~ Syd’s Choice ~
by Lady D

Disclaimers: All of the characters in this story are fictional. Two of the characters just happen to resemble a young Xena and Gabrielle. Hope you enjoy this sequel to my first story The Bet On Madison.

Love/Sex: Yes, but it's not extremely graphic. However, it’s enough to know what’s going on in the getting it on…if you know what I mean.

Violence: None really

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The bet…that’s what brought two opposites together during their senior year at Freedmont High. Who would have thought something so deameaning and self righteous could turn into an event that would change two people’s lives forever?

Though they had reason to leave the prom that night, it gave little explanation as to why Freedmont High’s Queen of the Prom was not present. This of course made Sydney Rush state a brief apology to the graduating class during her speech. On the brighter side, Madison Murphy was one out of the four valedictorians and gave a speech as well.

Now they were both freshmen in college. Ready for anything that was ahead of them in this world.

"Okay, I think that’s everything," Syd said setting down the last box of the blonde’s things. The brunette was helping Madison move her belongings into the new dorm room.

The two decided to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Though she didn’t need it, Syd was on a basketball scholarship and Madison received a scholarship from the Clark County Math Department Association.

The blonde shuffled over to her lover and wrapped her arms around a strong waist. She looked up into blue eyes lovingly. "Are you sure you don’t want to share a room?" She said with a smile.

Syd smiled lightly. "Babe, we already discussed this. It’s better if you share a room with Lisa. When the season starts I don’t want you to be all alone. The team will be traveling quite a bit."

Madison ducked her head. "I know," she sighed.

Syd lowered her mouth to the blonde’s ear. "Plus, I’m sure we’ll get a lot of complaints from our fellow students. There would be too much noise coming from our room."

The blonde raised her head and furrowed her brows. "Noise?"

The basketball player gave a knowing grin.

"Oh…" Madison said blushing making the brunette chuckle. "I’m not that loud…" she said shyly.

Syd slowly pulled the blonde closer to her body. "Yeah you are…remember last week?" The brunette asked with a sly smile.


"Well…that’s not fair. That was the first time you…we…" Madison blushed even harder.

Syd smiled at how adorable the blonde was. "That I went…down there…" Syd said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah…that was…you know…" the blonde still ducked her head.

The brunette kissed the blonde tenderly on the cheek and then began to trail the kisses further down to Madison’s neck.

The blonde giggled. "Baby, stop…Lisa could walk in any minute."

"And?" Syd said still advancing her kisses.

"And…I don’t want to get caught in an awkward position," the blonde said with all smiles.

Syd locked her gaze squarely at the blonde to give ‘the look.’ The look that Madison knew was only for her and said that there was only one thing on the brunette’s mind.

The blonde raised a knowing eyebrow. "Are you kidding me?" Madison said with a giggle.

The brunette shook her head slowly a put a firm grip on the blonde’s body. Madison’s worries were soon forgotten when Syd captured her lips in a sensuous kiss. Their tongues slowly glided against each other and the brunette brought a hand under the blonde’s shirt and squeezed a breast.

Madison moaned breaking the kiss to throw her head back in pleasure. "Syd…"

"Whoa!" a voice said in surprise making the heated session suddenly break. Both girls untangled from each other to see the blonde’s friend in the doorway.

"Lisa!" the blonde said in surprise and embarrassment for being caught.

"If you guys are gonna have sex, make sure you pick your choice bed Madison because it’ll definitely be yours for the rest of the year," her friend joked.

"We weren’t…" Madison was suddenly pulled backwards into a bear hug with her back against the basketball player, "going to have sex," the blonde finished putting her hands on top of the ones around her waist.

"Right…" the redhead drawled, carrying her box over to one of the twin beds.

Syd was nibbling on the side of Madison’s neck eliciting a giggle from the blonde.

"Baby, stop" the blonde said affectionately and turned in the brunette’s arms. She looked into playful blue eyes. "Don’t you have to go meet up with Heather in your building?"

"And we have to catch the orientation at ten this morning," Lisa reminded her friend.

The blonde turned to look at Lisa. "Oh, yeah that’s right," Madison said remembering. She looked back to the brunette with regretful eyes.

Syd nodded. "Well…I better get going." She grabbed hold of the blonde’s hand and they walked the four feet it took to reach the door. The brunette stepped forward in Madison’s personal space and leaned in so their noses touched. They did their little love nuzzle and gave caring smiles to each other.

"Bye," Syd whispered tenderly.

"Bye," the blonde whispered back brushing together the tips of their noses again before their lips met for a lingering kiss.

Syd slowly broke the kiss and looked to Lisa who was trying not to watch the display of affection.

"Take it easy, Lisa," Syd said with a small wave and a friendly smile.

"See ya Syd," the redhead  said back.

The brunette looked once more into the green eyes she adored, gave Madison one more quick kiss and exited the room.

The blonde gave a puppy love sigh after she lost sight of the tall basketball player.

"You guys make me sick," Lisa said in an envious tone.

"Why?" the blonde said furrowing her brows.

Lisa started to unpack her belongings. "It’s just…you guys are so happy together. I just hope I can find someone like that. Ever since Kevin went to Oregon, we barely even talk. It’s over between us, I know it," her friend said in a defeated tone.

"Hey," Madison said moving over beside her friend. She put a comforting arm around Lisa’s shoulder. "You’ll find someone way better than Kevin, you’ll see. It just takes time."

Lisa nodded her head. "Yeah…I know…"

Madison bumped her friend’s hip playfully with hers. "Let’s go to that orientation. You might see some cute guys around campus."

*          *          *

"Honey, I’m home!" Syd announced into the large dorm room.

Heather rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well come help me unpack, honey." Her teammate said sarcastically. "All done helping your lova?" her friend said leaning in the brunette’s face.

"Yeah," Syd said pushing her friend away playfully. She walked over to her suitcase and plopped it on her bed. "I just hate that I won’t get to see Maddie as much when the season starts up."

"Are you kidding me?" Heather said hanging up one of her T-shirts. "You guys saw each other every day during summer."

Syd smiled thinking about the small blonde and shook her head slowly. "I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like I can’t get enough of her," Syd said in a dreamy tone.

Heather looked at her friend with amazement. Just last year they were bragging about what girls they planned to use and dispose of and now it’s like Syd was a whole new person.

"So what is she up to anyway?"

"Oh, she and Lisa are going to the orientation that’s happening near the SU."

"Lisa, huh? How is she?" Heather asked with concern.

The brunette looked at her friend with a bemused brow. "She’s fine…why?"

"Oh, nothing…just…man I can’t believe we’re part of the Runnin’ Rebels now!" Heather said enthusiastically changing the subject.

Syd smiled. "Yeah, I know it’s pretty surreal." Okay that was weird. The brunette thought.

"I can’t wait to play in the Thomas & Mack Center. It’s gonna be awesome," Heather said plopping onto her bed to gaze at the ceiling.

*          *          *

"Hello everyone…welcome to the UNLV campus. My name is Bryan and I’ll be your tour guide for today."

A group of about fifteen people including Madison and Lisa were huddled together listening to Bryan speak.

"Now the FDH building here was constructed in the year…."

Madison’s attention was drawn away by Lisa’s voice. "He’s really cute," she whispered to the blonde.

Madison observed the tour guide. He had brown cue cut hair, tanned skin, dark brown eyes and finely developed muscles all over his body. The blonde decided he must be an athlete the way his clothes fit on him.

"Yeah, he’s okay," the blonde answered honestly.

Bryan noticed the two chatting in the back. "Ladies…."

The two looked towards him.

Bryan smiled noticing how cute the pair was. "Do you have any questions?"

Lisa shook her head quietly, but Madison had something to say.

"Yeah…um, what is the next biggest event happening on campus?"

"Well, right now it would be anything involving homecoming. UNLV prides its self…." Bryan continued his spell to the group.

When the one hour tour was over Lisa and Madison decided to head over to the Student Union. Before they could take three paces, Bryan came up to them.

"So, what do you guys think of UNLV?" He asked looking between both girls, mostly at Madison.

"It’s really big," Lisa said. "I hope I can find my classes."

"Yeah…but it’s a beautiful campus. I think I’ll like it here," Madison said with a friendly smile.

Bryan looked into Madison’s sparkling green eyes and almost forgot to acknowledge her answer. "Yeah…" he said shaking his head slightly. "I’ll tell you what. If you two have any questions, you can find me in the Student Help Center on the second floor of the SU. I’m usually there Wednesdays and Fridays from eleven to four."

"Okay," both girls said in unison.

"Alright," Bryan said with a handsome smile backing away. He looked at Madison one more time and turned to leave.

"Gee, do I feel invisible," Lisa said.

"Oh, come on…" Madison said to her friend as they were walking towards their previous destination.

"Madison he was practically gawking at you the entire time. I was giving my best flirty messages and he barely looked at me!" the redhead said waving her hands.

"Well, nothing will come of it because I already found the love of my life," the blonde said smiling.

*          *          *

Later that night Syd and Heather were getting ready to go out for dinner. They were to pick up Madison and Lisa in their dorm building.

"Heather come on, they’re waiting for us." Syd was telling her friend as she stood waiting by the door to leave.

"I’m just fixing my hair, chill," her teammate said nervously combing her hair.

"You’ve been fixing your hair the past fifteen minutes!"

Heather tossed the comb in the sink and grabbed her jacket off the bed. "I’m ready, okay…" Heather said with an annoyed voice brushing past the brunette.

When the two basketball players were walking the path that lead to the Dayton dorm building Syd stopped her friend by slightly putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Heather wait," Syd said lightly.

Heather stopped in her tracks and reluctantly looked at her friend.

"What’s going on with you? It’s just Maddie and Lisa."

Heather let out a soft sigh. "That’s the thing…it is Lisa…" she said ducking her head.

Syd furrowed her brows and then suddenly raised them realizing her friend’s situation. "Oh, you…"

"Look, Syd I appreciate your concern…" Heather said meeting Syd’s understanding gaze. "But…let’s not talk about this now…okay?"

The brunette studied her friend for a moment and then nodded her head. "All right…but when you wanna talk I’ll be there to listen."

Syd swatted Heather on the back of her shoulder playfully and they continued the walk to the dormitory across the way.

Before the brunette could even knock on the dorm door to Lisa and Madison’s room it opened quickly.

There stood Madison with a happy grin on her face looking into the brunette’s affection gaze that mirrored her own.

"Hey, baby…" Syd said. Before the blonde could reply the basketball player swooped in picking her girlfriend up and off the ground and turned her in a circle making Madison laugh hysterically.

Heather silently entered the dorm room and saw Lisa coming out of the restroom. The blonde’s friend smiled at Syd and Madison and then spotted Heather by the door way.

"Hi Heather," Lisa said in a friendly matter.

Heather nervously shoved her hands in her jacket pockets as the girl approached her.

"Hey, what’s up Lisa?" she said with an anxious smile.

Lisa’s reply was cut off by more giggles from the lovey-dovey couple. The blonde now had her feet firmly back on the ground and was closely being held in the brunette’s arms.

"I missed you Syd. I haven’t seen you all day," Madison said softly stroking the sides of Syd’s face.

Syd smiled at the blonde and rubbed the sides of Madison’s hips. "I missed you too honey."

The two slowly leaned in and finally their lips met. Slow at first and then deepened after a few seconds.

Heather and Lisa stood next to each other by the door trying not to watch.

"Mmmm…" Madison moaned into the kiss and the brunette moaned back.

This made Heather a little uncomfortable, especially because she was standing next to the object of her desire. And hearing this moaning and groaning was not helping matters.

"Are we going some time this year?" Heather said in a loud teasing tone trying to break the make out session.

Syd broke the kiss and she and the blonde looked at their friends with lazy smiles. "Oh, yeah, sorry…let’s go," the brunette said ushering everyone out the door.

All four friends were seated at a large table for four at their favorite restaurant. They were looking at their menus deciding what they wanted. Madison sat across from Syd and Lisa sat across from Heather.

The brunette was trying to concentrate on reading the menu when she felt a warm foot trail along her tennis shoe and brush against her ankle. She looked up and was greeted by mischievous green eyes. Madison had slipped her foot out of her summer sandal and scooped her toes under the basketball player’s pant leg and across her sock. Syd smiled slightly and responded to the gesture by rubbing back.

"I’m not sure what I want…Heather?"

Heather looked up to face Lisa. "Yeah…"

"What are you having?" She asked looking at the brown haired girl expectantly.

"Oh…um…I was thinking of having this pasta…" Heather answered with a nervous smile.

Lisa looked at the menu again to see what Heather was referring to. "Hmm…that sounds good. I think I’ll have that too." She smiled at Heather who gave her a grin in return.

Meanwhile, under the table a sneaky foot was slowly moving up and over Syd’s pant leg.

"What do you feel like having, Madison?" Lisa asked.

The blonde turned to her friend naturally as if nothing was evolving under the large table cloth. She then looked back at her menu.

"I’m not sure…" she said as her foot edged past Syd’s knee and neared the basketball player’s inner thigh. "Syd?"

The basketball player was trying to keep her composure as the foot moved nearer to her crotch. "Hmm?" she replied shakily.

The blonde smiled innocently at the brunette. "What do you….feel…"

Syd raised an eyebrow as the foot inched closer.

"…like having for dinner?" Madison asked still smiling.

Syd cleared her throat and then shifted in her seat slightly. "Well…I think…I’ll have the spa…." The brunette jumped slightly.

Her voice hitched as Madison toes reached its destination. "Spaghetti…" the basketball finished trying to remain calm.

"Syd, you okay?" Heather asked confused by her friend’s actions.

Madison toe was slowly going up and down the front of Syd’s jeans. "Oh, yeah…just I cramp in my leg," the brunette said trying to push away the blonde’s foot with no avail.

Syd looked at Madison who still had that evil gleam in her expression.

"You know what?" the brunette said to all at the table. "I have to use the restroom." Plus you’re driving crazy Madison!

As she moved to get up the blonde foot unintentionally pushed harder applying more pressure between her legs and Syd gave an involuntary moan.

"That must be some cramp Syd," Lisa said sympathetically.

Finally detangled from the blonde’s foot, Syd stood next to the table and looked down at her friends. "I’m fine, Maddie can you order for me incase the waitress comes?"

"Of course, baby," the blonde said in a teasing matter.

Syd smiled and then turned making her way to the restroom. About a minute later the waitress came to the table and Madison handled the brunette’s order. Then realized Syd still hadn’t returned.

"I’m going to go check on Syd," she said to Heather and Lisa.

Madison walked into the restroom, turned a corner and there was one of the biggest bathrooms she had ever seen. The stalls seems like they went back forever and the sinks and wallpaper were of beautiful design. She looked to the left and spotted Syd at one of the counters looking in a mirror and then splashing water on her face.

Syd saw the blonde approaching her in the mirror’s reflection and smiled. Madison reached one hand under the hem of the brunette’s shirt and slipped her hand underneath rubbing circles on Syd’s back.

"What are you doing in here?" the blonde asked sweetly.

Syd raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Trying to cool down," the brunette giggled making the blonde do the same. She turned to her lover and a grin spread over her face. "You can’t do that to me and then leave me hanging like that."

Madison looked down the aisle of stalls and then smiled at the basketball player.

"What?" the brunette asked in amusement.

Without a word Madison took a strong hand in hers and led Syd all the way to the very end of the row of stalls. She gently pushed the brunette into the last stall and followed locking the door behind them. Madison immediately reached for the front of the brunette’s jeans.

"What are you doing?" Syd asked catching a breath.

Madison unbuttoned Syd’s jeans and pulled down the zipper.

She looked into blue eyes filled with curiousity and lightly touched the rim of Syd’s boxers. "I’m finishing what I started," the blonde said in a husky voice.

"Maddie…you don’t…"

"Shhhh," Madison hushed the tall brunette and brought there lips centimeters apart. A second later the blonde’s hand disappeared quickly into Syd’s underwear.

"Uhhh," the brunette groaned feeling the much needed contact.

"Oh, wow…" the blonde said against Syd’s lips.


 "I wonder what’s taking them so long. Should we start eating without them?" Lisa asked.

"Definitely," Heather said picking up a fork. "I’m sure they’re busy right now."

"It’s like being in high school again, when they’d go sneak off to the bathroom," Lisa said rolling her eyes.

"Oh, I know. Syd would say, ‘I have to go wash my hands,’ yeah she was doing something with her hands, and I know it wasn’t washing them."

This made Lisa outburst with laughter and Heather did the same. After they settle down they looked at each other for a second and then back down at their plates.

"Still, I wish I had someone." Lisa said quietly.

"You’re beautiful Lisa…you’ll have someone in no time," Heather shyly stated.

Lisa smiled slightly and observed the girl across from her. "Thank you, Heather. That’s very sweet of you to say."

With her head still ducked down all the basketball player could do was shrug.


"That’s it baby…let go," the blonde whispered as she worked her hand in Syd’s pants.

"Maddie…uhhhhh!" Syd held on tighter to the body wrapped around her as she shook through her climax.

