~ I See You ~

by Lady D



Disclaimers: All of the characters in this story are fictional. Two of the characters just happen to resemble the physical features of Xena and Gabrielle.

Love/Sex: Depicts a loving relationship between two female teens.

Violence: Nope

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Part 1

Chapter Eleven

Family and friends of Morgan, Keri, Jax, and Dana, were all gathered at the Reed residence to celebrate their high school graduation. Since they had the biggest house, Annette volunteered to host the grand barbeque. Everyone was mostly outside on this nice sunny day. Ted and Nathan were chatting by the grill drinking beers, Jax was standing by the house talking animatedly with Ryan; they had been dating for a few weeks now. Keri was giggling with Dana as they were sitting in lounge chairs next to each other. While Annette, Lisa, and Valerie were setting up the outside table so everyone could eat. The other few guests were mingling and laughing.

Of course, Janice, Dana's mother was not in attendance. After her and Dana's argument in the hospital, the older woman picked up and left town never looking back. Morgan knew a part of Dana hated that her mother did not care, but the brunette also knew Dana was strong and did not need that negativity in her life anymore.

Standing in the kitchen, Morgan was observing her family and friends as she looked out the window. Her mother had sent her inside for the ice cubes out of the freezer, but somehow she found herself stopping and smiling at the picture outside. Morgan almost had the urge to run upstairs and grab her sketchbook to capture the moment forever. Life was good. This is how it should be.

Suddenly, she felt two arms snake around her waist from behind. It startled her at first, but she soon relaxed into the familiar touch.

“Hey,” Morgan smiled, leaning into her girlfriend.

Dana laid her head against Morgan's back. “What are you thinking about?” the blonde mumbled.

Morgan placed her hands on top of Dana's and sighed. “Just… how happy I am right now. I have an awesome family, awesome friends…” The brunette turned around and looked into beautiful green eyes. “And an okay girlfriend,” she grinned.

Dana raised a playful eyebrow, keeping her hands on Morgan's waist. “Just okay , huh?”

“Yep. You're alright,” Morgan teased.

Dana giggled, and pulled Morgan closer so their bodies were together. “I'll show you alright,” Dana said before cupping the brunette's face, pulling her down for a kiss. Morgan smiled into the kiss and held Dana close.

Suddenly, they heard several loud hand claps and ended the kiss. They both turned their heads to see Jax and Ryan standing near the backdoor.

“Hey, lovebirds. We needs some ice cubes outside,” Jax lectured.

Morgan laughed, still holding Dana in her arms. “Sorry, I got a bit distracted as you can see.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jax replied, waving them off.

“Oh, come on Jaxy. You know they're a cute couple,” Ryan smiled. “I'm going to go back out to see if they need any more help.”

“Okay,” Jax smiled, with stars in his eyes.

They shared a quick kiss and Ryan headed back out. When Jax turned back to his friends, Morgan and Dana were grinning at him.

“Oh, shut up,” he blushed.

Dana turned towards Jax and held onto Morgan's hand. “Aw, you guys are so cute. He's perfect, Jax,” the blonde smiled.

“I know. I got really lucky. Who would have thought a drunken phone call would be the best thing that ever happened to me,” Jax laughed.

Just then, Keri opened the backdoor and poked her head inside. “Where are the freakin' ice cubes? Mom is having a hissy fit out here.”

“They're coming,” Morgan smiled, turning back to the sink. She began breaking the cubes out of the tray. “I don't know why she won't just use the cubes that come from the refrigerator.”

“Because… you know she doesn't want crushed ice or those half-moon shapes. She likes cubes,” Keri reasoned.

Dana giggled while Morgan shook her head. “Yeah, yeah.”

“I prefer cubes as well. They're… nice and… symmetrical,” Jax smiled.

“Whatever guys, just tell mom I'll be out there soon.”

Keri nodded, while Jax shrugged and they both left the kitchen. Morgan continued to break the cubes out of the tray.

Dana placed her hand on Morgan's lower back and rubbed gently. “It's kind of unbelievable, isn't it?”


“That we're done with high school.”

Morgan gave a sigh and nodded. “Yeah… but I won't miss it.”

Dana arched an eyebrow and leaned her head on Morgan's shoulder. “Why not?”

