A story of self discovery and love

Lauren Vaniste

Disclaimer thing:

Violence: Some painful memories and reflections

Swearing: Yes, some.

Sex and crap: There is a relationship (very much so loving I may add ;-) ) between two teenage high school girls who were fortunate enough to find the other half of their soul so early in life. Let's have a hand for them! *Aplaudes LOUDLY* ;-D

And I have to say, gang abuse and sexual assalt is something that is sadly common in this world. I have dealt with with the local gang from my town at a very young age (will not go into details) and I was actually sexually assalted myself at a young age and at the present, though the man that did it is hopefully out on the streets now.

As I said this story is based on what happened, only with different names. And of course Marina, Jodi and Jessica take a part into it, though you will not know which people they are (because I will be giving them different names) Because this story is a tale of what happened, and they have a part in it, because they have taken their role, and have become the most important people besides my family in my life.

Also, the school I presently attend is the Whippany Calais school. CRC is another word for the detention center. Only, the students like being sent there because it can be used to get out of class (when the teachers suspect nothing) Which is why "Krista" is mad at "Kathy" for always getting sent to CRC.

If you find this insulting, or gross, stalk the waiter or waitress and ask for your money back. Meaning, go read something else. Not meaning to be mean or anything...but...yeah, LOL. If you like the idea of two girls finding their true loves so early in life while having to fend off some lunitics, then enjoy! ;-)

I would also like to dedicate this to my three best friends; Jodi, Marina, and Jessica. I Thank you three for encouraging me to write this story.

I love you guys so much! Marina and Jodi, thanks for encouraging me to write, and also being there for me through school and all. You are the best! And Jess, thanks for talking to me when I needed someone to talk to. And giving me advice occasonally, and just for being a good friend. I love you.

Part I: Moving anew

"What the hell is the point?" Eva muttered to herself as she dragged herself exsustedly out of bed, slamming the snooze button on her frantically beeping alarm clock. It was the first day of the new school year. But that’s not what made this day unique. What made it different was that it was Eva’s first day as a high school student. It, however, did not matter too much to the 15-year-old girl.

Eva was six feet tall, and she had a very good build for someone who was done with the sports. Her eyes changed from blue to dark green depending on her mood, and she had long white blond hair that passed her shoulders. She was a girl with decent looks. But she didn’t believe that. She never did. Her peers and father had made that very clear to her...they made it very clear that she was an ugly bitch. Eva always wore a dark, brooding expression that reflected some unknown pain to the world. But most of the time, she bore a detached, indifferent aura. Her father had killed her ability to feel true emotions, and being jumped everyday and bullied for nine years didn’t make her feelings of worthlessness any better either. Eva never had any true friends; she was one who was deprived of them ever since her kindergarten years. All she had was her family, but she still felt the missing piece. A half of her was missing...and much more as well. She was often lonely, but she never let the feelings become felt or known. She dealt with her memories of past pain and anguish by numbing her soul and heart.

And today was her first day at McCann High, a special school that was complete with therapy, but sadly less then decent academics. Eva hated the very idea of it. And worse it wasn’t even her decision to attend there. It had been her school who sent her. Brooding on these dark thoughts Eva paced dizzily to the bathroom to wash her face. As she passed the white and black door, she took a glance in the mirror and looked at her eyes, the only thing she liked about her appearance. They seemed to change when in the sun. As she splashed water and soap onto her face she tried hard not to look at her face anymore. It gave her a sick feeling as she suddenly remembered her father touching her cheek, only to slap her over and over after she told him to F off.

Eva then returned to her room, silently got dressed, and grasped her pack. She was not at all looking forward to the new school. It would most likely be a bigger copy of the old one, and of the students. Eva shuddered as a sudden, uninvited flashback played in her mind...she could see her mother crying over her as she was rushed to the ER, nearly dead from a gun shot. Luckily they had revived her before she lost too much blood.

Eva unconsciously touched the bullet scar. For one reason or another it still twinged from time to time. It had been a souveniour from the meeting with Blood gang members. She had not wanted to give them the satisfaction of giving them her cash, so when she told them to fuck off, they pulled out a gun and nearly missed her lungs, grazing the side. When it grazed the side, it burst open a vital vein and Eva nearly died from the blood loss alone. I had been a near miracle that she survived.

