Another Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

by Littlespit

Disclaimers: This story contains a depiction of a loving relationship between two adult women. If this isn't to your liking, please move along. Thank you.

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Darlene Beacon gently, but firmly palpated a point on her patient's sore shoulder, "Shawna, is it more tender here…", she moved her fingers slightly down and to the right and pressed again, "or here?"

Shawna Bascom grunted as the second point was pressed upon, "There, that's the really tender spot."

"Good, Ok, Shawna take a deep breath in and let it out" As her patient let out the deep breath, Darlene tapped the end of a hair-thin needle and then removed the guide tube in order to gently insert the acupuncture needle into the sore area. This process was repeated a number of times until Shawna's shoulder sported what looked like an array of thin stainless steel antennae. Once Darlene had inserted a few additional needles into points on Shawna's lower legs and arms she allowed her patient to rest and relax while listening to soft music.

Darlene walked to her office and jotted down notes in the patient's file. Picturing the points she'd used she wrote down a record of each needle location. As she was pondering what other treatment might be helpful the phone rang. She picked up the hand set and answered, "Living Balance, Dr. Dar speaking."

"Good Morning, gorgeous." Darlene's heart sped up at the sound of her lover's voice.

"Good morning to you, love." Darlene's low sexy voice answered.

"Why didn't you wake me up this morning?" Teri asked.

Darlene's voice dropped an octave, "I had to be at the clinic at 7:30 to meet my one patient for the day. I thought that since I kept you awake until almost dawn…."

Teri's sleep deepened voice moaned at the reminder of their previous night's activities, "All the more reason to wake me, lover, I would have loved to give you a thank you kiss…and more. Last night was…" another low moan, "amazing, Dar. Tonight is my turn."

"I would love nothing better, Ter, but we'll have the munchkin back tonight…"

"Honey, Lucy is sleeping through the night now. I'll be able to have my way with you for long, uninterrupted hours."

Darlene moaned low in her throat at her lover's words. "Speaking of my Lucy girl, when is she due home?"

"Oh! That's one of the reasons I'm calling." Teri laughed at herself. She'd been so lost in her post coital haze she'd lost track of the purpose of the phone call. "James just called in and he's sick as a dog so he can't lead his classes today. Would you be able to go and get Lucy?"

Darlene smiled at the prospect of having little Lucy home again. The 10 month old had spent the past week at Teri's parent's house and both women missed the little girl desperately. "Aw Sweetheart, I know how anxious you are to have the baby back. You know I'm chomping at the bit to be able to go get her…but I also know you really want to be the one to pick her up. Isn't there anyone else that can take over James' classes for you?"

Teri sighed deeply, "I've already called everyone I can think of, tried to call in markers, and there just isn't anyone."

"I'm sorry, love." Darlene consoled, "What time are your folks planning to be at 'The Springs'?" 'The Springs' was a favorite restaurant situated at the halfway point between Teri's and her parent's place. It was a two hour drive, without traffic, for both parties and it was a convenient meeting place for the family to get together or, in this instance, for a handoff of the family's favorite offspring.

"Mom said they're going to leave their place at 9:00. How will that work for you?" Teri asked.

Darlene looked at her watch, "I'm just getting ready to remove needles from the patent on the table, I'll give her shoulder some Tui Na after that but I should still be able to be out of here by 9:00."

Teri sighed in relief. "Thank you, baby; I'll see you both at home later tonight, then. Call me when you reach 'The Springs' and get our girl, ok?"

"I will. I'm sure little miss gabby girl will want to talk to her Mommy on the phone. I just hope I'll get a word in edgewise!" Both women laughed as they thought about little Lucy's propensity for grabbing the telephone out of adult hands and proceeding to go into long dissertations in her baby language. Although it was adorable trait, it had been a problem a time or two when Darlene's patients had called her at home with an emergency. Having to remove globs of baby drool from the phone was yet another disadvantage of the tyke's new talent.

Darlene pulled into 'The Springs' a few minutes past eleven. Darlene was flushed with anticipation as she scanned the parking lot and spotted the late model Cadillac owned by Teri's parents. Darlene turned toward the entrance of the restaurant with a definite spring to her step. The moment she pulled open the front door, Darlene heard a high pitched squeal followed by, "Mama Da!" Fortunately for everyone involved, Darlene possessed amazing reflexes because the moment Lucy spotted her favorite tall brunette, she launched herself out of her grandfather's arms and into the air toward Darlene. With her heart pounding in her throat, Darlene rushed forward and caught the baby out of mid air; she swept her up in her arms and kissed her soundly on the cheek before she gently reprimanded the child for her reckless flight. As she held the child of her heart close, she said, "Lucille Samantha Hawkins, don't you ever jump like that again. If you had fallen and hurt yourself it would kill me, baby." Lucy backed away from Darlene's close embrace enough to look into the dark woman's eyes and with a serious look in her big green baby eyes, she placed both tiny hands on Darlene's cheeks then sighed, "Da", and placed her little forehead against Darlene's lips.

"I swear she was just tellin' you that she knew you'd catch her!" Sam Hawkins, Lucy's grandfather, exclaimed.

Darlene glanced from Sam's eyes to look into Lucy's eyes, "I'll always catch her. She owns half my heart."

Velma Hawkins moved to rub small circles on Darlene's back, "We know that dear. It does our hearts good to know that you're there to watch over our girls. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm famished!"

Darlene shifted Lucy to ride her left hip and smiled at Sam, "I see that the apple of my eye didn't fall far from the tree!"

Sam chuckled, "Nope, when Teri moved away from home I swear our food budget was cut by enough to finance our yearly vacations." Velma swatted Sam on the behind and made a comment about sleeping on the couch which had Sam trying to backpedal with amazing speed.

