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Rating: NC17. This story concerns the Honeymoon of Sandra and Josie Broussard, the lovely ladies of The Apartment. There is graphic depictions of sexually intimate relations between two consenting adult women who love each other deeply. If this is illegal in your neck of the woods or you are under age..... Scat!

Dedication: A big thank you to Mary and Laura for their friendship and inspiration. And thanks to Bookie for loaning me her memories of a cottage near Colorado Springs.




"Wow, I still can’t get over your mother giving us that check. Now, we won’t have to max out our credit cards for this trip." Sandra said as she got comfortable in her first class seat. "You know this is my first time flying. I thought I’d be more scared than I am. This isn’t bad at all, really."

"I told you so." Josie grinned as she spread their blanket carefully so they could nap a bit on their flight to Colorado Springs.

"I’m so excited, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. But, you close your eyes. I’ll just hold your hand and watch you snore." Sandra gazed lovingly into adoring green eyes.

"I do not snore." Josie retorted with indignation.

"No dear." Sandra said with a slightly mocking tone.

"Well, I don’t." Josie pouted.

"Of course not, dear." Sandra said with a big smirk on her beautiful face.

"Ooooh, you’re gonna get yours, missy." With that, Josie closed her eyes and smiled sweetly as she felt her wife’s warm hand clasp her own and move it to rest in her lap. Long, gentle fingers, painted figure eights and stroked her forearm until she fell into a restful sleep.

Two hours later the petite blonde awoke to hear her partner snoring softly in her ear, as a dark head rested upon her shoulder. ‘Good Lord, she’s too cute for words. I am the luckiest woman in the world. Please, God, let me make her happy for the rest of her life. Don’t make me leave her here alone. Please, don’t hurt her anymore.’ Josie didn’t notice the tears trailing down her cheeks as she watched her soul mate in slumber.

Josie smiled as she realized where her hand had wandered to as she and Sandra slept. She enjoyed the feel of warmth between her wife’s long legs and the longer her hand rested there, the more she enjoyed it. Ever so gently, Josie ran her fingernails along the jean covered skin of her bride’s inner thighs. She giggled with delight as a dark head nuzzled into her neck and a barely discernable shudder passed through a long, languid frame.

"Mmmmmm, boss, what are you doing?" Sandra whispered into her ear as she stretched out, giving the wandering hand clearer access to her treasures.

"I’m practicing one of my espousal privileges." Josie purred seductively.

"Here?" Sandra squeaked.

"Right here. Right now." Josie took her other hand and cupped her wife’s chin, tilting it up to her lips, kissing them gently, licking the upper lip, then sucking the lower lip slowly and rhythmically, sending erotic tingles down to her partner’s sex.

Sandra pulled back far enough to look into passion filled green orbs. "Someone will see us."

Josie looked around to the other first class passengers, each involved in their own conversations or asleep under their own blankets. "No one is watching us." Josie grinned as Sandra pulled the blanket up to hide their faces from view.

"I can’t believe we’re doing this in public. Ungh, God!" Sandra blurted out under her breath as the small hand that had been stroking her thigh began stroking her denim covered sex.

"Sh, sh. We have to be quiet, sweetheart." Josie looked at her distressed lover with sympathy.

Sandra nodded slightly. "Quiet. Right. I have to be quiet. Oh, mon dieu!"

The Stewardess walked down the aisle passing a small microwaved meal out to the passengers and pouring them a refreshment. Josie straightened in her seat as she cupped her lover’s sex in the palm of her hand. Sandra sat up as straight as she could, considering the activity taking place between her legs. She smiled, self consciously, as she was being served, and nodded her thanks, not daring to try to form a coherent sentence. Josie moved her hand and gently stroked Sandra’s thigh, so the trembling woman could catch her breath enough to eat her meal.

Josie pushed her peas around the plate, a small frown on her face. "What’s wrong, boss? You’ve hardly eaten a bite. Aren’t you hungry?" Sandra asked concerned.

"I’m hungry. In fact, I’m very hungry. But, not for this freeze dried cardboard." Josie slapped her plastic fork on to her plate and reached for her water, drinking it all down.

"What are you hungry for, boss? Maybe they have something else to offer you." Sandra said, trying to be helpful.

"Believe me, my love, what I am hungry for, only you can offer me." Josie looked at her spouse with hunger in her eyes that made Sandra blush and her clitoris throb.

"I’m afraid we’ll have to wait til we get to the hotel for that particular feast, my love." Sandra said as she raised Josie’s hand from her thigh and kissed it.

