~Taming A Skittish Horse.~

Written by: KW Jordan.

Disclaimer: These two women might resemble a certain hot hot Warrior and bard, but they're not; they both came from my twisted imagination and so did my pen name. This story was started on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 and was finished Monday, July 03, 2006, so it came about fairly quickly. There's no tellin' when the next installment might come about because my muse isn't always very nice to me. There is a small amount of sexual content and a splatter of someone talking about a violent incident but the violence isn't gotten into in gory detail, also there is foul language. And yes, ah enjoyed makin' fun of mah own damned accent. Enjoy luvs, Lord Jesse.
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Shane McGabriel sat on the trunk of her car staring out at the lake beside her family's home. The only sounds being that of nature and the heel of her left boot hitting the already dented fender. Two weeks ago, she'd gotten a call to come home because her father was in the hospital dying from heart failure and things had gotten steadily worse until two days ago when the weak muscle finally gave out.

Sighing, Shane glanced over her left shoulder at the house where she knew her relatives were all inside pretending to give a damn about a man they never came to see during Shane's life. She knew she should feel bad about leaving her older brothers and her older sister in there to deal with the numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and Goddess knew who else, but it wasn't as if anyone believed that she'd ever given a rat's ass about her father anyway.

Shane had always been the tough brat that got into more fights as a kid and got thrown in jail for more stupid shit as a teen than anyone else in Georgia ever had. She never got into serious trouble, but it was enough to get thrown into a cell for 24 hours for fighting or disturbing the peace. She'd even been hauled in for underage drinking several times, and that was all before her 16th birthday. All of that and she still managed to graduate from high school and go off to college at eighteen.

Looking down at her clothes, she snorted. Sitting on her old beat up Ford Tempo in a pair of black boot cut jeans and a black tank top tucked into them with a green flannel with the sleaves rolled up past her elbows, she didn't feel like a 32 year old with an engineering degree and a VP in a major technology designing company.

Hearing the screen door on the old two story house squeak, she turned light emerald green eyes in the direction of the house and smiled at seeing her brother Shaun coming in her direction. He was a year older than her and he was the only one of her siblings who actually looked a lot like her. Their green eyes met and they both smiled in sympathy.

"Hey sis, what'cha doin'?" Shaun asked, kicking at the tires on the old grayish-blue car with his hiking boots in an oddly child-like manner.

Shrugging, Shane grinned slightly. "Escapin' the masses. Why? Ya wanna get outta here?"

Shaun looked at her with poorly hidden hopefulness. "Can we? Please? The Bull Pen's still runnin'."

An evil grin formed on bow shaped lips and green eyes twinkled dangerously. "They still got that damned ol' bull machine up'n buckin'?"

Her older brother matched the grin and snickered before jogging over to the door of the car and jerking it open and sliding in and slamming the door shut. Shaking her head, Shane smirked and muttered as she headed toward the driver's side door. "Some things never change."


Shane and Shaun entered the wooden doors of the old brick building and blinked at the sudden rush of smoke going past them and the loud sounds of 70's rock music as they entered the old bar. Walking down the three wooden steps and across the floor, Shane smiled ruefully as she considered the consequences of entering her old haunt just as the old bartender lifted his head and light blue eyes caught her own gaze.

A broad grin worked it's way across the Mac's lips as he caught the sheepish expression on her face and he shouted over the music. "Well Hell's bells, if it ain't the Devil's own."

A blush worked it's way up her golden-tanned cheeks as Shane self-consciously watched the looks of recognition work across the faces of several of the older people in the bar and heard the comments of some of the people who only could have been old classmates of hers.

"Hey, where's Jeff at, Mutt?" Someone shouted from the back of the bar as she finally reached the bartable where the old bartender, Mac, was standing watching her in amusement.

Shaking off her embarasment, Shane snorted and shouted back. "Hell if I know where the fuck she is. Last I heard, she went and became one of Uncle Sam's ass monkies."

Laughter broke out across the bar as she and Shaun made their orders and the longneck bottles were brought to them quickly by Mac. Taking a sip of the cold bitter beer, Shane traced a few carvings in the scarred wooden bar table and wasn't shocked when she found her own in a diamond shape with another set of initials, LC. Lucky Carmichael aka the Jeff to Shane's Mutt, her child-hood best friend and leader into trouble. Every time Shane had been in the back of a police car, it was a guaruntee that Lucky was right there next to her.

Lucky was a tall muscular girl with short black hair, icy blue eyes that only warmed for Shane and an attitude that didn't quit. Lucky had been born on an army base and went to a private school until her mother had split from her dad and they moved to Georgia when Lucky turned 8. The two girls had become instant friends but when they hit 16, Lucky's dad came back to Georgia and took custody of the tall girl.

Lucky had immediately started behaving herself and as per usual, Shane followed suit. For two years, the girls acted like saints. One night after graduation, the two girls had gone out to the lake further back in the woods near Lauren's family's old run down cabin where they liked to camp out and Lucky had confessed that she was crazy for Shane. They'd made love that night and lost their virginity to each other.

The next morning, with the sun rising over their still nude bodies, Lucky had told Shane that she was being shipped off to join the Army that afternoon. Shane cried and Lucky promised that she'd keep in touch no matter what. Shane only got a letter every once in awhile for three months and then after Lucky's father went back into active duty, she never heard from Lucky again. Shane kept her hopes up until she drove past Lucky's old house the day before she left for college and she saw a for sale sign in the yard. That had been it for Shane, the last time she ever let herself show anyone any emotions again.

Green eyes blinked as a hand landed on her shoulder and she looked back to see Shaun gazing at her with concern etched in his features. "S'nothin'. Just thinkin', big bro."

Shaun nodded and settled back onto his stool. "So Sis, ya gonna be stayin' here or headin' back to 'Sisco?"

Shane twisted around on her stool to face him and nibbled at her bottom lip before shrugging a flannel covered shoulder. "Not quite sure yet. There's not much keepin' me there but I don't know if I'm willing to come back here where the family's at."

Shaun's shoulders slumped slightly and his green eyes dropped to the scarred bar top. "I guess I can understand. Me 'n you never have gotten on well with 'em. They're a bunch of closed-minded hypocrites."

Shane snorted and grinned at Mac as he siddled up to the two of 'em from behind the bar. "What's goin' on old man?"

Blue eyes twinkled as Mac rubbed a hand on his beard stubbled chin. "I was just wonderin' what you've been up to. You back in town for your Pop's funeral?"

Shane ran a hand through her short strawberry-blonde hair and smiled sadly. "Yeah I am. As for what I've been up to, just stayin' outta trouble."

Shaun and Mac both snorted and then the older man grinned slightly. "Ah, now c'mon. You 'spectin' us ta believe that the Devil's own ain't been up to no good? I'll believe it when I see it."

Shane rolled her green eyes at him and rubbed her nose with her middle finger. "You an' I both know it was your niece that always got me into those sticky situations."

A nod of a greying-black head of hair was all she got for an answer before Mac commented idly. "Ya know, she been stayin' up at her Ma's family's old cabin. She stays up there all the time basically bein' a hermit."

"When'd she get discharged from the Army?" Shaun interrupted before Shane could say anything.

Mac thought for a moment and then said. "'Bout two years ago. She got a medical discharge and came home. She had a broken leg and several other injuries. Never did tell me the full reason fer her discharge, don't talk much when I take 'er groceries up thar."

A blonde eyebrow raised on Shane's forehead but she didn't say anything. Nodding her head, she turned her attention back to her beer bottle. Tipping it back, she drank the rest and slammed it back on the bar. "Gimme another. I'm sick of thinkin'."

Mac looked at Shaun and noticed the same look he was sure was on his own. As he handed Shane another longneck bottle, he wondered if he should have mentioned Lucky at all. "Carefull there Girlie, don't wanna have ta carry ya outta here."

Shane snorted and drank her beer as she studied her surroundings. It really hadn't changed much, the same scarred wooden tables and chairs sat in the middle between the bar table and the game area. The same scraped wooden floor, and over in the game area she could see the thinning green carpet. They still had the same four pool tables and kept the cue sticks on the brick back wall. The juke box was in the corner behind the band stage at the back of the bar and it seemed as if the same patrons were still hanging around, plus a few of the people whom had gone to school with her. The mechanical bull was still sitting right in the middle of the bar.

Taking a deep breath, Shane let the memories wash over her. Nights of coming in here even though she had been underage and riding that stupid mechanical bull on full speed with the crowd yelling and applauding. She could remember getting herself lost in Lucky's blue eyes as she held tightly to the pommel on the machine's back.

Green eyes blinked and Shane shook her head, standing up on shaking legs. Looking back at Shaun, she nodded. "C'mon, I wanna go on home, Shaun."


Lucky Carmichael sat up in bed rubbing the sleep from her blue eyes before standing and headed to the bathroom. Turning the light on, the tall woman limped to the sink and turned the cold and hot water on. Grabbing a wash cloth from a cabinet nearby, she stuck the cloth under the water coming from the silver faucet attatched to the white pedestal sink. Bending, she scrubbed her face briskly with the rough wet cloth to wash the sleep from her eyes.

Dropping the wash cloth in the basket next on the left side of the sink, she stood straight and studied the image in the mirror. High cheek bones, slightly pouty redish-pink lips, a chisled jaw line and naturally arched black eye brows. Despite her tan, she could see the thin white scars from past battles while she was a soldier. One scar, thicker than the others and easily seen, ran down the left side of her face from her eye brow, around her eye and down below the edge of her jaw line.

Tracing the thick raised scar with a long index finger, Lucky let her eyes look down to her naked chest and torso. Peppered with scars. Dropping her hand back to her side, stormy blue eyes looked back to the mirror and the disgust there was easily read. Walking back into the bedroom of the three room cabin, Lucky began dressing for the day in ripped blue jeans, hiking boots and a red flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off exposing long muscular arms. Pulling a camoflauge cap over her long raven hair, she decided to go fishing.

Grabbing a blue tackle box and a fishing pole from the closet in the living room, Lucky headed out the back door in the kitchen and started down the path that led to the lake in the woods that separated her cabin and the McGabriels' house.

An hour later, Lucky's long form was sitting on a log by the lake with her tackle box by her side and her fishing pole sticking up from a hole dug for the handle. The line was cast and she was reading the newspaper that she'd had delivered the day before by her Uncle Mac. Blue eyes scanned the Obituary and stopped as she re-read a section in shock.

~ Sean Leroy McGabriel- died June 15th 2016.
survived by 6 children and 3 grandkids.
memorial service June 18 and June 19 2016 at his home on Price Road at 4 P.M. on both days.
Funeral service June 20 2016 at Murrayville Baptist at 10 A.M. ~

Quickly glancing at the sports watch on her left wrist, Lucky sighed. It was 9 A.M. Standing as quickly as she could with her weakened right leg, she grabbed up her stuff and made her way back to the cabin. Lucky hoped to be able to make it to the funeral. She briefly wondered if she should go, knowing that Shane would be there. Shaking it off, Lucky decided that it didn't matter because having always thought Mr. McGabriel was a great guy, he deserved her respect.


Shane stood in the front room of the church with her brothers and sister, catching her older sister Sharon's grey-eyed glare once more. Sharon had been waiting up for Shane and Shaun all night long the night before and they'd been getting glared at by their older sister all morning. Greeting one more member of her father's fishing buddy group, Shane rolled her bloodshot green eyes in exhasperation.

Randy, the oldest of her brothers came over to her and handed her a bottle of water and smiled in sympathy. Whispering under his breath. "Don't worry, I've gotten that glare before. She'll stop eventually when she gets too wrapped up in what she's doing."

Shane snorted, catching yet another glare and glared back before her eyes trailed to the door where people were still coming in. 'Jesus, how many friends did Pop have?' She thought to herself.

Straightening the gig line on her black dress-shirt, Shane missed the next entrance of a person and glanced up when the room went slightly quiet. Her eyes went back to the door and wide when she saw the tall figure in the door way.

Lucky glanced around the room and her eyes landed on Shane's wide eyed face. Nodding her head at Shane, Lucky stepped out of the doorway and to the side. 'Damn it. I really should have thought this over. I shoulda realized that they'd be greeting everyone.' She chastised herself mentally.

Shaun walked over to Shane, leaning his head toward her. In a low voice, he whispered. "You want me to greet her?"

Shane's grateful eyes glanced from Lucky's bowed dark head to Shaun and she nodded. "Please?"

Shaun walked toward Lucky, taking in her physical appearance. Lucky was dressed in a black suit that appeared to be custom-made to fit her broad shoulders and slim hips. Her hands were nervously jammed in the pants' pockets and she seemed to be putting most of her weight on her left leg as she leaned a shoulder against the wall. Despite having seen her around town, this was the first time he'd seen her this close in quite a long time. Her blue eyes glanced at him and he was suddenly struck with how beautiful she still was, even with the scars. Stopping a couple of feet away, he cleared his throat. "Hey, thanks for coming."

