." She murmured. "Plus, your mom also helped, she pointed out some good shit." She grinned.

Haley smiled slowly, it reaching her eyes. "Yeah, she is quite renowned for her good shit."

"You're very lucky, Scott." Cam pulled Haley back into the strong embrace.

"Don't I know it?" Haley's lips curled into Cam's neck. Thinking not only in the mom department. She placed a small kiss against it. "I love you, Cam."

"I know, I love you too."

They stayed in the embrace savoring the feel of each other. Both of them silent for while. Haley finally spoke, her voice small. "I decked her, you know."


"Yup, connected right with her nose." Haley said with hint of pride.


"What do you mean why?"

"Why did you punch her? I wanted to." Cam sulked playfully.

Haley chuckled and stuck a tongue in her cheek. "Okay fine, you can punch the next girl that kisses me." The Goth leaned back and glared at her. She laughed and raised her hands. "I'm kidding."

"Better be." Cam slid a smirk onto her face before drawing the blonde in for a smoldering kiss.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

The store was empty at noon, Cam had managed to convince the old lady to close up earlier. She was looking a bit better but it didn't say much. She still looked pale and fragile unlike the first boisterous woman the brunette had met. Mrs. Riley's nephew was coming in today to take her to the doctor's office, yet again. She was busy stocking the shelves thinking about her plans later in the day. The gang wanted to hang out she thought with a frown. Frankly, she wanted the time all to herself but Haley had told her that she would feel bad if she didn't at least see them. After a little persuasion Cam had reluctantly agreed. But she mainly blamed it on the blonde's persuasion techniques, she thought with a smirk. They definitely added a little something into her step today. She was brought out of her intimate thoughts when the little bell rang as someone stepped inside. The Goth turned around and faced the older man.

"Hey Cam." Cam let out a small smile at Mrs. Riley's nephew. He was in his forties and the father of three kids. Or should she say monsters. Probably, monster was a more accurate term. But she felt sorry for him, he wasn't half bad.

"Hey Alex, she is in her office."

He shook his head. "She shouldn't be here in the first place."

"Lost cause there, dude."

"Yeah, stubborn old woman." He said with endearment before he disappeared into the office.

Cam returned to her duties. After a while two people had appeared from the office entrance. She looked over the shorter one shaking her head. The woman looked so old. Okay Cam she is old. But she never really acted her age. They stopped in front of her with Alex's arm around Mrs. Riley shoulder as if he were keeping her upright.

"Cam lock up, will you?" Mrs. Riley croaked and handed the Goth the keys.

"Sure. Later Alex."

"Hey, Cam I wanted to ask you something." Alex addressed her.


"Well, I was wondering if you could babysit for me one of the days, I'll pay you double our old babysitter's rate." He sounded so desperate, Cam almost had sympathy for the man. Almost.

"Not for all the money in the world, dude." She held up her hands and shook her head. Mrs. Riley let out a laugh followed by a small cough.

The old woman looked up at her nephew. "You see Alex, I told you she was a smart one." She winked at Cam. "Bye Cam."

Cam couldn't help but grin. "Bye Mrs. Riley." She picked up a box at the counter and turned towards the storeroom as they left the store. But her movements were halted by another ring of the entrance bell. "Sorry, we are about to close." She said just before she turned back and got caught up in Haley's amused green eyes. A smile tugged on the corners of her mouth.

"Well I suppose that's okay. I'm not so interested in the content as I'm into its employees." The blonde winked.

Cam arched a brow. "Well that's too bad, the content is brilliant."

Haley smiled as she took a few steps towards the Goth. "Well, maybe on another day I would be taken by what the store is selling." With the box between them, she cocked her head, the lights in her eyes dancing. "But right now, I'm more interested in what you're selling." The Goth felt the whisper against her neck and closed her eyes slightly. Her body responding to the comment.

Then Cam looked down into playful eyes and let out a small chuckle. "God, you're such a flirt." She leaned down and placed a soundly kiss on the blonde's lips.

Haley laughed. "That I am."

Cam dug into her back content cradling the box on her knee and pulled out the keys. She handed them to Haley. "Lock up, would you, while I go sort out the storeroom. We wouldn't want any notorious vigilantes walking in."

"Why would vigilantes walk in?"

"Who knows, maybe they like to read. Just lock it." Cam shrugged as she headed towards the storeroom.

Haley rolled her eyes at her girlfriends over active imagination. "Okay, sure."

Cam reached the darkened room. She just needed to check a few items on the inventory before she and Haley could bust out of here, join their friends. She flicked the light switch before she began off loading the items in the box. "So how was breakfast with your family?" She shouted over her shoulder.

Haley was browsing the shelves. "Hmmm… it was really nice. We ate chocolate chip pancakes. You should have stayed." She shouted back as she flipped through a magazine.

Cam chuckled. "Well, I had to sneak back home, get changed and sneak back out before I got caught in the crossfire."

The blonde sighed, her heart ached at her helplessness in the situation. "I'm sorry, baby."

"Don't be. So was your dad okay?" Cam deliberately put a little humor in her tone to obscure from her other issues.

"Shut up.” Haley giggled. “He was perfectly normal, Cassie too. Except she did ask me what I bought her like a million times."

"Sounds like her.” The brunette rolled her eyes as she finished placing the last book away. “Hey babe…"


"Come here for a second, I want to show you something." The Goth said before the light bulb started flickering. She frowned at the ceiling briefly before walked out of the room.

Haley walked in the direction that Cam's voice emitted from. She reached a big grey door that was slightly opened. As she opened it further it made a creaking noise. A small shiver drove through her spine as she stepped into the darkened silent room. "Cam?" She whispered, her eyes darting around. The store room seemed cramped, dark and had that faint scent of new books. It seemed like the perfect location for the scream guy to pop out and kill the blonde. God, why did she have to be blonde? Feeling the goose bumps spread up arms, staying here for another second was not an option. As she turned around, she bumped straight into the Goth letting out a biting scream.

Cam jumped out of her own skin. "What the fuck!" She clutched her shirt. "Dammit Haley! Are you trying to kill me?" She let out a jagged breath.

"Me! You're the one who crept up behind me." Haley panted, a hand on Cam's shoulder, trying to control her breathing.

"I wasn't creeping, Jesus… I went to fetch a light bulb." Cam shook the little box in her hand, trying to regulate her elevated heartbeat. "See…"

"Oh…Oh." The blonde's green eyes widened and then just as quickly it narrowed. "But dammit, Cam. You expect me to put it past you?"

Cam thought carefully and smirked. "Probably shouldn't."

The blonde rolled her eyes and let out a small giggle. "Yeah, yeah, Freddie Kruger, so what did you want to show me?"

"Oh right, this." The Goth reached behind her and pulled out the rolled up magazine in her back pocket. She opened it up and handed it to the blonde.

Haley took it and stepped into the florescent light that crept in by the door. A satisfied smile gradually appeared on her face. "I think it's an improvement, don't you?" She referred to Rachel's swollen multi colored face on front cover.

"Well, I just consider her lucky. Imagine if I connected with her instead of you?" The Goth stated as she climbed up onto the small step ladder and began to change the light bulb.

"Hey! I did pretty good damage…" She slowly considered. "No, but wait, you're right. She was lucky." Lifting her gaze to the Goth, her lips quirked into a mischievous smirk. Those green eyes creeping from the black boots along Cam's faded skin tight jeans. Her gaze settling on that tight sexy butt, she had trouble keeping her hands off a few hours ago.

Cam shot her focused glance over shoulder. "Flip the switch, would you?" The blonde nodded mutely and did as she was told. Light diffused through and revealed an orderly room full of books, magazines, brochures and various other reading materials.

The brunette carefully stepped back down off the step ladder. Just as she began straightening out the crinkles in her onyx cotton t-shirt, the room was consumed in darkness yet again. She frowned warily up at the light bulb again before her gaze slowly fell to the gentle hand that still lingered on the switch. With bated breath, all she could do was watch as the blonde forcefully kicked the door shut and took a deliberate strut towards her. Those emerald eyes were the only thing that was illuminating the dark except for the tiny window in the corner. She knew that look, actually more accurately she felt it, felt the hunger radiate from them into her own. “Jesus, really?” She blew out when Haley slid her arms up around her neck, pressing their bodies together.

"You know, I was just thinking that this is a really nice storeroom.” Haley smiled, her tone seductively low.

“Yeah?” Cam's arms instinctively wrapped around Haley's petit waist as she bored down into those electric green eyes.

“Oh, yeah…” The blonde husky breath caressing the Goth's neck. “But I think I prefer it dark… Yeah, definitely dark… Possibilities are endless when it's dark…"

"What sort of possibilities?"The Goth found herself asking, miraculously. It was so hard to stay this coherent when ever Haley set the pace. She wasn't sure how her body was still function especially after this morning.

"Oh, you know…"

"I'm not sure that I do…" Cam replied in a nonchalant tone, her smirk almost visible.

"Well, I think we should change that, don't you?" Haley purred against the Goth's lips. Cam's eyelids slowly dropped as the blonde's rich voice rang in her head. Then just as it opened again, Haley stared up into crystal blue eyes, tainted in lust. She smirked before she gripped dark hair and brought Cam's mouth to barely brush with her own. The contact was painfully slowly, lips gliding against each other. The pace was almost unbearable as the blonde swept her tongue at the entrance of Cam's mouth. Then slipped it into the heat meeting the Goth's rather impatient tongue. She pulled back and dipped her head, her hot mouth tasting Cam's salty skin. "Are you catching on?" She murmured against the Goth's pulse point before nipping on it.

"God." Cam groaned as her eyes rolled back into her head. "I doubt it…" She breathed as her hands reached up to cradle the blonde's face pulling her drugging lips up back to her own. Quickening the pace, her tongue darted into the blonde's mouth, craving the meeting, craving more. A gruff moan erupting straight from Haley's throat, fueling her needs, unlocking the demon she was sure was sated a few hours ago. The blonde's hands slipping under her t-shirt feeling blazing skin beneath her palms, against her nails. Those long fingers snaking up her smooth alabaster skin before gripping her shirt and yanking it over her head. "We are going to be so late." She warned weakly as she unconsciously started on the buttons of the blonde's one.

"We could just say we were held up by your vigilantes." The blonde chuckled, low and sexy into Cam's ear before she unzipped the brunette's jeans dragging them to the floor. Cam stepped out of them imitating Haley's actions, sliding the blonde's off.

“Oomph!” Cam chuckled as Haley pulled her to the floor in one swift motion. Before she could make a move Cam was straddled by an over eager blonde."We could, but who says they will believe us?" Cam managed to say before her breath was stolen by yet another intoxicating kiss.

"Right now, I couldn't care less." Haley mouth lowering to Cam's jaw line before she started a journey on the planes of the Goth's neck. "God, Cam I want you." She nipped, she sucked. "I always do." Cam felt the heat of that statement pool between her thighs. Her remaining rational thoughts draining out her ears. This was her workplace and at this moment she couldn't give a damn. Fuck the workplace, or better yet fuck in the workplace. Yeah, definitely a better option.

Haley finding her clasp, releasing it and pulling Cam's bra off, tossing it over her shoulder. Haley's mouth returned to her enjoyable task of wondering over the smooth skin. Her clever tongue gliding lower towards the beautiful swells on Cam's chest, increasing the Goth's breathing by ten notches.

Cam's body surrendering to the sensation building up in the pit of her stomach, the heat swimming through her veins. Haley playing around her breast, torturing her with stolen licks, bites. She let out a series of moans to her delight when Haley's inflamed mouth covered her overly sensitive nipple.”Oh…God.” Her fingers tangled into blonde hair pushing down more into her.

After paying enough attention to Cam's soft breast, the blonde briefly brought her lips up to the Goth's tasting before she sat up. Cam instantly following her movement as she reached up and flicked Haley's front clasp, her breast spilling like an offering the Goth was never going to pass up. She buried her face into them, her tongue teasing with tiny swipes and her mouth suckling, causing the blonde to whimper, her hips stirring against Cam's almost uncontrollable, trying to find some purchase. Using all her will power, she managed to slow her ministrations wanting her girlfriend to come first. The Goth almost always had the power to make her forget who was in charge. It was time to remind her. Haley reached up and gripped thick brunette hair, pulling the Goth up for a searing kiss before forcefully pushing her back down to almost slam against the cold hard floor. Haley followed her, assaulting her mouth with her own.

For Haley, it was not enough. Her mouth controlled by a hunger that needed to taste more, needed Cam, all of her. The blonde's hands caressed its way down Cam's body, her fingers dipping into her waistband, removing the boxers. Her palm skimming over soft moist hair causing the brunette to buck her hips. “Shit!”

Haley let out a low chuckle at the jerk, never feeling her girlfriend so wired before. Her fingers sunk into the wet heat that drew her, running it along the seams. Cam's hips jerked again when those talented fingers came into contact with her hard nub. “Oh hell, Haley!” The brunette groaned.

“What?” She chuckled softly again, caressing Cam's shoulders with her tongue.

“Do something…” Cam's breathing was jagged, her chest heaving as the frustrated need continued to build up.

The blonde lifted her head, flicking her hair out of the way to stare at her sweaty restless girlfriend. “Like what?” She murmured slyly, her fingers still moving teasingly around the Goth's sex.

“God! I don't care, anything!” Soon Haley's curled followed the trail her hands laid out for her on the Goth's body, feasting, satisfying her hunger. Skimming, lower and lower until it lingered at the end of the flat stomach. Haley placed featherweight kisses on the edge of her waist, creating almost painful throbbing in Cam's lower extremities. Cam's breath hitched as she felt the blonde's tongue continue to roam lower, her hips instantly arching, opening. She could literally feel Haley's mouth ghosting over where she wanted it the most, the hot uneven breath hitting against her causing her to tremble right down to the bone. Then she felt the first swipe over her clit sending a rush of shivers up her spine. "Oh, fuck." Cam breathed, her neck arched back, her hand reached down getting lost in Haley's hair. Haley tongue continuing to trace along, sinking into her core, tasting the Goth, a flavor she could simply drown in.

Cam's mind going blank, her body started to unwind inch by inch. She couldn't think, all she could do was feel. Haley's skillful tongue tormented her between her legs, sucking on her clit while her fingers pistoned into the wonderful wet center. She was close, her other hand lodge between her teeth to suppress the moan she was certain would rip from her throat at any moment. Finally it hit hard, Cam could take no more, she bit down, her body arching violently, hips jerking as she fell over the edge into pure ecstasy. Her breathing coming out labored, she released the teeth engraved hand from her mouth.

“Is that what you wanted?” Haley smirked and released Cam crawling up her body.

Cam pulled Haley into a desperate kiss tasting herself on her lover's lips. Leaning back, her lips were fixed in a challenging sneer. “You forget, baby. Now, it's your turn.” With a growl she pushed the blonde onto her back, her own body pinning Haley onto the hard cold floor, roughly tugging the blonde's panties off. With Haley vibrating beneath her, she smirked before her mouth set out to destroy the blonde's senses, ravaging anything and everything…


They both laid still on their aftermath of what they just created. A room filled with all sort of interesting noises was left almost silent the next. Both of them simply reveling in the incredible feel of each other.

"Hey I forgot ask…" Haley trailed her nails against Cam's neck. "Before I got caught up." She grinned.

"Yeah…" Cam's eyes shut, her breath tight, her body still somehow responding to the tingling sensation.

"Does this place have surveillance?" The blonde all but purred.

"Oh crap!” The Goth shot up. “Shit! Yes, it does. I need to go erase it." She hastily started sorting through their scattered items of clothing, tossing the blonde's at her.

"Okay… But make me a copy first, would you?" Haley lazily said, her arms stretching out, making no apparent effort to get up. Cam stopped her actions mid-way, her one leg into her jeans as she looked down at the blonde's flushed naked body. If she wasn't standing half naked, in a storeroom, in the middle of the day, she wouldn't have believed what she just heard.

"I'm sorry, what?" She blinked twice.

"I want a copy."

Cam cocked her head, eyebrow raised. "Aren't we kinky all of a sudden?"

"Well, I kind of need something to keep me going for two months." Haley grinned mischievously.

"Hmmm…Good point, maybe I'll make two." Cam returned her grin.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


"Remind me again, why we're here?" Cam scowled as she jumped out of the car, swung the keys around her index finger before stuffing it into her back pocket. It was such a bright day, the land full of laughter and other friendly noises. The lake glistened, a dark blue, with the usual speed boats creating millions of chaotic ripples through it.

"Be nice, they were your friends first." Haley rolled her green eyes before she placed her sunglasses on and handed Cam her Aviators. Haley watched as the Goth put them on concealing her beautiful blue eyes, then stuffed her hands in her pockets. The blonde slipped her arm through Cam's as they started towards the picnic site. "Plus even if you don't admit it, you love them." She smiled at the Goth's small flinch.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Cam sulked as they strolled towards their friends who were yet to spot them on the far end. "But if Joey starts with me, he is duck food."

Haley shook her head and chuckled. "You might as well throw him in the lake now, then."

"Hmmm…Good point." Cam shrugged.

"I'm just full of them."

Cam simply shook her head. "It's surprising how your head remains a relatively normal size."

The blonde laughed smugly. "Well, I am a master of all secrets and trades."

"Yeah, yeah… Smartass." Cam rolled her eyes.

"Smart- sexy -ass." She leaned up, whispered the Goths ear before giving it small nip.

The brunette shuddered as she thought back to their earlier activities. "Can't argue with that."

"Ah, they just spotted us." Haley told her, when she spotted Cat over Cam's shoulder, walking towards them.


"Behave yourself, Cam." Haley smiled but gave her a warning glare.

Cam stared at her incredulously. "Don't I always?"

"Of course." Haley said with amusement before briefly kissing Cam on the lips. They both turned to face Cat who jumped at both of them, grabbing them in a hug.

"Hi Cam! Hi Haley! I missed you!" Cat squealed in delight.

Haley chuckled as she squeezed the little ginger girl. "I missed you too, Cat."

Cat pulled back, beaming at them. "Hey why are your clothes creased?"

Haley's face fell. She nudged Cam in the ribs with her elbow. "You said it wasn't so bad." She hissed.

Cam frowned, nudging her back. "It isn't."

"Hey, why are we whispering?" Cat asked in a soft whisper. Both of them returned their attention to the ginger girl in front of them.

"Oh look, ducks." Haley pointed towards the lake, where a small family of ducks resided.

Cat clapped her hands excitedly. "Oh goodie! You know, I bought a duck online once. Yeah… It ran away." She said in her usual airy disconnected voice.

Cam could only roll her eyes while the blonde raised a brow. "Oh, look the guys are heading this way."

"Haley!" Cole shouted from a small distance. She ran into his arms and giggled when he lifted her off the ground and spun her around. A small smirk appeared on Cam's face as she watched. He put her down and she punched him on the arm. "Ow! What was that for?"

"That's for not telling me, you started dating Jessica, you goof."

"Oh that… It was only one date." He grinned rubbing the tender spot on his arm. "You know, you have a violent streak in you."

"Cam's my girlfriend." She shrugged as if it was a valid excuse.

He scrunched up his lips and nodded. "Point taken. God, I missed you." He drew her into another hug.

"Hey, stop hogging the girl, give the rest of us a chance." Ryan grinned, standing with his arms opened wide.

Haley pulled back and walked into Ryan's welcoming embrace. "Ryan." She squeezed him so tight.

"Haley, I think you cutting off my circulation." He said in a strangled voice but she continued the pressure as she giggled against his neck.

"Thank you." She whispered. He just grinned, taking the hidden meaning behind it. He knew it was because he was always there for Cam. Because Haley trusted him with the task.

"Well, she couldn't get rid of me, if she tried and she has, plenty." He leaned back, both of them smiling at each other.

"Well you keep at it, tiger." She grinned.

"Always." He nicked her nose and winked.

"Hey, where's Josh?" Haley asked.

Cole laughed. "Well, Joey stole his Babe Ruth ball cap from him so he is busy chasing him around somewhere. Joey is fast and coordinated and Josh is… Well, Josh..."

"Ah, I see…" Haley grinned imagining the skinny curly haired boy tripping around. It was good to be home.

"Okay guys, Cam and I will be getting the beverages, any special requests?" Ryan placed his arm around Cam's shoulder firmly.

"Why do I have to?" She looked up at him and complained.

"Because you were an hour late."

"So was Haley?" She pointed out pouting.

"Ah, but she is the guest of honor. Take your punishment like a man, West." Ryan grinned and nudged his best friend.

"Whatever…" She shrugged.

"Okay, so who is having what?"

"Coke." Cole shouted.

"Water." Haley said before continuing her conversation with Cole on his newest song.

"Ooo! Ooo! I want a root beer. No wait, Dr. Pepper." Cat tapped her index finger against lips. "No make that lemonade, or maybe I should just have water."

"Cat, you're having Coke!" Cam snapped.

"Okay, I want a Coke." The ginger girl giggled.

Cam rolled her eyes. She and Ryan made their way to the tuck-shop in the center of the picnic area. Together they purchased enough of everyone's requests to last the whole day. Starting back with a bag of their beverages, Ryan shoved Cam with his shoulder. "So is there a reason you guys were late?"

"Work." Cam explained as she opened her can of coke.

He scrutinized her, taking in her appearance, her body language, her expression. Then a lazy smirk traveled onto his face. "Why do I have a feeling WORK translates into SEX ?"

The Goth just gave him a quizzical glare before straightened. "It does." She admitted evenly. There was no point in lying to him, he would just know. It sucked to be that transparent to him.

They continued walking while Ryan was shaking his head. "I knew it. Where?"



"Do you know any other storerooms I have access to?" She rolled her eyes but grinned.

He couldn't help but chuckle. "Wow…Hot!"

"Yeah, now imagine being a participant."

His eyes brightened, full of humor and a hopeful look on his face. "Can I next time?"

She chuckled and punched him on the arm. "No."

He faked a disappointed pout. "Man, I had to try." They continue to walk. "But, hey doesn't that place have cameras?"

"Well, yeah?" She said her eyes falling on her soda can as she brought it back to her lips.

He gave her his famous devilish smirk. "Did you make a copy?"

Cam choked on her soda, he chuckled patting her back. She laughed. "I'm not answering that."

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley relished in being home, in being with her friends. It was such a great day she thought as she sat in the car facing the window, staring into the starry night. They had caught up, laughed, argued and played some soccer. It was just the simple pure innocent fun they always used to have. Josh had finally gotten his cap back after like two hours of chasing the Joey who failed to run out of energy. Cole had played his new piece for them, it was magnificent as always. Definitely goes into the book for one of the best days of her life. But she was almost certain that there were more to come. And it was mostly because of the girl sitting next to her. Just being around the moody Goth made her feel at home, content as mad as it sounded. The car died off in the Scott's drive way. She turned to face the Goth in the driver's seat, smiling warmly.

Cam couldn't help but return the smile. "So did you enjoy your day?"

Haley sighed and leaned a little closer. "Very much so… Did you?"

"Heh…" Cam shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

Haley chuckled and poked the Goth on the arm. "Don't lie, you did. I know you did. Admit it, admit it!"

Cam laughed. "Okay fine, I liked parts of it."

Haley just shook her head, grinning. "Which parts?"

"Guess." Cam told her before she covered Haley's curved lips with her own. Brushing, savoring…

With their foreheads leaning against each other, Haley spoke. "I liked that part too." She placed a small kiss on Cam's lips before they both jumped out of the car. She stretched her arms out and yawned. "God, it was such a beautiful day. I wish I didn't have to end."

"Well it doesn't, yet, at least. Do you want to take a walk around the block?" Cam reached her and suggested.

"Yes…" Haley agreed and linked their fingers together. She leaned her head against the Goth's shoulder as they strolled along the sidewalk. She loved taking walks with her girlfriend. It always felt like they were the only two that existed. "So how's that piece you were writing coming along?"

Cam frowned as she stuffed her free hand into her pocket, taking in the fresh breeze against her skin. "It hasn't, just been in a slump recently but I'll get back to it."

"I have no doubt. You will become a great writer someday, Cam. I just know it." Haley smiled at her. "But if you lacking some inspiration right now, I can give you some." She leered tucking her tongue in her cheek.

Cam stopped, turned so her magnificent cool blue eyes met the contrast incredible warm green eyes. She let out a genuine smile, whispering. "You already do."

Taken aback by the simple statement, Haley could only respond in one way. She pulled the Goth into an embrace. "I love you Cam, so much, never forget that no matter what."

"I love you too, Haley." Cam whispered against blonde, her eyes shut knowing that in another day the blonde would be back in New Zealand. But the smile crawled its way onto her face again, thinking about this day, knowing that this was the life she would have to look forward to.

"Okay, prove it."

Cam leaned back and raised an eyebrow at the smirking blonde. "What?"

"Carry me, my feet are killing me." Haley whined, playfully.

"But we only walked like, past five houses." Cam merely stated, pointing at the rows of properties they passed.

"I know, but it must have been the soccer." She flexed her slightly elevated ankle.

"Which you sucked terribly at." Cam let out a snickering laugh.

"Hey, it's not my fault that when it comes to soccer my coordination seeps out of my ears. But at least I scored! So ha!" Haley shot a fist into the air triumphantly.

Cam continued to chuckle. "An own goal." She pointed out.

"It still counts." Haley folded her arms, her head tilted, her lips pressed together.

"No, I don't think it does." Cam grinned.

"It so does!" Haley glared at her, whimpering on her next step.

Cam shook her head and let out a resigned sigh. "Okay fine, hop on."

"Yay!" She climbed up on the Goth's back, her legs straddling her waist, arms wounding gently around Cam's neck. Cam's arms reached back to brace the blonde, making them both comfortable as she continued walking. She smiled taking in the feel of the lightweight Haley was. She felt a bit lighter than before but what type of girlfriend would she be if she didn't irk her significant other about such matters.

"God, Scott what did you eat in New Zealand? You put on like ten pounds." Cam bit her tongue, grinning.

"I did not!" Haley's head shot up.

"Yep, you must have. I don't think I'll make it past the next house." Cam teased in an exaggerated strained tone.

"Shut up! I didn't." The blonde smacked her on the arm and giggled.

"Ow! Watch it or I'll drop you." The Goth warned.

Haley's eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't…"

"Dare me?" Cam raised her eyebrows, as Haley started to feel the arms under her start to go pliable.

Haley clung onto Cam and giggled. "Okay, okay I'm sorry."

"Better be." Cam grinned as her arms went solid again. Both of them burst out laughing into the night.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


The next day went too fast for the Goth's liking. She spent it with Haley and her family at the Scott's house. Even the guys had come over to hang over for a few hours. It was a quiet day, peaceful. Unlike the first time she had said goodbye. That day had been incredible yes, but anything but peaceful. This time it was different, her heart felt lighter because deep down she knew the blonde was leaving, but she would return just the same. Haley left in a cab to the airport, not wanting to do the whole airport scene again. Cam didn't blame her, she also didn't want it. So they parted ways on the front step of the Scott house, smiling this time with only a small undercurrent of sadness. Cam stuffed her hands into her hoody pockets as she treaded towards her house while the blonde was on her way to the airport. The night surrounding her in the darkness she always felt when home was her destination. She opened her front door and ran up the stairs trying to avoid any contact that would lead to conflict. Just as she shut her bedroom door behind her, it opened just as fast.

"Where have you been Cameron?" Cam stretched out on her bed, looked up to see her mother's heated eyes on her. "I haven't seen you for two days."

