The Littlest Amazon



Xena and Gabrielle rode into the Amazon village not knowing what kind of reception they were going to get. Gabrielle was the Queen of the Thessalonian tribe of the Amazons and had received a request for aid from one of their>neighbouring tribes in Thebes. Gabrielle had immediately sent word that they would send aid and that she would be visiting them as well, with her partner Xena. She had gathered a party of 20 Amazons including her regent Ephiny and her friends Eponin and Solari, and they had headed off to see what was going on with their sister Amazons.

When they arrived in the village they were shocked to find a lot of very overweight Amazons standing waiting in full Amazon salute for their neigbouring Queen. Gabrielle couldn't help but gasp at the condition these Amazon's had allowed themselves to get into and wondered how these women were going to protect anything let alone their village. She looked at Xena and saw the look of disappointment on her face as she had seen when Xena had looked at any person who'd let themselves go. She knew Xena prided herself in being in shape and the fact that these proud warriors had allowed themselves to get so out of shape was a big worry.

"Queen Gabrielle, we your Amazon sister's welcome you to our tribe and thank you for attending our message of aid so quickly, if you'll come with me I'll see you to your quarters for your stay, will the warrior be sleeping with you?" An Amazon stepped forward trying to find out politely if Queen Gabrielle and the warrior Xena were together, she didn't want to offend the Queen by giving them separate quarters if they were a couple. She looked the warrior up and down appreciatively and knew that if the warrior wasn't with Gabrielle she would be highly sought after by most of her tribe and surely Gabrielle's tribe.

"Yes Xena will be sleeping with me" Gabrielle said annoyed at the obvious once over the overweight Amazon gave her lover. She knew Xena was beautiful but these girls were in need of a serious overhaul before they even had a chance with her warrior. She looked at Xena and saw the amused look on her face at her possessiveness and knew that the warrior didn't mind. I'll make it up to her later Gabrielle thought slyly wanting to make sure all of the Amazons in the village knew just who's warrior Xena was.

"Okay then let me show you to your quarters, the Queen will be with you soon, she had some matters to attend to with our priestess, forgive my manners Queen Gabrielle I didn't introduce myself, my name is Galanyia and these our your Amazon sisters, I'm sure they will all introduce themselves later" Galanyia told Gabrielle slightly disappointed that the warrior was taken by the Queen, but knew that the shape they were in Xena probably wouldn't even entertain thoughts of being with any of them even if she could be.

"Thank you Galanyia, we have been riding most of the day when is your evening meal?" Gabrielle asked casting an annoyed glance at Xena who snickered at Gabrielle's mention of food, from the looks of these Amazon's they shouldn't be eating anything but vegetables. Just how did a bunch of Amazon's get this out of shape Gabrielle asked herself after having lived in her village for a while she couldn't fathom what it had taken to get these Amazon's so out of shape.

"Oh yes, our evening meal is to take place in a candlemark, we have prepared a feast for you and your Amazon's, I thought you might enjoy a quick bath to refresh yourselves from the ride here" Galanyia told them taking in all the other Amazon's and felt a tiny bit of shame for how they must look to these Amazons, who all looked in such great shape.

"Is that when the Queen will let us know what you need our help for?" Gabrielle asked beginning to suspect the reason for them coming to the Amazon's assistance and knew they had the right person for the job, if that was indeed what they needed from her, she certainly hoped they didn't have an enemy that needed fighting because with so many of their warrior's overweight she didn't think they had a chance in tartarus of fighting anyone.

"Yes, she left instructions that you are to bath and then we will proceed to the eating hall to eat, and that's when she will formally ask for your help" Galanyia told them seeing the intelligence in this Queen's eyes and knew she had already figured out the purpose of them being here. This one's very quick, and that Xena I'm sure she can do what the Queen will ask of her Galanyia thought to herself hoping that she would be right.

Gabrielle and Xena were lead to their quarters and they found them very suitable, there was a large bed, that would be able to accommodate Xena's long legs and a bath prepared for them in the middle of the room. Gabrielle almost laughed imagining the overweight Amazon's struggling to carry the bath in for them.

"What are you smirking 'bout beautiful?" Xena asked loving the expressions on her bard's face as she realised that she had been caught out, she had a bit of an idea of what had tickled her lover's funny bone but wanted Gabrielle to admit to it. She wanted nothing more to get into that bath and soak away the dust of the road so she began undressing as she waited for Gabrielle's answer.

"I- uh Xena you know I can't think straight when you are undressing in front of me" Gabrielle whined good naturedly knowing her lover liked knowing how much her physical form pleased Gabrielle. She loved hearing Gabrielle say how beautiful she was and the fact that the bard not only saw her physical beauty but her inside beauty moved her to tears sometimes. She smiled as Gabrielle's train of thought completely left her as she removed the last of her clothes. She knew they didn't have time for any loving right now but a little eye candy never hurt anyone.

"It's okay I kinda figured out why you were smirking, you were wondering how many of those overweight Amazon's it took to get that tub in here, am I right?" Xena said groaning as she lowered herself into the water. She waited for Gabrielle to either get undressed or start confirming if her guess had been correct before she began washing herself knowing her lover would want to wash away some of the dirt herself.

"As usual my love you are completely right, now let me get undressed and get in that tub before it gets cold and you start washing yourself, I don't want to be denied the pleasure of washing your back" Gabrielle winked at Xena as she got out of her clothes hastily wanting to get in that tub as quickly as possible, she loved touching Xena even if she wasn't going to get to love her right now.

"So what do you think of those Amazon's?" Xena asked lazily as she felt Gabrielle's hands begin tracing their way over her skin and knew she was in for some pretty heavy duty torture. She moaned as Gabrielle began massaging her shoulders and almost sank into the tub it felt so good. She almost didn't hear Gabrielle's answer, it felt that wonderful to have her bard's skillful hands on her.

