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Chapter 4:

Priss was lying on the training mat breathing heavily from her workout with Sylia. Sheíd been training with Sylia for nearly four months now and although she seemed to be a natural at martial arts, she couldnít seem to beat Sylia.

It was a strange day when she had woken up in the guestroom of Sylia Stingrays apartment. If she had known then what was waiting for her outside that room that morning, Priss would have stayed in that room and never came out. Prissís body screamed in agony at her for just thinking about that first morning.

Priss had showered and changed, then cautiously gone out into the front room. She found Sylia sitting in a recliner by the window drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Sylia turned her head when she noticed Priss and asked for her to sit down. They ate a quiet breakfast together while Prissís nervousness reached its peak.

"Weíre going to put you in a simulator and see how you do." Priss was startled for a moment then just nodded.

Wait, whoís we? Priss had looked to Sylia, but she was already gathering up the dishes and putting them in the sink. Priss followed when Sylia beckoned for her to come with her.

They went back down the elevator, much as they had done the night before. They finally reached their destination and Priss followed Sylia into what she assumed was a changing area. Sylia handed her a suit like the one she had put on the night before and left her to change.

Once Priss had on the formfitting attire, Sylia came back in and lead her to a room. A suit with many wires and plugs was sitting in the center of it; Priss was a little leery of it when Sylia indicated she was to step into the leg harnesses.

Sylia explained that one had to put their legs in first, then grasp the small handles on the sides to bring the hips of the suit together to fit over her own. She then told her to lean forward and put her hands through the arms of the suit until she could feel her fingers in the gloves. After she could wriggle her fingers around she was to pull back sharply and engage the locks of the chest plate with that of the back.

The suit molded to her body. The thing was heavy but she found that she could move with it with relative ease. Before Sylia put on the helmet she told Priss what she was going to have her do.

"This is the simulator. It will help us gage how good your skill is in fighting against an opponent with this. When you turn your head your view will change as well, you will be able to track your opponent and have maneuverability." Sylia had Priss walk forward a bit and a device fell from the ceiling, attaching itself to the suits hips.

"In the simulator if you run, it will feel like youíre running, but in real time this device will be keeping you somewhat stationary. Just do your best." With that she put the helmet on Priss and left the room.

All was dark until the program booted up suddenly. Priss found herself on a rooftop, all of a sudden a red warning lights appeared in the upper right corner of her helmet. Something was approaching.

What ensued could only be considered hell. She did back flips; sweep kicks, blocks, punches, forward somersaults, some aerial things that even Priss didnít think could be done in the real world. By the end of the simulation Prissís body was screaming at the abuse it had taken. It wasnít so much what Priss had been doing but what the suit was showing she should be doing. All of the flips, jumps and aerial moves were the suit. Her muscles were unaccustomed to such things and were making their case known that they didnít like what they had been put through one bit.

That was the one and only time that Priss had been in the simulator. After that first day, she met with Sylia in her dojo to learn self-defense drills, some mat work and of course the katas. Katas were the forms that Priss needed to learn in order to perform the martial art.

Priss hadnít realized she was that out of shape, she knew she had a nice body, but for the things that Sylia expected of her, she needed a perfect body. Sylia rarely let up and an unfortunate side effect of that was the loss of time to perform with the Replicants. But Sylia more than compensated for it with money for her time.

Priss had been down right angry the first time Sylia had given her money for her time stating that she hadnít really been doing anything, but Sylia merely nodded and replied that in time, Priss would help her when she needed it.

Priss came out of her reverie when Sylia leaned over her from above.

"Thatís enough for today, go home and Iíll be in touch with you for when you should come back here."" Sylia left Priss to sit on the floor.

Thatís the way it always was. Iíll be in touch. Go home. Iíll call you when youíre needed. Yeah when itís convenient for you! Her mind threw back. Priss really did like her sparing times with Sylia. She just didnít understand anymore why she was doing it. Sure she had been intrigued by the woman but there really was no reason why she had to stay, but for some odd reason she did.

Getting up, she grabbed her stuff and left the dojo, going out through the service entrance to go home but stopped abruptly. What the fuck?!

Prissís bike was gone.

Priss charged back up to Syliaís apartment and startled the woman when she barged in and went for the vid phone.

"What do you think youíre doing?" Sylia demanded as she strode over to Priss.

"Somebody stole my bike and Iím gunna report it, whatcha think Iím gunna do huh?" Sylia grasped Priss by the shoulders and turned her around.

"I had your bike put in the parking garage under the building Priss. I didnít want it to get stolen." Priss hesitated for a moment then let her anger out on Sylia.

"Oh and you conveniently forgot about that huh? What is up with you always doing things for people and not informing them of it? Do you do it on purpose to make people worry? To aggravate them just so you can have a little thrill?" Little things that Sylia had been doing over the past few months had been grating on Prissís nerves; this was just the latest in little things that the rich woman did that made Priss angry.

Priss had really had enough. Especially the little games. The little head games that Sylia seemed to constantly be doing just to get a rise out of Priss. She hated to be played like that and sheíd be damned if some frigid cunt would be doing that to her.

Sylia stepped back from Priss.

"I only had your interest at heart Priss. Tell me what would you have done if you had found it gone?" Sylia stared long and hard at Priss thinking to herself, Hook.

"What could the police have done for you really, by the time they should have found who did it, your bike would have been sold for scrap parts." She saw Priss waver slightly. Line.

"Beyond thatÖ do you really have the money to replace the bike? In all honesty Priss, what could you have done if it was stolen? You wouldnít be able to do anything." Sylia watched as Prissís anger vanished completely from her face. And sinker, sheís so easy to use when sheís angry. Just find the right niche and sheíll see and do what you want.

Priss stood there for a moment just staring at Sylia, trying to figure out what exactly the woman was playing at. Syliaís reasoning was sound, but Priss distrusted her motives. From what she had learned over the last few months, Sylia Stingray didnít have anyone elseís best interest at heart except her own.

Priss turned and left. She found her bike right where Sylia said it would be. It was in the underground garage right next to the work van for Syliaís store.

Revving the engine, Priss put on her helmet then shot off towards the exit and then home.


Sylia sat in her air-conditioned office and stared out the window at Tokyo2ís skyline. It seemed that no matter where you were at, Genomís shadow always touched you, it really was something you couldnít escape. A testament to how far itís reach was, not only in Tokyo but the world around.

Sylia sighed and turned away from the visage and pressed a little button on the far-left console of her desk. On the vid screen across from her desk, a map of the city came up with a little red dot moving through the city streets. Sylia grinned and pressed another button. The sound system came on and Sylia could hear Priss cursing Sylia to hell and back.

