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By Lady J
Chapter 9

"Shhhhh, you're gonna wake the whole house," Shannon half hissed half giggled.

"Not me, it's y'all," Becca teased.

"What!?? I'm just here for the ride," Jessie commented before dissolving into a fit of giggles herself.

The two women unsteadily climbed the stairs leading the front door of the mansion. The weight of Jessie on Shannon's back forced the tall woman to grasp tightly onto the railing to steady her strides. Thankfully the light from the chandelier flowing through cut glass windows brightly illuminated the stairs. Though, everything outside this small area of light was left in pitch darkness.

"Kinda creepy isn't it." Shannon observed.

"Better be careful or the boogie man's gonna get ya," Becca teased while she pinched Jessie butt.

"ACK! Stop that," Jessie cried out as she tried to slap her friend's hand away almost sending both her and Shannon bouncing back down the stairs.

"Hey don't disturb the cargo," Shannon growled as she shifted Jessie more securely on her back.

The women looked at each other for a moment in an embarrassed silence before a loud guffaw started which was followed by a chorus of shhhhes. The more they shhhhuushed each other the more they laughed. The more they laughed, the louder they became. After a few more minutes the girls finally reached the summit of the stairs.

"Ok now what?" Shannon asked while looking at the fortress like front door. "Exactly how are we supposed to get in without waking up the entire house?"

"As if we haven't already." Jessie commented.

"Not to fear my friends." Very slowly and deliberately Becca drew a key from her pocket and waved it proudly in the air. "Dom gave me her key." Becca stared at the key that was swaying before her eyes. Soon Becca was swaying along with the key.

Shannon reached out her hand to secure her friend. "Steady girl," she said.

Becca shook her head and then leaned down to get a closer look at the ancient lock. Her hazel eyes squinted as her tongue licked her lips. Her tongue poked out the side of her mouth as she gathered focus for the task at hand. Getting the skeleton key into the lock was going to be tricky given her present condition, but Becca wasn't going to let any old door lock foil her attempts to enter the mansion. She was mere millimeters from the lock when the door suddenly swung open.

When the door unexpectedly swung open Becca lost her balance and would have landed head long into the foyer floor had it not been for Shannon's quick grasp of her arm. There before them, framed by the light of the foyer, was Lewis. His face was grim as he stood at the entrance donned in a blue velour bathrobe. From beneath the blue bathrobe blue satin pajama pants covered his long legs. Following this blue highway one's eyes ended at a much worn pair of fuzzy bunny slippers.

"Ladies." He drawled as he stepped to one side, so the women could enter.

"You didn't wait up for us did you, Lewis?" Shannon asked. "If we had known we would've been home a lot earlier."

"Madame asked me to wait up since she wasn't sure if you had been given a key to get in. And even if you had a key, as I see you do," he paused and stared at the key that was still in Becca's hand, "Madame could not rest until you were back within the walls of Dangerous Beauty."

"I'm so sorry Lewis," Becca apologized to the sleepy man. "We had no idea."

"No need to apologize, it's not the first time. After all Ms. Dominique and Ms. Clare do reside here." He smiled which chased away the weariness from his face. "Now that you are all safe and sound, I will bid you good night."

"Goodnight, Lewis," Jessie said followed shortly by Becca and Shannon bidding him to have sweet dreams.

Lewis secured the door behind the girls and disappeared down the portrait lined hallway.

Shannon turned and looked at the long staircase, it seemed even longer now, than it did on their way out.She sighed, repositioned Jessie, and set her self to climb the indoor Everest. By the time they had reached the stair landing, Shannon was sure she was at the end of her strength.

"Jess, when the hell did you get so heavy?" Shannon half barked.

"I can slide off if you want," Jessie said.

Shannon could hear the hurt in her friend's voice. "I'm sorry, Jess. I guess I'm just tired."

"Or just drunk." Becca snickered.

Shannon giggled, "Yeah that too. You have to admit this has been a long day."

"But a great one," Becca chimed in. "Especially for you, Jess. Skylar is so tasty."

"Yeah, she is isn't she?" She grinned dreamily.

By this point the girls were standing on the landing before the closed doors that led to the wing of Beauty Dangerous that was their temporary home. A strange reverberating sound invaded Jessie's reveries. Her blonde eye brows furrowed. "What the hell is that?"

Becca swung open the door so Shannon could enter. The strange rumble became noticeably louder. Shannon chuckled, "That's Vic."

Becca was aghast. "Oh my god, you're kidding me right?"

