~ Chase The Storm ~
by Larisa

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Chase The Storm
By Larisa

Part 2

The other four Troopers were just coming from the dining room when the B&B truck came to a screeching halt outside. Two bodies tumbled from the truck and ran at the speed of light right towards them. Toby's eyebrows were buried in her hairline and a crooked grin was inching its way to her lips. B&B looked as if they had just come through a tree shredder. Red stripes covered most of their bodies, hair standing on end and terrified expressions on their faces. They came to a halt before their friends, looked at Toby, threw their hands in the air and screamed. "MEN!" Before anyone could say anything, they ran through the lobby screaming and took the stairs to their floor. Gavin looked to the others and back to where the door was just closing.

"What in the Hell happened to them?"

Dustin snickered and nudged Toby. "Did ya see the leather handcuffs?" She busted out laughing and fell into Andy.

Gavin took Toby's hand and pulled her towards the elevator, the doors opened and Bevis and Butkis came barreling out and ran out the doors to their truck. Within minutes, magazines and posters flew out the door and scattered across the ground. Bevis appeared in the doorway, tossed a framed poster out of the door, and slammed it closed. "Ohh this is bad guys," Andy pointed to the poster on the ground. "That was their favorite porno star they threw out." The four of them went out the door and pulled open the trucks door to see two terror-stricken women taping up a new poster on the wall of their truck. Gavin gasped, covered her eyes and turned into Toby's chest.

"Ohh my GODS, that is scarier than the old one!" She peeked at the poster of a bare chested Weatherman Al Roker with a milk mustache holding two huge donuts in his one hand, milk in the other and a bubble asking. "Got Milk?"


After checking out of the motel with strange looks from the desk clerk and B&B twitching as if they were having the DT's, Toby changed the order of how they would proceed to the predicted storm sight between Athens and Waco. The B&B truck took the lead with Gavin driving Toby's van in the middle of the group. Toby was running the radars while Butkis drove and Bevis gave her directions coming from Toby. Everyone knew that if it were left up to Butkis who couldn't find her way out of a paper bag, they would end up somewhere in New Mexico. Toby wore a headset to keep in contact with the other two trucks, she could hear the background voices of Andy and Dustin arguing over what color dildo to get from some on-line toy company and a soft voice singing in her van. With a wicked smirk covering her face, she clicked her cell phone onto the other side of the headset and hit speed dial. She waited and then heard the voice on the other end.

"Gavin De La Rouge."

"What are you doing Piglet?" Came a breathy voice over her phone.

Gavin shivered at the sexy voice and ran a hand across her sweaty face. "Reading all the bumper stickers on the B&B." She snorted after reading one. "Get Sucked." She saw the small tornado picture on the end of it and then the NSSL seal on the other.

"That's my plan for later tonight, mother nature and you willing."

"Ohh maybe I could re-arrange my prior appointments and fit you in." She smiled when she heard a low grumble come from her lover. "Maybe I could arrange for a quickie before mother nature claims you?"

"Ya know she is convincing in her seductive ways."

"I think I can beat her at this game. In fact, I know I can, right now I have your boxers from this morning hanging from the rear view mirror."

Toby closed her eyes and let her head fall back, she knew all to well the condition her boxers were in. Remembering changing clothes before they left the motel parking lot after Gavin had gotten her all hot and bothered by teasing her unmercifully during lunch, she released a breath and felt her pulse race.

"Every time the wind comes through the window I can smell you, it makes my blood boil and my nerve endings sing." She heard Toby moan and smiled wider. "I can still feel you beneath me, our bodies sliding together, our scents mingled and how wet you were. Are you wet now Toto?"

"You're killing me here and you have no idea Piglet." She whimpered when she moved in her chair and felt her juices trickle.

"Little Gavin twitches every time I think about licking you…Gods it feels good." She moaned softly into the phone and could imagine the flushed skin of her lovers face. "How your walls close around my tongue and the soft grunts you make."

"Piglet…you're driving me nuts here…Gods…" She gasped when her clit twitched and more juices flowed forth.

"Toto, I just touched myself and I'm sooo wet just from thinking about you. Touch yourself and tell me if your clit is as hard as mine is."

Toby looked over her shoulder to see what B&B were doing before letting her hand go beneath the waistband of her nylon running shorts. Her hips thrust when her fingers sunk into her abundant juices; a low throaty moan erupted past her lips and brought an answering one from Gavin.

"Pretend that it's my tongue caressing you, sucking your clit, taking you higher as I lick your juices…"

She jumped at the thudding sound of the phone, saw the brake lights of the B&B flash on and then a certain Storm Trooper come running towards her and crawl through the window to land on her lap. Toby grabbed her hand, pulled her from the seat all the way back to their bed.


B&B snickered, turning the truck off, they picked up their connected game boys and began playing a WWF game. In the other truck, Andy looked over to her wife and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Wonder if Toby knows we all heard everything they were saying?"

"Who cares," Dustin whined and pouted. "You never talk that way to me."
Andy got out of her seat and straddled her wife's thighs. "Dustball, all I have to say to you is 'ya wanna' and your clothes fall off." She kissed Dustin deeply, pulled back and asked. "Ya wanna?" Dustin's T-shirt landed on the dashboard and Andy was carried to their bed.

Bevis looked into the side view mirror and saw both trucks behind them swaying. Shaking her head, she propped up a picture of a wrinkled 90-year-old naked woman with saggy tits and no teeth on the dashboard and cringed.


An hour later, Gavin rose up on one elbow and gazed down into her lovers face. The peacefulness of the angled features made Gavin's heart swell with love, with every passing moment in the Troopers presence, her love deepened. "I have some decisions to make soon; I just hope I'm doing the right thing. I know you love me but how long will you put up with me?" She braced her chin on her fist and gazed around at where their clothes had landed, out of the corner of her eye; she saw her suitcase and grinned. "Ohh are you gonna kill me." She crawled over her lover and went to her suitcase, finding what she wanted, she checked it to make sure it was still working and went back to bed. She was shocked when she was able to move Toby the way she wanted her and her not wake up. Taking the control box in her hand, she adjusted the speed before turning it on. As she lay between her lover's legs, she watched the daisy stimulate Toby's clit and then watched as her juices flowed from between her vibrating lips. A low moan and then a soft thrust of hips made Gavin look to her lover's face. A small grunt then came but Toby remained sleeping. Gavin felt her mouth water at the show of arousal and her own juices gathering. She leaned forward and slowly licked the crevice of its offering and growled in the back of her throat. Turning the speed up on the daisy, she licked deeper and felt fingers tangle in her hair and pull her closer.

"Gavin…what…ohh yeah." She opened her legs wider and thrust into her lover's face, when the speed moved up another notch; she dug her heels into the mattress and grunted. Gavin moved one hand down to her own center and rubbed her aching clit while stroking her lover's center. She knew that Toby was close from the panting and grunts coming from her. Plunging her tongue inside of her, she felt the muscles grasp her tongue and pull her in. A tidal wave flowed over her tongue and then her fingers as they shared a strong climax. Panting, she lay with her face still buried between her lover's thighs and chuckled.

"You are a…evil woman Piglet." Toby sat up and turned so that they were nose-to-nose, capturing wet lips with her own, she kissed Gavin softly. Pulling back, she looked into mischievous green eyes and winked. "Took you for a woman who played with toys."

"Ohh not all the time, just when the occasion calls for it." Gavin ran her fingers through silky dark hair and sighed. "Wish I had thought of it earlier before you called me, you could have listened to me moaning and groaning."

"I want to hear that right now." She crawled her way down her lover's body and dragged her tongue through the short crop of blonde curls. Gavin rolled to her back, spread her legs and moved so that they were in a 69. Moans and groans came from them as they pleasured each other, shudders echoed through their bodies making them twitch. When exhaustion claimed them, they were once again wrapped in each other's arms.


"Ohh shit Butkis, get over here!" Bevis pulled the radar up on the screen and pointed to a strong storm front coming in off the cost; she wrote down the information and then started the printer to get the pictures and other information. Butkis checked the NSSL screen and saw that they had severe warnings out for the area just west of where they now were. "We gotta get out of here," Butkis said as she went to the door. "I'll go tell Andy and Dustin."

"What about T and Gavin?"

Butkis shook her head. "Uhhhh ahhh, I'll let Andy go in there, T will kill me for drooling!"


"It's what?" Andy asked while pulling her pants on. "I thought we had more time than this?"

"Not anymore we don't." Butkis pointed out the windshield at the dark clouds pouring across the sky; she pressed her hand to her ear, her green eyes shot wide. "Bevis said that they have a touch down about ten miles from here and it's heading this way!"

Dustin ran to the front of the truck and dropped into the driver's seat, starting the truck she pointed to the van. "Go drive T's van so we can get out of here." She looked to the west of where they were and saw a red caravan heading towards where the touch down was. "Ohh SHIT, Sawyer's heading for it!" Butkis jumped out the door, ran to the van and climbed in. With a quick glance to the bed, she shook her head and started to pull the van behind Bevis. Putting on the headset, she called back to Andy for information.

"See if you can wake Toby up, I'm not sure what she wants to do?"

"Ohh let me get killed; I'll haunt you for eternity Andy!" She heard snickers coming from them and rolled her eyes. "Just great, why not just toss me in the zone for Gods sakes?" She grabbed Mini Me, flung her arm sideways and heard a yelp when he landed on someone. "HEY PERVERTS!" She yelled and heard a mumbling from the back. "Suck zone ahead TOBY!" She knew calling her by her real name would get a rise out of her.

"Baby what's butthead doing driving the van?" Gavin mumbled into her lover's neck.

"No idea but it can't be good." She hung onto Gavin when the van was shoved to the side and hail started pounding on the roof. "Ohh shit, there's a tornado near by." She slid from under Gavin and crawled on the floor looking for her clothes. "How far out is it Butkis?"

"It's right behind us; we're heading away from the damn thing." She fought with the steering wheel and swore when the hail slanted towards them. "We're gonna swing around it and head towards where it touched down, Sawyer's heading right into it."

