~ The Dance Too ~
by Lady J

Disclaimers: Welcome once again to my own personal Fantasy Island located on the planet of PWP. But this is not just a PWP, I'm also using this story to introduce a new character to my repertoire, Ms. Patricia Kennedy who her friends have christened Brianna Kinney after the lead character Brian Kinney of the Showtime hit series Queer as Folk. No copyright infringement is intended as Patricia was her own person long before the show ever aired. If she is received well enough she may become a staple for a new series. I hope you enjoy the heat. © March 2006.

Warnings: Do not read this piece while operating heavy machinery, driving a car, at work or in a church pew. Be advised that I'm sure this piece is illegal in at least 48 states so please do not proceed if it is illegal where you are or if you are under 18 years of age. Well with this one you may have to be 21. On the other hand if just the thought of two women having a sexual encounter is offensive to you I have one thing to say: GROW UP, sex happens.

Special Acknowledgement
to the owner and creator of the Feeldoe ® who was nice enough to give me permission to use her product in my story. This is a real product, designed and produced by women for the pleasure of women. Remember this story is fantasy but the devise is very real so if you are interested or merely curious please visit http://feeldoe.com/ .

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The young brunette was bored. She listlessly stirred the drink the waitress had just put in front of her. How many did this one make? Four? Five? Hell no one else was counting why should she? She looked around the table at the group of friends that she had met a few hours earlier. From her left and going around the table back to her right was Tina, Sherri, Toni, Desiree, and finally Karen. All the women at this table were young, attractive, and looked as if they had mistaken this gay club for the venue of a Mary Kay meeting.

All the women worked together for the same firm where they had met some years earlier. Over time their relationship had morphed from mere acquaintances into the much more illusive bonds of friendship. Partners, girlfriends, came and went but this group always managed to stay cohesive on a deeper level than love or sex could bring. Eventually Toni and Desiree became a couple, but those were the only two that did. The rest maintained their unwritten rule for not dating or sleeping with anyone within the tightly knit group.

Once again it was Friday night and the club was slowly being filled with the regulars. Once again this core group had come to Happy Hour at 'Feathers' to celebrate another successful end of another mundane though highly stressful work week.

Hail the conquering heroes…hooooraaa, thought the very blasé brunette.

The brunette gazed around the dim club for something or someone new, but all she found were the same old faces who danced to the same tired music on the same worn dance floor. It was another evening of been there done her, and her, and her. She sighed and drained her glass while she signaled for another. It wasn't long before the waitress returned with a fresh drink.

Unceremoniously the brunette pulled the waitress down. She whispered into the attractive server's ear while she waved a twenty dollar bill in the air. The waitress stood up, nodded then snatched the bill from the brunette's upturned fingers. Several of the women at the table watched the tableau unfold quizzically while the brunette watched the waitress head directly to the DJ's booth.

"What're you up to now, Bri?" The woman who sat next to the brunette asked with a thick English accent.

"Don't call me that. You know I hate it."

"You may hate it, but you are every bit Brianna Kinny, long lost sister of Brian."

Trisha, the brunette, growled before she answered the question posed. "I'm bored. I paid Sharon to sweet talk that jerk behind the control panel to play something new for a change. I swear he plays the same old crap every time we come here. Why the hell they hired a penis to DJ in a lesbian bar I'll never know."

Karen laughed her decidedly British accent filled the air. "Well, we are feeling out of sorts tonight aren't we?"

"Just restless I suppose." Trish shrugged.

Karen raised a pale eyebrow. "How long has it been?"

Trish smirked. She loved hearing her friend's accent especially when she used the long E sound in "been." Karen pronounced it more bean then been.

"How long has what been?" the brunette thought.

Karen placed her arm around Trish's shoulder and drew her in. "Since you've had gratuitous shag, lovely?" Trisha put her head down and chuckled while Karen continued to speak into her ear, "You know if you go longer than forty-eight hours you could conceivably perish."