Shannon shook her head slowly. "Nope, that's our very prim and proper Ms. Victoria Sinclair."

"Geeze," Both Becca and Jessie chorused.

"My lord, why doesn't that girl have somethin' done about that?" Becca commented still shocked by the volume of the rumblings. "She sounds like a truck driver with bad head cold."

Shannon merely shrugged her response before stating to no one in particular. "She must be really exhausted."

"You mean it gets worse?" Becca was aghast.

"Yep." Shannon's monosyllabic reply.

"Why do you say that she must be exhausted?" Jessie asked.

"The increase in decibels mostly. You see, Vic snores nine nights out of ten. Most nights it's kinda soft. Almost feminine….."

"That's an oxymoron. There's nothing feminine about snoring." Becca spouted indignantly.

"May I continue?" Shannon asked.

Becca nodded.

"As I was saying, most nights it's soft but the volume of her snoring is in direct ratio to how exhausted she is. So the greater her fatigue, the louder the snoring," Shannon chuckled.

"OH my god you're serious! How do you stand it?" Becca asked.

"Just used to it I guess."

"Jess, are you going to be able to get to sleep with all that racket?" Becca asked.

"I'm not sure. I mean I had a lot to drink tonight, and normally I would pass right out, but damn that is loud," Jessie replied.

"Tell ya what," Shannon piped up, "I'm used to her snoring, so I'll sleep with Vic and you can sleep with Becca in our room."

"You sure?" Jessie asked from behind the taller blonde's left shoulder.

"Yeah, no problem." She sniffed her clothes. "Phew, I need to take a quick shower first though. Vic hates the smell of smoke and I reek. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll drop you off in our room, pick up my shit so I can take a shower, and then go bunk with Vic."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Becca agreed. "You can wear one of my night shirts, Jess. Then we can dish about Skylar for awhile. What do you say?"

"Sure." Jess nodded her head. "Let's go, Sha." With those last words the three young women headed to the room that Becca and Shannon had been sharing.


"Awwww that feels better," Shannon said to herself as she headed toward the thunderous cadence of Victoria's snoring. She left her smoky clothes and her toiletry bag in the bathroom figuring that they would both be safe there until she moved them in the morning. She felt warm and clean and smelled of her favorite watermelon/cucumber body wash.

She walked into the sitting room, and was surprised to find it dimly lit. The night light shown just enough for her to see a pitcher of water, two empty glasses, and a bottle of Tylenol sitting on silver tray on the low table that was between two ancient wing backed chairs. The sides of the ceramic pitcher were glistening with condensation attesting to coolness of the liquid contained within.

Madame you think of everything. Shannon smiled as she walked over to the table and poured herself a large glass of water. She downed the eight ounce glass in barely eight seconds before refilling the receptacle. She picked up the bottle of Tylenol, opened it, and shook two into her hand. She popped the pills into her mouth, and swallowed the water in the glass down to the dregs. That should do it, she thought. She replaced the glass carefully to be sure that she had placed the glass on the table, and not on a shadow that the low wattage bulb was casting.

She paused outside the door listening to the steady, loud snoring that was penetrating the ancient door.

Dayum girl that volleyball game must have taken everything out of you. We will have to have a long talk about that one. Something is going on with you, my friend, and I want to know what it is.

Slowly twisting the crystal knob, the tall blonde hoped that the door would allow her admittance without any creaking that could wake up Victoria.

Humph, she couldn't hear a jumbo jet land in here much less me opening this door.

With a twist of the wrist she entered the dimly lit room. As quietly as possible she shut the door behind her.

She carefully walked into the room, the slight light chasing away the blackness but still not giving her the clearest vision to get around the unfamiliar room. She paused at the edge of the bed. The blonde looked around the room. She inhaled the air deeply before her brow furrowed. She brought the sleeve of her nightshirt to her nose and sniffed. She pursed her lips confusion coloring her features. She pulled her long tresses to her nose. She examined the still damp locks more closely before bringing them to her face again.

"Well if it isn't me what the hell smells of smoke?" Shannon whispered to herself. "I must be imagining it."

She took one final look around before climbing into bed. She snapped the light off and settled in for the night.


Dark eyes flitted open and blinked several times. Cleared eyes considered the intricate patterns carved into the ceiling moldings while long limbs stretched and lips formed a cavernous yawn. Sleepy ears listened to the melodic sounds of bird's songs that welcomed a new morning. The tall woman let her hand caress the other side of the bed. The sheets were cool confirming that she was in bed alone.

