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Chapter 12:

Sylia sat looking at Priss across from her. There would be a slight delay in the trip to Germany but Sylia had needed to know that Priss would be able to go at "the drop of a hat" as the saying goes.

"My brother needs to put a few of his affairs in order before you head to Germany. He is still a student but needs to clear it with his professors before he goes anywhere. So it will be about a week before you go anyway. Is that all right Priss?"

Priss sat across from Sylia still mulling over the prospect of Germany. Germany! I'm going to get my hands on some of that beer I've always heard about.

"Priss? Priss is that all right? Will you be able to go with my brother? It may take longer than a week.." Sylia drifted off as she contemplated waving her hands in front of Priss's face to get her attention.

"Wha-? Oh yeah. That'll be fine."

"Come by tomorrow say around eleven am so that I can tell you exactly what you will be going there for, all right?" Sylia looked to Priss and she merely smiled, then stood up.

"Is there anything else you need boss lady?"

Sylia smiled on the inside at her title and merely waved her hand as if to say, "be gone." Priss gave a slight quirky grin and walked out the door, heading downstairs to her bike. Putting on her helmet, Priss hopped on her bike and gave a little yell as she sped off.

"Ah YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI!" She screamed as the wind rushed past her, making her feel free. She needed to share this with someone, anyone. A somber smile passed over her face as she decided on whom she would share it with. Priss made a U-turn and sped out of the city, traversing the highway until she came to her exit and followed it down to an entrance that led to where her brother lay. Priss soon came upon his grave and parked her bike on the road near it.

Priss approached the gravest and noticed that it wasn't as kept up as it should be. She became angry for a second then realized that it was just how things happened sometimes. She took off her helmet and placed it next to the grave marker, then started to pull up the weeds and scraggly grass.

"You won't believe it Kei. I'm going on a trip and outside of Tokyo! Can you believe it? We always talked about getting out of this city for a little while. You'd never be able to guess where I'm going either little broÖ GERMANY! It still surprises me, I almost want to pinch myself, but I know that it's a done deal. Sylia wouldn't ask me something like that and take it away." Priss paused in her work and considered that. No, Sylia wouldn't do that; there was a sense of urgency about them going to Germany, especially since Sylia had asked nicely. She shook her head slightly and smiled down at her brother's name, etched in the stone face.

"I know I haven't been here in a while, but there's a lot I have to catch you up on! I still sing with the band but I have.. err another form of income. I'm employed by that lady Sylia that I mentioned earlier." Priss laughed slightly at that. Sylia was definitely a lady.. what type, Priss didn't exactly know yet because she was such a complex person.

"I.. I think you would have liked her Kei. She's very hard to figure out, but there's just something about her that makes you want to know her. She's one of the most unique people I've ever known. It's strange but I kinda like her. Sure she can be a pain in the ass but who isn't? I don't know. The more I find out about her.. the more I want to know. I haven't had a friend in a long time .. and I think I'd .. I'd like to be her friend or .. oh I don't know! I'm rambling. But I'm still excited about Germany.. just think Kei, GERMAN BEER!" Priss snickered slightly because even when Kei was around she had a perchance for a good beer. Priss finished what she was doing then clapped her hands twice in front of her in prayer for her brother's happiness wherever he was.

"I love you Kei." She kissed his headstone then slowly went back to her bike. What she didn't know that someone was listening to her conversation through the hidden mike in her helmet the whole time.


Sylia hadn't meant to listen in on the private conversation between Priss and her brother. She sat for a while, shocked by some of the things that Priss had said. Were they friends? Sylia didn't know. Sylia didn't have friends and it had always been that way. It bothered her that someone was trying to figure her out, especially someone that she had contact on a regular basis. She was tempted to leave a message at Priss's trailer that she'd just go herself, but she remembered the excitement she'd heard in Priss's voice about going on the trip and didn't have it in her to disappoint her.

Why won't you disappoint her? It's not like it matters or anything. But it did matter. Sylia couldn't explain it but what made Priss happy mattered to her. This in itself was shocking and a little bit scary. The trip will be a good thing. She'll be away from you and you can look at this in a logical way. Are you sure that's what you want Sylia? Her inner voice mocked her.

Of course that's what I want, why wouldn't I? Ohhh, I don't know. Then why in the hell did you mention it in the first place?! Mmm so testy when you're angry.. maybe you should question why you're so defensive about her Sylia.. I am NOT defensive about anything, now shut up and let me work.

Sylia turned to the reports laying on her desk, which she would have to condense for Priss to read in order to know what she was supposed to do in Germany. Oh I'll let you work, but you ARE being defensive. Sylia sighed deeply, and knew that she would not be able to get any work done.

This was something that had been bothering Sylia for a while. She'd noticed that she wasn't as aloof around Priss as she had once been. It wasn't something she really wanted to analyze very in depth, but she may have to do that at some point. She needed to know what she was feeling and see if she could get rid of it. She didn't need any attachments, any entanglements; it was a weakness that she didn't have the time for.

I will never be weak. Sylia felt a little sad at that. What she perceived as weakness others considered a gift. Normal people wanted friendship, companionship .. love. These were foreign to Sylia, she hadn't had then in such a long time that she didn't know how to go about getting them or dealing with them.

Sylia shook her head as a migraine began to come on. They had been a recurring thing over the past couple of weeks and had been intensifying in their pain and frequency. Sylia got up and went to her personal bath, getting a glass of water and a few tablets in order to put her to sleep so she could ride out the pain of her migraines.

Sylia got into bed after taking her medicine and drew the blinds to simulate night. Her last thought before she went to sleep was, I have to stay strong..


Priss had gotten up at the ungodly hour that Sylia wanted so that they could go over what was expected of her in Germany. On the way to the Silky Doll she had stopped by a coffee shop and had some toxic sludge in order to have her mind in working order. It was tough going that morning. She'd celebrated her coming trip by buy a couple cases of beer and drinking a toast to just about everything under the sun a beer a piece. To say that she had a headache would be an understatement.

Priss arrived at Sylia's office. The moment she walked in the door she knew that something was wrong. There was always a certain amount of 'electricity' around Sylia no matter what. It was a part of her personality that one could just feel when she walked into a room. But this time it seemed absent. Priss noticed that Sylia was a bit paler than usual, her eyes seeming to be pinched at the sides as if in pain. Sylia got up to go around the desk and wavered slightly. Priss rushed forward just as Sylia's legs gave out on her and caught her. A tremor ran through Sylia's body and Priss tightened her hold on her leader.

"Sylia?" Priss's voice was laced with concern. She'd never seen Sylia like this before. Perspiration dotted Sylia's brow, her body shaking slightly against Priss's grasp.

Priss picked her up and deposited her on the couch then went and retrieved a glass of water and a dampened hand towel. She placed the towel on Sylia's clammy skin and stroked some of the fine silver strands of hair from her face. She let a few of the strands sift through her fingers, curious at how silky they were. She gently smoothed back the hair from Sylia's sweat dampened face and caressed her cheek. She moved Sylia upper body and laid her head down in her lap, watching over her.

She was rarely given this opportunity to study her leader. Sylia was a very beautiful woman and seemed very guileless in her sleep, which astounded Priss. When the woman was awake it was as if she had seen everything over a million times, all the violence that the world had to offer and knew exactly what suffering was. But in sleep she was.. innocent. Priss studied the planes of Sylia's face. The perfectly dainty silver colored eyebrows, her pert nose that Priss had the urge to tweak with her fingers, petal soft looking lips. Her eyes drank in everything greedily trailing up to her brow and she noticed a slight indentation at Sylia's hairline. It was something you wouldn't normally see if she were awake. Her eyes always captured you no matter what, but Priss was able to see it. She lightly pressed her forefinger against it, feeling how smooth it was and gently caressed it. Sylia's eyes opened as Priss took her hand away, her eyes were slightly glazed and unfocused.

Priss snatched her hand away quickly, and stared into Sylia's hazel eyes before she closed them again, her brow furrowing in pain.

"Sylia, should I get Makie for you?" Sylia's eyes opened then closed briefly before she reopened them. She sat up quickly then fell back down, raising her hands to encase her head. Priss lifted Sylia slightly to rest against the side of her own chest as she reached behind her for the glass of water.

"Here, drink this." Sylia sipped the water slowly, her eyes darting everywhere until she turned her head and they landed on Priss. Sylia sat up and away from Priss, her posture rigid, her eyes blazing with anger.

"I'll be fine Priss, I don't need you playing nurse maid to me." Sylia's tone was biting and hurt Priss somewhat.

"Get OUT."


