The Blues, Part 2
By Larisa

Disclaimer: Yada yada, they're all mine even tho ugh they resemble two people we all know.

Sex, violence, bad language and what ever else I can toss into a story. If you have a pacifier stuck in your mouth, GO AWAY! If ya don't like how my characters speak or act, GO AWAY!

Songs sung by these artists used without permission: Smoky Robinson, Percy Sledge, Shania Twain, Rascal Flats.

Waylon woke a few hours later to hear the murmur of the TV and see a light still on in the living room. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, rubbed her gritty eyes and remembered how she had fallen apart in Hudson's arms. No one had ever seen her vulnerable, not even any of her past lovers. She was always stoic and kept her emotions at bay until she was alone, even then, she found it hard to let loose the anguish that she felt at times. She placed the blame on her mother who was unemotional and said that being any other way was a weakness. She had always thought that men were supposed to be that way, until she saw her aunts and uncles crying at her father's funeral. She shook the thoughts from her head and wandered out into the living room; she stopped beside the couch and felt a smile come to her lips. Hudson was sprawled out on the couch, her one leg hanging off the side, the other draped over the arm. She was at least two foot longer than the couch and looked uncomfortable, she took her hand and ran her fingers across the callused palm and was mesmerized by the texture.

"Whatcha doing Squirt?" Came Hudson's sleep roughened voice.

"Come ta bed Hudson." She pulled on her hand until she staggered to her feet and stood looking down into sleepy green eyes.

"Gonna save me from the demons, haven't gotten them funny powers ta work right yet?" Waylon's eyebrows rose to her hairline, she snickered and nodded her head.

"Sure Dude anything ya want, come on lets go to bed." She led a half-asleep Hudson to her bedroom and shook her head when she fell face first into bed and rolled onto her side with a deep snore. "What have I gotten myself into?" She murmured before stripping down to her underwear and crawling between the covers.


One blue eye peeked open and looked around the strange room, Hudson was confused and then a little scared when a deep growling came close to her ear. She eased away from it and felt an arm pull her tighter to a warm body, blinking her eyes; she focused on tousled hair and felt warm breath wash across her neck. A deep grunt, a whistle and then more growling had her holding back a chuckle, she had no idea how she had gotten into bed with Waylon. She noticed that there was an abundance of naked flesh pressed against her and wondered what had happened afterward. Easing Waylon's arm from around her stomach, she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, when she returned, she saw that her pillow had been stolen and was now being squeezed to death. Waylon had her face buried in the pillow and her arms wrapped tightly around it. She went through the house to find her backpack near the front door, taking out clean clothes, she went back to the bathroom for a much-needed cold shower.

Waylon searched the bed and came up with a spot that was still warm but cooling, she opened her eyes and searched the room for her tall friend. The sound of singing in a horrible voice came to her ears and then the shower stopping. She rolled to her side and waited for Hudson to come out of the bathroom off the bedroom. Her breath caught in her throat when she stepped out wearing silk boxers and a thin faded T-shirt cut off right below her breasts. With a towel over her head, she rubbed to get the excess water from her hair and then dropped it to lie across her wide muscular shoulders.

"Did I wake you up?" She asked and walked closer to sit on the side of the bed. "How did I get in here, I remember watching TV and dreaming that I was a charmed one," She brushed her wet hair back from her forehead and saw the intense look on Waylon's face. "Something wrong, you look a little...I don't know?"

"Just fine," Waylon swung her legs over the edge and moved closer to Hudson, she reached out a hand and ran her fingers beneath swollen and bruised eyes. "You look a little better; the swelling has gone down enough that I can see your baby blues." She pulled her hand away and was amazed that her fingers were tingling. "You should put the brace back on though; it'll protect your nose."

"Nope, I'll leave it off unless you plan on smacking me again." She gave her a grin and squeezed her hand in hers. "Got any food here or should we go out for breakfast?" Waylon looked down at the way Hudson was dressed and shook her head. "What no food or no going out?"

"No food and you're not going anywhere dressed like that." She let her eyes travel down to the expanse of bare skin and up to hardened nipples visible through the thin material. She felt a flood of dampness flow between her legs and moaned softly. "Put some clothes on while I shower, we'll go down the street for breakfast." She scampered off the bed and went into the bathroom with one last look over her shoulder at a smirking Hudson. "Gods have mercy on me." She mumbled while turning the water to cold.

Hudson fell back on the bed and chuckled. "Ya still got it Dude, even with a mangled face." She rolled off the bed and went to get dressed in something that was more appropriate for going out, not to mention that she wouldn't freeze to death in.


The amount of food on their plates could feed a few nations, other customers kept looking over at them with wonder. They connected eyes and then looked around them with quick glances, chuckled lowly and then went back to their food. "Ya think they're afraid we may start stealing food off their plates?"

Waylon looked up at her, grabbed a piece of bacon from her plate and asked. "Ya mean like that or this?" She grabbed her muffin, took a bite out of it and put it back.

"Both and I can't believe you did that." She jumped when she felt a foot run up the inside of her leg and stop to rub behind her knee.

Waylon wiggled her brows and licked her lips. "Could be worse, I could preoccupy you and take all your food."

"That was just plain evil Squirt, mean and defiantly a preoccupying move." She narrowed her eyes at her and then went back to eating, the whole time she was thinking of how their relationship had changed to the point of Waylon flirting with her.


Hudson was asleep on the living room floor snoring like a freight train; Waylon was sitting on the couch reading the newest publication on thoracic medicine when the phone rang. Leaning over to where the cordless was lying on the coffee table, Waylon grumbled at the interruption.


"Hey Waylon, did you schedule a Mr. Deeds for a kidney removal?" A nurse asked.

"Deeds? What did his chart say, I don't remember him?"

"He came in three days ago with stomach and back pains, had the normal tests, X-rays and something I can't read. At the bottom, it has removal of left kidney and your initials."

Waylon rubbed her tired eyes and tried to remember the man in question, she had seen so many patients since the snow trapped them but she knew that she hadn't set anyone up for that kind of surgery. "Are you sure they're my initials, I don't remember scheduling anyone for surgery?"

"Yep, they're yours, the problem is, the guy died on the table and now the family is in an uproar."

"What has this got to do with me, I didn't do the surgery, they should be going after the one who did?"

"Doc, the guy only had one kidney and you signing off on the surgery just got you a malpractice suit. They haven't said anything about the other doctor."

"Son of a bitch! I'm on my way in to straighten this out." She jumped off the couch and ran to her bedroom to pull her winter boots on, when she came back into the living room, Hudson was holding her coat. "You heard me on the phone?"

"Yep and I'm going with you, I may have to guard the relatives and keep you out of jail." She held out Waylon's coat for her and then opened the door. "What happened with a surgery that has you running back to the hospital?"

"A botched one that has the family suing me of all things, they took out this guy's only kidney and he died on the table."

Hudson thought about it on the way to her car, she couldn't see how Waylon could be responsible for the death and knew that she wouldn't make such a dire mistake as to have a persons only kidney removed. "I don't like the feeling of this Squirt, call me paranoid but I can't see you making that kind of mistake." She saw the pain flash through Waylon's eyes before she started the car.

"Neither can I."

The ride to the hospital was an uncomfortable quiet one that had Hudson on edge; she knew that Waylon was struggling with the problem and worried about the case at hand. Even with as busy and tired as they all were in the past days at work, she couldn't see anyone making a mistake like Waylon was accused of. She would do her own type of investigation into the matter and see what she could come up with.


Waylon sat in the conference room with the hospital administrator, the hospitals attorney and the lawyer for the deceased' family. Her hackles rose with what the attorney was saying about her treatment of the deceased. Saying that upon checking with other resources that her 'skill as a doctor' were below average and that numerous patients had complained about her treatment of them in the ER. She shot daggers at the hospital administrator and then pointed a finger at their lawyer.

"I'm telling you now, I'm bringing charges of slander, and anything else I can come up with against anyone who believes this shit that he's spewing out of his yap. That man was NOT my patient and I did not sign off on any surgery orders!" She pushed the chair back so hard that it fell over onto the floor with a thump. "Someone had better get their asses out there and find out who really signed that dam chart because it sure as Hell wasn't me!" She slammed from the room and stomped all the way down to the locker room to clear out her personal items. The hospital administrator had put her on suspension the minute she walked into the conference room. He said it was to keep the waters calm, she knew it was to save his ass from the insurance company. She stuffed all her possessions into a shopping bag and went out of the hospital by way of the back door. Taking a deep breath, she walked alongside the building and four blocks to the next bus stop to wait. She had no idea if the buses were running yet but there was no way she could stand to be at the hospital. Her temper was close to exploding and losing it there would be the final straw to her career. She sat for an hour and then started walking when no bus came by, it would take her an hour to walk home but she had no other way and didn't mind the walk in her mental state.


Hudson and Lashawna snuck down to the records department and waited for Jack to join them. They needed a distraction for the nurse on duty and Jack had told them that she was notorious for being a pain in the ass while searching for records. They dropped down to squat next to the half door of records and waited, when Jack came loping down the hallway, they nodded their heads and waited.

"Ohh Nurse Hatchet I need some help!" Jack yelled and crawled over the half door and fell on her head. An older nurse with thin red dyed hair, cat eyed glasses and gaudy jewelry looked down at her and clicked her stained dentures.

"The help you need is up on the top floor; then again even the nuts don't want you near them." She used her walker to go over to her desk in the far corner and waved a hand at Jack. "Get your stupid ass over here before I change my mind about helping you, what is it this time, complete reports on how many hookers used Ky-jelly for lubricant?"

"Haaa funny, actually, I'm looking for reports on silicon implants that have ruptured under duress." She wiggled her fingers, grinned at the older woman and sat down in the chair next to her desk. "Its interesting stuff ya know, all those women walking around lopsided."

Hudson and Lashawna crawled over the door and crept across the room to the shelves of reports. Hudson had gotten the log sheet of all doctors, and residents that had been in the hospital the day before and of the time, which Waylon had supposedly signed off on the orders. All they had to do was pull the records on the patients that had surgeries that had gone bad and compare them to the doctors that had been in the hospital. They started pulling reports and stacking them on the floor in a pile, Hudson grinned when she heard the older woman yell at Jack.

"You need to be medicated or something!"

"Come on, there's gotta be before and after pictures in there, they always take pictures!" She wiggled her fingers suggestively at the monitor and then pointed to the icon at the side of the report. "Click on that, I wanna see!" Her green eyes bugged and she jumped back from the desk. "Holly God damn Christ! That woman should have gone for the full body make over; she needed something done with her face!" She squinted and hoped for only half of a nightmare. "Damn, I think I've gone blind!" She rubbed her eyes and looked over her shoulder to where her friends were sneaking out of the room. Once they were clear, she went back to bugging the old nurse. "There's gotta be better pictures than that in all the files."

Hudson and Lashawna carried all the files down to the boiler room and placed them on a table; Lashawna looked to the tall doctor and snickered. "I can't believe how easy that was, only problem is, how are we gonna get them all back without getting caught?" Hudson's eyes took on an evil gleam with a grin to match.