“My high school experience wasn't exactly a picnic. And during the first three years… well two and a half… I was drooling over you from a distance and whenever you came near me I felt like I was going to pass out.”

Morgan had never told that to Dana before. She turned to her girlfriend and saw a pure look of adoration on her face. Dana leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Morgan's lips.

“I knew you liked me, but I didn't know I had that effect on you,” the blonde smiled.

Morgan raised both of her eyebrows. “You have no idea. Let's get this outside,” Morgan said referring to the ice cubes.

The two of them headed back outside to celebrate the rest of the afternoon with their families.

It was now mid- June and the early morning sun rays were cascading over the neighborhood. Morgan and Dana were packing a few snacks and a cooler into Nathan's truck for their day trip. The brunette knew her barracuda was not a long distance travelling car and did not want to take any chances. She and Dana had about a three hour drive ahead of them to the next city. Morgan was taking Dana to a surprise location.

The brunette climbed into the driver's seat, while Dana sat next to her in the passenger. Annette and Nathan were standing outside to see them off. The brunette started the engine and rolled down the window.

“You drive careful, Morgan,” Annette said.

“I will Mom,” the brunette smiled.

“Take care of my truck,” Nathan warned jokingly.

The comment made Morgan and Dana smile. “We'll be back later today,” the brunette replied.

Morgan backed out of the driveway. Everyone waved to each other and the two teens were off.

About an hour into the car ride, Dana giggled lightly. Morgan furrowed her brows and quizzically glanced at her girlfriend. “What is it?”

The blonde looked at her with a sweet smile on her face. “It's just that… you never fail to keep me guessing.”

Morgan smiled when Dana grasped her right hand. “Well, I like to keep you guessing. I like making you happy. Get used to it.”

Dana leaned over and kissed Morgan's cheek.

A couple hours later, Morgan had Dana put on a blindfold because they were getting closer their destination.

“This better be good,” Dana smiled.

“You don't trust me?” the brunette pouted. She stopped the car. “Okay, wait there.” Morgan quickly hoped out of the car and jogged over to Dana's side opening the door. She helped the blonde out of the car and faced her in the right direction.

Morgan took a deep breath. She was excited and couldn't wait for Dana's reaction. “Alright, take off the blindfold.”

Dana lifted the blindfold from her face and instantly her eyes lit up. They were standing in front of a huge convention center and the sign outside said, Motor-Rumble Auto-Expo .

“No way!” the blonde shrieked. “No way!”

Morgan chuckled at her girlfriend's reaction. “Yes way.”

Dana whirled on Morgan and jumped on her wrapping her legs around Morgan's hips. The brunette held her and welcomed the tight affection hug Dana was giving her. The blonde kissed her cheek and then looked into happy blue eyes.

“You are the best girlfriend ever,” Dana mumbled against Morgan's lips.

“I try,” the brunette smiled.

Dana planted a soft kiss on the brunette's lips and then wriggled from Morgan's grasp. She then held onto the brunette's hand, pulling her towards the building. “Let's go check out some hot rides!”

The two teens treated the auto expo like a playground. They commented and discussed each vehicle on display and closely examined old and new models. Dana was even more thrilled than ever when she finally got to see her dream car in person. The very same car she saw in Motor-Rumble magazine. Morgan and Dana were even able to take a picture near the model car.

After spending a good two hours and a half at the auto-expo, they stopped at a hot dog stand and then hit the road. Morgan noticed the dark clouds forming above as they were eating outside, but figured they should be able to beat the storm. She was wrong.

The cloud burst happened suddenly and the downpour of rain was endless. Morgan was having difficulty seeing down the two lane highway and knew she had to pull over somewhere. It was too dangerous to continue and the sun had just gone down. The brunette spotted a bright sign down the road that said Motel. She exited the freeway, and pulled up near the motel's sign-in desk.

She turned to Dana and had an apologetic look on her face. “Looks like we're stopping here for the night. I have some extra money.”

Dana nodded and placed her hand over Morgan's. “It's okay, baby. I can stand one night in a motel.”

“Alright. I'll see if I can get us a room.”

Morgan hustled out of the car into the pouring rain and rushed into the building. She was only able to afford a room with one bed, but that had to do. When she got the key she parked as close as she could to their room and they ran towards the door.

The two of them were in a fit of giggles as they rushed through the door and entered the motel room. Morgan closed the door behind them and turned to her girlfriend sighing heavily. The blonde was smiling at her as they stood there drenched from head to toe.