Lucky smiled slightly. "Why do I have a feeling that the general consensus is that I shouldn't be here?"

Shaun's green eyes widened and he blushed a little. "Umm... What d'ya mean?"

Smirking, Lucky shrugged her broad shoulders and pulled a hand out of her pocket. Digging in the pocket on the inside of her jacket, she pulled out an envelope and handed it to him. "Here, give this ta Shane. It's not much, just a condolenses card. Should I leave or is it alright if I stay?"

Shaun warily took the card and glanced toward an avidly watching Shane. "Stay, please. I think it might be good fer her if she finally gets an explanation, don't you?"

Lucky glanced sharply at Shaun. "I don't owe anyone a damned explanation, ya got me? I ain't never explained myself ta nobody and I'm not gonna start now. I'm just here to pay ya'lls Pop the respect that he deserves."

Shaun nervously backed up a bit at the cold sharp tone Lucky had taken and nodded quickly. "Of course. Go on ahead inside."

Shane watched as Lucky stomped into the inner corridor of the church and turned her eyes back to Shaun as he walked over to her. "What's up? Did she say why she came?"

Shaun grimaced and handed Shane the white envelope and scratched his clean shaved jaw. "She's just here ta give Pop respect. She said ta give that to you. It's a condolenses card."

Nodding, Shane ran her empty hand through her spikey hair as she looked down at the envelope in her other hand. Turning, she walked into the inner corridor of the church and walked to a pew at the front of the room. Taking a seat, she opened the envelope, removed the card and her eyes scrolled the neatly penned letter.

~ To the McGabriels',
I'm truly sorry for your loss, I haven't experienced that kind of loss myself but figure it can't be easy. I hope that it's not too hard for you all to deal with and that you know that there are plenty of people who feel for you.
Take care,
L. Carmichael. ~

Shane rolled her eyes and glanced at the back where Lucky's tall form was sitting in the back pew. 'Never was much for long speeches or letters.' When blue eyes glanced up at her, Shane quickly turned back to the front.

Family and friends started pouring into the pews and Shane was glad for the distraction of the Preacher as he took to the podium and began the Eulogy. He spoke for awhile and then allowed Shane's siblings their turn to speak.

Randy was first up. His brown hair was neatly slicked back and his facial hair was shaved off. His hazel eyes moved over the crowd as he spoke of memories of their father. After him, came Sharon. Her auburn hair was pinned up in a bun with a few tendrels of the long curly hairs excaping as she talked of their father. David came after her, his blonde hair shaved nearly off and his brown eyes stayed pinned to his speech cards. Sonny came after David, his long blonde hair in a pony tail and his blue-green eyes moved around the room as he spoke of his fond memories with their father. His black suit was neatly pressed and for once, he was dressed nicely unlike the hippy type clothing everyone was used to. After Sonny, Shaun took his place and spoke of their father.

Everyone was shocked as Shane walked toward the podium where her brothers and sister were lined up on the left side next to the Preacher. Smiling sadly at them, Shane stood in front of the podium and let her eyes trail over the room. Her eyes stopped when she saw the sympathetic smile formed on Lucky's lips. Glancing into the blue eyes, Shane blinked back tears before clearing her throat.

"I know that most of you have thought at least once, if not more, that I didn't love my father. You were wrong." Shane's eyes glanced around the room before she continued. "Pop was a wonderful caring man. He did his best by us after our mother left, and as much as I acted out, he still loved me." Her voice broke and she glanced back at Lucky, seeing the understanding gaze. Feeling more confidant, Shane continued. "I remember him being there every time I needed him, and I'm sure you all know that it was a lot." Hearing a few chuckles, most from the back, Shane raised a russet eyebrow in acknowledgement. "Pop was there for me the first time I ever had my heart broken, he said something to me that I think might help us all deal with this loss. We were sitting on the back porch where he and I always had our talks at dawn and he said, 'Life's strange sometimes because we lose so many things. We lose our innocense, we lose our hope sometimes, and some times we lose our friends and loved ones'. More often than not, we've lost our hearts to someone who doesn't even want it. But as life goes on, and we get closer to the end of our roads, you'll see that nothing was in vain. We've all got a time and whether you lose someone to death or lose 'em to whatever life throws their way, things come back full circle.'" Tears rushed down Shane's flushed cheeks, and she moved away from the podium to stand beside Shaun who seemed to be the only one not in shock.

Shaun took Shane's hand and held his head up, handing her a tissue. Shane gratefully took the tissue, wiping the tears away and blowing her nose silently. As the Preacher finished up the service, Shane glanced back at the back of the room catching the blue eyes still staring at her. Shane raised her head and turned her eyes away purposefully.

Everyone moved to line up on the right side of the line of siblings and started going through the line to give their condolences. After about a half hour, it came close to the end of the line and Shane sighed in relief. When the last person stopped in front of her, she quickly wondered if it would be rude of her to run from the church when she realized that it was Lucky.

Lucky looked down into Shane's green eyes and was still for a moment before she hesitantly stuck her hand out to Shane. "I really am sorry about Pop's death. He was a truly spectacular man."

Shane placed her hand in the strong, large hand being offered and felt it engulfed by the strength and warmth. Quirking her lips in a bittersweet smile, Shane said in a low voice. "I know that you respected him when we were kids. We're short one pallbarer and I know that he'd be proud to know that you assisted in laying him to rest, would you help?"

Lucky released Shane's small hand and gestured toward the black casket on the other side of the podium. "I'd be honored."

Nodding, Shane followed behind Lucky and watched the slightly limping movements of her old friend. She briefly thought about asking Lucky what happened to her leg but decided against it. Lucky took the end of the casket across from where Randy would be carrying it and Shane took the left side while Shaun took the right side. The four carried the casket out to where the hurse sat waiting like the grim reaper in the bright sunlit morning. They slid the casket into the back and shut the door.

Shane noticed Lucky fidgeting uncomfortably while the blue eyes scanned the parking lot. "Hey what's wrong, Luck?"

Lucky glanced up at Shane and glanced back down. "I won't be able to go with ya'll to the burial site. I guess I'll see ya'll around."

Shane cocked her head to the side and reguarded Lucky's face before realizing what it was that seemed so strange about Lucky's facial expression. Shane had never seen the dark-haired woman look ashamed before. "What's the problem, Lucky?"

Blue eyes widened slightly and Lucky swallowed convulsively before speaking in a low tone while looking at the ground. "I don't have a car."

Shane shook her head. "Just come with us. Please?"

Lucky glanced at the limo and back at Shane's face. "Nah, I'll just g'wan home."

Shane glanced back to where her siblings were waiting with the limo door open and thought for a moment. When she looked back at where Lucky had been, Lucky had dissapeared. Stomping a foot in frustration, Shane pivoted on her heel and hurried to the limo. Slamming the door behind her, she slumped in her seat.

Shaun glanced at Shane and nearly snorted at the pout that had formed on her bow shaped lips. "She's not coming to the grave yard, huh?"

Shane just glared sullenly at her brother before turning her attention back to the window, watching the passing cars and buildings and trees.


Shane lay in her old bed at her child-hood home thinking about the day's activities. After the burial, they'd had everyone come back to the house for dinner and then everyone had gone home. The next morning they'd have to deal with setting up the will reading and all the other legal preceedings, but for now she was just content with thinking about Lucky. Despite still being angry and hurt with Lucky, Shane wanted an explanation. She just knew that Lucky had to have a good reason for ending their friendship the way she had. 'God she's changed so much. Instead of walking with her head up the way she used to, she keeps her head bowed and her shoulders slumped. Fuck, I can't seriously be thinking about trying to get to know her again, can I? For some reason, I don't think it'll be easy. She seems wary of people.'

Rolling over onto her side, Shane gazed out at the moonlit night. Her feelings about Lucky were mixed and her emotions were slightly whirling. She felt giddy at the prospect of getting to know Lucky again but at the same time, she felt wary. Knowing that her heart had been broken by Lucky before, Shane didn't know if she wanted to hug the woman or kick her ass. Seeing the once proud woman act like a skittish horse was disturbing in the least. At least that's how she'd seen Lucky's actions. Lucky had always made a point of looking people in the eyes while speaking to them as a kid and today she had stared at the ground while fidgeting whenever talking to someone at the church. 'That's it, I might as well admit it. I'm going to figure that woman out. I don't care what it takes.' Her mind made up, Shane closed her eyes and finally felt sleep begin to take hold.


Lucky sat in an old tire swing slowly pushing herself back and forth beside the lake and thought about the day before in the late afternoon light. Plucking at the thin fabric of her blue jeans, her eyes followed the flight of a small woodpecker moving from tree to tree. 'Damn, I'm such a fucking chicken shit. I couldn't even ride with them to the damn burial site.' Taking a deep breath, Lucky stared at the grass below the tire swing. Her shoulders slumped even further with her next thought. 'I can't even hold a decent conversation with someone anymore without freaking out. I never should've joined the damned Army. Fuckin' scars took away any chance at normalcy that I have. I'm too afraid that people will see the scars instead of me.'

The sounds of foot steps on the floor of the forest sounded and wary blue eyes glanced toward the path on her left. Jumping out of the tire swing, she hid behind a tree to watch whomever it was coming onto her property.

Shane stepped out of the tree line and glanced around, having sworn that she'd seen movement through the tree branches as she made her way down to the lake. Noticing the old tire swing moving even though there was hardly any breeze, green eyes scanned the area. Seeing a slight bit of red in the trees behind the swing, Shane chuckled slightly. "Lucky, get out here. Red doesn't hide in the forest, as an Army brat and a soldier you should know that."

Lucky started at the voice and silently cursed herself for not being more careful. Stepping sheepishly out from behind the small oak tree, she glanced briefly at Shane's face before glancing back at the ground.

Shane grinned. "You gonna say hi or do I not even rate that?"

Lucky looked sharply at Shane and said in a small voice. "Of course you do, I just... never mind. Do you want me ta go?"

Shane's confusion showed in her eyes at the way Lucky was acting. "No I don't want you to go. I was actually about to head up to the cabin to see you."

Lucky felt hope build up in her chest and she carefully schooled her emotions so that they didn't show through. "Why? I'd think after what I did to you, you'd want me to leave you alone."

Shane smiled softly and she approached Lucky slowly. When she got within a few feet of Lucky, she stopped as she noticed the cornered look on her face. "I was hoping that maybe I'd get a chance to find out why you did that and maybe get my best friend back."

Lucky closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She could feel the panic building again and her heart was beginning to beat erratically as Shane moved toward her. When Shane stopped a few feet away from Lucky and she heard Shane's words, the panic receeded and was replaced with a rapidly building hopefullness. In a small voice, Lucky said. "I can't promise you anything. I'm not much any more."

Shane's heart swelled with emotions as she heard the self-deprecating words come from Lucky. She'd always thought that Lucky was a wonderful person and still believed it to be so and hearing such a self-hating statement come from her made Shane feel as if her soul was breaking. "Lucky, lets not get into that right now. Let's just see if we can get our friendship back, okay? I miss a lot about you and I honestly doubt you've changed as much as it seems."

Lucky swallowed thickly and raised blue eyes to meet green. Seeing nothing but honesty, Lucky held out her right hand and whimpered slightly when Shane placed her smaller one in hers.

Shane placed her hand in Lucky's and stepped up to her. When Lucky backed up a bit, Shane felt slightly disheartened but decided quickly that she'd keep trying and that holding her hand was more than she'd thought would happen.

Lucky sighed in relief when Shane didn't try again to get closer to her. Shrugging her shoulders a bit, she asked in a normal tone. "So, what do you wanna do?"

Shane gave a quirky grin. "Got any food at the cabin, I haven't ate lunch yet? I came here after changing out of my monkey suit."

Lucky snorted. "Don't try explainin' it. Ya have ta remember I've known you far too long for that. You're still the same bottomless pit."

Shane snickered and tugged on Lucky's hand and giggled when Lucky started off toward the cabin pulling Shane along the trail. "Think it's about time to trim down the path a bit?"

Lucky looked around at the overgrown path and shrugged. "Nah, I think it looks fine. Just because it... ah never mind. I guess ya might be right."

Shane cocked her head a bit. 'I guess it'll take a bit for her to realize it's okay to still joke around with me the way she used to.' "I know I'm right. I'm always right."

Lucky rolled her eyes. "If you say so."


Lucky opened the front door to the cabin and let Shane in first. She self-consiously stood by the door as Shane looked around.

