Return Of Unity

Part 8

When Xena finally awoke she felt like someone was dancing on her head it ached so much. She groaned slightly and then smiled as she saw how they were lying. Gabrielle's body was still draped over her, not one part of their bodies weren't connected in some way. It was as though their bodies instinctively melded together as they slept, and she knew that they only had another few moons before it would be too uncomfortable for her to sleep like that.

"Headache?" Gabrielle asked sleepily, having heard Xena's groan and hoped it wouldn't turn out to be one of the migraines Xena suffered from sometimes. Privately she thought that the headaches were caused by her love's stubbornness in letting out her emotions.

"Yeah, not a migraine yet but close, probably from so much crying, you'd think after all these years of migraines I would learn to let out my emotions more often" Xena chuckled softly not wanting to upset her aching head anymore than she had too. She knew that she should let out her emotions more often instead of letting them build up the way she normally did, but it was a hard habit to kick, even though she intended on working on it more, she wanted to be able to share everything with Gabrielle, tears, laughter, joy everything, she didn't want to hold back anymore.

"It's just that hardheaded warrior princess stoicness that we have to coax out of you love, give yourself time to absorb the changes happening in you, you can't change overnight sweetheart" Gabrielle ended on a more serious note, she was teasing about the hardheadedness of her warrior princess but knew there were some serious changes happening in her warrior and she didn't want Xena to try and go through them too quickly. Changes like these should be gradual Gods I can't wait to see her face when I hand her our baby after she has given birth, she was moved to tears after she gave birth to Eve, and the look of awe on her face, Gods she was so beautiful Gabrielle thought knowing that this baby's birth would not be anymore special than Eve's birth, but that they would both feel more a part of it, and she hoped Xena would have no need to be fighting when she gave birth this time around.

"Watch it bard I'll get you for that one" Xena replied sensing her loves turn into deep thought and decided she would get her out of it, they had plenty of time to think about the past and she wanted to enjoy these last few days in Poetaedia, she never thought she would actually feel happy to be in this place but the last few days had been wonderful and seeing that Lila was so happy for them was a great thing to experience.

"What you going to do Warrior Princess?" Gabrielle asked loving the playfulness of her warrior, a side only she really got to see, and then yelped as Xena attacked her and began tickling her mercilessly and they were soon a jumble of legs and arms as Gabrielle got in the act and began tickling Xena back. When they finally got up Xena was pleased to know her headache had vanished and she was breathless but happy, and looking at the state of Gabrielle she knew her love was feeling the same way.

"Well after expending so much energy do you want to see what my sister has prepared for dinner?" Gabrielle asked feeling exhausted but happy, tickle fights with Xena always wore her out, because Xena seemed to have better reach than her, but they were always really happy after they'd exhausted each other. She looked at Xena and smiled seeing the love in her loves eyes. After a minute or two Xena got up and held out a hand to help Gabrielle off the floor where they'd ended up. They walked down the hall to Lila's kitchen and both were very happy to smell dinner cooking away.

"So you two finally came up for air huh?" Lila asked laughing again at the blush that came over Gabrielle's face, she knew that in time Gabrielle would be teasing her back just as quickly but it was going to take her a little time to catch up. Especially if I tell them about Rowan Lila thought wondering what her sister would think of the man that was quickly stealing her heart. They had met a few moons ago when he had come from Eire to make a living as a blacksmith. The town had been a little wary of him to begin with, but the moment she had seen the big blacksmith she knew there was something about him that made him special. They had started sharing lunch together and had gotten to know each other pretty well in last few moons, so much so that she couldn't stop thinking about him. When Xena had chosen to have their rings made at his shop she had hoped no-one would notice the blush she was sporting when he had winked at her.

"Hmmm sis what's got you all heated up?" Gabrielle asked wondering what the blush on Lila's face was all about. Her sister was at least 20 years older than her now and she wondered if there was someone special in her sister's life. She hadn't really talked to Lila much about Sarah's father and wondered had her sister loved the man that had given her Sarah.

"Oh I think I'm standing a little close to the stove that's all, so what were all the squeals I could hear from your room about?" Lila smiled hoping to turn the focus away from herself and held her breath to see whether she'd been successful, she wasn't sure if she wanted to reveal just yet that she had an interest in someone just yet, especially since she had no idea if the blacksmith liked her or not.

