Song of Sorrow

Disclaimers: Angst!

I am alone – cold, aching, silent, empty alone.  Oh there are people here with me – I can see them walking around watching me.  I can even see their mouths moving as though they were talking but I can’t hear them.  I sit alone in my silence.

How is it that your life can go so abruptly from one full of joy and fullness to one empty and silent?  I feel as if my life has slowed down to one moment in time while everyone else is going on with their lives.  

I was enjoying a quiet morning in bed alone.  It doesn’t happen very often and when it does I usually spend my time reading and revelling in the silence.  Which, on this morning, was broken by the shrill ring of the phone.  Grumbling I reach over to get the phone from her side of the bed.  There was a rush of words – yes this was … yes I knew … she was what!  Time slowed to a halt and I felt my heart stop …

Traitor that it is my heart started beating again and here I am, sitting in a time warp. Broken, alone, cold.

My life is over.  My heart has gone.
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