“God, we're soaked,” Dana laughed.

“I know. That storm came out of nowhere. Sorry, I guess I should have looked at the weather report.”

The blonde sleeked back her hair from her face. “It's okay. We have to get out of these wet clothes though.”

“Yeah. You can take the bathroom first. I'm going to call my Mom and let her know where we are.”

Dana nodded. “Okay.”

Morgan reached into her drenched jean pocket to retrieve her phone. However, to her dismay, the phone no longer worked due to water damage. “Shit.”

“What?” the blonde asked, from near the bathroom doorway.

Morgan turned in Dana's direction, keeping her eyes on her dead cell phone. “My phone's not working anymore. Can I use… yours?” the brunette squeaked her last words as her eyes fell on Dana.

She gasped as she watched Dana remove her soaked shirt and drape it over a chair in the corner. The brunette could do nothing but gawk at the blonde's firm bra covered breasts. Dana then unzipped the front of her jeans, but then stopped, looking up.

They just stared into each other's eyes. Morgan was usually able to contain her lustful expressions but it was beyond her control tonight. Her eyes scanned her girlfriend's body and then back up again. God she wanted this girl so much.

Dana cleared her throat and shifted nervously. “Um, I'm going to take a shower. My cell is in my purse if you want to use it.” The blonde turned and seemed to hurriedly escape into the bathroom, closing the door.

Morgan stood frozen to the spot, still clutching her cell phone. She always thought Dana looked hot in a bikini, but in a bra and unzipped wet jeans… there were no words for that sight. The brunette released the breath she had been holding and went in search of Dana's phone.

While Dana was showering, Morgan stripped down to her boxers and bra, laying out her clothes on another small chair near the blonde's. She turned on the television and settled on an old Twilight Zone episode. A few moments later, Dana emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body. She spotted Morgan sitting on the bed, undressed and she shyly averted her eyes.

Both of them could feel the awkwardness of the situation. As Dana moved over to her bag to retrieve lotion, Morgan stood up and headed for the bathroom. “Uh… I'll be a few minutes. You should get under the covers to stay warm.”

With that, she closed herself in the bathroom and leaned her forehead against the door. This situation was ridiculous. Of course they had never really undressed in front of each other before… at least not completely alone. And the way Morgan had looked at Dana, God that was a mistake! She must have totally freaked Dana out.

After her shower, Morgan stepped into the motel room and saw Dana sitting up in bed watching TV with the covers up over her breasts. Green eyes met Morgan's and the blonde smiled lightly. Morgan smiled back and then slipped under the covers in just her under garments.

They sat in an awkward yet comfortable silence as they watched the television. Morgan felt herself shivering due to the blonde's close proximity. And knowing Dana was only wearing a bra and panties under the sheets was driving her crazy.

“Had enough TV?” the blonde asked suddenly.

“Uh, yeah. We need to head out early anyway.”

Dana nodded before clicking off the television. The room was engulfed in darkness as they both settled down into the bed. The only light was faint streaks of moonlight filtering through the thin window curtains.

After about ten minutes, Morgan finally spoke. “Dana?”


“You awake?”

“Yeah. It always takes me awhile to fall asleep in unfamiliar places,” Dana chuckled nervously.

Morgan took a deep breath and released it. “I uh, I just wanted to say that…. um… about earlier, I… I'm sorry I looked at you that way. I know it made you feel uncomfortable because you've been quiet…but…”

“I liked it.”

Morgan sat up on her elbow and looked at the back of the blonde's head. Did she hear what she that she just heard? “What?”

“I liked it…” Dana breathed. “And it scares me that I liked it…”

Morgan scooted closer to the blonde's body. “Why does it scare you?” She placed a comforting hand on Dana's shoulder and the blonde trembled.

“Because… because I want you so bad…” Dana whispered faintly.

Morgan's breath caught and Dana turned over coming face to face with the brunette. The blonde's eyes seemed to glow a beautiful shade of almost blue in the moonlight.

“Morgan… will you make love to me?”

Morgan's breathing became heavy and her heart beat faster. “Y… you, uh. You want to… really?” the brunette could barely say a straight sentence.