"Not necessarily" Josie said, as she handed their trays to the passing stewardess and helped her weak kneed partner to her feet. "Follow me." Josie led the way to the restroom and pushed Sandra inside before she could protest, locking the door behind them. Josie pulled Sandra’s face down to her and kissed her deeply, passionately, until the brunette pulled away, starved for air. Sandra had never seen her lover behave this way in a semipublic place before, and found it curiously arousing. Josie quickly unsnapped her wife’s jeans and pulled down the zipper with trembling fingers. She pulled down her jeans and panties as quickly as she could, removing one of her sneakers so she could slide one pants leg off, and force her lover’s legs far apart. Sandra just looked on in astonishment at the petite woman’s behavior. Then the adorable, curly haired blonde, knelt in front of her desire and gently lay her head against dark curls, breathing in her musky scent. She raised her hands to separate the netherlips and dove her tongue into its treasure. "Mmmmmm, ambrosia." Sandra leaned back against the sink cabinet as she stared down at her lover’s curly head in utter shock and amazement. Her heart was bounding in her chest in unison with throbbing in her core.

"Oh, God! Josie!" Sandra’s legs trembled as her climax raced to its crescendo.

Josie flushed the commode on cue as her lover’s groan of ecstacy accompanied her orgasm. She lapped up all of the nectar offered her, and helped her lover back into her clothes. "Kiss me, my love." Josie pulled her dazed lover into her arms and kissed her deeply.

"What about you, Josie?" Sandra asked through the dizzying scent of sex and soap surrounding her.

"I’m fine. I just had to have you, Sandy. I couldn’t wait another minute to taste you, to hear you come for me." Josie sweetly kissed her lover again, then turned to wash her face and hands in the tiny sink. Satisfied that they were presentable, the two women left the lavatory and returned to their seats.

All covered up again, cosey in their blanket, the newlyweds quietly held hands and daydreamed about their future together, until they both fell asleep.

Sandra awoke first. It took her a moment to know where she was, but the familiar scent of her lover kept her grounded until her sleepy mind focused. Her twinkling blue eyes perused the sweet face of her bride in slumber. Josie’s slightly parted lips gave her an erotic jolt, causing her to run her long hand over a denim covered thigh. The tall beauty smiled as her partner’s breathing quickened and she moaned softly. ‘This is such a turn on. I can’t believe what I’m doing.’ Sandra’s long, elegant fingers, ran up the sleeping woman’s thigh to her denim covered sex, cupping it lovingly. Josie squirmed and opened her legs, accepting her ministrations. "You’re awake, you little stinker."

"Mmmmhmmm." The adorable little blonde, purred. "Don’t stop, Sandy. Feels so good."

"I have no intentions of stopping, boss. Open your jeans for me."

"What!?!" Josie’s eyes snapped open in shock at her normally timid bride’s demand.

"You heard me. I want to get into your panties and I can’t do it if you don’t unsnap and unzip your pants now, while no one is looking." Sandra’s mouth was going dry with her excitement. Josie did as she was bade and bit down on her index finger to squelch a moan when Sandra’s loving fingers entered her lace panties and slid through golden curls to her sex. "Mmmmm, you are already wet for me." Josie nodded as her eyes rolled back into their sockets at the sheer bliss she was experiencing. She reached her left hand into Sandra’s lap, feeling the need to touch her, intimately, too. "Oh, Boss, you feel so good, all warm and slick." Josie covered her face as best she could with the blanket, feeling the blush burning her ears. Her hips began to pump of their own accord. ‘Oh yeah.’ "Look at me, Josie. I want to see you come."


Sandra pulled her hand quickly from its warm nest. "Shit!" Josie adjusted her pants and they both sat up and buckled their seat belts in preparation for landing. Sandra brought her fingers that had been recently pleasuring her lover to her lips. She sniffed them, enjoying the scent of her partner’s arousal, then slid them into her mouth, sucking and licking them clean. Josie watched her and shuddered with need. "Rotten timing, huh!?! I’m sorry, boss."

"Not...your...fault." Josie managed to stammer with her head in her hands, the throbbing of her sex beginning to subside. "To be continued, huh?"

"Oh yeah! Definitely to be continued at the earliest possible opportunity. Let’s just get a hotel room nearby and start out fresh in the morning. I’m sure the cabby will know where a good place to stay is. I mean, we have enough money to stay someplace comfy with a hot tub, maybe." Sandra looked with pleading eyes at the woman she loves.

"Sounds like heaven."


"Don’t you want to unpack?" Josie asked.