Shane took in the rustic log cabin interior and bit off a grin as she thought about times when they'd explored the cabin when it was run-down as kids. The cabin was now warm and friendly. The two recliners and the couch were light brown soft leather and the end tables, coffee table and enteretainment center were oak. There was an oak desk in the corner with a black laptop, a printer, speakers, a camera and a fax machine on it and on the entertainment center there was a large flatscreen TV and a DVD/VCR player along with a surround sound system and a stereo system. Looking at the walls, Shane noticed several framed pictures and there were a few Indian rugs on the floor.

Turning around to where Lucky was standing, Shane noticed the anxious look in the blue eyes. "It looks great in here. I love what you've done with it."

There was a quick flash of relief on Lucky's face before she locked it away. "Thanks. Wanna see the rest of it?"

Shane grinned and nodded. Following behind Lucky's tall form, she decided that she'd wait until Lucky was comfortable with her again to ask about the past. As they entered the bedroom, Shane grinned. The bed was a custom made waterbed that was made to fit Lucky's 6'2 form and had blue cotton sheets. There were two air conditioning vents in the room and it was cooler in here than the rest of the house as she'd expected it to be. Lucky had always hated sleeping in hot weather unless she was outside. There was a small oak dresser against the same wall as the bed and another wall had floor to ceiling windows that peeked out over the hillside that the cabin was on. Standing in front of the windows, she grinned and peeked over her shoulder at Lucky. "I bet this gives off a great view of the sunset doesn't it?"

Lucky grinned shyly and nodded. "Yeah it does. It's why I had 'em put in. Wanna see the kitchen?"

Shane grinned and asked. "Can I used your bathroom first?"

Lucky hesitated for a single moment before nodding. In a low voice, she said. "Yeah, umm... it's right there." She pointed at the door a few feet to the left of her bed.

Shane raised an eyebrow briefly at the hesitation and walked toward the bathroom. Opening the door, she stepped in and closed it softly behind her. Looking around, she took in the shower in the left corner on the back wall and the sunken hot tub across from the shower. The toilet was against the right hand wall and there was a pedestal sink against the wall on the left with an oak cabinet to it's right and a laundry basket to the left. A medicine cabinet was above the sink and Shane felt a momentary pause before she quietly opened it and peeked inside. There was the normal bathroom stuff along with three prescribed pill bottles. Picking one up, she read the title. 'Why does she need 30mg's of Phenelzine? Isn't that an anxiety disorder medication?' Shaking her head, Shane replaced the bottle and briefly scanned the other two finding pain meds. Shutting the cabinet, she went about her bathroom business.

When Shane walked out, she found Lucky sitting nervously on the bed waiting for her. Lucky looked up and then glanced down. "Hey, what's wrong Lucky?"

Lucky shrugged and stood. Walking to the door of the bedroom, she gestured with her head for Shane to follow. "Nothin'. I'm just not used to people being here, s'all."

Shane followed, her brow furrowed slightly at the change that had occured in Lucky's demeanor in the brief minutes that she was in the bathroom. Leaning against the doorjamb of the kitchen with her shoulder, she cocked her head slightly. "Would you prefer if I left, Lucky?"

Lucky's eyes widened in panic and she shook her head. "NO!... I mean no, I just... I need ta get used to it." In a low voice, with her eyes staring at the ground, Lucky forced out. "I like having you here."

Shane clenched her jaw briefly. Taking a deep breath, she smiled tremulously. "I'm glad that you like having me here, Luck. I... umm, I've missed you a lot over the years."

Lucky looked up from under dark eyelashes in a very shy gaze and asked. "Even though I hurt you?"

Shane closed her eyes and reopened them. "Lucky, I spent an equal amount of time over the past fourteen years cursing your name and begging the Goddess to bring you back to me."

Lucky returned Shane's tremulous smile and gestured toward the fridge. "I guess I should feed ya, huh?"

Shane giggled in relief. "Yeah I guess so."


Shane stood on Lucky's back porch next to her. It was nearly nine P.M. and Shane knew she should be getting back to her family's home but she was afraid that if she left, Lucky would become closed again. Lucky had relaxed some while they ate dinner and they'd joked and talked a little. Conversation had been a little tense but that was to be expected between two people trying to rebuild a friendship.

Lucky tucked her hands into her back pockets and rocked slightly on her heals, glancing at Shane from the corner of her eye. She couldn't help but notice how beautiful the small blonde looked in the moon light and panic kept her from touching Shane. Clearing her throat a little, Lucky said. "I umm, I'm glad you came over today. I... uh.. if you want, you can come here again some time?"

Shane turned to Lucky and reguarded her for a moment. In a soft voice, Shane answered. "I'd love to. You can come up to the house too..." Shane trailed off noticing a slightly panicky look enter Lucky's blue eyes. "I guess not, huh?"

Lucky scuffed her boot lightly against the porch. "I... um, I wish I could but... I'm not really good with other places. I..."

Shane gently interrupted. "Lucky, you don't have to make excuses. I know that you have some kind of problem. I just don't know what."

Lucky shrugged uncomfortably and slumped her shoulders, dropping her head down. In a low voice, she said slowly. "I have an anxiety disorder. It... uh... it's caused from a lot of different things."

Shane nodded, patting Lucky on the arm and started to take her hand back but was stopped when Lucky grabbed her hand and held it gently. Looking up with confused eyes, Shane was startled to see a pleading looking enter the blue eyes.

Lucky took a deep breath and fought against the panic, winning, she pulled Shane into her arms and hugged her tightly. In a low voice, she begged. "Please come back? I don't want to lose you again. I wanna fix what I did. I'm afraid that if you leave, I'll never see you again."

Shane stood in shock for a moment as she was pulled into the circle of Lucky's arms but quickly relaxed and returned the hug with her hands around Lucky's slim waist. Hearing the begging, she tightened her hold around Lucky's back and rubbed slightly in a soothing motion. "Lucky, I promise you that the only way that I won't come back is if the Goddess herself intervenes."

Lucky relaxed against Shane and then backed off. Blue eyes caught green gratefully. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Shane smiled softly and nodded. "Any time, my friend. I'm gonna head on home. Want me to come by tomorrow?"

Lucky nodded and waved as Shane turned and walked off down the path toward the lake and home. When Shane disapeared from sight, Lucky turned and walked straight to her bedroom in the cabin. Stripping, Lucky lay down in bed and looked out the glass windows on the left side of her bedroom. In a small voice, Lucky said aloud. "Please, don't let this be a dream. I want to be normal. I want Shane in my life again and I want my family back. I'd do anything for someone to be able to love me as messed up as I am."


Shane sat in the office of her father's lawyer along with several other family members and they were all in shock. For the past two weeks since the funeral, they'd all argued about who would get their father's stuff and the lawyer had just boldly announced that Sean McGabriel had left all of his things to his youngest daughter and youngest son.

Shane blinked her green eyes and glanced over at Shaun. They both shook their heads and stood, running their hands through their short blonde hair. Shane cleared her throat. "I... uh... That's a shock."

Randy shrugged his shoulders. "Well, it's what we get fer bein' the way we were. Shaun and Shane were the only ones whom ever treated Pop with respect after they moved out."

Sharon grunted and made a face. "I don't get it. It's not as if the old buzzard deserved our respect."

Shane gritted her teeth and glared at Sharon. "Sharon, shove your self-righteous bullshit up your stuck-up ass. You and David and can both get your shit, and I do mean yours, out of my house immediately or you'll find it in the yard."

David narrowed his brown eyes at Shane. "You wouldn't dare!"

Randy stood next to Shane. "Yes she would and we both know it. Shane and Shaun were the only ones that showed Pop any respect so you two might as well get your heads out of your asses. I know I'm not any better and I have no excuse but at least I seriously feel bad about it now."

Sonny shrugged and nodded in agreement with Randy. His barratone voice echoing slightly in the posh room of the lawyer's office. "I know I haven't done any better but at least I was there for Pop when he died. You two were off somewhere doing the Goddess only knows what."

Sharon started to say something else but instead, she stood and stomped out of the office with David following. Shane exchanged looks with Shaun and the rest of them filed out of the office.


Shane stood staring in bemusement at the area of the living room door where there had been a stained-glass window not two minutes before. When they'd arrived home from the lawyer's office, Randy, Sonny, Shaun and Shane had packed Sharon and David's stuff since the two were too busy bickering to do it themselves. When the two had ignored Shane's threat of throwing their stuff out the door, Shane had waited a few minutes before she finally had and the four suitcases had landed in a large mud puddle in the front yard. When Sharon had realized what had happened, she had muttered a few empty threats and David had stared opened mouthed before storming out followed by Sharon whom had slammed the door behind her hard enough to bust out the window.

Shane finally blinked when Lucky's tall form appeared in front of the door and cocked her head at the broken window. "Problems?"

Shane snorted and opened the door, allowing her friend entrance into the house. "Yeah, Sharon blew a gasket when I carried through on a promise."

Lucky nodded, and scuffed her boot nervously against the hardwood floor of the living room. Looking up, she glanced at Shane's brothers before looking back at the floor.

Shane noticed the nervousness and cleared her throat, looking at her brothers, she asked. "You guys mind givin' us some privacy?"

Shaun, Sonny, and Randy smiled and made their way up the stairs. Lucky looked up at Shane gratefully. Despite the two weeks that they had been hanging out together again, Lucky still had anxiety attacks but not as badly if Shane was around. "Thanks."

Shane nodded and sat on the couch, patting the cushion beside her. Lucky sat down next to her, Shane grinned and started the conversation. "So what's up?"

Lucky nervously cleared her throat. Her blue eyes stared hard at the table and she shrugged her shoulders. When Shane just continued to stare at her expectantly, Lucky sighed in exhasperation. "I just wan... I know that you've been busy the last couple of days so I thought maybe I... uh.. m-might come over here instead of ummm... making you come to me."

Shane smiled at Lucky and commented. "I'm glad you came over. I've missed you the last two days. I called my boss and informed him that I wouldn't be coming back to my job and then called my landlord and he's gonna send my stuff back here."

Lucky glanced over at Shane with happy blue eyes and then glanced back at the glass coffee table in front of the flannel covered couch they were sitting on. "That's good."

Shane smiled and nodded. "So what's up? You seem more nervous than usual."

Lucky cleared her throat and turned slightly, pulling her left knee up on the couch between her and Shane before talking. "I.. uh, I was wonderin' if maybe... umm... you might... I guess.. uh... h..help me with something?"

Shane reached a hand out and tucked some strands of dark hair behind Lucky's left ear before putting the hand under Lucky's chin and lifting until the blue eyes met hers. "Lucky, you know I'd do anything for you."

Lucky's eyes flickered away and back to meet the sincere green eyes across from her. "I thought maybe you might help me try to be normal?"

Shane's left eye brow twitched and she fought it not to raise before she licked her lips. "Lucky, you may have a few problems but there's nothin' wrong with you."

Lucky dropped her chin down before she shrugged her broad shoulders. A few minutes went past quietly before Shane put her arm around Lucky's shoulders tentatively and pulled until Lucky was against her side. "Lucky, I know we seem to have danced around the subject the past couple of weeks but I really wanna know what happened to the cocky girl that you used to be."

Lucky fidgeted some more and shook her head. "I don't like talkin' about it."

Shane removed her arm and reguarded Lucky. Taking a deep breath, she decided to push the subject. "Lucky, if you want my help I'm gonna have to know the whole story. Else wise, I'll just be floating in the wind."

Lucky could feel her heart starting to pound and her palms begin to sweat along with her nerves twitching slightly. She jumped up from the couch when Shane reached out to turn her head toward her. Shaking her head angrily, Lucky turned away from Shane. "I'm not gonna talk about it! Damn it, Shane! I've faced that I'm fucked up, why the Hell can't you?!"

Shane clenched her jaw at the reaction, and stood to walk over to the agitated Lucky. Seeing Lucky back away, Shane stopped several feet away from her. "Lucky, why are you so angry? You're the one that asked for help. I want to, but I can't without knowing why you are the way you are."

Lucky's heart was now beating rapidly and her breath was coming in rapid spurts. Feeling panic taking over her mind, Lucky raced to the front door and ran out. The door slamming behind her.

Shane stood staring with wide green eyes at the door where her friend had just exited. Turning back around, she saw Shaun standing in the kitchen doorway with a concerned look on his face. Shaking her head, Shane sat down in the corner of the couch putting her head in her hands.

Shaun walked over to his sister and sat on the arm of the couch with a hand on Shane's back. "Are you okay, Sis?"

Shane sniffled and looked up at her brother with tears tracking down her face. "I just wanna help her but she keeps me and every one else at arm's length."