"Why she have to do that all the time huh? She pushes and pushes, and someday, somehow, somebody is gunna push back and little miss high ní mighty wonít like that. Sheíll find someone that plays the game better than she can, letís see where it gets her then!" Sylia heard the revving of the engine as Priss increased the speed of her bike.

Sylia really did put the bike into the garage so it wouldnít be stolen. But as things usually happened when Sylia thought of doing something ëgenerousí, a new idea would present itself that could further her cause.

While she and Priss spared, her brother was down below the building installing a permanent homing beacon on the bike and eventually another one along with a mike into Prissís helmet. No matter where Priss went, Sylia would always know where she was.

Sylia sank back into her comfortable leather chair and listened to the rush of the wind, the sound of the engine and almost longed to be out on her own bike. Feeling the exhilaration of being on the open road, beingÖ free. But Sylia didnít have the time for that. She was working hard on the suit that Priss would eventually wear.

It was the same model suit as Amber had worn, with slight modifications to it. All the suits had boosters, gun pods that came from the center of the hands and laser cannons that worked much the same as the gun pods. The only difference was that Prissís suit would have a rail gun attached to it. The rails would be made of the same metal that comprised the new suits but would have little mini bombs embedded into the tips of them. Once the rail pierced a boomers shell and detected the core frequency, the rails would explode.

Now how to get her into the Knight SabersÖ.. Sylia was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the shrill, piercing sound of a siren.

The resounding "FUCK!" from Priss made Sylia chuckle. She could hear the engine and wind winding down as Priss pulled over.

Sylia brought her tepid tea to her lips and nearly spit it all over her immaculate desk when she heard the voice of the officer who had pulled Priss over.

"Do you know how fast you were going? License and registration." The voice was Neneís and Sylia couldnít help the giggles that were bubbling up inside of her.

"Look here kid. Are you sure you read that thing right? Cuz I know that I wasnít going that fast." Sylia could hear the impatience and derision in Prissís voice.

"So youíre telling me that you werenít going a hundred eighty five in a ninety zone?" Syliaís face was flushing red from being privy to this little battle of wills between one of her team members and a soon to be member.

"Yeah thatís what Iím saying. Are you sure youíre a police officer? You couldnít be more than what.. twelve?" Sylia heard the indignant gasp from Nene.

"LICENSE AND REGISTRATION NOW!" There was a little shuffling noise and then a small ëwait hereí.

A little while later she heard Nene come back and hand over the papers to Priss.

"SEVEN HUNDRED BUCKS?! What the FUCK did I do to get THAT?!" Sylia couldnít contain her mirth any longer. She burst into laughter imagining the looks that Priss and Nene were shooting at each other.

"Thatís your ticket maíam. Have a nice day."

Priss revved her engine and merged back into traffic, swearing obscenities that even the most hearty of sailor would blush at. Sylia simply sat back and had a good laugh at the expense of her compatriots.

Oh yes, this is going to be great fun! With that, Sylia turned off the mike and headed down to her laboratory to make the final completion on Prissís suit.

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Chapter 5:

Priss was lucky to have gotten a gig that week. She had flaked out in the middle of so many that Hot Legs had fired her twice already. But since she was the best draw that they had, they always asked for her to come back.

Priss was still fuming over the ticket and Syliaís little bit of ëhelpí from the other day. All she wanted to do was loose herself with the feel of the crowds enthusiasm washing over her and forget Sylia, forget the ticket, forget everything but the rush of being on stage.

Priss had finished her first set and was going back to change into something else because she sweated so much on stage but stopped when she saw the police officer and Sylia, at the back of the room, at a table, together.

Great, I wonder what thatís all about. Just my luck Sylia would bring that cop with her! Priss went back to the storeroom and changed into a tight, black leather dress, which accentuated her cleavage. As she went back out she grabbed a water and downed it in two large gulps, loving the feel as the cool liquid flowed down her slightly achy throat.

Soon enough, she was back onstage doing her second set of the night.

"Okay everybody. Itís time for a little old school." She said in a low, throaty voice that had the crowd howling for more.

Violins began to pierce the air, then a techno beat kicked in and Priss started to belt it all out.

"Donít crucify if I feel alive

Itís a natural high and Iím satisfied

Absolved from sin

I called the devil from within

He told me live my life

Donít let them criticize"

Priss stared long and hard at Sylia with the last verse she had sung.

"Itís good to be alive

Sometimes I wonder how I survived

And in my mindís eye

When youíre low no one seems to know

A fallen angel tonight

I feel no shame when Iím high

It feels so good must be right

It feels so good inside


Priss strutted across the stage, grinding up against her bassist and running her long fingers over his exposed shoulders.

"Iíd love to love you but Iím too impure an angel

Iíd love to love you but Iím too impure an angel

Iíd love to love you but Iím too impure an angel

Iíd love to love you

Love to love you"

She sashayed back to center stage trailing her fingernails up her sides and turned those luminous sapphire eyes on the swaying crowd.

"Donít compromise

You donít live my life

ëCos I donít judge you

When I look in your eyes

Itís good to be alive

Sometimes I wonder how I survived

And in my mindís eye

When youíre low no one seems to know

A fallen angel tonight

I feel no shame when Iím high

It feels so good must be right

It feels so good inside


She walked behind the other guitarist and pressed against his back fully, crooning over in his ear.

"Iíd love to love you but Iím too impure an angel

Iíd love to love you but Iím too impure an angel

Iíd love to love you

Love to love you

Love to love you

Love you.

And in my minds eye

I feel no shame tonight

It feels so good inside

Feels so good inside


She nibbled on his pulse point then walked away back to center stage, as the lights and music cease. The crowd erupted in applause as the house lights came back on. Priss took a quick glance to the back of the room and saw the smoke curling around Syliaís face as she took a puff of her cigarette. She raised her glass in Prissís direction and smirked slightly.

Priss smirked right back and gave the barest of nods before starting into her next song which the crowd was more than happy to give catcalls and whistles to.


By the time Priss was completely done for the night, Sylia and her companion were nowhere to be seen. Giving a brief shrug of her shoulders she went and changed into her black leather bikerís outfit.

She and the rest of the band waited for Jeff to come out of the managerís office of Hot Legs to give them their money. He tried to give them all checks, but after seeing the hostile looks from the band and observing many of them cracking their knuckles in response, he quickly changed his mind and paid them cash out of pocket.

Priss hopped on her bike and was driving down HWY #9 when it happened. She watched in horror as a construction boomer turned on a car that was honking at it.

The boomer had been off to the side, but suddenly jumped in front of the oncoming traffic, what little there was at that time of night.