"Wow, you noticed." She rolled her eyes knowing the woman came here looking for a fight and she would be damned if she would give her the satisfaction of one.

"Don't give me that crap, Cameron."Stacy West crossed her arms.

Cam flipped open a magazine, deciding which article she wanted to read. "Why? That's all I seem to give you. Why should I change now?" She said in a monotone as she flipped the page.

Her mother vibrated with anger as she ripped the magazine from Cam's grasp. "As long you still live under my roof, I demand some respect. Look at me when I'm talking to you dammit!"

Cam raised a brow, her disinterested look settling in. "Whatever, I won't be here for that long anyway. Graduation is only a few months away, anyway. Then I'm off to college. Thank the freaking sadistic world."

"College?" Her mother spat out.

Cam let out a chuckle, though it was humorless. She stared incredulously at the woman who claimed to be her mother. "Do you even know what I want to become?"

"Of course an actress. Ever since you were small I had forced your father to send you for classes. I don't see why you need college for it. You are a brilliant actress Cam."

Cam laughed. "Wow, I think I just got my first compliment. Be that as it may, mother, it is not what I want to do. I want to be a writer."


"A writer."

"Are you crazy?”

“Most of the time, I would say yes. But not about this. It's what I want to do.”

Stacy studied her daughter genuineness about the whole venture. “You are insane if you think I'm going to let you pursue this trivial cause. I won't have it Cameron. I won't sit here and watch you throw your life away for something so meaningless. You will be wasting your god given talent."

"It's my talent to waste!" Cam countered defensively.

"Well, not as long as I'm your mother, I will not allow it! I won't allow you to be like this!" Her mother shouted and indicated at her with enough force hoping something would sink into her sick daughters head.

"To be like what? Myself!" The Goth felt her composure break. Everything she ever held in, her resentment, the bitterness bubbling up passing through the red haze in her head. "God, mother! You gave birth to me! That doesn't mean you own me, that I must become what you want, that you can control me!"

"Like I could control you, I mean look how you turned out. And this writing bullshit." Her mother shook her head.

"It's not bullshit!"

"I mean, Cameron is this how you appreciate everything we gave you? You think I was born with all the stuff you were? No, I strived towards it, my blood and sweat to give you everything I never had. I wanted what's best for you. And this is how you treat it, wasting our money, so you can what play with a pen and paper? It's fucking stupid! I expected better of you, Cameron. Why do you strive on disappointing me? Do you hate me so much?" Her mother's expression looked like a wounded animal, so hurt and broken.

"This isn't about you! You see this is what you always do! Try to guilt me!" The final straw, snapped, tears of rage and frustration, welling up. "For what! For what mother!" She yelled not caring if the neighbors could hear her at this point, her breath heaving. Then realization slowly seeped in, her eyes widening, the first tear slipping, her voice feeling weak. "For being born? It wasn't my fucking choice." She paused to catch her breath. "So stop punishing me, for being who I am. For being me. I can't help being me…And I really can't help being born." She pushed past the stricken older woman and left her room. Her mother followed suit.

"This is all that Scott girls fault. You weren't like this before you met her." Her mother snickered.

Cam froze, the anger exploding inside her. No, Cam this is what she wants, calm down. She pinched the bridge of her nose. Yet the anger didn't feel like it was dissipating. Don't. She whipped around to face her mother, she thought with a bitter taste in her mouth. But she surprised herself when her voice came out cool and detached. "Don't. I wouldn't go there." Her eyes burning into the woman in front of her. Her mother taking a fearful step back to her satisfaction. "I'm done. If you looking for a fight, find dad, I'm sure he is willing."

He mother broke into tears, startling her. "I…I don't know where he is." The phone began to ring.

Cam's eyebrows drew. "What?"

"He left two days ago and never come home. It's not like him." Stacy sobbed into her hands.

The Goth stared at her… Wow, he actually did it. He left . Her mother was right, it wasn't like him. As many times as he had left, he returned just the same. Perhaps drunker. The phone continued to ring increasing the headache that was building on. She reached back grabbed the phone and growled into it. "What!"

Stacy stared up to see the frozen expression on her daughters face. Those darkened blue eyes widened as the receiver slipped from her fingers…







The Goth was sprawled on the grass, her hands beneath her head. With her eyes slightly hooded she took in the breathing of the night. The beautiful noises that just brought the creek alive. The billions of blue blazing stars that erupted across the planes of the night's sky. An experience only a few people were privileged to and thankfully she was one of them, she smiled. It was nights like these that got the better of the young writer's heart linking it with her most important tool, her mind. She bit her lip as her mind travelled through the parallels of her abundant conflicting emotions. Then the most important notion hit her. What if love could be a tangible? For Cam West, it most certainly was and it nearly all of its weight was lying on top of her. She stared at the blonde that was snuggled into her.

Haley's green eyes were wandering the sky's stars, her breathing calm, yet her heart rate was slightly elevated. It was almost exploding with the intake of the creek's magnificence. She felt as if she were in one of those story books her dad used to read to her when she was younger. You know the ones with the castles, dragons, princesses and of course the prince. How she used to dream of prince charming coming to sweep her off her feet, she thought with a grin. Oh, how times have changed, now instead her savior was a temperamental Goth girl. She nuzzled in closer, thinking she wouldn't have it any other way.

Haley smiled and pointed up into the air. "Hey look it's the northern star." She brought her gaze back to the Goth who seemed to be lost in her own little world.

Cam was interrupted from her journey of thoughts. She blinked twice at the blonde. "What?"

Haley shook her head and smiled. "Are you even looking at the stars?"

Cam stared at her, doubtfully. "Of course I am."

Haley frowned. "But you were looking at me."

" And your point is?" The Goth shrugged, her lips quirking when she witnessed the soft smile that made its way onto the blonde's face. "What?" She asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the look she was getting.

" You don't know, do you?"

" Know what?"

" How romantic you are…" Haley murmured with a dreamy smile.

" Romantic?" Cam practically snorted. "Yeah right…"

The blonde caught the small tint of red that made its way onto the Goth's pale cheeks. She leaned up and placed a smacking kiss on the Goth's lips. "God, you're so adorable!" Cam winced at the term.

" Jeez, first I'm romantic and now I'm adorable. You're making me sound so gay." Cam scowled at the blonde.

" Earth to Cam, you are gay…" Haley gave her a withering glare.

" Not the point, you know what I mean…"

" Uh…huh." She continued to grin at the Goth, making her squirm under the scrutiny.

" You're loving this, aren't you?" Cam asked flatly.

It was the blonde's turn to play dumb. "Loving what?"

" Embarrassing me."

Haley giggled. "Utterly!"

" Yeah, yeah just shut up and kiss me already." Cam rolled her eyes as her arms travelled southwards to rest on the blonde's hips.

" I can do that." Haley's smirked, her hands reached up to get lost in thick raven hair, she maneuvered her body to fit more comfortably bringing the Goth's lips to meet her own.

Their lips gliding and brushing together, Cam wrapped one of her legs around the blonde's petit body and in one swift motion reversed their positions. Haley giggled into Cam's curved mouth, feeling the Goth's body weight pinning her into the grass, her arms sliding down the Goth's spine.

Cam's own hands deep into the texture of the blonde hair, gripping and deepening the kiss. She just loved the feel of blonde's hair between her fingers, so soft, so smooth and moist. The wetness increasing in her palm until her whole hand felt consumed by liquid. She broke the kiss, staring at her crimson stained hands. Her heart jumped into her throat, searching for the source. Blood spreading fast, blood, so much blood. The body beneath hers stilled. Her eyes meeting the wide, hollow, lost green eyes. "Scott?" She said frantically patting the blonde's cheek. The blonde's face pliable to the motion, lifeless…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


"Haley!" Cam gasped as her eyes flew open, the white lights blinding her.

Startled, Ryan gathered the Goth whose head was resting against his lap, up into his arms. "Hey, hey it's only a dream." Hearing his voice whisper in her ears, Cam stiffened in his arms and tried to pull out. But he just held on, tightly not giving her protesting body a chance. Then she found herself clinging to him desperately, her body writhing, her tears drenching his shirt. His hands rubbing small comforting circles against her back. "Shshsh… It was only a dream, baby." He stared out into the hospital waiting room, watching the nurses, patients and a few visitors drifting in and out. He squeezed Cam closer to him. Part off him was relieved to feel the wetness against his chest. For the past two days, She was in a zombie state, no emotions gracing her face, not even the automatic built in scowl she was probably born with. She was acting too strong for her own good, holding everything in. He was afraid he would have to admit her into hospital as well. He pressed a soft kiss into her hair. "Just a dream." He murmured in a comforting tone when the sobbing died down.

Cam pulled back, her face back to being in blank disarray. He was saddened to see the emptiness in those blue sapphires. She wiped the remnants of her tears forcefully to erase any pain that was evident. Then gently removed herself from the comforting contact of her best friend. She couldn't bear be in his arms and not tear up again. She felt cold when she moved back onto her seat. "You let me fall asleep." She stated with bite in her tone.

"Well, I'm sorry but you needed it." He shot back with equal bite. When she said nothing and looked away, he continued. "Cam, you haven't slept in two days. I'm not going to sit here and watch you worry yourself sick." He placed two fingers under her chin, drawing her up to meet his eyes. "Haley wouldn't want that Cam, and you know it."

Biting back the tears that threatened to explode again, she drew to her feet. "How the hell would you know! How the hell would you know what she wants? She can't tell you, can she? She's been in fucking surgery for the last couple of hours!" She yelled getting a few wary stares in her direction. He witnessed the bitterness burning in her eyes. But sadly he knew it was directed at herself.

His tone softened, as he rose. "It wasn't your fault, Cam..."

She let out a humorless chuckle. "Isn't it?" She turned her back to him, her hands crossed protectively over her chest. "Isn't it?” She swiped furiously at the tear that escaped. “If I just answered that fucking phone do you think she would have come back? We would have been fine!” Her voice cracked. “God, she would have been fine…"

The melancholy in her was overwhelming, his heart aching for the woman who seemed to have the whole world on her shoulders. "You can't know that, Cam, things happen for a reason."

She whirled on him, her tears threatening again but she swallowed it down. "Fuck reason, Ryan. I don't give a shit about all that philosophical crap. Fact is, she was here because of me."

"I know you hurting Cam, but…" He stepped towards her wanting desperately to pull her into his arms. But she retreated holding her hands up, shaking her head.

"No. I don't want to hear it. It's not about me being hurt. I wish I was the one hurt, Ryan. But she is and it comes back to me." She dropped her hands and her gaze tilted to the side, unable to meet his eyes.

His frustration and anger threatened to get the better of him. Couldn't she see what she was doing to herself? He put his hands on her shoulders and violently shook her. "You weren't driving the goddamn car that hit that cab, Cam!"

She let the motion take over her body not resisting in the least. "No, but my dad was Ryan." This time she met his eyes, hers cold as ice. "God, my dad was..."

He practically wanted to scream at this moment, his anger vibrating within him. But those eyes dead, usually full with such passion, anger, love, he knew them all. But nothing like this. She really believed she was responsible and it tore at him. "Listen to how ridiculous you sound, Cam. You're smarter than that, to know what your dad does is not your fucking responsibility."

"Apparently, I'm not." With that she left him, the emotions threatening all at once, nausea building up. She rushed into the ladies' bathroom, kicking open an empty stall and letting her stomach go. The taste of bile the only thing glazing her mouth, since she hadn't eaten from the last time she threw up, a few hours ago. Her eyes remained shut as she rode off the last wave of the nausea before dragging herself up. Her mind reeling in different states of consciousness over the past four days. The first half a dream. The rest, the dream turned nightmare. It felt like a blur, from the moment she picked up the phone, hearing Cassie's frantic voice, stopping her own heart dead. Then moments later a second phone call, relaying that Mr. West was involved in a related accident, in his drunken stupor. Both of them now occupants of this very hospital. Her numb state going over the information over and over again.

She pulled the chain and headed towards the sink. Her eyes deliberately averting from the mirror, unable to face the person staring back at her. She opened the tap cupping water beneath her palm, and brought it to her mouth. She gargled once, then twice, and then using both hands, she splashed the coolness of the water against the paleness of her face. The cool water soothing the raw skin around her eyes. Her eyes blinked opened to be locked on her right hand, picturing the blood that thickly coated it in her dream. She usually didn't have a problem with blood but this was Haley's blood. Did it have some sort of significance that the perfect memory of where they spent the last night of blonde's visit, be tainted with Haley's blood on her hands? God, so much blood . Her stomach threatening again so she pushed the image from her mind, knowing there was nothing left inside her. She rested her hip against the counter, her head lowered and her fingers pinching the bridge of her nose.

She took in a deep breath as the door opened. "Cam…" The woman gasped.

Cam's head shot up at the sound of the familiar voice. Their eyes held for a moment before Cam lowered them seeing the expected pain in the older woman. She looked so distraught, her appearance muddled that another wave of guilt swam over the Goth. She could sense the older woman's eyes scrutinizing her. "Mrs. Scott." She finally greeted when she found her voice, though it was small.

Abby sighed softly as she walked over to the tap next to Cam's, washing her hands. "Haley just came out of theatre." She informed staring at the profile of the Goth in the mirror. Cam nodded, her tense shoulders somewhat relaxing. "How is your father?"

The brunette stiffened and raised eyes to meet those in the mirror. "I don't know…"

Abby shut the tap off and turned to face Cam, curiously. "Didn't you go see him?" The Goth shook her head, a little anger visible through her shield. "I see…" She could see the twisted angst in the girl, her heart going out to the poor Goth who was clearly caught in a two way emotional battle. "Well, I'm going to check on my daughter… You'll come right?" She looked over her shoulder as she pulled out a wipe from the compartment on the wall.

Cam was stunned at the way Abby made the request, almost expecting. How could this woman bear to look at her, so kindly even though her own daughter's well-being was compromised? She simply nodded and saw the hint of a weak smile produced on the older woman's face. "Mrs. Scott?"

The older woman stopped at the door and shot a look over her shoulder at the Goth. "Cam?"

"I'm…" Cam's voice broke slightly but she knew she had to get it out. "I'm so sorr –oomph." She was interrupted when she was crushed in a desperate embrace.

Abby held the stiff girl tight in her arms, her own tears escaping. "I know, honey, I know." Cam couldn't maintain her composure within the warmth comfort of the embrace. Her body started trembling, her arms at her sides as she squeezed her eyes tight in a desperate attempt to hold in her tears. "It's not your fault, not your fault."

"But my dad." Cam started, her voice failing her.

"Is also paying for it." Abby pulled back, searching in those beautiful blue eyes. "And right now, all we can do is pray." She pulled wipes off the wall and handed one to Cam. "For the both of them." Cam wiped her eyes wondering where on earth that woman gets her strength and compassion from. "So what do you say we stop hiding out in a lavatory, and go see my daughter?"

"Okay, I'll be there in a bit…"

"Okay." Abby nodded with a weak smile.

"Mrs. Scott?"

"Yes, Cam?"

"Thank you."

"For what?"Abby raised a brow.

"I don't know, I guess for everything. Mainly for having Haley."

Abby let out her first genuine smile in days. "You're welcome, I guess." She opened the door. "Though I must tell you, I did have help." And with wink she left.

Cam shook her head, a small smile gracing her lips briefly. They were so much alike, mother and daughter. Their kindness, their open-mindedness, their humor and they both left her feeling light hearted. Unlike her and her own mother, that was probably camping in her father's ward. Not that she knew where it was or intended to find out. All she knew about him was that he wasn't dead. She had no idea what injuries he had sustained nor did she care at this point. She just couldn't.

She walked out of the bathroom to see Ryan leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest, eyes shut. His eyes popping open when he heard the door close behind her. He spoke, his voice low. "Haley's out. They transferred her to a private room. I think it was 207. Want to go see her?"

She shook her head. "Not yet, give the Scott's some time."

"Okay." He nodded. "Let's go get something to eat in the meantime." He grabbed her hand steering her towards the cafeteria.

"But I'm not hungry." She complained.

"Don't care, you will eat, even if I have to force it down your throat." He threatened as he pushed her into seat at a small secluded table. "Is there anything you want specifically?" She shook her head, resigning as she had no energy to go toe to toe with him again. "Okay, I'll see what they have." He left her to join the queue.

Her eyes started to wander the spacious area taking in all the signs. Casualties, ICU, ER, Pediatrics, maternity, chapel… She shook her head. What is this? Days of our lives? Ryan returned with two interesting sandwiches on his tray, a root beer and a Coke. He settled the tray on the table pushing the Coke and one sandwich towards the Goth. "I thought you might like turkey." She shrugged and took a small bite of her sandwich which tasted mostly like cardboard. But she continued eating, her body craving the nutrition. They both ate silently for a while. Then Ryan broke the silence. "I saw Cole, Cat and Josh around. They came to check on Haley's progress. They asked how you're doing."

"Oh and what did you tell them?" She sipped her Coke absently.

"I said I have no idea." He let out a humorless chuckle.

"I'm fine." She said staring at the other half of her sandwich.

He studied her. "I'd say you far from that."

"Then why did you ask?" She rolled her eyes.

"I didn't, they did." He countered with a small smile which earned him another signature eye roll. He took another bite of his sandwich, then spoke a sober expression on his face. "I saw your mother."

Cam hardened about to wake up when he caught her hand. "Don't."

"Just go see him, Cam." Ryan gave her a pleading look. Truth was he was uncertain that Mr. West was going to make it and he didn't want the Goth to take more strain on her shoulders.

"You can't ask that of me."

"Well I am. He is in an induced coma, his injuries are too severe for him to heal consciously."

"No, I don't want to know. I just can't…" She shook her head as she rose, yanking her hand free. She left him, sitting there staring after her.

She made her way through the passages, randomly needing to get away. Mostly from her own mind. Somehow she found her way into the maternity ward. The noises drawing her, the closer she got the more her thoughts died down. Finally, she reached a glass screen with dozens of babies behind them. Some of them crying, some of them sleeping, some of them silent, eyes slightly opened staring at her.

"Which ones yours?" A voice whispered behind her.

Cam was startled and turned around. "I'm sorry what?"

"Which baby is yours?" A woman, probably in her early thirties was staring through the window. She had bleached blonde hair, her eyes seemed to have huge dark rings around them. Her robe scruffy but it was one of those high quality material. She was probably one of those LA heiresses. Yet, her body looked really fragile probably from her partying life. She looked horrible in the least, Cam thought.

"Um, none. Yours?"

The lady dug into her into her robe pocket pulling out a box of cigarettes pointing it to the blonde with beautiful big blue eyes. "That one right over there… I think." She opened the box pulling out one cigarette with her teeth. "So what's your deal kid? You spy on babies or what?"

"No, that would be really weird…" Cam's brows drew.

"Well, you don't strike me as the normal type." The blonde flicked her lighter a couple of times.

"I could the same for you." She countered and pulled the cigarette from the ladies mouth. "And smoking's not allowed here." Heiresses think they can do whatever they please.

"Well, give me a break kid, I just gave birth a few days ago and I don't breast feed. My boyfriend left me with that little bundle over there. I need something for suckiness my life has to endure."

"Okay, if we having a competition on whose life sucks worse, then my drunken father loses control of his car and rams into my girlfriend's cab. Now both of them are here, him in a coma and she just came out a neurological surgery because she had slight internal bleeding her brain..."

The woman blinked twice. "Okay, so you win…"

"Yeah, well…" Cam shrugged. "What are you going to name her?" She indicated to the little girl.

The blonde tapped her finger to her lips. "Hmmm…What's your name kid?"

"Cameron, you?"

"Andy. I think I'll name her Cameron." The blonde shrugged.


"Because I haven't thought of name, yet." God, people can be so oblivious, so pathetic, so selfish. Cam stared at the baby thinking perhaps in a few years that little girl would turn out to be as tormented as her.

"Well, I think it's fitting."


"Yes, really because we both have losers for parents." Cam turned to see Andy taken aback by her comment. Then stepped towards her, a dark look on her face. The blonde took a fearful step back. "So unless you want her to turn out as resentful as me in a few years, I'd seriously reconsider my parental skills and actually develop some." She brushed right past her. The woman got on her last nerve reminding her of her own neglectful, selfish parents. Was there no where she could leave them? Apparently not…

She walked towards Haley's ward, hoping perhaps enough time had passed. With her hands stuck in her jean's pockets, she passed many wards seeing patients walking around, families gathered, little kids running around. The doctors with their clipboards, nurses pushing trolleys or gathered chatting about who would give old Mr. Smith his sponge bath. Just the usual cold atmosphere surrounding the passages.

Finally, she reached room 207, her heart sinking into that unfathomed pit. Lingering outside to catch her breath, she tried keeping her bouncing stomach settled. She had no idea what she expected to see, all she knew was it was bad. Could she bear to see the blonde with machines attached to her? Well you better she warned herself as she stepped inside needing to.

Part of her hoped that this was all one bad dream and she would wake up any minute now, alone. That her parents would be downstairs arguing. That Haley would be back in New Zealand tormenting her because she wasn't here. But the moment she saw the hint of a familiar face with breathing equipment resting on the standard hospital bed, her heart squeezed, constricting her chest. It was real. All of it... That beautiful face that she hated and then loved was covered with purplish bruises, a few scratches on the side of her cheek. A little cut just above her dark blonde eyebrow that dipped up into the white bandage that encircled her head completely. She let out the breath she didn't know she was holding and stepped more into the room knowing that if she didn't, she would flee cowardly. She looked at the little screen with the heart beat sounding off, every two seconds or so. Still beating… It's still beating. That was something. She wasn't usually the glass is half full type of person but she had to be in this case. Because she refused to think of the alternative. There was no alternative…

Journeying across the room towards the bed, more and more wounds became visible. She lifted her hand up gently sliding aside the strand of blonde hair that snuck out of the bandage. It felt so unreal, the coldness of the blonde's skin against her fingers. Haley was always warm, unless it was her feet, she mused. She dropped down on the chair besides the bed, her head resting against the mattress, her hand finding its way to the blonde's, gently linking their fingers. Her eyes closed, listening to Haley's strained breathing. A single tear running down her pale cheek.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


The days were long, the nights were longer. Well, that's at least what it seemed like to the Goth. More and more days had passed since Haley had come out of surgery. She had woken up a couple of times in a groggy state. But yesterday she was coherent enough, staying up for longer periods but sadly Cam caught her when she was sleeping. Hopefully, she made the conscious period, today. Her progress was slow but somewhat positive. Except for the scare they had when Haley had a seizure. It was still touch and go. Cam made her way to room 207 like she had done every day after work. Today, she had a stupid black stuffed bear in her hands, it had enormous dark sunglasses for its little beady eyes. She reached the door when she heard a few voices inside, all familiar. It sounded like Haley's mother, her father and her doctor. She remained outside uncertain what to do, so she just listened.

"But you said that there was a good chance that she would recover fully."

"Well, Mrs. Scott there's a very good chance at that. But that's what it is, just a chance. There could be other complications."

"Such as?" David Scott spoke holding his wife in his arms.

"She could suffer from excessive nosebleeds, more seizures which could result in extensive memory loss or something entirely worse…"

Cam could hear the soft sobs of Abby's crying muffled into her husband's shirt. "Is there anything else that we can do?" David asked warily.

"All, we can do know is wait out the storm and see where it leaves us. We have done the best we can Mr. Scott, I assure you." David nodded soberly and dragged his wife out of the room behind the doctor.

"Shshsh…Honey, shshsh, Haley will be just fine." He kissed her forehead, holding her tighter.

Abby sniffled into his chest. "How do you know?"

"Because… Our Haley is a fighter, she never gives up. Remember how she fought to be born? When we thought we couldn't handle anymore children after Cassie?" Abby let out a watery chuckle.

"Yeah, she was a miracle." She wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

"She still is." David kissed her cheek wrapping his arm around her shoulders as they walked down the passage.

Cam came out from the corner she was hiding in. She didn't want them to catch her eavesdropping. She stepped into the room full with giant cards, flowers and dozens of stuffed animals. Placing her stuffed bear in the center with the rest of them, she made her way to the bedside where Haley deep in slumber. Her blue eyes roaming the blonde's face. Most of the bruises seemed to be healing nicely turning that sickening yellow colour. The little cut was almost invisible. But most of all the Goth reveled in the soft breathing of the blonde as the equipment had been removed a few days ago. She used the back of her hand to brush the stubborn short piece of hair off Haley's face. Her hair was shorter now due to the surgery but she knew it would grow back in no time. She gently brought Haley's hand to her lips then slowly put it back down. Staring at her for a few moments before turning her attention to the wide window. It gave a perfect view of the sunset over LA. Haley would have loved it, she thought ruefully. She stared out watching the sun get closer and closer to the end, her mind replaying what the doctor had said. 'Or something entirely worse.' Worse how?

She leaned her forehead against the cold glass, her eyes squeezed tight. "I swear Scott, if you do something stupid, like die, I will never forgive you. You hear me. Never…" She spoke, her voice slightly cracking.

"Not even a little?" A small coarse voice asked.

"Nope!" Cam shook her head. Then froze realizing someone was talking back to her. She whipped around to see Haley's eyes open smiling weakly at her. Never in her life had she ever felt so grateful in her life that it almost brought her to tears. It was as if relief hit her like a hurricane. "Hey you." She managed to say when she was able to form words in her head.

"Hey." Haley said her eyes drooping a little.

"How are you feeling?" Cam asked staying where she was near the window afraid to move. She didn't trust herself yet because all she wanted was to dive into the blonde and crush her in her arms. Feel her touch, just feel her… Here… Alive…

"Like someone took a drill to my head." Haley volunteered, her throat feeling dry, trying to reach for the small plastic cup besides her.

Feeling a bit more composed, Cam smiled weakly and helped her. She raised the straw to her mouth. "That's probably because someone did…"

Haley took a generous sip soothing her throat. "Oh then that explains a lot then." She shifted and let out a small groan.

Cam put the cup down, her eyes widening in concern. "Does it hurt?"

"Only like everywhere."

"I'll get a nurse."

"No stay." Cam stopped at the door, looking at Haley grimace through her pain. "They will just give me something to sleep."


"So, I've slept for over a week. I was told yesterday. Just come talk to me for a little while." Haley gave her those pleading green eyes. “Please, I miss you.”

Cam just dropped her gaze to the floor. That was her undoing. She didn't know if she could bite down any of her emotions. But she tried anyway, not wanting Haley to see how scared she was. "Okay, if you're sure." She whispered and settled into the chair besides the bed and rested her hand on the bed.

"I'm sure. I woke up a couple times but I've been bored so they put me to sleep." The blonde let out a small yawn.

"I came yesterday but you'd fallen asleep."

"Yeah, I know, my mother said you've been coming in every day. That was after she filled me on how I ended up here." Haley managed to link their fingers together, squeezing slightly.

"I have." Cam nodded staring into green eyes.

"Well, I'm sure my company was totally tedious in my slumber state." Haley jested, her eyes regaining that familiar twinkle.

"Not more than usual." Cam shrugged with a small smirk bringing their hands to her lips.

Haley let out a soft giggle. "You know, if my body wasn't sore, this is the part where I'd smack you on the arm."

"And this is the part where I'd go 'OW' ."

"I'm so glad we understand each other." The blonde grinned playing with the Goth's fingers. "So how are the guys?" Typical Haley, Cam thought shaking her head. Always concerned about everyone but herself.