Once they were shown to a table, Darlene attempted to put the baby in the high chair the hostess had provided. Lucy refused to let go of Darlene in order to sit in the padded chair. "No! Mama Da, Da, Da…" The baby chanted as she clung to Darlene and buried her little face in the woman's cleavage. Darlene blushed a bit as she realized what little Lucy wanted; she looked at the child's grandparents, "Um, if you'll excuse us for a bit, I'm going to take her into the lounge for a few minutes." She rose from her seat and carried Lucy into the women's lounge and settled into one of the comfortable over-stuffed chairs. Once settled, she reached into Lucy's diaper bag and pulled out the nursing supplimenter she used when feeding Lucy. After Teri and Darlene had become a couple, Darlene had expressed the ache she felt when she watched Teri nurse Lucy. Teri had suggested that they look into finding a way for Darlene to share that special bond. Darlene had taken herbs that promote lactation and had used the nursing supplimenter and now Lucy expected to feed from the breasts of both women. It was a special bond that Darlene treasured.

Darlene draped a blanket over her shoulder that draped down far enough to provide privacy while she held Lucy at her breast. She rocked the 10 month old and gently ran the back of her fingers along the baby soft cheek, "I've missed you so much this week little girl. The house was so quiet and empty without you there." A little hand came up and grabbed Darlene's larger one. Darlene brought the baby's fingers up to her lips and kissed each tiny finger. "Yes, little one, I missed you. But you know what, pumpkin? I loved having a week alone with your Mommy. Mmm Hmmm, Yes I did."

Darlene was so rapt on Lucy that she didn't hear the door to the lounge swing open. She looked up when she heard the soft clearing of a throat and saw Teri's mother standing beside her with a gentle smile on her face. "Teri said that you had gone through agony in order to participate in breast feeding. I have to admit, I was curious to find out how this works. Do you mind showing me?"

Darlene's mouth quirked into a half smile. She pulled the blanket away from herself to show the older woman the reservoir of breast milk that Teri had provided and indicated the small, thin tube that lay against her breast to her nipple. "Although I'm taking lactation inducing herbs and pumping each day, I still don't produce enough milk for her myself; so, I use this supplimenter so that she gets enough when I'm the one feeding her."

"What a lucky little girl she is, to have two Mommies that want that bond with her." Velma sighed. Both women laughed out loud when Lucy pulled away from Darlene's nipple with a loud pop. Darlene rolled her eyes still chuckling, "I never cease to find her greediness amazing. The first time I witnessed her nursing from Teri she did the same thing. It's like she's full, but doesn't want to give up the breast."

Velma smiled, "Teri did the same thing. Maybe you have a little lesbian in the making…because none of my other girls did that."

Darlene chuckled along with Velma, "That would be fine with me. She can be whoever she wants to be as long as she's a woman of honor and integrity." Darlene put away the feeding apparatus and checked Lucy's diaper before she and Velma returned to the dining room. This time, when Darlene moved to put Lucy in the high chair the little girl acquiesced without a whimper. Darlene reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a baby biscuit for Lucy to chew on and put a few toy on the tray to keep the child occupied. Once the lunch orders were taken, Darlene took a deep, calming breath and took a large swallow of her water. "I'm actually glad that Teri was called away today. I have something I wanted to talk to you about."

The older couple glanced at each other then looked expectantly at the tall beauty. Darlene took another gulp of her water. "I love Teri with all I am and all I ever hope to be. I look in her eyes and know I'm home." Darlene reached over and took Lucy's hand then leaned in and kissed it, "This little one has stolen my heart. I couldn't love her more if she had grown within by body. I want to ask Teri to join with me. I know it isn't legal to for us to marry, but I want a ceremony where I pledge my life to her…to them. I'd like to legally adopt Lucy and make us a family with as many strings attached as the law will allow." After taking yet another sip of water she continued, "I know it's ridiculously old fashioned, but I'd like your blessing before I ask her."

Teri's parents sat silently for a moment and then Sam grinned from ear to ear and called the waiter over to their table. "I saw that you have non alcoholic sparkling wine on the menu. We'd like a bottle brought over right away please. my little girl is getting married!"

Darlene smiled to the point that her cheeks ached. As the bubbling grape juice was poured and glasses clinked together little Lucy slapped her hand against her highchair tray and exclaimed, "Da!"


Teri was taking a much needed break between classes. She usually only taught two fitness classes a day but with James out sick, she had to teach five classes. Her body's need for nutrition and water was making itself known. As she bit into her second sandwich, her cell phone rang, "Hewo?" She managed around the bite in her mouth.

A low chuckle met Teri's ears followed by, "Stoking the furnace, love?"

Still chewing, Teri hummed her reply, "Mmm hmm."

Darlene pictured her beautiful lover in her work out clothes, sweaty from physical exertion and munching on a sandwich. The picture in her head made her heart swell. It astounded the tall brunette to realize how such a mundane mental picture could set her heart pounding. "God, I love you, Ter." Darlene sighed into the phone. She heard Teri's corresponding sigh and continued, "I've got little bit and we're on our way home. How late do you have to teach tonight?"

Teri swallowed the latest bite of sandwich and washed it down with a water chaser. "My last class should be over by 7:00. I wish I could be home when you get there…I miss both of you."

Darlene chuckled, "Baby, I miss you too."

Teri said, "You miss me, huh? You just saw me this morning," she paused and continued in a low, sexy tone, "You saw parts of me that I don't think even my gynecologist has seen."

Darlene felt a clench in her lower belly at Teri's words, "Mmmm and I plan on doing more research in those areas very very soon."

"It's my turn next, beautiful." Teri reminded Darlene.

