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Lady J

For hours the storm raged outside, but it didn't compare with the storm that had been raging within us for years.

She stood in my doorway, a pool of water forming at her feet. The dark clouds were swirling overhead on the verge of erupting, a paroxysm of emotion, before bursting anew into a torrential downpour. She must have flown the few miles between her home and mine causing her to arrive in such a wet and disheveled condition She must've made a furtive, not to mention been fleet of foot, exit in order to carry on a tryst this far a field. Her chest heaved noticeably from the exertion of her travels as well as the thinly suppressed emotions. The lack of a jacket attesting to the haste in which she departed.

Her soaked clothing clung tenaciously to her slender body openly revealing every rise and fall of her sinewy muscled form. Her sopping black hair hung in dripping ringlets around her face making the contrast between her pale features and her dark locks that much more pronounced. Her erect nipples were plainly visible, mine eyes were irresistibly drawn to those peaks. She was unaware, or unaffected by my leering appraisal of her body. Her brooding dark eyes were menacing in their angry lust. Her body hummed with a dreadful power. This power both excited and enticed me, causing aI shudder of exhilaration.

The darkness of the room was as palpable as the pounding of my heart. The silence was only broken by the occasional peal of thunder and the sounds of the falling rain as it pelted the tin roof of my small home. The dim light streaming in from the tree line at her back, gave her an ominous silhouette which was made all the more frightening by a flash of lighting that lit the blackened sky behind her.

My eyes giving her a silent invitation, she walked forward clearing the threshold. In slow motion she turned to close the door a feral smirk affixed to her lips. Her approach was so animalistic that the temptation to back away from the soaking form gripped me. But she had cast a spell over me. I was bewitched by her and couldn't move. Deep down I didn't want to move. Hadn't I wanted this? Hadn't I dreamed of this very moment for years? She prowled closer. I could feel the cold dampness of her clothes, but her passion was hitting me with blistering waves of lust just as the white hot sun would scorch the sands of the desert. She radiated such a heated vitality that it would surely scald me, but it was a burn I'd craved so often. I languished in the fury of her passion. Within the castle walls she reigned supreme, answering only to one other. Now here with me she was defying everything she served.

I reached out laying my hand upon her wet cheek. She turned both her head and my hand to kiss my palm. I unbuttoned the dripping cotton shirt before I pealed it from her wet torso. I shuddered at the sight of the vast amounts of naked flesh being revealed by this single action. I dropped the shirt to the floor. I watched in fascination as streams of water cascaded down her goosepimply flesh. Droplets were tantalizingly forming on the ends of her dark erect nipples. I licked my lips in anticipation of drawing those beautiful nubs into my mouth. The sight of her standing there naked from the waist up captivated me. Her jeans had slipped well beyond the low riding stage revealing the thin deep red strings of a thong above the micro zipper.

Without warning she swept me into her arms carrying me to the bedroom. No words passed between us. No words would pass between us. There was no need for conversation now. Everything that needed to be voiced had been.

We both knew exactly what our situation was. Because of another she would never be mine, as much as I wanted her to belong to me and me alone. On the other hand, I could never be hers, because I would not share her with anyone else. Our worlds were just too far apart, separated by forces that were beyond our control. But none of that mattered now, she would take what she wanted since there was no strength to resist. I would give her everything she desired. I was a more than a willing victim.

She laid me gently upon my bed and with a fixated haste she pulled off my clothes. With equal speed and determination she pealed off her wet jeans, shoes, and socks. In a blink of an eye her cool damp body was pressed to mine. Her heated lips pressing brutally to my own. Her teeth felt hard against my lips, while her tongue searched my depths. Her hands moving with purpose across my skin leaving trails of sensuous flames that seemed to glow in the darkness.

Her lips went to my nipple sucking it so fiercely that I could feel the warmth of my life force filling her mouth. She shifted slightly before she hastily thrust inside me. I cried out my pleasure and pain into the stillness. This love making would not be soft or gentle, but I didn't need it to be. Her ravenous lust would not be denied, not this time. Her hunger would be sated no matter the cost. She would feed on me until she was satisfied, until we were both lying in each others arms, a spent heap of flesh.

