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Kim Pritekel & Alexa Hoffman

Part 13

I ran my hands through my hair, a slow, saucy smile spreading across my face as I turned the dial on my stereo, the sexy song pulsing through my bedroom as I padded to the bathroom.

I hummed along before breaking out into song, "She’s a lady, yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s a lady," and humming the rest as I turned the knob for the hot water, stepping in front of the mirror, looking at myself standing there in nothing but my underwear and a tank. Running my hands through my hair again, I arched my neck back, eyes closed as my hands ran down the sides of my face, then down my throat.

Today I felt different. Today I felt powerful, I felt good, I felt . . . sexy.

Pursing my lips to whistle, I headed for the shower, whipping the curtain back as I belted out lyrics from the next song playing.

"You’re once! Twice! Three times a lady!" With a giggle I turned on the shower spray, moaning as it caressed my skin. Never had I realized that a shower could feel so good.

I ran my hand across the cool glass of the mirror, seeing my smiling image looking back at me, blonde hair darkened and slicked back smooth by the water. I winked at myself.

I pulled the skirt up slowly over my freshly shaved legs, still smelling of the Irish Spring shaving gel, and stood in front of the full-length mirror as I tugged the zipper up in the back. The length was slightly shorter than my normal skirt, reaching to just below my knees instead of my normal ankle skirts. I liked the way they flowed around my legs. But not today.

Running my hands down my sides, the black shirt, not tight per se, but well fitted, and then the gray skirt, and black slip-on sandals.

"Lookin’ good."

* * *

The building was still relatively quiet, as I was actually early this morning. Hell, with Cody gone on vacation for a week with her family, I had actually gotten to bed early last night.

The elevator doors opened, and with a breathily whistled rendition of "Zippity Doo Dah," I damn near felt like skipping as I made my way toward my desk.

"Yo, twinkle toes."

I looked up and saw Kristine standing just ahead by her cubicle. She was grinning.

"Good morning," I said with a wave and a smile. She beckoned me over. "What?" My friend looked at me, chewing on the inside of her cheek as she sized me up. She nodded, as if coming to some sort of conclusion.

"You know, if I didn’t know better, Brooklyn, I would think you had gotten laid." She grinned, full of mischief in those dark eyes. I looked away, my cheeks burning. "Brooklyn . . ."

"I didn’t . . . get laid."

"Then what did you do?" she drawled.

"Nothing." I couldn’t meet her eyes, nor keep the smile off my face.

"Well, I know there’s something you’re not telling me, and I will get it out of you eventually. Got it?" I nodded. "Go to work, you pain in the ass."

I sat at my desk as the day went on, my mind nowhere near my job. My eyes kept darting toward the clock on my computer screen, then they’d edge toward the phone. I knew the Thomlins would be back today, which meant Cody would be back. God, I just want to call her! Why wasn’t she calling me?

With a sigh, I did my best to try and concentrate, sometimes going over the same sentence three times. Grrr.

I ran my hands through my hair, the blonde strands falling back into place, only to be disturbed again by bored, roaming fingers. My eyes fell to the clock:


Three minutes to go.

I sat up straight in my chair. Fuck it. I felt like being bad. I give enough to this company to steal three minutes.

Grabbing my purse as my computer flashed off, I headed toward the elevator.

* * *

I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel in rhythm with the turning signal as I waited for the stoplight to turn green, when I spotted the grocery store just down the street. Deciding that I wanted to pick something up for dinner, oh! Maybe some Sloppy Joes! Cody and I had had Sloppy Joes last month.

"Yeah." Flipping the turning signal off, I pressed the gas when the light turned.

* * *

With a happy, contented sigh, I sat at my table upstairs, so glad to get back to my pottery after so long. Tonight I decided I wanted to sculpt.

I started out with a basic glob of clay, wetting my hands and the clay, just working it through, no real project in mind, just feeling, letting the smooth stuff run through my fingers, the wet, squishy sensation calming and familiar. I could feel the curves of my burgeoning creation, letting instinct take over, just creating blind.

I could hear a symphony in my mind as my hands worked, light and color flashed before my mind’s eye as I lost myself in the work, just waiting for it to be done so I could look at it.

Finally, the moment had come. Though my eyes had been open the entire time, now I could finally look. I nearly choked.

Before me was the torso of a naked woman, replete with a full set of breasts.

"Shit." I buried my face in my hands, not caring about the wet sludge still clinging to the skin. Besides, clay’s good for the pores.

* * *

The light glinted off my forgotten glass of water, the sound of the turning page the only sound in the house.