"Lookin' forward to it." Darlene purred before steering the conversation back to more mundane topics. She cleared her throat then asked, "What times are your remaining classes today?"

Teri mentally ran through her schedule, "I have my regular 3:00 class in a few minutes then I have James's Yoga class at 6:15…after that, I'll be running home to see my baby…" Teri let her voice drop, "and my baby."

"Mm, both of your babies are anxious to see you." Darlene assured her, "Drive safely to get to us. I love you, Teri."

"I love you too Dar, give Luc a kiss from me, ok?" Teri asked with a lump in her throat from missing her baby girl.

"Aw, Darlin', I will." Darlene assured her lover.

After disconnecting from the phone call, Darlene looked in the rear view mirror at Lucy who was fast asleep in her car seat. Darlene checked her watch and realized that she would have plenty of time to pull off the plan she had in mind. She was only a few minutes away from home and that would give her time to stop and pick up what she needed. Darlene pulled into mall not far from Teri's work. As she pulled Lucy from the car seat, the little girl barely stirred and as Darlene settled the baby against her shoulder, Lucy simply snuggled in close and slipped back into a deep sleep. Darlene smiled at the sweet smelling child and rubbed her warm back as she allowed the loving, protective emotions to flow through her. Darlene made her way through the mall to her intended target but was halted along the way at a window display. Although Darlene was not usually a shopper, she could not pass up the opportunity to purchase what she spied in the store window. As she entered the store she was immediately greeted by a ridiculously cheerful clerk, "Hi! Welcome to the Disney Store, What can I help you with today?"

Darlene swallowed the smart aleck remark that first came to her mind, and simply smiled at the perky sales person, "I'd like that costume in the window in her size, please." She rubbed Lucy's back in circles to indicate the 'her' she meant.

As the clerk moved to find the costume in the appropriate size she oozed, "Oh! That will be soooo adorable on her! Is this her first Halloween?"

Darlene smirked, "Yup, this is her first and she'd be adorable no matter what she wore."

"Here you go!" The clerk held the costume up against the sleeping baby's body to ensure it would be big enough, "That should fit nicely. Can I get anything else for you?"

"No, thank you. Oh, wait, can you put it in a gift box for me?" The clerk acted as if putting the purchase in a gift box was the highlight of her day and swiftly moved to comply. Darlene was already itching to get out of the store. She paid for her purchase and beat feet back into the mall and made a land speed record to her next destination. Once she concluded her business at the second establishment, she carried the still sleeping child out to the Navigator and strapped her back into the car seat. After one more stop at a local catering business, Darlene drove to Teri's Health Club. While still in the car, Darlene used her cell phone to call the reception desk inside the club. When the receptionist answered the call Darlene asked if Teri was still teaching her 3:00 class.

"Oh, hi Dr. Dar!" The young receptionist whispered conspiratorially, "Yeah, they're doing the cool down stretches right now…so if you come to the front door, I'll tell you when you can sneak past."

"Thanks, Buffy, I appreciate it." Darlene rolled her eyes at the receptionist's name. 'Who would name their kid Buffy?' she wondered.

Darlene gathered her purchases together. She stacked bag handles up her arms and then reached in to unstrap Lucy from her car seat. This time, however, Lucy woke up from her motion induced nap and whined in protest. "Shhh, baby girl, I'll get you settled in just a few minutes." Darlene held the baby close and began to hum a tune into the little ear. The combination of humming and rocking seemed to appease Lucy for the moment and Darlene quickly moved to the front entrance of the club to wait for Buffy's signal. When she saw the young blond waving frantically at her, Darlene entered the club and made her way to Teri's office. Once in Teri's office, Darlene placed Lucy in the wind up swing that the little girl loved hoping that would keep her calm long enough for her to set up the surprise. It was as if little Lucy knew exactly how much time her tall companion needed, because the moment that Darlene set out the last of her arrangements Lucy began to fuss and make the sucking/smacking noises she used to indicate she was ready for a meal. Darlene warmed up the home made baby food she had brought and fed Lucy until the little girl began to shove the spoon away and turn her head at what was offered. As was their custom, Lucy expected to finish up with her favorite part of the meal. Darlene debated about how to handle this particular instance, knowing that Teri would want that special connection with her daughter yet she knew Lucy would send up a loud protest soon if she wasn't allowed to nurse after her meal.

Teri headed directly for the showers after she finished her 3:00 aerobics class. As she stood beneath the warm spray of water she thought about the hours that remained before she would be able to go home and see her baby girl and her beautiful lover. As her hands ran over her body, washing the perspiration away she realized that she would have to pump her breasts as soon as she got to her office. Tears sprang to her eyes as she felt the ache from missing her child. She had adored her week alone with Darlene, but she was more than ready to have her baby back home. As she dried her body off, Teri allowed herself to remember the free, abandoned loving she had shared with Darlene during the past week. She smiled at the instant rush of desire she felt whenever she thought of the woman she loved. It didn't seem to matter how often they made love, they always craved one another. It wasn't sex, it was a deeper connection that neither woman could ever clearly articulate. Love simply wasn't a strong enough word for what they shared.

With a smile still on her face, Teri walked into her office and stopped dead in her tracks. Her office was aglow in candle light, on the floor in front of the couch a picnic was spread out, complete with gifts and flowers. All of this was enough to take Teri's breath away, but what made her knees actually buckle was the sight of her lover sitting on the floor, shirt open and breasts bared, rocking and nursing her daughter. Tears flowed from Teri's eyes as she rushed to embrace her family. No words were spoken as Darlene leaned over and kissed Teri's lips. Darlene brought her feet up close to her body so that her knees and lap supported Lucy as she reached over and lifted Teri's shirt and bra from her body in one continuous move. As soon as Teri's torso was bared, Darlene detached Lucy from her own breast and placed the drowsy baby against her mother's breast. Lucy fussed at being removed from Darlene but as soon as she saw her Mommy, a huge smile covered her bow lips and she sleepily pronounced, "Mama!" before latching on to Teri's breast with great gusto.