"I think those Amazon's are in for a serious overhaul provided by the one and only Xena Warrior Princess" Gabrielle said loving the feel of Xena's soft skin as she continued her massage. It had taken a while for her warrior to accept that she loved getting massages from Gabrielle and as soon as Gabrielle had learned just how much she loved them she had tried give them to Xena as often as the warrior would allow her to.

"I'm thinking of making it a competition, just to make it a little bit more interesting, lets say the Amazon that gets back in shape the quickest wins a sword that I crafted or something like that, these girls need an incentive to get themselves back to being true Amazon's" Xena told Gabrielle, still trying not to fall into the water as Gabrielle's hands worked their way to the front of her now just lightly circling her breasts. She moaned as they worked their way towards her nipples and didn't know if she would be able to handle this torture before needing Gabrielle to do something more concrete about the feelings she was stirring her.

"Thats a great idea love, you're right they have let themselves go way too much for Amazon's, there has to be a reason for this, so is there anything I can do to help you my warrior" Gabrielle asked knowing she was heating up her warrior, and knowing there wouldn't be much time for this, but she intended on giving it her best shot. She smiled as Xena grabbed her left hand and brought it between her legs and moaned herself at the wetness she felt there.

"Gods Xena, you are ready aren't you?" Gabrielle asked knowing the answer already and secretly pleased that she might have the chance to make her warrior scream in ecstasy before dinner, and that it would definitely make the Amazon warrior's aware of the fact that Xena was hers and hers alone. She let her fingers drift through Xena's folds enjoying how wet her warrior was and the fact that she herself had been responsible for that. She stroked Xena's folds harder now knowing that the climax she was going to give Xena would have to be a quick but explosive one.

"Oh yes Gabrielle that's it, just there" Xena moaned, feeling her body catch on fire at her lover's touch and knew this wasn't going to take very long, normally she didn't like quick orgasms but the fire Gabrielle had stoked in her was a very strong one and she knew this would be a powerful but quick orgasm. She gasped as Gabrielle entered her with two fingers, and then slipped in another one and felt her hips begin to thrust in time with Gabrielle's plunges into her sex. A loud cry tore from her throat as Gabrielle began stroking her swollen bud with her thumb and felt the orgasm begin to build inside her. She cried out Gabrielle's name as Gabrielle used her right hand to squeeze her nipple, in time with her thrusts on Gabrielle's fingers. A few more powerful thrusts and she was falling over the precipice into her climax and the only thing that came from her mouth was loud cries of Gabrielle's name as her sex spasmed violently. Finally the aftershocks ceased and she looked up at her love and smiled knowing they had both gotten what they wanted out of this.

"I don't know how you expect me to go and eat dinner now, my legs feel like jelly" Xena told Gabrielle knowing her bard needed to know just how much she had pleased her. She wasn't lying either, her legs really did feel like jelly, she hadn't expecting such a strong orgasm so quickly but knew that was due to her lover's talent with her fingers.

"I'm sure in a few minutes they'll be fine, you didn't mind did you Xena?" Gabrielle asked hoping Xena wasn't aware of her ulterior motive in making love to her, mostly it was because she knew that Xena had been at the point of no return as soon as she had begun touching her breasts, and she knew what it was like to have to hold that kind of passion in through a dinner.

"Gabrielle I never mind you taking me any way you want to, even if it is to make sure those Amazons know who I belong to, because I belong to you sweetheart, heart, mind, body and soul" Xena told Gabrielle kissing her passionately before they both started to get out of the tub and get dressed for this feast. She could see the tears in her lover's eyes and knew she'd said the right thing. This mushy romantic stuff isn't as hard as I thought all I have to do is tell her the truth, I'm really getting the hang of this Xena thought pleased with her ability to be honest with the woman she loved and let her in her heart.

"That's one of the most beautiful things you've ever said to me, lets get dressed before I turn into a quivering puddle of tears" Gabrielle told Xena sheepishly, she loved when Xena spoke from her heart, it was always the truth and it always came out so beautiful it moved her tears.

They got dressed hastily and were outside waiting with the other Amazon's from Gabrielle's tribe within a fraction of a candlemark. She heard the snickers from some of her Amazon's and chose to ignore it for the moment, knowing that if they heard their activities then the thebian amazon's heard it too and that made her very happy.

"Hey Eph, Ep and Sol, get your feathered butts over here" Xena yelled knowing Gabrielle would want to talk to them before this feast and let them in on their plans if that was what the Queen of the Thebian Amazon's wanted their assistance for. She was going to take great joy in giving these Amazon's the best of her training skills and was already working up an image in her mind of the prize that was going to be one by the biggest loser in the Thebian Amazons.

"Yes your Queenliness? And Xena" Solari commented smartly not really taking offence to the way Xena called them, she knew that Xena was just like that, and they'd called her worse on occasion. Things had been quite different since the Queen and Xena had settled in their Amazon village and she was glad to say it had been a change for the good not the worse.

"I have a feeling I know what they are going to ask us for assistance for, so my champion here is going to announce a competition between these uh- large Amazons to see who can drop the most weight, whoever wins will win a sword that Xena has designed and crafted herself" Gabrielle told the women, knowing they would be okay with what was going on, it had been quite a shock for them all to see so many overweight Amazons. She knew her partner would not rest until she'd whipped these Amazon's into shape knowing what a disgrace they were to the Amazon Nation.

"Thats a great idea, how come you never offer to make stuff like that for us Xena, you know we have competitions too" Ephiny asked wondering if Xena was really able to craft a sword, hell she had so many skills it was so hard to tell what was really an ability of Xena's. She looked at Ep and Sol and saw the looks on their faces that showed they were thinking the same thing.

"I made my sword if you want to know, I crafted myself, couldn't find one I liked so I figured I'd learn and make it myself" Xena told them enjoying the look of shock on their faces, she knew that a lot of people thought all she could do was fight, and it was good to show them she had skills outside being a warrior.