"Well a certain blonde bard decided she would tease me about my hardheadedness and I wasn't going to take that lying down, so I tickled her, then she tickled me and we ended up a big jumbled up mess on the floor, sorry about the noise Lila, I can't help that Gabrielle squeals so loudly when I do this" Xena said as she reached under Gabrielle's armpit and tickled her before the bard could get away. She smiled at the squeal Gabrielle let out and then moved her hands away ignoring the look on Gabrielle's face and focusing on Lila.

"Oh you'll pay for that warrior princess" Gabrielle threatened and then winked at Xena so she knew exactly how she was going to pay for tickling her. She saw the raised eyebrow and only just stopped herself from giggling at the mock scowl on Xena's face. She heard Xena's stomach rumble and couldn't keep the giggles out and she lost it, as Xena's scowl deepened.

"Oh- Xena- I can't help it- when you look at me like that it just cracks me up and after all this time of you teasing me about my stomach monster looks like you have your own now" Gabrielle laughed and saw Xena's scowl deepen further before her face broke and she erupted in laughter too. Soon they were all laughing and that's the scene Eve and Sarah walked into when they returned from their walk.

"What's so funny?" Sarah asked happy to see them all looking so happy, she hadn't seen her mother smile this much in ages and knew it was due to Gabrielle and Xena, and she looked over at Eve and smiled as she thought of their walk. They had talked non-stop and revealed things to each other that were very personal and very painful for them both, at the end of their walk Sarah had been so impressed with this woman she had given into her urge to kiss the beautiful woman before her, and was happy to feel Eve return her kiss. They had looked at each other afterwards both trying to make sure the other hadn't regretted the kiss and Sarah had known in that moment that she had found something very special in Eve.

"Oh you had to be there to understand guys, just your mother teasing us both about our sleeping so much" Xena explained watching her daughter and seeing something there that made her happy, but as a parent worried. She hoped Sarah knew what she was doing here, because she knew her Evie was very naive to the ways of love and she didn't want her daughter getting hurt. She could sense that something had happened during their walk and hoped her daughter would come to her if she was confused about anything or needed to talk. She caught Eve's eye for a moment and tried to convey through her face that she was there for Eve if she needed her.

"Well how about we get the table ready for dinner, I'm sure Xena's pretty hungry even if we aren't" Lila said not being able to resist to get a final jab in at Xena's growing appetite. She was surprised when the warrior poked her tongue out at her and then went off to follow Gabrielle to the table, never thinking she'd see the day when Xena would act playful around her.

Dinner was a quiet affair, mostly filled with the noises of eating, when they'd finally eaten their full, Xena sat back and watched the people around her, it was so hard to believe she really belonged here sometimes. She looked over at the woman she loved and smiled as Gabrielle began telling the story of her birthday and how Xena had surprised her with a scroll from Sappho herself. As she listened to the woman she loved tell a highly entertaining story she found her thoughts drifting as she got more comfortable in the chair she was sitting in. She began to think about the baby and where they were going to live, she wondered if it was time for Gabrielle to take her position as Queen of the Amazons and live there ruling as their Queen. That would be the right thing to do wouldn't it, but could I stand living with all of those Amazons, live with the constant partying and togetherness Xena thought worriedly, she remembered the time they had stayed with Yakut's Amazons and how claustrophobic she'd become after only a few days there, how would she cope living every day of her life with Ephiny's tribe?

"You alright love?" Gabrielle asked seeing the faraway look in her love's eyes and the small frown that occupied her face. She knew there were a lot of things they needed to talk about most importantly where they were going to live, and she had no intentions of asking Xena to live with the Amazons, she knew what her love had gone through the last time they had done that and even though at the time she was annoyed with Xena for it, she knew her love wasn't someone who could cope with so many people all the time. Somewhere close to the Amazons but far away enough that we have our own privacy would be good, then I could still take up my position as Queen and Xena won't get claustrophobic around all those Amazons Gabrielle thought wanting Xena to be happy in the place they were going to raise their children.

"Hmmm? Oh yeah just thinking, sorry I didn't listen to your story I liked that one" Xena smiled sheepishly at getting so lost in her thoughts, she knew it was time they talked about those things since they were heading to the Amazons any day now and she wanted Gabrielle to have concrete answers to give to Chilapa and the other Amazons.

"How about we all go into the sitting room and I'll bring out desert, I got your favourite Xena, Gabrielle told me you like those pastries with honey and fruit" Lila suggested seeing the looks between Gabrielle and Xena and realising they needed to talk. She slept almost 4 candlemarks this afternoon and she still looks tired, I think this pregnancy is going to be a little rough on her Lila told herself, realising that Xena was quite a few years older than she was when she'd been pregnant with Sarah, and wondered how Xena had coped with her other pregnancies.

