The Reunion




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Jamie shifted a little at the sound of footsteps getting louder. Then suddenly she heard the curtains being ripped open, the blazing sun burning the inside of her eyelids. “Fuck...” Jamie groaned as she squeezed her eyes shut, rolling over and stuffing the pillow over her head wondering who the poor bastard she would have to kill was.

Faye leaned against the windowsill with an amused expression on her face. “Rise and shine, stinky...” Faye wrinkled her nose at the quite potent stench of stale alcohol and sweat.

Jamie heard the familiar voice, rolling her eyes beneath the pillow. “Go away Faye...” The raven haired woman whined.

Faye considered her friend, rubbing her chin. “Is that the best you can come up with? You really have gone to the dogs haven't you?”

Jamie shoved the pillow over her head and glared at the redhead beauty. “Fuck you.”

Faye let out a hearty chuckle. “That's my best friend. Now get ready, we have a party to attend this evening which is a two hour drive.”

“I'm not going to a party.” Jamie's moan was stifled into the pillow that she set back over her head, her eyes not quite adjusted to the brightness.

“Oh yes, you are!” Faye rebuked as she pried the sheets from the naked pale woman.

“Jesus Faye! I'm naked.” Jamie tried to grasp the sheets back from the redhead but to her dismay, Faye tossed them to the other side of the room.

“So you have boobs, big deal.” Faye rolled her eyes. “Now off to shower. C'mon off you go.” The redhead shooed.

“Why should I?” Jamie laid back on the bed, stubbornness setting in as her modesty was forgotten.

Faye stared incredulously at the tousled woman in front of her. That's if you could refer to this sorry ass as a being. What had happened to her best friend over the course of the last three months? Self pity, that's what. “Because...” She pinched the bridge of her nose. “Parker is going to be there.”

Faye witnessed the sharp flinch at the mention of the brunette's name. A small smile gracing her lips. Ah, so she still does care. Jamie sighed as she put her arm over her head to cover any emotion she had lingering. “So, what the hell do you want me to do? She's a free woman, she can do what she wants.” The bitterness evident in her tone.

Faye rolled her eyes, okay time to try a different tactic. “Now, I can see why she left your sorry ass.” Jamie put her arm down glaring at the woman above her. But Faye didn't flinch at the daggers she received, instead she continued. “No wait, I could see that when I walked in. But now, I certainly don't blame her.”

“Fuck you...” Jamie's voice was dark and dangerously low.

Faye waved her off. “Oh, honey, I know I'm easy but even I wouldn't do you in this state.” She opened the window trying to get a little fresh air in the room. She turned around to see the defeated look in the once beautifully alive blue eyes. She let out a heavy sigh and sat on the edge of the bed. Her hand resting on Jamie's knee. “God Jamie, what happened to you?” When the raven haired didn't respond and only averted her eyes to the side, she continued. “You lost your job, not your life.”

“That job was my life...” Jamie murmured in a daze.

Faye sighed sympathetically, she had known Jamie nearly all her life. And all she ever wanted to do was join her father in the music industry building Singer Enterprises into the best in their field. She squeezed her knee and shook her head. “No sweetie, your job was only part of your life. You had...have a million other parts that are important as well. Or have you forgotten the reason you lost your job in the first place?”

Jamie shut her eyes tight trying to hold in her tears. “No...”

“Does Parker know, Jamie?” Jamie opened her eyes to stare at her friend and sat up bringing her knees to her chest. “Does she know what your bastard of a father did?”

“No...” Jamie's voice was low and solemn. “What difference would it make now? She left me and even I don't blame her...” Faye turned around and slapped a stunned Jamie clear across the face. Jamie clenched her jaw rubbing her cheek, her eyebrows drawing. “What the fuck was that for?”

“Would you listen to yourself? Since when do you feel sorry for yourself?” The redhead reprimanded.

“Well what do you want me to do?”