And that’s exactly what she expected the new school to be like. However, though inside her heart, which had hardened over the years, she felt the was only a distant memory. Nothing could surprise her anymore. Over the years she had become cool, cynical, and numb to all emotions. Even hate she no longer felt, except the long hatred she had for her father and her so called school friends.

Looking at her alarm clock, Eva saw that her bus was due to pick her up in five minutes time. Heaving a small sigh, she strived out onto the porch and sat down. Looking at the trees surrounding the road on one side, and the clear blue sky silhouetting the cars against the rising sun on the other, Eva smiled for the first time in months. One thing that had touched her deeply (more then anything else at that point) was nature.

The one thing she had loved and cared for after her rape was trees, the ocean, animals, beaches, etc. Eva spent most of her time in the woods, either sitting, hiking or just gazing into the river, wishing she were near a beach. Stars and stargazing had captured her attention as well over the years. Looking up at the sky during the night had eased the flooding of nightmares that haunted her sleep. Stars seemed to numb the memories. If it was possible, Eva would have blocked them out, but she didn’t know how. So she looked to her astrological sign Leo, and Orion. She loved stars.

Just as Eva had become lost in thought, an annoying horn sounded, bringing her out of her musings. A small, yellow bus with blinking yellow lights was waiting for her on the side with the cars. Sighing yet again, Eva braced herself for what was promised to be an interesting day. Yeah, right, She thought.


She climbed the stairs of the yellow vehicle. The bus driver looked like a pleasant person, who went, "Hello, good morning", in a cheerful voice. Eva, not wanting to sound rude, said, "Hi" with her voice void of emotion. She looked to the back of the bus, were she spotted two empty seats. She quickly scanned the inside, and there were already four other students inside, all of them dark skinned. Eva really didn’t care, though; she wasn’t a racist person. However, she did not want to talk, so she paced slowly to the back and slumped down on one of the seats. Lady, get a move on, Eva thought impatiently. The sooner there the better. And finally, the bus set off.

The parkway was packed with traffic. And there was barely any room between the cars to walk. Eva was no longer in any hurry, however. The way she thought of it, she would meet whatever was to come when it came along. That attitude didn’t stop the questions from the fellow bus inhabitants. A girl barely out of the 8th grade kept trying to tell her the procedures at McCann. Eva didn’t answer her, though. She kept nodding her head. And quite suddenly, the traffic accident cleared up. Anything to be rid of that annoyingly obnoxious girl that would not shut up.


The bus turned the bend on Skylark Drive to reach a small brick building. Eva was actually happy to notice the surrounding pines and even planted maples and palms. In front of the building was a small sign that read, "Welcome to McCann". It took them long enough, Eva thought bitterly. Their bus driver was so completely and utterly stupid, she had not the faintest idea where they were going, and they had gotten lost about a record of four times. They were a half an hour late, so instead of pulling up with the other buses, they pulled into a narrow driveway where against the wall; there was a small door that read "visitor’s only". Eva held her breath. This was going to be one hell of a day.

The five students paced carefully inside through the door and climbed a row of stairs to walk to the office. At the top of the stairs, they spotted several white desks with the top of the line computers on top of them, all sporting screen savers. There were five Dells, and sitting by each of them there were five secretaries. The one in the front saw the new students, and smiled.

"New students, ‘eh?" She asked brightly, unable to hide her Canadian accent. "It’s not a very nice thing to be late on the first day. Doesn’t make a very good impression, see."

The four dark skinned teenagers nodded, but Eva, failing to keep quiet, spoke up.

"I suppose" she started cynically, "That is was our dear old bus driver that made us late. The old girl didn’t even know how to avoid traffic like an ordinary person. Plus, she really shouldn’t be a bus driver if she doesn’t even know how to GET TO SCHOOL."

Three of her fellow bus inhabitants laughed loudly in agreement and even the secretary nodded her head in silent approval, but the other girl scowled.