Darlene moved Teri and their precious bundle so that they were seated between her long legs, she wrapped her arms around both of them and whispered, "Surprise." She could feel Teri's body shaking with sobs and she wrapped her arms more securely around her two favorite females. Teri's voice got stuck behind the lump in her throat as she whispered, "thank you, thank you, thank you." Once she had her emotions under tentative control, Teri looked back at Darlene, "Do you have any idea how much I love you? You knew how badly I needed to see her…and you did this beautiful thing." Tears once again choked her voice, "When I walked in and saw you there, feeding our child, I thought I might die from the wonder of it." A puzzled expression furrowed Teri's brow, "You weren't using the supplimenter, are you…"

Darlene shifted her lover so that she could look her more fully in the face, "No, I'm still not producing enough milk to satisfy her. I didn't want her to get loud and tip off the surprise or get full before you got here. I wanted you to be able to have this with her as soon as possible, so I was basically a pacifier until you arrived."

Teri kissed her partner long and passionately, "Thank you. I needed to see her." She then moved her eyes to the feast that was before them. "What's all this?"

"Mmmm, I figured we could have a light dinner together before your last class…and then I thought we'd all go home together when you're finished. You like the plan?" Darlene's brow quirked.

"I love the plan. I love you. I love….this." Teri snuggled back into Darlene and held Lucy just a bit tighter against herself. At that point, Lucy disengaged with her customary 'pop' and snuggled deeper into her Mother's arms. Once Lucy was deeply asleep, Darlene gently moved her onto a soft blanket beside the picnic blanket and then proceeded to reach for the finger foods spread out before them. The women took their time and fed one another, nibbling as much on one another's fingers and lips and they did on the food. Though their hunger for food was sated, their hunger for one another burned bright. Darlene broke away from the passionate kiss she shared with Teri and in a breathless voice said, "Baby, we don't have time to finish…this…here…now." She cleared her throat and continued on, "Besides, you have gifts to open."

Teri took in great gasps of air in an attempt to calm her raging libido. "Mmm, I love gifts!" She took the box with the Disney logo from Darlene's hands and opened it. As she peeled back the tissue paper, she laughed out loud as she pulled the adorable Piglet costume from the box. "Oh, Honey, she is going to look so cute in this! Thank you." Darlene received yet another heart-felt kiss.

"Here, sit up on the couch for a moment, ok?" Darlene requested. Teri scooted up so that she was sitting on the couch, but Darlene remained on the floor. Darlene changed positions so that she was kneeling beside Teri. She looked into Teri's eyes, "That was the fun present. This next one…well…it comes with strings attached." She reached under the sofa and pulled out two small velvet covered boxes. Darlene handed one of the boxes to Teri, "Teri, I love you with my whole heart, my soul found its home when you moved in across the street. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you…and loving Lucy. Teri, will you please be my love, my partner, my wife?" She popped open the box in her hand and showed Teri the stunning ring it contained. Teri slid off of the couch to kneel beside Darlene.

"Yes" kiss, "Yes," kiss, "Yes," kiss. Teri's hand shook as she reached out to stroke the diamond and emerald ring that sparkled at her. She looked into Darlene's eyes and held out her left hand so that Darlene could slip the ring onto her finger. About a thousand kisses later, Darlene backed away and indicated that Teri should open the other velvet box. Inside the box was a miniature version of Teri's ring, as well as a chain. "I thought both my girls should have engagement rings, since I'm marrying both of you. She can wear hers on the chain once she's older." Teri's tears blurred her vision as she pulled her tall lover in for a loving embrace.

Teri backed away after a time and slapped Darlene on the arm, "You would do this now, when I have another class to teach." She shook her finger at her lover, "I have something for you too. Stay right there." Teri rose from the floor, stepped carefully over her sleeping daughter and walked to her office safe. After she opened the safe, she pulled out a fat legal sized envelope as well as another item. She returned to Darlene's side and mimics Darlene's earlier request, "Here, sit up on the couch for a moment, ok?" Darlene's face brightened with a half smile as she complied. Teri knelt in front of Darlene, "I knew the moment I saw you putting that crib together while talking to my daughter that you were the other half of my soul. I started to fall in love with you that day and I've been falling ever since. Every time I look at you, every time I think about you, every breath I take I fall deeper into love with you." Teri opened the small velvet covered box she had pulled from the safe, "I've agreed to be your love, your partner, your wife…Darlene Elizabeth Beacon, will you be my love, my partner, my wife…" Teri pulled out the contents of the envelope and placed the legal documents in Darlene's hands, "And Lucy would like to know if you'll please be her Mama Da forever?"

Darlene attempted to swallow the lump of emotion in her throat and tried to blink away the tears that were blurring her vision. The papers she held in her hand were all legal documents that needed to be signed, the heading at the top of the first set read 'Petition for Adoption', the next set were 'Durable Power of Attorney', 'Medical Durable Power of Attorney', and 'Last Will and Testament.' Darlene's gaze moved to the jewelry box Teri held in her hand. Two rings lay nestled in the midnight blue velvet. The first ring was a wide channel set diamond ring, the second was a signet style ring set with a lapis lazuli stone. Darlene looked up at Teri with a question in her eyes.

Teri took the diamond ring and placed it over the tip of Darlene's left ring finger. Before slipping the ring down she said, "You haven't given my an answer, baby…"

"Oh!" Darlene rushed to reply, "Yes! The answer will always be yes."