Toby dropped into the passenger seat, grabbed another headset and clicked the radio on. "Andy what have ya got on this?"

"F4 hit right outside of Waco, 202mph winds, hail, and massive destruction, it took out a shopping mall and is headed for another small town."

"Can we get around it and to the town to warn them, call the local TV station to sound an alert?"

"We tried but they keep blowing us off." Toby looked up when Gavin dropped down between the seats.

"I'll call them and use my clout to talk to their news director. Will the cell phones work in this weather?"

"If not then we'll use the radio and patch it through to them." Gavin took Toby's cell phone and got the phone number from Andy via the radio, she waited until it was picked up on the other end.

"Hello, this is Gavin De La Rouge of WKBC Atlanta; I need to speak to your news director." She nodded her head at her lover and waited for the connection. "Hey Arnold, this is Gavin, we have a serious problem here, I want you to speak to Professor Storm so she can explain the circumstances we're facing." She handed the phone to Toby and leaned into the seat. She watched as dark brows dipped over an aquiline nose with concentration.

"Send out a tornado warning right now, an F4 is headed right towards you, you have about ten minutes at the most to have everyone get to safety." She leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes. "Thank you baby." She reached for her lover's hand and brought it to her lips. "I hope everyone is able to get to a safe place, because you, they may just stand a chance."

"I didn't do this on my own Toby, just glad that I could do something." She gripped Toby's hand tightly in hers. "Ohh my Gods look!" She pointed to a dark cloud reaching down from the sky in front of them, she clung to the seat when Butkis slammed on the brakes and the van fishtailed. The wind spun the vehicles around to face the opposite direction and push them all over the place, Butkis fought with the wheel until she was able to get the van back up onto the road. She saw Bevis flip the overhead spotlights on and then head towards a low area off to their right. Following right behind her, she felt the wheels leave the road and the van tilt dangerously to the side.

"I hate this shit T, I really hate it!" The van plunged downward throwing all of them forward, their grunts of pain accompanied the sound of crushing metal. "Fuck me!" Butkis groaned and wiped blood from her eyes. "Sorry T, I'll fix your van…sonofabitch!" She yelled when they were hit from behind when Dustin plowed into them. "I ain't fixing the back!"

"Come on we have to get out of here!" T helped Gavin to her feet and slid the side door open, waiting for a dazed Butkis; she waved to the others and pointed to an area where it dropped off sharply. "RUN!" They had just dropped over the edge and huddled together when the wind picked up and roared. Debris flew around them bouncing off ground and flying over their huddled bodies. Dustin looked up from where she had her face buried in her wife's back and gawked at what was spinning in the air. She pushed on Toby and pointed.

"Holy fuck!" She grabbed Gavin by her hand and shoved Bevis to her feet, pointing to the right of where they were, she pulled Gavin behind her until they came to where the ground was hollowed out more and offered them more protection. Huddled together, they watched as one of Sawyer's trucks spun in the air and slammed to the ground where they had been hiding. Toby covered Gavin's body with her own and prayed that none of the flying parts reached them. A loud explosion and a wave of intense heat washed over their bodies. Toby grunted and jerked from a sharp pain in her upper thigh, she felt Bevis slam into her and Dustin scream. In a matter of seconds, all was quiet except for the crackling of fire and the buckling of steel from heat. Gavin crawled out from under her lover and rolled her onto her back; she looked down into clouded blue eyes and brushed her bangs back from her forehead. Feeling Toby squeeze her hand and clench her teeth showed that she was in pain but could handle it.

"Is every body OK?" She looked to the others and saw Dustin holding her arm to her chest and Andy ripping her shirt apart to staunch the blood soaking through the sleeve on her wife's upper arm.

Bevis whimpered and tried to look behind her. "Something stabbed me in my ass!"

"Don't look at me," Butkis wiped the still flowing blood from the cut between her eyes. "Uhhmm Bevis, you have a windshield wiper blade sticking out of your ass."

"Didn't I just say that something stabbed me in my ass?" She slapped at Butkis when she reached to pull it out. "Don't you dare touch it!"

"I wouldn't dream of playing with your ass." She grinned.

"I know you Butthead, you'd twist the damn thing!"
"Uhhmm guys," Gavin pointed to the red trucks coming their way. "Is that the Calvary coming to help?"

Toby rolled onto her side and placed her head in her lover's lap. "Not likely, those assholes could care less about us." She ran a hand to the back of her thigh and felt a piece of shrapnel sticking out. "Baby, will you look at my leg and make sure I'm not bleeding to death."

Green eyes shot wide, Gavin leaned over her lover's back and saw the shiny piece of metal sticking from her leg. "Why didn't you tell me you were hurt?"

"I have no idea, maybe it's the fact that I'm still amazed that we're alive and that I'm too macho."

"I think we should get out of here and head to the nearest hospital, we all need some stitches." Dustin got to her feet and held onto Andy for support. "Maybe Sawyer will take us?" She burst out laughing at the rolling eyes of her friends.

"When Hell freezes over and I grow a dick." Toby grumbled into Gavin's stomach.

Gavin shivered and shook her head. "EEWW…that's something I don't want to see."

The six of them walked to where Sawyer and his crew were trying to put out the flames with fire extinguishers, Toby stood watching them until Sawyer gave her a glare.

"You could have done something Storm!" He yelled at her.

"Like what catch it as it was plummeting to the ground?"

"I lost three men in that truck!" He yelled as he walked closer. "And a lot of money!"

"Is that all that matters to you Sawyer, money? Three men lost their lives because you headed right into the tornado, it should have been YOUR ass being sucked up."

"Fuck you Storm, I have pictures and video that you don't and I'll get another truck and grant from the college. What will you get?"

Toby looked down into green eyes, pulled Gavin into her side and smiled. "I have all I need." She limped towards where they hoped their trucks still where with the help of her lover's strength. She couldn't help but chuckle when she heard Bevis whining.

"Ohh my ass!" She let out a loud yell, turned and punched Butkis in her stomach. "That hurt you idiot!"

Gasping for breath, Butkis nodded and held the wiper out to her. "At least…ya can…sit down now."

They never made it to the hospital as they expected, the carnage that the tornado caused was devastating. Cars, trucks, parts of houses and other foreign objects were tossed everywhere in the small town. Finding an ambulance, they were treated and then started helping the citizens look for lost friends and relatives. Gavin was beside herself, she had only seen this kind of thing while on the air. She looked around her and saw how these people's lives would be forever changed and knew how Toby must feel and have felt when her world was torn apart. She wiped the tears from her eyes, placed the video camera she had been using on its tripod and walked over to where her lover was helping lift part of a wall that had fallen over a storm shelter door.

When they had done everything they could to help, they went over to where the Red Cross had set up an aid station and got bottles of water to wash the down the dust. Gavin leaned into Toby's side and rested her face against her upper arm. "Did they even know it was coming their way?" She asked Toby.

"No, they never heard. They had no idea that they were in danger, the call you made to the news station helped those people but these ones found themselves caught unprepared."

"What can we do to make sure this never happens again?"

Toby turned to her side and pulled Gavin into her arms, placing a kiss to her forehead she sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, they have tornado spotters but the problem is getting through to the news stations. They had the same problem that Andy had, they were not taken seriously." Gavin wrapped her arms around Toby and thought of what she could do to help.

"I have an idea, but it'll mean that I have to go back to Atlanta." She felt a lump form in her throat at the idea of leaving Toby even for a little while. "It may take me a while to get everything together." She felt Toby stiffen. "I don't want to leave you…"

She felt her heart stop beating for a second, she wanted Gavin by her side but knew that her lover had a life in Atlanta and what ever she had planned couldn't be done here on the road. She wanted to be selfish and ask her to stay but knew it was wrong. "Gavin, this is important to many people, what ever you have planned could save thousands of lives."

"Will you go back with me?"

Toby dropped her head down to rest on her lover's shoulder. "I wish I could baby, but with us out here maybe we can make a difference. We still have the data from the turtle to go over and that has to be done in our lab." She felt tears fill her eyes when Gavin nodded her head and a soft sob came from her. "When we're done I could fly to Atlanta or you could come to Oklahoma."

"Or I could just quit my job as anchor."

"No baby, you have an important job that reaches many people, I couldn't nor wouldn't ask you to do that. We'll figure something out."

"I hate this Toby, but I promise you when I get my idea sold, I'll come back to you." She lifted her head, pulled Toby down to her and kissed her with every ounce of love she felt in her heart. When the kiss ended, she looked into tear-filled eyes. "I love you Toby Storm."

Toby wiped the tears from Gavin's cheeks and hugged her close. "I love you too Gavin, when will you leave?" She didn't want to hear the answer but needed it all the same.

"If I leave tomorrow, I'll be back that much sooner."


The Storm Troopers and Gavin stood at the United Airlines counter in Dallas, Gavin didn't give a damn what people thought of her as she clung to Toby. With each second that went by, she felt her soul tear. She knew the minute she left her lover's arms and boarded the plane to Atlanta that she would be leaving a part of her behind. She pressed her face into Toby's chest and let her tears flow freely. A sob tore from her when she heard the boarding call. "I don't want to go Toby."

"I know and I don't want you to but this is important and we'll be together soon. I promise." She stood up and held onto her lover, she looked over to her friends and saw the tears in their eyes. Letting Gavin go, she nodded to the Troopers and watched as they each gave Gavin a hug. No goodbyes were exchanged among them, that was one of the rules that they had in the small group. Gavin gave Toby one last hug before she walked towards the Jetway door. She stopped and ran back into Toby's arms, pulled her head down and kissed her passionately. "I love you Toby with all my heart."

"You are my soul Gavin, I love you." She placed a gentle kiss upon her lips, watched her walk down the Jetway, and then disappear. Dropping her head, she covered her face and felt her friends give her a group hug. Andy whispered into her ear and then placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

"She'll be back Toby."

"Gods I hope so." She sobbed into Andy's shoulder. "I can't live without her."