"I said GET OUT.. are you deaf, get out!" Priss got up, angry and confused at why Sylia was being so testy to her. She only had a fucking dizzy spell; it's not like that's a goddamn crime! Priss stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Sylia relaxed her posture and sunk back into the couch.

Why did you treat her that way Sylia? She was being kind to you and all you could care about was nobody seeing you weak. Sylia berated herself wondering if she should apologize to Priss later on.


Priss gunned the motor on her bike and drove through the crowded downtown streets with reckless abandon. She was fuming at the way that Sylia had treated her. Fuck I was just trying to help. Well that's the last time I show any compassion for Sylia Stingray!

Priss drove her bike hard and fast, reflecting her emotions inside. She flew down the expressways, dodging cars and any traffic that would come up. Soon Priss began to feel a little better, her anger melting away with each mile she passed. Finally she decided to go back home as she exited off the freeway. There was some traffic to Priss decided to take a detour.

She took a shortcut through a parking garage and was about to come out through the other side when she saw two women walking across the exit. Priss hit the break and peeled to a stop mere inches from the women. The taller of the two jumped back and her double chili-cheese hot-dog spilled down the front of her white blouse and blue blazer. The woman glared at Priss with malevolent intent.

"Hey you bitch you're going to pay for that."

"Hey I'm sorry. I didn't see you two-"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" The woman's brows were scrunched in anger now, her hand coming down and hitting the front of the bike. Priss sat back in her bike, shocked that the woman had the audacity to hit her bike. I fucking apologize to her and this is what I get?!

"Don't ever touch my bike little girl!" The woman turned pale, staring at Priss, hearing the anger and intent in her voice.

Priss was angry, not only for the fact that her baby had been hit but in a way, it was an extension of Sylia. Sylia had hand crafted this bike specifically for Priss and Priss always handled the bike with kid gloves. Just the fact that Sylia had made it for Priss showed her that Sylia cared for her, in her own messed up way. The bike was precious to her in ways that could not be described. This woman hitting her baby was like hitting Sylia and Priss would never allow that to happen, ever!

"Linna, RUN!" Screamed the woman that was with 'Linna'.

Linna turned and ran as quick as she could down the sidewalk in her pumps.

Oh you're going to pay for that! Priss vowed as she took off after the woman. Just when Priss thought she had the woman she turned suddenly and went down an ally on the side of a building that was near the tri-level freeway. Priss turned around and went down the ally, watching as the woman stumbled as on of her heels broke. Priss was closing in on her when the woman ran right over to the guardrail and jumped over to a drainpipe attached to the freeway structure and slid down.

Priss cursed herself and went down a block before finding an entrance to go down a level and the pursuit was on yet again. Priss raced past the spot she believed the woman had slid down to, keeping a sharp eye out. She had nearly given up when she turned her head to the right and saw the woman going up a ramp to the regular street level. Priss grinned evilly and took off after the woman again. Nobody hits my baby. Priss had to admit though that the woman had spunk for even attempting to do such a thing and run away from her too.

The woman wasn't in her pumps anymore and was sprinting down the block at full speed. Damn she's quick. Priss thought as she slowed slightly, she was having fun chasing this woman and didn't want to catch her too soon. Priss cursed her decision when the woman made a quick left and ran to the opposite side of the road and went down into the subways. Priss didn't care; she was going to catch this woman.

She crossed in front of on coming traffic just barely keeping herself from being hit as she went down the stairs into the subway. She jumped the gate with her bike and continued to the subway platform, seeing the girl jump onto a train going to the district Priss had just came from. Priss went back up onto the main drive and raced through the city streets to the first of two stops for the train and waited anxiously around the corner. Priss wasn't disappointed as the woman came up, looked about and heaved what looked to be a sigh of relief.

Priss eased around the corner and revved her engine getting the girls attention. The woman took off in the direction of the nearest shop, running as fast as her legs could carry her. Priss maneuvered her bike through the downtown traffic and cursed her luck as the woman ducked into the Silky Doll. I can't get away from you can I Sylia? Priss went and parked her bike, then watched through the window as Sylia and the woman interacted.

Sylia put her hand on the woman's shoulder, squeezing it slightly as the woman seemed to break down. Priss felt a niggling of guilt for having taken out her anger and confusion on the woman rather than addressing the problem with Sylia. Why can't she just be up front about what's going on with her? I wouldn't use anything against her.. I know too well what it's like to have someone do that to you.

Sylia brought the girl to the counter and sat her down at a chair, then picked up and turned on the vid phone, placing a call. The woman was soon smiling up at Sylia with what looked like adoration and Sylia slowly wiped some of the tears from the other woman's face. Priss began to seethe inside for some reason that she couldn't explain. The tenderness that Sylia was showing the woman made her angry and slightly envious. Why can't you be like that with me Sylia? Oh lord I'm jealous! I have to get out of here. Priss shook her head then left as if she had never been there.


Sylia looked at Linna sympathetically. She knew part of the reason for Priss's anger and wished to make amends through Linna since she had received the brunt of Priss's rage. The woman had been on her way to an interview on her lunch break, having a very quick bite to eat on her way there and walking with her friend when Priss struck. Well she didn't exactly strike. But it was enough to ruin this poor girl's outfit!

Sylia felt sympathetic to the girl. She seemed a little green around the gills in her own opinion and probably hadn't been in Tokyo very long. So, Sylia made a call to a friend that owed her a favor. Linna's interview was with the company that Sylia went through for all her accounting and as the old saying goes "the customers always right". So, Sylia pulled some strings and got Linna another interview that would virtually guarantee that she got the job. Sylia surveyed the tattered clothes of the girl and was amazed that she had escaped Priss. She's a fighter.

Linna smiled up at Sylia, her look somewhat disarming to the older woman.

"I can't thank you enough Miss Stingray." Sylia waved the woman's comments off.

"Please, call me Sylia. Besides, it was nothing. I do business with them regularly and seeing the state that you're in there is no way that you could have even gotten to the interview on time, let alone kept the interview."

Sylia slowly paced around Linna, checking out her form. I think I may have something for you. She smiled down at the young woman.

"Let's get you some clothes hmm?"

Linna glanced about the store at all the lingerie and designer names.

"I-I couldn't even pay for this even if I got the job. I'm new here and don't even have enough money for rent!" Sylia laughed softly and gently clasped Linna's elbow, having her get up.

"Don't worry. Unfortunately I know who you were talking about and it's because of me she was acting that way." Sylia sighed deeply as Linna looked at her sharply.

"Oh no Miss Stingray, I over-reacted. It was just one catastrophe after another today and she was just the last thing to finally make it the worst day I've had in Tokyo. Besides.. umm what could you have done to her to make her be that-that-that vindictive?!" Linna's voice was laced with shock and indignation at the thought of Sylia being one to make her persuer angry. Sylia smiled and just pulled Linna along with her.

"True, she shouldn't have gone after you like that but I also shouldn't have treated her the way that I did." Her own statement shocked Sylia. I almost sound.. remorseful!

Sylia shook her head slightly then went through some of the clothes in the store, picking out things for Linna to ware as the young woman just followed along with her in a daze of sorts. Sylia brought her into a dressing room and stared at her, finally getting exasperated she demanded for Linna to "strip!"

Linna took off her clothes, not daring to deny this woman what she asked and stood in only her bra and undies. Sylia grabbed her soiled clothes and exited out of the dressing room.

Linna stood there for a moment before she started to put on the stylish clothes. By the time she'd tried on the last one, she had to admit that Sylia's choices were impeccable and delicious.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when Sylia came back into the dressing room.

"Ah, I see that the clothes fit you." Sylia ran appreciative eyes over Linna who blushed profusely.

"They're very nice, but I can't afford them."

Sylia waved her away.

"But do you like them?" Linna nodded her head vigorously.

"Then they're yours. Besides, I threw your old clothes out. There was no way you would have gotten the stains out of the material and I have a feeling that was the only suit you had besides the one from your present job."

Linna smiled shyly and thanked Sylia again. Sylia packaged the clothes and had them ready to go.

"Would you like some coffee Linna?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

Linna followed Sylia up to her apartment and gawked at it and its owner.

"This is YOURS?!" She looked around in awe that this self-assured woman not only had the store downstairs but also owned the building.

Sylia smiled at the woman and went to sit down where a carafe of coffee was already waiting. She'd called Nigel while she was disposing of Linna's clothes and asked him to have coffee waiting for her in the living room.

"Please sit." Sylia motioned towards the couch.

Linna sat down and accepted the coffee that Sylia offered.

"So you're new to Tokyo?"

Linna sipped at her coffee and nodded slightly at Sylia.

"Do you like it here?"