Her tongue teased and taunted my nipple with such perfection that I knew I could climax with her doing nothing except worshipping my breasts. Her rhythm within me was fierce, but her ministrations to my clit were soft and sensual. I was speeding to a cliff both afraid and exhilarated by the quickly approaching fall. I pirouetted so close to the precipice, the fires of her passion burning within my soul. I closed my eyes to open my body, mind, and soul to her. Nothing would be held back. Nothing.

So many sensations were sent coursing through my body and spirit that I was sure I would lose myself within her dark passions. I could feel my soul intertwining with hers with each pleasurable stroke our spirits became more entangled. I could hear her own groans of pleasure. I could feel a grave passion growing within her. My body moved of its own accord hungering for more of her amazing touches. I was frightened that my release would be so powerful I would lose myself completely to her. But then, hadn't I already? Wasn't I already completely lost to her?

From the first moment our eyes met, from the second those first words to me dropped from her lips, I knew I would one day be hers. I was rendered helpless by that voice. Those smooth alto tones sent my heart racing every time she spoke. Her touch would make my body quiver uncontrollably.

This was no mere touch or a hushed whisper, this amazing woman was loving me to distraction. Our bodies and souls embraced in a dance of love and lust. Her rain soaked body was now slick with sweat as she increased the power of her thrusts. My body immediately responded. Damn this woman knew me as no one else ever could. She knew me better than I knew myself. The ecstasy I was experiencing right now was pushing me way beyond the limits of sanity.

With a flick of her fingers I flew over the edge. I cried out her name so loudly I was sure the neighbors would hear. I could feel my climax run through her soul. I felt the rumble of her chest as she growled, then I felt the delicious sensation of her climax run through my soul. She lay atop me panting. I stroked her hair amazed that making love could actually be so all encompassing. So addictive.

I was addicted beyond my wildest imaginations. Something dark passed through my soul and I shuddered.

It was my turn. I was the one that was ravenous. I was the one that would take from her without apology or regret. Filled with strength that was not my own, I pushed her onto her back. I leaned over her, my light eyes captivating the darker eyes that looked up at me. The avarice in those dark orbs had been replaced by an acute awareness. She could feel my hunger, she could sense my lust rising to unheard of heights. Now it was I who would not be denied, and it was she who would be devoured.

I leaned in kissing her hard. My tongue was battling with hers for dominance. I smiled to myself, she would not go quietly into that good night. I could feel her arms engulf me. I grasped her forearms pulling her arms and hands from my body and placing them over her head. My hands looked so small in contrast to her bulging arms as they grasped her wrists holding each of her arms above her head. She tried to move, but my hold was fast.

"No," was the only voiced word that would pass between us this night. She smirked in understanding.

When I removed my hands to pursue her body, in obeisance to me, her arms remained where I had placed them. She reached out her long arms to the right and to the left so that she could grasp the bedposts in order to comply with my wishes. I kissed her, pulling her lower lip into my mouth and biting it to draw blood. Her arms jerked, but didn't leave there station. I drew the crimson stream that formed on her lip into my mouth reveling in the rich salty taste before kissing her deeply again. The mixture of her rich blood and saliva acted as an intoxicant. I became even more inebriated with each swallow coupled with the idea of her complete submission to me. I was out of control, wild with the thought of her opening herself completely to me. I would not leave a portion of her body or her spirit untouched. I had waited too long for this moment.

I spent long delicious moments with her lips and mouth before kissing my way to her ear. I licked and kissed the ear while my body, which was splayed upon hers, began writhing, enjoying the feel of my body pressed against hers, luxuriating in the wonder of the smooth cool skin beneath me. I sucked her earlobe into my mouth, and released it with a small tug.

I kissed my way to her long throat. I sucked gently at first, but once my mouth descended on this perfectly formed patch of skin and I inhaled her scent I became crazed. My teeth bared I voraciously bit and sucked her soft skin. She groaned with the pain of the marking. I saw her biceps flex, but her hands never moved from the headboard. I forced my thigh between her legs to press against her center bringing her pleasure to mingle with the pain. I wanted to mark her, to show everyone that even if it was for one fleeting moment, she was mine totally and completely. I wanted her hot richness to fill my mouth.