Faye groaned inwardly. “God Jamie, I want you to fight!” With clear emotions, Faye spoke softly. “Fight Jamie...Fight. Fight for her, fight for you. You owe her that much. Parker was the best thing that ever happened to you and you know it.”

“Was...” Jamie emphasized with a pained voice.

Faye sighed. “Answer me this Jamie. Do you still love her?”

Jamie let out a humorless chuckle. “Is that a trick question?”

“Yes or no?” Faye asked firmly

“Yes...” Jamie nodded with a frown.

“Do you want her back?”

“Now, I know that's a tri ck question.” Jamie rolled her eyes.

“I want to hear you say it. Say it.”

Jamie sighed. “I want Parker Hale back.”

Faye smiled slowly. “Good, now get dressed we have a reunion party to attend.”

“Faye...” Jamie's gaze dropped to the floor, knowing the state she was probably in, her stomach turning at the prospect of facing Parker. “ I don't think I can…”

The redhead stood up, her voice low enough to be a whisper. “Well, then I think you should know. She is bringing a date.”

Jamie's eyes snapped up, her heart falling deep into a pit. “What?”

“She is bringing a date. And if you are going to sit on your idle butt, you are definitely going to lose her. For GOOD. ” Faye walked towards the door, halting. “I will be back in an hour to see what you have decided.” With that she stormed out leaving a dumbstruck raven haired woman staring after her…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jamie Singer scrutinized her appearance in the mirror once more. She looked amazing, well at least as amazing as one person can look considering she had lost her job and her girlfriend for seven years in two month. But that was all going to change tonight. She was going to get her back. Well, at least she was going to try.

Faye leaned against the door frame, a smirk ghosting around her lips, admiring the sleek raven haired women. Jamie might have grown out of her Goth phase but you couldn't deny the woman did appear deadly in black. The onyx dress clung to her curves in all the right places. “I can see you made a wise decision.”

Jamie startled, quickly composing herself. “I don't know…”

“What's not to know?” Faye raised a dark brow.

“What if she won't talk to me?”

Faye looked at her friend. Blinked twice and let out a deep chuckle. “Of course she won't talk to you. You will get polite and civil at most.”

Jamie's gaze dropped to the ground, shaking her head, a weak smile fixed on her face. “You are the worst best friend and pep talker ever.”

The redheads laugh gradually turned into an amused smirk. “I don't strive on being the best just realistic.” She shrugged and strutted towards the raven haired. She placed two excellently manicured fingers under Jamie's chin lifting her gaze to meet her own. “But hey…” She smiled. “You are Jamie Singer, remember?” She emphasized the greatness of her friend. “Just go over there and get her to remember…” Jamie produced a frail smile. “Come ‘ere you.” Faye pulled her into a comforting hug. She pulled back and winked. “Let's go get your girl…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Together, Faye and Jamie arrived at the Hilton Hotel which was hosting the Art Academy High reunion party. They usually held one every year to keep students more in touch. As weird as the school was they kept that a standing tradition since their foundation. Jamie's eyes scanned the area, the familiar faces that she had once known and had faded out of her life. Her eyes were constantly searching trying to pinpoint that one certain brunette that she knew would take a mere moment to recognize.

“Don't worry, she will be here.” Faye squeezed her arm giving her a reassuring smile. She smiled back and nodded. “Let's go get a drink.”

“I don't think I should. In fact, I think I'm quitting.” Jamie shrugged.

Faye could only stare at her, her lips quirking in amusement. “Oh wow, that's two wise decisions you made in one day. I think I should sit down.” She plopped her butt on reception seats in mock humor.

Jamie couldn't help but laugh. “Shut up, you goof.” She pulled her back to her feet.

“Let's go get reacquainted with our friends.” Faye dragged her into the conference area of the hotel where the party was already in full swing.