"Easy, we put them right outside the door with a note from the hospital administrator. Now let's spilt these up into two piles, the ones that have a hit from the list go in the center, the others off to the side."

Brown eyes narrowed and a grumble came from Lashawna. "How did I get roped into doing this, I know as much about medicine as Jack does about cleaning. Should see her apartment, the Health Department refuses to go near it."

"Considering that I'm a head shrinker and never ever did surgery on anyone, this should be fun." She opened the first file and started checking for a name off the list, she was glad that the hospital was a little behind in times and hadn't gotten around to inputting everything into computer files. It would be a lot harder to cover up their trail in the borrowing of the reports.


Word spread through the hospital of Waylon's suspension until an investigation of her skills as a doctor could be completed. Each doctor was trembling in their own shoes that they could be the next one called onto the carpet, except for one individual. With arms crossed over a thin chest, a straight line pulled taut to resemble lips and narrowed grey eyes, Dr. DeGado stood against the wall watching the interns whisper amongst them selves. He hated the way they all stuck together in a little pack and looked to Waylon and the other doctors for bits of praise. He couldn't see where Waylon was so perfect that everyone looked to her for the answers, in his eyes, the Chief of the ER should not be a woman. Women were fragile and couldn't hold up to the stress of the job or think on their feet. The best place for them in the medical field was to be nurses and leave the other medical fields to men. Moving away from the wall, he went towards the front doors of the ER and left under the watchful eye of Tara.

"What a freakazoid, can't stand that scrawny ass bastard." She mumbled to herself on her way to the locker room to find Waylon. When she opened the door, the only person she found was one of the young residents; she went up to the young woman and noticed the tear stained face. "What's wrong, did they pull their macho shit on you again?" The young woman had been putting up with nasty comments from the other residents from the first day she started there. Being the only female in a group of twelve was hard and made worse when Dr. DeGado constantly pointed out her faults.

"Kind of, some of them think it's funny that Dr. Porter was suspended, they would rather work with that asshole DeGado. You know the 'us men have to stick together!"

"Ohh fuck them and their tiny little dicks, Carol." She wrapped an arm around her shoulders and led her from the room. "Ever think of pediatrics, you could work with my wife and not be involved with what I'm gonna do to the high and mighty single digit mentalities of the male doctors?"

"Can I do that, I thought I had to be down here with them?"

"You can go anywhere you want, you can do your stint in the ER later when a new crew comes in. Let's go see Kat and see what she can do for you."


Waylon struggled with the keys to her door; her fingers were so cold that she no longer had feeling. Her feet were twice as bad, all she wore were her tennis shoes that she wore at work. Being as pissed as she was when she left, she hadn't been thinking clearly enough to think of the weather condition. Now with her hands bright red, feet most likely turning a pretty shade of black and shaking so bad it looked like seizures, she stumbled into her warm apartment. Kicking her shoes off, she went over to her couch and dropped down with a loud groan. "You are such a dumbass Waylon, maybe you shouldn't be a doctor. You wander out in nasty weather dressed like a Floridian and walk for an hour." She pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped herself up in it, a few minutes later; she was asleep but still shivering.


While Lashawna snuck some of the files back to the records room by way of her cleaning cart, Hudson went in search of Waylon. She had kept four files that involved wrongful deaths and the same doctor performed the surgeries. What really bothered her was the fact that no one ever checked the records from this latest death to notice that Waylon had not performed the surgery. The surgeon should have looked at the x-rays, MRI's and all other tests pertaining to the patient before diving in to remove an organ. In addition, how could they miss the fact that there was only one kidney once the incision was made? She was no surgeon but she would notice that fact before she passed out from the sight of blood. The first thing she noticed when she came through the stairwell door was all the interns and residents whispering. Ignoring them, she went to the locker room and then the lounge. Finding both empty, she went to the wall phone and called upstairs to pediatrics.

"This is Dude, is Dr. Porter up there?"

"Nope, last I heard she was suspended, you want to talk to Kat?"

"Yeah, is she free?" She waited and then felt the flames of anger licking at her when Kat explained what had happened while she was in records. "Can you guys all meet me at Waylon's apartment; I have some files for you guys ta see?"

"Sure, I'll get a hold of the two juveniles and let them know. Now I maybe wrong about this but with Waylon's temper, she probably walked home."

"I'll kick her ass if she walked all the way home, it's freezing out there!"

"We're talking about Waylon here; she has one Hell of a stubborn streak in her."

"I'm gonna head on over to her place; can everyone be there at say six o'clock?"

"We'll be there and don't be too hard on her; she's put up with a lot of shit at this hospital."

Hudson hung up the phone a few minutes later, went to get her clothes changed and then went to her car. She couldn't see as well as normal but enough to not run into a snowplow, what had her worried was the temperature and how far Waylon had to walk to get home. After parking her car in the only spot that she could drive her car up on, too bad it was the sidewalk. She walked up to Waylon's door and pounded hard enough to bruise her hand, a few minutes went by before a weary little doctor opened the door and shuffled her way back to the couch.

"I can't believe you walked all the way home, what were you thinking?" She asked in a deep growl before taking a seat on the couch. "Why didn't you just come and get me, I would have given you the car keys?"

"I was pissed, still am and I wasn't thinking OK?" Hudson shook her head and got down on the floor in front of Waylon. Pulling her wet socks off, she saw how red her feet were and flinched when she let out a howl.

"Come on, you're going in the shower right now."

"I don't wanna; I wanna sit here and pout for eternity." She tried to burrow into the blanket, found it useless when she was picked up and carried to the bathroom. "Ya know you're a big bully and I don't like you?"

"I've been called worse and to make your day even worse, the gang is coming over for a pow wow." She put Waylon down, ducked her head and peeked from under dark lashes. "We found some files and we need to get a plan in motion."

"What kinda plan and does this involve what happened to me?"

"A good one and yes, now get in the shower before your feet fall off."

Waylon dropped the blanket and shivered, looking up at Hudson's bruised face she saw a look of guilt in her eyes and knew she had done something. "Where did you say you found some files?"

"Me, Lashawna and Jack sorta took them from...records." She replied in a soft voice and looked down at Waylon when she started laughing hysterically. "The ones we didn't need...Lashawna...put them outside the door with a note from administrator." Waylon lost it completely and fell into Hudson; she sobered and then started laughing all over again when she saw the wicked grin on her friends face.

"You guys are so bad," she wiped tears from her eyes and snickered. "Jack terrorized the old nurse down there didn't she?"

"Yeah, but I have no idea what she had the poor woman looking for, it had to be bad because Jack said she was blind at one point." She picked up the blanket and pointed to the shower. "Get in there and I'll go put some coffee on, it's one thing I can't ruin...too badly."


The women sat around the kitchen table eating pizza, drinking beer, discussing the files and how they were going to find out who was framing Waylon. Lashawna was getting dizzy with the constant chatter and head swinging between whom was speaking. She had no idea where she would fit into the plan until all eyes turned to her.

"Ohh oohh, this ain't good, you're all looking at me funny."

Jack fluttered her eyelashes and gave her a wide grin. "Cuz you're gonna sneak into the morgue and steal some files for us."

Her eyes shot wide and she shook her head. "Ohh noooo I'm not, there's dead people down there!"

"Come on big L," Tara pushed her long messy hair over her shoulders and leaned closer to her. "The dead ones are the only safe people in the hospital, now the ME is a scary person. He's the one ya gotta look out for; I hear he's a huge fan of cannibalistic practices."

At that second, Lashawna was the first black woman to turn paper white, her body trembled right before she ran out of the kitchen screaming. Everyone looked to Tara and threw their hands in the air.

"Good going Tara," Waylon growled. "Now you can go tell her that the ME does not eat human flesh...except on Fridays." When Tara went to convince Lashawna that she would be safe going down to the morgue, the others outlined the information they had found in the files.

"OK, now we have four dead patients that went in for simple surgeries and died on the table," Waylon wrote the names down on one side of the paper she had in front of her. "Then we have four different organs that were taken from the bodies. Where'd they go and who took them?" She looked to Hudson who was waving her hand in the air like a lunatic.

"It was Friday and the ME had fried liver and onions!"

"NOT FUNNY!" Lashawna said from the doorway. "And you guys want me to go down there and steal files; I could end up supper that night!" She shook her head and took her seat at the table. "Why am I stealing these files any way?"

Waylon waved her hand over the files. "Because, the ME will have a file on where the organs went."

Kat thumped the table and scared the Hell out of them. "The organ transplant people, what about them, don't they have to do paperwork when they pick up organs?" Everyone groaned at what they had overlooked.

Lashawna shoot a fist in the air and yelled. "I'm saved from the cannibal!"

"Ohh noooo you're not, we still need those files, and Jack will help you." Waylon narrowed her eyes at Jack who had her hands over her ears, eyes closed and humming. Hudson gripped Waylon's hand and looked her directly in the eye.

"You realize that this just turned into a murder case, shouldn't we call the police?"

"You're just dying to envision me in one of those B-rated jailhouse movies aren't you? If we call the police, then I can kiss my ass and career goodbye. We find out who's behind this, get the proof and then call the police."

Kat shook her head and groaned. "Are we done now, X-Files comes on in a few minutes and I ain't gonna miss Dana!" She grabbed a slice of pizza and went into the living room; Waylon shrugged her shoulders and continued with what she was saying.

"I know that the ME saves all his files to CD, all you two have to do, is steal his CD's and get them to Hudson." She looked to Hudson and gave her a bright smile. "Then you copy them and give them back to L and Jack."

"Hey wait a minute here; I don't know how to do that." She looked to Tara with pleading eyes and clasped her hands together. "Help me please."

Tara nodded her head. "Come up to pediatrics with the CD's, we'll copy them there."

"Good, because I have no idea about working with computers, the damn things hate me and just about blow up." Looking back to Waylon, she raised her left eyebrow. "What are you gonna do while we're breaking the law?"

"Ohh I'll be sitting here eating ice cream and watching the soap operas."


Jack came running down the hallway into the ER pushing Lashawna in a wheelchair; her screams sent the hair up on the backs of every ones necks and had nurses running in all directions. "I need a surgeon, O2 tank, morphine, percodine and a crash cart!" She pushed the wheelchair into the nearest examine room and leaned over the chair trying to catch her breath. Tara came rushing in with one of the interns and looked down at the two women.

"I don't see any blood so why do we need a surgeon and a crash cart?"

"I need the crash cart, I think I'm having a heart attack." She fell on the floor and clutched her chest. "I pushed her...all the way from...the other end of the hospital." She sat up and struggled to her feet. "Show her what you did?"

Lashawna whimpered and held out her index finger. "I need ta go home, I got a splinter!" Tara smacked both of them in their heads and dismissed the intern.

"Ohh no you two don't, after I cut off your finger, you're hauling your asses down to the morgue!" She yanked the splinter out of her finger and pointed to the door. "Now get down there so that Hudson and Kat can get what they need and if you two don't, you'll end up there one way or another." She flexed her hands and cracked her knuckles.