The boomer slammed its metal encased fist into the engine of the honking car. The driver tried to go in reverse but to no avail. The boomers talon like fingers had hooked into the cars metal frame and was holding it in place. It began to slowly inch its body over the hood and onto the roof of the car, hooking its fingers through the roof and pulling up.

The sound of shrieking metal pierced the night as the terrified screams of the cars occupants were droned out.

Priss could see a mother cowering with her child as the boomer reached for them.

Priss, HELP ME! She heard her own brother's scream in her mind for help. Something snapped inside of her right then. Grabbing a small device off her boot, she attached it to a long shaft of metal that she grabbed off her upper thigh then engaged a guard from her belt buckle.

Three shots echoed in the night air as the boomer reared back and faced itís new opponent. Priss glared at the boomer angrily and fired her makeshift gun right in the boomers face. Its metal encased face snapped back sharply, then reared forward, its occipital sensors glowing a sickening green color and honing in on Priss.

"You want me? COME AND GET ME!" She screamed.

Priss shoved the gun in her belt and revved her engine, shooting off down the road. She could hear the boomers inhuman roar as it started to chase after her. The crunch, crunch, crunch of pavement crumbling under the boomers foot spurned Priss to get away as quickly as she could. She didnít want the people in the car to be hurt, but she also didnít want to loose her life because of a boomer. Soon those sounds of metal pounding on pavement began to bleed away, but Priss wasnít going to let her guard down yet.

Checking her rear view mirror she wanted to make sure that the boomer was away from the car with the family inside and saw something the scared the living daylights out of her. The boomer was up in the air, and closing in on her fast.

Priss cursed the designers of the boomers for equipping them with boosters that they said were, ëfor convenienceí. It would allow the boomers to get to any sight as quickly as possible, but with a rogue boomer it just made them all the more dangerous.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end as she could feel the boomer getting closer to her. Priss engaged her nitro and leaned in as close over the bike as she could. She watched as her MPH increased dramatically over the digital display. It wasnít good enough.

The boomer was still closing in and Priss was running out of highway. HWY #9 was one of many that was affected by the earthquake when it bisected the city. The earthquake did much the same to many of the roads, leaving a gaping chasm between the two ends of road and Priss was fast approaching the split. She cursed herself for not getting off the highway and into the city; but then again it would have just endangered more people. Who was she compared to the masses?

If I donít do something soon, Iím gunna be a gonner! Priss watched as the next few hundred feet of road fell into an abyss.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Priss flexed her legs then jumped. She felt herself fly through the air in an almost weightless way. She let her body fall like she had learned with Sylia on the training mat. Priss soon crashed to the pavement, skidding across the hard road and feeling the heat from the friction of her thick leather pants against the ground.

She was thankful for her helmet as her head bounced on the ground. She gradually came to a stop before the lip of the crevice.

Priss ached everywhere. She could feel a warm, sticky substance on her legs and back, quickly realizing that it was her blood. Her breathing was ragged and her ribs screamed in protest over her heavy breathing. Her body had taken quite a beating and was letting her know that it was in no way happy with her treatment of it.

It was deathly silent by comparison to the sound of leather upon pavement; air rushing passed her helmet at quick speeds and the scrape as her head would careen violently off the road. Priss opened her eyes to see the gaping maw of the boomers plasma gun that was a part of its head.

Iím gone. Iíll be with you all soon, I love you! Priss's silent prayer went out to her dead family.

A piercing white light blinded Priss for a moment, as the boomers body lift up and away from her. Blinking her eye as she glanced to her right she saw them. Standing on the opposite side of the chasm was the Knight Sabers.




Chapter 6:

The silver mech with its pale blue visor had taken aim with its laser when they saw the boomer open up its mouth to use its plasma gun on Priss. It watched as the boomer flew away from Priss to land a little ways away. The figure was straightening up when Priss saw them. Two small wing-like boosters came out from the back of the suit, and then it and the red suited figure were up in the air, flying across the split to land near Priss. The two moved to block Priss from the boomer. It was bad enough to hear the crash and wonder if Priss would make it through that, but even worse when she realized what the boomer was going to do to her protégé.

Iíll send you back to hell where you belong! Thought the person in the silver mech.

The red mech scanned the boomer and informed the silver one over the internal comm link of where the best place to strike would be to get to its core quickly.

The blue visored head nodded slightly in understanding and charged the boomer. It reared up from the ground; a massive hole in its side had damaged the shoulder servo, making it nearly impossible for it to move its left arm.

The silver mech ducked as the boomer fired a desperate shot off at it; the silver one quickly jumped in the air performing a crescent kick, the force of the blow crushing the side of the boomers robotic head. Throwing a downward punch to its neck the silver mech's knuckle plugs blew a hole through the boomers metal casing. Opening its fist, the mech grabbed the core and shot it feeling satisfaction that the core had been destroyed.

Flipping away quickly, the mech landed near Priss and the red mech; soon the boomer was in flames, becoming nothing more than smoldering ash. The silver mech turned and found the red one scanning Priss. Moving over it squatted down next to the red one and looked at the fallen woman.

"We should get her to the clinic. She has a few broken bones from her crash that need to be set and an open wound on her back." The pale blue visor nodded slightly at the red one then proceeded to pick up Priss. Priss began to struggle, making it hard for the silver one to move her, but Priss hissed because of just how much it hurt to move and began to calm down a bit.

The silver one took a chance as it was bent over Priss and brought up the front of its visor, exposing the hidden face to the girl. Priss gasped slightly then felt just the faintest stirrings of anger.


"Iíll explain everything later Priss. Right now I need to move you, Iím sorry that this will hurt you but there isnít anything else I can do about it right now. I promise that Iíll answer all your questions once your better." Sylia gave the faintest of smiles before she closed the visor.

If Priss could have, she would of spit in Syliaís face, but there appeared to be a clear visor underneath the one that she had lift up to expose her face.

Sylia carefully picked up Priss, trying to be as delicate as possible considering Prissís wounds. Sylia engaged her thrusters and was once again flying through the night's sky to help Priss.


Priss woke up in the bed she had stayed in when she had first stayed the night at Syliaís, the only difference being that Sylia was in the room with her.

"Ah, I see that youíre awake." Priss stared at Sylia for a moment before assessing her condition.

The world and all that she knew was pain. Her right leg was killing her but it was really a toss up between what was worse the pain of her body or the pain in her heart. In those few, brief moments that she thought she was going to die she had let herself dwell on some things that she hadnít thought about in a long time.