It was decorated in a theme of punk art which hardly seemed to coordinate with the formal dress code. The colors clashing, the different people mingling together in either harmony or clashing. Nothing out of the ordinary. But that was the true fascination of Art Academy, everything stood out. Especially her…

The way she flipped her luscious brunette hair out of her face. The subtle way her defined cheek bones characterized the beauty of her face. The way the smallest of her smiles could light up Broadway. Jamie stood frozen to her spot, the party moving in slow motion around the brunette in her perfect dark green dress. From the very first moment Jamie had ever had a glimpse of Parker, she knew she was a goner. Nothing had changed tonight…

Parker seemed to be laughing with Brian, who was still as handsome as ever. His beautiful blonde wife at his side, clinging onto him. But he never seemed to mind.

“You just going to stand there, watching her the whole night?” Faye whispered up behind her, sipping on her champagne.

“I don't know, she seems happy…” Jamie said softly and wistful.


Jamie chuckled. “I know…” God, what would she do without Faye? She was glad that she watched her friend grow up in phases, from goofy in high school to the confident, all- knowing, still as annoying woman in college.

“Well, there comes her date.”

Jamie watched as the busty blonde in the incredible violet cocktail dress, walked up to Parker sliding her arm through the brunette's. Parker afforded her a sweet smile then resumed her conversation. Jamie felt the deep pang in her stomach and the bitter taste of bile on her tongue. How could Parker just forget the seven years they had shared together? Sure they had their rocky moments but their love was untouchable. At least, it was for her. But in truth the only person she could be angry at was herself.

“Wow, she is hot.” Faye murmured, checking out the blonde, evidently. Jamie just produced one of her deathly glares. Faye raised her arms, grinning. “What? She is. Just look at that body.”

Jamie shook her head. “I'm glad you getting off on my expense.”

Faye grinned and jerked a thumb towards Parker's date. “Think of it this way. If I draw Miss Cleavage over there, you will have a chance to talk to Parker.”

“But I thought you said you had a girlfriend?”

Faye waved her off. “It's the price you pay for friendship.”

Jamie rolled her eyes. “Uh, huh. You are shameless.”

Faye let out a chuckle. “Whatever, let's go say hi.” The redhead grabbed Jamie's arm dragging her across the floor.

“But I'm not read-”

“Too late.” Faye pulled her until they were standing in their circle of friends. “Hi guys.”

They all turned to face the two additions. Brian grinned. “Faye, Jamie. Man, it's so good to see you both.” He drew them both in for a hug. “This is my wife, Rachel.”

She greeted them and they returned the formality.


Jamie turned around to see the stunned look in Parker's face. Also behind that, the slight hurt that she knew was there because of her. “Hi Parker, how are you?”


“I'm well thanks and you?” Parker managed to compose herself.

Miserable, I miss you, please come home… “Oh, you know how it goes.” Jamie smiled weakly.

Parker nodded unsure how to respond. To say she was shocked to see the raven haired woman here was an understatement. She did her best to push down the raw emotion that still lingered. They stood for a moment just staring at each other in silence.

Until Parker's date held out a hand. “Hi, I'm Roxy.”

Jamie stared at the hand and gulped knowing she couldn't be rude. Well of course she could, but it wouldn't be in anyone's best interest. She placed her hand in it, shaking firm. “Jamie Singer.”

Roxy's eyes grew huge, clearly impressed. “Of Singer Enterprises?”

Jamie couldn't tear her eyes from Parker's. “Not anymore.” She said simply though it still stung. Parker's eyes seemed detached.

The debonair waiter joined them with a fresh tray of champagne flutes. Each of them indulging in one. He stepped up to Jamie. “And you Miss?”

“No thanks, I quit.”

Parker raised a brow. “Since when?”

Jamie smiled sheepishly. “Since tonight. One day at a time, right?”

Parker couldn't help but chuckle. “Good for you.” She said genuinely. Jamie smiled.

“Hey Park, honey, didn't you say you would show me the art features.” Roxy asked wounding her arm around Parker's waist. Jamie thought it looked like a territorial move, one she herself had implemented a time or two.

