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Blazing Dreams

By Larisa


Brandy nodded, she didn't know what to think of the last few hours with Rowan, her mind was still spinning when she was pulled to her feet.

"All done let's go. Firing people gives me an appetite."

They sat across from each other at a small country restaurant, Brandy was still quiet. "Your still shocked aren't you?"

"Very, I feel bad about all those guys getting fired, and really shocked to find out who you are. For the last 10 years I've worked for you and never knew who you were. And we've been spending so much time together that I hope this doesn't change things between us."

"Nope that won't change anything. And I like secrecy, it gives me a lot of freedom." Rowan looked down at her empty plate. "You know it's been over 3 years since I was at a worksite. I never realized how much I missed it until today." A pained look came over her face. "After today that's going to change."

Brandy covered her hands with her own and looked into blue eyes. "What happened to make you stop?"

"It's a long story, maybe another time, huh?"
Brandy had fallen asleep on their way home but she came awake when the truck engine stopped. Stretching she looked over at Rowan. "Sorry I fell asleep on you, I'm not use to getting up at 3am." She groaned. "I forgot I need to find a ride in to work in the morning. Damn asshole had to wreck my truck!"

Rowan started laughing. "What, it's not funny! Now I have to buy another truck!" Her eyes squinted at a still chuckling Rowan. "Come on, don't worry about work tomorrow I'm giving you the day off with pay."

"Why did you make me the assistant foremen? I forgot to ask you before."

"Because you have a degree in architecture. I seen your diploma on your wall."

"Oh that also means I can fire and hire?"

"Yep I'll talk to Jake about the new crew. I have 16 workers starting on Monday that will put the men to shame. I know you'll be pleased with them."

"Why's that?" She asked now curious.

"One of them is his daughter."

Brandy's eyes swelled with tears. "Hey what's the matter? I didn't mean to make you cry."

"It's just that Jenny has had such a hard time finding and keeping a job because of her sexual orientation. Thank you."

Rowan gave her a bright smile. "Your welcome, now lets get out of this truck."

Brandy mumbled to herself about calling Latisha to take her truck hunting tomorrow. Picking all this up Rowan smiled at the little blonde watching her across the road with her head down gesticulating to herself on her way. Leaning against the tailgate of her truck with her arms crossed over her chest the tall woman watched Brandy walk right into the huge tarp covered object in her drive.

"Yeow, what the hell!" She looked up from where she sat on the ground. Turning to look over at her boss. Rowan was just able to see the raised eyebrows in the dark. "Uncover it." Rowan whispered in her sultry voice. Brandy got up and grabbed the tarp at the bottom and flipped it up. "Ohh my!" Pulling the tarp as she walked she came to the side of the large object, tears coming to her eyes. Rowan had crept closer to stand beside her. "Do you like it?" Tears flowed from green eyes gazing tenderly at Rowan. "It's mine?"

"All yours, look at the door." She looked to see her name below the company name along with assistant forman below that. Brandy launched herself in to Rowans arms. Wrapping her arms and legs around her the tall body, she kissed her soundly on the lips. Rowan almost fell over from the innocent kiss and the emotions that the little blonde evoked in her body. Burying her face in her long dark hair Brandy cried. Rowan hugged her tight whispering comforting words in her ear. After a few moments her crying stopped but she still clung to the tall muscular body. She raised her head from it's resting place to look in to soft blue eyes. "Thank you, I'll pay you back."

"You don't have to, it's my gift to you. I can't have my assistant foremen hitchhiking to work every morning." Green eyes traveled downward to settle on soft lips. Closing the distance she brushed them gently with her own. Pulling back she saw the passion flare up in darkened blue eyes. Brandy kissed her again tasting the sweetness of her lips with the tip of her tongue, Rowan moaned at the contact, opening her lips she slipped her tongue into Brandy's warm mouth, their tongues danced together. The kiss became bruising as long buried hungers resurfaced. Bright lights flashed behind their eyes, they could feel each others heart beats merging as one. Rowan broke the kiss as she stumbled on weak legs, grabbing the tailgate with one hand she breathed deeply.

"Gods where did you learn how to kiss like that?" She gasped.