"You're a mean old nasty muscle headed...over sexed...estrogen lacking..." Jack never finished her verbal assault, Tara growled, picked up a scalpel and sent them running when she threw it into the wall between their heads.

"Damn I'm good," She polished her nails on her scrub shirt. "I usually miss the wall and stab someone."


Lashawna covered her nose and mouth the second they stepped into the morgue from the stench of formaldehyde. "How can anyone stand to be down here, the smell alone can kill ya...Jeeeesus!" She yelled out, jumped behind Jack and pointed to a corpse on a table. "He's...dead and EWWW naked!"

"Ewwww...I wish they'd cover up that nasty ass tiny little noodle, who wants ta see that thing?" Jack grabbed a sheet, threw it over the dead body, and shivered. "Seeing that's enough to turn every woman into a dyke."

"What do you two want and leave my dead bodies alone." The medical examiner was in his late 60's, with a baldhead, watery blue eyes and ill-fitting dentures. "Come on I don't have all day."

Jack looked to Lashawna and then to the ME. "Ohh Tara sent us down; they need you in the ER to pronounce a stiff before the family takes it."

"What's wrong with one of the interns doing that and why am I not getting the body?"

"Ohh uhhmm...the interns are all busy and I think it's a Jewish thing...ya know they plant them in so many days or something." She had no idea what she was talking about and hoped that he didn't know anything either, she just needed him gone so that they could borrow his disks.

"Like I don't have enough to do around here, I have four autopsies to get done before I go home!" He threw his rubber gloves down on top of a corpses face, grabbed his sandwich from the table and left the room mumbling about not being able to wait until one of them came across his table. Jack and Lashawna ran over to his small office and searched through the mess until they came across a plastic container filled with CDs, sticking it under her lab coat, Jack waved to Lashawna and they ran from the morgue.

"Let's get this up to Hudson so that we can get it over with."

"And just how are we gonna get them back in his office if he's in there?" Lashawna asked and tried to rub the scent of formaldehyde from her nostrils. "I know he won't fall for another excuse like the first time?"

"Easy, we wait until he leaves for the day and use your keys to get back in."

"And why didn't we do that to begin with instead of doing it while he was here?"

Jack shrugged her shoulders and grinned. "I don't know, remember, I don't get paid for having brains or anything."

"That's obvious by me buying you coffee every morning, you cheap skate."


Waylon lay on her couch sound asleep with Opra's show playing in the background, the coffee table looked like a murder scene for everything that would give you cavities or add 30lb to each thigh. An empty two-liter bottle of Dr. Pepper lay on its side beside a half full gallon of chocolate milk and bags of every chip known to man. A normal person would be sick to their stomach after eating all the junk food that she did, the only side effect for her was sleeping. Rolling to her side, she brought her sticky hand up under her chin and continued with her new hobby. Hudson opened the door and stood with wide eyes looking at the carnage; she shook her head and stepped over the garbage around the couch and coffee table. Picking up the melted ice cream, she dropped it into an empty microwave popcorn bag and grimaced at her sticky hands. Shaking her head, she went into the kitchen, dragged out the garbage can and started cleaning up Waylon's mess. She had no idea that Waylon was such a pig in ways of eating and leaving a mess. Finishing the clean-up job, she dragged the garbage can back and got a wet dishrag to clean up the sticky mess. Wiping up the sticky mess on the coffee table, she stopped and looked down at the chocolate covered mouth and chin of the mess-making twit.

"Just you wait until you wake up, I'm not gonna tell ya about your face. I may even take you out to eat just as you are." She grinned evilly and went back into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee and then go take a hot shower.

Waylon rolled over, fell off the couch and lay there between the couch and coffee table, grumbling, she pulled the pillow she had been lying on up to her chest and continued to sleep. A few minutes later, she woke to the feeling of having eyes watching her. Cracking one eye open, she looked up and let out a gasp. Hudson was bent at the waist and looking right down at her with glimmering eyes. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack...geez!"

"I was just making sure that you were still alive, I didn't think I'd have to strap you to the couch or put pillows around you to keep you there."

" do ya know that I wasn't already on the floor?" Right Waylon and she was born yesterday. Opening both eyes, she looked around her and grinned, she knew what kind of mess she had left. "You're a kitchen bitch."

"Hardly, I just have this thing about pig sties." She reached down and hauled Waylon to her feet and then went into the kitchen to get them coffee. "So what did you do today besides eat everything that would kill a diabetic?" She handed her a cup of coffee and sat down on the couch.

Waylon took a sip and rolled her eyes at the full flavor. "Not a damn thing, I got up and watched TV until I fell asleep. What did you guys do at the hospital?"

Hudson looked over at her and fought back the laughter that wanted to burst forth; she lifted her cup and tried to drink without choking. "Jack and Lashawna stole the CD's from the morgue and got them up to Tara to be copied. If she gets them done, then she'll drop them by so we can take a look."

"If there's nothing there, then we'll check with the transplant team and see if they have anything." She remained quiet for a few moments and then looked to Hudson with wide eyes. "Dude, what about the black market, they could sell the organs that way and there wouldn't be any record."

"Could that go on around here, I mean I've heard about it happening but this is not a likely place."

"This area is like the Twighlight zone, you should know, you came from there." She leaned back into the cushions and closed her eyes. "If that's it, we could be in serious trouble Dude."


DeGado and Corvell stepped into an empty examination room and closed the door. Pulling an admitting paper from under other papers on his clipboard, DeGado looked them over with a critical eye and whispered. "I want you to go down to admissions and change the admissions data." He looked up at him and drilled him with a look that guaranteed pain if he didn't comply. "Change the admitting doctor to that idiot Jack," He made new admitting papers for the patient and scribbled surgical orders on the bottom of the page. "On your way back, place this on the patient's clipboard and make sure that no one and I mean no one sees you!"

His eyes huge with fear, Corvell took the paper and nodded his head of sandy hair. "The other order we filled, was the buyer satisfied?"

"That's not your worry; you're only here because I need more than my eyes to keep watch. Now go before I sell your eyes to the highest bidder." He waited a few minutes before leaving the room; he didn't want anyone to know about him and Corvell. When the door clicked closed, Carol raised her head up from where she was sleeping on the gurney at the far side of the room, grabbing her pager from the pillow; she ran to the door and peeked out. Seeing that the hallway was empty, she ducked out and headed for the ER. She hoped that Jack hadn't left the hospital yet and she was able to warn her of what she had heard. Seeing Lashawna coming out of one of the rooms with her mop bucket and cart, she ran towards her and grabbed her by the arm.

"I need to find Jack," She looked down the hallway and pulled Lashawna into the room she had just left. "It's an you know where she is?"

Lashawna ran fingers through her hair leaving her afro lopsided and thought for a minute before answering. "Last I saw her, she was torturing some guy in exam #3, what's the emergency?"

"It's something I just heard...I"

"Why don't you see if you can find Tara or Kat, they're not as insane as Jack?"

Her eyes starting to grow misty and her breathing erratic, she shook her head. "It's Jack that they're after."

"Ohh Hell, everyone's after her for some reason or another. You can trust Tara and Kat or Hudson if she's still here." Giving up, she took Carol's hand and led her down the hallway to where she knew Kat would be hiding. She opened the door to the small nurse's office and pulled Carol in. "Taaaarence we have Jack trouble again."

Tara lifted her head from her paperwork and growled at Lashawna. "How would you like me to rip your tongue out, NO ONE uses my name...except Kat."

Lashawna gave her a toothy grin and pushed Carol towards her. "I knew that would get your attention, go ahead Carol tell her what you heard."

"I couldn't see them because the lights were off and the blinds pulled, but I heard one of them say something about changing orders or admitting papers and then he mentioned Jack's name. It may be nothing but my imagination...I just didn't know what else to do."

Tara ran a hand down her face and nodded her head. "Lashawna go get Jack and meet us up in the Troll cave, I'll get Kat to search the computers and see if anything pops up." Carol gave her a look that spoke volumes. "Pediatrics, we're going to pediatrics, got that?"

"Yeah, I just never heard it called the Troll cave before, sorry."

Lashawna gave her a wide grin. "Guess what we call the old peoples...the gummer brigade." She jogged from the office cackling and wiping tears from her eyes.

"Ignore her; she's as bad as Jack."


"Sir can you do this?" Jack asked the construction worker and then wiggled her ears at him.

"What has that got to do with my broken arm?"

"Ohh nothing, I'm doing a study is all. How about this?" She rolled her eyes in opposite directions and then back."

"You're insane and I want another doctor!" He pushed past her and left the exam room with his ass hanging out the back of the hospital gown.

"Damn and I was just getting started," She whistled and pulled his x-ray down from the viewer and slipped it into his file. "The only thing you have broken is your brain," She wrote in large letters across the front of the folder GOMER. "You're lucky I'm feeling generous, I could order you an upper and lower GI and a Fleet enema after a full body cast."

"There you are," Lashawna grabbed her by her lab coat and dragged her from the room. "We gotta get upstairs now!"

"Why do we have ta go up there, I can't have no fun with Tara."

"Because your ass is in trouble that's why."

Jack's eyes grew in size, she tried to pull away from her friend and found that a bad idea. "I didn't do nothin...been here the whole time...hey...let go!" She struggled to get untangled from her lab coat that was pulled over her head and wrapped around her neck.

"Just shut-up and move your dumb ass, I swear I should just let your ass get in trouble."


Kat was at her computer terminal when Lashawna dragged Jack in the room, pushed her down into a chair and sat down next to her. They sat quietly as they watched her fingers fly across the keyboard and Tara wrapping her wife's hair around her finger. They looked to each other, made lovesick faces and blew kisses. Carol looked over at them and snickered before turning her attention back to what Kat was doing.

"I know you two are doing something over there, so stop it." Kat peeked around Tara's shoulder and rolled her eyes. "That just about fits you two, want some diapers to go with?" Both women shook their heads and continued to suck on the pacifiers they had taken from a box on the table. "So far I've found zilch, who ever it is has either already changed the files or hasn't gotten around to it. I made a copy of what's there and we can compare it to what comes up tomorrow." She grabbed Tara's hands, brought them around her neck and leaned her head back against her chest. "Let's get over to Waylon's place and show her what's in the files."

Carol cleared her throat and waited for Tara to look her way. "What about me...I mean if they find out..."

"You're coming with us," Kat said. "We can't leave you here in case who ever it is saw you leave the room, plus I know Hudson and Waylon will want ta talk to ya." She helped Kat up from her chair and pointed a finger at Lashawna and Jack. "You two behave your ignorant selves." Both women gave her an innocent look and thumbed their chests.


Waylon answered the door and gave her laughing friends a raised eyebrow, rolling her eyes; she stepped away from the door and walked into the living room to see Hudson grinning like a lunatic. "Has everyone gone nuts and not let me tag along?"

"Nope, we wouldn't go anywhere without ya Squirt." Hudson patted the couch next to her. "Come here and have a seat and behave."