Linna nodded again in Sylia's direction. Why do I have the feeling that getting information out of her up here will be like pulling teeth? Sylia thought to herself. Maybe I should ask questions where she'd actually have to articulate something.

"Why did you move to Tokyo?"

"I was in an arranged marriage and it was something that I didn't want. I also didn't want to live in rural Japan, so I decided to try the city. I have a degree in accounting and had these grand idea's of landing my dream job.. but I got stuck in an entry-level position at a job that I don't particularly like. It pays the bills but that's about it." Linna looked down into her coffee cup, feeling a bit somber because she was very much alone in the large metropolis.

"Mistress Sylia? Miss Nene is here to see you." Sylia smiled at Nigel as he stepped aside to let Nene come into the room. She looks so young.. Nene actually looked like a kid with her anime tee on and baggy cargo pants, her hair was in slight disarray and in various different directions.

"Nene, I'd like you to meet Linna Yamazaki. Nene is a.. friend of mine." Nene smiled broadly at Sylia and winked at Linna who stood and shook Nene's hand.

"It's nice to meet you Linna." Nene smiled broadly at Linna who couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Linna is new to Tokyo Nene." Sylia winked at Nene over Linna's shoulder.

"Well if you want, I could take you around if you'd like?"

"Umm, aren't you a little errr young?" Nene seemed to jump back, clutching her chest slightly.

"What is it with people thinking I'm young. First Leon poo's and now you!" Linna arched a brow. Leon poo's?

"Not, well it's not that you're young it's just that you.. you.. you seem young!" Linna stammered trying to get herself out of trouble.

"Well, I guess that's okay. But if you might want it, I wouldn't mind taking you around to show you the sights." Nene gave her one of her most award winning smiles. They both exchanged numbers and were soon talking as if they were long lost friends. Sylia sat back down and smiled at the interaction between the two.

It's about time Nene had some interaction besides that of her computer! She liked the spunky young woman, maybe even considered her a sister of sorts since they were kindred spirits in that they were both computer geeks. But Nene didn't really engage in the real world unless it was absolutely necessary. Perhaps she'll get a friend and I'll get a new person for the Knight Sabers.

While checking out Linna she had found that she might be just the person she was looking for to take over for the green mech. If she can out run Priss and stand up to her I'll bet she'd make one hell of an addition to the team! Sylia smiled slightly. Something that Linna said caught her attention.

"What was that you just said?" Sylia looked at Linna expectantly.

"Well, I said that I'm so hard pressed for money that I'm going to have to get a second job." Sylia smiled inside at what Linna said.

"Perhaps we can help each other. I might have a job that you could do for me.." Nene shot a look at Sylia who just smiled sweetly at Linna.

"That-that would be wonderful Miss Stingray!" Linna exclaimed in excitement.

"Let me look into it for the moment and I'll get back to you, but at the moment I have to leave you ladies. Please stay for as long as you like." She stood up and held out her hand for Linna's, who shook it vigorously.

"Oh no, I couldn't impose." She looked over at Nene who nodded her head.

"Well then I shall see you two later. Nene, I'll call you later and we'll talk about that subject then okay?" Nene nodded as Sylia escorted both of them to the door and said her good-byes then went to her office and called her private investigator, asking for him to find all information on Linna Yamazaki ASAP. Sylia really didn't have the time to look up the information at the moment and decided to use someone else for the time being. She'd talk to Nene later, it was lucky that she had come when she did, Sylia had felt another headache coming on and didn't feel up to her discussion with Nene on their discovery from Omni Corp.

She took some pills and headed to her study, lying down on the same couch where she'd been in Priss's arms. One thought came to mind as she drifted off.

This could get interesting.

[Priss On Bike: ]

Chapter 13:

Priss was practicing in the simulator; trying to improve her rating when the program stopped halfway through and she heard the door open to the room. She took off the helmet and saw Sylia coming in with the woman she tried to run down. Priss felt a brief stab of guilt that quickly turned to anger at the comfortable way that the two of them interacted as they approached the simulator. She quickly schooled her features to project indifference as they came up to her as she got out of the simulator.

Priss had talked to Nene who wouldn't quit talking about her new friend, who actually turned out to have not only an obsession with the Knight Sabers but also was "chased after by a crazed biker." It didn't take long for Priss to realize who Nene was talking about but she had nearly spat out her beer when Nene told her that Sylia wanted to recruit her. Apparently the rumors of a vigilante group had reached even the boon docks and it was something that Linna had kept tabs on all through her college, it was part of the reason why she had come to Tokyo in the hopes of maybe seeing them in action.

Guess she'll get her wish. Priss thought as they stood in front of her.

"Ah Priss, I was just coming to see you and to put Linna in the simulator to test her abilities." Sylia smiled slightly at Priss. Priss simply looked at Linna who met her stare dead on, almost daring Priss to do something.

"Yeah, whatever." Was all the Priss said as she left the simulator and headed to change. She was halfway dressed when Sylia came in and stood next to her, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest.

"What's wrong Priss? You've been angry for a while."

Priss didn't look up; she didn't want to. She didn't want to look in the eyes that had started to haunt her dreams.

"If that's the way you want it Priss. Linna will be a member of this team and I need to know now if you will no longer be able to be one of us because of whatever it is that is bothering you." Sylia's voice softened slightly as she spoke. Don't leave Priss.. I do need you.

"When's the plane leave?" Priss sighed, knowing that it was something she needed to know since she hadn't really talked to Sylia all week.

"Be up by six Priss."

Priss nodded her head slightly but didn't look up as she put on her leather jacket and left. If she had looked up she would have seen Sylia's smile directed at her.


Priss tossed back another beer, draining it quickly before she threw it into her growing pile. She had driven around the city trying to figure out just what was bothering her when it came to Sylia and was still no closer to an answer. All that she knew was she didn't know how to deal with whatever it was that was bothering her, so she decided to get drunk. She'd been at it for a while now and was beginning to feel sick to her stomach. Before she knew was happening she was up on her feet and lurched forward, bracing herself on the door as she puked her guts out.

After she was done heaving, she stumbled her way to the back bedroom, stripping her clothes as she went. She stumbled and fell as she tried to get her leather pants off, lying on the ground panting from the exertion to get them off. She sat there and through her liquor-induced haze looked back on the people that had meant the most in her life. Her family is what had always kept her steady, had been her support and she no longer had that. In a strange way she realized that Sylia gave her a certain amount of security that she hadn't had in a long time.

Priss stared up at the ceiling and let that concept float around in a haze of beer induced lucidity. A more disturbing thought popped up and before she could squelch it, it came to the forefront of her thoughts. I care about her.

Priss struggled to get up and kicked her pants from over heated body as she started to pace her cramped bedroom. Why do I care about her? Priss thought about all her reactions to Sylia. True the woman was attractive but she could be so infuriating! Priss's head started to pound and forced her to climb into her bed, she pulled the sheet up and flopped over onto her stomach, soon entering a dream world of heavenly delights.


After Sylia had been done with Linna in the simulator she had gotten a little worried about Priss. She just had this niggling feeling deep down that something might not have been all right with her team member. She tried to push it away and leave it till morning but found it impossible. Anytime she'd try to sleep she'd keep hearing Priss's voice in her head. It was so emotionless but yet at the same time held much behind its words. Since Sylia couldn't stand to sleep any longer, she decided to get up and look over Linna's progress.

It didn't take long to get the girl into the group; in fact the young woman had an obsession with the Knight Sabers. Yeah, the first group that is.. Sylia shook her head. This group would be better; they wouldn't make the same mistakes that the other one had before.

She checked over the simulator logs. She'd been in it a total of three times and appeared to be more adept at it than Priss had been in the beginning. Interesting. The girl had already run through two of Priss's battles and one simulator scenario. She's very bright. Sylia smiled at this. Linna was a very sweet young girl who seemed to be a little reserved but thanks to Nene was beginning to come out of her shell more. The thought of the two young women and their friendship made Sylia wistful, even envious. She wished she could have a friendship like that but with her drive in life knew it was impossible. Are you sure Sylia.. are you sure it's impossible?

Sylia frowned at herself; yes it was impossible. If anyone knew the real Sylia Stingray they would run in terror from her.

Sylia ran her fingers over a barely noticeable indentation at her hairline, caressing it slightly. He made it impossible for me. Sylia shook her head angrily and got up from her desk to go out to the pool on the top of the building. She slipped out of her robe and dived naked into the water, letting herself float up to the surface as she stared up at the night sky.

I wish I could see the stars, like when I was a little girl. It was the only thing that Sylia missed from the cottage they had on the outskirts of Tokyo; she could see the stars every night. Millions of tiny blinking candles in the night, making Sylia feel very small in the scheme of the universe but always hoping. For a better family, for her mother to come back home, for Makie to stay with her and to have someone just love her as she was without reservation or judgment.