Parker looked wearily at Roxy's arm but she needed to get out of there. So she nodded at the blonde and then looked back at Jamie. “Excuse us.”

Jamie grimaced as she watched them both leave the room. “Never liked blondes…” She mumbled as she stepped up to the bar. She studied the range of alcohol, she could have her pick. She sat down on a stool and waved in the Irish woman attending to the bar. “Um, I'll have a water.” She sat down trying to reflect on her life. How did she get to the point where Parker couldn't even bare to look at her for more than two minutes?

“What's on your mind, honey?” The bartender asked, polishing one of the glasses with a cloth. Jamie looked up startled. The old bartender smiled and pointed at her beverage. “Usually, the depressed try harder stuff.”

Jamie let out a small sad smile. “I'm trying to quit.”

The bartender's eyebrows rose. “Well, I definitely admire your perseverance then.”


“You are sitting at a bar, honey. There is so much alcohol to tempt you. But yet you are drinking water. Must be a pretty important reason.” The Irish woman smiled. “Love?”

Jamie's lips twitched in amusement. “Ain't it always?” That drew a big chuckle from the bartender. The raven haired woman turned around, her eyes wandering through the many dancing figures catching the brunette, a soft somber expression on her face.

“That's her then, is it?” The Irish woman asked. Jamie turned back, nodding and taking a long sip of her water, wishing to God, it was alcohol.

Faye walked beside her, grinning, sipping her fourth of the night. “Come with me.”


“Oh, just come on. You are going to ask Parker to dance.” Faye dragged Jamie across the floor before she could manage to protest. They reached Parker and her date. “Hi Roxy, may I have this dance.”

Roxy smiled at Faye good-naturedly. “Sure.” She put her hand in Faye's and was pulled onto the dance floor.

Jamie watched amused shaking her head. Then she glanced at Parker, her palms sweating slightly from the nerves. “Um…” She shuffled her feet. “Would it be too much to ask you to dance?”

“I don't know.” Parker contemplated wearily.

Jamie sighed, she knew it wouldn't be easy. “It is just one dance. I know I don't deserve it but please…” She left out her hand. “That's all I'm asking, to dance.” Parker stared at the hand knowing it was a bad idea. But she couldn't help herself and hesitantly placed her hands in Jamie's. “Thank you…” She whispered as she drew Parker onto the dance floor. The lively beat died down and something slower started up. She looked back up at Parker too afraid to give her the chance to back out so she grasped her wrists gently, dragging her hands to rest at her shoulders and then her own hands placed on Parker waist pulling her slightly closer. They were swaying to the rhythm.

Parker watched the raven haired woman. She remembered Friday nights when they used to stay home and watch movies. Movies she used to pick and Jamie used to hate. Though when the credits used to appear at the end, Jamie would groan in delight, pulling Parker to her feet and they'd dance to the lame music. God, it hurt to be in those arms again, knowing she could just at any moment fall in the comfort of them. She tore her gaze away from those penetrating blue eyes.

Jamie leaned in after remembering the same thing. “Am I really that unbearable to look at?” She whispered into Parker's ear.

Parker's eyes squeezed shut at the familiar tingle that ran through her spine. She couldn't do this to herself. She couldn't allow Jamie to get to her. Who was she kidding? Having her in the same room was already unnerving. She hardened her face, turning back to Jamie, ignoring her question. “How come you're not back at Singer Enterprises? I heard your father offered you back your job.”

Jamie stiffened at the sudden shift, seeing the coldness in Parker's once warm hazel eyes. Parker deserved the truth. “He did.” Jamie averted her eyes. “But I told him to shove it.”


“It was not worth it. I took the job Miles offered me from Musi-Tech.” Jamie referred to a rival company gauging Parker's expression.

Parker's eyes widened in surprise. “Since when?”