"Wait, didn’t I already read this?" I muttered, brows drawn as I flipped the page back, irritated that I could not concentrate. Again. With a sigh I tossed the book aside, knowing there was no way I was going to get through it tonight. Instead I decided that I should eat. Those Sloppy Joes were calling my name. Padding to the kitchen, my gaze found the clock on the wall, and I saw that it was nearly eight. With a sigh, I pushed through the kitchen door.

The smell of dinner permeated the room, and seeped out into the rest of the house. My stomach was beginning to growl in response.

Ding dong

I looked up, almost dropping the pan from the stove top.

Nearly running to the kitchen door, I made myself slow down and take a deep breath before picking up my speed again when I saw the glint of a car in the driveway from the overhead street lights. Taking one more deep breath, slowing my pace to a normal gait, I unlocked the door and flipped on the porch light as the late August evening began to fade into night.

I stopped short when I opened the door to see a blue teddy bear with legs. The light blue bear smiled at me with it red mouth and large black eyes, the tips of its paws all a light green color to match the satiny bow around his neck.

"Well, look what we’ve got here." I leaned against the door frame. One of the bear’s arms waved at me, guided by barely hidden fingers. "Come on in, bear. Bears are always welcome here." I grabbed the bear under his arms, the big guy nearly as large as me, and turned to go back inside.

"Hey!" An indignant voice called out from the porch. Chuckling, I set Big Blue down, and turned back to a grinning Cody.

"Hi!" I grabbed her in a huge, bone crushing hug. She hugged me just as tightly. "I missed you," I breathe as I allow myself to be absorbed in her.

"I missed you, too," I barely heard. After a week without her, I had been about ready to go stir crazy. Finally pulling away from her, I took a step back inside the house, pulling her along with me.

Cody looked wonderful in her black cargo shorts, ribbed, white tank and black and white Vans, her hair down and wild. She raised her head, nose sniffing the air as a slow, gorgeous smile spread across her incredibly tanned face.

"It’s gonna be a Manwich night!" she exclaimed, heading straight for the kitchen. I followed, not wanting to let her out of my sight.

"You sit, I’ll finish this." I turned the stove back on, and began to stir the seasoned meat again. Cody plopped down on one of the wooden kitchen chairs, her legs spread wide, hands resting on the seat at the apex of her thighs, feet bouncing with nervous energy. "So what did you guys do? Did you have fun?" I asked over my shoulder.

"It was okay." She sighed. "Did a ton of hiking."

"Oh, hiking’s fun." I looked her, my hand resting on my hip as I waited for the meat to finish.

"Eh . . ." She scrunched up her nose, then her eyes fixed on me. "But then, I guess that all depends on who you’re hiking with." A slow smile crept its naughty path across her face.

"All too true." I smiled back, turning back to the stove.

"Why didn’t you go?" she asked. I shrugged.

"Well, I had missed so much work during the accident, and all."

"Oh, come on, Brooklyn. Your boss would have happily given you the time off." I chuckled, nodding.

"True." I shrugged again, loath to tell her one of the main reasons.

"Come on, dude. It would have been fun," she said, her voice pleading.

"Well, you know . . ." I tried to hide my face from her, also trying to hide my smile.

"No, I don’t." She was teasing me, challenging me. Finally I looked at her, turned the burner off, and walked over to her to stand between her legs, one hand on her shoulder. I could feel the incredible body heat oozing off her in waves.

"I felt kind of weird, you know, interrupting your family." It sounded like a lie even to my ears.

"We covered that, Brooklyn. Remember, the day I left?" Remember? How could I forget!

"Yeah." Yet again I found myself shrugging. I was in shy mode, you see. She reached down, setting a hand on the side of my thigh down by my knee. I rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Why else?" she pushed.

I sighed, deciding to just spill the damn beans. "Fine. I didn’t want to share." I couldn’t look at her.

"Share?" she asked, a question in her voice.

"Share," I said again. She stood, I took a small step back.

"Share?" She was playing with me now. I looked up into eyes made even more electric from her recent tan.

"Yes." I lifted my jaw in defiance, so did she. I giggled.

"Share what?"

"It’s more of a whom," I said.

"Fine. Share whom?" She took a step even closer, her eyes full of mischief.

"You," I muttered, my voice small as I peered up at her through my bangs. She grinned, but then took me in her arms, laying her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her. God, it felt so good to hold her again.

"I really missed you, Brooklyn," came a small, timid voice in my ear. This, of course, just made me pull her even tighter to me.

"I missed you, too, Cody."

"I really wish you had gone."

"Oh yeah?" I asked, feeling her child-like nod in return. I was beaming, my face threatening to split in half from my smile. "Come on, you most adorable creature. Let’s eat."