Teri smiled and pushed the ring onto Darlene's finger then she reached for the second ring and for Darlene's right hand. "This one is from our daughter; the stone is her birthstone."

As Darlene pulled Teri up onto her lap to kiss her breathless, Teri's phone buzzed and Buffy's voice spoke, "Um, Teri, I'm really reaaly sorry to bug you…but um…Dr. Dar said I should buzz you ten minutes before your next class."

Teri signed at the interruption but rose from her comfortable position to lift the phone handset and thank Buffy for the reminder. Once that was done, she walked over to her tall lover and resumed her position on the long legged lap. She poured her heart into a short kiss then pulled away gasping. She rested her forehead against Darlene's and sighed, "I'm going to go teach people how to be pretzels…and when I get back, we're going to talk about the timing of your proposal."

Teri stood up, her eyes held a mock reprimand as she shook her head at Darlene. "And don't think that because you proposed first today that it changes the fact that tonight it's my turn to explore every inch of you."

Darlene groaned and fell back against the couch. Her synapses were on full alert and ached for the attention of the spunky blonde dynamo. 'Good timing, bucko,' she told herself, 'ask the girl to marry you then have to wait for hours before taking her to bed…or I guess wait before she takes me to bed.' Darlene corrected herself with a grin and a groan.

As Darlene relaxed on the couch thinking about what her lover might have in store for her later, she felt a tug against the sleeve of her shirt. She turned her head to look into the bright green eyes of Lucy. Darlene's smile was automatic, "Hey, princess! How long have you been awake, huh?" Darlene rolled onto her side in order to talk to the baby who had pulled herself up to a standing position against the couch. "You're going to be walking before we know it, aren't you, big girl?"

Lucy slapped her hand against the leather sofa cushion and smiled at her dark Mama, "Mama Da! Gad a bbbbbb"

"Oh? Is that right?" Darlene wiped the shower of baby spittle from her face as she acknowledged the little one's baby talk. She pushed herself into an upright position and reached down to do a diaper check. "Whew, stinky pants, let's get you changed." Once Darlene changed the smelly diaper, she showed her new lapis ring to the baby, "Thank you for my beautiful ring, baby girl. Did you know you gave this to me? Huh, did you?" Lucy grabbed the shiny object on Darlene's finger and immediately brought it to her mouth to chew on it. "This says you want me to be your Mama for always. Is that what you want, little love?"

"Da!" Lucy exclaimed as she held her little arms up to Darlene.

Darlene picked the baby up and cuddled her close; she thought her heart would surely burst from the overwhelming emotions surging through her spirit. She realized that she would never again be satisfied with being merely content. Before Teri and Lucy had moved into the house across the street, Darlene had been perfectly content with her life. But now, now life was full beyond measure. She had a love that completed her and a child that kept her in a constant state of wonder. No, content would never hold the appeal it once did; she now wanted the roller coaster ride that loving and being loved brought.

Darlene set Lucy in her round rolling walker and then moved to clean up the left over picnic mess. Once the floor was cleared, Darlene took Lucy out of the walker and carried her into the hallway that led to the room where Teri was "teaching people to be pretzels". Once they were only 10 feet from the entrance to the room, Darlene placed Lucy down to stand on the floor and then she steadied the baby with one hand while she offered her index finger for the baby to grab onto. Once Lucy had latched onto one finger and balanced herself, Darlene let go of the little body and offered the second index finger for Lucy to hold. With Lucy hanging onto the two long fingers, she began to walk with exaggerated steps between Darlene's long legs. The pair walked down the corridor until they reached the large wall of windows that led into the class Teri taught. Once at the window, Darlene squatted down and let Lucy use her thighs to balance herself on. "Look, baby girl, there's Mommy. Isn't she pretty?"

"Mama Mama Mama," Lucy chanted while leaning into Darlene's strong body.

"Mmmm, I think we'd better walk around some more, love bug." Darlene whispered into Lucy's ear after she saw Teri move into a new pose, "If I stay here and watch her like this I'll drive myself completely insane." Moments later, the tall brunette navigated the hallway hunched over with a ten-month-old baby marching between her feet, holding onto the aforementioned index fingers. After a full length of the hallway, Lucy had had enough walking practice so she let go of her tall Mama's fingers and sat down with a plop. With pleading green eyes she looked into Darlene's face, lifted her arms up and pronounced, "up!"

Darlene happily picked the little one up. She even added a special toss up into the air, causing Lucy to cackle with glee. Darlene turned around when she heard Teri's voice teasing, "You break her, you buy her."

Darlene smiled brilliantly, "You gave me the bill of sale earlier, Darlin'. All I have to do is sign 'em and she's mine." She leaned in and placed a swift kiss on Teri's lips, "But, I want the family plan. I want the Mommy above all else; that I'm getting this beautiful baby girl is icing on the cake."

Teri sobered a moment, "That's nice to hear. I've wondered at times if you'd want me as much if it was just me."

Darlene cupped Teri's cheek and looked deep into her eyes, "Baby, I love you…for you. There isn't any question about that. Yes, I love Lucy; but I fell in love with her separately. I love that she's part of you, but I love her for her individuality apart from you and I love you as a woman, not just as a mother."

"I knew that." Teri stated, "It's just really nice to hear it out loud." She held her arms out toward Lucy, "Come here Lucy girl, I've got a week's worth of hugs to make up for!" Lucy dove willingly into her Mommy's arms. Once Teri had Lucy securely in her arms she looked up at Darlene and with a definite gleam in her eyes said, "C'mon, handsome, I'm gonna take you home and make you scream my name until you're hoarse."