Waylon gave her a narrow eyed look and plopped down beside her. "You just wait until we're alone." She whispered through gritted teeth. Carol stepped closer and examined Waylon's face and smiled.

"Dr. Porter, you have chocolate all over your face."

Waylon smacked Hudson in her shoulder before getting up to head to the bathroom, at the sound of her yell; everyone grinned and slapped hands with a grinning Hudson.

"So did ya find anything out after I left the nut ward?"

"Ohhh ya could say that," Lashawna handed her a pacifier and then dragged Jack to the kitchen with Carol following.

"My favorite, grape flavored!" She stuck the pacifier in her mouth and looked to Tara who was rolling her eyes. "What?" She looked between Tara and Kat and then her eyes widened at a flying body coming at her. "Watch my nose!" She ducked down and fell further into the couch when Waylon landed on her.

"You let me sit for hours with chocolate all over my face!" She jabbed a squirming and laughing Hudson in her ribs. "Just for that you get the couch tonight!" She stopped and looked over at her smirking friends. "Damn," she got off Hudson and sat quietly beside her. "It's not what you two gutter brains think either."

"Your loss Squirt," Kat wiggled her brows. "From what I've heard, you're missing out."

Waylon felt her face heat up and sunk further into the couch. "Shut-up, now what did you guys find out?"

"That your taste in beer sucks," Jack yelled from the kitchen and then came out with a twelve pack to hand out to everyone. "Natural lite Ice sucks Waylon!"

Waylon took the can from her and waved it in front of her eyes. "You bought this shit the other day."

"OK, so my taste in beer sucks, anyway, I'm in trouble." She gave her a bright smile and dropped on the floor in front of the couch.

"Is there a time when you're not in trouble?"


They looked over the files from the morgue and became more confused than before, noting made any sense and the only thing they knew afterward was that there was no record as to where the missing organs went. They looked for similarities of patient histories, blood types, donor notification and even when the patient came into the hospital and found nothing. They were about to give up when Carol mentioned the fact that this time around they were out to get Jack.

"What if it's not strictly the organs that they want, what if who ever just wants to get rid of certain doctors on staff." She looked between the other women and raised her hands. "I mean, look at it this way, Waylon is the chief and Jack is behind her."

"Ohh baby, never done it that way before!" Jack moaned and fell off her chair to the floor.

Carol looked on the floor and then up to the others. "What is she talking about?"

Tara rolled her eyes and waved a hand at the young woman. "Ignore her, she has a one track mind and it's not on medicine." She jumped when her wife jabbed her in the ribs.

"Looks who talking, we spend more time in the supply closets than the supplies do." Kat groaned and dropped her head, everyone knew that the two of them snuck away during break time but now she opened them up to being terrorized. "Forget I said that...," She saw the look on Lashawna's face and cussed. " and my big mouth." Hudson rubbed her face with her hands and looked to Waylon with tired eyes.

"I have no idea how were going to catch who's doing this or what we're supposed to do to protect each other."

"I'm safe for the meantime," Waylon said. "With me being suspended no one can use my name on surgical orders. What if one of you monitors the computer inputs and bookings on OR rooms?" All eyes turned to Carol, she looked with wide eyes and moved her mouth but nothing came out.

"Perfect!" Tara said and then looked to Kat. "Transfer her up to the troll cage and she can keep track of stuff from your computer. I'll keep track of the OR bookings and Jack and Lashawna can sneak around in the shadows and listen for anyone talking about this."

Hudson raised an eyebrow and looked around at everyone. "What do I get to do?"


Hudson sat on the couch starring at the blank screen of the TV, everyone had left for their own houses and she was left to pout over not having anything to do at the hospital. "Come on Dude, I'm sure we can find something for you to do."

"Like what, I pass out at the sight of blood and I play with crazies all day. It's not like I can observe in the OR room or anything." She slid further down into the cushions and looked to her twiddling thumbs.

Waylon dropped down close to her and grabbed her hands. "You're a head shrinker Dude; head shrink everyone on the staff. You know, do the profile thing and search out your own kind." A small smile came to her face when she sat there studying Hudson, for someone as formidable as her, she could look so defeated. A blue eye peeked from the corner followed by a wicked grin. "Just stay away from Jack's file that would send you into a rubber room for a few years."

"Only one problem, I suck when it comes to computers. They automatically blow up when I walk into the room. And those files will be in the administrators files and I can't get ta them."

"Haa! I can get into any file at the hospital; you want their resumes and all the dirt that's in their files. I'll get it, I'll have to sneak into the hospital and use the PC in your office but that shouldn't be too hard." She looked at the clock on the VCR, yawned and got up. "I'm going to bed; don't sit up pouting all night."

A dark brow rose over a pale blue eye and a slight grin graced pink lips. "Pouting works, I always get my way when I pout." She pushed herself up from the couch and stretched her arms up over her head. "If I pout some more can I sleep on the outside, I get claustrophobic against the wall?"

Waylon rolled her eyes and walked towards her room. What I remember is neither one of us anywhere near an edge, we were double stacked. "OK, I'll let you have the outside tonight and maybe tomorrow night if I feel like it." Going towards the bathroom, out of habit, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it into the hamper, it was when she turned that she remembered that she wasn't alone. A light blush ran to her hairline and she tried to not let Hudson see her. Grabbing the clothes she slept in, she hurried into the bathroom and closed the door. Hudson stripped down to her boxers and dropped her clothes on the end of the bed. She fell back across the mattress and closed her eyes to wait for her turn. A slight smile came to her face when she thought of Waylon blushing. "Like I've never seen you naked before." If Waylon knew that, she had lied about not being able to see clearly and had an eyeful of her while she was showering at work, she would throw a fit.


Turning the water to cold, Waylon gasped out when it hit her back. Just seeing the pale blue eyes look at her bare chest sent a raging fire to her center. She had no idea if the expression on Hudson's face was lustful or not, it was hard to tell with all the swelling and bruises. It could all be in her imagination combined with the lack of sex life in the last year. Giving up on the cold shower trick, she turned it back to hot and groaned in defeat. She would just have to deal with her building emotions towards Hudson, soon she would be on her own again and Hudson would be in her new home. Her life would be back to its normal boring way with the exception of the problem with the hospital. After drying off and shrugging on her sweats and heavy thermal shirt, she wandered out into her bedroom and froze where she stopped. Hudson was sound asleep, stretched out on her bed in just her boxers. Her broad chest bare, ripped abs rising with each breath and arms laced behind her head. Pink lips slightly parted to reveal even white teeth and then the tip of her tongue peeked out to lick her top lip. Waylon felt her insides quiver and all air leave her lungs. On stiff legs, she approached the bed and stared down at Hudson's bronzed body.

"Squirt, your eyeballs are gonna dry out if you don't blink."

"Huh...are not." She forced her eyes to blink and then waved a hand behind her. "Showers free." She took a deep breath, moved to the other side of the bed and crawled under the blankets with a deep guttural moan from sexual arousal. Nothing can dry out as long as she's around or just looks at me. She pulled her pillow to her chest, wrapped it in a chokehold and buried her face in it. Hudson jumped in the shower, turned the water on and gave out a loud yell when hot water hit her chest. Quickly, she adjusted it to a temperature that wouldn't make her skin fall off and washed quickly. When she walked out into the bedroom, she grinned evilly down at curled up Waylon. Flinging her towel into the bathroom, she walked over to the bed and slipped beneath the covers. Moving up behind Waylon, she spooned around her and waited for her to say something.

Waylon's voice came out muffled from her pillow. "Why are you wrapped around me?"

"Because I left my snuggly soft bear out in my car and you're about the right size to fill in." She wiggled around and got comfortable before kissing the back of Waylon's head and sighing. "Night Squirt." Waylon let go of her pillow, moved a hand to Hudson's hip and felt an expanse of warm naked flesh. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to keep the picture of a very naked nut job out of her mind, she knew that there would be no sleep for her that night and it was all because of her libido.


Lashawna flipped the sheet back from her face and glared at Jack, she just knew that she would be stuck playing a stiff. "Why can't I push you around on a gurney," She lifted up one of her bare feet and pointed to the toe tag. "Did ya have ta put a toe tag on me?"

"It makes it look more real and everyone would ask why ya had a dead body and not you're cleaning there!" She pulled the sheet back over her friends face and then pushed her out into the hallway. "Don't forget ta hit that little red button on the recorder when we go near the interns."

"And how am I supposed ta know if we're near them, I can't see a damn thing under here!"

"I'll use the code word...Doogie Hoser."

"It's Howser you dip shit."

"Not here it ain't, those twerps are a bunch of hosers. Now be quiet, dead people don't talk...except to me that is." She whipped the gurney around a corner and headed to where the interns would be meeting before they started their rounds. To make it look normal, she started singing and doing dance steps as she pushed the gurney down the hall. "I sees dead peoples...running around! Bare ass nekkid and Hell bound! They whispers in my ear...there's nothins ta fear!" She nodded her head at some of the interns, parked the gurney a few feet away from them and patted Lashawna on her head. "I gots dead cuz of...Doogie Hoser! Forgots some sponges in my closer!!!" She tapped danced into the room right by the gurney and kept an eye out from between the shades. Lashawna fumbled with the small tape recorder and hoped that her movements went undetected. All that her ears could pick up were slight murmurs; she hoped that the small microphone near her head picked up more. At the sound of a reedy voice, she tried hard not to cringe; she hated the skinny ass intern and wished that he would find his way onto a gurney. That would be one day that she wouldn't mind taking a dead body down to the morgue, if she was nice, she wouldn't even use the laundry chute like she normally did.

"All right people, since Dr. Porter has been suspended and no one else has been sent down for her replacement. I will be taking everyone on rounds today," Dr. DeGado looked around at all the interns tired faces and narrowed his eyes for a minute. "Where is Carol, or has she thrown in the towel and applied for nursing school?"

One of the other interns stepped forward and handed him a note. "I found this on the bulletin board in the doctor's lounge. Carol transferred to Biochemistry; she's back over at the college for classes." Lashawna smiled under the sheet, Jack had put that note up so that no one would search for Carol. Carol would sneak in the back door and take the service elevator up to the troll cage, it was the safest thing to do and she wouldn't have to worry about the other interns.

"Good, she didn't belong here with us anyway." DeGado stuck the note in his pocket and looked down at the clipboard he held in his bony fingers. "Women don't belong here with us men, they don't have the mental capacity to learn and maintain the amount of information it takes to be a doctor." He smacked the clipboard against his thigh and pointed down the hall. "We'll start with that old woman in 2B; she should just be euthanasized and the bed given to a hard working man." Lashawna was grinding her teeth and gripping the side of the gurney to keep from getting up and beating the living shit out of DeGado, if she had a gun, she would blow his arrogant head off his scrawny shoulders. When the gurney started to move, she almost pulled the sheet back and yelled at Jack. That is until she heard Jack screaming and footsteps hitting the tiled floor.

"MINE...MY BODY...DON'T TOUCH!" Jack screamed and threw her self across Lashawna. "She's mine, ya can't have her!" The nurse who had grabbed the gurney gave Jack a weird look and threw her hands in the air.