Shaun nodded his head. "I've seen her freak out like that in town before. It was the last time anyone saw her in town. She'd been okay one minute and the next as a group of people entered the coffee shop, she just stood and ran out." Shaun watched Shane process that information before he stood and gestured with his head. "C'mon, ya can't find a skittish horse on an empty stomach now can ya?"

Shane stood and looked at her brother gratefully. "I guess not."


Lucky bent over panting, her hands on her bent knees with her raven hair falling into her face. Looking up, gratefull blue eyes fell on her cabin and she straightened and made her way into the cabin. Not bothering to turn the lights on, she walked through the kitchen door and into the living room. Dropping onto the corner of the couch, she drew her long legs up and huddled into a ball with her arms wrapped around her knees.

Her body still thrummed with anxiety she'd felt and she felt as if she were trapped inside herself. Her breath came out in gasping bursts and her body rocked back and forth in a fetal position on the leather couch. She didn't know how long she lay there but as she felt as if she were finally coming back into herself, she noticed that the sun had gone down and it was completely dark in the house.

Laying in the dark, Lucky thought about what had happened earlier at Shane's house. 'Fuck. Why did I even bother? I can't even bring myself to think about what happened back then, how could I have thought that I could get someone to help me? I'm always gonna be fucked up. Shane probably won't even want anything to do with me now. She can see that I'm ugly so why did she want anything to do with me in the first place?'

With those morose thoughts, Lucky felt tears well up in her eyes and she sobbed out. "The only friend I've had in three years and I screwed that up in less than an hour." 'Great job, Captain Dumbass.'



Shane stared at the star filled sky by the lake as she sat on a log. It had been a week since she'd spoken to Lucky and she still couldn't get herself to go see her old friend. She'd spent the past week reading up on the anxiety disorder that Lucky had and now had a better idea of how to help her. Shane knew Lucky was thinking that she didn't want to be her friend any more but she didn't know how Lucky would react if she went to the cabin.

Standing up, Shane turned back toward her own home and started up the path. 'Chicken Shit. Can't even get up the nerve to go see her.' When she arrived at the house, she stood in the driveway and made a decision. Stopping at the side of her beat up old blue-grey Tempo, she fiddled with the handle before she got in and started it.

As she backed out of her driveway, Shane felt a sadness settle over her that she hadn't felt in awhile. Even with losing her father, she hadn't felt as much sadness as one would expect but with the thought of losing Lucky again she felt as if her heart were being ripped out. For a moment she wondered if she should be risking her heart with Lucky again but the feeling of depression that settled thickly in her heart and made it feel as if her heart were in her throat made her decide that the alternative was worse. Having Lucky in her life was better than not and she didn't want to ruin another chance that she might have.

Nodding her head at the decision, Shane knew that she would do whatever it took to get Lucky to be in her life again. Smiling as the feelings of depression disappeared and were replaced with determination and giddy happiness, she headed toward the Bull Pen to talk to Mac.

Pulling into the nearly empty parking lot of the bar, Shane settled the car into park and stepped out. Her eyes tracked over the lot and her left eyebrow raised as she saw Mac struggling to set a bundle of bags on the ground by his beat up black pick-up truck. Jogging over to Mac, she took a few bags from him and set them down before greeting him. "Hey Mac, what's goin' on?"

Mac's grizzled eyebrows raised in surprise and he nodded. "Not much, jus' gettin' ready ta take this on over ta Luck. It's that time a week when I deliver her stuff."

Shane nibbled on her bottom lip and nodded decisively. "Would it make it easier if I just did it fer ya?"

Mac's lips quirked into a bemused grin. "Now why wouldja wanna do that? You two been travelin' them thar paths again?"

Shane snickered and smirked at Mac. "Yeah. I was just comin' by ta see if you could talk ta me fer a momment. I've been wonderin' about some stuff that she don't seem ta wanna talk about."

Mac's blue eyes brightened in understanding as he gazed steadily into Shane's green eyes. "Ah guess we could go on up in mah apartment and talk over a cup a java."

Shane nodded and picked up the bags and they both settled them in the trunk of her Tempo before heading into the side door of the bar that had a stairwell that led to Mac's apartment above the bar. Mac turned on the coffee pot in the kitchen before settling down in his recliner across from where Shane was sitting on the couch.

It was tensely quiet for several minutes before the coffee maker chimed and Mac stood and made their coffee. Handing a white mug with “Army” written on it in bold black letters to Shane, Mac settled back down on the old brown recliner and cleared his throat after taking a sip of coffee from a mug similar to Shane's. "I guess I should start with that whole fiasco that happened after she past boot camp. Her C.O. heard that she was gay and one a his lackeys managed to intercept a letter from you ta her." He took another sip from his coffee and continued. "The ol' bastard got a group of people tagether 'n managed ta surprise her. They beat the livin' shit outta her and made sure she un'erstood that if'n she didn't stop the letters and kept quiet about what happened that she'd get a lot worse 'n that."

Shane gasped and covered her mouth, staring with wide eyes at Mac. "Oh my God, why didn't she turn them in?"

Mac shook his head. "I don't rightly know. She ignored them and tried ta send a letter ta you and the bastards got it. They definitely did worse ta her. I'm not gonna git inta that part 'cause even with your ornery Devil ass, that's some down 'n dirty shit they did ta mah lil' niece."

Shane took in this information and tried not to let the sick feeling in her stomach bother her. She had a feeling that she knew what had happened to Lucky and it made her feel sick to her stomach. Swallowing the bile, Shane turned green eyes back to Mac. "What happened to finally make her leave the Army?"

Mac shrugged his broad shoulders and shook his head. "I don't know, ta tell ya the truth. I asked 'er several times but she always dances 'round it like one a them ol' tutu wearin' girls."

Shane's russet colored eyebrows furrowed and scratched at her chin with the fingers of her left hand. "Do you have her Pa or her Ma's number?"

Mac nodded and stood, walking over to the desk next to his bedroom door. He rifled through a drawer and came up with a small black book. He pulled out a piece of paper and a pen before opening the book and searching. He made a small grunting noise as he found what he was looking for. After a few seconds of scribbling, he tossed the pen and black book back into the drawer before walking over to Shane and handing her the paper. "That there's all of Laurie and Luke's numbers. I figgered if'n ya can't get one, you'll get t'other. They been back t'gether fer a few years. I don't think that Luck even knows that. She shuts up like a clam right quick when ya start talkin' 'bout 'er folks."

Shane nodded and stood to tuck the paper into her pocket. Reaching out with both arms, she encircled Mac and hugged him shortly. Backing up a bit, Shane ran a hand through her short strawberry blonde hair. She turned her eyes to the ground before looking into Mac's eyes. "I'm sorry fer all the times that we nearly got you inta trouble here. I know me 'n Luck gave you a lot of grief back then."

Mac snorted and patted her on the back with a large hand. "Don't you worry 'bout that. You girls kept me from gettin' old, s'all ya did."

Shane grinned. "Well, I should be gettin' that stuff in the trunk ta Lucky's. I'll try ta swing by again some time, alright?"

Mac smirked and led the way back out to Shane's Tempo. Shaking his head, Mac stopped by the door and opened it for her. "Now, why do you got this ol' heap a junk still if you got such a good job now days?"

Shane rolled her eyes as she got in the seat before answering him. "A friend of mine's bringing my stuff down here for me. She'll be bringin' my truck too."

Mac nodded his head and shut the door after Shane cranked it. With a wave, Shane pulled out and started down the road on the longer way to Lucky's cabin.


Lucky lay on the hammock on her front porch waiting for her Uncle Mac's truck to come up the drive. She felt depressed and was annoyed at her lack of nerves to go see Shane. Hearing a vehicle on the gravel drive, Lucky stood and leaned against the porch railing. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw Shane's old Tempo pulling up. She stood there in shock as the car pulled to a stop. When Shane stepped out, Lucky took a breath and studied her. Shane was wearing ripped up tight blue jeans and a black tank top, her muscles in her body showing proudly against her lightly tanned skin. When green eyes turned in Lucky's direction, Lucky took a breath and stepped off the porch walking in Shane's direction.

Lucky stopped in front of Shane and nervously twitched in the following silence with her eyes on the ground. She started slightly when she felt a hand on her chin lifting her eyes to stare into green.

Shane smiled softly. "Hey. You okay?"

Lucky's eyes watered up and her chin trembled slightly. "I... why... uh..."

Shane wrapped her arms around Lucky and pulled her head down to her shoulder. Rubbing the tense back, Shane whispered. "I'm sorry I didn't come back before now. I didn't know if you wanted me here."

Lucky sniffled and wrapped her arms tightly around Shane. "I t-thought you hated me."

Shane gasped. "God no! I couldn't hate you, honey."

Lucky released Shane and turned away muttering. "I don't know why you don't. I'm just a fucked up ugly dyke."

Shane put a hand on Lucky's back. "Lucky, why do you think you're ugly? A few scars don't change how beautiful you always have been to me."

Lucky turned back around and angry blue eyes landed on Shane. "You're just saying that because you feel sorry for me! Well, I don't want your fuckin' pity! Take it somewhere else."

Shane narrowed her eyes at Lucky. "I don't feel sorry for you. I'm not pittying you and no I will not leave you! You've been alone for too long Lucky and I won't stand for it. You mean entirely too much to me for me ta just let it go down the drain! Have you ever known me to say or do anything that didn't have a purpose?"

Lucky bowed her head and her shoulders slumped. Tears tracked down her face as she whispered in a strangled voice. "I'm not good enough for you."

Shane groaned and threw her head back. "Goddess! Luck, Honey, you are the most exhasperating person I've ever known. Can't I make my own decisions? Do you know what I see when I look at you?"

Lucky closed her eyes and whimpered. This was what she was afraid of, hearing what Shane thought of her. Locking down the panic she felt, Lucky whispered. "What?"

Shane approached Lucky and put a small hand on Lucky's face. In a compassionate tone, she gently said. "I see the same hard headed, beautiful woman who stole my heart and made love to me down at the lake. I see my hero and the other half of my soul. You opened my eyes to so many wonderful things when we were kids, Lucky. If I were to leave you now, it would kill me."

When blue eyes lifted in shock to stare into Shane's eyes, Shane continued in a strong voice. "It nearly destroyed me when I saw that for sale sign in your daddy's yard. I shut down so many emotions that my family thought that I didn't give a damn about them or anyone else."

Lucky tried to fight it, but the words slowly made their way through her mind and her heart. Taking a deep breath, Lucky reached her hand up and placed it on Shane's. Staring into the green eyes that had haunted her for so long, Lucky felt a piece of her soul slide back into place. Wrapping long arms around Shane's shoulders, she rubbed her cheek against Shane's head.

Shane relaxed against the tall, strong body and breathed in the earthy scent and spice that always seemed to be in the air around Lucky. Lifting her head, she looked into Lucky's blue eyes and saw a light there that had been missing. Smiling softly, Shane lifted her head just as Lucky lowered hers and their lips met in a loving kiss. Gliding softly against each other. Lucky moaned as a wet tongue tentatively traced her lower lip and opened her mouth granting the muscle entrance. Their tongues met and wrestled briefly as they reaquainted themselves with each other.

After a few moments of the exploration, they each backed off slowly and just rested in each other's arms. Lucky exhaled unsteadily and ran a hand through her long raven hair. Dropping the hand back onto Shane's shoulder, she played with the short hair at the nape of Shane's neck. Shaking her head out of the stuppor she seemed to be in, she cleared her throat. "Not that I'm not glad ta see you, but umm, why'd you come up this way?" She asked, referring to the path that Shane normally took.

Shane grinned cheekily and looked up from where she had her head on Lucky's left shoulder. "What if I just wanted ta see you?"

Lucky snickered and shook her head. Tugging on the short strands of hair, she said. "If you just wanted ta see me, you'd have come up the path and not the driveway."

Shane rolled her green eyes and backed away, walking to the back of her car. Opening the trunk with her keys, she gestured inside. "Mac let me bring this stuff up. I think I just wanted an excuse."

Lucky walked over to the trunk and peeked inside, seeing the brown bags that Mac always brought her groceries in. "You should know that you don't need an excuse ta come up here."

Shane glanced up to see blue eyes staring at her steadily. "I know that now, but after that argument we had last week... I just wasn't sure if you wanted me here."

Lucky shrugged a broad shoulder, glancing away for a second before she looked back at Shane and nodded. "I over-reacted. I felt panicked and ran like I always do. I'm sorry."

Shane grabbed Lucky's left hand and rubbed it with her thumb as she held it. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Honey. I understand. You seem to be feeling better now, though."

Lucky tugged on the hand holding hers slightly before answering. "I think... having you tell me all that stuff sorta... I dunno... I guess it settled something. I just know that I don't feel as unsure and scared as I usually do."