Jamie sighed. “I phoned him this afternoon and asked him if his offer still stood.” Feeling bolder she pulled Parker closer until their bodies where touching. “I'm trying to turn my life around Parker.” She murmured.

“Jamie…” Parker moaned at the contact. Her own body wanting to just melt into Jamie's. But she stopped herself, remembering the pain. She pulled herself out of the embrace. Her hazel eyes going stiff. “Would you excuse me?” She requested and left through the passage in a hurry, leaving Jamie frozen in uncertainty.

“Shit.” Jamie placed her face in her hands. She should be shot for causing that much pain to the brunette.

“Don't just stand there, wise ass. Fix it.” Faye whispered into her ear. She should really get paid or consider a career change to a personal advisor.

Jamie nodded and walked as fast as she could in that dress. That's why she was here. She would fix it or at least try. Reaching the courtyard, she stepped up to the railings of the marble stairs, eyes searching until they were fixed on the green dress. The figure standing alone, bathed in moonlight, the slight breeze flowing through her hair. She would swear the brunette wasn't from this world.

Parker was standing in the middle of the garden, her arms hugging herself as she stared out at the little ripples in the lake caused by the fountain feature. She heard the whispers of the weary footsteps drawing closer. “You know, I never expect to see you here tonight.”

Jamie halted on her journey towards the brunette. “Why? It is a reunion party. We did go to the same school, you know.”

Parker laughed out into the night, though it was weak. “I know that. I'm just wondering how Faye managed to get you out of that apartment. I had been trying for months.” The was slight hurt in her tone.

Jamie's gaze dropped to the grass. “It was easy.” She hesitated. “She said you would be here...”

Parker hugged herself tighter. Closing her eyes, she hoped her voice wouldn't fail her. “Why are you here, Jamie?”

. “I…” What could she say? Enough lies. “I'm sorry, Parker.” Jamie said, her voice defeated. “I really am.”

Parker whirled around, hurt and anger in her eyes. “For what Jamie? For what?”

Jamie expected the outburst, she didn't deserve any less. She couldn't bring herself to look into Parker's eyes. “For pushing you away. For hurting you.” She pinched the arch of her nose. “God, for everything.”

“Why now?” Parker walked into the small pool house suddenly feeling cold.

“When is ever the right time to be sorry?” Jamie asked following the brunette inside. She noticed the room had a small bar, a foosball table and pool table in the center. “When I lost my job, I was wounded so bad Hale. So bad Hale…” Parker almost resigned to the use of her nickname. She hadn't heard it in a while.

“I know, Jamie. I was there, remember.” Parker said with a hint of bitterness, rolling the black ball into the corner pocket of the pool table. “Of course you wouldn't remember you chose the comfort of a bottle over me.”

Jamie flinched at the harsh slap of the words. “It's true I thought I could deal with it. I should have let you in. I was stupid… So so stupid… But losing my job was nothing compared to losing you. After that I had nothing left.”

Parker sighed. “You never lose me Jamie, you threw us away. You became unbearable drowning in your own self pity.”

“I know that. I know that now. I want to change Parker, for me, for you, for us.”

“It's not so simple, Jamie.” Parker shook her head.

“God Hale, what do you want from me! Take it! Take it all! Just take me back!” Jamie pleaded.

“Nothing Jamie! That's what you failed to understand. I never wanted anything from you. I never needed you to be successful or the heiress of an empire.” Parker's eyes burned through Jamie. “I just wanted you! Just you dammit!” Her voice became softer and more pained. “Just you! Always you…” She turned away from the raven haired woman. “Remember that girl who used to torture me in school? That girl.” She hugged herself needing a little comfort. “That girl who had the guts to tell me she loved me in front of the whole school and then threatened to rip out the balls with her blunt pair of sheers of anyone who had a problem with it.” She turned back her eyes full and ready to overflow. “That girl…” She whispered.

Jamie stood there stunned. “Parker…”

The first tear fell. “I'm sorry Jamie, I can't do this right now. I just can't…” Parker voice broke as she pushed past her, yanking the door open.