The earthquake had been devastating. Priss had been in school at the time and as soon as the rumbling had stopped and all the students had gotten free of the building, Priss had run home. She come home to find all the she knew, all that was familiar was gone; set ablaze by a ruptured gas line.


She turned around sharply when she heard her baby brother's voice. Oh god, KEI!

"KEI?!" They were soon in each other's arms, clinging for dear life as the house that they had grew up in went up in smoke. It wouldn't be till later that they both found out that their father had come home for lunch and had been trapped in the house with their mother.

The fire rampaged throughout the block destroying Priss's memories and the only place she had called home. Holding her brother tightly, they watched their world crumble to nothing more than dust. There would be no other relatives to turn to in their time of need.

They came to know poverty quite well in the months afterwards, escaping from an orphanage because they wanted to be together. The desperation they felt as they tried to survive in the aftermath of the quake. Sleeping in gutters, abandoned factories, condemned buildings with many other people who had lost their loved ones and livelihood.

She also remembered loosing him.

She could hear Keiís screams for help. But she was too late as usual as she turned the corner to find him with his head crushed from the massive boomer hand that had grabbed him and squeezed until his skull cracked and his brain matter stuck to the things robotic fingers.

Oh yes she could remember it all quite well.

"Kei's deadÖ he's deadÖ I didn't get there in time and he's dead.. just like mom.. and dad." The remorse and sadness were a terrible ache that just would go away, but it was nothing compared to the guiltÖ. "I'm aloneÖ and I always will be won't I? Everything I've ever loved is dead!"

She had fought those demons, the ones of her past and the ones of her guilt many times, but had always been able to vanquish them.

But when that boomer had that plasma gun pointed at her, she relived it all, everything she had lost because of the quake and Genom; she had relished it in a perverse way. She would finally be absolved of everything and be taken away from the solitude. That was not in the cards however. She did this. She helped me lived when I would have gladly accepted death. Why is she doing this?!

Priss turned her frozen eyes upon Sylia. Do you know what you took away from me? Do you know what youíve doneÖ. Do you care?

Sylia got up and came to sit next to Priss on the bed. She smoothed Prissís hair away from her forehead and had to force her hand to remain where it was when she saw Priss flinch away from her contact. You canít expect her to be fine Sylia; not everyone is like you. They arenít able to put their emotions into nice and neat little boxes then store them where they wonít ever see the light of day again. Not everyone can objectify their memories.

"I had hoped that I would find a better way to tell you about this, about me, but I needed to get you out of there quickly and you wouldnít have let me do it otherwise. If the police had found you and that boomer there would have been too many questions to be answered, ones that you couldnít give. So I leave it to you. Will you listen to everything I have to say or will we part company now?" Priss stared at Sylia. There were so many things swirling within her mind at the moment. What was going on? How did Sylia know how to kill the boomer? How DID she kill it, and where did she get that suit?

Sylia watched as many emotions swirled across the girl's face. Thereís only two years separating us in ageÖ we are so differentÖ and yet very much the sameÖ.

"Why did you save me?"

"Why wouldnít I?"

"I really hate it when you answer a question with a question, so why did you save me?" Sylia saw that her normal ways of treating Priss wouldnít work this time. She watched her jaw set in a determined way and thought carefully before answering.

"I couldnít let you die. Not at the hands of a boomer." Priss heard the hard edge or Syliaís voice, her contempt when she nearly spat out boomer, but none of this was reflected on Syliaís face. Priss almost felt like asking ëwhy should I believe youí, but by the sound of the womanís voice, Priss knew that above all else, Sylia Stingray despised boomers.

"What do you have against boomers?"

Sylia snorted at the seemingly ludicrous question. This coming from the girl whose brother was killed in front of her by a boomer. Just wonderful!

"Theyíre Genomís way of keeping tabs on all of the worlds markets. Nothing more than high priced marionettes that due their masters bidding. They donít make our lives easier, they distort life." Syliaís eyes darkened, remembering her father's laboratory. Out of everything you created, why did you have to create them father?! Family didnít matter. Only the next phase in boomer evolution. Why did you put them first above your family, why did you love them? Why couldnít you love me?!

Priss sat silently and watched the swirl of emotions that danced over the womanís face. Soon the shutters were back down and Priss was left feeling vaguely off centered. Do you trust anyone Sylia? Who holds your secrets?

"I saved you because I need you Priss. You remind meÖ well of me, when I was younger. I want your help but I donít know how to ask for itÖ."

"Please." Sylia arched a brow at Priss, slightly confused.


"First off tell me what you would like my help for, then ask me with please." Sylia got off the bed quickly.

"Itís never that simple. Nothing is ever that simple Priss."

"You donít know until you try." Priss spoke so softly that Sylia almost missed the words.

"I had an ulterior motive for helping you become skilled at martial arts. I wanted to see if you could handle your own, if maybeÖ just maybe I could convince you to help me fight boomers, to fight Genom."

Priss sat silently for a few moments mulling this information over. Could I really do that? Go up against Genom and boomers. Then she thought of Syliaís armor that she had used. Sylia had been quick, quicker than any boomer she had ever seen even faster than her now dead racing bike. Priss had felt a perverse satisfaction when she had watched the boomer be dispatched, even if before then she had almost wished for death. Could she get in one of those suits and kill rogue boomers. For KeiÖ for my familyÖ for me.

"How soon can I have a suit?" Sylia turned back to Priss.

"We do other things besides going after boomers Priss. We are for hire and do outside jobs for people in the city who normally want an edge on Genom. This is a team, not one person's vendetta; you have to abide by the rules that I set up. Would you be able to?"

Priss thought for a moment. Hired out huh? And go up against Genom in the process.

"Get me a new bike and a nice percentage of the money from when weíre hired out and you have a deal." Sylia looked at Priss suspiciously.

"Iíll do that for you, but you have to abide by my rules Priss. No going off half-cocked and you will learn all there is to know about the systems of my suits." Priss arched a brow over a cerulean orb.

"Your suits?"

"My suits. I designed them." Priss knew that Sylia was intelligent, she just hadnít realized just how intelligent the woman really was.

"When can we start." Sylia stood there for a moment before she walked slowly over to Priss, her hand lightly brushing up and over her shoulders to clasp them gently. Her lips quirked slightly as she leaned in, her breath tickling Prissís throat.

"As soon as you're healed." Her hot breath puffed against Prissís ear and then Sylia was pressing her back down into the bed, leaning over her as she pulled the covers up and around Prissís neck. She leaned back in again, her lips a hairsbreadth away from Prissís. Her tongue snaked out, moistening her lips and Priss could have sworn it lightly touched her own.