* * *

We sat on the couch, Cody with an arm running along the back, one leg bent up on the couch while her right foot laid flat on the ground. The TV was on, some Monday night movie playing, though I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what it was. No, no. My mind was on Cody.

I kept thinking. I wanted so badly to repeat what we had done before she’d left me for a week. Have I said that before? Man, I missed her.

I had no idea it was possible to miss a person this much. I mean, I really missed Rand, big time, but this felt different somehow. This was a "pacing-the-floorboards, counting-the-minutes" kind of miss.

How do I go about kissing her? Does she want to kiss me again? She hasn’t made any moves to really touch me that much, certainly not for us to—


Suddenly I found myself pulled against her, my back to her front, and the wind nearly knocked out of me.

"Hello," I said, tilting my head back and eyeing her with drawn brows. She grinned.

"Howdy." She clasped her hands together just under my breasts. "What are you doing all the way over there?" she asked, her breath hot in my ear.

"Well, uh, actually. Um," I looked down at my fidgeting hands, fingers unable to stay still. "I was just thinking about stuff," I hedged.

"Like . . ."

I shrugged. "I don’t know. Just stuff."

She leaned down to whisper in my ear, her voice more throaty than before. "Like . . ." She drew the word out to stretch an almost interminable length of time.

I blushed, knowing she couldn’t see me, and decided to just tell her. Sort of.

"Well . . . I was thinking about the day you left." I started to tug at the hem of my shirt, looking for anything to occupy my hands.

She didn’t say anything, and I turned back to glance at her, shocked when I saw her pink-tinted face, eyes downcast. "I liked that," she whispered, coloring even further.

I giggled, mostly from nervous energy, and nodded quickly to reassure her.

"Me, too."

We sat silently for a few seconds before she spoke.

"I was wondering, if maybe, you know . . ."

"We could . . ."

"Do that . . ."


I smiled up at her, nodding. "Exactly." I turned myself so that I was facing her, my legs tucked over hers, one hand resting on her shoulder, the other snaking up to the back of her neck. My eyes were totally focused on hers, so blue, so deep, so beautiful. There was so much to Cody, and to see it, all you had to do was look into those eyes. A sea of possibilities.

"I really did miss you when I was gone, Brooklyn," she said quietly, her voice breaking my thoughts. I smiled, unable to help myself. I began to play with the small hairs at the nape of her neck.

"I missed you, too. I couldn’t concentrate on a darn thing. It was horrible." Cody grinned at my dramatics.

"I missed those." She pointed shyly at my lips.

"Well, here they are," I found myself saying, quite surprised by my boldness.

"So they are."

My eyes closed automatically as Cody leaned in, pulling me to her. Our lips met, desperate for what we had missed over the last seven days. I heard a small moan escape her, and it sent another bottle of kerosene into my own fire.

Cody’s lips were soft, yet demanding as they glided against mine, her tongue almost immediately asking mine to come out and play, which of course it did. I turned my head to give her more access, her fingers once again kneading my flesh in pleasure, this time that of my thigh.

I was pressed against her, and could feel the unbelievable softness of her breasts against mine. I had no idea that Cody, who was so tough, held that don’t need anyone attitude proudly, could be soft, tender, yet insistent. A combination which definitely turned my crank.

Our movements slowed down, our kisses turning into explorations of the mouth, lips, and tongue. My hands never strayed further than her neck, my fingers contented with the feel of her hair and her throat, hers roaming over my thigh and my back.

I have no idea how long this went on, but I’d guess at least thirty minutes judging by how much of the movie had gone by.

Slowly she pulled back from me until our foreheads were touching. Both our breathing was heavy, my body flying from its new-found freedom and connection.

"We should try and get some sleep." I said, taking several deep breaths to try and still my blood.

"Yeah," she said, her voice so quiet, so filled with emotion. I felt warmed by it. "Come here." She pushed herself down in the couch, and pulled me with her so I was laying flat on top of her, my hands tucked under her torso, her arms wrapped tightly around me. I rested my head against her chest, listening to the soothing beating of her heart, since calmed, but still strong.

Never in my life had I felt so close to someone, so absolutely taken in, and cared for. As I lay with her, I felt as though the world could stop around us and begin to attack, and we’d be fine.

Where had this girl, so young, and inexperienced in life, yet with so much to give, been all my life?

* * *

I sat at my desk, eraser end of my pencil tapping on the page before me, the page that had been sitting before me for the past half an hour with only two marks of correction on it.

