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Spring Break

Part 5

By Lady J


The pouring rains had abated to a slight but steady drizzle. Out of the darkness a sedan cut though the haze of falling drops with ease. The thin layer of moisture that covered the black top made the dark roads glisten beneath its new tires. Occasional street lights gave the smooth sparkling streets a deceptively safe look.

Reflective letters and numbers stood out of the darkness demanding attention. Brown eyes squinted in an effort to focus on what the faded green sign revealed. ‘Lafayette 12 miles’. The tall woman behind the wheel let out a sigh as she shifted in her seat. She stretched her back in an effort to stave off the exhaustion that was trying to take hold of her. The let up in the deluge however, had made it much easier for Victoria to navigate the slick, unfamiliar highways, and for this she was thankful.

The interior of the rental car was quiet: the other young ladies, unable to fight their fatigue, had fallen asleep some time ago. Victoria blinked her eyes hard twice, trying to fend off the Sandman, who was busily pouring a beach load of sand into her eyes. She brought a slender hand to her tired orbs and rubbed them for just a second, not wanting to look away from the road for too long. She wished, now, that she had agreed to have Madame’s driver pick them up so she too could curl up in the back of the luxury sedan and doze like the rest of the girls. Sleep was quickly trying to take her captive but she could not afford be taken prisoner.

She was slightly annoyed that not one of her friends was awake to keep her company on this long lonely road. Only the gentle pattering of rain on the hood and the soft snores of one of her friends disturbed the stillness within the confines of the vehicle. A small smile curled around the edges of her lips as she tried to figure out which young lady was "sawing lumber". It would definitely make good fodder for future teasing.

Looking back on the day that they had all just endured however, she could understand why the girls had all conked out

Her smile continued to slowly grow; after all, the day had not been a complete bust. It did have its high points. Billy Joe Jim Bob did get what he deserved. A slight chuckle escaped her throat as she remembered the look on his face when she mentioned the name ‘Dushont’.


"Ok guys, here is what we need to do." Victoria began. "I’m going to the terminal and register a new flight plan and get us a rental car. While I’m gone why don’t you get the stuff you are going to need for the night over at Madam’s?"

"What should we bring?" Asked Shannon, "And how much? Do you know how long we will be there?" She added hoping that Victoria would say ‘awhile’. The tall blonde just wasn’t sure if she could get into this plane again anytime soon. At least not without taking some serious drugs.

Victoria shrugged, "I don’t know. Guess we should take enough stuff for a couple of days. I can’t imagine us being here much longer than that."

"Sounds like a plan." Jessie smiled.

"Where is our stuff?" Becca asked looking around the plane’s cabin trying to figure out just where their luggage was located.

"Right here." Victoria walked over to a small door at the back of the cabin that was hidden by a wall hanging. The narrow door opened into a small space that was occupied by the luggage they had brought. "Don’t bring too much stuff. I hope we can leave tomorrow sometime but I won’t know that until I check the weather and clear the new flight plan."

All the young women nodded acknowledged Victoria’s last comment before they entered the tiny space to sort through various bags and retrieve enough personal items necessary to spend a few days at Madam’s.

Victoria unlatched the door of the plane and hopped out into the rain. Jogging slowly, she made it to the gateway with a minimal amount of water clinging to her clothes. Looking around the small gate she searched for the counter where she could log her flight time and register a new flight plan. To her chagrin she found that she would have to file the flight plan with ‘Billy Joe Jim Bob’, and, just as she had suspected, he had that sappy smile plastered across his face.

"Well, did y’all find a place to stay in town?" He said with a self-satisfied glint in his eye.

Dark eyes narrowed in anger as she looked up from the charts and logs that were spread out on the counter before her. "Yes, we did find a place to stay, just not in town."

"Not in town?" Sarcasm infused his southern cackle "Guess your daddy isn’t all that influential down heea in the south huh? So where did y’all find a place to stay?"

Now it was Victoria’s turn to plaster a sappily satisfied grin on her face. " One of my traveling companions has family in Lafayette. Do you by any chance know the ummm…" Snapping her fingers as if she was trying to bring the location back to her mind. Looking up with her eyes gleaming with recollection. "Oh, I remember. Do you know a place called Beautee Dangereuse?"

I should get an academy award for this performance.

It took all of Victoria’s self control not to laugh in Billy Joe’s face when she watched the color drain from his bulldog like features. Obviously he had recognized the plantation’s name.