"Sweet dreams Priscilla." With that she backed away and went out of the room. Priss let out a ragged breath. She sighed slightly. Hail to the chief!


Sylia stood outside the guestroom door and a devilish glint came to her eye. Guess she is more naïve than she looks. To think she actually bought that Iíd have trouble asking her for help. At least it nudged her in the right directionÖ. Right to me!

Sylia went to her room and got onto the mainframe for her system. She started to devise the various training vids that she would put Priss through along with a boot camp regiment that would make Priss into the perfect soldier.

You may not think it now Priscilla Asagiri, but you are mine.




Chapter 7:

The dream was always as it had been. Memories flashing like broken picture frames from an early flicker film. No sound to be heard just images cascading and rolling, one atop of the other. Soon the images would coalesce and become one, a swirling vortex of nothingness and light until finally a sound would echo in the chaotic stillness of those long forgotten times. A heartbeat pounding in the childís ears as they lay motionless on the cool operating table; watching the mask get closer and closer. The blinding white light, almost masking the technicians and doctors in their pristine surgical suits. The anticipation of one and the hesitation of the others as they gazed down at the innocent before them.

The rapid breathing of the child as they took great, heaving lungfuls of the sleep-inducing drug that was being pumped through to them mixed with something else. The fluttering of eyelashes as they closed over frightened hazel eyes and the one last thought before going into the bottomless pit of dark sleepÖ. Whereís mother?

Sylia sat up in bed and gasped. True it had been a common dream for her but she hadnít had it in at least six years. Something that most would not think of Sylia Stingray was that she did indeed need counseling but not for the reasons that some would suspect. She had seen a counselor after her mother died and then later when her father perished in a fire at his labs. Always the boomers. They came firstÖ and Galatia.

She shook her head as if to clear it of her thoughts. She didn't want to remember it. Didn't want to remember what Galatia was, or what she and Makie were. She loved her brother, had nursed him and protected him from the outside world, especially when the reports of the fire had come across the vid.

Sylia could still remember that fateful day. Something had gone horribly wrong at her father's lab; she and Makie had sat and watched as the news portrayed the fire that was raging on the West End of the complex. What was more astounding was the military personnel, some in K-10 battle armor outside the main entrance to the compound. When pandemonium broke out that's when the picture feed went dead and the terrible earthquake that decimated Tokyo occurred.

Her fathers compound had been one of many that had fallen into the great chasm that would bisect Tokyo, buried under debris, rubble and death, never to be disturbed again. Perhaps it was a blessing that it fell beneath the cityÖ nothing good will ever come of boomers and their technology.

Just thinking of her father's lab sent a shiver down her spine. How many times when she was younger did she watch the lifeless 'eyes' of the boomers bore into her as her father perfected his prototype for Genom? How many times had her father used those same types of eyes on her? The only time she ever remembered seeing anything other than that vacant expression was when he was looking upon his boomer 'children' or when her mother would visit briefly. MotherÖ.

Sylia shook her head and got up to take a shower. She turned on the mini-jets and stepped under their pounding, letting it wash away the last vestiges of sleep and her dreams. As Sylia ran her slim fingers through her fine silvery hair a new thought occurred to her, one that had been present much of late thanks to her newest team member.

She's synchronizing quicker than I had expected with her hard suit and has already mastered the simulation models that Nene has. On the next Saber mission she'll have to come out with us to be tested. I need to know how she'll do in a real combat situation. It was true that Priss was exceeding all of Sylia's expectations but there was one thing that was beginning to get on Sylia's nerves. Priss wasn't predictable. At least she hadn't been as predictable for the last few months. It was as if Priss had begun to find a way in order to block out Sylia and was beginning to know just how Sylia was using her. In so doing that though, she was making Sylia unbalanced. I need to get a firm grip on her; she needs to realize who is the master and who is the worker.

Another voice, a more truthful voice spoke up from the melee that was Sylia's unconscious mind. She won't be your drone. She'll do what she feels is right what she feels a mission should be like and will endanger the group. Sylia's brow furrowed at the next thought. But she'll be the best you'll ever have for a Knight Saber. Nobody will be able to touch her when she reaches her full potential.

Sylia stepped back under the spray and washed the soap from her long locks, then leaned her forearms against the wall and let the water cascade over her nearly translucent skin. The water ran down her sleek frame in tiny rivulets making her shimmer as much as her silver tinted hair. Sylia was becoming restless and that usually wasn't a good thing. When Sylia became restless bad things usually happened. I just need some time away, some time to step back from this obsession and clear my head. Or perhaps I just need to visit FalconÖ That thought brought a smile to Sylia's face. There were two things Falcon was good for, helping her build her machines and a fuck.

When was the last time you had a little release Sylia? Her brow scrunched up slightly as she thought back to the last time she had even been remotely aroused let alone had achieved some gratification. WellÖ there was that brief momentÖ with PrissÖ She pushed back from the wall and savagely turned the knob on the shower to cold and the warmth that has once cascaded over her body turned to icicles, piercing her pale flesh. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. You will NOT go THERE!

With that, Sylia soon made her way from the shower and to her bedroom to grab a robe where she would eventually start the day.


Nene was angry, hell she was more than angry she was in a down right bitch-at-anything-that-moves type of mood. She was not happy with Priss's progress in the simulator. Sure she hadn't been doing the Knight Saber thing for very long, but still a first class novice shouldn't be outdoing her! It was humiliating and Nene was reaching the point where she was seriously thinking of doing some bad things to Priss.

Nene did get a little satisfaction when she had pulled Priss over a while back though. Oh yes, giving her that ticket was the best way to get back at her for stealing my purse, nobody messes with Nene Romanova!

Another voice in her mind perked up and scoffed at her. Yeah right, what could you really do to amazon woman, nag her to death? "Oh SHUT UP!"

"-and this is Nene Romanova."

Nene's blood froze when she recognized the voice. Oh godÖ THE CHIEF! Nene was working the call center for the day and was keeping track of all things Genom with her sleeper program from her computer console. It would just be her luck that the chief would be coming up as she shouted something out like 'shut up'.

Nene looked up at the chief and saw the hunkiest guy around. God he's gorgeous!

"Nene, this is Leon McNichol. He's a new transfer to the precinct. Leon this is who you go to when you need to find anything. Nene's part of an advanced program that we've started this year for anyone who wants to apply for the police force while still in high school."

Nene groaned inwardly, only eighteen and getting all sorts of shit from the men that she worked with she knew it was going to be even worse now that the new guy knew about her age.

"Nice to meet you Nene." Leon held out his hand to her and gave a rakish grin.

God he looks like a surfer from California, could he get anymore hot?! Nene blushed as she realized she was still shaking his hand and quickly pulled hers away.