After a few quiet moments Victoria sat up in bed. She stretched again before bring her fists to her eyes in order to rub away the last remnants of sleep. Suddenly she was hit in the face by something soft. Startled she yelped and batted the foreign object from her face. She looked down to see a shirt and a pair of jeans lying on the duvet. She picked up the articles of clothing with her fingertips as they reeked of the scent of cigarette smoke. "What the hell?" Victoria utter in disgust.

"You tell me."

Victoria yipped again then looked toward the source of the voice. Shannon was in the chaise, her arms crossed across her chest, blue eyes narrowed.

"Shannon? What are you doing here?" Victoria asked. She looked around and noticed that her room mate was missing. "Where's Jessie?"

"You were snoring to beat the band last night so I volunteered to sleep in here with you. Jess is with Becca are in the other room," Shannon began, "Now can you explain to me why your clothes reek of cigarette smoke?"

"So did you ever climb into bed or did you just sleep in the chaise?"

"No, I did crawl into bed about three."

"How long have you been up?"

"Awhile." Was Shannon's one word answer. She lifted her blonde eyebrows to show she was waiting for the answer to her question.

"What was the question again?"

Shannon huffed. "Are you being intentionally obtuse?"

"I don't think so."

"Then why do your clothes smell like an old ashtray?" She queried her jaw set ominously.

Victoria paused seemingly unsure of how to answer the question posed to her. The tall blonde watched with some confusion while Victoria silently fidgeted and a parade of emotions crossed drawn face.

"Well, uh, I did spend a lot of time with Jean Claude and his friends…"

"UUUHHHHHAAAA!!!" Shannon made a sound like a buzzer on an old game show. "Those boys smoke those faggy cigars they smell swishy sweet. Your clothes reek of cigarettes. Marlboro if I'm not mistaken. Care to try again."

Victoria became immediately defensive. "Lots of people were smoking poolside."

"True, but you were wearing shorts and a tee-shirt poolside so that doesn't explain your jeans and shirt. Care to try Double Jeopardy where the numbers can really change?" Shannon retorted.

"Have you spent all of your waking moments trying to figure out the mystery of my stinky clothes?" The tall brunette settled back into her pillows as she quickly replaced her normal stoic demeanor. "I would think you had better things to do with your time."

"And I do. Have better things to do with my time, that is. I'll tell ya something, Vic, this whole thing is like a seed caught in my teeth. I have to get to the bottom of it before it drives me crazy." Was Shannon's answer.

"Well, if you're so damn smart, then how did I get the smoke on my clothes?"

Shannon just blinked slowly for an infuriating amount of time before she answered. "You followed us to the club that's how." Shannon commented rather matter of factly.

Victoria's tight jaw went slack with surprise.

Shannon sat up from her reclined position and planted one bare foot on the cool wood floor. Without looking directly at Victoria she tapped a thin finger on her lips before she began to speak again. "You probably sat in the shadows and just watched us like some kinda creepy stalker. So tell me how did I do?"

Victoria's body became rigid for a split second before she relaxed into the pillows again. The tall woman took on a decidedly flippant attitude. "Really. Quite the brilliant piece of deduction. Hmmm.." She tilted her head in thought. "Brilliant but flawed. Tell me, if I was at this club, where ever that hell hole was that you and the rest went to last night, then how did I get there and get back undetected?"

Shannon scratched her chin. "First, if you weren't there how would you know it was a hell hole?"

Victoria flinched noticeably.

"How did you get there? I doubt you'd borrow a car so I bet you just called a cab."

"Alright, that's plausible but how would I know where you were going?"

"It was no secret. I know that both Dominique and Clare knew where we would be, especially since we spent some time trying to find you before we left."

"Ok," Victoria began, "But you said I was snoring so loud when you got home that you decided to sleep in here instead of Jess."

Shannon nodded.

"So you're saying that I went to all the trouble of following you all under the cloak of darkness and sat and watched like some type of deviant. Then, I returned here still under the cloak of invisibility and got into bed and was sound asleep by the time you girls got back."

"Yeah, that sums it up."

"Can you tell me exactly why I would go to all this trouble?" Victoria queried.

Her blue eyes dimmed in thought. "This is going to sound crazy, cause it sounds crazy to me, but it's the only answer that fits all the evidence. You have a thing for Jessie."

"You are insane!" Victoria growled.

"Nope not insane simply intuitive." Shannon sat forward totally ignoring her friend's posturing. "Vic, do you remember yesterday at all? The drinking, the volley ball, attacking Skylar, does any of this ring a bell?"