They both stood in the stall holding each other closely. Syd was breathing heavly onto Madison’s neck trying to regain control. The blonde slowly removed her hand and Syd leaned her head back on the wall behind her.

"I hope nobody heard us," the blonde smiled.

"Humph, I don’t care," Syd answered zipping up her pants and then looked up at Madison. "But you are in so much trouble when we get back to the dorms."

"Am I?" the blonde asked pushing her body against Syd’s.

"Definitely," the brunette whispered before capturing Madison’s lips with her own.

After their little escapade in the restroom, Madison and a very flushed Syd approached the table where their two friends were seated.

"Well, well…they return," Heather said with a smile watching the couple take their seats.

"Oh, good, the food’s here. I’m starving," the basketball player said picking up her fork.

*          *          *

It was well past 10 pm and the four friends were heading back to the dorms. Syd had her arm draped across Madison’s shoulders as they casually walked the pathway while Heather and Lisa were right beside them.

Syd whispered something in the blonde’s ear making her giggle and then the brunette stopped their walking. She removed her arm from around her girlfriend and turned to her friend.

"Heather, can I talk to you a minute?" Syd asked taking her friend to the side.

Heather and Madison began talking quietly amongst themselves. They were only a few feet away from their buildings and the light posts glowed brightly over their heads.

The brunette glanced at Madison and then back towards her friend. "I need the room tonight."

"Aw, man tonight? You guys have been fucking like bunnies!" Heather hissed between her teeth.

"I’m begging you." Syd said with pleading eyes.

"Where am I supposed to sleep?"

Syd looked towards Lisa and Heather saw where the brunette’s eyes were.

Heather’s heart began to race. "Are you kidding? Syd I can’t." she said in a panicked voice.

"Come on buddy. You know I’d do it for you," said earnestly.

Heather let out an exhausting breath. "Fine…"

Syd’s face broke out into a grin and she playfully swatted her friend on the shoulder.

"Thanks, I owe you," the brunette said stepping away from her friend.

"Sorry Lisa," Syd said draping her arm around Madison once more. "But you won’t be having your friend tonight."

Lisa smiled sweetly. "Well, excuse me. I’ll see you later Madison."

"Alright, Lisa. Goodnight Heather!" the blonde yelled to the other basketball player who still stood where Syd left her.

Heather gave a friendly wave. "Night guys." I’m sure you’ll have a better night than me. She watched as the couple left leaving her with, Lisa! Lisa who was walking over to her right now!

"So, where are you headed?" Lisa asked in a friendly tone.

"Oh, um. Well, since I obviously can’t go to my room. I guess my car."

Lisa raised her eyebrows. "Heather I won’t let you do that. Plus, it’s freezing outside."

"Where else am I going to stay?" Heather said shrugging her shoulders.

Syd walked down the hallway to her dorm with her arms encircling Madison’s body from behind. They were walking uneasily because when the blonde took a step Syd’s was right behind hers. The two were giggling and chatting the whole way. Soon they reached the outside of Syd’s room.

"You’re gonna have to open the door baby, cause I can’t seem to let go of you right now," the brunette teased.

This made the blonde giggle. She turned in the basketball player’s arms and gave her a loving peck of Syd’s lips.

"Where’s the key?" Madison said with a smile.

"In one of my pockets…I guess you have to find it," the brunette said in a low tone.

Madison pulled the taller girl closer to her by Syd’s belt loops and then idly reached around and sank both hands in the brunette’s back pockets of her jeans. She gave a little squeeze making Syd raise an eyebrow.

"It’s not there…" the blonde whispered. She kept her green eyes locked with blue ones the entire time.

She slowly brought her hands back around the front of Syd’s pants and rubbed the front of the brunette’s crotch up and down feeling the heat of arousal.

"Whoa, I don’t think it’s there…" the brunette breathed enjoying this little game.

Madison playfully raised a brow and replied; "Something is…" she smiled seductively.

She then reached into the front left pocket of Syd’s jeans and pulled out the silver key.

"Found it!" the blonde said turning around and then opening the door.

The two shuffled into the dark room. The only source of light was the moonlight streaming through the window. Madison stood by the foot of the bed and faced Syd who was closing the door. Blue eyes met green.

"You were a bad girl," Syd said approaching the blonde slowly.

"You can’t handle bad girls?" Madison taunted with a smile.

The brunette stepped closer with a slight smile on her face. "Oh, I can handle bad girls," she said wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist and pulling her close. "The question is…" Syd slid her tongue lightly over Madison’s lips making the blonde’s libido go nuts. "Can you?"

Before the blonde could reply to Syd’s saucy question she was quickly spun around and pulled back roughly against the brunette’s body.

"Syd?" Madison breathed.

"Shhh…quiet…" the brunette whispered in the blonde’s sensitive ear. Syd slowly snaked her hands under Madison’s shirt and grasped her lover’s breasts with both hands.

"Mmmm," the blonde moaned and Syd began to knead the full breasts. The blonde’s body felt amazing pressed up against her and Madison loved giving the brunette full control.

"I love it when you don’t wear a bra," Syd whispered and inched one hand down to the button of Madison’s jeans. With a skilled hand she unbuttoned the pants and slid down the zipper. The blonde’s heart was beating harder than ever.

Syd took a step back from her lover and lowered the blonde’s jeans along with her underwear.

"Step out of your jeans, lose the shoes and don’t turn around," the basketball player informed her.

As Madison did as she was told the brunette stripped herself naked behind her unsuspecting lover.

The blonde heard movement behind her and wasn’t sure what Syd was up to until she felt the brunette’s naked torso press against her back. They both gasped at the contact.

"Do you…want my shirt off?" the blonde got out.

"No…now put your hands on the bed and spread um," the brunette said in a teasing yet commanding manner.

As soon as the blonde did so, she felt Syd’s wetness on her behind. The brunette moaned at the contact and the blonde became highly aroused.

Syd inched her hand near Madison’s womanhood. "Now, it’s my turn…" she whispered.

She entered Madison making the blonde shiver with excitement. Madison soon caught on to Syd’s rhythm and began riding the brunette’s hand. To fulfill her own growing need the brunette was moving against the blonde’s ass. Madison noticed this and pushed back making the brunette groan in pleasure. Syd’s strokes became faster and she was kissing any part of her lover’s neck she could find.

Madison began to pant loudly and the brunette grunted in approval.

"You like that?" Syd breathed.

The blonde was so overwhelmed she couldn’t speak and the sound of the brunette’s seductive voice made her loose control. She pumped faster and Syd was right behind her never losing rhythm.

"Oh…yes!" Madison screamed and she shook from her extreme orgasm.

Syd pulled her closer and she soon followed her lover into ultimate pleasure.

Madison’s legs felt useless and she would have fallen over if Syd was not there to hold her. She could feel the brunette’s heart racing against her back. They were both breathing heavily.

The blonde turned around to face her lover and looked into Syd’s beautiful blue eyes. The basketball player cupped Madison’s face. "You okay?" she whispered.

Madison’s smiled at Syd’s concern. "I’m fine baby," she said leaning in giving the basketball player a sweet kiss. "Come cuddle with me," the blonde requested pulling Syd by the hand to the bed.

Soon the couple were facing each other in bed with the covers snuggly over their bodies. Two pairs of legs were intertwined with Madison’s leg draped over Syd’s. They looked lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The blonde pushed a strand of dark hair behind Syd’s ear. "That was pretty intense…"

Syd blushed and wasn’t sure if Madison could tell. "I…I know…I kind of lost control." Syd admitted shyly.

Madison laughed lightly and leaned closer to Syd’s face. "I liked it," she whispered and then captured the brunette’s lips.

Syd moaned as Madison proceeded to suck on her tongue. She pulled the blonde closer to her body and soon a flame was rekindled. The blonde straddled the brunette’s hips and the two went at it again.

*          *          *

"You didn’t have to do this," Heather said fluffing a pillow.

"It’s no problem Heather," Lisa said brushing her red hair at the mirror. "Besides, Madison hasn’t even slept in that bed yet. We can just wash the sheets tomorrow."

Heather let out a breath and plopped on the bed. She began to take off her shoes.

"Thanks…" the basketball player replied. 

"You’re welcome. I wasn’t going to let you sleep in the car," Lisa said continuing to brush her fire colored strands.

The basketball player was mesmerized by Lisa’s beauty. The girl she adored seemed as though she was moving in slow motion as she brushed through her hair. Heather soon realized she was staring and turned away.


"Yeah…" the athlete said busying herself by pulling back her comforter.

Lisa stepped away from the mirror and sat on her twin bed which was directly across from Heather. "Have you ever been in love?"

The question took Heather by surprise and her heart began to beat faster. She faced Lisa and looked into her beautiful hazel eyes.

"What?" Heather asked, not sure she heard the question correctly.

"Have you been in love?" Lisa asked earnestly.

"Um…I…" Geez, I can’t lie to her! "Yes…" she answered quietly.

"Really?" Lisa said raising her eyebrows.

Heather shrugged her shoulders. "Is it that hard to believe?" she was a little offended.

"No, no I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s wonderful. I just wish I could feel that."

"What about Kevin?" Heather asked furrowing her brows.

"Kevin…" Lisa sighed. "I cared for him, but I don’t think I ever loved him. I guess I miss him because I don’t want to be alone. Do you get what I’m saying?"

Heather nodded her head. "Yeah, I think I do."

A sweet smile spread over Lisa’s features. "So…who is it?"

Heather’s breath caught. "Who’s who?"

"The person you’re in love with. Is it someone I know?"

The athlete didn’t like where this conversation was headed and changed the subject.

"Look, Lisa I’m really beat," Heather said pulling back the covers. "I’m gonna have to say goodnight."

Lisa nodded understanding Heather no longer wanted to continue the conversation. "I’m sorry…" she said in almost a hurt tone, and she clicked off the light.

Heather heard that tinge in the redhead’s voice and immediately felt bad. Before she could stop herself she was speaking into the darkness.

"I…I love this girl…but I’m afraid she won’t love me back."

There was silence for a moment until Heather finally heard Lisa’s voice. "You should tell her how you feel."

Heather let out a tired sigh. "If only it were that easy…she bats for the other team."

"Oh, I see. Well, you never know…"

Chapter 2

Syd slowly opened her eyes to gleaming rays coming through the window. This annoyed her at first but those feelings where soon extinguished when she heard a small blonde mumble something in her sleep from on top of her chest.

This made the brunette smile softly and she kissed Madison lovingly on top of the head.

"Hmmm…." The blonde stirred and eventually green eyes met blue.

"Hi," Madison whispered sweetly.

"Hi," Syd smiled brushing back blonde bangs from Madison’s face.

The blonde closed her eyes and leaned into the brunette’s touch. "You are so beautiful Maddie. I’m so happy that you’re in my life."

This made Madison smile and she leaned forward putting continuous kisses all over Syd’s face. First her nose, then her eyelids, her chin and then sensuously captured Syd’s lips.

"I’m happy you’re in mine…" the blonde breathed and playfully nipped the brunette’s bottom lip. Syd aggressively held the blonde’s body closer and kissed Madison with all the love she had within her. Their tongues wrestled gently against each other. After a few moments, they ended the kiss. Madison laid her head back down on her lover’s chest. She smiled when she felt Syd’s heart beating wildly.

The blonde let out a sigh. "I don’t want to go to class today."

"Me either," Syd agreed. "But this is our first day."

"I know," Madison said stroking the brunette’s arm softly.

They cuddled a little longer until Madison started to get out of bed. "I better get going."

Syd let out a disappointed sigh as the warm body on top of her was suddenly gone. She sat up in the bed leaning back on her hands watching the blonde start to get dressed.

"What’s your first class today?" Syd asked scratching her head.

"Advanced algebra," the blonde said looking around for more clothing. Madison now had on her jeans and t-shirt. "Baby, have you seen my panties?"

"You mean these panties?" Syd asked playfully, dangling the article of clothing from her finger tips.

"Yes," Madison said smiling coming over to the side of the bed.

"You really want them?" the brunette raised an eyebrow.

"I do…"

"Well, you have to come and get um," Syd teased.

Without hesitation, the blonde pounced on top of Syd trying desperately to grab hold of the underwear. This made the brunette laugh uncontrollably as she did all her best moves to keep Madison away from the lingerie.   

"Syd I have to go!" The blonde said giggling.

Syd halted her movements and looked deeply into Madison’s beautiful green eyes.

"What if I don’t want you to go?" Syd said seductively.

The blonde countered the brunette’s seduction by raising a playful eyebrow. She then realized Syd was still naked; the sheet just covering half of her body. She looked down at the brunette’s chest and was greeted by two dark erect nipples. In this moment the blonde recognized that she was the one with the power.

The brunette looked on at the small blonde above her with wonder. What is she up to?

Never taking her eyes from Syd’s, Madison slowly lowered her mouth to the brunette aching left nipple.

Syd let out a loud gasp as she felt the blonde aggressively start to suck her nipple.

"Oh…Maddie…yes…" the brunette breathed gripping the bed sheets.

Madison let go of the left nipple and quickly moved over to devour the other. This made the basketball player suck in a breath.

"Mmmm, you taste good…" the blonde moaned.

As Syd was highly distracted Madison discreetly grabbed the forgotten underwear.

The blonde removed her mouth from her lover’s breast and came up Syd’s body so they were now face to face. The basketball player’s features were flushed.

Madison grinned slyly at Syd’s expression. "I love you…" KISS "but" KISS "I have to go" the blonde finished giving the brunette one final lingering kiss.

Syd let out a sigh as she watched Madison head towards the door. "Have a good day, babe," the brunette said.

Madison had the door open slightly and turned to give Syd a cute smile. "You too, bye." And she was gone. 

The basketball player laid her head back down on the pillow. The blonde’s scent still filled the room. She put her hands behind her head and looked up at the ceiling with a smile.

*          *          *

Madison sat in the front left side of the room waiting for her first class of college to start. She heard other students shuffling into the classroom behind her. While waiting for the professor to arrive, she took the liberty to open her notebook and take out two pencils so she’ll be prepared for notes.

"Fancy meeting you here," a deep voice said.

Madison turned to her right and saw it was the campus tour guide, Bryan, taking a seat beside her.  

"Oh, hey," the blonde said smiling politely. "This is a surprise."

"Didn’t think I was smart, huh?" Bryan teased removing his notebook from his backpack.

"No, nothing like that," Madison said with a smile.

"So, how do you like the campus?" Brain asked looking at the blonde.

"I love it. I can already tell this is going to be a great year."

"Good, I’m glad you like."

Madison noticed Bryan’s clothing. A jersey with the number 34 on it.

"So, you play football?"

"I breathe football. Just ask anyone…What’s your major?"

"It was going to be art but, I chose nursing. It was bound to happen with my parents being doctors and all."

"Wow, your parents are doctors?"

Madison nodded her head.

"They created a wonderful girl," Brain said boldly.

This made the blonde smile and blush slightly. "Thank you. That’s nice of you to say."

The professor walked in the room and took his spot in front of the class. Bryan glanced at the professor and looked back to Madison.

"And so it begins…" he said making the blonde giggle slightly.

*          *          *

It was a nice fairly sunny morning and the two basketball players were walking past the campus library on their way to class.

"You look like shit. What’s going on?"

Heather blew out a breath. "I feel like shit considering I didn’t sleep at all last night."

Syd studied her friend for a moment. "You got it bad don’t you? Lisa has you that worked up?" Syd said with surprise.

"Yeah…I couldn’t sleep just knowing she was so close to me in the same room…and alone."

"What is it about her that you like so much?" the brunette asked in curiosity.

The brown-haired girl closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them. "I like her red hair…I like her hazel eyes…I like her personality…I can’t find a single flaw…." Heather finished with a shocking realization.

Syd looked at her friend in wonder. She had never heard her talk about a girl that way. She expected to hear, she’s so fucking hot or I’d like to do her, not all this lovey dovey talk. The way she was talking reminded her of her own feelings for Madison.

"You know who you sound like my friend?" Syd said with a smile.


"Me…it’s finally happened…you’re in loove," the brunette said rolling her tongue on the last word.

Heather shook her head. "What am I thinking? She’s straight…" she said in defeat.

"I know…that’s a pretty big obstacle." Syd said in agreement and they headed into the building.

*          *          *

After a few weeks everyone was in the familiar mode of going to class again. To Madison, it felt like high school again, only the teachers don’t care what time you walk into class. When ever they could, Syd and Madison would meet up for lunch when time allowed them or run off to the dorm room for some fun. Life was good and Madison thought it was perfect.

It was now the beginning of October and the Lady Rebels basketball team were on their way to starting off the season.

"I’ll be gone for about four days," Syd said explaining her plans for next week.

"Why does that tournament have to start now?" Madison whined.

The two were cuddled on Madison’s bed in the blonde’s dorm room. The blonde was on top of Syd looking straight down into bright blue eyes. Her blonde hair almost creating a curtain around their heads. This was their alone time of the day with a two hour break between classes.