My thigh was covered with the slickness of her arousal. Her body was arching seeking for more contact with mine. I kissed my way from the bruised and bleeding flesh to her erect nipples. I worshipped them for a long while with my hand, mouth, and tongue. Her moans were increasing in volume as her hips rose off the mattress in search of release. Her breathing was now coming in short choppy rasps. I could feel her need increasing. Her body was demanding the touch of pleasure that I was advertising by fondling and kissing her breasts. But I was feeding now, and I would take my time and savor every morsel. Sadistically I removed my thigh from between her legs. Her cry of frustration reverberated in the small room. I smiled against her breast.

It won't be long, my love. I promise it will be worth the wait. I thought to myself kissing my way down her torso. I balanced my body on hands and knees so the only sensation she would have was my lips against cool skin. This took some self control on my part, but not as much self control as she was exhibiting by not touching me. I glanced up to see her fingers white from the pressure of not releasing the bedposts. If she had snapped the supports I wouldn't have been surprised.

I kissed my way to her navel where I dipped my tongue into the small indention. Then I sucked. Her skin was so soft, so supple. I was close to my goal now, the aroma of her arousal intoxicating me beyond my senses. I kissed my way to her hairline threading a very hungry tongue through the coarse dark curls. Her hips lifted off the bedding desperate for my touch.

I repositioned myself to lay flat between her legs blowing on her center. I watched in fascination as her entire body trembled, it was humming with sensual energy. It was crying out with need. I drove my tongue inside her silken walls tasting her sweet nectar. I snaked my hands between the sheet and her ass. Clamping onto each butt cheek I repositioned her hips. I closed my eyes and began to feed on her. Her body jerked and writhed under the lapping contact of my tongue on her nether lips. She tasted so amazing that my drunkenness was renewed. I would quench my insatiable thirst. I would take all I wanted and she would give me all I demanded. I lapped, sucked, and teased her lips and clit drinking in every drop that was her. It was as if I was ingesting her very essence through my mouth. Her hips searched me out, and I obliged by flicking those areas that she needed caressed with the tip of my tongue.

Her moans were filling the air around me. Her body writhing with the ecstasy I was bringing her. I brought a hand from under her hip to stroke the inside of her thigh. Then I placed two fingers just inside her velvety tight opening. Again she rose off the bed, her body shaking. I rimmed her with those fingers while my tongue circled and rotated her clit. I curled my fingers slightly to add to the pleasure she was receiving. Then she cried out her body stiffening as the force of her release shattered her. I drove my tongue deep inside of her drinking deeply from her fountains, drawing her into my soul. I absorbed her ecstasy through my skin. This act drove me completely over the cliff. I plummeted through the skies of rapture falling into the bliss that was her. All the sensations were almost too much for me as I felt the darkness of oblivion cloud my consciousness.

The blackness abated when I felt her fingers entwine with my hair. She gently tugged my locks and I carefully crawled up her beautiful body. Supported by trembling arms I dove into her deep brown eyes; then I captured her lips with my own. A delicate, sensual kiss filled with love. I lay fully upon her body, moving down slightly so my head would rest in the soft place where her shoulder meets her chest. Our bodies and spirits blissfully entwined. Our hunger satisfied, our thirst slated, our love finally consummated. Death could take me now for there was nothing life could offer me more wondrous than this moment. A tear slipped from my eye. My eyes fluttered closed not wanting any of my other senses to interfere with this perfect moment. I just wanted to feel her.

My eyelids opened in what I thought were just moments later, but the first dim rays of the sun had already begun peaking into my room through the slats of the blinds that hung in the windows. The rains had stopped. I was lying on a pillow instead of her chest. The darkness had gone and so had she, I was alone once more.

Had it all been a wonderful dream? Just shadows of a fantasy fulfilled while I slept?

My hand searched the pillow beside me. My fingertips ran over the softness of the pillow which led to a cool damp shaft. I sat up for a clearer view of what my hand had touched. In the center of the pillow were two roses, one white, and one red. The two roses were carefully displayed with their long stems unnaturally intertwined. I looked more closely at the strange stem. Was it two stems? Was it one? No matter, it was obviously inseparable. One rose red for the heat of our love and its incinerating passion. One bloom white for the secrets that will be forever locked within our hearts.

I carefully picked up the roses and held them to my breast. It had all been a dream. A dream come true.

The End.

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