Victoria sat silently, her stoic mask solidly in place.

"Victoria, are ya gonna tell me what's going on I that head of yours or shall I continue to guess?"

There's nothing to talk about," Victoria answered. "except for the fact that you are in desperate need of professional help."

"So you're saying I'm wrong?" Shannon's hot gaze melting her carefully placed mask.

Victoria turned away from her unable to face her friend. Shannon rose from the chase and walked the few feet to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and placed a soft hand on Victoria's shoulder. "So I'm right?"

Victoria's gave no answer except to flinch under Shannon's touch.

"Comon, Vic, talk to me. You've been acting six shades of odd ever since we got here."

"I didn't say you were right."

"You haven't said I'm wrong."

"Do I have to? Your whole theory is absurd. Besides I haven't acted any differently while I was here."

"Vic? What do you think you're talking to? It's Shannon. Remember me? I'm the one who's lived with you for years. I know you almost as well as I do my own sisters. You've been acting nutter butter cookoo ever since we got here."

The room went silent for a few moments. Victoria's body was still turned away from Shannon who continued to softly stroke the dark woman's shoulder.

The blonde's brows knitted as she tried to gather the remaining details of everything they had done since this trip had begun. No matter how Shannon spun all the events of the last couple of days there was only one conclusion that kept coming to forefront.

Pulling a huge breath into her lungs she softly asked, "Do you have a thing for Jessie?"

Victoria's head snapped around so quickly Shannon was sure it would detach. Dark eyes now flashed with white hot anger. "No! Just because I don't have a problem with Jessie anymore, doesn't mean I want her in my bed. Why do you keep asking me that? Have I done or said anything to the contrary?" Victoria replied with profound irritation.

Shannon put up her hands in a protective manner. "Whoa! Down girl! I'm just saying what I'm seeing?"

Victoria turned slowly before sliding off the bed. She walked just a few feet away from the bed before her head bowed, her shoulders stooped. "What are you 'seeing'?"

"Let's start at the beginning, when Jess sprained her ankle."

"What about it?" Victoria asked.

"You're kidding me right?! You cradled her in your arms like Heathcliff cradled Catherine in his arms so she could see the moors before she died. Hell, it felt like we should have all left the room to leave y'all alone."

"Heathcliff?? Aren't you exaggerating just a hair?" Victoria turned to face her friend once she felt that she had gathered herself sufficiently. Victoria tried to smile, but only succeeded in a lopsided grin that was endearingly child like.

Shannon relaxed somewhat and smiled in return. "No, if anything I'm understating."

Her dark eyes bright, Victoria placed her hands on her hips trying to inject levity into this conversation. "Ok Sherlock, what other observations have you made that led you to the conclusion that I have a 'thing for Jess'?"

Her veil attempt at humor didn't deceive the tall blonde for a moment. The best plan was to go along with Victoria's analogy. "Elementary, my dear Watson. Not only the way you held Jess, but the fact that you hate Skylar and..."

"I don't hate Skylar!" Victoria interjected.

"Girlfriend, please, you assaulted her with a volley ball." Victoria opened her mouth in protest, but Shannon raised an index finger in order to quell any objections. "Vic, I saw the way you looked at the two of them. I wasn't sure what was going on then, but I think I do now."

Victoria didn't answer her friend, she simply sat back on the bed in a defeated manner. "Sha, I don't know what's going on with me."

"You're in love."

Victoria looked deep into Sha's eyes. "Am I?"

Shannon shrugged. "Seems that way to me."

"But she's a girl."

"Yeah I kinda noticed that." Shannon smirked.

"Shannon, you know what I'm saying," Victoria grumbled.

"Yep." Shannon thought for a moment. "But you can't control who you fall for."

"Guess not. But like I say I don't even know what's going on with me. I mean I've never, well, you know."

"I know, but you've had a boyfriend at some time or other, haven't you?" Shannon softly asked.

Victoria's only answer was to slowly shake her head to the negative.

"Oh come on, Vic. You're a beautiful intelligent woman, you're telling me that there's been no one?"


"No dances, no proms? What about your 'coming out' cotillion?"

"Mother always set me up with who she felt would be the perfect escorts. I usually didn't even meet these guys until the night of the parties. Never really got a chance to meet the opposite sex on my own."

"Don't tell me. All girl schools right?"

Victoria smirked, "All girl boarding schools."

