~ I See You ~

by Lady D



Disclaimers: All of the characters in this story are fictional. Two of the characters just happen to resemble the physical features of Xena and Gabrielle.

Love/Sex: Depicts a loving relationship between two female teens.

Violence: Nope

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Part 1

~ I See You ~ 
by Lady D
Disclaimers: All of the characters in this story are fictional. Two of the characters just happen to resemble the physical features of Xena and Gabrielle. 

Love/Sex: Depicts a loving relationship between two female teens. 

Violence: Nope
Please let me know what you thought of my new characters and their story! 
Feedback: leidee87@yahoo.com


Chapter Nine

School had just ended for the day and Morgan was walking out to her car. She was surprised to see Dana beside the vehicle. The blonde had her back turned to her and was talking on her cell phone. Morgan knew the blonde had cheerleading practice today so it was unusual for Dana to be here. As Morgan walked closer, Dana turned around with a distraught expression on her face.

The blonde hung up the phone as Morgan approached. “You okay?”

Dana shook her head sadly and looked up into the brunette’s eyes. “That was my Uncle Ted. My mom is in the hospital.”

Morgan gave a compassionate expression. “What happened? Is she okay?”

Dana gave a solemn nod. “Yeah,” she sighed. “It’s a stomach ulcer.” The blonde shook her head, frustrated with her mother’s excessive drinking. “Just three months ago she was in for alcohol poisoning. She just won’t stop.”

The brunette saw the haunting memories pass through Dana’s eyes. She raised her hand and gently stroked Dana’s arm.

Dana took comfort in the touch. “He says she’s asking for me.”

“What do you want to do?”

The blonde shrugged. “I don’t know,” she said helplessly. “I mean… despite everything that has happened… a part of me still cares.”
“Of course you still care. You’re that type of person, Dana. You have a kind heart.”

Dana smiled sadly and then sighed. “I don’t want to go alone. Will you go with me?”

The brunette stared into those green eyes filled with confusion and sadness. Her heart was breaking seeing Dana this way. “Yes.”

Morgan and Dana arrived at the hospital and were informed by a nurse where Janice’s room was. They walked hand in hand in silence down the hospital corridor until they were just outside Janice’s room. The door was open, but they stood just far enough back so they could not be seen.

“I’ll be right here,” Morgan said, giving Dana’s hand a comforting squeeze.

The blonde nodded before stepping into the room and out of sight. Though Morgan could only see the edge of the hospital bed, she could hear the conversation inside the room.

“Well…” Janice’s weak voice began. “I didn’t think you would show.”

“I almost didn’t… I just wanted to see if you were doing okay.”

“Oh, don’t throw me a pity party girl. I’m fit as a fiddle. So, you can shove it.”

“Fine…” Dana replied, finality in her voice.

“Dana,” Janice stopped her. There was a pause. “How are you holding up at Ted’s?”



Another pause.

“Still cheerleading?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Of course you are,” Janice replied indifferently. “Dating? And please tell me you’re holding on to this one for more than a month,” the older woman replied tiredly, but with sting in her voice.

There was another pause.

“I am seeing someone…” Dana replied. “…And they’re very special to me.”

“Sure, they are. What is this? Boyfriend number eight? Nine?” Janice laughed.

Morgan’s blood boiled, hearing the nastiness of Janice’s remarks. How could this woman be so horrible to her own daughter?

“Her name… is Morgan,” the blonde replied sharply. “Morgan?” she called.

The brunette’s heart constricted with anxiety as she heard Dana call her into the room. Taking a deep breath, she stepped from out of the hall and into the hospital room. Janice was sitting up in the bed, dark circles under her eyes and a disapproving expression on her face. Dana was standing a few feet away from the foot of her mother’s bed. Morgan caught the blonde’s gaze.

“Come in, Morgan,” Dana said.

Morgan walked over to her girlfriend and Dana grasped one of her hands. The blonde then turned to her mother.

“This is Morgan. She’s who I’m dating now,” the blonde stated with certainty.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Janice scoffed.

Menacing green eyes stared daggers at Morgan. “My daughter is no dyke!”

The brunette lowered her eyes and shook her head. It was hard looking into green eyes similar to Dana’s filled with so much hatred.

“Mom!” Dana shrieked.

Janice shifted her gaze on her daughter. “Don’t you Mom me. I guess you’ve had your fill of so many boys you’re jumping to girls now, huh? It’s pathetic… and it’s disgusting!”

“This was a mistake coming her,” the blonde said between her teeth. Morgan could hear Dana trying to control the strain in her voice. “I should have known...”