Shane's brow furrowed slightly as she thought, but she shrugged it off. "I'm glad I helped. Let's get this stuff inside, huh?"

Lucky nodded and grabbed several of the bags from the trunk. Shane followed suit and slammed the trunk closed as she trudged up the driveway to the cabin. Watching Lucky's steady but slightly limping gait, Shane wondered at Lucky's feelings. She remembered reading something about an adult with the anxiety disorder that Lucky had might be able to rid themselves of their problem if someone of importance to them was still able to accept them. Shane had never thought herself important to Lucky but if her words had helped, who was she to argue?


Shane snorted as she opened a brown bag and removed a box of Lucky Charms. Lucky glanced over Shane's shoulder and rolled her eyes as she reached over and snatched the box. "Mine."

Shane looked behind her at Lucky and stuck her tongue out and squealed in surprise as Lucky leaned over and captured the wiggling muscle with her teeth. The playfulness turned into a kiss and soon, Lucky forgot about her Lucky Charms and the box fell to the floor as Lucky wrapped her arms around Shane and they continued the kiss. Shane wrapped her arms around Lucky's neck behind her and buried her fingers in Lucky's thick raven tresses. The kiss tapered off and they were both panting heavily. Shane started to move away but was held back by the strong hand on her right breast. Lucky pressed her lips to a small flushed ear and growled. "That's mine too."

Shane giggled and squirmed against the body pressed up against her back. "Gee, aren't we possesive?"

Lucky blew a puff of air into Shane's ear and lightly squeazed the breast under her hand before she removed her hand and backed away. She continued unpacking her groceries and glanced up as Shane laid a hand on her arm. "Hey that didn't hurt your feelings did it?"

Lucky shrugged. "Nah, I just figured that we should get this done instead of making out before it turned into sex on the counter."

Shane cocked an eyebrow at her. "You make it sound as if sex on the counter would be a bad thing."

Lucky blushed and looked away from Shane as she muttered. "I just... thought maybe it should be special this time."

Shane smiled softly and reached up to ruffle Lucky's hair before standing on her tip-toes to kiss the bowed head. "It's a sweet idea, Honey. Even though I had absolutely no problem with the way we made love the first time."

Lucky grinned crookedly. "Neither did I, I just want to have a real relationship and I'd like it to start out romantically."

Shane nodded and gestured toward the groceries. "Let's get this done. I wanna snuggle for a bit before I head home."

"Sounds like a plan." Lucky said as they both returned to unpacking the groceries.


Lucky lay in her waterbed, sated and content for the moment. Her and Shane's snuggle had turned into a make-out session that bordered on sex with their clothes on and the two had barely been able to keep their hands off of each other as Shane made her way to the door at the end of the night. After Shane had left, Lucky had went to bed and taken matters into her own hands so to speak.

Taking a deep breath, she let it out in a deep sigh. 'Goddess, I don't know what I'm feeling but I know that it's something amazing. I don't feel nervous in the least, it's as if Shane was the key to helping me get over it. I think I'm ready to talk to her about the past.' She thought in amazement as she stared out at the moonlit sky. It seemed to her that the stars were twinkling in agreement as she closed her eyes and let sleep take her.


Shane grinned and whistled as she turned off the stove. Bending over, she opened the oven door and pulled out the pan of biscuits with an oven-mit. Setting the pan on the stove top next to a plate of eggs and bacon, she called out. "Hey Shaun, Randy, Sonny, breakfast is done."

Hearing a knock at the door, she decided that one of her brothers could answer it and continued pulling plates and glasses down from the cabinets. As she turned to pull orange juice from the refridgerator, she paused in surprise as she heard a husky feminine voice that sounded suspiciously like Lucky coming from the living room.

Furrowing her brows, Shane made her way through the kitchen doorway and stopped as her eyes fell on Lucky's tall figure sprawled in the recliner beside the couch. Lucky glanced up with a twinkle in her eyes and paused in the conversation she had been having with Shaun. Grinning, she drawled. "Wall, good mornin' there Shane."

Shane grinned broadly and walked over to stand beside the recliner. "Good mornin' ta you too, and what brings us this nice surprise, hmmm?"

Lucky reached up and wrapped her arm around Shane's waist before tugging her down into her lap. She chuckled at the surprised squeak that escaped Shane and squeazed lightly with her arm. "I just wanted to see my fav'rite girl, s'all."

Shaun snorted at the surprised looks on Randy and Sonny's faces before turning his attention back to Shane. "Hey Shane, close yer mouth 'fore ya attract flies."

Shane clamped her jaw shut and rolled her eyes. Turning her head to the figure she was sitting on, Shane asked Lucky. "Would you be interested in joinin' us for breakfast?"

Lucky grinned cheekily. "Tell me that yer brothers didn't fix it and I'll consider it."

Despite the outraged squawks from Sonny and Randy, Shane grinned back. "Nah, I fixed it. I didn't want food poisonin'."

Lucky nodded and stood, picking Shane up with her arms around the smaller woman's waist. Hugging Shane tightly to her, she whispered in her ear. "Love ya."

Shane's eyes widened and she stood in shock as Lucky slowly limped toward the kitchen. Shaking the shock off, she caught up to Lucky and tugged her to a stop with her hand on Lucky's arm. When blue eyes finally looked down at her, Shane wrapped her arms around Lucky's waist. "I love you too, but you know what?"

Lucky raised an eyebrow despite the silly smile on her lips and inclined her head. "No, what?"

Shane smirked and wiggled her eyebrows. "You're gonna get it fer just tellin' me that outta the blue." Smacking Lucky on the ass, Shane turned and walked into the kitchen.

Lucky shook her head and followed, taking a plate from the table and filling it with food. She grabbed the orange juice out of the refridgerator and filled a tall glass full of it. Sitting the juice on the counter, she made her way to the table and set her plate and glass down before taking her own seat next to Shane.

Shane, Lucky, Shaun, Randy and Sonny all made idle chatter as they ate. The three men all tried to ignore the not-so-discreet glances that Shane and Lucky kept taking at each other and by the time they finished eating, Lucky and Shane were holding hands above the table.

Sonny took a sip of his drink and cocked his head slightly to the side, causing his long strawberry blonde hair to fall slightly over his blue-green eyes. "Ya know, I never knew that you were gay Lucky."

Shaun snorted at the same time that the others did. "How the Hell did you manage to miss that? How many girls did you know back then that could fix a car faster than a grown man, owned two dirtbikes and a motorcycles, preferred to fish than to dress up and had short spikey hair? Let's not forget that most of her wardrobe involved flannel, ripped jeans, baggy pants, wife beaters, leather and a sports watch."

Lucky snickered and grinned crookedly. "You forgot the chain wallet and the bandanas."

Shane grinned cheekily. "Remember the dyed shirts?"

Lucky smirked. "Oh yeah. How could I forget that? Ma liked to have tore our asses outta the frames fer that mess."

Randy grinned. "I remember you two haulin' ass down the road and me stoppin' to find out what the Hell ya'll'd gotten into that day. I pulled over to the side of the road and the next thing I know I've got two sheepish lookin' kids smellin' like dye jumpin' into mah truck and duckin' down and Shane over there yellin' at me ta step on it."

Sonny shook his head. "Why were ya'll always doin' shit like that anyway? I know I got inta trouble a lot as a kid but nowhere near what you two did."

Lucky released Shane's hand and sheepishly scratched her neck. "I.. uh... that's kinda all my fault. I was just bein' a jackass most of the time and Shane was just doin' what I did."

Shaun snorted. "Now don't you be tryin' ta take all the blame. That block headed sister of mine knew what the Hell she was doin'."

Shane glared at Shaun briefly before laughing. "I sure the Hell did. I was followin' the hottest girl I ever seen around like a lost puppy dog is what I was doin'."

Lucky rolled her eyes. "C'mon, what was so hot about me? I was a trouble maker and I deserved to have my ass beat fer that shit. 'Specially fer draggin' you into it."

Shane smacked Lucky lightly on the arm. "You didn't drag me into anything. I did what I wanted to and we were the town's entertainment. Admit it, if it wasn't fer us, this town woulda just been another sleepy borin' ass hick town."

Sonny and Randy nodded in agreement. Sonny smirked. "True, and it was always fun to see smoke come out Sharon and David's ears when you two'd get thrown in jail. Sharon always yellin' that Pop needed ta bust your jouvenile delinquint ass and Pop tellin' Sharon to shut her stuck up ass the Hell up 'fore he shut it up."

They all chuckled and Lucky pulled on Shane's hand. Shane glanced questioningly at her and Lucky nodded her head in the direction of Shane's old room. Shane grinned and they both stood to put their dishes in the dish-washer. Shane turned toward her brothers and smiled. "You guys be good on your way back to your houses. We're gonna go chat."

Sonny, Randy and Shaun all took their turns hugging Shane and saying their goodbyes. Shaun paused at the kitchen doorway and grinned at Lucky and Shane. "I'm glad you two are getting things fixed between you. I've always thought that you made a great couple. As fer the house, Shane, me 'n you'll figure it out next week when I bring the hubby and kids down here 'kay?"

Lucky snorted and patted Shaun on the back before moving around him and going up the stairs toward Shane's bedroom. Shane watched her go for a moment before turning her attention back to her brother. "I'm glad that you'll be coming back down. I can't wait to see Jerome and the kids again." Shaun nodded and hugged his sister before turning and walking out of the door. Shane stood in the kitchen doorway for a moment before walking up the stairs.


Lucky lay on Shane's bed for a moment looking at a picture she'd picked up off of Shane's night stand. It was one of them sitting on a log down at the lake with a tent behind them. Their arms were wrapped around each other's bare shoulders and both young teens were grinning broadly at the camera. She remembered the day fondly. It was Summer and they'd been camping all week that day. Shaun had come down and they'd gone swimming in the lake before fishing. They'd cooked the fish and Shaun had pulled a disposable camera from his pants pocket and had them sit down so he could snap the picture. They'd been 15 and it was one of the few weeks that they hadn't gotten in trouble.

Hearing the door open, Lucky's blue eyes moved from the picture to the doorway and she grinned at Shane. "When did Shaun finally figure out that he was gay?"

Shane snorted and moved into the room, shutting the door behind her and falling back on the bed next to Lucky. Staring at the ceiling, she answered absently. "Our first year in college. That's where he met his husband, Jerome."

Lucky sat the picture frame back on the nightstand and turned on her side, placing a large tan hand on Shane's belly and rubbing the t-shirt covered surface with her thumb. "You sad to have them leave?"

Shane turned onto her side facing Lucky and nodded slightly, surprised to feel tears welling up in her eyes. "Shaun's kept me from losing it completely since Pop went into the hospital."

Lucky turned on her back and pulled Shane over until the small blonde had her head on Lucky's broad shoulder. Wrapping her arms around Shane's waist, she hugged Shane tightly to her. "Have you even let it out? I know it's gotta be weighing on you, Shanie girl. I'm here for you if you need anything."

Shane sobbed and slowly let her grief out. She had been holding it together throughout the past month but letting go made her feel amazingly better. "I just miss him so much. I know I coulda been a better daughter to him, but he always said that he loved me even though I was a wild child."

Lucky rubbed Shane's back soothingly and whispered. "You couldn't have been a better person if you had tried, Baby. You're absolutely perfect. That's what he and I both knew then and I know it to be the truth now."

Shane sobbed again and buried her head in Lucky's shoulder. "I always thought there was somethin' wrong with me 'cause first Mama left and then you left me."

Lucky tightened her hold on Shane and closed her eyes. Tears trickled down her own tan cheeks and she whispered vehemently. "There's nothing wrong with you. I don't know why your Mama left you, but I didn't mean to leave you. I swear I didn't."

Shane sniffled and sat up, drying her eyes with the edge of the sleave on her blue t-shirt. Looking at Lucky, she tentatively asked. "Do you think that you might want to talk about why you did stop sending me letters?"

Lucky sat up and leaned against the head of the bed, patting the space between her legs and waiting as Shane moved to sit there. When Shane had settled on her side against Lucky's chest, Lucky wrapped her arms around Shane's waist and slowly began speaking after a few seconds. "After I graduated training, I was put under a C.O. that was extremely prejudice. He hated anyone with a different skin color and absolutey abhored anyone who was gay. I managed to hide my letters from and to you for about a month. One day, one of his lackeys found a letter you'd sent that had a picture of you in it."

Shane gasped and looked up at Lucky's face which was pained and she moaned slightly. "Oh Goddess. It wasn't that one of me in my bikini was it?"

Lucky nodded and continued. "I didn't know about that until my C.O. and several friends of his came after me. They beat the shit out of me until I passed out. When I woke up, I was in the hospital with several broken ribs and a mild concussion. My C.O. came in and he threw your letter and picture at me and told me that if I didn't stop sending you letters that they'd do worse to me."