"Thanks Lila I appreciate you getting something I really like and Gabrielle is right these are my favourites, underneath this tough warrior is a real sweet tooth" Xena told Lila touched that Gabrielle's sister would think of her when deciding on desert for them. It reminded her of just how much their lives had changed in the 33 years they'd known each other, 8 if you didn't count the 25 years they spent in that ice cave. She missed having her mum around and knew Gabrielle would miss hers as well and wondered if their was a grave site or something so they could visit Gabrielle's parents and pay their respects to them, even if they hadn't really accepted her as a part of Gabrielle's life.

"No problem Xena, you're allowed to be spoilt sometimes and since you are carrying my niece or nephew in there I'm going to be extra nice to you" Lila laughed as she patted Xena's stomach and noticed how hard her stomach still was even though she was pregnant. Gods what she must do to keep those rock hard like that, makes me feel so old seeing that Xena is now younger than me, still I think I'm pretty good shape for someone my age Lila thought a little sadly knowing that the woman she had looked up to a little would now probably out live her. She often wondered if Xena had been aware of just how much she had liked her, if she had Gabrielle's taste in partner's she might have gone after Xena herself, but it had always been men for Lila, she had never felt an attraction to a woman, a little hero worship towards Xena but never attraction.

"You know you can stop patting my stomach now, I'm sure the baby know's it's Aunt Lila loves it" Xena teased as she watched Lila stop patting her stomach absently and wondered what that was all about. She saw the blush that crept up Lila's face and hoped that was just because she'd been caught with her mind wandering, not because she had touched her stomach.

"Sorry Xena, I was just thinking about how strong your muscles are there, I'm sure that will help when you have the baby" Lila said hoping Xena hadn't seen the blush that had formed the moment Xena had reminded her she was still touching Xena's stomach.

"They sure are, Xena works pretty hard to keep in shape Lila, never know when you she might get hit in that area, the armour protects a little but keeping her muscles firm protects her from even greater injury" Gabrielle told Lila having seen Lila's blush too and wondering what it was about, she knew her sister had at one time had a serious case of hero worship for the warrior princess, but she had thought those days were over.

They enjoyed the pastries Lila had bought for them and talked for a while about their plans for when they arrived in the Amazon village, and the plans for their joining, Gabrielle wanted to have the joining straight away as soon as they got there, but Xena wasn't sure she would be up to it by then, morning nausea was going to start soon, she could feel it, and had a feeling she wasn't going to get off lightly. She didn't want to spend the morning of her joining throwing up and hoped Gabrielle would be okay with not having the joining so soon. If Gabrielle wanted it sooner though she knew she would do it, she'd do anything for Gabrielle, anything to make her happy.

They continued talking and no one noticed Xena's eyes drooping as the conversation turned to what had happened in Gabrielle's absence. By the time the conversation had stalled a little Xena was asleep and snoring softly. Gabrielle smiled at her warrior princess wondering how her love was going to cope with this pregnancy, Xena had been 31 when she had given birth to Eve but now she was a little older, and she wondered if that would have an effect on her warrior, she smiled remembering how her love had fallen asleep on her horse on quite a few occasions when she'd been pregnant with Eve, it had been one of the first symptoms she'd experienced and it had made for some pretty funny situations. She gently stroked Xena's face knowing she had to get her up and into their room, there was no way she could carry her, Xena was at least 30 or 40 pounds heavier than her and asleep she was a dead weight.

"Xena, sweetheart, time to wake up lets get you into bed" Gabrielle called softly smiling as Xena's eyes fluttered open and she blinked groggily. Realising she was still on the seat they'd been sitting on as they talked she smiled sheepishly at Gabrielle. She groaned as her neck and shoulders began aching from the position she'd slept in, and stood up slowly and stretched, feeling the bones in her neck, shoulders and spine click back into place and sighed, feeling better already.

"Sorry I feel asleep love, seems to be my thing at the moment" Xena said lightly smiling at the quiet chuckle that came from Gabrielle, and the sound made her heart feel so light, just knowing she was happy and felt comfortable and safe was a thing Xena cherished, it was all she had ever wanted for Gabrielle, to keep her safe warm and happy, and the fact that she was a part of her love's happiness was something that astounded her some times.

