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With a final squeak of the brakes they finally reached the inside of Maddie's garage. Renée peeked over her shoulder watching the two people in the backseat carefully. Maddie's eyes rarely strayed off the brunette's face whose eyelids hooded, only to pop sharply remembering to stay awake. The blonde distracting her with small talk on some Christmas function and their kids. The model couldn't help the knowing smile that graced her face. “You ladies okay back there? We have arrived.”

Maddie looked up with a warm smile. “I didn't realize the car stopped.” She giggled and then glanced back at the brunette. The back of her hand gently caressing Hayden's cheek. “Ready to go in?”

“Yeah.” Hayden nodded slowly unable to look away from those green eyes, swirling the mint Conner gave her around her tongue. “I think I can walk.”

“Why don't we test that theory?” Maddie motioned for Renée to open the backdoor. Once it opened, Hayden rose, her eyes squeezing shut to try steadying the blood that was draining from it. Using the front seat as a brace she was able to leave the confines of the car, standing up straight in the garage. Her head was pounding incessantly but it was a bit milder than before. “You okay?” Maddie asked warily as she too got out coming around staring into those blue eyes.

“Yeah, perfect.” Hayden managed a smiled. “There's supposed to be two of you, right?”

“Nut.” Maddie shook her head with a grin as she placed her hand on the brunette's lower back leading her through the door into the kitchen. “C'mon let's get you warmed up.” The warmth of the house instantly hitting them making Hayden tremble slightly realizing how cold she really was. Renée followed amused, wondering if they even remembered she was there. The blonde drew her lips thin before she spoke. “Why don't you go take a shower? Warm yourself and I'll salvage you a set of clean dry clothes.” She grimaced at the near soaked shirt the brunette had on. “Think you can manage that?”

“Yeah…” Hayden nodded briefly just before she was attacked by an overly excited Labrador. She turned her head sharply as she was nudged with a wet nose almost stumbling against the counter. “Whoa there…”

“Down Smurf, down!” Maddie tried to intervene with a reprimanding finger. But Smurf did what he did best, ignore her and dig into his one of his favourite humans. “Bad dog… Bad dog, Smurf! Down…”

“Does he ever listen?” Hayden wondered as she attempted to hold the Labrador down.

“Hey, he listens…” The blonde defended weakly and then sighed as the dog continued to jump at Hayden in his delirium. “Just not to me…” She muttered.

The brunette crouched down in front of the wriggling dog, scratching behind his ears. “Calm down buddy, calm down.” Smurf stilled except for his hind leg which vibrated happily. She glanced at the blonde with a triumphant grin. “See that's how it's done, just gotta know which cords to strike.” Maddie simply rolled her eyes. Hayden made the mistake of stopping her hand movements, Smurf knocked her off her haunches flat on her butt. “Ow…”

Maddie giggled, shaking her head. “Now, if you can find a way to do that without landing on your butt, I'm sure you'll get rich.”

“Yeah, bite me.” Hayden rolled her eyes, trying to ward off the Labrador who kept advancing on her.

Maddie grinned feeling some pity for the brunette. Stepping in front of her, she heaved Smurf out of the way. “Smurf that's enough, I think you've tortured Hayden enough, don't you?” Of course, Smurf thinking it's one big game, retaliated, using his superior strength to shove Maddie back. She stumbled backwards, tripping over Hayden's spread legs and landing in her lap. “Oomph!” She let out getting the wind knocked out of her, eyes shut as Hayden's arms automatically enveloping her to prevent her from hitting her head on the counter. She slowly raised her eyelids to be pinned with blue eyes so close to her own, her breath hitching when warm mint scented breath tingled across her face.

Hayden couldn't help the movement of her eyes trailing down to hover over soft pink lips before they retreated back to green eyes that seemed to be dazed on her own lips. Parting them slightly, she felt Maddie's heated gaze torturously return to hers. She felt the pounding in her head increase, unsure if it was the earlier headache or her racing heartbeat echoing. Her cold numb body burning everywhere the blonde was touching her. Her palms were on fire on the small of Maddie's back. She felt the air between them getting huskier as all rational thought seemed to seep out through her frozen ears.

Maddie found her eyes drooping slowly and then suddenly felt a long, sloppy tongue paint her face from her jaw all the way to her hairline. She ran her hand down the saliva and wrinkled her nose in a grimace at the gross contents.

At the priceless look on Maddie's face, Hayden felt her lips quiver and couldn't help but burst into a fit of laughter. Maddie scowled at the brunette, furiously scrubbing off the remnant sticky slobber on her face with her sleeve.

All laughter ceased when Hayden felt her own face smothered in sloppy doggy kisses. “Ah! No, Smurf stop. Stop!” One lick landing right into her open mouth. “Blech!”She spat out pushing the dog back, Maddie started her own bouts of laughter. Smurf cocked his head at both humans in confusion before turning his attention back to his master.

“No, Smurf, stop! I give, I give…” Maddie giggled and buried her face into the brunette's shoulder, squirming at Smurf's insistent tongue bath. “Uncle! Uncle!”

Hayden squeezed her eyes tight, stifling her own laughter into luxurious blonde hair afraid that she would be next. Smurf's tongue trying to find a crevice between them but to his dismay he wasn't getting as much surface area as he would have liked. Feeling the pushing and wet muscle relent, Hayden cracked one eye open. She chuckled at the retreating dog who stomped away. “I think we pissed him off.”

“Wouldn't be the first time.” The blonde rolled her eyes at her hound that tilted his head primly away from them, curling on the plush rug in the lounge. Her head turning slightly to meet animated blue eyes, her grin matching Hayden's.

Renée cleared her throat, deciding to finally make her presence known. “Madeline, if you have everything under control here, I'm going to head out.”

Both heads jerked towards the model, Maddie practically bounced out of Hayden's lap. “I tripped and then Smurf attacked.” She stupidly blurted out feeling the need to explain.

“I saw…”

“Right…” Maddie smiled apologetically, trying to contain her flush of embarrassment. “Uh, could you just hang back for a minute, I just want to show Hayden where the bathroom is?”

Renée smiled in amusement and leaned against the door frame, arms crossed. “Sure.”

The blonde smiled back as Hayden stood up, dusting her wet jeans more out of habit. Maddie guided Hayden up the stairs, through the passage way towards the guest bedroom. Turning the silver handle, the door smoothly clicked open. Some of the passage light pouring into the room, across the champagne carpet onto what seemed like a double bed. As a small click sounded, the room illuminated, revealing a powder blue finish. The bed was dressed in white, it almost looked like soft snow, the brunette mused. But what caught her attention were the three shelves full of stuffed critters, she couldn't help the light smile that ghosted over her lips. “Is there a small kid living here, I should know about?”

Maddie followed her gaze, tilting her head timidly, her blush evident. “Uh, they're Smurf's.”