"Ryan's been on my nerves, recently."

"Funny, that's what he said about you."

"When did you see him?" Cam looked at the blonde doubtfully.

"Yesterday, after school, he came in. And sadly I'm on his side.” Haley gave Cam as much of a disapproving glare she could muster. “You need to look after yourself."

"Yeah, yeah, what else did you discuss?" Cam rolled her eyes.

Haley blew out a sigh. "Your dad…"

"Oh." The Goth stared cagily at the blonde, gauging her reaction. Searching for the bit of resentment she was certain that would be directed at her. She saw nothing…

"Cam, maybe you should-"

Cam's eyes widened when realization dawned quickly at where the blonde was getting at. “Incredible!” She interrupted startling the blonde. Even in a hospital bed, Haley was showing empathy to people who didn't deserve it. She felt a wave of anger erupt. "What Scott, what? He is the reason you're here." She turned her gaze stubbornly towards the door.

Haley's eyes softened. She could see the pain in her girlfriend's eyes, the sense of betrayal. She also knew what Cam's father once meant to her. "I know but Cam…”

"Haley…” She said in a waning voice. She glanced up at her girlfriend not sure how she ever deserved such a goodhearted person. She couldn't deal with it. With her father. “Please, let's just drop this."

Resigned Haley sighed. "Okay, so tell me something." He body was sort of straining but she wanted to spend more time with the Goth.

"I got a baby named after me." Cam easily deferred the subject elsewhere.

"Really, did you like become a local hero while I was out of it?"

"You'd think, wouldn't you? But no, I'm no hero. Some messed up mother decided to name her baby girl Cameron just because she couldn't think of another name. Imagine that, another Cam goes through the woes of poor parenting."

"I'm sorry… So was she beautiful?" Haley shifted a little, biting her bottom lip.

“No, she was a scruffy LA heiress.” The Goth wrinkled her nose in disgust.

The blonde gave her a withering glare. “I meant the baby, goof.”

"Oh… She's a baby. Most of them are close to bald and gooey." Haley would have rolled her eyes if sharp eye movement didn't hurt. Cam let out a soft chuckle. "Okay, so maybe she was beautiful in a baby kind of way. She had blue eyes."

"Aww, I love blue eyes."


"Well, duh, why do you think I liked you in the first place? It wasn't because you were intelligent, different, confident, moody, dangerously sexy and absolutely the most beautiful person inside and out. It was because of your eyes, the rest was just a bonus." Haley grinned, sleepily.

Cam grinned and shook her head. "You nut."

"Yes, but I'm your nut." Haley smiled, her eyes closing.

"Always… Why don't you get some rest?"

"Are you going to leave?" The blonde stared down at the Goth who was becoming a little blurry.

"No." Cam shook her head.

"Okay, I am feeling a little fuzzy." Haley murmured as she turned her head and relaxed her face. “Love you…”

Cam smiled. "Love you too" She brought the blondes palm to her lips. Within seconds, Haley was deep in slumber. The sounds of her calm breathing filling up the room. She leaned back in her chair, closing her own eyes, resting them for a bit…







With Nickelback in the background, Cam was found with a bucket and a rag in her hand staring at the shiny checkout counter. Satisfied with her work, she headed towards the bathroom in Riley's left wing. There, she disposed of the dirty water by gently tipping it in the sink, careful not to get any unexpected splashes on her clothes. A small smile broke out on her face as she began washing her hands, slightly tilting her head to meet her own blue eyes staring back at her in the mirror. She caught herself smiling feeling like a fool. Why? Perhaps because she had a date tonight. Okay, so she had a date every night and the venue was a depressing hospital. But that didn't explain why she was feeling this sort of peace she hadn't felt in days. She closed the tap bringing the reason to the top of her mind. Haley was getting better every day, the signs were positive. Most likely she would be discharged tomorrow. And again the smile popped out. She looked up at her reflection. "Stop that!" She scolded herself trying to drag her scowl firmly into place. Failing at her attempts, she resigned walking back into the front of the store. She reached for her schoolbag in the counter drawer. "Mrs. Riley, I'm heading out." She yelled as she shut the drawer.

"Oh Cam, honey, just wait a second." She heard Mrs. Riley shout from beyond her office door.

"Kay." She replied, her hands tucked in the back pockets of her jeans, rocking on her heels. The brunette considered the old woman who was feeling remarkably well these past weeks. Her illness lasted long but Mrs. Riley certainly was a fighter. Just another factor adding to her peaceful mood.

The old woman smiled at her employee as she entered the front of the shop. Cam returned the smile. "Here we are dear, I just wanted to give you your paycheck for the week."

Cam took the small envelope that was handed to her. "Um, thanks."

Mrs. Riley smiled. "No thank you, you earned it. You are like my best employee."

"I'm your only employee." Cam said dryly.

Mrs. Riley tilted her head back and let out a deep laugh. Cam couldn't help but grin missing that laugh for a while. "I suppose you right, huh." The old woman said as she started checking the money at the till.

"I'm glad you're feeling better."

"Oh, me too hon, I swear I feel like I'm twenty again." The old woman harboring a mischievous grin said as she stretched her arms into the air. Cam grinned at that, trying to imagine Mrs. Riley like fifty years younger. She probably hadn't changed much. "You know, one of these days I might even let Melvin convince me to give me a ride on his rocking chair."

Mrs. Riley raised her eyes and burst out in another round of laughter, seeing her favorite employee's jaw wide open, struck mortified. "Close your mouth, you'll catch flies that way."

Cam's jaw slammed shut. "Way too much information."

"Ah, well, you're only young once, you know." The old woman winked. "That reminds me, what are your plans for tonight?"

"I'm heading to the hospital." Cam shrugged.

"I figured as much. Here take this." Mrs. Riley handed her a magazine called Vocal weekly. "I know it gets mighty boring in there. That's her favourite, huh?"

Cam took the magazine that displayed all the latest music news and gossip. She should have thought of that. "Um, yeah it is."

She took out her wallet seeing Mrs. Riley shaking her head. "Oh, no dear, it's on the house. You are just lucky I happen to know the owner." The old woman winked.

Cam smirked. "Extremely. Thank you."

"Ah, it's nothing. Well, send your girl my love."

"I will, later Mrs. Riley." Cam said as she headed for the door.

"Bye Cam."

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam parked her car in the same spot in the hospital parking lot as she had for the last few nights. She jumped out making sure she had the bag full with entertainment material for Haley. With her other hand stuck in her pocket she headed through the automatic doors. The air was suddenly chill contrast to the surprisingly warm night outside. She squinted her eyes, waiting for them to adjust to the harsh white lights. That's what she didn't like about hospital, there was always too much white. She would be driven nuts if she had to stay here without a high morphine dose. Hmmm… They should think of adding some black here and there. It couldn't hurt.

She walked right passed the reception already knowing the path to the blonde's room by heart. She reached the end of the corridor and then raced up two flights of stairs. About to attempt the third she caught something in the corner of her eyes making her freeze. She stood there staring down the endless passage way. Her breathe coming out a bit heavy from the stairs. Her eyes settled on the woman who stepped out of a room, crumpling to the floor just outside the door, face buried in her frail hands. The sobs drilling in the Goth's head, her breath getting painfully caught in her chest. Then familiar bloodshot blue eyes looked up at her, making her heart sink. "No…" She whispered to herself, the sting behind her eyes already evident. Not even registering, her feet were already in a dash brushing off the nurses and doctors in the way. Finally, she skidded to a stop in front of the woman, the bag slipping to the floor, her chest heaving. Her eyes searching through the door. Relief washed over her when she spotted the heart rate monitor still active. But she still couldn't bring herself to study the patient's face. Turning her head to the floor, she watched the woman continue her emotional spell. She couldn't take it. A dark cloud seemed like it was hanging over her head. She wanted nothing more than to escape this passageway, this hospital, this world.

Next thing she knew is she was also sinking down to the floor besides the woman, pulling her knees to her chest. The woman picked her head up again, their eyes mirrored except for the red in the older woman's. "Cam?"

"Yeah?" Before Cam knew it she had an armful of the older woman sobbing and straining her shirt in a deathly grip. The body against her, trembling violently, warm tears seeping through her shirt near her collar. She watched through stinging eyes unsure what to do. Then by an uncontrollable force she found her arms wrapping around the petit body. "Shshsh…Don't cry mom...Please, don't cry." Her own tears silently falling now, blurring her vision. The pain in her mother's sobs unbearable. No matter what she thought of the woman in her arms, she was still her mother. "Don't cry…" She murmured against the brunette hair. "Please…" They just held each other for a moment riding out the storm.

Eventually sobbing turned into sniffling, and then finally just hitching. Cam's arms went pliant, fell to her sides suddenly feeling very awkward. Her mother lifting her head to look into her eyes only to catch the resentment that was forgotten moments ago. A weak moment. Cam turned her head to the side, she couldn't allow herself to feel. Every time she got remotely close to her parents or shared a connection with them, they always pulled the rug from beneath her. She couldn't get hurt again. She won't allow herself to feel the pain of rejection. Her mother watched as Cam dragged herself up off the floor, dusting off her jeans and picking up the dropped bag. The older woman's gaze sadly dropped to the floor before she was startled by a hand laid out in front of her. She looked up at the Goth, then back to the hand, bafflement settled in. "C'mon, let's go get something to eat." The Goth said her tone, low and even. Her mother looked unsure before taking her hand and was pulled onto her feet.

They headed towards the cafeteria which was seemingly busy tonight but they managed to find a corner table. She left her mother there to join the queue. Cam's mind was reeling, for a moment she let herself feel. She would be cursing herself for it later, she knew. Why couldn't she just be the heartless person she pretended to be? Why! She squeezed her eyes tight, trying to erase the future disappointment and hurt.

"Sorry lady, are you ready to order?" She was startled by a voice in front of her.

"Um, yeah." Cam nodded at the cashier.

Cam returned to the table with a sandwich and two cups of coffee. She slid the grilled cheese towards her mother. "Here, eat."

Mrs. West did as she was told. Taking small bites out of her sandwich while the Goth was looking her over, sipping her own coffee. She looked frail and aged like ten years over the past couple weeks. Her mother usually took so much pride in her appearance. It was looking at a whole new person. Her mother spoke, her voice tiny. "Aren't you going to eat?"

The brunette dropped her gaze to the table. "No, I had something before I came."

"Oh." Her mother's voice was barely audible before she took another bite.

"I'm going to see Haley, now." Cam told her.

"Okay." The tiny voice said. Her mother not meeting her gaze, sadness setting in again.

Cam stood, turned to face the passage, about to head down it. But for some reason she felt stuck so she faced her mother again and sighed. "Wait for me. I'll drive you home."

Her mother looked up, the surprise evident in her expression. "Okay." She nodded and looked back at her food. "Cam?"

The Goth shot her mother a look over her shoulder. "Yeah?"

"Can I come?"

Cam raised her brow. "Where?"

Her mother raised her head to meet the curious stare. "To see Haley." Cam's blue eyes widened at the simple request.

Why? She wanted to ask but held her urge in. She wasn't sure why the sudden interest was. Maybe she was feeling guilty for what her husband had done. Maybe there were other reasons that the Goth was unaware of. She was definitely giving herself a headache with all the thinking so she decided to let it go. "I can't exactly deny you entry, can I?"

Taking that as a yes, it was meant to be, Mrs. West got up and quickly disposed of the empty containers on the table. She followed Cam closely around the turns and up the stairs. Getting to the second floor, they walked through the busy passage silently, not a word passed between the two West women. Cam's head picked up as she heard familiar voices coming from ahead. There stood her friends, Cat, Josh, Cole, Ryan and of course Josh's annoying younger brother, Joey. They were all hurdled around in a circle outside Haley's room, which was closed.

Mrs. West eyed the seating area. "I'll wait here for a bit." Cam gave her a brief nod as she went to join her friends.

Ryan met her eyes first, he smiled. "Was wondering when you were gonna show up?"

"Yeah, why are we standing outside?" Cam asked looking at her watch. It was far from visiting hours being over.

"Oh, because the men in the white coats are checking her over." Cat said softly, an index finger tapping her temple, straining in thought. "I forget what they're called." Everyone raising their eyebrow at the adorable redhead.

"Um, doctors?" Josh replied with an exaggerated huff.

"No, that's not it." Cat shook her head. "Ooh I remember, a doctor!" She clapped her hands and giggled.

"Hey! I said that!" Josh exclaimed while Joey just shook his head.

"You see, that's why I say you two belong together." Joey mouthed.

"Why?" Josh looked at his brother, confused.

"Well, because you both need help, you might as well get the two for one discount." Joey let out a chuckle at Josh's and Cat's frown.

Cam rolled her eyes, tired of the shenanigans of Josh and his younger brother so she turned to Ryan and Cole. "How come the doctor's are checking her over?"

"Well, Mrs. S told me, it was to administrate a new drug into her system to speed up the recovery of the incisions in her brain." Cole told the Goth.

"Yeah, so now we wait." Ryan added with a shrug.

Cam leaned against the wall, her head dipped, eyes closed as she crossed her arms over her chest. She blocked out the sounds of the other teenagers conversing in hushed tones. Ryan and Cole were busy discussing last night's basketball match while Cat and Josh were having their usual unintelligible conversations. She couldn't help imagine how Haley would usually find herself in the middle of discussions, dominating or solving someone's problem. Which the Goth thoroughly enjoyed through surveillance. Watching Haley was an education. Especially if she was on a mission, Cam thought with a tiny smirk.

Her thoughts were interrupted by large sirens and the rush of nurses and doctors bursting into Haley's room. All speaking in jargon that she couldn't quite understand. Her heart started beating, almost out of her chest. What was happening? What was wrong? All the commotion was like a blur.

"What the hell is going on?" Cam yelled as she tried to pry her way into the room but she was restrained by a few male nurses. "Let go of me!"

"You can't go in there miss." One of the doctors managed to seal the door. Cam's fists banged against them in defeat. She turned around to see one nurse remain at the reception.

"Well what the hell is happening?" Cam demanded to know from the scrawny nurse, Ryan putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah." Cole piped up behind them, Cat and Josh flanking him.

"Well, Miss Scott didn't react well with the treatment."

"What the hell does that mean?" She growled slamming her hand on the clipboard on the counter..

"I…I don't know." The nurse stuttered. "I'm not a d-doctor."

"Then find me a goddamn doctor!" The Goth exasperated. The nurse nodded and stumbled back to go do just that.

"Cam, calm down." Ryan squeezed her shoulders.

She whirled on him. "Don't tell me to calm down Ryan!" She poked into his chest. "How the hell do you expect me to calm down when I don't know what the hell is happening in there." Her voice on the brink of breaking.

He gathered the straining Goth up in his arms. "I know, I know…" Finally she went pliant when he murmured against her hair. "It will be okay." He hoped.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Most of them were seated in the small waiting area near Haley's room for over the last hour. Josh had driven Cat home, both wanting to be notified if there was any news. Abby and David Scott had been contacted and arrived with Cassie shortly after the commotion had begun. No one spoke, no one understood what was happening, they just waited in a morbid state. Cam picked up her head when she realized she heard her mother and Abby deep in conversation. What were they talking about? What did they have to talk about?

She was brought out of her thoughts when someone stepped out of Haley's room. Everyone stood up at the same time, scrutinizing the doctor who wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve. "Haley Scott?" He announced in a nonchalant tone.

"Yes?" David drawled.

"She is going to be just fine, the worst is over." The doctor said. Relief swam through everyone and most of them relaxed their tense stances. "However, there was a complication?" Everyone tensed again.

"What sort of complication?" David asked concern dripping from his tone.

"Well as I said, the worst is over on the sense of life threatening situations but there was a mental impact that had occurred."

"I don't understand." Abby said.

"Well, during the administration of the new drug, Haley's body rejected it at first causing her to have respiratory complications which starved the brain of the oxygen it needed at that point. And when your brain is deprived-"

"Get to the damn point!" Cam fired. Everyone turning to her for a second startled by her outburst before their eyes were back on the doctor.

"She suffered some memory loss. It is still uncertain up to what extent her memory was severed in her current unconscious state." He stated everyone staring at him as if he was just speaking Chinese.

"You mean my baby might not remember me?" Abby asked her voice small.

"Unfortunately that is a possibility Mrs. Scott.” The Doctor wore a sober face. “But that is being the worst case scenario. But at this point it could be that only a few days or months or even a few years were shaved off her life. We will learn more when she regains consciousness.” Everyone nodded, taking in the possibilities. “But keep in mind that she might not remember most of you at first. Doctor Patel could explain it thoroughly to you but I'll try to make it simple. It will be a bit fuzzy at first, before recognition sinks in. Like she is most likely to remember her family after just a period of a few days. So I wouldn't worry too much into that, Mrs. Scott.” He smiled wanly at Abby. “However, depending on the period that her mind has shaved off, some of you may be new to her. But it's good to know the more her brain heals the more chance of her remembering." The doctor said hoping a positive aura would travel through this bunch of loved ones.

"A chance?" David asked. "You mean that there's a possibility she won't get her memory back fully?"

The doctor stared at the floor. "Yes, that's a possibility."

"Well that sucks!" Cole mumbled. Everyone shot him a glare. "Well it does!" No one else was able to speak.

"But keep in mind she is alive and healthy." The doctor reinforced and then sighed. "Look there's also a good chance that in the long run, two to six months, she could remember nearly everything and everyone. It's just a matter of how her brain stimulates to the intake." He was glad when he saw a glimmer of hope in the faces in front of him. He turned to Haley's parents. "We should continue this conversation in my office but I feel it's best if her friends were also aware."

"No, its fine you can say whatever needs to be said right here." Haley's mom encouraged as she took her seat.

"Okay but there are risks or she might not be able to regain her memory fully. We can't overdo the stimulus. For the first month after she is released, I say she should be kept completely isolated from the outside world except from her immediate family. This is to help her get some sense of security and mental balance. Maybe even encourage her to remember things on the outside world on her own without stimulus. After that she should be able to resume school and interact with other people moderately in her own way. Don't push her as that might have a negative impact. Head trauma is a very serious and tricky business. Therefore it is important that she try and unlock her memories on her own. It would be wise to have a chat with all her teachers and people she is mostly like to interact with about that." The doctor looked over all of the people gathered in the waiting room. "It is obvious that she is cared for deeply by every one of you, but it won't be easy, so she definitely needs your patience."

David stood up and shook the doctor's hand. "Thanks doc, can we see her now."

"She's asleep but sure." The doctor smiled as he left the room.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


The night started to chill down as Cam peered over the hospital rooftop taking in all the bleary lights of night. She wrapped her arms around herself as she closed her eyes taking in the sounds allowing her mind to drift to the one place she felt safe. She didn't know how she was feeling at the moment. But it didn't really matter, did it? Haley was alive, she would be fine. But would she be Haley? Cam sighed. She just didn't know what to expect after tonight. How did their lives tailspin so fast and hard? She understood clearly what the doctor had explained tonight. But understanding and accepting were two different things. Would she be able to accept that Haley wouldn't remember her, what they had? Have? Would she be able to handle it? Her heart was already aching to the brink where only Haley's smile could fix. Time would only tell…

"There you are." Cam was startled out of her reverie by a familiar voice.

"I needed some air." She said quietly but didn't turn back instead Ryan walked to stand besides her also staring off the ledge.

"Yeah, me too." Ryan took a deep breath and then nudged her playfully with his shoulders. "You okay?"

Cam let out a weak smile. "Yes, but it just feels like we're stuck in some bad movie."

"Right… I always thought amnesia was like a myth."

"Me too." She blew out a breath.

He looked at her through the corner of his eyes. "Are you going be able to handle that?” Seeing her squeeze her eyes tight, he gently placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. “Handle that she might not remember what you two have.” Her blue eyes slowly opened to meet concerned green. “Remember you?" He said softly.

It wasn't surprising that he always knew what she was thinking about. A small sad smile graced her face. "She's alive Ryan and gets to live her life, that's all that matters…"

"I know that but-"

"There's no but about it." She shook her head briskly, interrupting him. He stared at his best friend with awe and so much admiration, he couldn't help but pull her into a crushing embrace, grinning goofily. "What?" She muffled against his chest, wanting to sink in and take the comfort it offered.

He pulled back and shook his head. "Nothing."

"Clearly, it's not nothing.” She raised a brow. “Tell me?"

"Okay, well I'm just proud of you, that's all…" He nicked her nose playfully.

She couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. "Why?"

"Well because when I first met you, you were the most selfish person in the world. I mean like seriously down there selfish, only caring about yourself. Never ever giving another person a thought. Always being mean and-"

"I get it, Ryan!" She cut him off wanting him to get to the point.

He grinned. “Right well, that was except for me on occasion. I mean I was the lucky one, because you let me in. We have been friends forever and then just started dating one day. I mean, I loved you Cameron. I still love you Cam.”

Her eyes widened. “Ryan, I –”

“Hush!” He placed a finger on her lips, smiling down at her. “Let me finish…” He removed his finger. She stared up at him waiting. “But I knew who you were. At least I thought I did…” He let out a dry chuckle.

“You did…” She said softly.

“Yes, I did. I knew part of you.” He grinned and stared up into the dark sky. “But I wasn't prepared for Haley.”

“What do you mean?” Cam looked to her best friend warily. “I thought we were passed that Ry?” She couldn't lose him too. “You like Haley… I know you do.”

He smiled back at her. “What are you kidding me? I love that girl. If there was anyone I would pick for you Cam, it would be Haley…”

Cam let out a relieved breath. “Then what are you on about?”

“I said I knew part of you. That was an accurate statement. Well, the other part, now that was a shocker.” He grinned impishly. “Haley is your other part, Cam. I don't know how it happened but you two just seemed to fit perfectly. I knew what you were capable of Cam, but she brought it out in you. She unlocked your potential. I see it every time you look at her.” This time his smile turned a little sad. “You never looked at me like that.”

Her gaze fell slowly never realizing he felt this way. “Ryan, I'm sor–”

“Don't you dare apologize!” He shook his head vigorously. “I love you Cam and I know you love me. But let's face it even if Haley wasn't in the picture, we would still be here today.” He pulled her into another hug and she wrapped her arms tightly around him. “I mean, I'm way too good looking. There was no way you would be able to keep a handle on a hot commodity like me.” He grinned when he felt the chuckles against his chest. He pushed back a little to look into her smiling face. “Well, the point of this is that being with Haley made a big difference in your life, West. And seeing the woman you are choosing to be, selfless, valiant and strong, I've never been so proud of you.”

Cam never took well to compliments so she couldn't meet his eyes to his amusement. "Ah, well jeez… should I say thank you or throw you off the ledge?"

"I prefer the thank you." He smiled pressing his lips into her temple.

"Thank you… Now let's get out of here before I change my mind." He chuckled as they strolled back into the hospital…


A month later…

Cam pulled up to school in one swift turn, just beating the other guy to the last parking spot. Ha! She was late and she knew it. She never even had time to stop into Riley's before she got to school. Pulling the keys out of the ignition and grabbing her books from the front seat, she hopped down out of her car. Pushing the door shut with her black boots and pressing the car alarm with her teeth, she made her way through the parking lot. She maneuvered through the cars cursing herself for waking up late. They had come home extra late from the hospital last night. Cam would drive her mother to the hospital to spend time with her dad while she did her homework in the car. The Goth still refused see her father who was still in a comatose state. She and her mother argued about it often but their relationship altogether had mellowed down. They could stand each other for more than ten minutes at a time. Cam wouldn't say it was progress but more of tolerance. She especially didn't want to be late for this day as she assumed Haley would be at school today. Her stomach was jumping with nerves and she wasn't sure what to expect but she was definitely ready to see the blonde again…

She was almost by the entrance when –Bam! All the items in her arms went sprawling. "Dammit, watch where you going!" Cam started scrambling her books together.

"I'm so sorry, let me help you." Cam's head shot up at the sound of culprit's voice. She met the most amazing green eyes that had haunted her for the past few years. Haley smiled sheepishly, flipping the fringe of her now shorter hair out of her face. "I'm really sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going."

Cam lost her tongue, not sure what to make of the situation. But the pang in her stomach confirmed that indeed the blonde had no inkling of who she was. She watched as the curious eyes were set on her expecting a response. "Um, no it's okay." She almost stuttered.

They stared at each other for a moment before Haley smiled once more. "You might want to take these books back." She gestured to the books she was holding.

Cam snapped out of it, never quite feeling so foolish in her entire life. "Oh right." She grabbed the books out of the blonde's hand and Haley apologized once more before heading for the door. All Cam could do was watch. Watch as the past year seeped out of those beautiful green eyes, her own heart burning in despair.

Then the blonde halted at the door and turned around to face the Goth once more. Their eyes held like they had a million times before, that sapphire blue meeting the emerald green. "Oh by the way, my name is Haley Scott. And you are?"

Cam used all the will power in her body to swallow the waves of emotion that threatened to overflow. She spoke, her voice low, emotions hidden. "Cam, Cameron West…"







With the sunlight dying through the Goth's Aviators, she adjusted her body against the hard metal hood of her car. Laying there, her legs crossed at her ankles, she peered through the artificial slightly darkened sky. The hollowness of it enclosing her. Her mind on auto pilot, circling around and around to a certain blonde. The cursed echoes of a familiar voice, so cool, so detached drowning her thoughts.

" Oh by the way, my name is Haley Scott. And you are?"

She watched as the beautiful blonde sauntered into school, frozen, mouth dry, tasting the insignificance of her own name on her lips. What other response could she think of that wasn't as painful as the one she proclaimed. She looked at the sullen sunlight through her shades, her chest slightly heaving from the raw breaths that escaped her. Did someone hate her up there? Was someone punishing her? It sure in hell seemed like it.

Tearing herself from the agonizing reverie, she adjusted her hands to make her position more comfortable, not that it would make her feel any more comforted she thought with a rueful chuckle. God, what the hell happened? The Goth let out a heavy sigh turning her head to the side, staring at the vast rows of neatly parked vehicles. She heard what the doctor had said, she understood what he explained. She had probably expected this deep down, but under no circumstance would her heart comprehend the isolated green eyes not even having a sense of familiarity to her blue ones. They had been through so much, hadn't they? Hadn't they!

Slowly, she felt the rage driving through her, building up from the pit of her stomach. Feeling the acidic emotions burning through her, clouding her mind, sintering her heart. Who was the person she met this morning? She looked like Haley, she spoke like Haley. But was she? Yes, Cam that was your Haley , you just weren't her Cam . She didn't remember her. She didn't remember the past year. She didn't remember anything…

"How could she not remember?" Cam slammed a fist down onto the metal surface. "Fuck!" She hissed when the pain cursed from her fingers through her hand. "Nice going Cam, you want to add a broken hand to your broken heart?" She groaned clutching her throbbing hand with her other. God, what was wrong with her? It wasn't Haley's fault she couldn't remember. So then who was this anger directed at? Her dad? Herself? Who?