A childish hope.. Sylia flipped and started doing laps in the water. When she couldn't do anymore she got out of the water and padded to a deck chair, flopping down into it and panting heavily as the water beaded on her skin and dripped onto the cement below her. Her skin became a mottle of goose flesh from the cool night air and Sylia closed her eyes, biting her lip slightly, as her nipples became hard as well. She crossed her arms and turned over onto her side then wept for what she could never have.

Sylia awoke a little later and grabbed her robe as she went, slipping it on and feeling a little better from her swim and her crying. Priss. Sylia frowned and decided to call her up, to apologize for how she had been the last couple of days. She'd been short with her and she couldn't figure out why. Well she knew part of the reason, but there was another part, something she didn't want to dwell on too much that made her uncomfortable about apologizing to Priss.

Sylia went to her room and activated her vid phone, calling Priss's trailer. It rang for a very long time but never picked up. Sylia looked at the time and decided it may be a bit early for Priss to be up. Sylia decided to take a shower and wash away her dalliance into the pool.

Sylia came out of the bathroom a little while later, dressed in slacks and a white cotton tee, toweling her hair dry. She looked at the clock and debated whether she should call of not. Yes I should, Priss leaves today and I don't want this hanging between us while she's gone. Sylia tried to call again but still no answer. It wasn't unusual but Priss would need to be up in a few hours if she were to make her flight. Sylia really did want Priss to go to Germany, to at least see something besides Tokyo and Genom presiding over it. Priss deserved a little bit of culture. Sylia snickered slightly.. culture, right.. and some great German beer too!

Sylia went to her office and did a little paperwork but couldn't stand it for very long and called Priss again. When she didn't pick up she got worried. Turning on the homing beacon she found that Priss's bike was at the trailer. She turned on the mike to Priss's helmet and heard nothing. Why isn't she picking up?! Sylia got worried but rationalized she was going over to Priss's because she didn't want anything to have happened to her team member. Yeah right.. Sylia's other self quipped.

Sylia changed quickly into her riding gear then grabbed her helmet and jumped on her bike to go to Priss's trailer. Sylia was soon parking her bike next to the one that was so similar to her own. She smiled slightly as she looked at the craftsmanship. Priss had taken excellent care of her creation and in a small way, Sylia was honored that Priss adored the bike so much. The way Priss touched her bike sometimes sent a thrill through Sylia, but she wasn't here to think about that. She was here to see why Priss wasn't answering her vid phone.

Sylia went up to the door of the trailer and pounded on it for a bit before she finally got out her tools and jimmied the lock.

Jesus, what's that smell?! Sylia soon found out because she stepped in whatever that was. She wrinkled her nose as she pulled her fine leather boot out of it and shook it slightly to get the gob off as best she could. As she walked further into the darkened trailer she stumbled over a mountain of empty beer cans. Forget an alarm, that racket had to have been enough to wake the dead.

Sylia went to the back bedroom and found Priss sprawled out on the bed, her hand flung over her head, wearing only underwear, her bare breasts pert and her nipples standing at attention in the air conditioned bed room. Sylia sat down softly on the bed and lightly picked up Priss's hand, placing it on the bed next to her. She brushed a few strands of hair away from Priss's eyes and stared at her closed lids. She looks so young.. The lines that were normally etched around Priss's youthful face were gone during sleep, making her seem almost angelic and innocent. Her full lips were parted slightly as she breathed evenly. Sylia didn't want to wake her but Priss needed to be up.

"Priss?" Sylia lightly caressed Priss's shoulder, trying to rouse her from her slumber.

"Priss wake up." Sylia squeezed the shoulder beneath her hand then shook it slightly. Priss mumbled something then smiled faintly in her sleep, grabbing Sylia's hand and snuggling closer to her for warmth.

Sylia sucked in a breath, trying to get a grip on the situation and her feelings. If you knew it was me here.. Sylia didn't want to think of the outcome. She quietly used her other hand and grabbed the blanket that was bunched around Priss's legs, then eventually resettled it over her long frame. Sylia debated with herself and decided that Priss really did need to wake up.

"Priss.. you need to wake up honey." Why the hell did I just call her that? Priss rolled onto her side and wrapped an arm around Sylia's leg, caressing it slightly with her cheek by rubbing up against it. Sylia sucked in a breath with surprise then sighed deeply. This isn't working.. and I think I don't want it too.. She pulled her hand from where it was trapped between Priss's chest and her leg and then placed it on Priss's back, stroking her lightly.

"What am I going to do with you hmm?" She smiled fondly, then slowly stood up and away from Priss, disengaging herself from the woman. Priss grumbled in her sleep as if missing Sylia and her warmth. Sylia searched around and found another blanket to put around Priss. As she pulled it up to her neck, Sylia's face was scant inches from Priss's. She felt another slight tumble go over inside and lightly leaned forward to place a very chaste kiss upon Priss's lips before remembering herself and getting out of Priss's trailer to go to her home.

On her way back she phone Makie and told him to come and pick up Priss about an hour and a half earlier than when he'd planned on leaving so that he could wake Priss up and get her ready.

Sylia detoured from her trek home and decided to go to the lookout point. She parked the bike and sat watching as the sun began to peek out on the horizon, illuminating Tokyo. She often came to this lookout when she needed a focus. Looking our over the city she always felt a sense of calm because from this viewpoint you couldn't see Genom tower, and if just for a little bit, she could pretend that her life wasn't ruled by the contract her father had made with the company. Sitting down in her favorite spot on the dewy grass she put her earphones in and played whatever was programmed into the unit.

"Am I lucky?

Merging, emerging, was so lonely sometimes, completely inside

Am I living?

Breath in, breath out, the fever rises, from my feet to my eyes

So I see you?

So clear, tonight, slowly but sure, shadows crossing the wall.

Where is my heart?

Last time, this time, someone set it on fire, I'd forgotten it all

Through the haze, ashes I have traced

Uncover me now, I'll come clean as we chase

All those

Blue nights without your love

I've been too long with my imagination

You might have told me once

There's nothing wrong with this infatuation

See what magic we find

In my sensual mind"

[Sylia and Mechsuit ]

Chapter 14:

Priss was not in a good mood. When she thought of flying she though of her mech and how wonderful it was to be so free in the air. This was different. This was pure hell! Priss leaned back in her seat on the jet and gripped the armrests tightly as they took off from the airport. Priss wasn't enjoying this sensation, she felt as if she was going to puke from the inertia, a bitter taste already at the back of her throat. Priss wasn't enjoying the sensation of not being in control while flying, she always had a certain amount of power in regards to her suit but with the jet she was subject to whatever happened.

Priss started to mumble 'Hurricane' over and over again as she slowly opened her eyes and saw Makie staring at her with a strange look on his face. If this was my mech we woulda destructed by now! Hurricane was her word for self-destruct and she couldn't help but wish that while mumbling that right now that the damn jet would explode.

Soon the jet was leveled out and Priss dashed for the back, to retch into the latrine. She stumbled back to her seat and dropped down into it heavily. This really wasn't her idea of fun. Makie leaned over to her and gave her two tablets with a water bottle. Priss looked up at him in question.

"Don't worry, it's for airsickness.. I get airsick myself!" Priss smiled gratefully and swallowed the pills, the cool water soothing her aching throat and making her a little less queasy.

Priss tried to relax and attempt to sleep but it just wasn't working. She had had some strange dreams of.. well warmth and security. It was strange because when she awoke that morning she'd found two blankets covering her and her lips were tingling slightly. She touched her lips them and could swear they were still sensitized. She had felt so content even through her hangover and perhaps even.. loved. She shook her head then glanced over at Makie. He was staring out the window at the cloud coverage, a serene look on his face.

Priss cleared her throat to get Makie's attention. He turned to her and smiled slightly, she couldn't help but smile back. There was a certain innocence about the boy that she had come to recognize as she got to know him. There had been times when she'd look into his eyes and swear he was an old man, there was something in there, a pain or memory that made him not as innocent as he seemed.

"So what's so important about this chick in Germany?"

Makie laughed at the description of Greta. He was soon snickering and couldn't help but wonder what Priss's first impression of the woman would be.

"How much did Sylia tell you about Greta?"

Priss shifted a little uncomfortably in her chair. She and Sylia had not been able to talk about Germany because of the friction between them so they had been very short with one another.

"Umm, I remember someone saying she created the dummy-whatever for the suits."

Makie shook his head. She loves her suit yet knows nothing of its systems.

"That's a dummy plug and yeah she did create it. Actually she helped my sister create the suits with Raven's help."