“Parker wait…” Jamie slammed the door up behind her pressing her body into the brunette, trapping it. Parker felt her tears escape gently. Jamie breathing heavily against Parker's neck and couldn't help herself by placing the tiniest of kisses on her shoulder. She nuzzled into her neck. “I'm sorry. So so sorry…”

“Don't…” Parker's voice hitched squeezing her eyes shut. “Please don't…” Parker whimpered weakly as her head arched to the sensation.

“I can't help myself when I'm with you.” Jamie murmured as she continued sucking on her pulse point. “I love you Parker.” She whispered into her ear before it giving it a tiny lick.

“Jamie…” Parker's defenses crumbled as she succumbed to the pleasure and the traitorous love coursing through her body. Jamie felt Parker weaken against her and swiftly turned her around slamming her back into the door. Jamie's crystal blue eyes piercing through her foggy hazel eyes, their bodies flush against each other. Then Jamie crushed her ravenous mouth against Parker's lips drawing her into a breath-taking kiss as if it would be the last their ever shared. Parker's fingers running through the textures of thick raven hair on their own accord. Jamie's hands gliding down the small of the brunette's back, down to rest on her round silk clad butt. Her fingers spreading wide and then contracting feeling the plump flesh in her hands causing Parker to moan in her mouth. “Jamie, please don't…” The brunette whimpered tearing her mouth away.

Jamie lowered her mouth to the crook of Parker's neck. “Tell me to stop, Hale…” Her hot tongue trailing deeper to the swells of Parker's cleavage. “Tell me you don't want me anymore…” Parker threw her head back when Jamie sucked on pleasure point, gripping her hair in place. “Tell me you don't love me anymore…” Jamie challenged dropping her mouth drawing Parker's erect nipple into the wet heat through her dress, suckling.

“God!” Parker screamed, her knees bucking at the toxic sensation drilling through her spine to rest between her thighs. She could barely stand, Jamie using her own body to keep her in place.

“I've got you baby… I've got you.” Jamie hummed into Parker's breast as her hands travelled south to the hem of the brunette's dress. Slipping under the silk, her hands drew up Parker's dress until they rested on her lace panties. In one swift motion she lifted the brunette as Parker's legs wrapped around her, straddling her waist. Parker's hips stirring against her causing her own legs to go weak. She wasn't sure how long she could keep them upright. So she carried the brunette over to the pool table, setting her weight on it and dragging her lips away to look at the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her twenty-five years. She cupped the brunette's face pulling her into a drugging kiss. Gently ending the kiss, she leaned her forehead against Parker's. “Tell me, Parker…” She whispered. “Tell me you don't love me…” She placed a small moist kiss on Parker's cheek causing Parker's hooded eyelids to drop in pain and pleasure. “Tell me you don't love me, Parker…” She placed another kiss on her other cheek. “And I'll stop…” She pulled back searching Parker's eyes, her own glistening in so much need and love.

Parker looked at her through warm hazel eyes, her body humming in the aura of Jamie's love. She witnessed the hurt in Jamie's eyes matching her own. It was breaking her heart seeing this beautiful creature so uncertain, so unhappy. But through all that she could see the woman she hopelessly fell in love with. The woman whom she would die for, not uncontrollably but by choice. Loving Jamie Singer was a curse that could not be severed. “I can't…” She laid her palm against Jamie's cheek. Jamie leaned into her touch. “I can't…” She repeated. “I've tried, but I can't…” A tear rolling down the brunette's cheek. “I can't stop loving you, Jamie…” Another tear following.