Hayden traced her fingers over the second shelf with a smirk. “Hmmm… He keeps them in such good condition.”

“Well, you know Smurf, he is fussy like that.” Maddie grinned awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck. “Think you'll be comfortable here?”

“What? Yeah, it's bigger than my own bedroom. But that's probably because I have so much junk in there.” She smiled softly as she stepped into the en-suite bathroom with a decent sized shower stall.

“Uh, I'll find you something to wear and leave it on the bed. Try not to take such a hot shower, wouldn't want you getting light headed.”

“Okay.” The brunette agreed as Maddie headed for the door. “Conner?”

The blonde halted, looking over her shoulder at the brunette whose face was dropped. “Did you need anything?”

“No, um, I just wanted to say.” With her hands tucked in the back pockets of her jeans, Hayden's blue gaze shyly met hers. “Thank you…”

Maddie felt her lips quirk into a smile as she nodded. “I'll be back in a bit.” Hayden nodded entering the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

After finding the hugest sweatshirt she owned and set it on the bed for the brunette, she made her way down the stairs, considering the model who sat in front of the fireplace. Her legs were crossed at the ankles, her eyes intensely focused on the open magazine on her lap. “Is she okay?” The model asked not picking her gaze up from the article she was reading.

“I think so.” Maddie sat down next to her and stared at the fire place contently. “Is there any super power you don't have?” She fiddled with the remote, turning the heat up.

The model looked up from the magazine into Maddie's green eyes. “Excuse me?”

“Well, it seemed like you just sensed me coming down. And well there is your power of intuition. Don't forget your power of rational thought.”

Renée was completely charmed with this woman, her smirk evident of it. Maybe in another lifetime . “Rational thought, huh?”

“Yes, thank you…” Maddie smiled shyly. “With everything with Hayden. I couldn't have done it without you.”

“You underestimate yourself, Madeline.”

“Perhaps, but it's the truth.” She tucked a stray strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. “Thank you, I know that was the last way you wanted to spend your evening.” She said sincerely.

“Well, I admit, I had other intentions.” The model giggled. “But just think of it as we're even.”

“Even?” Maddie raised a confused brow.

“Yes even, for all the time you used to help me and the other models around the set.”

“But that was my job.”

“Which you weren't getting paid for.” Renée said in a sexy undertone. Maddie simply shrugged. “Madeline, you're such a beautiful woman inside and out… Kind…” She caressed the blonde's cheek with a soft palm. Maddie's eyes closing at the sensation. “You know that, right?”

The blonde's eyes opened again looking into Renée's blue eyes and she sighed. “Why do I feel like I'm getting dumped?”

Renée simply chuckled softly in her silk spun voice. “Walk me to the door?” She rose, holding out a hand for the blonde. Maddie eyed the hand warily, taking it and was pulled up to her feet. It wasn't as if she didn't expect it. Not much of a first date, chasing after high-schoolers. They both walked to the front door. “It would have just been sex, you know that. I leave in a week, anyway.”

“I know.” Maddie mumbled evenly.

“Plus, you were right.” The model opened the door, shivering a little at the icy weather that blew in.


“Yes, about what you said earlier.” Renée smiled ruefully and continued when Maddie frowned in thought. “You said there was no competition. You were right.”

“What do you mean?” Maddie asked as the model turned to face her.

Renée merely smiled as she leaned in capturing the blonde's lips in a gentle kiss, her hands rising to hold her face in place. Then the kiss was over and the model paused in place, waiting for Maddie to open her eyes. “I mean, there's a person in this house that you want to be kissing, Madeline.” She leaned back, tracing her lips with her tongue and smiled. “And you may not have realized it as yet…” She whispered grazing the blonde's face with the back of her hand. “But I'm not it.” She said as she placed a soft velvety kiss on her cheek. At Maddie's startled expression, the model smirked and step through the door. “Goodbye Madeline.”

“Goodbye…” Maddie murmured faintly, watching the model get into her hired vehicle and drive off. Shutting the door, she leaned back against it, her eyes falling closed. Trying to make sense of what just happened. Her green eyes opened glancing towards her ceiling, knowing that Hayden was up there taking a shower in her home. Were her conflicted feelings that apparent? Even Renée seemed to sense the struggle she had with herself. But it wasn't as if they were outright quixotic. Tonight it was simply out of concern. “I care about her.” She whispered to herself. Was that so wrong? If it was any other person she wouldn't be questioning her own intentions so immensely. Had it been anyone else that was in trouble, she would have provided the same type of response. She was certain of that. It was just the type of person she was. There was no reason this should be any different.

After the moment she took to gather herself, she walked into the kitchen. Opening the pantry, she dug deep into the bottom pulling out the first aid kit. She usually kept it there learning from her past experiences with Lamar and food. She opened the pot, deciding Hayden was probably hungry after all the throwing up she had done. There was more than enough beef soup left over. Dishing some in a bowl, she heated it up. Placing both the first aid kit and the bowl on a tray, she carefully treaded up the stairs. Stopping in front of the door, she frowned at it, trying to figure out how to knock with both of her hands occupied. Shifting the tray on to her right arm, slightly hedging it against the door, she lifted her free fisted hand about to knock. The door flew open before her hand could touch the door, startling her, Hayden managing to snag the tray before it collapsed. Only a mere drop of the soup sloshed off the rim and the spoon made a clinking sound in its tremor.

“Careful.” Hayden whispered, her gaze on the contents of the tray. When everything seemed to settle down there, she lifted her blue eyes to the blonde whose own green eyes seemed big but a bit misty. Then what she said triggered and her eyes were also wide. The last time she used that simple word, they were anything but. Feeling the heat rise in her neck, she moved more into the room setting the tray on the dresser.

“Thought you might be hungry…” Maddie said before her brain registered that the brunette was moving in her sweat shirt. And only her sweat shirt… One that she herself usually drowned in but now grazed high up on the brunette's sculpted thighs. Maddie's green eyes slowly trailing down the lengths of her bare legs that seemed almost like milk flowing on for miles. She felt the slight itch in her palms as her vision gradually journeyed back up the brunette's length to those striking blue eyes. Maddie's gulp was barely audible when she realized she was caught. But that wasn't what had her heart pounding against her ribcage relentlessly. It was those dark blue eyes that were tainted in almost a primal nature. She swore she stopped breathing all together, their gaze never faltering.

Hayden could feel the heat radiate off her body. If she ever felt this way before, she wasn't sure how she survived the aftermath of it. The things Maddie did with her eyes alone invoked millions of tiny fires inside of her. Hell, outside of her. She didn't know how many more seconds of this she could take before she broke their agreement in the most creative ways. Almost trembling she shied away towards the tray, squeezing her eyes shut, needing to compose herself. “First Aid?” She managed to keep her tone sober, human.

