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According to the law of whatever country you are reading this from I must now warn you that this piece contains sexual overtones. Actually they are bigger than overtones they are talked about freely. Although not too graphic they may be explicit. And you want to know what else? <--Looks around...Whispers. ''They are between two consenting women too..'' So if you find it offensive or are under age I'm afraid you can't read it. There is also mild usage of swear words, forgive me I have an Irish mother.


I will still bow down to the muse of creativity. However the muse of spelling, grammar and punctuation, I no longer will tell to bite me, she just bites back wayyyyyy too hard. (Shy grin.) With my lesson learnt, I hope this is free of distraction.

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With that said, let's get on with the show.



The breeze blew a hushed breath through the forest as the sun started to slip slowly and with grace from the sky. Each bird now had returned to its roost and bedded down for the coming sleep. Creatures of the night yawned and preened ready to take flight as the blanket of grey merged with the tapestry of orange. The final winged chariot of Helios danced its final course, and from below the hill line the final warming yellow red rays gave way to the overpowering blackness.

The wind sighed again, and the moon slowly made her way into the sky, silhouetted dots of movement flew across her, and the night exhaled her stars as Morpheus' realm began. Sounds different from the day filtered into the air, crickets began their orchestral strings, and owls hooted their accompaniment. Gentle music, a beautiful peaceful vibration of the night, perfectly balanced until........


A certain naked warrior princess and bard's voice broke into the stillness..


'' Stop that....''

'' Stop what?'' Gabrielle's voice couldn't hide her amusement.

'' That!'' Xena shifted.

'' What that?'' Gabrielle bit her lip, knowing full well she was asking for trouble.

'' That...that...'' The warrior clenched her hand into a fist.

'' What? This that?''' Gabrielle shifted a little to get comfortable, a slight sigh escaped.

'' No.'' Xena's voice grumbled.

'' Ohhhh you mean this that.'' Gabrielle smirked seeing the warrior jolt.

'' Yes...stop that...'' Xena groaned

'' But you said I could do it...'' The bard put all her innocence into her reply.

'' Yes but I at least thought you would do it right....'' Xena huffed.

'' Well I don't think I'm doing it wrong...'' Gabrielle returned the huff, shifting to get a better position. ''How's that? Better?'' She looked up into blue eyes watching her.

'' Hmmmmmmm.''

'' Ok I need a yes or a no on that one...This is hard work you know...'' Gabrielle felt the first bead of sweat form on her brow.

'' Well you were the one that said you knew what you were doing. You tell me?'' Xena smirked down at the bard.

'' Hmffftttttt.'' Gabrielle licked her lips, then inhaled watching the muscle on Xena's thigh muscle quiver, Watched as the moonlight threw beams down onto her breasts. She again shifted position. ''Ok how about now?''

'' Oh yes...much better.'' Xena let her head fall forward. ''But....''

'' But what?'' Gabrielle looked up at her.

'' Could be wetter....''

'' Sweet gods....'' Gabrielle eyes rolled to the sky.

'' Ok now rub harder.'' Xena clenched her teeth.

'' What now?'' The bard's voice hitched in surprise.

'' Yessssss now!'' Xena's voice was a hiss.

'' Well isn't it too soon for harder Xena? I mean we've only just started?''

'' Gods, Gabrielle just do it....''

Gabrielle began to rub harder, her fingers gliding swiftly and easily over the heated skin, helped by the lubrication that Xena was providing.

'' Now Gabrielle NOW...'' Xena arched back, every muscle in her body going taut.

Gabrielle pushed grunting, her own body straining as each part of her tensed...

The night sky suddenly filled with the sound of two screams, startling every creature for miles.


Xena sat opposite the fire staring at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle sat wrapped in a fur, her head down.

The warrior rubbed her leg; she looked up as Gabrielle stifled a sound. ''What? And take that smug look off your face...''

'' Me?'' Gabrielle blinked innocently.

'' Yes you.... And if you ever mention tonight to anyone I will kill you...''

'' Snort....''

'' Gabrielleeeeee...'' Xena growled.

'' Oh come on, it wasn't that bad Xena, can't you see the funny side.''

Xena rose, hobbling over to the now laughing bard, her blue eyes boring into her. '' I don't see anything funny about getting my leg stuck in a damn tree root. Where I had to have half a pint of cooking grease poured over it to get it out.''

Xena shot the bard a look as she heard the giggling increase.

Gabrielle clamped her hand over her mouth, biting her lip, as blue eyes narrowed locking her to the spot.

'' A tree root I might add I wouldn't have been anywhere near if a certain bard hadn't gotten stuck up in the tree in the first place, and who then fell on me.''

'' Snort...''



And the night continued...........

...The end...

That will teach you to assume now won't it? Hee. Hee


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