Gavin walked into the news station the next morning dressed in Levis, T-shirt and work boots, her fellow employees gave her funny looks and whispered behind her back. She ignored them and headed to her producers office. She knocked and walked in to find Shelly rubbing her temples.

"Can't be that bad Shelly." She said in a low voice and dropped into the chair across from the desk.

Shelly's brown eyes shot wide and her jaw dropped. "What are you doing back so soon, I thought you weren't coming back for another month and a half?"

"I need a favor and you're the only person that can help me." She rubbed her temples trying to get the headache she had to ease up.

"You're kidding me right?" Shelly said as she leaned back in her chair and took a good look at her anchor.

"Nope, I'm not kidding at all." She slid a video tape across the desk to Shelly along with a CD. "That's from the last storm we chased, what I saw out there with Toby and the others was something that rocked my foundation." Shelly turned in her chair and popped the tape into the VCR, after about two or three minutes of seeing the wreckage that the tornado had caused, she turned with a curious expression.

"What I saw and experienced scared the living shit out of me and that tape you're watching was a small quiet town at one time. Six people lost there lives there because they had no warning of the tornado, I made a call myself to a news station miles away to send out a warning because Andy was blown off."

"And what do you need help with?"

"I want all the news stations in the areas where tornados, hurricanes and tropical storms occur to have a special line for the storm spotters to call. Right now, they use the same number that every nutcase calls and they get blown off before they can say anything. You have connections that I don't and Jerry's an asshole. If there's no money involved then he's not doing it so I'm not even going to him."

Shelly leaned forward and rested her chin on crossed arms; she gazed into Gavin's eyes and grinned at her. "You're different, what happened out there besides getting scared?" Gavin blushed and looked to her clasped hands. "Ohh Gavin what did you do?"

A small smile came to her face and grew bigger when she thought of her lover. "I sorta fell in love."

"Sorta, how do you sorta fall in love and who is she?"

"I never expected this to happen to me, Toby is the most amazing woman I've ever met. At first I wanted nothing more than to kick the shit out of her and then…"

"And who is this Toby, is she one to the Storm Troopers?"

"She's 'the' Storm Trooper, Professor Toby Carlisle Storm."

"You fell for an egghead!" Shelly busted out laughing and pointed at her friend. "I just can't see it Gavin, I mean you and a professor. All I can picture is tweed, glasses and a dour expression."

"Ohh you have no idea Shelly!" She pulled a picture from her wallet and handed it to her. She had taken the picture of Toby one day when she had been checking out her cameras, her lover sat on the hood of her van looking out into space. Her hair blowing out behind her, eyes a piercing pale blue shown brightly and set off by her dark tan and a hint of a smile on her lips.

"She's a professor? God damn Gavin, she's gorgeous!"

"And all mine, which brings me to another problem. They keep losing their grants to some rich asshole by the name of Sawyer."

"I heard that you tossed your weight around and got them the full amount for having you tag along." She gave Gavin a thumbs up and grinned. "Burned Jerry's ass on that one," She thought for a few minutes and nodded her head. "I know some people at different colleges and at the NSSL, plus if you can get me more of these tapes I'll force the committee to pay for them. But I want you to do something for me in return."

Gavin knew there had to be a catch somewhere. "What's that?"

"I want you to get your story together with this tape and put it on the air. Can you have it done by next week?"

"No problem, but what about Jeremy?"

"Don't worry about him; he's at home whining like a damn baby."


Toby leaned back in her chair and looked to the wall with all her maps on it, they had returned to Oklahoma a couple days after Gavin had gone back to Atlanta. She felt lost out on the road for the first time in years, every time she looked over at Mini Me in his pink dress; she smiled and then felt tears fill her eyes. She ached deep inside and each time she picked up her phone to call her lover, she chickened out. "You're such a loser T, you play with tornados but you're to chicken to call your lover." She looked to her doorway and groaned at her friends. They were all standing with their arms positioned to look like giant L's

"Big bad Toby Storm, tornado tangler, ass kicker and world's biggest chicken shit when it comes to the heart."

"Shud-up Dustin, you're no better. You spent two years sniffing after Andy before you spoke to her."

"Hey, I was only eighteen and…"

"A chicken shit." Andy added before she pushed everyone into their office. "Still is one when it comes to some things," She cocked an eyebrow at her wife. "I'm the one who has to get the tampons at the store, Dustball here just about passes out." Bevis and Butkis exchanged grins and nodded their heads, moving over to their desks; Bevis pulled out a side drawer and pointed inside. Butkis reached inside and pulled out something that would just about kill Dustin when she found out. Heading back towards the door, B&B brushed past her and then turned.

"We're going to get coffee, anyone want anything?"

Dustin grinned at them and nodded her head. "I'll go with ya; I want some Reese's cups and chocolate milk." She looked to her wife and Toby. "Guys?"

"Nothing for me, I have coffee here." Toby replied.

Andy handed her money for their stuff. "Just coffee and some kind of junk food." When they went out the door, both Toby and Andy held back their laughter until they were sure that Dustin was out of earshot. "Ohh my Gods, she's gonna die!" Andy fell into her chair laughing.

"Especially after walking all over the campus with Kotex pads stuck to her back!"

Sobering, Andy drilled Toby. "So T, why won't you call Gavin, I know you miss her?"

"She's probably busy and I don't want to seem like a pest." She knew that was a lame excuse but wasn't about to tell Andy that she didn't know what to say to Gavin.

"For Christ sakes T give me the phone."

"Why what are you gonna do?" T pulled the phone to her chest and eyed Andy.

"I'm gonna call Gavin and tell her what an idiot you are. Now gimme the phone before I smack Mini Me."

T handed her the phone and pulled Mini Me into her arms to protect him. She felt her heart lurch in her chest when Andy starting talking on the phone.

"Yes this is Professor Andrea Vanson; I'd like to speak with Gavin De La Rouge." She stuck her tongue out at Toby while she waited for Gavin to pick up. "Oh she is who's this?"

"I'm Shelly her producer, you wouldn't happen to be one of the Storm Troopers would you?"

"Yeah I am I was trying to get a hold of Gavin to see how she was doing."

"She's busting her ass trying to get a story finished and some thing's done with other networks, and of course she's so involved with getting stuff done that she's forgotten to call you guys. I have arranged with the boss here to pay you guys for any tapes you have on the storms you chase. Will you do it?"

"Sure, how much and when do you need them?" She grinned at Toby and punched a hand in the air. "OK, you should get them in a couple of days." She hung up the phone, jumped from her chair and danced around the office. "Yeah baby! Two grand for some Trooper tapes!"

Toby gave Andy a raised eyebrow. "What did you just do?"

"Oh not me, it was Gavin who did it." She dropped down on the edge of Toby's desk. "She wasn't in but she's working on something, any idea what that is?"

Toby shrugged her shoulders. "She wouldn't tell me, she said I would find out once she sold her idea." She put Mini Me back on her desk and shook her head at him. "I can't believe I've left him in a dress."


With her arms full of papers and folders, Gavin shuffled to her desk and dropped them with a thud on top. She had been spending more time in meetings than she ever had but she was making leeway with her idea. So far, she had all the networks setting up extra phone lines that went directly to the weather station and arranging for them to teach more storm watchers. She dropped exhausted into her chair and looked at the phone, breathing in a deep breath; she picked it up and dialed. After a few rings, it was picked up and she lost her composure after hearing the voice on the other end.

"Dr. Evils lair, Unibrow speaking, wanna shag?"

"You are insane Butthead!" She chuckled and then snorted when Mini Me came over the phone with his drawn out E. "Is Toby around?"

"Nope, she's at some dumbass meeting with the department heads, ya know where they do the tango over who gets funds and who gets fucked with the telephone pole with great big splinters?"

"So they're still screwing around with the grants," She rubbed her forehead and sighed. "Is Sawyer one of the assholes in the meeting?"

"Nope, but his father is there. Ya know the deal, give a lot of money and you get a seat on the board. He's still crying about loosing one of his trucks and wants the college to replace it…hold on Andy wants ta talk to ya."

"What kinda bullshit did Butthead tell you?"

Gavin grinned when she heard a yelp in the background and then Bevis yell at Butkis. "Just about Toby being in some meeting and Sawyer's whining. How are you guys doing?"

"We're taking a break from suck jobs and trying to get out turtle report finished to present to the NSSL. If we can beat Sawyer to the punch, it'll put us in a better position for grants. What about you?"

"Well, I've threatened to pillage small villages, sell their women into sex slavery, broke some guys nose and gotten the networks to see my way of kicking ass." She paused while Andy laughed at her. I really need to talk to Toby about you guys doing a documentary on Storm Chasing."

"A documentary…us! Ohh my Gods Gavin that would be great!"

"I thought so, I figured that the more people who know what you guys do, then more businesses would be willing to cough up some funding money."

"She's such a chicken shit; I've tried everything but hot pokers to get her to call you, she said and I quote, 'I don't wanna be a pest."

"Hold Mini Me for ransom, that ought to do something." She grinned at the thought of her lover and her doll.

"Hold on a minute, the chicken just walked in."

Gavin waited and then felt her heart beat rapidly at the first sound of her lover's deep sexy voice. "Al Roker fan club, ten spot for autographed pictures an extra two bucks for him to personalize."

Gavin purred over the phone and imagined Toby blushing. "What about you autographing body parts you sexy bitch?"

"Depends on what body part," Toby spun her chair away from the others and covered her heated face. "I'll do below the waist for free."
"Really and when would this be possible?"

"Uhhmm…that could be a problem, I have a full schedule for the next month. Lots of asses to personalize with the tread of my boot. Sorry baby." She felt her world collapsing on her with the deep sigh from her lover. "I have a conference in Tallahassee in a couple of weeks, I could fly into Atlanta."

"Ohh baby, I won't be here, I have a meeting in New York in two weeks. This is killing me Toby, I miss you."

"I miss you too; I just wish I didn't have to play the games to be able to do my job."

"I can make it a little easier if you're willing to do a documentary for my station."