"OK Jack, you can have her and I don't want to know why you want a dead body."

"Easy, the dead ones don't put up as much of a fight as the live ones. Cheaper dates too, I just put an empty beer bottle in their stiff hands and no one knows." She crawled off Lashawna, grinned at the traumatized nurse and started up with her awful singing. "Gots a stiff one fer ya baby...prop her up against the wall! Tapes broomsticks ta her's she doesn't fall!" She whipped the gurney around the corner, pushed it into the elevator and grinned at an elderly couple inside. "Hi, don't mind us." She pulled Lashawna's hand out from under the sheet and kissed her knuckles. "We just got married and we're going down to the morgue for our honeymoon." The elderly couple rushed out of the elevator and scampered down the hall with backward glances at Jack. "Got rid of them real quick." She flipped the sheet back from Lashawna's face and grinned. "That was fun, was it good for you too?"

"You kiss my hand again and I'll rip your lips off!" She got off the gurney and slapped Jack in her shoulder. "I hate that asshole DeGado." She turned the recorder on and let Jack listen to what he had said about women. "I think he should be checked out, he's a freak...worse than you!"

"See that, I knew ya loved me."


Hudson sat behind Waylon as she hacked into the computer files; they had snuck up to her office before anyone else got to the floor that morning. They would be relatively safe in the office because no one wanted to be seen on that floor. With the exception of Jack and Lashawna, they felt right at home with the nuts. "OK I'm in," Waylon looked over her shoulder at Hudson and shook her head. "You look terrible," She ran a fingertip below one of her eyes where the bruising was turning a yellowish color. "You look jaundiced and hung over."

"At least my nose isn't as big," She ran a finger across it and winced. "Still hurts a little though but it's getting better." She placed her hands on Waylon's shoulders and rested her chin on one of them. "So what do we do now?"

"I'll copy the files to a folder and then we can print them off so you can bring them home with us. It'll be easier and safer that way, once they're all printed, I'll erase all traces of them from your PC and no one will ever know I was in there."

"What exactly did you copy; I mean is it just what everyone's done here?"

"Nope, I got everything going all the way back to college. I think it'll help if we know where they went and have reports from their professors. Some stuff gets ignored once an intern reaches a hospital; ya know all the dirty little secrets."

Hudson put her lips to Waylon's ear and whispered. "What kind of secrets do you have from college?" She grinned when she felt Waylon shiver. "Ever get caught in a panty raid or do one?"

"Like I would admit to something like that."

"It's worse than that," Jack said as she and Lashawna came sliding into the office. "She gave Summa Cum Laude an all new meaning; half the campus heard her." She gave Hudson a toothy grin and plopped down into one of the four chairs in front of her desk. "I have it on tape if ya wanna hear."

Waylon growled and pointed a finger at her. "That was not me and how would you know, you weren't in college when I there!"

"Ohh yes I was, in fact me and Lashawna were both there and it was to you. 'Oh yes big W...YEEHAW!" She winked at her. "We saw ya trying ta sneak outta the library afterwards. We cleaned all the buildings so we know what went on around there, got tapes with Kat and Tara on them too. Use those at Halloween, ya know to scare the kiddies." She looked to a grinning Lashawna and slapped hands with her; they snickered and looked to an amused Hudson and glaring Waylon. "We got a tape of DeGado bad mouthing women...,"

"But we had to get out of there before I ended up down in the morgue." Lashawna finished and glared at Jack.

"Morgue, what's that got to do with anything?" Waylon asked and then rolled her eyes. "What were you two doing?" They explained how they were able to get the tape and grinned when Hudson howled and fell off her chair; Waylon dropped her face down into her hands and groaned. "No wonder patients scream when they see you two, any news from Carol or the Diaper Brigade?"

"Nope, not yet," Lashawna said. "We figured that you guys would wanna hear the tape before we went up and saw what the other's have found out."

"OK, we're almost done here so we'll meet at that little restaurant down the street at five and compare notes." She looked down at Hudson who was still on the floor chuckling. "Shut up or you'll sleep on the couch tonight." Her face reddened with the memory of waking up lying across Hudson's chest with her face nestled between her breasts.

"Woowhooo!" Jack and Lashawna yelled together. "Nekkid squirming docs in bed!"

"OUT!" Waylon pointed to the door and picked up the brick Hudson used for a paperweight.


The small restaurant was busy for the dinner hour; it made it harder for anyone to notice the seven women huddled together at a far table cluttered with papers and remains from their meals. They spoke in hushed whispers and traded papers back and forth between them. "Look at this one here," Carol whispered and handed Waylon a computer sheet. "That's what Kat printed up the other day when Jack's name was mentioned and this one is from today. It has the same patients except for one, I can't find him anywhere on the computer or hospital release forms." Waylon scanned the two papers and then looked to Tara.

"Did anyone call his family; maybe he changed his mind and went home?"

Tara nodded her head at her. "I checked with his wife and she said that he was still at the hospital waiting for his surgery, I went up to the surgical floor and checked with the nurses there and they had no idea what I was talking about. So I went from room to room and still couldn't find him."

Hudson took the papers from Waylon, looked them over, and then pulled a paper from her pocket. "Is there any place in the hospital that could be used to hide someone for a know until they could be snuck into a surgery suite?" She laid the map of the hospital out on the table and waited for everyone to take a look. Lashawna spun the paper around and pointed to an area on the west side of the hospital.

"Right in this area is a tunnel that goes over to the old training part that used to be the medical school. It has the theatre set up in there along with all kinds of teaching rooms and what not...,"

Jack nodded her head and continued where her friend left off. "They could take someone over there until they needed a surgical suite."

Tara held up her hand and shook her head. "There's no electricity over there, how could they keep a patient over there without that? Not to mention that someone might see them pushing someone down that hallway."

"Nahh ahhh, I pushed Lashawna around on a gurney and no one thought anything of it."

Carol nodded her head and pointed to another part of the same wing. "When any of us are running late, we go through the old building, down into the tunnel and come out in that area. No one ever pays attention because it's usually empty, you could sneak a Battalion of Marines through there and no one would know."

"We might just need the Marines to find that missing patient," Waylon looked to Jack and Lashawna. "Do you two have any spare time that you can get down there and look around while me and the nut doc start from the other building?"

"Yep, no problem." Jack looked to Kat and wiggled an eyebrow. "That is if Kat will look after the one and only patient I have left, she reassigned all of them but that annoying hypochondriac."

"Hey I tried, the Gods know I tried. I even offered to take shifts if someone would take that idiot; I got laughed out of the doctor's lounge!" She moaned and dropped her head into her hands. "I'll look after him but the first time he throws out some kinda bull shit like catching a strange disease only caught in the swamps of Malaysia, I'm knocking his ass out and he'll wake up in the alley!"

"Ohh shit...what about my dads?" Hudson said and then reached for her cell phone. "I have to get them out of the hospital; they're top of the food chain if ya know what I mean..." Tara grabbed her hand and stopped her from calling.

"I took care of that this morning; they're all back at their apartments and safe. They said that they'd get a hold of you later."

Waylon grabbed Hudson's ear and pulled her head down. "They have apartments; I thought they lived on the streets!"

Hudson moaned and tried to pry small fingers from her aching ear, she whimpered when Waylon pulled harder. "I made them get apartments; they pool their money together to pay the bills. I didn't want them out on the streets where they could get hurt." She sighed when Waylon released her ear, gave her a bashful smile and looked down to the napkin she had shredded. "They still go to the soup kitchens and hang out in the alleys because that's where their friends are. I help pay for their apartments but they don't know that and I appreciate you letting them stay in the boiler room when it was so bad outside."

"You're just full of surprises aren't you," she kissed her temple and blushed when she saw that everyone was watching them. "We'll talk later about this, right now, we have to figure out who's pulling all the shit at the hospital."


"You go first!" Lashawna pushed Jack towards the door of the old section of the hospital.

"Why're bigger...bigger muscles and that Don King look will scare the Hell outta everyone!"

"Ohh just shut up and get your muscle headed ass through that door!" Lashawna picked Jack up so that her feet were just touching the floor and shoved her through. She jumped when Jack let out a blood-curdling scream and started beating on the closed door with both fists.

"LET ME OUT...IT'S DARK IN HERE!" She was just about to slam her shoulder into the door when Lashawna yanked it open and smacked her over the head with her feather duster. "Hey...why do you have that thing, you gonna clean cob webs?"

"Yeah from that empty space in your skull, now get in there before security catches us." She plastered her body up against the wall and watched Jack do the same, slowly; they made their way down the dark hallway until they came to an area that had a few fluorescent lights blinking. Jack dropped down to a crouch; she pulled something from her pocket and held it out in front of her. She peeked around the corner and then waved a hand back at Lashawna before moving forward again. Lashawna shook her head and followed her goofball friend; she watched her do quick peeks around the corner and realized that Jack thought she was a cop. All of a sudden, Jack rolled across the floor and came up in a crouch against the other wall. She waved over her shoulder and then proceeded to go down the other hallway; she came to a darkened room that had a slight glow coming from a high window. She squinted and moved further into the room and stopped.


Waylon and Hudson were half-way down the hallway that led down from the street, with their flashlights scanning the floor at intermittent intervals, they traveled the area in the dark. Waylon came up beside Hudson and whispered loud enough for only her to hear. "Those kids walk through here in the dark, what's wrong with them?"

"They're young and they don't think of places like this as being dangerous, if they knew that a monster might be hiding in the dark, they'd take the long way around."

"Ohh that just made me all warm and fuzzy inside." She grabbed Hudson's arm and held on for dear life. "What are we gonna do if we find someone down here?"

"Ohh I thought maybe I'd scream like a little girl and run like Hell, or I'd..." They jumped when they heard blood curdling screams and then feet pounding down the hall towards them. "Have a heart attack and hope you'd give me CPR." She flipped her flashlight on but too late for what ran right into them and knocked them down onto the hard floor. Bodies rolled, kicked and tried to get untangled. Waylon yelled and cussed a blue streak when who ever it was bit her in her leg.

"I'll yank your teeth out you stupid asshole!"

"" A ragged voice asked in the dark.

"You're a dead woman Lashawna and I'm still gonna yank your teeth out!" She slapped away the hands that had a hold of her breasts and tried to get to her feet.

"That means I have Jack in a half Nelson," Hudson grumbled. "Ya know I've never been able to get my leg up over my shoulder like you're doing."

"Let me gooooo...pleeeease." Jack mumbled from where her face was pressed into Hudson's chest. "On second thought...are those your tits?"

"What in the world were you two screaming about?" Hudson asked as she released Jack from her hold and got to her feet. "I lost ten years off my life from those screams."

"There's a...thing down there!" Jack stuttered and pointed a shaky finger down the hall from where they had come from.

"It's scary and looks like a ghost!" Lashawna added and grabbed onto Waylon's arm. "I ain't going back down there, it might get us!"

Hudson snorted, flipped on her flashlight and shined it into Jack's face. "With your mug, the thing probably would take off if it was alive. Besides that, did you guys find anything?"