Since Lucy had slept so much in the car earlier in the day, she was awake and wanting to play once the family got to their home. Darlene and Teri took turns as they played games, put puzzles together, or read to the baby. Finally, at almost 10:30, Lucy crawled over to Teri and buried her face between the blonde woman's breasts. Darlene smiled at Teri, "Looks like tonight you're feeding and I'm pumping." As Teri held Lucy to her breast, Darlene went into the kitchen to use the breast pump. Once she had expressed the milk from her breasts, Darlene returned to Lucy's room, leaned against the door jam, and stood silently watching as mother and child rocked together. The light from the dresser fell over the pair, highlighting the golden red highlights in both Teri and Lucy's hair. The beauty of moments such as this never failed to move Darlene's soul. She said a silent prayer of thanks to whatever Powers were at force.

Once Lucy had had her fill, she cuddled with her Mother for a bit longer before whining to have her special time with Darlene. She looked over toward Darlene, reached out her arm and repeatedly opened and closed her little hand. This was her signal when she wanted something, and since she was also chanting, "Mama Da, Da Da," Darlene knew that she was what the baby wanted at the moment. She moved into the room and took Lucy up into her arms. Lucy immediately tucked her face into the crook of Darlene's neck and sighed. Darlene took a deep whiff of the clean baby scent and relished the warm body snuggled against her. She looked down at Teri, still seated in the rocker, and said, "I've missed this so much this week. I hadn't realized how much until just now."

"I know, love." Teri smiled softly. Teri rose from the chair and headed out of the nursery. As she passed Darlene, she ran her hand across the taller woman's back side, "I'm going to go get something to drink, be right back."

"Mmm, come back here and do that again." Darlene said throatily.

"Honey, once we get our daughter to sleep, I'm going to do a lot more than just rub that ass…" Teri promised as she left the room.

"Your Mommy's going to be the death of me, little one." Darlene placed a soft kiss to the baby soft hair, "And I'm lovin' every minute of it."

After going to the kitchen for her drink, Teri took a side trip to the bedroom she shared with Darlene. As she walked into the spacious room, she thought back to the first night they had made love. Lucy had been sick and Darlene had brought the little one here to get cleaned up. Teri had rushed over and had found the tall woman and little Lucy standing in the shower. She remembered the overwhelming urge that had possessed her and blushed as she recalled stripping and stepping into the shower behind the woman she loved. That night had been the beginning of a bright future. The women had been best friends before that night and they remained best friend to this day; but now they also shared a mutual love that surpassed anything they could have ever imagined. Their passion for each other burned brighter with each passing moment and their commitment to one another was a foundation onto which they would build every tomorrow. After a month of constantly being in one house or the other each night, Teri had given notice to her landlord and had moved in with Darlene.

Teri moved about the room, she pulled a myriad of items from a drawer and tucked a few things under the pillows on the bed. She placed a mug half filled with hot water on the bedside table and dropped two small bottles, one dark and one clear, in to get warm. Once that was done, Teri walked over to her dresser and pulled out a lacy chocolate brown silk night gown and matching robe and pulled them on. After dotting strategic points with Darlene's favorite perfume, Teri walked back down the hallway toward the nursery.

Teri's breath was stolen from her chest as she witnessed the scene before her. Darlene sang a lullaby to sleepy Lucy cuddled in her arms.

We've cleared off the table, leftovers saved,

Washed the dishes and put them away.

I've told you a story and tucked you in tight at the end of your knockabout day

As the moon sets its sail to carry you to sleep over the midnight sea

I will sing you a song no one sang to me, may it keep you good company.

You can be anybody that you want to be

You can love whomever you will

You can travel any country where your heart leads

And know that I will love you still

You can live by yourself, you can gather friends around

You can choose one, special one

And the only measure of your words and your deeds

Will be the love you leave behind when you're gone.

There are girls who grow up strong and bold

There are boy quiet and kind

Some rush on ahead, some linger behind

Some grow in their own space and time

Some women love women

And some men love men

Some raise children and some never do

You can dream all the day, never reaching the end

Of everything possible for you

Don't be rattled by names, by taunts or games

But seek out spirits true

If you give your friends the best part of yourself

They will give the same back to you

You can be anybody that you want to be

You can love whomever you will

You can travel any country where your heart leads

And know that I will love you still

You can live by yourself, you can gather friends around

You can choose one, special one

And the only measure of your words and your deeds

Will be the love you leave behind when you're gone.

Darlene's beautiful alto voice lulled Lucy to sleep. As she moved to the crib and placed the sleeping baby down, she felt Teri's gaze upon her. She turned to see a vision in silk leaning against the door jam. Darlene used the edge of the crib to steady herself as she felt her knees go weak. "You take my breath away." She whispered.

Teri's eyes held promises as she crooked her finger and beckoned Darlene. Darlene crossed the floor and met Teri at the doorway. As she leaned in to kiss her lover, she was held back by a finger on her forehead. Surprised blue eyes opened wide in question. Teri smiled seductively at Darlene as she removed her index finger from the tall woman's forehead and brought her other hand up to dangle a length of silk in front of her. "I'm running the show tonight." Teri stated. "Turn around and close your eyes."

Darlene grinned at the new game but quickly complied with Teri's command. She turned her back to Teri and bent down a bit so that the shorter woman's reach was easier. Once the blindfold was in place, Teri took Darlene's hand and led her down the hall to their bedroom. "Mmm, it smells good in here…" Darlene commented.

"Shhh," Teri ordered, "Your job is to be quiet and feel."