Relief swam through Jamie causing her to lean forward kissing Parker's tears tasting the salty warm liquid between her lips. “Then stop trying…” Jamie explored Parker's eyes watching a small genuine smile break through as Parker nodded. Jamie let out a watery smile as she felt that her world was whole again. Parker grabbed Jamie into a passionate kiss, Jamie returning it with equal fervor. How could she have lived without this for two months was beyond her? Her mind faded out the past and the future. Right at this moment she could only focus on Parker and right now. And her love for this woman. Jamie's hands wrapped around Parker, resting on her zipper in the center of her back. Slowly she dragged it down, Parker's dress falling to her waist. Jamie flicked the front clasp releasing Parker's firm beautiful breasts. Parker lifted herself up letting Jamie draw her dress away. Jamie eyes widened at the beauty of the brunette, you would think that seven years would make it lose its magic. Never Hale…

Parker pulled Jamie into her, her own hand releasing the raven haired woman's zip, her dress slipping to pool at her feet. Jamie stepping out of it climbing onto the table melting into a kiss. Parker brought her hands up around Jamie's neck, her body on fire. Reaching behind she expertly released the catches of the raven haired woman's bra, letting it fall away. Parker laid back against the hard surface pulling Jamie on top of her. They both moaned at the full contact meeting in a heated kiss. She ran her hands down Jamie's defined back until she reached her butt, cupping it pulling Jamie further into her.

Jamie's mouth roamed over the landscape of Parker's bare shoulders then kissing a trail along her jaw. Parker arched her head her legs spreading as Jamie's body simply fitted between them. The wet heat between them so intense, driving them mad with need. Parker's fingers burying themselves in raven hair as Jamie made slow progress licking her way down, her tongue sliding between her breasts. “Oh god…” Parker whispered the reactions her body was emitting, so sensual and intense. She breathed out a long languid moan as one of her nipples was taken into a scorching wet mouth, Jamie playfully lapping against the painfully taut bud. One of her hands reaching up to cup Parker's other breast rolling the tip between her fingers.

Then Jamie pried Parker's legs further reaching up to steal another kiss. She jerked her hips into Parker's swollen sex. Parker cried out breaking the kiss as Jamie raised herself onto her arms thrusting into her quick and hard. It didn't take long as both them were so succumbed with need. Parker gasped, her body shuddering with her release leaving her breathless. Jamie eyes squeezed shut as she soon followed over the edge moaning into the crook of Parker's neck. Recovering she drew Parker into a smoldering kiss, her need to show this woman how much she still loved her overpowering her.

Jamie kissed her way down the brunette's incredibly toned body, the familiar hot scent of her arousal sending her senses into a frenzy. Parker's head arched back, deep breath sucked in as a hot tongue swiped through her drenched folds, the edge fluttering against her clit. Parker's hands running through Jamie's hair, her breath hitching as Jamie was hitting all her pressure points. A groan ripped from her throat as she was entered by two fingers. Her hips moving in rhythm with Jamie's fingers, her mind and body exploding in waves of pleasure.

Jamie could tell Parker was close, redoubling her efforts focusing on her bundle of nerves. Continuously flicking her tongue on her swollen clit, her fingers setting an unrelenting pace. Parker's eyes squeezed shut as her body convulsed over and over again in pleasure. Eventually she begged Jamie to stop, weakly pushing Jamie's mouth away, pulling her up into a kiss. A kiss that she could taste herself on as well the professed promise of a love they both shared.

Exhausted, Jamie rolled off Parker pulling the brunette with her to lay on top of her. Parker placing a tiny kiss against her neck. “I love you Parker.”

Parker smiled. “I love you too, Jamie.” Jamie squeezed her. “But you know sex wasn't our problem.”

Jamie sighed looking at the ceiling. “I know…” She didn't want anything to come between them this time. “Parker there is something you should know.”

Parker lifted herself up looking into beautiful blue eyes. She cupped Jamie's cheek. “Yes?”

Jamie closed her eyes. “I didn't get fired.”

Parker raised a brow in bafflement. “What?”

“I quit…” Jamie let hang opening her eyes, gauging the brunette's shocked reaction.

