“The Dance Etern ”

by The Lavender Bard


Xena and Gabrielle are finally together for Eternity. This is a very short story about their first dance in Elysium.


We enter... you are on my arm. All heads turn to look at you because you are so beautiful, and I am so proud, and just as in awe of you.

The lights are low, and the room is filled with quiet sounds of crystal goblets being filled with golden champagne, people talking softly amongst themselves, and beautiful music from the orchestra hovers and passes over everyone and everything like bands of sunshine fingering their way through broken clouds.

I feel you squeeze my arm as we continue to walk through the hall; perhaps everyone's eyes on you makes you a little self-conscious, but I am there, right there, to reassure you. And at the whisper of my voice at your ear, you turn to look at only me, the rest forgotten.

As if on cue, the orchestra begins to play again, and the music is so sweet so beautiful so powerful that I want to cry and, looking at your beautiful face as I take you in my arms is just the nudge my tears need, and they spill over my lower lids.

You feel so good so good in my arms, my love, our bodies pressed so close so impossibly close and yet we cannot get close enough. My right arm is around your waist, my left hand holds yours and our arms press close together, our clasped hands between us, my face pressed against yours, and we stand motionless like this for a moment, then we start to sway as the music caresses us both at the same time.

Like two priceless Stradivari, we are so finely tuned to each other. I am your bow, and you are mine, and together, we are no match for even the orchestra that plays the music we now dance to.

I am breathless against your cheek as we move in unison across the floor, and although we don't notice, others on the floor have fallen away to us, and we are the only ones dancing there. We are flawless in our movements as the music reminds us that it is there. Even as beautiful as the orchestra plays, we dance to a music that only you and I can hear.

My arm's grasp around your waist is firm as I dip you ever so gently, and with your body arched like that in my arms, I barely breathe as I bring my face to your neck and kiss your beautiful throat. I pull you sweetly back into my arms and we grasp each other again in our sweet, salient, ambrosial embrace.

I glide you across the floor, and all I can see is you, all I can hear is you as your eyes speak volumes to me. Our eyes are so close and all I can do is fall into them and fall into you even as you fall into mine and I take you all in, and just when I think I cannot be filled anymore with you, there is suddenly room and I keep taking you all in. I swirl you gently to the music as every ounce of me and all that I am flow into you, and I feel you tug at it, pull at it, grasp at it, and all I can do is gasp again against you.

Everything has fallen away, the people, the lights, and even the floor has left my feet because I am dancing on air with you, and our bodies are pressed so close that our hearts beat together, pound together, skip beats together, and I tremble as I listen to your heart's words, and I am again humbled by all of you, by the all that is Us.

I guide you into a small turn, our hands still clasped and you follow every step, and my arm around your waist never leaves, because I could not bear it, and oh the feel of your arm around me is so wonderfully good and your gasps against my face make me want to fall to my knees.

A soft cry escapes me as I feel you take the lead, and I am helpless in your arms and I cannot take my eyes from you and I am so breathless and when you exhale your own gasp, I press my lips to yours and I gasp you in and we drink of each other, and I feel my very core reach into you through our kiss and wrap around your own center in its own dance and I want to weep.

We dance like this for what seems like an eternity, a hungering eternity, this, the aeon of our lives and we rejoice in it.

Our steps slow, and then stop, as we hold each other close, so so close, swaying gently and I whisper to you, my lips now pressed against your ear, and yours to mine, and I tell you over and over how much I love you, and I can barely get the words out because my sobs are caught in my throat. And when you whisper your own words of love to me, it is almost more than I can take and I cling to you, we cling to each other, and all I can do is gasp your beautiful name against your face over and over and over.

With fingers still entwined, I bring your hand to my lips even as you do the same to mine, and I press my mouth against the softness of your hand and I kiss you there, again and again, still swaying in our dance, still murmuring your name, and I leave your skin wet with my tears.

We still hold one another as we exit, our eyes fixed only on each other, and it is only then that we hear the quiet sounds of crystal goblets being filled with golden champagne, people talking softly amongst themselves, and beautiful music from the orchestra hovering and passing over everyone and everything like bands of sunshine fingering their way through broken clouds.




March 2008




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