Gavin explained to her about the documentary and all the things she had been able to set in motion with the other networks. Her next plan was to tackle the academic world. "When do they want this documentary to start?"

"I'll have to talk to Shelly about it and get back to you and I mean that literally Professor Storm."

They spoke for an hour about what they had been doing while apart and what they had planed for the future, what hurt both of them was that their schedules were not compatible and they didn't know when they would be able to see each other. When they hung up, Toby brushed the tears from her face and sat staring at the wall of her office. She had been ignoring it for the past week but the song of Mother Nature was calling to her. She had to go back out on the road, alone if the others didn't want to yet. She dropped her head down and ran her fingers through her hair.

"We need to get the tapes to Atlanta; I think we should send them by courier." Bevis whispered in Toby's ear and squeezed her shoulders. "They're in that box by the door."

"OK, I'll take care of it later." She continued to sit and stare at the wall while the others compiled the turtle information.


Gavin dropped her head down onto her folded arms to hide the tears flowing down her cheeks. She hated the fact that she would be in New York when Toby would be only a few hours away in Tallahassee. She wished that she could cancel and then fly down to Macon to see her lover but knew what she was doing would bring them back together sooner. "Fucking sucks!" She sobbed out and cried harder from the ache in her heart and soul.

"Gods you're wrecked over her aren't you?" Shelly asked from the doorway of Gavin's office. "Why the Hell don't you take a break and go see her, get your pipes cleaned or something." Gavin wiped her eyes before looking over to her boss.

"I have to see this stuff through, it's important and…fuck Shelly, is it always this hard being separated?"

"You're asking the wrong person, I can't even keep house plants." She sat on the edge of Gavin's desk and rested a hand on her shoulder. "Go home get some rest, remember you have to be back on the air in two days and you'll need about ten pounds of cover up on those bags under your eyes."

"I don't want to go home; I just sit there and stare at the walls like an idiot." Leaning back in her chair, she closed her eyes. "If I keep busy, I don't hurt as bad and I don't think of her as much."


With the box of tapes stashed in the back her van, Toby drove towards interstate 35 at 90 mph. She was going to answer Mother Natures call if it killed her; she just hoped that her friends didn't find her first and do the job themselves. Looking over to Mini Me, she shook her head and spoke to him. "I have to do this or I'll go nuts!" She passed slower vehicles and flipped on the fuzz buster as B&B called the radar detector. If she drove non-stop, she figured that she would make it to the storm front in two or three days. It would have been easier not to mention quicker to fly and then rent a truck but she didn't want to waste any money or take a chance on the airline losing or damaging her equipment. Sliding in a CD, she sang along with Terri Clark and felt tears come to her eyes when Gavin's favorite song started to play.


Gavin paced the floor in front of her couch until she feared that she had made a trench in the floor. Dropping face first into the cushions, she screamed out her pain, frustration and anger, she had tried to get a hold of Toby but when she called her office, Dustin said that she had taken off a few days before and not returned yet. Rolling onto her back, she looked at her watch and saw that she had only an hour before she was due back at the station for the six o'clock news. She had finished her report and would be doing a weeklong special on the Storm Troopers. Dragging her weary body to her bedroom, she grabbed the suit bag from the back of her bedroom door and then headed out. Twenty minutes later, she was sitting behind the anchors desk nodding off before airtime. She jumped in her seat when the stench of a cigar wafted to her nose and her chair was spun to face the make-up woman. Gavin blinked her eyes a few times and held back a chuckle.

"Ohh my Gods what happened to you?"

"I forgot about my cigar and sprayed hair spray." She ran a gnarled fingertip across where one of her eyebrows used to be. "Damn flames fried me; good thing is I don't have to wax for a while." Gavin's lips twitched as she looked at the remaining eyebrow that reminded her of a wire brush.

"If I could only be so lucky." She suffered the touch-ups and hairspray for her return to the airwaves.

"Ohh believe me, you are NOT lucky, I was spraying down that damn pompadour of Lower's, rotten son of a bitch and his rug piece."

At first, her face blanched and then an evil grin crossed her face to mirror in her green eyes. "Did you say rug as in hairpiece?"

"You got that right, damn thing cost more than my house!" The make-up woman hobbled away puffing on her cigar and mumbling about torching Jeremy's toupee. Gavin straightened in her chair and watched as Jeremy hobbled out to the set, he gave her a glare and sunk down into his co-anchor chair.

"I so hoped that you would never come back!" He growled at her.

"Funny, I was thinking the same about you. No such luck though." She turned in her chair and ignored his primping and voice exercises. "Pompous ass wipe." She mumbled under her breath and looked up to see Shelly waving a finger at her from the control booth. She smiled and flipped her boss off. Cupping a hand over her ear, she heard the count down and plastered her fake smile on her face.

"Good evening, I'm Gavin De La Rouge, welcome to the evening news." She turned and glared at Jeremy and flipped him off after the camera moved from her.


Toby tucked in her white shirt, adjusted her black suit jacket and checked the shine on her black cowboy boots. Taking a deep breath, she slid the door open on her van, picked up the box of tapes and walked towards the front doors of the news station. She had broken every law of the road and set new land speed records getting to Atlanta. Now to face the Storm and see if her heart could survive. She pulled the door open and walked up to the desk in the center of the reception room.

"Hi, I'm Professor T. Storm; I have some tapes for the news director Shelly." The receptionist looked into the tired blue eyes and held up a finger.

"One moment please and I'll call the control booth, they're on the air at this moment but I know Shelly will come down to see you." Toby stood and waited as the woman made a phone call and pointed to a row of chairs near the wall. "Have a seat and she'll be right down to meet with you." Toby set the box down and paced in front of the chairs, she was too wired about seeing Gavin to sit. She turned when she heard footsteps coming from behind her; the woman gave her a grin and held out her hand.

"Hi I'm Shelly, Gavin's boss." She gazed into pale blue eyes and blinked a few times. "She is one lucky woman, come on I'll take you so you can see your girlfriend at her worst."

Toby raised an eyebrow at what Shelly had said. "She told you about us?"

"Ohh she can't hide a damn thing from me, and from the mood she's been in I know she has no idea that you were coming."

"I didn't know myself until I ended up here; it's kinda a spur of the moment thing. I hope it's OK."

"More than OK," Shelly walked into the elevator and held the door for Toby. "So that's the tapes Gavin promised me?" She pointed to the box Toby held under her arm.

"Yeah, they need edited though, they're rough and just used for our research."

"Ohh that's all right, I have people just sitting around doing nothing all day." The doors opened on the floor where the news set was, Shelly walked out and waited for Toby to join her. "You can set that box on the desk over there and follow me. We'll hide in the background so you can see the Evil Gavin; she's hilarious on the set." They walked into the studio and stayed in the back where it was dark, Toby could see Gavin sitting behind her anchors desk looking bored and her head dropping forward as she nodded off in the middle of Jeremy's spiel.

"I can't believe her." Shelly whispered to Toby. "I told her to get some sleep before she came in today."


"So Gavin, how did it go with the Storm Trooper story that you stole from me?" Jeremy asked and then saw that she was sleeping. "That good huh? Well I'm sure the audience does not want to see you sleeping on the set." He picked up a pile of papers from in front of him and hit her over the head with them. Gavin's eyes shot open, she looked around confused and blushed when she realized that she had fallen asleep while on the air.

"Actually Jeremy, I had a wonderful time and I'm sure that the audience is sleeping too after having to listen to your boring ass story." She smirked at him and straightened out her own papers. "Ya'll can wake up out there, I'm back and I can guarantee I'm not as boring as Jeremy." She picked up the stick that their weatherman used and waved it at the camera. "Now for part one of my series, as you know I was gone for a short time and spending it with a group called the Storm Troopers." She turned in her chair and watched the monitor showing off to her left; it showed the Troopers standing outside their vehicles with their equipment at the ready watching the incoming storm front. "No one has any idea the danger these five women face while chasing storms." She continued to explain to the viewers just what chasing a storm entailed until her ten minutes was up. She turned back to the front and smiled into the camera. "And now for the Sports Report." She spun the stick in her hand, pointed it at Jeremy's ear, slid it up under his toupee and flung the hair piece across the stage where it landed on camera number ones lens.


Shelly fell back into the wall, covered her face and whimpered. "She's gonna give me a fatal heart attack one of these days!" Toby stood there transfixed by her lover's actions, she walked closer to the set and watched Gavin terrorize Jeremy some more.


"Damn that thing can fly, must be all that hairspray on it! Hey throw it back here Charlie and let's see it fly again!"

Jeremy sat there with his mouth hanging open, eyes wide and his hands covering his baldhead. He swung to look at Gavin and let out a blood-curdling scream of "You horrible DYKE!" Lifting the arm covered in a plastic cast over his head, he was about to swing it at Gavin when he heard a low growl coming from among the camera's.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you." Toby growled at him and pinned him to his chair with icy blue eyes. "I'd hate to get blood on my suit." Gavin's green eyes swung to where the familiar voice came from and felt her pulse speed up. She stood and shielded her eyes with a hand and felt a bright smile come to her lips. Running around the desk, she jerked backwards when her microphone wire almost strangled her. Pulling it off, she ran and leapt into her lover's arms. Not caring that a camera was still filming her, she captured Toby's lips in a heated kiss and poured out all her emotions at once. Breaking the kiss, she looked into tear-filled blue eyes and sobbed softly.

"I've missed you Toto." She buried her face in her lover's neck, ignored the clapping, and yells from the studio workers. Toby held her tightly to her body and kissed the side of her neck; she mumbled loving words close to her ear and felt her lover sob harder.

"Come on you two; let's get you to Gavin's office where it's more private." Shelly lead Toby with Gavin still wrapped around her body down the hall and to Gavin's small office. "I gotta go do something with the news before my boss kills me, nice job Gavin." She chuckled as she closed the door behind them. "You could have waited until your second show to do that."