Grateful for the question, Maddie blinked and turned towards the bathroom, stuffing her hands in her pockets needing something to do with them. Get a hold of yourself, Maddie... “Yes, you cut yourself, remember.” Her voice was a bit shaky but believable.

“Right…” Hayden's hand flittered across the swollen incision on her forehead, gasping faintly, eyes popping open.

“Let me look at that?” The blonde warily approached her, moving around to Hayden's front. She brought her hand up hesitantly. Hayden carefully watching the movement as it brushed a strand of her face, her eyes slipping closed at the sensation of a cool palm on her heated skin. Maddie was grateful those sapphire glowing orbs were sealed, improving her ability to breathe and do what she had intended. She shook her head disapprovingly at the slightly oozing swollen flesh. “I could probably see that better if you weren't so tall and I had better light.” She breathed, the warmness of it hitting the brunette's neck. Hayden nodded, eyes remaining shut, not trusting herself enough yet. “But we should probably clean that up anyway before you get an infection.” The brunette's eyes opened as she was dragged into the bathroom and forced to sit on the toilet lid. The blonde unzipped the first aid bag, pulling out some gauze and a tiny disinfectant bottle placing them on the basin. She used her hand to tilt Hayden's chin upward, her brunette hair falling off her face to flow down her shoulders. With the crimson slit glinting in the light, surrounded by a purplish bruise, Maddie scrunched her lips together in sympathy. “I don't think you're concussed but you need to be more careful, Hayden.” She tsk'd.

“Hey, I'm nothing…” Hayden mumbled. “You should see what the other tree looks like.” Maddie rolled her eyes but smiled. She brought her fingers up to slowly trace the tender flesh. “OW!” Hayden winced from the pain that shot through at the contact.

“Sorry.” The blonde smiled sheepishly before soaking some gauze in the disinfectant before bringing her green eyes to meet Hayden's. “This might sting a bit.”

The brunette's eyes widened as the gauze started towards her cut and ducked out of the way. “Define ‘ a bit' ?”

“It means just a tad… Now, would you hold still, I don't want to hurt you any more than necessary.”

“O-okay…” Hayden blew out, then squeezed her eyes firmly, rather theatrically, squirming in her seat.

The blonde let out a low chuckle. “Hey champ, would you relax? I never even touch you, yet.” Hayden peeked through a slit in one eye. “You can't tell me you're afraid of a little disinfectant?”

“Hey! I'm not afraid!” The brunette huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, sulking.

“Okay then…” Maddie humored enjoying this vulnerable side of the brunette. She doubted many witnessed this persona and lived to tell the tale. “Hold still.” She used one hand to keep brunette locks off of Hayden's forehead, while the other intended to apply the disinfectant.


“What?” Maddie's eyes narrowed, dropping her hand in frustration.

“I wasn't ready…”

“You're such a big baby.” Maddie groaned and rolled her eyes.

“No, I just wasn't ready…” Hayden took a deep breath trying to steady her nerves. “Okay, do it now, I'm ready… I think.” She muttered the last bit under her breath, her eyes falling closed.

“Hayden, do you trust me?” The brunette's eyes opened, leaning into the hand that cupped her cheek. Her gaze almost swallowed by Maddie's warm one. She nodded. The blonde smiled slowly. “Then you know, I don't want to hurt you, right?”

Hayden getting lost in the comfort of Maddie's calming aura. “I know.” She nodded again, drowning in deep green eyes. With their eyes never losing contact, Maddie leaned in closer, dabbing the wound tenderly. Hayden flinched when she felt the cool gauze caress her cut, the spiking burn briefly consuming the injured area and then subsided gradually.

Maddie's smile grew when she leaned back. “See, that wasn't so bad?”

“You mean, that's it.” Hayden blinked twice, her gaze drawing suspiciously. “It's over?”

The blonde giggled. “Yup, all over, big baby.” She teased as she disposed of the used gauze and washed her hands. Then shot an impish look through her reflection in the mirror above the basin. “Looks like you'll live…”

“Har­-har, you're a riot.” Hayden blushed despite herself, averting her gaze as she stood up.

“Don't worry, I think it's cute.”

The brunette cringed and then rolled her eyes. “Here we go… With your cute slash adorable theories.”

Maddie grinned, gathering the discarded clothes on the floor thinking that perhaps the brunette might appreciate it cleaned. She would toss them into the washer and then the dryer. “Is it so hard to believe?”

“What?” Hayden stepped into the room tugging down on the hem of the sweatshirt. She eyed the soup, hearing the growls of her stomach. Picking up the bowl, she plopped down on the bed with the spoon placed in her mouth.

“That you can be cute and adorable at times?” The blonde tucked her tongue in her cheek as she stepped into the bedroom, laundry under her arm.

Hayden lifted her gaze pulling the spoon through her lips with a pop. “Now all I need is to be fluffy and you can shelve me with those guys.” She said dryly, jabbing the spoon at the stuffed animals on the wall.

Maddie chuckled, leaning against the doorframe. “Work on that, would you? They need a new friend.”

“Har-har.” Hayden rolled her eyes taking another bite of the delicious soup, her vision dropping to the bowl. “It's just impossible for me to be any of those things.”

“Why because you the school's lesbian tough guy?” Maddie scoffed. “You know, I never picked you for the stereotypical type.”

“I'm not. Doesn't make people any less scared of me.” Hayden countered with a glare.

“People aren't scared of you, Hayden.” Maddie's eyes softened. “They feel threatened…”

Hayden let out a humorless chuckle. “Really, there's a difference?”

“There is.” Maddie nodded vigorously. “They know… They can see it, Hayden. With your brains, talent and beauty, you are destined for great things…”

“Seems pointless, doesn't it?” Hayden frowned at the empty bowl on her lap.


“Being all that great when the only people who really accepted me for who I am, are gone...”

“You're wrong, Hayden” The blonde walked to stand in front of Hayden. “You have so many people who care about you. You have Reese, Seth, Carlos…” She paused, placing two fingers under the brunette's chin, raising it until their eyes met. “You have me…”

“Do you?” Hayden tried to drop her gaze but was held in place. “Do you, Conner?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you care about me, Maddie?”

Maddie stared at the brunette incredulously. “How can you ask me that? You're sitting in my home.”

“I wondered about that…”

“What?” Maddie cocked her head, baffled.

Hayden pushed off the bed, setting the empty bowl on the tray, her back to the blonde. “Why?”

“Why what?”

The brunette turned back, her intense blue eyes locked on the blonde. “Why did you come looking for me? You had a date with a beautiful woman, Conner. I can't comprehend why you would give me a thought at the time.”

“You were drunk and I thought you were in trouble, I wasn't going to leave you there...” Maddie glared at the brunette who raised a brow. “And because we're friends and as hard as it is for you to believe, I do care about you.”

“You see, that's what I don't understand. My friend would have called Reese.”