"I know, but being on this team is one step closer to getting to my dream," the brunette said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Madison noticed that and smiled. "And you will live that dream. I’m sure of it." The blonde said with all love in her voice.

Syd brushed back some of the blonde’s hair and looked into Madison’s eyes for a moment. "I’ll miss you," she whispered.

Madison leaned her face closer and nuzzled her nose gently with Syd’s and they both closed their eyes enjoying the closeness. The blonde kissed the brunette tenderly on the cheek and their eyes met once again.

"I’ll miss you so much," the blonde’s eyes began to tear up.

A sincere face took on Syd’s features and she rubbed Madison’s back in slow circles.

"Don’t cry baby," she whispered. Her heart was breaking seeing the blonde like this.

"It’s just…" the blonde sniffled. "I’ve never been away from you for so long."

"I feel the same way…but I’ll be back before you know it…" the brunette whispered.

"I love you…" Madison said against Syd’s lips.

The brunette pulled Madison’s head down and deepened the kiss. They both poured all of their love into the kiss, neither wanting to be away from each other.

*          *          *

Madison was walking down a path on campus with her math book clutched to her chest. Syd had left early that morning for the basketball tournament in Fort Springs, Colorado and the blonde has been anything but pleasant company. She was miserable without the brunette. Lost in a cloud of thought, she didn’t even hear her name being called from behind.

"Hey! Madison!" a deep voice called. Bryan jogged up next to the blonde making her discontinue her stride. "You walk fast…" he said blowing out a breath.

She glanced at her classmate and shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, I’m sorry Bryan. I guess I didn’t hear you," she said with little effort.

"Are you okay? You seem kind of down," he said looking down at Madison.

The blonde shook her head slowly. "Truthfully, I’m not okay….it’s my girlfriend." She looked at Bryan for a reaction of the word girlfriend.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise trying to wrap his head around the idea.

"Look, I can tell you’re uncomfortable…" the blonde said about to walk away.

"No, no…it’s okay really. So…what about your girlfriend?"

Madison studied him for a moment. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," he answered sincerely. "Go ahead."

"Well, she just left this morning for an out of state basketball tournament and I miss her. That’s why I’ve been so unhappy."

"Ah, that explains it. Well, what are you doing right now?" he asked hopefully.

Being that this was Syd and her usual break time, Madison only had one answer for him. "I was going to my dorm room to wait for her to call."

"Well, you could come with me to grab some lunch at the SU," he said with a friendly smile.

That didn’t sound like a bad idea, but Madison really didn’t want to miss Syd if she called. She gave her friend a faint smile. "That’s very nice of you Bryan, but can I take a rain check?"

He nodded his head in understanding. "Sure, I’ll catch you later," he said walking away.

She watched him walk away and turned in the opposite direction to her dorm.

As soon as she opened the door to her room her cell phone was ringing like crazy on her nightstand. She had forgotten it in her room that morning but couldn’t turn back because she was running way late to class.

Madison raced over to it and hit "talk."


"How’s my girl?" Syd said in a sweet voice.

"Bad," Madison grumbled plopping down on the bed.

"Come on, baby. It’s only a few days," Syd sympathized.

"But I miss you," the blonde said sadly.

"I miss you too, but I’ll be back there soon," the brunette said.

"So, where are you now?"

Syd turned around seeing Heather re-enter their hotel room.

"We just got into the hotel not too long ago. Heather and I are about to grab a bite to eat in a few minutes."

"Oh…are there any good places around there to eat?" the blonde asked laying back on the bed.

"I’m not sure. This is my first time in Fort Collins, but I’m sure we’ll find a burger place or something," Syd said.

"What are you going to have for dessert?" the blonde asked trying to keep conversation.

"I’d like to have you," the brunette said slyly.

This made Madison giggle. "I wish you could," the blonde laughed.

The two talked for a while longer until Syd was being nagged by Heather to go eat.

"I’ll call you later, baby okay?"

"Okay…" the blonde said sadly.

"Hang in there, I love you…" Syd said sweetly.

"I love you more," the blonde got out.

They both hung up the phone.

*          *          *

The Lady Rebels just finished their warm ups for their first game in the women’s basket-ball tournament.

Syd and Heather were joking around on the sidelines waiting for the game to begin.

"Hey, Sydie," a familiar voice cooed.

The brunette furrowed her brows and turned around to see the infamous Stacie Burns standing before her. The same girl she had angry sex with the night Syd and Madison temporarily broke up.

Judging by the uniform Stacie was in, Syd realized why she was there.

"Stacie," Syd said calmly with a nod. "So you’re a Rebel cheerleader huh?"

"Yep…and Heather, look at you, stud," she said with a flirty tone.

"What do you want Stacie?" Heather said in a bored tone.

"Well, that’s not nice. I just wanted to say, hi and I hope you guys have a good game."

She walked up to Syd and the brunette noticed how close she was getting. "You wanna have some fun later?" the cheerleader asked.

Syd gave a smile and shook her head. "Not interested…" she said and then walked towards her other teammates.

Just then the buzzer rang for the game to begin and Stacie stood there fuming over the rejection.

"You heard the woman," Heather said proudly and joined her friend.

Stacie looked on watching the hot brunette talking to her teammates.

"I will have you Sydney Rush," she said under her breath and strutted back over to her squad.

*          *          *

It seemed like forever but it was finally the day of Syd’s return and Madison was bursting with happiness.

"She won’t care how you look Madison," Lisa said watching her friend run around the dorm room. She had already seen the blonde change her clothes five different times.

"I just want to look good for her," the blonde said picking up a brush. She decided to wear a nice fitting pink t-shirt and her best jeans. Syd once said her butt looked cute in them.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Madison’s eyes lit up and she turned to her friend. "It’s her!" she said rushing over to the door.

She pulled the door open eagerly to find…no one there. Madison furrowed her brows in confusion and stepped out into the hallway.

The tall brunette watched from around the corner as the blonde was looking around.

Madison looked down the hallway when she saw something move out of the corner of her eye but was disappointed to see it was just another student going into their room.

Suddenly, out of nowhere she was grabbed from behind in a tight bear hug.

"Arrrgh!" Syd growled playfully.

This made the blonde shriek in surprise but soon she relaxed and closed her eyes when she realized it was a familiar embrace.

"I missed you, baby," the brunette whispered in Madison’s ear.

Madison was so excited she turned in the embrace and pulled down Syd’s head for a heated lip lock. Syd met her kiss with the same eagerness and held the blonde tighter. The blonde’s tongue explored every inch of the brunette’s mouth.

God I missed this. The blonde thought.

Satisfied, Madison finally broke the kiss and looked into the loving blue eyes she adored. Syd took a moment to get herself together after such an intense kiss.

"Whoa…" she said blowing out a breath. "I take it you missed me too," the brunette teased.

"You have no idea," the blonde whispered as her eyes teared up. Madison ran her hands on either side of Syd’s cheeks. In return the brunette brought her face closer to nuzzle her nose against the blonde’s. "I don’t like being away from you," she breathed.

Syd smiled sweetly and kissed the emotional blonde on the cheek. "I don’t like being away from you."

The blonde squeezed the taller body to her for a warm embrace. She loved to be held by Syd. She loved to feel Syd’s racing heart against her ear. It felt so safe and right. She snuggled her cheek into the brunette’s chest while Syd rubbed gentle circles on her back.

Syd broke the embrace and took Madison’s hands in hers. "I’m taking you out tonight."

*          *          *

Heather’s hands were sweating like crazy as she stood on the outside of the dorm room door. She lifted her hand to knock but before she could connect with the door it opened.

Lisa looked at the stunned basketball player in surprise. "Heather?"

The brown-haired girl smiled nervously. "Hey…Lisa…um…"

Lisa looked at her with amusement. Why does she seem so nervous? It’s kind of cute.

"I was…wondering…if…you’d like to have lunch with me…" Heather finally asked.

This made Lisa smile and Heather ducked her head shyly.

"I’d love to have lunch with you," Lisa said.

Heather raised her head and looked into Lisa’s hazel eyes. "Yeah?" she said with a hint of joy.

"Why not?" Lisa said shrugging her shoulders. "I don’t have any classes today and Madison is out for the night with Syd so…"

"Okay…cool," Heather said with a smile nodding.

"Let me just get my bag," Lisa said turning back to her room.

"Kay…" the athlete said blowing out a breath.

*          *          *

After a wonderful surprise dinner in one of the finest restaurants in the Venetian Hotel the two lovebirds were driving down the highway in the crisp Las Vegas night. Syd had purchased a new Silver 2008 Chevy Silverado LTZ truck to replace her mustang.

"So, where are we going now?" Madison asked with excitement.

Syd smiled keeping her eyes on the road. "You’ll see."

The blonde studied the basketball player’s profile for a moment. She loved the high cheekbones, the distinguished nose and her full lips. God I love her so much.

After another twenty minutes of driving, Madison noticed they were headed up into the mountains. As they were riding, Madison spotted a sign that said "Red Rock Canyon."

Finally, Syd stopped the car and turned towards Madison. "Stay here, I’m going to come around and get you. Then I want you to close your eyes."

"Syd…" the blonde said narrowing her eyes.

"Trust me," the brunette smiled.

The blonde sighed and decided to play along. Syd exited her side of the truck and ran over to Madison’s side opening the door.

"Keep ‘em closed," the brunette ordered helping her girlfriend out of the truck.

To make sure the blonde didn’t peek, Syd stood behind Madison shielding her eyes with one of her hands.

With a curious smile on her face, the blonde felt Syd guiding her to walk forward. She complied and after a few more steps they stopped. Madison felt a cool breeze hit her face.

"Okay…now open," Syd said taking her hand away from the blonde’s face.

Madison gasped at the sight she saw. It was a magnificent view of the entire Las Vegas Valley. The glow from the Strip’s casino lights had never looked more breathtaking.

"Oh, Syd…it’s beautiful."

This made the brunette smile with pride.

"Come on," the basketball player said grabbing the blonde’s hand. She led Madison down a little path and they came across a large rock that was the perfect size for two people to sit on. It was also the best place to view the lovely Las Vegas landscape.

The blonde sat down on the smooth surfaced rock and Syd curled up behind her putting her legs on either of Madison’s legs and wrapped her arms around the blonde’s waist. The smaller girl leaned back enjoying the warm body behind her.

They sat there just enjoying each others company. Syd would occasionally kiss the blonde’s cheek or nuzzle her face against sweet smelling blonde hair. This was their time. Alone time…just the two of them.

Madison thought Syd had picked the perfect place. It was quiet, discrete and the only source of light keeping them company was the headlights from the brunette’s truck.

"Hmmm," the blonde sighed contently rubbing the arms wrapped around her from behind.

"What?" the brunette asked softly.

"Humph, you’re scoring some major points tonight," the blonde smiled turning her head slightly.

"Is that a good thing?" Syd asked raising an eyebrow.

Madison shifted her position, turning around and putting her legs over Syd’s thighs. She was now straddling the basketball player’s lap. She put her arms over Syd’s shoulders and looked deeply into blue eyes.

"You tell me…" the blonde whispered seductively before sliding her tongue across the brunette lips. Syd opened her mouth willingly and allowed Madison’s tongue entrance.

The brunette moaned when their tongues made contact. It was a nice, slow, sensual kiss between the two.

Being this intimate with Madison always made the pit of Syd’s stomach go crazy with warm fuzzies. The brunette slowly brought her hands to the blonde’s ass and pulled her closer. Madison moaned feeling her crotch come in contact with her girlfriend’s firm stomach.

Syd pulled her lips away from Madison’s and quickly went for the blonde’s weakness; her neck. The blonde leaned her head back allowing the brunette more access to nibble on her. She threaded her hands through black hair encouraging Syd to devour her.

"Oh…oh baby…" the blonde moaned.

"Maddie…" Syd whispered holding the blonde tighter.

It was like they couldn’t get close enough, no matter how strongly they held each other.

Madison ducked her head down and nipped at Syd’s left ear with her teeth. Then she said something that drove the brunette wild.


"Yeah?" the brunette cooed kissing along Madison’s jaw line.

"I want you inside me…" the blonde breathed.   

Syd lifted her head to look into hooded green eyes. She couldn’t believe how forward Madison was being. Just last year the blonde was a naïve, four-eyed, tenderfoot who Syd barely noticed and now she was the object of the brunette’s undying affection.

Never taking her eyes from Madison’s, the brunette gripped the sides of the blonde’s thighs and cautiously slid forward to stand up from the rock. With the blonde still wrapped around her, Syd walked towards her Silverado truck.

The brunette cautiously opened the back seat car door to the four door truck. Her heart was beating like crazy knowing what they would be doing in less than thirty seconds.

"Okay…hop in," Syd whispered to the blonde who still held her.

Madison looked into stunningly blue eyes playfully. "I don’t want to let you go," she said and then nipped at the brunette’s neck.

Syd closed her eyes, her legs about to go weak feeling the blonde’s hot lips on her neck.

"Hold on tight," the brunette said with determination.

Madison gasped as Syd used all her strength to lift her and herself into the back of the truck with the blonde hanging onto her like a monkey.

"Syd!" Madison shrieked with laughter in her voice as she was lifted.

The basketball player laid the giggling blonde down on the plush three seater. She then reached behind herself and closed the door. Syd turned back to the girl beneath her. "You wouldn’t let go…" she said lowering her lips.

"And I never will…" Madison whispered, making Syd’s heart completely melt.

The brunette met the blonde’s lips with rapid eagerness and eventually fulfilled the blonde’s earlier request.


"I’m so glad we decided to see that movie after lunch," Lisa said laughing along with Heather beside her.

They were almost back to Lisa’s dorm room.

"I know…remember the part when the cat jumped on the guy’s face and he fell out the window…ahhh!" Heather waved her hands in the air doing an impression of the man in the movie.

This made Lisa start to laugh hysterically and she held her stomach because she was laughing so hard.

"Oh, my God," Lisa said wiping a tear from her eye. "That was like the best part," she said with all smiles.

Heather nodded and was finally sobering up from laughing as well. They now stood in front of Lisa’s door.

Now the basketball player was falling into a nervous state again. They looked at each other and Heather ducked her head once again.

"Well…" Lisa said with a smile. "I had a good time Heather. It really cheered me up."

"I’m…I’m glad I can make you smile…" Heather said with a giddy laugh.

Lisa smiled the wonderful smile that made Heather’s heart beat like crazy.

"So, I’ll see you?" Lisa said.

"Yeah…o…okay," the basketball player stammered nervously.

Heather watched as Lisa turned to go in but suddenly turned back around and gave Heather a peck on the cheek.

"Goodnight Heather," the redhead said before disappearing behind her door.

Heather stood there like a statue. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She had spent the day with the girl she is in love with. And on top of that…she got a kiss.

A smile spread across her face and the happy athlete strutted down the hallway.

Chapter 3

"Yes!" Lisa and Madison screamed in unison as the last buzzer sounded for the Lady Rebels first home basketball game.

UNLV won 77-60 against a team from Provo Utah. The team rejoiced in a huddle at the center of the court. After a bunch of whoops of celebration, the huddle happy basketball players dispersed. Heather and Syd, both sweaty from the game, headed over to Lisa and Madison who were seated courtside.  

Syd climbed up on the railing and the blonde stood up to greet her. The brunette leaned forward and gave Madison a big wet kiss on the lips. They broke the kiss and Heather climbed up on the railing next to her friend.

"That was a great game guys," Lisa said with enthusiasm standing up. She was now in front of Heather.

"Thanks," the two said in unison.

"Heather, that three pointer you made was awesome! I was screaming like crazy," Lisa said to the brown haired basketball player.

"Oh, thanks," Heather said shyly. A blush began to form on her cheeks.

Syd noticed this and smiled secretly at her friend’s position. "Um, we’ll meet you guys on the outside," the brunette said.

"Okay," Madison said hooking her hands in Syd’s jersey pulling the basketball player to her. She gave the brunette a soft kiss on the lips. "Now go hit the showers, sweaty," the blonde teased.

"Like you don’t love it," Syd said back jumping off the rail.

Heather glanced at Lisa one final time and caught those hazel eyes looking straight at her with an adorable smile.

"See ya guys," Heather said smiling at the two but mostly at Lisa.

Madison watched the interaction between the two but didn’t think much of it. Nah.

"Bye," Lisa said as the other basketball player jumped down.

"You two have become a bit more friendly, huh?" Madison said as they began to climb the stairs in the arena.

"Yeah," her friend said with a smile. "We actually went out to lunch the other day. She’s kinda sweet."

Madison raised her eyebrows. "Sweet? Lisa…are you and Heather…"

"No! No, of course not…I mean…even if we were…would that be a bad thing?" Lisa said shrugging her shoulders.

"Well, no…but you’re not gay Lisa," Madison inquired.

"It’s weird though, Madison. I feel so happy when I’m with her or when she’s around," Lisa let out a nervous chuckle. "If she was a guy, she would be the perfect guy for me."