"Wow that's really something that sword is awesome, whoever wins this thing is going to be one lucky lady, to say that they have a sword made by one of the greatest warriors in the known world" Ep told Xena, feeling new respect for the warrior before her, oh she knew that Xena had more skills than just fighting but it wasn't very often one of those skills was as huge as blacksmithing and doing it so well. She'd always admired Xena's sword and had suspected Xena had gotten it made especially for her, but to know that Xena had crafted it herself was something else.

"Yeah well hopefully this Queen will come out so we can eat soon I'm starving" Gabrielle commented smiling at the praise being heaped on her soulmate, when she'd found out that Xena had crafted that sword herself she'd been just as shocked, and had been guilty at one time at thinking the only thing Xena could do well was fight. Now I know much better, just how many skills my sweet Xena has Gabrielle thought knowing full well how to put some of Xena's better skills to good use.

"Amazon's Queen Larougia has arrived please take your places, Queen Gabrielle, and her escorts will you please come sit with me" Galanyia asked looking at how much better these women looked when they weren't dusty, she hoped that the Queen would be able to secure their help because without them their tribe was going to die out. No men would go near them at the moment and it was embarrassing for all of them to know what they'd let happen to themselves.

Gabrielle and Xena walked over to where Galanyia was sitting and stood waiting for the other Queen to walk up to the small area they were sitting in. When she did they both gasped not knowing how to take the fact that the Queen herself was the heaviest Amazon among them. As Xena looked at her she could see the beautiful woman underneath all that fat and vowed to Atermis to whip these Amazons in shape as soon as was humanly possible. She only hoped that the lure of her creating a sword for the winner would be enough to give them the drive to whatever she asked them to lose this weight.

"Queen Gabrielle it is an honour to finally meet you, we have heard a lot about your travels with Xena and how you became an Amazon, I can only hope the wisdom we have heard you are blessed with is truly yours" Queen Larougia told them, not wanting to offend the little Queen but something had to be done and she had no idea how to change what had happened to them over the years. She felt so bad her tribe had been one of the most beautiful in Greece and now they were reduced to this. No one really knew how this had started, she just knew that the cycle had to broken and they needed to get back into shape or their tribe was going to die out.

"Well I have been told I am wise on many occasions, Queen Larougia and I believe I know what is your problem and we already have a solution, if it would please your majesty I'd like my Champion and Consort Xena to announce our plans for your tribe" Gabrielle told the Queen slightly irritated at the notion that she may not be as wise as they'd heard but knew these women were desperate here and needed them right now. She felt Xena's hand grasp hers for a moment and felt herself calm immediately and knew they would do what was right no matter how little manners this Queen seemed to have.

"It most certainly would Queen Gabrielle, Amazon's Xena Queen Gabrielle's consort will now address you all" Queen Larougia smiled at her Amazon's and hoped that what she would hear was a feasible solution, she knew of the warrior's reputation and knew that she was their only chance now to change what seemed undoable.

"Amazon's as you heard I am the Queen's consort and I propose a contest, all of you will be measured around the waist and the person to lose the most and get back in shape the quickest will win a sword that I myself have crafted by hand, I call the competition the Littlest Amazon, because it will be the one with the least weight that will win the competition, we will stay in your tribe for three moons and Gabrielle, Eponin, Ephiny, Solari and I will be your trainers, we will divide you into 4 teams first and you will be measured every seven day, the smallest losers of each team will then open to being cast out of the competition, but don't worry if you do get cast out, I have another 16 Amazon warrior's who will continue to put you through your paces, the only question is do you Amazon's accept the challenge?" Xena explained and yelled the last part hoping to get an enthusiastic response from the Amazon's. She was very happy to hear a unanimous yell of yes from the Amazons.

"Gabrielle, Xena word of your wisdom was not exaggerated, if this works we will truly be in your debt" Queen Larougia told Gabrielle and Xena smiling excitedly at the challenge. She knew that most of her warrior's would be extremely honoured to own a sword crafted by one of the greatest warrior's in the known world.

"And now we feast because starting tomorrow you are all on a diet" Xena growled the last part, knowing this was going to be a long and arduous three moons. She knew they would be able to change these Amazon's lives if they accepted the challenge whole heartedly and truly strove for the weight loss they needed. They dug into the food with gusto and soon the plates were being cleared away and everyone was completely stuffed. Xena looked around the room and mentally counted all of the warrior's that were overweight, it was more than three quarters of the tribe, and she decided that there would be teams of around twenty Amazon's. Once again she was saddened by the fact that such a large tribe of Amazon's had let themselves go this far. She wondered what the reasons where and then realised it didn't matter, what mattered was that they got them back into shape and out of those skimpy clothes that were making her feel a little sick as she looked at them all. Overweight Amazons in typical Amazon dress wasn't a good look.

"Well love I think we should get everyone into bed bright and early because I want to start this tomorrow. I'm going to fire the cook and I think that will be a part of your job, to teach some of our Amazon's how to cook real good food, food that is nutritious for them too, do you mind?" Xena asked she didn't want to tell her lover what to do, but she knew Gabrielle was the best person for the job, she had cooked for them for years and they were both in great shape.

"Of course I don't mind love, I want these Amazon's back into peak shape too, and as soon as possible, those outfits are kinda grossing me out" Gabrielle whispered so as not to hurt the Amazon's feelings and felt the silent chuckle that came from Xena at her comment. She felt Xena rise and knew it would be an early night for them both, and realised that was probably best, they were going to be just as exhausted as these Amazon's and she realised she was going to enjoy this, she was fit but it couldn't hurt her to have some extra conditioning and Xena would look even better, her muscley body was something Gabrielle had always loved about her partner and she knew her lover would look even better after this three moon stint.