With her pass in hand, Eva walked to her homeroom, room 112. It really was a decent looking school. It did not have lockers, however, much to Eva’s displeasure. The walls were actually clean, sparkling white, though, and the floors looked newly polished. Eva was so busy gapping at her new surroundings that she barely heard the annoying voice of her homeroom teacher.

"Eva, dear, where are you going? You don’t need to walk any further."

Eva stopped dead in her tracks in stunned silence and turned to look at her new homeroom teacher. She looked strict enough. And she had a feeling she would not like her at all. Eva walked into room 112.

It was the computer room, and there were about ten Dell computers for each table. At three of the computers, there were three students. One of the students was the girl from Eva’s bus. Eva sighed. She really hoped she didn’t have to be in the same class as her.

Her eyes traveled to a smaller girl with curly blondish hair. She was on the stocky side and had a glint in her eyes that seemed to make Eva feel a tad uncomfortable. But for some reason it also made Eva feel alive, something she hadn’t felt in a long time. It was almost like she was a crazy mind with strange obsessions. Not that Eva couldn’t tell from her cloths; nothing but black and red. She had a skull medallion around her neck, and in front of her was a blue and pink scrapbook, that featured the lead singers from Simple plan and GC. When the girl felt Eva’s gaze she looked directly in her eyes and grinned. A maniac grin. And it sort of sparked something in Eva that she thought she would never feel; companionship of a friend. But however she turned her gaze away, for the new feeling frightened her.

Her eyes traveled to the girl that was sitting beside the gothic looking girl. The other girl was the same height as the gothic girl, a few inches shorter then Eva. She had tanned skin, and chestnut brown hair that stopped just above the shoulders. For someone who wasn’t talking, she looked friendly. She was working on an alpasmart. And for some reason, Eva couldn’t turn her

gaze away. Her eyes lingered on the flowing, yet thick hair of the girl, and on her beautifully shaped face. The girl suddenly felt Eva’s gaze and turned to see who was staring at her. She looked directly into Eva’s eyes, and Eva saw with astonishment that they were a sea green. They seemed to light up as well, especially when she smiled and asked, "Uhhhh, whatcha looking at?"

Eva was stunned that anyone even tried to speak to her, and even more so by the affect the girl’s smile at on her mind; it seemed to erase it of any thought. However, all Eva could do was shrug her shoulders and grin back. She then sat down next to the gothic girl. The gothic girl saw her slump down and she extended her hand.

"Hiya! New here?" She asked, hyperventilating slightly. Eva nodded her head, avoiding the girls’ eyes, which she noticed was a sparkly dark hazel. She had vowed to herself that she would not make contact with any of the students, but something about the way she was welcomed into the new school was comforting. That people cared about her mere existence. That she was given a vast opportunity to share the comradeship of a fellow peer. And more then half of her longed for that so badly. But the other half of her mind still was made up of fear and Eva gave in to that fear instead of that longing that first day.


On the bus ride home, Eva reflected on the day that had just passed. It was the best day she had had in a very long time, if ever.

The gothic looking girl’s name was Krista Monnife. She was, as Eva had guessed, a girl with very strange obsessions. She loved boy rock bands, like any other girl, but she was also obsessed with the subject of English, and also had a major crush on a fellow math teacher. However, though Eva didn’t talk much that day, she liked Krista immediately. She figured that Krista was someone she could get along with, and just maybe someone how could understand her.

The mellow looking girl that sat next to Krista was named Kathy Checzin. She was a very friendly person that seemed to take a liking to Eva. She was the one that was willing to help Eva out in a tight spot when she was late for class (though Krista was also more then willing as well) Kathy had a taste for most music, even rap, and she loved animals. In a manner of speaking Eva wouldn’t find it surprising if Kathy later became a vetarenarian.

And the girl on Eva’s bus was called Selene. And Eva (and both Krista and Kathy as well) didn’t like her at all. She had a look on her face; a sort of sneer that suggested that she would either tattle-tell or gossip about someone the first thing she heard about it.

