Because I Love You

By: KnightSkye


Disclaimers: Xena , Gabrielle, Argo and all the people of the Xena universe are the sole property of MCA. This story is in no way intended to infringe on their copyright.

Subtext Disclaimer: This is a story about two women who are soul mates. If this is illegal where you live or you are too young for thee issues please find another story to read.

Violence Disclaimer: Yes, there is violence. Xena is a warrior and without violence she would be out of a job and Ares would be highly pissed.

Sex Disclaimer: No sex , sorry, but if you like romance this is for you.

This is my first attempt at fan fiction. I wrote this one just before my college English class. I bet this is better than my Homework assignment. J Have fun.




The sounds of swords clanging echoed though the green valley that had been made into a battle field. The Romans continuing their onslaught thru Europe had found a little town west of Potodeia named Salesia. When the Warrior and her Bard heard the news, they had no choice (not that they would have turned the chance down to beat up some Romans) to help the people in need. " My sisters friends lives there" Gabrielle whispered from across the table . Xena looked up at her bard holding a mug of Ale in her left hand while placing the other on her small companion's. "We will go "the Warrior said assuring the bard. Gabrielle felt a wave of comfort that only Xena could make her feel. She looked back into blue eyes and nodded.

The fight was brutal. The once beautiful green grass was blood-soaked . Caesar’s archers, cavalry and infantry gave all they had against the uprising peasants and the two warriors.

Xena looked up and saw it clearly. An archer raised his bow and was sighting the small blonde figure who fought like an Amazon. Xena had no time to stop the arrow so she ran towards Gabrielle and shielded her as the arrows struck her in the back and leg. Xena fell at the bards’ feet the expression of pain in her eyes as the peasants slayed the archer. Gabrielle carefully dragged the warrior put her on Argo and headed towards the town.

In the healer’s hut, the arrows were cut and pulled out of the strong back and thigh. They were cauterized and bandaged with care. Gabrielle looked at the Warrior understanding now the deepness of the feelings between them. "Xena why?" she whispered. Her blues eyes looked up to meet green, "Because I love you" At that moment the Bards’ fear disappeared as she leaned forward and softly placed a kiss on Xena lips. "I didn’t know you felt…." Xena said as Gabrielle placed a finger on her lips. "We will talk later, rest now my Warrior" Xena closed her eyes and allowed the healers’ herbs to take her over.

Dreaming about the battle Xena woke with a jolt. The pain in her body now dulled. Small hands touched her face. "You're awake, it's ok I’m here with you" She had slept for three days with the bard lovingly at her side. "How do you feel?" Gabrielle asked moving the hair off her face. Xena smiled at the touch and the sight of the angelic face before her. "I’m hungry" she said. Gabrielle giggled, Xena never asked for food much unlike her. She was relieved that the worse had past. "I’m rubbing off on ya" Gabrielle said. Xena pulled her would be lover close and kissed her softly "Mmmm I wish you would"



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