"Maybe it’s not a guy you’re looking for…" Madison said making Lisa stop in her tracks.

"What’s that supposed to mean?" the redhead said watching Madison continue to walk on.

This thought had never crossed Lisa’s mind before. Being with Heather…   


"So…what’s going on with you two?" Syd said as she and Heather were preparing for their showers.

"What do you mean?" Heather shrugged.

"I mean…you and Lisa. You guys both had googly eyes."

"Oh, please. Lisa doesn’t feel that way about me. We just hung out the other day. It was a lot of fun," Heather said as the two walked towards the showers in towels.

"Aw, your first date," Syd teased.

Heather rolled eyes. "Don’t get me wrong…I loved every second, but we’re just friends."

"Mmmhmmm," Syd hummed.

"Just friends," Heather repeated narrowing her eyes.

*          *          *

It was now Thanksgiving break and both Syd and Madison were excited to go back home to be with their families. The day before Thanksgiving, Syd had dropped Madison off at the blonde’s house and now she was on her way back to pick her up. She wanted her brothers, who came for the holiday, to meet her anonymous girlfriend.

The basketball player pulled up to the front of Madison’s home and killed the engine to her truck. In her hands she carried a sweet potato pie her mother had made to share with the Murphys. She walked slowly up the walkway because she was still stuffed from eating too much ham, turkey and stuffing. Syd rang the doorbell waiting for someone to answer.

"Well, well look who’s here," Tom Murphy said greeting the basketball player with a smile.

Syd smiled back. "Hey, Mr. Murphy…my mom baked you guys a pie," she said handing him the dessert.

"Oh, that looks good, come on in, Madison is helping her mom clean up in the kitchen," Tom said as he gestured Syd to follow him. The brunette stepped into the house and closed the front door.

Syd walked into the kitchen and spotted Madison and her mom with their backs turned at the sink.

"Madison, you have a guest," Tom told his daughter.

The blonde turned her head and a huge smile fell over her features.

"Hey," Syd said with a small wave.

"Sydney, how are you?" Frances asked wiping her hands with a dish towel.

Syd brought her hands to her stomach. "I’m stuffed…I think I ate too much…"

Madison came over to the brunette wrapping Syd in a warm hug. "I told you to take it easy baby," the blonde said breaking the hug.

"So I guess you won’t be having any of my casserole," Frances said with a smile.

"Afraid not Mrs. Murphy," the brunette said feeling her hand being tugged by Madison.

"Tom! You know you can’t eat that pie now," Frances scolded her husband who was cutting a piece.

"I’m just cutting a small piece," he whined,

During this little banter Syd and Madison made their escape to the blonde’s room. Madison led the brunette by the hand into her bedroom and shut the door.

Before Syd could say a word she was pushed up against the door and kissed lustfully by tender lips. The brunette returned the kiss lovingly and wrapped her arms around the blonde.

Madison broke the kiss slowly. "Your stomach still bothering you…" the blonde whispered.

"It’s feeling a little better now," Syd said with a sexy smile raising an eyebrow. The blonde was gently rubbing her tummy.

Madison smiled knowingly. "Good," she said giving the brunette a peck on the lips. When she looked into Syd’s blue eyes, the brunette didn’t say a word, just looked at her with "googly" eyes.

Madison squinted her eyes in question and chuckled. "What?"

Syd continued to looked into the blonde’s beautiful green eyes and leaned forward to give her and Eskimo kiss.

"I love you so much," the brunette whispered.

The blonde brought her hands around Syd’s neck. "I love you more, baby…" the blonde said with a hint of confusion.

"…Will you come with me to my house…to meet my family?" Syd asked nervously.

Madison’s face lit up in a beautiful smile. "I thought you’d never ask."

When they made the turn onto Syd’s street, Madison noticed a few unfamiliar cars infront of the house.

They walked through the front door hand in hand and was immediately greeted by a little girl about 5 years old.

"Hi, Syd!" the girl greeted with a huge smile.

"This one is my favorite," the brunette said quietly to Madison making the blonde smile.

"Hey, Hailey!" Syd greeted the small girl with enthusiasm bending down to give her a hug. Madison couldn’t get over how much the small girl looked like a miniature of Syd.

After the hug ended, Hailey looked up at Madison with wonder.

"Who is she? She’s pretty," the little girl said.

Syd chuckled lightly noticing the small blush reaching Madison’s cheeks. The brunette bent down and picked up her cousin.

"Well, this is my girlfriend…Maddie," Syd said in a friendly tone.

"Hi, Maddie!" The girl said with a huge smile waving her little hand. "I’m Hailey!"

Madison smiled at the girl’s enthusiasm. "Nice to meet you Hailey," the blonde chuckled.

"Let’s go see what Uncle Todd is up too," Syd said walking with Hailey still in her arms.

"You mean, Daddy," the girl said.

"Yes, your daddy…"

Madison followed the two cousins through the den and into the kitchen. At first they didn’t see a soul, but they spotted some movement in the backyard.

"They all must be outside by the pool," Syd figured. "Come on."

They stepped outside and saw the whole family. Heads turned and all eyes were on the three girls.

With much pride, Syd first introduced Madison to her eldest brother, Todd. He was 35 and he and his wife had 5 year Hailey. He was tall, handsome and had the same striking blue eyes as Syd. Todd and his wife were pleased to finally meet the blonde.

Syd handed her cousin over to her mother.

"Well, it’s about time. Syd was constantly talking about you all day," her brother noted.

"Really?" the blonde said with a smile grabbing a hold of Syd’s hand. The basketball player ducked her head shyly.

"Yep, you came into conversation quite often," he smiled friendly. "I knew I had to meet the girl that finally stole my sis’s heart."

"I try," the blonde said glancing at Syd once more who was now blushing.

Next the brunette pulled Madison over by the pool to meet James, the brother closest to her age. The 21 year old was just climbing out of the water in his swimming trunks.

"Is this Maddie?" her brother said studying the blonde.

"Yes, you ass, this is my girlfriend," Syd said jokingly.

He wiped his wet hands off quickly on a towel and held out his hand. "I’m James, wow, the pictures Syd has of you don’t do you justice," he complimented.

"Thank you," the blonde said. She noticed he too had blue eyes only his hair was clearly light brown like Syd’s dad.

"Hey, she’s taken, buddy" the brunette smiled pulling the blonde close to her.  

"And so am I," James said back. "So don’t worry…" he gave a small wave and dived back into the pool.

"It’s hard to believe he has a girlfriend…he can be so immature sometimes," the brunette said in an annoyed tone.

Madison stifled a laugh and then noticed someone else in the pool, a boy that looked about 8 years old. "Who’s that?"

"That’s Adam, Rick’s son. You can meet him later," the brunette replied dragging her girlfriend along to the next family member.

"Rick," Syd said patting her second eldest brother on the back to get his attention. The man turned around and looked at the two girls.

"Rick, this is my girlfriend, Madison," Syd said proudly.

"Well," Rick said holding out his hand. "It’s good to finally meet you," he said with a smile. "She’s a looker, Syd. I wouldn’t let her go."

Madison and Syd looked at each other with stars in their eyes. "I don’t plan to," the brunette said softly, making the blonde smile. They held onto each other’s hands tighter.

"Syd! Can you come over here please!" Syd’s mother called from inside the house near the backdoor.

"Except for right now…" Syd said kissing the blonde’s hand before letting go and going to her mother’s call. The blonde laughed at the brunette’s antics and was soon left standing with Rick.

"Madison, let me tell you something I know for sure," Rick said seriously.

The blonde looked at Rick with her undivided attention. She couldn’t help but notice that he looked like a twin if compared to Syd. Same dark hair and blue eyes only he had a mustache.

"The way she is with you…she’s never been with any other girl…she loves you very much, I can see it."

Madison smiled and nodded. "I see it every day," she said.

*          *          *

After sitting in the living all day chatting with the family, Syd’s brothers and wives decided to call it a night. Everyone was going to spend the night in the huge house and Syd and Madison headed down to the basement.

"Thanks for letting me borrow one of your shirts," Madison smiled crawling onto the familiar bed next to the brunette.

"What’s mine is yours," Syd grinned laying against the headboard with a pillow behind her. She put her arm around the blonde.

The two sat and watched Syd’s flat screen TV that was hanging on the wall across from the bed.

Madison had a burning question on her mind and finally decided to speak up.


"Hmmm," the brunette answered clearly engaged in the TV program.

The blonde gently rubbed over Syd’s shirt covered stomach. "When did you have your first kiss?"

"Thirteen…I think." Syd said still looking at the screen answering the question quickly.

Madison was silent for a moment then couldn’t resist. "What was her name?"

Syd let out a sigh and clicked off the television. "You’re not gonna let me off that easy are you?"

"Nope, pleeeeease…" the blonde begged.

 The brunette saw Madison’s pouting lip sticking out and couldn’t say no. "Okay…" Syd relented.

"Yay," Madison sat up and sat cross legged looking intently at her girlfriend awaiting her story.

"Her name was Amy. She lived two houses down from us and we became fast friends while we were in middle school. I went to her house almost everyday to play or she’d come to mine. We were pretty much inseparable.

"Aaaand," the blonde interrupted.

"…aaaand, long story short, one day we were in her room and she asked me if I had ever kissed anyone before. I said no…so she walked over and planted a big wet one on me," Syd smiled remembering.

"What did you do?"


The blonde nodded.

Syd let out a light chuckle. "…I just stood there…I was in shock."

"No…come on…you? Sydney Rush?" The blonde said in disbelief.

"Yes, me," Syd shrugged kind of embarrassed. "I stood there staring at her and she just giggled and said ‘let’s watch a movie!’ I don’t remember anything else that day…but I do remember that kiss."

"So…what happened between you two later?" the blonde asked in wonder.

Syd continued to look across the room, her mind stuck in the past. "Nothing happened…the next day at school she didn’t talk to me. I could tell she was avoiding me so I finally caught her while she was walking home. She started crying and said that she told her mom that she loved me and that we kissed."

The blonde looked at the brunette’s saddened eyes and began to almost cry herself.

"I remember hugging her for the last time and she was saying she was sorry...that we couldn’t be friends anymore."

Syd took a deep breath and continued.  "I cried my eyes out that night. I don’t think either one of use understood what was wrong. Within the next year, her and her family moved away."

"Oh, baby…I’m sorry…" Madison said climbing on to the brunette’s lap facing her.

Syd had a troubled expression on her face trying to hold back the tears. "I think that’s why I never wanted to fall in love…I never wanted to feel that hurt again, Maddie," the brunette choked.

Madison brought both of her hands up to Syd’s face and wiped away tears that now flowed freely from vulnerable blue eyes.

Syd took in a deep breath and exhaled closing her eyes. "I didn’t want to…be in a relationship…" she opened her eyes and looked into comforting green staring back at her.

"Until you…" Syd paused and stared into the blonde’s eyes. "Maddie you changed me. You showed me how to love again, and I was scared," the brunette whispered.

"Of me?" the blonde whispered. 

The brunette nodded. "I tried so hard to push you away…to not think of you…but there you were," Syd smiled lightly in remembrance. "With your cute glasses and that wonderful smile…everyday making me fall further and further in love with you," Syd confessed.

The blonde remained silent but Syd could tell her eyes were turning red about to release tears of her own.

"I’m sorry…" the brunette said in a hoarse whisper.

Madison brushed back dark hair that was on Syd’s forehead and stared down at the person she loved most in the world. She knew the brunette’s apology went deeper than that. This was also an apology that stretched back to everything that happened between them last year.

"Maddie…I love you so much it hurts…" Syd clasped her hands around Madison’s and brought it to her chest. "Here…but a good hurt."

Madison smiled understanding the brunette’s feelings. She felt it too, always.

"I’m glad you didn’t push me away," the blonde choked, tears falling from her eyes.

"I couldn’t…" the brunette said finally giving a full grin.

Madison smiled back and leaned in giving the brunette a lingering kiss on the lips. It was an emotional moment for both of them. Syd could taste the saltiness of Madison’s tears as she returned the kiss.

Syd ended the kiss and opened her eyes slowly. She shook her head, hating that she became so vulnerable.

"I don’t know where that came from," she said trying to laugh it off wiping her tears.

Madison smiled knowing her big strong Syd didn’t like to be the cry baby. "It’s okay…I like taking care of you for a change," she said running her hands through dark hair.

Syd smiled slightly. "I kind of like it too…but don’t get used to it." They both giggled in unison.

Madison kissed Syd softly on the lips. Then maneuvered to the brunette’s neck and sucked lightly.

"Oh…so you wanna fool around, huh?" Syd said smiling.

"Maybe…" the blonde smirked continuing her kisses.

"You would take advantage of me when I’m all vulnerable," Syd joked moving her hands lower down the blonde’s back.

Please look who’s talking, Madison thought. She leaned back and looked squarely into blonde eyes.

"And you’ve never done that?" the blonde teased.

"Hey…that’s not fair…come here," the brunette said pulling her girlfriend towards her but Madison pulled back.

"I don’t think I’m in the mood anymore," the blonde said, not really meaning it. She grabbed Syd’s wandering hands.

"Come on, it’s been a week since we’ve last...I know you need it as bad as I do," Syd said seductively, raising an eyebrow.

Madison looked at those enticing lips before her and almost lost her ground. She shook her head.

"Please….pleeeease….I didn’t mean anything by it…" the brunette whined.

"If you didn’t mean it, why did you say it?" the blonde led on.

"Maddie…please?" the brunette asked.

Madison giggled. "Syd…I know…I just like hearing you beg!" the blonde laughed.

"Oh, you!" Syd exclaimed tackling the blonde causing her to backward onto the mattress.

The brunette had Madison pinned beneath her. "You little brat," Syd said playfully smiling. She began to tickle Madison’s ribs making the blonde squirm and laugh uncontrollably.

"Mer…Mercy!" the blonde squealed.

Syd stopped her attack on the blonde and soon their laughter died down. The brunette looked down into the blonde’s sea green eyes and smiled lovingly.

"Well?" the blonde smiled back. "What are you waiting for? You better make love to me before I go crazy," Madison said with a hint of laughter but was totally serious.

Syd adorned her brilliant smile that the blonde loved and then captured Madison’s lips in a heartbeat. The blonde tangled her hands in the basketball player’s dark hair and pulled Syd closer. Their tongues were in full exploration of each other’s mouth and neither one of them were backing down.

The brunette finally broke the kiss after about a full minute of passionate kissing to remove her shirt and bra quickly.

Madison watched her with a hungry expression. She did need this. Soon Syd came back down to her and found the blonde’s lips once more. As their kissing grew deeper, Syd’s hand quickly disappeared under the large shirt Madison wore and began to rub the surface of the blonde’s panties.

Madison gasped in pleasure as she felt Syd’s hand slowly stroking her. The brunette smiled at the blonde’s reaction. The blonde lifted her hips matching the movement of Syd’s hand. She needed more.

To Madison’s disapproval, the brunette removed her hand.

"Syd…please…" the blonde breathed.

"Shh…I’m just warming you up," the brunette whispered seductively. "Let’s take this off," she said helping the blonde remove her shirt.

Soon Syd was placing feather kisses in the valley between Madison’s breasts, and the blonde’s heart beat harder as she felt those kisses move further down her body. When the brunette met the bikini underwear she easily slid them down Madison’s legs and discarded them on the floor.

The blonde felt Syd’s hot breath on her inner thigh and her arousal was on overload. The brunette could smell Madison’s scent and she knew the blonde was ready for her.

"I’ve wanted you all day…" Syd breathed.

"Me too," Madison whispered closing eyes, opening her legs, waiting for Syd to devour her.

The blonde elicited a huge gasp when she felt her girlfriend’s lips greet her womanhood. Syd was right…a week is too long. The blonde thought.

It didn’t take long for Madison to reach her climax. She gripped the back of Syd’s head trying to pull the brunette in a far as she could as she came. Her throat screamed in ecstasy as she threw her head back.

After those incredible feelings coursed through her, soon Madison’s body began to relax, her chest heaving at a steady rhythm.  

Syd came back up Madison’s body and looked down at the flushed blonde. Madison focused her eyes on the blue ones above her and smiled lazily. Syd smiled back warmly and kissed the blonde on the lips.

"Good?" Syd whispered, snuggling her face against the blonde’s and then looked into Madison’s eyes once more.

"Amazing…" the blonde breathed erotically against Syd’s lips.  "You’re um…really good at that," Madison said shyly.

Syd smiled adoringly at her girlfriend, noticing the blonde was blushing. "I try…" she said lifting an eyebrow and placing a kiss on the blonde’s cheek.

Syd gasped as she was suddenly flipped around and was now below the small blonde’s body.

"I want to do that for you," the blonde said in a low tone.

"You don’t have to baby…if you’re not ready…" Syd said sympathetically.

Madison lowered her body and brought her lips to Syd’s ear. "Don’t you want me too…" she whispered huskily.