Eva realized that her new acquaintances had awoken new feelings inside of her that she though she would never feel in her life; the feeling of comradeship. And for some reason, Krista seemed to take a rather affectionate liking to Eva. Not that she minded, she wasn’t at all homophobic because she was in fact herself bisexual. But she did not know if Krista was bisexual and she didn’t want to assume, because she realized over the years that if you assume someone is a lesbian or bisexual and they aren’t, they get very offended and angry. And she didn’t want Krista to be angry with her. Eva realized that she liked Krista very much and that she wanted to be friends with her.

But Kathy was a different story. Sure, Krista ignited a small sort of flame and spark inside Eva, but for some reason what she felt for Kathy was more intense. Therefore she thought that she was in love with Kathy.


Eva smiled. It had been two months since the school year began and she was in a state of bliss. The most wonderful feeling she had never felt in her life before was coursing through her like sweet anesthesia, making her feel tired and sleepy.

Firstly, boys and teenagers actually put moves on her, though she found it extremely annoying after a while. It was a funny feeling to have boys like you.

Secondly, things between her two best friends had grown immensely. Especially between her and Krista.

The first month was a growing period for Eva. At first, the new feelings that were flooding Eva’s senses scared her. But slowly, gradually, Krista and Kathy managed to find a route through the wall Eva built around her feelings and heart. And so, after the two hyper girls managed to soften Eva up, they became a threesome of friends. They did everything together, from projects to hanging out at lunch. From time to time, their homeroom teacher would try to separate them by telling them they should be making friends with other students. But Eva soon learned from Krista that their homeroom teacher was an old teabag and enjoyed seeing the students unhappy. So they ignored the teacher and continued to be a threesome bunch.

The second month was the changing point. For Eva realized that she felt something different for both of her friends. Eva was convinced at one point that she was in love with Kathy, because she made her feel things she never experienced before. So, she told Krista, and then Kathy. Krista explained with great detail that she was not at all homophobic, and she would gladly except the fact that Eva was bisexual. When Eva told Kathy that she loved her, however, Kathy became sarcastic and began to brush Eva off. Because even though she would not admit it, she was in fact homophobic.

Soon, after a few weeks, it became clear to Eva that Kathy was lying to her, and even at one point forced Krista to listen in on a phone conversation between them.

Krista knew that everything was getting out of hand, and felt even worse that Kathy was really hurting Eva and causing her to be even more sullen and depressed then when she first arrived at the school. For Eva was doing everything in her power to make Kathy happy and it was not working. In fact, Kathy stopped calling Eva all together. Finally, Krista couldn’t take seeing Eva so hurt any longer and told her everything about what Kathy and she had done.

Eva had been very angry with both of them, but she had developed into a very laidback person in the last month. And so she figured that it was Krista who became clean, and that she had nothing to do with anything, that she was as much as a victim as she was. So she forgave Krista completely.

Soon after the ordeal, Eva realized that she was going to defiantly get her heart broken if she continued to pine for Kathy. But it wasn’t as if she could just stop loving her, as she explained to Krista. Krista stayed by her side, and held Eva when she needed to be held. Krista kept telling to Eva that if she were to keep loving Kathy, nothing good would come out of it, and that she defiantly deserved someone whom was going to treat her with all the love she needed from Kathy. For Kathy did not know what it was like to be in love, and when Eva tried to explain how she felt about Kathy crushing her off, Kathy had said, "You are over reacting. This is nothing, and I don’t really care."

Krista was the only one who was there for Eva during that hard time...

And you know what Eva said about the fact that she couldn’t just stop loving Kathy? Well, something occurred that caused Eva to completely get over Kathy immediately, without a painful inner struggle at all.

Eva fell in love with Krista. For real.

She fell in love for real this time. For what she felt for Kathy was a hard core crush. And when Krista said the simplest thing, it just happened. All the pain that Kathy had inflected on Eva’s already scarred heart vanished, and the obvious attraction diminished, replaced instead with a healing power that Eva never even knew or dreamed possible. It was quite different from what she felt for Kathy. Because whenever Krista was near, Eva couldn’t breathe, and her eyes seemed to turn a darker shade of blue. When Eva told Krista how she felt, she just laughed and gave Trish a hug that had lasted quite a few minutes, showing her that she did care that she loved her, but she didn’t mind at all. That Krista cared in a good why.