The heavy man gulped audibly, "Yyyyyyooou…." Clearing his throat. "YYYY’all know the Dushonts?" He finally squeaked out.

Victoria had once again returned her gaze to the charts and the weather reports lying before her, trying to conceal her delight at this man’s discomfort. Without looking up she casually said "Uh huh, yeah. Rebecca is the great grand daughter of Madame, we will be leaving as soon as I can get this flight plan filed." Pausing for effect. "Oh, yes, and we need to get a rental car." Looking up at the now sweating Billy Joe, "Can you direct me to the car rental counter?"

"Don’t you worry about a thing, Ma’am? I’ll take care of everything." He snatched the black phone receiver from its cradle and quickly dialed a number. "Lucille, yeah this is Bubba. …."

Oh my god you have to be kidding me. Bubba!! This has to be a bad joke, where are the hidden cameras? Is Alan Funt going to jump out from behind a potted plant and yell, "Smile you’re on Candid Camera"?? Victoria thought placing her hand over her mouth trying to control an escaping chortle.

"No I ain't got time for that now, I need a car and I need the best you got."

A pause.

"No don’t be worrin’ about no credit card just put it under the name Dushont. Yeah, you heard me right, Dushont. Yeah, those Dushonts. The first name is…?"

He looked over at Victoria who lifted her head to meet his eyes, "Rebecca, Rebecca Dushont."

"Did ya hear her, Lucy? Yeah, Rebecca Dushont, and they will be there pretty quick to pick it up, so be sure it’s ready ok?"

A pause.

"Great, thanks." He hung up the phone a professional smile gracing his portly features. "It’s all taken care of Miss….?"

"Sinclair." What, no more little lady?

"Right, Miss Sinclair. Now let’s get your flight plan taken care of shall we?" He continued.

Victoria chuckled as she thought about the change in Billy Joe Jim Bob once the name of Dushont was waved around.

Damn if I would have known that Rebecca was a Dushont I would have waved that name around like the Confederate flag on founders day.


She chuckled as the scene faded from her mind’s eye. Taking her eyes off the road for a moment, she looked over to Jessie who was stirring slightly in her sleep. Jessie had nodded off in the passenger’s seat next to her and Victoria was enjoying the close proximity of her friend. Smiling in the darkness, Victoria thought about how adorable Jessie looked. She had to admit, to a casual observer, Jessie did look like a child, and the image was even more apparent as she slept. Without conscious thought, the taller girl reached over to gently push a stray lock of golden hair away from Jessie’s peaceful face, surprise at the protectiveness she felt toward her sleeping friend. Trying not to wake her traveling companion, Victoria once again let silence descend within the vehicle.

Her smile broadened as she recalled all the obstacles to their obtaining suitable clothing to wear at Beautee Dangereuse, The ancient family manor of the Dushont’s.

Incessant rain, snotty sales people, time constraints, not to mention Jessie’s tiny statue all combined to make an unforgettable shopping spree.


Flight plan successfully logged, and the necessities for a couple of nights safely stowed in the trunk of the Lincoln Town Car, the girls were off to the closest mall. Victoria expertly maneuvered the car into the closest parking space to the Mall entrance. Frowning, Victoria noted how far they still were from the entrance, then shrugged, absently pulling up the collar of her windbreaker in preparation for the dash.

Gazing out of the rain-streaked window Shannon commented, "Let’s face it, trying to stay dry in this is like standing under Niagara Falls with an umbrella. It just ain’t gonna happen."

"It’s an exercise in futility I agree, but these things are all we have so let’s just make the best of it." Jessie replied as she plucked at her bilious green oversized jacket.

"Sorry." Victoria mumbled, "It’s the smallest one we had."

Jessie shook her head, "It’s ok. I’m used to it."

When a lull came in the storm the four women jumped out of the car and made a break for the glass doors of the mall entrance. In the time it took for them to run that fifty or so feet to the interior of the mall, they were all soaked to the skin. The cold of the air conditioning assaulted the women the moment they set foot inside those glass doors making them all shiver as the windbreakers acted more like wet tee shirts than as coats.

Becca shivered while wringing out her sodden locks. "Damn it’s cold in here. The girls are at full salute."

"I know what you mean." Shannon stated, removing the sopping jacket.