She just didn't know. She didn't know anything anymore. She could just tell the blonde and be blunt. Oh and how would that go Cam? Um, Hi Haley I'm your girlfriend. I don't know if you know this but you are gay. The poor girl would probably run for the damn hills and deem her a nutcase, which wasn't that far off from the truth. Scott made her nuts! This was hopeless! And she was left feeling so helpless. Since when had the fates had control of her life? Now all she felt like she could do was sit back and watch as it played a sick fucking joke on her. She squeezed her eyes as a lazy tear escape treading across the curve of her pale cheek.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley walked through the corridors she's been through hundreds of times or so she was told. Her eyes wandered over everything as if she was taking it all for the first time. The colors, the strange designs, all new to her. Her heart was pounding incessantly, as she felt lost in this unfamiliar territory. Was she supposed to remember this place? A place where she had spent nearly two years of her life, her mother had said. She scanned everything possible, her mind reeling, straining, trying to link this place to a memory. Nothing… Absolutely nothing tying her here, she thought with a sigh. It felt as if she was sucked into alternate universe. She couldn't recall anything from this place, nothing felt recognizable and nothing felt strange.

Except… Haley halted, closing her eyes slowly taking in the eerie silence of the empty corridor. Those blue eyes. Those beautiful blue sapphires, she had never seen anything quite like them. She didn't know if they were a distant remembrance or if she was just affected by the intense nature they seemed to possess. And what of the girl, the owner to such an extraordinary feature? When she first set eyes on the strange girl, dressed in onyx, her mind stopped for a moment. Feelings soaring through her, confusion for one, but the others she couldn't explain. She couldn't recall meeting that girl before but the reaction she had told her otherwise. Maybe it was nothing, her mind just circling trying to find some sort of familiarity. She must have met that girl before. It was almost certain since she did attend this school.

Obviously she was playing it up bigger than it really was. And it wasn't if she had seen other people yet from this school, maybe they would have a similar effect. Haley opened her eyes letting out a heavy breath. She was supposed to be in class. Where was Cassie? Her sister was supposed to direct her to her class. Now, alone in a foreign passage way she had no idea what to do. She looked at her day planner and noticed the room number to her first class. "This shouldn't be so hard." She sighed.

Strolling through, she noticed a door with the familiar numbers on it. She halted for a minute, staring at it. "Okay, Haley you can do this, just open the door." She breathed nervously as she put her hand on the knob slowly twisting it and opening the door, unsure what to expect behind it.

Adrian froze in mid-sentence, while his class was trying to figure out what unorthodox means of teaching he was performing at the moment. His facial expression changed from shock to a lazy smile. "Haley."

Haley stood there stunned when she heard her name from the peculiar dressed man. All eyes of the class settled on her. Then all of a sudden the whole class stood up in a roar. "Haley!"

"Oh my god, Haley, I can't believe you here." The blonde's head jerked to one direction.

"How are you feeling, Haley?" Then again a swift motion to the opposite direction.

"We missed you, Haley!"

Haley held her head, her ears pounding with the excessive ramblings of the class. She started feeling dizzy and sweat trickled down her back. She couldn't breathe! So many unknown faces! She couldn't breathe! She couldn't be here. Her eyes widened, full of apprehension.

"Shut the hell up!" Ryan yelled sensing the fear in the youngest Scott. "I said shut up!" The whole class went dead, eyes still on the blonde. Her breathing coming out labored now. Ryan stepped towards her slowly, his hand reaching trying to calm the girl down. "Haley…" He murmured.

But she jerked back, shaking her head. "No, I can't do this. I just can't…" Before he could get grip on her she darted through the door…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam was about to jump of her hood when a figure dashed right passed her almost knocking her off her feet. Her head spun in the direction of the person. "What the…" She let her sentence trail of when her eyes widened at who the figure was. She watched as the blonde maneuvered through the car with ease.

Haley reached the corner of the parking lot where there the two walls joined and no where left to go. Feeling trapped, she crumpled to the ground tears streaming down her face, panting. This is so stupid she thought. They were only people. People she supposed to know. Why was she so afraid? She just didn't know. Her breath caught, her eyes widened as realization hit her. She didn't know…

She didn't know them. She didn't know much. But they certainly knew her. Why couldn't she remember! Then she flinched when she felt a gentle hand on her back.

Cam jumped back at the jerk reaction, holding her injured hand up and her other one on her knee trying to catch her breath. Cam found herself gazing into green distrusting eyes. Haley looked up into the most beautiful eyes she had seen twice today, unsure what to do. With the emptiness in Haley's eyes breaking the Goth's heart, she gently flexed her injured hand, cringing in pain a little. "It's me, Cam." Still nothing registering in the blonde. "Cameron West… You met me this morning when you bumped my books out of my hands." She explained slowly and softly seeing a light go off in the blonde's eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Haley said in a small voice, wiping her eyes with her sleeve before lowering them to the ground. She folded her legs.

"You already said that and it's still okay." Cam grimaced, afraid to approach Haley again. She had never seen so much terror in the blonde before, she had no idea what to do. It was like looking at a frightened lost kid who was looking for their mommy. Just the innocence of the person in front of her made her uneasy. They just both watched each other inquisitively for a minute before the Goth decided to drop to the ground where she stood. She sat three feet away with her knees pulled up to her chest, eyes still on the blonde. She watched as Haley's eyes scanned her from head to toe with curiosity, probably wondering what she was doing. Hell, she didn't even know what she was doing.

Haley's eyes dropped back to the ground, her fingers playing with the small stone by her shoes. For some odd reason she couldn't understand, she felt safe. When she felt more comfortable she glanced up to the Goth's profile staring out into the parking lot. "So why are you sitting on the ground?" She asked softly.

Cam tilted her head slightly, studying the blonde. "Why are you?"

Haley stared out towards the cars. "I freaked out." She sighed. The Goth nodded watching her, waiting for her to continue. "I didn't remember anyone and well it was a little too overwhelming." She turned to the Goth, her voice low and poignant. "I have amnesia, I'm told."

Cam pursed her lips unsure how to tread around the blonde. It was obvious she was shaken and the last thing she wanted was to create more havoc. "Okay." She accepted, in hope that the blonde wouldn't feel any pressure to explain her actions further.

Haley smiled. "What about you?"

Cam raised a brow. "What about me?" Haley used her hands to indicate that Cam was sitting on the ground. "Oh, I have nothing better to do." The Goth shrugged.

"But shouldn't you be in class?"

"Shouldn't you?"

"Are you always going to answer most of my questions with a question?" Haley gave her a withering look.

"I don't know, what do you think?" Cam couldn't help but smirk as she anticipated the eye roll from the blonde. She missed it so much, it almost hurt. They sat in silence for a moment, then the Goth spoke softly. "Are you going to go back in?" Cam jerked a thumb behind her.

Haley gazed at the school entrance, her throat feeling caught. She glanced back at her shoes. "I can't…"

The brunette nodded in understanding. "It's okay, why don't you just go home?"

"I…I don't know how to get there." Haley couldn't meet her eyes feeling helpless and lost, her voice solemn.

Cam stared at the blonde with sympathy and surprisingly more understanding than she had a few minutes ago. She stood up and dusted off her jeans. "Lucky for you, I happen to."

Haley's eyes shot up. "You do?"

Cam smiled, yet it not reaching her eyes. She held out her working hand. "Yup, c'mon I'll give you a lift."

Haley stared at the hand warily for a moment. For some reason unknown to her she put her own into it. The hand cold against her warm one, the texture slightly rough than her own but yet she felt an unexplainable comfort. She was pulled to her feet and watched the fit of their hands still linked. Cam observed the curious stare of the blondes at their hands, wondering what was ticking through that mind. Wondering if she could feel the heat that surged though the contrast of the two. Scared to cause any more alarm to the blonde, Cam reluctantly released the hand. Haley felt a sense of regret when the connection was broken. She guiltily glanced towards the school. "What about school?"

"What about it?" Cam shrugged. As Haley just glared at her, she felt a smirk tug on the corners of her lips. Haley shook her head but couldn't help but smile as she followed the Goth to her car.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


"Did you find her, man?" Cole asked Ryan who had a grin on his face. Ryan leaned against the door staring out in parking lot, his arms crossed over his chest. He watched as Haley and Cam jumped into Cam's vehicle. "Dude!"

Ryan was startled out of his casual stance. "Um, yeah, I found her." He closed the door. "She's just fine, let's get to class." He said with a smile. Cole looked at him baffled for a moment. Then shrugged and followed…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam slid her Aviator's back on as she pulled out of the parking space. The sun wasn't so bright but she wasn't sure she wanted the blonde to know she was watching her out of the corner of her eye. She watched as the blonde, relaxed partially against the seat, her eyes averted out the window taking in the neighborhood, the street signs and the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk as if it was all new. She could still sense that Haley was a bit tense.

Haley traced her fingers against the leather of the door, taking in the texture on the tip of her fingers. She leaned back turning her attention back to the Goth, a question on her mind. "Were we friends?"

Cam was startled when the silence was broken. "What?"

Haley linked her fingers together placing them on her lap. "I asked if we were friends."

Cam smiled weakly. "Something like that."

The blonde stared at her hands, feeling some kind of remorse that she couldn't remember. "It makes sense, for some odd reason, I feel like I can trust you."

Cam shot her a slanted glance, an amused smirk on her face. "Do I look trustworthy?"

Haley looked her over and let out a small chuckle. "Not in the least, but I don't know… I can't help but feel it, you know."

“I know…” Cam mumbled to low for the blonde to hear. She raised her sunglasses, resting it on the top of her head. Her eyes meeting the blonde's. "You don't have to be afraid of me, Haley."

"I know." Haley smiled slowly. "Otherwise I wouldn't be in this car."

Cam returned her smile as she stopped the car at the red. "Smart girl."

"So I'm told." Haley joked, making the Goth laugh.

The laughter died down fast as it was almost as painful as it was pleasurable. Cam sighed, looking straight ahead as the light turned blue again. "So, tell me, how does this amnesia thing actually work?"

Haley let out a dry chuckle as she stared out the window. "I wish I knew, really… It is all so confusing. When I first came home, things where really blurry, I didn't remember much. Then things became clearer like everything started unfolding, you know. I still thought I was 15." Haley let out a rueful chuckle. Then her voice went sad and soft. "Turns out I'm not. I switched schools, which is great. Art Academy is a great school. I was always jealous of Cassie being able to go here, you know. Because you have to be really talented to get in. But apparently I'm there now. I just wish I remembered how." She turned to face the Goth. "I wish I remembered you."

"Me too…" The brunette mumbled under her breath. She wasn't able to face her, her eyes directed at the traffic in front.

"It is like two years of my life was stolen from me." The blonde let out a heavy sigh. "I just don't know. The doctor said there is a strong possibility I might get it back. But what if I don't?"

Cam stared at her out of the corner of her eyes, seeing the blonde gently wipe a tear that escaped. "You'll be okay, Scott." Cam reassured, though she wasn't really sure about herself.

"You think?" Cam nodded and Haley smiled. "I remember things like Shakespeare and George Washington, so at least literature and history should be a breeze."She joked trying to lighten the sullen mood the car seemed to fall into.

Great she remembers dead guys but she can't remember me, Cam grimaced. That's some sick joke, God, some sick joke.

"So how did we meet?" Haley sunk back into her seat.

"Well, I walked in late to class and you were sort of kissing my boyfriend at the time."

"What!" Haley straightened aghast.

Cam chuckled, recalling the day. Of course she didn't find it funny back then. "Well, it was a impromptu play for Adrian's class. You were picked as the lead opposite Ryan."

Haley suddenly felt very nervous. "Well, um… That must have been awkward."

"It's okay, we broke up over a year ago." Cam grinned when she heard the whoosh sound emit from the blonde's mouth.

"Not because of me, right?" Haley asked, needing to know. What if she just jumped into a car with a vengeful ex-girlfriend? She looked at the Goth again, a gulp escaping from her throat. "Right?"

"Not in the way you think."

"Oh good." Haley let out a relieved breath. "Wait what?"

"It's complicated." Cam dismissed the topic, bringing the car to a halt. "So here we are."

Haley glanced out the window her face brightened. "Wow, that's my house."

Cam couldn't help but chuckle half of it pain, half of it completely charmed by the childlike expression in the blonde's face. "Sure is…"

"Thank you." The blonde said suddenly feeling very shy.

"Don't worry about it, Scott." Cam grimaced, her heart feeling caught in her chest. It was so felt so different yet painfully the same. She was waiting for the blonde to jump out of the car, unsure if she could keep the disappointed emotion from her face. Then abruptly her eyes closed as she felt the softness of Haley's fingers tracing her swollen knuckles of the hand that remained on the steering wheel. A little hiss escaped from the Goth, as the gentle touch roamed over it.

"I'm sorry." Haley smiled weakly. She didn't know what had possessed her to do touch the Goth. Part of it was concern, yet the other part was unexplainable. "It seems sprained, would you like to come in? I could bandage it up for you."

Cam opened her eyes, which glistened slightly. She stared at the blonde, seeing that familiar sincerity in those warm green eyes. The eyes of the woman she loved but didn't remember her. Didn't remember her, her voice caught. She turned away unable to keep the hurt from her face. "I should probably go." She said her voice equally low and surprisingly steady.

"Please." Haley's hand still remained on the purple bruise. "It's the least I can do. You brought me home."

Cam was afraid to turn her attention back to the blonde. She didn't want to scare her or ruin any chance of her not remembering. She should just go home and wallow alone. It would be better for both of them if she just left now. She didn't know what she was capable of. It was already so hard not to just lean over and reacquaint her starving lips with the flavor that drove her insane, whether she was tasting it or simply thinking about it. Just the familiar vanilla scent was already clogging her mind. She could never control herself with the woman next to her. What's to say that changed and the last thing she would want is to freak her out completely. "I, um… Okay." She finally resigned within the internal battle in her head.

"Great!" Haley beamed as she got out of the vehicle.

Cam jumped out of the car, a scowl on her face. "You are so weak!" She chastised herself. "You better behave yourself." She mumbled as she followed the blonde into the house.

As Haley stepped into her home, she halted. "Mom?"

"Haley?" Abby eyed her daughter putting her coffee on the table top. She rushed over to her youngest daughter gathering her in her arms. "What are you doing home from school? Are you okay? Did something happen? Is there any pain anywhere?"

Haley squirmed in the over-possessive embraced. "Mom, I'm fine." She managed to mumble.

Abby leaned back, but not fully letting go of her daughter. After the accident she felt and overbearing urge to hold her daughter wanting to keep her safe. "What happened?"

Haley wasn't able to meet her mother's gaze as she didn't want to see the expected disappointment in them. "I freaked out… there was just so many people. People who knew me but I couldn't remember them." She said, her voice small.

"Oh honey…" Abby pulled her in for another hug. "It is okay, you can try again when you ready." She kissed the blonde on the top of her head.

"So you not disappointed?" The blonde leaned back.

"Of course not baby, why would I be?" Abby stared at her daughter incredulously. Haley always had this urge to please people.

"I don't know." She sniffled.

"Oh honey, you don't have to rush this, you can go back when you feel up to it, okay?"


"Where is Cassie?"

"I don't know, at school."

Abby raised a brow, confused. "Wait what? How did you get home, then?"

"That is where I come in." Cam finally made her presence known after silently enjoying the display between mother and daughter. She couldn't help but feel a little sting of jealousy but at the same time she was glad the older Scott was there. At least it would keep her intentions in check.

"Mom, this is my friend-"

"Cam?" Abby finished.

"Mrs. Scott." Cam nodded in greeting. Haley watched the exchange finding it somewhat interesting. But she wasn't sure how.

"Yeah, she brought me home. She sort of hurt her hand so I asked her in to get it more comfortable." The blonde explained as Cam raised her hurt hand.

Abby's thoughts were weary and cautious. She wasn't sure what was going on here. Did Haley remember the brunette? From the oblivious and innocent look in the blonde's face it was probably a no. "I see… Sweetie, could you go get the bandages in the bathroom, it's in the cupboard under the sink."

"Okay." Haley replied as she started to climb the stairs.

"You sit." Abby instructed the Goth who went over to the counter and took a seat. She placed her fist on the surface while Abby dug out a bag of frozen peas. "Flex for me." Cam spread her hand flat on the surface cringing a bit. "Oh honey, what did you do?" Abby t'sked sympathetically as she placed the iced bag on the swollen hand.

"Punched a car." The Goth claimed, her eyes closed, the ice soothing the inflammation.

"Why?" Haley's mother stared curiously at the Goth. Cam shrugged not knowing how to answer. "Does she remember?"


Everything suddenly making sense, Abby sighed. "I'm sorry…"

"Yeah, me too..." Cam finding her throat burning, her eyes welling up, unsure if the sting was from her hand or her chest. She just knew that she couldn't keep talking about this without breaking down in a minute. "So, what did Phil say about the movie?"

Abby realized the sudden change but let it be, she didn't want to cause the Goth more grief than necessary. "Well, hmmm, Phil is a sweetheart." Abby smiled. "He said that they don't want to lose Haley so late into the movie, so they will be resuming shooting in two to three months depending if she is up to it. The best part is that the remaining movie will be shot on set here in LA."

"That's great." Cam grimaced through the pain.

"Yes, well he really fought for her."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know the executive producer Travis wanted to recast another co-star for his son and kill Haley off in the movie. Phil had to convince him that it would have a negative impact on the movie."

"I hate Travis and son." Cam snorted.

"Yeah, well get in line." Abby wiggled her eyebrows. The Goth looked up and they both shared a smile.

"I found it." Haley declared, holding a bandage as she walked back down the stairs. Both Abby and Cam turned to face the blonde. Haley eyed them both curiously. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Of course not honey, let's get this girl patched up." Abby winked at Cam. Haley handed her mother the bandage and Abby began wrapping it around the hand. Once it snuggly enclosed the swollen area Cam felt a little relief. "Will you be able to drive with that?" Abby asked with concern.

"I'll be fine, thank you." Cam said as she got up.

"No, thank you for bringing Haley home." Abby smiled. Cam returned the smile and nodded. "Oh and Cam… Just so you know, I'm on your side. So don't give up, Kay?" Cam still held the smile as she headed out the door. Haley wondered what that was about but she wasn't sure she should ask.

"Cam, wait!" Haley yelled as the Goth almost reached the car.

Cam spun around, a hopeful look on her face. "Yeah?"

"You forgot your keys…" Haley handed the set of car keys to the Goth as her face fell.

"Um, thanks, I kind of need them." Cam took the keys feeling foolish. She jumped into her car and drove off leaving a confused blonde staring after her…








Cam settled into the front seat, her notebook cradling between the steering wheel and her lap. Her eyebrows drawing as she chewed on the end of her pen. She pulled the pen out of her mouth and tapped it impatiently on the page. Nothing! Absolutely nothing . She had had absolutely nothing to write. What kind of writer was she! Her eyes darted to the clock on the dashboard. It was 8:15 pm and she still had like forty-five more minutes to wait for her mom to return from the private hospital room her father was moved to. She turned her attention to the vast night seeking the inspiration she clearly lacked. She closed her eyes, replacing the pen between her lips and drifted away…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


" Ewe, Cam, this is gross!" The pen was yanked from the Goths mouth. Haley wrinkled her nose as held the writing instrument between her forefingers.

Cam raised a brow. "It helps me think."

" Can't you find other objects to put in your mouth, preferable the edible type?" Haley said as she wiped the chewed end with a discarded serviette and handed it back to the Goth.

" Why? I don't have a problem with it." Cam shrugged as she replaced the pen defiantly between her teeth again.

" That's because you don't have to kiss you." The blonde rolled her eyes as she pulled the pen out again and set it on the dashboard.

" I have put worse things in my mouth, you know?" Cam chuckled evilly.

Haley's eyes widened, mockingly. "Oh, now you tell me, after I've kissed you like a million times."

" You love kissing me." The Goth let out a confident smirk.

" Not any more, not after what you just told me."

" Oh, really?" Cam arched her brow, challenge settling in those beautiful blue sapphires.

" Yes really." Haley tilted her chin, her tongue tucked in her cheek.

" Hmmm…" Cam snapped open her seat belt and glanced over at Haley with a determined look in her eyes.

Haley knew that look, a wave of fear and excitement taking over her body. "Um, Cam, what are you up t- oomph." She nervously breathed as she was suddenly straddled, her arms captured above her head.

" You were saying?" Cam purred into the blonde's ear before giving it a quick lick.

Haley's eyes drooped as sensation was coursing through her body. "I… I." Her voice failing her when the Goth's hot, wet mouth started a trail down her neck "Jesus!" Haley moaned as Cam bit down on her pulse point. Cam let out a low chuckle as she continued her path, around the edges of the blonde's chin. Haley was squirming beneath her but the Goth's hold remained firm. She kissed both of Haley's cheeks, then her nose before hovering around the blonde's mouth. Their breath mingling, caressing against the blonde's lips and tormenting her for the joining. The blonde gently opened her eyes, her vision suddenly struck by dark blue eyes, so close to her own emerald green eyes. Her eyes wandering down to the Goths unpainted pale lips and back up to those blue sapphires, her need quite evident. Cam smirked before she licked her lips, watching as the blonde's eyes lingered back at her lips. Then she stuck out her tongue long enough to trace the circumference of Haley's lips. Haley was literally straining in her seat unable to move the small distance, so she just watched as the Goth taunted her with her skillful tongue. Her eyes squeezed shut as the heat pooled between her legs, anticipating the full contact of the Goth's lips against her own.

Then suddenly her body felt very cold when she felt the weight lifted off of her. Her eyes shot open to see a very amused smile on Cam's face that was back in the driver's seat. The Goth grinned as she turned the ignition on .By the look on the blonde's face she knew she won this round. "Ready to go?"

" What the hell!" Haley exclaimed when Cam let out a stifled chuckle. She put the car into gear before she dropped the handbrake. Then suddenly the handbrake was pulled back up.

" Scott!"

Haley unbuckled her seatbelt as she reached over and turned off the ignition. "Don't Scott me, you started this!" Cam let out a laugh as she was swiftly straddled. Her seat dropping back when Haley pulled the lever, giving them more room. Before she could say another word Haley's hot mouth was on hers in a frustrated kiss. She returned the kiss with equal fervor as her hands crept up to mold the blonde's butt, squeezing. Haley let out a moan into the Goth's mouth as her fingers ran through raven hair, deepening the kiss. Her tongue seeking entrance, gliding with Cam's. The kiss broke, both of them drawing in a desperate breath.

Cam grinned. "I thought you didn't love kissing me anymore." She managed to breath.

Haley leaned back and chuckled. "You know I hate you, right?"

" No, you love me, babe." Cam brushed her hand against the blonde's cheek.

" And that's why I hate you." The blonde pressed her forehead against Cam's, her eyes closed.

Cam couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "So let me get this straight, you hate me because you love me?"

" Exactly that, I love how you understand me…"

" Me too…"Cam said before she drew the blonde in for another kiss. "You know, we are going to be late right?"

" We are teenagers, hormones take first priority." Haley gave her a wicked smirk.

Cam chuckled. "You know, I always loved your ability to prioritize." The blonde laughed before she placed her lips over the Goth's…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam yanked the pen out of her mouth tossing it against the windscreen before slamming her head against the steering wheel. She breathed in deeply, trying to get the memories out of her head. As sweet as they were they constantly would lead to a tear or two. And frankly she was tired of crying over something she couldn't control. "You know, this would be a whole lot easier if I wasn't thinking about you every second of everyday." Suddenly she heard a tap on the passenger window. Cam lifted her head, her vision suddenly obstructed by a darkened figure that resembled the blonde. The Goth couldn't help but chuckle and shake her head. Now she was imagining things as well. "God, why do you insist in tormenting me?" She leaned her head back against the steering wheel. Her eyes closing for a moment before she heard the tapping again. Her brows drew as the knocking sound became much louder. Her head jerked up, her eyes widened. "I'm not imagining things…" She murmured to herself as Haley smiled at her. She watched intently as the blonde used her hands indicating at the door. "Oh shit, right." She quickly unlocked the door.

Haley opened the door, with a smile. "Hey there."

Cam returned the smile. "Hey."

"Am I interrupting? You kind of seemed busy, um, talking to yourself." Haley grinned.

Cam cringed, a shade of red creeping onto her cheeks. Oh great, now she must think I'm nuts. "I, um, well thought I was imagining things..."

"Why? Do you get people who haunt your thoughts a lot?" The blonde joked enjoying the unexpected reaction she was getting from the Goth. It was cute.

Cam ran a hand through her hair. "No…" Only you .

Haley laughed. "Oh, I don't know if I believe you, you just looked as if you saw the ghost of a long lost lover."

Cam laughed awkwardly. "Naaah, it's just stress…"

The blonde smirked. "So I'm the girl with amnesia and you the girl who imagines things. What a combination."

"You have no idea."

"Ah, mind if I sit?" Haley pointed to the empty seat.

"Nope, go ahead."

"Thanks." Haley jumped into the familiar car, enjoying the feel of it. She shut the door closing the two of them from the outside world. "What are you doing here?"

Cam put her notebook aside shifting in her seat until she was facing Haley. "Waiting for my mom."

"Oh right, your dad is in a coma. I'm sorry…" She placed a sympathetic hand on Cam's knee.

Cam stared at the hand and then back at the girl in front of her. "You shouldn't be…" She said, her voice and expression seemed emotionless.

Haley gently retracted her hand sensing that the topic was off limits and she was usually one to pry but for some reason she knew now wasn't the time. A change in subject was in order. "Well, my parents are consulting with my doctor."

"Oh, is everything alright?" Cam stiffened barely managing to keep the worry out of her tone.

"Oh yeah, it's mostly about insurance formalities." The blonde explained.

The brunette's body relaxed and she released the breath she didn't know she was holding. "That's good." Haley nodded in agreement. "So, I haven't seen you around school the past week…"

Haley shied away, her eyes dropping to the gear stick between them. "You noticed I wasn't there?"

How could I not? "We're in the same classes." Cam offered the simplest answer.

"Ah, I, well." Haley let out a huffed breath, thinking it was better to admit the truth. "I was scared, okay."

Cam nodded, accepting the answer but wanting to know more. "Why?"

Haley raised her head to meet the Goth's beautiful blue eyes. "I still don't remember the place and well I know the people are probably not as scary as I make them out to seem. But I don't feel… I don't feel-"

"Safe?" Cam finished.

Haley nodded slowly and smiled weakly. "You must think I'm a big wuss."

"Yeah pretty much." Cam smiled.

"Hey!" Haley smacked the Goth on the arm and both of them burst out laughing. The laughter eventually died down both of them staring at each other. Haley couldn't help but get lost in Cam's magnificent blue pearls. She doubted she had seen anything more beautiful, whether they were dull or bright like they were right now. It was like being lost in a trance. "You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen." She let out in a daze before she could control herself.

Cam arched a brow witnessing the blush make its way onto the blonde's cheek. Oh interesting… She shrugged, her usual way of not taking well to compliments. "Um, thanks."

Haley smiled awkwardly, the air in the vehicle suddenly feeling a bit too thick and tense. "Yeah, well, I think I should go. My parents will send out the national guard if they find I left the waiting area."

"Yeah well, I don't blame them." Cam smiled.

Haley opened the door and hopped out. She turned back to face the Goth, her eyes finding the pen on the car floor. She picked it up and examined it, wrinkling her nose. "You chew your pen? Ewe, Cam, this is gross."

Cam let out a small laugh, accepting the pen held out towards her. "So I've been told."

"See you around." Haley shut the door and strode towards the hospital entrance.

"Bye…" Cam whispered, watching her go…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley stretched her arms out as she slipped out of bed. She strode towards her window, drawing the curtains to the dazzling Saturday morning sunlight. She grinned as she checked her clock. "Saturday cartoons!" She ran down the stairs seeing her mother in the kitchen, nursing a cup of coffee.

"Morning mom."