“Should’ve known what? That I wouldn’t approve of your dykey… whatever it is. I’m not going to say relationship.”

Morgan was about to defend the blonde but Dana beat her to it. “Oh, God, you’re such a bitch!” Dana raised her voice.

Janice’s eyes got as big as saucers, and if she could get off the bed in that moment she would have. “You watch that mouth.”

Morgan felt Dana grip her hand tighter and started leading them to the door. “Fuck you! I hope I never see you again!”

And with those parting words, the two girls hurriedly left Janice’s room.

“Fine, go! Don’t come back! You’re not my daughter!” they heard bellowed from down the hall.

The ride back to Dana’s house was silent. The blonde had not said a word and Morgan did not know how to start a conversation. However, Dana was holding her hand the entire time, not wanting to lose contact.

When they arrived at the front of the house, Morgan cut the engine. Dana just sat there looking down. Morgan was surprised by the blonde’s composure. Janice had always been able to drive her to tears. Something was different.

“Dana…” Morgan began.

“Could you come inside for a little while? I don’t want to be alone.” Dana spoke softly.

“Sure,” the brunette gently replied.

They entered the empty house and Dana still held Morgan’s hand leading her back to her bedroom. Ted and Lisa were both at work.

Dana opened her bedroom door and led them inside. Morgan stood over by the bed and fidgeted with her hands. She watched as the blonde calmly closed the door behind them and then turned to her. Their eyes locked.

The brunette could not read what Dana was thinking. Those green eyes just stared at her. Just as Morgan was about to speak, the blonde took a step forward and quickly lifted her shirt over her head, discarding it on the floor.

Morgan’s mouth was agape as the blonde approached her in only a teal bra and jeans. Her breasts looked so perfect and creamy. “D…Dana…”

The blonde roughly pushed her back on the bed and was on top of her within seconds, swiftly capturing her lips. Morgan automatically kissed her back with just as much passion. Dana forcefully pushed her tongue into Morgan’s mouth, causing the brunette to groan. Dana tangled her hands in the brunette’s hair and their hips began to rock together. The brunette had never felt Dana be this aggressive… and rushed. This was wrong.

Morgan broke the kiss, looking into Dana’s unfocused eyes. “Dana wait…” she breathed.

“I’m done waiting…” the blonde replied. She swooped down and began to plant heavy kisses along Morgan’s neck.

The brunette moaned, unable to find the willpower to stop Dana’s actions. The blonde’s hands raked down the sides of Morgan’s body and were squeezing her in all the right places. It felt so damn good. The blonde then moved down Morgan’s body, lifting the hem of her shirt. She began to place soft kisses on the brunette’s abdomen. Morgan shivered with arousal and her breath was ragged.

The blonde came back up her body and roughly kissed her once more. Their tongues danced sensually and Morgan thought she was going to lose her mind. After a minute, Dana looked her straight in the eyes. “Make love to me, Morgan. I’m ready…” Dana said, shakily.

Though those were the words Morgan had always dreamed of the blonde uttering to her, a red flag went up. This was not the strong-willed Dana that she knew and loved. This Dana was broken and lost. Morgan knew she had to stop this. She used all her strength to flip them over so Dana was on her back. The blonde tried to pull her down for another kiss, but the brunette leaned away.

“Dana, stop,” Morgan spoke with finality.

“Why?” the blonde breathed heavily.

“This…” Morgan sighed, trying to settle down her body. “This isn’t right, baby.”

Tears slowly began to form in those beautiful green eyes. “Don’t you want me?” the blonde whimpered.

Morgan smiled sadly and brushed back the blonde’s hair from her face. “Of course I want you. I want you all the time. But not like this… not when you’re upset and confused. It’s not right.”

Dana let out a shuddering breath and tears fell down her cheeks. Morgan brushed away those tears with her thumb and felt her own emotions coming to the surface.

“You’re such a beautiful person, Dana. You deserve better… and when we have our first time… I want it to be special for both of us. And when we’re really ready…” Morgan took a moment to stare into those eyes she adored. “I love you, Dana.”

The blonde’s face broke and she smiled sadly as more tears came forth. She pulled Morgan down into a tight embrace and cried harder. Morgan shifted her body off the blonde’s and still held onto her girlfriend. It felt good to finally say those three words to Dana. She felt her heart expand after saying them.

“It’s okay…” Morgan whispered.

“I’m sorry,” Dana whimpered. “I’m sorry…”

“No, don’t apologize. It’s okay. I know you’re hurting,” the brunette replied, stroking Dana’s back.

“I hate her,” Dana got out. “I hate her so much.”