Dana lifted the sheets slightly and climbed on top of Morgan's body, straddling her hips. Morgan moaned lightly and her hands automatically went to Dana's hips. They said nothing as they stared into each other's eyes. Dana lowered her lips and stopped centimeters from Morgan's. They were breathing heavily.

“I love you…” Dana whispered.

Morgan smiled lightly and felt a rush of affection run through her body. “I love you too…with all my heart.”

Dana closed the distance between their lips and they kissed slowly. Morgan moaned when Dana fully laid on top of her and their bare stomachs and near to bare breasts touched for the first time.

The kiss began tender, but soon became deep and passionate. Morgan lost herself in all that was Dana and kissed the blonde back with just as much intensity. She pulled their bodies tighter and they both moaned and their hips began to rock together. Morgan could feel the heat between the blonde's legs and her arousal was out of control.

Dana ended the lip-lock and then placed one final kiss on Morgan's lips. The brunette's breath had literally been taken away. They kept their eyes locked and with all her strength Morgan gently pushed Dana onto her back and flipped their positions so she was on top.

Trusting green eyes looked up at her. “Are you sure?” Morgan whispered. “I don't want to do anything you don't want to…”

Dana brushed back the brunette's wet bangs. “I'm very sure.”

“Okay,” the brunette breathed. Morgan captured the blonde's lips with her own.

One of her hands traveled down the side of the blonde's body and grasped under Dana's knee. She pulled Dana's leg up over her hip opening the blonde's legs wider. They both moaned as their centers gained more contact. The only barrier between them was their very soaked panties. They began to move again together slowly; the pleasurable friction spreading throughout their bodies.

Dana slightly dug her nails into Morgan's back as she pumped her hips faster. All that filled the room was their heavy breathing and moans. The brunette knew they were both close. No longer able to hold herself back, she rotated her hips faster into the blonde's pulsating clit. Dana groaned loudly and threw her head back as her body erupted into ultimate ecstasy. Seeing the blonde begin her orgasm, Morgan soon followed. She had never felt anything so powerful explode through her body. Their hips slowly stopped rocking as they both came down from oblivion.

Morgan could feel Dana's heart beating against her own and the blonde's hot breath on her shoulder. They laid there a minute regaining their strength.

“Wow…” Morgan breathed heavily. She leaned her head up and looked into Dana's unfocused eyes. “You okay?”

Dana nodded and smiled lightly. “Yeah…” she lazily replied. “That felt really… good.”

“Really, really good,” Morgan breathed.


Morgan kissed the blonde softly and unconsciously shifted her hips slightly. Instantly feeling the movement, Dana closed her eyes and moaned. She was still very sensitive.

“Sorry…” the brunette whispered, realizing what she had done.

“It's okay…” the blonde breathed, opening her eyes.

They smiled at each other softly and kissed once more. One kiss became two, and soon their tongues were dueling for control. Morgan felt the stirrings of arousal begin in the pit of her stomach again.

“Morgan…” Dana breathed.

“Yeah…” the brunette mumbled, moving her kisses to Dana's neck.

The blonde squeezed Morgan's ass and put her lips to the brunette's ear. “I want more,” she whispered.

Morgan's body trembled at the request and she looked into Dana's dark green eyes. She immediately knew what the blonde was asking. Within moments they discarded the rest of their clothing and were now fully nude. Morgan gazed at the girl beneath her and marveled at the blonde's amazing form. It was even better than anything she had imagined.

The brunette dipped her head down and place gently feather-like kisses over Dana's exposed chest. The blonde gasped and her thighs wrapped tighter around Morgan's body. Blue eyes met green before Morgan took one of Dana's hard nipples into her mouth. The blonde arched her back and moaned at the pleasurable contact. As Morgan worked her tongue over the pink bud, she felt Dana's finger snake through her hair, pulling her closer. The brunette then moved to the other breast before moving up Dana's body and kissing her passionately. They slowly let their tongues dance together and Morgan nearly passed out when Dana sensuously sucked on her tongue.

They ended the kiss and Morgan reached between their bodies. Before she made contact with Dana's liquid heat she looked into the blonde's eyes for any hesitation. The blonde looked straight at her and gave a slight nod. Morgan nervously swallowed and then slowly grazed her hand over Dana's clit. The blonde gave a breathy gasp and trembled. Morgan kept her eyes on the blonde's face and she moved her fingers down towards Dana's opening. The brunette's heart was racing. She couldn't believe this moment was finally happening and it filled her with so much love that Dana would trust her. She slowly entered the blonde with two fingers. Dana let out a guttural moan and tightened her grip around Morgan's body.