Trisha leaned back and roared. Karen had her pegged. After all her friends hadn't christened her 'Briana Kinney' for no reason, Trisha was the twin sister of Brian Kinney born from a different mother. She had to admit that she admired the quintessential characterization of the gay lifestyle as it was portrayed by Brian Kinney in the show Queer as Folk. He approached every aspect of his life exactly the same way she had since childhood, with no excuses, no apologies. Didn't matter what she said, did, or thought there were no apologies. She liked who she was without conceit or excuse. A difficult balancing act at best, but Patricia accomplished it with ease. Though at times she knew she could be infuriatingly glib about matters of the heart, but her friends knew it was simply who she was.

"Well, according to you I should be dead already," Trisha quipped.

"Isn't there a young lady here abouts that could save you from certain death?" Karen asked somewhat sheepishly. If Trish had asked she would've been more than happy to bring the attractive brunette salvation, but she knew it would never happen.

Trisha narrowed her dark eyes as she surveyed the club's occupants. There were a few attractive women that she hadn't dallied with, but they all had girlfriends hanging off of them. Being at a lesbian bar was like being on Noah's ark. Everyone was already paired off. Not that being "paired off' had ever stopped her before, on the contrary she thrived on a good challenge, but tonight she was too lazy to play that game.

Normally, when she was feeling her oats, the first thing she would do was spot the newest 'object of her affection'. She used her tried and true methods to seduce the young woman from under her girlfriend's nose. She would draw her into the shadows past the dance floor that was affectionately known as 'the cave'. It was no back room at Babylon but it suited, and with a wink and a nod to the DJ she was assured of complete privacy for as long as the tryst took.
There Trisha would fuck her newest conquest to the beat of the music that pounded throughout the club. Then she would return the woman back to her 'unsuspecting' partner unscathed. The woman may have been somewhat sullied, but Trisha always made sure that when they left her arms they were totally and absolutely saited.
Trisha made dreams come true. She reverently and completely worshipped a woman's body even if only for those few precious moments. Her touches were filled with unbridled lust. Her lips burned trails of passion down soft skin to the secret places where ecstasy abounds. Women would melt into her arms which waited to impart sweet embraces. After the encounter, if by chance their eyes would meet, they would share a wink, a lovely memory, but nothing more which is exactly the way Trisha wanted it. Trisha never wanted the 'more' every other woman seemed to be obsessed with, she was very happy with her more than occasional trysts. No excuses. No apologies.

The music had changed to her profound satisfaction. Dark eyes closed to allow the strong sensual beat to permeate her soul. She could feel her body involuntarily move to rhythm of the music. With each movement she could feel a jolt of sexual pleasure surge through her being. Under her dark jeans she wore a Feeldoe ® in the hopes of not only pleasing the new 'woman of her dreams', but also bringing herself much needed sexual satisfaction. Once again she scanned the tables and the gyrating bodies on the dance floor in search of her next 'object of her affection'. She sighed in annoyance. No one caught her eye, it was going to be another Scotty's ® night. In other words, 'with the helping hand of Trisha she would do it herself'.

An unusual squeal rose over the din of music and the murmur of voices within the club. The sound pierced the boom of the base and abruptly drew Trisha from her reveries. She looked toward the direction of the odd sound with disinterest. A group of about half a dozen women rounded the corner of the wall that separated the club's interior from the front door. They all clung to each other and giggled. They were for the most part attractive, well dressed, and obviously heterosexual.

Patricia growled voraciously. Fresh fish, well this night had finally started to look up. She watched the gaggle that giggled their way past the dance floor deeper into the darkened room. Quietly she studied the women as she tried to calculate the reason behind their visit. Curiosity? Perhaps. She smirked as she watched them pair off obviously in fear of all the big bad dykes that cruised the bar. After all we lesbians had nothing better to do than to convert them to the 'dark' side or the 'dyke' side. It all depended on how you looked at it.

She noted the sparkle of diamonds that shown from the left hands of the all women.

Hmmmm…perhaps a bachelorette party?
Trisha thought. Well she had seen stranger things.