The chief said good-bye to both of them and was off, leaving the two of them alone. Oh god what am I going to say to him? Will I be stupid and not very cool, will I annoy him.. oh god he's sitting DOWN!

Leon sat down on the little partition that was part of her cubicle and next to the walkway. He flashed his straight, pearly white smile at her and she nearly swooned. He's gorgeousÖ he's hunky.. he'sÖ PAIRED WITH DAILY?! Nene wanted to burst out laughing but she held back as she looked at Leon with a straight face.

"-so I was wondering if you really knew anything about the guy I'm going to be partnered up with. Ya know, Daily?" Nene's eyes were nearly watering from this news. If I think he's hunky, Daily is going to think he is a GOD! It wasn't a big secret that Daily was gay, but little known about him was that he also had a drag show that opened up for Priss and the Replicants, or at least when Priss was working for Hot Legs. Every saturday night Daily could be found down at Hot Legs doing his little number as 'Riva'. His show was as much of a draw as Priss's singing. Nene only found out because of the last time she had been to the hole in the wall. Sylia had dragged her along and pointed out the possibility for the team. Nene didn't think Priss was anything special, she was your typical acid rock, grungy river front rat. Yeah but if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have underestimated her abilities. Ohh what was that that Leon-poo's said?

"Umm, well, Daily's a really sweet guy. He's a good detective and he's really really really nice." Nene stared up into Leon's eyes and nearly swooned.

Leon looked at Nene and began to feel a little uncomfortable. Robbing the cradle is something you don't need and she's damn near a fetus. Shit, where are all the 'real' women in this town?

"Well Nene, that's good to know. I'll see you around. Bye." Leon got up from his perch and walked back up the isle to find his new partner.

Nene was in a bit of a haze thinking about Leon's silky blond hair and sea blue eyes when her console started to beep. She quickly came to and began to punch in a series of requests into her system. Her brow scrunched up as she 'watched' someone try to access information on Professor Stingray and his offspring through AD Police Unsolved Case Files/Public records. Nene launched her attack program with one hand on the console as the other reached into her purse and picked up her communicator that Sylia had given her.

Her program quickly went to work and she answered her communicator the minute that Sylia responded back.

"I think we have a problem."


Sylia had been working on Priss's modified bike that she would be getting when the call came through. Makie had come to tell her and she immediately went to her console attached to the lab that had her computer setup. Nene apprised her of the problem and she quickly jacked in, tracing the person back to where they were. It was quite interesting because they were on the inside of a Genom research facility. One of the newly constructed ones on the water front.

Each time Sylia or Nene put out a program the person adapted and came right back, Sylia finally had to call out the mad dogs that she had as a last resort and they demolished the person who was trying to find out about the Stingray's. Sylia followed them all the way back to their own console and locked them out except for text messages.



Genom Mainframe ext 4118 user: unknown

Doberman: Stay away from the Stingray's.

Unknown: All I want is information.

Doberman: Curiosity killed the cat.

Unknown: Good thing I'm not a cat.

Unknown: Hello? Who are you?

Doberman: A person who thinks that the past should stay there.

Unknown: I just want information.

Doberman: Stop now. You will regret it.

Unknown: I won't regret it if I find what I need. You can't stop me.

Doberman: I can, I will and you will be destroyed.

Unknown: Information isn't a weapon.

Doberman: Then why were you accessing AD Police filesÖ if you don't need a weaponÖ

Unknown: I need helpÖ maybe Stingray can help.

Doberman: Stingray is dead and buried. Has been since the earthquake.

Unknown: That's not confirmed, his research facility went into the ground but they never found a body.

Doberman: He IS dead and you will STOP looking for him!

Unknown: I will NOT stop UNTIL I find HIM!

Doberman: He is dead and this conversation is over.

Unknown: WAIT! How can you know he's dead?

Unknown: How do you know he's dead?

Unknown: You don't know do youÖ

Doberman: He's in hell, that is all you need to know.

Unknown: Ö then I'll be joining him soonÖ

Doberman: Not my problem. You will no longer have access to information.

Unknown: You don't have the--


One the other side of the connection an energy spike created by a feedback loop made the console in front of the person at Genom explode, drawing attention to Prototype Lab Zeta. But the conversation with 'Doberman' was enough; they got the data they needed and now had a new contingency for their plan if it should fail.


The flickering of pale light cut through the darkened room and illuminated her pale features as she sat back in her plush chair. Sylia grinned slightly. They have taken the bait, now let us see how far they will go with itÖ


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Chapter 8:

Beads of sweat appeared on the woman's upper lip as she thrust harder. Oh yeah! She was going to get it this time; there was no way in hell she wasn't. She wanted this too much; she had worked hard and wanted to receive what was coming to her. She spread her legs further apart as she prepared for another thrust, a harder thrust. Sweat trickled down her back from all her exertion. She met it for all she was worth, throwing her body up and watched as sparks flew before her eyes. YES!

"YES!" Priss screamed as she killed another boomer in yet another simulation. This was the sixth one that she'd gone through and it had been a tough one, they weren't like the ones she had had before. She could only assume these were from Sylia's own battles since the other ones had been Nene's, and those she had already surpassed. She hated to admit it, but if these were Sylia's simulations then she was goodÖ really good.

The visor screen went blank, as the simulation was finally complete. The dummy plug for the suit ejected when she taped the side of the helmet for the catch release, which would unlock the first two plugs at the top of the suit. Priss set the visor down as she leaned her upper body forward and put the top part of the suit in the original pre-start position. Pulling her arms out of the confines of upper body, she ran her fingers along the latch at the hips and turned the plugs there counter clockwise to unlock them and finally stepped out of the rest of the suit.

Priss went to the changing rooms and got out of her sweaty suit and got into the showers that were off to the side of the room. She stepped under the cool, cleansing water and let it wash away her day's exertions. Priss had been lucky to get into the simulator that day. Sylia had this annoying habit of changing the password to her building every week and Priss was lucky if she could remember the correct one from one week to the next. Most of the time she just walked into the Silky Doll and asked Sylia for some 'specialty items' and was escorted into the back. Priss laughed slightly as she remembered the last time she came into the store.

Priss walked around to the front of the storefront, annoyed that she couldn't remember the password for the week. Sylia really needs to get that stick out of her ass, who would really think to find a covert laboratory with advanced mech's underneath a lingerie store.. I mean.. really?! As she was passing through the doors a short blonde caught her attention. It was the police officer in civvies and she was headed for Sylia as well.