"I know I was thinking the same thing, the first thing I'm going to ask is that they wear something showing less skin, I don't know how they get those things on, over all those rolls" Xena said seriously, she knew what she was going to ask of these warrior's wasn't very nice, but it was better for them to dress in plain clothes than in the tight fitting Amazon dress. Plus she thought she might be able to get a colour theme going to make it more team like for them.

"How are you going to ask that sweetheart, you know you aren't always the most diplomatic person" Gabrielle asked not wanting to hurt her lover's feelings but knew that Xena would most probably not put what she was going to ask very nicely. Xena was a lovely woman, with many endearing qualities but diplomacy wasn't one of them.

"Actually my dear Queen I was going to suggest they wear team colours, in plain clothes to make them feel more like a team, so how goes my diplomacy now?" Xena asked seeing the shock on her lover's face and had to hold her breath to stop herself from laughing herself silly and causing a scene.

"You never fail to surprise me my love, shall we let everyone know that it's bed time?" Gabrielle asked still not believing that she'd heard those words come from Xena's lips. After all this time of having to defend Xena for her lack of diplomacy, her warrior came up with a diplomatic solution all on her own.

"Absolutely, I think we could all do with some sleep since we'll all be up at dawn, I intend on getting them to all do a run before I choose the teams" Xena told Gabrielle and watched as Gabrielle stood and whispered into the Queen's ears. She saw Queen Larougia nod and knew they were going to take this seriously and was pleased. She'd never done something like this but from all of the training she put her men through in her warlord days she knew she was fully prepared for this and planned to have as many people as she could from her team on the winning side of things. She figured once they had lost about a third of the warriors from the four teams she would divide the rest into two teams until there were about twenty warriors left and then they would compete individually. This was going to be fun Xena thought, as she thought of all the thing she would get these Amazons to do starting with tomorrow's run.

The party quickly broke up as soon as Gabrielle announced that they needed to get to bed as they would be up at dawn for the beginning of the competition. They themselves got ready for bed quickly wanting to get a chance to snuggle and make out a little before bed. They both acknowledged that they slept better when they'd shared some sort of intimacy before they slept. As soon as Gabrielle was in her shift Xena took her into her arms and kissed her passionately, wanting to see if she could return the favour for Gabrielle before sleep claimed them both. She laid Gabrielle on the bed and straddled her with her thighs and looked into Gabrielle's eyes seeing in them the passion and desire she was hoping to see.

"Gabrielle I want to love you, will you allow me too do for you what you did for me before dinner?" Xena asked not knowing why she needed this but knew without a doubt that all she wanted right now was to hear Gabrielle screaming out her name in passion.

"So you want to make sure no-one thinks I'm available too huh, Xena I didn't think you had it in you to be possessive" Gabrielle stated and gasped as Xena's lips moved to her neck and she began trailing kisses along her collarbone one of Gabrielle's most sensitive areas, and could feel her heart begin to quicken as Xena's hands joined in the party and began tracing circles around her breasts.

"I just want to hear you scream my name, will you do that for me Gabrielle?" Xena asked knowing the answer even as she asked the question, Gabrielle's nipples were already hardening under her fingertips and she quietly lifted Gabrielle's shift from her body wanting to look at the feast before her.

"Oh Gods yes" Gabrielle moaned as Xena's tongue came in contact with her nipples and she began sucking on her left nipple and she felt the jolt all the way to her core. She'd been thinking of Xena making love to her all night as they had eaten dinner and knew Xena wouldn't be surprised to find that she was already very wet. She moaned again as Xena turned her attention to her other breast but kept rythmically squeezing the unattended breast with her fingers. Her moans soon turned to cries of passion as Xena worked her way down the bards body dipping her tongue into the bards navel knowing that really got Gabrielle worked up. Sure enough Gabrielle cried out her name as her tongue kept dipping into her navel, mimicking what she was going to do the Gabrielle's sex.

"Oh Gods Xena please go down please" Gabrielle begged, she was so hot and wet she knew exactly what she needed and she didn't Xena taking her time about it, Xena laughed as her head was pulled down towards Gabrielle's sex and knew just how the bard felt, the need was so urgent now it was hard not to be insistent on getting down to the business end of it all. She decided to give into Gabrielle and got down to business. She quickly parted Gabrielle's legs and then breathed in the scent of her loves juices which were flowing freely from her lover. She never got more excited then when she knew just how excited and close to ecstasy Gabrielle was. She buried her face in Gabrielle's curls greedily running her tongue over Gabrielle's slick folds catching all of her lover's juices not wanting to waste a single drop and smiled as Gabrielle's moans turned into screams of her name as she continued her frenzied attack on her loves sex. She drove her tongue as far into Gabrielle's core as she could and felt Gabrielle tense in preparation for the orgasm she knew was coming, gently she replaced her tongue with two of her fingers and then went to work on Gabrielle's swollen bud bringing Gabrielle to orgasm swiftly not letting go until Gabrielle had gotten through three powerful orgasms. Finally Gabrielle pulled her head of her spasming sex and they fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

Xena awoke just before dawn feeling refreshed and funnily enough sated, it was always more than enough for her to have pleased Gabrielle, and it left her feeling satisfied that she had shared in their love and gave Gabrielle the pleasure she craved to give her. Very gently she woke Gabrielle and they bathed, got dressed and headed outside and were happy to see most of the Amazon's outside getting breakfast ready.

"Morning ladies, before we really get breakfast going I want everyone entering the challenge to line up near the mess hall, we are going on a run ladies" Xena announced and heard the groans of the women and smiled yes this was going to be fun she thought as she whispered to Gabrielle that she would meet up with her for breakfast when everyone had finished the run. Gabrielle watched as Xena ran off and wondered where that woman got her energy from sometimes. She couldn't help but watch that shapely ass jiggle as Xena jogged off and thought of the night they'd spent where Xena had blown her away from the intensity of their lovemaking that had lasted all of half a candlemark. She keeps up that energy and she's gonna kill me, but what a way to die Gabrielle thought smiling happily as she went to see where the Queen was, and was pleased to see the Queen heading out with the others competing in the competition. Well I guess the next thing to do is go see the cook, gotta get these girls eating healthy Gabrielle thought wryly not knowing whether the cook was going to like her doing what she was going to do but knew it was for the best.