"You are at least no longer depressed," she had said, "and you certainly seem happier. And I really want you to be happy. You deserve that. Because you’re my best best friend and I wouldn’t stop being a friend of yours just because of the fact that you are in love with me. We can’t help who we fall for. And besides..."

"What?" Eva had asked curiously, beaming when Krista told her this, feeling all of a sudden a million times joyful then she ever felt in her life.

"Heh, never mind," Krista muttered softly, suddenly blushing.

It had been quite a few months, Eva reasoned, but though it had been filled with a great deal of pain, there had been relief. Her newfound love for Krista.

And today, as Eva leaned against the wall of the art room were she had helped out over the two months (because she couldn’t take gym), she and Krista decided they were going to have lunch in the principle’s office, so they could talk alone. They had been given permission by the homeroom assistant, a young lass with reddish blond hair who hardly ever smiled in the open, but was a very nice young woman who seemed to guess there was more then met the eye about Krista and Eva’s relationship. So when the bell for the period to end rang, Krista ran with amazing speed to the art room where Eva was waiting.

When Eva was setting up the tables for the art teachers homeroom class to eat lunch, Krista poked her head through the door and whispered a little to loudly, "Greeetingsss!", slightly out of breath. A little taken by surprise, Eva jumped in her skin, but then she relaxed. No matter how many times Krista did that, she would never get used to it. But it also made her excited. Blushing heavily, Eva grinned and turned to the girl who was her best friend, and the keeper of her heart.

"Greeetings my butterfly," Eva smiled, "Have a good gym class?"

"Ahh, it sucked!" Krista muttered. "Didn’t get to see the Math assistant, and Kathy got sent to CRC."

"Why?" Eva asked, expecting a decent story, but was sadly disappointed when Krista said, "NOTHING! She gets to go to CRC when she asks. Lucky stiff," Krista joked, her voice yet void of humor.

Krista was looking directly into Eva’s eyes, and Eva could see the mixture of green and brown, with flecks of yellow turning in circles in her annoyance. Whenever her mood changed so did the colors of her hazel eyes; they rearranged themselves. And Eva realized then that she could never get enough of staring into Krista’s eyes.

And Krista, for some reason, couldn’t tear her gaze away from Eva’s sapphire blue eyes. It looked like the ocean itself, and she could see green and gray appear as Eva’s mood changed. Right now she could see the blue very slowly swirling around the pupil. And it fascinated the hell out of her, though she did not understand why. Finally realizing that Eva was probably wondering what the hell was going on between them, with obvious reluctance she tore her gaze away from Eva’s eyes and she said, her voice a little hoarse, "C’mon, let’s go before they come hunting for us."

"Sounds like a plan," Eva grinned, a little elated about what she had just experienced with Krista. She really wanted to feel the flow of sudden emotions again. Just to be able to look into Krista’s eyes...

They walked in long strides down the hall and up the first stairway to the office, eager to finally get some privacy away from Selene and the other nosey kids in their class. Finally, when they arrived to a white counter, the friendly secretary said, "’Ay’ mates, you here for lunch? It’s there!" She pointed to an office looking door, where there would be no one waiting for them. Just her and Krista.

"Thanks a bunch", Eva said softly. "Yup, thanks a lot!" Krista added.

They waked through the door to enter the office, which had a large round table; with small very uncomfortable looking chairs surrounding it. Despite this, Eva sighed and smiled in contentment.

"Well", she said quietly, turning to the girl who was the center of her universe, who grounded her, made her feel safe and gave her a true sense of belonging. "Shall we?"

"Hahahah", Krista laughed brightly, "I’m always ready!"

So they sat down next to each other, very close to one another, and while they slowly consumed their food, they talked. It was so much easier now that the two girls opened up and shared their secrets that they thought would change the other girls’ views about them. But the girls’ ideas about one another hadn’t changed at all.

Finally, trying to talk about something serious for once, Krista cleared her voice and asked the one question that nagged at her mind since the day she meet Eva.