"Morning honey, want a cup?" Haley's mother indicated towards the coffee maker.

"I'll help myself."

"Oki doke, I'll just get this cup to you father, before he tries to formulate sentences without it." Abby grabbed her two mugs of the potent mixture heading up the stairs.

Haley giggled. "Yeah, I still think he doesn't know that grumbling doesn't count as words."

"Ah, Caffeine is the magic tool to adult world." Abby shouted over her shoulder.

"I'll try to remember that…" Haley smiled as she leaped onto the couch, grabbing the remote. Before she could switch on the television, the doorbell rang. She frowned at the front door wondering who it could be. She lifted herself off the couch walking up to the door, pulling it open.

"HI HALEY!" Cat beamed.

Haley jumped at the intensity of the greeting. Her heart rate going up. "Um, hi?" She watched as the strange, short, ginger girl skipped into the living room.

"Ooh, I smell coffee! Yay!" Cat danced into the kitchen.

"Oh sure, help yourself." Haley said, sarcasm dripping from her tone as she watched Cat retrieve a mug from the cupboard. "I just have one question."

"Yes?" Cat drawled as she sipped on her hot drink.

"I don't mean to be rude or anything but what's your name?" Haley shrugged awkwardly watching the ginger girl make herself at home.

"Cat, what's your name?"

Haley's eyes widened. "You just said my name."

"I did?" Cat tapped a finger on her lip.

"Yeah, you practically screamed Hi Haley !"

Cat giggled. "Oh right, you have amnesia, you must have forgotten, your name is Haley."

"Um, no… No, I didn't forget that." Haley arched her brow. Wow…

"Oh, I'm confused now? Does that mean I have amnesia now, too!" Cat shrieked clutching her cheeks with her hands.

"Oh, I doubt it." Haley stared at the little ginger girl incredulously. Then the doorbell rang again. "You don't move, while I get that." She told Cat.

Haley pulled the door opened once more seeing three strange guys standing in the door frame. A scrawny boy, with glasses and curly hair stepped forward. "Hi Haley, is that coffee?" He strode passed her towards Cat.

The darker teenager with dreads in his hair walked in. He seemed more mellow and cooler. "Sup Haley. Hey Josh, don't finish it all." He joined the other two in the kitchen. Her head seemed to be spinning at this point.

And the tallest of the guys, the same person she remembered from the class. She tilted her head, was his hair naturally that luxurious? "Oh and I suppose you want some coffee too. Why not? It's like stranger free pass day here in the Scott house." Haley threw him a contemptuous look.

Ryan let out a chuckle as he walked in and shut the door behind him. "Um, no thanks, I had my fix. Is Cam here, yet?"


"Yes Cam, she told us to meet her here." Ryan frowned, wondering why the blonde seemed unaware of the situation. What was his best friend up to, he thought to himself. He better just watch how it's played out. The last place he wanted to be, was caught between Cam and Haley again, he rubbed the small scar on his chin. Then his thoughts were interrupted when Cole called his name. "Excuse me." He said as he strolled past her.

Haley was practically fuming at this point. "Well, of course…" Then she spun around when she heard the doorbell ring once more. She hauled the door open to Cam, whose aviators covered her eyes. "You!" Haley poked at Cam's chest.

Cam lifted her sunglasses resting them on her head, her eyebrow raised. "Good morning to you too."

"You're the reason I have weirdoes in my house?"Haley poked at Cam's chest once more leaving her finger in place.

Cam looked down at the finger, removing it from her person. Then she looked over Haley's shoulder to the house full of teenagers. "Yep pretty much…"

"Why?" Haley whined.

"To help you." The Goth shrugged.

"Help me?" Haley asked baffled.


"Oh please explain how having these – these people in my house is going to help me?" Haley jerked a thumb behind her.

"I figured if you get to know them in your own home. An environment you feel SAFE in, you won't feel afraid to come to school."

"Oh, I feel pretty afraid, right now…"

"Oh, c'mon they are not that bad."

"Yeah, what do you expect me to do with that?" Haley indicated towards Cat who was as frozen as a statue.

Cam raised a brow, studying the ginger girl. "Um Cat, what are you doing?"

"Haley told me not to move." Cat mumbled through her sealed lips.

Haley chuckled, shaking her head, unconvinced. "You say this is going to help me?"

Cam shrugged. "Well, you can't pick your friends…"

"What? I'm pretty sure you are supposed to choose your friends!" Haley exclaimed, waving her hands hysterically.

Cam let out a heavy sigh. Maybe this was a bad idea. She pulled Haley outside shutting the chaos behind them. "Scott, calm down."

"Calm down! Calm down! What the hell! My house is full of strangers! Oh, wait no they my friends supposedly …" Haley started ranting and pacing uncontrollably, Cam just watching her go off like a bomb. She decided earlier that she would approach Haley delicately, but this was getting ridiculous.

She grabbed the blonde by the shoulders and slammed her against the door, her hand covering the soft mouth.

Haley's breath was stolen by the motion and impact. Cam's body pinned her to the door, their faces inches apart. Suddenly everything was so quiet and the only thing the blonde could hear was her own heart racing. Her eyes widened as Cam moved in closer, their scents mixed producing an entirely new intoxicating combination. She could feel her body reacting weirdly to the proximity of the Goth and it wasn't just those eyes penetrating through her own.

"Scott… Shut up." Cam murmured into the blonde's ear, controlling her urge to taste the skin beneath it. Reluctantly, she slowly dropped her hand from the blonde's mouth, then stepped back losing the contact.

Haley couldn't move, her body seemed frozen against the hardness of the door. Clearly she was still shocked by the sudden actions of the Goth. That was it, nothing more. She moved away from the door, finding her voice, though it was weak. "That wasn't nice."

"I never said I was nice." Cam smirked. "Plus, I had to do something to get you to stop freaking out."

Haley nodded slowly. "Maybe you could try less forceful tactics next time."

"I can't make any promises." Cam said as Haley glared at her. She let out a sigh. "Look Haley, maybe this was a bad idea. I'll get everyone out. I just…" Cam's eyes met the blonde's. "I just thought…" She pushed passed Haley, her hand reached the door handle when the blonde stopped her.

"Wait, Cam." Cam turned back to face the blonde their bodies brushing slightly. Haley's train of thought getting lost when their eyes held. "Why do you look at me like that?"

"Like what?"

"With those eyes…" She whispered unable to tear herself from those hypnotizing blue crystals.

"It's the only eyes I have…" Cam murmured back knowing that if Haley didn't step back, they both were going to regret something.

"I know, it's stupid but it makes me nervous." The blonde admitted coyly, managing to drop her gaze to the ground.

Cam knew she shouldn't press but couldn't help herself. Everything about the woman in front of her made her weak. She placed two fingers under the blonde's chin lifting her gaze to meet her own once more. "Why?"

"They are just so intense. It's like you can see right through me."

Cam could feel her breathing go thick. At this rate, if they continued the seriousness she wasn't sure what she was capable of. Okay, so maybe she did know what she was capable of from past experiences, that's what scared her. The old Haley wouldn't mind it. The Haley in front of her was innocent to all that and she shouldn't. She had come to the decision to sneakily take Haley for a trip down memory lane in moderation. That way there was less chance of her freaking out and no pressure for her to remember. She stepped back and put on a cocky smirk to lighten the mood. "What makes you think I can't?" The Goth joked.

Haley saw the humor in the Goth's eyes, her own breathing regulating, she chuckled. "Oh yeah, what colour underwear am I wearing?"

"Blue." Cam grinned when Haley froze and let out an awkward laugh. "Am I right?"

"I'm not telling you what colour are my underwear." Haley smiled shyly inwardly cursing herself.

Cam chuckled. "Okay, should I kick these people out?"

"You really think this will help me?" Haley looked afraid.

"You never know, it could, it couldn't. No promises Scott…"

"Okay, let's do it."Haley sighed knowing the Goth was right.

"You sure? You don't have to."

"No, I do.” Haley smiled. “Plus I trust you."

"I know." Cam returned the warm smile as they both walked into the Scott house.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam strolled out of Riley's with a smirk for the first time in weeks. The morning was a bit chilly. She pulled her hood over her head as she continued to walk into school. She practically ran out of the house this morning in anticipation for the day. She wasn't sure what to expect but she hoped. The weekend had went down as smoothly as can go. Haley seemed a bit reserved at first but then she had warmed up to Ryan. Who wouldn't, he was the nicest guy out there… And then with Cole which wasn't that unexpected, they were good friends, duet partners. They got on instantly. Cole performing a few of his own work making her join in. She had enjoyed that thoroughly. It was like watching a kid on Christmas morning opening their first present of many. Cat and Josh seemed to entertain her with their unusual antics. Though she did feel they were a bit weird. Which was totally normal, they were weird. All in all Cam had felt a positive vibe from the experience.

The hallways still fill of wandering students eager to get to their first class of the day. Cam's first class was usually Adrian. She walked up to her locker and stuffed a few books in, shutting it.

"Hey stranger."

Cam turned around at the sound of the familiar voice. "Ryan." She nodded.

"You look…" Ryan studied his best friend for a second. "…Okay."

"What every girl wants to hear. Now, I can die happy." The Goth said dryly. “I can't believe we actually dated…”

“Likewise…” He chuckled. "No, I mean you actually look like a person." He cringed. "As in not morbid or dead." He said in attempt to save himself. "I should probably shut up now, huh?"

"It would be wise, yes." She nodded.

"But you know what I mean." Ryan shrugged indifferently.

"You're lucky I do." Cam agreed as they walked towards their first class.

"So do you think she will show up?"

"I really don't know." They both took their seats, Cam's mood dropping when the blonde was nowhere to be seen. Adrian walked into class shutting the door behind him, all the Goth's hope almost diminished.

Then suddenly the door opened again. "Sorry, I'm late." Haley panted, clearly she had been running.

Every head in the class jerked towards the blonde, who abruptly took in a gulp of air. But this time she was determined to stay. Adrian tilted his head at the student. "Ah, Haley just take a seat, um somewhere." He said noticing there were no seats available.

Josh hopped of his seat. "Here Haley, you can have my seat."

Haley took the seat smiling. "Thank you."

"You fool, now where are you going to sit?" Joey chastised shaking his head at his brother.

Josh blinked twice. "Um, I never thought about that."

Joey groaned. "And they call me the younger stupid one."

Haley giggled as she turned towards Cam. Cam tried to hold in the smirk that graced her face…






The hallway was silent as the last of the lingering students exited the building. It was Friday afternoon and school had let out early today. Yet a certain blonde still remained in the confines of the great institution of Art Academy. Haley grabbed her books off the desk in the library as she finally let out a sigh of relief. It had been a tough month. Yes, it had been a month since she had returned to a school she couldn't recall attending in the first place. But it had been interesting and she had to admit, the work aside, the greatest month of her life. It had been so incredible knowing that she is one of the great talents that school had to offer and she couldn't wait for the big show case that she and her good friend Cole would be performing in. Her memory had not come back, even though it pained her a little to not remember the two years she had been roaming this building, her life wasn't so bad. Her friends were still her friends and she enjoyed them when she could. Sure they were crazy but who wanted to be normal. This month had been very busy trying to catch up the work she had missed out for god knows how long. But today as she stuffed her books in her locker she felt the breeze in the air that spelt freedom! Now she could actually have a social life.

Just as she was about to exit the school she caught something in the corner of her eye. She turned back to witness a certain Goth girl frustratingly slam her own locker. She watched as the scowl fixed itself onto the pale face. Those eyes could be so expressive but at the same time you didn't know what to expect. That girl was just full of contradictions. Haley couldn't help but grin as she found the destructive behavior sort of cute. She walked up towards Cam who was still unaware anyone was around. Cam pounded her locker once more and groaned.

"You know, I doubt it did anything to you." Cam startled and swiftly turned around to see Haley smirking at her. "But hey, I could be wrong."

Cam felt a smirk tug at the corner of her mouth. "Yeah, well until I find Joey, this locker will have to do."

"Why, what he do?"

"The idiot got me detention." Cam said as she threw her bag strap over her shoulder.

"This school gives detention?" Haley halted at the obscenity of the idea.

Cam let out a chuckle. "Well, yeah to those who dare to break school rules, miss lightweight."

"Hey! I'm no lightweight!"

Cam arched her brow, amusement settling in. "No?"

"No!" Haley confirmed with enthusiasm.

"Well did you ever get detention? In your lifetime?" The Goth asked smugly, already knowing the answer to the question.

Haley scratched her head for a second. "There was this one time…" She frowned. "No wait that didn't count. Oh wait! No that doesn't count either." She resigned with a sigh. "Okay, no."

Cam chuckled again and playfully bumped the blonde with her shoulder. "Lightweight."

Haley crossed her arms with a pout. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I haven't seen you around for awhile."

Cam could understand that the blonde had been busy trying to catch up with schoolwork and that she was practicing for the big showcase at the end of the year. But it wasn't just that, as much as she enjoyed spending time with Haley, old memories kept popping up and sometimes she couldn't contain her frustration. It hurt that she couldn't touch her, that she couldn't seek the comfort of a kiss. And when her hormones kept building up the way only Haley could summon, she had no business being around the blonde. She hated that she had become such a considerate person. That her love for the woman in front of her was over powering the selfish love of herself. Love made people crazy. She understood that now more than ever.

"Um, Cam where did you go to?" Haley brought Cam out of her thoughts.


"I said I haven't seen you for awhile."

Cam smiled, though it not reaching her eyes. "You've been busy…"

Haley nodded. "So have you."

"Yeah well, work has just been busy…" She lied.

"Okay well, I'm not busy tonight, want to do something?" Haley grinned, in that pleading way that Cam always couldn't help but be submissive to.

"Sure, but I only get off work around seven. I'll meet you at your house around then."

"Yay!" Excitement overwhelmed the blonde as she jumped at the Goth and embraced her in a crushing hug. Cam was taken aback by the move, she hadn't held the blonde this close to her in just over a month. Instinctively her arms wrapped around Haley's waist finding the crevices that made them fit perfectly. Her eyes shut as her nose buried into the crook of her neck taking in the familiar scent. She squeezed the petit blonde in her arms. For a moment she had forgotten there was that memory barrier between then. Just for a moment. Then Cam stiffened when the sad reality caught up with her and Haley leaned back gently, her vision captivated by widened blue eyes. One moment she was consumed by the warmth of the Goth's embrace and just as instantly hit by the cold of her stiff withdrawal. She couldn't explain which action scared her more. However, she wasn't able to tear herself from the gaze. Eyes that held compassion fear and something she quite couldn't put her finger on. That emotion is the one that had a strong hold on her for reasons she couldn't explain. Then Cam unable to take anymore of the scrutinizing emotion emitting from the blonde pulled away, her arms dropping to the side.

"Sorry, I just got excited. I haven't been out for awhile." The blonde grinned weakly, dismissing her thoughts completely. Perhaps she was just imagining things. Why not? She did have amnesia.

Cam took in a deep breath and turned away from Haley. "It's okay, I'll see you around seven then."

"Yup, I'll tell the guys." Haley nodded dumbly.

"You do that." Cam shouted over her shoulder as she rushed towards her car, leaving a confused blonde staring after her. She yanked open the door and slammed herself in. She dropped her head to lean against the steering wheel. She drew in deep breaths and let them out trying to drop her heart rate. She was so close to doing something they both would have regretted. It was just too familiar to be in that position again. Her heart ached as the first tear of frustration was set free. She squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to will them away…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Cam strolled up the Scott's pathway, the warm air of the evening evident. The sun was yet to set but the orange colour of the sky put the Goth in a better mood. She had gone home straight after work to have a shower and get dressed into fresh clothes. She wore her black skinny jeans and a plain cotton button up shirt. She was looking forward to a night of fun with her friends. With Haley. Reaching the door, she hesitated for a second. Her mind reeling in its own twisted realm of fears, regrets and darkness. Behind that door was the only thing that could make her tremble in both ecstasy or apprehension if she let herself admit it. She raised her finger to the doorbell, hear the ring spread through the house. With her hands safely tucked in her back pockets she waited, rocking on her heels gently. The door opened to the only male member of the Scott family. A grin instantly made its way onto his face.

"Cam?" His face straightened as he used his forefingers to rub his chin.

Cam nodded, a smirk hidden on the corner of her lip. "Mr. Scott?"

"Come in, have a seat. Haley will be down in a moment." He led the way to the couch, taking his place at the single seater. Cam lowered herself to the opposite side her eyes never leaving the handsome man. David crossed his legs at the ankles, his emerald eyes considering the young woman in front of him. He picked up his coffee and sipped slowly. "So Cam?"

"So Mr. Scott?"

"What are your intentions with my daughter?" Cam could see the familiar humor in the older man's eyes. This was a game both him and Cam used to play every time she would wait for Haley to get ready for a date. He didn't understand their relationship but he seemed to like the Goth more than any other guy his baby had brought home. Plus he was a cop so he knew how many kids committed suicide because of their sexual orientation and their lack of support from their parents. He would be damned if his daughter became another statistic. As long as she was happy he was accepting.

She let out a staggered laugh and relaxed against the couch. "I don't think you want to know, sir."

David raised a brow. "I don't?"

Cam shook her head. "No."

"And why is that?" He asked before he took another sip of the hot beverage.

"Because I plan to take her to lookout point and you can guess my intentions." Cam smirked.

David choked and spat his coffee back into the mug. "Jesus! Okay you win…" The Goth let out a chuckle. "I think I burnt my tongue…" He mumbled and then joined in the chuckle.

"What's so funny?"

Both Cam and David turned to face the stairs. Cam's grin gradually faded off her face as she watched the blonde tread down slowly. Her breath caught at the sheer beauty of the blonde, the way her hair swayed at with each strut. Her smile was blinding. You would swear after so many years of knowing Haley, she would get used to it. Yet the Goth's body had a mind of its own. David watched how Cam's usually unexpressive face softened at the sight of his daughter. He remembered a time when he used to be in her place awaiting the entrance of Abby. Haley certainly had her mother's grace.

Haley reached the bottom of the stairs. "Haley Scott, you get back upstairs and change this instant!" David chastised and pointed upstairs.

Haley's eyes widened as she scanned her outfit once more. Her skirt wasn't short and the top she was wearing only showed a bit of cleavage. Nothing too revealing. "Why?" She frowned.

David grinned. "Because I'm not running you in for looking that beautiful. Don't you agree Cam?" Cam could only nod dumbly not trusting her voice.

"You goof." Haley rolled her eyes as she shook her head. But she smiled as she reached up on her tippy toes to peck his cheek. "Thanks daddy." Haley looked at Cam. "Ready to go?"

"Yup." Cam nodded.

They both walked towards the door, when David shouted their way. "Remember curfew is at-"

"Midnight, we know." The Goth finished going through this routine too many times to count.

Haley raised a brow. "How did you know?"

Cam winced. "Um, lucky guess. So where are we meeting the others?"

"Well, about that…" The blonde halted for a moment.


"It's just you and me tonight. Hope you don't mind."

"I hardly mind but how come?" Cam asked, curiously.

"Well, I tried calling everyone, but Ryan said he had a date. Then Cat said her brother was teaching her how to curse in Chinese. Josh and Joey where entertaining Northridge girls. And Cole didn't even pick up his phone and he always does. Just seems weird they all suddenly had plans when they were complaining how boring their weekend was going to be during lunch." Haley rambled on.

If Ryan had a date, Cam would have known. Something was way off. "Hmmm… Did you call Ryan first?"

"Um, yeah, why?" Haley glanced curiously at Cam.

Cam nodded and smiled, everything suddenly making sense. She didn't know if she should kiss that boy or kick his ass. Maybe she should wait until the end of the evening to decide. "No reason… So where do you want to go?"

Haley stretched her arms in the air enjoying her new found freedom. "Hmmm… I don't know, anywhere that doesn't involve books and school. Ooo Ooo and pumpkin pie!"

"Pumpkin pie?" Cam raised a brow.

"Cat told me a not so fun fact about it… You don't want to know." Haley shuddered at the thought.

"I doubt it." Cam rolled her eyes. "How about the new Chinese restaurant on fifth? I'm sure you are hungry."

"Are you psychic or something? First you know when my curfew is and now you know that I'm starving." The blonde's brows drew.

Cam let out a chuckle and poked a finger into the blonde's surprisingly toned stomach. "That's because you are always hungry."

Haley shook her head. "Am not!" Then suddenly her stomach growled drawing more laughter from the Goth. She blushed.

"Looks like your stomach's calling you a liar, Scott." Cam lips twitched, enjoying the familiar trivial debates between them. She sighed as they both jumped into the car.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


They arrived at the restaurant as the last of the dying sun dipped over the horizon. Haley followed the Goth into a cozy little restaurant on the beach front. She studied the big neon sign on the roof of the shack type building. She had to admit it was weird where this restaurant was situated but this was LA so whatever goes. They reach the attendant up front. The Asian woman gave them a blinding smile.

"Welcome to the Fortune Cookie, table for two?"

Cam nodded. "Yes."

"Would your preference be inside or out?" The woman queried as she gathered two menu's from the counter.

Cam nudged Haley with her shoulder. "You decide."

Haley smiled. "Outside."

The woman smiled. "Excellent choice, follow me."

They followed the Asian woman to the outside deck over viewing the beach. They were placed at the secluded table near the edge. Haley sunk down into her seat sighing at the beautiful scene presented to her. She was in awe at the gentle way the water caressed the sand and the peaceful sounds surrounding them. "This is amazing."

Cam lips twitched. "I thought you might like it."

Haley grinned as she opened her menu. "So is the food any good here?"

"I don't know, I never really ate here. I just saw it in passing one day." The Goth shrugged as she flipped through her own menu.

"Ah, so your boyfriend never brought you here before." Haley sat back and grinned. So she was fishing. She didn't know much about Cam. Only that she liked black, was an amazing actor and singer, and that people were generally afraid of her. Also from personal experience, she was reliable. It was time to know a bit more about what made Cam West.

Cam took a sip of her water knowing that this conversation would have to come out sooner or later. Now it was time to find out how Haley would react. This was a whole lot different to the first time Haley figured out she was gay. Cam laughed softly to herself, remembering that Haley figured it out first before Cam. Now the shoe was on the other foot. "I don't have a boyfriend."

"Why not? You are absolutely beautiful." Haley simply stated.

Cam looked down at her menu. Haley stared at the woman in front of her. Was Cam blushing, she mused. Cam was biding her time she should just spill it. She lifted her gaze. "Thank you, but I thought you knew…"

"Knew what?"

Cam leaned forward, the blonde mimicking her actions. "Haley, I'm gay…"

The blonde stared dumbly at the Goth. Things suddenly making a bit more sense. She had a feeling she couldn't explain on previous occasions but she ruled it out. "What? Really?"

"Yes really… You are okay with that right?" Cam asked still not sure of what to make of the blonde's response.

Haley tilted her head to the side. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Cam shrugged. "Some people aren't exactly comfortable being in the presence of people who are different. "

Haley took a sip of her water, knowing that sadly, Cam was right. "Well, those people are idiots."

Cam grinned, slightly relieved. "I agree…"

After a few minutes both Cam and Haley settled back into their seats enjoying the placid breeze. Haley bit her bottom lip, her mind reeling about the revelation Cam had just dumped on her. Would she have felt better not knowing? No, she wanted to know. She didn't know how to ask directly so she went about it in a circle.

Cam couldn't keep her eyes off the blonde, wondering what was going on. Was she regretting coming here with Cam? Time would only tell. "What's on your mind?"

Haley was startled out of her thoughts. "I'm just curious."

"Curious about?"

"What's it like?" Haley offered a shaky laugh.

"To be gay?" Cam mused. Thinking that is usually how it starts, the curiosity…

Haley nodded slowly. "Yes."

"It's not something that you can put into words. You just know it's right for you even though majority of the world think it's not. You are sort of born with it. People think it's something you can develop, but studies show it's not. It something you discover within yourself at any stage of your life."

Haley chuckled. "Wow, you sound like a textbook."

Cam grinned shaking her head, knowing it was true. "Yeah, well when you sixteen, and have a boyfriend and start thinking about a woman, in ways you haven't before, you research… A Lot!"

Haley giggled. "I'll try to remember that." Cam smiled. "So how many girlfriends have you had?"


Haley choked on her water. "One?"

"Yeah, why do you seem so shocked?"

"It's just well, you are so beautiful, it's hard to think of you with just one person." She waved her hand, drinking more water to sooth her inflamed throat. "Did you fall in love with her?" She asked after a moment.

The blonde witnessed as Cam's expression went solemn. "Yes." The Goth said, barely audible and poignant.

Haley knew it would be wise to stop seeing how it affected the Goth, but her interest was at its peak. "What happened to her?" She asked softly.

Cam dropped her gaze. "She went overseas in the beginning of the year."

"Is she ever coming back?"

"She did."

"She did?" Cam nodded slowly, Haley's brows raised. "Well what happened?"

The Goth looked into Haley's eyes, her chest burning, her voice slightly hoarse. "It was as if she forgot I ever existed."

"Cam, I'm sorry…" Haley hated people who changed that way becoming callous with the important people they leave behind.

Cam smiled, though it was weak. "Not your fault."

"Do you still love her?"

Cam's eyes blazed through the blonde in front of her. "You want the truth, Scott?" Haley nodded slowly, her heart breaking for the woman she was facing. "I don't know how to stop…"

"Cam…" Haley placed her hand on Cam's on the table. "That's not healthy." She managed to say sympathetically. Meanwhile, her rage was building up on the inside for the woman that broke this incredible person. She couldn't understand why someone would pick overseas over the Goth.

Cam let out a rueful chuckle. "I gave up on my health, one year and three days ago." She thought back to the first day she and Haley had officially started dating.

The blonde smiled softly at the brave front she knew the Goth was putting up. "What was her name?"

The Goth straightened in her seat. "Her name?"

Haley giggled at the amusing expression on Cam's face. "You know that thing people used to call her."

Cam rolled her eyes. "Har-Har, you're a riot." She looked around the restaurant trying to come up with a name. Think Cam, think… "Sonya."

Haley's eyebrows furrowed. "Sonya?"

Cam relaxed back into her seat. "That's right, Sonya."

"Okay." Haley said as the waitress laid down a plate of spring rolls in front of them. It was the right time for a change in subject. "So what are your plans for the weekend?"

Cam and Haley enjoyed the spans of random conversation between them. Talking about their goofy friends and the big show case at the end of the school year. They even circled the hype on Haley's movie that would resume shooting in a month. Haley never felt so connected with anyone, on such a level before. It was weird but at the same time she took pleasure in it.

Suddenly a different waitress arrived with their main course. She gave them a wide smile. "Good evening, my name is Sonya and I'll be you waitress for the rest of your evening since Jane suddenly fell ill." She placed their plates down and left them to their delicious meals.

Cam felt Haley's hand cover hers on the table. She looked up into sympathetic eyes. "Cam, I'm sorry."

The brunette's brows drew in puzzlement. "For what?"

"We can leave if you want?"


"Our waitress's name is Sonya."

Realization suddenly dawning, Cam felt like laughing but contained herself. That will teach her to steal names off waitress name cards from afar. "I'm okay with it. I will have to get over it sometime, right?" She gave Haley a reassuring smile.

Haley smiled back. "Excuse me for a moment." She left for the bathroom.

Cam sat back enjoying her meal. Thinking that if Haley ever got her memory back she would never hear the end of Sonya. She definitely put her foot in it there. God, she missed her so much…

Haley returned, grinning from ear to ear. "I'm back."