", we forgot flashlights but Lashawna remembered her feather duster and I got this." She waved a broken tongue depressor in front of Hudson. "Was good until you broke it."

"That's helpful," Waylon mumbled and shook Lashawna's hands off her arm. "Come on let's go see this ghost that turned you two into giant chickens."

They walked into the room with Jack and Lashawna cowering in the hallway, Hudson shinned her flashlight around and stopped when she came to their ghost. She walked closer, pulled the sheet down, and laughed. "This is mine!" She struggled with the metal clasped and grunted with satisfaction when her prize came free.

"And what are you going to do with a Charley Bones?" Waylon asked and shook the training skeletons hand at Hudson.

"Ya know those HOV lanes on 495, I've always wanted ta drive in those but never had enough passengers. Now I do, I'll put a hat and some sunglasses on him and I'm all set." She lifted him up and carried him from the room. "We'll come back down here tomorrow with more flashlights and maybe we can find out if there's an auxiliary generator that we can start up."

"Ohh yeeee haaa, just what I wanna do on my day off." Jack mumbled and then let out a screech when a bony hand slapped her face.


Hudson sat at the small kitchen table with papers stacked and lying scattered across the top, she had her cheek resting in one hand as she flipped through pages of personnel files. So far, she had come up with exactly nothing. Some of the stuff that she had read brought a smile to her lips, others she felt like burning the pages. The interns were the worst; some of them had such huge egos that she wouldn't hire them to deliver pizza. They already thought they were some kind of God and could do no wrong in the medical field. Those ones, she had stacked and would have Waylon look them over, another pile were colleges that she didn't recognize. Granted, she was no authority on colleges and had only attended the local ones. However, the ones who were from different countries drew an automatic red flag in her book. It was her understanding that if you screwed up in the US, the next place to get your medical degree was in a foreign country where it was lax as far as knowledge went. She could be wrong but would still have the others look them over. She also knew what she was doing was unethical and against the law but when it came to having good doctors framed and their careers destroyed, she could care less. Lifting her head, she rubbed her eyes, looked over at the clock on the microwave, and saw that it was eleven o'clock. Rubbing her tired eyes and then stretching her arms over her head, she groaned and dropped her head down to the tabletop.

"Find anything yet?" Waylon asked from behind her and started to massage the tight muscles in her neck and shoulders.

"If I say yes, will you stop what you're doing?" She whimpered when small fingers dug into a tender area.

"No, just wondering, it can wait until the morning. Come on let's go to bed and we can look over the stuff before we go to investigate the old section in the morning."

"Sounds good but I can't lift my head." She moaned when small fingers left her shoulders. "Now I know why they call surgeon's hands magical," she said as she rolled her head on her shoulders and then got up from the chair. "Can all of you give massages like that?"

"No idea," she offered her tall friend a smile. "I took a course in reflexology and massage as an elective; it came in handy when I got calf cramps during my residency." She took Hudson's much larger hand in hers and pulled her towards the bedroom. "Go in and take a hot shower, it'll help with all those knotted muscles and the bruises Jack gave you."

"What bruises," she looked down at her bare arms and into pale green eyes. "I don't feel any bruised areas, with the exception of my ass." She rubbed the area and winced. "That floor was not too kind to me when I hit it and Jack will pay in the morning." She walked into the bathroom while pulling her t-shirt over her head. She didn't see the lustful eyes watching her or how Waylon's breath caught in her throat.

"All the bruises I wish I could take care of." She mumbled to herself and then walked over to light a sandalwood candle; when she had trouble sleeping, she would light an aromatic candle and watch the flame until she fell asleep. Those nights were becoming more frequent because of the warm body that wrapped around her and held her all night. She would love nothing more than to caress the warm flesh and uncover the secrets of Hudson Halgenberg. She dropped down onto the bed and rolled to her side, closing her eyes, she inhaled the scent of Sandalwood and tried to relax. All that she could think of was when Hudson would come to bed and spoon against her, her breathing quickened and a fluttering started in her stomach. She pulled the pillow closer to her face and inhaled Hudson's scent, that's all it took for fires to erupt and her center to throb. "You want her, admit it Waylon." She whispered to herself and felt her pulse race.


Hudson dropped her head and let the water pound on her aching shoulders and neck, she hadn't been this tight since she was cramming for exams. A wide smile came to her lips when she thought of what was different, there wasn't a warm body waiting for her in bed back then. She turned the water off, dried off and crept through the darkened room; she could make out the small form in the candle light and knew that she wasn't asleep. Sliding into the bed, she rolled to her side and draped an arm over Waylon's stomach.

"It's 30 below zero outside and you sleep naked." Waylon's voice came in a low tone.

"I get too hot if I sleep with sweats on, must be my hot blood or something." She closed her eyes and snuggled closer to Waylon. Waylon rolled over to face her, took in her relaxed features, and closed eyes. Lifting a hand, she brushed back her wet bangs and felt her fingers tingle.

"Or something, just what is that something Dude?"

"Don't know, could be the company." One corner of her of her lip raised in a wicked grin. "Never had this problem before, ya know getting over heated." She opened her eyes and watched as green eyes darkened and Waylon leaned in closer, she never expected that she would make the first move. She moaned when soft lips caressed hers and then pulled back, she blinked open her eyes and knew that Waylon wanted more. "What are you doing, Squirt?"

"Something that I've wanted to do since I broke your nose." She kissed her slowly at first and then moved so that she was lying on top of her. Their lips opened and tongues dueled, soft moans came from one or both of them but neither was concerned. Hudson threaded her long fingers into silky hair and pulled Waylon closer; she moved one leg and felt a smaller one slip between hers and press against her center. When their kiss broke, she felt warm moist lips trail down her jaw to her neck.

"Do ya think...we doing this?" She sputtered out and moaned when sharp teeth nipped at her neck.

"No thinking necessary, I want you." Were the only words that Waylon said before she took total control of Hudson.

Hudson whimpered and moaned each time Waylon touched her to distraction and then backed off; her skin tingled wherever lips, tongue or fingers explored. She opened her eyes when all touching stopped and saw a flushed face and stormy green eyes looking down at her. The flickering candle light cast a golden sheen across her lover's skin and made a hallo radiate from around her body. Waylon growled deeply and pinned her hands up over her head. "Don't move them or I'll stop." She moved towards the foot of the bed and then straddled Hudson's hips, pulling her shirt up over her head; she tossed it to the floor and then slipped out of her sweats. Letting her eyes travel down from kiss-swollen lips to firm breasts, she then reached out to tease her hardened nipples. Hudson arched her back to offer more and moaned when Waylon moved her fingers down to trace the muscles of her stomach. "You're just gonna...tease me aren't you?" Her head fell back when a wet tongue traced her taut muscles.

"Maybe...," She licked around her navel. "Maybe not." She moved down the bed to trace above the thin strip of dark hair and moaned from the scent of her lover's arousal. She looked up with lidded eyes to see Hudson clench her jaws each time she licked her skin. Moving up her body, she stopped when she was above her and looked down into her sweat-moistened face. "Look at me Dude," she moaned when ice blue eyes opened and held her in place. "I want to hear you; I want you to tell me if I'm doing something right or wrong." She dipped her head down to capture soft parted lips and kissed her until she saw colors behind her lids. When the kiss broke, she waited until she was able to breathe before she spoke. "I need to hear you." She licked around a taut nipple and then nipped lightly before lavishing the same attention to its twin.

"I can't...I've never...have to be quiet."

"We're the only ones here, no one can hear us." She dragged her tongue down from breast to ripped abs and then down to soft curls, stopping only to see pale blue eyes watching her. "Please Hudson." She said softly before dragging her tongue across swollen nether lips and then around her twitching clit. She never thought her lover would be stunted in the emotional area, at least not with all the teasing she had done to her. She would break through that wall if it took all night. Moving deeper between her lover's thighs, she raised them up and placed them over her shoulders. Inhaling deeply, she moaned and then used one hand to spread apart her lips. Her mouth watered when her lover's nectar flowed from her center; she brought the flat of her tongue up and licked away her offering.

Hudson ground her jaws together and clenched her fists to keep from uttering a sound; she had never made a sound when she had sex with someone. She had always been in places where one sound could have gotten them caught, even in college where pretty much anything you could think of happened, she couldn't bring herself to completely let go of her emotions. Moreover, being a head shrinker has not helped her with her problem even though she knew what it was. She pushed her head back deeper into the pillow and lifted her hips up into her lover's mouth, her neck muscles tightened and her temples pulsed with strain. But no sound came from her, just tears sliding from the corners of her eyes.

Waylon tilted her head sideways, pulled her lover's throbbing clit between her lips and pushed two fingers deep inside of her. She pushed and pulled slowly until she felt inner muscles begin to tighten and twitch. She stopped just before she would have pushed her over the edge, lifted her head up and looked at a straining Hudson. "Look at me Hudson," she gave her a small smile when feverish blue eyes locked with hers. "Let go for me...I love you...let go, there's nothing to be afraid of." She dropped her head back down and flicked the tip of her tongue across her exposed bundle of nerves. When Hudson's body arched off the bed, she held on and continued to lick and press her fingers upward inside her clenching center. The yell that came from her lover when she went over the edge made her ears ring; she sucked and thrust her fingers deep inside her until she took her back over the edge again with another scream. She stopped when Hudson fell limp in the bed and deep sobbing noises came from her. Leaving soft kisses all the way up her body, she stopped at her neck and then laid beside her, she pulled her into her arms and held her tightly. Long moments later when Hudson had quieted, she pulled back to place soft kisses on her lips. "Thank you." She said softly before wrapping her arms around her and pulling her head down to rest on her shoulder.

Hudson closed her eyes and wished that she could crawl inside of her lover, she had never surrendered before and felt shattered and whole at the same time. She wrapped her arms around Waylon and held on for dear life when her body continued to shudder with aftershocks from her orgasms. Spreading her fingers out, she trailed them down damp flesh until they came to trim hips. She rolled Waylon over and rested her face against her breasts; she moved her head a little so that she could look up into her lover's face. "Why did you thank me?"

"Because you gave me everything," she moved down so that they were eye-to-eye, leaning closer, she brought their lips together in a deep consuming kiss. When they parted, she placed soft kisses at the corners of her lips and rested their foreheads together. "I meant what I said, I do love you," she whispered and brought their lips together in a soft caress. "As crazy as you make me, I'm falling in love with you." She felt her chest swell and tears come to her eyes, she had never told anyone that she loved them before. She dropped her head down to rest on her lover's shoulder and let the tears flow.

Hudson placed her lips close to her lover's ear and whispered. "Squirt, I don't know when it happened but I'm in love you." She kissed the area right below her ear and nipped slightly, "I'm going to show you until the sun comes up." She left not a place on her lover's smaller body unexplored, between tender kisses and worshiping touches, she had Waylon squirming and begging. Kneeling on either side of trim hips, she dragged the pads of her fingertips down across firm breasts. She stopped when Waylon arched up against her hands, she could feel her fingers tingle and the goose flesh rise and then fall from soft skin. With the few sex partners that she had in the past, this was the first time that she had been allowed to explore like this. She leaned forward and gently suckled each nipple before kissing her way down to dark curls, the sounds that came from Waylon had her center pulsing and her nectar flowing. She moved so that she was kneeling between her lover's thighs and reached out to taste her with the tip of her tongue. She moaned deeply and pressed her tongue deeper to search out Waylon's offering.