Priss got a feral look on her face. Oh this should be fun! Coming up behind Nene as she stopped in front of the counter she put her hands on the girl's hips and leaned into her and set her head on her shoulder.

"We're here for those specialty items we ordered." Nene gasped and drew the attention of some of the women around them.

Priss slipped her hands around Nene's waist and rubbed her thumbs over the girl's stomach.

"Now honey don't be modest. The owner promised that the cuffs would be fur lined and that your leather boustier would have easy access to your nips for the nipple clamps I just bought." Priss brought her mouth next to Nene's ear and nearly purred. "You know how I love when you squeal!"

Nene's face was beat red and looked like she was about to pass out. There were little murmurs from women that were looking around the store together as they observed the couple at the front of the store talking to the sales clerk.

Sylia arched one of her perfect silver brows and smirked a little bit.

"If you will follow me, I'll take you to a changing room so that you can make sure that your 'specialty items' are tailored to your exact specifications miss." Sylia turned and beckoned the two to follow her.

Priss kept herself pressed up against Nene as they were taken into one of the dressing rooms that doubled as a lift that went all the way from Priss's upstairs apartment down to the sublevels of the store. It passed through the multilevel aquarium that Sylia had that ran the length of one side of the building.

As soon as they were in the elevator, Nene slapped Priss for all she was worth, which wasn't much actually. Priss simply laughed in the blushing girl's face and leaned back against the elevator for the duration of the ride.

Priss was brought out of her musings by the sound of the shower door opening. Sylia stood there and stared at Priss, nothing really reflected in her eyes since they were as cold as they had ever been.

"When you are done we need to talk." Simple, straightforward and with about as much emotion as a boomer drone. Priss simply nodded her head slightly then went back to washing her body. The only indication that Sylia had seen her respond was the telltale swish of the door being put back into place.

That can't be real. She couldn't be that cold all the time, nobody is like that no matter how dead they are insideÖ there usually is a little spark of life left in them. Priss quickly finished her shower and changed into a loose pair of tear away pants, sneakers and a form fitting tank top. Her chestnut hair dripped slightly since she really didn't like the dryers that Sylia had there. They always seemed to crisp her hair out and she didn't like that sensation when it happened. So she simply let it air dry and it usually turned out better that way anyway.

She hesitated before Sylia's office. I've been here a hundred times these past few months and yet this time feels different. I guess I'll find out if I've made the grade. Shit if she's got Nene I've GOT to be an improvement! Feeling a little cocky about that last thought, Priss strode on in to Sylia's office. She went over to one of the large chairs in front of her desk and plopped herself half-hazardly in its soft depths.

Sylia sat behind her desk with her hair up in a severe bun. She almost reminded Priss of that drone thing from an old sci-fi series. Yeah except for the woman on the show had bigger juggsÖ Sylia arched one of her perfect silver brows and stared at Priss. Priss nearly blushed because it felt like Sylia knew what she had been thinking just a minute ago.

"You asked me here so what do you want?" Priss's tone was brusque and harsh, she didn't mean for it to come out that way but for some reason every time she was around Sylia she just wanted to get into an argument with her.

"I am giving you the next week off, but come the following Saturday I will require your services for a job we have been contracted to do. Here is the information on what is expected of you." Sylia slid a cache across the desk to rest in front of Priss.

Priss looked down at the cache a little confused.

"I thought we fought boomers?"

"Oh we do the job that the AD Police is unable to with boomers. But there are other jobs for us to do as well. My resources are not endless and the suits cost more than either you or Nene could really comprehend. This way I can keep us all in the style of living that we are comfortable with and be able to enhance our armor and technology more to our benefit."

Priss grabbed the cache and sat back. She knew that Nene and Sylia did other things with the suits but she hadn't expected that they were a form of soldiers for hire. Mercenaries Priss, the term is mercenariesÖ and now you're one of them.

"See you on Saturday then."

"Priss, wait!"

Priss turned around at the urgency in Sylia's voice. She'd never heard anything quite like it before and truth be told it was a little unnerving.

Sylia sat in her chair and squirmed a bit, she hadn't meant to sound soÖ so what? Nervous, scaredÖ needy? Sylia let her mask flow over her entire body till she felt impenetrable and looked Priss dead in the eye. Her lips quirked slightly as she ran her finger tips along the edge of the desk to dip below. She watched Priss swallow hard and let a little feral grin show on her face. Oh I bet I know what you're thinking little oneÖ

Priss barely had time to react and catch what Sylia threw at her when her hand had emerged from under the desk. What the hell isÖ keys?! Another object came flying at her which Priss deftly caught. Priss's brow was scrunched up in question as she looked at Sylia for the answer to her unasked question.

"The keysÖ to your new bike plus your license and new registration. Go to Falcon's garage, he'll have it there for you and a full tank of gas. Enjoy!"

Priss did something that she rarely ever liked to do, she squealed in joy nearly bouncing up and down. Reigning her emotions in and blushing for her girlish outburst in front of Sylia she just grunted out a 'thank you' and fled from the room.

Sylia sat back in her chair and chuckled slightly. WellÖ she is rather cute when she does things like that.


Priss left the building as quick as she could and jumped on a muni bus to get to Falcon's. She'd only taken her previous bike there once and although the man was expensive, his work had vastly improved her bikes reaction time and maneuverability. Getting off at the corner of 86th, she walked the three blocks that would take her to the shop.

It really wasn't anything to write home about. It was a dirty looking shop done in puke green color with blood red letter's for the sign proclaiming 'Falcon's'. Hard to believe just by looking at this place that it's one of the most expensive bike and body repair shops in all of Tokyo2! She grasped the handle to the outer door and jumped back as the door came off its hinges and crashed to the ground. Well I guess with the looks of this place you really wouldn't have to worry about anyone wanting to break in!

"Hey Falcon, you in here?!" Priss stepped over some debris, her guess was that they were two year old greasy rags that had finally found a way to escape from the back of the shop. She wrinkled her nose slightly at the smell. God this place smells worse than mine does!

Priss found the door that led to the shop and went through it. There was barely any light coming through the dingy windows and she couldn't for the life of her find a light switch. She hadn't gotten but a few feet from the door when she felt something poke her in the back.

"I don't know who you are but you better get the fuck out of here."

Priss shrugged her shoulders slightly and began to walk slowly towards the door, she ducked, spinned and did a sweep kick to the figure in the dark. She felt the connection of with the person who had the gun and felt satisfaction as she heard the person let out a breath as they hit the floor and heard their gun go skidding away. She quickly pinned them and all that could be heard was ragged breathing.

"Where's Falcon?"

"Idiot I AM Falcon."

"Then what the hell were you doing pulling a gun on me?"