"Okay?" Cam patted her mouth with a serviette. "Why does it look like you've just swallowed Disney land?"

Haley laughed and then took a generous bite of her food. She reveled in the flavors bursting on her tongue. "Because…" She waved her fork. "I've got you a date." She pointed to the blonde waitress in the corner. "She just broke up with her girlfriend."

Cam's eyes almost bugged out. "You did what!"

"What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help you out?"

"Um, the perfect kind?"

Haley rolled her eyes. "Nonsense! It's just one date, Cam. Maybe it will help you get over Sonya?"

"No." Cam tilted her head defiantly.

"God, you're so stubborn. I don't care, I'm giving her your address to pick you up on Friday." The blonde pulled out her cellphone.

"You wouldn't dare." The Goth glowered.

"Wouldn't I? Click, send!" Haley smiled sweetly, battering her eyelashes.

"Scott!" She scowled. How the hell was she supposed to get herself out of this one? She would think of something.

"Don't be rude, wave back." Haley said as she waved to the waitress.

"No." Cam sulked and crossed her arms over her chest.

"That's okay, she thinks you're badass and likes it." Haley grinned.

Cam slowly but dramatically banged her head on the table in defeat.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


After Haley's little matchmaker incident the night went off without a hitch. This was usually unusual for them considering all the trouble they had gotten into on previous occasions. But it wasn't midnight just yet something was still bound to happen. The vehicle had drawn to a stop outside the Scott property. "Thanks for the food, Cam. My stomach thanks you too."Haley patted her stuffed tummy. Cam smiled as they both jumped out of the car. "And have fun on your date." She winked.

Cam groaned inwardly. "There's no way I'm going."

Haley chuckled walking backwards across the road, trying to keep the Goth's amusing expression in her view. "You will not be rude, Cameron West."

The Goth shook her head, mumbling. "Yeah, well watch me." Haley laughed heartily.

Cam's smile rapidly fell when she witnessed a speeding car shoot straight through the stop sign and Haley standing in the middle of the road. "Haley!"

Haley saw Cam running towards her, alarm on her face. Then she turned when she felt the heat of the headlights cover her. Cam grabbed her arm swiftly pulling the blonde into her, the reckless car missing her by a mere inch. She buried herself into the Goth's body, squeezing her shirt beneath her hands. Cam held her so tight she was probably crushing the petit body. Yet, both of them didn't care. She didn't know which one of them was trembling more.

"I didn't see it." Haley managed to breath, her throat stinging from the tears she couldn't withhold.

Cam rocked Haley gently against her, her own tears threatening, her heart caught in her throat. "Shshsh, it's okay, you're safe." This is too much. How many times was God testing the strength of her heart? She was certain the next time would result in her death.

"I could have died again." Haley buried herself deeper her sobs becoming more distinct.

Cam pushed Haley gently back shaking her head. "Nope, I wouldn't have let it happen." Haley sniffled as Cam pulled her into the comforting tight embrace again. "It's okay baby. It's okay…" She whispered mainly to console herself. "It was that drunken bastards fault."

Haley nodded against her neck. Her tears staining the Goths shirt. She lifted her head to see Cam's glistening eyes staring back at her. Her gentle sobs stopped as their gaze never faltered. Haley couldn't help herself, as the only sound between them was the howling of the gentle wind. Her sight leisurely dipping to the Goth's unpainted lips watching as the small pink tongue made an appearance. Then her eyes scanned their way back to the blue sapphires. Cam watched in fascination, her mind screaming at her to let go, but her heart keeping her in place.

Haley could feel her heart pound against her chest. She couldn't comprehend what was happening and right now she couldn't care less. Her hands were very sensitive to the feel of Cam's shirt beneath her palms. It was probably just her nerves heightened by the incident. That was probably it. But why couldn't she bring herself to look away.

Cam felt the heat between them radiate in waves. She was certain that Haley felt it too. But now was not the time. Suddenly she used everything against her body's will to smile, breaking the trance between them. "C'mon, let's get you home."

Brought out of it, Haley smiled back as Cam grabbed her hand and they both crossed the road. They walked in silence until they reached the front door. Both of them seemingly calm. "Thanks for tonight Cam. For everything…"

Cam nodded. "Anytime Scott…" Haley and Cam just stood there for a bit. Then the Goth let out a laugh.

Haley raised a brow. "What's so funny?"

Cam's laugh turned into a grin. "I can't go home."

"Why not?" Haley frowned.

The Goth smirked, her eyes dropping to the small distance between them. "You're still holding my hand."

Haley looked between them and their fingers interlaced. She quickly jerked her hand out of Cam's and let out an awkward laugh. Her face gradually burning up to a crimson colour. "I'm sorry…"

"Don't worry about it. Goodnight Scott." Cam said thoroughly amused.

Haley opened her door. "Goodnight Cam."

Cam walked back down the path towards her car, a big smirk on her face. She would definitely have to kiss that boy.

"Hey Cam." The Goth halted at the sound of Haley's voice.


"I think Sonya is a fool." The blonde smiled as she entered her house closing the door behind her.

Cam's lips quirked slightly. "Oh, she is… But that's what I love most about her." She whispered, the night her only confidant…







Arching her neck, eyes shut tight, she whimpered at the gentle trail of hot moist kisses caressing along her jaw. Her arms were pinned to the side of her body by the glorious weight settled on her. "God…" She moaned in delirium, hips slightly bucking at the sensation of tiny nips at her earlobe. The body above hers adjusted slightly granting her arms the freedom to roam. Bringing her hands to get lost in the luscious thick hair, holding it in place. Her body trembling beneath with need she never knew could exist. She wanted more. Hell, she needed more or she would explode. Her lips aching for the joining, she pulled the traveler's lips to her own, sighing into the kiss, that was the most arousing, languid, she had ever experienced in all her years. Her fingers running through the dark hair, deepening the kiss. She wasn't sure what type of desire was invoked, all she knew was she wanted to consume and be consumed by the radiated heat. She moaned when a gentle tongue penetrated her lips, tousling with her own. She was practically vibrating with the need that ran south pulsating between her legs. Her arms dipped squeezing the body more into her and broke the kiss in a gasp as a thigh was insinuated into her center. "Jesus!" Her eyes shot open seeing the lazy smirk on her lover. Her pupils adjusting to the darkness to take in the beautiful stranger in front of her. Instantly, she noticed the glowing blue eyes that have been haunting her. Her hand reaching out to cup Cam's cheek, she smiled. Cam smirked back before dipping to join their lips again…

Haley shot out of bed with a loud gasp. Her breathing came out jagged as her heart was thumping hard against the inside of her chest. She brought up her shaky hands to cover her face. "God…" She drew in a deep breath. What the hell was that! She peeked through the gaps between her fingers at her blinking alarm clock on her dresser. It was 3.30 am. She shook her head before slamming back down against her pillow, staring at her dark ceiling. Her body was still drumming from the intense dream. How did it feel so real… She shut her eyes still able to feel the tingle of where Cam's lips had roamed, producing a sudden jump in her stomach. Her eyes snapped back open, her hand resting on her sweat drenched tank over her tummy.

"Cam…" She whispered. Why did she have this dream? What did it mean? Well, she had been spending an awful amount of time with the Goth recently. They had surprisingly gotten along really well, despite their conflicting views at times. That could be it. Her unconscious mind playing with the daily events. But why this sort of intimate dream? She did have an attraction to the beautiful Goth. But never in a million years would she have deemed it a sexual attraction. Sure, the Goth had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen, or a dark aura you just wanted to get trapped in. The way her jean was snug against her showing off her amazing assets. Or the way her messily thick hair sways with each stride. Haley's eyes widened… God, Haley what are you doing!

She hopped out of bed and stepped into her bathroom, switching on the light and then the tap. She splashed her face with cool water. Reaching for the towel on the hook, she patted her face dry staring at her reflection. Her face look flushed as did her body. Sex dreams did that to you. It was perfectly normal, right? Of course it was. She had some before. But none like that… Oh I don't know, Haley maybe because Cam is a woman. She rolled her eyes at her reflection.

But how do you explain the night they went to the fortune Cookie. Was she about to kiss Cam after the near miss? "God…" She leaned her forehead against the cool smoothness of the mirror. "What is wrong with me?" She leaned back scrutinizing, her appearance. "I'm not, am I?" She pulled her tank over her head. Then peeled off her saturated panties. Grimacing, she turned on the shower. There is no way she could sleep with that uncomfortable wetness. Caused by Cam… She squeezed her eyes shut. "Would you shut up?" Her eyes popped open. "Oh, that's just great, first I'm having lesbian dreams and now I'm going mad." She needed to clear her mind. Stepping under the hot sprays she let her thoughts drift away…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


There was a distinct chill in the air as Haley made her way into Art Academy. Though she was only familiar with this school for just over a month she felt it was home to her now. She shuffled past other students in the busy corridor towards her locker. She yanked her locker open, gathering her textbooks she needed for this morning's class. Stifling a yawn, she shut it again. She hardly managed any sleep last night, her mind solely placed where it had no business being. She glanced around the hallway hoping to avoid a certain girl she wouldn't know how to face. Relief swarming through her she turned towards her first class bumping smack into Cam.

"God, I'm so sorry." She apologized, trying to untangle herself out of the vicinity of the person. Their jacket zipper getting caught in her knitted sweater. She concentrated on her task carefully not trying to tear anything.

Cam raised a brow, a smirk evident in the corner of her lips." You know, we really need to stop bumping into each other like this." She said remembering Haley's first day over a month ago.

Haley's eyes snapped up at the clear sound of the Goth's voice, her hand jerking fast, laddering her sweater. "I…I"

Cam considered the blonde, who seemed afraid for some reason. "Are you okay?"

Haley's heart was racing so fast being so close to the Goth. She could smell the intoxicating mixture of fresh coffee aroma and soap. Her palms began to sweat as those blue eyes scanned over her. She dropped her gaze up able to hold it without literally melting to a puddle. She was being ridiculous. It was just Cam. They were friends. Tell that to her body, who was sending out signals that could be felt on Mars. "Yeah, I'm just tired."

"Rough night?"

"Yeah, you kept me up for most of it." Haley stood there mortified she just said that out loud.

Cam raised her brow. "What?"

"I said I was up for most of it." Haley blushed profusely as she randomly headed down the passageway. "I'll meet you in class, just need the bathroom." She yelled over her shoulder not turning back.

Cam stood there dumbfounded watching the blonde disappear into the ladies. "Okay, weird." She shrugged with a frown as she headed towards Adrian's class.

Haley slammed the bathroom door behind her, leaning back against it, breathing heavily. She dropped her face into her hands. "What is wrong with me?"

She stepped up towards the basin, turning on the tap, drowning her palms in cool water. She looked at her reflection for the fifth time in less than eight hours. She shook her head. "Why do I keep thinking that I will find the answers in the mirror?" Cam did not do anything to insinuate this. It's all you Haley and you know it. She needed time to think, to straighten all these confusing thoughts up. She was probably just sexually deprived. Hormones running wild. Was she still a virgin? God, she had no clue. "Why did I have to pick this part of my life to have amnesia?"

"Which part?" Cat asked from behind her, stepping out of the cubical.

Haley nearly jumped out of her skin, clutching the sink she turned to face the ginger girl. "Jesus Cat! You scared the life out of me!"

Cat waved her off. "That's okay Haley, you can have one of mine. My second grade teacher said Cats have nine lives."

Haley couldn't help but grin at the oblivious innocence in the ginger girl. "I think she meant the animal."

"She never specify." Cat shrugged as she washed her hands. "So which part?"

Haley bit her bottom lip, unsure what to say. Maybe she should just ask Cat, it wasn't like she would understand anyway. "Um, Cat, can I ask you a question?"

"Mmm, hmmm…" Cat nodded slowly.

Haley studied the ginger girl uncertain how to phrase what she wanted to ask. "Do you think I'm different?"

"Different how?" Cat tilted her head.

Haley shook her head. Good question Cat, she thought to herself. "I don't know, you know different from most people. Like have extra long arms or dress funny or attracted to women… You know those kinds of things." Haley rambled on very fast.

"Well…" Cat drawled, just before her phone rang. She reached into her red leather handbag and pulled it out. "Hello. Oh hi…" Then she let out an excited screech. "Okay I'm on my way." She disconnected her phone, pulling open the bathroom door. "Sorry Haley, I have to go, they just got the new solar powered flashlight at the mall!" She screamed again.

"Wait Cat-" Haley sighed as she was left alone. Guess, she had to figure these things out on her own. She reached the door and then halted lifting a brow. "Wait, why would anyone need a solar powered flashlight?" She shrugged and headed towards class…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Cam strolled down the sidewalk, the freshness of the Saturday morning surrounding her. A small smile graced her lips. Today was Haley's eighteenth birthday. Then gradually her smile faded, she tucked her hands in her pockets, thinking about the previous week. It had been a weird one. She thought last weekend were a clear indication of things were going to be okay. However, the blonde had been avoiding her throughout the course of this week and she had no freaking idea why. Haley had taken her revelation with such grace and she knew the blonde would never have had a problem with it. "She didn't have a problem with it." Cam murmured to herself, now uncertain.

She entered the bookstore, grimacing at the familiar ring of the bell. Maybe work would take her mind off things. She tossed her bag in the cupboard under the counter, retrieving her new lame work vest. Placing it on, she went to check on her boss. She raised her hand knocking gently on the antique wooden door. "Come in…" Was shouted from behind the door.

Cam smiled as she walked in. "Good morning, Mrs. Riley."

Mrs. Riley picked her head up from the accounting books. She let out a warm smile. "Oh, Cam honey, it's just you."

"Why are you expecting someone else?" Cam wiggled her brows. "Melvin?"

Mrs. Riley chuckled deep and loud. "God no, we are taking a break."

Cam grinned, over amused. "Ah, I see…"

Mrs. Riley sighed. "No, I'm waiting for Alex, he is taking me to the doctors again."

"Is something wrong?" Cam asked, alarmed. She scrutinized the older lady, her eyes did seem puffy and her facial features did seem a little flushed.

"Oh, no honey, it's just a small flu." Mrs. Riley shook her head. "But you know Alex, I so much as sniffle in front of him and he has the ambulance on speed dial." She rolled her eyes. Cam managed to grin through her worry. "Do you mind locking up for me today?"

"No, ma'am, I have nothing better to do." Cam thought about Haley's party in the evening, she was still unsure if she should go or not. If she was going to make Haley uncomfortable, then probably not. Plus work could really keep her thoughts at bay and preoccupied.

"Thank you, Cam. I don't know what I would do without you." Mrs. Riley smiled.

"Probably curse Melvin and his son to oblivion." Cam shrugged.

"That is true." The old woman considered with a brief laugh.

Cam worked through most of the day unpacking the new fiction novels and the magazine racks. She marked each one with a price tag and recorded the numbers in the logbooks as well as the computerized books. She had a busy day and to her dismay it was near closing time. Her mind wandered over to a certain blonde.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley leaned against the railings of the balcony in her parent's bedroom. She sighed as she listened to the party going on downstairs. The streams of loud music and hoards of conversations booming across the house. In short it was every neighbor's worst nightmare and every teenager's dream. It was her birthday. The one day she looked forward to ever since she was born, she supposed. Yet, it was anything but happy.

The blonde sighed reflecting about the past week. She had gone to class as usual but baled on lunch plans avoiding the Goth like a plague. Why? Because her dreams had been coming more frequently leaving the blonde with less sleep and more late night showers. She just couldn't get Cam off her mind and being around her was just as torturous. Looking at her knowing where those lips have trailed, touched and what they tasted like in her dreams. "I have to be going insane…" Haley felt the twisting in her stomach. But avoiding the Goth had also been painful, she usually enjoyed their playful manner. The disinterested looks the Goth dealt out at the public for their monogamous behavior. She was an education, Cam. But more than that she was the one person she had a connection with since the amnesia accident. She couldn't explain it but knew it ran deep. Clearly, since she had been the only inhibitor of your late night pleasure dreams…

"You know, I found it awfully weird…"

Haley whirled around at the sound of Cam's voice. Her heart pounding in her ears and screaming for joy but at the same time panic ran down her spine. "What's that?"

She stared at the Goth who casually leaned against the frame of the door sipping on some punch in a plastic cup. Cam winced at the spiked concoction. Then downed it all in one go. Crunching the cup in her hand, she went to lean over the railing, her eyes searching over the neighborhood view. Haley just watched her, looking for a reaction, looking for something. She wasn't sure what. Cam tilted her head gently sparing the blonde a brief glance, her eyes and emotions unreadable. "Oh you know, that this is a birthday party and yet the birthday girl is nowhere to be found. Weird…"

A tiny grimace ghosted around Haley's lips. "I just didn't feel like partying…" She admitted softly.

Cam arched a brow, curious. "And why is that?"

Haley slowly dropped her gaze. "Because…" She sighed. "I didn't think you were going to come."

A smirk crept onto the corner of the Goth's mouth. "I wasn't…"

"Why?" Haley asked her voice small. In fact she felt small.

Cam regarded the blonde feeling the sadness and regret emit from her. She placed two fingers under Haley's chin bringing her green eyes to meet her blue. "You tell me…" She murmured.

Haley felt the hot stares of Cam's incredible blue eyes burn through hers. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to look away. Standing in the Goth's vicinity was driving her senses mad, she wasn't sure how long she could keep standing, her knees feeling weak. "Because I have been avoiding you the whole week."

Cam let out a chuckle, though some pain shot through. "So I haven't been imagining things."

"No." Haley said squeezing her eyes, feeling ashamed.

Cam looked at her empty squashed cup wishing she had more. "Why? Did I do something wrong, Haley?"

Haley's eyes snapped up. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Cam. "No! God, no!" She shook her head. "No, I am just confused about some things."

"Is our friendship one of them?"

"No! I'm not confused about that. We are friends Cam." Haley looked at her. "I just needed a little alone time to figure out some stuff. It was stupid. I am stupid."

Cam saw the battle in Haley's eyes deciding to let it go. She grinned at the blonde. "Yep, pretty much."

"Hey!" Haley tried to chastise, but a smile broke through witnessing the familiar dark humor in the Goth's eyes. She fell into the Goth drawing her into a crushing hug that caught Cam by surprise. Haley buried herself into to Cam want to be consumed by the warmth, her eyes shut. She felt long strong, capable arms wrap around her own body. "God, I missed you…" She whispered into Cam's neck causing the Goth's own breath to hitch. "I don't think it is healthy how much I missed you."

Haley felt Cam chuckle low, into her hair. "Probably not…" She managed to say, hoping Haley wouldn't sense the change in the thickness of her voice. Her body was wired and ready to explode. Haley let out a watery chuckle and smacked her lightly on the arm. Cam pulled back sadly knowing that she had to. She smiled. Haley smiled back. "C'mon, lets go back to the party before your parents call the National Guard."

Haley nodded rolling her eyes. "They are still so paranoid." She said as they treaded down the stairs. Cam smirked thinking they weren't the only ones.

… … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley's eyes opened slowly as she shifted on her pillow, sighing softly. Another day, another dream. It was like she couldn't escape them now. She pulled down the covers, getting out of bed. She thought about the weekend with a smile. Her birthday was the best yet. Sure it started out miserable but when Cam had showed up, it just felt –right. They had worked out their differences. Well, her differences. Yet she didn't think it was fair to Cam to mention the dreams until she was certain what to make of them herself. Right now she had to get ready for school…

A shower later and dressed in her skinny blue jeans and a blue top, Haley was searching for her sneakers. "I know I put it somewhere…" She groaned. She decided to look in her cupboard. "Eureka! I should have check there first…" Just as she reached in a black paper gift bag caught her eye. Forgetting about her sneakers she pulled out her bag and settled it on her bed. She arched her brow. She thought she unwrapped all her presents. Placing her hand into the bag she gently drew out what looked like a craft book. Sitting on her bed, she wiped a hand over the front cover feeling the texture between her fingers. She carefully opened the black book a smile coming to her face. The front page read: Happy eighteenth birthday Haley Scott .

She turned the page seeing a picture of herself with press bold letters reading ' one of the best talents of their generation'. She read the article almost giddy but at the same time poignant she could not remember. Scanning over the entire book she realized it was every article and every posting ever done on her since her apparent movie in New Zealand. Even articles and pictures form their own school paper. Later she would sit down and read every article. She placed the book on her desk. The grabbed the bag off her bed feeling a slight rattle in it. Frowning she turned the contents over and out fell a small black box. She picked it up opening it staring in awe at the white gold necklace with a simple music note charm dangling from it.

Sprinting downstairs with treasure in hand, she reached the bottom of her stairs, she saw her parents at the breakfast table. She walked up behind her mom hugging her. "Thank you!" She panted.

Haley's mom chuckled. "You're welcome…" She turned around in Haley's arms grinning at her now eighteen year old. "But what are you welcome for?"

Haley chuckled. "For this…" She showed her mom the necklace.

Abby's eyes widened. "Haley, it's beautiful."

"I know, thank you."

Her mother raised a brow. "Haley, I didn't get you that."

Haley's smile fell. "You didn't?" She looked at her dad who was sipping his coffee.

"Don't look at me." He raised his hands. "My taste is very questionable as your mother says, but that is very pretty honey."

Haley frowned. "But then who could have gotten me this and the book?"

"Book?" Abby asked.

"Yeah, there's this book with all my movie progress articles in them." Both Abby and David looked at each other, a silent communication passing between the two. "What?" She asked.

"Haley, if we didn't give it to you. Who do you think gave it to you?" David inquired.

"I don't know…"

He smiled, rubbing a loving hand on her head. "Think about it. Now get moving or you are going to be late for school."

Both her parents left her standing confused in the kitchen…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley went through school thinking about all the possible people who could have afforded her such a meaningful and precious gift. But her mind kept coming back to that one person who had been haunting her thoughts every waking and unconscious moment. When the final bell rang she decided she would just asked the Goth straight out if she were her secret Santa. Playing with the necklace charm against her neck she strolled towards the car park, smiling. She reached the end spotting the Goth leaning against her car talking to someone on the other side. The closer she got the clearer the other person was becoming. Eventually she recognized the same blonde waitress from the Chinese restaurant. Cam hadn't gone on the date she mused as she strolled closer to the two.

Then suddenly she froze watching them kiss right in front of her. Cam pulled out of the kiss her heart sinking at the sight of a mortified Haley. "H-Haley." She stuttered.

Haley couldn't explain what was going through her mind, all she knew is she had started running. Running so fast and back into school, trying to erase that image from her head. She stepped into Adrian's class, noticing no one was there. What was wrong with her? For some reason she felt hurt, seeing that blonde waitress shove her tongue down Cam's throat. She buried her face in her hands shaking her head. Cam stepped in trying to catch her breath. "There you are. I was looking all over for you." She breathed heavily.

"Why?" Haley asked facing the blackboard.

Cam straightened. "What do you mean why? You just ran out of there like a house was on fire or something?"

"Well, you were kissing your girlfriend." Haley shut her eyes as she moved closer to the wall.

"What?" Cam's brows furrowed. Haley remained silent. Cam stood there dumbfounded. What the hell was going on and why wasn't she given a script? She walked up to Haley and turned her around seeing the tears welled in her eyes. "Hey, what's going on?" She asked sympathetically and softly.

"Just go back to your girlfriend, Cam." Haley's voice failed her. Why was she saying these things? God she probably sounded like some jealous girlfriend.

Cam groaned because she was getting nowhere with the blonde. "Hell Haley, she is not my girlfriend. I told her that I didn't want to go on a date with her, so she kissed me. She kissed me saying that's what I was going to miss out on." Haley looked at her skeptically. "She kissed me…" Cam whispered again. Why was Haley hurt she wondered? "Why am I explaining myself, Haley? I did nothing wrong."

"I know…I know that." Haley sighed feeling like a complete fool. She held the necklace charm between her fingers seeing the registered expression on the Goth's face. It was her…

Cam stepped up to Haley grabbing her chin gently between her forefingers. Lifting it until her eyes were searing through the blonde's. "Talk to me, Scott. Tell me what's wrong? You have been acting weird all week."

"Cam I…" Haley's thoughts ran off as Cam stepped closer. She closed her eye feeling the warm breath graze her skin. She opened her eyes to see Cam staring back at her with a glint in her glistening eyes. Her same desire reflected back at her. Her breath hitching when those blue sapphires lingered at her lips then peering through her.

Cam couldn't control her body. She was certain she was actually trembling or was that Haley? She had seen that look in Haley's eyes before. A very long time before… That very look that had the power to impair her mind from her body. Step back Cam… She warned herself. But her body wouldn't listen. It had been deprived for way to long. She leaned in gently her eyes never leaving Haley's as their lips made brief contact.

Haley standing stiff and shocked as a tingle was sent straight to her toes. She felt the wet brush, moving her own lips to join in the motion. Her body reacting on its own accord, her eyelids fluttering closed as her lips gliding against the softness of Cam's.

Cam felt the familiar pleasure shooting straight through her. It felt so right, yet at the same time she felt as if she was doing Haley an injustice. Maybe the blonde didn't want this anymore and it broke her heart. Using all her strength capable she tore herself from Haley's lips, squeezing her eyes tight to hold back her tears as she laid her forehead on Haley's stiff shoulders. "God, Haley I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen." Cam whispered trying to trap down her needs that were running wild. She shouldn't have let it happen.

Haley just stared at the Goth in her haze. She wasn't sure what she was feeling. Was it fear? Was it confusion? Was it desire? Probably all of the above. Next thing she knew she cupped Cam's face bringing it in front of her, seeing the pained desire. They both just stared at each other, not sure what either should do. Haley couldn't explain what happened next or how it happened but Cam's lips were suddenly on hers. Yet, she was leading this time, her hands straining, pulling the Goth closer to her, deepening the kiss. God, she wanted her closer, she wanted her inside her person.

Cam's hands settled around Haley waist as her body pressed her back into the wall. Her mind switched off, as she felt Haley's fingers run through her hair gripping her in place. Haley's mouth assaulting hers with equal fervor. She felt as Haley's tongue dip into her mouth dueling with her own, letting out a moan. Cam wanted to taste more. She had to taste more. Her hands running up the sides of Haley's petit body brushing the curves of her breasts causing the blonde to break the kiss in a loud gasp. Taking this opportunity, Cam lowered her mouth to the planes of the blonde's neck. Sucking a trail up to her jaw.

Haley was straining against the wall her body giving off loud responses. She arched her neck as Cam licked against her jaw up to her earlobe. Haley moaned when she felt the tiny nip. The sensations so much better than her dreams. So much better. Cam's hands trailed down her back reaching her nicely shaped rear. One hand still trailing beyond that, down the back of her thigh, until it got hooked in the back of her knee. She drew Haley's leg up, the blonde wrapping it around Cam's butt, while the Goth insinuated her hip bone into Haley center, causing the blonde's breathe to catch.

Haley pulled Cam's lips back to hers needing an outlet for the pressure build up she was feeling. She felt like she would explode any minute. Her head was actually ringing.

Haley's phone started to ring bringing both girls out of their delirium as it vibrated against the blonde's thigh. Cam pulled out first staring at Haley who looked at her with frightened eyes. Ring, ring, ring…

Haley dug into pocket, trying to control her breathing, she answered the phone. Her gaze dipping. What had she done? "Hello…" She managed to croak.