With a sigh, I ran my hand through my hair for about the thirtieth time since I’d gotten to work almost four hours ago. Soon I’d be able to power a small community by the electricity that was charging the strands.

I heard Rhonda’s voice walking past as she talked with her assistant, and automatically thoughts of Cody came to mind, followed, of course, by a smile. I leaned my chin on my hand, and brought back that amazing kiss from last night. Damn, she was so good at that! How could I possibly kiss her that way? She was my boss’ daughter, and, hell, she was a daughter! Does anyone find this a bit strange?

Still, I couldn’t resist her, nor did I want to. This had gone through my mind so many times, and though I wasn’t ready to put any sort of label on myself or what I was feeling, I knew that it was different than anything I’d ever known, and would ultimately change my life forever.

"Screw it."

I shut my computer down and grabbed my purse. I felt like playing hooky.

As I drove toward the gallery, I wondered what the hell we were going to do today, well, if I could get Cody out of work, that is. There was so much I wanted to do with her. No, get your mind out of the gutter, you pervert.

I wanted to take her places, show her things that I knew about, share that knowledge with, and gain from her source. I wanted to learn new things with her, from her, and us to discover things all on our own.

Just the two of us. I craved her, craved her presence and what she had to offer, which was so much more than people knew.

I pushed the glass doors to the gallery open, and looked around. Keith had gotten some new art up on the walls, his old series long gone. I hadn’t been in here for a while, this Ben thing still a little strange for me.

"Hey, you. Lost, little girl?" I heard whispered in my ear, and I shivered.

"Maybe. Wanna show me my way home?" I asked, leaning into the touch on my shoulder.

"You got it."

I chuckled, turning to see a grinning Cody.

"What are you doing? It’s too early for your lunch time." She crossed her arms over her chest.

"I’m playing sick, and so are you," I informed her.

"Is that so?" I nodded. "Well, I’m not so sure how my boss will take that news."

"What news? Hey, Brooklyn. How are you sweetie?" I found myself in a monster hug.

"I’m good." I squeezed him tight. "I want to steal one of your employees for the afternoon. You don’t mind, do you?" I asked, looking up at him through my bangs as I played with his goatee. He grinned at me.

"You’re so bad." He gave me a low, evil-sounding chuckle. "You have her back by tomorrow morning at eight sharp, and she can go on good behavior."

"Thanks, buddy." I smiled, hugging him again. I turned to my prisoner "Let’s go. Your parole officer has arrived."

"Oh, does this mean I get to be whipped?


* * *

We drove around town, Cody making me laugh as I passed people, her commentary on each one hilarious. She talked about the lady with the huge purple hat that clashed so badly with her bright red hair, dyed unnaturally, and then blue-pants outfit. She made conversation between two dogs that were tied to a park bench as their owner sipped a Coke and read the newspaper.

I took her to lunch, then we went shopping, me trying on all the latest fashions as Cody yawned and rolled her eyes at each new outfit I found to try.

"You know, I think you’d look better in nothing at all." She grinned as I came out with yet anther shirt. This, of course made my blood boil all over again. And just when I’d gotten myself under control, too.

What was it about this girl? I couldn’t keep my hands off her, though I succeeded for the most part in trying. I was so drawn to her, like I have heard about so many times before, and always envied, but was never able to find. Kind of like the way Rand talked about, and still does to a degree, with Pete.

Now I looked at her, eyes locked onto her face, her body, everything about her. I was feeling bold, so I took a step toward her, our breasts nearly touching.

"You first," I whispered, my eyes sweeping across her face, stopping at her lips before roaming up to her eyes. She met my gaze, a mixture of fear and desire reflecting my own. I watched the movement of her throat as she swallowed.

"You got it," she said, looking around the crowded store before she leaned in for a quick kiss, pulling back before we were spotted.

"God, how do you do it?" I breathed, then headed back into the dressing room where I could lean against the wall, my hand over my pounding heart.

* * *

Over the next week we talked, laughed, bonded, kissed . . . She took me out skateboarding, where of course I fell on my keester, but it was just good, old-fashioned fun. That was what I liked so much about Cody, among other things. She was fun, she was interesting, she was beautiful, sexy as hell, and made my body feel things that it had never felt.

What was it? I asked myself this question on a near daily basis.

* * *


I sat at my desk, eyes barely able to stay open from my late night. That part I really needed to stop. It was beginning to affect my work, and I wouldn’t stand for that.

Yawning once again, I took a long, slow pull from my coffee, closing my eyes as the hot liquid slid down my throat only to throw up a nice bolt of energy to revive me.

"Yum," I muttered and turned to my assignment. The phone rang. Picking up the receiver, I narrowed my eyes at the proof before me that was a complete mess. "Brooklyn Fletcher."