"So, tell me," she smiled, "why were you so hard and cold when you first came here? We would’ve accepted you for who you were no matter what."

Eva sighed. This was going to be one long story. Something that she had never ever talked about with anyone.

"’Tis a long tale," she grinned, attempting to joke. "Heh, maybe I‘m naturaly a grumpy person, who knows..."

"Dude I’m sure you can be a bit more descriptive." Krista said, faking a scowl.

"Well, then," Eva answered, taking a deep breath, "Get ready for a long story."

Krista nodded her head. "I’m always ready," she replied softly.

"Well", Eva started, sighing, "It begins with my living in a crumby town. An understatement, to be honest. There was gang abuse and graffiti wherever you walked, and they always made it a tradition to gang up on one girl for a decade." Eva sighed again. "I was that girl. Ever since I was in Kindergarten. Ever since I started school, I was bullied and mocked and made fun of. But I never really was one with friends. People figured that if they were friends with me, they would get their fair share of the abuse, and I cannot really blame them now." Both she and Krista scowled at this. "Therefore, they stayed away from me and eventually joined the Blood gang in stealing whatever I owned, weather I was at my house or in school, if they knew I had something halfway decent, they would take it away from me, only to say that I couldn’t afford anything."

"But," Krista stammered, "wouldn’t they need to pound you in a pulp to get your stuff? I mean, you didn’t just hand over your stuff to them, did you? Not unless..." She gasped in horror and looked at Eva with pleading terrified eyes. "Not unless they did pound you to a pulp because you were outnumbered and they held you back?"

Eva nodded. "Bare in mind, they were the Blood. They had a lot of members to back them up. And yes they held me down. They would knock me to ground, and then they would get two guys or girls on each leg and arm. After that they would take anything I had in my pockets. But they weren’t finished after that. Just for the fucking hell of it they would beat the crap out of me. More they beat the life out me once."

Eva shivered as she remembered the madness in the leaders eyes as he held the crowbar raised directly above her head, bringing it down with a sickening clang. She nearly lost her memory permanently for that. And her life. On many occasions she nearly died, but that had been the second to horrific.

Krista couldn’t not see the tears well up in Eva’s eyes, and feel her shiver run through her body, which seemed to run through her own. It was like she was sharing Eva’s own terror. Like she was sharing the same soul. Without thinking, Krista grasped Eva’s hand with one of her own hands, and with the other wrapped her arm around Eva’s shoulders.

Let it out," she said quietly, which was something that hardly ever happened, because Krista was a very loud person. And with those soft-spoken words, Eva let out all her pain by returning Krista embrace and breaking down, sobbing, letting her tears flow freely. With tenderness that Krista thought she could never posses she pulled Eva closer and Eva melted into her, seeking out the comfort and warmth that she needed so badly for the 15 years of her existence. As Eva continued to sob, Krista kept whispering words of friendship and comfort to her. And knowing that Krista at least loved her like her best friend, Eva accepted the symbol of love with open arms, and finally after 15 minutes, she smiled and calmed down.

Still holding her hand, Krista said gently, "I thought my mother screaming all the time was bad enough. I’m so sorry you had to go through that."

Eva shrugged and said, her voice small from crying, "There’s more to it as well. The story isn’t over yet."

Krista swallowed hard. Just hearing the first part had been difficult enough. But for some reason, she wanted Eva to let it all out, so she would feel better and move on.

Why the hell is that? She thought bemused. Normally I hate hearing crap about this...But this girl is so different. It’s like I understand where she’s coming from. Like I know what she’s about to say...and that I don’t mind when she’s in my arms sobbing her eyes out...I wonder...

"Tell on" she said gently, giving Eva’s hand a soft, caring squeeze.

"Well," Eva sighed yet again, "When I was in 6th grade, my father started showing sign of..Umm...sickness. In his head I mean. He would try to get me, the only daughter in a room and try to kiss me, or French me, and touch me. Naturally I always got away, until May. One night when my mother was away and so was everyone else; my father barged into my room, picked me up and threw me onto the bed by the scruff of my neck. I heard him lock the door and throw the key into a far corner, so I couldn’t get it."