"No" The tall, raven haired beauty stated unequivocally. "I want you now, in that bed, naked, under me."

Josie gulped at the look of sheer lust in her wife’s normally soft blue eyes. ‘I may have gone a tad to far on the flight. She looks like she’s going to eat me alive. Oh! But what a way to go.’ Josie backed up as she unzipped her parka and threw it aside, then pulled her sweater over her unkempt curly head ,with Sandra following her step for step, stripping herself of her own clothing, her eyes never leaving the body before her.

As Josie unbuttoned her blouse, Sandra’s eyes glazed over, her clitoris throbbing with unquenched desire. Josie let her blouse and bra fall to the floor, then proceeded to unzip her jeans and sit down on the bed as she removed her boots and pulled her pants off, one leg at a time.

Sandra drank in the luscious curves. She licked her full lips and her trembling fingers went to the zipper of her own jeans and stripped, enjoying the lascivious grin on Josie’s flushed face. The tall beauty stood in all her glory, allowing Josie to feast her eyes upon her, then sucked in a deep breath and groaned loudly as her lover reached her arms around her hips, resting her soft cheek against the tantalizing scent of her arousal. Josie ran her small hands around Sandra’s buttocks, squeezing and kneading to her hearts content, nudging her nose into her pubic mound, until her partner began to pump her hips searching for more contact. "My poor sweet love. Look what I’ve done to you." Josie whispered as she ran her middle finger through her partner’s sopping sex, causing Sandra’s legs to tremble.

To Josie’s shocked delight, the taller woman reached down, hooking her hands under the much smaller woman’s arms, and lifted her back onto the bed, landing on top of her, with her knee against Josie’s center, her mouth claiming her lips and her tongue battling for dominance of the warm space. Josie regained her composure quickly and raised her thigh into the slick warmth of her lover’s sex. Sandy pumped against her partner as her right hand pet and massaged her left breast and she sucked upon her small velvet tongue. Josie grabbed both buttocks and pulled her lover’s sex into her thigh with all her might as she ground her own sex into her knee. Sandra broke their deep kiss as she lifted her upper body for Josie to suckle at her breast. Her partner bit down upon her sensitive nipple causing Sandra’s passion to soar. She arched her back and moaned loudly into her orgasm. She stayed like that, like a beautiful, graceful work of art, skin shining in the moonlight, then she crashed down upon her lover, still trembling with the after shocks.

Josie stroked her sweat soaked back and murmurred words of endless love and devotion into her ear until she began to stir again. "You OK? I’ve never seen you so sexually aggressive before, Tiger." Josie giggled.

Sandra raised herself just a little, so she could look down into the eyes she loved. "I’m wonderful." She grinned as she pushed herself down her lover’s slick curves, threw short legs over her broad shoulders and breathed deeply of Josie’s arousal.

"Oh God! Sandy! Oh Yeah!" Josie screamed as her lover’s long, talented, tongue lathed her sex.

"Mmmmmmm" Sandra enjoyed her delicious treat until her lover’s hips bucked with her impending orgasm, then slipped the tip of her tongue under the hood of her clitoris to prolong her pleasure.

When certain that the aftershocks were over, Sandra slid back up the sated little body, being sure to plant loving kisses on her way to her lover’s face, then kissed her cheeks, eyes, forehead, then finally her lips. "I love you, boss. I’ll always love you." Sandra vowed.

Josie wanted to reciprocate, but her throat tightened and tears began to seep from her sea-green eyes.

"Josie, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?" Sandra was alarmed.

Josie shook her head ‘No’ as she pulled her tall lover into a tight embrace, her shoulders heaving with her sobs. Finally she was able to speak and the words she spoke broke her lover’s heart.

"I’m so happy, Sandy. I never want this to end. I never want to leave you."

"Leave me? What are you talking about Boss!?! You’re gonna leave me!?!" Sandra asked in alarm.

"I don’t want to. I just don’t know how not to. One day I’ll get an infection I can’t fight and I’ll leave you alone." Josie began to sob again.

"Don’t say that. Please, don’t say that. I love you so much Josie. Whatever comes, we’ll fight it together and we’ll win. Just like last time." Sandra held her lover close to her heart.

"Promise?" Josie asked timidly.

"I promise. Always and forever, remember?" Sandra kissed her lover’s tears away.

Josie nodded. "Always and forever."