"Hey, gorgeous," I heard purred in a low voice on the other end. That instasmile spread across my face.

"Hey, yourself." I sat back in my chair, legs stretched out in front of me as I ran my fingers across the smooth surface of the blonde wood.

"I was wondering if we could get together a little earlier tonight," Cody said, her voice still in that low, sexy tone that I had come to crave.

"Sure. What’s up?"

"Mom." My brows drew.

"Huh? You’ve lost me."

"I sure hope not." She teased. I smiled. Never. "My mom wants me home tonight."

"What!" I looked around, my little outburst catching some attention. I smiled at Danny who was in the cubicle next to mine, then turned back to my phone call.

"What? Why?" I heard her sigh.

"I don’t know, to be honest. Something about family night, or some shit."

"Since when?"

"Since tonight, I guess." I could hear the edge in her voice. She didn’t like it any better than I did, but she was doing it anyway. Why? Cody would more tell Rhonda to kiss her ass then cut her night with me short. Wouldn’t she?

"Oh." I slumped in my seat. "Okay. Well, um, do you want to skip it?"

"No, of course not. We’ll just have to cut it short is all."

There hadn’t been a time yet since, well, things, that Cody hadn’t stayed the night. I sighed.

"Why don’t you just come to my place as soon as you get off work. We’ll go from there."

"Kay. Look, I have to go."




I hung the receiver up, my good mood seeping out my ears. What the hell are you doing, Rhonda? I had the strangest feeling my stomach, as if this "family night" was nothing more than a device to get Cody home. Yes, so maybe I did sound paranoid, but I couldn’t shake that feeling. Some of it may have been my own guilt, but not all of it.

I knew Cody was really nervous about the fallout when Rhonda found out about us. Hell, so was I.

But still, Rhonda had no right to try and dictate her daughter’s life! Cody was nineteen years old, and very much able to make her own decisions. She always had. Of all people, Rhonda should know this.

As I stared at the screensaver on my screen, part of me wondered if Rhonda was beginning to feel empty nest syndrome. Yeah, Jake would be around for some time, but Cody had always been a definite presence. Jodi had gone off to college and was living her own life.

"Hey, daydreamer."

My head jerked up, and immediately my eyes narrowed. Rhonda smiled at me from over the top of my cubicle.

"Hi," I said, moving my mouse to bring my work back to life.

"Do you have the Scott ad done yet?" she asked, her voice chipper and friendly. My eyes scanned the unfinished work, and I shook my head, somehow hurt. I had figured she was going to invite me over for the supposed family night.

"You know, Ron, I’ll let you know when it’s done, just like I always do." I looked up into surprised eyes, instantly feeling like shit for snapping at her. Despite everything, I had looked up to Rhonda as a friend and mother stand-in for almost three years.

Taking a deep breath, I got my emotions back under control.

"I’ll send it to you within the hour," I said, my voice calmer, more back to normal.

"Okay," she said, an uneasy smile on her face. She studied me for a moment, then walked away.

Slumping back into my chair, I ran a hand through my hair and sighed.

* * *

After work that night, we watched a movie, both of us sitting on the floor, Cody leaning against the couch, me against her. She held me in her arms, my head back against her chest. We only had a few hours, and I wanted to be touching her as long as I could so I could take it with me, hold the warmth against me throughout the night.

The strange thing was, though we hadn’t slept in the same bed, her always across the hall asleep in the guest room, I still knew she was there. That alone warmed my heart. Tonight, well, tonight she’d be across town.

"You okay?" she asked, her voice quiet in my ear. I nodded, but said nothing. I was too lost in my thoughts. Why was she going along with this? I wanted to be mad at her, but I couldn’t.

* * *

Cody had left around seven that night, and I had gone to bed just about immediately after. I needed to catch up on my sleep, anyway.

But today as I stood at the counter slicing some French bread, I thought about the situation.

I think I had finally figured out why I was so bothered by this thing with Cody, going along with what Rhonda had wanted and all. Cody was really all I had in some ways. The situation with my parents, I didn’t see Uncle Bruce very often, and when I did, it wasn’t really in a father/daughter capacity. Rhonda, well, the jury was still out on that one. Rand was gone, Keith was with Ben, and though we were still friends, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to call him up in the middle of the night to come save me from my midnight demons like I used to.

What was this for Cody? Was I an experiment for a rebellious nineteen year old girl? Somehow I didn’t think so, but it was still a possibility. Did she mind how much I had come to depend on her? She didn’t seem to mind, in fact, it was almost as though she reveled in the trust put in her.