"I've missed you so much Piglet," She sat down on the couch with Gavin still clinging to her. "I had to come and see you or I was going to go off the deep end." Leaning back, she looked into bloodshot green eyes and offered her a small smile. "Ya know I wasn't expecting to see you attack your co-anchor with in a few minutes of being on the air. What will happen now, will they fire you?"

"Nope, it's what keeps the viewers watching us." She placed a tender kiss on her lover's lips and brought their foreheads together. "I could care less if they did fire me; I want to spend the rest of my life with you." She pulled back and looked into the eyes that she had dreamed about for the last week and a half. "Will you marry me Toby?"

Toby's mouth turned up at the corners, her eyes danced with surprise and then she pushed Gavin back onto the couch and covered her body with her own. "Can you handle me running off after a storm, hanging around with perverts and talking to Mini Me?"

"I can handle anything but being away from you."

"OK, I guess I'll marry you then." She chuckled at the rolling of green eyes.

"Such a romantic you are Toby Storm, who knew? First thing, we're gonna get new Trooper trucks. I want our own bathroom; I'm tired of using a bush or running back to the B&B all the time."

Blue eyes shot wide but not because of new vehicles. "Does that mean that you're quitting the station? You don't need to quit, we'll all move our operation here to Atlanta."

"Toto," Gavin cupped her face between her hands. "We'll talk about this later, now kiss me so I can get back on the air and humiliate Jeremy some more. After all he did call me a dyke on the air." What started out as a slow loving kiss grew deeper and lasted much longer than they had planned on. Breaking for much needed air, they gazed lovingly into each other's until Shelly came through the door.

"Come on Gavin, I've run everything I can to fill in for you."

Gavin snuggled into Toby's body and cursed her job. "I'll be right there, just keep you briefs from knotting."


Gavin walked on to the set and snorted at the now bald Jeremy, taking her seat, she waved the make-up woman away. She could care less if her hair was standing on end, she was happy and that's all that mattered. Looking around the set, she spotted Toby standing off to the side of the cameras and gave her a bright smile. Shelly almost fell over, she had seen Gavin smile before but nothing could compare to this. She looked to the tall professor and felt her heart do a back flip.

"Damn if they ain't made for each other." She did the count down and pointed to a smiling Gavin.

"Sorry about earlier, but ya know me, I just couldn't help myself," She stuck her tongue out at Jeremy and then smiled at Toby. "I know you all saw what happened after that and I want everyone to know that the tall gorgeous woman is my fianc?e Professor T. Storm of the Storm Troopers."


The other Storm Troopers jumped around the living room howling their joy. The next words out of their mouths were. "Toto's a dead woman!"

Andy dropped down onto the couch and pointed to the TV. "She could have told us she was going to Atlanta! Just wait until she gets home, I'm gonna kick her ass!"

Dustin waved a hand at her and then smiled at B&B. "Before or after the party, if ya get her wasted it'll be easier."


Gavin opened the door to her apartment and waited for Toby to enter before her. Taking her hand, she led her into the kitchen and flipped on the light. "I know it's not much but its home." She pulled the refrigerator open, tossed Toby a Black and Tan beer, and took one for herself. "I'd give you a tour of the place but ya pretty much saw everything on the way to the kitchen." She leaned into Toby's body and rested her head on her chest. "The only other rooms are the bathroom and bedroom and you'll see that in about two minutes."

"Two minutes huh, I figured we would have already been in there." She wrapped her arms around Gavin and hugged her tightly.

"I didn't want to seem needy," She pulled out of Toby's arms and pulled her down the short hall to her bedroom. "OK, that was a long enough wait, I'm very needy." She took their beers, placed them on the nightstand and pushed Toby back on the bed. "What I need is for you to hold me." She shrugged off her suit jacket, dropped it to the floor along with her other clothes and crawled on top of Toby. "I haven't slept in I don't know how long and from the bags under your eyes neither have you."

"I kept searching the bed for you every few hours." She kissed the top of a blonde head and hugged Gavin closer to her. "Let me get out of these uncomfortable clothes and we'll snuggle." She got up off the bed and shook her head. "I can't believe I just said that, I never snuggled or cuddled with anyone before you, you corrupted me." She grinned down into tired eyes and smirked. "You're a bad influence on me Piglet."

"Good, I always wanted to be a bad influence."


Shelly paced back and forth in front of Gavin and Toby; she looked at them and then pulled on her hair. "You can't do this Gavin!" She spoke in a coarse whisper. "I need you here; I can assign someone else to do the documentary."

"I'm going with the Troopers no matter what you say, I'll quit if I have to." She took Toby's hand and brought it to her lips. "I belong with Toby and the others, I'll do the filming and the editing, you provide the machines. You can't win Shelly, and think of it this way, you don't have to pay a crew to film this." Shelly dropped heavily into her chair, rubbed her temples and nodded her head.

"Against my better judgment…Ohh Hell, fuck my judgment, doesn't matter anyway. Go see the camera guys and get what you need." She held up a finger. "You call me and let me know how everything is going."

Gavin smiled brightly at her boss. "You got it and don't worry, we'll do a good job."


Gavin was reading through a thick file as Toby drove back towards New York, her brows drown down over her nose as she skimmed the last page and then looked at her fianc?e's profile. "What do ya think of the National Weather Service of Atlanta?"

"Ohh I don't know why ya asking?"

"Because I have a contract here for the Storm Troopers to work for them."

"You what, how in the world did you get that?" Toby pulled the van over to the side of the road and then looked at Gavin in complete surprise. "Baby, exactly what have you been up to for the last week or so?"

Gavin wiggled her eyebrows. "You mean besides fantasying about getting you naked?"

"Yeah besides that, what did you do with the other three minutes of the day?"

"Ha funny but true, I've been trying to get you guy's permanent funding, so far I have three contracts. Two from the NSSL in Boulder and Utah and this one here from the NWS in Atlanta, this one looks the best and not because it's in Atlanta either. They're offer is a lot better and they'll provide your vehicles, equipment and anything else you need." She handed the contract to Toby and sat back in her seat. A few minutes later, Toby looked up at her and grinned.

"I'll have ta talk to the others about this and see what they say." She got up from her seat and leaned over. "Ever think about being an agent?" She brought their lips together in a deep kiss that continued for minutes. "Let me park this thing where we won't get run over."

"What are we gonna do Toto?" She asked with a low throaty purr.

"Catch up on a week of celibacy."


Toby was sitting in her office chair looking through Gavin's suitcase; she had found a leather-shaving bag with all kinds of different sex toys in it. She held up each one and inspected it. "Ohh Gavin you are a wicked little thing," She held up a leather harness with a double-ended dildo that attached to it. "Kinky too, wonder?" She put the harness on and looked down at herself.

"Looks better with something attached to it." Gavin said with a sleep-thickened voice from their bed.

Toby raised an eyebrow at her and gave her a lopsided grin. "And what would that be?" She waved the dildo at her.


"That could be arranged ya know." She wiggled a finger at her and watched as she struggled with the bed sheets before coming over to straddle her lap. "Only one problem I see with using this thing."

"What's the problem, maybe I can help." She dropped her head down to lick the hollow of her lover's throat and then nip the soft skin of her jaw. "Gonna tell me or just moan and whimper?"

Her finesse with words was never good to begin with, but now facing something that scared the living Hell out of her, she stumbled over each word and blushed profusely. "Gavin, I've never…this is…I know it's…too big." Gavin pulled back from where she was licking and nipping soft skin to see the terror in Toby's eyes.

"You've never used anything like this before?"

"No…my experience is limited…"

Gavin smiled at her and cupped her face between her hands, pulling her closer; she kissed her gently and mumbled against her lips. "If what you know and do is limited, you'll be the death of me with more knowledge." She kissed her again and brought their foreheads together afterward. "Well take it slow and if you can't take it, we'll do something else, OK?"

"OK, let's move back to the bed, this chair is Hell on my lower back." She carried Gavin over to their bed, laid her down and stood taking in every inch of her body. Just looking at her lover made her heart beat speed up. Crawling over the top of her, she hovered and licked at a hardened nipple. "Gods you're beautiful and all mine." One minute she was on top, the next she was flat on her back with a tongue teasing her nipples. Gavin still amazed her with her strength, she may be small but she could take her down in seconds, willing or not. Arousal roared through her body with each lick to her heated flesh, she felt her juices flow and cover her inner thighs. Her back arched when Gavin ran her fingers through her moisture and teased her center.

In a deep voice, Gavin whispered against her lover's chest. "I'll be as gentle as I can Toby." Taking the smaller end of the dildo, she eased into her lover and waited until Toby started to breathe again. "You all right baby?"

"Yeah…more." She thrust her hips upward and pulled the rest inside of her, panting; she reached to Gavin and ran her fingers through her hair. Gavin fastened the harness around her hips and the dildo, bracing her hands on either side of Toby's shoulders; she dropped her head down for a hungry kiss. Moving so that she was over the top of the dildo, she eased herself down onto it and held fast when Toby gasped out. "Let me do all the work Toby, anytime it gets to be too much you stop me." Gavin leaned forward and took Toby's lips in a tender kiss; they moaned and moved slowly against each other in the ancient dance. Toby rolled them over and lay between Gavin's opened thighs and slowly pumped into her. Soft grunts and moans were the only noises in the van; Gavin then gasped when Toby tilted her hips upward and hit her G-spot. She clutched at her lover's shoulders with blunt fingernails and thrust her hips upward into Toby. They were both on the very edge of euphoria when sirens and a deep commanding voice filled the van.

"This is the police, come out with your hands up!"

"Don't you dare…pull out of me!" Gavin growled and wrapped her legs around Toby's lower back. "Soooo close!" Toby thrust harder and sent them both over the edge with loud yells that accompanied the officer's voice. "Panting and holding onto each other for dear life, they road out the tremors even though they were being threatened.

"Get out of the van now! Or else we're coming in!" The door slid back and the Troopers streamed into the van to jump all over the two lovers.

"FUCKING PERVERTS!" Toby grumbled into her lover's neck and grunted when a body crawled on top of her. "Get off us you sick bitches!"