Darlene nodded her understanding and allowed herself to relax. Teri led Darlene toward their bed. Darlene felt fingers undo the buttons on her blouse; as each button was undone, she felt the lap of Teri's tongue on her newly exposed skin. When all the buttons were undone, the blouse was slipped from her shoulders. Darlene's abdominal muscles tensed in anticipation as she waited for Teri's next move. After moments of feeling nothing but the room's warm air against her torso, Darlene felt a lick run from her navel to just below her bra and then she felt a flow of air as Teri blew against the moist trail. Darlene's entire body shuddered at the sensation. Teri's voice broke through Darlene's haze, "Turn around."

Darlene complied once again and soon felt the softness of Teri's tongue as it ran from just above the waistband of her slacks up her spine to stop at her bra strap. Again, Teri blew a breath over the moist skin. Darlene bit back the moan that threatened to escape when she felt Teri's fingers undo her bra and felt Teri's fingernails run down the length of her back. Again, Teri's voice spoke, "Face me."

Darlene turned so that she faced Teri and felt her lover's small hands lower the straps of her bra down her arms to remove the undergarment. As the air hit her bare skin, Darlene felt her nipples harden in anticipation and excitement. "Mmmm…" Teri purred after she blew a puff of air over each nipple, "I see you're aching for some attention…but not yet." Darlene couldn't hold back the moan of disappointment, and when she heard her lover's evil chuckle, she dropped her head back in frustration.

Darlene felt Teri undo the closure on her slacks and she trembled as she felt the vibrations from the zipper being lowered. Teri's low chuckle reached her ears just before she felt a gentle tug on the front of her slacks that brought the inseam into contact with her already distended clit. "Getting a little excited there, stud?" Teri teased as she released the pressure on the slacks and then lowered the garment down Darlene's long legs. Darlene doubled over at the short tease to her sensitized sex. 'you're killin' me here, baby.' She thought.

Darlene felt Teri's closeness just before she felt a breath blow through her panties to warm her pubic region. Her knees buckled, but she soon stood back up when she heard Teri's stern voice, "Oh, no. Stand back up there lover. I'm no where near finished with you." Darlene heard a deep inhalation and struggled to remain standing when she heard Teri husk, "I can smell you. I can smell the musk of you. If I slid my fingers into your sex they'd come away dripping….but not yet."

Teri slipped the remaining scrap of fabric down Darlene's legs and struggled with her own desires. Darlene's pubic hair glistened with moisture, beaconing Teri to taste. But Teri wanted to prolong Darlene's anticipation so she steeled herself and continued with her seduction.

"Hmmm," Teri said, "I'm thirsty again. Don't move. I'll be back." Darlene stood where she was; her body trembled with need as she heard Teri's soft footfalls walk out of the room. As she waited for Teri's return, Darlene pressed her thighs together and moved her hips as she attempted to relieve some of the pressure in her groin.

"Ah ah ah," Teri chastised as she re-entered the bedroom. "No cheating."

Teri smiled as she slipped a small ice cube into her mouth and then took a sip of her warm tea. She moved to where Darlene stood and carefully put her mouth over one of Darlene's tender nipples. Darlene jumped at the sensation of warm lips and liquid touching her nipple and then felt a shock as Teri pressed the ice cube against her skin. The combination of warm and cold accompanied by steady suction sent Darlene over the first cliff of climax.

"Did you just come?" Teri asked in wonder.

Darlene nodded, her body still trembled from the unexpected trip. "Lord," Teri sighed, "I am so going to enjoy this night…"

"Lay down on your stomach." Darlene obeyed Teri's direction and immediately noticed that their usual cotton sheets had bee replaced with smooth, silk. She allowed her body to writhe on the sheets and enjoy the texture against her skin. "Mmm, you like the new sheets, huh?" Teri asked. Darlene nodded her agreement. "Quit wiggling and lay still, baby." Teri husked.

Darlene relaxed against the soft surface and waited for what would come next. She felt the bed dip as Teri climbed onto it and after another moment, Darlene gasped when she felt Teri straddle her back side. Darlene felt the moisture of Teri's sex as it settled against her buttocks, she groaned deep in her throat as realized that Teri intended to bring herself to orgasm as she thrust her hips against her. Darlene felt the moisture pour from her own sex as she heard Teri's deep, rapid breaths and her moan of fulfillment. Darlene's hips moved in a silent plea to join her lover in orgasm but she quickly stopped when Teri panted, "Don't you dare…" Darlene grabbed handfuls of the sheets and stilled her hips in reaction to the implied threat.

Once Teri had her breath back, she reached into the mug of warm water and removed the dark bottle of massage oil. She held the bottle above Darlene and dripped a stream of the scented oil down the center of the long muscled back. Darlene hummed sensuously as she felt the warm oil land on her skin. She groaned out loud when Teri's small strong hands began to knead the muscles in her back. Darlene thoroughly enjoyed having her back rubbed and relaxed into the special attention. Once Teri felt the muscles beneath her hand relax she changed the pressure and intent of her massage to become a sensual act of foreplay. Her thumbs ran along Darlene's side and brushed against the sides of her breasts, instead of focused pressure, her hands moved in long strokes down Darlene's body. Each set of caresses moved lower and lower until Teri was stroking Darlene's buttocks. Teri's hands each cupped a cheek and her thumbs fell into the crease between. Darlene moaned long and low and she raised her hips in reaction to the intimate massage. Teri smiled at her lover's reaction as she allowed the tip of one thumb to brush over Darlene's anus. Darlene immediately bent one leg up, to afford Teri better access. "Like that, do you?" Teri asked softly.

"Mmmmm" Darlene moaned as she lifted her ass further into the air.

"I thought so…" Teri smiled. "Turn over, lover."