I started when I heard the doorbell. With a quick glance at the clock on the stove, I knew who it was.

"Come in!" I called out. The door squeaked open, and I heard a skateboard being leaned against the wall. Soft footfalls of the flat-soled Vans were headed toward me, the swinging of the kitchen door announcing her presence.

"Hey, you," she said, hugging me from behind as I started cutting up a tomato.

"Hi." I muttered. If I was twenty years younger, my bottom lip would actually have been sticking out.

"How was your day, dear?" She squeezed me around my middle.

"Good." I groaned out from the pressure. She waited for me to elaborate. When I didn’t, she sighed.

"Ooookay, how’s the weather?"

"Rainy," I said simply, pushing the tomato slices away, and grabbing another one. I wanted so badly to talk to her, tell her how insecure I was feeling, but couldn’t for some reason. I don’t know what stopped me, but it did.

"Okay . . ." She reached around me and took the knife from my hands, setting it on the side of the cutting board. "Something’s obviously wrong, and I don’t really feel like having any vital organs removed." I smiled, but still said nothing. Strong hands turned me around to face her. She looked concerned. "What is it, Brooklyn?"

I sighed, looking down at my feet before pulling my gaze up to her face. It’s now or never, kid.

"Cody, what do you think of us? Of our relationship? Hell, is it a relationship?" I shook my head, my confusion rattling around my brain.

"Wait, what? Where did this come from?" She reached out and tentatively brushed some hair out of my face, then buried her hands in the pockets of her shorts. I shrugged.

"I’m just being stupid, I guess." I looked down at my feet again, my hands fidgeting with a dish towel.

"No, come on. Talk to me, Brooklyn." She bent down so she could look into my eyes. "I can’t help if you won’t talk to me." Again I shrugged, but looked at her.

"I need to know, Cody. What am I to you? I mean . . ." Again I sighed. "You went home last night. To your mom. Is it, well . . ." My hands ran through my hair. "It’s stupid."

"No, it’s not." Cody brushed her knuckles down the side of my face, which gave me the courage to look at her. "You know, since you showed me what can happen, you know, with your family and stuff, and how quick it can all be over . . ." She snapped her fingers. "Like that. Yeah, my mom drives me nuts, but she’s all I got in the mom department. Brooklyn, I’m really trying to not fight with her. I’m starting school in a couple of weeks, so why not make this last little bit with her good, you know?" I shook my head.

"I don’t follow you."

"Well, I did what she said last night, going home for her family night cause I wanted to prove to her that I do care. I mean, I totally hated leaving last night. You know? It sucked!" She smiled. I gave her a weak smile. "But, I knew that I had tonight with you, and the next and the next, and, well, you got the idea."

I looked at her. "Do you want to be here, Cody?"

"Very much so," she said, no hesitation. "I guess I wasn’t making myself very clear." She smiled sheepishly. "Tell you what, there’s two of us here. How do you feel?"

I looked at her, terrified for a moment. Shit! She wants me to tell her how I feel! This was what I dreaded, opening my heart up to her, telling her what I wanted, and having her tell me, oops, sorry. Not for me.

But, I couldn’t think that way right now. I had to be as honest as I had asked her to be.

"Well," I said, looking up at her. "To be honest, I really want to see where this goes. I mean, I don’t know a whole lot about this sort of thing, and, well . . ." I shrugged with a grin. "Who would have thought with us, you know?" I smile, she smiled in turn. My face sobered and I reached out to take one of Cody’s. "Cody, I really like you, and I really care about you. I like this, and I like us. I just want to see where this road leads." She looked at me. "You know?"

"Yeah," she said, her voice quiet, almost a whisper. She grabbed me and hugged me to her. "Yeah, I do know. And I want to see where this leads, too, Brooklyn."

I felt like I was almost being crushed against her chest, but I didn’t care. There was nowhere else I would rather have been at that moment. I pulled away slightly, my hands reaching up to cup her face, and I brought her lips to mine. This wasn’t a kiss meant to tease or delight, this kiss was a promise.

* * *

We were both giggling as we ran in, our hair and clothes stuck to our bodies like a second skin.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Cody said, dropping her sketchpad onto the table in the kitchen. She had done her best to protect it under her clothing.

"I don’t know. Damn." I ran my hands through my hair, slicking the wet strands away from my face. We looked at each other and burst out into laughter all over again.

"So, anyway. You were saying before the deluge," Cody said, slipping out of her soggy shoes.

"Oh, right. So, Bill, the office asshole, and Mary, the office slut, what a combo, huh?" She grinned, heading toward the stairs. I followed. "Now, keep in mind that both are married."