Dustin slapped her on her ass and grinned. "I think we caught them at the end! Damn slow ass driver you are Bevis, I told you to do 90mph!" The bouncing on the bed and them caused Gavin's G-spot to be rubbed by the dildo; she bit down into Toby's shoulder to hold back her scream from another orgasm. Shudders ripped through her body and pulled on the dildo sending Toby back over the edge. Toby buried her face in her lover's neck and whimpered with each tendril that shot to her center.

"OK guys, Bevis and Butkis you drive the van and follow us." Andy pulled her wife with her out the door and busted out laughing as soon as they were outside. "When she's gets herself collected, she's gonna kill us!" They ran back to their pick-up truck and pulled in front of the van.

Bevis tried to get a better look at the strap-on; she looked to Butkis and asked. "Wonder if it's life-like?"

Gavin peeked out from where she was hiding and pointed to Butkis. "Tell Andy to head to Oklahoma."

Toby mumbled into her neck. "What about New York, you have a meeting there?"

"Not anymore I don't, you're more important than some dumbass meeting. Now kiss me."


Toby pulled clothes back on and stumbled to hang onto the back of the driver's seat; she smacked both women in the backs of their heads and growled. "How did you find us?" Butkis and Bevis grinned and slapped hands, in unison they answered. "Lowjack baby!"

"You put a lowjack device on my van?"

"Yeah baby, gotta keep track of your mojo ass." Butkis ducked the hand coming towards her and snickered. "We wanted to wire your boxers but knew you'd get electrocuted." She snickered at the blush washing over her friends face.

"Riiiight, assholes, get the other two on the radio and find the closet restaurant so we can get something to eat and I can discuss something with everyone." She went back to her and Gavin's bed and crawled in beside her for a short nap until they stopped. Pulling her lover's body close to her, she buried her face in her soft hair and drifted off to sleep.


The restaurant they stopped at was a Steak house, after two minutes of the Troopers being in there, it was a circus. Gavin starred wide eyed at the eating habits of the women. She had never seen a seal show before but the Troopers could put the small mammals to shame. Croutons flew across the table into open mouths until Dustin started doing obscene things with carrot sticks. Bevis had cucumber slices over her eyes pretending she was Orphan Annie, Butkis had green beans stuck up her nose and Andy and Toby sat with their hands over their eyes trying to ignore the others. When their food came, what each didn't like, they traded for what they wanted, and it reminded her of lunchtime in school. Eyeing her lover, she ran a hand up her inner thigh and moaned. What she found there was not normal at all; she nudged her shoulder and saw the wicked gleam and grin come to Toby's face and eyes.

"Is that all for me Toto?"

"Yeah baby, every inch of it Piglet, every inch." She leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Do I make you horney baby, do I?"

"You have nooo idea, wanna check?"

Toby threw some bills on the table, took Gavin's hand and waved to the others. "We'll be at the nearest motel."

Dustin pumped a hand in the air. "It was me and my carrot sticks!"

"Bullshit Dustball," Bevis stuck her tongue out at her. "It was that bulge in Toby's pants." She looked at the shocked faces. "What? Ohh come on I know I'm not the only one to see it." She grinned and shinned her short nails on her shirt. "You guys aren't as observant as I thought, Losers!"


They made it back to Oklahoma and to the large house that the Troopers rented. Gavin looked up at the house and whistled she couldn't picture them in a place like this but for some reason she knew that they all lived together, so where better.

"This is home for a while," Toby grinned. "Now we'll have to find someplace in Atlanta." She leaned over and kissed her lover. "Let's get inside, I really need a shower."

Gavin looked around Toby's bedroom and snorted, she had a poster of Mini Me on her wall and Dr. Evil and Mini Me on a motorized bike sitting on a shelf. "Funny, I pictured you to have a poster of Tomb Raider or Xena on the wall across from your bed."

"Nope," She pointed to the other wall to a framed picture of Miss Parker from the Pretender. "I like her because she's such a bitch." Gavin stepped into her arms and looked up at her with a cocked eyebrow.

"Where do I fit into the bitch type?"

"You don't, you're just a wickedly evil anchor that terrorizes the cast and crew."


"We are sooo screwed," Dustin sighed. "What theme song does Georgia have?"

"Who cares, we get new trucks and toys!" Butkis jumped up and down and fell over the foot Dustin threw out in front of her. "Wonder if they'll let us paint the weather God Big Al Roker on the side?" She crawled across the floor and went to look for Bevis.

"Knowing those two, Al will be dressed in his raincoat, fedora and flashing drivers." Andy pulled Dustin from where she was sitting on the couch to her feet. "Come on Dustball, it's your turn to do some flashing."


Gavin rolled over on top of her sleeping lover and looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand, it was just now six o'clock in the morning and she couldn't figure out why she was up so early. Nuzzling her face against Toby's neck, she inhaled her scent and sighed.

"What are you doing awake Piglet?" Came Toby's sleep thickened voice.

"Hungry, my stomachs growling loud enough to wake all of Oklahoma."

"Can't have that, let's go to the kitchen from Hell and see what we have in the refrigerator."

"Kitchen from Hell?"

"Ohh you'll see what I mean if the others are down there." She crawled from bed and handed Gavin her robe and pulled boxers and a T-shirt on.

"Hey why do I have your robe and you're dressed?" She pulled the sash closed and looked down to see a large expanse of flesh.

"So I can look down the front and drool." She quickly kissed her lover and pulled her from their bedroom. When they got to the kitchen, Gavin looked around the scene of complete chaos; she had never seen anything like it in all her life. The counter tops were covered in flour, eggshells lay on the stove, pots and pans littered the sink and all the counter tops, cereal boxes over turned, and milk splattered on the kitchen table. Amongst the mess were Dustin, Butkis and Bevis.

"This is worse than Hell baby," Gavin gripped her hand and pointed to the three flour covered culprits sitting at the table. "Those are demon Spawn thrown out of Hell!" She pulled away from her lover and started looking for cleaning supplies, after finding them; she tossed them to the three Troopers. "You WILL clean up this mess and stay away from the kitchen from now on." The Troopers mouths fell open and eyes turned to the laughing coming from the doorway.

"Ain't funny Andy." Dustin whined and started cleaning off the kitchen table. Bevis and Butkis slapped hands and grinned.

"Knew it would work one of these days." Bevis mumbled and started sweeping the floor while Butkis started cleaning up the area around the stove and sink.

"I tried to do something with this bunch a long time ago but it's like being in a daycare center." Andy said and started the coffee maker. "The worst one belongs to you Gavin; Toby would eat nuked hot dogs every morning if I let her."

"Hey they're easy to make and I don't make too big of a mess," She held open a garbage bag for Dustin and snorted. "Except for when I blow them up that is."

With the kitchen cleaned and the Troopers sent out with the exception of Andy, Gavin made a real breakfast for everyone, she liked to cook and found the huge kitchen comfortable and easy to work in. What she really liked was that the stove was set in an island and had its own smaller sink and work area. Cleaning up the dishes from breakfast, she left the kitchen and found Toby sound asleep on the couch; she looked over her shoulder and grinned at Andy.

"Is she a couch potato when she's home?"

"Toby a couch potato? That's not the same woman I've known most of my life, that's an alien transplant." She waved to Gavin and pointed to a sun porch. "Let's go hide out here for a while, I want to talk about you two not telling us about getting hitched." Gavin rolled her eyes and groaned, she knew that she would be cornered by one of them, she was glad it was Andy and not Dustin.

After drinking a pot of coffee and talking about everything under the sun, Andy grabbed Gavin's hand and pulled her to her feet. "Come on, we're going ring shopping."

"But I don't even know what size Toby takes." She jogged after Andy and struggled with the robes hem.

"Don't worry about it, I know what size she takes and I know just the jewelry store to go to."


Toby let out a gust of breath when Dustin sat on her stomach and held her nose closed, she hated when she became a victim. Slapping at her friends hands, she opened her eyes and glared.

"Won't work on me, remember I'm the reason you developed that look. Now get your lazy ass up, we're all going ring shopping."

"All means exactly who?"

"You, me and B&B, hey that rhymes!"

"You're an idiot Dustball, where's Gavin and Andy?"

"They left about an hour ago, something about buying out all the stores at the mall." All Toby could do was grin like an idiot.

"Gods are we lucky or what, I know I couldn't handle another shopping spree with them."

"Yeah but we got dumb and dumber with us."

"But they'll be in all the toy stores and away from us."


Gavin opened the small blue velvet box and gazed with tear-filled eyes at the ring she had bought for Toby. It was black onyx with a solid gold inlay that wrapped the band; it reminded her of the two of them, how well they fit together like light and dark. Closing the box, she kissed the top and put it back in her pocket.

"It's beautiful Gavin, you have excellent taste in jewelry, and maybe you can rub some of that off on Dustin."

"Is she that bad?"

"Ohh her idea of jewelry is matching watches, if I didn't fold our clothes, she'd be wearing two different color stripes on her socks." She wrapped an arm around Gavin and propelled her to one of her favorite stores. "Now for some mood making items, I just love this store." Gavin could smell the scent of candles and other things coming to her nose as they got closer to the specialty store. "Some candles a little wine and you're all set."


Toby and Dustin looked into the glass-covered jewelry cases; they had made two trips around the store and still didn't see anything that Toby liked. She watched as a woman placed a new tray inside the case and looked up at her.

"Here's some new ones that we just finished making." She smiled and walked over to help another customer. Toby walked over to the case and knew she had found the perfect ring for Gavin. Waiting for the woman to finish with the other customer, she waved her over.

"Can I see that tray please?" She looked at the sizes and pulled out a size 7, slipping it on her pinky she showed it to Dustin. "What do you think?"

"Perfect, is that the right size?"

Toby examined her finger and nodded her head. "Yep, it's the one," She handed it back to the woman and nodded. "I'll take that one there."

They met up with B&B coming out of Spencer's Gifts and knew that they were in for a wild time.