"Well let’s not just stand here and freeze. We need to do some serious shopping." Jessie commented as she headed for backlit map of the mall. They all stood looking at the map, quickly locating the YOU ARE HERE arrow and then deciding which store would be the best bet to find what they were looking for. It didn’t take long for a consensus to be reached and the four drenched ladies headed for the store.

Cautiously the damp quartet entered the posh clothing store. The squishing sound of sodden shoes drowned out the soft musak that was playing on the speakers. An immaculately dressed sales woman looked up then took a double take at the four saturated women. .

Internally she rolled her eyes but plastered an insincere grin on her face. "Ladies, may I be of service?"

"Yes, we are going to need some semiformal wear for a dinner this evening." Victoria answered while the other young women began to peruse the beautiful outfits.

Sneering slightly the sales woman began. "Well, I am not sure we will have what you are looking for, and we do not have anything for children." Indicating Jessie as the child in question.

Victoria’s eyes widened as the four stood in stark silence. She was totally unaccustomed to being treated in such a manner.

Becca’s reaction was a bit more direct than Victoria’s. Hearing the surly tone and the haughty words of the saleswoman had her back up immediately. Her head snapped up to look directly into a pair of disdainful eyes. With venom seeping into her normally smooth southern drawl she approached the woman like a panther might stroll toward a piece of easy meat.

"Look I don’t know who you are, or who you think you are, but I am in NO mood to deal with an overpriced shop girl with a superiority complex. Today I have had to deal with phobias, hysterics, bad caviar, a near plane crash, being stranded here with no hotel rooms available for 1000 miles, and finally being caught in a down pour that has soaked me to the skin." Becca pointed at the women’s chest to emphasize each word she hissed.

"Now we have to attend a dinner at the plantation with my great grandmamma who I haven’t seen since I was a child and we did not pack anything but shorts and bathing suites. I am a cold hungry woman on the edge and as for her…" Becca walked over to Jessie and ripped open her windbreaker exposing her ample bosom, which looked even more buxom because of the way the still wet tee shirt clung to her breasts. "Does this look like a child to you?"

Becca grabbed Jessie by the arm and called out for Shannon and Victoria to follow, leaving the obnoxious sales woman speechless.

"That went well." Jessie deadpanned when they had exited the store.

"Where do we go now?" Shannon sighed.

"You mean where do we go to be humiliated again?" Becca growled.

Victoria stood thoughtfully tapping her index finger against her chin. "Maybe not."

All three women turned to look at the tall woman who had a mischievous glint in her dark eyes.

"Come on." Victoria reached over grabbing Becca by the hand, pulling her to a store that appeared to have exactly what they would need.

Whispering in Becca’s ear conspiratorially, "Just follow my lead."

Becca nodded slightly with a look of confusion covering her face.

As they neared the store, Victoria began to speak loudly. "No, no that is not true at all, I know this store can take care of you. Of course it’s not where a DUSHONT is accustomed to shopping but just look over here…." She led a still clueless Becca to a beautiful dress the store had displayed in the window. Jessie and Shannon stood just outside the entrance of this shop wondering why Victoria was talking so loudly.

The sales girl looked up from her paperwork when the store alarm pinged announcing new customers. The sight of these four sopping wet women in well-worn jeans and stringy hair made her cringe. She placed the clipboard on the top of the rack she was standing nearest and proceeded toward the women that seemed to be admiring the cocktail dress in the window.

She smirked thinking, Y’all wouldn’t be able to afford that in a month of Sundays.

She drew closer, listening to Victoria’s Bostonian accent ringing through the small store.

Yankee. Momentarily an air of insolence washed over her until the context of Victoria’s words began to penetrate her arrogant thoughts. She slowed her pace.

Dushont…Did I hear that right? She paused while Victoria continued her loud utterance.

"Yes, Becca, I think that MADAME DUSHONT would definitely approve of this one don’t’ you?"

Finally Becca bought a clue and her eyes lit up as she nodded in agreement. "Yes, Vic I think you are right."

Not realizing when her jaw had gone slack, the slight sales woman snapped her mouth shut before proceeding towards these women.

Could it be true, a Dushont in my store?

"Ladies may I help you?" a bright smile covered the delicate features of a now very attentive sales woman.

Victoria, unable to suppress the triumphant grin that graced her normally stoic features, turned to the smaller woman and said, "Yes you can Miss ummmmm…."

"Bonnie." Excitedly indicating the name on her nametag.