"Yeah that and eating, come on love lets get you into bed, night Lila, Eve and Sarah, we'll see you in the morning" Gabrielle laughed at the look on Xena's face as she had mentioned Xena's appetite, she couldn't help but dig her about it, it was common knowledge that Xena wasn't a big eater and to see her put away almost as much as her was a shock at times, but a big reminder that Xena was pregnant and pregnant with her child.

"Goodnight Xena and Gabrielle, Xena don't let her take all the covers okay, you gotta watch out for yourself" Lila said knowing this would give Xena the perfect chance to even the score, she was well aware of how Gabrielle tended to sleep when she was with Xena, and it had made her giggle the few times she'd managed to peek in on them while they were asleep.

"Oh it's okay Gabrielle usually sleeps with her body completely draped over mine, so I won't get cold" Xena laughed, silently thanking Lila for the ammunition, she didn't mind Gabrielle teasing her about her appetite, even though she was a little concerned, she seemed to be eating a lot more than she had in her previous pregnancies and she was gaining a bit more weight, although it still wasn't very noticeable, she was so in tune with her body that she knew that she'd gained weight.

They walked to their room and Xena could already feel the tiredness creeping back into her body and knew it would be a matter of moments after her head hit the pillow and she'd be asleep. She looked at Gabrielle and hoped she wanted to sleep too, she didn't feel up for anything right now and talking well she was only going to be able to keep her eyes open for so long.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I know how tired you are, come on lets get you dressed and in bed, I just want to hold you all night is that okay?" Gabrielle asked knowing her lover liked to hold her most of the time but there were a few times when Xena was okay with being held herself, and she hoped this would be one of those times, she had this incredible urge to sleep with her warrior in her arms that had begun when she'd gazed on Xena's sleeping face. The warrior looked so beautiful and peaceful when she was asleep and it was one of the few times that Xena's face was without tension at all.

"Of course it's okay sweetheart, I love it when you hold me, I know I don't often show you that, but you are the only person I can allow myself  to be vulnerable with, you make me feel safe, like I can be myself completely with you" Xena told Gabrielle, knowing her lover didn't always realise this, and vowed to tell her more just how safe she felt with Gabrielle. She had never met anyone who could open her up so much and yet keep her safe from being hurt, emotionally, only Gabrielle knew how emotionally vulnerable she really was, physically she was as strong as an ox, but emotionally she could be felled easily by her emotions.

"I love you, and I'd love to continue this conversation but my body is insisting on sleep, and I'm sure if I stay here any longer I'll fall asleep standing up" Xena smiled, looking at the woman she loved more than life its self and knew she would get no arguments from her bard. She had a feeling Gabrielle was going to be very protective of her in the coming moons, and she smiled loving the thought, she knew she would always have a hard time not being the one doing the protecting, but to know Gabrielle loved her enough to want to protect her always made her feel good inside.

"Okay then love, just let me get rid of these clothes and we'll go to bed" Gabrielle said watching Xena as she undressed, knowing she could try and get Xena in the mood if she wanted to and she knew if she did want to make love to Xena, Xena would be hers for the taking, she would sacrifice her sleep for Gabrielle if she really wanted that, and just knowing that was enough, she knew Xena needed all the sleep she could get, and she intended on making sure that happened. Xena's health had always been important but it was more so now that Xena was carrying their child, and she didn't want anything to happen to jeopardise this pregnancy, she wanted Xena to experience it all safe in the knowledge that her child wasn't going to be ripped from her arms after her ninth moon, only to get her back 25 yrs later, much older and facing all that they'd faced at that time.

They slept well both of them dreaming of the future, hoping their journey to the Amazon's would be  morning nausea free and Gabrielle definitely hoping that they may have a chance to be joined before it really came on. She knew Xena didn't want to be suffering through morning nausea when they joined, but she couldn't explain why she needed to be joined to Xena as soon as it was possible. Gabrielle knew Xena would be okay with being joined straight away if the morning nausea hadn't made an appearance by then.

They spent the next two days enjoying being with Lila and Sarah, and Xena could see Eve and Sarah getting closer as they spent more time together, she'd had a chance to talk to Eve and had been relieved when all they'd shared was a kiss, she knew her daughter was falling hard for Sarah, and couldn't blame her, Sarah favoured Gabrielle more in her looks and was a very beautiful woman, but her daughter had never been in love before and she was worried about what would happen if Sarah's feelings weren't strong as Eve's.

Finally the day came that they were to start their journey to the Amazon's, and Xena was happy to find that she was still morning nausea free, and decided that if she was by the time they reached the Amazon's she would set things in motion to have the joining held right away, she wanted nothing more than to make Gabrielle her wife, and decided come hell or high water she was going to join with her as soon as possible, even if she was experiencing morning nausea.