Brandy trying to steady her breathing stumbled over her words. "I don't....know...I've never kissed anyone before."

"Never?" Surprise registered on her face. "Nope." Her head dropped down, looking up from under her bangs she asked in a low voice. "Did I do ok?" Rowan tipped her chin up to look into her green eyes. "You do that again and I may pass out!"

Brandy grinned at her as she slid to the ground. "Can I try again?" A dark head lowered capturing her lips, their bodies pressed close together. Moans drowned in each others mouths at the feel of tender breasts touching. Rowan pushed her thigh between Brandy's putting pressure against her mound. Her own hips pushing against a muscular thigh, her hands slid down to cup Brandy's rear pulling her closer against her. Fire raged between them with each movement of their hips. Rowan was close to loosing control, releasing the bruised lips of the trembling, ragged breathing little blonde. She stepped back running her hands down her face. She covered her sensitive lips still feeling the pressure from their kiss, her voice came out raspy. "If we go any further I won't be able to stop!"

Brandy reached out taking the larger hand in hers. She kissed the soft knuckles then ran her tongue across the sweat dampened palm. Rowans knees started to buckle and it took all her remaining strength to keep from falling. Seeing the effect she had on the taller woman Brandy made her mind up as to her next move. Pulling Rowan behind her, they entered her house and climbed the stairs to her bedroom. Standing in the center of the room with the moon shinning through the sliding glass doors casting a bright light behind Brandy made her look like the moon goddess. Rowan gasped as Brandy's shirt slid off her body revealing strong rounded shoulders glistening in the moonlight. She held her breath as the rest of her lover clothes hit floor, her blood rushed to her apex swelling her clitoris to an unbearable throbbing.

Brandy stepped before her running her hands inside the waistband of her Levi's she pulled her shirt free, her hands went under the material to feel sweat dampened skin, touching Rowans flat stomach she felt the muscles jerk.

"Gods hurry, I can't hold on much longer!" Rowan cried. "I need you!" In haste Rowan pulled off her shirt while Brandy unbuttoned her Levi's and slid them along with her boxers to the floor. Rowan kicked off her boots only getting one foot out of her pant leg before Brandy sunk to her knees and buried her tongue between swollen lips. Tangling her fingers in blonde hair she pulled her lover up against her pumping hips. Brandy used the fingers of one hand to pull the hood of her lovers clit back so she could flick the tip of it with her tongue. When she felt thigh muscles tighten she pushed two fingers deep inside thrusting in to the hot juices, matching the rhythm of Rowans movements. Her climax exploded through her body covering Brandy's finger hand in wetness as she screamed her name. Weakness overtook her as she dropped to her knees on the floor, resting her forehead on Brandy's shoulder. Her eyes closed she fought for air each time a spasm coursed through her body. Brandy's moaning made her open her eyes to see her lovers hand between her own legs bringing herself closer to release. "No." Rowan wheezed when she pulled the hand away. Laying Brandy down on the floor she laid between her open thighs raising her knees. She leaned forward to plunge her tongue deep inside matching her lovers moan. Brandy felt her muscles flexing. "I'm....oh yes....I'm coming!"

Her back arched up off the floor when her climax hit. With each stroke of her clit her hips pumped until she collapsed. Rowan crawled up her body to lay over her their sweat drenched bodies fitting perfectly together. "I didn't want it to be like that. I wanted to take it slow with you." Rowan spoke softly in her ear. "We can do that later." Brandy gave her a soft kiss then cuddled up to her lover to find the world of slumber.

Hours later Rowan woke to small fingers making circles around her hardened nipple, when a warm tongue flicked it's tip she whimpered. "Brandy what are you trying to do to me?" A small hand cupped her breast. "Be still, I'm making up for my Ma not breast feeding me." Filling her mouth she sucked with greed. "Grrrrrr bless your mother!" Rolling them over Rowan rested their heads together. "Can we move this to your bed this wood floor is killing me?" Green eyes twinkled mischievously back at her. "How about in the kitchen I'm starving?" Standing in the kitchen at the stove Brandy was eyeing up the flipper in her hand. "This has possibilities." Rowan stood in the doorway her hair still damp from her shower. "Did you say something?" Brandy turned to her tall bronzed lover standing there naked. Her heart slammed in her chest. "Gods your beautiful!" With out even realizing it she had moved across the floor into strong arms. Standing on her tip toes she kissed the water drops from Rowans neck. Pulling the skin between her teeth she sucked until she felt her lover shrinking to her height. Releasing her hold she asked chuckling. "Where are you going?"