“I'm just saying the logical thing that a friend would do is call my aunt to deal with me, especially if they were on a date.” Hayden shrugged. “You seem like a fairly logical type person, Conner.”

Maddie opened her mouth to respond and then shut it again. What could she say to that? Hayden was right. A friend would have called Reese, not take her so-called date out looking for another woman. “Truth is nothing is ever logical when it comes to you…” She shrugged. “The right thing for me to have done at the time was to call Reese. I just wasn't thinking about it.”

“Then what were you thinking about?”

“You… Your well-being, making sure you were okay.” Maddie admitted softly.

“Really?” The brunette stepped towards her, Maddie's eyes taking her in from her toes to her hair.

“Yes.” The blonde nodded, not trusting herself to say more. She already felt her emotions cloud her rational thought. She couldn't stay here. She needed an out before she did something they both would regret. She took a step back as the brunette advanced.

Hayden smirked at the retreating action. “You seem scared of me, Conner…”

“I'm not afraid of you, Hayden.” She held her ground.

Hayden's brow arched as she stared down into green eyes. “But you are scared… I can sense it.”

“But I'm not afraid of you, dammit!” Maddie shook her head adamantly.

“But you're afraid of something… What?”

Myself , was on the tip of her tongue when the phone started to ring. Both heads jerked towards the door as the ringing sound echoed through. Maddie glanced back at the brunette, sighing deeply. “It doesn't matter…” She dismissed the topic, her eyes back at the doorway at the relentless ringing. “I should probably get that and you should probably get some sleep, anyway.” Hayden nodded, her lips drawn thin. “Goodnight.” The blonde forced a smile, closing the door behind her.

“Goodnight…” Hayden whispered to the white door. “Shit!” She fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She didn't mean to back Maddie into a corner, she just felt cornered herself. She treaded on thin ice, wanting –no needing to know that the blonde was as tormented as her. Feeling like the asshole she decided she was, she curled up on the bed, hoping Maddie would still talk to her in the morning…

The blonde dashed down the passage and grabbed for the cordless. “Hello?” She panted into the receiver. She listened, pinching the bridge of her nose and then responded. “Sorry, I think you've got the wrong number.” She hung up, leaning her forehead against the coolness of the wall, never ever being so grateful for a wrong number. What the hell happened in there? She had no freaking clue how their light conversation went to something she had buried. All she knew now was her thoughts were spooling around what Renée pointed out and what Hayden revealed about her. And there was only one clear conclusion, she was certain that came out of it. “It's official, I'm going to hell…” She mumbled repentantly as she made her way towards her room…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Frowning at the page in front of her, Hayden pulled the pen out of her mouth scribbling on the music sheet. Then replacing the pen between her teeth she picked up the Santa Cruz, securing the guitar against her body. Her gaze flickering at the page as she played out the notes. Her fingers racing expertly against the strings, her eyes falling closed as the music spread through her entire body on its own accord. Then abruptly it came to a halt, her eyes popping open as she yanked the pen out of her mouth, furiously scratching out something. The tension lines on her forehead protruded as she stared at the sheet again, tapping it with her pen.

“I was wondering where my Santa Cruz ran off to…” Ella wiggled her brows at the teenager seated out on the terrace.

The brunette's head shot up, her pen froze as she saw the older woman slide the glass door open and step through onto the terrace. She pursed her lips as she studied her mother who was almost an exact copy of her apart from the height and the eyes. Ella's eyes were a pure green and she was shorter than her daughter. Hayden getting her height from her father. Her eyes were mostly blue like her father except for the tinge of green that appeared if you looked close enough. She smiled sheepishly at her mother's favorite guitar in her arms. “It was feeling all lonely in the corner of the room, begging to be played. So being the kind person I am, I thought I'd do it a favour.”

Ella chuckled rolling her eyes. “Oh you did now, did you?”

Hayden grinned. “Yup, you're very lucky to have a generous kid like me.”

“Oh really, did I get lucky enough that you cleaned your room?”

The brunette cringed, that completely slipping her mind. “Mom…” She drawled. “I told you, that my room is naturally chaotic. It's a form of artistic expression.” She shrugged.

“Being an artist myself, I can appreciate such a sentiment.” Ella mused, shaking her head. “But until you can explain the artistic value of dirty socks on your floor, I'm sorry baby, you're not off the hook.”

“I… well…” She frowned at her mother who was grinning smugly. “Fine.”

Ella's smile broadened. “So, it's sounding great…” She gestured at the guitar.

The brunette dropped her eyes back on her page, the expression wiping clear off her face. She sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Yeah…” Gently setting the Santa Cruz on the worn out lawn chair, she rose running a hand through her brunette locks. “Something's missing though…” She said striding past her mother to the railing and peered over the twelfth floor terrace overlooking Central park. The night drowning the city as the orb shaped streetlights began igniting one by one around the area. A serene smile traced the contours of her mouth just watching the trees sway to the calling of the slight wind. At least that had some direction, some purpose. “I just wish I knew what…” She almost whispered.

Ella cocked her head at the teenager, a small smile forming on those pink lips. She was familiar with the frustration that boiled over when you had a song tormenting you in the chaos that is your mind. Tucking a strand of brunette hair behind her ears she strolled up to her daughter. Her arm creeping around Hayden's back as she also stared at the park ascetically. She leaned her head against her shoulder when she spoke. “Don't worry baby, you will…” Ella rubbed comforting circles in the small of her back.

“When?” Hayden huffed in irritation. “I have been working on this for God knows how long.” She turned to her mother. “It's not like the other songs I write. They just come to me.” She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “This one is different. It's like all there…” She pointed to her head. “I just don't know how to bring it out…” She blew out a frustrated breath. “I'm probably the lamest musician out there…” She murmured, defeated.

“No…” Ella nudged her playfully. “That would be your dad.”

Hayden let out a shaky chuckle. “Some people should just stick to accounting.” She shuddered mockingly.

“Don't tell him that, you know how he likes to hog the mike at karaoke. And he will do it just to prove a point.” Ella smiled at her husband's goofy antics.

“Yeah, well, we have only been banned from four restaurants so far.” The younger brunette mused.

“Five, last week it was Liaison's Bar too.” She shook her head.

“Wait…” The brunette's brows furrowed. “I didn't know Liaison's had karaoke.”

“It doesn't…” Ella smacked her forehead with a thud and Hayden couldn't help but laugh.

The laughter gradually died down and Hayden's blue eyes simmered, the hollow feeling returning. “I don't know what to do about it.” She said simply.

“Just keep at it baby, eventually it will come to you.” Her mother patted her on the arm reassuringly.

“Does it ever hit you this bad?” Drawing away from her mother, her arms wrapped around herself as she stared aimlessly at the sea of skyscrapers. “I mean, when you play and write it comes so naturally.” She sighed.