Morgan knew that deep down, Dana’s behavior was spurred on by Janice and how Dana felt so abandoned by her mother. The blonde just wanted to feel close to someone in that moment. They held onto each other, emotions running high, until they both drifted off to sleep.

An hour later, Morgan stirred from her sleep. She blinked her eyes open and saw smiling green eyes looking back at her. Dana was lying on the pillow beside her.

“Hey,” Morgan said, sleepily.


Morgan stretched her back and sighed before settling back down.

“Thank you,” Dana whispered.

The brunette looked at her. “For what?”

“For stopping us from making a big mistake.”

Morgan smiled softly and raised her hand, stroking Dana’s blushing cheek. “You didn’t make it easy you know?” the brunette joked.

Dana chuckled, and blushed even harder. “Sorry,” she said sheepishly.

“It’s okay. I’ll just think of that as a preview,” Morgan replied, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Shut up,” Dana smiled. She leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the brunette’s lips.

Morgan smiled but it soon faded as the blonde lowered her eyes. The brunette knew something was on Dana’s mind.

“What is it?” Morgan asked with concern.

Dana took a moment and then met Morgan’s eyes. “I love you, too,” the blonde whispered.

The brunette’s breath caught and happiness filled her soul. She smiled a megawatt grin and leaned in kissing Dana softly.


A few days later, Morgan, Dana, Jax and Keri were sitting at a table together eating lunch in the school cafeteria. The brunette looked up from her chilly fries when she heard whispering. Two cheerleaders from the squad were walking by looking between Morgan and Dana. They were obviously the topic of the hushed whispers.

After the girls passed, Morgan looked over at Dana who was shaking her head with a not so happy expression on her face.  
“What was that all about?” Morgan asked.

“Yeah, I’ve seen a couple cheerleaders giving the sourpuss face,” Jax commented.

Dana sighed. “Just… me and some of the team are in a disagreement right now.”

“About what?” Morgan frowned.

“Some of the girls want Dana booted from the team because she’s dating you.” Keri said.

“What?!” Jax practically shrieked. “That’s crazy.”

Morgan looked at Dana, concerned. She met the blonde’s gaze. “Is that true?”

Dana shrugged. “They said they felt uncomfortable that I was on the team with them. Stuff about changing in the locker room and--”

“Stupid stuff,” Keri cut in. “And besides, I’m team Captain. I get to decide who’s on the team, so I overruled some of the girls suggestions to kick Dana off. I told them if they can’t accept her, then they can quit.”

“Alright, sis.” Morgan smiled, impressed by her sister’s actions. She wrapped an arm around Dana’s shoulders and pulled her closer. The blonde smiled and snuggled into Morgan.

“Yes, Keri that was very commendable of you.” Jax smiled. “Now, dipping out of the lesbian drama pool… what are you all doing for prom? Since I’m not going, I’ll live vicariously through you ladies.”

“What do you mean you’re not going?” Dana asked.

“Um, do you see a boyfriend with his arm around my shoulders? I don’t want to go alone.”

“You don’t have to,” Dana said. “You can come with me and Morgan.”

The brunette practically spit out the drink she had just sipped. “Hmm? Uh, what?”

“Jax is going with us,” the blonde smiled.

Morgan frowned and shook her head. “Dana, I never said I wanted to go to prom.” The brunette had never given prom a single thought. Dances and school gatherings were not her thing.

“What do you mean?” the blonde asked, leaning away to look into Morgan’s eyes.

Just then the bell rang.

“Ohhh, saved by the bell. This was just getting good,” Jax commented before standing up. “Come on, Morgan. I need to talk to you.”

Morgan stood up along with Dana. They exchanged a quick kiss, but it was a bit awkward due to their current situation. Morgan and Jax went one way, while Keri and Dana went the other.

“Are you trying to ruin your relationship with Dana?” Jax scolded.


“Prom, Morgan. You are taking that girl to prom.”

“Jax, you know I hate that kind of stuff. I made an agreement with myself Freshman year that I would never go to prom.”

“But the game has changed, Morg. You have a girlfriend. A girlfriend that wants the corsage, a dress, a limo--”

“Dude, it’s not happening. She’ll be fine with it.”

“You really don’t understand girls do you?”

“I am a girl.”

“I mean girlie, girls. You better change your mind. Otherwise, I see a shit storm a-coming.”

As the day wore on, Morgan thought about what Jax said. Was prom really that big of a deal? Morgan was now sitting in her usual spot in the back row of her and Dana’s English class. The two of them wanted to sit together but the teacher had assigned them to certain desks for the year. The brunette focused her eyes to the front row and stared at Dana who was listening to the teacher’s lesson.