Trisha shook her head at the absurdity of her own thoughts when her eyes lit on a particularly comely woman of the group. She was tall, perhaps 5'8 or 5'9. She had shoulder length wavy red hair and bright blue eyes. The mystery woman looked up and for a short moment their eyes locked. Trisha flashed her signature grin before the woman looked away. To Trisha's surprise and relief the woman glanced back for a split second before she turned to the woman at her side.

Karen looked from her friend to the red head that sat at a table close to the dance floor. "I know that look, mate. You're on the prowl."

"Maybe." A sinister grin crossed her face.

"She's a het, mate," Karen cautioned.

"Won't be my first." She signaled for Sharon. "Won't be my last." She whispered into Sharon's ear. She handed the woman some bills and then leaned back in her chair.

Dark eyes followed the waitress to the bar. She watched as Sharon called an order to the bartender who proceeded to disappear through a door behind the bar. She soon reappeared with a silver bucket filled with ice. The frozen cloud encased a bottle of champagne. She set it on Sharon's tray along with six champagne glasses. The slight waitress smiled and chatted her way through the crowded tables until she finally arrived at the redhead's table. Dark eyes continued to watch as the waitress offered to open the bottle of champagne. The young women looked at one another in a befuddled fashion. They obviously wondered why champagne they didn't order was being delivered to their table. Sharon leaned down and whispered into the redhead's ear and pointed at Trisha. The woman looked up. Trisha nodded and held up her drink. The woman smiled shyly and accepted the offered bottle. With a muted 'pop' the bottle was opened and the mysterious women laughed and cheered. Never releasing Trisha's eyes the redhead raised her filled glass to acknowledge Trisha's gift and mouthed 'thanks'. Sharon filled the remainder of the glasses and handed them out. One of the blondes at the table stood and proposed a toast obviously directed towards the redhead. Again the table cheered and all drank freely.

So she's the bride. A feral smile formed on pink lips. Trish shifted her weight so her tight jeans would press against the new toy she wore. It sent a delightful sensation to her core which sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine. She kept her eyes trained on the mysterious red head as her hunger grew. Her smile widened as she watched the flurry of activity that seemed to have been caused by the second bottle she had sent over. Seeing the second bottle drained even more quickly than the first Trisha again signaled for Sharon to bring over a third. It was costing her a fortune, but she saw it as an investment that she expected a huge return on.

The beat of the music intensified the pulse of her libido. When she felt the time was right she slowly rose from the table.

"Where you heading, mate?" Karen asked though she knew full well what was about to transpire.

"If you must know I'm going to go pay my respects to the bride. Anyone else want to dance?" Her eyes fell on her friends that surrounded the table. All the women at the table looked from one to the other before smiling broadly. They had all played a part in Trisha's hunts before. Whenever they went out they kept a keen eye out for the 'games to be afoot' signal. They were never disappointed. Actually the girls looked forward to being Trisha's co-conspirators in her endless games of cat and mouse. They all rose from their seats and followed Trisha to the table where the now some what inebriated fiancés sat.

Like a ferocious jungle cat she prowled her way to the 'het' occupied table followed closely by her pack. This way they were all predators and must have looked menacing to the women at the table. The evidence of their fear was plain when the women fidgeted and fumbled while each reached for a girlfriend's hand. Trisha couldn't help but smirk at this anticipated reaction to her and her friends advance. She was surprised and encouraged that her prey wasn't like the other women who grabbed the hand of the girl that sat next to her for protection from the evil dyke who dared to breech their invisible boundary.

As any good lioness knows the mark of a good hunter was when she separated her prey from the rest of its herd. Trisha was an expert.

She leaned in gallantly while she dropped her alto voice an octave and lowered her head so her lips could be even closer to the redhead's ear. Her seductive voice was her weapon of choice. "May I have this dance?" When the woman paused Trisha continued, "I assure you I don't bite ….. Well that's not completely true. I do bite but only upon request."

Patricia extended her hand confidently. The red head paused for a moment more, but once her blue eyes followed Karen as she escorted one of her girlfriends to the floor she took the hand that was offered. The redhead smiled timidly as she allowed Trisha to lead her onto the dance floor.