"I thought you were a bill collector!"

Priss let up on the man slightly and had to grin, Priss herself had been known to do many a scary thing to bill collectors herself. They tended to stay away from her camper now, it was probably in a file somewhere that there was a crazy person living along the waterfront that accosted hapless individuals and it suited her just fine.

"Why are you here?"

Priss looked down at the man and could just barely make out what he looked like.

"Sylia sent me, she said that my bike was ready and that I could pick it up here."

"Sylia sent youÖ" Falcon's voice trailed off, there was something in his tone that bothered Priss, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Yeah my new bike, so let's get it so I can get out of here." She let the man up and soon light was flooding through the cavernous expanse of the bike shop.

"Next time you see Sylia tell her to come here in person if she wants to store something, not to send her lap dog of a brother." Priss just stared at the man and bristled slightly at his gruff attitude towards Sylia. I wonder if I'll meet this brother of hersÖ maybe he was the one that she meant when she said 'we're going to put you in the simulator'?

Falcon walked over to the far corner and Priss followed him to a tarp-covered object. Falcon grabbed the edge of it and whipped the covering off.

Priss gasped as she looked at the beautiful work of art before her. The bike was sleek with its supple lines and slick form. The halogen lights reflected off it's smooth surface and Priss couldn't help but get on her knee's next to it and put her face against the fire engine red paint and caress it with her cheek gently. Her fingers trailed over it like a lovers touch. Oh you are a beautiful one aren't you! She heard a throat clearing in the distance but paid it no mind; this was the time for her and her baby.

Getting up she slid her hands along the body and shivered at how sleek it really was. She slipped her leg over the seat and ground her hips into its dark leather, groaning slightly as she gripped the handlebars. Oh yes this was a thing of beauty, a masterpiece to be holden to, it was-

"Would you two like some time alone? I think I could even be 'sueded to rent this room to you if you like?" Priss's glazed eyes fell upon Falcon's flaming red cheeks and grinned toothily.

"Open the doors, I wanna take her out!"

"Hold on a minute, there's some things you should know." He went to a shelf and got down a gas can and brought it back to the bike. Shoving Priss's arms out of the way he unscrewed the cap and filled the tank all the way up.

"You can only get your fuel here. The fuel from any of the other stations won't work with this new bike because it's of a special designÖ which I'm sure you've already noticed?"

Priss heard him but he could tell that she was somewhere else, somewhere that no one else could be. Her hands couldn't keep still as they caressed the bike, she couldn't help it, and she'd never had anything this gorgeous before in all her life. She couldn't wait to get on the open road, there was no doubt in Priss's mind that the euphoria she felt right at that moment would be surpassed once she got on a straightway and opened up the throttle on that baby.

Sighing, Falcon grabbed one of his cards from his dingy work clothes and slipped it into the pocket of Priss's tearaways, then opened up the garage doors. Priss watched as sunlight flooded the front of the shop and couldn't wait to get her baby out there.

Taking the key from her pocket she put it in the ignition and turned it over. Oh god I think I'm gunna die this is so good! She groaned as she listened to her bike purring like a contented feline. She revved the engine and nearly came from the sensation. Better n' sexÖ She quickly shot forward bringing up the kickstand and exiting into the harsh lights of the burning sun.

It was quite a rush; the bike seemed to know what she wanted to do before she did it. It was like they were one entity as the bobbed and weaved through the melee and commotion that was Tokyo2. She had never felt so alive. I've missed this, god I didn't realize how much I'd missed this! Priss probably would have gone on forever except for the fact that the police vehicle pulled up along side her and the passenger waved her over to the side of the road. She pulled over quickly but really didn't care. She was with her baby and that was all that mattered.

Leon McNichol got out of the police cruiser and approached the biker. They'd been following her with lights for the past four miles and finally had to pull up next to her. As he got closer he started to notice how the tearaways clung to her muscular body and just how delicious her torso looked in the tight tank top. Now here's what I'm talking about, a woman!

Leon's sunglasses covered eyes took it all in. Oh yeah.

"License and registration miss." Priss reached into her pocket a pulled out both that Sylia had given to her earlier along with the keys to her new toy. I'm going to have to thank her for this.

Leon noticed her dazed glance but didn't say anything as he wrote up the ticket for her. He couldn't help sneaking glances at her figure as he wrote the ticket. Shit you'd have to be blind not to notice a lady like that!

"Miss, there are laws that state you need to have a helmet while driving a motorcycle in the metropolis area, AND you were speeding." Priss simply nodded at him.

"You are going to go home and do something about the helmet issue right miss?" Priss nodded again and started to stroke the casing on her bike. Leon gulped as he watched those sculpted fingers draw slow, leisurely paths along the gleaming paint. God what I wouldn't do for-

"Hey Leon! Hurry up there's been a sighting, we have to go!" Daily called from the passenger side of the car. Daily smirked as he watched his partner try to get the young woman's attention again but to no avail. I think she has better things on her mind than a pretty boi!

"Here's your ticket and you had BETTER get a helmet on." Priss finally tore her gaze away from her bike and grabbed the ticket to fold up and put in her pocket. She looked Leon in the eye and smiled slightly.

"Of course officer." Then turned on her engine and merged back into traffic, Leon stood there watching the lovely figure drive away until the horn from the patrol vehicle called him out of his musings.

Priscilla Asagiri, I'll have to meet up with her again sometime.


Priss ran into her trailer and shed her clothes as she went. She yanked open her closet door and pulled out her blue and white bikers outfit and put it on quickly before putting her hair up into a tight bun and grabbed one of her many helmets before flying back out the door to her baby.

She was back on the road again in no time. She loved the feeling of the powerful engine between her leather-clad thighs and the air rushing past her at break neck speeds. This was life, this was freedom! She drove for hours then eventually ended up on a lookout hill high above Tokyo2 and observed the city as the sunset. It was truly beautiful but the only thing marring that beauty was Genom tower a little ways off from shore.

She glanced back at her bike and happiness infused her being. She knew Sylia would get her a new bike but she had never expected anything this wonderful. It was like taking her previous bike and multiplying it by a thousand, taking that sum and using infinity as an exponent and you still wouldn't be able to compare it to the bike that she had now. It was simply breathtaking and she loved it even more because of that. Sylia had gone beyond anything Priss had ever dreamed to have in a bike, she'd handed her heaven and Priss wasn't exactly sure how to handle that.

I'll have to do something for her. I may work for her but this is too much! Now what could IÖ THAT'S IT! With a grin on her face, Priss hopped back onto her little slice of heaven and drove off to set up a proper thank you for one Sylia Stingray.


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