Cam turned around her body still pulsing but the frightened look of Haley engraved in her head. She pinched the bridge of her nose. This was the most incredible experience of her life. She had never longed so much and been granted with such a gift. However, it was too much too fast. She screwed up letting it get out of hand. Shit! She had scared the blonde . They practically combusted in here...

Haley hung up, her mind was never in the conversation. It was reeling over what had happened here. She hugged herself suddenly feeling very cold. She couldn't even bring herself to look at Cam. "I have to go."

Cam turned around seeing the apprehension, knowing she had to fix this. "Wait, Haley, I think we need to talk."

"I can't, Cam, I can't…" Haley's voice broke as she dashed through the exit.

Cam slammed her fist into the wall, her words echoing the room. "Fuck!"







Cam shoulders slumped as she walked out of school towards her car. Her mind reeling on the past few minutes she spent making out with Haley. That was mildly putting it of course. The way their bodies fitted together in perfect harmony creating a storm of emotions. That's just how it was between them, always contradictions. Then the memory of the dread coating the blonde's eyes when she realized what she was doing and who she was doing it with, stopped her thoughts dead. Her eyes shut as she tried to stop the sting that resided behind them. Not watching where she was going, she bumped Ryan's books out of his hands.

Ryan whirled around, highly irritated at the figure. "Oh, c'mon!" He stared at all his books sprawled on the cement ground.

"Sorry…" She murmured as she continued walking through the car park, hands tucked in her jacket pocket.

Ryan's scowl fell as he noticed who it was. "Cam?" He called out but got no response. Did she just say sorry? Book's forgotten, he raced up to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Cam?" With no effort at all he spun around, his heart breaking at her dazed vulnerable expression. "Hey…" He pulled her into a strong embrace. She melted against him, her eyes squeezed tight trying to hold in the tears that threatened to overcome her. Without a word they walked over to his truck with his arms around her, he pulled down the hatch. He sat down pulling her against him. The silent tears drenching his shirt as his hands were rubbing comforting circles on her back. His thoughts mixed with anger and spite at the Gods thinking about how many of her tears were spilled on his shirt this year alone. He placed a tiny kiss on her forehead as he tightened his hold on her. Her sobs soft and breathy, he let her cry until she could no more...

After what seemed like an hour, Cam leaned back looking at the huge wet stain on Ryan's navy shirt. She sniffled, wiping her nose with her sleeve. "Sorry…" She whispered.

Ryan produced a small sympathetic smile, wiping the remaining tear residue off her of her cheeks. "It's okay, I never liked this shirt anyway…" She let out a tiny smirk. With that Ryan let his own emotions overwhelm him. He pulled her against him again, crushing the life out of her, kissing the top of her head forcefully. "God, don't ever do that to me again!"

"Do what?" She stifled into his chest.

He gently pushed her back, searching those magnificent blue eyes. "Apologize. You scare me, when you say shit like that!"

Cam let out a watery chuckle, shaking her head. "You goof."

Ryan smiled. "Yes, but I'm your goof." She leaned back into him. Her rock. After a moment, he spoke, his voice low. "What happened, baby?"

Cam sighed. "I screwed up, Ryan. It's over. I'm done."

Ryan didn't have to ask what Cam's vague nature was about. He knew only one source could break the Goth this bad. "Why?" Cam relayed the details of her last encounter with the blonde. Ryan nodding with a composed face, yet his mind seemed to be working constantly. He thought back to before Haley's movie. That girl would have conked him on the head if she saw how messed up he let Cam get. He shook his head as he stroked his hands across the length of her arms. "It's not your fault Cam."

Cam let out a humorless chuckle. "Then who do I blame? The anti- gay Gods?"

"Damn straight! Bastards..." Ryan chastised with a grin, satisfied when she let out a genuine laugh. Then his expression softened. "Listen Cam, you are only human. Haley, didn't push you away. Clearly she wanted you too."

"Yes, but-"

He shook his head. "No buts, Haley is not a kid. She knows what she wants. She might not remember it. But she knows. Her actions are her own. "

Cam sighed, shaking her head. "I can't do it anymore, Ryan. I don't think I can take anymore…"

Ryan let out a heavy sigh, wishing he could ease her pain. But he didn't know what he could say that could make it any better. She had endured more than one person should have to. They would have to figure it out amongst themselves. He placed one last comforting peck on her forehead. "C'mon, I'll drive you home."

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


The fingers of the thick blades of grass caressed the edges of her sneakers. Her feet moving on their own accord tracking across the slight dampness of the ground. The only light guiding her path was the burning blue light emitted from the moon and flaming arrows of the stars. The night was silent, eerie silent. The only sounds were the echoes of her squishy footsteps. Finally, she reached her destination. For some reason there was a feeling in her gut telling her she was where she wanted to be. Haley spun around in a circle trying to grasp where she was. Her eyes traveled of the stillness of water of the small creek. "Hello…" She yelled, still trying to place the vagueness of the area in her mind. The fear driving through her spine. Where was she? Suddenly she caught something move in the corner of her eye. "Hello?" She swiftly turned getting hit with the continuous echo of her own words. She noticed the huge old oak tree that wasn't there a minute ago. She was drawn towards the magnificence of it, the leaves spun gold. It lit up the whole creek within moments, Haley placing her arm over her squinted eyes to avoid the direct glare of its brilliance. With a final step she reached the tiny vicinity of the tree, its glow dying off. The flaws and age more evident now. She raised her head inspecting the great height of it, her fear being replaced by a sense of security. She grazed her finger gently around the trunk feel the rough texture until she felt the slight dip in the wood. Inspecting closer she found a carved heart shape surrounded by chains and flames. Smiling at the beautiful design, letters seem to appear on the inside. She shut her eyes tight already knowing what letters resided with in the heart. Opening her eyes, she let out a low gasp at the initials and abruptly the tree was consumed by flames. The heat burning bright as it fell over with a big thud.

Haley eyes popped open at the sound of slight banging on her door. Groaning, she rolled over burying her face in the pillow. "Who is it?"

"Haley, mom said supper is ready." Was shouted outside her door. But Haley was still trying to grasp the meaning of her dream. Why couldn't she just get Cam off her mind for one damn minute? "Haley!" Cassie yelled after she got no response.

"What!" Haley shouted back, annoyance creeping in her tone.

"Mom, said supper is ready!"

"I'm not hungry…" Haley said as she turned over staring at her now dark ceiling.

"Jeez, don't get your panties in a twist. Did you break up with your girlfriend or something?" Cassie mumbled to herself as she went back downstairs.

There was another knock on the door. "Cassie! How many times must I tell you I'm not hungry?" Haley's head rose from the pillow when she heard the door click open, seeing her mother standing in her door way. Her mother flicked on the lights causing the younger blonde to squint her eyes. "I'm sorry, I thought you were Cassie." She sighed.

Abby leaned against the door frame, concern masked in her eyes. "I heard." She smiled good- naturedly. "May I come in?" Haley could only nod as her mother stepped into her room, closing the door behind her. She reached Haley's bed, nudging her daughter's knees. "Shift up." Haley obliged moving up a little, her mother lying down beside her. She raised her arm inviting her daughter closer, which the blonde happily cuddled into the side of her mother, needing the comfort. Both of them staring at the stickers on the ceiling. Abby just sat in silence until Haley would be ready to talk and if she knew her daughter that shouldn't take so long.

Haley savored the comforting scent of her mother, nothing could ever make her feel so safe. Except… She sighed. "Mom?"

"Hmmm?" Abby responded, her eyes still on the ceiling.

Haley closed her eyes, tight. "I think something is wrong with me…"

Abby turned her head to face her beautiful daughter, smiling recalling a similar conversation over a year ago. "Why do you say that, baby?" She brushed a strand of hair off Haley's face.

"Well, I have been having these feelings…" Haley started, not entirely comfortable relaying her intimate dreams to her mother.

"Does it have anything to do with Cam, sweetie?" Abby thought she would help her daughter out.

Haley's eyes widened, a bit of fear prickling. "How did you know?"

Abby smiled softly. "I'm a mother honey, we tend to know what is bothering our babies."

Haley raised a brow. "Then how come you never know what's bothering Cassie?" She retorted thinking about how dumbfounded her parents get over her demanding and high strung sister.

"Haley, I'm a mother. Not God…" Her mother waved her off, smiling when Haley broke into a genuine laugh.

Her laughter died down gradually, she sighed. "I don't know what's wrong with me, mom."

Her mother mimicked her sigh. "Do you have feelings for Cam, Haley?"

The blonde stared at her mother with a sense of shame in her eyes. She nodded slowly, eyes closed knowing she couldn't lie to her mother, her fingers gripping the charm tight.

"It's okay, Haley…Its okay, you don't have to feel ashamed."

"I don't?" Haley's voice broke.

"Of course not…" Abby said forcefully. "It's okay." She smiled, Haley gathering her own courage to smile back, feeling as safe as ever. They sat in silence for a while to calm the waters, before Abby broke it. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know…"


"Well, she's still in love with Sonya." Haley sighed wistfully.

Abby's brows furrowed. "Who? That sweet little waitress from the Fortune Cookie?"

"No mom, keep up." Haley rolled her eyes. "There was this girl Cam fell in love with, but she went overseas and then came back and forgot all about her, like she was some stranger." Haley fumed at the thought of someone hurting Cam.

Abby blinked twice, registering and then let out a soft chuckle. "Did Cam tell you that?"

Haley looked at her mother, nodding. "Yeah."

"That was pretty clever of her." Abby grinned at Haley's confusion. Thinking it was time to reveal the truth. "Honey, Cam's not in love with anyone named Sonya. She is in love with you."

Haley's heart flipped in her chest. "Wait what? How do you know?"

Abby patted the blonde's knee. "Because before you went to New Zealand, you two used to date."

Haley shook her head, her head spinning with the sudden knowledge. "But Cam said that she only ever had one, you mean, I'm-" She fumbled unable to finish any of her sentences when realization dawn. "But wait, that would mean the whole time I was-"

"Gay. We know." Haley's mother interrupted squeezing her knee, showing her support.

"Wow." Haley breathed her last few weeks finally making sense the slight apprehension making her weary.

Abby could see the torment in her youngest daughter's eyes. She pulled Haley into her placing a smacking kiss on the top of her head. "We love you, Haley. Don't ever forget that. We will always love you and support you in whatever you do and what ever makes you happy. So don't ever be afraid to be yourself." She gently pecked Haley's head once more.

Haley was stunned, her eyes feeling full. She was so confused. "I don't know what to do…" She finally admitted when she found her voice.

"You don't have to do anything, honey. Not right now at least." Haley's mother stroked her hands along her daughter's arms.

"I think I just need to think." She whispered, her mother nodding.

"Okay, I'll be just downstairs, if you need to talk." Abby rose off the bed, Haley nodding.


Abby halted at the door. "Hmmm?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, baby." Abby smiled as she closed the door behind her.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley stared at her alarm clock. It was almost midnight and she couldn't bring herself to sleep a wink. She really didn't know what was so appealing about her ceiling but her eyes couldn't defer from it. Perhaps she was looking for answers from above, she let out a snicker. Yeah, right...

She tried so hard to remember one thing about her previous two years. But even if she did remember it how would she know what was true and what was a figment of her over active imagination. One thing she did know was that whatever she was feeling for Cam ran so deep to her core. And she couldn't understand why... Did she play it up to history?

The ring of the doorbell spread through the house. Haley frowned thinking perhaps she was imagining things. But when it rang again, she sat up abruptly, checking the time once more. It was 11:45 pm. The rest of the household were probably already down for the night. Slipping on her sneakers, Haley jogged down the stairs. She went to the door peeked through the peephole to see Ryan, shuffling his feet, hands tucked in his denim jacket.

After a few clinks of the locks Haley opened the door, to an icy breeze. "Hey." She studied him.

"Hey Haley, please tell me Cam is here." Ryan's golden green eyes were laced with concern.

"Why would she be here?"

"Shit." He kicked the ground in frustration. "Cam's missing..."

"What?" Haley's eyes grew wide, panic suddenly coursing through her body.

"Her mother called me, she's not home and I have looked everywhere. Riley's, school, the janitor's closets. Every fucking where." Ryan's usual composure broken. He was terrified. "Then I came here. Do you know where she might be?"

"No, I…No." Her heart beating erratically. She couldn't think, her mind just wasn't functioning. Where was Cam? What if she was hurt?

"Please think of somewhere, anywhere that she might go and call me." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Haley, I'm scared… She is not exactly in the best frame of mind. Her mother said that all the alcohol is missing from their liquor cabinets."

Haley's eyes shot up. "What! Why would she do something like that?"

"I think you know…" He gave her an understanding glance from beneath his blonde bangs.

"You know…" Her eyes diverted.

"About this afternoon? Or before New Zealand?" He couldn't afford to tread around her this time. "You do know about before new Zealand right?"

Haley could only nod and respond weakly. "My mom told me."

Ryan smiled, screaming finally , in his head. "Haley, I know you don't remember this. But before you went off to New Zealand, you and Cam were inseparable. God, you two used to fight like cats and dogs. Teasing and annoying each other constantly." He grinned through his worry remembering their playful manner. "But I had never seen any two people more in love. That's why it was easy to let go of her, you know. But when you were about to leave, you asked me to do something for you. Do you remember what it was?”

Haley shook her head. "No."

"You asked me to watch over her, until you came back. And I did it… I did it for you and I did it for her…"

Haley lifted her head and stared into his handsome face. "Ryan-"

"But you're here, Haley." He interrupted, his voice strengthening. "You're here… However you never really came back, did you?" He smiled though it looked pained. "So, now I'm going to ask you to do something for me." He looked her straight the eyes, his own pleading. "Come back Haley, Come back."His whisper was low and pensive. Then she was left standing in her doorway alone, her arms wrapped around herself warding off the chill of the wind…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


Haley found herself walking in the slight torrents of rain, her hands in her jacket pocket, trying to keep them warm. Her mind and heart were in a frantic state of worry, pressing her subconscious to try and remember something that would lead her to the Goth. Anything! She closed her eyes, trying to picture that slight smirk that would creep on Cam's face, when she was in a playful mood. Or that even though her face would remain composed you could always see the emotions stirring in those beautiful blue eyes. The way their lips seem to fit together perfectly. "Goddammit Cam, Where are you!" She yelled into the empty street, the only response were numerous barking of dogs. She sighed, not having a clue of where she was going, her feet just moving. Her mind attentively travelled through the bits and pieces of the dreams she encountered. Cam's voice mingling with her own, echoed in her head…



Haley watched as awareness traveled through those pure blues. She witnessed the mixture of fear, hate and love create a storm within them. The last glance she had was a hint of courage before Cam's lips were on hers. The fast meeting that they both couldn't seem to control. Cam's arms instinctively reaching down to posses Haley's hips. While Haley's working hand moving to the back of Cam's head, pulling her deeper. Their lips expressing what their ears craved to hear.



"So you don't want to know?"

"No." The Goth said stubbornly.

"Okay…" Haley dragged out and smiled. She mentally started a countdown in her head. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two…

"Scott!" Cam swiftly turned Haley to face her, their eyes held. A pure green meeting misty blue.



"What the hell do you want from me, Scott?" Cam's eyes darkened.

"Honestly, I don't know. I don't think I ever did." Fighting tears, Haley attempted to push past the Goth towards the door. She reached it, turned the handle and it opened slightly until Cam shut it firmly again. The brunette kept her hand against the door trapping Haley's body against her own. Frustration overbearing the blonde, she shut her eyes tightly feeling her rage bubble within her. "Let go!"

"No." Cam said softly against Haley's neck. The blonde tensed at the tingling sensation of Cam's breath against her.

She turned around to face Cam. Still enraged she asked. "Why?"

Cam shook her head, trying to withhold all the emotions only the blonde brought out in her. "I can't." She admitted as she crushed her lips against Haley's.



Haley opened the window to a fresh breeze that entered her room. "Yes, can I help you?" She stuck her tongue in her cheek.

Cam simply rolled her eyes. "Just get your ass down here, Scott."

"You know, I would but I'm a little afraid."

Cam's brows drew. "Oh and why is that?"

"Because my girlfriend doesn't usually make a romantic gesture like this. I can't be sure you're really her?" Haley said with her eyes playful.

Cam snorted at the word 'romantic'. "What romantic gesture? There was this giant bug on your window I was trying to kill. If it happened to wake you up in the process, it couldn't be helped." Cam shrugged.



She couldn't help herself as she slipped her arm around Cam's waist and molded their bodies. She smiled as she placed a tiny kiss against the brunette's neck. Cam stirred slightly as she unconsciously linked their fingers together at her waist and pulled Haley closer. Then she mumbled something in her sleep. "Scott, your feet are cold."

The blonde had to stifle her laugh into the pillow. "I'm sorry, baby. Shshsh, get some sleep." Cam was out like a light. Haley buried her face into the brunette hair and was soon out too…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


A tear slid down Haley's cheek when she came out of that reverie, the emptiness in her gut overwhelming. Blinking a few times, her throat caught as her whereabouts seemed to have a sense of familiarity. Turning around in a small circle, she witnessed the water of the small creek ripple with the millions of tiny rain drops prickling it. Then, there it stood…

She watched in awe as the huge oak tree swayed with the calling of the wind. She found herself drawn to it once more but this time she was not dreaming. Or at least she assumed she wasn't. Reaching the monumental figure of the creek, she traced the pads of her fingers along the rough trunk needing to feel the truth of it. Her fingers slightly nicked on the deep impression low on the trunk. Her breath caught when she realized what it might be. Dropping to her knees, she took in the design carved by love.

(CW + HS)

"It's real…" She whispered. That would mean most of her dreams were real too.

"What are you doing here?"

Haley startled jumped up and spun around. To release a relieved breath. "Cam?" Her chest felt the greatest amount of relief seeing the Goth four feet away from her, safe.

"Um, sorry wrong number." Cam rolled her eyes, taking a deep swig of the bottle in her hand. She dropped down against her backpack, her feet spread out, not in the bit concerned that the rain was drenching her.

Haley studied the Goth with a raised brow. "You're drunk?"

Cam let out a chuckle, taking another sip. "Not quite. But it's a work in progress."

"Cam, why are you doing this?"

"Firstly, I don't need a reason to do anything. Secondly, how the hell did you get here?"

Haley hugged herself, not liking the situation one bit. Not liking the detached blue eyes. "I don't know. I guess, I just knew the way."

Cam smirked though it was more of a pained grimace. "So you remember?" She used the vodka bottle to point at the indentation of the tree.

Haley pinched the arch of her nose. "I remember some…"

"Well, good for you…" Cam shouted sarcasm dripping in her tone.

The blonde stared at the Goth incredulously. "Can we just go home and talk about this?"

The bottle stopped on its way to Cam's mouth. Their eyes met. "Nope." The tip meeting her lips as she swallowed the burning liquid.

Haley's anger got the better of her. The Goth infuriated her with her flippant behavior. She walked up to Cam, using all of her body strength to drag her to her feet. It never shock Cam in the least she knew what the blonde was capable of when fury took her over.

"Satisfied?" Cam smirked, eyes clouded in disinterest, causing Haley to punch out furiously. Cam aware enough, ducked and caught the second round in her palm. "You know, if you swing again, I'm actually going to start thinking you want to hit me."

Haley's eyes were dark. She had never felt so angry in her life. "Maybe I do..." She said through gritted teeth, her voice dangerously low.

"That would be very dangerous…" Cam's voice was equally low.

This time Haley let out a dry chuckle. "Why because you are some tough guy?" She gripped the front of Cam's shirt tightly. "Bullshit! Look at what alcohol did to your dad! Look at what you are doing to yourself, Cam!"

Cam threw Haley's hands off her, turned around. Shutting her eyes, her own anger soaring. "Fuck you Scott, seriously fuck you… You did this to me!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Did what, Cam? Did what!" Haley shouted back.

Cam whirled around. "Made me fall in love with you, dammit!" She flung the bottle, busting it against the carving in the tree. Haley flinched at the loud crash. Cam's chest heaved, her breathing fast. "You made me fall in love. I lied, Haley, I am not gay." She shook her head vigorously. "I'm not." Her eyes opening wide, melancholy settling in. "Because the only woman I ever wanted was you…" She murmured. "Only you… I don't see myself with someone else. Man or woman… No one but you, Scott. Only you Haley. Only you…" She repeated in a dazed whisper. "So, excuse me if I want to get a little drunk!" She spat out bitterly.

"Cam…I-" Haley could only stare stunned.

Cam turned her back towards Haley, a gaping hole in her heart. "Just go away Haley, Just go away…" She dug into her backpack pulling out another bottle. "Please."

The blonde strode up to the Goth, ripping the new bottle away, tossing it ten feet away. "No! I listened to you and now you are going to afford me the same courtesy, dammit!" Cam's brows drew. "Did I ever tell you are a psychopath?"

Cam stood her ground. "Countless of times. You think that insults me? Ha!"

Haley wagged a finger at her, shaking her head. "Oh no, I know it doesn't. But I must not be that far off the wagon, if I'm in love with a psychopath."

"I didn't catch that… What?"

Haley waved her hands around, pacing, Cam's eyes following her movement. "I don't know what is wrong with me really. I have to be a masochist. It's the only explanation I can think of."

Cam shook her head. Maybe the alcohol was getting to her because she didn't understand what was happening. "What are you going on about?"

Haley whipped around, all her emotions burning in her eyes. "Do you how much you scared me today? I mean what the hell is wrong with you!"

Cam flinched at the sharp words. "Excuse me?"

"What the hell do you think I would have done if something happened to you?" Haley's voice broke, her emotions getting the best of her. "I mean, it takes me the whole fucking day to come to terms with it and then you go and do something so impulsive and so reckless. I mean what the fuck is wrong with you? "

Cam let out a low snicker, the sound of Haley cursing still getting to her. "Um, what did you come to terms with?"

"God, are you even listening to me!" Haley shouted, head tilted, hand on her hip.

"I'm trying, but I don't understand…" Cam shouted back, exasperated.

"Neither do I." Haley said softly. Then she looked away. "I don't understand it…I spent the last few days trying to understand it. Frankly, I don't think I ever will." She turned back to Cam, her green eyes wide and light. "But that doesn't make it any less true…" She stepped towards the Goth, stopping a mere five inches away. She looked up into those blue storming eyes. "I do love you, Cam."

Cam could only stare at her dumb as Haley confessed what she thought she would never hear again. "God, I don't know why but I love you, so so much…" Haley's tears rolled down her face, mixing with the moisture of the rain. She threw herself into Cam's arms. Cam closed her eyes, squeezing them tight as she felt the weight of the world melt off her shoulders and everything in her life clicking back into place. "Don't ever scare me like that me again." Haley whispered into the Goth's ears.

Cam just nodded against her neck as she couldn't find her voice for the moment. She buried her lips into Haley's blonde hair. "I love you too, Haley..." Haley leaned back slightly her eyes locking with Cam's. She smiled but worry was settled into those green warm eyes. "What's wrong?" Cam asked, her heart causing a clump in her throat. Please don't let this be a lie…God no.

Haley blew out a heavy sigh, her eyes averted to the ground. "I can only remember a little bit, Cam. What happens if the past two years don't come back to me completely?"

Cam's face broke out into a relieved smile. "That's what you worried about?" She tucked a hand under the blonde's chin, lifting it until their eyes held. "I love you, Haley... Not who you were, not who you'll be. Just you, any way you are…"

Haley smiled her heart threatening to burst. She reached her hand up to caress the side of Cam's face pushing a few wet strands away. She reached up pressing her lips softly against the Goth. This time it was different, the passion and lust overcome by a greater desire and the promise of love. Their tears mixing together with the subtle brushes of lips and gliding of tongues. After what seemed like an eternity, the kiss naturally broke, their foreheads resting together, staring into each other's eyes. "I love you Cam..."

Cam pulled the blonde against her placing a kiss on her forehead. They stayed in that position holding each other tight, reveling in the feel of the embrace a long time forgotten. The rain started to come down slightly faster, making Haley shiver a little. "Cold?" Cam murmured against her hair.

"Yeah…" Haley whispered into the crook of the Goth's neck.

Cam pulled back leaving one arm slung around Haley's shoulders. "Let's go home." The blonde nodded, smiling to herself. She leaned her head on Cam's shoulder feeling such warmth consume her on the inside. She could definitely get used to this...

They walked through the long blades of grass in the direction of Haley's home. "Ryan said we used to fight a lot..."

Cam chuckled. "Naaah…" She playfully bumped Haley's shoulder. "You just used to blindly agree to everything I say."

Haley halted rolling her eyes. "You're so full of shit, you know that."

Cam let out a laugh, her heart overcome with having Haley back. "But you love me anyway."

"Oh yeah, I should have sucker tattooed on my forehead for falling for you twice in one life time." Haley mumbled in good humor.

"I know a guy who could do that."

Haley froze, letting out a nervous laugh. "Um, yeah, no thanks." Then a thought occurred to her. "Wait do you have any tattoos?"

Cam considered, scrunching her face. "Yeah a couple."

Haley's interest peaked. "Where?"

Cam chuckled and then winked. "I'll refresh your memory when we get home, okay."

Haley gulped, seeing the sexy smirk on the Goth's face. "Okay…" She said her breath feeling thick. She knew the next few days should be interesting rediscovering the overwhelming feelings in her heart. But if she had Cam, she would be ready for anything…








Haley stirred in her sleep feeling exceptional warmth against her back. Instinctively she leaned back into it, finding a more comfortable position to remain in. Then she stiffened when she felt a body shift into her, a wandering hand slip around her waist to rest on her tank. "Hey relax, it's just me…" Was whispered by a familiar voice into her ear.

"Cam?" She asked her voice full of sleep.


Haley turned around in the embrace until she faced a very tousled Goth. Brushing the brunette hair away to gently reveal Cam. "Whoa last night really happened, huh?" She thought back to them at the creek and then returning to the Scott home. It was too late for Cam to go home so Haley forced her to spend the night. Not that she needed to be forced.

"Yep, do you regret it?" Cam gazed into Haley's eyes searching for possible lament.

"No, I'm too far gone…" Haley smiled, her knuckles brushing Cam's cheek. Cam leaning into her touch.

The Goth returned the smile, but her voice was a bit weary. "Good… Feeling uncomfortable?"

Haley gave her the warmest smile she could muster. "Quite the opposite, I'm feeling so comfortable, I might never get up." She snuggled more into the Goth.

Cam let out a low chuckle, her arms wrapping a bit tighter. "I missed you…"

"I'm here, baby…" Haley leaned up and brushed her lips against Cam's. "God, I'm sure that was my favorite thing to do..." She breathed when she released her woman.

"Second…" The Goth corrected, her eyes twinkling.

"Oh yeah? What was my favorite?"

Cam whispered into Haley's ear, watching as her eyes saucered and filled with mixed emotions of wonder and desire. "We did that?" She asked her voice a little hoarse from the sudden dryness in her throat.

Cam grinned, playfully. "Maybe…"

Haley chuckled and nudged the Goth. Then suddenly she stopped, tilting her head at an angle. "Can I ask you a question?"


"Um, no, never mind, it's stupid…" She averted her eye.

"Ask me anyway…"

"Okay well, I had this dream, right…"

Cam's nuzzled into the small gap of the blonde's neck recapturing that scent that drove her mad. "Mmm, hmmm…"

Haley arched her neck slightly, enjoying the reaction her body was stirring. "Remember last night, how I told you that some of those dreams were subconscious memories, right?"