Trisha gently pulled her to the edge of the dance floor farthest from the safety of her pack. She turned and faced the taller woman and the two picked up the beat that pounded from the large speakers. Trisha leaned in to make introductions easier. She turned her ear to hear the woman's name.

"Hi, I'm Laura," she called into Trisha's ear.

While they danced Trisha took inventory of this new woman. To the dark woman's relief the redhead was even more attractive up close. That was not always the case when one cruised from a distance. Let's face it, sometimes shadows as well as vast amounts of liquor easily deceived the senses. Now that they were closer she not only noticed how the woman's blue eyes sparkled with fun, but also how firm and shapely she was. The sweet scent of her cologne made her crazy with desire. The fast songs faded as the strains of a familiar slow song replaced the strong beat that had once filled the hall.

Trisha opened her arms and invited Laura into the inner sanctum. Again Laura smiled sheepishly yet she accepted the invitation eagerly. Trisha wrapped her strong arms gently but firmly around the beautiful woman. The difference in height was a new experience for Trisha, but this beautiful woman was so worth the climb. To Trisha's surprise the taller woman melted into her arms. Together they swayed sensually to the music. Without thinking Trisha rubbed her groin against Laura's thigh. Startled by what she thought she felt, Laura stopped and relaxed her hold on the smaller woman.

Trisha looked up. "What's the matter?"

"I …I..I.." Laura stuttered, "I thought you were a woman."

"I am," she growled. "Trust me I'm all woman who just happens to be packing tonight."

"Packing?" the tall woman asked. Laura seemed startled and confused for fraction of a second before her body and features relaxed with realization. "Is that what they call it?"

"Yes," Trisha breathed in her ear. "Just a little extra equipment to bring pleasure to a beautiful woman like yourself."

Laura blushed. "A strap on."

"Not exactly. It's called a Feeldoe ®. It's inserted so I may enjoy every moment while I'm giving pleasure," Trisha explained.

"So if I did this," Laura reached down and stroked the front of Trisha's jeans. The unexpected action sent a shiver of pleasure straight to the smaller woman's core. Laura noticed Trisha tremble, "you would feel it."

Trisha groaned, "Oh yes." This woman had Trisha so hot that it took all her restraints not jump the woman where she stood. Trisha pulled Laura closer and intentionally ground the hard phallus into the taller woman's thigh. She hoped that this same action, while it sent random shocks of pleasure to Trisha's center, would also enticed Laura into a new and wonderful sexual encounter. Trisha kissed Laura's neck before she whispered, "Would you like a closer look?"

"Yes." Laura's voice was full of wanton desire.

As the slow song was consumed by the strong bass of a fast selection Trisha nodded to the DJ before she gradually danced the taller woman to a darkened secluded alcove in the back of the club.

They swayed behind a curtain. There was nothing back there save a door with a half lit Exit sign. The dim red glow from the sign was the only light they had. For Trisha, this was more light than was necessary, nothing like feeling your way to lovely spots you couldn't see. But it was also romantic in a derelict sort of way.

To Trisha's sheer delight and amazement, once the redhead was out of the sight of the other women, who were either still at her table or on the dance floor, she voraciously inhaled Trisha's lips. Trisha chuckled in her throat as she tickled Laura's tongue with her own. While they deepened their kisses even more hungry hands explored aroused curves and hardened nipples through layers of cotton.