Her mother raised a brow. “What are you kidding? It happens to me all the time…”


“Yes, but you know it's the pieces you suffer for that you feel most proud of. And when you're done with this, you are going to feel so proud.” Her mother tucked her hands in her jeans pocket and bumped her shoulder. “But not prouder than your father and I.”

Hayden smiled at her mother letting out a hallow chuckle. “That's if I get it finished. I'm thinking of scraping it just for spite…” She sulked.

Ella chuckled at that, thoroughly amused. “Good luck with that, champ. Like you have a choice. It's always songs like that that torment you to oblivion, playing on your mind until you happy with it in your hands.”

“So basically, you are telling me, I'm screwed until I figure it out.” The brunette said wryly.

“Pretty much, baby girl.” Her mother smiled widely. “But don't look so defeated, when you least expect it will come. I always had my epiphanies at the most unusual times.” She tilted her head, pursing her lips. “One time I was in the shower and the last time your father and I were in the middle of –”

“Oh God! Don't finish that sentence!” Hayden's eyes grew as she stared at her mother in horror.

Ella felt the flush rise in her cheeks. “Well, all I'm saying is that life is full of moments. Small moments that can define anything and everything. So wait for your moment, Hayden. And when it hits you, you will know what it is you're looking for.”

Hayden smiled softly at that wrapping her arm across her mother's shoulder. Her mother always knowing how to make her feel better even if it was in the vaguest of ways. “C'mon, let's go see where Captain Karaoke is?”

“You think he will take us out to supper?”

“Why not? We are bound to make it six.” The brunette grinned getting a playful smack on her arm. She opened the sliding door gesturing for mother to enter. “Uh, I'm coming, I forgot the Santa Cruz.” She dashed the small distance to lawn chair, picking up the instrument carefully by its neck and holding it her arms.

“Hayden…” She heard the shallow cry as her mother slipped through the door.

“I'm coming.” Frowning at the door, she strolled through it into the blinding white light. Her eyes squinting trying to grasp any sense of vision. She felt her breathing hurried as the air seemed thicker as she spun around in a circle. “Mom!” She croaked. Her heart leaped into her throat as the scene unfolded, the white light becoming more distinct shapes. She could hear people… People shouting, people screaming. Or maybe that was just her.

Her breathing stopped altogether when she realized where she was, nurses and doctors running around in a frenzy. The room seemed to be spinning, her hands planted on either side of her head trying to steady it. She felt the hot tears streaming down her face before she realized she was crying. Then the hospital bed surrounded by doctors, came racing down the passage as lifeless green eyes stared back at her, calling her. “Mom!” She yelled, as she tried to pry her way to her only to be restrained by a few nurses. She kicked and screamed as they attempted to drag her way. She pushed the doctors out of the way furiously to an empty blood stained bed. Her eyes widening. “Where's my mother! Where the hell is my mother!” She screamed as they all stared at her silently, almost lifelessly. She broke into a choked sob. “Mom…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Maddie's eyes were glued to the ceiling as she searched for the meaning of life. Well, that wasn't entirely true, she was just having a hard time sleeping with the brunette only a few feet away from her. She sighed, pushing Smurf more to his side. But to her dismay the Labrador simply settled more in the center. “Great.” She grumbled knowing she couldn't win. She couldn't just win at anything, anymore. Her life just seemed to be deteriorating by the day and she felt like she was a spectator. This night could have been entirely different. She could be losing sleep over more pleasurable activity such as sex with a super hot model. But no, her heart and mind had other ideas. Stupid, stupid, stupid . “When did I become so damn stupid?” She yanked her pillow, stifling a groan into it. Then when she felt this wave of frustration dissipate, she pulled it down to see Smurf staring at her with lazy eyes. “Don't answer that.” She scowled at her dog, sitting up. Smurf simply snorted, his eyes drooping slowly in disinterest. It felt hopeless. She knew sleep wasn't going to come to her anytime soon, her body was too wired. Every time she closed her eyes she could see Hayden stalking around in her sweatshirt, those blue eyes soaking her up. How could she be so attracted to someone knowing it was wrong?

Burying her face in her hands, she tried to push those feelings away with logic. She was a student . She was her student . Sure she was eighteen and legal. She was more mature than most people the blonde had met. But she still had that childish charm about her. She was smart and not smug about it. Extremely talented but modest. She cared about the people close to her. She was a big softy despite the rough exterior or the front she hid behind. Maddie's smile fell and her face dropped into her hands, groaning. She couldn't even think logically right. It was like the brunette simply sintered all her moral fiber. How else could you explain why her pros outweighed her cons? Stepping into her green bunny slippers, she figured to a trip to the kitchen was in order. She decided against her robe, feeling warm enough in her flannel pajamas. Perhaps the fridge will have something that will get her mind off the brunette. Like poison…

“This would be so much easier if I didn't know what she tasted like.” She mumbled to herself opening her door, with slumped shoulders. Her green eyes feebly traveling the distance to the white door of her guest room. Turning her head away she treaded towards the staircase. Her foot stopped in mid air when she heard the strangled cry. Hey head whipping in the direction of the noise, her hand griping the railing. Before she even knew what she was doing she was running the short distance to the guest room, the door pushed open. She froze there, her heart sinking at the whimpering and thrashing war occurring on the bed. Hovering over the bed, she gently tapped Hayden's shoulder trying to bring the woman out of the throes of her nightmare. “Hayden, wake up. Wake up, you're having a nightmare. Hayden.”

But the younger woman continued to squirm violently, her face scrunched up as if she was trying to bite through pain. Her whimpers were incoherent. Maddie continuously nudged her as her concern doubled over, but she was still lost. Finally, she decided to jump up on the bed. “Hayden!” She jerked her shoulders trying to bring her out of the nightmare. “Hayden, wake up, it's just a dream.”

Hayden's eyes began to blink, her body still resisting though. “Maddie?”

“Yes, it's me, Maddie…” She pushed down on Hayden afraid she would hurt herself. “Hayden, relax it was just a dream.”

“No, I have to find her, Maddie. Let go!” She tried to push up, but was pinned down with Maddie's body on top of hers. “I have to find her…” She yelled.

“Who?” The blonde shouted back.

“My mother…” The brunette continued to trash around under her. “I have to find my mom!”

“Hayden...” Maddie whispered leaning back when she felt Hayden's body stun at her own words. When those blue eyes sharpened in awareness, the blonde never felt so helpless in her life. She felt her own eyes sting before she drew the brunette into a hug and held on tight.