The brunette’s stomach twisted in knots upon facing the blonde after class. She knew Dana was going to bring prom up again. Morgan’s eyes shifted up to the clock on the wall. Five minutes until the bell rings. Only five minutes left! The brunette’s palms were sweating and she leaned back in her seat. Of course when you want time to go slower in school it only goes faster and soon the bell was blaring, ending the school day.

Morgan slowly stood from her desk and threw her backpack over her shoulder. Dana came over to her, as she always did, so they could walk out to the parking lot together. The brunette met her eyes and Dana smiled softly.

“You ready?” the blonde asked.

“Yeah,” Morgan nodded.

They walked out of the now empty classroom and headed down the loud and busy hallway. The hall was filled with the sounds of lockers opening and banging close, teens chatting lively, and shoes scuffling over the tiled floor. This was hardly a place to discuss anything which Morgan was grateful for at the moment.

They finally exited the school and were outside heading to the parking lot.

“Um, Wolfie?” Dana asked.

“Y… yeah,” Morgan replied, afraid of where the conversation was headed.

“I was wondering--”

“Dana!” a voice called to the cheerleader from behind.

Morgan and Dana whipped around and saw Natalie, one of the cheerleaders from the blonde’s squad approaching them.

“Hey, Natalie. What’s up?” Dana asked.

“I’m so sorry about what some of the girls tried to do to you. I think it’s ridiculous.”

The blonde smiled softly. “Thanks.”

Natalie looked over at Morgan and then back at Dana. “I personally don’t care if you’re a gay. It doesn’t change who you are. I’m not as narrow minded as some of the dumbats on our team.”

Dana giggled and Morgan smiled. The blonde patted Natalie’s shoulder. “Thanks, Nat. You’re a good friend.”

“No problem. I just wanted to let you know. Not all of us tried to kick you off the team. Those other girls just have to get over it. I’ll catch you guys later.”

“Later.” Morgan and Dana said in unison.

“Well, that was nice,” Dana commented with a smile.

“Yeah, it was,” Morgan grasped the blonde’s hand and they headed towards the car.

The ride to Dana’s house was pleasant. They shared a light banter bouncing from one subject to another. The topics went from the cheerleading team, to cars, to food, and then cars again. Not once did Dana mention prom. Morgan believed she was home free… that is until she pulled up to Dana’s house. They were just giggling after Morgan had told her a childhood tale involving her, Keri and an easy bake oven that caught on fire.

“So… you were just kidding about not going, right?” the blonde asked good-naturedly.
A tremble of anxiety went through Morgan’s chest. “Uh…”

“You were just joking,” the blonde smiled.

Morgan hesitated in her reply and then looked down. “Um… not really, Dana…”


The blonde’s chuckling became non-existent and Morgan heard the surprise and disappointment in Dana’s tone.

“I wasn’t kidding.” She met Dana’s crestfallen expression. “Prom is so… it’s not me. I don’t go to those kinds of things.”

“But Morgan, we only get one prom,” the blonde tried to convince her. “And you’d be going with me.”

Morgan bit her lower lip. She would go with Dana anywhere. But a corny prom? Going to prom was like going against everything in her being. The brunette did not know what to say.

“Don’t you want to go with me?” Dana questioned.

Morgan felt as though she was being backed into a corner. She hated being forced to do something she didn’t want to do. “Can we… not talk about this?” the brunette said with cringe in her voice.

She turned to the blonde and a look of disbelief was on Dana’s face.

“Morgan Reed… are you saying that you’re not going to take me to prom?”

“Dana, I… I don’t know what to say. I just don’t want to go, okay? I thought you’d be cool with that.”

“Well, I’m not cool with that. I didn’t realize how selfish you could be.”

“Selfish?” the brunette frowned. “Can’t you just respect my choice?”

“Are you even considering how I feel about this? For the longest time I’ve dreamt about going to prom with someone I really cared about. And I knew prom was going to be even better than I imagined because I’d be going with someone I love. But I guess that’s not happening, is it?”

Morgan swallowed but could not bring herself to meet Dana’s gaze. With that, Dana hurriedly climbed out of the car and slammed the door shut behind her. Morgan jumped at the impact of the door closing. She looked up and watched outside the window as Dana stomped towards the house. Morgan had never seen the blonde that heated before.

“Fuck,” Morgan grumbled, hitting her stirring wheel. She peeled away from the curb in her barracuda and raced down the street.


Morgan drove over to her Dad’s garage to begin her shift. She tiredly climbed out of her car and headed towards the back office. Nathan gave her a quick wave as he was talking to a customer and she nodded slightly.