"Excuse me but who is your cook?" Gabrielle asked politely not wanting to get on anyone's bad side, she knew that with the changes they were going to make there was going to be some very grumpy large Amazons around. She was pointed towards the mess hall, and hoped that she would not have to get physical with this cook, Xena's instructions were simple if the cook wouldn't take their suggestions and implement them then Gabrielle was to take over the cooking and teach their Amazon's the tricks of her trade.

"I hear you are the cook?" Gabrielle asked the rather large woman tending to the fire so she could get breakfast started. She looked like she needed to be out with Xena as much as the other women did and Gabrielle had a feeling she was going to have to kick this woman out of the kitchen to get her to leave.

"Yes Queen Gabrielle, can I help you is there anything special you and the warrior like for breakfast?" The cook asked not sure if she was liking the fact that the Amazon Queen of her neighbouring tribe was standing there asking about her. She had a funny feeling about this competition and couldn't see what was wrong with having a little fat on a body. She was quite happy with the way she looked.

"Ah no thanks I- uh came to talk to you about the food, Xena wants to change everything you cook, we need plenty of fresh vegetables no animal fat at all, and Xena's instructions were that if you couldn't agree with that we would have to remove you from the kitchen, these girls aren't going to lose weight eating what you served last night" Gabrielle said wincing at the look on the cooks face which was slowly turning red. She knew this was going to be hard but why did Xena have to leave her with the difficult tasks.

"Xena has some changes to the menu she would like you to implement and I was thinking we could go over them together" Gabrielle suggested to the cook and frowned at the look on the cooks face. She had a feeling this cook was a big part of the Thebian Amazon's problems with their weight and felt her earlier guess coming back to bite her, she wasn't sure how she was going to get this woman out of this kitchen, but if she wouldn't change the menu Xena didn't want her in the kitchen and that was fine with her.

"What do you mean changes, ain't nothing wrong with what I serve, Xena is not our Queen and I'll not change anything until I've received orders from the Queen" The cook told Gabrielle wondering what this woman would know about cooking, she looked like all those other Amazon's who only knew how to fight and cause problems.

"Queen Larougia asked me to give you this if you questioned me, it's orders saying the food you serve will have to comply with Xena's wishes" Gabrielle said almost breaking into laughter at the look on the cooks face. She hoped the orders from the Queen would be enough, cause she didn't want to have to pull Xena away from her run with the other Amazon's to straighten out the cook.

"I will obey my Queen's orders, so lets talk about those changes" The cook told Gabrielle grudgingly, she wasn't happy about this but to violate her Queen's direct orders was something this Amazon didn't do.

As Gabrielle and the cook discussed the Amazon's daily meals Xena was jogging at the back of the group of Amazon's trying to encourage them to keep going. She knew at their weight it was going to be hard to get them to keep up the jogging but if she could get them to at least circle the village a few times then it would be a well spent candlemark or two. They weren't far away from their first lap of the village and they were holding on, they would be pretty tired but it would give her an idea of the ones most likely to loose a lot of weight quickly and the ones that were going to be a little more steady with their weight loss. That way she could make the teams a bit fairer by trying to make it more a mix of the ones likely to loose weight quickly and the slower ones.

"Okay ladies that's lap one, two more of these and breakfast awaits" Xena told the women, taking them all in and looking at their overall condition, there were some that were really struggling at the back with her and others were doing pretty well for their size. Xena hoped Gabrielle was having some success with the cook because she had a big feeling most of these Amazon's problems were the food they were eating and inactivity. That and no sex, that really burns of the calories she thought wickedly thinking of last night and how sexy Gabrielle had looked while she was making love to her.

When they had finally completed the three laps of the village she got the women to gather in front of the mess hall. While they waited for the bell to ring for breakfast she divided them into their four groups and handed them shirts they had been able to get some of her Amazon's to make this morning from their own shirts and dyed in different colours.

"Okay Amazon's you must wear these shirts at all times, these are the colours of your teams, Red, Blue, Pink and Green, wear these colours with pride and remember the aim is to loose weight here, basically what will happen is each seven day we will measure you, the team that looses the most off their bodies will have immunity from being voted off, the rest of the teams will have to vote one person from the other teams, so three people a seven day will be voted out of the competition until we get to the final twenty Amazon's, who will then compete individually until the final three, then we will measure everyone, I've decided the littlest Amazon out of the voted out contestants will get a dagger crafted by me, as an incentive for you voted out Amazon's to keep losing weight" Xena explained as she looked at the sea of red, blue, pink and green and smiled, this was going to be fun and it was going to be good for all of these Amazon's to get back into shape.

She decided to let them off the hook and allowed them to disperse and have breakfast with the understanding that they were going to get together as teams and meet their trainers straight after breakfast to discuss their training for the next week, and then it was going to be straight to it, these women were going to sleep very soundly tonight. She walked off to find Gabrielle and silently thought lets let the games begin.

The first moon of competition went well, with some teams pulling off staggering losses and one team doing so well they had to blend some of their members to the other teams to make it fair numbers for all the teams. There were now 85 amazons left and she decided it was time for a double eviction, just to heat things up and was going to start giving special privileges to Amazon's who were doing really well in the challenges. She was quite surprised that there hadn't been any complaints or fights, she knew they were working them pretty hard and some of them were starting to look a lot better but everyone was tired and the food they were eating was healthy and satisfying but very different from what they were used to.