Trisha reached gently under Laura's tee shirt and tickled the soft flesh of the taller woman's abdomen. Laura's eyes widened and her body quaked at Trisha's touch. The redhead pulled her shirt up exposing a lacy black bra. Trisha pulled Laura to her and began to kiss her deeply once again. Laura shivered when Trisha massaged her breast through the course fabric. Through the lace Trisha pinched the hardened nipple beneath. Laura groaned uncontrollably. Trish ran her finger tips drawing slow lazy patterns up and down her back while she nibbled on Laura's long luscious neck. Trisha's fingers languidly meandered their way to the clasps of the bra. She unfastened the taller woman's bra which unleashed Laura's full breasts from their restrictive harness

"You are so beautiful," Trisha growled when she leaned back to take in the beauty of the woman that stood before her. After she took in the fullness of Laura she pulled up her own tee so she could feel the taller woman's skin against her own. Before she enclosed Laura once again she took a moment to let the red head's deep blue eyes caress her well formed breasts. Laura reached out tentatively and stroked Trisha's breasts. The smaller woman shivered at the touch. Trisha was encouraged by her touch, it meant that Laura was totally open to this experience.

But Patricia had to admit even to herself that this wasn't just another conquest. Something deep within her wanted, no needed this woman to touch her. This was new for her since being touched was never a requirement for her. It was all about being with a woman just because she could with no emotional entanglements. It was all about the thrill of the chase. It was all about the exhilaration of the conquest, if she got off that was cool, but it was never a requirement since she got off by taking the woman that happened to be with her.

She placed her hand on Laura's in order to encourage her to explore her body more fully. Both women shivered as the taller woman palmed, massaged, and teased Trisha's breasts. Trisha couldn't believe how this woman was bringing her so close to the edge so quickly. She knew she needed to slow down her ascent before she fell inadvertently over the edge. She took Laura's hand and moved it from her breast and slid it to her side as she leaned in and sucked Laura's nipple into her warm mouth. She slowly circled the areola with the tip of her tongue. To keep her equilibrium Laura glided first her hands and then her arms tightly around Trisha's small waist. Laura's breath came in short ragged rasps. Trisha continued to feast on the redhead's breasts while she massaged the taller woman's ass and back with her talented hands. After she dragged her nails gently across the soft skin of Laura's back Trisha snaked her hands down to the front of Laura's jeans. Both women were aroused to the point of being in a frenzy until Trisha undid Laura's jeans.

"Wait. Wait," Laura panted.

"What is it, baby?" Trisha also panted into Laura's shell like ear.

"I'mmm ….uhhh….I'…mmmmaaaaahhhhhh," she began to groan as Trisha bit her neck softly but firmly. "Wait.." Trisha stopped briefly to permit Laura to think. "I'm getting married tomorrow…."

"I figured as much." Trisha pulled back to look deeply into Laura's unsure eyes. "Please permit me to give the bride this humble gift of passion." Trisha leaned in and took Laura's lips again with her own. "Let me a give you a memory that will warm on those long lonely nights while your husband is out playing with the boys." She took Laura's lips again. Slowly she deepened the kiss, and was rewarded with Laura's hungry reception of her advances. She felt Laura's hands roam down her back and cup her ass. Surprisingly, it was Laura who ground her groin into Trisha which caused the smaller woman to groan with delight.

"Gods yes," Trisha cried and clung fiercely to the other woman. "Take off your heels," Trisha breathed into Laura's ear. Laura obeyed without objection.

Trisha kneeled reverently before the woman and unzipped her jeans. She slid the slacks down the taller woman's long legs. She kissed her way sensuously down Laura's thighs, then knees, down her calf then lastly the ankles where the denim pooled. She looked up from her position, and with great finesse removed Laura's thong with her teeth. Trisha became heady when the scent of Laura's passion filled her sinuses. She tangled her curly hairs with her tongue. Laura pulled her foot from one leg of the jeans in order to spread her legs more widely to accommodate the woman that knelt before. Willingly she gave herself to the brunette. There would be no regrets as she allowed this woman free access to her need.

When Trisha touched her clit with the tip of her tongue Laura almost lost her balance and her composure immediately. Her nails tried to find purchase in the smooth cool wall behind her, but she was denied. Trisha instinctively knew what had happened. She removed her mouth from Laura's center just long enough to say, "Hold onto my shoulders, baby."

Laura nodded as she connected each hand firmly to each of Trisha's shoulders. Trisha began anew. The taller woman was unable to voice anything besides unintelligible sounds that flowed from her center directly out of her mouth. Like a fountain that spewed clear water she groaned unintelligible words into the music filled air. The redhead thanked the gods that the music was louder than the sounds her throat emitted.