"Gods Lila I'm going to miss you so much, but we will be back to visit as soon as we can, and you can always come to the village, I'm sure Chilapa will be happy to have you stay at the village" Gabrielle said as she kissed her sister goodbye, she knew she would miss her sister and after all that had happened in the two years since they had gotten out of that ice cave she made herself a promise to visit her sister regularly, especially since she and Xena were having a baby, she wanted her son or  daughter to know their Aunty very well and their cousin.

"I'll miss you two Gabrielle, not as much as I'm sure Eve is going to miss Sarah, but its been so good having you both here, don't be strangers, and sorry I can't come for the joining business is just too busy right now, but I will not be missing my niece or nephews birth, you hear!" Lila laughed looking at Xena as she said the comment about the baby, she'd seen a whole new side to Xena and most importantly she'd seen how much the warrior loved Gabrielle, something she was sad her parents had never seen and accepted.

"Lila I was thinking if I have the baby with the Amazon's you and Sarah could come stay with us a few weeks before the baby is due that way you wouldn't miss being there when this little one is born, but I really want just me and Gabrielle there when the baby is born" Xena told Lila hoping she wouldn't be offended, she hadn't really vocalised this wish to Gabrielle as yet but she wanted to be completely honest with Lila. She didn't want anyone else with her the moment their child was born, she'd be happy for Lila to come and help while she was in labour, but as soon as it was time to push she wanted it to be just her and Gabrielle welcoming their child into the world.

"I think that's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard you say" Gabrielle exclaimed as she looked at the woman who'd uttered those words. Not most people would believe how romantic Xena really was and it meant so much to her to hear Xena say that the only person she wanted to experience the birth of their child with was her, she was a little fearful of the implications but she had managed to safely deliver Eve and that gave her the confidence to know she could do this.

"Well it's how I feel sweetheart I'm sorry I didn't talk to you about it before I came out with it, I just wanted to be honest" Xena explained happy to see Gabrielle wasn't unhappy with her and she could see tears in the green eyes as Gabrielle came up to her and kissed her passionately and she felt in the kiss the answer to her question. Gabrielle loved the idea and her heart warmed at the love her bard felt for which she could feel pouring through the kiss.

"Okay you two break it up, you better get on the road, you have a joining to get to" Lila laughed seeing the joy in her sister's face and smiled happy to see her sister so happy. Hearing Xena say that she only wanted Gabrielle with her when she gave birth had almost made her cry it was such a beautiful thing to say and to have come from the normally stoic warrior made it even more special. Xena was full of surprises, and Lila was beginning to learn that there was a lot more to the warrior than meets the eye, or of what she already knew about her.

Lila waved until they finally disappeared from view and then looked at her daughter who looked like a lost puppy, and took her inside to comfort her, knowing it was going to be hard for her daughter to be away from Eve, but she also knew Eve's place wasn't with the Amazon's at least not yet, Gabrielle had told her that she'd made Eve an Amazon princess when she'd been a baby and that one day Eve would be Queen of the Thracian Amazon's.

It took them three days to reach the outskirts of the Amazon village as Gabrielle had predicted and they both extremely pleased that the morning nausea had still not made an appearance. Xena had told Gabrielle as they travelled that morning nausea or not they were going to be joined as soon as Chilapa could arrange it and Gabrielle had smiled loving the fact that her warrior seemed to be as desperate to join with her as she was.

Xena and Eve had talked frequently about Sarah and Eve had thrown question after question at her mother, as she learned more about her mother and her love for Gabrielle. Xena had actually told a few stories of her own, some that Gabrielle knew about but often left out because they were mainly about her exploits, and it had given Eve a greater insight into her mother's relationship with Gabrielle. She still felt a little jealous about this baby, knowing it would be able to experience things she never would, sometimes she wished she could just turn back time and have her mother back, experience being with the woman who had sung to her as she slept, who had tried so hard to love her and be there for her.

They were all lost in thought when a party of twenty Amazons jumped down from the trees, Xena's instincts alerted her to them and she raised her hand in the Amazon sign of peace, hoping no one would mind her daughter's presence, even though they'd sorted out everything in their previous visits to the Amazon's she knew they would still be wary of Eve as they had been of her after her son's death.