Things between her and Gabrielle couldn't be any better, they were really enjoying their time here and she knew Gabrielle was enjoying putting the Amazon's through their paces and was quite liking the respect it was getting her from their Amazon's as they watched her patiently instruct the Amazons on everything from staff technique to sit ups.

Xena looked over at her sleeping Amazon Queen and hoped that the next two moons of competition would go just as well. They had some tough challenges coming up and she'd finished the design for the sword and had secured some time to use the blacksmiths workshop to forge the sword, she'd decided to use the same design for the dagger she was creating as well, and only hoped they would turn out just as good as her own sword had.

"It's awfully early in the morning to be thinking so hard sweetheart" Gabrielle commented having been roused from her sleep by the warriors change in position. Gabrielle had thoroughly enjoyed the moon they'd spent here so far and was definitely looking forward to the end of the competition and seeing the Littlest Amazon crowned.

"I was just thinking about the competition its going well don't you think?" Xena asked looking at the woman she loved and wishing she could just get this competition over so they could concentrate on them again. The Amazon's were doing well, they'd already shown some amazing losses and were continuing to lose more weight, which she was very happy about, when they rode away from this village she knew they'd be able to ride away with knowledge that they'd changed this tribe for the better. In some ways she felt it was a way to repay some of the things she'd done to the Amazon's when she'd been evil.

"I think they are doing great, do we really have to make the competition last three moons, I think most of them are doing better than we expected, we could shorten the competition, make it more challenging" Gabrielle suggested wanting to be out of the Amazon village as soon as she could as she wanted to concentrate on her own tribe and on Xena of course, the last moon had brought them closer together if that was possible, and she had liked seeing Xena take charge. Getting to know the Amazon's had been great and although as she suspected Xena's group was doing the best in the loosing weight area  her team weren't far behind. They had bonded pretty well and she was really beginning to enjoy whipping them into shape. She had adopted Xena's take no prisoners style and was happy to see it had worked, they were responding well to her orders and training was going very well with most of them putting in above a hundred percent effort.

"I don't know we said three moons, if we shorten it would mean evicting at least 6 people every seven day, but then that could make things more interesting I guess, you are right though, quite a lot of them will be in top condition before the three moons are up and it would be better for them to have some time to see if they can do it alone" Xena said thinking that Gabrielle's idea was sounding better the more she thought about it, what good would it do for us to whip them into shape and then leave after their back in form, they need to know they can finish it on their own Xena thought and the decision was made for her, after that thought the competition would end a moon early, which meant she needed to get onto forging that sword.

"Okay we evict 10 people this round instead of the 6 I suggested before, and I think this time it will be the trainers choices, the ones we think aren't cutting it enough, that will get us down to 75 and we can mesh the groups into 3 so you and I can share one group, and that will give me more time in the Blacksmith shop to get working on that sword" Xena told Gabrielle liking what they had planned, it was going to come as a shock but after what she'd seen these girls do she knew they had it in them, and she had every intention of getting that sword and dagger finished.

"That sounds great sweetheart, it will be nice to work with you on these girls and I'm sure the sword and dagger will turn out great, you really have the skill for it" Gabrielle smiled thinking of another skill her love possessed and since it was still too early to get up she decided to provide her lover with a new distraction from her thoughts. And that's exactly what she did and half the village heard Xena's cries of passion ringing throughout the camp.

They walked out of their quarters feeling refreshed and very happy, they had decided to announce the changes to the competition at breakfast hoping they would be met with excitement or at least no resistance. She had every confidence in these girls and knew they could get mostly where they wanted to be and she really felt allowing them to achieve the last part of their weight loss would be better for them than for them to do it with their help. They needed to know if they could implement the changes they had made and continue to train properly and keep it up. Gabrielle had already decided that in six moons they would come back to visit and see whether the Thebian Amazon's had been able to keep themselves in the form they needed to be in.

They walked hand in hand to the mess hall both oblivious of anyone but themselves feeling closer than ever, and extremely happy, that mornings activities had pleased them both, Xena especially, she loved when her bard just took her and she did today, bringing Xena more pleasure than she could have believed possible, it was all about love with Gabrielle, she didn't use sex to gain anything from Xena, she just wanted to love her and Xena found it easier to surrender to the love Gabrielle showed her all the time. They were both happy to see that most of the Amazon's were gathered for breakfast and Xena decided that she would announce the changes before breakfast rather than after breakfast.

"If I could have your attention please, I have something to announce" Xena called out hoping the Amazon's would quiet down so she could get on with it, her Amazon's were prone to talking even when someone was demanding attention. Xena hated pulling rank but if she had to she'd Gabrielle up there to quiet them down. Thankfully that turned out to be unnecessary as the Amazon's quieted down immediately.

"Gabrielle and I have some changes we'd like to announce to the competition, we are shortening it to two moons, now I know you all will probably think that it's not enough time but you are all doing so well, too well for a three moon competition, and we'll we'd like to see if you can handle the last part on your own, its all well and good for us to teach you all this stuff, but you have to know you can do it on your own without us" Xena told them, expecting there to be some sort of resistance to this change but was surprised to see Amazon heads nodding and knew they approved with their changes.

"Queen Gabrielle and Xena, you are absolutely right, we need to know we can continue to put in place the things you have taught us, if you got us all the way there, we wouldn't feel as accomplished as we would if we did some of it on our own" Queen Larougia told Xena and Gabrielle grateful that they had brought up the issue as she was thinking about that as well, and had thought it might be a good idea to shorten the competition, she was very pleased with her Amazon's progress and was happy that they were beginning to get their form back.

"That's what we thought, and we are glad you aren't worried about this, Gabrielle and I plan to come back here in around four to six moons to see how you are all doing" Xena told them and then motioned for them to serve breakfast, knowing the subject was now closed. They enjoyed a hearty breakfast and then they all went out to begin training. Xena allowed Gabrielle to lead the training for that morning so she could go and begin work on the sword and dagger. It went that way for the next moon, Gabrielle leading training while Xena worked on the sword, and they were happy to see that they worked really well together and were proud when quite a few of the final twenty Amazon's beginning individual competition were from their group.