There was that sexy tone of voice again that Syd was beginning to hear more often from Madison. She didn’t sound like a naïve little girl anymore. That was a woman with hunger and lust in her voice.

"Well…yeah…" Syd said loving the sexual aura she was receiving from the blonde.

"Okay…" the blonde answered.

She trailed both of her hands down and over Syd’s breasts all the way down to the elastic of the brunette’s underwear. She smoothly pulled them down over Syd’s beautiful legs and faced her destiny.

Syd waited in anticipation for the blonde to taste her for the first time. Within seconds she felt a warm wet tongue trail over her.

"Ohhh…." Syd moaned in pleasure. She looked down and was greeted by two darkened green eyes.

The last thing she saw was Madison leaning in towards her once more and as soon as she felt her tongue again, Syd’s sense of time and space was lost. All that existed was the blonde’s mouth and her intense pleasure.

"Oh, oh my God!" Syd moaned in ecstasy as she came in Madison’s mouth.

"Mmmm…" the blonde moaned tasting all that the brunette offered.

Madison wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and climbed back onto Syd’s body. Syd brought her hands around the blonde holding her close.

"So…was I okay?" the blonde asked looking down at the clearly worn out brunette.

Syd exhaled a huge breath and looked at Madison. "Wow…" the brunette whispered dreamily. "You’re a bad girl…" Syd smiled.

Madison ducked her eyes and blushed.  "I…I just wanted you to feel what you make me feel," the blonde said shyly.

There’s the Madison I know. The brunette thought. And it was in this moment that Syd realized that Madison’s dark sexy side only came out when they were alone and in the mood. But when all was done, she was back to the shy innocent girl she met last year.

"I’m sure you did…it’s just…wow Maddie," Syd whispered. "That was…incredible…"

"I try…" Madison said mocking the brunette. They both laughed and then eventually tucked away into a comfortable sleep.

*          *          *

Department stores were smothered with red and green ornaments, TV screens were ridiculed with holiday cheer and houses were beginning to look like large balls of light. Christmas time was here. Unfortunately, you can’t judge that by Las Vegas weather. The coldest it got outside was 55 degrees and the sun was shining.

Syd and Madison were walking hand and hand down a pathway past the large Lied Library on campus.

"Have you been in that Library yet?" the blonde asked excitedly. "It’s huge!"

"We have a library?" Syd said in fake astonishment.

Madison bumped her silly girlfriend with her shoulder. "Yes…it has books and wonderful knowledge for all to dwell on."

Syd stopped their walking and stepped in front of Madison. "Well, then it’s the perfect place for you…" Syd whispered giving the blonde a tender kiss on the cheek.

She looked at her watch and furrowed her brows. "I’ve gotta go, babe…practice," she said to the blonde regrettably.

"I know…" Madison sad sadly. She rubbed the sides of Syd’s UNLV jacket covered sleeves.

"I’ll see you at the Christmas party at Marianne’s house, okay? Lisa’s bringing you right?"

Marianne was one of Syd’s basketball teammates.

"Yeah, I’ll see you then," the blonde smiled lightly.

Syd leaned down and kissed the blonde’s lips. It was meant to be a quick goodbye kiss but Madison held onto her and deepened the kiss. Before Syd knew it her tongue was being gently sucked and she had no problem reciprocating.

Eventually, they broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes breathing heavily.

"I love you…" Madison whispered.

"I love you, I’ll see you in a few hours," Syd smiled and gave her one more kiss on the lips before turning and walking away.

Madison walked in the opposite direction with a smile on her face. She loved the way the brunette made her feel.  

After Madison was a good distance away from Syd she heard a voice behind her.

"I’m surprised you two are still together," the voice said spitefully.

Madison turned around quickly and was face to face with Stacie Burns.

"Stacie? What…were you watching us?" the blonde asked.

"It’s kind of hard not to…" the cheerleader stated.

"Did you want something?" Madison asked with annoyance.

Stacie creeped up to Madison slowly.  "I just don’t understand why a sweet girl like you would even bother with someone who has cheated on them," the girl smiled.

Madison’s face turned into a disturbed frown. "Syd has never cheated on me," the blonde said calmly.

Stacie’s face pretended to show some sympathy for the small blonde. "Poor, girl…" the brown haired girl said circling the blonde. "Not too long before prom, she came to my house practically begging me to fuck her."

Madison shook her head in disbelief. "She would never do that…and I don’t have to listen to this any longer." the blonde pushed past Stacie.

"It’s true Murphy!" the cheerleader called after the emotional blonde. She watched Madison walk quickly away from her. That ought to cause a rift in the relationship, she thought with an evil grin.

*          *          *

It was now late at night and the party at Marianne’s house was in full swing. Hormonal college students with beer cups in their hands, loud music and dancing filled the large two story house.

Syd and Madison were lounging on a couch together talking with other students. Syd was the one doing most of the talking about basketball games and such. The blonde just sat there curled up next to her. She loved to hear Syd talk her stuff about basketball and have everyone highly engaged.

"I’m just saying, if Johnson got back down court quicker, then maybe that team would have a shot at scoring some major points," Syd argued with a male student who was sitting on the floor nearby.

"Syd, I think it’s Masterson’s fault. He missed that crucial three pointer in the 4th quarter!" the guy answered back.

"Yeah…but still…." Syd carried on the conversation.

Meanwhile, Lisa was standing by a window looking outside. She spotted a guy and girl couple making out on the lawn.

"What’s up…" a voice said behind her.

Lisa turned and smiled immediately when she saw it was Heather. "Oh, hey…" she was a little embarrassed being seen watching a make out scene.

"What’s so interesting outside?" Heather said stepping near the window.

"Nothing…" the red head said brushing back some of her hair behind her ear.

"Mmmhmmm," she said looking out into the moonlit night. She spotted the couple. "Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s nothing all right….Oh, my god they’re stripping!"

"What?!" Lisa said looking quickly out the window.

It was then she heard Heather start to laugh hysterically and she saw that the two outside were still just kissing, with clothes on.

"You jerk!" she said smacking Heather in the shoulder.

The basketball player flinched still smiling. "I’m sorry…you just look so sad over here. I had to come cheer you up some," she said shifting her weight to lean against the wall.

"Thanks," Lisa smiled faintly.

"Hey! What are you two doing over here just lounging around?" Marianne asked coming up to them still dancing to the beat of the music.

"Mar, you call this a Christmas party?" Heather asked. She pointed towards a group of guys yelling ‘Chug!’ ‘Chug!’ as another student guzzled a huge container of beer.

"This is a Christmas party," she said pointing above Heather and Lisa. The two looked up furrowing their brows and spotted the small green plant.

"Oh," Heather said dejectedly knowing Lisa wouldn’t want to kiss her.

She finally looked toward the redhead who was already looking at her. They were both silent and neither one of them knew what to do next. Marianne sure didn’t care to stand around and find out because she was already back in the middle of the crowd of students.

Heather smiled slightly and shrugged her shoulders. "Look, you don’t have to…" her sentence was cut off by Lisa lips. It was a solid two second kiss. Heather thought she had died and gone to heaven.

Lisa backed away slowly and looked into Heather’s brown eyes. The basketball player was too shocked to react and Lisa didn’t know what to think. Her expression turned worried.

"I…I’m sorry…" Lisa said before rushing away.

Heather finally broke out of her trance and tried to stop the confused redhead. "No! Lisa wait!" she said going after her.

About twenty more minutes pasted and Syd and Madison were holding each other closely dancing to a slow song. Syd decided she was sick of discussing b-ball politics for the night. Plus, she could tell Madison was clearly disinterested but stayed because of her interest.

Madison had her head leaning comfortably on Syd’s chest. "Are you okay? You’ve been kind of quiet tonight. More than usual…" Syd whispered in the blonde’s ear.

Madison leaned her head up and looked into caring and concerned blue eyes. She shook her head slightly. "It’s nothing…maybe I’m just tired."

But Madison knew what was bothering her. It was Stacie’s remarks from earlier that afternoon. Stacie had to be lying. She loves me, I can see it.

"You ready to blow this party?" the brunette asked softly. She still had a feeling something was bothering Madison but she left it alone for now.

The blonde nodded and the two started to move slowly past the herd of people. "We have to find Heather and Lisa."

"I think I saw them go outback." the brunette said.

The two opened the back screen door and peaked outside. To their surprise and amusement, two girls were making out on the back porch. Two girls who looked very much like Heather and Lisa!

Syd and Madison exchanged smiles and then looked back at the two who were desperately trying to strangle each other with their tongues. Heather was holding her so closely air couldn’t seep between their bodies! Lisa had her hands all tangled in the basketball player’s brown hair.

"Hubba, hubba," Syd said in a tone loud enough for the two girls to hear.

Heather and Lisa quickly broke away from each and avoided Madison and Syd’s knowing smiles.

"Well, well…what is going on here?" the brunette asked highly engrossed in the situation.

The two flustered girls looked up at each other and then bashfully looked away.

"Me and Syd came to find you guys because we’re leaving now," Madison said smiling at the two.

"Um…okay…" Heather said, still embarrassed by being caught. She began walking past Syd to the screen door.

"So…." Syd began raising her eyebrows.

"Shut-up," Heather said pointing a finger toward Syd and then walking into the house.

"What?" the brunette said shrugging her shoulders with a smile on her face. She followed behind her friend.

Now alone on the porch, Madison approached her friend.

"Lisa?" Madison said with curiosity.

The redhead covered her face with both of her hands. "I know…I know…" she said brushing her hair back with her hands.

Madison looked at her friend anxiously waiting for an explanation.

"I…I couldn’t help myself…"

"Lisa!" Madison shrieked.

"Madison…she told me how she felt and…I just…reacted I guess," Lisa said shocked by her own actions.

"Wow…well, come on. They’re probably waiting for us in the truck. You can tell me all about it later." the blonde said putting an arm around her friend.

They headed back inside the noisy house.

Meanwhile, Heather and Syd had just gotten settled in the front seat of the brunette’s truck.

Syd looked over at Heather who was looking down at her hands, smiling slightly.

"So, stud…will you talk to me now?" Syd asked her friend.

"You saw us…" Heather shrugged.

"Yeah…you two were all over each other. You must be on cloud nine, buddy. Am I right?" the brunette asked with a smile.

Heather smiled slightly. "Yeah…it was intense." She finally looked at her friend. "I’m in love with her Syd. I mean…really…deeply…I just wonder if she feels the same."

Just then Madison knocked on the passenger side window interrupting the two basketball player’s conversation.

The ride back to campus was silent. Madison sat in the backseat with Lisa and Heather sat upfront while Syd drove. Nobody knew what to say or how to break the ice.

The four finally made it back to campus and Syd parked her truck behind the dormitory buildings. They all piled out of the car and walked towards the dorms. Madison noticed that Lisa and Heather were steering clear of each other as they walked.

In no time they reached the outside of Madison’s and Lisa’s door.

"Good night," Madison said turning to give Syd a warm embrace. While the two lovers began to kiss each other goodnight Heather and Lisa were shifting their weight and sending quick glances at each other.

"Goodnight…Heather…" Lisa finally said.

"Goodnight, Lisa," Heather said softly ducking her head.

Lisa was sick of this awkward situation and stepped forward kissing the brown haired girl sweetly on the lips. "Call me tomorrow?" Lisa asked.

Heather smiled broadly and nodded. "You know it," she said.

Syd and Madison smiled at the exchange between their friends. Lisa turned and unlocked the door for her and Madison to go in.

The two basketball players stood next to each other watching their girls go into the room.

"Night guys…sleep tight," Syd said smiling along with Heather.

Madison and Lisa smiled at the two adorable girls. "Goodnight…" Madison said closing the door.

Heather and Syd turned to each other with huge smiles on their faces and then gave each other a high five.

*          *          *

Christmas time came and went and it was absolute bliss for Madison and Lisa. They got to be with their girlfriends for a whole month because before Christmas break even came, Syd and Heather only had basketball games in Las Vegas. They were lucky that the basketball Christmas Classic was being held at UNLV that year.

But…unfortunately, the time to be on the road came back around and the UNLV Rebels Girls’ Basketball team’s next stop was New Orleans, Louisiana. This would be the furthest and longest time Syd and Madison would ever be apart.

Lisa and Madison came to Syd and Heather’s dorm to say their goodbyes. The basketball players were to leave that morning.

"We’ll meet you guys by the bus," Heather said holding her suitcase in one hand and Lisa’s hand in another.

Syd put her last piece of clothing in her suitcase and zipped it up.

"I wish you didn’t have to go," the blonde said with her eyes filling with tears.  

Syd turned around slowly and faced Madison. She dreaded seeing that sad look on the blonde’s face. It had been wonderful to just have home games and be with Madison all the time.

Syd let out a sigh and sat on the bed. "Come ‘ere," she said softly to the blonde standing a few paces away from her.

The blonde did as she requested and Syd held on to both of Madison’s hands and pulled her down so she was straddling the brunette lap.

"This is going to be hard…for both of us," the brunette said softly. "I can’t stand a second being away from you. I love you Maddie."

A tear streamed down the blonde’s face as she leaned forward kissing Syd’s lips with all the love she possessed. Syd ran her tongue over Madison’s upper lip causing the blonde to gasp a moan of longing. She wouldn’t be able to kiss these lips for an entire week and a half.

They both held tight to each other as the kiss deepened. Before Syd knew it Madison had her on her back kissing her endlessly. The brunette stroked the blonde’s back up and down and relished the feel of Madison’s tongue against hers.

"Uh…" Syd groaned as the blonde’s knee rubbed against her crotch. She knew if she let this continue she would never make it to the bus.

The brunette reluctantly broke the heated kiss they were sharing.

"Whoa…" Syd breathed heavily.

Madison’s breath mingled with hers as she too was recovering from the kissing.

"I’ll take that with me," the brunette smiled.

Madison mirrored the smile, but it soon fell. She was going to miss Syd and what troubled her most was the idea of Stacie being with the basketball player across the country.

Syd sat up bringing Madison with her and then stood sliding the blonde gently off her body. She gave the blonde one more final kiss on the lips and then leaned down picking up her suitcase.

They both walked over to the door. "Are you coming with me to the bus?" the brunette asked.

Madison shook her head. "I don’t like seeing you leave," the blonde said sadly.

"I don’t like leaving you…" She held onto one of Madison’s hands with her free hand. 

"Look, the team and I are gonna be on T.V. this Thursday night…" the brunette said half heartily. "I always play my best when I know you’re watching…"

Madison ducked her head and smiled lightly. "I know…I’ll be watching," she said sadly.

"Okay," Syd said with an empathetic smile looking down at the blonde. "I love you."

"I love you more," Madison said leaning up to meet the brunette’s lips. Syd nuzzled her nose to Madison’s and then she was gone.

Chapter 4

During the many trips Syd has taken with her team across country, Madison started hanging out with Bryan more often.

Over the past month or so, Madison had gone to lunch with the football player after their math class. She felt he was very easy to talk too and enjoyed his company.

"So, the game is on T.V. tonight?" Bryan asked eating a French fry. They decided to stop by the In and Out burger which was right near the campus.

Madison took a sip of her drink. "Yeah, she always says she plays her best when she knows I’m watching," the blonde said smiling remembering her girlfriend.

"Is that a fact? Well…maybe I’d play football better too…if I knew you were watching," he said with a smile.

"Oh, shut up," she said with a smile throwing a ketchup packet at her friend.

"Hey, it might help improve my game. You never know…" he said shrugging. Bryan would always openly flirt with her. He knew she was taken but he still figured he had some chance with the blonde.

"Thanks for hanging out with me Bryan…Lisa has been so tied up ever since she got her new waitressing job."

Bryan regarded her with friendly caring eyes. "It’s no problem Madison. I like being with you."

The blonde saw a little bit more than friendship behind his gaze. She nodded and smiled.

"Well, um…" Madison said standing from the table. "I’ll see you later?"

"Wait," he said standing up blocking her path. "Can I walk you to your dorm?"

"No, it’s fine Bryan. I actually have a study session I need to get to at the Library," the blonde lied.

Frankly, she was a little taken aback by Bryan’s demeanor. Madison could tell were this was heading and she didn’t want to mislead poor the football player.

"Alright…cool, well you got my number if you need anything," he said sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Okay, bye Bryan," she said walking past him.

"Bye," he said watching her leave the burger joint.

*          *          *

"My feet are killing me…." Lisa groaned as she plopped onto her bed.

Madison was watching their T.V as her friend walked into the room. "Rough day?"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "You have no idea…" she sat up and began pulling off her dress shoes. "The only highlight of the day was I spoke to Heather. She’s really excited about being on T.V!"

"Syd too…"

"Have you heard from her today?"

As soon as Lisa finished her sentence, Madison’s  cell phone began to ring. "There she blows," the blonde said with a smile. She picked up the phone that was lying next to her on the bed.

"Hi, baby," the blonde answered.

"Hey, sexy…we’re about warm up for the game. I just wanted to check up on you. How are you doing?"

"I’m fine…you just play awesome tonight, kay honey?