Now that she had gotten a closer look at this Becca, she could tell she was a Dushont. She had seen many pictures of this prestigious family and Becca had all those same distinguished features. She fondly remembered how fortunate she was to have toured Beautee Dangereuse as a child. At this point she was finding it very hard not to act like a star struck teenager.

"Bonnie it is. My friends and I are going to have dinner with the Dushonts of Lafayette and we will need something a little more suitable to wear." With a hand wave Victoria indicated the sodden jeans and tee shirts they were sporting presently.

"Oh, of course. Ladies if you follow me I’m sure we have just what you’ll be needing." Within an hour Becca, Shannon and Victoria had dresses, hose, shoes and matching accessories sitting near the register waiting to be rung up. Jessie’s wardrobe had taken more work however. With the combined efforts of the girls, Bonnie, and several helpful patrons Jessie was finally dressed… sort of.

"I don’t know." Jessie whined displeased with what her reflection revealed.

The four women stood silently behind Jessie critiquing the ill-fitting outfit.

"You know what the problem is?" Shannon began.

"She’s a size 1 with breasts?" Becca retorted. Jessie turned and glared at her roommate.

"NO! Becca, geeze. The problem is that she can’t buy off the rack."

"Isn’t that what I said?" Becca quirked.

Victoria, Shannon, Bonnie and Jessie turned a frustrated look at the curly haired brunette.


"Becca you are not helping. I just hate it when you are right, bitch. I have a hard time finding good clothes that fit me." Jessie admitted with some frustration.

Bonnie snapped her fingers and ducked behind her counter. After a few minutes she emerged with several different sizes of shoulder pads in her hands.

"Let’s see if any of these can help." Bonnie chirped hopefully. She walked toward the tri view mirror and stepped up on the platform where Jessie was waiting. One after another, Bonnie put the shoulder pads in place. And one after another was rejected.

"Darlin’ those just make you look like a line backer." Becca observed.

Bonnie stepped back, blowing the hair off her forehead with one frustrated breath. Damn this is not going to work.

Jessie felt like she was on display for everyone to stare and ogle. Every flaw exposed for the world to see. She stood before them all like an odd shaped Barbie doll that everyone was trying to dress because Ken was on the way. She could feel the color rise to her cheeks. She turned away from the others to hide her embarrassment. Abruptly she turned and strode into the dressing room muttering ‘it’s not gonna work’ under her breath.

All eyes turned and watched her disappear.

After a few moments Becca looked back at the other women, concern coloring her features, before she went to tend to her upset friend.

Tapping lightly on the door. "Suga, you ok?"

"I’m fine." Came the curt answer.

"Can I come in?"

"I’m changing Becca."

"Damn, girl, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before." Becca called through the door with a frustrated tone in her voice.

The door opened slowly admitting the strong willed brunette. Jessie turned her back to finish placing the cocktail disaster back on the hanger. Becca strode over to the stool near the mirror and took a seat.

"Darlin’ you want to tell me what’s going on?"

"Becca there is no way we are going to find anything that’s going to fit me."

"Well that’s what happens when you are well endowed and petite." Becca smiled trying to lighten Jessie’s mood.

Jessie scowled at Becca.

"Whoa, sorry Jess didn’t mean to rile you up. Look, I know we will be able to find something for you and if we don’t who cares. If Madame can’t take a joke, screw her."

A small smile began to intrude on the frown that was securely placed on the little blonde’s face. "Thanks for trying to cheer me up, but you know as well as I do that you want to make a good impression on your grandmamma. Becca look at me."

Becca slowly looked her friend up and down.

Becca’s countenance was covered with a mixture of compassion and love for her roommate. Jessie was a very accomplished, intelligent and confident woman. Becca had watched her mow down a multitude of mountains in her life, leaving behind gentle rolling hills by the sheer force of her will alone. Yet, her body was something that she knew she couldn’t change. She would never possess the tall lithe body of a fashion model. She would always be short and her body would always be oddly shaped no matter how many weights she lifted or how many miles she jogged. Becca knew that this little shopping fiasco had only accentuated that fact for Jessie. On top of everything else, Becca also knew that disappointing friends and family was at the top of her ‘worst fears’ list.

She stood and sidled behind Jessie placing her hands lightly on the smaller woman’s shoulders. She gently turned her so the she would stand squarely in front of the mirror. "Suga' take a look at yourself. Come on darlin’ just take a look."