Hayden's tears escape as she felt frozen in the blonde's arms. Willing them back in, only made them come out stronger until she couldn't take it anymore. She wrapped her arms around the blonde burying her face into the crook of her neck. Maddie felt the arms squeeze her, her heart breaking at the sobs that came out breathy against her neck, the hot liquid seeping into her shirt. She strengthened her grip pulling the brunette down onto of her, her lips pressing against soft brunette hair on their own accord. Wiping her own spilt tears with her sleeve, she let her cry until she thought she could cry no more…

Hayden shifted uneasily, the body beneath hers so warm, she just wanted to drown in it. She didn't think she had the energy to move, feeling completely hollowed out. Reluctantly, she tried to pull back only to be held in place. Her gaze rose until she met those warm green eyes. “Stay…”

“I'm sorry.” Her eyes slipped closed as she felt a hand gently brush away the moisture on her face.

“Shshsh…” Maddie pulled Hayden's head back down to rest on her chest. The brunette felt pliable in her arms as she molded against her body. Hayden knew she had just enough energy to move off the blonde, that she should. But she didn't want to. She didn't think she would get another opportunity like this again.

Everything in Maddie's fiber was screaming at her to let go, to pull away. But her heart and body overpowered her mind. She just couldn't. She figured she lost her mind already tonight. Feeling the weight on top of her eased the ache in her heart. Her gaze dropped to the silhouette on top of her. Was it so wrong for wanting this person to feel safe? For wanting to feel safe? She didn't know and right now she wouldn't think about it. Tomorrow was another day…

“My dad died instantly.” Maddie's eyes widened at the softly spoken words. Her fingers simply ran through Hayden's hair, not sure what to say, so she listened. Hayden stared blankly at the room as those words that left her tongue hit home. She had never spoken about her parents' death before. Not even to Reese or the psychologist she had seen for a brief time. But here she was and the words slipped to someone she known barely over a month. “When the truck hit us, it was oncoming and crashed straight into my father's side.” Her mouth ran on its own accord, feeling the wetness gather again. “My mom –” Her voice cracked, her eyes squeezing shut.

“Shshsh… You don't have to talk about it.” Maddie held her tighter, feeling the pain emit off the brunette drilling into her. Also, she hadn't known Hayden was in the accident, making her need to feel the tangibility.

“I know.” Hayden's eyes opened blinking the tears away. “My mom was alive…” She continued, for some reason she wanted to. She needed to. “She was hurt really bad.” She could clearly picture the blood dripping everywhere when she regained consciousness. “I was the lucky one, I just cut my head on the side window.” Hayden drew her lips thin desperately trying to hold the tears that threatened. “But she… I never see so much blood, I didn't know what to do.” Maddie didn't know if she could hold Hayden any closer but she tried. “Then the ambulance was there and she was strapped to the stretcher barely conscious. And some paramedic tried to drag me away but I resisted, I couldn't leave her Maddie. I couldn't…” Her vision blurred “She looked straight at me, blood everywhere and she smiled. God, she smiled…” She paused the tears flowing freely as she recalled the last vow her mother ever breathed to her. “Then she said: go with the man sweetie, I'll be fine. I promise... ” She broke into another set of sobs, her body trembling violently. Maddie's own tears silently falling, blurring her vision completely. The pain in Hayden's sobs unbearable. “She told me she'd be fine, Maddie.” Hayden nuzzled in closer wanting the hurt to disappear. “She promised me…”

Maddie waited out the crying spell, not sure she could help. She wanted to, but she knew nothing could erase the pain of losing a loved one. Her own memories resurfacing as she tucked them away. Eventually the body above hers began to still. The room slowly being consumed by silence apart for their breathing. They were both feeling a sense of contentment unknowingly. “She could be, Hayden.” She murmured into brunette hair when she found her voice.

Hayden felt spent, she had never cried so hard in months. She didn't think she ever cried so hard. She felt her heart rate calm down, listening to Maddie's play in her ears. What was it about this woman that caught from that first moment on stage? She tilted her head enough to look into green sympathetic eyes. “What?”

The blonde couldn't help but wipe the residue off of Hayden's face careful of her puffy eyes that she knew must be stinging. Those blue eyes, wide, locking with hers, returning her shyness. Her eyes falling to the dark ceiling. “Well, I was just thinking that maybe she is just fine up there, watching over you, you know.”

“Oh…” She never thought about it like that, her eyes following the blonde's gaze. Then another thought occurred to her. “Do you believe in heaven?” She asked after a moment.

“I like to think there is something better out there for than the dead other than a cold grave. Some people deserve better…”

“I suppose.” Hayden sighed, her gaze leveling out. “I don't know if I do though. I don't know if I believe in God…”

“I don't blame you, Hayden. I mean if there was a God, why would he let such good people die.”

“Yeah exactly, how did you know?”

“I used to feel like that…” Maddie averted her eyes everywhere but at Hayden. “When my brother died.” She revealed softly.

The brunette's head perked up. “You had a brother?”

“Yup an older one.” The blonde nodded slowly. “Michael...”

Hayden could sense that the blonde was also sharing but felt hesitant. She didn't feel right pushing after her own emotional rollercoaster. One was enough for tonight and she was grateful. “Any other siblings?” She asked trying to ease the topic elsewhere.

“Yes, I have an older sister too.”

“You do?” Maddie nodded and Hayden realized she didn't know much about the blonde's family. “Where is she now?”

“Right now, she is probably on a tour around Europe somewhere. I'm sure you've heard of her, Elizabeth Conner?”

“No shit!” Hayden lifted her head, her eyes huge. “Elizabeth Conner is your sister!” Maddie nodded with a small smile . “No way!” She rolled off the blonde to stare at her incredulously, Maddie feeling a sense of loss. Hayden could see the slight resemblance. Then her expression could only be explained as dumfounded as realization dawned. “But wait that would mean… No fucking way! David Conner is your father…” She breathed in awe. “David Conner is your father.”

Maddie giggled, glad the solemn look drained from the brunette's eyes. “Yes… he is. Well technically…” She shrugged.

“Technically?” Hayden leaned back down, on the other side of the bed, facing Maddie, a foot apart. She immediately repented the move, enjoying where she was a minute ago.

“Well, my parents and I aren't exactly on speaking terms, anymore…” She admitted with a sigh.

“Don't tell me it's because you're gay?” Hayden snorted.

“My lifestyle is part of it, yes...” Maddie chuckled sadly and differed the topic. There was just too much to it. “What about you? Did your parents have a problem initially?”

Hayden stared at the ceiling, the warmest smile on her face. Remembering the good always put a smile on her face. She just didn't do it often enough because always lurking in the shadows was the bad. “No, they were so weird at first though.”


“Yeah…” The brunette chuckled at the fond memories. “It was like they actually knew before me…” She shifted a little. “They used to always play the pronoun game when they teased me or each other. I never caught onto that until I came out.”

“The pronoun game?”

“Yeah, you know, when you avoid saying him or her. Like when my dad and my mom would argue and I happened to be on my dad's side at that time. My mom would say : Just you wait, Wally, one day your little girl will meet someone and ‘they' will take her far away from us, then I want to see who will be in your corner.