Syd blushed slightly. "I will, as long as you’re watching babe. How many do you think I’ll sink tonight?"

"Mmm…I’m feeling fifteen," the blonde said pretending to ponder.

"Really?" the brunette smiled.


"Then fifteen baskets it shall be," Syd said happily.

Madison heard some commotion on the other line and finally Syd came back to the phone.

"I gotta go now baby."

"Okay," Madison said sitting up on her bed. She wasn’t ready to end for their phone call to end. "I love you…"

"Love you more…bye baby."

Madison pushed END on her phone and then watched the T.V screen waiting for the stupid commercials to end so she could see her girlfriend.

Heather finally emerged from the bathroom dressed in her night gown. "Did it start?"

"No, not yet…" the blonde said stretching her body out on the bed so she was now laying on her stomach. "How is Heather?" the blonde said wiggling her eyebrows.

Lisa blushed and shook her head. "She’s fine…and we haven’t gone all the way yet…we’re waiting for the right time."

The blonde smiled. "Believe me…when it’s the right time…you’ll know…" Madison said thinking back to her and Syd’s first time.

"Ooo! It’s starting!" the redhead happily chirped sitting on the floor near Madison’s bed.

"And now, all the way from Las Vegas…the Lady Rebels!" the announcer stated on the television.

The two girls watched as the team ran out onto the court. Madison spotted Syd right away and smiled dreamily. God, she looks so good.

The blonde always thought Syd looked sexy in her jerseys. She was wearing the white UNLV jersey with red letters and had her hair down but held away from her face by a hair band.

"They look so serious," Lisa laughed examining Heather and Syd who both had their game faces on.

The Lady Rebels won the game that night 78-69. To Syd’s surprise, she did score fifteen baskets just as Madison predicted!

Straight after the game the whole team retreated to their Hotel. Syd and Heather walked down the corridor of hotel rooms on the fifth floor. They both had on their basketball sweats and were carrying gym bags.

"I’m sooo glad we have our own rooms…no offense but you snore buddy," Heather joked.

"I do not!" Syd retorted punching her friend in the shoulder.

"Ow! That hurt you freak!" Heather said grasping her arm.

"You’ll live…" the brunette laughed.

They finally reached their rooms which were right next to each other.

"Yeah…goodnight," Heather said opening her door. "I hope the bed bugs bite!"

"Night," Syd chuckled.

*          *          *

A week and two days had past and the team was now in Salt Lake City, Utah. After suffering a loss 79-88, Syd was not in one of her best moods. As soon as she stepped into her room, she stripped of her clothes and hit the shower to clear her head.

While the brunette was showering an unexpected guest crept into the hotel room. Stacie Burns looked around the room and saw the basketball player’s fresh clothes spread out on the bed. She picked up the brunette’s shirt and brought it to her nose inhaling the scent.

Oh Syd…

Suddenly, the sound of Alicia Key’s voice singing "No One" filled the room.

"Fuck…" Stacie breathed frightened by the sudden outburst of noise coming from Syd’s cell phone on the nightstand.

She went over to the phone and picked it up looking at the name. An evil grin came across her face and she pushed "TALK."

"Hello…" the cheerleader said.

"Hello? Who is this? Where’s Syd?"

"Um…" Stacie looked towards the bathroom. "She’s in the shower right now. Would you like to leave a message?" she said slyly.

"St…Stacie?" the voice stuttered.

"This is she," the cheerleader said humbly.

The person on the other line hung up.

Stacie smiled to herself and then put the cell phone down.

"How the fuck did you get in here?" a voice said from the bathroom doorway.

Stacie spun around and was pleased to see Syd soaked and wrapped in only a white towel.

"I can be pretty persuasive sometimes," the cheerleader purred inching towards Syd.

*          *          *

Madison sat on her bed staring at her cell phone still clutched in her hand.

"Um, she’s in the shower right now. Would you like to leave a message?"

That voice kept replaying in her mind, over and over. And she knew it wasn’t just any girl’s voice. It was Stacie Burns’ voice.

She wouldn’t…how could she let Stacie in her room? And she was in the shower? What ever way Madison tried to play it out in her mind, Syd did not come out looking innocent in this situation.

She was afraid to call again, in fear of hearing Stacie’s voice. The thought of Syd being with another woman made her sick to her stomach.

Madison didn’t want to think about it any longer. She had to get out. She had to get away. The blonde picked up her phone again and dialed a number she never thought she’d call.

The phone rang on the other end and finally someone answered.

"This is Bryan," the voice said.

*          *          *

"Stacie…I’m only gonna ask you once to get out," Syd said seriously walking into the room. She rolled the towel securely around her body so it would stay up.

The cheerleader only giggled and looked the basketball player up and down. "Or what?" she said stepping closer. "You gonna beat me up?" She asked standing in Syd’s personal space now.

The brunette swallowed the lump in her throat. She was loyal to Madison, but Stacie was still hot as hell. The old Syd would have been to third base with her by now.

"Hmmm…maybe you need a little more persuasion." The cheerleader grabbed the hem of her shirt and quickly pulled off her top revealing a sexy lacy black bra.

The brunette tightened her jaw muscles resisting the temptation presented to her. Oh, my God.

"I’m with Madison," Syd said taking a step back. "I can’t do this anymore."

"Yes you can, baby," the cheerleader whispered. "You love me."

She’s delusional! "I only love Madison," Syd said with determination in her voice.

"She doesn’t have to know," she said reaching for the clasp to the front of her bra.

The brunette’s eyes widened and she grabbed both of Stacie’s wrists. "Don’t!" she said between her teeth. "I don’t want you…can’t you get that through your head?"

Stacie shook her head. "You have feelings for me! You can’t fuck somebody as good as you did that night and not feel anything!" she yelled.

Syd looked into the Stacie’s eyes and didn’t feel anger, just pity.

"Stacie I was hurting that night…and I did something I shouldn’t have…I used you," the brunette said with regret. She was disgusted by what she did that night to Stacie, but most of all to Madison.

Stacie lowered her hands and Syd did the same. Anger boiled in the pit of the cheerleader’s stomach.

"Okay…" she said retrieving her shirt from the ground quickly. "So you guys have a stable relationship?" Stacie asked with venom in her voice.

"Yes…" Syd countered.

"With complete honesty?" she put her shirt back on and walked past Syd towards the door.

"Yeah…" Syd answered tired of the other girl’s presence.

Stacie put her hand on the door knob and then turned around to look at Syd once more.

"Does she know about that night we fucked all night long?" the cheerleader challenged.

Syd’s face dropped and she averted her eyes. She knew good and well that she didn’t tell Madison about that.

"Yeah…complete honesty," the cheerleader said sarcastically. She opened the door and walked out of the hotel room leaving a very distraught basketball player standing in the middle of the room.

*          *          *

Madison was depressed beyond belief. She talked to Bryan that entire night, crying and telling him that she believed Syd was cheating.

That was a day ago and the blonde hadn’t talked to Syd that entire time. The blonde looked at her cell phone during Math class and saw about 50 missed calls, all from Syd.

She just didn’t want to talk to her. The blonde was angry, confused and hurt.

Bryan walked Madison all the way to her dorm door after they had eaten a quick lunch. The football player was surprised and very excited that the blonde finally said ‘yes’ to him requesting to walk her.

"Thank you Bryan, you’re a great friend," Madison said looking up into his dark brown caring eyes.

Feeling very vulnerable and all of a sudden thinking of Syd the blonde couldn’t stop her tears from forming.

"Hey…" Bryan said gently, taking Madison in his arms. "It’ll be okay…"

The blonde’s body was shaking as she cried. It felt good to have someone hold her and take care of her in her moment of sadness.

She broke the embrace, but he kept his hands at her sides. He brought one hand up and wiped a tear from her cheek. "No one should ever hurt you…" he whispered.

Bryan slowly inched his lips towards Madison’s.

"Hey," a booming voice said behind them. They both turned around to see an outraged brunette standing in the hallway with them.

"Syd…" the blonde said with a little joy. She was happy to see the basketball player, but within seconds she remembered that Stacie Burns was in her girlfriend’s hotel room.

Bryan quickly backed away. "I…"

"Don’t say a word…" the brunette said in a menacing voice. "Just get out of my face before you lose an arm," she threaten pinning him with a cold stare.

The football player nodded and rushed quickly past Syd to make a run for it.

Syd now focused her gaze on the blonde, who had a solemn look on her face. "So, I guess that’s why you haven’t been returning my calls," the brunette said trying not to lose her temper.

Madison didn’t reply and just turned around opening her door. She walked into her room leaving the door open so Syd could follow.

The brunette stomped in after her slamming the door behind her. Madison jumped and turned around to face the brunette.

"What the hell was that? Were you about to kiss that guy?" Syd asked in anger.

There was a pause. "What if I was?" the blonde stated.

Syd furrowed here brows in hurt and confusion. "Madison?"

It had been a while since the blonde had heard her entire name spoken from the brunette’s lips.

"Just stop it Syd…I know about you and Stacie."

"Stacie? What does she have to do with anything?"

Madison shook her head and looked at Syd as if she should know why she was upset.

"I called your cell phone the other night and she answered. She said you were in the shower and…"

"That bitch. Maddie nothing happened," the brunette said taking a step forward, but the blonde stepped back.

Syd noticed this and remained where she was.

"I didn’t touch her, I swear…" Syd said truthfully.

A part of Madison believed the brunette and wanted to take the basketball player in her arms and ask her forgiveness for being so paranoid. But the other half wasn’t buying it.

"You expect me to believe you?" the blonde asked.

"Yes…she snuck into my room while I was in the shower, but as soon as I saw her I told her to get out," she said bitterly, thinking of the cheerleader’s lowdown move to set her up.

Madison bit her bottom lip about to ask the question she had been dying to have answered for the past two months since Stacie approached her.

"Syd?" she said fearful of the answer.

"Yes," the brunette answered softly looking at the blonde with compassionate eyes.

"Did you sleep with Stacie?" the blonde asked seriously.

"No," the brunette said gesturing with her hand. "I already told…"

"Before prom…" Madison cut her off.

Syd’s eyes widened slightly. Her blue eyes flickered in realization. She told…

"After we made love for the first time…" the blonde said with strain in her voice. "Did you have sex with Stacie anytime after that?" A tear slipped down the blonde’s cheek.

Syd let out of breath and put her head down in defeat. There was no way she could get out of this one.

"It didn’t mean anything," the brunette said softly.

Madison’s bottom lip began to quiver and her insides felt as though they had be ripped out and stomped on.

"Get out," she whispered in disbelief and sadness.

"Maddie…" Syd said coming towards her.

"Get out!" the blonde yelled.

Syd covered her hands with her face for a moment and looked at the blonde once more. This is not happening…again

"Listen…" Syd

"No!" the blonde shrieked.

"Yes!" Syd yelled not backing down this time. "You left me! And I was hurting…I didn’t know how to react…" the brunette said trying to plead her case.

"So you go and fuck her because we had a fight? Yeah, that makes a lot since," the blonde spat back.

Syd walked briskly over to Madison.

"Let go!" Madison screamed feeling the brunette’s hands grip her upper arms. She struggled to free herself from Syd’s grasp.

"Stop it! Stop it!" the brunette said between her teeth. "I love YOU…it’s only been you…"

Madison shook her head trying to block out Syd’s pleading voice. She struggled once more trying to push the brunette away from her. "Let go of me!" the blonde demanded trying to hit Syd anyway she could.

The brunette felt Madison’s warm body brush up against her as they struggled and Syd did only what her body told her to do. She swooped her head down and roughly pressed her lips against the blonde’s.

Madison was not pleased with this and pushed with all her might to put distance between them. But the harder she pushed the tighter Syd held her.

Still trying to free herself they began to move backward and the back of Madison’s legs hit her bed causing her to fall onto the mattress with Syd landing on top of her.

The blonde ripped her lips from Syd’s. "No! Get off me!" the blonde yelled trying to ignore the sudden throbbing between her legs as she felt the warm familiar body above her.

"I love you…I love you…" the brunette chanted over and over kissing the blonde’s neck aggressively and then anywhere else she could get too. "Please…"

The blonde couldn’t fight her feelings of sexual arousal any longer and grabbed Syd’s face pulling her up to her for a heated kiss. Syd graciously accepted and their tongues thrashed against each other lustfully.

"Mmmm," the blonde moaned. Syd’s thigh slipped between her legs and she began to grind herself against it. The brunette soon did the same to her.

"Oh…oh my God…" the brunette moaned loving the feel of Madison against her.

Madison wasn’t thinking, she just wanted to feel something. To make the numbness in her heart melt away for a moment.

They moved against each other in a quick rhythm, their breaths mingling as they both worked to get what they wanted.

"Yes…" the blonde breathed.

The seam of Madison’s jeans was only helping increase the pressure and Syd’s sweatpants held no barriers. The sensations coursing through their bodies were unstoppable.

Syd continued to pump her hips with the blonde’s.  She grabbed the blonde’s left leg and brought it up to circle around her hip.

This made the blonde gasp in surprise as this position increased her pleasure. She dug her nails into Syd’s strong back and continued to move against the brunette.

"Uh…oh…" Madison moaned.

"Oh…Maddie…" the brunette moaned back.

Quickening their pace, the two soon poured themselves into an intense orgasm. Madison gripped the brunette’s body tightly and their rocking hips slowly came to a stop. Syd laid her head against the blonde’s shoulder. Their hearts were beating like crazy.

Within seconds Syd felt Madison’s body begin to tremble and heard a sniffle. She raised herself slightly and looked to see green eyes filled with tears.

Madison turned her face away to avoid Syd’s intense blue eyes.

"Maddie?" the brunette questioned softly.

"…Please, leave…" the blonde requested softly.

Syd swallowed the lump in her throat. Now she was on the verge of tears. The basketball player slowly lifted herself off of the blonde’s body.

Madison curled up in a ball and faced away from Syd shaking uncontrollably with tears.

Tears flowed from Syd’s eyes also as she turned and left the room. Left her love…

Chapter 5

Syd gritted her teeth and cringed in pain as her left knee felt like it was on fire. She fell down hard upon the wooden basketball court.

"Shit…" the brunette winced, as she knew she wouldn’t be playing for a while. She sat up and reached for her injury as the referee and other players from her WNBA team surrounded her.

After Syd said she was okay, some of her teammates helped her up. The crowd in the stands cheered as the twenty six year old limped off the court with her arms draped around helping shoulders.

Syd’s dream of becoming a professional basketball player had come true five years ago when she was offered a contract her Junior year at UNLV. The scouts loved what they saw and knew right away that the brunette was a hot item. Now, she was one of the top players in the WNBA and was currently playing for the Sacramento Monarchs.

The basketball player settled herself in a padded lounge type chair in the locker room. To her left was a medium sized television for her to view the game.

"The new team doctor will be here in a few minutes," one of the assistant coaches told Syd.

"Yeah, yeah…" the brunette huffed hating not being able to play.

Another ten minutes passed by and the brunette’s patience was wearring thin. The pain in her knee was still throbbing.

Where is that fucking doctor?

The door across the room finally opened.

"It’s about…" Syd started in an annoyed tone, but stopped when familiar green eyes met hers.

"…time," the brunette finished as her anger faded away.

The woman across the room was surprised as well and didn’t move. Suddenly, the confident twenty five year old blonde felt like she was sixteen again. It’s her…it’s really her…she thought.

"Madison?" Syd asked softly.

Just hearing the brunette’s voice triggered an on pour of memories.

"Syd?" the blonde said walking slowly over to the injured player.

"You’re the new doctor?" the brunette said with a slight smile.

Madison lifted up her medical bag and smiled shyly. "Yeah…that’d be me," she said setting her bag on the table next to where Syd was laying.

The brunette took a moment to look the blonde over. She definitely looked more mature and her facial features were the same only more beautiful than Syd remembered. Her hair was still long but a lighter shade of blonde. Syd could also tell that Madison’s body was not that of a little girl’s anymore.

"It sure has been a long time," Syd said admiring the blonde.

Madison was busy setting up her kit and turned her head slightly to regard the brunette’s comment. Her gaze locked with those amazing blue eyes. The brunette’s features were stronger as well. Her cheekbones seemed to be more defined and her muscle tone was better than ever.

The blonde quickly broke the gaze realizing she was staring. "Yeah…" she answered shaking her head slightly. "A long time…"

The blonde came closer to the basketball player who was looking up at her in awe.

"You’re a doctor…" the brunette said expressing how proud she was of her ex lover. "I knew you could do it."

The blonde saw the genuine kindness in Syd’s eyes and nodded slightly with a small smile.

"So…what happened?" the doctor asked professionally.

"Oh, it’s my knee. I twisted it or something," the brunette answered sitting up slightly.

"Let’s take a look," she said bringing her hand towards Syd’s leg.

Syd swallowed as she felt those soft hands touch her skin. As Madison examined her knee, she took the liberty to study the blonde’s profile. She still has that cute little nose.

"Does it hurt when I do this?" the blonde asked pushing down on an area.