The lovers held each other, taking comfort in the sweet contact of flesh and kisses. Josie felt her ardor begin to rise and dearly wanted to taste Sandra again and hear her scream in ecstacy. She rolled the larger woman on her back and gently sucked her right breast into the warm cavern of her mouth, enjoying the deep moan elicited from her lover’s throat. "That feels so good." Sandra softly encouraged. Josie’s right hand rested upon Sandra’s left breast, absently flicking her thumb across the painfully erect nipple. Feeling herself lulled into an hypnotic state of suckling upon the luscious mound, Josie bit lightly upon the nipple and flicked her tongue over the very tip until her lover moaned her appreciation. A tiny hand slid down over a taut abdomen, through dark curls, into slick wetness, belying Sandra’s desire. "I want you to sit on my face until I make you scream Sandy." Josie whispered as she licked her partner’s earlobe.

"Oh, yeah, Boss." Sandra squeaked.

Josie scooted up to the headboard and arranged the pillows to give her easy access to her lover’s treasures. Sandra knelt above her partner’s sweet face and held onto the headboard to prevent suffocating her bride. Josie took in the glorious site before her, the pink labia drenched in love’s nectar that she inspired. Her chest filled with pride and desire. She pet the mons affectionately with the palm of her right hand, enjoying the soft feel of the dark curls, then she used the fingers of her left hand to separate the lips and peruse the slickened folds. She watched with near glee as the clitoris poked its tiny head just beyond its hood, all of which were quaking with the pulse of its engorgement.

Sandra tried to look down beyond her breasts to see what her lover was doing. Her patience was running thin as her frustration grew. Josie sensed her displeasure, and peered up with twinkling green eyes as she inserted one finger slowly into her depths, then another. She didn’t pump or move her fingers at all as she pinched the shaft of her lover’s clit between the thumb and forefinger of her left hand and proceeded to lathe her tongue rhythmically across the sensitive head. Sandra froze, afraid to move and end her exquisite torture. She found breathing difficult and her long thighs began to tremble, signaling her readiness to her partner's who began pumping her fingers deeply in and out and lightly biting down on her clitoral shaft as she continued to lick its tip. Sandra’s pelvis took on a life of its own as it pumped and ground down on her lover’s fingers until she screamed out her orgasm, gifting her lover with her woman’s cum. Sandra stepped over her lover’s petite form and slid down beside her into her waiting arms.

"I love you so much, Josie. You make me feel things I never dreamed I could feel."

"Anyone would think we hadn’t been having sex for months. But, since we made it official this morning, I have wanted you like a starving woman wants food." Josie chuckled.

"I noticed. Not that I’m complaining, but that performance on the jet today was unexpected to say the very least." Sandra said.

"I know. I can’t get over that myself." Josie blushed and bowed her head. "Let’s wash up and get some sleep."

"Are you insinuating that I stink?" Sandra said in mock indignation.

"Nooooo. I’m saying we stink. Weeee need a bath."

"Yes, mam."


The two sated lovers soaked in the warm suds of their tub, Josie resting her back against Sandra’s soft breasts. Sandra held her lover close and realized that she was asleep as her breathing became deep and regular. "Josie? Come on, boss, time for doe doe." Sandra whispered as she helped her groggy lover to her feet and wrapped her petite form in a towel and directed her to the bed. After drying her thoroughly, Sandra slipped a night shirt over her head, and then dried her own tall form, shrugged into her night shirt, and crawled into bed behind her, spooning contentedly against her lover’s body. They both fell into exhausted sleep.


"Mmmmmorning, wife." Sandra purred into her brides ear as she let her eyes dance across every line and freckle, studying the arch of her brow and the sweet pucker of her soft lips. Josie lay upon her back looking up into desire filled blue eyes. She looked down at the hand that was running slowly over her breasts, causing a tingling to grow between her legs.

"Morning, my eyes." Josie cupped her wife’s beautiful face in her right hand, stroking the soft peach fuzz of her cheek with her thumb. "Have I told you lately that I love you?" Josie asked as she leaned forward and kissed sweet lips.

"Yeah, actually, you have. But, I’ll never get tired of hearing it. I love you too, boss. I don’t know how to tell you how much. But, this morning, if you’ll let me, I’d like to show you." Sandra’s face glowed with the love and desire she felt for her partner as she leaned down and tremulously kissed full ,soft lips, licking and perusing every inch of the warm cavern.

"Mmmmmm." Josie purred as she opened her legs to her lover’s long muscular thigh. Sandra ground into her lover’s center as she accepted her lover’s thigh in reciprocation. Josie pulled Sandra’s night shirt off, exposing dark, nippled, full breasts to her hungry eyes and eager touch.