"Queen Gabrielle, Xena you've returned" Chilapa smiled as she turned to greet Gabrielle wrapping her up in a big hug, very happy to see the Queen alive, well and looking very happy. She knew the warrior and Gabrielle were together, they hadn't hidden it and knew just when their relationship had begun, she had seen them after Ephiny's death and knew it was only a matter of time then before they admitted it and sure enough Gabrielle had come bounding in to talk to her a few days later excited over the fact that she and Xena were a couple.

"We have and we have some wonderful news, this brave warrior has asked me to join with her, she wants to become my consort" Gabrielle announced hoping they would like this, she knew they liked Xena and respected her greatly, but she also knew that Xena wasn't an Amazon and she was supposed to join with an Amazon.

"That's great news exactly what we need right now, some happiness, of course we are happy silly woman, all Xena needs to do is become an Amazon and then you can be joined" Chilapa smiled happily the first big smile she'd been able to experience in quite a few moons. Things had been hard for them many of their sister's had died in raids from a well grouped pack of raiders who they'd eventually managed to snuff out, but it had cost them greatly and she knew Gabrielle would be saddened when she heard of the losses. What would be even better news would be that Gabrielle was here to stay and ready to take the Queens mask.

"I have some other great news, Xena is pregnant with my child, if we are lucky we'll have another Amazon princess for you" Gabrielle told them proudly holding onto Xena's hand and smiled hearing the cries of congratulations from the small group. She knew they would figure that a God had intervened on their behalf and would be very surprised to find out which God had given them this gift.

"That's wonderful Gabrielle, Xena congratulations, how far along are you?" Chilapa asked seeing only joy in both of their eyes as Gabrielle had made the announcement, which in truth had shocked her a little, she knew that one day they would probably have children but had figured it would be Gabrielle telling them that she was pregnant, she hadn't figured Xena was one to want to be pregnant and she was sure that this time the warrior had been given the choice about getting pregnant.

"About six weeks, and thank you Chilapa we are both very happy about this" Xena told Chilapa wanting the Amazon to understand that she was just as happy about this as Gabrielle was. She didn't want anyone thinking she'd had to do this or that she'd had no choice in becoming pregnant. Even though Eli had already decided that she would be the first to have a child it was she who had asked Gabrielle to make a baby with her so soon after they'd been told about their gift.

She smiled as the group began moving and watched Gabrielle talking animatedly with Chilapa and decided as soon as they got to Gabrielle's quarter's she was going to take a nap, the trip hadn't been too rough on her but she was getting tired very easily and was beginning to feel a little nauseous at times and knew morning nausea was upon them. She didn't want to worry Gabrielle she would know soon enough when the morning nausea started in earnest but for now she needed sleep and pretty soon. She looked up and saw Gabrielle watching her and knew she'd been caught out, she could never keep anything from Gabrielle and she guessed the paleness of her face was probably giving her away.

"Gabrielle when we get to the village I'll take you and Xena straight to your quarter's, Xena's not looking to good" Chilapa told Gabrielle looking at Xena worriedly, she could see the warrior was extremely tired and pale and at six weeks it would be a little early for her to be experiencing morning nausea but not improbable. Both she and Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief as the village came in view and Chilapa led them to the Queen's quarter's which they'd kept vacant at all times in case the Queen returned and smiled as she watched Gabrielle lead Xena inside. By the looks of the warrior she would be out for at least three candlemarks or so, which gave her plenty of time to organise a party to celebrate the return of the Queen and their double good news. She was curious as to which God had given Gabrielle the ability to get Xena pregnant and reasoned it was probably the God of Love since Ares and Aphrodite didn't seem the types to do things for mortals even if they liked them as much as Xena and Gabrielle.

Gabrielle took one look at her warrior and got her undressed and in the bed in less than a candledrop. The warrior not only looked tired, she looked pale and a little green around the edges and she had a feeling that morning nausea was just beginning to start. She hoped that the news of Xena's pregnancy would cause the council to rethink some of the joining rituals for new Amazon's, she knew Xena would not have the energy to do some of the things listed in the Amazon scrolls if she was getting morning nausea.

Gabrielle smiled as withing seconds of her head hitting the pillow her warrior was asleep and her face was peaceful again. Gabrielle decided to spend the time while Xena was asleep thinking and watching her warrior princess. She wanted to think about where they would raise their children so she could talk to Xena about it after she woke up, more than anything she felt like right now was the right time for her to be Queen and she wanted to take the role and know Xena was going to be happy to be with her where they lived. Without knowing it she dropped off to sleep as well about a candlemark after Xena and they both slept peacefully dreaming of their child and their plans for the future.

Continued in Part 9

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