"So, they’re boinking? Like fuck break in the copy room?"

"Exactly. In fact . . ." Cody pushed the door to the guest room open, and headed over toward the closet where she had a few things hung up from past times of being here, and also in case she forgot to bring clothes with her. I plopped down on the bed resting back on my hands. "One time someone went in there to make a copy and found one." I nearly giggled from the memory. "Apparently they felt the need to make a copy of one of their asses."

"Ew." Cody wrinkled up her nose as she unbuttoned her soggy cargos, then turned, her back to me as she pulled the shirt up and over her head.

"Yeah, tell me about it." I glanced up, my eyes following the lines of her back, the muscles and skin working as one, her spine defining it all. "You’ve got a nice back." She paused and pressed the wet tank against her breasts, before looking at me over her shoulder. The look she gave me stopped any train of thought I had, making me nearly breathless.

My body responded immediately, and suddenly I felt a fire spread through me that I thought would consume me whole. I felt my breathing jump about ten notches on the scale, waves of desire flowing though me to pool between my legs.

Cody slowly turned around to face me, the material of the shirt bunched up in her fists, just the barest bit of her toned stomach visible behind it. My eyes took all of her in, the shorts that were unbuttoned, the ends hanging open to show just the barest bit of red beneath. The long, tan legs, bare feet, wild, wet hair, and even wilder blue eyes. God, those eyes. Without a word, Cody dropped her arms to her sides, the tank falling to the floor.

I felt my breath catch, her breasts fully exposed to me, heaving with her own hurried breaths. My gaze was hungry as it took her in, the firm breasts of a nineteen-year-old girl, no, a nineteen-year-old woman. The nipples were a dusky brown, twin points, rising and falling with every breath she took. The skin of my palms suddenly itched to touch them, to be filled with the fullness.

Slowly I stood from the bed and began walking, Cody’s eyes following my every move. She took a step back, the predatory glare in my eyes too much for her. She was not safe from me. My hands reached out, making contact with her shoulders, and pushing. Cody hit the wall behind her with a whoosh of air from her lungs, my body pressed up against hers immediately. I needed her mouth, so I took it. I felt like a tiger had been released in me, and it was hungry.

Cody’s mouth gave way to mine, her tongue wrapping around mine, desperate moans filling my mouth, her hands wandering all over my body, finding my ass as I took what I wanted, pressing hard on her mouth, reaching my tongue as far as it could go. I felt like a drowning woman that only Cody could save.

Our breathing was fast and furious, hands groping, kneading, teasing. I moaned when I felt warm hands seep under my shirt, then felt the cold, wet material siding up my skin as Cody took my shirt off. I raised my arms above my head, allowing the garment to be tossed across the room. Next I felt fingers fumbling with my bra. I was about to offer help when it snapped open, the cool air making my erect nipples ache.

Cody’s mouth was on mine again, our naked torsos touching for the first time. God, I could have come from just that contact.

"God," Cody breathed into my mouth, her hands on my butt to press me even harder into her, hard nipples rubbing against each other. I felt a hot mouth on my neck, my face, licking down my throat and along my collar bones, then finally back up to my mouth.

"Down," I moaned, nearly falling to the hard wood, Cody following, our kiss never breaking as she fell in top of me, her leg roughly pushing mine apart, pressing into me. I moaned as her lips went to my neck, and spread my legs wider, allowing her thigh to reach in deeper, and raising my own against her. Cody’s lips found mine again, and the kiss was powerful, filled with unbelievable passion, one of Cody’s hands cupping my breast. I cried out, the pleasure filling my body, shooting straight south.

Cody’s body began to move faster, her breathing nearly out of control, mirroring my own. She was panting in my ear. The pressure inside was building, and I dug my fingers into Cody’s bare back, our short-clad lower bodies rubbing together with an almost animalistic intensity that didn’t even allow me to think.

"God!" I cried out as spasms overtook my body, pushing my lower body up into Cody, who also stilled, her teeth bared, eyes shut tight as she pushed herself up onto her hands, back arched as she came.

Panting, we still needed more.

Cody pushed herself off me, and stood, tugging her wet shorts and underwear off her body, kicking them away. I looked up at her, absolutely awe inspired. Her body was exquisite. The lines brilliant, muscles tone spectacular. She knelt beside me, tugging on my own shorts and underwear and socks.

"God, you’re gorgeous," she hissed, taking me in. I reached up, grabbed her around the neck and pulled her to me. As our fully naked bodies touched, and I arched up into her, needing as much contact as I could possibly get.