Maddie laughed at that. “What would your dad say?”

Hayden grinned. “He would put on his best distraught face. Bite your tongue woman, whoever Hayden meets would know ‘they' get a two for one deal here… Where ever my girl goes I go… ” Hayden's lips fell into a small smile. “Then my mom would glare at him and he would put on his signature sheepish grin that everyone couldn't help but fall for.” Her eyes were lost in a haze, her voice soft. “My mom tried to stay strong but he would stand up, round the counter and pull her into a hug that I could literally see her melt into. He would kiss her on the cheek and say…” She turned until blue eyes caught on green. “ Don't worry honey We will send you a postcard. ” Maddie burst into a chuckle, Hayden joining in, enjoy the way the blonde's eyes animated when she laughed. Realizing she was staring, she shyly ducked her head. “Anyway, when I was fourteen I had a crush on a girl that showed me some interest. I went home and I was petrified to tell them. Not that they would get angry but I was afraid they would be disappointed in me, you know.” Maddie nodded knowing all too well. “I was acting dodgy the whole day.” She chuckled awkwardly recalling how her parents approached her. “That night I hid up in my room reading and trying to figure out an easier way to tell them.”

“There's never an easy way to tell them.” Maddie's smile was rueful pushing her own memories to the back of her mind.

“Yeah, they actually knocked on my door.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

A fourteen year old Hayden stared at the door, her heart pounding in her chest, her hands sweating as she turned the page of the magazine. She tried to take breaths before she responded, her voice sounding awkward to her own ears. “Come in…”

Ella stepped into the room still wearing her apron, a soft smile on her face. Her curly brunette hair tied in bun away from her face, bringing out those green eyes. “Hey baby girl, you missed supper today…”

Hayden dropped her face. “Yeah, wasn't hungry…” Then her head popped up when she heard other footsteps shuffle in.

“There you two are… Not going to let me watch The Exorcist on my own, are you?” Wally Oliver beamed at his two favorite women flashing the DVD cover at them.

Hayden chuckled. “Dad, you can't watch it on your own. Remember the last time you watched a horror on your own.”

Ella rolled her eyes. “Oh I remember, poor Mr. Winchester had to spend the night down in the sheriff's office.”

Wally raised a dark blonde brow, shrugging his shoulders. “What? I thought it was suspicious behavior! Who walks their dog at two in the morning, anyway?” Ella shifted onto Hayden's bed laying back against the headboard, her daughter leaning into her as they both laughed at him. “Are you guys coming or what?”He sulked, not really wanting to watch it by himself.

Ella ran a hand through Hayden's thick brunette hair. “We were actually talking about what was bothering your daughter.”

Hayden lifted her head off of her mother's shoulder, her blue eyes wide, gulping. “We were?”

Ella smiled, brushing back the strand that fell on her face. “We were getting to it…” She stared at her husband, giving him a knowing look. “You want to stay?”

Wally leaned against the door frame, his blue eyes matching his daughters. “Do you want me to?” He asked his daughter. Hayden shot looks between the two of them, sighing. She might as well get the reaction once. She nodded slowly unable to meet their eyes. Wally smiled as he made his way to the other side of the bed. Hayden sandwiched between them, sitting stiffly. “What's wrong, honey?” He put a comforting hand on her knee.

Hayden closed her eyes, knowing she couldn't back down now. “I am…”

“Who thinks that?” Wally asked, his brows drawing sharply and protectively.

“I do…” Both parents raised a brow at that.

“How did you come that conclusion, baby?” Ella asked softly still running her fingers through Hayden's hair, green eyes laced in concern.

“It's cause… Well, I…” Hayden stumbled not sure how to phrase it. “I like someone…” She whispered so low her parents almost missed it.

Ella let out a relieved breath smiling at her husband who wiggled his brows with a grin. “Really? So when do we get to meet her?”

Hayden's head shot up, her eyes bugging out. “Her?”She choked.

“Yes, I would personally like to meet this girl who makes you think that there is something wrong with you.” Her father groused, crossing his arms. “She doesn't sound very nice…”

Hayden rose off the bed stumbling back, her eyebrows tapering at her parents, dumbfounded. She was actually feeling a bit woozy. “Hayden, are you okay?” Her mother asked, hiding a smirk.

“Okay?” She tasted the word that felt foreign to her tongue. “Okay? You're kidding me right?” She shook her head. “I mean, are you okay?” She glared at them.

“I'm fine…” Ella shrugged. “You, Wally?”

“My back is a little sore…” He stretched out his arms high above his head, grunting a little. “But I'm fine too.”

The brunette looked like she was about to pass out at her parents nonchalant behavior. “You can't be serious, you do know what you are saying…” She paused for a breath pulling it in deeply. “That you know that I'm… I'm –”

“Gay?” “Lesbian?” Her parents said in unison, trying to help her out.

“Yes…” She huffed, her eyes darting between the two of them. “And you're acting like its normal, that I'm normal…”

“Well, you're not ‘not normal'.” Wally added and winced when he felt the smack to his arm.”Ow!”

Ella sighed shaking her head, her green sympathetic eyes reeling her daughter in. “Come ‘ere, baby…” She patted the space on the bed between her husband and her. Hayden glanced at that spot suspiciously before her apprehensive eyes tracked back to her mother. “Please?” Her mother patted it again. Hayden nodded reluctantly and slipped in between them. She drew her knee's hugging them to her chest, resting her head there. She felt a gentle hand against the small of her back. “What did you expect from us, of us?”

“I don't know…” She mumbled. “Not this.” She looked up into her mother's eye. “Maybe anger? Disappointment…” She felt a tear roll down her cheek.

Her mother pulled her into her, almost smothering her. “Oh honey, we could never be disappointed in you. For anything… Especially for this, for being who you are…” She pressed a kiss into soft brunette hair. “What you're father was trying to say earlier –” She shot her husband a dark glare. “ –was that we love you. We don't love you in spite of who you are. We love you because of it. If being attracted to women is who you are Hayden Oliver, that's not going to taint the way we see you, baby. We are always so proud of you, you know that right?”


Her father joined in the embrace. “Yes, that was exactly what I was trying to say.” He grinned pecking her forehead. “But you know your mother is always so much better at words than me.”

Hayden let out a watery chuckle in the family sandwich, shaking her head. She had no idea why she had been so afraid with such goofs for parents. It was no wonder she ended up the way she did. “I love you guys too…” She whispered almost pensive. “So when did you know?”

Her mother's smile deepened bringing out a dimple. “When you were eight, you had such a crush on your babysitter. You know the one that worked part time at the amusement park? It was always Bridget this, Bridget that…”

“Did not!” She defended, thinking back realizing she was completely smitten with the blonde senior.