The last week of competition came very quickly and all of them were very happy with the Thebian Amazon's progress. Gabrielle and Xena were just heading out for breakfast when they had a visit from someone they never expected to see.

"Hello my chosen and Xena" Atermis said looking proudly at the two women who had turned a tribe she had thought was lost around. She was so pleased with their efforts in getting this tribe back on their feet and curtailing the weight gains of her Amazons. She had been so sad when it had begun happening and had at first suspected a God was involved, after careful investigation she realised these women had grown lazy and their cook had a big penchant for fat laden food. She knew she was indebted to Gabrielle and Xena and had come to offer to preside of the ceremony that was to take place to announce the winner.

"Atermis, what can we do for you?" Xena asked still not sure if she trusted this woman, God whatever she was, Xena had a hard time trusting Gods after all they'd done and still wondered where Atermis had been when Gabrielle was suffering at the hands of Dahok, if the Goddess had stepped in and protected her chosen,  Gabrielle would never have been raped and she might not have lost her son.

"I think its more what I can do for you two, I've come to offer to preside of the ceremony for the winner of this competition, and I also have a surprise for you both" Atermis told them as she reached out and touched Xena's hand and smiled, the gift had been given and she was no longer in debt to Gabrielle or Xena, she had been racking her Godly brain of what to do for them in reward for all they had done for this tribe and had been unable to come up with anything until she'd received a visit from her sister Aphrodite who had offered some very wise advice for once. She had decided to give them a gift neither of them could give to the other and hoped they both liked it. Either way it had been given now and she knew soon enough they would find out what her surprise was.

"Thats a very kind offer Atermis, one that I think we'll accept, it will mean a great deal to these Amazon's to have their patron Goddess reward them for the changes they have made, but about this surprise, we've been at the mercy of some surprises from the Gods, I think we'll pass on it" Gabrielle told the Goddess hoping she wouldn't get offended, the last time they'd gotten a surprise from a Goddess it had been from Aphrodite and had been very hard to explain, especially since she'd decided to give it to them when they were staying in her parent's home.

"But Gabrielle, I have already given the surprise, I can't take it back, believe me you'll like it" Atermis assured Gabrielle knowing the bard would definitely love the surprise she had given them, she didn't want to spoil the surprise so she vowed to end talk about the surprise and get on with preparations for the ceremony.

"Can you tell us what it is?" Xena asked not knowing whether to be annoyed or not, she was curious as to what the great Goddess Atermis could have gotten them, but if it turned out to be anything like Aphrodite's last surprise she didn't want anything to do with it, they had spent the two days with Gabrielle's parents in a constant state of arousal thanks to the Goddess of Love and her surprise, which was the urge to make love madly and constantly. It had taken all of their will power to not jump each other in front of Gabrielle's parents. It was complete torture, I've never wanted her that much in my life, and we wasted the gift because of her parents, wish Gabrielle would just tell them about us, they gotta have an inkling as to what's going on, especially since Gabrielle never lets me sleep without her Xena thought almost laughing as she remembered the predicament they had been in.

"I'm sorry but it will reveal itself in time, now onto preparations for the ceremony" Atermis told them successfully ending conversation about the surprise. They spent the next two candlemarks going over plans for the ceremony and Xena proudly informed them that the sword and dagger were finished and all ready for the ceremony, all she had to do was polish them the day of the ceremony.

The next few days went quickly with competition becoming fierce as Amazon's dropped from the competition like flies, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the final three contestants were named. Queen Larougia threw a big banquet in honour of the end of the competition, but it was a banquet with good healthy food and lots of good wine. Everyone agreed that they deserved a night to party before the final ceremony where they would find out who was the Littlest Amazon. Queen Larougia gave the final three Galanyia, Thera and Jalanus a special place next to her at the banquet and made sure they felt very proud of their achievement. The party lasted till the moon was past the highest peak in the sky with Gabrielle and Xena skipping out well before the others went to bed.

"It's been a long two moons" Gabrielle said as they laid down together on their bed, both happy the competition was nearly over and still very curious about this surprise of Atermis. Gabrielle had been unable to think of anything else since the Goddess' admission, and wondered if Xena was thinking about it.

"It sure has my love, but well worth it, I like that we made a difference here, Atermis was obviously pleased" Xena said absently thinking about getting her bard home and making love to her for days, she'd been in a constant state of arousal since the memories of Aphrodite's last surprise had surfaced and she wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the night making love to her bard.

"Hmmm what do you think about that Xena?" Gabrielle asked sensing her lover's mind was not on their conversation, Xena had been preoccupied since their talk with Atermis and she had wondered if it was because of the surprise, but she realised as she watched Xena that her mind was anything but on the surprise, Xena's hands were unconsciously tracing around her nipples and they were starting to get pretty hard. She heard the intake of breath from her lover and smiled knowing Xena was completely oblivious to what she was doing, she was that deep in thought. Well I guess I know where your thoughts have led you love, what are we going to do about this Gabrielle thought almost groaning as Xena began pinching one of her nipples still seeming oblivious to what she was doing. Gabrielle's control was fading fast as she heard Xena unconsciously moan at the contact of her fingers against her nipple and decided to stop this right there and then.

Gabrielle straddled Xena bringing her out of her reverie with a searing kiss startling Xena with it's intensity, and she groaned as Gabrielle's hands replaced the hands she hadn't realised were on her breasts, and they began kneading her flesh around the nipples. She arched her back into Gabrielle as Gabrielle's fingers came around a nipple pulling, squeezing and drawing out the nipple.