In the solitude of the backroom, she slipped her navy blue mechanic jumpsuit over her clothes and put her hair up in a messy ponytail. Her thoughts were going a million miles per hour. She couldn’t get Dana out of her mind. She couldn’t get prom out of her mind. Jax was right. He had warned her that this would blow up in her face. Morgan plopped down in one of the office chairs and buried her face in her hands. She was emotionally exhausted.

“What’s wrong, kiddo?” Nathan calmly asked.

Morgan looked up to see her father leaning in the doorway. The brunette sighed, looking down. “Me and Dana had a fight.”

“Ah,” he said. He walked into the small room and sat in the chair next to his daughter. “Talk to me about it.”

“Well,” Morgan sighed leaning back in the chair. “It’s this whole prom thing. I don’t want to go but Dana…”

“She wants to,” Nathan finished.

Morgan nodded.

“How come you don’t want to go?”

The brunette shrugged. “I’ve always thought prom was so corny and full of cheesy romance stuff. I always hate seeing that stuff in movies.”

Nathan chuckled. “That is what prom is about… but look at it this way. You think I liked dressing up in a tux for an entire night just to take your Mom to a dance?”

“No,” Morgan tsked.

“That’s right. No guy or girl like you wants to do that. But you suck it up and do it anyway because your girlfriend wants to.”

Morgan sighed. “Dana said I was being selfish.”

“It may have been a little selfish of you…” Nathan smiled.

Morgan raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“What I’m saying is… it’s for them, Morgan. Taking your girl to prom makes them happy and makes them feel special.”

“Did you have a good time at your prom?”

“Are you kidding me? I hated it!” Nathan admitted.

Morgan laughed at her Dad’s sour face and sudden outburst.

“But after prom…” he said with a grin. “Let’s just say you and your sister could have been conceived that night.”

“Ah, Dad gross! TMI,” Morgan whined. She stood from her chair.

Nathan laughed heartily and stood up as well. “Just take her, kiddo. But you’ll have to make it up to Dana.”

“What do I even say to her Dad? I really upset her,” Morgan said seriously.

“Start by apologizing… and then say you’ll take her to prom. It’s that simple.”

Morgan let out a breath. “Okay… I’ll call her when I get off work.”

“No, you’re going to go to her and tell her face to face that you’re sorry,” Nathan corrected her.

The brunette lowered her eyes and then looked up again. “Okay.”

Nathan patted his daughter’s shoulder sympathetically and then left the room. Morgan pulled out her cell phone and began to text a message to Dana.

We need to talk. Can you meet me at our tree in the park at 8:30?- Morgan

A few moments passed and a reply came back.

K. – Dana

K? Wow. Dana was that upset with her she was only receiving one letter replies in the text message. Morgan sighed sadly and put her phone in her small locker before heading out of the office.

After work, Morgan rushed back home to clean herself up. She was meeting Dana in the park in about twenty minutes. She went into her room and took off her dirty t-shirt.

“What the hell, Morg?” Keri demanded stepping into the room.
“Huh?” the brunette replied, pulling on a clean shirt.

“I was on phone for about an hour consoling Dana about prom.”

Morgan rolled her eyes. “She talked to you about that?”

“Yeah. She is my best friend. Morgan, how could you not take her?”

Morgan shook her head and headed towards the bathroom, not wanting a verbal beating from her sister. “Keri, could you just stay out of it?”

“Too late.” The cheerleader replied, following her sister. “What were you thinking?”

Morgan spun around in the bathroom doorway. “I don’t know, look…if you must know, I’m going to apologize. She’s meeting me in the park.”

“Well, you better make it good. She was really pissed… well, more sad than pissed.”

“Rub it in,” Morgan mumbled turning around. She picked up her toothbrush and toothpaste.

“I’m just trying to tell you your situation. Prom was always a big thing with Dana. She just couldn’t wait for Senior year to come around. She even pre-ordered her dress.”

Morgan stopped her toothbrush from scrubbing in her mouth and looked at her sister’s reflection in the mirror. “You’re kidding me.”

Keri shook her head. Morgan’s heart hurt a little more upon hearing that. She spit in the sink and wiped a towel over her mouth.

“Well, now I feel even worse.”

Keri patted her sister’s back. “Have fun making up,” the lighter haired brunette smiled before leaving the room.

Morgan sighed heavily and stared at herself in the mirror. Her eyes caught the small scar over her eyebrow and she smiled softly. This scar was from when Dana had caused her to hit her head under the car months ago. It was a constant reminder of the day she and Dana got together. The brunette’s smile faded however, as she remembered her current situation. She left the bathroom and rushed out of the house to go meet Dana.   


To Be Continued

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