Her father made a clicking sound with his tongue staring at the ceiling. “It was the same blonde one with the big­ –” His blue eyes dropped to the hands he had cupped hovering over his chest. Then he looked at his wife's stern stare. His hands dropping to his lap. “Er… Brain? Honor role, right?” He grinned awkwardly.

“Yes, Wally…” Ella drawled. “The one with the big ‘brain' . Anyway baby, you used practically kick us out the door on date night.”

“Oh, oh and act all shy, and giggle.” Her father added.

“That's a lie! I didn't giggle!” She huffed at her parents chuckles. She stuck a tongue out at them, mockingly. But she couldn't hide the extreme blush that tinged her face. “You guys suck…”She mumbled.

“Ha, you will regret those words!” Wally caught his wife's eyes, both of them fill of mischief.

Hayden's eyes widened when she realized what position she was left in. “No…” Before she could squirm out from between them, she was tackled by a couple of tickling fingers. “Gaaah…” She screamed in between giggles. Her mother dug her fingers into one side while her father caught her on the other, with no room to escape. All of them laughing in their delirium. “Aaaah, I give, I give!” Hayden managed, her face turning blue from all the laughing so hard.

“Yeah! Who's your daddy!” Wally hands relented, as he stared at his daughter triumphantly. Both Hayden and Ella froze, looking at him with arched brows. “What? It seemed like an appropriate thing to say at the time.” He grinned sheepishly

The two Oliver women looked at each other shaking their head at the lame cheer. “He is your husband…” Hayden shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“Well, he is your father…” Ella rolled her eyes too.

“Hey, it wasn't that bad.” Wally retorted getting two disputing glares in his direction. He let out a huge dramatic sigh. “Fine, I know when I'm not wanted…” His bottom lip dropping into a heavy pout.

The Oliver women smiled at each other, before her mother nudged her towards her father, whose arms were crossed over his chest. She laid her head down against her father's stiff shoulder and sighed. “You know that's a lie, dad. You are wanted… Very much wanted.”

“Why? All I ever do is make lame jokes and you think I'm lame.”

Hayden grinned. “Well, yeah…” She kissed his stubble jaw soundly. “But let's face it… You're probably going to be the only important ‘man' in my life.”

“Oh honey, that is not –” He was about to disagree, then crinkled his nose. “No, wait that is true…” He grinned releasing his arm to drape over his daughter shoulder. He eyed out his wife. “What about your mother?”

Hayden snuggled into her father's strong embrace, and tucked her tongue in her cheek. “Er, I can't speak for mom. I think she has a thing for the mailman.” She whispered into his ear, just audible enough for her mother to hear.

“You've noticed that too?” He whispered back, getting a swat on his arm.”Ow!”

“Hey!” Ella moaned.

Both Wally and Hayden chuckled, as he lifted his arm in invitation. Ella happily accepted leaning into her daughter, all of them full of smiles as Wally squeezed his women more into him…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“They sound like such amazing people…” Maddie smiled wistfully at Hayden recollection. Hayden may have lost her parents but she was luckier than most people. Namely herself…

“The best…” Hayden smiled but a tear escaped despite that. She wiped it swiftly with her sleeve. “When they died, I didn't only lose my parents… I lost my best friends.”

“I understand, almost completely…” She tucked the lose strand of hair behind the brunette's ear, automatically. Her hand lingering when she felt those blue eyes on her. Suddenly the air became a bit stuffy, as they gazed into each other's eyes. The distance between each other not proving to be enough as she could still feel Hayden's hot breathing spread against her face. She withdrew her hand and turned to stare back up. “So you liked your babysitter, huh?”

Hayden also felt the sudden shift and the heat course between them. “Yes, she was great. Always giving me candy.”

“Figures you can be bought.” Maddie mocked rolled her eyes in attempts to lighten the mood.

Hayden chuckled, it felt weird but good after all the crying she had done. “Well, duh. A good piece of candy and you can get you far with me…” She smirked. “She was awesome, had my dream job working in an amusement park. But sadly I was too short to ride that ride.”

The blonde chuckled. “Pervert…”

“Hey, she was the pervert, giving me candy.” The brunette retorted with a grin.

Maddie shot her a sexy smirk. “And of course you are innocent…”

“A saint.” Hayden countered, stifling a yawn.

“Clearly delusional too…” They both smiled feeling lighter at heart at the change of pace.


The morning light crept through the small crevice in the silk curtains, pouring over the champagne carpet climbing over mountains of white sheets and straight into Hayden's eyes. The brunette squeezed her eyes shut, grunting slightly. She tried to shift but her eyes popped open when she realized a warm body was snuggled into her. She felt the warm shallow breathing caress the nape of her neck, her own breath hitching at the sensation. Her blue eyes dipped down the length of the blonde. Maddie's arm was draped across her waist, her flannel clad legs insinuated between her own bare legs. She stifled a groan at that feeling alone. Her eyes drifted back to Maddie's angelic face, her mind playing over the events of last night. The last thing she remembered was the playful banter between them. She didn't even remember when they fell asleep. Bringing her hand up, she brushed the soft blonde hair off Maddie's face, smiling at the involuntary curl of lips as she stirred. The blonde's eyes fluttered open to be met those blue eyes she had been dreaming about two seconds ago.

“Hey…” Hayden whispered.

“Hi…”Maddie whispered back before she realized how half her body was sprawled across Hayden's. She pulled out and rolled over. “I'm sorry.” She said lamely not sure what else she could say that would make more sense. Her eyes wondered over to the clock that rested on the dresser proving they had slept for quite a bit. The kid's weren't due for another hour though, she thought thankfully.

Hayden simply let out a bland smile. “I'm not.” Which was the truth, she had never felt so rested and light in six months.

Maddie turned back, her green eyes wary. Sad thing was neither was she. “Er, you are welcome to take a shower, your clothes are in the dryer.”

“Thanks for that.” Hayden ducked her head, smiling.

“No problem.” Maddie rose stretching out her muscles, and yawning. Today was the day to think of all the consequences, she thought ruefully. But not before Coffee. “Anyway I'm going down to start the coffee before I die. Want some hot cocoa?”

“Yeah, sure.” The brunette nodded as she got out of bed too, pulling the hem of the sweatshirt down. Maddie smiled thinly trying to pull her eyes away from those legs. Hayden felt the grin tug on her mouth as simply stared at the blonde.

“What are you looking at?” Maddie shifted uneasily, feeling Hayden's eyes scan her person. Maybe she had drool marks on her face. She knew hair was probably a state.

“Small moments.” It came out before she registered what she was saying.


“Um… Nothing.” Her mother's voice drumming in her head. So wait for your moment, Hayden. And when it hits you, you will know what it is you're looking for. Maddie shrugged and strolled towards the door. “Conner?” The blonde halted looking over her shoulder. “Would you tell me about Michael sometime?

Maddie's smile gradually appeared as their eyes met. “Sure…” She murmured and then headed down…

To be continued in Part 6


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