"No…" the brunette said softly, still in la la land.



"What about here?" the blonde asked pressing slightly on a different spot.

"Ow," the brunette hissed taking in a breath between her teeth straining her face.

Without realization Madison’s free hand went to the brunette’s side to help comfort her.

They both looked down at the hand’s location and the blonde quickly snatched her hand back. "Sorry," the blonde said.

A lop-sided smile formed on the brunette’s face. "It’s okay…it’s not like it hasn’t been there before," she said raising an eyebrow.

Madison’s face flushed slightly and she turned to her medical kit facing away from Syd.

Syd noticed the blush and chuckled lightly. She still blushes if I flirt with her…cute.

Come on Madison get a hold of yourself. The blonde thought grabbing a wrap bandage from her bag. She turned back around and noticed those gorgeous blue eyes were fixed on her.

"It’s sprained...a few of the ligaments on your knee joint have torn slightly. It can happen if the muscles are twisted or have taken a pretty bad blow."

Tender eyes remained focused on her as she spoke.

"I can wrap it for now…but you won’t be able to play for about a month or so," the blonde stated.

Madison finally flickered her eyes to Syd’s and what she saw made a shiver run down her spine. It was that same look the brunette would give her when they we together. Those lovey dovey googly eyes.           

"Stop …" the blonde said softly, ducking her head.


"Looking at me that way…" the blonde said bashfully.

Syd blinked her eyes and shook her head slightly. "I’m sorry…" she said softly.

The blonde lifted the brunette’s leg carefully and began to bandage it.

"So…how have you been, Maddie?" the brunette asked sweetly.

Madison halted her actions as she heard her loving nickname spoken from the brunette’s lips. She hadn’t called ‘Maddie’ for years.

She continued to bandage the leg. "I’ve been okay," the blonde answered, focusing on her work.

There was silence for a moment then Syd finally spoke.

"…Look…what happened between us…"

"Syd," the blonde cut her off. "It was years ago," Madison said shrugging her shoulders.  "Forget it."

The brunette nodded her head. There was another gap of silence between them until Syd finally asked the question that was burning within her.

"Are you seeing anyone?" the brunette asked hesitantly.

The blonde finished the wrap. "No…I’m not," she said turning and began to pack up her things.

Syd smiled slightly. She was relieved the blonde was single. "What are you doing this Thursday?"

The blonde finally turned and faced the basketball player. "Why?"

Syd kept her eyes locked on the blonde’s. "Because…I want to spend time with you." The brunette answered shifting her body so her legs dangled off the high table seat she was on. She would have hopped off to go stand closer to her ex lover if she wasn’t injured.

Madison’s heart began to hammer as she looked into those intense blue eyes.

The brunette swallowed the lump in her throat. "Will you please…have dinner with me?" Syd asked as if she were a nervous teenager.

The blonde immediately thought Syd’s approach to ask her out was very cute. She looked at the brunette’s injury and then looked back to Syd.

"Your knee is injured Syd. You’ll need crutches. You won’t be able to get around easily," the blonde said sincerely.

"Then will you have dinner with me at my house?" the brunette said with a questioning eyebrow.

"Syd…I don’t know…" the blonde said softly. She put her head down and began to fidget with her kit she was holding.

"Please…" the brunette whispered. "I just want to talk…" Syd said with kind eyes.

Madison looked up and fell into Syd’s blue eyes. She remembered how those eyes used to hold all the love in the world for her…and how they looked at her when they used to make love. Everything was coming back to her.

"Okay…" the blonde answered.

"Yeah?" the brunette smiled widely making the blonde smile as well. "Okay, Thursday at six?"

"Yes," the blonde chuckled slightly at Syd’s enthusiasm.

"Great," the brunette said with relief. "I’ll have a car pick you up."


After the game was over, Madison shuffled into her lovely one story home. It was a house just large enough for her and some guests with 2 ½ baths and three bedrooms.

She had just purchased it a couple of weeks ago when she had landed the job in Sacramento. As you walked in the floor was wooden all the way down through a narrow hallway straight ahead that led to a few rooms. To the left was a comfortable living room area and a sliding glass door that led to the backyard. To the right was a dining area and it stretched further back to a kitchen area.

The phone rang and Madison quickly rushed over to pick up the cordless in the kitchen.


"Hi, honey. How are you doing?" Frances asked her daughter.

"Um…I’m okay Mom…Just a little confused right now."

"Confused? About what? I thought you liked California," Frances said.

"Oh, no I love it out her…it’s just…Syd..."

"Syd? As in Sydney, your ex-girlfriend?" Frances asked in astonishment.

"Yeah…" the blonde said softly. "I knew I was bound to run into her sometime if I became the team physician for Sacramento."

"My, my…well…tell me what happened…"

The blonde went on telling her mother about seeing the brunette again for the first time.

"I’m going to her house for dinner on Thursday," the blonde said.


"Yeah…she said she just wanted to talk…"

Frances let out a sigh. "Time sure does go by fast. I remember a time when you two were inseparable." 

"I know…" the blonde said quietly. "Mom…what if she wants to…get back together?"

"Do you want that?"

"I don’t know…that’s why I’m so confused," the blonde said.

"Well, I think you should go and talk to her. You two were so young when you first got together. Maybe this is the right time. Don’t let a chance on love pass you by."

*          *          *

Madison stepped out of the limo that had picked her up from her house. She looked at the stunning house before her. The home sat on an at least 2 acres and definitely had three stories.

It’s a mansion!

The blonde walked up the stoop and was greeted by an older gentleman who was obviously the butler.

"Ah, Ms. Murphy, Syd is expecting you," he said ushering her into the foyer. "My name is Bernard."

"Nice to meet you, Bernard," the blonde replied.

Madison noticed the beautifully tiled marble floor and just beyond was a monstrous flight of spiral stairs going to the unknown.

"Right this way, to the dining room," Bernard directed.

Madison followed the butler down an arched hallway with romantic dark purple tinted walls. A few art pieces and mirrors helped to make the hallway more decadent. 

Syd was sitting quietly at the large dining table in one of her sports T-shirts comfortable slacks. Her hair was down and nicely combed and her make up done to perfection. Her leg was still wrapped due to her injury three nights ago.

As soon as she saw the vision come around the corner behind Bernard, the brunette pushed herself off her chair so she could stand. She smiled lightly when green eyes met hers. 

The blonde was wearing turquoise V-neck top and dark jeans. Madison walked over to the now standing basketball player and noticed the crutches leaning against a vacant chair near the brunette.

 "I’m glad you’re here," Syd said sincerely. "Here, have a seat," she said gesturing for the blonde to sit in the seat diagonal from her as she sat at the end of the table.

"How’s your knee doing?" Madison asked sitting down.

Syd smiled at the blonde’s concern. "It’s okay…getting better and better everyday."

"Good," Madison said not sure what to say next.

"Um, we’re having spaghetti for dinner. Is that okay?" the brunette asked worried if the blonde would not be pleased.

"Oh, I love spaghetti," the blonde replied giving the okay.

I know, it was your favorite. Syd remembered.

Soon, they were well into the middle of dinner making small talk as they ate.

"So, how did you wind up in sports medicine? I always thought you wanted be a pediatrician," the brunette asked sticking her fork in the spaghetti.

"I…actually was a pediatrician for one year at a small hospital in Reno. It was nice, but I felt like I was in the wrong place. I have the credentials to be a team physician, so…her I am." 

"For my team…funny that," Syd added.

"Yeah," the blonde said looking down at her food. There was an awkward silence between them for a moment.

"…I was so proud of you when I found out you were going to be in the WNBA," the blonde said with glee.

Syd smiled. "You were?"

"Of course I was…this was your dream," the blonde said with a slight smile.

The brunette looked at the blonde and smiled fondly. She still cared…even after what I did to her.

"You have everything now," the blonde said amazed by the brunette’s accomplishments.

"I know. Can you believe it? I have this huge house, cars, a butler..."

"Yeah, it’s pretty wild," Madison said smiling.

The brunette’s smile faded and she ducked her head. "It was fun in the beginning, but… in the end…I’ve come to realize they’re all just…things...you know?"

Madison gulped her mouth full of food loudly and looked into sad blue eyes. She knew what Syd was talking about and immediately felt for the brunette.

The blonde nodded her head in understanding. A warm hand hesitantly covered her own that was resting on the table.

Madison’s heart skipped a beat as she felt the familiar hand against her own. And her mind escaped to the past.

"I’m so nervous…" the blonde said to Syd.

They were sitting in the brunette’s mustang outside of the Orleans Arena where their graduation ceremony was to take place. The parking lot was flooded with cars and teens in caps and gowns were making their way into the building.

Syd turned to her girlfriend. She reached over gently took Madison hand in her own. "You’ll do fine honey. We practiced your speech over and over, remember?"

The blonde chuckled. "If you call making out practice."

"Humph, well the part we did practice…" Syd said raising an eyebrow.

"You’re not nervous about your speech, Ms. President?" the blonde asked.

"No, I’m used to being under pressure and you’ll be great too, okay?" she said gripping Madison’s hand a little tighter.

"Okay…" the blonde said looking down at her lap with little confidence.  

"Okay?" the brunette said leaning over covering Madison’s left cheek with a plethora of sweet quick little kisses.

"Okay…" the blonde giggled enjoying the playful kisses.

Syd brought Madison’s hand to her lips and kissed it gently. "Let’s graduate."

They exited the car and walked hand and hand to their futures.

Madison snapped back into reality and pulled her hand away. Syd was taken aback by the sudden movement and was a little hurt.

"Syd, I’m sorry…" she said standing suddenly. "I have to go," she said beginning to walk away.

"Wait, please!" the brunette called to her trying to standing. "Ow," she grumbled when her injury made itself known. She grabbed for her crutches and quickly put them under her arms.

"Maddie, wait!"

The blonde stopped in her tracks, but didn’t turn around. She was afraid. Afraid of what Syd would say to her. She still loved the brunette, she never stopped. Madison heard the clanking of Syd’s crutches coming closer and soon felt the brunette’s presence directly behind her.

The brunette sighed lightly. "Will you please turn around?" she asked politely.

Madison hesitantly turned and faced her ex lover. Syd looked into her eyes for a moment and then ducked her head. "I’m…I’m lonely…" the brunette finally said.

The blonde furrowed her brows in confusion and sympathy.

"Don’t leave…I just want to be with someone who knows me, and doesn’t pretend to know me…that’s happened a lot over the past few years."   

"Okay," the blonde said with no hesitation.

A few moments later they found themselves sitting in the brunette’s comfortable den with large comfy couches and a big screen TV. Syd had her leg up on a matching cushion stool that went with the couch they were on. Madison had one leg tucked under her and was turned towards the brunette.

"I’ve watched a few of your games over the years," Madison was saying.

"Yeah?" the brunette smiled. "Has my game improved?"

Madison smiled back. "Are you kidding me? Syd you’re unbelievable out there!" the blonde gushed.

"Thanks," the brunette said on the verge of blushing. "…so, how are your parents?"

"They’re doing good. Dad is thinking about retiring pretty soon," Madison said. "How’s your Mom?"

"Still a work-a-holic," the brunette said raising her eyebrows. "Nothing has changed…"

The blonde nodded remembering Syd’s mom always coming and going from the brunette’s house. Which wasn’t always a bad thing because then they’d have the house to themselves.

"Um…have you been…dating at all lately?" Madison asked.

"No…there have been a few here and there but…no one special…" the brunette shrugged. "…and you?"

Madison met Syd’s blue eyes. "I was seeing this girl last year for a while but…we just didn’t… fit…"

They were silent for a moment then Madison continued.

"Humph, do you remember when you brought me home after curfew that one night? My father nearly broke a blood vessel."

Syd smiled lightly. "Yeah, I remember that. He wouldn’t let me see you for a whole week."

"How did I end up being late that night? I can’t remember…"

"I do…" the brunette said looking straight ahead at the blank TV screen smiling fondly. "It was our make up night."

"Oh…" the blonde said looking down bashfully.

"Yeah…" the brunette said turning to look at Madison. "It was after my busted lip had healed…"

"Because of prom night, that’s right," the blonde finished.

"We just lost track of time when we were um…." The brunette cleared her throat.

Madison ducked her head remembering what they did in the brunette’s car. She was getting flashes of herself straddling the brunette’s lap in the driver’s seat riding Syd’s hand slowly.

"I know…" the blonde said trying to stop her blushing. "We were kids," Madison said shrugging.

"Two horny kids," Syd said with a chuckle making Madison giggle as well.

"Do still keep in touch with Lisa or Heather?" The brunette asked.

"Um…yeah. They’re both teachers back home believe it or not. Lisa is teaching English and Heather is a P.E. teacher."

"Are they…still together?" Syd asked.

"They are…" The blonde’s smile began to fade. She started asking herself questions. Why our relationship end? What happened to us? Why did Syd do what she did years ago?

"Why did you leave me?" the blonde said before she could stop herself.

Syd faced her suddenly, surprised by the question. The blonde looked at her with an unwavering gaze desperately wanting to know.

That was one of the hardest decisions Syd had ever made in her life. She remembered the last time she had seen Madison until this day…

It was a cool crisp night and the two young women were walking in a parking lot in front of a Dairy Queen. It had been two years since Syd and Madison had the big fight about Stacie. They were now in the middle of Junior year at UNLV. Little by little they began to talk to each other again. How could they not? Their best friends, Lisa and Heather were dating each other!

After months of beating around the bush, they decided to have a night out with just each other. Madison believed they could start over.

They reached the blonde’s new car and then faced one another.

"I’m glad we did this…" the blonde said.

"Me too," Syd said gradually stuffing her hands in the pockets of her UNLV jacket.

The blonde giggled lightly and Syd furrowed her brows. "What?"

"You have a little…" Madison reached up and rubbed off some chocolate ice cream that was on the corner of the brunette’s mouth.

Syd smiled slightly. "Thanks…" she whispered and she noticed the blonde’s hand still lingered on her face.

Madison looked at the brunette’s full lips and brushed her thumb across them lightly. They looked into each other’s eyes as the blonde stepped closer.

Their mouths were just inches away and green eyes looked into gentle blue ones.

"Syd…will you kiss me goodnight?" the blonde asked with hesitation as she gently caressed the brunette’s cheek.

That’s all the brunette wanted to do all night. She leaned down and their lips met again for the first time in two years. Madison closed her eyes and felt like crying as Syd’s lips brushed against hers in a tender kiss.

For Madison this was a new beginning. For Syd, this was goodbye.

They slowly broke the kiss and Madison smiled bashfully and Syd looked at her with an affectionate gaze.

"I’ll see you tomorrow…" the blonde said with new found hope in her eyes.

Syd smiled faintly and then stepped aside so Madison could get into her car. The blonde fired up the engine and looked up at the basketball player through her window. She gave a wave and Syd did the same and smiled slightly.

The brunette was already packed to leave for California the next morning. Her career was just about to begin. It was Syd’s choice to leave.

She watched Madison’s tail lights disappear in the distance and figured that would be the last time she would see her love again.   

Syd looked at her beautiful ex girlfriend that sat next to her on the couch.

"I left because…" she paused to try and figure out how to explain.

The blonde looked at her, still awaiting an answer.

"…Because, I felt it was the right thing to do," the brunette said truthfully.

"The right thing?" the blonde repeated in disbelief. "I thought we were about to start over…be together again."

The brunette ducked her eyes and looked at a spot on the couch. "That’s what was happening…but…when we were together…all I ever seemed to do was hurt you," the brunette said regrettably.

Madison put her head down as well. She knew that was slightly true.

"It hurt even more when you left…" the blonde in a low tone.

"I deserve that…" the brunette said looking to Madison again. She hesitantly grabbed hold of the blonde’s right hand gently and they both felt the familiar tingle between them.

"But we’re here now…together…and I want to start again…" Syd said with sincerity.

This was all happening so fast. One day Syd just ups and leaves and now she wants to get back together?

"Because now you’re ready?" the blonde questioned.

Syd heard the slightest bit of anger in Madison’s tone and slipped her hand away.

"Syd, I was ready five years ago. Did you ever consider how I would feel when you left that night?"

"Of course I did…" Syd said calmly.

"Did you? You wouldn’t answer my calls, you didn’t give any indication that you were leaving…You were just…gone…" Madison said with pain in her voice.

The brunette let out a breath. "I know…"

Madison shook her head and stood from the sofa.

"You think you can just snap your fingers and bam, we’re back together? Well, I’m sorry Syd it doesn’t work that way…I have to think about this…" the blonde said picking up her bag from the coffee table and then walking out of the large room.

Syd laid her head back against the cushions and closed her eyes. That went well…

*          *          *

Chapter 6

The next morning Syd sat on the sidelines of the huge arena watching her fellow teammates practice drills on the court. She had her injured leg up on chair in front of her.

"Mason! What the hell was that?!" the brunette yelled to one of her teammates who shot an air ball.

"Oh, eat me, Rush!" she yelled back.