"Oh, baby," I moaned as her mouth found my neck, licking a trail of fire up to my ear where she sucked on my earlobe, gently nibbling it until I giggled. Her mouth continued back down my neck, finding the hollow of my throat where she lavished it with long licks, then moving down further, my hands buried in her thick hair, which tickled my skin as she moved along to my left breast. I sucked in a breath at the sensations as she began to suckle me. "Yes," I breathed, sucking my lower lip in as my neck arched, my fingers massaging Cody’s scalp. Her tongue came out as she moved away, licking just the very tip of my hard nipple, sending even more shivers through me. Her fingers replaced her mouth as she moved to my other breast.

My hips began to rock against her stomach. I could hear my wetness as it made contact with her skin, which of course turned me on all the more. I thrust myself shamelessly into her mouth, feeling as if I’d die if she didn’t suck just a little harder, my hands leaving her hair and beginning to wander down her back and shoulders, feeling the softness of her skin, so hot beneath my touch.

Cody’s mouth left my breasts and worked its way across my stomach as she settled in next to me, her hand reaching down to gently stroke the tangled hair, slightly darker than that on my head. I gasped as she pushed through to the soft wetness that was hidden.

"Wow," she breathed, breaking from my skin to look down at what she’d found. "So wet." She smiled at me, so much wonder in her eyes.

"Come here," I said, near breathless as I pulled her to my mouth. She brought her mouth to mine, her fingers still exploring, two of them finding my clit, making me jump. She chuckled into my mouth, then her hand really began to work, pleasuring me just from exploring.

I began to pant into her mouth, my hips rocking steadily as Cody’s fingers continued to play my body like she would a fine guitar, strumming me to bring me to my crescendo.

I reached down, guiding two of her fingers inside. Cody sucked in a breath as she slid inside easily, filling me. She began to slowly pump in and out of me, marveling at what she was doing like a child with a new toy.

As if she had been taken over, Cody’s mouth latched onto one of my breasts, sucking and tugging with her teeth in time with her hand as she filled me only to pull back out, then fill me again.

My heavy breathing was constant now, the pressure building with each stroke of her fingers, with each tug of her mouth.

Finally with a cry, I could take no more and I didn’t just fall over that proverbial edge, I was thrown over with wings to send me soaring.

I stilled her hand as she continued to stroke, needing to catch my breath. Cody gently pulled out of me, and crawled up my body, hers laying flat against my own, the weight welcome and thoroughly erotic. She found my mouth, desperate as she took it, made it her own.

With a growl, I pushed her off and onto her back, me following close behind. My mouth ravaged any available skin, tasting, biting, licking, sucking. I made my way down to her breasts, which had been captivating me for weeks.

"Wow," I moaned as I filled a hand with one. "So soft." Tentatively I laid my body out next to hers, taking her breast in my palm, and holding it up to my waiting mouth, flicking my tongue out over the rigid flesh. Cody’s head flopped down onto the floor, her neck arching to expose an incredibly tempting expanse of skin, though right now my attention was far too taken by this beautiful gift before me.

Leaning over more, I took as much into my mouth as I could, causing her to cry out, a hand grabbing onto my shoulder almost painfully, but I didn’t care. I sucked her nipple between my upper and lower teeth, running the rough edges against the tender skin, eliciting the most beautiful sounds from her throat, her hips jumping off the floor, then beginning to move. I could smell her, and it made me wild.

As I sucked, I followed Cody’s example and made a slow trek down between quivering thighs, feeling the wet heat as I got closer. I had no idea the human body could get so hot without combusting.

"Please, Brooklyn," she begged as I found her patch. Surprisingly, she had the hair cut short in a perfect natural triangle.

My fingers found the sensitive spot almost immediately as it stood on end, full of blood and feeling.

It was hard trying to keep the rhythm of my mouth as I explored with my hands, but I was determined.

I ran my palm over her, hearing the wetness gather as I passed, then passing over the other way, her hips jumping with each pass over her clit. Finally I brought my fingers back to her, running two through the slickness, ending at her most swollen part, and began to rub.

Cody’s entire body bucked as she pulled air in between closed teeth. It took only moments before her body stiffened, her toes curling as she cried out, her hand wrapping itself in my hair.

"My god," she panted as I slowly took my hand away from her, moving back up to lie beside her, kissing her closed eyelids, her flushed cheeks, and finally finding her open mouth. She responded to my kiss, her tongue cool from the rapid intake of air during her climax.

Finally settling down, Cody’s eyes opened and she looked at me. I smiled at her, rather proud of myself.

"Hey," she said, still breathy.

"Hi, beautiful."

"Dude, what a ride."

"Amen to that."


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