Eva felt the tears burn in her chest and eyes again, remembering the sexual appeal that her father had had, the thing that made him insane. That’s because he did so many drugs in his youth, it screwed up his head later. But she would never forget the insanity she saw in her fathers’ eyes as he screamed and spat at her to sit down and stay there.

Krista grasped the other hand with her free one and rubbed them together. Anything to bring her best friend comfort. She gazed into Eva’s eyes, and saw the dark sapphire turn a familiar silvery gray, they color that indicated that Eva was depressed and upset...and remembering painful memories. And yet...they still didn’t seem to lose their beauty.

BEAUTY? She thought thunderstruck. But I.... Well...her eyes are really...beautiful. And why am I starting to think of them like that? Am I in it can’t can’t! Unless...

"Go on, I’m still here," Krista whispered softly.

Eva, in spite of the tears sliding down her checks, smiled. Her gaze bore into Krista’s beautiful hazel eyes, the mixture of green and brown. They were swirling around the pupil and for one reason or another, it calmed her. The healing power of Krista’s eyes was something she could never get sick of. Krista’s eyes seemed to bring her back down to Earth, and as Krista rubbed Eva’s hands together to keep them warm, as she looked lovingly into her eyes, Eva found that she would continue.

"I tried to get hold of the keys and get the hell out of there", she pressed on, no longer aware of the tears flooding her face, "But he caught me before I got up, and he tied me down to the bed so I couldn’t escape. Then he...then he...he..." She swallowed, knowing this was the only way to help her move on. She captured Krista’s eyes and held them dear. "He rapped me".

Krista was not aware of her own tears stinging at the back of her eyes. All she knew was that she was pulling Eva in her arms again and holding her so close, as to never let her go again. To never see her hurt like that again. Eva continued.

"After he was finished having his way with me," she chocked, "He untied me and told me if I was to ever tell anyone he would get a Blood gang member to murder me. But I still bolted out of that apartment to find the police station. However," She gave a humorless laugh, "I met up with the boys from school, and they weren’t to keen to let me go easy. I just told you that my father would’ve gotten a Blood gang member to shoot me. Well," she closed her eyes as she suddenly remembered her mother in the ER, crying hopelessly, the Blood gang girl shooting her in the side, almost really killing her. "I was shot anyway."

Krista gasped in sheer horror, and pulled Eva closer without thinking.

"I still have the scar," Eva said, joking for the first time, "But one of their new recruits came up to me in order to be accepted, pulled out a pistol and told me that if I were not give her my cash, she would shoot me. I told her to fuck off, because I was already hurting on the inside, and I actually wished I were dead anyway. So she shot me."

Eva pulled up her shirt just below the breasts, and pointed to a raw red and white bullet scar, leaving a hole in her side. Krista put her hand to her mouth and said, "You should’ve showed that to me in class earlier, not at lunch". But she smirked and said, "but you can show me now if it makes you feel any better."

Eva nodded, and smiled back, appreciating Krista’s sense of humor.

"The bullet sort of grazed the side, but it ruptured a vital vein and took out one of my ribs, which is the reason for the nasty hole. I came so close to death that time."

She shivered. "I remember seeing myself pale and sickly looking on a hospital bed in the OR, them trying to revive me. And my grandmother and my mother coming back from their trip to find me nearly dead in bed. But a voice told me I was meant for something. I didn’t believe the voice, but I went back to my body anyway. It was along healing process, and when I told my mother what had happened, both the bitch Blood girl and my father was arrested. But yeah...ever since then, because of the kids, and my father, that’s why I was so hard in the beginning. Because I didn’t trust anyone. But now...I know I can’t trust anyone...just one person."

"Who is that person?" Krista inquired softly, stroking Eva’s long blond silky hair. She smiled involuntarily when Eva beamed at her and captured the gaze of her eyes again, this time seeking her love.

"That person," Eva whispered, "is you. I never had a friend where they would talk to me and I could talk to them without the fear of being bullied for what I had to say. I don’t trust anyone more then I trust you. You listened to me, you never betrayed me, not intentionally anyway, and you supported me through no matter what was happening." Eva swallowed again. "That’s why I love you."