Makie reached over to the seat next to him and grabbed a folder, handing it over to Priss who took it and laid it down in her lap.

"Just check out the first page, after it is all the computer mumbo jumbo you hate." Makie smirked at Priss as he said this and she simply gave him the finger.

Name: Greta Langley

Age: 28

Occupation: Biomechanical Engineer

Notes: Mrs. Langley is the only daughter of Grunwald Langley who perished in the Kanto earthquake along with 56 others when the Stingray complex fell into the chasm created by the earthquake. An original member of the Knight Sabers, she was in charge of the green unit. Her PHD in biomechanical engineering helped to perfect the problems inherent in the original design. Her dummy plug system was one of four systems that needed to be added to the mechs. The four safeties added to the units helped in understanding the subsequent destruction of the original Knight Sabers. Her hybrid core design with that of Sylia Stingray eliminated the feedback loop, which was counterproductive to the original design and was the cause for destruction of unit red and blue. She is currently married to Dr. Raven, one of the scientists to help in the original boomer project..

Priss sat back for a moment and digested the information.

"Makie, what's this feedback loop that is talked about in here? Is it still in the mech that I use?!"

Makie smiled softly at Priss, trying to alleviate her fears.

"The only remaining units from the original team are Greta's and Sylia's. Sylia added the new systems to her suit so that the same problem wouldn't happen. The suits have to be in sync with it's *host in order to operate correctly. If the suit and the host aren't in sync, eventually the suit will reject them, and that's what caused the accident."

Priss sat back and thought about this.

"Makie.. if one has to be in sync with the suit, wouldn't that make it a sentient being.. like a boomer?"

"Priss, the suit can reject you because of your brain waves, not because of you personally, because it doesn't WANT you in there. The way that the brain waves works is that there is a certain frequency that the suit needs in order to interface at peak efficiency.. if you don't have that it will only work so so, but eventually the suit can't let you use it because the ratio of interface will drop each time that a so interfacer tries to use it till eventually it just won't work at all. The system will be compromised and the suit had a distruct mechanism built in that won't allow for that to happen. You know this it was in the manual." Priss looked anywhere but at Makie. He arched a dark brow at Priss.

"You did read the manual right?"

Priss was blushing furiously as she turned with as much gusto as she could to face Makie.

"Okay, so maybe I didn't read every itsy bitsy syllable but I got the jist of it!"

Makie burst out laughing, Priss looked very childlike when she was huffy and indignant and that just made it all the more hilarious for him. He rolled around in his seat laughing, tears streaming down his face. Priss wasn't as enthused over everything and simply sulked in her seat for a couple of hours till she decided it was worth talking to Makie again.

"So what's Germany like?"

Makie turned his attention from what he was reading and grinned at Priss. Oh there were many things that he could see Priss doing while they were there on her off time. But he thought it would be better to tease her a bit first.

"Oh you know. Like any other place that you've been. Only a different language and without sashimi."

Priss stuck her tongue out at Makie. He simply chuckled at Priss.

"Like with most things in life Priss, it's just something you have to experience in order to know what it's like." Priss smiled at Makie. He really was a smart kid. Priss only wished that Makie hadn't learned that from experience. It was obvious that he had been through a lot in his lifetime. Like so many of us after the quake. We had to grow up too soon.

Priss toyed with her shirt as she considered sharing her first time in Germany with someone, anyone. It made her sad that although she was given many firsts thanks to Sylia, she didn't have someone to share the experience with. Or has there been someone but I just haven't been looking right? Priss shook her head, no it didn't look like that was in the cards for her and it made her a little melancholy.

Priss took out her earphones and programmed in some songs from her oldies list and sat back in her seat, her head tilted slightly as she looked out the window. She watched the clouds for a while as a new song came on and it's slow, haunting melody filled her sense as her gaze rested on the pale blue sky with silken white clouds resting beneath the jet. Will I always be alone?

"I was born at daybreak

To the road I did take

Trembling as the ground shakes

Under my feet

Cracked in the stone heat

Never ending motion

Way across the ocean

Into your devotion

Long have I gone

So far from my home

What to do with the love that I'm in?

I have given you all of my soul

Flying all my life like a rose in the wind

Tell me why I am always alone

On my way home"


Priss awoke from a dream of someone's fingers caressing her face, a sense of peace and security surrounding her just as fleeting as the phantom touches in her dream.

She looked out the window and was shocked to see that they were ascending. Priss strapped herself in and gripped the armrests tightly, her knuckles turning white from the stress. God this is not my idea of fun traveling! She glanced across and saw Makie asleep peacefully, his head lolling about as they made their final ascent, some drool coating the side of his mouth where it hung open. Lucky bastard!

They finally touched down and to Priss it seemed to be too damn hard of a landing, her whole body was shaken by it and she could have sworn that her teeth rattled as well. Her eyes were tightly screwed shut as she heard someone say something to her.

"You can fly through the air in a skin tight mech suit and yet being in a jet makes you jittery?" Makie's tone was slightly roughened by his sleep as he asked the question in a groggy voice. Priss opened her eyes to see him wiping his chin with a quirky little grin on his face.

"Ask me that when we're out of this jet and see how far you get from me boy!" Priss rasped out in an angry tone. Makie's grin quickly faded as the jet finally came to a stop and he jumped from his seat quickly in order to get away from Priss's wrath.

"That's the last time I fly in this piece of-"

"Now, now children. Play nice." Falcon walked down the isle with a bag in hand, his usually unkempt appearance was drastically changed since he was clean-, his hair trimmed and wearing some halfway decent clothes. He patted Priss's shoulder as he walked by, not noticing her gaping mouth.

Priss couldn't help but screw her body around to watch Falcon walk from the jet, her slack jaw coming back up with a snap. How did I NOT notice that when I got on the jet?! When Makie had picked her up that morning, Falcon had already been at the airport and was waiting on them. All that Priss could think about when she had gotten on the plane was aspirin and some more sleep. That was of course until take off, then a new anxiety had hit her. Priss had to admit that Falcon cleaned up pretty nicely. She quickly gathered her little travel bag and got out of the plane, stepping down onto the tarmac.

She stopped short as she watched Falcon and Makie exchange hugs with the woman from the picture that had gone along with Greta Langley's bio. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. Yeah but seven of nine looked much hotter with that look. Priss snickered slightly, thinking of the tv show from her childhood as she walked towards the waiting limo. The woman perked up when she noticed Priss and smiled slightly as she offered her hand to Priss.

"I donít believe I've had the pleasure. Watashiwa Langley Greta desu. Wilkommen!" The woman surveyed Priss from head to toe, her eyes staying a little longer on Priss's cleavage than necessary through her open leather jacket.

"Hajimemashite, watashiwa Asagiri Priss desu. Nice to meet you." Greta's hand was soft and warm, but her grip was firm not like some women who have a very limp handshake. Priss was thankful that the woman knew some Japanese. Duh dimbat, she lived in Japan with her father and was eventually a Knight Saber, of course she'd know Japanese! They held hands for what seemed like a long time until Makie cleared his throat and Greta turned to him.

"Right, we should be on our way then." She gestured towards the limo and everyone was soon inside. Greta sat next to Priss as they began to drive.

They were soon pulling away and Priss looked out the windows, surveying the city they were driving through. Priss didn't think much of it, as Greta would touch her arm or her thigh them point things out. Truth be told, Berlin wasn't that much different than Japan, except it didn't have any Kanji on their billboards and shops. There were of course more historic buildings around and brickwork rather than the colossal buildings of metal and glass in the new Tokyo2.

Priss slid close to the door as they passed a tavern and watched the burly men clap each other on the backs as a man threw down a mug in satisfaction. Even with her hangover still present, Priss wanted nothing more than to hop out and take up a spot on the table with those men. Priss felt the warmth of another person's body close to her back and shuddered slightly.

"Is this your first time outside of Tokyo Priss?" Greta leaned her body into Priss's a bit as she asked the question in a sultry purr. Priss looked to Makie and Falcon, seeing the two of them looking out the window on the opposite side point at this or just talking amongst themselves.

"Yes Mrs. Langley this is my first time abroad." Priss scooted so that she was flush against the door but Greta scooted right along with her, placing her hand on Priss's upper thigh.

"Please Priss, call me Greta, we're going to be around each other a lot from now on so let's make it as friendly as possible. Perhaps I could show you some of the sites in Berlin?" Priss looked down at the hand on her leather-encased leg then up to Greta's green eyes. Priss's baby blues became as cold as the Antarctic. Jesus lady, you're married and to Falcon's brother no less. You're doing this in front of your own brother in law, yer nothing but a low class cunt! Priss took the hand from her thigh and pushed against the body that was pinning her to the door.