"What did you guys get?" Toby tried peeking in their bags.

"Nunya!" Bevis said and took off running from her with Butkis following.

"That was a sure sign that we're all in big trouble when we get home." Dustin nodded her head and stuck her hand in Toby's pocket for the small box.

"Hey T. would ya help me pick something out for Andy, our anniversary is in a couple of days and my taste sucks big time. I wanna get her a new ring."

Toby smiled and wrapped an arm around Dustin's neck and took her back to the jewelry store. "I saw the perfect ring you can get her, solid gold, diamonds all around the band and a matching diamond ring, and you can afford it."

When they came out of the jewelry store for the second time, Dustin was whimpering and wiping tears from her cheeks. "She's gonna kill me Toby!"

"No she won't, at least not until she sees the Visa bill."

"When that happens, I'm sleeping with you and Gavin."


Gavin rushed around their bedroom lighting candles and getting the music programmed on the stereo, all she needed was for her lover to come home and all would be perfect. She had dressed in a silk robe with nothing else but a spray of Obsession. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked over to where Mini Me stood on their dresser, she couldn't help but chuckle. She had caught B&B sneaking out of their bedroom earlier and knew from the grins on their faces that they had been up to no good. She couldn't wait until Toby came in and saw her baby.

"Piglet! Where are you?" Toby yelled as she came down the hall towards their bedroom, she shoved her hands in her pockets to keep them from shaking with nervousness but didn't know what to do with her quaking legs. She walked into the candle lit room and smiled at her lover. "You trying to romance me Piglet?"

"Is it working?" She lay on her side with the robe flipped back over her legs to show a good portion of her thigh. "If not, we can call the others in and have a s?ance."

"Uuhhmm yep it's working," She looked around the room and moaned when she saw Mini Me. "Ohh my Gods, what happened to my baby?" She walked closer and saw that he was now dressed in a wedding gown and his partner was Yoda dressed in a black tux. "This is just…"

"A B&B special, I'm still trying to figure out which one is me?" Toby turned and gave her a lopsided grin. "Don't go there Toto or you'll be on the couch."

"Ohh I don't like sleeping there, those morons pick on me." She dropped to her knees and crawled across the floor to stop beside the bed, reaching inside her pocket; she pulled the box out and sat it on the edge of the bed. "Now ya know I really suck at the word thing, I want to show you that I want to…I mean that I…ohh Hell, I bought this for you, I hope you like it." She pushed the box over to Gavin and watched with pleading eyes. "Go ahead and open it baby." Gavin picked up the small box and looked into her lover's eyes before she opened it, tears formed and trailed down her cheeks when she saw the ring inside. Taking it out, she held it up and then handed it to Toby.

"It's beautiful Toby." She wiped her eyes and held out her hand to let Toby slip it on her finger. She laced her fingers with her lover's and pulled her closer. "I love you Toby, with all my heart." She sealed her words with a passionate kiss and then pulled back to look into misty blue eyes. "I have something for you to baby." She pulled the ring box from under her pillow and handed it to Toby. "We went ring shopping today, go ahead and open it."

Toby opened the box and gasped, it was an exact match to the ring that she had bought for Gavin. "This is unbelievable, they match." She handed the ring to Gavin and let her slip it on her finger. "The fates work in mysterious ways, Love you baby." She crawled up onto the bed and covered Gavin with her body; they lay wrapped in each other's arms and jumped when they heard Andy let out a scream.

"What are they doing in there?" Gavin asked.

"Ohh I think Dustball just gave Andy her new ring, I helped her pick it out today. Their twentieth anniversary is in a couple of days."


One thing the house was not was silent that night, the noises coming from two bedrooms drove B&B down to the basement to play pool. In the late morning hours, they were found sound asleep on the floor with empty potato chip bags and milk jugs around them. Dustin nudged Bevis with her foot and jumped at the rumpled sight of her friend. "Gods you're scary, Gavin's making breakfast and then we're going to pick up our new trucks. Wake sleeping ugly up." She shuddered and ran up the steps to the safety of the kitchen.

After breakfast, they went to where they would pick up their new trucks that the Atlanta NWS had provided for them. Toby stood with her eyebrows buried in her bangs and her jaw hanging open.

"Gavin, they're purple!" Gavin stepped beside her, tilted her head and nodded.

"Yep, they sure are Toto, could be worse."

Toby covered her face and peeked from between her fingers. "Yeah how?"

"They could be hot pink." She wrapped her arm around Toby's waist and leaned into her. "I think it's your color baby, we could get purple T-shirts with a tornado on the front and Mini Me on the back in his pink dress."

"Riiiiight and I want ya ta wear one on the air for publicity."

Gavin went up on her toes and kissed her wife's neck. "Anything for you Toto."

Andy came jogging over and poked Toby in her chest. "You Toby Storm are the most…" She pulled Toby's head down and kissed her hard on the lips. "Thank you for helping Dustball, they're beautiful." She showed her rings to Gavin and then gave her a tight hug before running back to her limping wife.

Toby looked to Andy's retreating back and then down to her grinning wife. "Guess we did good picking out her ring, and we won't have Dustball sleeping with us."

"Ohh you two would have been on the couch that's a sure bet. Come on lets see what kinda toys are stashed inside your truck."

"Not the kind of toys we've had in the van lately." Toby mumbled and followed Gavin inside the purple 20 foot fifth wheel trailer that was attached to the 2002 4x4 Ford F350 Dually four-door truck. The trailer was fully loaded with everything they would need to live in, including its own gas-powered generator. The other trucks were Chevy Kodiak Renegade Toterhome's with fully equipped stacker trailers. Toby pulled Gavin down onto the large bed and kissed her tenderly.

"Its perfect baby, everything we need and then some for the road is right here and it's all because of you."

"I can't take all the credit Toby, it was the Troopers reputation that got you the job, I just sold that to the highest bidder. Now we can go out and kick Sawyer's ass!"


Three days later they were chasing the next storm front coming in off the Texas coast, they had mounted on of the video cameras that Gavin had brought with her to the top of their truck and were operating it by remote control from inside the cab. Toby had cut the trailer loose and was following in tornado while Andy worked inside the trailer to give them up to date information on the wind velocity and path that it would hopefully take.

"Look at that sky Gavin," Toby pointed towards the west at the different colors of the sky. "I've never seen that color of pink before with the orange cutting through." Gavin leaned across from her seat and braced a hand on Toby's thigh, looking up at the colors; she let her eyes trail further to the west and gasped at what she saw.

"Toto there's a funnel coming down out there and worse, Sawyer's heading right for it!" She pointed to the convoy of red trucks and grabbed the radio microphone. "Andy what direction is that funnel going to take?"

"You guys get the Hell out of there! It's picked up speed and is turning for the north east; I'll try and get Sawyer out of there."

"Ohh shit Toto, what are we gonna do?" She pulled her seat belt tighter and watched Toby do the same.

"We're getting the Hell outta here." She slammed the brakes on, spun the wheel and took them off the road they had been traveling to go in the opposite direction of the tornado. Grabbing the mic, she switched over to the same frequency that Sawyer was on. "Sawyer get out of there now! It's coming in right over the top of you!

"Go to Hell Storm, this is mine!"

"You egotistical asshole! You're gonna get sucked!"

"I know where it's going and it's you that's gonna get sucked up in your brand new truck!"

"That ignorant asshole!" She said under her breath and tried a different strategy. "Barry I know you can hear me, get out of there!" She could hear Barry trying to convince his boss that she was right and to let him get them out of the tornados path. She dropped her head when Sawyer told him that he was the boss and to do as he said. "For Gods sakes Barry, why would I lie to you, now get out of there NOW!" Stopping the truck, they watched from the rear window through the pouring rain as the tornado dropped down right over the top of the convoy and sucked them up. The trucks spiraled in the twister and flipped them every which way; the front truck that contained Sawyer and Barry was thrown out and spun in the air until it crashed into the ground in a fiery cloud. Toby dropped her head onto the steering wheel and cussed his arrogance. "Stupid fucker just killed all his people." Gavin brushed dark hair away from Toby's cheek.

"It's his fault no one else's, you tried Toby."

"Yeah I know but it's still hard to take." She leaned back in her seat and checked the sky. "We have to get out of here." The winds rocked the truck, tossed leaves and grass all over the windshield and shoved the truck sideways. "Son of a bitch!" Toby struggled with the steering wheel until she was able to gain control and move them towards a barn and farmhouse. Fence posts and barbed wire shot across in front of them and bounced off the hood.

"Toby over there near the barn…see that rock formation?" Toby took off across the open field and pulled the truck into what turned out to be a cave, getting out of the truck; she pulled a turtle pack from the back seat and went to the mouth of the cave. Gavin swore loud enough for the next county to hear and scrambled out of the drivers side. She was just about to go after Toby when she saw her wife running back towards her. "Come on let's get further back inside the cave."

"What about the turtle pack?"

"If it goes it goes, I don't really care." She grabbed Gavin's hand and pulled her towards the back of the cave to where it dropped off to a smaller tunnel. "I'm not doing any more asinine stunts." She dropped to the sand floor and pulled Gavin down between her legs. "I'll think of some other way to get the information besides getting risking my life." Hugging Gavin tight to her, she kissed her lips tenderly and gazed into her eyes.

"No more trying to get sucked up into tornados?"

"Nope, just being in the bedroom with you is dangerous enough." The howling wind drowned out their conversation, debris rained down on them and a small dust devil formed inside the cave. Toby held Gavin tighter and blocked the opening with her back. Minutes went by before the noise died down; and then the radio in the truck drew their attention.

"Toby, Gavin where are you guys?" Came Andy's worried voice over the radio. "Come on don't do this!"

"Guess we better answer her before she has the National Guard searching for us." Gavin untangled herself from Toby's arms and grabbed the microphone through the window. "We're OK Andy, but Sawyer and his crew are all gone, contact someone about that will ya."
"Will do, now where are you guys and we'll come and meet up."

"Uhhmm…we're in a cave by a farm, then again there may not be a farm there anymore."