"Oh, God, Josie!" Sandra exclaimed as she pulled herself up on her forearms and lowered her breast down to her lover’s warm, soft mouth. She felt her breasts being massaged rhythmically in her lover’s hands as Josie adjusted her lower body to be able to reach her lover’s sex with her thigh, causing Sandra to pump her hips, relishing in the increased stimulation to her slick center. "Oh, yeah!" Sandra groaned as her partner’s small hands left her breasts to massage her buttocks and force her engorged clitoris to grind against her muscular thigh as she suckled hungrily upon her nipple. "Ungh, Josie.....I’m gonna.....come!" The tall beauty bucked her shapely hips as electric jolts of ecstacy shot through her body.

Josie held onto her lover’s firm arse as she released the succulent breast and looked up into eyes black with desire. "You are beautiful when you come for me, sweetheart. So very beautiful. I always want to remember how you look when we make love."

Sandra looked down at her lover as her arms trembled and she rolled off to the side, breathing in gulps of air, trying to calm her racing heart. She smiled, her heart filled with love and adoration for her bride. Having caught her breath, Sandra reached for Josie and moved towards the head of the bed with her lover held close to her chest. "I want to do for you what you did for me last night, Boss." Sandra whispered as she lay perpendicular to the head board and assisted her partner to position her sex above her face. The view was breath taking and the heady scent of her musk made Sandra’s mouth water in anticipation. Long ,deft fingers parted pouty outer lips, exposing the delicate pink labia within. ‘She’s so small and delicate, like the petals of a flower glistening with her sweet nectar. All for me.’ Sandra raised her head to gently kiss her lover’s labia. ‘She tastes so good. I still say there’s a bit of the kosher dill in her.’ Sandra smiled at her memories.

Josie grasped the headboard and shivered with arousal at her lover’s gentle ministrations. "More.....Sandy.....enter me, please."

Sandra smiled and eagerly trailed her tongue across her partner’s clitoris, down to the opening of her vagina and delved deep inside, drinking of her nectar. ‘Mmmmm, Kosher dills, buttered lobster tails..... And love.’

"Oh, God!" Josie exclaimed as her pelvis pumped with the lathing of Sandra’s sweet tongue over and over again until her thighs trembled with need.

Sandra could tell from her partner’s trembling, and the flow of her nectar, that her time was at hand. She plunged three long, fingers deep into her lover’s vagina as she suckled upon her engorged clit. ‘Oh God! She’s so wet! Come for me, my love. Scream for me.’

The sudden attack upon her sex sent Josie soaring, she yanked upon the headboard with all her might as her body jerked and spasmed over and over. ‘Woa, hold on girl. She’s gonna break that head board. Ow! Shit! She broke the damn, Ow! I gotta hold on. Can’t let go til she’s done. Ow! Cut that out, that hurts! I can do this. Just a few more seconds and I can escape with my life, albeit a concussion. Shit! That’s enough. I’m outta here. Yikes!’ Sandra was surprised by her own strength as she lifted her lover, setting her down gently, and rolled out of reach of what had become an instrument of torture. "OW!!! Shit!" Sandra exclaimed as she sat at the side of the bed, rubbing the bumps on her head. ‘Now I know what they mean when the say love hurts.’

"Sandra, are you Ok? I’m sooooo sorry. I didn’t mean to smack you in the head with the headboard." Josie rushed over to her lover’s side and searched her head for lumps.

"Aye! Stop! That hurts!" Sandy brushed her bride’s hands away from her throbbing head.

"I said I’m sorry. I guess I don’t know my own strength. I’ll get you a cold compress." Josie jumped off of the bed and ran to the ice bucket and filled a face towel. "Here you go, sweetheart." Josie gently placed the cold compress to her pouting lover’s head.

Sandra sat at the side of the bed holding the cold compress to her hanging head as Josie slipped her night shirt on and sat next to her. "Here, put your shirt on too. You’ll catch a chill." Josie helped her lover into the garment, taking the opportunity to run a gentle, loving hand over her head. "I think you’ll live. Stand up and see if you feel dizzy or nauseous." Sandra did as she was bade. "You Ok?"

"Yeah, I’m fine. My mom always said I have a hard head." Sandra and Josie both laughed.

"Boss, do you mind if we go sight seeing now. I think anymore sex will be hazardous to my health." Sandra smiled at her lover sheepishly.

"Sure. We can rent a 4x4 and start out to the cottage we rented. How’s about you take a nice hot shower while I order breakfast for us?" Josie gazed lovingly upon her wife's beautiful face.

"Sounds like a plan."

To Be Continued in Part 2 of The Honeymoon


August 12, 2000

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