Lucky paused for several seconds to get her emotions under control, for once she didn't feel panicked but she did feel an extreme sadness. "I didn't listen to them. When I got out of the hospital, I wrote a letter that I meant to send to you. Someone caught the letter in the mail center and gave it to my C.O. Him and his boys came after me again and they beat and r-raped me." Her voice broke and she held Shane tightly as they both cried.

Shane sobbed. "It's my fault. If I hadn't sent you that picture, they'd have never known that I was  a girl."

Lucky held Shane tighter and shook her head. "It's not your fault, Baby Shane. It's not. It's all Commander Warren's fault. He was the sick twisted freak who did it, not you."

When Shane calmed down, Lucky continued. "When I woke up in the hospital again, Commander Warren came back to my hospital room and told me that if I tried contacting you again he'd go to my father and tell him that I was gay. It scared me so badly that I stopped writing to you. I was afraid that Daddy wouldn't accept me."

Shane reached a hand up and whipped the tears from Lucky's face. "What happened to get you discharged from the Army?"

Lucky took a breath and captured Shane's hand before she could remove it from Lucky's face and kissed the back of Shane's hand. Dropping their joined hands to her blue jean covered thigh, she answered slowly. "For the next ten years after that, I got to where I kept having anxiety attacks and I managed to hide it pretty well but for the last two years that I was in the Army, it started happening more rapidly. There was a woman named Kathy in my command when I became a captain that I occasionally slept with and Commander Warren found out. He had me and her beat and made me watch as one of his buddies raped her. The two guys that had me let go for a brief second and I blacked out. When I woke up, I was sitting on the ground holding Kathy and rocking back and forth and all of the guys were laying on the ground. I was still sitting there when a patrol walked up through the woods. They took us to the hospital and had us checked out. I had a broken leg and deep cuts made all over my body. When the investigator asked me what happened, I told him all that I could remember and they had me checked by a psychologist who recommended that I be discharged. The Army sent a representative to me who said that if I kept quiet about what Commander Warren did, that they'd give me an honorable discharge. I took it, still afraid that Daddy would find out if I didn't and for the past two years I've been hiding at the cabin. I haven't talked to Daddy or Ma since the second beating."

Shane wrapped her arms around Lucky when she noticed her shaking and held her as Lucky cried. They lay like that for a couple of hours and they slowly fell asleep.


Shane awoke late that evening and lay staring at Lucky's relaxed face. 'God I can't imagine what she went through. I just know that if she told Luke and Lauren that everything would be okay. They've always loved their little girl no matter what she did.'

Lucky knew Shane was staring at her and slowly let her eyes open. Seeing Shane's eyes widen slightly, she smiled and lifted a hand to Shane's face. "Hey."

Shane leaned into the large hand caressing her face and smiled. "Hey to you too."

Lucky leaned her head down and kissed Shane lightly. When she pulled forward, she chuckled at the dreamy look on Shane's face. Shane grinned goofily. "Want something to eat?"

Lucky grinned cockily. "Oh... I want somethin' ta eat alright but I don't think it'll give me much sustenance."

Shane blushed and ducked her head slightly. She gave no resistance when Lucky's large hand guided her chin back up and Lucky's lips met hers again for a more passionate kiss. Lucky guided them to lay on their sides pressed against each other without breaking the contact between their lips. When a large hand slid up inside of Shane's shirt and came in contact with her skin, she sucked in a breath through her nose and moaned loudly.

Lucky moved her hand over the warm skin of Shane's muscular stomach and sucked in a breath of her own when she came in contact with a lacy bra. She palmed Shane's left breast and growled lightly against the lips on hers. Shane's breast filled her hand just right in her mind and she happily kneeded the flesh, feeling the nipple harden against her calloused palm.

Shane moaned and reached down, pulling her shirt up over her head. Returning her lips quickly to Lucky's, she accepted the tongue that quickly requested access to her warm cavern. Their tongues glided together and their hands roamed over each other's body underneath clothing.

Lucky broke contact and stood, removing her shirt. After she pulled her sports bra over her head, she watched Shane's reaction.

Shane sat up and placed her hands on Lucky's hips. Looking up into Lucky's questioning eyes, she traced her tongue over a scar above the waistband of Lucky's blue jeans. Feeling Lucky suck in a ragged breath, she continued her tracing as her hands busily removed the pants from Lucky's slim hips.

When the jeans dropped to the floor, Lucky stepped back and removed them. Holding a strong hand out, she pulled Shane to her feet when the smaller woman placed her hand in Lucky's. Putting her arms around Shane, Lucky undid the white lacy bra and slowly guided it down Shane's lightly tanned arms. Dropping the bra to the floor, Lucky began on Shane's pants.

When they were both naked, Lucky guided Shane onto her back on the bed. Lucky then lay beside Shane on her side and ran a hand down her stomach, watching the goosebumps rise and the muscles twitch under the skin. Keeping eye contact, she ran the fingers of her left hand through Shane's reddish-blonde curls. Feeling the wetness, she leaned in and kissed Shane on the mouth before trailing kisses down Shane's body and ending up laying between Shane's legs. She nuzzled the reddish-blonde curls and took in a deep breath of Shane's sweet scent.

Shane kept her eyes on Lucky's blue eyes until she felt the contact of Lucky's tongue on her center. She moaned loudly and her eyes closed in bliss. Lucky flattened her tongue and dragged it from Shane's puckered opening to her clit. Lightly fluttering her tongue over the hardened bud, Lucky smiled briefly at the whimpers coming from her lover. She kept up the teasing contact until she felt Shane's fingers tangle in her hair and press her closer. Plunging her tongue into Shane's sopping wet pussy, she pressed her tongue into a tunnel shape and twirled it around in the hot cavern. She reached up and grabbed one of Shane's hands, twining their fingers together and moved her other hand to Shane's breasts. Pinching and pulling lightly at the hardened nipples, Lucky kept twirling her tongue in Shane's pussy as she rubbed her nose over her clit.

Shane's moans kept coming louder and louder and her back stiffened and arched as she felt the pressure that had been rising burst inside and she screamed out Lucky's name. Lucky continued her movements until she was rewarded with a second scream that seemed louder and Shane's strong thighs clamped around her head and the hand in Lucky's raven tresses tightened almost painfully.

"GODDESSSSSS, LUCKY!" Shane's scream echoed throughout the house.

Lucky's chuckle was cut off when she suddenly found herself on her back on the bed and Shane was kissing her senseless. Shane moaned at the taste of herself on Lucky's lips and her left hand found its way to Lucky's dripping wet center. She didn't bother to play around, she plunged three fingers into Lucky's pussy and pistoned them in and out at a rapid pace. Lucky moaned deep in her chest as the palm of Shane's hand grinded against her clit. Shane smiled against Lucky's lips as she felt Lucky's body stiffen and Lucky screamed her release into Shane's mouth.

Shane continued her motions even after the third orgasm and didn't stop until a large hand captured her wet fingers and pulled them from Lucky's pulsing center. Lucky held Shane's hand to her chest as she caught her breath. When Lucky had finally caught her breath she released Shane's hand and blue eyes watched as the impudent hand was guided to Shane's mouth. She groaned and closed her eyes when Shane's pink tongue wrapped around the wet fingers.

Shane moaned lightly at the sharp tang of Lucky's juices and watched Lucky's face as she licked her hand clean. Sighing, she dropped her hand and draped herself over Lucky's strong form. Wiggling into a more comfortable position, she commented idly. "Remind me to never ask you if you're hungry. It could be dangerous to one or the both of us."

Lucky snickered and pulled Shane tighter against her sweat soaked chest. "Goddess, I love you."

Shane sighed and smiled tiredly against Lucky's chest. "I love you too. I need some rest before I go get some real food."

Lucky smirked and relaxed her hold on Shane, closing her eyes and letting sleep take over. Shane let the sound of Lucky's heartbeat lull her to sleep with a happy smile on both of their faces.


Lucky sat on the edge of Shane's bed as she stared at a piece of paper she'd found on Shane's nightstand. Her eyes blinked as she read it again. It had her father and mother's names on it and three numbers. A house phone, and two cell phones.

Hearing footsteps, she glanced up as Shane entered the bedroom with a tray of food in her hands. Shane's green eyes glanced at the paper and a sigh exscaped her lips before she could stifle it. Placing the tray on the nightstand, Shane cleared her throat nevously. "I can explain that."

Lucky blinked again. "All I want to know is why there's two cell numbers and only one house number."

Shane smiled tremulously in relief. She'd been afraid that Lucky would want to know why she had Luke and Lauren's numbers, not why there was only one house number. "Um... Mac said that they got back together a few years ago."

Lucky's eyes widened in astonishment and she glanced back down at the paper in her hand before turning child like wide blue eyes back up to meet Shane's green eyes. "Why didn't he tell me?" She asked in a small voice.

Shane sat beside Lucky and placed a comforting hand on Lucky's broad back. "Honey, he said that if he brought up your parents you'd end up clamming up. He just wanted to be close to you and not frighten you away."

Lucky exhaled softly. "Oh."

Shane scratched lightly at the naked skin under her hand. "Sweetie, I think you might be able to call them if you'd like. I don't think they'd mind hearin' from their baby."

Lucky sniffed lightly and turned her head to reguard Shane. "Maybe. I'm just afraid to do it. Would you... never mind."

Shane cocked her head slightly. "Do you want me to call them first, Sweetheart? You know I'd do anything for you. I love you too much to let you stay afraid like this. Either way, if you don't call them you won't have them and if they don't like that you're gay you won't have them but there's always a chance of them accepting you. I remember Luke and Laurie very well and I know that they loved you no matter what you did. C'mon, you were a wild child just like me. I'm not the only one with the moniker 'The Devil's Own'."

Lucky chuckled slightly. "Yeah I guess, but do you think we could eat first and then call 'em?"

Shane nodded and watched as Lucky scooted back on the bed up against the headboard before Lucky picked up the tray from the nightstand and settled in her lap. Shane scooted up until she was leg to leg across from Lucky and they both ate slowly from the pasta that Shane had quickly fixed earlier. They slowly sipped the sweet iced tea in the glasses that Shane had brought up with the food. Before long, they found themselves just sitting there reguarding each other.

Lucky took a deep breath and sighed. "I guess if we're gonna call 'em we might wanna do it before it gets too late."

Shane stood and walked to her dresser, pulling out two shirts and tossing one to Lucky. Lucky looked the shirt over and chuckled. It was a long, extra-large tie-dyed muscle shirt that she recognized very well. After they both had the long shirts on, Lucky picked the paper with her parents' numbers on it and they made their way downstairs to the living room, settling on the couch with the phone in Shane's hand. Shane took the paper from Lucky and slowly dialed the number. Rubbing a comforting hand on Lucky's bare thigh, Shane took a deep breath as brought the phone to her ear and listened to it ring. It rang twice before it was picked up.

“Hello?” A deep voice answered, definitely male.

“Hi, is this Luke Carmichael?” Shane asked hesitantly.

“Why yes it is, who’s this?” Lukas Carmichael asked in a polite tone.

“Hey Luke, this is Shane McGabriel. I was wanting to talk to you and Laurie about somethin’, or should I say someone, important.” Shane watched Lucky roll her eyes and smirked slightly.

“Well hello there Shanie girl, hold on a minute an’ lemme get the wife real quick like.” Luke’s voice had brightened perceptably and Shane could hear as Luke sat the phone down and called out for his wife.

Lucky nervously grabbed Shane’s hand and held it tightly. Shane smiled softly at her lover and cleared her throat softly as she heard Luke turn the speakerphone on.

“Alright there Shanie girl, now who’s this important someone that you needed to speak to us both about?” Laurie Carmichael’s soft voice floated into Shane’s ears.

“Well, I know that you all haven’t heard from Lucky in quite awhile but she asked me to do her a favor.” Shane started tentatively.

Laurie gasped and Shane could hear a small sob over the phone and then Luke’s strong voice came over the phone. “How did you hear from Lucky? Mac doesn’t even know where she is.”

Shane covered her eyes. “Well... um... She’s back in Georgia.”

Lucky watched as Shane covered her eyes and dropped her head back against the couch. Squeazing Shane’s small hand slightly, she reached for the phone and wrapped her strong hand around it bringing it to her own ear after Shane let go of it.

“Daddy?” Lucky asked in a small voice.

“My God. Lucky, where... what happened?” Luke and Laurie both managed to gasp at the same time.

Lucky swallowed thickly and hesitantly said. “I don’t think that’s the kind of conversation that we should have over the phone. Is there any way that the two of you could come here?”