Jessie slowly looked up and groaned at her reflection.

"Now you stop that Jessica, ya heea? You are a beautiful woman, there is no denying that even for you. You have thick hair with golden streaks that women out there pay a fortune for. Your eyes are the loveliest shade of green, and they change to other equally pretty colors dependin’ upon your mood. And that smile…."

Jessie looked up sheepishly unable to stop a bright smile from lighting her face.

"Yeah, that’s the one, I have seen that smile just light up a room. Honey, let’s face it, none of us are gonna be in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue." Becca smiled and hugged her friend from behind. "Now let’s go back out there and get you something to wear or die tryin’"

Jessie could not keep from giggling at her crazy friend. She hugged the strong arms that had encircled her trim waist. "Ok, 10th time to charm. We’ve got a dinner to attend and a grandmamma to shock."

Becca laughed, happy to see that mischievous twinkle return to those emerald eyes. "Works for me darlin’."

Everyone turned to the fitting room door as the two women emerged, the smaller much happier than when she left.

Handing a number of dresses back to Bonnie, "I think we all agree these won’t work. Where do we go from here?"

Bonnie took the dresses from Jessie’s arms not replying to her question because she simply didn’t know what to do. She hung the dresses up slowly, one at a time` trying to buy some time to think. It was no longer merely a customer service issue now it was a quest to find the perfect outfit for ‘ma petite’. Unseen by the others, her dark brows furrowed, there was something that she was missing but what was it?

She turned away from the rack and slowly strode over to where the young women were huddled brainstorming what to do next.

"As I see it we just can’t go with a dress." Shannon commented.

"I know. The 1’s are two small in the top and the 3’s I swim in." Jessie sighed.

"At this rate we will be here till Christmas tryin' to figure it out." Becca grumbled frustrated at the situation.

Victoria just stood, arms crossed an introspective frown creasing her angular features.

"Christmas, THAT’S IT!" Bonnie startled the young women. She quickly disappeared behind a door that said ‘Employees Only’.

"What the hell is that about?" Shannon looked wide-eyed at the door that the sales girl had vanished behind. The others simply shrugged also watching the door expectantly.

Within moments the door burst open and Bonnie skipped over to the women her arms laden with deep green material. A huge smile gracing her once frustrated features.

"Taaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Daaaaaaaaaaaaahh!" With that Bonnie grasped the hanger over her head allowing the material to unfold completely. Before them was a deep jade shirt with a matching short jacket. "I think this will be perfect with a black silk blouse underneath."

Jessie stepped forward and fingered the soft fabric of the beautiful skirt. Becca noted that the color of the outfit was perfect for Jessie. Shannon nodded silently knowing in her heart this was the one.

"Why don’t you try it on?" Victoria smiled.

Jessie grinned broadly before running back to the fitting rooms.

"Do you think this one will work?" Victoria quietly asked the sales girl.

Bonnie silently nodded her head yes.

At that precise moment Jessie emerged from the dressing room with a very excited Becca in her wake.

Victoria was rendered speechless by the vision before her. Jessie was absolutely stunning. Bonnie’s choice was perfect: the skirt and jacket fit like they were made especially for her. The color was a perfect complement to her skin tone and the blonde highlights in her hair. Most of all, the color of the dress, brought out the beauty of those incredible eyes. They were twin jade pools that Victoria wanted to dive into and never resurface.

"Damn, Jess, you look great, doesn’t she Vic?" Shannon poked Victoria out of her trance.

It took Victoria a moment to find her voice. She finally was able to squeak out, "Oh yes. She looks perfect." "Doesn’t she?" Becca gushed excitedly as she squeezed Jessie’s shoulders from behind planting a kiss on her cheek.

Jessie stood silently enjoying the adoration of her friends, but mostly just happy to have found something suitable to wear. She felt beautiful and it showed on her face: she was positively radiant. Looking over to Bonnie she smiled and said, "I guess I’ll take it."

Once the purchases were rung up and Victoria’s Platinum Card given a work out, the girls exited the store, bags and parcels in tow. Bonnie followed them until she reached the exit. She leaned against the folded glass door a totally satisfied look on her face as she watched the foursome happily saunter down the mall and thought, good luck ladies. If nothing’ else y’all will look magnifique.

"I hope the rain has let up." Shannon said thoughtfully.