The experienced woman sucked, licked, teased, and taunted Laura's clit and opening. Laura thought she would certainly go insane any moment. Nothing…nothing could feel this good. Her and Robert's sex life had been ok. Well she thought better than ok, until this moment. Now and again she had toyed with the idea of being with a woman, but really didn't believe the 'sex' would be that different than being with a man. How amazingly wrong she had been. Nothing she and Robert had done in bed or anything that she had ever fantasized about could even compare to what she was experiencing at this very moment.

She could feel her release begin to build higher and higher with each lick and suck until suddenly she crashed over the edge with such force that her nails bit into Trisha's flesh. The spasms of ecstasy rolled over her like the crashing surf at the beach, pounding her again, and again, and again until she thought she would lose consciousness.

As she felt Laura's nails dig into her skin right through the cotton material that covered her shoulders she increased her ministrations so that Laura's climax would ebb and flow for a time to extend the taller woman's ecstasy. When the pressure of Laura's nails pierced her skin Trisha flung her head back and cried out, but the sound was gobbled up by the loud music that filled the hidden alcove. Before Laura collapsed Trisha quickly dipped her finger into Laura's juices then stood to support the overcome woman. "Taste," Trisha whispered into a perfect shell like ear. Laura sucked the fingers into her mouth and tasted her passion for the first time. Once her fingers were released she leaned in to kiss Laura soundly. To her surprise Laura not only accepted the kiss, but devoured her lips. Together they shared Laura's juices of ecstasy.

"What about you?" Laura asked breathlessly when their lips parted. She reached down and stroked the front of Trisha's jeans again.

Trisha shivered. "Do you want it, baby?"

Laura nodded, this time a feral grin twisting her lips. She reached down to unzip Trisha's jeans. Before her jeans fell to the floor Trisha retrieved a condom, and a small packet of lube from her front pocket.
Seeing the condom Laura looked confused. "Safety first." Trisha shrugged.

Laura smiled a knowing smile and took the condom from Trisha's hand, opened the package, and placed it on the lavender phallus. The taller woman shivered with anticipation as well as expectation. Before this encounter she would have expected penetration to be penetration. No different from being with a man, but now that was all different. She expected to feel much more in the way of sensations than she ever could have known with a man. She licked her lips as she watched Trisha apply the lube onto the condom. Trisha leaned in to kiss Laura soundly. Laura could feel Trisha's talented hand as she stroked her strong thighs. Her touch enticed Laura to spread her legs to a wider stance. She groaned as Trisha teased her opening with the cool hard dildoe. When Trisha slid into her she thought she would climax at once.

As Trisha set up a luscious pelvic rhythm she kissed the redhead's long soft neck. Every time Trisha would gently bite the delicate skin of the regal throat another strong pulse of pleasure jetted to Laura's center. With Trisha's lips so close to her ear Laura could finally hear the groans of pleasure that Trisha would make each time she thrusted into her soft moistness. That sound made her even hotter if that was possible. The idea that she not only was receiving pleasure, but was giving it made her head spin with lust and hunger. She could feel strong hands that squeezed her ass while they guided both women to exquisite heights that neither had achieved before this moment.

Both women ravenously fed on one another. A spell had been cast upon Laura. She moved harder into Trisha. She matched each of Trisha's thrusts with one of her own. Both sets of hips set in a perfectly fierce rhythm. The taller woman began to suck, and bite the skin of the brunette's neck.

Trisha cried out," Harder baby. Bite me harder. Mark me."

Hearing those words sent a flame through Laura that threatened to consume her very soul. Like an animal she bit Trisha, and sucked the soft skin into her mouth, but not before she raked that tender flesh over her sharp teeth. This action sent waves of electric pleasure through both women instantly. Laura could hear Trisha's breath shorten and quicken which matched her shorter quicker lunges. "Baby, don't cum without me," Laura hoarsely called into Trisha's ear.