"I believe I will have my hands full watching after Makie and making sure that everything gets done in time so we can all go back to Tokyo and see Sylia." Priss watched as something passed over Greta's eyes at the mention of Sylia.

"Yes.. we wouldn't want to keep Sylia waiting." Greta scooted away from Priss and turned her head to stare out the opposite window.

Hmm I wonder what that was all about. What is it about you Sylia? What makes people react to you in such extremes? Priss turned and looked back out the window, dismissing the other woman and glad that she wasn't pressed up against her. She smelled like a brothel and it wasn't something Priss wanted to recount at all. She had half a mind to strip down right there and clean her leathers, but that would give Greta something else to look at and Priss had no intention of letting Greta see her naked.. ever!

Priss drank in all the sights, seeing people as different from herself as night and day. She drooled as they passed many breweries and pubs, swearing she could smell that good German beer through the closed car window. Eventually they got to the hotel and after everyone was settled, they went over to the lab and disembarked into a realm that Priss would never be able to fathom.

Chapter 15:

Lights swirled in a never-ending vortex of colors which pierced through the faux fog that swirled through the air above the crowd. A pulsating beat made them frantic as they chanted "RI-VA, RI-VA, RI-VA, RI-VA!" Demanding that their Mistress come onto the stage to show them who was boss.

Daily stood backstage adjusting his domme outfit as he perused the crowd. He noticed Daily with Nene and a woman he didn't know. A slow, deliciously mischievous smile graced his effeminate features. He steepled his royal purple paints fingers together with demonic intent. Ohhh Leon, tonight was NOT the night to grace Hot Legs with your presence!

The two men had been partners for a few months now and Daily teased Leon unmercifully on the job since he seemed to be striking out left and right with the women. But Daily did feel pity for Leon.. of course it was buried deep down inside Daily. Leon was just so easy to pick on, plus the man had some of the worst one liners that wouldn't even get a horny one legged gay man to stand up and bark for.

Daily prepped himself and the moment he stepped through the velvet curtain he was Riva. She strutted across the stage to the mike giving a sultry look that sent shivers through even the heartiest of straight men. She was hot! Riva stroked her fingers up and down the mike in an extremely suggestive manner, her slim fingers gliding effortlessly over the black metal. Men groaned, gave catcalls, but the smart ones went silent when she wetted her lush, ruby red lips and began to sing for them, the slightly Indian sound to the cords and flute seeming to be enhance her singing and make everything more erotic.

"Dreaming, but I'm not sleeping

Oh have I died?

I died alive.

Swimming as I'm sinking

Iím holding onto letting go

Oh how does it feel

Making love to me like you do

Tell me

Who would you be

Would you be me?

I want you to be who you'd like to be

Under my skin

Oh I'll let you in

I want

I want to know what your feeling

I want to crawl under your skin

I want to know how you'd feel in me"

Riva snaked the mike from the stand and wandered out into the crowd, rolling her hips, grinding up against people and fluffing their hair, trailing her soft fingers down their jaws in a wonderfully arousing caress. Her eyes gazing with longing into theirs. She strolled up to where Leon was, talking to Nene and her friend. Riva slipped her hand over Leon's ass, setting her chin on his shoulder and crooned right into his ear.

"Naked, oh I like you naked

And when I fake it

You like me more


The taste I'm touching

You're watching

I'm watching you

Tell me

Who would you be

Would you be me

I want you to be who you'd like to be

Under my skim

How I'll let you in

I want

I want to know what your feeling

I want to crawl under your skin

I want to know how you'd feel in me"

Riva pushed Leon into an empty chair and straddled his lap, grinding her hips into his, hooking her hands around Leon's neck as he looked about wildly, perspiration dotting his upper lip as his gaze finally came to rest upon Riva, whose smoldering look had him clenching his thighs together. She licked the tip of his nose, teasing him as she sang on.

"So how would it feel

Making love to me if I were you?

Making love to me like you do

Te-ll m-e

T-e-l-l m-e

Tell me would you like to be me?

Tell me

Who would you be

Would you be me

I want you to be who you'd like to be

Under my skin

Under my skin

Under my skin

How I'd let you in!"

Riva had turned around while singing and rubbed her tight ass up against Leon's crotch. As she finished the song she looked down at Leon who was red faced and smirked down at him.

"Well, well, I think we have a big boi here ladies and germs!"

Leon turned even more red and scurried away after Riva kissed him on the cheek for being such a good sport and sent him on his merry way.

Riva stayed up on stage for a while, doing a few sets but nothing quite compared to the first one with Leon. Riva had to admit that she did get off on putting Leon on the spot. But she had taught him a lesson. Listen to Daily when he says that Mistress Riva will play with you in more ways than one!


Daily/Riva joined Leon, Nene and her friend Linna. Riva and Nene shared a look with each other since Leon was trying so hard to impress Linna.

Leon was sitting next to Linna, trying to smooth talk her with all his years on the force and all the boomers that he'd sacked. Plus he was trying to save face for what he had gone through earlier with Daily. Leon didn't want to seem queer after all.

The only thing that Nene could think after overhearing all the great things Leon had done to save people from boomers was, My ass. Some of those were my doing you idiot! Oh and to think that I'd thought you were cute Leon poo's! Nene snickered a bit. She'd taken to calling Leon, Leon poo's at work to get back at him for always treating her like a whining simpleton kid.

Since their first meeting in Sylia's apartment both women had gotten to know each other better and had found a good friend in the other. They'd go to the simulator together, Nene helping Linna with some of the technical jargon in the manual and Linna helping Nene keep up with Sylia's strict physical regime that she required one to have while being a Knight Saber. Nene had never felt that comfortable with another person in her life. Except for maybe Makie but even he weirded her out sometimes.

Nene looked over and met Daily's eyes; they both rolled them in unison as Leon tried to snake his arm around Linna's shoulders, but she deftly slid closer to Nene and smiled sweetly. They'd gone to a few clubs earlier in the evening after leaving Sylia's, finding out what was what with Makie. He'd been in Germany for a week and a half, sending his sister some of his findings with what information he could get from both Falcon and Raven. After going through an intense debriefing on the subject, both women decided that they owed it to themselves to have a good time. They'd had a great time dancing the night away and when Nene had suggested Hot Legs to see a friend of hers perform, Linna agreed.

Neither woman had laughed so hard in all their lives. Daily was up onstage as Mistress Riva, the Dominatrix to make all men's fantasies come true. He'd eventually "lassoed" Leon up front and embarrassed the hell out of him then sent him packing. He'd noticed Nene and graciously invited himself to their table, promptly sitting next to Linna and introducing himself in only the way Leon could.

Nene was getting really pissed about now. All she wanted to do was go home and sleep but Leon would just find a way to see if he could take Linna home. Linna was a small town girl and Nene was worried that she might actually say yes to Leon. Pig!

Nene sulked and Daily smirked at her. He was still in drag and waggled his eyebrows at her in a devilish way. Nene couldn't help but wonder what Daily was playing at. He stood up, lustrous blonde locks glowing red in the lights from the club, the leather dress that he'd borrowed from Priss's dressing room showing off his effeminate body to perfection. Nene had to admit that right now he looked killer as a woman. She wouldn't have been able to tell the difference if she didn't know him.

He sauntered up to the DJ; the dance floor of Hot Legs was soon barren as the DJ asked them to clear the way. Riva was going to do a special dance. A slow, sensual beat flowed from the speakers making everyone turn to the dance floor, quivering as the felt the notes deep in their soul. It was Priss's remake of an old song; the beat was still just as sultry just a little more modern.

Daily sashayed over to the table and looked at both Linna and Nene.

"May I have this dance ladies?" He held out his hands and both women slipped out of the both and went with him to the dance floor.

"Go with the flow.." he commanded in a soft whisper that only they could hear.

They moved their hips slowly to the beat, from side to side, closing their eyes to the people around them that were watching. Daily guided Nene to the front of him and grabbed Linna's hands and placed them on his uncovered hips, moving them all in tandem to the music.

"And how I've loved

And I have served

And I have sinned

But I have learnt

As long as you are true to the life that you live

It is the time to feel love"

They bumped and grind around the dance floor, bodies brushing together as a nervous hush fell over the crowd, watching what was happening in front of them. Daily turned Nene around and went out from between the women.

"Keep your eyes closed" He whispered, melding Linna's body against Nene's. Their bodies slinking together as the moved, limbs entwined as the music pressed on.