“Of course, Honey. When do you want us there?” Laurie sobbed out.

Lucky hesitated for a brief moment but when Shane wrapped an arm around her, she found the strength to answer. “Soon?”

“We’ll be on the first plane we can get out.” Luke stated in a shocked voice.

“What’s your phone number, Lucky? So we can call with our flight plan.” Laurie asked.

Lucky looked at Shane questioningly and mouthed ‘number’. Shane thought for a moment and then recited it. Lucky nodded and relayed it back to her parents. Shane watched as Lucky smiled broadly and hung up the phone. They sat there looking at each other for a moment and then Lucky wrapped Shane in her arms and hugged her tightly. “Thank you so much for that, Shane.”

Shane just smiled and continued to hold Lucky and soon they found theirselves nodding off to sleep on the couch wrapped around each other tightly.


Shane stood in the luggage claim area of the airport waiting for Luke and Lauren's plane to land. Lucky had stayed at the cabin due to her nervousness, afraid that if she came with Shane that she'd end up freaking out there. They'd both awoken early that morning and had made love to distract Lucky from her anxiety toward her parents' arrival. Seeing Luke's tall form coming toward her, Shane grinned broadly. He looked so much like his daughter that the grin was uncontrollable. Glancing to Luke's left, her grin turned to a small smile as she spotted Laurie's much smaller form. Laurie was the exact opposite of her offspring and her husband with auborn hair, fair skin and hazel eyes.

Waving at the two, she started toward them. "Hey, Lucky's back at the cabin so I'll be drivin' ya to there."

Luke nodded his dark head and headed toward the luggage belt. Grabbing his and Laurie's luggage from it as it came out with the other passengers' luggage. They then walked out of the airport into the hot summer morning. Stopping at the side of Shane's small Tempo, she shrugged in appology and grinned as Luke chuckled. "Still got this ol' Ford, eh?"

Shane opened the door and popped the trunk open as she smiled. "I should be getting my stuff back soon. A friend of mine's driving my truck down with some of my stuff. She should be here soon actually."

They all got in the car and were soon on their way. It was tensely quiet as Shane drove, knowing that Luke and Laurie both had a lot of questions, Shane was oddly gratefull that they didn't ask her.


When they arrived at the cabin, Laurie commented quietly. "She's done a great job of fixing up this old place."

Shane nodded and got out of the car. Her eyes tracked to the front door and she unconsiously smiled as Lucky stepped out. Lucky was wearing a white v-neck t-shirt tucked into a pair of slightly baggy khaki cargo pants and her long black hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Lucky's eyes fell on her parents and she suddenly jogged toward where they were both standing, throwing her arms around them both. Shane watched the reunion with a bittersweet smile, her heart going out to her lover but at the same time, she wished that her own parents were around.

After a few moments, Lucky pulled back and dried her eyes with the back of her hands. She watched with an anxious expression as her parents took in her appearance. Relief flooded through her as Luke smiled and patted her arm. "Ya look good rugrat. What say we go on into the cabin and sit for a spell?"

Lucky nodded and looked over at Shane, she grinned and walked over to Shane. Wrapping her arm around Shane's shoulders, she guided them both toward the door and watched her parents as they walked beside her and Shane.

Luke wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulders and grinned at Lucky. The wrinkles around his eyes becoming more defined at the motion of his lips. They both released the smaller women and allowed them to head into the cabin first and then followed.

Shane walked into the cabin and hesitated a momment before sitting down in the recliner on the left side of the couch, she was slightly startled when Lucky sat on the chair arm as Luke and Laurie settled in across from them on the couch.

Lucky waited a few moments before she spoke. "I think maybe I should start at the beginning." When Luke and Laurie both nodded, Lucky told them of the incidents that occurred during her time in the Army. Despite the horror of it, both of her parents managed to keep quiet during her tale.

Shane stood up and walked into the kitchen when Lucky finished with the first part of the story, she had sat through it until she felt as if she would cry again and couldn't handle it any more. Leaning against the sink, she let the tears leak down her face.

A half hour passed before she heard footsteps behind her and she turned to see Laurie tentatively standing at her side. "Hey Laurie."

Laurie reached out and wrapped her arms around Shane, pulling her into a hug. She then whispered fiercly. "Thank you so much for bringin' my baby back to me."

Shane hugged Laurie back and then stepped slightly away. "I didn't do much except tell that hard head the truth, Mrs. Carmichael."

Laurie rolled her eyes and sighed. "You know that you should be callin' me Ma. It was 'bout damned time that you two figgered out that ya loved each other the way me 'n Luke love each other."

Shane blushed and flicked her eyes away from Laurie. In a low voice she said. "Well, I guess sometimes ya have ta smack someone upside tha head with somethin' ta get 'em ta see it."

Laurie snorted softly. "I coulda told you two that ya loved each other when you were kids. Ain't nobody followin' someone the way you followed that child of mine unless they're in love, Honey."

Shane grinned briefly before she sat down at the kitchen table. Fiddling with the pocket knife laying on the table, she shrugged her shoulders. Laurie sat down across from her and then said in a soft voice. "Luck told us 'bout your Pop. I was sorry ta hear that he passed away."

Shane smiled softly. "He was in a lot of pain that couldn't be helped while he was alive. I'm glad that he's in a better place now. Even before his heart started failing, he was in a ton of emotional pain from Mama leavin'."

Laurie and Shane both quieted and sat in a companionable silence.


Luke sat staring at Lucky for a few moments after Laurie had left the room. "Why didn't you turn him in? I don't get it Lucky, you're not stupid. Why'd he do that shit anyway?"

Lucky struggled to answer and finally decided on the truth. "Because I'm gay and I didn't want you to find out, Daddy."

Luke blinked his eyes at his often hard headed daughter for a moment before he shook his head in consternation. "Honey, that don't make no difference to me. I love you and I love that little blonde in there with your Ma just as much as I love you. I'd be proud ta have her as a daughter in law."

Lucky smiled wryly. "If I'd have known that back then, Daddy, I woulda reported that son of a bitch."

Luke shook his head again and leaned back against the couch. "So you was afraid I wouldn't be able to accept that you were gay, I get that, but why did you wait so damned long to call?"

Lucky sighed and settled back in the recliner. Propping her left leg up on her right leg, she answered. "I have an anxiety disorder that was caused from all that bullshit that happened and I've been afraid for so long that all people would see was the scars and I just freaked. If it wasn't fer Uncle Mac, I woulda probably had ta live on fish and the veggies that I grow out back in the garden."

Luke snorted. "I should smack that brother of mine right silly. He shoulda tol' me that you were down here at the cabin."

Lucky shook her head. "I told him not to and I guess he decided he'd rather be able to keep me in his life than lose me. I'd have probably run if he tried to pressure me into talking to you."

Luke's sleak black eyebrows furrowed. "What happened to make you finally accept that we would still love you?"

Lucky smiled broadly. "Shane happened. As always."

Luke snorted softly. "I'd believe it. That lil' Devil always was able ta make you see reason. I think she was the only reason you never landed a long stint in the brig."

Shane chortled at that part as she re-entered the living room with Laurie following close behind. "No, she was the reason we both came damn close ta landin' in prison. Remember her idea about robbin' a liquor store?"

Luke chuckled at the bright blush that worked it's way up Lucky's face. "Hell, I almost forgot about that."

Shane sat on the arm of the recliner and kissed the top of Lucky's head. Chuckling when Lucky lightly pinched her thigh. "Now don't tell me that you're gettin' embarrased about that now, Honey. We did so many foolish things back then that I'm surprised we didn't get tossed in the big house."

Lucky sighed in resignation. "I guess I can admit to it. Not too many people can admit to having gotten away with spray painting 'suck my left tit' across Principle Brown's office door."

Laurie's eyes widened and she spluttered. "You did what? When did you do that?!"

Lucky gulped and her blue eyes widened comically. "Uh... heh... forget I mentioned that, Ma. I uh don't know what I was talkin' about."

Shane grinned evilly. "Nah, it must've been some other six foot punk with short black hair, leather pants and a white wife beater that I did that with."

Lucky glared at Shane and began laughing when Luke snorted. Luke regained his composure and sighed. "My daughter, The Devil's Own."

Laurie smirked at her husband. "Now Lukas, don't forget what you used to do in high school."

Luke quieted and looked away from the others quietly whistling under his breath. Shane grinned and looked over at Laurie. "Now, what did Luke do?"

Laurie grinned and her hazel eyes twinkled merrily. "Well, there was that time he thought that the lunch room would look better with a rebel flag painted on the wall and then there was the time that he drove his motorcycle into the gym and made black marks by doin' donuts on the floor."

Shane and Lucky's eyes both widened and they laughed. "My Goddess, I wondered where the Hell those marks came from. I doubt they'll ever get rid of those." Shane chortled happily.

Luke shook his head. "Now why'd ya have to bring that up? Should they know that you're the one that egged me on to do those things, Sweetheart?"

Laurie sighed in mock aggrieviation. "Maybe we should be lookin' into where we'll stay while we're here in town."

Shane smiled and wrapped an arm around Lucky's shoulders. "You guys can stay at the house. I've got plenty of room and it's not too far from here as I'm sure you all remember."

Lucky wrapped her arms around Shane's waist and squeazed lightly. "Thank you, Baby. I'm glad you understand how much I want to be around them right now."

Luke and Laurie exchanged glances before they sighed happily. "Yeah, that sounds great, kids. To be truthful, I don't wanna be too far from my baby either." Laurie admited softly.

They all sat for awhile just basking in the joyful reunion before they began their way out to Shane's car to make the long drive back around to Shane's house. Shane sat in the back seat next to Laurie as Luke drove and Lucky sat in the front passenger seat.


Lucky glanced up from where she was seated on the front porch of Shane's house as a forrest green Ford Explorer made its way down the driveway. It was early the next morning and she had woken early and couldn't bare to wait much longer to be back with her family again. They'd talked late into the evening before Lucky had reluctantly made her way home and here she was at eight a.m. waiting for someone to wake up.

Lucky's dark head cocked to the side as the explorer parked and a curly-haired blonde stepped out. Standing, she propped against a post and waited for the woman to make her way up the paved driveway.

"Hi there, is this Shane McGabriel's house?" The woman asked as she came to a stop in front of Lucky. Her hazel eyes twinkled kindly at Lucky.

Lucky smiled crookedly. "Depends on who's askin'. If you're an ex-girlfriend, you can kiss my ass and make yer way on back to where ever ya came from."

The woman chuckled softly and shook her head. "Nah, I'm not an ex. I'm a friend of Shane's. My name's Michelle Denver, or Mickey to my friends."

Lucky accepted the offered hand and her smile turned into a full fledged grin. "I'm Lucky Carmichael, Shane's girlfriend. She ain't up yet."

Mickey grinned and released Lucky's hand. Nodding her head, she gestured toward the porch. "Can I join ya while ya wait then? I'm droppin' off her truck and a few of her more important belongings."

Lucky grinned and sat back down on the top step. Gesturing with her hand, she accepted the offer of company. "How long've you known Shane?"

Mickey sat down sideways so that she could face Lucky and answered her. "I've known her since our last year in college. What you've got me wondering is why her accent isn't as thick as yours."

Lucky grinned sneakily. "She didn't have a thick accent when she came down for Pop's funeral either but it's came back slowly. I guess all those years in the city kinda kicked it down a notch 'r somethin'."

Mickey nodded and started slightly when the screen door opened. Her eyes twinkled merrily when Shane's bed-mussed head popped out. Shane's eyes first fell on Lucky and then on Mickey and green eyes widened. "Holy shit, I didn't realize that you'd be here today Mickey. Why didn't you call?"

Mickey snickered at the thickened drawl coming from Shane and stood up with Lucky. "I didn't really think about it. I've been driving so damned much this week that you could've kicked me and I wouldn't have noticed."

Shane opened the door wider and gestured for the two to follow her inside. When they stepped inside, Shane wrapped her arms around Mickey in a quick friendly hug and then she moved over and wrapped her arms around Lucky in a longer and more intimate hug.

Lucky returned the hug gladly and then backed away slightly before sitting down in her normal recliner. She blushed slightly when Shane sat down in her lap and gestured for Mickey to take a seat on the couch.

Mickey chuckled slightly at Shane's chosen seat and then relaxed into the soft couch, stretching her legs out in front of her and crossing them at the ankles. "So, what's been going on Shane? You didn't tell me that you'd gotten a girlfriend."

Shane snickered and relaxed against Lucky, feeling Lucky's arms settle around her waist. "That's because the last time you and I talked, I was still tryin' ta git this stubborn horse ta stop bein' so damned skittish."

Mickey cocked a questioning eyebrow, and smiled softly. "How long have you two known each other?"