"Andy, you guys stay put, we'll come find you. Who can miss big purple trucks right?" Toby kissed Gavin's neck and opened the door for her. "Let's go find the Troopers and see if they got any feed back from this."


Gavin snuck around the campsite filming the Storm Troopers, she had shot twelve tapes for the documentary and would finish it up with a dozen more, the last tape being them at home after the chase. She knew that she would be spending a lot of time in the edit room to lessen the shots of Toby. She just couldn't help herself; the camera loved her almost as much as she did. She knew that the audience would be crying over the antics of the five women. They were more like a comedy act than storm chasers. What she was glad she got on tape was Bevis trying to roast a jar of marshmallow cr?me over the fire. When the label caught fire, she flung it up in the air, when it came down, it smashed and threw marshmallow all over everyone. After that, it was a race for her very life; everyone came back with huge smiles on their faces but no Bevis. An hour later she came back looking like she had been rolled in mud and for after effects, leaves. Gavin was thankful that they all now had their own showers and didn't have to use B&B's.


Three weeks Gavin spent in Toby's office editing the documentary, her eyes were bloodshot, her shoulders ached and she swore that she was three inches shorter do to walking slumped over. A low moan rumbled past her lips when she felt strong fingers digging into her tired aching shoulders. "I'll give ya a dollar if ya do that for the next hour."

"Hey, I'm not cheap, easy yes but not cheap." Toby spun the chair around and kissed soft lips. "Come on I have a nice hot bath ready for ya, it'll help get the kinks out."

"You joining me, I could use my back scrubbed, rubbed and anything else you can think of." She wrapped her arms and legs around Toby and hung on as she carried her to their bathroom.

"I was thinking of a better way to relax you." She whispered against her lips before taking them in a deep kiss.

After staying in the bathtub until the water became icy, they wandered downstairs to the living room and froze in their steps.

"What in the Hell are you guys doing?" Gavin asked Bevis, Butkis and Dustin.

"We're playing Gorton fisherman and it's your fault for playing little kinky mermaids." Dustin pushed back her rain hat and pointed to the wet spots on the ceiling.

"Yeah all your fault Toto!" Butkis wiggled her huge yellow boots with ducks all over them. "Look at poor Bevis, her hair is worse than it usually is." Bevis pulled her rain hat off to show streaks of white plaster from the ceiling. Gavin tilted her head sideways and gave Bevis a lopsided grin.

"It does something for ya Bevis, adds character or something." She felt Toby nudge her and smirked. "Are you guys ready to go to Atlanta and look for a new house?" Toby leaned down to her ear and whispered.

"Are you saying that we're all gonna live together?"

"Of course I am," She turned into Toby's arms and kissed her gently. "I've never had sisters or a big family; besides, the Storm Troopers couldn't live without each other." She turned to see them being herded from the living room by Andy. "She's like their mother isn't she?"

"Yep, that's Andy for ya; she breaks up the fights and does the grounding."


The real-estate agent was pulling her hair out after the first five houses she had shown the Storm Troopers. She swore that if she sold them a house she was going to retire, she couldn't take anymore full-grown women running up and down stairs and sliding down banisters. Dropping onto a wooden crate, she kicked off her high heels, pulled up her sagging hose, and whimpered at the numerous runs in the expensive silk.

Gavin pulled Toby out onto the back deck of the large house and looked out at the open field and trees. "Well baby what do you think?"

"I like it, I think it's perfect," Pulling Gavin into her arms, she kissed the side of her neck. "Now to see what the others think, that is if we can get them out of the field."

"I hope they like it, I think our real-estate agent is close to a nervous breakdown."

Toby placed her fingers in her mouth and let out a loud shrilling whistle. The Troopers stopped chasing each other and looked towards them. Four heads nodded and arms shot up in the air with approval. "Thank the Gods; let's go tell the agent the happy news." Toby hugged Gavin tightly to her and kissed her passionately. "Love you Piglet."

"Love you too Toto, let's go sign the next 30 years away."


Gavin looked at the packed Storm Trooper trucks and sighed, she thought that the five women owned more than what they had. She had no idea that they rented the house furnished with the exception of their bedroom sets, stereo, TV equipment, and the stuff from the office and Trooper gear. They had moved her furniture into the new house and to put it lightly, it was Spartan. "Toto we are going to have to do some serious furniture shopping." Toby's eyes shot wide and she looked for a place to hide, she didn't want to be any where near a furniture store or any other with her shopaholic wife.

"Please don't make me go, I'll do anything!" She dropped to her knees and hugged Gavin around her thighs. Gavin ran her fingers through her long dark hair and chuckled.

"Me and Andy will go shopping if you watch the kids." Toby lifted her T-shirt and kissed her stomach.

"Thanks baby, I'll get them some smoors stuff and that'll keep them occupied for hours."

"In the meantime, maybe you guys can get your lab set up."

"I don't even want to think of doing that because once we're done we have to start on the reports from our last Turtle."

"Toto, you guys got it easy, I have to present the documentary to Shelly and the other yahoos tonight. This will be my first shot at being a documentary maker."

"Don't worry baby, you did a great job on it, you couldn't go wrong filming my stoic cast iron bitch persona."

"Not full of yourself are ya Toto, anyway, I think the scene of you in the shower will be a big winner for me." Laughing at the shocked look on her wife's face, she kissed her forehead. "Don't worry; I put black stripes over all the vital areas."

"Gee thanks baby, I'll remember that when I develop the shots of you I took."


Gavin sat at the large conference table waiting for the board of directors and the other decision makers from the news studio to join her. She prayed that what she had put together was what they were looking for. Dropping her head down on folded arms, she sighed and tried to keep her feet from tapping nervously on the carpeted floor.

"There you are Gavin," Shelly dropped into the chair next to her. "I've been searching for the last 30 minutes for you." She looked at her small anchor and gripped her shoulder. "Don't worry; I have this feeling that what you put together will be great."

"I sure hope so; I never dreamed it would be so hard to cut down two dozen tapes into an hour documentary. Especially when there is so much to tell to the viewers."

Shelly smiled at her and leaned in close to her. "Ya never know Gavin; maybe you'll get to do more on your Storm Troopers."

Three quarters of the way through the showing of the documentary, Gavin felt her heart stop when the tape was turned off. The board of directors turned their heads and gazed at her pale complexion. "I must say Gavin; I have never before seen anything like this before in all of my 32 years with the News business." The head of the board said to her and then smiled. "What you did was make the Troopers human, you showed their faults, insecurities and professionalism all at one time or another. In addition, those two screwballs that you refer to as B&B will have the viewers rolling on the floor and the men will be drooling over Professor T. Storm." She blushed at the thought of how she drooled over her wife. "You Gavin are one lucky woman."


Toby was not prepared for the hurdling little blonde tornado that knocked her to their bedroom floor and kissed her until she was nearly unconscious. Gasping for breath, she looked into her wife's smiling face with confusion. "What was that for baby, not that I'm complaining or anything?"

"They loved the documentary and want me to do others with you guys as the topic!"

Toby gave Gavin one of her bright smiles that always made her heart stop in her chest. "I'm so proud of you Gavin; I knew you did a great job. But what about you and your anchor job?"

"I still have that, but I'll be taking the time off to do the documentaries, for right now, I'm on vacation until the showing. Any ideas on what we could do?"

"Yeah baby!" Toby said and rolled over on top of her wife. "Shag a lot!"


Months later, the morning newspaper was being fought over in the large kitchen, even though the Troopers had all been at the awards banquet the night before, they wanted to see the picture on the front page. With Toby dressed in her black suit and powder blue silk shirt and Gavin in a dove grey suit and cream-colored silk blouse, no one could miss the other four in their purple T-shirts with Storm Troopers across the front in silver, standing squeezed together with the couple.

Butkis grinned and slapped hands with the others. "We look damn good; don't know about the other two."

Dustin looked at the picture and snorted. "Where's you hand Bevis, I can't see it?" She pointed to the picture.

"Why do you think Gavin was grinning like that, I grabbed her ass." She snorted and ran from the kitchen when Toby walked in with Gavin.

"She's a lying sack of shit," Toby growled. "She grabbed my ass!" Butkis and Dustin looked to each other with worried expressions.

"Then who did we grab?" Dustin asked in a low whisper. Andy chuckled and pointed to the doorway.

"One of you grabbed my ass and the other got Bevis, I thought she was gonna have a grin on her face for eternity."

Gavin dropped down at the kitchen table and cocked an eyebrow at Toby. "You guys got lucky with only being groped, I was sure everyone saw my bra straps shoot around the front of me, some nimble fingers popped the clasp before the picture was snapped. I almost dropped the damn Pulitzer!"

Toby wiggled the fingers of her left hand at her. "Gotta keep them in good working order."

"Hope they're in good shape for our next assignment in California; I need a good steady hand for the camera."

Everyone looked at Gavin and started singing.

We've been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for #1
California here we come
Right back where we started from

Hustlers grab your guns
Your shadow weighs a ton
Driving down the 101
California here we come
Right back where we started from

Here we come!

On the stereo
Listen as we go
Nothing's gonna stop me now
California here we come
Right back where we started from
Pedal to the floor
Thinkin' of the roar
Gotta get us to the show
California here we come
Right back where we started from California! Here we come!

"Just great, I get to hear that song all three thousand miles to the sunny state!" Gavin covered her ears and dropped her head onto the table.

Toby kneeled down in front of her and ran her hands up the insides of her thighs. "Look at it this way baby, there's a lot of places to pull over on our way to California." Gavin got up from her chair and pulled Toby behind her.

"Why wait for that when we have a nice big bed upstairs."

The Troopers watched as they left the kitchen and a flustered Bevis came running into the kitchen with Gavin's T-shirt draped over her head. "Sing louder! I don't wanna hear no more moans, groans and screams from them!" She ran out the back door to the kitchen with her hands over her ears. Dustin winked at Andy and grinned.

"So the PA system does work in all the rooms."

The end
Chase The Storm
By Larisa

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