Cam slanted back. "Yeah, so?"

"Well, I had this one dream last night."

"Yeah?" The Goth mused.

Haley let out a chuckle. "Don't look at me like that?"

"Like what?" Cam asked failing miserably at hiding her grin.

"That's it, I'm not telling you…" Haley pouted tilting her head defiantly.

"Oh, c'mon, I'm interested now." Cam nudged her. "I won't laugh."

"Liar…" Haley stuck out her tongue.

"Tempting…" Cam retorted causing the blonde to retract her tongue, as her nerves set in seeing the look in the brunette's eyes. "Tell me…"

"Oh… Kay… Well…" Haley let out a half laugh. "No laughing if this is just one of those dreams." Cam just nodded, her lips drawn thin to suppress her smirk. Haley turned her gaze to her ceiling. "Well, did we ever… you know, in Riley's storeroom?"

Cam shuddered at the memory and smiled. "Oh yeah…" Haley smiled suddenly feeling shy, laying her head down on Cam's chest still avoiding eye contact. Cam ran a hand through her hair. "But in my defense, the video was your idea."

Haley's head popped up. "Video? What video?"

Cam chuckled at the mortified look on Haley's face. "You don't remember the copies of the surveillance tape, do you?"

"Oh God, you are lying…" Haley said her face turning a whole different shade of red.

Cam continued laughing. "Fraid not…"

"Oh God, what have you done to my innocence?" Haley moaned dramatically burying her head into the pillow.

"If anyone was doing anything to anyone that day, you would definitely be it…" Cam smirked.

"God…" Haley mumbled into her pillow, knowing exactly what Cam had meant, knowing exactly what activities she was involved in. Her body responding to the statement as well as the close proximity of the Goth.

Cam scooted a little closer spooning up to the blonde, Haley melted into the contact, her body feeling wired to her touch. Cam placed a tiny kiss against the back of Haley's neck getting a whimper out of her. "Scott?" She whispered into the crook of the blonde's neck, her hand caressing over the curve of Haley's silk boxers, down her bare thigh.

"Mmmm?" Haley let out in the breath she was holding, her hand gripping the bed sheet in an iron grip.

"I want…" Cam murmured into the trail of kisses she treaded across Haley's jaw to her ear. The blonde fully willing to let her reign where ever she pleased.

"Mmmm?" The blonde sucked in her bottom lip, her eyes falling closed.

"I want…" The Goth licked at the sensitive spot, chuckling softly at Haley's whimper.

"You want?" Haley asked as Cam linked their fingers together.

"I want breakfast." Cam placed a sound kiss on the blonde's head then pulled out of bed, dragging a confused blonde with her.

"Huh?" Haley snapped out of it.

Cam gave her a mischievous smirk. "I'm hungry and I want breakfast, let's go." She said as she pulled Haley towards the blonde's bedroom door.

Haley's eyes narrowed. "Oh, you are evil…" She declared low and dangerous.

Cam laughed and pulled the blonde against her, then turned her around until she was trapped against the door. Their faces an inch apart as Cam lowered her head closer, their noses slightly brushing. Those blue eyes pinning Haley to the spot. "Yes…Yes I am." She murmured drawing Haley's bottom lip into her mouth so painfully gentle, kissing her softly. They released, foreheads pressed together. "Now. Breakfast." Haley could only nod in a daze. Cam smiled as she twisted the door knob, opening the door, moving Haley aside. Haley watched baffled as the Goth left her room.

Cam smirked as Haley caught up to her, linking their fingers as they treaded down the stairs. They entered the kitchen to find Haley's mother already hovering over the coffeemaker.

"Good morning ladies…" Abby smiled.

"Morning mom." Haley yawned as she sat at the counter next to the Goth.

"Mrs. Scott." Cam acknowledged with her signature nod.

"You two sleep well?" Abby asked as she pulled the sizzling bacon of the stove.

Haley glanced at Cam and smiled. "Yeah."

Haley's mother smiled glad to see those two working out their problems. "I'm glad…"

"Glad about what?" David asked, strolling down the stairs trying to turn out his shirt collar. Then he spotted his daughter and Cam sitting at the breakfast counter. He wiggled his eyebrows at his wife getting an amused grin in response. "Good morning Cam, Haley." He plopped down opposite them as his mouth watered at the breakfast spread in front of him.

"Mr. Scott."

"Morning daddy." Haley leaned over and kissed his stubble.

"So Cam…"

"Yes?" The Goth responded pouring a glass of orange juice. She took a healthy sip of the pulp drink, her eyes never leaving the handsome man.

"Do you plan on marrying my daughter?" David asked as he buttered his toast.

"What!" Cam choked on the juice, her face going paler than usual.

"Dad!" Haley patted Cam's back, as she was still finding hard to breathe.

"What?" David asked innocently with a tongue tucked in his cheek. "It's a valid question. I want grandkids someday."

"Kids?" Cam eyes widened. "I don't think that's possible."

"There are ways…" He considered waving his fork, a grin plastered on his face. Haley just shook her head in absolute mortification.

Cam grabbed the cloth dabbing her mouth, studying the older man through narrowed eyes. "Damn, victory is definitely yours today." She returned the grin thinking he totally caught her off guard, winning their usual game hands down.

"Yes!" The Scott male shot a fist into the air. "Until next time, West." He challenged with a wink.

"You're on, Scott." She shot back.

Haley just stared between her father and her girlfriend in utmost bafflement. "Were dad and Cam always this weird?" She whispered to her mother who seated herself next to her.

Abby just let out a giggle. "Don't worry honey, you get used to it after a while. It's just them bonding over their love for their favourite person."

Haley nodded slowly still a bit freaked out by the display. "Scary but endearing, I could get used to it. Maybe…"

"So Haley, excited to resume shooting today?" Her father asked.

"Um, sort of… I'm just a little nervous that's all." Haley shrugged.

David stood up, folding his leather jacket over his hand. "Don't be honey, you will do great as always." He kissed her forehead. "I'll be a little late." He kissed his wife's cheek and then departed through the front door.

Haley turned to Cam. "Are you coming to the studio?"

"Do you want me to?"

Haley rolled her eyes, glaring at her girlfriend incredulously. "Of course I want you to."

Cam grinned. "Then I'll be there…"

"Good…" Haley leaned in to quickly peck Cam on the lips while her mother's back was turned away from them.

"Gross!" Both Haley and Cam shared an eye roll and then turned their attention to the oldest Scott sibling. Cassie waved a finger at both of them. "So you two are back together, then."

Haley sighed, exasperated. "Yes Cassie, we are back together…"

"Well, it's about damn time! I swear you are more annoying without Cam tagging along…" Cassie tilted her head as she sat on the stool, pouring a tall glass of orange juice.

Cam raised a brow. "Was that supposed to be a compliment?"

Haley shrugged. "Hey, I don't know…" She never knew when it came to her Diva of a sister.

Enjoying their breakfast, suddenly a vibration could be heard hitting against wood. Cassie frowned as it was starting to annoy her. "Okay, someone answer their phone!"

Haley turned around to see the little device bouncing around the coffee table in the lounge. "Cam, I think that is yours…"

Cam hopped off her stool and grabbed her phone briefly checking the caller I.D. before answering it. "Yeah, what?" Haley shook her head in amusement thinking maybe Cam should work on her people skills. Then her smile fell when she saw Cam's eyes widen in shock and then slowly disconnect the call.

"What happen?" Haley asked as all the Scott women turned to face the Goth with concern.

"My dad…" Was all Cam could say her throat feeling constricted.

Haley jumped of her stool. "Did something happen? Is he okay?"

"He's… He's awake." The Goth revealed, still in an unusual haze.

Haley blew out a relief breath, her chest falling. "That's great." Cassie and her mom smiled to each other behind them.

"He is asking for me…" Cam mentioned as she brushed past Haley towards the small garden, her face fixed in a scowl.

Haley felt the inner torment emanate off the Goth, her heart breaking. "Well, what are you waiting for?" The blonde's head shot up towards Cassie in puzzlement. "Go be the good girlfriend." Cassie shooed.

Haley sighed staring at the Goth's back behind the glass door, crossing her arms over her chest. "I don't know how. I've tried to get her to talk about her father before. It's like off limits."

"For how long?" Cassie retorted.

"Cassie!" Her mother rebuked. Cassie shrugged and mouthed 'what'.

Haley shook her head. "No mom, Cassie is right…" Then she shuddered. "It pained me to admit that." She said causing Cassie to flip her off behind her mother's back.

"Okay, well then, we will just be upstairs if you need us." Abby stepped off her stool.

"But I haven't finished…" Cassie whined.

Abby just shook her head dragging her eldest up the stairs, as Haley stared enjoying it. Then she turned towards the garden, her smile falling. Stepping into the garden, she walked towards the Goth. She was glad that Cam wasn't wearing any shoes putting them close to the same height. She slid her arms through Cam's to link at her waist, her chin resting on her shoulder. Both of them stared out into the beautiful spring colored garden. "Remember the last time we were here like this…" Haley murmured.

"I'm not the one with amnesia, you know."

Haley rolled her eyes. "Shut up and humor me."

Cam laughed softly for a moment. "We were arguing about New Zealand…"

Haley smiled. "We are always arguing about something…"

Cam smiled weakly. "Yeah…"

"Cam, about your dad-"

"Scott, please…" Cam pulled out of the embrace.

"No Cam, we have put this off long enough." Haley turned Cam to face her. "He almost died and he is only human. He made a mistake." She brushed a lose strand of the Goth's face. "He is your father and how messed up your family might seem, I'm certain he loves you. I remember when you told me about the man he used to be when you were a kid."

“He isn't that man anymore…” The brunette declared sharply.

“Regardless of that. There is one thing that hasn't changed since that time and now.”


“He is still your father, Cam…” The blonde looked at her girlfriend softly.

"What do you want me to do, Scott?" Cam pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I'm not asking to forgive him, I'm just asking you to go see him." Then Haley smiled. "Who knows maybe things will work out on their own?"

Cam let out a small rueful chuckle. "Always the optimist."

Haley grinned. "Hey it could happen…"

"Yeah, yeah…" Cam considered for a moment. "Fine, I'll go."

Haley beamed at her girlfriend. "Great, I'll drop you off on my way to the studio." Cam simply nodded.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


"Are you sure you don't want me to come in?" Haley asked standing outside the private room.

Cam shook her head, she knew she would have to face this sometime. "No, it's okay. You are going to be late."

"I don't mind."

"Yeah, but I do."

"Fine, but if you need anything…"

Cam pulled her in for a smacking kiss, getting a few wary stares from the hospital staff. "Just go."

"Kiss me and then expect me to leave." Haley mumbled with a frown, dragging her feet towards the elevator. Stopping, she watched as Cam entered the small room, her father seated in an upright position. Most of his superficial injuries seemed invisible now, except for the bandage wrapped around his head. His face broke into a splitting smile however Cam seeming distant. Then suddenly the older man pulled his daughter into a crushing hug on the bed. Cam looked stiff as her face was buried into his neck. Then her own hands came around to cling onto the man, tightly, her body relaxing into the embrace. Both of them seemed as if they were trembling into the contact. Cam's dad kissed her hair repeatedly.

Haley wiped the small tear that escaped her eyes when the elevator opened. She stepped into it grinning, knowing there was a lot still to be worked out but hey it was a start…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Okay that's a wrap for today, people!" Phil shouted through his microphone, sitting in his director's chair.

Haley smiled, greeting a few of the crew members that walked past her. She reached the refreshment table feeling a bit parched. She unscrewed a bottle of water gulping down a large amount when she got a tap on her shoulder. Turning around she saw Rachel leaning against the table in her usual cocky stance.

"That was nice acting today, Haley." She said in her annoyingly silky voice.

"Um, thank you Rachel." Haley's brows drew in confusion.

The blonde turned around. "Yeah whatever… Just so you know, I could have done better though."

Haley chuckled, there was the Rachel she knew. "Of course you could…"

Rachel stopped, pointing to the seats in the far corner of the set. "I'm pretty sure that belongs to you." She smiled and walked off.

Haley looked in that direction, a huge smile breaking out when she spotted the Goth. She used all her restraint not to run. "Hey what are you doing here?"

Cam grinned, her arms crossed over her chest. "I said I would come, didn't I?"

"Yeah…" Haley slid her arm through Cam's. "Ready to go?"

"Oh yeah, I could use a shower and some clean clothes. Stop over at my place?"

"Sure…" Haley smiled as they greeted the security guard on their way out.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Cam stepped under the sprays of the piping hot water, with a slight gasp as her muscles relaxed. Running a hand through her long black locks as the water thumped on her forehead streaming down her body. She opened her eyes to foggy steam as she leaned her hand on the front wall, her head faced down. The last twenty-four hours had been an emotional rollercoaster and she was almost drained completely. Suddenly, she stiffened when she felt the shower door open, a bit of the mist escaping. Smelling the familiar vanilla scent, her lips quirked as she turned to the naked blonde, her gaze remaining at eye level. She watched amused, as Haley couldn't help herself her eyes taking in all of the Goth in her naked glory, her green eyes in a desire haze. She lifted her gaze until they met the only blue eyes she ever wanted to see when she woke up in the morning for the rest of her life.

Cam raised a brow. "What do you think you're doing?"

Haley laughed softly at that as if it wasn't obvious. "I'm taking a shower. What are you doing?"

"Well, I was doing just that, but somehow I seem to have gotten a bit distracted…"

"Oh?" Haley's eyes twinkled as she reached for the shower gel. "I can't imagine why…" Lathering her hand in abundant until they were foaming, she tilted her head. "Turn around."

Taken aback by the clear demand, Cam stared at the blonde. "What?"

"I said turn around, I want to wash your back…" Haley gave her the sweet smile that usually had Cam narrowing her eyes suspiciously. But she abided placing her hand against the wall again, her back to the blonde.

Haley stepped closer, both her hands starting at the Goth's beautifully shaped shoulders, sliding against wet heated skin. Cam's eyes fell closed at the touch as her heart rate picked up. Haley's hands dipping lower, rubbing soft sensuous circles around the two protruding bones in the Goth's well defined back. Haley felt her breathing thicken and she knew it had nothing to do with steam levels. Leaning closer her hands hovered against the small of her back before her hand went around to Cam's flat stomach. Cam gasped surprised by the move. "I thought you said my back…" She breathed.

"So I'm improvising, sue me." Haley blew out against her neck. Cam chuckled and then whimpered when Haley pressed flush into her back. The blonde would have chuckled at the sound that emitted from the Goth's mouth if a million of her own sensations weren't taking over. With her hand slowly trailing up Cam's abdomen, she trailed hot wet kiss along the strong shoulders. "Cam…"

Cam's eyes were squeezed shut, her jaw clenched, trying to control her strained breathing. "Mmmm?"

"Why didn't you want to make love to me this morning?" Haley whispered into Cam's ear before she cupped her firm soft breasts. Both of them moaning at the contact.

"God…I did." Was all Cam could manage through her panting.

Haley placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder her palms moving in a circular motion against Cam's taut nipples, causing the Goth to suck in her bottom lip. "So why didn't you?"

Cam's eyes opened as she turned around in Haley's arms to look at her girlfriend. She smiled but it was weak. "I wanted to wait…"

Haley's eyebrows drew in confusion. Her hand reaching out to cup Cam's cheek. "Wait for what, baby?"

Cam sighed. "Well, a lot of things were said yesterday and I wasn't really sure if it was just in the heat of the moment, you know." She dropped her gaze. "I guess I was just giving you time-"

"To change my mind." Haley finished when realization dawned. She could see the fear Cam tried to hide, the vulnerability that seemed to seep through. She smiled. "Cam…"


"Look at me." Haley placed two fingers under Cam's chin, raising it until their eyes held. The contrast between them so evident but so was the love. "Remember the first time I told you I loved you?" Cam just nodded. "Well, I don't…" Haley grinned, Cam raising her brow in confusion. "Well, not as yet, anyway. But that doesn't matter because I know in my heart I meant it that day as much as I mean it now. I love you so much." Cam let out a relieved smile. "Surprisingly that didn't change amnesia and all."

Cam chuckled, shaking her head. She pulled Haley into a crushing embrace them both drenched under the waterfall. "God, I'm in love with a nut."

Haley laughed into the crook of Cam's neck, spitting out some water, her own arms wounding around her body. "And I'm in love with a psychopath. I guess we're even."

"Not quite, nut trumps psychopath."

Haley chuckled again and leaned back. "Shut up."

Cam smirked. "Shut me up…"

"Somehow I certainly remember that being my favorite thing to do." She grinned before her hands snaked up into thick raven hair. Before Cam could retort her response was muffled against Haley's lips. Cam was consumed in the kiss her heart feeling lighter than it had ever felt before. The kiss deepened as she pushed Haley against the back wall of the shower, their mouth's never missing a beat. "Cam…" The blonde managed to pant out between the fast brief kisses.


"Are you going to make love to me now?" She asked as she felt Cam's hand glide down her slick body to rest at her butt, massaging the flesh.

"Couldn't stop me…" Cam challenged as she tore her mouth away to nip at the soft skin at planes of Haley's neck.

"I'm a nut, not stupid." Haley retorted before she whimpered. Cam let out a brief laugh before her mouth found more interesting things to do. Her hands sliding between their bodies until she found her prize. "God!" Haley cried out when Cam rolled her fingers over her erect nipples. Then she strained against the wall agonizingly when Cam's fingers were replaced by the tip of her tongue just lightly teasing those painfully aroused buds. "C-Cam…" Haley moaned when the insane throbbing shot straight down to between her thighs. "Please…"

"I'm here." Cam hummed into her activity. "What do you want, baby?" Her light kisses leisurely travelling lower with the path of the heated water.

"Please…" Was all Haley could say as her breath hitched, her eyes shut in an overwhelming haze. There was a small splash when Cam's knees hit the floor, flipping her wet hair out of the way. Her target was clear to her, as Haley's eyes flew open and became very large. Cam looked up with a devious smirk on her face before lifting the blonde's right leg and threw it over her shoulder. Haley watched as Cam's hot mouth blew against her lower extremities, causing her toes to curl. "Oh hell!" Haley's threw her head back, her eyes rolling to the back of her head when she felt a tongue swipe through her drenched folds. Haley's fingers running through brunette hair on their own accord. Cam sighed in delirium the familiar taste, her tongue lapping against the oversized bud furiously as she knew it wouldn't take much. Haley was moaning against the sprays of water, trying to find some purchase on the wall behind her. Then she cried out when her climax hit hard, her knees bucking. Cam pinned her in position keeping her upright. "Cam…" Haley pleaded unable to stand up anymore. Cam taking the hint moved back letting Haley slide down to the floor.

Before Haley could fully regain her breath Cam's mouth was already hot on hers. Haley reaching up to grip sleek dark hair, pushing Cam back under the sprays, their kisses mixing with the water. The blonde's instinct taking over when her hand crept between them, her two digits entering the Goth in one swift movement. Causing Cam to break the kiss in a loud gasp. Haley's mouth suckled on side of Cam's neck as her hand her body moved knowing exactly what to do. Knowing exactly what Cam liked. She maintained a pumping motion as Cam's head fell back, her breathing labored and becoming faster with each thrust. Her hips rising to the motion as Haley increased the pace. Then she felt the heat burn through as Cam's inner walls came around her. Cam bit down her moan, between gritted teeth as the pleasure overcame her.

Haley looked up and slowly withdrew her fingers slick with Cam's essence. She fell against the Goth, both their breathing fast and deep. Cam just simply wrapped her arms around Haley as they remained on the floor of the shower stall for a few minutes, in that exact position. Neither eager to get up. "Um, wow I think that was some of the best sex of my life." Cam whispered into Haley's hair when she found her voice.

Haley laughed into her shoulder, placing a kiss against it. "I can't remember better…"

Cam stared at the blonde for a moment and then threw her head back in laughter at the amnesia joke. Both of them just sat there and laughed until their hearts content…

… … … … … … … … … … … … …


A few months later…

Cam raced up the hospital steps, reaching the second floor, breathless. "Haley Scott's room." She panted at the nurse at the reception.

"One moment please." She clicked away on her ancient desktop. "Ah, Haley Scott, room 5B."

"Thanks." Cam shouted over her shoulder, the old woman frowning. She reached the room seeing Haley dressed in a hospital gown sitting up staring out the window. She stepped into the room, her heart rate erratic, telling herself not to panic.

Haley faced the doorway and smiled. "Hey."

Cam stepped closer warily. "Hey, what happened?"

"Nothing serious, I'm just going in for a CAT scan." Haley waved it off.

Cam halted. "I'm thinking a CAT scan is pretty serious, Scott."

"You know what I was thinking about?" The blonde asked turning her head to face the window again.

"Not psychic, you know." Cam pinched the arch of her nose, trying to ease the tension that was creeping in.

"I suppose." Haley turned to face the Goth. "Well, I was thinking about what you said."

"Which was?"

"Well, Remember that time, at the airport before I was about to leave to New Zealand. You said I'll be waiting right here for you when you get back …” Haley frowned, playfully. “You lied…”

Cam chuckled despite herself. “Hey, I would of… If I had known when you were coming back.”

Haley just smiled. “Well, remember that time we fought about whose fault it was that we are gay?” She chuckled, thinking only they could have such convicting arguments over something so stupid. “Or that time I punched Ryan into the pool? Whoa it was like I was superhuman." Her eyes went huge and animated.

Cam stared at her girlfriend ramblings curiously, thinking maybe she lost it."Okay what's going on?"Then realization hit and Cam's face split open in a smile. "God, you remember… You remember everything, don't you?"

"Yup." Haley returned the grin. She patted the bed beside her. The Goth happily kicked off her shoes and jumped up next to her. "But you know what kept coming up all the time."

"What's that?"

"That it didn't matter what I was doing, where I was or even who I was… I always loved you… You know that right?"

Cam leaned over and crushed Haley in an embrace. Her face nuzzled into the crook of Haley's neck. "I love you Haley, I love you so much…"

Haley placed a kiss into Cam's hair, running her hand through it. "I remember that too…" They both let out a watery chuckle. She felt a little moisture against her shoulder. "Cam are you crying?"

"No…" Cam mumbled, sniffling a little.

Haley held on a little tighter. "God baby, how can you not hate me for what I put you through this last year?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm just the better person." Cam mumbled earning her a playful swat on the arm. "Ow!" She lifted her head and grinned.

Haley grinned back, cupping the Goth's face in her palms. "How about we just sit at home for the next fifty years, no overseas movies, no car accidents, no amnesia. We can just watch TV…"

"I'm game, but I get to pick the channel."

"No horror movies!" Haley declared knowing she would be traumatized in the first hour if she gave Cam her way.

"You are no fun…" Cam sulked.

"Yeah, yeah, if I'm no fun now, imagine what you'll tell me in fifty years." The blonde rolled her eyes.

Cam looked into Haley's beautiful face humor dancing in her eyes. Her Haley. "I'd tell you, I love you… you old hag."

Haley's smile grew gradually her heart feeling so content. "And I'd say, I love you more… you old witch."



Cam returned home to her off campus apartment of three years. Tossing her keys into the large wooden bowl on the table she pulled open the fridge. Scanning through the spans of half eaten food, she settled on a Coke. Opening the can, she stepped into the bedroom gulping down her drink. She dug into her back pocket feeling the small object before unbuttoning her shirt. Then she saw her manuscript of All Over Again spread out on the bed. Putting her can down, she picked it up, her nerves setting in when she realized it was on the last page.

"Hey there beautiful." Haley leaned against their bedroom door.

"You finish read it…" Cam flopped onto the bed.

Haley smiled. "Yup."

"So what do you think?" Cam asked biting her lip.

"Well…" The blonde tilted her head to the ceiling.

Cam fell back on the bed. "Oh God, you hated it! That's it I'm screwed, I could always fall back on actin-"

"Cam!" Haley yelled.


"It was absolutely brilliant!"

"Really?" Cam's head popped up.

"Really, your lecturer is going to love it." Haley lay down next to the Goth, both of them staring at the ceiling. She never felt so proud.

"You really think so?"

"I really do. But…"

"Oh God, there's a but…" Cam covered her face with her hands.

Haley straddled the Goth on her stomach and shook her shoulders. "Would you just shut up long enough for me say something!"

Cam removed her hands, glaring at the blonde. "Well jeez, go ahead."

"Thank you!" Haley placed a smacking kiss on Cam's lips. "I was just gonna say maybe you should add an epilogue. You know, to prove that they had a happy ending after that."

"I was thinking the same. But I'm not sure which one to go with, college, marriage and kids or them getting abducted by aliens." She looked up to see the blonde glaring at her. She chuckled. "Okay, married and kids it is."

"Good…" Haley smirked rolling over to her side facing the Goth.

"You know, I was thinking…." Cam spoke her voice low.


"Since this piece was based on a true story, why not let the ending come true too." She turned to face the blonde.

Haley sat up, her heart practically beating out of her chest. "You mean l-like with the marriage and kids."

Cam smiled sheepishly. "Yup."

Haley shot up. "Are you proposing?"

The brunette sat up as well. "Well essentially… "

Haley considered the girl next to her, then her eyebrows drew. "Where's the ring?"

"Wait, what?" Cam asked when Haley got off the bed.

"Where's the ring?"

Cam stood up, staring at the blonde disbelievingly. "I'm proposing to you and all you can think about is the ring?"

"I'm a woman it's what we do." The blonde said nonchalantly.

"You're an insufferable woman!"

"Well, you're an incorrigible woman!"

They both couldn't help but grin at each other. Both so full of love and life. Then Haley's smile faltered as Cam revealed the little black box that was tucked into her back pocket. Her breath caught, when Cam flipped it to reveal the diamond encrusted golden band. She stared back into twinkling blue eyes."Cam, I was kidding…"

Cam smiled. "I know, but I wasn't."

Haley stared at her for a moment before she jumped the Goth both of them falling back onto the bed, the ring falling out of her hand, forgotten. "YES! Yes, yes, yes!" She said raining kisses all over the Goth's face.

Cam was chuckling, squirming under the blonde, trying not to lose an eye. "I never even ask you yet."

"I don't care whatever it is the answer is always yes!" Haley slowed down, never leaving the blue sapphires as she placed a kiss on Cam's cheeks, her nose and finally her lips. The Goth reeled her in deepening the kiss and flipped the blonde on her back. She pulled back to stare at the one person, she went through hell with, the one person she would be willing to go through it again with. Something's were just immortal. "You know, I can't wait to tell my mom, Cassie and Cat. They are going to be so excited. I was thinking we should elope in Spain or maybe South Africa or maybe-"

Cam couldn't help but grin. "Scott, Scott."

Haley snapped out of it. "What?"

"Shut up." Cam said against her lips.

Haley rolled her eyes. "And I here I thought you were going to be all romantic and say I love you."

"Well, that too." Cam smiled before she lowered herself to Haley's lips. Then they both released, chest heaving out of breath. Cam slipped her arms around the blonde, twisting so that she was lying on the bed and Haley cuddling into her. Savoring the silence, savoring each other. The Goth thinking about the message she wanted to convey through her writing. Something she lived by:

It's through the woes of life that love is tested over and over again. A consistent battle fought every day. People leave, people stay. People change, some remain the same. But in the end, you know life's true challenges are met. If each day you stare at the person next to you, no matter whom they decide be today and realize that you're falling in love ALL OVER AGAIN…

Cameron West




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