Trisha could not pull an intelligible thought out of her mind much less have them fall from her lips so she nodded. She was so close she wasn't sure she had enough self control not to jet over the edge. The intensity of this entire encounter astonished the jaded woman. It was like she could not only feel her passion, but Laura's as well. She was in awe of the amount of intense pleasure that she had received from this woman. It was absolutely everything. Every move Laura made, every stroke, thrust, and kiss was like a fire that threatened to consume her right where she stood. She knew she should be afraid, there was too much emotion involved in this little tryst, but she was more than happy to be incinerated by the heated abandon that was about to devour her.

Laura had made a request and she would do all it took to fill that appeal. She reached between their now sweat covered bodies and stimulated Laura's swollen clit. Their faces so close now she could hear Laura cry out with ecstasy at her touch. "Tell me!" she growled into Laura's ear. "OH BABY!! Yes, Yes, YES!! Give it to me!"

"I'm the only one. SAY IT!" The words had left her lips before she realized what she had said. "I'm the only one who can make you feel this way."

Laura panted without hesitation, "YES, YES BABY, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE." With each thrust Laura gasped, these words over and over until finally, "I'm…" "Cum…." "ING!" <<<<>>>"YES! OHHHHHHH….."

Those words were like a trigger to a gun being pulled. Trisha thrust hard into Laura to be sure that her pleasure was complete when Trisha's climax suddenly shot through her body like a cannon. She grappled with Laura's limp body while trying desperately to keep her own legs from folding out from under her. Both women breathed heavily as they leaned limply against each other for support. Through the phallus Trisha could feel the pulsing of pleasure that still resonated from Laura's soft tight center. Or could it be her own vaginal walls that spasmed with ecstasy? She couldn't be sure of anything at this moment. Her mind raced as fast as her heart beat, too fast for thoughts to catch up.

After a few more moments she pulled out of Laura and slid them both gently to the floor. They held each other tightly, Laura laying her head on Trisha's shoulder. They sat there for seconds, minutes, it could have been hours but neither knew or cared, they were just enjoying the bliss that was theirs and theirs alone. Without a word Trisha extricated herself reluctantly from Laura's hold and stood. She pulled up her jeans, zipped, and fastened them before she pulled down her shirt. Now dressed completely she offered her hand to Laura. Again without a word Trisha pulled Laura up to a standing position. She reluctantly leaned down, and pulled up the redhead's slacks, zipped, and fastened them. She refastened her bra and then pulled down her shirt. She had deliberately hid Laura's spectacular body behind natural fibers. In her fevered mind this was a criminal offence. Last of all she knelt down and replaced her heeled sandals on each of Laura's small feet and fastened them. Before she rose from her lowered position she kissed each of Laura's painted toes. She could feel strong hands on her shoulders that insisted she stand. She rose from her position close to Laura's face, and dove into the deep blue eyes that took on a violet hue in the semi darkness. Trisha leaned in, and kissed Laura one last time.

The two haltingly separated from their tangle of elation. Laura reached around her neck and removed the solitaire diamond necklace she had worn and placed it round Patricia's neck.

"Remember me." Would be the last words the two women would exchange.

Trisha took Laura's hand and smiled crookedly. Laura smiled in return. Both women listened to the music that blared before they picked up the beat with their hips. Once they were both in tune with the music Trisha led this spectacular woman back to the dance floor. In the far corner of the hard wood floor both women danced until they were sure they had been spotted by five pairs of eyes that searched for the bride to be. Laura pointed and waved at her friends all of whom wore a relieved look on their features. She nodded to Trisha who gallantly led her back to her table. Before she left Trisha kissed Laura's soft hand. Both women shared a knowing glance before Trisha stood and returned to her table.

Trisha sat with a thud and took a sip from her watered down drink.

Karen noticed the large diamond that conspicuously sat in the middle of Trisha's chest but decided to say nothing about it as she leaned over with a toothy grin to ask, "So how was it, mate?"

"Memorable," Trisha answered never once removing her eyes from the tall red head.

The end…or is it?

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