“Oh, God…” the blonde breathed.

Morgan made sure to go slow when she saw a bit of discomfort on Dana's face. But after a minute, the discomfort became pleasure. With each pump and roll of the hips, Dana gasped or moaned in ecstasy. Morgan loved how responsive the blonde was.

“Dana… you're so wet…” Morgan whispered.

In response, the blonde whimpered and lifted her hips more to meet Morgan's movements. She could feel Dana was close so she slipped a third finger inside. The blonde rolled her hips faster and it wasn't long before she was throwing her head back, trembling and tightening around Morgan's fingers. The brunette held onto Dana as the blonde came crashing down. It was the most beautiful thing Morgan had ever experienced.

Dana's chest was heaving and a sheen of sweat covered her body. Morgan kissed her forehead, then her cheeks.

“I love you so much, Dana…” the brunette whispered.

They exchanged hushed sweet nothings until they both curled up into each other and fell asleep.

Morgan's eyes slowly opened and it took her a second to remember where she was. Her eyes scanned the unfamiliar motel room. She then realized she was spooning a warm body; a naked warm body. The vanilla scent of the blonde's hair instantly comforted her and she smiled lightly. Last night she had made love to Dana and it was not a dream.

The brunette lifted her head and began to kiss Dana's bare shoulder. The blonde stirred slightly and mumbled something incoherently. Dana always was a deep sleeper. Morgan snickered and then rubbed her hand over the blonde's hip.

“Baby,” she whispered in Dana's ear. “Wake up.”

“Mmm… Wolfie it's too early…” the blonde mumbled.

Morgan chuckled. “Dana…”

The blonde did not move and went back to sleep. Just then, Morgan had a thought. She stealthily climbed out of bed, careful not to wake up Dana. The brunette grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil off the small desk and took a seat on a chair that was on Dana's side of the bed. Her hand began to sketch the lines of the blonde's face on paper. She had done so many drawings of Dana, but this time it was different. The blonde had a soft and content smile on her face as she slept soundly. Morgan thought she was beautiful.

About twenty minutes later, the blonde slowly blinked her eyes open. Morgan had just finished her new sketch. Dana spotted Morgan sitting across from her. “Hi…” the blonde smiled with bemusement.

“Hey,” Morgan grinned.

Dana leaned up on her elbow. “What are you doing?” she asked in a sleepy voice.

Morgan came over to the bed and sat near Dana, showing her the new creation. The blonde smiled upon seeing the drawing.

“Wow, Morgan…” she gasped in awe. “Gosh, you're so talented. This is beautiful.”

The brunette studied Dana's profile. “You're beautiful.”

The blonde turned to her and put down the sketch. Morgan looked deeply into those green eyes she loved and smiled lightly.

Dana cocked her head to the side, studying Morgan's expression. “What are you thinking about?”

Morgan sighed. “About how many times I imagined this moment… waking up next you after making love.”

Dana grinned. “Aw, Wolfie…” she cooed. “Really?”

Morgan nodded.

“Well, do you kiss me good morning when you imagined this moment?” Dana teased.

Morgan gave a megawatt smile and leaned in giving the blonde a thorough good morning kiss.

Within an hour, the two teens had put on their slightly dried clothes from the night before, called their parents, and turned in their room key. It was a beautiful morning with a cool breeze wafting through the air and the sky was a splice of orange, purple, and blue. They both hopped into Nathan's truck.

Morgan put on her seatbelt and started the engine. “Okay, here we go. Hopefully, we don't run into anymore storms along the way.”

Dana turned to her and smiled. “Or hopefully we do,” the blonde replied in a flirty tone.

Morgan looked at her girlfriend and laughed. “I wouldn't complain…” the brunette smiled, leaning in. “As long as I'm with you.”

Dana met her halfway and they shared a soft loving kiss. They gazed into each other's eyes for a moment and all they saw pass between them was pure love. Morgan started the engine and they headed out on the highway back home. Their normal lives were waiting for them there. But neither one of them will forget that night. The two young women interlaced their fingers and had smiles on their faces as the truck disappeared down the road.


The End


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