"I feel a stirring deep within

Slowly picking up momentum

Like the tide coming to shore

Over and under in its course

This feeling emblazed inside

Every nerve like a firefly

Hovering above me, glow-

Glow, glowing, glowing divine"

Linna turned Nene in her arms, her fingers trailing over her body and opened her eyes to look into Nene's own hooded lids. Daily may have started it, but he wasn't there now, nobody was, and they were going to finish it.

"This feeling emblazed inside

Every nerve like a firefly

I never want to lose, what I have finally found

There's a requiem, a new congregation

And it's telling me go forward and walk under a brighter sky

Every nerve glowing like a firefly"

The music stopped suddenly and they broke apart, suddenly realizing that it had only been them dancing together. Daily sauntered over to the two and kissed them both on the cheek.

"Now that's what I call some lez-bon-ics. Bi-the way, these grrls are siiiiiinnnnnggggglllllleeee!" Both women blushed furiously, looked at each other then giggled. They were a little nervous around each other but laughed when they got back to the table and saw Leon pouting in the corner, his face flushed a deep red.

Linna and Nene eventually said their goodnights and went back to the car to leave. There was an awkward silence between the two of them, both women thinking about what had transpired in the club. Linna wasn't sure what to say to Nene because of what had happened with them. To perhaps laugh it off and say that it was just Daily using them to play with Leon would have somehow seemed cheap. Linna knew that if she were to look at the situation more closely she wouldn't be able to put it all as being Daily's doing, no, it was partly them as well.

Sure Linna had danced with friends before and sometimes in a teasing manner, but it was never like that. She'd had such a thrill having her eyes closed in abandon, swaying to the sensual beat and dancing with someone who moved with her. She'd never had anyone that was in tune with what she wanted to do. The way that Nene slithered against her in time to her gyrations well, it was one of the most arousing experiences of her life.

What am I saying?! This is Nene.. NENE! God what would she think of me if she knew what I was feeling when we were dancing, what would she think of my thoughts right now?! She'd probably think I was a lesbian, which of course I'm NOT! Don't worry about it, you're not like that and besides, you have that date with Yoshi, so there's nothing to worry about. With that thought, she turned her attention back to the ride back to her apartment.


Nene's eyes were drooping as she dropped Linna off. The adrenaline high from earlier had worn off and left her more tired than she'd been before the dance. Linna really didnít want Nene to drive off in that condition and insisted that Nene come upstairs and sleep on her couch until the next morning. It was the weekend after all and they didn't have anything to do really.

Nene was more than happy to park the car and trudge upstairs with Linna.

"Here you go Nene. You can wear this to bed, it'll be a little big but it's better than nothing."

Nene mumbled something unintelligible as she went down the hall to the bathroom and Linna smiled, putting a sheet over her couch and getting out an extra comforter and pillow to toss down on the couch. Nene came out from the bathroom, her clothes held in her arms as she dumped them next to the couch and flopped down atop of it, rolling and pulling the comforter with her, dropping right off to sleep. Linna smirked slightly.

"Guess that's goodnight." Linna turned off the light as she walked back to her own bedroom and went to sleep.


Linna chuckled softly as she watched Nene tuck into her food and demolish it with a fervor she'd never seen in a person before. Sometimes the sound that Nene would make sent Linna blushing. She really enjoys life to the fullest doesn't she?

Linna really hadn't known Nene for very long, but was beginning to learn that there was much more than met the eye when it came to the young lady. She could be loud, and juvenile, and annoying, and.. well a whole bunch of things but in the end there was something that Linna couldn't discredit. Nene had a beautiful heart. She always tried to see the best in every situation and the best in everyone. Well, except for the other night.

She'd never had a guy come on that strong to her and it was a little disconcerting. Well Daily sure took care of that! Linna felt the beginnings of a blush creep up her cheeks thinking of how it felt to have Nene that close to her. After last night she knew that she couldn't think of Nene as a child anymore. Sure she was childlike, but being a child and being childlike were two vastly different things.

Looking at Nene now, she noticed some things that she either wasn't willing or was unable to truly look at before. She really is pretty in her own way. She has a good heart and it makes her a wonderful person-

"Dis is swooooo good!" Nene said around a mouthful of food, grinning like an idiot at Linna.

Linna laughed. Okay so maybe she was cuter than pretty, the piece of egg that was on the side of her cheek made her unbelievably adorable.

Linna had woken up earlier than Nene and took a shower then began breakfast. As soon as Nene's highly sensitive nose picked up the scent of food she was up out of bed and sitting at the small kitchen nook watching Linna cook. Linna half expected her to grab a knife and fork to bang on the table like a drummer would to a slave rowing a ship.

Linna nibbled on a piece of toast and thought over what she was going to do that day. Hmm nothing, nothing and umm, nothing. You've got quite the life Yamazaki!

"I'm sorry what was that?" Linna asked Nene who was done with her third helping of food.

"I asked if you wanted to get a vid or something. I have a few things to do for Sylia but they're really easy and otherwise I'd be really bored." Nene gave Linna her puppy dog eyes and Linna groaned.

"You are evil when you do that. You know I can't say no to something like that when you give me those eyes." Nene didn't look in the least bit remorseful as she grabbed another piece of toast and happily munched on it.

"Okay when and where?"

Nene thought for a moment and stroked her chin in thought. Linna laughed because all it did was make Nene look even younger than she was. Nene frowned and threw her napkin at Linna.

"How about six at my place. You get the vids and I'll provide the food. That way I can get those things done for Sylia and we can watch for as long as we want." Nene winked at Linna as she got up from the table and headed to the bathroom.

Linna heard the shower and began to pick up the dishes. She was on autopilot as she cleaned everything up. She was a little confused at the moment. Why does it feel like we're progressing towards a date? She shook her head. No, she and Nene were getting to be good friends. Besides, Linna didn't like girls that way. In fact she had a date with a guy from her accounting firm on Tuesday. No she and Nene were just having a girls night in so to say.

With that thought, Linna went into her bedroom and changed into some workout clothes, deciding to head for the gym and workout while Nene was doing her thing. Both women parted ways downstairs a few minutes later and went off to do their things before they got together later on.


Nene worked steadily through the data that she was scanning for anything out of the ordinary. Lately, Sylia had been giving more and more of the technical work to either her or Makie. It wasn't that Nene didn't want to do it, in fact she was ecstatic but she wondered why Sylia wanted her too. She stared at the screen of her computer that was bordered in electric red. She had her translucent console on her lap, a headset holding down her unruly blonde hair.

Mmm that's interesting.. but not what Sylia's looking for. It's just a ghost in the machine. Nene made sure that it was just a ghost in the machine before she returned her attention to what she was doing.

Hmm I wonder what I should get for Linna and I to eat. Nene smiled thinking of her newest friend. My only friend, that I see outside the Knight Sabers. Nene grew a little sad about that. She didn't have many friends because of her ability with computers; people tended to shy away from her because of just how quick her intellect was. But not Linna, it was just something she accepted about Nene's personality. It was refreshing to have someone that wouldn't pester her about being a computer geek or about her age. She tried to make up for her anti-social behavior with her personality, which she just threw in everyone's face.

She was a young woman and was entitled into being a little silly every now and again. She'd always been the person who'd been bumped up a grade and had never fit in because she was so much younger than the rest of the crowd, and they shied away from her because she'd advance through the classes faster than the rest. Sometimes she hated having to keep up her bravado, it was sickening in a way to her. She really didn't take too much consideration about what people thought about her, but in a way, she always had to keep up an appearance. It was the appearance that she despised. She only wanted to have a normal life, but with the Knight Sabers it guaranteed she wouldn't have a normal life.

Since she'd met Linna she'd had things other than work, the Sabers and her computers. She actually had something to do outside of the cyber world and it really was a breath of fresh air for her. She went out more, did things with somebody she liked and it made her happy instead of scared to be out and about.

She was brought out of her musings by a beeping noise, which she soon realized was the buzzer for her apartment. Oh shit! The time had flown and now here she was in her scrubbed out clothes with no food and Linna there.

"Oh boy, ohboyohboy!"

Nene fell out of her chair as she tried to untangle herself from her messy workstation in her second bedroom. She hit her head on the table as she attempted to shutdown quickly. The buzzing kept coming and aggravated her as she tripped out of the room.


She tripped as she ran to the front room and hit the intercom.


"Hey it took you long enough.. let me up!" Linna's voice was joking with just a hint of impatience.

Nene hit the buzzer then scrambled around her apartment grabbing clothes and tossing them quickly into her hall closet, grabbing her computer magazines and throwing them into her computer room, shutting the door quickly. She scrambled down the hallway when she heard the knock on the front door. Thank god the kitchen and bathroom are spotless!