"God...Hudson...lick me harder!" Waylon gasped out and thrust her hips against her lover's tongue; she tangled her fingers in long hair and pulled her tighter to her as she sat up halfway. "Right...there!" Her head fell back on her shoulders, body tensed and then she screamed out Hudson's name when her body quaked and juices pumped from her center. She fell forward to lie over Hudson's back and grunted with each contraction that coursed through her body. When her lover moved upward, she wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her head to her. She kissed her deeply and moaned from the taste of herself on her lips and tongue. She wasn't ready for Hudson to position them so that their clits were against each other or for her to move against her and take her back up to the edge. She wrapped her arms around her neck tighter and captured her lips in a deep soul-searing kiss right before they fell off the edge together. Their noises were swallowed as they rode out the waves of their orgasms. Hudson rolled to her side and took her lover with her; they lay wrapped in each other's arms as sleep took them away.


DeGado and Corvell walked down the hallway towards the section no longer used, they looked over their shoulders before going through the door. They pulled their penlights from their top pockets and headed down the dark hallway. DeGado stopped at a place in the wall that was covered over with a piece of black plastic; behind it was a sheet of plywood. He pushed it to the side and went into the dark room with Corvell following. "Get the lights while I get our patient ready." He said as he walked over to the gurney containing Mr. missing patient. Taking the IV bag down from the tree, he placed it on the patient's chest and unlocked the brake on the gurney. Using his stethoscope, he checked the patient's heart rate and then his pulse. "Sounds good, now all we have to do is get into the OR and harvest." He squinted when the lights came on and used one hand to shield his eyes. "Is everything set up in there and have the others arrived?"

"All set and the last time I checked, we were just waiting on the donor carrier. He was about three minutes away when I called him, they had an accident on the Key Bridge and he was waiting to get around it."

"Then he should be there by the time we get into the OR, let's get going before someone sees us." He pushed the gurney towards the opening and waited for Corvell to hit the lights and then conceal their room. Once out in the hallway, they went in the opposite direction and took an elevator up to the OR floor. As it opened up, they pushed the gurney right across the hall and into the containment area. A tall woman in surgical scrubs took the gurney and pushed it into the sterile area while they scrubbed in. Corvell looked over to DeGado and worked his mouth a few times before he spoke.

"What are we harvesting if you don't mind my asking?"

DeGado gave him a glare and went back to scrubbing his hands. "Everything, including corneas, the patient is AB pos." He looked over to the younger doctor and narrowed his eyes. "You know as well as I do that his blood type is rare, we can save a lot of people with his organs and give one person sight." Corvell nodded his head and turned the water off with his elbows, he knew what they were doing was saving lives but losing an innocent person seemed too much. He held out his hands to the nurse and let her pull his surgical gloves on, once he was double gloved, he went into the OR.

"Keep asking questions and you might be the next donor." DeGado mumbled and then went over for his gloves.


Kat and Tara walked Carol down to the lounge on the pediatrics floor; they were taking a break after feeding all the babies in the nursery and changing their diapers. It was the first time since Carol started that Tara had seen her smile, she hoped that the young woman would change her mind about surgery and become a pediatrician. She had a way with the newborns that not many had; they calmed in her arms and drifted off to sleep almost instantly. She looked over to her wife, smiled and nodded her head. Kat placed a hand on Carols shoulder and smiled down at her. "So is this better than putting up with a bunch of rude ass injured people and interns?"

"Ohh yeah, it's amazing how they start out so small and thankful and turn into complete assholes when they get older." She pushed open the door to the lounge and dropped into a chair. "What exactly do I have to do to change over to pediatrics?" Tara slapped hands with her wife and then gave her a hug; Tara rolled her eyes when the PA system blared out her name.

"I wonder what happened now in the ER that no one else can handle," she gave Kat a quick kiss and jogged from the room as the PA system blared her name again. "For Christ sakes I'm on my way!" She took off running for the stairs and jogged down them to burst through the door to her floor. She came down the hallway and came to a sliding halt when she saw Hudson and Jack. "What in the Hell is going on?"

Jack grabbed her chest and started to whimper; she grabbed Tara's hand and pulled her over to a wheel chair. "We tried ta keep Lashawna's eating disorder a secret, she passed out in her broom closet a few minutes ago and I can't get an IV started! She's dehydrated and I can't find a vein!" She cried and hung all over a panicking Tara. "Please help my buddy!" Tara moved to the side of the wheel chair and looked down at the figure wrapped in blankets; she took the IV line from Hudson and then moved one of the blankets away from the sleeve-covered arm. When she pulled the blanket all the way off, she let out a yell and jumped three feet in the air.

"You fucking bitches!" She threw the IV at a laughing Hudson and kicked Jack in her ass. "I should have known you two would pull something like this!" She looked down at the charley bones and started laughing. "OK, ya got me good," she shook her head and gave them a wide grin. "Go play with the interns; see if they can determine the cause of death." She gave out a loud laugh on her way back to the nurse's desk, Jack and Hudson looked to each other and then back to a still laughing Tara.

"She ain't pissed must have gotten laid all night long," Jack said and then noticed the blush rushing up Hudson's neck and the way she found her shoes interesting. "OOHH DUDE!" She danced in the hallway and jumped on her friends back. "Dude got laid!"

"Shut up Jack or I'll pass it around you sleep with charley bones."

"Hell that would be the most normal thing for me to do. They already think I sleep with a dead body, that is after those two old people ran screaming outta here." She grinned and climbed off Hudson's back. "Let's go find Lashawna and go play in the dark creepy ass forgotten tombs, Whatcha gonna do with Charley and where's your giiiiiiirlfriend?"

"I thought maybe put him up on the nut floor; it'll give the people up there someone to talk to." She dropped her head and blushed. "She said she'd meet us down by the door, she had some things to take care of this morning."

"Uhh huuhh, she probably needed more sleep." She dropped an arm on Hudson's shoulder and leaned in close to her. "So did she scream loud enough ta make the windows rattle?"

"Or books fall off shelves?" Lashawna asked as she skipped up behind them. "Come on Dude, we want details!"

"Nope, not gonna do it." She shook her head and grinned when her friends groaned and pouted. Lashawna took a good look at Hudson and grinned.

"Ohh boy, Dudes in LOOOOVE!" She danced around the hallway and slapped Jack on the back. "She's been shackled by our little doc!"


Waylon sat in one of the rooms across from the forgotten area, she didn't want anyone to wander down there and see her, nor did she want to wait in the dark for her lover and the others. She sat there with a huge grin on her face as she thought about what she and Hudson had done before her lover came into work. She was still a little sore but it was well worth the mind-blowing orgasms she had. She moaned when she felt how wet she was getting just from remembering, all she wanted to do was drag Hudson home when she got there. "Now I know why Tara and Kat run off during their break times, we may be doing the same thing once I get back to work." She sat up straighter when she heard soft whispers and footfalls in the hallway, going over to the door she peeked out and sighed. She stepped out and felt her face turn red when Jack and Lashawna gave her toothy grins and made thrusting motions with grunts to go with them. "Go to Hell you morons!" She grabbed her lover by her ear and pulled her down to her lips. "Do you tell them?"

"Nope, I didn't say a word about anything." She whimpered back and heard the others snickering.

"She didn't have to," Jack tossed in. "I said about Tara getting laid and she turned 10 different colors of red!" She busted out laughing when Waylon did the same thing. "Ohhh...YEEEEES...DUDE!" She thrust her hips, fell on the floor and yelped when Lashawna fell on top of her after he own little version of their friends sex life.

"Get your stupid asses up before I...never mind, you two would enjoy it too much." Waylon growled and pulled Hudson towards the door to what the now called the tombs. "Hurry up or we'll leave you here." As soon as they were all inside, Waylon let them go ahead and then pulled Hudson down for a steamy kiss, they both jumped and sputtered when their asses were grabbed.

"Come on sex fiends, we wanna get this done so we can go spy on Tara and Kat, maybe make some home movies of them doing 'it! We'll get your guys home movie tomorrow!" Lashawna said and then danced away with Jack close behind.

It took a bit to catch up to them but not hard to find out where they were, Waylon and Hudson stood there watching them flash their flashlights on and off and dance around the hallway. It reminded them of the movies from the 60's where people were having acid trips. "I swear those two have to be on drugs." Waylon said and then chuckled when they both got dizzy fell over.

"Nah, have ya ever seen what they eat? The sugar content alone is enough to make a corpse jittery." She leaned down and gave Waylon a soft kiss before going over and pulling Jack and Lashawna up from the floor. "Let's check out that other hallway since we didn't find anything in the other one, there's got to be something down here."

"Maybe we should get a copy of the blue prints, that would show all the hallways and rooms that were down here before they closed it off?" Waylon suggested and then shrugged her shoulders. "Ya know they close off areas because of instability or what ever, they could be using that."

Jack looked to Hudson, nodded her head, and then held up a finger. "What about the surveillance camera's, wouldn't they show who's going into what OR?"

Hudson shook her head. "Already checked that angle, all you can see are masked people. I even checked the times ta see if that had anything to do with it...oohh wait! We could always wait until we see masked people going into an OR and run up there and see who it is!"

Waylon shook her head at her lover. "Uhh huh and you see blood, pass out and end up an organ donor. I don't think so, besides, it could be a false alarm and get everyone on the administrator's shit list. We gotta red flag certain patients...of course if we knew what they were looking for it would be easier." She stopped beside a piece of black plastic, moved it with her hand and continued down the hallway a bit before stopping. "This missing patient, does anyone know his blood type?"

Hudson stopped and leaned back against the wall; she pulled a pad of paper from her shirt pocket, flipped it open and read her notes. "From what Carol could find out, the man is...ahhh shit!" She disappeared right before their eyes but could still be heard cussing up a storm. "God damn mother fucking son of a bitch...what the Sam Hell?" Flashlights shinned into the dark area and found Hudson lying on her back and tangled in IV tubing, she flung it away and looked around her. "I think we found it guys, although I wish it would have been a different way." She got up from the floor and shined her flashlight around; she stopped when she found a light switch and flipped it on. "I guess this is the only room that has electricity," She looked around and then pointed to the tire marks in the dust. "They were here, now all we have to do is find out where they are and who they are." The four of them took off at a run towards the door to the hospital, they busted through and took the stairs up to the OR area. They checked each room and found them all empty. "The surveillance tapes, they'll show if anyone was here."