Shane grinned. "Since we were eight."

They all were startled slightly when a deep voice said. "Now you two don't ferget ta tell that lil' lady that you was the biggest trouble makers this side of the south."

Lucky turned a bright smile toward the stairs where Luke was standing in blue jeans and a black t-shirt. "Hey, Daddy."

Mickey grinned and rubbed her hands together. "Hey there, Sir. Now what can you tell me about little miss Shane that I doubt she'd ever admit to?"

Luke made his way over and sat down on the couch. "I'm Luke, Lucky's father and you are?"

Mickey shook his hand. "Mickey Denver. Please continue to embarras Shane in as much detail as you can."

Shane groaned. "Dear Goddess, I shoulda known not ta have you come down here this week Luke. Now I'm gonna have to deal with Mickey's offbeat humor on my childhood."

Mickey snickered and Luke grinned. "Now, if'n you can get that thar Devil ta take you ta the Bull Pen, my brother Mac'll tell you some stories that I'm sure I ain't even heard about these two trouble makers. But the one story that sticks in mah mind the most is one Mac tol' me about. They'd been maybe fourteen and had snuck inta my brother's bar. They got drunker'n a skunk offa some scotch in the back office. The Police Chief, a golf buddy o' mine had decided to come down on his night off and get 'im a drink. Now, my brother don't give scotch ta jus' anybody so they had ta go back to the back office. They opened that door and there was them two, singin' some silly little song and layin' sprawled all over each other on the floor." Luke paused for a moment to let Shane and Lucky's groans die down along with Mickey's laughter.

After a few minutes, Luke continued merrily. "Now, Mac says that they both were so out of their minds that they just continued with their song all the way back to here in the backseat of the patrol car that the Chief was drivin' that night. Now, when they got here they knew they was in some serious trouble. The both of them took off inta the woods. Everyone spent all night lookin' fer 'em and when mah wife and brother finally found 'em, it was close ta two A.M. and they was both pukin' their guts up in tha lake down there."

Mickey gasped for breath as Luke finished his story and whiped the tears of mirth from her eyes. "Oh Goddess, I don't think I could have ever imagined Shane doing something like that until today."

Luke and Lucky both cocked their heads in an identical curious expression and Mickey elaborated. "In 'frisco, Shane is so damned reserved it isn't funny. She won't leave her apartment unless she's dressed neatly and tidy and she tends to be a little frosty to people."

Lucky tickled Shane's side and chuckled when Shane buried her head in her neck. After a few moments, Shane's face cooled against Lucky's warm skin and Shane finally sat up again. "Ah, it ain't mah fault. I just didn't wanna let anybody get close to me."

Lucky bowed her head slightly and placed her lips against Shane's ear in a kiss before whispering. "I'll never be able to express how sorry I am about that, Baby."

Shane turned slightly and wrapped her arms around Lucky's neck, throwing her legs over the arm of the recliner and leaning back against Lucky's strong right arm now fully facing Mickey and Luke. They all glanced up as Laurie came down the stairs in an outfit similar to Luke's jeans and t-shirt. "Hey Ma, this is my college roommate and best friend Mickey Denver. Mickey, this is Lucky's Ma, Laurie."

Laurie smiled at Mickey and made her way over to shake her hand. Facing Shane, Laurie smiled and her hazel eyes twinkled at Shane. "Would you mind if I made breakfast? I know I'm a guest but I figure that you might want to keep your friend here company."

Shane accepted gracefully and they all relaxed into friendly conversation as Laurie made her way into the kitchen. The group spent the day in reminescence and laughter, regaining family and making new friends.


The week passed slowly and the group helped Shane settle her stuff that had arrived in a u-haul van. When the week ended, Mickey took a plane back home with a promise to visit again and soon Shane found it to be the day that her brothers would be visiting again. Luke and Laurie were still there and they decided to turn it into a barbeque when the Saturday turned out to be a beautiful mild summer day.

Lucky found herself wondering what her parents were being so secretive about. As they set up the grill, Lucky turned her attention to her father and finally asked. "Daddy, I know you two have somethin' up yer sleaves and I know you don't have ta tell me but I'd like it if ya did 'cause I don't handle surprises very well."

Luke's expression gentled and he guided Lucky to the picnic table they'd set up for the barbeque and sat down next to her. "Yer mother and I talked at the beginnin' of our visit and we decided that we would like to move back down here to Georgia. We don't really have much keepin' us up there in Louisianna so we thought that we'd move here ta be closer ta the rest of our family."

Lucky's eyes welled up with tears and she threw her arms around her father's neck. Luke returned the hug with gentle affection and then they both sat back. Lucky reguarded her father for a brief moment. "I am so glad that you guys are moving back. When do ya'll need to head up there to settle everything?"

Luke grinned at Lucky for a momment before he answered her. "Wall, yer cousin Lacey said she'll tie all our loose ends up fer us since she wants ta come down here too."

Lucky snickered before she commented. "Why doesn't that surprise me none? Lacey is one of the few friends I had on that last Army base that we all lived together on."

Shane sat down next to Lucky and wrapped an arm around her waist. "What's goin' on?"

Lucky smiled happily. "Daddy and Ma are plannin' on movin' down here and my cousin Lacey's bringin' their stuff down so she can move here too."

Shane's eyes brightened and she squeazed Lucky before jumping up and wrapping her arms around Luke. "My God, I'm so happy ta hear that Luke. Where are ya'll gonna stay? If you want, you can stay here 'till you feel like movin' into your own house." She burbled happily.

Luke chuckled and returned Shane's hug. "We'll be glad ta stay here 'till we find another place."


Shane finished putting the hotdogs on the grill and whiped her hands off on the towel tucked into the waistband of her jeans and started slightly when long arms wrapped around her. She relaxed as Lucky leaned her cheek on her head. She hummed in contentment and placed her hands on the larger hands resting against her belly. "Things are definitely lookin' up, my Lucky Charm."

Lucky chuckled slightly. "Yes they are. Your brothers all just pulled up in the driveway and Uncle Mac arrived a few minutes ago. They're all around front lookin' at yer Explorer."

Shane giggled softly. "I guess things really are starting to look up ta you, huh?"

Lucky squeazed Shane tighter against her body and nuzzled her cheek against Shane's blonde hair. "You really were my Lucky Charm, Shane Baby. I couldn't have asked for anything better."

Shane sighed and started to say something but was interrupted by Randy. "Hey you ruffian, git yer hands off'a my baby sister 'fore I 'ave ta kick yer ass!" Randy joked.

Lucky turned and raised her right arm, her middle finger extended and she scratched her jaw with it. "Now, I don't see nobody big 'nough 'ere ta make me, Randy Boy. You wanna try?"

Shane rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the grill, turning the hotdogs over and snickering slightly as Luke commented. "Now, I don't know what yer talkin' 'bout Luck, I think I might be big enough ta make ya if I had a mind ta try, but I don't think I'd be big 'nough ta protect my ass from that lil' spit fire afterward."

Shaun grinned and shouted. "Hey Shane, you seem ta have a really big leech stickin' ta yer ass. Want I should run 'n grab tha waterhose?"

Shane laughed heartily and nearly dropped a hotdog off of the grill. "Ya'll need ta stop 'fore ya make me drop the food!"

Sonny dropped into the chair next to the grill and smiled broadly at his sister before turning his attention to Lucky. "Now Lucky, my question is, when you gonna make an honest woman outta my baby sister? This has been goin' on fer a decade and a half, don't you think it's 'bout time you did somethin' right?"

Randy snickered and commented. "How's she gonna make an honest woman outta Shane? Ain't nobody can do that, 'specially not Lucky. Lucky's the one that corrupted her inta bein' a jouvenile delinquent in the first place."

Shane rolled her eyes at the comments and then watched as Randy's daughter and Shaun's two sons ran toward her. Unlike the group hug the three mischievous kids usually gave her, the three stopped short and stared behind her at Lucky.

Lucky raised an eyebrow at the three kids. They looked to be about in their early teens and the two boys were dark skinned with light chocolate coloured eyes and buzz cut type hair styles. They were both dressed in khaki shorts and grey t-shirts with high-top sneakers on. The young girl had light green eyes and the red in her strawberry-blonde hair was more prominant than Shane's. Her attention was then returned to Shane as Shane spoke. "Hey you three, this here's my girlfriend Lucky. Lucky this is Maquise, Marcus and Carey. Maquise and Marcus are Shaun and Jerome's kids and Carey is Randy and his ex-wife Tanya's daugher."

Lucky nodded her head and smiled softly at the three kids and unwrapped her arms to take a plate of finished hot dogs over to the table. Shane smiled as she was engulfed in a hug from the three pre-teens. She grinned broadly as Jerome made his way over to her with his hands full of a few cases of Corona. As he sat the bottles down in the ice filled cooler next to the grill, Jerome smiled broadly at her. The dark brown skin around his chocolate brown eyes crinkling slightly. "When Shaun got off the phone when you called earlier and he told me that you were turnin' this into a family barbeque, I thought maybe I'd bring some refreshments."

Shane smiled happily. "You know me, I'd never turn down a free Corona. You kids need ta go play or somethin' so I can get this food off the grill 'fore it burns." She admonished the three clinging children. She glanced over to where Lucky was talking to Sonny and Randy at the table. Her russet eyebrows furrowed slightly as she saw Lucky sneak something back into a side pocket of her baggy army fatigue pants. Her eyebrow then rose as Randy clapped a large hand on Lucky's shoulder and shook her hand with a broad smile on his face. "Hey Lucky, git over here so I can introduce you to Shaun's better half!"

Shaun shouted at her as Lucky moved away from Randy. "I resemble that remark!"

Jerome chuckled deeply in his chest and agreed loudly. "Why yes you do, Honey!"

Lucky stopped in front of the large muscular African American man and clasped hands with him. "I'm glad to finally meet the man who could slap some sense inta that fairy's head." She smiled to make sure he knew she was joking.

Jerome laughed and nodded his head as he shook Lucky's hand. "Well Lucky, if you can catch Shane's heart then I'm sure you're one Helluva woman yourself."

Lucky smiled softly and put her now free hand on Shane's shoulder. "It was the other way around if you ask me. She just snatched my heart up and refused ta let it go."

The group of family and friends talked as Shane finished the food and then they all settled around the table to eat. The adults all had bottles of Corona and the three kids had glasses of sweet ice tea. The group all joked and laughed as they ate.

When they were all through eating, Lucky rose from her seating place on the bench next to Shane and stepped back away from the table. Raising her newly opened bottle of Corona, she proposed a toast as her eyes scanned her family and newly made friends. "This time last year, had anyone told me that I would have the love of my life back and my family along with new friends, I woulda probably freaked and hid in the dark in my cabin." She paused for a moment to take a sip from the cold bottle and then continued. "I'm glad that Shane has brought the light back into my life and I thank the Goddess everyday." She swallowed as she got down on her left knee to take the pressure off of her right knee. Setting her bottle down on the bench, she took Shane's hands in both of hers as Shane turned around to face her fully. Lucky's voice lowered slightly but they could all hear her clearly as she gazed into Shane's green eyes. "I love you Shane and, no I'm not drunk as I've only had one full bottle and a couple of sips from this one, but you would make me the most honored woman if you would be my wife. So would you give me the treasure of your hand in marriage?"

Shane gasped and a few tears leaked down her cheeks as she listened to Lucky's proposal. Swallowing thickly, she nodded and answered. "Goddess, yes... yes."

Lucky released Shane's left hand to reach into a pocket on her carpenter jeans and pulled out a small velvet box. Opening the box, she released Shane's other hand and removed a small diamond ring and set the box on the bench next to Shane. Retaking Shane's left hand, she slowly slid the ring on Shane's ring finger. Licking her lips, she lifted her eyes back to Shane's and nodded her head toward the box.

Shane glanced at the box and removed another ring that was slightly larger than her own. Smiling through her tears, she reached out and took Lucky's left hand gently and placed the ring on Lucky's ring finger. Despite the group of people applauding around them, they both leaned forward and kissed gently. Lucky whispered against Shane's lips. "I love you, Shane Baby. Now and forever."

Shane nodded and gasped out. "And I love you now and forever too." She gazed into Lucky's blue eyes and whispered. "Taming a skittish horse isn't that hard."

Lucky chuckled and gazed across the picnic table at the tearstreaked faces of her parents, then gave a brief thought to the past month. 'Taming a skittish horse, huh? That you did my love, that you did.' She thought to herself as she turned her eyes back to Shane.


THE END. (For Now).
Taming A Skittish Horse.
Written by KW Jordan.
All story rights belong to Krystal Walnitta Jordan, aka KW Jordan/Lord Jesse and no one else. (sticks her tongue out at you)

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