Nene ran her fingers through her hair to tame it a bit, taking a deep breath then opening the door and letting Linna in.

"Hey you're scrubbing too!" Nene said open mouthed in astonishment. Sure she'd seen Linna in "street clothes" but she'd never seen her this scrubbed out before. Her hair was pulled back in a haphazard ponytail, a shirt that had obviously been with her for some time and a pair of flannel pajama bottoms with slippers.

Linna grinned back at Nene, taking in her boxer shorts and holy shirt. Her hair was mused and very cute.

"Where's my food?! Oh and here are the vid's." Linna said as she walked past Nene to plop down on the couch as if she'd done it a million times before.

"Erm, I forgot and wasn't paying attention to the time-"

"What? Oh if I'm interrupting you I can go." Nene hastened over to Linna and put a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it.

"It's okay. So where do you want to order from?"

They agreed on a takeout place and were a quarter of the way through the first vid, lounging on the couch when the buzzer sounded. Nene went to the door and paid for the food then brought it into the front room, placing it on the table, then quickly running back into the kitchen for plates and utensils. Both women tucked into their food immediately and watched a little bit of the movie, they couldn't decide what was more important; finding out if schmo Jo had an affair on his wife or to assuage their hunger pains.

An hour and a few cartons of food later Nene and Linna lay sated against each other on the couch. Their hunger had been more than fed by their glutinous devouring of the take-out. Empty cartons littered the floor, a testament to their battle with the hunger gods and each other. They'd both dived for the last egg roll and knocked all the cartons down, in the end they split said egg roll and ended up in their current position.

Nene's head was resting in Linna's lap; she was nearly asleep because of the constant caress of Linna's fingers through her hair. They'd turned the lights back off after their eating binge so they could watch the movies in a more relaxing way. The images and colors flickered over the walls, carpet, table and the women who were feeling very content on the couch. Nene enjoyed Linna's warmth, the way she smelled, and especially the way she was touching her right then. If I died right now I'd go happy and with a smile!

Nene's lips quirked as she snuggled against Linna and wrapped her arm around her leg. Nene's palm was resting on Linna's inner thigh. She was nearly asleep when Linna tapped her on her head.

"Hey I've been trying to get your attention, could you sit up so I can get more comfortable?" Linna smirked down at Nene who nodded her head, actually it was more of a neck-less bob, but Linna wasn't going to say anything.

Jeez, how long have I been out of it before she got my attention? Nene thought as she sat up. She was about to turn her body to face the tv when Linna's legs slipped alongside her own. Linna's arms went around Nene's sides and her hands rested on Nene's stomach, pulling her flush back against her. Nene could feel the softness of Linna's body, tempered with muscle. Boy this is a lot better than her thigh! Nene put her hands atop Linna's and squeezed them before turning back to the movie. She felt Linna's arms tighten around her before she fell asleep.


Nene woke up in a warm cocoon. She was tempted to fall back asleep but then she heard a soft sigh right by her ear. Nene's eyes popped wide open and came to find that her cocoon was Linna; whom had her pressed up against the couch, her body wrapped around Nene's. For the first few moments, Nene was shocked but she soon came to find that she liked where she was and didn't want to move.. ever! Her eyes studied every curve and line of Linna's face, amazed at the soft beauty held by her friend. True Linna didn't have that exotic raw beauty of Priss or Sylia, but it was in her good nature and serene confidence that made her breathtaking.

Nene drew back a bit and found her gaze locked upon Linna's lips; they were pink in a way that made Nene want to lean forward and taste them, if only for a moment. Linna sighed again then flipped over to wriggle back against Nene. Nene couldn't help putting her arms around Linna, pulling her back more fully as she nuzzled the back of Linna's neck and drew in the scent of her hair. I want this. I want Linna in my life as my friend.. and more. She's so special to me.. Nene had a tear leak out and fall into the fragrant hair in front of her.

Please don't let this be wrong! Nene drifted off again but awoke when her own personal heater left her. She protested with a grunt but was shushed by a warm voice and soft fingers stroking her forehead. She felt a soft blanket cover her then drifted back to sleep.

The sound of running water woke her again a little while later. She sat up wondering what was going on but then she remembered that Linna was in her apartment and apparently using her shower. Nene stumbled from the couch to find that the mess they'd made the other night was picked up. She smiled brightly thinking how sweet it was of Linna to do that for her.

She went to her room and found a pair of well-worn jeans, a soft cotton tee then dragged the brush through her hair before she put on a purple bandanna. No sense in getting too extravagant, I'm staying inside today to do some more work. Plus I need to see Sylia later on today.

Nene was sitting at the little breakfast nook, eating some cold cereal when Linna came out, her hair wet and dampening her shirt slightly. Wait a minute?

"Sorry but I hadn't brought any clothes with me so I borrowed some of your more baggy stuff. I hope that's okay?" Linna bit her lap after she asked her question and Linna thought she looked very adorable that way.

"No it's fine, really."

Linna smiled then went to the counter and grabbed a bowel from nearby and the left out cereal, pouring some for herself before she joined Nene. They ate in companionable silence before they put everything away, washing the dishes and finally leaving the apartment to take Linna home.

"Oh hey, Daily is doing a special show Tuesday night at Hot Legs, do you want to go?" Nene's voice was hopeful and if pained Linna a bit because that was the same night she was to go out with Yoshi.

They pulled up in front of Linna's place and she knew she had to answer Nene. She had a strange urge to just call Yoshi up and cancel but decided against it.

"I'm sorry Nene. But I can't. I have a date on Tuesday with Yoshi from my old job and-"

"You have a date with a guy?" Nene's mind was spinning, had she been wrong about what she thought was going on between her and Linna.

"Yes, and it's on Tuesday so I can't go to Hot Legs. Iím sorry." Linna put her hand on Nene's arm only to have her snatch it away and jump out of the car to pace.

Whoa, what's going on here? Linna thought as she got out of the car to watch Nene's dizzying pacing. Finally she'd had enough then went right up to Nene and captured her by the shoulders, holding her in place. The look on Nene's face nearly broke her heart, but she watched as the sadness slowly changed to a fiery expression, the next thing she knew she was locked up in an embrace. It surprised and excited her. She was kissing Nene like she had dreamed of the night before. WHAT?!

Linna pushed Nene away, angry with herself and Nene for making her feel this way. She slapped Nene across the face and cursed at her before running into her apartment and to the elevator to escape herself and the devastated expression on Nene's face.


It was all a blur for Nene. She just had to show Linna how she felt so she grabbed her and kissed her. She hadn't expected the slap, the mortification or the disgust she'd seen on Linna's face. Nene got numbly into her car and started to drive but ended up at Sylia's shop. I need to talk to someone.

The minute Nene walked in the door Sylia knew that something was wrong. She took Nene by the arm and led her up to her apartment. They sat down on the couch as Sylia waited for Nene to speak. Nene's face was tear stained and it appeared she was in shock. Nene turned her eyes to Sylia, filled with soul ripping pain that made Sylia gasp slightly. She put her hand on Nene's arm; Nene then flinched. It wasn't too long ago that Linna had done the exact same thing.

"I-I think.." Nene stopped getting too choked up.

"Take your time Nene. As long as you need." Sylia scooted a little closer to Nene, who she had come to realize she looked on like a little sister. She was so like Makie that it was only natural that she look at her as a loved one.

"I-I kissed Linna!"

Sylia sat back in shock. Her mind conjuring up many thoughts about how that came about.

"Surely it can't be that bad Nene?" Sylia softly rubbed Nene's back but Nene shot up, getting more agitated it seemed.

"She slapped me Sylia. Slapped me!" Nene pointed to the red mark on her face that Sylia hadn't noticed earlier. Ouch, she really got it from Linna.

"I-I thought that we were developing into.. I don't know but something. She always.. always treats me so good ya know? Then after last night I thought that she wanted-"

"After last night?!" Sylia's shocked expression brought a semblance of calm to Nene that wasn't there before.

"Yeah.. after what happened last night I thought that she might feel the same way as I do. But I guess.. it doesn't mean anything to her." Nene's shoulders slumped more she looked so small and defeated.

Sylia was getting angry. How dare Linna play with Nene's emotions. Having sex with her then tossing her aside as if all of this means nothing. It certainly means something to Nene. Linna should have spelled out the parameters of their "relationship" before she fucked Nene! Sylia was getting a headache. She stood up and rubbed her temples, pacing the floor as Nene watched. Sylia made a quick turn to say some unsavory things about Linna but the room started spinning, the throbbing in her head getting worse. Soon the relief of inky blackness swelled up and pulled her into it's alluring void. She heard one thing before she totally blacked out. It was Nene's scared voice shouting to her.


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