"Geeze, Vic." Shannon had never felt more pity for her friend than she did right at this moment. For all her money and social position Victoria was so very lost and alone, but something dawned on her with the mention of the all girl schools. "Vic, let me ask you something."

Victoria held her eyes waiting for the question.

"At these schools, did you ever…" she paused trying to word the question inoffensively. "I mean, did you ever, umm, notice a special girl."

"You mean did I ever have a crush on a friend at school?"


Victoria blushed quite brightly. "Yes, I guess I did, but I thought it was just because there were only girls at the school. Maybe not, huh?"

"Maybe not."

"Maybe that's why I was so hard on Jessie, because I didn't want to admit that I had feelings for her," Victoria lamented.

"Maybe so," Shannon agreed.

"Sha, what am I going to tell my parents if all this is true?" Victoria stifled a sob. "What am I going to do if I'm gay?"

"First you're going to tell Daddy and Mummy to piss off, it's your life. Two, if you are gay and I think you maybe, you just take things one day at a time and be yourself for a change."

"Easier said than done."

"Yeah I hear ya" Shannon paused, a thought coming to her mind. "By the way do your parents know we made a slight detour?"

"Yeah. Dad called yesterday."


"After the volleyball game," Victoria answered feeling a knot building in the pit of her stomach.

"Was he pissed?"

"Yeah, until he found out where we were."

"Oh really."

"Yes. He sees this as a perfect opportunity for me to finda 'suitable' husband." Victoria snorted in disgust.

"What?? Who?? Don't tell me. Jean Claude right?"

Victoria nodded her dark head.

"Damn, sounds like a bad plot from Dynasty or Falcon Crest."

"Welcome to my world."

"Yuck you can have it."

"Thanks for being so supportive." Victoria smirked.

"Vic, you know better than that." Shannon placed her hand Victoria's back and gently rubbed it.

After a pause Victoria asked, "How do you think your parents would take this kind of news?"

Shannon pursed her lips together. "I think they would be cool with it. What makes me happy makes them happy." The tall blonde snickered slightly, "Knowing my mom she would gather a group of Dianic Wiccans and have us dancing naked under a full moon to celebrate our sisterhood in sexuality. Then take us to the nearest place where the 'Vagina Monologues' were playing while asking me which of my brothers I felt would be the best sperm donor for my future wife."

"You're kidding me right?" Victoria asked quizzically.

Shannon snickered, "Yeah I am. That would be the least my Mom would do."

"So is it my parents that are from outer space or is it yours?"

"I think they both are, just from very different planets."

"You do realize I'm in college not to get a masters or doctorate but to get my MRS.' Victoria growled bitterly.

"Nope, but I think I'm getting the picture now."

"What about Jean Claude?"

Shannon sighed. "Well the Jean Claude thing is a no brainier. I don't like him, he's so slimy."

"Daddy said Mom would be so excited. I guess she would. You know it's all about the name and status."

"Hmm, well if your dear Daddy wants you to be a DuShont you would do better to marry Clare."

At this Victoria laughed outright. "Yeah sure, but seriously what am I gonna do about Jessie?"

"Tell her how you feel."

"Oh sure, Sha. I'll just come right out and tell her, 'I know I've treated you like shit for months but I really do care for you. Wanna go out on a date?'"

It was Shannon's turn to laugh heartily. "Well I don't think I'd do it that way, but I still think you should talk to her."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."


"Today? Why today!"

"Why not?" Shannon smiled.

A knock on the abruptly ended their conversation. "Come in," Shannon called.

The door opened and Becca poked her head inside. "Hey guys, how's it going?"

"Going ok," Shannon answered. "How you doing? You're looking a little rough around the edges."

Becca entered the room looking somewhat worse for wear. Her hair totally disheveled, her face was pale and eyes not blood shot as much as pink. She quickly ran her fingers through her hair trying to tame her unruly mane. "I suppose I did drink more than I'm accustomed."

"Ya think?" Shannon giggled.

Becca scowled.

"How's Jess doing?" Victoria asked.

"She's doing better than I am. Drank more water than I did while she spent half the night going on and on about Skylar."

"Really," Shannon commented while she witnessed Victoria's body stiffen.

"Yeah. I can't say I blame her, Skylar is one hot woman," Becca off handedly commented.

"I hadn't noticed," Victoria returned.

"How could you not?" Becca cried in surprise.

"So you think Victoria is pretty hot then?" Shannon chimed in. "I mean, except for the eye color, and a slight height differences they could be twins."