"Oh anywhere you want me!" Rowans neither lips throbbed around her twitching clit. "How about the stove while I shower?"

"Tease!" She grumbled. "Just wait!"

"Oh boy a threat, will you spank me?"

One side of Rowans lip curled up. "Maybe." Brandy moved passed her in the doorway. "Oh I forgot you'll need... smack "This." She tossed the flipper at Rowan as she high tailed it up the stairs to the bathroom. Rubbing her rear she chuckled as she looked at the flipper she had caught. "I think your a little kinky Brandon."

They stood at the sink washing the dishes from their meal when all of a sudden they both jumped three feet in the air. "What a sight I have before my eyes. You know girls you walk around like that all the time and I may just get that operation and become a lesbian!"

"Latisha!" Brandy screamed, her whole body turning a cute pink at being caught off guard, she was trying to use a dish rag to cover her breasts. "Sweet thing that rag is not going to cover those!" Pointing to her well developed firm breasts. Rowan got smacked with the wet rag for laughing. "Stop it! It's not funny RJ!"

"Come on pinky lets go get decent for your company."

"Pinky!" She squealed.

"Oh yes girlfriend, you are pink all over!" Cooed Latisha.

Moving past the queen Rowan was stopped by a long manicured finger on her neck.

"So girlfriends a biter is she?"

It was Rowans turn to blush. Giggling, Brandy ran for the stairs to be chased all the way to the bedroom. Clucking his tongue. "My sisters been devirginized by a panther."

They came down minutes later fully dressed. Latisha poured out his heart to them about catching his lover with someone else.

"And I broke my best pair of heels beating that bitch!" Dabbing at his eyes with a lace hanky. "I must look a fright with my mascara running, anyway he was with this 400lb queen just humping away. I keep myself toned and in shape to be tossed aside for Orca the beached whale!" His trim good looks accented by the silk tank top and silk shorts, with out all the makeup he was an attractive man with high cheekbones, chiseled jaw and cleft chin. "I'm sorry L. maybe you'll find someone who deserves you." Brandon Brandy replied.

"Girlfriend don't you worry, I have a date with the bouncer at the club. The body on this bitch, huge shoulders and arms, tight buns. I get hot just thinking about him! He can bounce me all night long!"

The three of them chatted for awhile until Rowan had to excuse herself reminding Brandy that her dog needed to be fed and left out. After she left Latisha gave Brandy the third degree.

"So how long have you two been doing pump and thrusts?"

Brandy blushed at the forward question, mumbling she answered shyly. "Since about 11pm last night."

Clasping his hands over his chest he wailed. "My baby has lost her veil!"

"Ahhh no!"

"NO! What happened!"

"I almost came with out her doing anything to me." Her face was a bright red by now, she could have passed for a fire plug.

"I get it!" He clapped his hands like a little kid. "Tall dark and silent one is submissive, you little animal Brandon you jumped her didn't you?"

"I couldn't help myself, I just look at her and get aroused and you know whats worse?" Latisha leaned forward. "She's a screamer?"

"Yes I mean no." Tilting her head. "Well never mind that, she's my boss."


Brandy told him about what happened at work the day before right up until they went upstairs.

"She bought you that truck with out you knowing, girlfriend she's a keeper!"

Rowan sat at her kitchen table with a goofy grin on her face, her heart filled with joy. Closing her eyes she sighed as pictures floated before her of all of Brandy's expressions. The dimples when she smiled, flashing green eyes, the way she raises one eyebrow, her heart swelled with something she had never felt before. Shocked by her findings her eyes shot open. "I was never in love with her, I can't even remember her face. I'm sorry Kathy I really am!" Dropping her head down on her crossed arms Brandy's image came to her. "In that instant, her heart slammed. All the walls left standing began to fall, love poured from those green eyes like scorching white light striking her darkened soul.

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