“What!” Parker exclaimed. “You loved that job, you loved the employees, the talent. You loved everything about that job, Jamie. Why would you quit?”

Jamie looked straight into Parker's eyes. “I loved you more…”

“Jamie, I don't understand. I never made you choose between us. I knew your job was part of who you are. If you worked late, I understood.” Parker looked at her with concerned eyes.

“I know baby. I know and I loved you for it.” Jamie whispered. “But my father didn't understand. He threatened to revoke the new bands I signed if didn't leave you. He was embarrassed by his gay daughter. He threatened to fire me if I didn't leave you Parker.”

“What?” Parker was stunned.

Jamie looked away. “If he fired me Parker, those bands would have all lost their contracts. And they are crazy talented Hale, so crazy talented. I wasn't going to let that bastard control my life or theirs.” A lazy tear running down her cheek.

Parker didn't know what to say. She knew Jamie's father was a jerk, but heartless… “He couldn't have fired you Jamie. He didn't have proper cause…”

Jamie let out a humorless chuckle. “Yeah, that's what I thought but you see even though he sucked as a father, he excelled as a heartless businessman, he had clauses in all his contracts and they were locks everywhere. No loopholes worth exploring. So I transferred my bands over to Grant as their manager and quit.”

“Why didn't you tell me?” Parker asked feeling pain.

Jamie sighed. “I know you Hale, you would have blamed yourself. And I would have rather have you hate me than ever think that you were making me unhappy. You couldn't make anyone unhappy but I should have told you. To avoid this whole mess at least. I mean I almost lost you to my own stupidity.”

Parker cuddled into Jamie needing the comfort as much as she wanted to provide it. “I'm so sorry baby…” She murmured.

Jamie cupped Parker's face between her hands, shaking her head. “Don't be…” She kissed the brunette lightly. “I'm not… not anymore. We're in this together now.”

“And forever…”

Jamie smiled her heart feeling full. “And forever…” Parker laid her head back down over Jamie's heart as strong arms were wrapped around her. They stayed in the embrace for a while savoring the feeling of each other. “So what are you going to tell your date?”


Jamie chuckled at the oblivious tone by the brunette feeling a sense of smugness. “That Roxy girl.”

Parker looked at Jamie like she had grown two heads. “Roxy is not my date. That's Faye's new girlfriend. I just gave her lift here because Faye asked me to. And I kept her company since she didn't know anyone else until Faye showed up.”

Jamie shot up. “What!”

Parker frowned. “Who told you she was my date?”

Jamie shrunk down banging her head lightly on the table. She ought to kill that girl. “Faye.”

“Wait what?” Parker blinked twice registering the situation and then burst into fits of laughter.

Jamie glared at her. “That is so not funny!”

“Oh yes it is. You are such a sucker!” Parker continued laughing holding her stomach. “Did you get jealous?” She poked Jamie into her sides.

“What? No!” Jamie denied, a blush creeping on her cheeks. “Why would I be jealous of her for?”

Parker's eyes glinted in humor. “Well, I don't know, she is extremely hot.” She let out a mock whistle. “I mean have you seen her body?”

Jamie groaned thinking between Parker and Faye, they would be the death of her. God, she loved them. She flipped Parker pinning her body into the table, winding the brunette. “Hale…” She murmured against her lips.

Parker's mind was going to mush at the contact. “Mmm?”

Jamie kissed her hard. “Shut up…”

Parker chuckled into the kiss, whimpering a little when Jamie's hands started wondering again. “God, I forgot how adorable you are when you're jealous.”

“I'm not jealous.” Jamie pulled back, sulking.

Parker placed a tiny peck on the pouty lips of her lover. “Okay, okay, big baby.” She smiled humoring her love. Jamie rested her head on Parker's chest smiling in contentment, almost feeling victorious.



“Will you come home?” Jamie raised her head looking at her hopeful.

“Oh yes baby…” Parker smiled and pulled Jamie's lips down to hers…


The end…

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