Darlene whimpered in protest. She had been thoroughly enjoying the intimate touches, but she did as Teri commanded. "Don't worry, my love, I'll take care of you." Teri assured her tall lover. Once Darlene had rolled onto her back, Teri reached up and removed the blindfold. Green eyes gazed into violet blue, "I love you," Teri whispered. "Now get ready for the ride of your life."

Darlene's body was already on overload. Every nerve synapse was firing and begging for fulfillment. Teri was well aware of Darlene's state of arousal and decided to give the woman some much needed release. Teri kept her eyes locked with Darlene's as she slid her hand under the pillows to retrieve one of the items she had stashed earlier. Darlene felt the movement of the pillow and wondered what Teri was up to. Her question was answered in the next moment when she felt something being dragged over her shoulder, then around her neck to slide down the center line of her body. She looked down and saw Teri dragging the tip of one of their toys over her body, "ohhh god…." Darlene gasped.

"God has nothing to do with this," Teri murmured, "This is all me…loving you." Teri moved down Darlene's body until she was situated between her long legs. She slid the tip of the purple dildo through dark pubic hair and pressed it just enough to slide between Darlene's nether lips. She slid the toy back and forth over Darlene's distended clit and smiled at how high Darlene's hips jumped at the contact. She slid the toy down further until the tip was just outside Darlene's center. She swirled the toy around the entrance and teased the woman yet again. Finally, Teri's desire to taste Darlene's overflowing sex overrode her desire to tease and she leaned forward and took Darlene into her mouth. As she sucked Darlene's clit deep into her mouth, Teri pressed the toy deep within her lover. While her tongue and teeth worked on the outside of Darlene's sex, Teri's hand plunged the toy in and out of her until she felt Darlene's vaginal muscles grab and spasm and she heard her name screamed. Once the first major orgasm was accomplished, Teri removed the toy from within Darlene and slid three fingers into the warm, wet opening. Teri curled her fingers up and felt the swollen, spongy area within Darlene and knew her lover was primed and ready for more pleasure. Teri moved up on the bed so that she could wrap one arm around Darlene and hold her close while she plunged her free hand back into her lover's center. She looked into Darlene's eyes as she made love to her, "I love being inside you, god, I love when you open up and my whole hand gets taken in…" Teri's words were as forceful as her powerful thrusts and yet Darlene felt cherished as she was cradled against Teri's body. The words, the motions and the closeness brought Darlene over another, higher crest and she finally collapsed and sobbed into Teri's body, "I love you, I love you. God, the things you do to me…you make me feel wanton and cherished all at the same time."

Teri kissed Darlene deeply and allowed her a short time of rest while she quickly went to check on Lucy. Once assured that the baby was still sleeping soundly, Teri returned to the bedroom and offered Darlene a bottle of water. "Drink this, you're going to need it." She said with a smirk. Darlene took the water and downed it in one long swallow.

The rest of the night was spent with Teri exploring every orifice of Darlene's body. By the time Lucy woke the next morning, Darlene was indeed hoarse from screaming Teri's name.


A week later, just before dusk, Darlene and Teri carried their little piglet around to neighbors' houses and gave their daughter her first trick-or-treat experience. The baby's pumpkin shaped bucket filled up quickly because every neighbor gave her extra treats as a reward for being adorable. As the family returned to their own home in order to give out candy to other trick-or-treaters Darlene laughed, "Lucy sure has flirting down pat already."

"I know," Teri chuckled, "Did you notice that she flirts more with the women?"

Darlene rolled her eyes and nodded her head. Once inside their home, Darlene changed Lucy from her piglet persona into her jimmies. Lucy was not happy about giving up her time in the spotlight and pitched a royal fit. Darlene sat the little one on the edge of her changing table and sternly said, "Lucy, quiet!" To hear her hero speak in such a stern tone shocked Lucy into a moment of silence. Her teary green eyes looked up at Darlene and her bottom lip protruded in a championship pout. Darlene picked the baby up and calmly said, "It's time for jimmies now. We've had our fun trick-or-treating but now it's time to give the big kids goodies, ok?"

Lucy continued to scowl and pout; so Darlene decided to give her a choice, "Luc, if you want to pout you can stay in your crib to do it. If you want to be a big girl and come help Mommy and me give treats to the big kids then you have to stop pitching this fit." Darlene hoped that the little girl was able to understand her reasoning. "Do you want to stay here in your crib?"

Lucy's eyes filled with tears at the prospect and she shook her head no. "Ok, pumpkin…"Darlene reached up and wiped the tears from her daughter's face, "Let's go find Mommy."

"Mama!" Lucy chirped, her piglet suit forgotten. Darlene shook her head at the mercurial moods of a ten month old and carried Lucy into the front room to listen for the door bell.

An hour later, a pause in trick-or-treaters gave Darlene and Teri a moment to sit together on the sofa. Lucy was crawling around on the floor playing with various toys and generally making herself happy. Darlene pulled Teri close and bent her head to kiss Teri's tempting lips. As usual, one kiss led to many more and when the women came up for air, Teri scanned the room to find Lucy. Teri gasped softly then said urgently, "Dar, look…"

Dar looked over to see Lucy, standing balanced by a low table. The baby had only one hand against the table and as they watched, Lucy let go of the table completely and looked over to her Mothers. Darlene and Teri moved as one and slid off the couch and onto their knees, holding their arms out toward the teetering child. Teri's heart clutched as she watched her child take her first tentative steps. She heard Darlene's soft, encouraging voice, "C'mon, baby girl, that's it…come on, walk to Mommy…"

Lucy smiled a huge smile and launched herself forward, she took four unsteady steps and landed safely in her Mothers' arms. Darlene and Teri showered the baby with kisses and praise and laughed out loud when Lucy raised her arms in triumph, looked at Darlene and exclaimed, "Da!"


*words to "Everything Possible" used without permission