"Well, uhhh, ahhh," Becca stuttered. Memories of Victoria in her shorts and bathing suit top jumping and twisting playing volleyball flashed in her mind. Victoria was beautiful, vivacious, and ferocious and yes very, very hot, but how could she admit that to her friends when she couldn't even admit the attraction to herself? What Becca couldn't say her blush was going to say for her whether she wanted it to or not. "Well, yes Victoria is very attractive."

"Just attractive?" Shannon teased seeing the slight blush color Becca's

"Ok, she's beautiful," Becca conceded.

"Just beautiful?" Shannon pressed while Victoria watched totally clueless as to what exactly Shannon was trying to prove.

With a heavy sign and a countenance that was turning redder by the moment Becca answered, "ALRIGHT. Victoria is HOT."

"Gods, Becca, is it so hard to give an old friend a compliment?" Shannon smiled. "Jeeze."

Becca growled her face beet red. She crossed her arms across her chest and shifted her weight in an agitated manner. "Now that you've had your fun, can one of you come and help me get Jess to the potty??"

"I'll go," Victoria said. She walked quickly by Becca without looking at her.

Becca watched the tall brooding woman as she silently passed. She looked over at Shannon, "What's with her?"

Shannon's answer was to sit with a very self satisfied, not to mention Cheshire cat shine to her white teeth. Becca placed a hand on her hip, "WHAT?"

"Oh, I know what is going on with Vic but if I tell it could be considered gossip." Blue eyes mischievously twinkled. "On the other hand she didn't say not to tell."

"SPILL??" Becca's embarrassment forgotten as she quickly floated over to the bed perching herself just about on her Shannon's hip.

"I don't know Becca." Shannon paused, "Actually, when I think about it, I have two sweet little tid bits for you."

"Two?? DISH, girlfriend!" She giggled. "Let me guess the second one." She clasped her hands together in child like delight. "Did Clare have a threesome with that blonde Ken and Barbie that were all over Jessie at pool side?? Or does it have something to do with Jean Claude and that dog 'what's her name'? Ya know the one I'm talking about, the girl whose daddy owns half of the oil wells in Texas?"

"You mean Stephanie?'

"Yeah that's the one."

"Nope you are ice cold." Shannon smiled. "Both hit closer to home."

"Closer to home? " Becca shuddered with glee.

Shannon stood and paced for a moment before flopping down unto the chase. "Well first, Victoria has the hots for Jessie."

"NO shit." The superlative coming out with less strength than the exclamation to the negative. Shannon nodded her head. "How do you know this? Did she tell you?"

"Well she didn't tell me right away. She didn't have to. I've had my suspicions for awhile.

Becca's mouth gaped open as she tried to process what Shannon was telling her on top of dealing with her own emotions bouncing freely around her soul like energized ping pong balls. Becca's mouth opened and closed a couple more times before she could pull her words together. "I'm stunned. Actually speechless and that's a rare occurrence for me. I mean, look at the way she treated Jessie for all those months. Hell that's why we're on this vacation in the first place, to get those two back on speaking terms."

"Yeah I know. Most of that Jessie thing was because she was trying to deal with her own sexuality."

"Whoa." Was all Becca could get out for a few minutes. "Has she ever been with a woman?"

Shannon shook her head, "Nope she's never been with anyone."

Again her mouth gapped open, "I thought that was just a joke, about her being a virgin."

"No it's not joke."

"How can that be….she's so …"

"Hot?" Shannon grinned as she watched the pink return to Becca's cheeks.

Becca smirked, "Ya know what I mean. She's attractive, intelligent, and most of all LOADED."

Shannon shrugged. "Seems like her parents have kept a close reign on her. Making sure she is seen with just the right people and all that bullshit."

Becca nodded in ascent. "Yeah they are both a piece of work aren't they?"

"Yeah they certainly are. She talked to her Dad yesterday, and he was overjoyed that she was here with the famous DuShonts."


"Oh yeah. Apparently they are hoping she will make the match of the century here."

"With who? Claude? Hell, Clare would make a better match."

Shannon laughed out right. "That's exactly what I told her."

Both women chuckled for a few moments when they heard Jessie's muffled voice calling for Becca.

Becca sat up. "I think I'm being paged."

"You better scoot then."

Becca rolled off the bed and onto her feet. She was just about to the door when she looked over at a still smirking Shannon. "Before I go, what was that second piece of front page news you had for me?"

"The second one shouldn't come as much of a surprise to you."

"Really why is that?"

"Because it's about you."

"And what about me?" Becca grinned.

"I know you have the hots for Victoria."

Continued in part 10.

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