"Thought you'd start without me?"Gabrielle growled lightly letting Xena know she was in control and she wasn't about to relinquish it. Gabrielle quickly undid Xena's leathers stripping them off her until she was completely naked and breathtaking before her. She placed kisses down Xena's neck loving the little noises her lover was making and then took her into another passionate kiss as she began to grind her knee against Xena's sex. She felt a groan rumble out of Xena's chest and groaned herself at the wetness she felt rubbing against her knee. She trailed kisses down Xena's neck again and then took one of Xena's nipples into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it and then biting it gently, and smiled as Xena arched against her again pressing herself harder against Gabrielle's knee.

"Not too fast my love, lets slow this down a little" Gabrielle told Xena wanting to draw out the pleasure she was giving her warrior, knowing Xena could do with a slow and long orgasm after all of the thoughts that must have gone through her head at memories of Aphrodite's curse as she had called it. She took Xena into another kiss and allowed her hands to trace her lover's body, loving the softness of this woman, and felt her own desire come to the surface and wondered if they would both be able to enjoy a slow, long orgasm. She brought herself between Xena's legs, joining their sexes together and slowly began pressing herself into Xena, both of them moaning at the wetness that joined them. She brought herself up to a sitting position on Xena's lap and began pinching her own nipples knowing Xena loved a good show, and smiled when she saw the effect on her lover. They settled into a steady rhythm of slow thrusts into each other, Xena never taking her eyes off Gabrielle as she played with her own nipples. They stayed like that for a little while both of them playing with their own breasts and then each others, until they couldn't take the slow pace anymore.

"Gabrielle please we need to speed this up" Xena gasped as a tongue began circling her nipple and she threw her head back giving into the feelings that were coursing through her. She felt Gabrielle's nod against her chest and they slowly picked up the pace, as Gabrielle's lips covered hers, and they began exploring each other's bodies again, while rocking against each other faster than before. Gabrielle could feel her orgasm building and one look at Xena's face told her everything she needed to know, as she brought her fingers down between them and entered Xena with two fingers, and smiled as Xena screamed out her name, and then gasped herself as she felt Xena's fingers plunge into her wetness. They both began plunging their fingers inside one another at a more frantic pace, building themselves up to a moment of pure ecstasy and as they slipped over the precipice into ecstasy they screamed each other's name loudly, gasping as they fell against each other and rode out the storm.

"By the Gods Gabrielle are you trying to kill me" Xena laughed when their breathing had finally began to resemble normal. She could still feel Gabrielle's fingers within her and knew if Gabrielle started moving around in there it wouldn't take long for her to climax again, smiling she began wiggling her own fingers inside Gabrielle and smiled as she heard Gabrielle gasp at the sensation.

"Ah Xena I'm not sure I-" Gabrielle said but then was cut off by Xena rythmically stroking the inside of her sex and grabbing one of her nipples between her fingers, and knew it was on, so she began repeating what Xena was doing and soon they were both climaxing again, screaming each other's names again. When the spasms had finally ceased they lay wrapped up in each other, finally letting go of the other's fingers and drifted into a peaceful sleep.

They awoke on the day of the ceremony feeling very happy and sated, their lovemaking had been intense and both of them were to happy to remember Atermis' surprise. They had breakfast and announced that the final measurements would be taking place just after high noon. Xena went to go and polish the sword and dagger for the ceremony while Gabrielle took the final three on one last run around the village.

When it finally came time for the final measurement they were happy to see all the Amazon's in attendance and they were all shocked when Atermis appeared to witness the final part of the competition.

"My Amazon's thank you for listening to Gabrielle and Xena and making me proud of you again, lets get this show on the road" Atermis addressed them, and then nodded to Xena and Gabrielle who began doing the measurements. Both of them were smiling when Galanyia turned out to be the winner, they had both been rooting for the young Amazon since they'd met her and were very proud since she had been a part of their team and had originally been a part of Xena's team.

"Thank you to all of you who participated, this village is finally beginning to resemble an Amazon village and you have my chosen Queen Gabrielle and her consort Xena to thank, Xena will you now crown the Littlest Amazon" Atermis commanded knowing Xena would obey it, and smiled as Xena walked over to get the sword and crown for the Littlest Amazon Aphrodite she'd better like this surprise Atermis thought hoping she'd thought through what she'd done well enough.

"Galanyia I crown you the Littlest Amazon" Atermis shouted happily and smiled at the cries of joy and encouragement coming from the Amazon's who all gasped as they saw the sword Xena had created. The handle was solid gold and contained a picture of a beautiful Amazon that looked suspiciously like Gabrielle, it was a beautifully crafted sword and they all smiled as Galanyia took the sword from Xena and raised it in the air triumphantly.

"Now according to your last measurement which was yesterday we have the winner of the evicted Amazon's and that person is our cook Hyliata!!" Atermis announced pleased to see that the cook had joined in and was now the smallest of the evicted Amazons. They all looked very good and even though they still had some time left before they were in the condition of Gabrielle's Amazon's they were well on their way to being in perfect Amazon shape.

Xena and Gabrielle left the village a couple of day's after the ceremony, both wanting to get home and see if the surprise Atermis was talking about awaited them there. It had been a full seven day since the Goddess had revealed that she had a surprise for them and they hadn't seen or heard anything else from the Goddess since the ceremony.

They reached Thracian Amazon territory a few days later and went straight to their hut but were disappointed to find no surprise waiting for them. Curiosity was really killing the cat for them and neither of them knew if they could bear waiting for this surprise to reveal itself.

Two moons later Gabrielle heard Xena yell Atermis' name angrily and rushed out of bed wondering what was going on. She took one look at Xena's pale almost green face and knew exactly what their surprise was and laughed not knowing how else to react to the look on Xena's face. She sent a thought of thanks to her patron Goddess and then helped Xena back to the bowl so she empty the rest of the contents of her stomach into it.

"Your welcome Gabrielle" Atermis whispered into the room smiling and knew that she'd made the right choice.

The End

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