"You wish!" the brunette teased.

Her teammate rolled her eyes and continued with the drills.

"Hey," a voice said next to her.

Syd turned to her left and looked up. Madison was looking down at her with a slight smile.

"Hey…" the brunette said back.

"How are you doing?" Madison asked taking a seat beside Syd.

"The knee is feeling better today. I’ll be shootin’ hoops in no time," she joked.

"No, how are you doing," the blonde asked.

Syd shrugged her shoulders. "I’m doing okay…considering you shot me down last night," the brunette said raising an eyebrow at Madison.

"About last night…Syd, I’m…"

"Don’t even think about saying you’re sorry. Everything you said to me last night was true…it’s okay," Syd said truthfully.

Madison nodded. "We just need to take this slow…become friends again."

Syd’s face slowly spread into a sexy smile that Madison still couldn’t resist. It was contagious and made the blonde smile back.

"I’m up for that," Syd said reaching her hands above her head giving her back a good stretch. "So, you here on call doctor?" the brunette asked with a grin.

"Well…yes actually. I have to show my reports to your coach and make sure I also have the medical histories of the whole team. You guys will be having your physicals a month from now," the blonde said.

When she heard nothing from the woman sitting next to her, Madison tore her eyes away from the court and looked Syd. The brunette was gazing at her dreamily.

"What?" the blonde asked with a slight smile.

"You just sound so cute when you’re talking your doctor wisdom."

"Syd…" the blonde said with a sigh.

"I know…" the brunette said waving both her hands. "Take it slow…"

The blonde looked back at her and giggled slightly before getting off the bench and walking over to where the Monarchs’ coach was standing.

Syd watched Madison as she walked away and couldn’t help but study the blonde’s perfectly shaped butt. Yowza…it’s better that I remember. She thought with a smile.

*          *          *

Three weeks had gone by and the team had traveled from Colorado to Texas and then New York. Now, they were back in Sacramento, California. During this time, Syd and Madison felt their friendship begin to blossom once more.

The brunette sat patiently waiting in Madison’s office at the Clinic Health Building. She looked on the wall behind the blonde’s desk and saw various plaques, licenses and awards. Syd smiled to herself proud of Madison’s accomplishments.

She heard the door open behind her and Madison appeared.

"I have your X-rays," the blonde said sitting at her desk. "And your knee is healing very well," she smiled.

"I tend to heal pretty quickly," the brunette said smugly.

Madison gave a lop-sided smile and rolled her eyes. "Well, you’ll be able to play in a week or two…and if you continue to have pain remember to take the pills I prescribed you."

Syd nodded accordingly and Madison closed her portfolio. The brunette grabbed the cane that was leaning on her chair and stood. Syd had been off the crutches for about four days and was now using a fashionable cane to get around.

The blonde came around her desk to walk the brunette to the door. "I’ll see you tomorrow Syd…" the doctor said.

"How about tonight?" the basketball player asked turning to the blonde.

Madison ducked her head and smiled. When she looked up blue eyes were looking at here expectantly.

"…Yeah…okay. Pick me up at seven," the blonde stated with confidence.

Syd smiled. "Okay, I will…"

They both gazed at each other for a moment. God she’s beautiful. The blonde thought.

"Humph, see you tonight…" the brunette said raising a sexy eyebrow.

*          *          *

Right on time, the door bell rang at Madison’s front door. The blonde was just doing the finishing touches on her makeup and quickly exited the bathroom to answer the door.

She opened it and to her surprise Syd was standing there. "Oh, you’re actually going to drive me yourself?" the blonde asked with a smile.

Syd laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "Why not?"

She observed Madison’s outfit, a red spaghetti strapped dress with a hint of cleavage showing. Syd felt as though she couldn’t breathe.

"You…you look amazing…" she said dreamily.

"Thanks…" the blonde blushed. "You’re not so bad yourself." The doctor said admiring the brunette’s thin navy blue long sleeved blouse and black slacks. Syd decided to ditch the cane for tonight though she walked with a slight limp.

"Will you be okay…" the blonde said indicating the brunette injury.

"Oh, I’m fine…I just want to look my best for you…" she said with a smile.

Madison ducked her head and smiled as well.

The brunette held out her hand. "Let’s hit it."

Madison grasped Syd’s hand allowing the brunette to lead her to an impressive Lexus Coupe Convertible parked in her driveway.

"Nice wheels," the blonde said.

"I thought I’d trade in the old Mustang," the brunette joked.

After a very romantic dinner the two decided they wanted to let their hair down and headed to one of the hottest gay clubs in Sacramento.

The music was thumping in their ears as they made their way through the crowd.

The owner of the club led the two to the VIP section in the back of the club. It was more intimate with plush couches and TV sets on the walls. They sat in one of the booths.

"Do you want a drink?" the brunette asked.

"Sure, a margarita on the rocks," the blonde said.

"Hey Melanie, can I get a margarita on the rocks and a bloody mary." the brunette said to the waitress.

"This is a nice spot," the blonde said to Syd. "Do you come here all the time?"

"Once and a while," the brunette answered.

Two attractive women came strolling past their table eyeing the basketball player. Madison saw this and felt a sting of jealousy flow through her.

"Hi, Syd…" two women said in unison as they walked by.

Madison looked at the brunette and raised her eyebrows. Syd nodded her head slightly to the women and then turned her attention back to the blonde.

"Okay, so I come here a lot…" the basketball said with an awkward smile. "But only to dance…mostly… and have fun…I don’t pick up women…all the time…I just…."

"Syd, relax," the blonde said smiling. "It’s okay." She thought the brunette’s little nervous banter was adorable.

After finishing their drinks Syd asked Madison if she wanted to dance. They made their way out of the backroom and back into the thumping music. Just as they found a spot the music died down and a slow song came on. It was Boyz II Men’s "I’ll Make Love to You."

The couples around them began to dance closely and neither Syd nor Madison moved towards each other. They just looked at each other, not knowing what to do next.

"We can go sit if you don’t want…" Syd started.

"It’s okay…" the blonde said.

Syd swallowed nervously and stepped forward putting her hand on Madison’s hip and the other in Madison’s hand.

The blonde smiled noticing the basketball player was obviously nervous, but she wasn’t.

Madison boldly stepped closer so their bodies touched and leaned her head on the brunette’s chest.

Syd was surprised by the sudden action and closed her eyes when she felt Madison in her arms…again.

I’ll make love to you

When you want me too

The chorus began…

Madison was touched as well. She was back in Syd’s arms again. A place where she felt warm and safe. Without realization she snuggled her face further into the brunette’s chest.

Syd smiled softly at the affectionate gesture and held the blonde a little tighter. Their bodies swayed gently to the music and both had their eyes closed.

"Maddie…" the brunette whispered in the blonde’s ear.

Madison lifted her head and looked into Syd’s eyes. They both saw something between them that they hadn’t seen since they were young lovers. It was the spark, it was love.

The blonde searched the brunette’s eyes waiting for Syd to continue.


"You get away from her!" a voice yelled on the crowded dance floor.

The basketball player’s words were cut short when a heated argument broke out between three women a few feet away from them. One woman pushed the other and Syd knew this would not turn out well.

"Let’s get out of here," she said holding onto Madison’s hand leading her out of the club.

It was around 10 pm when they arrived back at the doctor’s house. As they walked to the front doorstep they were giggling about a joke the brunette had told.

"That is crazy!" the blonde said as their laughs died down.

"It’s true," Syd said trying to back up her story.

They reached the front door and Madison turned around towards Syd and leaned her back against a part of the house that was near the front door.

The blonde ducked her head like a nervous teenager and Syd smiled at the blonde’s cute vulnerability. To be a little bit more dominant, the brunette raised her arm and leaned it against the wall behind Madison’s head. This action made their position more intimate.

"Would you… like to come in?" Madison asked raising her head.

The brunette’s smile grew wider and she locked her sexy gaze on Madison. "Are you sure?" Syd asked.

The blonde was holding her small purse in front of her below her waist and her fingers began to fidget. "It’s not like I’m asking for….sex."

"Mmmm…it kind of sounds like you are…" the brunette joked making the blonde blush.

Madison smiled. "Okay…would you like to come in for the house tour?"

They both laughed.

"Let me ask you this…" Syd began.

The blonde looked at her with undivided attention. Syd thought Madison never looked as beautiful as she did at that moment.

She moved in a little closer as if she was whispering so no one could overhear what she was asking.

"Would you slap me if I kissed you right now?" the brunette asked as her blue eyes gazed seductively into Madison’s.

The blonde bit her bottom lip lightly and then shook her head slowly.

Syd kept her arm on the wall behind Madison and slowly leaned forward focusing her eyes on the blonde’s lips. Those same lips she used to crave long ago and still craved right now.

Madison tilted her head upward to meet Syd’s and very shyly their lips met. The brunette’s heart felt like it was about to explode because it was beating so fast. Madison’s own heart fluttered with joy as her lips brushed against Syd’s. The brunette moved her bottom lip slowly and initiated a second kiss to make it last longer.

They both gradually broke the kiss and their eyes still remained closed.

"Wow," Syd whispered.

They both opened their eyes in unison and looked at each other with loving eyes.

Out of curiosity, Madison hesitantly brought her hand up and placed it on the brunette’s chest. When she felt Syd’s erratic heartbeat she let out a gasp of pure joy and felt tears begin to form in her eyes as she remembered their first kiss as teens.

"Syd, wait." She said putting her hand on the brunette's chest. Under her hand she could feel Syd's heart beating a million miles per hour.

"Your heart is beating really fast." Madison said breathlessly.

Syd took an audible swallow. "I know…I've never felt like this before."

No words could explain that kiss, it left them both breathless.

The brunette smiled slightly as she had an idea of what the blonde must have been thinking when she touched her chest.

Finally, snapping out of dreamland, Madison shook her head slightly. "Um…the tour…" she said turning around opening the door. She felt as though she was floating on a cloud and couldn’t focus.

The doctor stepped inside her inviting home after much difficulty with her keys and Syd followed. She heard the front door close and the brunette follow behind her.

Madison walked over to a lamp sitting on a table next to a couch and turned it on. A soft glow light the room. Before she could say a word a hand gently grasped her left one and turned her around slowly. She was greeted by gentle blue eyes full of adoration.

Neither one of them said a word.

Syd slowly stepped closer and stood directly in front of the blonde. She put her hands on the blonde’s shoulders and slowly slid them down until she came to Madison’s hands again. The brunette brought both of the blonde’s hands to her lips and kissed them gently.

Madison was completely helpless and her breathing became shallow as she let Syd continue.

The basketball player then leaned forward and placed a sweet kiss on the blonde’s forehead, then on each of Madison’s eyelids, then to the tip of the blonde’s cute little nose.

Madison had her eyes closed and her breathy grew heavy. She couldn’t believe Syd was actually there. Her Syd…

A lone tear trickled down her cheek as the brunette placed a kiss on her chin and then slowly moved upward to finally capture her lips.

Madison could have sworn her heart skipped a beat as she felt Syd’s tongue flicker against her lips. She allowed the brunette’s tongue to slide into her mouth.

I can’t believe I’m kissing her…My Maddie… Syd thought 

"Mmmm," the blonde moaned as the brunette pushed their bodies closer together.

Syd deepened the kiss and Madison brought her arms around Syd’s neck and stroked her tongue against the basketball player’s with undying hunger.

The brunette felt her jacket being pushed off her shoulders and helped to shrug it off.

Madison broke the kiss gasping for air. "Bedroom…" she whispered against the brunette lips.

"Yeah…" Syd said breathing heavily and nodding her head.

Madison pulled Syd by the hand and dragged her down the hallway. The last door on the left was a large bedroom with a queen sized bed. That’s all Syd needed to know.

They found themselves at the foot of the bed and now both seemed to be a little shy.

Then Madison spoke. "Are you a dream?" she whispered looking at Syd as if she were a mirage.

The brunette smiled softly and stepped into the blonde’s personal space.

"No…I’m really here…and I’m not going anywhere…" Syd whispered back brushing a strand of hair from the blonde’s face.

More tears fell as Syd cupped her cheeks and a tenderly kissed the blonde’s lips once more.

The passion between them began to build and Madison went for the front of the brunette’s pants to unbuckle them. Syd reached around the blonde’s slim body and began to unzip the doctor’s red dress.

The brunette broke the kiss momentarily to remove her blouse. She was having trouble with the buttons and Madison’s impatience was growing. The blonde pushed Syd’s hands away and roughly ripped the blouse open.

Syd was shocked by the action but thought it was incredibly hot! And Madison pulled the basketball player’s head down and continued to kiss the brunette deeply.

The basketball player pushed the straps of Madison’s dress off her shoulders and it slid from her body. They began to migrate towards the bed and the blonde push Syd slightly so she fell backwards onto the mattress. The basketball scooted her body back to settle herself comfortably and Madison remained standing in just a black bra and panties.

Syd took the opportunity to scan the blonde’s body with her eyes. Madison’s body was perfection. Toned muscles, firm breasts and an unbelievable skin tone stood before her. Syd thought she looked like a goddess with her blonde hair draping around her shoulders.

"You sure have grown…" Syd said with a smile.

Madison saw the hunger in the brunette’s eyes and couldn’t resist. She crawled onto the bed and pursued the basketball player like as if she was a predator. "So have you…"

The blonde’s body was now directly above Syd and she lowered her head to erotically capture the brunette’s lips.

"Mmmm," Syd moaned as Madison boldly sucked on her tongue.

The blonde removed her lips from Syd’s and trailed her kisses down the brunette’s neck. Syd’s breathing was heavy and her body was on fire. She let Madison take the lead in this dance.

Madison ran her hands over the brunette’s breasts making Syd utter a sigh of pleasure. She then unhooked the front snap and revealed her prize.

The blonde observed the brunette’s heaving breasts and then looked up to see Syd’s expression. The basketball player was staring her down awaiting her next move.

Keeping her eyes locked with blue, Madison lowered her mouth to the brunette’s dark nipple.

Syd threw head back when she felt the blonde’s warm mouth encircled her.

"Oh, Maddie…" she gasped as the blonde sucked her gently. Madison then switched to the other breast.

After torturing the basketball player long enough, she came back up to Syd’s face and nipped at the brunette’s bottom lip. "Have you been tested?" she asked.

"Yeah…I’m clean…" Syd breathed as Madison rubbed her body against hers seductively.

"You?"  the basketball player breathed.

Madison pulled back and looked into Syd’s eyes. "I’m a doctor, remember…" she said flicking her tongue across the brunette’s lips.

The blonde sat back and began to pull down Syd’s panties. The brunette raised her body to help accommodate the blonde’s action. Madison threw the garment on the ground and then reached behind her own back and unsnapped her bra.

Syd scaled her eyes down to the blonde’s amazing breasts that were finally revealed.

"Beautiful…" Syd whispered.

Madison smiled shyly and then removed her underwear as well. She held herself above the brunette’s body once more. The blonde leaned down to Syd’s ear. "I want to feel you…" she whispered.

Syd did not quite understand the meaning of Madison’s words but was soon reaffirmed when she felt the blonde’s wetness greet hers.

They both moaned in unison at the contact. Neither one of them had had sex in a while and the pleasurable feeling was unbelievable.

"Oh…yeah…" the brunette breathed as the blonde began to grind her hips.

Their hot breaths mingled as they picked up the pace. Madison kept her eyes on Syd’s and both saw the pleasure building higher and higher between them.

"Syd…oh…" Madison moaned as their aching needs rubbed against each other.

Hearing her name uttered by the blonde only encouraged the brunette further. She grabbed onto Madison ass and pushed them closer together.

"Uh…I’m cuming…" Madison moaned.

Syd’s heart beat was going wild. "Me too…" she groaned.

Madison gripped the sheets that were on either side of the brunette and soon both were arching their backs and having the most incredible orgasm of their lives.

Exhausted and breathing heavily, the blonde laid her head down on Syd heaving chest.

"Oh…my God…" Madison breathed. "Syd…Syd?"

The blonde grew concerned as she felt the brunette’s body shiver. She pushed herself up slightly and saw Syd’s eyes full of tears.

"What’s wrong baby?" she said brushing back the brunette’s bangs.

Syd looked at the blonde with glassy eyes and smiled slightly. She rubbed the blonde’s back gently with both of her hands.

"…Making love to you….I never thought I would be able to do this again…" the brunette whispered. "I’m sorry…." She said suddenly feeling embarrassed and looked away.

Madison turned Syd’s head to face her and smiled, touched by the brunette’s words. "I always loved when you’d tell me how you feel…and I still do…" the blonde said and she tenderly kissed the basketball player on the lips.

The blonde broke the kiss and then much to the brunette’s enjoyment, Madison lovingly rubbed her nose against Syd’s. They giggled adoringly as they both remembered how they used to show this display of affection when they were younger.

"I love you…" Madison whispered against the brunette’s lips.

Syd closed her eyes briefly, taking in the words the blonde just said to her. She opened them again and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I love you more…"

The End

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