Corvell stopped beside the biohazard incinerator, checked to see if anyone was watching and tossed the surveillance tape in. The last time he had forgotten to get the tape and DeGado had almost flayed him verbally to within an inch of his life. There was no way he would risk that again or take a chance on someone finding out and him loosing everything he had worked for. He tossed his gloves and mask in before leaving the basement, they had fifteen minutes before they had rounds and he couldn't be late. In addition, they had to sneak the body down to the morgue and change all the documentation so that it read as a homeless John Doe. He ran up the stairs and slid out into the hallway just as DeGado was rounding the others up for rounds. He straightened his lab coat, hair and pulled his stethoscope from his pocket. Stopping directly across from DeGado, he gave a small nod and then followed the others down the hall.


All the women were crowded in Kat's small office, Waylon took the challenge to relay all that they had found while down in the tombs and about the surveillance tape not being in the recorder. She reached into Hudson's shirt pocket, pulled out her small notebook and flipped to where she had written down the notes from Carol. Crossing her ankles, she fell backward into her lover's body and pinned her against the wall without a second thought. She missed the looks that Tara, Kat and Carol gave her but a blushing Hudson didn't. She looked to the ceiling and then brought her arms up over her head and laced them on top.

"Here we go, Carol can you check all the patients admitted with in the last week with AB pos blood type? We might get lucky and who ever it is didn't think about the phlebotomist's records, they will have a list of everyone's typing and when it was done." She looked up from the notebook and saw the strange looks on her friend's faces. "What, I thought it was a clever idea?"

"Ohh it is," Tara said with a slight chuckle in her voice. "It's just strange how you're using Hudson as a backrest and the beeeautiiiiful red color her face is." Tara looked over to Jack and Lashawna and caught them making kissy faces at a snarling Hudson. "Ohhh so that's how it is," She nudged her wife and wiggled her brows. Kat shook her head and looked at a confused Waylon.

"Those two, no way." She sat and waited for Waylon to do her usual and blow up from impatience.

"Will you guys stop and tell me what all the cryptic messages between you are supposed to mean!" She shoved the notebook back in her lovers pocket and then put her hands behind her back, Hudson pulled the notebook out and was writing a note for Waylon when she felt her fly go down and fingers slip between her folds. She flipped the pen in the air, dropped her notebook and bit back the moan that was fighting to come out.

"Sorry, my pager just went off and gave me a cheap thrill." She pulled it out of her front pants pocket and looked at the blank screen. "I gotta go check on a nut." She pulled her long lab coat down off her shoulder and draped it over her arm in front of her before squeezing out from behind her lover and slipping out the door. Waylon turned and chased after her with the sounds of her friends laughter ringing out in the small office. Kat shook her head and grinned.

"I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, Dude must be something else if she got Waylon in bed."

Jack and Lashawna shook there heads until they got dizzy and spoke in unison. "Nuuhh Uuuhh, its Squirt. She's a horn dog; she's been taking cheap feels all morning and trying ta steal Dude's tonsils with her tongue!"

Kat shivered and looked at them. "That's spooky as Hell, I hate when you two do that twin thing." She clapped her hands and spun around in her chair. "OK Carol lets see what you can find in the files."

"You know it was never this interesting down stairs, I've always heard about soap operas in the work place but I never envisioned this."

"Ohh it gets worse," Tara rolled her eyes and squirmed away from her wife. "Just think what its like during PMS week!"

Lashawna looked at Jack; Jack looked back at her and asked. "Twins, do we look alike?"

Lashawna slapped her in the forehead and yelled. "You're an idiot!"


Hudson was on her way down the hallway to the bathroom when her lover ran up beside her, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards a closed door. She looked back over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching them. "Waylon, what are we doing in here?" She asked from the darkness that enveloped them when the door was closed."

"Taking advantage of Tara and Kats hiding place, now get over here." She found the place where they had set up a small stool against a wall and pushed Hudson close to it. Unfastening her baggy khaki's, she pushed them to the floor and then pushed Hudson down on to the stool. "I've wanted ta do this since before we went into the tombs." She dropped to her knees and pulled her lover's head down for a deep air-consuming kiss, her hands roamed up under her lover's shirt and cupped her full breasts. She rolled her nipples between her fingertips until they were hard and Hudson was moaning. She broke their kiss, pushed up Hudson's shirt and sucked a nipple between her lips. Her own wetness grew from the moans and whimpers coming from her lover, she moved her legs so that she could press her clit up against Hudson's shin. Hudson gripped a shelving unit with one hand and laced her fingers through her lover's hair with the other. Her head fell back on her shoulders when a wet tongue trailed down to circle her navel. She couldn't believe that they were hiding in a storage room and that her pants were hanging off one foot. She slapped a hand over her mouth to hold back her moaning and bucked on the stool. Waylon ran her tongue across her nether lips and then slipped them between with a low rumbling moan. Wrapping her arms around her lover's hips, she pulled her closer to the edge of the stool. Grinding her clit against Hudson's leg, she grunted and licked her center quicker. She could feel her lover's climax getting closer by the way the muscles in her lower stomach rolled and how her breathing became ragged. Licking her center one last time, she then pulled her clit between her lips and thrust harder against her leg. Her body stiffened and she grunted out her release just as Hudson yelled behind her hand. Small shudders wracked her body but didn't stop her from burying her face deeper between her lover's thighs and continuing to lick away her offering.

Hudson kept her hand clamped over her mouth and closed her eyes tightly; she could feel another climax balancing on the edge. All it would take was one more second and she would be screaming out her release again. She opened her eyes when her legs stiffened, she rose up off the stool and cried out her release just as the door opened. Her hand fell away, eyes widened and a chorus of yells echoed through out the room and the hallway. She panicked and tried to get off the stool; Waylon cussed and fell in a heap on the floor. She rolled onto her back and looked up into the eyes of Tara and Kat. "Ohhh God damn you two!" She scurried up and placed her body in front of a stricken Hudson. "What are you two doing here?" She asked with a snarling expression on her face.

"We'd ask you the same thing but we know what you two are doing in here." Tara remarked and then moaned and groaned for effects. "Such an aggressive little squirt you are, never thought we'd see you taking control in the sex department."

Kat crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at a withering Hudson. "So the page you got about the nut case you had to check up on is your nymphomaniac girlfriend, huh?"

Hudson groaned and tried to untangle her pants from around her ankle; she shook her head and gave up. "It wasn't exactly a page I got," She leaned over and looked into innocent green eyes. "More of a fire alarm going off."

Tara slapped her wife on the shoulder and pointed a finger at Waylon. "See, I just knew she had to be doing something when she had her hands hidden behind her! And she says about us all the time, now we'll have ta make up a schedule for the use of our hidey hole."

Hudson struggled as she tried to pull her pant leg out from under her lover; she gave up and dropped her head down onto her shoulder. "Squirt, I need my pants unless you want me to sit here all day and flash my parts to who ever walks past."

"If I get up, then they'll see you." She whispered hoarsely and turned to look into amused blue eyes.

"Ohh Hell Waylon, we've seen her sound asleep, spread out on a gurney bare assed naked before," Kat said and then grinned. "Jack and Lashawna have pictures!"


Waylon was hiding in Hudson's office looking over some of the files that she had put aside, some of the colleges that were on the files she herself had never heard of. She found it funny that a few of the residents had gone to more than three schools, and grew more suspicious when a few of them were in Brazil. She had seen documentaries on hospitals in other countries and there was no way in Hell that she would want to be treated in them let alone have one of their doctors touch her. She remembered one about the hospitals in Russia and still felt queasy, the OR room looked like the back room of a bar. She didn't see one single thing that was sterile and when they operated on the gun shot victim who was still dressed in their street clothes, she flipped the channel. Putting three files to the side, she put the rest in Hudson's briefcase and leaned back in her chair. Bringing her hands up to her face, she rubbed her eyes and groaned. One of the three files belonged to Carol, she had studied in a small college in India and then done some work there before coming back to the states. She would tell Tara and Kat and let them have a talk with Carol, she knew it would be easier since they worked with her every day and knew her better.

She picked up the phone ready to call up to the troll cave and thought better of it, if someone recognized her voice, she would be in deep shit. She looked around Hudson's small office and saw an old beat up cowboy hat and Levi jacket on a coat stand. Going over to them, she pulled the jacket on and pulled the hat down low over her eyes. That was the easy part considering the hat was huge on her head, the hard part was getting out of the office without any of the other employees on duty seeing her.

Peeking around the corner of the door, she saw a gurney covered in folded sheets, squatting down, she crept over to the gurney and pulled a sheet down. Flipping it open, she draped it over her head and stood up slowly. Afterward, she realized that she had to be nuts, she couldn't see a damn thing and would most likely run into something. "I'm becoming more like Lashawna and Jack everyday." She whispered to herself as she walked slowly with her back against the wall. After moving a few feet, she ran into something and froze.

"Where do you think you're sneaking off to?" A deep raspy voice asked and then grabbed Waylon's ass through the sheet at the same time. "Ya know I could crawl under that sheet with you and no one would ever know?" Waylon plastered herself up against the wall tighter and was ready to scream bloody murder and almost did when she was picked up and carried away. "Squirt, ya know you're taking a big chance by wandering around looking like a ghost. You're on the wrong floor for that, someone could lock you up and it would take me hours to find you." Hudson backed through the door to the stairs, placed her lover on her feet and pulled the sheet off her. A wicked grin came to her lips when she saw flashing green eyes boring into her. "Ya know you're kinda cute when you're pissed." She leaned down and captured her lips in a exploring kiss that had them stumbling up against the wall, when the kiss broke, Hudson dropped her head down on her lover's shoulder and hugged her tight. "Where were you going?"

"Uuhmm..." Waylon struggled for a moment with her thoughts and then remembered where she was headed before she was caught. "To the Troll did you know it was me under the sheet?"

"I could say that I have x-ray vision and know that you don't have any underwear on to prove it but that would be a lie since I watched you get dressed this morning." She raised her head up and gave Waylon a beaming smile. "Actually, I saw you sneaking out of my office. You didn't look both ways when you came out."

Waylon pinched her ass and growled at her. "And you let me go through the whole sheet thing just for kicks?"

"Yep, gave me some ideas to. We can try them out tonight when we get home," She gave her one last kiss before taking her hand and leading her down the stairs. "I want to stop by my building before we go home, I haven't heard from the construction guys and I'm getting worried."

"What are you worried about?" She asked and leaned against her lover's side on the way down. "They're supposed to be done with it already aren't they?"

"Yeah and that's why I'm worried, no ones called me about the bill. If you finished a job that was worth 80 grand, wouldn't you be anxious to collect?"

Waylon stopped and looked at her lover with huge eyes. "80 grand, that's how much they're charging you to fix the place up?" She shook her head and then continued down the stairs. "They had better be putting gold trim on the woodwork and marble floors down, there's no way that a building could need that kinda work. You could have had one built for that much, I'll let you know when we get there if you're getting ripped off."

"You know about construction work?" She gave a sideways glance at her lover before she opened the door to the Troll cage and saw her nod her head. "What else don't I know about you?"

"Ohhh you'd be surprised at some of the things, I'll show you some tonight." She ran her hand down her lover's ass and pinched her.


Continued in Part 3

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