Krista gazed into Eva blue eyes, and Eva looked into Krista’s painted mix of forest green and brown. They both could not look away, even when Krista whispered delicately, "I would never betray you. I will always be here, no matter what the situation. Even if all the guys I like liked you, I would never turn my back on you."

They continued to look into each other’s eyes, savoring the strange but ecstatic bliss that the both girls felt. And that’s when Eva realized that the door of Krista’s eyes was opened, and she could see Krista’s own soul joining with her own. And Krista felt the same thing, though she didn’t know what it was at first. But she knew it was right. And as both teenagers realized that, the next feeling of their souls joining blew them both away completely, flooding their senses with emotions both girls never thought they would ever feel or dream possible. It was so intense, both Krista and Eva felt like banging their heads in fear, but then, their fear was replaced by a love so profound (now even Krista knew what this was) that tears welled up in their eyes again.

WHOA both girls thought, stunned.

Eva couldn’t help herself any longer. She turned in Krista’s arms to face her completely, though she was looking in her eyes before. She removed one hand from Krista’s to gently caress the soft skin of Krista’s check. Her eyes never left Krista’s.

Krista, seeing what was happening, though a warning was beeping in the back of her mind, couldn’t help but lean forward, taking her released hand and bringing it behind Eva’s neck, her thumb gently stroking the pale skin just beneath the base of the roots of Trisha’s hair. The soft strokes made sparks of flames run through Eva’s body, filling her head with one desire; to kiss Krista senseless. And Eva’s hand softly caressing Krista’s check made whatever warning shouting in the back of Krista’s head swiftly overrun. She could not deny it any longer; she wanted the kiss just as much as Eva did.

They leaned in closer, their eyes never breaking contact. They were so close, Eva’s hand slid down from Krista’s check to her neck, bringing her in a bit faster. And Krista contently sighed when she felt Eva’s hot, sweet breath stroke the side of her face. She could see now small flecks of green in the rapidly morphing blue eyes. Eva’s eyes were turning a solid sapphire blue once again, and Krista smiled in satisfaction, knowing that though this was making herself crazy, she was making her friend (?) happy, and that’s all she ever wished for her in the beginning.

Eva couldn’t take the suspense any longer, just seeing the dark brown flecks in the hazel eyes wasn’t enough anymore. She leaned forward suddenly, much to the stunning surprise of Krista, and captured Krista’s lips in a lava heated kiss.

Krista sighed against the lips of her friend and pulled her closer then they had been before. Eva continued her assault on Krista’s rapidly heating lips, and she suddenly whimpered in the softness of her lips, and the fact they felt so smooth. Their kiss was tender, and gentle, but soon it was growing in passion, and Eva couldn’t hide a sigh of contentment, of the pleasure of feeling Krista’s lips finally move against her own.

But suddenly, a bell blared through the halls and in each classroom. And shocked, both girls pulled away reluctantly, very much so. Calming for a brief second, Eva and Krista fell back into their embrace that they had taken before they began making out.

"Heh, this was some lunch period", Krista laughed softly, looking at the scented glass, obviously searching for the principles return.

"It was," Eva grinned. "I never expected that we would start to make out. It just..."

"Happened," Krista finished for her. "Well, before our dear Dr. Y suspects us to doing other activities," At this she winked, "Let’s get back to English. And if anyone find out about this, my rep for the boy crazy girl will be ruined."

Eva smiled. "We won’t tell anyone then." Not being able to stop herself, she then kissed the back of Krista’s dirty blond head. Surprised, Krista looked up into her eyes again.

"What was that for?", she asked, not able to hide her smile.

"For the road," Eva grinned. "We’re not gonna be able to do that again unless we meet in the bathroom somewhere. And besides," She blushed, "You’re my soul mate."

"And you are mine," Krista replied. "We gotta have a sleepover sometime. I think we would do some serious bonding."

"Ah," Eva beamed at this, "True that. That would be awesome! Now before the Doc suspects anything, let’s get back to class."

Krista nodded, and briefly grasping each other’s hand for a few moments, they walked out of the office, ready for whatever faced them...because they would face it together.

End of part I

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