The three other girls all nodded in agreement with Shannon. Becca looked up and then suddenly veered to the left of the corridor. To everyone’s surprise she was headed back to the first store they had tried to patronize.

"Becca where are you going?" Jessie called; knowing that her friend could never just let anything just lay.

Becca waved her off and continued on her heading. The girls glanced briefly at each other and then picked up their pace, trying to catch the wild card before she did something they would regret.

Becca had breezed into the shop before the other girls could stop her. The many bags they were carrying had hampered their pursuit of the determined brunette. They all stopped at the threshold of the store not wanting to venture any farther and quietly watched the drama unfold.

The three watched in horror as Becca strode confidently up to the same immaculately dressed sales woman that had treated them so rudely several hours before. Becca positioned her parcels so that this snide woman would be sure to see the name of her competitor conspicuously displayed on the bags.

Becca cleared her throat when it became obvious that the sales woman was ignoring her. With an irritated sigh the woman looked up and acknowledged Becca’s presence. In her silkiest, sweetest, most genteel southern drawl, Becca began to speak.

"I just couldn’t return to Beautee Dangereuse without humbly apologizing for my actions earlier. It was absolutely inexcusable for a Dushont to act in such a manner. I hope you will be able to forgive me for my complete lapse of manners." She smiled the most engaging smile she could muster before continuing, "By the way, my dear," lifting her bags in the air to display them, " treating us like ignorant buoyo no accounts?…Mistake of monumental proportions."

Rebecca’s lilting laughter filled the air as she sashayed out of the shop, symbolically shaking the dust of this establishment from her feet. She joined her friends who were all laughing and announced, "Now we can go."


Victoria returned to the purr of eight cylinders efficiently propelling them to their destination with a bright smile permanently affixed to her features.

"Rest Stop 1 mile." appeared eerily out of the darkness.

"Wake up guys, time to change."

With stretches, yawns and groans the young women slowly came back to consciousness.

"Where are we?" Becca yawned.

"We are about 7 miles from exit 19. So we need to get ready, we’ll be there in about twenty minuets." Victoria replied as she turned into the well-tended rest area.

"Cool" Shannon stretched and growled reaching for the door handle once the car had come to a complete stop.

"I’ll grab the makeup bag, yall grab the rest of the stuff." Becca said, stepping outside of the sedan to retrieve the makeup kit from the trunk.

"I hope they have good lighting in thayer." Becca commented entering the door that Shannon held open.

"It’s a rest stop Becca, I don’t think good lighting in the bathrooms is one of their top priorities." Jessie chuckled.

"I’ll be happy if it is just clean enough to change in, much less anything else." Victoria scowled as she peaked into the open stalls.

"We can always count on you to look on the bright side can’t we Vic?" Shannon chuckled as she took her clothes into a stall to change.




A rotund older woman of color waddled her way down the narrow, portrait covered hall, to the room where she knew a statuesque white haired woman sat reading. She had long ago learned to ignore the eyes of those who were depicted on these ancient canvases and just accepted the fact that these painted gazes would always follow her.

She tapped lightly on the closed mahogany door and then entered without waiting for a response. Standing quietly before the gray haired woman who sat in a leather wing backed chair, she patiently waited for the woman to acknowledge her presence.

A slim, elegant hand grasped an embroidered bookmark and placed it carefully on the page that the woman had been reading before shutting the volume. Looking up at the waiting servant, she spoke in rich, warm, voice. "Est-ce que tout a ete prepare pour les visiteurs?"

"Yes, everything has been prepared exactly as you have asked Madame. I assume your visitors will arrive soon?" The dark skinned servant replied. Madame mutely nodded her head.

"Est-ce que tout le monde sait ce qui doit etre fait?" The seated woman’s deep voice resonated in the quiet room.

"Yes, everyone had been made aware of your wishes and what they are to do." She began to turn to leave but hesitated. "If I may Madame?" The French/Creole language falling smoothly from the servant’s lips.

The elegant older woman nodded slowly, giving her approval for the dark woman to continue.

"Do you think this is necessary? This child is your blood."

Dark gray eyes locked onto milky brown with a familiar steely gaze. Lilly had been the Madam’s servant for decades, and they had no need of any utterance to pass between them. They could speak volumes with just a look.

Reading her answer in those familiar gray eyes, the servant nodded in understanding and left the room to put the final touches on the preparations.


To be continued part 6.

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